BNC Text KP4

17 conversations recorded by `Cassie' (PS51S) between [date unknown] and ?? ?? 1993 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 4375 s-units, 32640 words, and over 4 hours 50 minutes 18 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 704

KP4PS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS51S Ag1 f (Cassie, age 15, student, London, )
PS51T Ag1 f (Bonnie, age 15, student, London, ) friend
PS51U Ag0 f (Catherine, age 14, student, London, ) friend
PS51V Ag0 m (Liam, age 13, student, London, ) friend
PS51W Ag0 m (Peter, age 14, student, London, ) friend
PS6P2 Ag0 f (Meg, age 13, student) friend
PS6P3 Ag1 m (Alex, age 15, student) friend
PS6P4 Ag1 m (Danny, age 15, student) friend
PS6U1 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified

17 recordings

  1. Tape 133701 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 133702 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 133703 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 133704 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 133705 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 133801 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 133901 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( Park ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 133902 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( school classroom ) Activity: music lesson
  9. Tape 133903 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( street ) Activity: walking home from school
  10. Tape 133904 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( house ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 133905 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( house ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 133906 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( house ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 134101 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 134102 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 134103 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 134201 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( bus ) Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 134202 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: London ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 133701)

Cassie (PS51S) [1] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [2] [...] it on.
Bonnie (PS51T) [3] He's got my hand [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [4] Be quiet.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [5] Shut up [...] just forget it.
None (PS6U1) [6] The microphone keeps on fucking falling off.
None (PS6U1) [7] Jolly good.
None (PS6U1) [singing]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [8] [laugh] What do you think it is, it's a bloody microphone isn't it.
None (PS6U1) [9] well why do you [...] microphone
None (PS6U1) [10] Ow, ow [whining] Why do the squash, why do they crush, why do they [...] [] .
[11] [giggling] sorry [] Ow [...] down your [...] .
[12] Knelt on it.
[13] Now somebody'll turn it up.
None (PS6U1) [14] [whining] Oh my knee hurts [] .
None (PS6U1) [15] Why are [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [16] Shut up.
None (PS6U1) [17] You tell them Bonnie, you tell them.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [18] I've got to I've got to fill out this little booklet as well.
None (PS6U1) [19] Are you coming?
Cassie (PS51S) [20] To the Electric Ballroom I dunno.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [21] It depends
None (PS6U1) [22] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [23] Depends ... depends on what everyone else is doing [giggle] I dunno.
[24] It depends it all depends on whether Emma gives me my money.
None (PS6U1) [25] Didn't [...] give you any money then?
Cassie (PS51S) [26] Well I I can't say give me your money when she hasn't got it [laughing] can I [] .
None (PS6U1) [27] Yeah, but she gets more allowance this week cos she was supposed to give me bloody thirty five quid she owes me.
Cassie (PS51S) [28] She owes you what?
None (PS6U1) [29] Thirty seven quid.
Cassie (PS51S) [30] For the bat?
[31] Well she hasn't spent it it's in her bank account.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [32] Right everybody act like normal [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [33] I hope so.
Cassie (PS51S) [34] No, [...] that's what you've got to do.
None (PS6U1) [35] Pretend it's not there.
Cassie (PS51S) [sigh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [36] [laugh] Oh dear.
Bonnie (PS51T) [37] Conversation partners relationship to yourself.
None (PS6U1) [38] [laugh] what it is but [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [39] Oh, it's cold.
Catherine (PS51U) [40] Are you recording yourself, or are you recording everyone else?
Cassie (PS51S) [41] Everyone and myself.
None (PS6U1) [shouting] [...] []
Cassie (PS51S) [42] What?
None (PS6U1) [43] [...] hear me [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [44] Well I don't bloody know I I'll listen I'll listen to it about later and see what it is.
[45] So can we just sort of forget it's there.
Bonnie (PS51T) [46] [shouting] Yeah []
None (PS6U1) [47] Such a good registration.
None (PS6U1) [48] No [...] no running around on the [...]
None (PS6U1) [49] Can we get dressed?
None (PS6U1) [50] No you can't [...] window.
Cassie (PS51S) [51] What the hell are you talking about?
[52] Oh I am so bloody hungry.
None (PS6U1) [53] Get it then.
Cassie (PS51S) [54] If he likes to show off his long slender legs. [laugh] .
Bonnie (PS51T) [55] Oh have you got a [...] [cough] [eating whilst talking] have you got them? [...] pictures of Danny, Alex ... and erm Mohammed and Peter and Tom and Abdullah.
None (PS6U1) [56] Yeah and Abdullah.
None (PS6U1) [57] Well they haven't come back from the shop yet.
None (PS6U1) [58] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [59] What, when, where, how?
Bonnie (PS51T) [60] Hey, Liam, have you got any more of these?
Cassie (PS51S) [61] Can I have one?
[62] They look nice.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [63] Yeah, oh [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [64] [...] who's making a squeaking noise oh this stupid thing.
[65] [mimics squeaking] . Oh God don't ask her.
[66] ... All it is yeah, is a project yeah that six peo me and other five other people yeah in the school were asked to do yeah for a university which is studying ch er children's language yeah and what it's like and basically I've got to carry it on me for a weekend yeah, record loads of different conversations on ten different tapes
None (PS6U1) [67] Are you doing it now?
Cassie (PS51S) [68] and erm yeah, so basically just forget it's there okay, you don't have to say anything particular like you know.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [69] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [70] And so's Josie, Josie's gonna
None (PS6U1) [71] No I'm supposed to say it, you're supposed to say this is a walkman
None (PS6U1) [72] And then no-one can [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [73] That's a point I think I'll or
None (PS6U1) [74] [...] bloody earphones on.
None (PS6U1) [75] [...] interested you know, there's always fucking universities [...]
None (PS6U1) [76] No, it is quite it's gonna be quite fun.
None (PS6U1) [77] Yeah, but's gonna [...]
None (PS6U1) [78] Just put it on and then [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [79] Excuse me, what [...] me.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [80] I've got a microphone stud on my nipple, yeah [eating whilst talking]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [81] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [82] Silicone implant.
None (PS6U1) [83] Wicked.
None (PS6U1) [84] You know what I've gotta bloody do yeah, to bring this back yeah, they've asked me yeah to get up at ten thirty in the morning and go to the school on Monday ... when I could be lying in bed.
None (PS6U1) [85] Oh, no.
Cassie (PS51S) [86] No, because I thought wicked you know, I've [...] for Monday I get to bloody fucking lie in bed and then like I have to go to flipping school and bloody give it back.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [eating whilst talking]
None (PS6U1) [87] What are you doing on Monday?
Cassie (PS51S) [88] [shouting] nothing []
None (PS6U1) [89] What then?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [90] [shouting] nothing []
Cassie (PS51S) [91] Oh, bloody well, just shut up.
Bonnie (PS51T) [92] Shut up.
Cassie (PS51S) [93] And I can speak for myself thank you very much.
Bonnie (PS51T) [94] We never had our women's night in did we?
Cassie (PS51S) [95] No we still haven't had a women's night and I don't think we probably ever will have.
[96] ... Yeah we got to, it'll be wicked.
[97] If Dan wasn't going out with Honey, they might have got it sorted out but
Bonnie (PS51T) [98] Cassie have you got any crisps?
Cassie (PS51S) [99] [laugh] Fuck off [laugh] No I haven't got any crisps now go away.
Bonnie (PS51T) [100] What are they then?
Cassie (PS51S) [101] Eat your own bloody crisps.
[102] ... [laugh] I nearly walked right up to it [scream] cigarette, cigarette, cigarette.
Catherine (PS51U) [103] Cassie, can I sit on your jacket my bum is getting wet.
Cassie (PS51S) [104] Tough titty.
Catherine (PS51U) [105] Please.
Cassie (PS51S) [106] Now can I have my jacket, you just dropped my bag across the bloody park give me a cigarette now Liam.
Bonnie (PS51T) [107] Turn it round this way please.
Cassie (PS51S) [108] No.
[109] God you are so much everybody.
[110] Well why does everyone use my packed lunch box, there's a rubbish bin, it doesn't make sense.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [111] No I've just come back to it and I find my lunch box overflowing with crisp packets.
[112] [scream] Ow, ooh ... stabbed by something.
Bonnie (PS51T) [113] By a [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [114] [laugh] Fucking [...] [cough] .
Meg (PS6P2) [115] I found a photo of you.
Cassie (PS51S) [116] Where?
Meg (PS6P2) [117] Er I dunno, I just found it in one of my [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [118] What?
Meg (PS6P2) [119] In one of our photo packs.
Cassie (PS51S) [120] So you've got photographs of me?
Bonnie (PS51T) [scream]
Cassie (PS51S) [121] [laugh] You're joking.
[122] Oh bring it in.
None (PS6U1) [123] Oh let me bloody see Cassie.
None (PS6U1) [124] [...] Cassie.
Cassie (PS51S) [125] No, [...] I'm trying ... Can everyone be careful not to sit on my coat I have another walkman in my pocket.
[126] ... All right?
Bonnie (PS51T) [127] The one you're not supposed to have.
Cassie (PS51S) [128] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [129] The one you're not supposed to have.
Cassie (PS51S) [130] Yeah the one I'm not supposed [laughing] to have [] .
[131] ... Out, out out ... get out of my [...] .
Bonnie (PS51T) [132] I wanna see that [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [133] I want some chilli.
[134] No, mum's made me this really nice chilli yesterday and I want it now.
Bonnie (PS51T) [135] Oh did you go back to [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [136] Yeah. ...
[137] Probably go home and do my bloody homework.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [138] What?
[139] Er I might come for a little while.
Bonnie (PS51T) [140] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [141] Yeah, just anything at all yeah.
[142] Don't mean you can come up to me and say can I have ten grams of smack please Cassie all right.
[143] ... Ow.
[144] ... What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [145] Arms.
Bonnie (PS51T) [146] Arms.
Cassie (PS51S) [147] Arms.
Bonnie (PS51T) [148] Arms.
Cassie (PS51S) [149] [...] what all that crap erm no thank you I'd rather not be degraded like that.
[150] Now I'm gonna turn it off for a little while until everyone starts having a proper conversation.
Cassie (PS51S) [151] Huh?
[152] [laugh] [scream] . They taste nice think I'll have another one.
Bonnie (PS51T) [153] No you won't I'm handing then [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [154] [...] Look just [...] packet of crisps you'd give out the whole packet.
Bonnie (PS51T) [155] [...] you're kinky, you've [...] very skinny.
Cassie (PS51S) [156] [laugh] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [157] Cor blimey matron.
[158] Yes, I've got a tit there, a tit there and a tit there.
None (PS6U1) [shouting]
Cassie (PS51S) [159] Who said my name?
[160] Oh Meg, Meg.
[161] Could you [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [162] All right erm did you give me the sixty minute or ninety minute do you know?
Meg (PS6P2) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [163] Bum.
Meg (PS6P2) [164] Are you going to the [...] tonight?
Bonnie (PS51T) [165] I'll ask him tonight.
Cassie (PS51S) [166] All right I'll bring in a sixty minute tape ask him tonight, okay and I'll bring in a sixty and a ninety minute, okay.
Bonnie (PS51T) [167] I need to [...] and what are you doing in my bag you nosy cow.
Cassie (PS51S) [168] Has anyone got anything to drink around here anyone got any coke or something?
Peter (PS51W) [169] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [170] Cheers.
[171] What?
[172] Thanks.
[173] [...] Alice my friend give me a cookie please.
[174] Oh you tart.
[175] Erm is there a band practice today?
Meg (PS6P2) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [176] You think so?
[177] It's about a twenty minute long band practice that's about how long it usually bloody is.
[178] Hey, do these things make funny whistling noises?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [179] Peter.
[180] Peter, do these things make funny whistling noises?
Meg (PS6P2) [181] Yes, yes, yes [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [182] What's this about?
[183] Oh Geena Davis she's so blimey.
Bonnie (PS51T) [184] Who is it?
Cassie (PS51S) [185] Eddie Williams.
Bonnie (PS51T) [186] Who's Eddie Williams.
Cassie (PS51S) [187] Fucking hell [...] that dress is ... that dress is just so you look at my tits and my crap figure.
[188] Geena Davis is so pretty.
[189] Oh well look at her she's ... horrible.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [190] No but I just I think she's so pretty though especially in Thelma and Louise.
[191] Jodie Foster's absolutely revolting and [...] what [...] Richard Gere is in.
[192] Robert you think I'm a cross between Amanda de Cadenet and Michelle Pfeiffer?
Bonnie (PS51T) [193] Are you oh you've put it on now.
Cassie (PS51S) [194] Yeah I have got it on at the moment.
[195] Is it whistling or is it me?
[196] I'll move ... I'll move around yeah.
[197] Does it make whistling noises?
[198] Oh, I don't give a shit.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [199] What.
[200] Where's Peter.
Bonnie (PS51T) [201] Who's heard the band New Order?
Cassie (PS51S) [202] Band New Order.
Bonnie (PS51T) [203] New Orders on.
Cassie (PS51S) [204] Oh, Regret.
[205] You know the bit at the beginning goes [singing] or something stupid like that.
[206] It's no it's crap erm Petie Peter [shouting] Peter [] Are we supposed to talk about these things while we've got them on because I do.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [207] Well because everybody keeps coming up to me and asking questions so I can't help it.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [208] [...] people talking about it.
[209] Is it me or do they whistle a lot?
Bonnie (PS51T) [210] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [211] Is it me or do they whistle?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [212] You fool, turn it on now.
Bonnie (PS51T) [213] Well why's he doing it?
[214] Why's he doing it?
Cassie (PS51S) [215] Erm me, Josie, Peter, Grace, Antony and Robert.
Catherine (PS51U) [216] Are you [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [217] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [218] Huh?
[219] [...] I I I wanna watch that video.
Catherine (PS51U) [220] What is it, what's it about?
Cassie (PS51S) [221] Oh well they're bloody playing football again aren't they, fucking poofters.
[222] No, I bet they're playing football with the dikes.
Bonnie (PS51T) [shouting]
Cassie (PS51S) [223] So what.
[224] Oh dear.
[225] What time is it?
[226] I need to go and have a conversation with someone [laugh] . [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [227] I haven't heard it yet have I.
[228] Let me hear it.
Cassie (PS51S) [229] Oh, no I'll let you listen to it later, I can't be bo I've only just played it and I'm recording at the moment so, I'll let you listen to it in a while.
[230] I'll le I'll let you listen to it after school okay.
Bonnie (PS51T) [231] [...] privilege.
Cassie (PS51S) [232] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [233] Yeah I know cos I've only just started recording again look I'll let you listen to it in a while all right? [...] wait that long.
[234] Has she got a like has she got like talcum powder all over her body as well?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [235] Looks a bit lethargic if you ask me.
[236] Oh yes please.
Bonnie (PS51T) [237] You think she's pretty?
Cassie (PS51S) [238] Madonna?
[239] Yeah she's pretty I mean like ... she looks better with brown hair though.
Bonnie (PS51T) [240] My brother [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [241] Brother what?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [242] Huh?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [243] [...] [laugh] .
[244] You on at it, get in there, shag him.
[245] [laugh] . You rude tart.
None (PS6U1) [246] Cigarette back.
Cassie (PS51S) [247] Why are you and James cuddling up to each other, you going out with each other, or you just a friendly hug?
Bonnie (PS51T) [248] [...] something don't you Cass.
Cassie (PS51S) [249] Huh?
Bonnie (PS51T) [250] You'd have to say something.
Cassie (PS51S) [251] I'm blatant and I'm damn proud of it matey. [laugh] makes a lot of bloody sense.
Bonnie (PS51T) [252] I thought I'd [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [253] You thought you were going out with Ashley?
Bonnie (PS51T) [254] No Iodin [...] about Ashley.
Cassie (PS51S) [255] [...] No good running [...] when I talk to you.
Bonnie (PS51T) [256] Bonjour.
Cassie (PS51S) [257] [laugh] [...] Going say it go on [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [258] Bonjour.
Cassie (PS51S) [259] Co [...] [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...] [speaking french, supposedly]
Cassie (PS51S) [260] [...] [speaking french] my mum has a small shop in the South of France?
Bonnie (PS51T) [261] North of France.
Cassie (PS51S) [262] North of France.
[263] So I just get it cos I've only heard you say that before I don't actually really know what it meant.
[264] Oh look, they're engaged now.
Bonnie (PS51T) [265] [...] bloody arse is stuck in his face.
Cassie (PS51S) [266] Do you reckon Alice is [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [267] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [268] Probably just flirting actually.
Bonnie (PS51T) [269] Yeah. [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [270] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...] [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [271] No, [...] with Alex [...] with Alice, if she wasn't flirting with him cos he hasn't he's not [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [272] Yeah I now, but [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [273] Has he?
[274] [giggle] Well he don't fancy me.
[275] I know I don't [laughing] fancy you [] .
[276] What do you mean, I said no I thought he doesn't fancy everybody.
Bonnie (PS51T) [277] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [278] No but he doesn't fancy me he said.
Catherine (PS51U) [279] [...] a bit.
Cassie (PS51S) [280] What?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [281] Well maybe ages ago, but like you know when David told me to fuck off and die really [laughing] seriously and I thought [] that's nice.
Catherine (PS51U) [282] Probably because you was going out you were going out with [...] and then he was really really disappointed.
Cassie (PS51S) [283] Oh that looks really nice Rosie.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [284] Dunno.
Catherine (PS51U) [285] Hey?
Cassie (PS51S) [286] It's a bit difficult er Catherine.
[287] I can't because of this fucking new computer system innit.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [288] Oh [...] Yeah I've bloody got to haven't I.
[289] ... How long are we gonna be at [...] because like I wanna go home and like
Catherine (PS51U) [290] Yeah I know, don't you think it's out of order right that we er that we erm cos he said it's only gonna be on Thursdays right and sometimes Tuesdays and it's [...] every fucking week.
Cassie (PS51S) [291] I know and like ... on Thursday yeah I mean we're gonna be there for about an hour and a half probably yeah, and I wanna go home and I wanna drop my bag off and I wanna change my clothes and that's gonna be like seven o'clock or eight o'clock like cos I wanna come round to band practice tomorrow ... and I won't get there until bloody eight o'clock and miss half my bloody weekend.
[292] ... I wonder if he can hear right.
Bonnie (PS51T) [293] Hey?
Cassie (PS51S) [294] [...] Philip.
[295] Oh look look you can hear what everyone's saying [...] Oi, Oi, [...] .
[296] [shouting] Liam [] I can hear everything you're saying on this Meg you know, really clearly [laugh] .
[297] You know you can hear everyone talking at the same it's recording at the same time you can hear everyone talking like sort of really clearly.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [298] In a way it sounds sort of
Bonnie (PS51T) [299] No, I can't hear anything.
Cassie (PS51S) [300] Oh, it doesn't matter.
[301] Put it on.
Bonnie (PS51T) [302] Hello.
Cassie (PS51S) [303] Hello, hello see it sounds sort of like ... like you're listening to the tape, but it
Bonnie (PS51T) [304] Don't say anything a minute.
[305] Hello, hello, can you hear me then?
[306] Would you be able to hear me through that?
Cassie (PS51S) [307] Would I be able to hear you through that, yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [308] Mm.
Cassie (PS51S) [309] I I could hear Meg talking a minute ago to me.
[310] I can hear everyone talking around me.
Bonnie (PS51T) [311] [...] lovely.
Cassie (PS51S) [312] Lovely.
[313] Lovely jubbly.
[314] I dunno if I'll be able to I dunno if I wanna [...] tomorrow or not.
[315] Why well who's going, you and Honey?
Bonnie (PS51T) [316] Yeah, and maybe Lucy [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [317] I like Lucy actually she's really coo cool she is.
[318] ... I dunno i if everyone else is not doing anything, then I'll come.
[319] Like if there's something better going on I suppose [...] I dunno.
Bonnie (PS51T) [320] [...] and then like [...] like even if I still have to go cos [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [321] Well just say just say no, cos I mean she can't like fucking rule your life.
[322] No if [...] Is Dan?
Bonnie (PS51T) [323] I don't know he might be.
Cassie (PS51S) [324] Well wh what's going on this weekend do you know?
[325] Well like what are the band doing after practice, are they doing anything, they're probably all going on to the Cutty Sark at Greenwich or something.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [326] Who's t-shirt's that Alex?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [327] [laugh] [scream] Go on [...] get your trousers off.
None (PS6U1) [scream]
Cassie (PS51S) [328] Watch out for the lasses [scream] [laugh] .
[329] How did you manage to Alex how did you manage to get it off him?
[330] It just pulled it off him and he didn't even fight back.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [331] Oh I see [...]
None (PS6U1) [scream]
Cassie (PS51S) [332] Whoah look at those rippl look at that rippling torso, rippling or whatever the words are.
[333] [shouting] look at that chest with no hair [] .
[334] [laugh] . Oh No.
Bonnie (PS51T) [335] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [336] God knows what Mick's [giggling] gonna do [] .
[337] ... Gonna fall over [giggle] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [338] Thing's so annoying.
Catherine (PS51U) [339] Well at least if you did put it back on you're gonna be warmer.
Cassie (PS51S) [340] I'm absolutely freezing come to think of it.
[341] Sam what are you listening to?
[342] Oh bloody fucking shite hard core isn't it.
[343] What is it?
[344] What is this it or was that it?
Peter (PS51W) [345] This is the cover you mean you mean the cover.
Cassie (PS51S) [346] News at Ten I need your loving.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [347] Catherine, I mean Bonnie.
[348] ... Bonnie don't you think we should get a few more people to go to [...] .
[349] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [350] Well it would be more fun if there was more people.
[351] Well Melissa's cool and Crystal's a bit crap and Catherine's all right.
Bonnie (PS51T) [352] Yeah [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [353] Give me this a minute. [playing music] .
Bonnie (PS51T) [354] Is your mum gonna hear that?
Cassie (PS51S) [355] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [356] Do I let my mum hear it?
Bonnie (PS51T) [357] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [358] She knows what I talk like anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
Peter (PS51W) [359] Sorry sorry ... does your mum know you smoke?
Cassie (PS51S) [360] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [361] Does your mum know you take a t trip?
Cassie (PS51S) [362] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [363] Does your mum know about you.
Cassie (PS51S) [364] [laugh] No doesn't even know I was born [laugh] .
[365] My why's my arse [...]
Peter (PS51W) [...]
None (PS6U1) [366] Yes I'm very freezing.
Cassie (PS51S) [367] Freezing, I'm gonna put my coat on.
[368] Gonna put my coat on.
[369] [shouting] Oh ... oh my arse hurts [] [...] my bum.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [370] Alice those socks are way too small for you.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [371] Are they?
[372] [laugh] Huh?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [373] Can't I got [...] walkman yeah right, and listening to hardcore put the earphone up cos there's a bit of hardcore on the ... What?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [374] [shouting] Boo []
Cassie (PS51S) [375] [scream] [laugh] ... What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [scream]
Cassie (PS51S) [376] I've just gotta have to sort of make it up.
[377] [...] I've got to listen through the tape yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [378] [...] go back to school.
Cassie (PS51S) [379] What now?
Peter (PS51W) [380] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [381] Why?
Peter (PS51W) [382] After, after lunch.
Cassie (PS51S) [383] Whoa.
[384] After lunch.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [385] I dunno but it just that it's so difficult to get away with it these days.
Peter (PS51W) [386] Say you had to go to a dental appointment.
[387] ... Bloody easy.
Cassie (PS51S) [388] Why why why is it okay when all the bloody nice lovely days right [...] going straight back to school and when [...] .
Peter (PS51W) [389] Well me an [...] and maybe Mohammed
Cassie (PS51S) [390] What about you Catherine you said you wanted to.
[391] Catherine.
[392] Catherine you said you wanted to didn't you?
Catherine (PS51U) [393] I can't I can't really, I dunno it's ... It's not worth getting in trouble cos if this gets put on report
Peter (PS51W) [394] They're not mine.
Meg (PS6P2) [395] Who's crusts are these?
Cassie (PS51S) [396] Your mum's [laugh] What time is it?
Bonnie (PS51T) [397] Two o'clock.
Cassie (PS51S) [398] ... God lunch goes ... fuck so bloody quick.
[399] ... Thought you had some strange hard arse then Alli.
[400] Your face is so sort of erm
Peter (PS51W) [401] Amazing.
Cassie (PS51S) [402] Sort of thin. [laugh]
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [403] You need treating, pull some weight.
[404] Oh God, come on are we going then?
[405] Come on bum bum.
[406] Oops.
Peter (PS51W) [407] Oh shit.
Cassie (PS51S) [408] Bloody thing keeps falling off.
[409] I'm coming I'm coming.
[410] I'm coming [laugh] .
[411] Ah my arse isn't hurting no more.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [412] Oh yeah I bet that was exciting [laugh] or was it sad?
Bonnie (PS51T) [413] No it was just going on about remember, remember that just after climaxing
Cassie (PS51S) [414] Yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [415] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [416] Why?
[417] Why can't I leave it on [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [418] [...] Er you know Honey?
Cassie (PS51S) [419] Yeah.
[420] ... What about her?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [421] Huh?
Catherine (PS51U) [422] I mean I dunno if I like her you know.
Cassie (PS51S) [423] I do like her, but at least she's got erm she's got two or three bad points about her which are really bad, that's what I think.
[424] ... But I don't completely sort of detest her or anything.
[425] ... Why have we got so many flipping gypsies sort of parked up round our schools, really weird.
[426] Oh I've gotta get him I've gotta go and write down ... everything.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [427] Huh?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [428] Who?
[429] Rosie?
[430] She's back there she'll be along in a minute.
[431] Have to oh shit I dunno I can't remember half the fucking conversations I had.
[432] I actually don't actually have to write the conv
Catherine (PS51U) [433] What do you have to do?
Cassie (PS51S) [434] Basically you know how like all the talking I'm doing yeah sort of like all jumbled up and everything?
Catherine (PS51U) [435] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [436] Well I mean like.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [437] Basically it's all the same.
[438] Why pupils fifteen [spelling] F [] friends park, and why [giggling] pupil [] fifteen [spelling] F [] friends [...] and all that.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [439] That's just me it's that if your first name, although I'll probably cross that out.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [440] I know, but I just like they said you don't have to put your names on just pissing about.
[441] Put down like erm arse or [laughing] something [] [clears throat] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [442] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [443] You have to write your name down every time.
Cassie (PS51S) [444] Yeah, I suppose so.
[445] Oh no, no wait a minute, no, it er has an example ... in the back first er oh fuck I've forgotten what it is erm oh no, no, oh God I've gotta oh shit.
[446] Oh it's not a con consistent many people are talking.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [447] The first thing yeah you just write down about yourself yeah.
[448] ... erm ... and the rest you just have to fill it all out.
[449] But you see it's all the same conversation you see.
Catherine (PS51U) [450] Oh see you erm you have to write down I mean you have to write down Bonnie and pupils.
Cassie (PS51S) [451] Yeah.
[452] What are they age.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [453] Yeah.
[454] Er you've gotta write [...] you heard of.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [455] Yeah, everyone who I spoke to spoke to I just send back [...] it's not that difficult but it is a bit difficult.
[456] Gets a bit confusing that's all. [...]

2 (Tape 133702)

None (PS6U1) [457] All right I'll see you later okay.
[458] Conversation I started to record it.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [459] Yeah it's recording at the moment.
[460] I shall I better, what?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [461] I know.
[462] I hate the way it bloody whistles all the time.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [463] If you move about a lot it does.
[464] Yeah but don't talk bad you've just gotta have a normal conversation.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [465] Right.
[466] Yeah I mean like when I was in the park I only did it between because I was only really talking to one person at one time, but I mean like I couldn't remember anywhere.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [467] [laugh] Chewing gum, singing, giving it [...] .
None (PS6U1) [...]

3 (Tape 133703)

Cassie (PS51S) [468] Look, it's their problem innit, I mean I just wanna get over these bloody things.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [469] [laugh] It'll be more difficult.
Catherine (PS51U) [470] You don't have to wear the earphones.
None (PS6U1) [471] I like wearing the earphones cos you can hear what you're picking up, when you don't wear the earphones you don't know what it's picking up do you.
Cassie (PS51S) [472] [...] listen to that bit.
Catherine (PS51U) [473] It won't come on straight away, it'll [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [474] Hello [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [475] You can pick everything up it's wicked.
[476] When I first put it on [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [477] It is taped.
Catherine (PS51U) [478] You taping it?
Cassie (PS51S) [479] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [480] Hello Janet.
[481] You can hear what everyone's saying and it's weird.
Catherine (PS51U) [482] [...] microphone [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [483] I know.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [484] There's somebody just saying [walking too far away to hear clearly] Is it Thursday today, it is isn't it.
Catherine (PS51U) [485] Let go of her coconuts.
[486] Let go of her coconuts.
Cassie (PS51S) [487] Is it Thursday?
Catherine (PS51U) [488] No Friday.
Cassie (PS51S) [489] I wish it was Friday I want it to be the weekend man.
Catherine (PS51U) [490] Why we are you going?
Cassie (PS51S) [491] Nowhere in particular I just want it to be the weekend so I can lie in bed.
[492] I can't believe why I've gotta get up at flipping ten o'clock oh my God.
[493] Oh, my pen's run out.
Catherine (PS51U) [494] Well don't use mine.
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [495] All right then.
[496] I'm sorry. [giggle]
Catherine (PS51U) [497] Winston.
[498] Tell me your [laughing] love story again []
Danny (PS6P4) [499] Shut up.
Catherine (PS51U) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [500] What are you talking about.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [501] Well you just go back with him okay.
Cassie (PS51S) [502] What do you mean go back with him.
Catherine (PS51U) [503] Yeah I know I was just er
Cassie (PS51S) [504] Where [giggle] but would do you mean go back with him.
[505] [...] split up with him and I and then you're telling me to get back
Catherine (PS51U) [506] Is he a good snogger?
Cassie (PS51S) [507] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [508] What's it like?
Cassie (PS51S) [509] Ooh, what's it like, oh yeah do you expect me to show you, you Carol or something?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [510] Huh?
Catherine (PS51U) [511] I said I know someone who's a good kisser.
Cassie (PS51S) [512] Who?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [513] I thought you were gonna say Nick or something.
Catherine (PS51U) [514] Nick?
[515] Yuck.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
None (PS6U1) [516] I wouldn't know I've never snogged with you.
Catherine (PS51U) [517] Have you turned it off?
Cassie (PS51S) [518] No [...] ... and he's always cooking he's always the dinner as well it's well nice.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [519] Well you did get off [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [520] I know he didn't I did.
Cassie (PS51S) [521] You did get off with him?
Catherine (PS51U) [522] Twice, but it was totally non-existent kissing so
Cassie (PS51S) [523] What do you mean?
Catherine (PS51U) [524] I was sort of falling asleep.
[525] Lasted yeah lasted about two seconds and it was twice and basically
Cassie (PS51S) [526] Where you alone?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [527] Not really.
[528] It may just be me I liked him, he's a very nice person.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [529] He's a very nice person and I like him.
Cassie (PS51S) [530] You only kissed him twice?
Catherine (PS51U) [531] Oh get off the flipping subject with her and Nick.
Cassie (PS51S) [532] It's interesting.

4 (Tape 133704)

None (PS6U1) [533] Why are you [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [534] Because I am alive.
Cassie (PS51S) [535] You're alive.
[536] No you're not you're dead bang.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [537] Huh?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [538] Oh good brother, just what I thought that [...] drop my jaw [singing] something I don't know the rest of the words.
[539] Ooh.
[540] ... Do you like that song?
None (PS6U1) [541] Do you like it?
Cassie (PS51S) [542] Don't be so ridiculous.
[543] No, no [...] I'm actually made in love [...] .
[544] What are you what are you hanging about for?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [545] Oh no [...] ever since you started hanging out with Alan and Patrick and you've become like Alan and Patrick.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [546] I saw [...] yesterday.
Catherine (PS51U) [547] No, no like you, you sort of hang out with Patrick and Alan yeah for one night and you came back [...] patronising [...] ever met.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [548] And you weren't you see you actually used to be interesting when you were talking [...] and sit [...] complete miserable bastard like Patrick does.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [...] [bad recording of tape]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [549] Anyone got a pen in their pocket.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [550] [laugh] [...] every ten minutes or something.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [551] I know, but I mean like I've got a lot of bollocks I've some bollocks on it about erm ... er [...] and shit like that.
Danny (PS6P4) [552] No I thought [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [553] Oh, I've got it on my walkman now so it doesn't make any difference [laugh] erm occupation.
[554] What's your job prostitute, yeah fine.
[555] Erm living on the streets?
[556] Yeah.
[557] Yeah that's my job living on the [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [558] [...] Comedy Playhouse.
Cassie (PS51S) [559] The what [giggle] [...] [bad recording on tape] How do you spell foyer?
[560] Oh give me crisps.
[561] Come on I gave you some coke this morning.
[562] Daniel.
[563] Oh good bother, just when I [...] [singing] .
[564] Have you got any?
Catherine (PS51U) [565] Got any [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [566] Liam but I don't know where he is.
Catherine (PS51U) [567] Who's Liam?
Cassie (PS51S) [568] The mad one.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [569] [laugh] What are you doing?
[570] Why were you not doing the [...] Mr. McCarthy like you usually do?
Catherine (PS51U) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [571] I suppose there's something going on between you and Mr McCarthy.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [572] [laugh] No I mean like ... you know the West Side Story thing you know right [laugh]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [573] Erm was it only you that he phoned not to bring any scripts.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [574] Probably don't even know where he is probably.
[575] No did he say no did you say that he phoned up anyone else?
Danny (PS6P4) [576] Yeah he phoned up Danny.
Cassie (PS51S) [577] I thought you were saying [...] West Side Story.
[578] Never phoned me.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [579] No one called [giggle] .
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [580] [...] The closest we get together is when we dance and when he slaps me on the arse and that's about it.
[581] Could I have that pen back Daniel I've gotta write more on it now.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
None (PS6U1) [582] Ov over there we have our wank [...] teacher yeah called Mr McCarthy and we all hate him.
Danny (PS6P4) [583] [...] I like him actually.
Cassie (PS51S) [584] [giggle] I don't care, I don't care.
[585] You bloody fancy him.
Danny (PS6P4) [586] Do I really?
Catherine (PS51U) [587] He's got one side [...] than the other you know.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [588] No, I like having sex with the [...] now just leave me alone.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [589] I'm not facing so what are you talking about?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [590] I like facing the [...] Oh well, does it matter?
[591] [singing] . Petie how's it going?
[592] Just leave me alone.
Catherine (PS51U) [593] Have you got lines on your neck?
Cassie (PS51S) [594] What?
None (PS6U1) [595] Yeah you have, you've got lines on your neck.
Cassie (PS51S) [596] Oh thanks.
Catherine (PS51U) [597] [...] not bloody [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [598] Yeah, give me your clothes.
[599] Give me your give me your [...] .
[600] You're weird Catherine.
[601] Give me give me your sexually transmitted diseases.
[602] [...] more normal than you.
[603] He's not abnormal he's just the living dead [laugh] yeah death warmed up.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [604] Oh right I see. [singing]
Catherine (PS51U) [605] If I hear that bloody one more time.
Cassie (PS51S) [606] Yeah what you gonna do about it darling?
[607] I wanna packet Walker crisps. [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [608] [...] little blue packets.
Cassie (PS51S) [609] Well I've got the little blue packet yeah and I'm screaming yeah I thought that I won about a hundred pounds or something yeah. [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [610] Oh well.
Cassie (PS51S) [611] No but I would I thought wow, I've won a hundred [...] you've won a twenty one P packet of Walkers Crisps.
[612] Fucking amazing.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [613] Yeah.
[614] I [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [615] Did you send off for it?
Catherine (PS51U) [616] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [617] Did you get it?
Catherine (PS51U) [618] I haven't got it yet.
Cassie (PS51S) [619] How long ago did you send off for it?
Catherine (PS51U) [620] About a month ago.
Cassie (PS51S) [621] Oh right.
[622] Did did [...] tea towel you could have one or something [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [623] You either win a tea towel or a bag.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [624] No they said to us.
Catherine (PS51U) [625] Shall we go [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [626] Oh shit have we gotta go?
Catherine (PS51U) [627] No, no, no tomorrow ... but they're doing erm they're doing America now they've got the erm [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [628] Are you sure?
Catherine (PS51U) [629] Yeah, it is [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [630] Can I have a bit Peter darling?
Danny (PS6P4) [631] Don't you ever say please?
Cassie (PS51S) [632] Please.
Danny (PS6P4) [633] How rude can you get.
[634] Give me a bit of Kit-Kat, How rude.
Cassie (PS51S) [635] [...] fucking [...] Can I can I have a bit please.
Danny (PS6P4) [636] This rude English baby here [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [637] Can I have a little bit please?
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [638] [shouting] Can I have a bit please []
Danny (PS6P4) [639] Ask nicely.
Cassie (PS51S) [640] Please can I have a bit of Kit-Kat?
Danny (PS6P4) [641] Pretty please.
Cassie (PS51S) [642] Pretty please.
Danny (PS6P4) [643] Sugar on top.
Cassie (PS51S) [644] [laughing] sugar on top []
Danny (PS6P4) [645] With lots of sugar.
Cassie (PS51S) [646] [laughing] lots of sugar []
Danny (PS6P4) [647] A cherry.
Cassie (PS51S) [648] [laughing] a cherry []
Danny (PS6P4) [649] Not my cherry, though.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Danny (PS6P4) [650] Give me another please, give me another please, I'm [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [651] Please [laughing] just fucking give me some
Danny (PS6P4) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [652] [mimicking] and after all I've done for you [] But why do they always say they're going home.
[653] I mean I don't understand this you know, they oh bye, see you tomorrow you know [...] about two hours.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [654] Alex [laugh] why do you why do you lot always say that, you say well bye we're going home now, then you come back in?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Alex (PS6P3) [655] I go bye I'm going home.
Cassie (PS51S) [656] Catherine and me gave you Coke and I gave you loads this morning.
Catherine (PS51U) [657] I've given you crisps, a bit of fucking chocolate.
Cassie (PS51S) [658] [laugh] Please give me some Alex, buy some Coke so I can have some.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [659] [...] cos we've got nothing better to do.
[660] I dunno.
Catherine (PS51U) [661] I'll save you a bit then Catherine.
[662] ... You're so stingy.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [...] [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [663] You're gonna damage you understand why Ca Bonnie finds Catherine to [...] amazingly funny.
[664] She's not funny all the time though.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [665] [laugh] I know you are funny sometimes, and some [...] Bonnie just looks at you and she starts laughing and he hasn't even said anything or something.
[666] Oh dear.
Catherine (PS51U) [...] [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [667] You know all she said [...] she goes oh ah funny.
Bonnie (PS51T) [668] [...] oh ah oh [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [669] oh ah oh ha.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...] [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [670] [laugh] I don't sound like a Ribena berry.
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [671] Oi, Alex, [...] do I sound like a Ribena berry when I talk?
Bonnie (PS51T) [672] Oh, hey, oh.
Cassie (PS51S) [673] [laugh] I don't.
[674] I don't.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...] [laugh]
Alex (PS6P3) [675] [...] she goes oh.
Cassie (PS51S) [676] Ho, hey. [...]
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [677] Your mum looks like a Ribena berry.
Catherine (PS51U) [678] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [679] Oh [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...] [giggle]
Cassie (PS51S) [680] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [681] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [giggle]
Cassie (PS51S) [682] Looks like a Ribena berry?
[683] Are you actually going home now?
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Alex (PS6P3) [684] [...] be back in a minute.
Cassie (PS51S) [685] [laugh] Look at you.
[686] Well you're bloody [...] down are you, because [...]
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [687] Oh he's back look.
[688] [clapping] She we count how.
[689] Shall we [laugh] shall we count how many times Alex has been in and out of here saying he's going home?
Alex (PS6P3) [690] Going home now.
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [691] Oh God you're so
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [692] What are you laughing at?
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [693] [giggle] Oh dear.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [694] [...] Oh are you going home or are you gonna be back?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
None (PS6U1) [695] Bye.
Cassie (PS51S) [696] [...] fucking prince charming.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [697] I dunno [...] [sigh] Catherine why don't you shut your mouth for once.
Catherine (PS51U) [698] Where do you live Tom?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [699] No er according to Robert over there.
Catherine (PS51U) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [700] Can I have can I have a er Milky Bar er Peter?
Peter (PS51W) [701] [...] Milky Bar.
Cassie (PS51S) [702] Yeah can I have a M
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [703] Ashley [...] Can I have more than that please?
[704] Tom more.
None (KP4PS000) [705] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [706] Sod.
None (PS6U1) [707] It's Bonnie.
Cassie (PS51S) [708] [...] Hello, hello.
[709] Hello, hello.
[710] Oh no I'm not going to be able to listen.
[711] I go out just for recording all this bollocks yeah for absolutely no reason at all.
None (PS6U1) [712] No it's running.
Cassie (PS51S) [713] No my coat's been covering it up yeah.
[714] Hello, hello.
None (PS6U1) [whistling] [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [715] Trying to work out whether I can hear it over my coat.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [716] Cassie.
Cassie (PS51S) [717] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [718] What I sound like in class?
[719] I sound lovely.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [720] I haven't got any money at all.
[721] I did.
[722] Spent it all.
Catherine (PS51U) [723] She's pregnant isn't she?
Cassie (PS51S) [724] I think so, yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [725] Oh.
Catherine (PS51U) [726] Probably about three months I would think [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [727] When have you had a big pillow?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [raspberry]
Catherine (PS51U) [728] Is it on?
Cassie (PS51S) [729] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [730] [...] Let's talk about [singing]
Cassie (PS51S) [731] Oh, I forgot all about that song.
[732] [sigh] I'm go and see ... got so much fucking work to do.
Catherine (PS51U) [733] I hate it.
[734] I hate it [...] people go have got a lot a load of homework to do [...] do all their bloody homework week's homework in about one bloody day
Cassie (PS51S) [735] Yeah well not yeah when it when it's all for tomorrow you do.
Catherine (PS51U) [736] [...] got a weeks homework [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [737] I've got I've got I tell you what I've gotta do tonight.
[738] I've gotta do my music [...] I've gotta do er ... media studies homework.
[739] I have to record loads of tapes,no no not just these ones and I got other ones at home, I've got have a bath, I've got clean up my bedroom ... and you know.
Catherine (PS51U) [740] I've gotta wash my hair.
Cassie (PS51S) [741] Use Wash n Go.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [742] [laugh] Oh God.
Catherine (PS51U) [743] I use Safeway's Special Formula Doing One or something.
Cassie (PS51S) [744] Doing One?
Catherine (PS51U) [745] Two in One.
Cassie (PS51S) [746] You said Doing One. [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [747] Talk like a cripple girl.
Catherine (PS51U) [748] In my [...] American soap thing and it was [...] anyway I think it's called [...] [laugh] [...] midnight. [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [749] I don't bloody walk around like that.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [750] Yeah.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [751] I know I know.
[752] Well I mean like.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [753] Boo [scream]
Bonnie (PS51T) [754] Oh no.
Cassie (PS51S) [755] Do you want not the rest then?
[756] Let me have the rest.
[757] Can I have a tiny sip please.
Bonnie (PS51T) [758] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [759] Please, look I gave you some my crisps.
Catherine (PS51U) [760] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [761] [scream] Oh go on let me have some.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [762] [laugh] Let me have a little bit. [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [763] There we go.
[764] [...] it is.
[765] But I [...] for Christ's sake.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [766] It's [...] and he's awkward.
Catherine (PS51U) [767] Was that on your jacket when you bought it?
Bonnie (PS51T) [768] Er ... I done it in art.
Catherine (PS51U) [769] I always do that I always.
Bonnie (PS51T) [770] [...] knee high to a grasshopper [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [771] [giggle] You know Annie got into a fight with Elsa's boyfriend.
[772] ... I think it's Annie anyway.
[773] Some stupid ugly [...] obviously.
[774] Dunno what his name is.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [775] Mm.
[776] P probably true innit.
Bonnie (PS51T) [777] Was he ugly?
Cassie (PS51S) [778] I dunno I wasn't there but I heard about it.
Bonnie (PS51T) [779] Annie, Annie, Annie
Catherine (PS51U) [780] Annie [...] [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [781] What's her second name?
Catherine (PS51U) [782] Annie Dukakis.
Cassie (PS51S) [783] I don't know what's I don't, I wasn't there but I mean like [...] .
Bonnie (PS51T) [784] Oh bugger, I wanna get these bloody new clothes.
Catherine (PS51U) [785] You always say that [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [786] I want some fucking new clothes as well.
Bonnie (PS51T) [787] [...] and get a job [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [788] I don't wanna get bloody green ones.
Cassie (PS51S) [789] I wanna job as well.
Catherine (PS51U) [790] Well you don't count [laugh] I hate you whenever that bloody face comes up like
Cassie (PS51S) [791] Oh yeah, I hate it when you open your stupid bloody mouth and you say the most bitchy things sometimes Catherine
None (PS6U1) [792] Yeah
Catherine (PS51U) [793] All right then.
Cassie (PS51S) [794] Is that the [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [795] [laugh] Yeah.
[796] That hat [...] helmet looks so bloody stupid.
Bonnie (PS51T) [797] Which helmet, oh the [...] helmet I see him every morning driving to school.
Catherine (PS51U) [798] Such a fucking pranny ... and he's so polite as well.
Bonnie (PS51T) [799] Oh he's [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [800] He does talk a lot of shit in class though.
Catherine (PS51U) [801] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [802] But there's another the teacher asks us a question yeah
Bonnie (PS51T) [803] [...] hands off, hands off.
Cassie (PS51S) [804] Yeah I know.
Catherine (PS51U) [805] And it's usually [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [806] [laugh] boom boom.
Bonnie (PS51T) [807] I [...] how are you?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [808] Yes of course yes.
[809] Right.
None (PS6U1) [810] Yeah we got to sh .
Cassie (PS51S) [811] [laugh] Oh someone give me some money come and give me some money.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [812] Hello Vicky.
[813] Catherine give me some money please.
Catherine (PS51U) [814] I haven't fucking got any.
[815] ... [whining] What? []
Cassie (PS51S) [816] [laughing] nothing [] .
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [817] You know in Science yeah, you know [...] has got one of them.
Cassie (PS51S) [818] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [819] He started talking to Nicola er and Nicola's going oh I love [...] and everything and [laughing] flipping hell [] [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [820] I mean like Nicola's probably saying it on purpose though anyway.
[821] Nicola is so full of absolute shit.
[822] She's full up to the brim in shit, I'm sorry.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [823] No, she has smoked a cigarette.
Bonnie (PS51T) [824] [...] a joint.
Cassie (PS51S) [825] Yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [826] Yes you look like a penis ... with a huge head on top of it.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [827] You look so sick.
[828] How can that how can that bloke be yeah any more comfortable [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [829] I'm gonna sit down [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [belch]
Cassie (PS51S) [830] Oh I can't be bothered I'm going home in a minute.
[831] Although that's wh
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [832] Well I don't go in for about half an hour.
Catherine (PS51U) [833] [...] hour and a half [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [834] [sigh] [singing] .
[835] ... It's an exciting conversation we're having.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [836] Twelve.
[837] [...] travelling stage club dog stage.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [838] Er eight I think.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [839] That's what I'm doing as well.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [840] And what are you gonna do who are going with?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [841] Well you can't go.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [842] Erm well because you have to go with your dad.
[843] ... Just just come with me or someone else or something.
None (PS6U1) [844] [...] Shangri La
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [845] I'll be singing groove.
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [846] [...] Shangri La [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [847] No, but I [...] Shangri Las.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [848] [laugh] That sounds funny.
Bonnie (PS51T) [849] You think so.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [850] What did you do that for?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [851] Have you seen them [...] they all go [mimicking] oh yeah, yeah [] . [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [clears throat]
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [852] I'm going.
Catherine (PS51U) [853] Before [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [854] It's quite easy to [...] to people.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [855] [sigh] I can't believe that that they do [...] . [too much background noise]
Cassie (PS51S) [856] I'm going, I'll see you lot tomorrow.
Bonnie (PS51T) [857] Bye.
Cassie (PS51S) [858] [whispering] that was a bitch teacher ... [...] teacher ... that's my bitchy Science teacher [] ... Huh?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [859] I know,she she really [...] what Peter [...] .
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [860] My fucking new Science teacher she's a load of crap.
[861] All right I'll see you lot tomorrow okay?
[862] Bye.
[863] Huh?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [864] I'd have what?
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [865] Right, bye.

5 (Tape 133705)

None (PS6U1) [866] What was all that about?
[867] ... What was all that about?
[868] ... If I can use it.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [869] You got a gig?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [870] Where?
Peter (PS51W) [871] At the Flask.
Cassie (PS51S) [872] The where?
Peter (PS51W) [873] In Hampstead.
Cassie (PS51S) [874] Flask in Hampstead?
[875] You gonna get tons of people there then are they really rocking?
Peter (PS51W) [876] Well do you wanna bring your friends up?
Cassie (PS51S) [877] [whispering] It's probably not their sort of music [] .
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [878] Yeah.
[879] Dunno.
Peter (PS51W) [880] It's somewhere to go.
Cassie (PS51S) [881] Where's mum?
Peter (PS51W) [882] She's out [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [883] What David?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [884] So why doesn't the hot w [whispering] oh shit [] Why don't she hardly never look after ... David any more?
Peter (PS51W) [885] Well she's [...] every day though.
Cassie (PS51S) [886] Mm what are you doing out the front?
Peter (PS51W) [887] Cleaning the run up.
Cassie (PS51S) [888] You're actually cleaning the run up.
Peter (PS51W) [889] It's clean, it's spotless.
Cassie (PS51S) [890] Yourself, you've done it all yourself after nagging about five years.
[891] ... Mm.
[892] You know [...] doesn't want to go to Cornwall.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [893] How do you know?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [894] Something up.
[895] Mm.
[896] I could take someone else though would that be all right?
[897] If anyone else would wanna come with me even though it's during school weeks.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [898] Yeah.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [899] Yeah, I mean like I dunno.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [900] I dunno because the [...] school I think ends early I don't know ... earlier than sort of I think sort of like June or something, but I mean I don't know.
[901] I mean I was what I've mentioned it like to someone in my class.
[902] I was talking to Catherine about it and erm she said she said oh take me.
Alex (PS6P3) [903] Yeah, yeah.
[904] I don't know if I wanna take her though.
[905] I mean like ... dunno.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [906] No I do, I'm friends with her, I do know her well.
Alex (PS6P3) [...] [speaker too far away to be able to hear, hence all unclear]
Cassie (PS51S) [907] Yeah ... and I don't think
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [908] I dunno.
[909] ... Dunno if Bonnie will be allowed to take a week off school.
[910] ... Funny thing.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [911] Yeah ... My mum's all right.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [912] Yeah, I might ask her tomorrow.
[913] Don't know.
Alex (PS6P3) [914] Ask her if she's interested.
Cassie (PS51S) [915] Yeah.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [916] Yeah, cos then she might be more likely to say ... yeah.
Alex (PS6P3) [917] Also I mean that means that you might ... you know maybe Jan will say yeah okay as long as you [...] you know.
Cassie (PS51S) [918] Well Bonnie ... Bonnie always does her work without asking Jan and stuff anyway.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [919] Yeah.
Alex (PS6P3) [920] You'll be able to
Cassie (PS51S) [921] Mm.
Alex (PS6P3) [922] You'll be able to do that. [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [923] Yeah.
[924] I dunno Zed might change his mind in the end, but I doubt it.
[925] Probably not really ... it's probably not really his scene.
[926] What?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [927] Er.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [928] [sigh] I don't know.
[929] Probably just boring shit I suppose.
[930] He's just a boring sod I suppose.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [931] No, why do you always think that?
[932] No I haven't gone off him.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [933] Why?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [934] Dunno people have said like that [...] will last a really short time ... or a really long time, but what's considered a short time I know what a long time is, a long time is like ... sort of four months three sort of four months onwards innit for like people our age, what would a short time be they?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [935] Yeah, we've been out we've gone out for six weeks tomorrow.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [936] Yeah.
[937] ... You know.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [938] I don't know I mean I prefer not to predict.
[939] I know I mean I know what I think in the back of my head but I mean I just prefer not to predict, I don't want to say it ... doesn't matter about thinking I know it's a bit weird in you know.
[940] I dunno.
[941] ... Have I got the house for myself tonight?
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [942] Huh?
[943] Mm.
Danny (PS6P4) [yawn]
Cassie (PS51S) [944] Why did he have all his guitar out and everything.
[945] Why did have all his guitar out and everything?
[946] ... Yesterday?
Danny (PS6P4) [947] There was something wrong with it [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [948] Mm.
Danny (PS6P4) [949] So he took it in to be looked at [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [950] Which guitar, the acoustic one?
[951] Mm.
[952] ... [yawn] Oh dear, I've got so much to do tonight, got so much to do tonight, gotta have a bath [] gotta record some tapes, gotta record these tapes, gotta record some other music tapes ... gotta do some homework.
[953] Might turn out my bedroom if I can be bothered.
[954] ... Oh God don't wanna do my fucking musical, I've gotta make a flipping ... piece of music out from a stupid scale.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [955] Yeah I know and it's it's not my fault I mean like if I still have the proper lessons every week, which I don't seem to get.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [956] I haven't got anything to prac I haven't got anything to [yawning] I haven't got anything to practice at the moment [] Well I have but I mean I dunno.
Danny (PS6P4) [957] But your teacher [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [958] Mm.
Danny (PS6P4) [959] You should.
Cassie (PS51S) [960] I know.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [961] I dunno.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [962] Mm.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [963] I'm ... trying to work out like ... what did I ... what did I do with my erm ... schedule this morning?
[964] ... My erm West Side Story schedule?
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [965] Is it? ... [...] boys and girls.
[966] Oops. ... [sigh] .
Danny (PS6P4) [967] [...] just too loud.
Cassie (PS51S) [968] No, I'm just trying to work out how long I'm gonna be practising for West Side Story tomorrow because ... you might have to take my money my pocket money tomorrow I might not be able to get like ... home, sort of cos er I I might be practising till bloody six o'clock for all I know so ... I'll get some chips or something.
[969] What's for dinner tonight?
[970] I [...] if you thought about it [yawn] .
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [971] What?
Danny (PS6P4) [972] [...] chips.
Cassie (PS51S) [973] Mm.
[974] Yeah that's right and [giggle] why didn't you get the fries.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [975] Yeah I know.
[976] Erm what was I gonna say.
[977] Why didn't you get the fries?
Danny (PS6P4) [978] Well those chips were to kilo grams.
Cassie (PS51S) [979] Mm.
Danny (PS6P4) [980] They were the same price as the other ones the ones [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [981] Mm.
Peter (PS51W) [982] [...] just busy round there.
Cassie (PS51S) [983] What are you gonna do for us to dinner tonight then Dad?
Peter (PS51W) [984] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [985] Dinner.
[986] What's dinner gonna be?
Peter (PS51W) [987] Dinner?
Cassie (PS51S) [988] Where are those tapes for erm ... that you said I could have?
[989] Only one.
[990] That's all right I mean like I actually sort of worked out about another two or three tapes ... yesterday.
[991] The only thing see is that it's all my own tapes they're such crap ones and like they just sound really bad when they're recorded on.
[992] It's like the same thing with video tapes they all get buggered up.
[993] ... So I've got to sort of I've gotta record a [...] .
Alex (PS6P3) [994] [...] that tape [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [995] Is it a ninety minute yeah?
Alex (PS6P3) [996] I don't know [...] lunch box [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [997] Oh yeah, all right.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [yawn]
Alex (PS6P3) [998] Searching through that [...] there might be but I [...] to choose [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [999] No I won't, I won't do that.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1000] I won't do that.
[1001] What happened to your keep fit classes speaking of tapes cos you had some tapes of keep fit?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1002] Mm.
Alex (PS6P3) [1003] I quite enjoyed doing that actually.
[1004] It's too much to try and ... do it all as well as.
Cassie (PS51S) [1005] mm.
Alex (PS6P3) [1006] [...] synchronise [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1007] Yeah [giggle] Lis Lisa came in ... yesterday when I was round at Zed's and she was complaining about how her keep fit class they bloody put on rave music.
Alex (PS6P3) [1008] Yeah well that [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1009] Not necessarily I mean it depends on what sort of people come to your keep fit classes, but I mean.
Alex (PS6P3) [1010] My age group.
Cassie (PS51S) [1011] Yes well for your age we yeah.
Alex (PS6P3) [1012] I mean when you [...] warm [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1013] Well you yeah.
[1014] I mean using rave music cos it's got a beat innit, it's got a lot of beat in it.
Alex (PS6P3) [1015] [...] rhythm and blues.
Cassie (PS51S) [1016] Yeah.
[1017] I know what you mean yeah.
Alex (PS6P3) [1018] Soul.
[1019] [...] rock and roll [...] You know that tape that you had with all the rock and roll's greatest hits.
Cassie (PS51S) [1020] Mm.
Alex (PS6P3) [1021] Green Onion, all that I've got all [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1022] [giggle] Can you m ... Mm.
[1023] We're starting to do erm tennis.
Alex (PS6P3) [1024] Tennis?
Cassie (PS51S) [1025] Tennis something else and something else [...] were actually.
[1026] Tennis er I think soft ball whatever that is.
Danny (PS6P4) [1027] [...] like rounders.
Cassie (PS51S) [1028] Yeah and something else ... might have been netball I can't remember, something new.
[1029] I'm surprised we didn't get swimming actually seeing as we got a fucking swimming pool right over the road from us.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1030] I er I dunno I think you maybe do in the fifth year but I doubt it, but I mean it's so stupid though we got it opposite our school ... I mean it's not as if it would be that difficult for the people in our school to pay for us.
[1031] I mean like people come in and pay for it.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1032] Yeah.
[1033] ... Ouch.
[1034] God I've got ... just so many spots at the moment.
[1035] Can you remind me to take this tomorrow mum yeah?
[1036] Take all this stuff.
[1037] ... Trying to work out whether I should go to the Electric Ballroom tomorrow or go ... to a pub or something.
Alex (PS6P3) [1038] I suppose it depends on who's [...] doing or whatever.
Cassie (PS51S) [1039] Mm.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1040] Y You and Deborah were talking about Dan and Honey yesterday weren't you?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1041] Can't remember if you told me not to mention it to you or not that ... was it that it was supposed to be a private conversation, I can't remember.
Alex (PS6P3) [1042] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [1043] No, maybe not maybe it was someone else.
[1044] You cos you know Bonnie yeah,sh she erm ... got offered a er job in Glitters in Camden ... yeah it's a shop in Camden, and sh she told Honey and Dan about it yeah and the next thing she knows yeah like the next day, she's talking to Dan and Honey and Honey comes out and says oh I went down to Glitters and asked for a job ... right said right to Honey's face I mean Bonnie's face.
Alex (PS6P3) [1045] Mm.
Cassie (PS51S) [1046] and you know and then they said the same thing to her they said come back next weekend and we'll sort it out.
[1047] I mean but don't you think that's a bit out of order Bonnie got offered a job, so Honey goes and tries and gets it.
[1048] Glitters is a really gothic shop in Camden with erm all this sort of [...] and leather pvc gear, it's a really good shop actually, but it's a bit of a rip off some of the people try and rip you off unless you're a respectable adult-looking person.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1049] I don't know actually, she hasn't really said that she wants it she's talked about it, but she hasn't said whether she wants the job or not.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1050] Oh are you gonna do toad-in-the-hole?
[1051] Yum.
Alex (PS6P3) [1052] [...] on the bottom under the ... under the [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1053] What time are you gonna get the meal ready for cos I need to have a bath?
Peter (PS51W) [1054] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [1055] What time are you gonna get it ready for cos I need to have a bath?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1056] Er do you think I should have a bath now or should I
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1057] Unless I have a half-an-hour one and then I've gotta get out and start recording tapes and then I'll do my homework.
[1058] [whining] Oh God I don't wanna do my bloody music homework [] .
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1059] No I know, I know, but I it's no it's not that, it won't it won't be that difficult to do, I just don't wanna do it.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Alex (PS6P3) [1060] [...] it's on the top there.
[1061] I dunno [...] did you not find any?
[1062] We haven't used them I mean [...] buy any sausages [...] some of those sausages.
Cassie (PS51S) [sniff]
Alex (PS6P3) [1063] Do you like Bonnie?
Cassie (PS51S) [1064] What?
Alex (PS6P3) [1065] Do you like Bonnie?
Cassie (PS51S) [1066] Yeah.
[1067] I like her but ... there's ... d did he actually say that he actually doesn't like her?
Alex (PS6P3) [1068] No, he just [...]
Peter (PS51W) [1069] Did those erm ... other sausages
Alex (PS6P3) [1070] Yeah yeah.
[1071] Why?
Peter (PS51W) [1072] Well it's just not very nice sausages.
Alex (PS6P3) [1073] Oh.
Cassie (PS51S) [1074] [giggle] [sigh] What did he say?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1075] I I dunno I I ... I can't work out cos all of Dan's girlfriends yeah Amber, Sonia and Honey ... most people have all said I don't think she's right for Dan and you know ... I can't I can't work out whether they actually think that or they're just sort of saying that because he doesn't talk to them as much or something, I don't know.
Alex (PS6P3) [1076] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [1077] I mean but I mean I suppose it's true with ... with Sonia and with ... Honey cos I mean like ... Honey's a nice person, but there's three things about her which are very bad, and that is like she takes the piss ... erm she's lazy.
Danny (PS6P4) [1078] [...] is lazy as well.
Cassie (PS51S) [1079] I know when he told me about when Zed told me about how she said oh,
Alex (PS6P3) [1080] No she didn't say anything.
Cassie (PS51S) [1081] What happened?
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1082] Can you pour water.
Alex (PS6P3) [1083] [...] that she could ... could make the tea or something you know, him having put the cups out and everything and I ... I put the teapot there and said put two tea bags in it [...] and she just [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1084] Oh I I've
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1085] Then there sh she takes the piss, she's lazy.
Alex (PS6P3) [1086] She's not that shy though [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1087] and she takes liberties as well.
[1088] She takes really bad liberties with people and oth and other peoples things and stuff.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1089] Amber, well she doesn't talk to Amber any more.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1090] Amber did something really nasty to her.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1091] Yeah, Sonia is just a complete cripple.
[1092] You know you know Sonia' been kicked out of her house and she's in a children's home somewhere or something.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1093] Yeah I know, I feel sorry for her but I mean like
Alex (PS6P3) [1094] That is awful.
Cassie (PS51S) [1095] The way she sort of I don't the way she sort of lead
Alex (PS6P3) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1096] I don't know, I don't know ... and she's still really madly in love with Dan or according to Paula.
Alex (PS6P3) [1097] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1098] And it was her fir her first boyfriend.
Alex (PS6P3) [1099] Yes.
[1100] I don't think her parents gave her much ... very much freedom.
Cassie (PS51S) [1101] I don't know where her dad was, but she lives lives with her mum.
Alex (PS6P3) [...]

6 (Tape 133801)

Cassie (PS51S) [1102] [...] about fifteen notes yeah.
Danny (PS6P4) [1103] [...] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1104] [...] just sort of like a bit of rhythm to them and that's it.
Danny (PS6P4) [1105] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1106] But I mean it sounds really crap but it's just [...] I swear if he chooses me I'm gonna fucking slap him.
Danny (PS6P4) [1107] [laugh] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1108] [cough] I told him, [...] I'm gonna shoot him in the head.
[1109] [cough] . Ow.
[1110] Oh my chest hurts so much every time I cough like that.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1111] You what?
Danny (PS6P4) [1112] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1113] Er.
None (KP4PS000) [1114] hey Cassie.
Cassie (PS51S) [1115] What?
None (KP4PS000) [1116] I've been waiting for this day all week.
Cassie (PS51S) [1117] What?
None (KP4PS000) [1118] It's Friday. [squeal]
Cassie (PS51S) [squeal]
Danny (PS6P4) [1119] [...] Monday.
Cassie (PS51S) [1120] [...] yeah well I have to get up at ten thirty in the morning to take this thing back.
None (KP4PS000) [1121] Why?
Cassie (PS51S) [1122] Because er the woman needs them for someone else.
[1123] Something else or something.
[1124] It's cold out there.
None (KP4PS000) [1125] It's cold.
Cassie (PS51S) [1126] It's cold.
[1127] [laugh] . Oh God I hope [...] all be incredibly exciting.
[1128] But it never usually is.
Danny (PS6P4) [1129] [...] on the door.
Cassie (PS51S) [1130] [laugh] [...] that doesn't make any sense does it.
[1131] Turn on the No it says turn on ... something turn on
Danny (PS6P4) [1132] Turn on
Cassie (PS51S) [1133] fire or something like that.
Danny (PS6P4) [1134] Alarm.
Cassie (PS51S) [1135] [...] it says the [...] .
[1136] [laugh] Turn on the [...] .
[1137] That's right [...] a bit of a wank yeah, turn it on .
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1138] Ow.
[1139] Hello [...] .
None (KP4PS000) [1140] Hello [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1141] [...] .
Danny (PS6P4) [1142] [...] thank you very much.
Cassie (PS51S) [1143] [laugh] I don't understand why dog's do that, they never go for men's crotches do they?
None (KP4PS000) [1144] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1145] It's disgusting if you ask me.
[1146] Fucking disgusting.
None (KP4PS000) [1147] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1148] Oh do shut up.
[1149] I want to go back to bed.
[1150] I had such a backache this morning cos I had to get up early. ...
None (KP4PS000) [1151] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1152] Is she, where?
None (KP4PS000) [1153] Not in here, in there.
Cassie (PS51S) [1154] Oh lovely. [laugh] .
None (KP4PS000) [1155] [...] doggie.
[1156] Bye little doggie.
Cassie (PS51S) [1157] Are you are you g are you gonna let [...] have kids?
Danny (PS6P4) [1158] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1159] Yeah.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1160] Are you gonna let have puppies?
Danny (PS6P4) [1161] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [1162] You're not.
Danny (PS6P4) [1163] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [1164] When are you gonna go and get her spayed then.
Danny (PS6P4) [1165] Soon but they've gotta they've gotta like have a [...] first.
Cassie (PS51S) [1166] A what?
Danny (PS6P4) [1167] [...] gotta have a period first.
Cassie (PS51S) [1168] Well she's had a period now [...] .
Danny (PS6P4) [1169] No she hasn't finished it yet.
Cassie (PS51S) [1170] Oh right, how long do they last for, they last for about a w
Danny (PS6P4) [1171] Two weeks.
Cassie (PS51S) [1172] Two weeks [...] .
None (KP4PS000) [1173] But they don't lose much blood though do they.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [1174] [...] common factor [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1175] What the hell are you talking about?
None (KP4PS000) [1176] It's alright [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1177] Hi mum.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1178] Hello David.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [1179] No not at all, God [...] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1180] Have erm ... Did you have West Side Story practice after school today ?
None (KP4PS000) [1181] Yeah.
[1182] Bloody hell.
Cassie (PS51S) [1183] What did you have to do?
None (KP4PS000) [1184] Right I had to sing erm America yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1185] Mm.
None (KP4PS000) [1186] And shit man, [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1187] What you had to do it solo.
None (KP4PS000) [1188] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1189] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1190] [...] coming in with me [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1191] [laugh] The silly bitch.
[1192] Did she say that you were alright then?
None (KP4PS000) [1193] Yeah [...] but erm [...] but it'll be alright now cos I've done it.
Cassie (PS51S) [1194] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1195] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1196] Was it was it em er sort of embarrassing having to sing in front of everybody else though?
[1197] Like all by yourself.
None (KP4PS000) [1198] Yeah it was a bit but it was alright cos there weren't many people there.
[1199] There was just erm
Cassie (PS51S) [1200] You.
None (KP4PS000) [1201] me and Louise,
Cassie (PS51S) [1202] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1203] oh and Louisa
Cassie (PS51S) [1204] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1205] and that, and erm
Cassie (PS51S) [1206] Oh shit, talking about
None (KP4PS000) [1207] Aisling's sister.
Cassie (PS51S) [1208] Aisling's sister?
None (KP4PS000) [1209] Fiona, and Mia.
Cassie (PS51S) [1210] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1211] And Phyllis that's all.
Cassie (PS51S) [1212] Oh who's Phyllis.
None (KP4PS000) [1213] You know Phyllis, she used to have [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1214] [cough] what?
None (KP4PS000) [1215] She's a third year.
[1216] And she used to have a blonde streak in her hair.
Cassie (PS51S) [1217] [laugh] .
None (KP4PS000) [1218] She hangs round with [...] and she's Turkish.
Cassie (PS51S) [1219] I think I know who she is, she's got sort of short curly hair, looks a bit like my erm Spanish friend Carmen.
None (KP4PS000) [1220] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1221] Right.
[1222] I think I remember her having a streak in her hair, I don't know.
[1223] Oi look at the arse on that.
[1224] ... Look at the arse on that little kid.
None (KP4PS000) [laugh] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1225] Where you going? [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1226] Hello Cassie.
Cassie (PS51S) [1227] Morning.
None (PS6U1) [1228] Morning. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1229] Yeah no school on Monday [squeal] it's like brilliant that is.
[1230] ... Oi Tammy, what happened to you having a little dinner party over the holidays?
None (KP4PS000) [1231] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1232] [laugh] But why n why didn't you have one.
None (KP4PS000) [1233] I dunno.
Danny (PS6P4) [1234] Oh shit we've got three minutes.
Cassie (PS51S) [1235] Are we late again.
[1236] We're always fucking late I didn't think we were late this morning.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1237] Reckon I'm coming to well I can't come to that detention anyway cos I have to go to West Side Story tonight.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1238] Rosie do you sing Cool, you don't do you?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1239] God I hope to God he doesn't pick me today.
Danny (PS6P4) [1240] [...] .
None (KP4PS000) [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1241] Whose whose dress sense?
Danny (PS6P4) [1242] Miss [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1243] Oh I dunno, it's weird innit.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1244] It's sort of like
Danny (PS6P4) [1245] [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1246] It's sort of like a nice version of Miss 's dress sense in a way.
[1247] But except hers still looks horrible though innit.
[1248] You know what I mean.
Danny (PS6P4) [1249] I can't understand where they get [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1250] We we were saying the other day yeah we reckon we reckon yeah she looks like erm [...] oi oi oi you know Oi oi oi you know the Fraggles yeah?
Danny (PS6P4) [1251] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1252] You know that erm tall artist one in the Fraggles, Meg?
[1253] We were saying that we though Miss looked like her.
Danny (PS6P4) [1254] Yeah. [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1255] Cos she does doesn't she.
[1256] And she just looked like the typical artist as well.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [1257] [...] .
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [1258] [...] right yesterday right, [...] was wearing a green [...] top yeah
Cassie (PS51S) [1259] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1260] in fact it was quite luminous yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1261] [laugh] .
None (KP4PS000) [1262] And then she had these these big baggy sort of [...] trousers [...] black grey and white then she had like black tights and red combat boots on.
[1263] I'm sorry but [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1264] Oh my God, what's wrong with that woman?
[1265] Well it's not.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1266] What about the way Miss dresses, do you remember that blue dress she was wearing with them pink and green tartan tights.
[1267] Oh God it's so What I hate Why do we have to walk up this way, it's always all uphill.
[1268] It's bloody horrible.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1269] Oh.
[1270] I'm so tired.
[1271] It's horrible, [cough] . ...
None (KP4PS000) [1272] Do you know what
Cassie (PS51S) [1273] What?
None (KP4PS000) [1274] [...] yeah?
Cassie (PS51S) [1275] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1276] Erm that that erm cold shower [...] illness,
Cassie (PS51S) [1277] Yeah.
Danny (PS6P4) [1278] Yeah.
None (KP4PS000) [1279] and prevent you from erm and they make you healthy and really fit and everything .
Danny (PS6P4) [1280] [...] blood circulation.
None (KP4PS000) [1281] Yeah.
Danny (PS6P4) [1282] [...] like sitting in a bath with cold water.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (KP4PS000) [1283] Yeah it's really good for you and [...] .
[1284] They have cold showers and [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1285] That means that means that [...] it prevented high blood pressure as well though.
Danny (PS6P4) [1286] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1287] Yeah I suppose so.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1288] I wish I had a I wish I had a shower in my house you know.
Danny (PS6P4) [1289] [...] You ain't got a shower.
Cassie (PS51S) [1290] No.
[1291] We've got a stupid bath and you know how long baths take.
[1292] And like you know, you get in there and you can't
Danny (PS6P4) [1293] I like baths.
Cassie (PS51S) [1294] I like baths yeah, but I mean, if you want a quick one yeah, you get in there like and you well you think, oh now this is nice, and you can't be bothered moving around.
[1295] But in showers you can like take five minutes sometimes.
Danny (PS6P4) [1296] Yeah.
[1297] Our shower yeah, it's really gross you have to hold it.
Cassie (PS51S) [1298] Oh great.
Danny (PS6P4) [1299] But it's alright though.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Danny (PS6P4) [1300] And then you go all crinkly and nasty.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1301] It's like I've got an incredibly big hip, look.
None (KP4PS000) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1302] Or something stupid.
Danny (PS6P4) [1303] Oh yeah [laugh] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1304] [laugh] .
[1305] Ah.
[1306] [cough] . ... Wait up.
[1307] I can't walk as fast as you two, I'm not as healthy as you two.
Danny (PS6P4) [1308] [...] .
[1309] Healthy.
[1310] Me healthy [...] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1311] Yeah well at least you lot eat up more healthy foods, I live on cr I lived on crisps and chocolate and chips over the holidays.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1312] And I flipping smoked and drank all the way through. ...
Danny (PS6P4) [1313] They're ridiculous [...] .
None (KP4PS000) [1314] [...] . ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1315] I hope all our teachers aren't in today.
Danny (PS6P4) [1316] Oh God that's what I was hoping.
Cassie (PS51S) [1317] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1318] Oh [...] .
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1319] It does a bit doesn't it.
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1320] Ah I'm gonna step on your feet in a minute Rose. [laugh]
Danny (PS6P4) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1321] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1322] Well us lot must walk about half a mile a day you know.
Danny (PS6P4) [1323] It's true.
[1324] Anne [...] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1325] Yeah. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1326] Whoo.
[1327] [...] I'll see you later okay, bye.

7 (Tape 133901)

None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1328] What do you mean?
[1329] [laugh] Brown bread?
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1330] Relates to something doesn't it?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1331] Oh yeah it, it and it, it and it and it looks like shit.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1332] [...] get it in [...] Marmite.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1333] I dunno, go and compare it to the turd on the floor.
Liam (PS51V) [1334] I hate Marmite, well I don't, no, just dislike it.
Cassie (PS51S) [1335] I mean what, when I mean since, since since wh
Liam (PS51V) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1336] since when yeah does your bum slip off the toilet, turn around [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1337] Oh for God's sake [...]
Liam (PS51V) [1338] Cassie!
[1339] Calm yourself!
[1340] Are you wearing that funny thing [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [1341] [laugh] Yeah.
Liam (PS51V) [1342] Is it on?
Cassie (PS51S) [1343] Yeah it's on at the moment.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1344] Ha?
[1345] ... Anyway enough of the turd
Bonnie (PS51T) [1346] [...] oi oi oi! ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1347] but erm
Bonnie (PS51T) [1348] Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1349] I'm just going for a piss now I'm not fucking going to the toilet.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1350] Right that's how, that's how the [...] speaks at the beginning of it he goes [...] oi oi oi oi [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1351] Can you get er actually I've just got to say one more thing, I know someone who'd probably do something like that.
None (PS6U1) [1352] Who?
Cassie (PS51S) [1353] Me.
[1354] And you
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1355] you know Sherry?
[1356] Sherry would do something like that because apparently she's always walking down the streets and like taking her top off and showing her tits to everyone and sort of like pulling her trousers down.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1357] I know she goes to the [...] with the door open when all the other kids [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1358] Yeah I know I er it, I bet it was her ... shitting on the toilet floor.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1359] No [...] [traffic noise]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...] ...
Liam (PS51V) [1360] Yeah but she might sort of like expose herself but is she vulgar? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1361] Erm
Liam (PS51V) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1362] she can be a bit vulgar, she does say some really stupid things sometimes.
[1363] ... [...] is going over the limit. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [1364] Where's [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [1365] I dunno they sort of went back to have a look. [laugh]
Liam (PS51V) [1366] Yeah she, she's probably ... [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1367] [laughing] Did you see [...] that toilet [...] like collapsed [] ?
Liam (PS51V) [1368] [...] going
Cassie (PS51S) [1369] [scream] She's like, she's like tearing the wall down and collapsing on the floor with hysterics.
[1370] Yeah I don't know why Catherine finds that sort of thing funny.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1371] I know.
Liam (PS51V) [1372] Yeah she's so weird
Cassie (PS51S) [1373] She is strange.
Liam (PS51V) [1374] and she always sort of bitches on about everybody.
Cassie (PS51S) [1375] She always what?
Liam (PS51V) [1376] Bitches on at everybody and about everybody.
Cassie (PS51S) [1377] Yeah I know she, she's never got anything nice to say, she always [...] complain.
Liam (PS51V) [1378] Except Robert and [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1379] She said she's always complaining and criticising [laugh] it's quite funny though but there you go.
Liam (PS51V) [1380] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1381] That's Catherine for you innit?
Liam (PS51V) [1382] Oh shit I've gotta go and speak to that boy over there, see you.
Cassie (PS51S) [1383] Are you coming to [...] ?
Liam (PS51V) [1384] Yeah. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1385] Have you got any cigarettes?
Liam (PS51V) [1386] Yeah. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1387] Good.
[1388] I should go to the shops and get me some, get myself some actually.
[1389] I don't understand it but I seem to have found some extra money in my purse and I don't know where it came from.
[1390] ... Oh well I'm not complaining.
[1391] [laugh] ... Oh I don't know what I wanna do tonight.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1392] Who'd you bootleg that [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [1393] Who did I get it from?
[1394] Where did I get it from?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1395] Erm a shop in [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1396] Yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1397] Amaznig
Cassie (PS51S) [1398] Ha?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1399] amaznig
Cassie (PS51S) [1400] Ama ha?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1401] amaznig it's say
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1402] saying amazing with the, the Gs and stuff and back to front so
Bonnie (PS51T) [1403] That's clever.
[1404] Right now [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1405] Mm.
[1406] [laugh] Why is that funny?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1407] What erm ... what do you erm ... is it, is it, does it say anything about how long it is? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1408] Yeah.
[1409] I suppose if you, I suppose if you're buying a mile long
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1410] I'm sure it'll cost more than ... a quid but seeing as you can't like get more than a mile long piece anyway so
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1411] can't
Bonnie (PS51T) [1412] they had [...] like new. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1413] Phew I dunno I mean I suppose so, yeah.
[1414] That's what, that's what they've said anyway.
[1415] Oh shall we go and sit at the cafe?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1416] Bonnie?
[1417] ... Ha?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1418] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1419] [...] can't sit in [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1420] Yeah I know.
[1421] ... Ah fuck my chin hurts.
[1422] I've got a spot on my chin and it really hurts.
[1423] Come on I know where we can go.
[1424] ... Ha?
[1425] ... You know erm ... those little erm ... shed things where the seats are?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1426] Mm.
Cassie (PS51S) [1427] Well see it's, it's, it's the only choice we've got but see, see the thing is no one 's gonna know where we are. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [1428] No but when all, they all, when they all come they're gonna fuck off aren't they? [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1429] There's erm all these crap ...
None (PS6U1) [1430] Eh?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1431] These, all these crap [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1432] No it's that was Sarah and Elsa wasn't it?
[1433] ... Sarah and Elsa with two really crap raggers are on the stage and we don't really wanna sort of socialize with them so we, basically we've got nowhere to see this lunchtime.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1434] Yeah over there.
Cassie (PS51S) [1435] Yeah.
[1436] We have to keep out an eye er keep an eye, I don't want any ... to keep an eye out for the erm
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1437] [shouting] we can't go to the stage ... well I mean I can't be bothered [] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1438] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1439] Probably won't even be able to sit here.
[1440] ... Oh we've actually found a free seat for us to sit on. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [1441] [...] sit up this end [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1442] Yeah whatever.
[1443] ... Ow!
[1444] ... Oh I've got, I've gotta really clean out my pockets I've got so much crap.
[1445] Oh.
[1446] ... Ow ow!
[1447] ... Oh.
None (PS6U1) [1448] [...] actually.
None (PS6U1) [1449] [mimicking] Actually
Bonnie (PS51T) [1450] I wanna sit there.
None (PS6U1) [1451] actually [...] [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1452] Well sit wherever you like.
None (PS6U1) [1453] Hello.
None (PS6U1) [1454] Well you can't so there.
Cassie (PS51S) [1455] Hi.
[1456] Oh it's cold and it's
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1457] oh I saw her a minute ago
None (PS6U1) [1458] Oh yeah [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1459] I thought, I thought ... I thought, I thought I saw her a minute ago. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [1460] Eleanor was nearly throwing up today
Cassie (PS51S) [1461] Why?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1462] Is, is it real though or is it a false, false one?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1463] Yeah [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1464] No don't you reckon Sherry's the sort of person who'd do that
None (PS6U1) [1465] Who?
Cassie (PS51S) [1466] shit on the toilet floor, Sherry.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1467] Cos you know, you know how she's always like going to the toilet yeah with the door open and like showing her tits to people and running round the school
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1468] and shouting obscene things.
[1469] No but, but, but ... anyone want these crisps?
None (PS6U1) [1470] Yes. ...
None (PS6U1) [1471] I, I
None (PS6U1) [1472] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [1473] I
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1474] [laugh] ... No don't give them to her look you bloody nicked her fifteen P, then you nick her crisps.
Liam (PS51V) [1475] [laugh] I nicked her five ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1476] Birdies, birdies come and get your food.
[1477] Birdies.
[1478] Here you go.
None (PS6U1) [1479] Why are you giving away [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1480] Er I dunno, I don't like crusts I think they taste like shit.
None (PS6U1) [1481] [laugh] Oh have you still got your erm ... tt ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [1482] Do you watch, do you watch do you watch do you watch ... do watch the, the Animals of
Cassie (PS51S) [1483] Yeah yeah it's on at the moment.
None (PS6U1) [1484] from Farthing Wood?
None (PS6U1) [1485] No.
None (PS6U1) [1486] Have you seen the advert for it?
None (PS6U1) [1487] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1488] Yeah it's so crap innit? [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1489] Yeah you know you know that the bloke goes what, what, what happens to the animals at night?
[1490] They go home and have a shag.
None (PS6U1) [1491] They don't, they die.
[1492] [laugh] It's obvious isn't it? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1493] That was good Catherine.
None (PS6U1) [1494] Yeah.
[1495] ... [...] your dad.
Cassie (PS51S) [1496] Oh I wish it was [...] today.
None (PS6U1) [1497] Oh I don't.
None (PS6U1) [1498] Oh God it stinks around here!
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1499] Well I wish it was bloody minus twenty five.
None (PS6U1) [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1500] No it smells like ... do you ever leave the grill on?
None (PS6U1) [1501] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [1502] Yeah it smells like that.
Cassie (PS51S) [1503] Mm. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1504] What I can't work out is you know those erm four people we saw in [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1505] Oh fuck.
Cassie (PS51S) [1506] Well like those two boys, yeah,
None (PS6U1) [1507] Mark come and [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1508] is it me or are they sort of going round in a circle of ... Elsa, Sarah ... and erm some other people, some of the other common lot [...] cos erm they seem to be cuddling and hugging like a different one every day, have you noticed that?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1509] [...] like a bloody ... whatever, the common, the common [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1510] [shouting] Go on, get him, he ain't got no water left [] . ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1511] What's that smell?
None (PS6U1) [1512] Bye Judy Garland.
None (PS6U1) [1513] Oh it's bloody [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1514] No [...] what the fucking hell's that?
None (PS6U1) [1515] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [1516] That bird up there with like some thing hanging out of its arse and then something hanging out of its mouth and I thought it was like
None (PS6U1) [1517] Where?
Cassie (PS51S) [1518] it's
None (PS6U1) [1519] Where?
Cassie (PS51S) [1520] I think it was a worm that it had but
None (PS6U1) [1521] Was it a heron? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1522] no I think it was a worm that it had in its mouth but it looked incredibly weird. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1523] Who?
None (PS6U1) [1524] You're the one into German.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1525] Thank you.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1526] That was quite a good one Catherine [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [1527] That was [laughing] [...] [] .
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Liam (PS51V) [1528] Who's gonna watch the new film that's coming out with erm [laughing] Judy Garland [...] []
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1529] Judy Garland?
None (PS6U1) [1530] Is it a [...] that like moves around on er wheels?
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1531] So what is it?
Liam (PS51V) [1532] No I don't mean Judy Garland I mean
None (PS6U1) [1533] Liza Minelli?
Liam (PS51V) [1534] the girl that
Cassie (PS51S) [1535] Liza Minelli, her daughter?
Liam (PS51V) [1536] No the girl [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1537] The girl, the girl that, the [...]
Liam (PS51V) [1538] nothing at all nothing at all to do with erm Liza Minelli or Judy Garland
Cassie (PS51S) [1539] Yeah [laughing] who then [] ?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1540] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1541] Would Liam stop talking crap.
Liam (PS51V) [1542] The geezer out of the woman, I mean ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1543] Oh what is that absolutely revolt is there a spider in my hair?
None (PS6U1) [1544] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [1545] Are you sure?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1546] Oh God I hate these lot, they're so boring.
Cassie (PS51S) [1547] What lot?
None (PS6U1) [1548] Them!
Cassie (PS51S) [1549] Who?
[1550] What them lot?
[1551] Sitting there, talk about role playing and Jimmi Hendrix.
None (PS6U1) [1552] What is wrong with Morag?
[1553] Does she think she's a boy now? ...
None (PS6U1) [1554] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1555] She u she no she hasn't she, she used to be a really bad tomboy and like she's not any more really but
None (PS6U1) [1556] Can we take up all the [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [1557] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1558] [laugh] We can't sit on the stage cos there's crap raggers on the stage. ...
None (PS6U1) [1559] Cos what?
Liam (PS51V) [1560] Are they bigger than me?
None (PS6U1) [1561] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1562] No it's, you know, you know s Sara and Elsa's boyfriends, the ones that go out with each other every single day changing boyfriends
None (PS6U1) [1563] What, their boyfriends [laughing] go out [...] []
Cassie (PS51S) [1564] they ro they rotate with each other.
Liam (PS51V) [1565] Are they bigger than me?
None (PS6U1) [1566] No.
None (PS6U1) [1567] Yes.
Cassie (PS51S) [1568] No.
[1569] Same size really.
Liam (PS51V) [1570] Yes.
[1571] Oh well [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1572] No they're the same size.
None (PS6U1) [1573] Cos Alan beat them up and they [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1574] [laugh] Don't you fucking stop throwing bits of bread at me Liam
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1575] [...] don't you stop [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1576] I know [laugh] alright it came out wrong.
[1577] It came out wrong. ...
None (PS6U1) [1578] There's loads in my crisp packet.
Cassie (PS51S) [1579] Urgh cheddar fla flavoured [...] let me try one.
Liam (PS51V) [1580] They taste like brussel sprouts [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1581] Brussel sprouts?
Liam (PS51V) [1582] Fuck off!
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Liam (PS51V) [1583] Get out of here you tart.
None (PS6U1) [1584] Yeah that hurt didn't it?
Cassie (PS51S) [1585] [laugh] Urgh they're not very nice, no.
[1586] Just taste of, well actually they're alright.
[1587] [scream] No actually they're not.
[1588] I can't work it out. ...
None (PS6U1) [1589] [laugh] Really diff difficult is it?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1590] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [1591] [...] what a crisp like tastes like.
None (PS6U1) [1592] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1593] Why's the old lady talking to the people?
None (PS6U1) [1594] Oh no when do you wanna go and
None (PS6U1) [1595] Where's Sam? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1596] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [1597] Where's Sam do you know?
Cassie (PS51S) [1598] Where's Sam?
None (PS6U1) [1599] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1600] Don't think he's in today, no.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Liam (PS51V) [1601] No he is, I've seen him.
Cassie (PS51S) [1602] Well he wasn't in media studies.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1603] Oh he's started bunking off now, Sam you know.
Cassie (PS51S) [1604] Has he?
[1605] I don't give a shit.
None (PS6U1) [1606] He's a right little shit.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1607] Don't you think right Dan's boxing day thing was really really really shit?
Cassie (PS51S) [1608] It was actually wasn't it?
None (PS6U1) [1609] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1610] [...] good right and I [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1611] [...] got them from Honey?
[1612] I know.
None (PS6U1) [1613] I know. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1614] Now ... oh shit which ...
Peter (PS51W) [1615] What you listening to Cass?
Cassie (PS51S) [1616] I'm not listening to anything I'm just trying to sort the bloody thing out.
Peter (PS51W) [1617] What's in the tape?
[1618] What's on the tape?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1619] Absolutely fuck all it's recording.
[1620] ... Someone tell him about it I'm fucking getting fed up with telling every single person
Bonnie (PS51T) [1621] A Norwegian university has asked for five people
Cassie (PS51S) [1622] Six people.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1623] er six people from our school to tape conversations [...]
Peter (PS51W) [1624] What, any conversation at all?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1625] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [1626] Just leave it on basically for about an hour as long as you're having a conversation
Peter (PS51W) [1627] Oh no, do you mean we're all going
Cassie (PS51S) [1628] and like it
Peter (PS51W) [1629] around saying hello!
Cassie (PS51S) [1630] Yeah it doesn't matter, it does er it doesn't matter er it's studying
Peter (PS51W) [1631] Well we can like endlessly swear on it [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1632] Yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1633] Oh don't, don't tell him cos he's gonna bloody go fuck fuck fuck on it.
Cassie (PS51S) [1634] Yeah you can't, I mean you can't sit there being an immature little
Bonnie (PS51T) [1635] Fuck fuck fuck
Cassie (PS51S) [1636] cripple and say yeah I'm fucking bollocksed wanks [...] ten grammes of smack please.
Peter (PS51W) [1637] Why?
[1638] You do it all the time.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Peter (PS51W) [1639] Doesn't she?
Cassie (PS51S) [1640] Yeah I know but I don't do it purposely.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1641] Can I have one please?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1642] Oh [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1643] Here Cass.
Cassie (PS51S) [1644] Oh cheers.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1645] No there's all these erm
None (PS6U1) [1646] What a shit lighter.
Cassie (PS51S) [1647] erm funny people on it.
None (PS6U1) [1648] Can't any of you lot afford Zippos or [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1649] A Zippo?
[1650] Why would we go out and spend fifty quid on a lighter that we'd lose after two weeks?
None (PS6U1) [1651] [laugh] Oh alright
None (PS6U1) [1652] I never lost mine yet.
None (PS6U1) [1653] I've had my green Clipper three months now.
Cassie (PS51S) [1654] No I'm actually quite surprised at myself I've got two Clippers and both of them I found and I've had them for ages.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1655] I never give cigarettes [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [1656] Did you give that one back to Dan and Honey?
None (PS6U1) [1657] You wouldn't give me a cigarette anyway.
Cassie (PS51S) [1658] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [1659] Oh come on, you know I would.
Cassie (PS51S) [1660] Just to shut them fucking complaining.
[1661] [shouting] It's my lighter, it's my lighter [] why was it in my house then? ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [1662] And Dan always keeps like everyone's magazines, you know everyone leaves their magazines round our house?
Cassie (PS51S) [1663] Yeah well they're
Bonnie (PS51T) [1664] He always keeps them.
Cassie (PS51S) [1665] well that's because half the people that leave them there live in south London.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1666] No I reckon it's [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1667] Yeah I dunno.
[1668] No one usually asks for them back anyway so ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [1669] Yeah Emma did
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1670] Oh right.
None (PS6U1) [1671] [...] went in there with a twenty cigarette box erm two twenty cigarette boxes yeah? [...] like when you see [...] cigarette and they pull out their fag, have you got a cigarette and [...] hold out the box ... forty two cigarettes.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1672] What is it smoking corner or something over there?
Cassie (PS51S) [1673] [laugh] Dunno.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1674] I'm gonna see what's going on over there.
[1675] Where's my cigarette gone?
[1676] ... What did I do with it?
[1677] ... Do you know what I did with it?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1678] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [1679] I sort of put it down so oh no it's in my hand. [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1680] You alright?
[1681] You alright my Cass?
Cassie (PS51S) [1682] I'm alright.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1683] Danny how can you eat Sainsbury's bon bons?
[1684] They're the nastiest things.
None (PS6U1) [1685] The birds, the birds have been eating that.
None (PS6U1) [1686] They're not Sainsbury's bon bons.
Cassie (PS51S) [1687] Oh well they're bon bons but they're horrible anyway.
None (PS6U1) [1688] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [1689] They're horrible, bon bons.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1690] Oh can I have a Rolo please?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1691] Have you got enough?
Cassie (PS51S) [1692] No sorry. [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1693] Thank you.
[1694] Look Peter just ate the bit that Nick spat out, ooh!
Cassie (PS51S) [1695] A bit of what?
None (PS6U1) [1696] That.
None (PS6U1) [1697] [...] chocolate.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1698] Which Nick's chewed up and spat out a Hula Hoop with water added.
Cassie (PS51S) [1699] That is so foul.
[1700] Who the fuck did that?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1701] Nick and then Peter ate some.
Cassie (PS51S) [1702] Go and [...] in his bloody face and shove it in it.
None (PS6U1) [1703] [shouting] And then Peter ate some [] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1704] Go on then.
Cassie (PS51S) [1705] No you're all, you're all, you're all big strong men
None (PS6U1) [1706] No no we ain't, you are tougher than us [...] you're a man.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [1707] You're more of a man than I am, can I quote
None (PS6U1) [1708] Alright!
None (PS6U1) [1709] can I quote that?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1710] Where's Philip.
Cassie (PS51S) [1711] [shouting] Nick come and lick this disgusting mess up now.
[1712] ... Yes you [] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1713] Suck what?
[1714] ... Suck what?
None (PS6U1) [1715] Erm, you know erm, you know erm, you know you know what erms are.
Cassie (PS51S) [1716] What suck his, well if he meant suck his bollocks what fucking bollocks?
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1717] Do you remember Nigo?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1718] The bloke who used to live next door to me, the little Turkish with the sister Lisa ... he used to eat dog shit, I saw him eat it.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1719] The one [...] had the disabled brother?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1720] Their family was really big and they were really noisy people and Nigo used to fancy everything in sight, he used to fancy me and chase me round the playground.
None (PS6U1) [1721] Nigo?
Cassie (PS51S) [1722] Yeah it was something like that and he had a sister called Lisa ... who was about a year older than me and I used to be best friends with her. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1723] Well that's not as disgusting, I used to know a little kid that used to eat shit, by the way everybody, I just thought I'd let you know.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1724] Dog shit that er
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1725] That makes me sick, I'm [laughing] sorry [] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1726] Alex ... Alex
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1727] Alex ... is that Ta er is that ... how can you drink Tab Clear?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1728] It's nice.
Cassie (PS51S) [1729] Urgh it's horrible.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1730] I like it, it's nice.
Cassie (PS51S) [1731] No it's not it's horrible though.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1732] It's nice.
Cassie (PS51S) [1733] Tastes like ... worse than Diet Coke.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1734] Mm.
[1735] Is it recor is all this recording?
None (PS6U1) [1736] Danny gave it to me and he [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1737] Yes.
None (PS6U1) [1738] Why didn't you record anything?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1739] [...] whole side.
Cassie (PS51S) [1740] Er this is my third tape and you've recorded a whole side!
None (PS6U1) [1741] Yeah, so?
None (PS6U1) [1742] Urgh.
Cassie (PS51S) [1743] Well you're supposed to record as much as you can.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1744] [shouting] Peter eats bird sick [] .
None (PS6U1) [1745] Look [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1746] [laughing] That was so easy Rosie [] no offence
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1747] [laugh] [...] says to me [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [cough]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1748] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1749] I fucking come back and try and put something [...] and go what is this man?
None (PS6U1) [1750] No I'm talking about your cigarette.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1751] I feel rather left out, don't you Cass [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1752] What, because everyone else is
None (PS6U1) [1753] Smoking.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1754] Well have a bloody cigarette then if you feel left
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1755] [belch] Can I have erm [clears throat] Liam [cough] can I have a light?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1756] Can I just have a light off your cigarette then?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Peter (PS51W) [1757] It's a disgusting habit it you know, you shouldn't do it.
None (PS6U1) [1758] Oh he always says that.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1759] Peter you are a disgusting habit.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Peter (PS51W) [1760] Why are all those, why do those people get thrills out of chucking balls at each other?
Cassie (PS51S) [1761] Because they're fucking got no
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1762] [shouting] cos they can't get their leg over with any woman at all so all their life consists of is doing role playing.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1763] Yeah have you noticed
None (PS6U1) [1764] Apparently she likes tumbling [...]
None (PS6U1) [1765] It's a really good game.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1766] And [...] fancies every single one of them especially Alex.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1767] [...] have you got my magazine?
Cassie (PS51S) [1768] But probably not Philip actually seeing as he's her brother but you never know. [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1769] No maybe not.
[1770] You never know do you?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1771] [...] crisp roll.
Cassie (PS51S) [1772] Oh God can I have one of them crisps?
None (PS6U1) [1773] The only way I like, salt and vinegar.
Cassie (PS51S) [1774] No can I have ...
None (PS6U1) [1775] The only way I like salt and vinegar.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1776] Mm?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1777] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1778] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1779] [laugh] Not that I can think of. ...
None (PS6U1) [1780] That stupid over athletic bastard.
Cassie (PS51S) [1781] Who?
[1782] ... Them lot?
[1783] ... Why? ...
None (PS6U1) [1784] Cos they're running around.
Cassie (PS51S) [1785] Over reacting about what?
None (PS6U1) [1786] No over athletic, they're running around [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1787] Oh I thought you said over reacting.
None (PS6U1) [1788] actually give them any physical or monetary gain [...] it's pointless.
Cassie (PS51S) [1789] They just fall over and get grass stains all over their jeans, how can you get a thrill out of that?
[1790] Falling over.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1791] If you get paid to do it or you were doing it for money I could appreciate it.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1792] Well it's quite funny like, like on a hot, nice hot summer's day, yeah, when you feel like running about.
None (PS6U1) [1793] Yeah but it's really wet and everything.
Cassie (PS51S) [1794] But it's like nice it's
None (PS6U1) [1795] [...] bit funny.
None (PS6U1) [1796] It's like a nice rather cool wet damp day.
Cassie (PS51S) [1797] Well I suppose it's better than football what they're playing innit?
None (PS6U1) [1798] Anything's better than football.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1799] Anything's better than football.
Cassie (PS51S) [1800] It's quite funny watching them make complete fools of themselves.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1801] X.
None (PS6U1) [1802] [laughing] Oh fucking hell [] .
None (PS6U1) [1803] X
Cassie (PS51S) [1804] Mr , Mr 's first name, what's his
None (PS6U1) [1805] [...] Xavier.
Cassie (PS51S) [1806] Xavier.
[1807] How can Xavier be spelt with X.
None (PS6U1) [1808] Xavier.
Cassie (PS51S) [1809] Do you remember [...] that was spelt with X wasn't it?
[1810] What was his mate's name, [...] and ?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1811] [screaming] Shut up [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [1812] Oh I like the way Nick just runs away with the ball.
None (PS6U1) [1813] No it's just that erm he threw the ball [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1814] [singing] [...] everybody knows badger loves mashed potato [] [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1815] Oh it's the last day of school.
[1816] Oh shit!
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1817] I can't do this.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1818] Er!
[1819] Er!
[1820] ... [laughing] Sorry to [...] pulling my shorts up [] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1821] But what?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1822] Excuse moi?
[1823] ... Just Peter talking shit.
Peter (PS51W) [1824] [...] that it's shit, ah ha ah ha ah ha.
Cassie (PS51S) [1825] It's exactly the same as yours.
Peter (PS51W) [1826] What no fanny, it goes the other way.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1827] Well so.
Peter (PS51W) [1828] Well how do you know [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [1829] I couldn't give a toss Peter.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1830] Look that is incest!
[1831] Stop.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1832] That is sexual harassment.
None (PS6U1) [1833] [laugh] Oh God.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1834] I'm cold.
None (PS6U1) [1835] Play this game then. [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1836] What?
None (PS6U1) [1837] Play this game then, it keeps you warm.
Cassie (PS51S) [1838] Oh yeah I'll get a real thrill out of that.
[1839] I'd rather fucking pick my arse.
[1840] ... No actually I wouldn't actually.
None (PS6U1) [1841] No I don't think so [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1842] No it's not bad the game actually it's alright but it is a bit sort of like boring when it's, when you play it every day and it's sort of break your neck or something. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1843] [...] gay person that you know [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1844] Oh I can't bloody tell you, I'm sworn to secrecy and I can't tell you.
None (PS6U1) [1845] Well I can probably tell you cos I, I know most of the stuff that Cassie's sworn secret cos she normally tells everyone else.
None (PS6U1) [1846] Who is it, Alex?
None (PS6U1) [1847] What is it, [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1848] Alex?
[1849] Alex who?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1850] I'm not telling you.
None (PS6U1) [1851] What's this?
[1852] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [1853] Someone I know who's gay.
[1854] Only a few people know.
None (PS6U1) [1855] Do we know them?
None (PS6U1) [1856] Do I know?
None (PS6U1) [1857] What did some [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1858] Yeah you know them, you all know 'em.
None (PS6U1) [1859] did somebody go up to Miss and say [...]
None (PS6U1) [1860] Who [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [1861] No, well Pat is gay anyway, everyone know [...] is gay but that's beside the point.
None (PS6U1) [1862] It's James.
Cassie (PS51S) [1863] James?
[1864] I don't think James is gay.
[1865] No no no no.
None (PS6U1) [1866] Can I just have a drag? ...
None (PS6U1) [1867] Oh I thought it was Liam [laughing] at first.
Cassie (PS51S) [1868] [laugh] Ooh!
[1869] Ooh!
[1870] Go on, go and chat up erm
Liam (PS51V) [1871] No I fancy [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1872] go and chat up Nick go on.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1873] Who, who would tell Cassie their secrets? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1874] No it wasn't, the person didn't actually tell me
Liam (PS51V) [1875] I'd never tell Cassie [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1876] it was one some
None (PS6U1) [1877] Oh for God's sake.
Cassie (PS51S) [1878] it was someone else that told me but told me not to tell anyone and I had to beg it out of him cos I just wanted to know. ...
None (PS6U1) [1879] Are they here now?
Cassie (PS51S) [1880] No. ...
None (PS6U1) [1881] Are they related to anyone?
Cassie (PS51S) [1882] No well not that I know.
Liam (PS51V) [1883] There is one, there's like things that I would never tell anybody
Cassie (PS51S) [1884] What?
Liam (PS51V) [1885] is that who fancies whoever or what [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Liam (PS51V) [1886] they're the two things that I'd never tell anybody.
Cassie (PS51S) [1887] The only thing I don't really tell anybody is my
Liam (PS51V) [1888] Or basically anything
Cassie (PS51S) [1889] thoughts if I told someone my thoughts they'd be absolutely disgusted.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1890] [laughing] What [] ?
[1891] Did you say pizza?
Liam (PS51V) [1892] [laughing] No [...] [] whoa whoa!
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1893] Hello [...]
None (PS6U1) [1894] [...] any fags?
[1895] Got any fags?
None (PS6U1) [1896] Pardon? ...
None (PS6U1) [1897] Give me a fag.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1898] They've all buggered off, if they're not there and they're not here [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1899] If they're not here and they're not there
Cassie (PS51S) [1900] Oh has [...] and that gone?
[1901] Are they not there?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1902] Oh yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1903] Oh I'm gonna take my coat
None (PS6U1) [1904] [...] join them [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1905] Yes I look like shit.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1906] [...] no one 's actually talking.
Cassie (PS51S) [1907] Yeah I know but who gives a shit.
None (PS6U1) [1908] And where's your microphone?
Cassie (PS51S) [1909] It's here, I, I forget that it's recording so like when people aren't talking I just sort of think fuck it.
None (PS6U1) [1910] [singing] Everywhere he goes [...] []
Cassie (PS51S) [1911] No if people are having a conversation
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1912] [laughing] Fuck it I wondered what the bloody hell that was [] !
[1913] ... I thought
None (PS6U1) [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1914] I think what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go and stand in front of everybody while they're trying to [...] just to annoy them.
None (PS6U1) [1915] Okay go on then.
None (PS6U1) [1916] Stand behind them when they walk backwards.
None (PS6U1) [1917] That, in front of Mohammed
Cassie (PS51S) [1918] And they've gotta try and walk backwards I'll just sort of go whoop!
None (PS6U1) [1919] I used to, every time like when we was playing football at primary school
Cassie (PS51S) [1920] Whoop!
None (PS6U1) [1921] every time somebody shot a goal all, everybody, they always walked backwards like a foot.
Cassie (PS51S) [1922] That's supposed to be a trick when someone attacks you, if they attack you from behind you're supposed to walk backwards.
[1923] ... And like instead of running forwards while they grab on to you if you step, walk backwards it makes them fall over.
None (PS6U1) [1924] See what happens is they always [...] backwards even if they're right at the back of the field so you find someone you don't like and you go behind them trip them over [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1925] Didn't fucking work did it?
None (PS6U1) [1926] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [1927] Oh!
None (PS6U1) [1928] I'm gonna break this [...] on the ground. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1929] Oh God I hate having so much shit in my pocket!
None (PS6U1) [1930] What a pleasant game. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1931] Brrrr [shivering] ... Right well I'm gonna go and annoy everybody. ...

8 (Tape 133902)

None (PS6U1) [1932] have to say a lot ... you have to talk a lot.
[1933] She's in here.
None (PS6U1) [1934] Wait for something abusive and then
None (PS6U1) [1935] Shall I put this in my bag?
Cassie (PS51S) [1936] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [1937] look mum he says horrible things to me.
Cassie (PS51S) [1938] Is that alright Sir?
[1939] ... Sir.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1940] [laugh] Sir is this okay, is my folder alright?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1941] These are hot off the press aren't they Miss.
Cassie (PS51S) [1942] Oh what the hair extension?
None (PS6U1) [1943] Hot off the press.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1944] Jenny
Cassie (PS51S) [1945] Talk to me, talk to me, blah blah.
None (PS6U1) [1946] Why do you want to get at our diary [...]
None (PS6U1) [1947] [singing] tiddle up bum bum tiddle dee []
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [1948] Bum bum tit tit tiddly bum.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1949] Hey I told you they [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1950] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1951] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1952] I dunno I think the batteries are running out, I don't know if
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1953] [singing] Frere Jacque []
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1954] Brother, brother Jack.
None (PS6U1) [1955] Yeah I know but [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1956] Yeah but it's Fre it's French isn't it?
None (PS6U1) [1957] Yeah I know so it should be frere.
None (PS6U1) [1958] I think it means brother.
None (PS6U1) [1959] I know ... it means brother Jack but [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1960] But that's how it is but it says frere innit?
None (PS6U1) [1961] I know but why does it do that?
None (PS6U1) [1962] Jenny, can I have [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1963] No they say frere Jacque not frere O Jacque ... frere A Jacque.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1964] It's not frere Jacque it's frere Jacque.
Cassie (PS51S) [1965] No the E, it's frere E Jacque.
None (PS6U1) [1966] I never say frere A.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1967] [shouting] Sir Sir Sir Sir []
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [1968] Right okay ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1969] Oh I need a pen, whoops bollocks.
None (PS6U1) [1970] You can borrow one as well
Cassie (PS51S) [1971] Alright, cheers.
None (PS6U1) [1972] I've got lots today.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1973] I've only usually got about one pen.
None (PS6U1) [...]

9 (Tape 133903)

None (PS6U1) [1974] Suck on what?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1975] Yeah at the moment.
[1976] Are you coming through the park?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1977] What are you going to the erm one o'clock ... club?
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1978] What are you coming through the park for?
Bonnie (PS51T) [1979] Feel like it. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [1980] Oh.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1981] No seriously I can't, I can't sing that song.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1982] What how does it go again? [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1983] Erm ... [singing] boy, boy, crazy boy [] erm
Bonnie (PS51T) [1984] [singing] stay loose boy
Cassie (PS51S) [1985] [singing] boy [] erm ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [1986] [...] easy does it []
Cassie (PS51S) [1987] [singing] easy does it [] erm
Catherine (PS51U) [1988] [...] not talking to me for some reason.
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1989] erm something like [singing] play it cool boy [] I don't know what it is, it's really crap though.
Bonnie (PS51T) [1990] [singing] [...] something school boy []
Cassie (PS51S) [1991] Is Eleanor not talking to you?
[1992] How do you know?
Catherine (PS51U) [1993] [...] whenever I try to like start a conversation [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [1994] I dunno [...] if you haven't done anything wrong I mean most of the time ... I mean every time Eleanor's erm stopped talking to someone it's always usually erm her misunderstanding [laughing] something [] .
[1995] Remember the time we stopped talking to her and erm she just thought that you weren't talking to her because you probably didn't hear something she'd said?
[1996] Do you remember?
Catherine (PS51U) [1997] [...] got it the wrong way round.
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [1998] Oh what does that poster say?
[1999] Is that about the festival?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2000] Yeah it is.
[2001] Can I go and read it?
[2002] Maybe it might have some more information on it.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2003] No it might have some more information, I won't be a moment.
[2004] I just wanna have a look at it!
Bonnie (PS51T) [2005] Alright!
[2006] ... Look.
Cassie (PS51S) [2007] Stop whispering about me.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2008] Oh yeah as if there's anyone else here to talk about round here that would, that would hear you.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2009] I ain't, no we're talking about the people who are getting in the van.
Cassie (PS51S) [2010] What were you saying about them.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2011] [laugh] Just [...]
Catherine (PS51U) [2012] Oh for God's sake.
Cassie (PS51S) [2013] Yeah well I'm so used to you talking about me.
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [2014] Oh [...] talk about you all the time?
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2015] Yeah well no it's not as if you ever say anything nice about me. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2016] I can't believe ... I went to the toilet, yeah ... who was it?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2017] Oh! [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2018] I know!
[2019] That's what I thought.
[2020] And then I came, I thought oh [...] I can't find [...] actually, there's some here right, and she weren't gonna give them to me and I sort of went in there and got them myself. [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2021] No erm but I'm sorry but whoever did that needs a fucking good kick in the head you know.
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Catherine (PS51U) [2022] Yeah I know.
Cassie (PS51S) [2023] If I find the person who did that, I mean even though it's, was no problem to me I'm gonna smack 'em
Catherine (PS51U) [2024] I know.
Cassie (PS51S) [2025] unless they're bigger than me [laugh] or something but ... they, that is a just really really sick thing to do.
[2026] ... I mean
None (PS6U1) [2027] [...] nice though aren't they?
Cassie (PS51S) [2028] Mm?
None (PS6U1) [2029] Those are nice.
Cassie (PS51S) [2030] Lovely.
[2031] Ow this thing's killing my neck.
[2032] Oh I don't know what I want to do tonight.
[2033] I really really [...]
None (PS6U1) [2034] [...] I don't know [...] tonight, I dunno.
Cassie (PS51S) [2035] I dunno, you need to drink some of that [laughing] vodka you was [] all gonna like stuf stock up soon that's the only thing.
Catherine (PS51U) [2036] I know but I ... but I don't know if I can be bothered [...] tonight.
Cassie (PS51S) [2037] Tonight?
Catherine (PS51U) [2038] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2039] Get drunk or?
Catherine (PS51U) [2040] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2041] Mm.
Catherine (PS51U) [2042] It makes me sick really.
Cassie (PS51S) [2043] Well that's probably the vodka that makes you feel sick, if you drunk other things you might feel a bit better.
Catherine (PS51U) [2044] No, no it's not cos if I drink other things then I feel really really sick, [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2045] Yeah.
[2046] I dunno.
[2047] ... Well I dunno, it's up to you.
[2048] I haven't got a clue what I wanna do tonight. ...
Catherine (PS51U) [2049] Yeah I just haven't got a clue [laughing] [...] []
Cassie (PS51S) [2050] No [laughing] not at all
Catherine (PS51U) [2051] [laugh] ... So anyway we've gotta go and see [...] [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2052] Yeah.
Catherine (PS51U) [2053] [...] alright?
Cassie (PS51S) [2054] Yeah it should be showing at the Coronet shouldn't it?
[2055] We'll give it a ring.
Catherine (PS51U) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2056] Alright then.
Catherine (PS51U) [2057] Alright?
Cassie (PS51S) [2058] Alright see you later Cathy.
Catherine (PS51U) [2059] Bye. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2060] Tt ooh!
[2061] Ouch my neck hurts.
[2062] Mm.
[2063] ... Sorry about having a go at you two about talking about me all the time but I mean that's the w that's, that's the impression I've always got.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2064] Well you [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2065] Cos every time I turn around yeah cos you two always sort of w looking at me and whispering and, you know,m half the time you have been talking about me cos I've heard you mention my name and it's not very nice.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2066] Yeah but me and Catherine really don't talk about you know.
Cassie (PS51S) [2067] You do!
[2068] People have told me.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2069] Well what have I said about you then? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2070] I don't know.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2071] Well then. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2072] But I mean I, I'm not stupid you know.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2073] I didn't say you were.
[2074] ... Well seriously Cass like the only thing like that I've [laughing] ever said about you like [] is that one day in the classroom right there was this picture of this naked woman on the [...] right?
Cassie (PS51S) [2075] Mm.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2076] And, and I drew some [laughing] boobs on it and put Cassie next to it [] .
[2077] ... [laughing] But it was quite funny really [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [2078] And also ... you said, you were going, you were taking the piss out of me about that thing I told you about something to do with Aaron erm
Bonnie (PS51T) [2079] When?
Cassie (PS51S) [2080] when we were round at ... oh do you remember I told you about me, when I thought erm I saw Aaron try and touch my face, yeah?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2081] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2082] Right when it was pitch dark, yeah, I was half, I was still pissed and I was half asleep and you were p taking the piss out of me behind my back about that.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2083] When?
Cassie (PS51S) [2084] Catherine told me!
Bonnie (PS51T) [2085] What did I say?
Cassie (PS51S) [2086] No I don't know what it was but Catherine was t telling me the other day about how erm oh I told you something about that and you t and you t were talking to her about it.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2087] Well I wasn't taking the piss out of you, I might have told her.
Cassie (PS51S) [2088] Well she said you were.
[2089] She said you were both taking the piss out of me.
[2090] And like you know it's not even always behind my back, you two always sort of I mean Cath when I'm not er I mean like I, I mean I'm, I've gotta, I've gotta tell you some time because when I'm on my own with Catherine yeah?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2091] Mm.
Cassie (PS51S) [2092] She agrees with everything I say, she's never horrible to me, but when you're around she's really horrible to me and like, even though she's agreed with something I've said earlier, she just sort of goes yeah right Cassie ha ha ha it's really funny and takes the piss out of it and you sort of go along with her and I just sort of have to stand there while you two stand there laughing at me and I don't like it.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2093] But she makes me laugh though.
Cassie (PS51S) [2094] No it's, yeah well I know but I mean like it's not the point whether she makes you laugh.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2095] I dunno, whenever I'm with her though I'm always with you as well, like if I was with her right on her own
Cassie (PS51S) [2096] Yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2097] then I would like ... er we'd just talk about, I don't know ... whatever, she'd probably agree with everything I said as well because that's what Catherine's like but when she's like with the rest of us she [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2098] I'm not, I'm not I'm not putting it on you anyway mostly it's c mainly fucking Catherine, I'm beginning to s not like her any more the way she's going ... and don't you dare mention a word of this that I'm saying to you
Bonnie (PS51T) [2099] [...] say anything [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2100] but I've gotta, I've gotta, I know, I've gotta get it off my back though because it's really pissing me off.
[2101] ... Anyway she can just be such a bitch sometimes you don't really know her that well you know. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [2102] No I know.
[2103] ... No she does [...] to you though cos she's always going on about other people ... talking about other people.
Cassie (PS51S) [2104] I know, I mean er I mean yeah I've got used to her sort of like criticizing everything and everyone in sight cos I mean that's all she ever does is to criticize and complain.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2105] I know but when I'm with her a lot I really [...] to talk about like ... is about other people so like I do it as well but like I don't
Cassie (PS51S) [2106] Yeah well I do the same when I'm with her.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2107] I know, I know [...] you know that I go on about Jenny
Cassie (PS51S) [2108] Yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2109] but I like, I like Jenny really.
Cassie (PS51S) [2110] Yeah I know I like Jenny I mean, but I never really say anything bad about Jenny.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2111] [...] say anything about you ... like it's only if I ... [laughing] got nothing else to say really []
Cassie (PS51S) [2112] Yeah.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2113] [...] about me don't you when I'm not there, yeah?
Cassie (PS51S) [2114] No I don't, I don't.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2115] Well she might.
Cassie (PS51S) [2116] Well she might erm no she's never, I don't think, I don't think she ever has said anything, she might have said it once but not that I can ... recall mys oh doesn't that look lovely with all them petals falling off the tree?
[2117] ... Yeah stand underneath it, but anyway
Bonnie (PS51T) [2118] Have you seen our cherry tree in the garden [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [2119] We've got one of them in our front garden.
[2120] It's one like that except a lot smaller with little red berries that grow off it ... in the spring.
[2121] And it's really nice!
[2122] [laugh] Yeah but I mean anyway I dunno I just get really pissed off with Catherine.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2123] Yeah but I get really pissed off as well cos I ... well I, I won't like ... when I'm with other people like and I talk about other pe like when I talk about Jenny and then I feel sort of like really two faced when I like start talking to Jenny and stuff. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2124] Yeah I know but I mean
Bonnie (PS51T) [2125] Cos I mean like do you do that as well, you know when you're with Catherine like you talk about people like Rosie or anybody [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2126] Yeah yeah I d do I mean I do that, yeah.
[2127] I dunno who, who do I m ... I don't know, I d do that to s er see there is somebody that I do that quite a bit to but I can't remember who it is ... or a few people maybe. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [2128] [...] cos Jenny didn't even know that you could bloody put on weight by drinking.
Cassie (PS51S) [2129] [laughing] Yeah well it's a bit that's the truth though I mean that is a bit silly isn't it?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2130] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2131] I mean I, I mean I dunno I mean I just, I just ha , I just had to tell you because I mean it really is pissing me off the way fucking Catherine treats me, she was alright before ... like and when I'm on my own, no
Bonnie (PS51T) [2132] What, before she met me.
Cassie (PS51S) [2133] Yeah I mean I'm not, I'm not saying you're a bad influence on her now, I think she's ... just sort of jumping in at the chance for someone to victimize personally.
[2134] ... And l and ... especially yesterday yeah, you know when we were standing in the foyer after school yeah?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2135] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2136] And I, and you, you were going on about something to do with your job yeah?
[2137] And I said I want a job and, and she said something like oh well it doesn't include you so ha ha ha ha and thought it was really funny.
[2138] How would, how would she like it?
[2139] That's like saying piss off I don't like you you stupid cow, why don't you go and kill yourself basically.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2140] Well you laughed and you were sort of and I just sort of told her and said shut up, shut up and stop being so bitchy.
[2141] I've got it on tape [laugh] I can prove it. [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2142] [...] cos I, I really like her, I think she's like really funny like so whenever she says anything then I laugh at it like cos I think ... [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2143] I don't know actually I don't actually know why you find her so incredibly funny because
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2144] I mean yeah she is funny, yeah, but th not to the extent that you find her funny like she'll be just standing there and you'll look at her and you'll start pissing your knickers.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2145] I know, I love the way she does like [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2146] I mean if anyone else'd do something like that you wouldn't piss yourself you
Bonnie (PS51T) [2147] I know.
Cassie (PS51S) [2148] and it's [...] strange
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2149] Mm.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2150] And I, and I ... and the way she goes, I think [...] really funny as well.
Cassie (PS51S) [2151] Yeah [...] makes me laugh.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2152] The way she those things with like her face and stuff, I don't know, just the way she stands, everything about her just makes me laugh.
Cassie (PS51S) [2153] [laugh] Yeah I know.
[2154] See there's lots of people that make me laugh, Liam makes me laugh.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2155] He don't make me laugh.
Cassie (PS51S) [2156] I know so you know ... different people that make us laugh.
[2157] ... Peter doesn't make me laugh at all.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2158] No Peter doesn't make me laugh either.
Cassie (PS51S) [2159] [laugh] Just thought I'd have to tell you that.
[2160] Will you come, come with me to get some cigarettes?
[2161] Quickly please. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [2162] Where?
Cassie (PS51S) [2163] Eh?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2164] Where?
Cassie (PS51S) [2165] To the shop.
[2166] Oh to heaven, where'd you think I'm gonna go Bonnie to get them?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2167] Ah?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2168] I'm only gonna be a couple of minutes.
[2169] ... I've got so much bloody, I hate having so much stuff in my pockets ... it really really does annoy me.
[2170] ... Ah where's my purse gone?
[2171] ... That's such a stupid music lesson, don't you think?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2172] Yeah I [...] I hate Mr
Cassie (PS51S) [2173] I don't hate him but I mean
Bonnie (PS51T) [2174] Oh I do, I really [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2175] he can be funny but sometimes he just goes over the top.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2176] I don't think he's funny I think he's [...]
None (PS6U1) [2177] Hi Cass.
Cassie (PS51S) [2178] Hi Dan.
[2179] ... Oh crisps!
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2180] Well he's not the most unfunny ... but he's not incredibly funny.
[2181] ... What, oh what didn't you know who it was [laughing] so you just said hello []
Bonnie (PS51T) [2182] Well I thought you said hi Dan.
Cassie (PS51S) [2183] Oh it smells of erm spilt lager in here to me.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2184] Maybe.
[2185] Oh I don't want any chocolate.
[2186] ... And can I have ten B and H please?
[2187] ... Can I have ten B and H please?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2188] No.
None (PS6U1) [2189] Did we serve you cigarettes before?
Cassie (PS51S) [2190] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U1) [2191] Well you don't look old enough.
Cassie (PS51S) [2192] I don't look old enough?
[2193] ... People tell me I'm twenty and I'm seventeen. ...
None (PS6U1) [2194] That's a compliment.
Cassie (PS51S) [2195] Yeah I know. [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2196] It wasn't an insult [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2197] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [2198] I've missed you.
None (PS6U1) [2199] I need erm
None (PS6U1) [2200] Yeah I know you told me [...]
None (PS6U1) [2201] You need what?
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2202] What you doing up here anyway?
Cassie (PS51S) [2203] Erm going back to Bonnie's house.
None (PS6U1) [2204] There's nowhere to go is there really? [...]
None (PS6U1) [2205] Thank you very much [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2206] Thanks.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2207] [...] yesterday right in the park and he hugged me for about ten years.
Cassie (PS51S) [2208] It's just the way he is innit?
[2209] ... Goodbye.
[2210] ... He's just so odd that boy, he just flirts with everything and everyone in sight, don't you reckon?
[2211] ... I can't believe I used to go out with him.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2212] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2213] [laugh] I knew you were gonna say something like that.
[2214] Do you want a crisp?
[2215] ... Oh [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2216] [...] go out with him [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2217] [...] I mean [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2218] [...] erm about ... two or three years ago.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2219] Oh that's alright [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2220] Mm. ...
Bonnie (PS51T) [2221] [...] went out with [...] anyway.
Cassie (PS51S) [2222] Oh shut up it's not true.
None (PS6U1) [2223] Hello.
Cassie (PS51S) [2224] Hello.
[2225] How are you?
None (PS6U1) [2226] Give me a kiss then.
[2227] [kiss] Thank you.
Cassie (PS51S) [2228] Erm shall I see you around here?
None (PS6U1) [2229] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2230] Alright bye.
[2231] ... 's really weird isn't he?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2232] Yeah. [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2233] [laugh] I was hoping you'd agree with me because it is true.
[2234] ... How he walks up to me, he sort of looked at me yeah like, like he looked really [...] went ... hello, give me a kiss then [laughing] he's like some old man []
Bonnie (PS51T) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2235] one who would say [mimicking] alright darling give me a kiss []
Bonnie (PS51T) [2236] I know.
[2237] He's old before his time.
Cassie (PS51S) [2238] Ha?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2239] He gets old before his time, soon ... soon he'll be sitting at home with a [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2240] Hmm fucking wouldn't be surprised.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2241] and the telly [laughing] watching Coronation Street [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [2242] His legs will probably fall off at some stupid rave if he's not careful ... he'll be dancing so much cos he's on twenty thousand [...] and his bloody legs'll fall off.
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2243] [laugh] What?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2244] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [2245] No?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2246] No

10 (Tape 133904)

None (PS6U1) [2247] How's it going?
None (PS6U1) [2248] I don't know.
[2249] I like your [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2250] Don't ask, don't even talk to me about it.
None (PS6U1) [2251] [laughing] Why [] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [2252] Cos it's beginning to really piss me off.
None (PS6U1) [2253] Is it recording now?
Cassie (PS51S) [2254] Yeah.
[2255] I have to do a recording project [...]
None (PS6U1) [2256] Cassie [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2257] No he said, I ah that was the one immature thing that I didn't want anyone to say
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2258] [laugh] right, I've got er to do ... a project
None (PS6U1) [2259] Is it recording now?
Cassie (PS51S) [2260] yes it's recording at the moment, yeah, right I'll tell you all about it now be quiet.
[2261] I was a asked to a, a recording project, yeah, for an English university in Norway, six pupils, yeah?
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2262] Which is to stud studying children's language and like their accents and the sort of language that they use, the way they talk
None (PS6U1) [2263] Bollocks [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2264] [laugh] Basically it's just basically I've just gotta leave it recording
None (PS6U1) [2265] [...] and then like you, you sort of
Cassie (PS51S) [2266] Yeah.
[2267] [laugh] And basically I've gotta leave it on all weekend and you've just got, forgot, forgot ... got to forget it's there
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2268] and I have to record ten tapes by Monday which I have to get up at ten thirty in the morning when I've got no school and take it back up to the school.
[2269] And I have to record ten tapes.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2270] [laugh] I didn't have to do it, I didn't have to do it.
None (PS6U1) [2271] That's all you've got recorded on the tape is explaining it to everybody [laughing] what it bloody is [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [2272] I know that's all I've got, everyone's going [mimicking] [...] [] and I say blah blah blah blah blah and then someone else comes up and says what's that Walkman for and it's really beginning to annoy me.
[2273] ... And I always have to fill out this book er all weekend as well.
None (PS6U1) [2274] Are you getting paid for this?
Cassie (PS51S) [2275] No.
[2276] [laugh] I just did it for a laugh.
None (PS6U1) [2277] Tell them to fuck off.
None (PS6U1) [2278] You're not getting paid for it!
Cassie (PS51S) [2279] No I just did it for a laugh cos I want, I want everyone to know the most interesting language in the world which is part of my language isn't it?
None (PS6U1) [2280] Have you said my tits are on fire yet?
None (PS6U1) [2281] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2282] Erm ... have I?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2283] I've got some bollocks on it about ... some girl in my class called Karen wanking or something [laugh] and all sorts of other shit and like
None (PS6U1) [2284] Not [...] what's his name?
Cassie (PS51S)
None (PS6U1) [2285] no I don't know [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2286] Who do you, what did you think I said?
None (PS6U1) [...] [music]
Cassie (PS51S) [2287] Erm ... what is this tape?
[2288] ... Have you got band practice tonight then Dan?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2289] [laugh] ... Don't be sarcastic with me matey.
None (PS6U1) [2290] Give me a kiss.
Cassie (PS51S) [2291] Are you alright?
None (PS6U1) [2292] Yeah, think so. [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2293] What did you do?
[2294] Er why did, what do you mean Bedlam was doing a rave at
None (PS6U1) [2295] At the [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2296] Ha?
[2297] At the
None (PS6U1) [2298] [...] rave at the [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2299] Oh, did it cost anything to get in?
None (PS6U1) [2300] No [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2301] What the hell does that say?
[2302] ... Oh, oh fuck it.
[2303] Erm
None (PS6U1) [2304] Have you played any of it back yet Cassie?
Cassie (PS51S) [2305] Yeah it's really boring, I mean like
None (PS6U1) [2306] Is it bad quality though?
Cassie (PS51S) [2307] No it's good quality, these, this
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2308] What?
None (PS6U1) [2309] Who are you recording?
Cassie (PS51S) [2310] This, I'm recording all this, I record all the conversations.
None (PS6U1) [2311] [...] now.
None (PS6U1) [2312] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2313] Yeah it's recording at the moment, I just have to record basic conversations that I have with anybody.
[2314] Erm
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2315] Yeah but I mean that's, that's not the thing cos that's not the sort of thing it is actually for though.
[2316] I mean I know it's a laugh and everything.
None (PS6U1) [2317] [...] got bloody ten hours [...] hours [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2318] Er what's going on this weekend then?
[2319] ... Dan?
[2320] ... Anybody?
[2321] ... What are you doing tonight?
[2322] ... What?
[2323] ... What do you mean, a festival?
[2324] Like
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2325] What in this weather?
None (PS6U1) [2326] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2327] Oh dear.
[2328] ... [...] oh for Christ's sake!
[2329] ... I think I'll turn it off for a while actually.

11 (Tape 133905)

None (PS6U1) [2330] Hello Norwegian people
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2331] hello erm I'd just like to say, yeah, if you're not doing anything on May the tenth right come to a gig at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, it'll be really good, honestly.
Cassie (PS51S) [2332] [laugh] ... Oh here you go.
[2333] ... Ah.
[2334] ... Walkman's fixed?
None (PS6U1) [2335] Yeah cos I've got [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2336] It's just an elec er just an electrical shop place.
[2337] ... Dunno John Lewis fixed my Walkman.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2338] Are you still recording?
Cassie (PS51S) [2339] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2340] [laugh] No way.
[2341] You're not supposed to do that, I'm not really supposed to make you say this is the band come to the gig
None (PS6U1) [2342] Oh sorry.
Cassie (PS51S) [2343] but never mind.
None (PS6U1) [2344] Sorry [laughing] Norwegian people [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [2345] But I mean it is [...] [speaking with mouth full] ... Never mind. ...
None (PS6U1) [2346] How was school then?
[2347] How long have you been [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [2348] As long as it stops.
[2349] As long as it plays I suppose.
[2350] How was school?
[2351] It was Mr trying to be funny and
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2352] erm James and Alex and Danny laughing at him and thinking he's funny because they all fancy him
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2353] [laughing] and that, that was about it [] wasn't it Bonnie?
[2354] That was about the most exciting part of the day wasn't it?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2355] I don't think women would even fancy Mr let alone men. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2356] Yeah I don't, I don't think even a fucking dog on heat would fancy Mr for Christ's sake.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2357] Is it still recording, yeah?
Cassie (PS51S) [2358] Mm.
[2359] ... We're doing that cos Mr 's not gonna hear unless I play it to him. [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2360] No should I go to school and say here look listen to this sir, you'll find it very interesting.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2361] I don't, I dunno I, I can never work out whether I actually like Mr or not ... cos he can be, he can be, he's such a cunt sometimes
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2362] he's a real cunt but he's er he's quite funny though.
[2363] Dunno, what do you reckon on, on him Bon?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2364] He's not funny at all, he's a bastard and he ... and he's really really nasty [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2365] [...] I mean I know his sayings are most er erm fucking
Bonnie (PS51T) [2366] You know [...] chuck him out right, the whole of the bloody lesson but you, you're not allowed to do that [...] and then they chuck him out again.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2367] No and like they're, like Mr was like taking the piss yeah right, everyone was clapping and cheering about something in the class, yeah, and Mr opens the [...] Mr opens the door and goes ... stop that clapping, and shuts the door.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2368] And that isn't funny is it?
Cassie (PS51S) [2369] No but of course James and Danny ma erm and thingmajig find it incredibly funny because they're incredibly thick and they have no sense of humour at all.
[2370] So you can hear mostly what I'm saying
None (PS6U1) [2371] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2372] but
None (PS6U1) [2373] Quite clearly.
Cassie (PS51S) [2374] that's because, you know, I'm better than everyone else [laughing] so that's why everyone has to see wha everyone, everyone has to hear what I'm saying [] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2375] Mm I wanna go down to the pub tonight.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2376] Dan can you hear me?
Cassie (PS51S) [clears throat]
None (PS6U1) [2377] Say it again.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2378] I said Dan can you hear me.
None (PS6U1) [2379] Ever so slightly.
Cassie (PS51S) [2380] Is it?
None (PS6U1) [2381] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2382] Oh maybe the battery's running down, I mean can I hear it actually cos the batteries are running down.
None (PS6U1) [2383] Well it's loud where you are but
Cassie (PS51S) [2384] Oh just give it to me anyway.
[2385] ... Right all say something.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2386] Fuck off. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2387] Erm Bonnie say something.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2388] Who me?
[2389] Yeah hello.
Cassie (PS51S) [2390] Mm no that's alright.
[2391] Here you go.
[2392] But erm anyway
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2393] [laugh] I don't, I don't want pe the Norwegian people thinking I'm a ragger Dan ... and hang out with raggers
None (PS6U1) [2394] No but Cassie now I'm telling you now
Cassie (PS51S) [2395] I saw [...] the other day.
None (PS6U1) [2396] No but when you doing with them trainers if you're not a ragger You've got [...] there and they're sweet.
Cassie (PS51S) [2397] [...] my trainers.
None (PS6U1) [2398] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [2399] Oh I'm talking shit.
None (PS6U1) [2400] No man I'm not [...] your trainers. ...
None (PS6U1) [2401] They are reg ragger shoes anyway, all the [...]
None (PS6U1) [2402] Yeah [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2403] Yeah I know there's a boy, there's a boy in my school yeah who's got erm a blue pa you know Carl?
[2404] He's got a blue pair of D M boots.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2405] Yeah and purple.
None (PS6U1) [2406] I saw a group of raggers
Cassie (PS51S) [2407] And purple?
None (PS6U1) [2408] yeah like fucking heavy dealer type raggers all wearing paratroopers
Cassie (PS51S) [2409] [laugh] Paratroopers?
[2410] ... [laugh] Is that supposed to be some safe [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2411] [laugh] [...] stupid.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2412] Oh did you pass?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2413] Cos it's been changed.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2414] What so it's the fourth of May now?
None (PS6U1) [2415] Yeah. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2416] Have you passed your driving test then?
Bonnie (PS51T) [2417] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [2418] No.
None (PS6U1) [2419] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [2420] No don't be silly.
[2421] [laugh] You're never gonna pass it.
None (PS6U1) [2422] Oh oh!
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2423] How many times you taken it now? ...
None (PS6U1) [2424] Many a time.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2425] Twice?
None (PS6U1) [2426] Yeah.
[2427] If I don't pass it at the third time I'm just gonna give up cos I'm not failing more
Bonnie (PS51T) [2428] Third time lucky.
None (PS6U1) [2429] yeah I'm not failing more times than Dan, I mean it's not really
Cassie (PS51S) [2430] Just get, just get yourself a f [laugh] just get yourself a false driving licence or somehow
None (PS6U1) [2431] Oh yeah, yeah they're really easy to get hold of.
Cassie (PS51S) [2432] just write, just get a big just get a big piece of paper and write driving licence on it.
None (PS6U1) [2433] I know someone that sells them if you want one.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2434] See look, look seriously man I'd do that
None (PS6U1) [2435] No I wouldn't.
Cassie (PS51S) [2436] if I didn't fucking pass.
None (PS6U1) [2437] I wouldn't.
None (PS6U1) [2438] [...] if you get pulled over and they realize it's false then you're well shagged ... apart from just driving a car you're also done for fraud.
Cassie (PS51S) [2439] Mm.
[2440] Well you're not the one who flipping made the driving licence so it should be the person you got it off for fraud.
[2441] I think that's what
None (PS6U1) [2442] Yeah well you bought it though [laughing] didn't you [] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [2443] So, you'd just say oh I didn't know it was erm false [laugh] you just say
None (PS6U1) [2444] Oh yeah I, I I, I really think that you can just go and buy driving licences over the counter just like that.
Cassie (PS51S) [2445] [laugh] Yeah.
[2446] You should just say, just sort of pretend
None (PS6U1) [2447] This geezer
Cassie (PS51S) [2448] just pretend you're [...] [mimicking] dunno [...] []
None (PS6U1) [2449] this geezer from Bedlam yeah got stopped the other day in this car yeah, he was pissed, he was tripping and he was speeding yeah, no M O T, no licence, no tax, no ruddy insurance yeah
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2450] right he's getting put away.
None (PS6U1) [2451] I didn't know [...]
None (PS6U1) [2452] And a stolen car as well.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2453] Oh I thought, I thought [...] and they let him go [laugh] and I thought if you said that, you know ... bit unbelievable.
[2454] Oh cheers Dan, you know ... great fucking present. [laugh]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2455] Are those the ones, they're not the ones I gave you are they?
None (PS6U1) [2456] No these are [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2457] Ow my arse hurts sitting on here.
[2458] Never mind.
None (PS6U1) [2459] Your arse hurts [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [2460] Mm.
[2461] ... Do you find that when you're sitting down on a hard floor and you stand up yeah and your arse hurts for about half an hour?
[2462] ... That's what I found [laughing] the other day anyway [] .
None (PS6U1) [2463] [laughing] [...] gonna be listening to this tape yeah
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2464] going what the fuck [...] []
Cassie (PS51S) [2465] No but I mean like I think, I dunno it's quite funny though.
None (PS6U1) [2466] [laugh] Yeah can I have a look at that book yeah?
Bonnie (PS51T) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2467] No that's wicked.
[2468] I wish I could do this.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2469] What for no money?
Cassie (PS51S) [2470] [laugh] I can imagine when you did it Daniel you'd like would be recording you and Honey having a conversation, forget it was on, start having a shag, yeah, [laughing] and then like get this tape of you and Honey having sex [] [laugh] ... What?
None (PS6U1) [2471] What did you say?
Cassie (PS51S) [2472] Oh!
None (PS6U1) [2473] Say it again.
Cassie (PS51S) [2474] I said I can imagine if you were doing this project yeah, like they'd like get this tape yeah of you and Honey having
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2475] sex cos you forgot to turn it off after you had a conversation with Honey ... or something.
[2476] ... Dan there's a lot of bollocks on it but never mind, it's not very interesting what I've written.
[2477] I have to write what I've been talking about.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2478] Do you?
Cassie (PS51S) [2479] What I don't un I don't un no you don't, er what I don't understand is why, instead of putting that in a booklet, why I ca why you can't just say what you're talking about before ... I mean ca just can't say all that bollocks before
None (PS6U1) [2480] I'm gonna watch my programme now.
Cassie (PS51S) [2481] What programme?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2482] Neighbours.
[2483] [...] his level won't it? [...]
None (PS6U1) [2484] Have you seen the new intro to Neighbours?
Cassie (PS51S) [2485] No.
None (PS6U1) [2486] They've got a new intro to Neighbours.
Cassie (PS51S) [2487] What's it do?
None (PS6U1) [2488] You've gotta watch it.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2489] What's it do?
None (PS6U1) [2490] Fucking horrible man, it's like ... some sit-com
None (PS6U1) [2491] It is a sit-com.
None (PS6U1) [2492] and it, yeah I know but it's like some English sit-com ... introduction.
[2493] It's well tacky.
Cassie (PS51S) [2494] And have they changed the music?
None (PS6U1) [2495] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [2496] Have they?
Cassie (PS51S) [2497] What a whole new tu a whole new tune?
None (PS6U1) [2498] Whole new tune, whole new image
Cassie (PS51S) [2499] Oh I'll have to watch that then.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2500] Oh wicked.
None (PS6U1) [2501] It's even more tacky now.
Cassie (PS51S) [2502] You know, you know in erm Neighbours you know Todd dies yeah and Phoebe's pregnant?
None (PS6U1) [2503] Yeah and so does Jim.
Cassie (PS51S) [2504] Yeah appar so does what?
None (PS6U1) [2505] Jim dies as well.
Cassie (PS51S) [2506] Does he?
None (PS6U1) [2507] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2508] Oh I heard that Jim and Helen were gonna be the only two original cast left in Neighbours.
None (PS6U1) [2509] No he dies.
[2510] He stuffs it somehow, I think he gets run over.
Cassie (PS51S) [2511] What as well as Todd, at the same time?
[2512] Well maybe they're all standing [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2513] [...] same car though.
Cassie (PS51S) [2514] Yeah I mean like, what was I gonna say?
None (PS6U1) [2515] I thought Todd drowned in a lake?
Cassie (PS51S) [2516] No I heard that Todd get hit, hit be a truck.
[2517] Maybe the two are mixed up some way or another.
None (PS6U1) [2518] It won't be for about a year and a half though.
None (PS6U1) [2519] Maybe he get maybe he gets hit by a truck into a lake and drowns.
Cassie (PS51S) [2520] Yeah ... or something like that but
None (PS6U1) [2521] Or he said [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2522] maybe like Todd's standing by the lake yeah and Jim's like pissed out of his head and comes driving along in the truck and drives his truck into the lake or something.
None (PS6U1) [2523] Oh I don't think so somehow.
Cassie (PS51S) [2524] Hitting Todd.
[2525] Well you never know.
None (PS6U1) [2526] We are talking about Neighbours.
Cassie (PS51S) [2527] Yeah.
[2528] But anyway yeah Todd comes back from the erm Todd comes back yeah as a ghost yeah like happened in Home and Away
None (PS6U1) [2529] Yeah I heard about that.
Cassie (PS51S) [2530] and says says, says erm and says erm said the Phoebe
None (PS6U1) [2531] He comes into Home and Away.
Cassie (PS51S) [2532] keep the baby, Phoebe keep the baby.
None (PS6U1) [2533] Or Phoebe moves over to Home and Away.
Cassie (PS51S) [2534] Phoe what Phoebe
None (PS6U1) [2535] No no he comes back as a ghost just to I think he comes back
Cassie (PS51S) [2536] Just like Meg did in Home
None (PS6U1) [2537] in Home and away.
Cassie (PS51S) [2538] No that'd be [laugh] that'd be so funny if er like if they all
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2539] They were al always doing things like that in Dallas and Dynasty though aren't they?
[2540] Always swapping
None (PS6U1) [2541] I watched Dallas the other day and guess who was in it?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2542] Who?
None (PS6U1) [2543] Lovejoy.
Cassie (PS51S) [2544] [laughing] Lovejoy was in Dallas [] ?
None (PS6U1) [2545] Lovejoy was in Dallas.
[2546] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2547] [laughing] You're kidding [] !
None (PS6U1) [2548] He's wicked.
Cassie (PS51S) [2549] Oh my God.
[2550] That's quite strange actually.
None (PS6U1) [2551] And he looked really young.
Cassie (PS51S) [2552] Ah!
None (PS6U1) [2553] Oh what was it like an old Dallas?
None (PS6U1) [2554] Yeah cos they've started it all over again.
None (PS6U1) [2555] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [2556] Can you have that for me please?
None (PS6U1) [2557] No,
None (PS6U1) [2558] What was Lovejoy doing in Dallas?
None (PS6U1) [2559] I've got absolutely no idea.
None (PS6U1) [2560] Where's, where's, where are the leads Dan? [...] aerial
Cassie (PS51S) [2561] Up my arse.
None (PS6U1) [2562] Probably down, down [...]
None (PS6U1) [2563] What pub you going to tonight?
Cassie (PS51S) [2564] I dunno I just said I wanted to go to a pub I didn't say I was going to the pub.
[2565] What are you doing tonight?
None (PS6U1) [2566] Dunno probably going home and going to sleep.
Cassie (PS51S) [2567] You're going home and going to sleep?
[2568] ... Are you going to a rave tomorrow?
None (PS6U1) [2569] No.
[2570] Might be though, depends.
Cassie (PS51S) [2571] Go on tell me what, what, what were you going on ... wh what happened last night?
None (PS6U1) [2572] Is that off?
Cassie (PS51S) [2573] No why?
[2574] Why do you want me to turn it off?
None (PS6U1) [2575] Mm. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2576] What is that?
None (PS6U1) [2577] [laughing] No it's gonna be our punk anthem [] ... our new punk anthem it's gonna be brilliant.
Cassie (PS51S) [2578] Where did you get it from though?
[2579] Cos I remember you singing it a while ago but where did you get it from?
None (PS6U1) [2580] Aaron got too little [...] and too young [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2581] Erm not enough drinking well hung
None (PS6U1) [2582] hung erm too little smoking, iron lung.
Cassie (PS51S) [2583] [laughing] Oh yeah [] that's really silly.
None (PS6U1) [2584] Do you know the geezer on the door at the Raven yeah?
None (PS6U1) [2585] Yeah he's a cunt.
None (PS6U1) [2586] So I went to the ravey last night, right, I went down there with Bedlam yeah and I was doing a rave with Bedlam right and he came up to me and he goes ... so what are your musical tastes then?
[2587] Cos like he was confused
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2588] cos I'm there with like a metal band and then like I'm there with a rave group.
None (PS6U1) [2589] What did you say?
None (PS6U1) [2590] I said I don't really.
None (PS6U1) [2591] You should've said fuck off you cunt.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [sigh] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2592] When's Neighbours on cos I wanna see that flash intro again.
Cassie (PS51S) [2593] Yeah we're watching it.
None (PS6U1) [2594] [shouting] Oh yeah [] .
None (PS6U1) [2595] Have you seen it yeah?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2596] It's so nasty.
Cassie (PS51S) [2597] [...] man what are we gonna do tonight?
[2598] Are you gonna do anything tonight at all?
None (PS6U1) [2599] I might [...]
None (PS6U1) [2600] Is there a new pictures and stuff [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2601] Down the Stitches? [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2602] No.
None (PS6U1) [2603] Could you pass us that [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2604] and swap it for that?
None (PS6U1) [2605] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2606] Dan Danny what?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2607] Tell Danny I've got his rucksack.
Cassie (PS51S) [2608] I've still got your belt.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2609] [singing] It's a shame, it's a shame []
Cassie (PS51S) [2610] [laugh] What are you singing that?
None (PS6U1) [2611] It was much better when [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2612] It was that Monie Love wasn't it?
[2613] Or someone.
None (PS6U1) [2614] I don't know, I don't know the names of them. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2615] It's funny how you know the words.
None (PS6U1) [2616] You listen to Capital F M don't you?
None (PS6U1) [2617] No I just heard it as I was going walking past the pub and it was on.
None (PS6U1) [2618] [laughing] Oh lovely [] so brilliant, that's always a good excuse.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2619] No [...]
None (PS6U1) [2620] Can I have a light Dan?
Cassie (PS51S) [2621] Anyone?
[2622] Lights?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2623] [...] lighting no roll up for you.
None (PS6U1) [2624] Fuck off.
Cassie (PS51S) [2625] Nick are those new combats?
[2626] ... Oh cheers [...]
None (PS6U1) [2627] [...] what happened to them?
None (PS6U1) [2628] Too expensive.
[2629] ... Bensons have gone up after all their adverts about staying at one ninety nine or something they've gone up.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2630] No no they've gone up again.
None (PS6U1) [2631] I can't believe I actually bought Benson but they never said that
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2632] They did, they had all these adverts still at one ninety nine [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2633] That's worse.
[2634] That's worse cos roll up is a man's, a man's cigarette.
None (PS6U1) [2635] Bensons were never one ninety nine.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2636] No I mean, I mean Lamberts.
None (PS6U1) [2637] Oh right.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2638] They're one ninety five in my shop.
Cassie (PS51S) [2639] What Lambert and Butler have gone up?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2640] [...] apart from er Benson.
None (PS6U1) [2641] So well how does Lambert and Butler relate to Benson and Hedges?
None (PS6U1) [2642] You know what I mean.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2643] Yeah but other than that.
[2644] [...] conversation [...] fags anyway. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2645] Dan don't you wanna come and see Body of Evidence tomorrow?
None (PS6U1) [2646] Why not.
None (PS6U1) [2647] Oh it's shit by the way, don't go and see it.
None (PS6U1) [2648] Have you seen it?
None (PS6U1) [2649] No but I've heard.
None (PS6U1) [2650] Yeah so have I.
None (PS6U1) [2651] Everyone's heard
None (PS6U1) [2652] Everybody's heard
Cassie (PS51S) [2653] I know everybody's heard that it's shit, I still wanna go and see it
None (PS6U1) [2654] Go on then!
Cassie (PS51S) [2655] cos
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2656] cos everyone, everyone yeah that says the films are shit yeah like when people, people like us go and see them we always think they're good.
None (PS6U1) [2657] Oi don't smoke that.
[2658] Oi don't smoke that cos it's bad for you.
None (PS6U1) [2659] [laughing] Except Body of Evidence I suspect [] .
None (PS6U1) [2660] [laugh] No some films like people say they're bad and they're right and they're just genuinely bad.
None (PS6U1) [2661] Hang on man. [...]
None (PS6U1) [2662] [...] some film about Madonna's arse.
[2663] I'll watch it.
Cassie (PS51S) [2664] Give me, give me my cigarette.
None (PS6U1) [2665] Wait wait.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2666] [laugh] Don't you look at me like that or I'll shove it up your arse.
[2667] Erm ashtray, ashtray [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2668] Oh dear.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2669] Oh I don't know what to do tonight. ...
None (PS6U1) [2670] Nor do I.
Cassie (PS51S) [2671] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2672] There's a party somewhere ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2673] No [...] party round here somewhere. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2674] No I don't fancy going to a party I don't think.
None (PS6U1) [2675] And they've all got the same moves when they get hit as well, all the same
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2676] [sighing] Er [] ...
None (PS6U1) [2677] What you holding that over my trousers for?
Cassie (PS51S) [2678] Oi Dan
None (PS6U1) [2679] Incentive.
Cassie (PS51S) [2680] Dan what are the boys toilets like at Stokey?
None (PS6U1) [2681] Erm
None (PS6U1) [2682] Really nasty.
None (PS6U1) [2683] pretty smelly, why?
Cassie (PS51S) [2684] I just wondered.
[2685] I wondered if they were any better than the girls toilets cos
None (PS6U1) [2686] And hello Norwegian people.
Cassie (PS51S) [2687] [laughing] Oh will you leave it alone [] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2688] Ha? ... [break in recording]
None (PS6U1) [2689] Pretty terrible [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2690] No no cos it couldn't be worse than the one in the girls toilets today ... seeing as someone shat on the floor
None (PS6U1) [2691] [...] not bad.
None (PS6U1) [2692] [...] shat on the floor?
None (PS6U1) [2693] [...] you can, you can you know they're bad toilets
None (PS6U1) [2694] On the floor?
Cassie (PS51S) [2695] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2696] Shat in the floor? [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2697] The ones in the erm ... main school?
None (PS6U1) [2698] Oh main school, they're not proper toilets anyway.
None (PS6U1) [2699] No they're quite terrible.
[2700] They were shut today anyway.
Cassie (PS51S) [2701] No Nick did you hear that?
[2702] Some girl shat on the toilet floor today.
None (PS6U1) [2703] [...] sort of I mean if you'd got that far
Cassie (PS51S) [2704] A pretty big shit a pretty big sh no it's that
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2705] like that far away from the toilet, the actual toilet seat.
None (PS6U1) [2706] Yeah I mean like if you've got that close ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2707] I dunno
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2708] does it make any sense, like you could at least sort of fall back [laughing] on the toilet [] or something.
None (PS6U1) [2709] Yeah are they gonna have a big assembly where, where like Mr, Mr goes now I'm sorry there's
Cassie (PS51S) [2710] Yeah he goes no shitting allowed on the floor.
None (PS6U1) [2711] no shitting on the floor in the toilets.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2712] And we're going to find the person that did it ... you know cos last it was no, no smoking in the toilets and then there's no smoking dope in the toilets
Cassie (PS51S) [2713] And then no shitting in the [laughing] toilets [] .
None (PS6U1) [2714] and no jacking up in the toilets.
Cassie (PS51S) [2715] No shitting in the toilet now.
[2716] Whoops.
[2717] ... Who's gonna go and answer the door?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2718] They're all downstairs watching [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2719] Yeah I know but I mean they, they won't get it.
[2720] Oh maybe they will. ...
None (PS6U1) [2721] Hello, bell rings and no one answers the door.
None (PS6U1) [2722] Well I was [...]
None (PS6U1) [2723] How'd you get in then?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2724] Well there you go.
None (PS6U1) [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2725] But you rung the doorbell anyway.
None (PS6U1) [2726] No she rung the doorbell.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2727] Ow! ...
None (PS6U1) [2728] Oh we've got a gig but we don't know if we're gonna do it yet.
None (PS6U1) [2729] What the tenth of May one or?
None (PS6U1) [2730] No, twenty ninth
None (PS6U1) [2731] Where?
None (PS6U1) [2732] of May the, the Pink Parachute Club in Lewisham.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [2733] It's through Sylvie, you know Sylvie [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2734] You what?
None (PS6U1) [2735] It's like strange [...]
None (PS6U1) [2736] Back to the planet [...]
None (PS6U1) [2737] This was in the paper you know
None (PS6U1) [2738] Was it?
None (PS6U1) [2739] it was in Melody Maker last week saying everybody get down to Cliffs [...]
None (PS6U1) [2740] Shit!
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2741] Anorak Lovechild.
Cassie (PS51S) [2742] Who are they?
None (PS6U1) [2743] I mean they're really shit they are.
Cassie (PS51S) [2744] Are they?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2745] [...] reggae sound, urgh.
None (PS6U1) [2746] Trouble is you're doing a rave there as well.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2747] Are they?
[2748] What, what, afterwards or what?
None (PS6U1) [2749] No [...]
None (PS6U1) [2750] [...] right.
[2751] ... Ah.
[2752] ... Er I've got lots of erm
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2753] Oh yeah Aaron sorry about that.
None (PS6U1) [2754] What ha was he alright?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2755] He just wants to beat the fuck out of everyone [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2756] it's like what's happened, is Jim still like that?
None (PS6U1) [2757] Dunno.
None (PS6U1) [2758] He's still like that [...]
None (PS6U1) [2759] I don't know [...]
None (PS6U1) [2760] Cos he said oh I should've just hit him there and then ... and I said yeah instead of fucking hanging about and pissing your mates off, you know what I mean?
[2761] It's out of order.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2762] Well you anyway.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [2763] What was he still like that afterwards?
[2764] What on the bus and stuff? ...
None (PS6U1) [2765] What was that?
None (PS6U1) [2766] Last weekend right little Jimmy, you know Alex's mate just comes up to
None (PS6U1) [2767] Yeah
None (PS6U1) [2768] [...] and goes I'm gonna fucking kill you right [laugh] he was really like
None (PS6U1) [2769] No it was just it was just that he, he, he wound you, he wound up, he said oh someone's looking for you cos he wanted to get rid of him
None (PS6U1) [2770] Yeah yeah exactly.
None (PS6U1) [2771] and er
None (PS6U1) [2772] And so then said you're telling porkies as a joke or something and Jimmy went [mimicking] what you bloody talking about []
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2773] [laughing] I thought it was excellent [] when he was saying [mimicking] look right, no one slags off my [...] []
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2774] What is that Dan?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2775] About what?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2776] [laughing] The [...] papers [] ?
None (PS6U1) [2777] When did he show you that?
None (PS6U1) [2778] [...] he was sitting outside
None (PS6U1) [2779] Don't slag his band off
None (PS6U1) [2780] Yeah and then, and then he's coming [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2781] You what?
[2782] Something he learned in one of his biology lessons, when he doesn't do any work.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2783] I swear this thing's bloody running down.
None (PS6U1) [2784] Oh [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [2785] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [2786] That's supposed to be [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2787] Hello, hello
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2788] Well that's what they'd said to Melody Maker.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2789] Yeah that's what they'd said to Melody Maker.
None (PS6U1) [2790] Oh right.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2791] But yeah so does he still write that?
[2792] Does he write that [...] week or what?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2793] Hello ... hello
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2794] Are you coming to this party tomorrow?
[2795] Tomorrow.
None (PS6U1) [2796] [...] Which party?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2797] Some girl called Nina from your school.
None (PS6U1) [2798] Yeah yeah I'll go [...]
None (PS6U1) [2799] It's like, but I'm only going to get out of erm this band ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2800] [...] leave about quarter to eight eh?
None (PS6U1) [2801] Yeah that means we get them, gotta meet Danny as well.
None (PS6U1) [2802] He's popping to you, he said he was, he said to me he's going to your house at nine. ...
None (PS6U1) [2803] Oh right, well I told him to ring and not turn up if I'm not there.
None (PS6U1) [2804] Well ring, he said he'd ring you instead but
None (PS6U1) [2805] Oh yeah yeah that's it, he's ringing you instead. ...
None (PS6U1) [2806] So have you seen Jim at all during the week?
None (PS6U1) [2807] Yeah I saw him on S Sunday. [...]
None (PS6U1) [2808] Was he still going oh [...]
None (PS6U1) [2809] No. [...]
None (PS6U1) [2810] Is my twenty fifth of May tape at your house?
Cassie (PS51S) [2811] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [2812] I mean I don't like, I mean I wouldn't do that to I mean that's out of order you know.
None (PS6U1) [2813] Well it's out of order to anyone.
None (PS6U1) [2814] Well what happened?
None (PS6U1) [2815] Oh Jim just started a row with .
None (PS6U1) [2816] Why?
[2817] What, what was it about?
None (PS6U1) [2818] Absolutely nothing.
Cassie (PS51S) [2819] Oi Dan
None (PS6U1) [2820] Er?
Cassie (PS51S) [2821] are you a mechanical man?
None (PS6U1) [2822] Am I a mechanical man?
Cassie (PS51S) [2823] Yeah.
[2824] Would it, would it be, yeah, you see this microphone here yeah
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2825] [laugh] would it be yeah every time ... erm this microphone like got a sharp noise hit to it yeah would it like sort of stop working for a while?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2826] Oh right [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [2827] [...] when the, when, when noise is too loud they just cut cos they can't cope with it.
Cassie (PS51S) [2828] Well a little one like this anyway.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2829] Great cos I [laughing] I was like sitting there blowing down it [] seeing if it'd work and it would sort of stop working completely.
None (PS6U1) [...] [banging microphone]
Cassie (PS51S) [2830] No see that stops it.
[2831] ... It'll start working in a minute, hello, hello hello ...
None (PS6U1) [2832] What that microphone needs is [...] ...

12 (Tape 133906)

None (PS6U1) [2833] Dan have you got a rubber in here anywhere?
None (PS6U1) [2834] Er yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2835] Dan?
[2836] Dan? ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2837] Victoria Wood's quite an attractive bird for a fat lady.
None (PS6U1) [2838] That's [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2839] Hello, hello ... oh God even when I fucking shout into it it fucking cuts out.
None (PS6U1) [2840] What?
[2841] Victoria Wood's [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2842] Ah!
[2843] Don't turn that down.
[2844] Turn it up.
None (PS6U1) [2845] Look, but anyway yeah [...] really cool, right [...]
None (PS6U1) [2846] It's, that's er flicking now and again.
Cassie (PS51S) [2847] No I've only just put the, it's just cos of the microphone's on too much er I've only just put the batteries in, some new batteries in.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2848] It's dulling.
Cassie (PS51S) [2849] No it's only cos it, it seems to dull when I sh
None (PS6U1) [2850] [...] turn it up.
Cassie (PS51S) [2851] Hello hello hello, so you see
None (PS6U1) [2852] Does it make any difference?
Cassie (PS51S) [2853] Hello, I don't ... hello, yeah I can't hear anything, [laughing] dunno []
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2854] What?
None (PS6U1) [2855] Well I just wondered if turning it down made any difference.
Cassie (PS51S) [2856] I dunno.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2857] Dan ... Dan have you got a m a erm rubber? ...
None (PS6U1) [2858] A rubber?
Cassie (PS51S) [2859] A rubber.
[2860] I've just gotta rub something out in the book.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2861] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [2862] Shall I stop this?
Cassie (PS51S) [2863] No no just leave it recording.
None (PS6U1) [2864] [shouting] You just farted in my head [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [2865] You can just, you can just hear what everyone's saying, it just shows you what it picks up.
None (PS6U1) [2866] Cassie.
Cassie (PS51S) [2867] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2868] No no [laughing] don't, no don't []
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [2869] [laugh] You silly boy!
[2870] Now can I have a proper rubber?
None (PS6U1) [2871] Oh that takes the piss.
[2872] Nasty.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2873] This has gotta be taped.
None (PS6U1) [2874] Oh they're not answering.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2875] Hello this is erm Alex from the [...] ... erm sorry the guitarist just farted in my head
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2876] and so I'm a, I'm a bit sort of like disturbed at the moment but erm yeah the gig on the twenty ninth yeah?
[2877] ... Where, where exactly is it, the Pink Parachute Club?
Cassie (PS51S) [2878] Did you actually just say that to the bloke?
None (PS6U1) [2879] right ... oh it's at the Labour Club ... right is that, is that alright with everyone?
None (PS6U1) [2880] Are you talking to someone?
None (PS6U1) [2881] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [2882] [laughing] Oh right [] .
None (PS6U1) [2883] We, we'll do it yeah cos we'll, we'll do anything
None (PS6U1) [2884] The Labour Club?
None (PS6U1) [2885] but erm what, what do I play?
[2886] I'm the drummer ... where do we usually play erm ... sort of Finsbury Park
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2887] Oi, someone get me a rubber please.
None (PS6U1) [2888] we play at the [...] oh how did you get [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2889] Just take the microphone of your thing ... otherwise all you'll hear is you speaking.
Cassie (PS51S) [2890] Yeah I know, I mean but like where am I supposed to put it?
[2891] I mean I can't walk around holding it it's a bit annoying.
[2892] Or I supp yeah I see what you mean.
None (PS6U1) [2893] Leave it on the settee or something.
Cassie (PS51S) [2894] Yeah cos then it doesn't cut out every time I talk, look see, look put it on your head yeah right
None (PS6U1) [2895] No it does cut out, it doesn't cut out [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2896] No look if I talk into it quite loud like this it cuts out ... and then it takes a while to come [laughing] back on again [] ... okay is that alright?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2897] I know if I turn it off ... now it should be alright, yeah?
[2898] Is that better?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2899] Yeah I mean we, we've got quite a bit of a follow on down in er the Lewisham area
Cassie (PS51S) [2900] Cheers.
None (PS6U1) [2901] so we should get [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2902] Okay is there, is there a house kit, drum kit?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2903] [cough] Can you lot remind me to take this when I go?
None (PS6U1) [2904] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2905] Cos I'm gonna stick it in front of the T V so I don't keep sh screaming into it.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [belch]
None (PS6U1) [2906] I was in the supermarket the other day
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2907] I was in the supermarket the other day and then this bloke, I saw this bloke pick up this massive bottle of er ... vinegar right, and he took the top off there was some old woman just going down the aisle and he just started pouring it all over her
None (PS6U1) [2908] Yeah!
None (PS6U1) [2909] and [...] describe, well seasoned you know and ... and then he got his lighter out and he just set fire to her
None (PS6U1) [2910] Bloody hell! [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2911] and erm I don't know what was going on, apparently he was working for Sarsons.
[2912] ... I went to the doctor the other day
None (PS6U1) [2913] Oh no!
None (PS6U1) [2914] and er
None (PS6U1) [2915] [...] sounded just like Alex junior.
None (PS6U1) [2916] and er [...] yeah and the doctor said to me you've got hypochondria [...]
None (PS6U1) [2917] Fucking hell!
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [2918] [laughing] That sounds remarkably like someone else [] .
None (PS6U1) [2919] Oh you fucker!
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2920] Go and get me a drink Aaron
None (PS6U1) [2921] Alright, hang on.
None (PS6U1) [2922] nice and like weak glass of er
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2923] of very cold
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2924] Is somebody actually coming to band practice?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2925] That is the photo that he uses [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2926] No that's the old one, that's the old one.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2927] Who's that?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2928] That's my dad.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2929] Is it?
None (PS6U1) [2930] In the bigger photo his eyes just look so red he's like going urgh [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2931] Is that your dad in Australia or the one that's [...]
None (PS6U1) [2932] No that's my real one.
[2933] I mean my false one.
Bonnie (PS51T) [2934] Yeah you're [laughing] false one [] .
None (PS6U1) [2935] How can you have a false dad?
None (PS6U1) [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2936] That's a brilliant photo.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2937] Can you just imagine him going ooh no sorry he's not here and
None (PS6U1) [...] [...]
None (PS6U1) [2938] [...] in the bigger one [...] there's someone taking a picture ... [mimicking] er I don't really no [] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2939] But damn it it was so wicked, remember the flash geezer from the seventies, yeah, they're going ... right [...] just down the road, they're all going I don't like him and he's going look [...] just let me do it my way and you do it yours right
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2940] and he's going [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2941] and then the flash one comes in, it was Greenwich yeah, he owns this like
None (PS6U1) [2942] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [2943] coffee shop it was something like
None (PS6U1) [2944] It was Blackheath
None (PS6U1) [2945] yeah Blackheath village, and like loons and like flares and stuff yeah and he says, they say it was [...]
None (PS6U1) [2946] Flares are us.
Cassie (PS51S) [2947] yeah flares are us, Peter Richardson but he was playing this like I can't remember who it was,s early seventies seventy one seventy two ... kind of like detective yeah and they say whoa how the bloody hell do you solve crimes?
None (PS6U1) [2948] Jason [...] his name was.
None (PS6U1) [2949] Yeah, cos they find out right that he's erm
None (PS6U1) [2950] I don't know his basic name.
None (PS6U1) [2951] Well my dad said it was someone who was on but I don't know who it was ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2952] I think it was like, it was just like yeah just like Steed from erm like
Bonnie (PS51T) [2953] Dan can [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [2954] the Avengers or something but more camp.
None (PS6U1) [...] [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2955] [laughing] and they're going the flares are us and he goes bloody southern bastards []
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [2956] [...] he just stares out of the window , yeah, [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2957] just stares out the windows right
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2958] and [...] like [...] they run down the stairs and run back up the stairs, yeah, and they're looking out the window [...] out the window and they go why the bloody hell are you always just looking out of windows and he's going do it your way and I'll do it mine.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [2959] And then Jason [...] yeah and they're like saying, they say look it was an early seventies crime you've gotta help us, how would you handle it [...] because they're not allowed to use fast cars and guns and he goes [...] find a country house
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [2960] yeah, and I, I would find a country house cos that's where all the crimes happened in the early seventies, I'd go in, make myself at home and smoke fifty cigarettes and drink a bottle of claret
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2961] and nab the bastards.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2962] And he s and then in the end, do you know how like Steed [...]
None (PS6U1) [2963] [...] and goes oh I think there should be a manor just up here [...]
None (PS6U1) [2964] You know what Steed did in the Avengers yeah, the way he likes hits people with his cane and looks like he isn't actually
None (PS6U1) [2965] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [2966] fighting, yeah, well they finally get Spender and the bloke from the Sweeney and the [...] trying to shoot him but Spender's going that won't work, they don't things like that any more cos they can't use shooters yeah, and then this flash guy comes up and goes so what are you gonna do [...]
None (PS6U1) [2967] That's because it's because you can't shoot people from like really far away [...]
None (PS6U1) [2968] It's like, yeah two hundred yards [...] in the seventies
None (PS6U1) [2969] in the seventies but like er you can do it in the seventies you can't do it in the nineties.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2970] And then this guy comes up and like [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2971] yeah and he comes up
None (PS6U1) [2972] three yards away [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2973] and he's like going oh what you gonna do then poof and he goes ... I will look like I'm scraping my knee, nuts him in the balls, and then goes and I will knock some dust off my shoulder like [...]
None (PS6U1) [2974] And take, take a, take a sip of wine.
None (PS6U1) [2975] and goes boom!
[2976] Oh yeah the gourmet chef was excellent, yeah, the way they were trying to integrate these two recipes into one show
None (PS6U1) [2977] Yeah it's [...] and two recipes and he [...]
None (PS6U1) [2978] no the gourmet like detective yeah and they come in and they go God that was a tough crime and he'd go ... after a crime I like something to eat and then he goes into the kitchen and he's going
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [2979] you can over do it with the carrots but if you're a carrot man you might wanna sprinkle some extras on
None (PS6U1) [2980] What is this?
None (PS6U1) [2981] Hello.
None (PS6U1) [2982] Erm Comic Strip last night.
None (PS6U1) [2983] Hello.
None (PS6U1) [2984] Come on let's get going then lads.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Bonnie (PS51T) [2985] So are we doing a gig on May the tenth?
None (PS6U1) [2986] May tenth, at the Gate
None (PS6U1) [2987] And another one.
None (PS6U1) [2988] and then another one on ... when was it? ...
None (PS6U1) [2989] The twenty ninth of May.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [2990] Okay come on

13 (Tape 134101)

Peter (PS51W) [2991] Feedback online
Cassie (PS51S) [2992] [laugh] Right it goes to show it's working so if I just get rid of the earphones.
[2993] ... Whoops.
[2994] ... Oh for fuck's sake what's happened?
[2995] ... It's ... I'll have to bring it down ... and erm
Peter (PS51W) [2996] You have to pull it out so you can go
Cassie (PS51S) [2997] Mm.
Peter (PS51W) [2998] just take this off of here ... come through here ...
Cassie (PS51S) [2999] Come on then.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3000] Oh God the shops are so far away now.
Peter (PS51W) [3001] No they're not.
Cassie (PS51S) [3002] Oh they are, they're miles. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3003] Aaron ... Aaron [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3004] Yeah I think I'm gonna just buy a big bottle of Coke
Peter (PS51W) [3005] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3006] okay cos they'll all want some, they'll all give me about ten P which isn't much ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3007] I suppose me Dan and Honey'll be going back the cheap way.
[3008] Are they asleep?
Peter (PS51W) [3009] They were lunchtime cos [...] drawing the curtains.
Cassie (PS51S) [3010] Was he.
None (PS6U1) [3011] Hallo.
Cassie (PS51S) [3012] [...] oh hello ...
Peter (PS51W) [3013] Did you burn your bum on the radiator.
None (PS6U1) [3014] I fucking did man.
Meg (PS6P2) [3015] [...] burnt my bottom [...]
None (PS6U1) [3016] I woke, it woke me up
Meg (PS6P2) [3017] gonna come off.
Peter (PS51W) [3018] I know you like it really [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3019] [laugh] Hang o hung over Dan?
None (PS6U1) [3020] No not at all.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Peter (PS51W) [3021] Yeah we're going to the shop, okay, so
None (PS6U1) [3022] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3023] Do, do you two need anything from the shop? ...
Meg (PS6P2) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3024] Did you get any fag [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [3025] [laugh] Dan man you've got th Dan you know the tape that we were recording last night, you've gotta hear it yeah there's this bit, yeah, where erm Alex just walks off yeah with the Walkman yeah and he goes into the toilet
None (PS6U1) [3026] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3027] and records himself going for a piss but he does a bit, it cuts out when he's actually pissing but he's going on about now the biros are getting in the way of my knob here
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3028] and stuff like that and then he, then it cuts out, yeah, and then it, then it turns back on again and he says yes I think we're working and flushes the [laughing] toilet and walks out [] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3029] Oh it's got, got
Cassie (PS51S) [3030] And there's all this stuff
None (PS6U1) [3031] [...] gonna be wicked, they're gonna have a field day [...]
None (PS6U1) [3032] it's got me going up to Alex saying er er no one wants to do it with me [...] and he's going look I'll sleep with you man so I'm going [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3033] [laugh] It's so funny though Dan I swear.
None (PS6U1) [3034] Er see you in a bit.
Cassie (PS51S) [3035] Alright.
Peter (PS51W) [3036] Hang on, hang on ... Has anyone got some spare money I could pay 'em back?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3037] I haven't got any no, I can't
Peter (PS51W) [3038] And I've borrowed money to go out to shops in the first place [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3039] How much money have you got on you Dan? ...
Peter (PS51W) [3040] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [3041] Dan how much money have you got on you?
Peter (PS51W) [3042] Oh sod it, forget it I'll just [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3043] Did you are you trying to tell me you spent two quid last night?
[3044] I mean twenty quid.
Peter (PS51W) [3045] No.
[3046] I've lost some though. ... [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3047] No well, well if you just put in ... ha what are you planning on buying, a two litre or a one litre bottle?
Peter (PS51W) [3048] I don't know yet.
Cassie (PS51S) [3049] There you are, there's enough for some Coke.
Peter (PS51W) [3050] Right.
Cassie (PS51S) [3051] Oh I'll just get her a separate can of Coke then.
[3052] Okay. ...
None (PS6U1) [3053] [...] if you see a bank
Cassie (PS51S) [3054] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [3055] if you see a bank
Cassie (PS51S) [3056] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [3057] a Nat West you can get money out
Cassie (PS51S) [3058] Yeah.
[3059] ... Ooh!
[3060] Blimey.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3061] Ha?
[3062] ... Just milk.
Peter (PS51W) [...] [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3063] Oh what, what did you piss?
Peter (PS51W) [3064] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3065] Oh lovely. [laugh]
Peter (PS51W) [3066] Well I don't know [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3067] [sigh] Deary me, I was well drunk I s I haven't been, I haven't been that drunk since the Playpen gig.
Peter (PS51W) [3068] What, what did you drink?
[3069] I mean
Cassie (PS51S) [3070] I drunk rum ... I, I didn't have [...]
Peter (PS51W) [3071] [...] got through about a third of the bottle.
Cassie (PS51S) [3072] I know and for some reason I was incredibly pissed.
Peter (PS51W) [3073] I can't really handle rum, that's why I didn't drink any last night.
Cassie (PS51S) [3074] No I know.
Peter (PS51W) [3075] I can a bit but
Cassie (PS51S) [3076] I ca I can't hold my spirits in that's the only thing.
Peter (PS51W) [3077] Well the thing is I can't handle rum cos when I went to that party Dan had
Cassie (PS51S) [3078] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3079] No actually come to think of it I was really pissed at erm Dan 's party as well actually.
[3080] No no not Dan 's Bonnie's party sorry [laugh] and I, I'd had er ...
Peter (PS51W) [3081] Did Bonnie enjoy herself in the end?
[3082] Cos I know that like she said she did but I know she was getting really pissed off cos everyone was sticking on the music she wasn't interested in and stuff.
Cassie (PS51S) [3083] Er yeah I think she, yeah she did enjoy herself, that's what she said to me.
[3084] Er I drunk erm ... I think I drunk ... two ... two cans or maybe three cans of Scrumpy Jack and then a can of Supertricks and I was well gone I, I had to pass out.
Peter (PS51W) [3085] The reason I can't drink rum or vodka
Cassie (PS51S) [3086] Or any kind of spirit.
Peter (PS51W) [3087] or [...] is because
Cassie (PS51S) [3088] Mm.
Peter (PS51W) [3089] this was a long time ago [...] parties about two years ago
Cassie (PS51S) [3090] yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [3091] I drunk half a pint of rum, half a pint of vodka and three or four cans of [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3092] Oh yuck!
[3093] That is sick.
Peter (PS51W) [3094] And I was really wrecked and I was I wasn't even actually ill I just sat, well I was eventually but I sat on this wall for about four hours, yeah
Cassie (PS51S) [3095] Mm.
Peter (PS51W) [3096] and it seemed like ten minutes, yeah, but like Jim came out and said do you realize you've been out here for hours man
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Peter (PS51W) [3097] and like erm ... just like all the [...] this party
Cassie (PS51S) [3098] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [3099] but ever since I've never been able to handle it like I drink, sort of shove a few
Cassie (PS51S) [3100] But you drink whisky though.
Peter (PS51W) [3101] Oh whisky's easy.
Cassie (PS51S) [3102] Yeah I know I mean like ... I ca I, I can't, I can't hold down my spirits, I can hold down erm lager though.
[3103] Well I dunno, I can't work out what I can drink best.
Peter (PS51W) [3104] The secret of drinking is just to know when to stop, you know you've just got
Cassie (PS51S) [3105] I know.
Peter (PS51W) [3106] gotta recognize when you get to a certain stage that like if you drink any more you're gonna be ill.
Cassie (PS51S) [3107] Yeah I know but I mean like my mum was saying that you know ... sometimes you're just pissed to stop and you just com carry on and stuff.
Peter (PS51W) [3108] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3109] Do you reckon Dan might let me have a bit of toast when I get back or something?
Peter (PS51W) [3110] Yeah probably.
Cassie (PS51S) [3111] Cos I, I just wanna line my
Peter (PS51W) [3112] I mean I think we have taken liberty a bit with his parents ... but yeah I think you will be able to get some toast.
Cassie (PS51S) [3113] Yeah it's, it's just I wanna, I don't, I mean I, like my dinner last night yeah was a packet of Whotsits, packet of ... beef flavoured ... Hula Hoops erm a packet of erm ... Monster Munch er two chocolate bars and a can of Coke.
Peter (PS51W) [3114] [...] Monster Munch [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3115] What was that?
[3116] [laughing] Oh [] well but I mean ...
Peter (PS51W) [3117] [...] probably wouldn't get any sex [...] have enough time anyway.
Cassie (PS51S) [3118] [laugh] Yeah, no no I w I ate, that was my dinner, I ate that before I was pissed and that was my bloody dinner, I wanted to get some chips ... no one would walk down the chippie with me. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3119] I had a nice dinner last night, I didn't have my chips but I managed to get [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3120] Yeah.
[3121] I wish I could cook that easily.
Peter (PS51W) [3122] It's dead easy.
Cassie (PS51S) [3123] Yeah I know.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3124] Just as long as you just as long as you know what, what doesn't go in what then like you can just chuck any old thing in.
Peter (PS51W) [3125] [...] I'll cook curry or lasagne but I never knew, I never knew the recipes I just sort of [...] stuff and think that goes together well
Cassie (PS51S) [3126] Yeah.
[3127] I mean Zed makes really really really really nice chilli.
Peter (PS51W) [3128] Mm.
[3129] ... Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3130] Fucking [...] makes a nice chilli as well.
Peter (PS51W) [3131] No Zed's a really good bloke [laughing] when he's sober [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [3132] Yeah when he's not on fucking drugs, I'm, I'm really worried about him now you know ... down there
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3133] No because I mean ... I don't know.
[3134] ... It's not just, it's not just the fact that like he's my boyfriend, I've known him since I was bloody six or something.
[3135] ... Erm where's all the crisps and everything?
[3136] Is there any?
[3137] ... Have you got any crisps?
[3138] ... Oh, [laughing] sorry [] ... Ooh!
[3139] Oh I might get some ... have you got sal any salt and vinegar ones of these?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3140] Mm alright.
None (PS6U1) [3141] [...] yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3142] Yeah I know it's, I just, it's just I like these ones in particular.
Peter (PS51W) [3143] Get this Cass.
Cassie (PS51S) [3144] What? ...
Peter (PS51W) [3145] [...] like Pepsi. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3146] One pound ... how ca come?
Peter (PS51W) [3147] I don't know.
Cassie (PS51S) [3148] That should b only be like about eighty nine P or something usually.
Peter (PS51W) [3149] It's a rip off.
Cassie (PS51S) [3150] Well if you d yeah if you were buying, I was gonna say if you were buying cheap ... you shouldn't buy cheap coke, it's alright to buy cheap lemonade but not coke.
Peter (PS51W) [3151] Yeah.
[3152] [...] they all said Coke.
Cassie (PS51S) [3153] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3154] Mm.
[3155] Yeah I remember Honey wants a can of Coke.
[3156] Have they got any of them cold?
Peter (PS51W) [3157] Well no, ooh ... dunno, don't think so.
Cassie (PS51S) [3158] Have you noticed the way Coke tastes so much nicer when it's a glass bottle?
Peter (PS51W) [3159] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3160] It does doesn't it?
[3161] It's weird innit?
[3162] ... I don't know if I want any chocolate or not.
[3163] ... I want lots of crisps though. ...
None (PS6U1) [3164] One sixty three please.
[3165] Cheers. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3166] Is that yours?
[3167] ... [clears throat] Where you going?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3168] Ha?
Peter (PS51W) [3169] I wanna get some fags.
Cassie (PS51S) [3170] Well you can get cigarettes from there can't you?
Peter (PS51W) [3171] Er I don't remember seeing any.
Cassie (PS51S) [3172] I think you can.
[3173] ... Do they?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3174] Do you, yeah, do you sell cigarettes?
[3175] No they don't.
[3176] ... That's odd, going into a shop that sells everything else but no cigarettes.
Peter (PS51W) [3177] Well it's not really cos it's a general store [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3178] Yeah, I don't know it's just a bit strange.
Peter (PS51W) [...] ... [traffic noise]
Cassie (PS51S) [3179] Oh. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3180] [...] ... [...] bank anywhere.
[3181] ... I [...] my money l last time and they took up the limit on my cash card.
Cassie (PS51S) [3182] Yeah.
[3183] ... Do they do them in there?
Peter (PS51W) [3184] They must [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3185] Oh.
[3186] ... How many cigarettes have I got left actually?
[3187] ... Look ... oh well, yeah but that stuff's horrible though.
Peter (PS51W) [3188] [...] ... forty ... fifty, yeah I've got enough to get home.
Cassie (PS51S) [3189] How comes you're not at university though?
[3190] Is it still Easter break for you?
Peter (PS51W) [3191] I get a month off.
Cassie (PS51S) [3192] Oh what a lucky bastard.
Peter (PS51W) [3193] [...] months off.
Cassie (PS51S) [3194] I haven't got, I haven't got any school on Monday but I have gotta get up early.
[3195] Actually, I don't half fancy a chocolate drink in here.
[3196] ... Do you think I should buy one?
Peter (PS51W) [3197] Mm?
Cassie (PS51S) [3198] One of them chocolate things.
Peter (PS51W) [3199] How much are they?
Cassie (PS51S) [3200] Dunno, I'll ask.
[3201] ... How much are these?
[3202] ... Excuse me.
[3203] ... Excuse me, how much are these? ...
None (PS6U1) [3204] Er ... fifty P.
Cassie (PS51S) [3205] Fifty.
[3206] It's not worth it.
[3207] [laugh] ... Oh God they look well nice as well.
Peter (PS51W) [3208] The Mars Bars might be cheaper.
Cassie (PS51S) [3209] Yeah oh I dunno but they're sort of too thick and gooey.
Peter (PS51W) [3210] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3211] No I mean, I dunno.
Peter (PS51W) [3212] Oh don't worry about it. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3213] Is that Pepsi or Coke you've got there?
Peter (PS51W) [3214] Pepsi.
Cassie (PS51S) [3215] Fine.
Peter (PS51W) [3216] I bet you prefer Pepsi anyway.
Cassie (PS51S) [3217] I prefer Coke but never mind.
Peter (PS51W) [3218] Oh sorry.
Cassie (PS51S) [3219] That's alright.
Peter (PS51W) [3220] What year are you at school now?
Cassie (PS51S) [3221] The fourth. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3222] [...] so young.
Cassie (PS51S) [3223] [laugh] I know, every, everyone says that to me, it's not fair. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3224] Right gotta make sure she sends me a birthday card.
Cassie (PS51S) [3225] Well when's your birthday?
Peter (PS51W) [3226] In about two weeks' time ... not even that much, yeah about two weeks I suppose on May the ninth it's my twentieth birthday.
Cassie (PS51S) [3227] Oh May the ninth?
[3228] That's when the festival is in the park.
Peter (PS51W) [3229] Yeah?
Cassie (PS51S) [3230] Yeah.
[3231] Well I'll have to get hold of your address and I'll send you a birthday card ... but I might not actually send you a real birthday card, I'll probably send you like a piece of paper saying [laughing] happy birthday [] or something.
Peter (PS51W) [3232] Yeah alright, that'll do
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Peter (PS51W) [3233] [...] someone remembers.
Cassie (PS51S) [3234] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [3235] I don't mind it's just that
Cassie (PS51S) [3236] Mm.
[3237] God you're gonna be fucking twenty.
Peter (PS51W) [3238] [...] sort of keep in touch.
Cassie (PS51S) [3239] Yeah. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3240] Ah we were supposed to be gonna like have a little gathering for my birthday party, well not normally a birthday party
Cassie (PS51S) [3241] Are you gonna come down for the festival?
Peter (PS51W) [3242] No I'm not, I don't think I am gonna come down cos I've been down so long anyway
Cassie (PS51S) [3243] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [3244] but what I meant was is that we were gonna have a sort of ... a little gathering before but I suppose we could have that today sort of.
Cassie (PS51S) [3245] What ... today?
Peter (PS51W) [3246] Well you know la later on.
Cassie (PS51S) [3247] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [3248] And I, I dunno, are you gonna go to the party tonight?
Cassie (PS51S) [3249] I do [sigh] I don't know, I doubt it.
Peter (PS51W) [3250] Yeah?
[3251] ... Oh well see how it goes.
Cassie (PS51S) [3252] I mi I might, I might go I mean it depends on money things and stuff. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3253] What like you finding a fiver in the street sort of thing? [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3254] Yeah see I've only got like erm ... two quid on me and I need to get home tomorrow and [...] and I won't have anywhere to stay cos Dan and Honey aren't going ... and I'd rather stick with them and Emma and Nick and just go back to erm Nick's house
Peter (PS51W) [3255] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3256] I mean you know I can't be bothered trying to [...] so I don't think I will go.
Peter (PS51W) [3257] Well I dunno I mean you can still be [...] you can stay at my place.
Cassie (PS51S) [3258] Can I?
[3259] Erm I dunno I think I might just go home and go out with Bonnie and Catherine and see Body of Evidence.
[3260] No actually ... I've gotta see Zed ...
Peter (PS51W) [3261] Yeah
Cassie (PS51S) [3262] some time this weekend, I sort of
Peter (PS51W) [3263] you [...] really haven't you?
Cassie (PS51S) [3264] [laugh] Well I don't know he's, he's a bit ill really so
Peter (PS51W) [3265] You'd better see if he's still alive.
Cassie (PS51S) [3266] I'll see if he's still alive, yeah I know.
[3267] ... [sigh] I can't be bothered trying to talk him out of taking drugs cos it won't work.
Peter (PS51W) [3268] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [3269] He'll find out in his own time. ...
Peter (PS51W) [3270] I mean does he really go over the top?
Cassie (PS51S) [3271] Ha?
Peter (PS51W) [3272] Does he really go over the top?
Cassie (PS51S) [3273] Yeah I mean I'm not all I'm not, he told me not to s actually say what was wrong with him though, I can't say.
Peter (PS51W) [3274] Well that's that's alright, no no
Cassie (PS51S) [3275] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [3276] I understand that it's just that
Cassie (PS51S) [3277] I mean if he keels over and like goes into a coma then I'm all then I'm allowed to say what was wrong with him ... but I mean yeah he did do
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3278] he sa I don't know he said, said he went to the [...] ... he kept on ... getting it, offered [...] of speed and he just sort of took more and more and more and people were saying that he couldn't walk straight and stuff ... which er
Peter (PS51W) [3279] But what what about the Playpen as well? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3280] Yeah I know he took fucking [...] and drank quite a lot as well and he was well buggered.
Peter (PS51W) [3281] I don't know ... [...] he's a really nice bloke oth otherwise but [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3282] I know.
Peter (PS51W) [3283] because like when I see him, you know, and he has been sorted out a bit recently ... [...] not really sorted
Cassie (PS51S) [3284] [sigh] Not, not in particular.
Peter (PS51W) [3285] not properly but he's been better
Cassie (PS51S) [3286] Not espe ... only a little bit though.
Peter (PS51W) [3287] Well no but I mean
Cassie (PS51S) [3288] I mean he's not doing speed every day now but I mean
Peter (PS51W) [3289] well he's [...] to weekends a little bit.
Cassie (PS51S) [3290] Ha?
Peter (PS51W) [3291] He normally [...] to weekends now.
Cassie (PS51S) [3292] Yeah.
Peter (PS51W) [3293] But I mean ... I dunno it's just that he was, he was, you know he can be a really nice bloke
Cassie (PS51S) [3294] Yeah I mean like ... it's like
Peter (PS51W) [3295] he's got he's just got old before his time really hasn't he?
Cassie (PS51S) [3296] Yeah he has.
[3297] Well, well too old, he's gonna be fucking
Peter (PS51W) [3298] That's what I mean about when he sort of ran off that night I thought, in one way I was pissed off with him but in one way I thought well at least he can [...] you know?
Cassie (PS51S) [3299] Yeah.
[3300] ... Well yeah I mean, I mean the thing is it's like ... why have you got those headphones round your neck?
Peter (PS51W) [3301] Why've I got what?
Cassie (PS51S) [3302] [laughing] Why have you got headphones round your neck [] ?
Peter (PS51W) [3303] Well because you were giving me feedback so I [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3304] Oh right I didn't, I thought I just left it there.
[3305] ... No the thing is I mean like Z Z Z Zed's, Zed's, Zed's not just a boyfriend to me because he's a real good friend of mine as well.
[3306] ... [...] what was that?
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3307] What for?
Peter (PS51W) [3308] Well it's a special technique for getting in Dan 's house without annoying his parents.
Cassie (PS51S) [3309] Oh right.
Peter (PS51W) [3310] Only last night I got here first
Cassie (PS51S) [3311] They've got the window open so
Peter (PS51W) [3312] Oh we'll get in through the window then, that'll be a laugh.
Cassie (PS51S) [3313] Oh what [laughing] throw it through the window [] .
Peter (PS51W) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3314] Yeah careful you don't smash the window.
Peter (PS51W) [3315] I nearly did last night. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3316] [laugh] Oi! ...
Peter (PS51W) [3317] Cor this is [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3318] I know it's horrible innit? ...
None (PS6U1) [3319] Hello.
Cassie (PS51S) [3320] Hello. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3321] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3322] Oh a nice clean bedroom.
[3323] ... Oh I got it didn't I? ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3324] Oh where's my little f yeah there, there it is. ...
None (PS6U1) [3325] Dan.
None (PS6U1) [3326] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3327] We've gotta set up this little D J [...] yeah, D J's corner in the basement
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3328] Stitch is there a
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3329] Stitch is there a possibility I could have a bit of toast or something?
None (PS6U1) [3330] Erm no.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3331] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3332] Yeah.
[3333] Is that alright?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3334] Oh by the way the thing's recording [...]
None (PS6U1) [3335] Right let's have a conversation. [...] ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [3336] Oh bollocks. ...
None (PS6U1) [3337] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [3338] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [3339] Interesting.
None (PS6U1) [3340] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [3341] [...] flavoured [...] erm [...] prawn cocktail and erm ... erm chicken and chilli ... er no cheese and chilli
None (PS6U1) [3342] Mm. [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [3343] Actually ... I've had like a sober conversation now because, think about it yeah,
None (PS6U1) [3344] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3345] [laugh] [...] everyone's normal and relaxed. ...
None (PS6U1) [3346] A really sad bloke on that tape.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3347] [laughing] That's hilarious [] .
None (PS6U1) [3348] I hope they realized it was a joke.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3349] [...] taking it seriously [...] I mean the whole thing [...] trying to get in my bed. ...

14 (Tape 134102)

None (PS6U1) [3350] Look whatever you do don't say
None (PS6U1) [3351] We don't say
None (PS6U1) [3352] our names Aaron okay?
None (PS6U1) [3353] [laughing] Okay Dan, and don't mention [] .
None (PS6U1) [3354] Look my name's, right, my name's ... Steve
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3355] And I'm Dan
None (PS6U1) [3356] You're Alan.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3357] No you're not Dan .
None (PS6U1) [3358] No no no I'm Dave and you're Alan.
None (PS6U1) [3359] And I'm Dave Allen?
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3360] And you're Jasper Carrott.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3361] And I'm Steve as Martin. ...
None (PS6U1) [3362] What's my name then? ...
None (PS6U1) [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3363] [laughing] Fuck you [] .
None (PS6U1) [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [3364] [...] got a good idea yeah, you know [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh] ... [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3365] No I can, I can make perfect roll ups now [...] bit like [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3366] Dan did you know that he pissed out of the window this morning?
None (PS6U1) [3367] [laughing] Oh God yeah [] .
None (PS6U1) [...] [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3368] [...] so much shit it's coming out his mouth [...] he's telling Cassie
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3369] liquid gold in gold shield. [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3370] Put liquid, like actually the metal gold?
Cassie (PS51S) [3371] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3372] Who said this?
None (PS6U1) [3373] Zed.
None (PS6U1) [3374] [shouting] No [] !
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3375] He's not serious?
Cassie (PS51S) [3376] He wa well I didn't [...]
None (PS6U1) [3377] What's the point of smoking gold?
None (PS6U1) [3378] Yeah it would be considerably more expensive as well. [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3379] I know. ...
None (PS6U1) [3380] All it is is just the, like the colour or [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3381] You know [...] it's sort of mixed gold but like a minuscule amount ...
None (PS6U1) [3382] No it's just the plant, it's just like it just produces a gold kind of coloured dye. ... [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3383] No leave it alone, please. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3384] You've got your own [...]
None (PS6U1) [3385] Oh yeah yeah ...
None (PS6U1) [3386] It's that sort of dark but not heavy, yeah man, that's really groovy. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3387] How do you avoid aquaplaning?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3388] Aquaplaning?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3389] No that's what happens if it happens but how would you avoid it?
[3390] I know [...]
None (PS6U1) [3391] How do you avoid it?
[3392] Don't go at sixty.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3393] Yeah don't go over sixty ... and also
None (PS6U1) [3394] and literally I've been working
None (PS6U1) [3395] er
None (PS6U1) [3396] and not like in a shop, you know, from nine in the morning till six at night
Cassie (PS51S) [3397] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3398] Don't accelerate maybe?
[3399] I dunno, can't really think.
[3400] I haven't learnt my Highway Code and all that sort of shit.
None (PS6U1) [3401] Right well erm yeah always replace worn tyres. ...
None (PS6U1) [3402] Oh yeah.
[3403] That's a thing you forget about is all the really obvious things.
None (PS6U1) [3404] Mm. ...
None (PS6U1) [3405] [...] can you move round a bit
None (PS6U1) [3406] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3407] cos these people are like gonna sit there.
None (PS6U1) [3408] I mean move over there
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3409] you, you can't sit on the bed [...]
None (PS6U1) [3410] It is, it's like your dad [...]
None (PS6U1) [3411] My dad, is it?
None (PS6U1) [3412] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3413] Yeah.
[3414] But the last stuff my dad got us wasn't [...]
None (PS6U1) [3415] Dunno.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3416] But the stuff we got, the stuff we got before that was really good you know Dan, do you remember the stuff he got us before that?
None (PS6U1) [3417] The stuff he got us before was [...]
None (PS6U1) [3418] That's like the stuff we got Billy.
None (PS6U1) [3419] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3420] Remember that stuff I got Billy?
[3421] It was like that.
[3422] That's what it is, that's what it was.
None (PS6U1) [3423] Yeah the stuff that, the stuff he got us before was ... a bit like that
None (PS6U1) [3424] You know I
None (PS6U1) [3425] but it was softer wasn't it? [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3426] Oh right, yeah yeah yeah I know.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3427] [laughing] Why [] ?
None (PS6U1) [3428] [...] really good.
None (PS6U1) [3429] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3430] It is good isn't it?
None (PS6U1) [3431] A bolus.
None (PS6U1) [3432] When you get really [...]
None (PS6U1) [3433] [...] cos Aaron what's a bolus.
None (PS6U1) [3434] A bolus?
[3435] It's a bit of food.
[3436] When you swallow
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3437] and like you've got this chunk of shit being digested and it goes through ... down your canal via peristalsis it's called a bolus.
None (PS6U1) [3438] Told you.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3439] It's also this sort of three roped thing that you go whooooooo
None (PS6U1) [3440] Oh yeah
None (PS6U1) [3441] but that's bolas.
None (PS6U1) [3442] So if you've got a huge piece of [...]
None (PS6U1) [3443] Dan this song right is all about Sam
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3444] Dan [...] this song it's all about Sam and how he's coming.
None (PS6U1) [3445] Coming to what?
None (PS6U1) [3446] Well he's just like [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3447] What is it? ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3448] Get off the bed please [...] .
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3449] What is it?
None (PS6U1) [3450] It's about Sam and then how he comes and arrives ... he's on his way.
None (PS6U1) [...] [music]
None (PS6U1) [3451] Oh yeah man it's Sam.
[3452] ... [...] like Marley man. ...
None (PS6U1) [3453] [singing] Sam [...] is coming our way [] [...] [singing] Sam is coming our way [] ...
None (PS6U1) [3454] [...] the Wailers are so out of time, they're all just like [...] ... [...] is just so slow ... it's just like exactly the same but like about twenty times slower.
None (PS6U1) [3455] Mm. ...
None (PS6U1) [...] [music too loud to hear and lots of different conversations going on]
None (PS6U1) [3456] [...] is this recording?
None (PS6U1) [3457] Dunno.
[3458] Are you still recording?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3459] Where are the headphones?
None (PS6U1) [3460] Yeah it is, yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3461] Where are the headphones?
None (PS6U1) [3462] Oh, Danny had them.
None (PS6U1) [3463] Dan
None (PS6U1) [3464] What?
None (PS6U1) [3465] Have you got the headphones?
None (PS6U1) [3466] Yeah they're over there.
None (PS6U1) [3467] Well ...
None (PS6U1) [3468] I just have to plug myself in man.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3469] [...] jack in
None (PS6U1) [3470] Yeah I will.
[3471] ... No no you jack in when like you've got this big bit of metal [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3472] Turn the volume down on the tape, on the [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3473] Ah watch it.
None (PS6U1) [3474] It's cos the volume's up on ten.
Cassie (PS51S) [3475] Is it?
None (PS6U1) [3476] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3477] Oh right.
None (PS6U1) [3478] See look ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3479] Yeah.
[3480] Oh is the battery alright? ...
None (PS6U1) [3481] Bit dim [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3482] Yeah for some, for some reason the microphone [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [3483] [laughing] Fuck [] .
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3484] [...] this is weird cos it's like happening like really late [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3485] Hello Dan, can you hear me.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3486] And what was it you wanted to do?
[3487] Oh yeah this party tonight was really get this, this spliff right like this, yeah, just walk in the kitchen and go ras man [...]
None (PS6U1) [3488] No don't say anything.
None (PS6U1) [3489] No you just walk in [...]
None (PS6U1) [3490] [...] say nothing [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3491] No light off the stove right [...] you go, have you got a light man [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3492] Page, page three school [...]
None (PS6U1) [3493] [laughing] Page three school [] ?
None (PS6U1) [3494] Haven't you seen [...]
None (PS6U1) [3495] No.
[3496] [...] page three school all these girls go off to like school with their togs off, you know
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3497] or they turn up at the gates and go shit Mr like the headmaster's on the door and my nipples are in and they go hang on I've got some ice cubes here, put them on and they come out and er they go by the nipples, your nipples are looking good today.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3498] And like they [...] on the bus, yeah, cos all, all the little school girls are sitting there with these huge tits out [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3499] I think it's disgusting you blokes staring at it and the girls go we don't mind, you know
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3500] and then, and then all the other like passengers are going yeah that's right if the girls wanna get them out it's great, it's a bit of fun, it livens up me day.
None (PS6U1) [3501] [laugh] What was that Dan? ...
None (PS6U1) [3502] Oh yeah erm don't laugh so loud cos you're likely cut out the microphone.
None (PS6U1) [3503] Oh sorry [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [3504] Has anyone got like a [...] ... can I borrow a bit of [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [3505] [...] are they a kind of Shakespeare Sister then?
[3506] What is this?
None (PS6U1) [3507] Yeah I suppose so. ...
None (PS6U1) [...] ... [...] [approximately three minutes of loud music and conversation]

15 (Tape 134103)

None (PS6U1) [3508] You would as well. ...
None (PS6U1) [...] ... [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [3509] Mm [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3510] What shall I say our occupation is? [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3511] Buggered ... completely buggered.
None (PS6U1) [3512] No we're students.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3513] We're buggered as well but we're [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3514] Buggered students.
[3515] Put dossers.
[3516] ... That about sums it up don't you reckon?
None (PS6U1) [3517] Mm. ...
None (PS6U1) [3518] How to reduce frustration and anxiety ... Is this Marley?
None (PS6U1) [3519] Yeah.
[3520] [...] not so [...]
None (PS6U1) [3521] [...] rasta.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3522] But he is, he's really mellow.
[3523] ... Is this your driving book?
None (PS6U1) [3524] Yeah.
[3525] ... It is so fucking nerve-wracking [...] ... it's alright when you're waiting [...]
None (PS6U1) [3526] I think I've gotta get I think I've got my ... instructors might be [...]
None (PS6U1) [3527] You can't [...] no, he won't be able to.
None (PS6U1) [3528] Oh.
None (PS6U1) [3529] No you, they can stay in the car while you have your test
None (PS6U1) [3530] Oh right.
None (PS6U1) [3531] but they can't actually test you. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3532] Yours would put you off, he'd keep talking about birds and things
None (PS6U1) [3533] Yeah so does mine.
None (PS6U1) [3534] He doesn't talk about birds that much he just sort of, now and again he'll say ... shit and I'll look round and I'll see these like really cool legs going [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3535] I bet you two just drive on [...]
None (PS6U1) [3536] It's pretty funny, [...]
None (PS6U1) [3537] I mean you've gotta go ha ha ha.
None (PS6U1) [...] ... [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [3538] [...] what's that, it's like a hammer
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3539] it's that big ... you could do something huge with that, you could go and like [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3540] I won't let them listen to it, completely confidential
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3541] I mean do they get your name and address and everything? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3542] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [3543] The people who like got you to do it get your name and address and everything? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3544] Erm
None (PS6U1) [3545] I should think so cos you could run off with the machine. ...
None (PS6U1) [3546] We're all gonna get arrested you know.
Cassie (PS51S) [3547] Oh shit [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3548] When driving straight ahead at a [...] roundabout should you normally A use the left lane or B use the right lane? ...
None (PS6U1) [3549] Well what was that about? ...
None (PS6U1) [3550] When ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3551] When driving straight ahead at a [...] roundabout should you normally A use the left lane or B use the right lane?
None (PS6U1) [3552] The right lane.
None (PS6U1) [3553] Beep beep.
None (PS6U1) [3554] Really?
None (PS6U1) [3555] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3556] You always use the left lane.
None (PS6U1) [3557] [...] yeah sorry sorry sorry.
None (PS6U1) [3558] Why would you go into the wrong lane [laughing] [...] [] to a roundabout? ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3559] What tip for a driving test, yeah?
None (PS6U1) [3560] Okay, hang on, on finding yourself in a wrong lane at a junction, Dan ... Dan ...
None (PS6U1) [3561] Yeah?
None (PS6U1) [3562] on finding yourself at the wrong lane at a junction should you ... A stay in it and miss your road, B [...] and wait until you can change or C signal and move over quickly?
[3563] Well mirror signal and move over. ...
None (PS6U1) [3564] Well C.
None (PS6U1) [3565] Beep beep.
None (PS6U1) [3566] Oh B [...]
None (PS6U1) [3567] Really?
None (PS6U1) [3568] stay in it and miss your r yeah you, look, if you've done something you stay with it.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3569] You don't [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3570] [...] but there's these mad people, they don't indicate they just go brrrrrrr ahead and they pull in and this Escort
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3571] this bloke and his bird, right, and then ahead wouldn't like it clears up a bit in, in the Blackwall tunnel but it's still like sort of five yards in between each car and he's just like moving from lane to lane without signalling or anything
None (PS6U1) [3572] Fucking hell.
None (PS6U1) [3573] and everyone's sort of going [...]
None (PS6U1) [3574] I had this really weird dream yesterday about handbrake turns
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3575] I dreamt I was like going, I can't remember what was, what I was doing, I was running, I was driving away from somebody, yeah, [...]
None (PS6U1) [3576] Did you do a handbrake turn?
None (PS6U1) [3577] and I did a handbrake turn, yeah, and it didn't work and I went whizzing into a tree [...] totalled the car.
None (PS6U1) [3578] What were you driving?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3579] [...] really odd dream once yeah I dreamt, I dreamt this tube of, tube of toothpaste was trying to get me and every time it hit me I lost [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3580] What?
[3581] Too much computer games.
[3582] I dreamt we were all playing [...] what would [...] do in this situation in crocodile skin boots.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3583] Oh they're wicked.
[3584] Did you see that snakeskin jacket [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3585] [...] at [...] party yeah ... I was [...] in the toilet yeah and this bloke comes in and goes oh [...] and I'd only got like a hit's worth left
None (PS6U1) [3586] Where?
None (PS6U1) [3587] toilet, in Bon's, in Dan's loo at Bon's party ... cos I'm going round [...] going oh no no no no I'll give you a fiver for it I went I really don't want to sell and in the end like I just said to him look just fuck off, you know cos like he was just persistent [...]
None (PS6U1) [3588] Yeah. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3589] What time is it? ...
None (PS6U1) [3590] Er about ten past twelve.
None (PS6U1) [3591] [...] starts to work.
[3592] Oi think of a project for me that I can do for the next seven weeks.
None (PS6U1) [3593] What can he do for [...]
None (PS6U1) [3594] Right draw er
None (PS6U1) [3595] [laughing] loads of people with their heads being blown off [] .
None (PS6U1) [3596] [laughing] Yeah [] that's a good [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3597] What's that?
None (PS6U1) [3598] Loads of people with their heads being blown off.
Cassie (PS51S) [3599] On what?
[3600] On the next
None (PS6U1) [3601] For his project.
None (PS6U1) [3602] For the next seven weeks.
None (PS6U1) [3603] No ... something serious.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3604] Look I've wasted a week already man [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3605] Have you seen [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [3606] [laughing] Yeah, yeah that's brilliant [] .
None (PS6U1) [3607] Have you seen it? ...
None (PS6U1) [3608] Do a picture, do, do like a series of pictures, yeah, but it's concentrating on the face but like the eyes and just try and capture a different personality from different looks of the eyes.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3609] [...] am I advertising something now?
[3610] Or like promoting something?
None (PS6U1) [3611] Erm
None (PS6U1) [3612] An illustration for a book maybe.
None (PS6U1) [3613] Oh Cassie I've just gotta see if this picks up.
None (PS6U1) [3614] No look it's it's, [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3615] illustrations to books like
None (PS6U1) [...] [microphone moved]
None (PS6U1) [3616] Dan do an illustration for kids books cos they're really easy.
None (PS6U1) [3617] No but he's a graphic designer, he's trying to sell you something.
None (PS6U1) [3618] No, yeah that'd be selling the book but
None (PS6U1) [3619] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [3620] Sell erm Monster Munch.
None (PS6U1) [3621] Yeah Monster Munch, do crisps, do a crisps series.
None (PS6U1) [3622] No I couldn't, I couldn't it's [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3623] I've got it ... marijuana's legalized and you've gotta do an advert campaign.
None (PS6U1) [3624] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3625] Yeah go on, go on.
None (PS6U1) [3626] Smoke Afghan! [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3627] Yeah right.
None (PS6U1) [3628] Afghan camel skin.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3629] Yeah do [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3630] That'd be so wicked. [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3631] Yeah because then you could have that, you could like have a story board for that advert that you thought of.
None (PS6U1) [3632] Yeah Dan, yeah you could do you know, we gave [laugh] one ounce of normal hash and one ounce of super zippo Afghan blue
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3633] Yeah that'd be so funny.
[3634] Er like one ounce has gone and we talked to some people who have tried it ... it was alright but a bit gakky at times
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3635] right but super zippo Afghan blue is still going strong.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3636] and there's this just this row of like rasta men
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3637] [laugh] and they're all like by the end and then the other side are still normal.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [3638] Fucking hell Dan.
[3639] ... And do you know those advert features that they do in the States, they're like sort of like ... half hour adverts, like they're like shows but they're like an advert
None (PS6U1) [3640] I've seen one of them.
None (PS6U1) [3641] Yeah, what for?
None (PS6U1) [3642] Erm some skin cream.
[3643] Well they did like a talk thing and people were like going yeah I feel the skin cream is really good, they just had a chat [...]
None (PS6U1) [3644] Yeah and that's what I put [...] call this number now, all credit cards accepted ... and that was it and then stop and oh and have you tried the new so and so, buy it now or phone so and so, all credit cards accepted.
None (PS6U1) [3645] I always reckon the best adverts are the genius ones.
[3646] ... Don't you reckon?
None (PS6U1) [3647] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3648] And then this programme would come on like [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3649] But now it's sort of, well no it's based very much on American sort of New York [...]
None (PS6U1) [3650] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3651] cos in New York they sort of like they have a chat [...] and the wo they've got some nice looking bird, right, and some sort of normal bloke off the street and they just sort of talk about New York and show lots of pictures of it
None (PS6U1) [3652] Mm.
[3653] ... But oh no you've gotta do legali er legalized thing.
None (PS6U1) [3654] Or you could do a legalized dope poster campaign.
None (PS6U1) [3655] Yeah post poster and advert like T V
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3656] [...] about the story board thing.
None (PS6U1) [3657] You could do a legal you could do a l a legalized one.
None (PS6U1) [3658] [laugh] [...] ... You could have like, sort of show like ... we gave, like, we gave one ounce of your average [...] and one ounce of Afghan blue
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3659] two sort of small [...] and then like you show these two kids playing a computer game going whee
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3660] and then this line goes [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3661] you see them like from the front going beep beep beep right, this line goes down the middle [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3662] and all this sort of like the ventilator shaft right there's all this blue smoke starting to pour [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3663] and then it homes in on one of the men right and it goes sort of whee one hour later whee ... whee bom bom bom and the other one goes one hour later right and the computer just explodes and it just goes boom [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3664] Oh look wicked, wicked, wicked I've got a wicked campaign, do a dope campaign yeah, and like the logo is dope may d dope may be dear but you pay through the nose for coke.
None (PS6U1) [3665] [laugh] ... Where did you nick that from?
None (PS6U1) [3666] Ah that's [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [3667] Sounds [...]
None (PS6U1) [3668] Yeah.
[3669] Come here and mash up.
None (PS6U1) [3670] Yeah come here and mash up [laughing] this place [] [...] there's like this five minutes of him [...] and he just goes what you doing man, come here and mash up this place and then [...]
None (PS6U1) [3671] Do you remember that do you remember that erm erm Jamaican party we went to? [...]
None (PS6U1) [3672] Oh my God yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3673] and like and it was [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3674] That was so dodgy [...]
None (PS6U1) [3675] I know [...] I felt really odd cos it was like
None (PS6U1) [3676] I saw him on the street the other day
None (PS6U1) [3677] Yeah I saw him around as well.
[3678] It was so dodgy though cos all the black kids [...] you know and they were going no man you're alright [...] in the corner like being left alone ...
None (PS6U1) [3679] [...] such dirty looks when we walked [...]
None (PS6U1) [3680] I know [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3681] Where was this?
None (PS6U1) [3682] [...] and we're all like still got bits of make up on from Rocky Horror [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3683] Where was this?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3684] Oh it was so funny being dragged in the kitchen [...]
None (PS6U1) [3685] No he had a really funny name
None (PS6U1) [3686] Mm.
None (PS6U1) [3687] like Theodorus or something
None (PS6U1) [3688] No no no it was like erm Boojoo or something, it wasn't Boojoo but it was something like that.
None (PS6U1) [3689] Yeah like ... Bammy or something.
[3690] Well that was his nickname wasn't it? ...
None (PS6U1) [3691] Couldn't believe that, we get in the door and he says, goes yeah man [...]
None (PS6U1) [3692] Oh yeah we thought he's alright, you know [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3693] but I got upstairs and it was just a lot of people going ... [...] [laugh] That was weird though like couples disappearing in rooms and sort of
None (PS6U1) [3694] You want some chicken and the rice
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3695] come in the kitchen [...] and like that weird sort of red rum gear he had
None (PS6U1) [3696] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3697] like, like rum and red stuff
None (PS6U1) [3698] That was nice that was.
None (PS6U1) [3699] Yeah, it had that really [...] feel to it like it doesn't feel too alcoholic and then [...] suddenly goes whooooooo
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3700] Who, who's going to this party tonight?
None (PS6U1) [belch]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3701] Where is it?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3702] Here's mister tape recorder ... what's going on then?
[3703] ... Dan over ... [laugh] Dan over ... come in [laugh] easy ten four
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3704] [laugh] over that's right ... over ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3705] [...] you know where the Marmite is?
None (PS6U1) [3706] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3707] Opposite side same shelf.
None (PS6U1) [3708] Dan, I was thinking yeah [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3709] Anybody else want [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [3710] Dan, something like this
Cassie (PS51S) [3711] Hon do you wanna paracetamol?
None (PS6U1) [3712] Dan
Meg (PS6P2) [3713] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3714] [...] imagine that but just done in complete black with white lines, yeah, like sort of like if [...] with white lines going down
None (PS6U1) [3715] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3716] picture of just like that yeah but this geezer's like got skiing glasses on and this huge joint and like all these [...] attachments just going like that ... look like broccoli [...] but like that yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3717] [...] the lyrics on it he sort of stops half way through and he goes ... [singing] yeah do this to me [] and he carries on again.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3718] [...] big on lyrics isn't he? ...
None (PS6U1) [3719] He got assassinated for being too [...] you know.
None (PS6U1) [3720] He got assassinated?
None (PS6U1) [3721] Yeah this geezer who's doing this cos a lot of his songs are like, it's like vocal, like the vocal version to these sort of like ... stuff about Jamaica throw away your guns and sort of
None (PS6U1) [...] ... [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3722] Is it alright to take Milk of Magnesia tablets with paracetamol?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3723] What?
None (PS6U1) [3724] No that'll be alright. ...
None (PS6U1) [3725] What, what sort of Milk of Magnesia tablets?
Cassie (PS51S) [3726] I dunno.
None (PS6U1) [3727] Just stomach calmers, yeah?
Cassie (PS51S) [3728] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3729] Yeah.
[3730] Well if, if there was an effect it would be really small.
None (PS6U1) [3731] [...] drum beat.
None (PS6U1) [3732] That's like ... it's about fifty beats [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3733] But the next one sounds exactly [laughing] like this [] .
[3734] ... There's some drums on this that just sound exactly the same [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [two or three minutes of laughing and mucking around]
None (PS6U1) [3735] [laughing] Dan have you got any like cartoons of geezers smoking massive joints [] ?
[3736] Dan ... [laugh] ... Dan have you got any smart cartoons of geezers with [laughing] massive joints [] ?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3737] [laughing] It looks like Alan Whicker [] .
None (PS6U1) [3738] [laughing] It does [] . ...
None (PS6U1) [3739] What have you done to him?
[3740] ... [laugh] ... [laughing] That face is so bad, that's like really derogatory Dan []
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3741] Really what?
None (PS6U1) [3742] Derogatory, that's such a typical like [...] .
None (PS6U1) [3743] No the, the, the, the worst one is [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3744] [laughing] That's brilliant that one.
[3745] All this is gonna be in the teenage ... on the revenge of the young [...] knuckles this is, this is true this story [] .
None (PS6U1) [3746] Is it?
None (PS6U1) [3747] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3748] [laugh] It's true as well. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3749] What if there's like a book published in a, in about a couple of years time about the children's language [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3750] [...] mash up this place, listen to this.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...] ... [music now louder]
None (PS6U1) [3751] Oh where is it?
[3752] ... [laugh] Wicked. ...
None (PS6U1) [...] [five minutes of loud music and muffled laughter and conversation]
None (PS6U1) [3753] Who wants to listen to [...] at the Gates of Dawn? ...
None (PS6U1) [3754] [...] a really trebly track that goes [singing] nee nee nee na nee nee [] and it's really bloody annoying.
None (PS6U1) [3755] Oh wicked. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3756] We're also gonna do Deptford City Hall. [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [...]
None (PS6U1) [3757] Oh what, Brixton nick?
None (PS6U1) [3758] Yeah, no no no [...] you go off Deptford High Street it's got this big sign says do not enter flashing lights [laugh] you go down this alleyway and there's this like [...] tramp just sort of spit in your face going urgh off with you you laddie, right?
[3759] And then you go in a bit further and you enter the Deptford estate and this is random, you can like go north south east or west [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3760] but now and again there's some like erm sub-circuits or whatever, sub programming that you'll appear right [...] there's Mermaid Towers right, you appear and you get trapped for seven years listening to this old man
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3761] The old hermit.
None (PS6U1) [3762] [...] stays on it on the game for about twenty minutes [...] and he just sort of talks on and on
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3763] goes more, more, more.
None (PS6U1) [3764] I used to be a carpenter you know.
None (PS6U1) [3765] More, more more [laugh] [...] and then there's this other one right, you get [...]
None (PS6U1) [3766] [...] find something neutral
None (PS6U1) [...]

16 (Tape 134201)

None (PS6U1) [3767] Oh shit.
[3768] ... Has this thing gone?
[3769] ... That's gonna be a good noise.
[3770] Come on you've gotta talk.
None (PS6U1) [3771] What?
[3772] Is it working?
Cassie (PS51S) [3773] Just about to test it, should work.
None (PS6U1) [3774] [...] ... [...] hello come in three.
Cassie (PS51S) [3775] Wait a minute.
None (PS6U1) [3776] Hello.
[3777] ... Hello Cassie.
Cassie (PS51S) [3778] Hello, hello.
[3779] Incoming [...]
None (PS6U1) [3780] Bad boy.
Cassie (PS51S) [3781] Yeah that's alright.
[3782] I think it is anyway.
[3783] ... [laugh] Nothing to talk about now.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3784] [...] think it's working.
[3785] ... Yeah that's better.
None (PS6U1) [3786] It's the one O six [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3787] This is the one O six bus and it's the most horrible journey ever.
None (PS6U1) [3788] In the world. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3789] Oh shit! ...
None (PS6U1) [3790] Does it keep on cutting out?
Cassie (PS51S) [3791] Yeah, I dunno why it does actually.
None (PS6U1) [3792] Low on batteries.
Cassie (PS51S) [3793] No nothing like that.
[3794] ... I think the microphone's just basic basically fucked.
[3795] ... Mm yum yum Werther's Original [laugh] [sniff] ...
None (PS6U1) [3796] How many more tapes you gotta do? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3797] Erm ... four or five I think.
None (PS6U1) [3798] Shit. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3799] We'll get some at the party tonight.
None (PS6U1) [3800] [laughing] Oh yeah that'll be well funny [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [3801] [laugh] Mine and Aaron's ... erm mine and Aaron's idea of sticking the erm microphone in the toilet, yeah,
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3802] [laughing] right [] hiding it and then erm later on during the party yeah taking the tape yeah and telling everyone to be quiet and listen to it. [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3803] That's a wicked idea.
None (PS6U1) [3804] You could erm you could, you could stick it in like the bedroom and wait for someone to go in and have a shag
Cassie (PS51S) [3805] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [3806] that'd be funny.
Cassie (PS51S) [3807] I should've left it recording in your bedroom or something.
None (PS6U1) [3808] No. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3809] God I've eaten so much junk this f food this weekend.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3810] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [3811] Nothing wrong with eating junk food is there?
Cassie (PS51S) [3812] Well it's not very healthy is it? ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3813] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [3814] [...] anyway. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3815] [...] Thin Lizzie just got off the bus.
None (PS6U1) [3816] [laugh] What, all of them [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [3817] No just the bloke.
None (PS6U1) [3818] Phil [...] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [3819] Yeah Phil [...] that's it.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3820] I wonder if they've got Thin Lizzie in Norway?
Cassie (PS51S) [3821] Mm.
[3822] See that geezer down there?
[3823] He looks like the one out of erm you know erm ... Coming to America yeah, the one with the erm [laughing] sort of shiny greasy hair [] ?
None (PS6U1) [3824] [laughing] Oh yeah [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [3825] [laugh] Yeah that was so funny, you know the bit ... he has to come up to the house ... to erm ... has, has to come up to the house
None (PS6U1) [3826] Oh yeah [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3827] has to come up to the house to talk to him and erm ... like he sort of opens the door and just shuts it in his face cos he finds out the other bloke's a prince and he's just standing there in the rain.
[3828] [laugh] That was so funny that film I swear. ...
None (PS6U1) [3829] It's really weird my mu erm one of my mum's friends who's a bit of goer, she's got herself a new bloke called Jim yeah and he looks exactly like Jimmi Hendrix and he plays the guitar.
Cassie (PS51S) [3830] [laughing] Wicked [] .
None (PS6U1) [laughing] [...] []
Cassie (PS51S) [3831] Does he, does he do it on purpose? ...
None (PS6U1) [3832] No, no I mean he just looks like Jimmi Hendrix he's not like a just a [...] bloke [...] really looks like him.
Cassie (PS51S) [3833] Can you share it with Honey?
None (PS6U1) [3834] Yeah. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3835] Hey don't ask for any more right ... greedy bastards, I dunno.
[3836] ... [laugh] It was so funny when we recording in ... Dan, do you remember when we were recording at Aaron's getting up? ... [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3837] I've gotta listen to erm ... all that ... stuff erm when Aaron and Alex were [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3838] [laughing] [...] wearing strange attire [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [3839] What's that woman supposed to be looking like?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3840] She looks like bloody [...] weird seventies [...]
None (PS6U1) [3841] [...] pair of flares, that's what I say.
Cassie (PS51S) [3842] Yeah.
[3843] ... Bloody thing keeps on fucking cutting out. ...
None (PS6U1) [3844] You should really, you should find Jim tonight ... and record yourself [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3845] Oh is he coming?
None (PS6U1) [3846] Think so yeah but he was ill though yesterday. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3847] Dan, did you hear what I said? ...
None (PS6U1) [3848] Pardon.
Cassie (PS51S) [3849] I said Phil [...] [whispering] [...] [] .
[3850] ... Did you hear what I said?
None (PS6U1) [3851] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3852] [...] Mm? ... [laugh] [...] yeah?
[3853] Don't you reckon?
None (PS6U1) [3854] Oh God, can you imagine sitting there and actually just washing people's windows and trying to get some money, it must be so depressing.
Cassie (PS51S) [3855] Yeah I know.
[3856] It's so annoying when they just come up to your window whether you want it cleaned or not they just clean it.
None (PS6U1) [3857] I know.
Cassie (PS51S) [3858] I mean if they ever do that to me I'm just gonna fucking drive off.
None (PS6U1) [3859] [...] my driving instructor always just goes blah and then
Cassie (PS51S) [3860] Yeah I know.
[3861] ... Well I think what I'll do yeah is like when they're trying to clean my window I'll open the gu and shoot er open the window yeah and I'll get out a gun and shoot them. [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3862] No no well you, well actually that's a good one, if you, they start washing the window, yeah and turn the wipers on and whoosh [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3863] [laugh] So there's splatters all over them, oh fuck [...] ... bloody cutting out.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3864] That bloody museum's so crap.
None (PS6U1) [3865] Oh it is isn't it?
[3866] It's really boring.
Cassie (PS51S) [3867] It never changes its scenery or anything. ...
Meg (PS6P2) [3868] Oh there was this interview with Mick Jagger yeah but like it must have been written about [...] cos they described him as a neanderthal rocker. [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3869] [laugh] It's not true. ...
Meg (PS6P2) [3870] Dan's got a new penis.
None (PS6U1) [3871] Coke can vibes [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3872] [laugh] Coke can vibes.
Meg (PS6P2) [3873] Coke can vibes.
None (PS6U1) [...] [making odd noises]
None (PS6U1) [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [3874] Wicked!
Cassie (PS51S) [3875] [...] cut out.

17 (Tape 134202)

None (PS6U1) [3876] No don't [...] just say it from there. ... [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3877] It's all lies I tell you. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3878] It never used to cut out, I think there's something wrong with it.
Meg (PS6P2) [3879] [laughing] Coke can vibes [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Meg (PS6P2) [3880] [laugh] Did you record that Cassie? ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3881] Yeah.
Meg (PS6P2) [3882] [laugh] With the Coke can vibes?
Cassie (PS51S) [3883] Yeah. ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3884] [laugh] Wicked.
[3885] [...] ... Oh wow Thin Lizzie were so cool.
None (PS6U1) [3886] They were weren't they?
Cassie (PS51S) [3887] Dan [...] used to hate them.
None (PS6U1) [3888] Yeah I did, I used to really hate them.
Cassie (PS51S) [3889] Why?
None (PS6U1) [3890] [...] ... I always liked the Boys are Back in Town
Cassie (PS51S) [3891] Yeah.
[3892] I like Jail [...]
None (PS6U1) [3893] It's good no I tell you why I thought they were crap cos you gave me an album and it had the ... had Dancing in the Moonlight and that was good but all the other songs on it were really shit.
Cassie (PS51S) [3894] What was that, erm Bad Reputation?
None (PS6U1) [3895] Yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3896] Or something.
None (PS6U1) [3897] It's, it's rubbish.
Cassie (PS51S) [3898] Mm.
[3899] Alive and Dangerous is the best one.
[3900] ... God I hate this bus journey, it's so boring.
[3901] ... [sniff] [laughing] Oops [] [sniff]
Meg (PS6P2) [3902] Sniffing some coke [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3903] [laugh] They're go gonna get this tape right and they're just gonna think what the fuck!
[3904] ... None of the other people are probably gonna have stuff like this on their tape.
None (PS6U1) [3905] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [3906] Pete, Peter's one's gonna be like all intellectual people
None (PS6U1) [3907] Peter ?
Cassie (PS51S) [3908] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [3909] And
None (PS6U1) [3910] [laughing] I'm sorry but [] to call Peter even vaguely intellectual just doesn't work at all.
Cassie (PS51S) [3911] No like and also there's Anthony the biggest ragger in our year.
None (PS6U1) [3912] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [3913] Anthony the biggest ragger in our year and there's Grace
None (PS6U1) [3914] Oh yeah I know.
Cassie (PS51S) [3915] who's the erm prettiest female biggest ragger in our year. ...
None (PS6U1) [3916] Tell Grace to change [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3917] [laugh] That'd be quite good.
[3918] ... Sorry about stopping the tape but it keeps on cutting out cos your microphone is absolutely shit. ... [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3919] Pardon?
Cassie (PS51S) [3920] I was just saying erm sorry about keep on stopping the tape but your microphone is absolutely shit
None (PS6U1) [3921] Oh yeah.
Cassie (PS51S) [3922] and it keeps on cutting out, that's why I'm stopping it ... by the way.
[3923] ... [laugh] ... Oh God one more person asking me what this thing's for, yeah, tonight I'm gonna fucking go mad.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3924] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [3925] What's this thing for?
Cassie (PS51S) [3926] Do you wanna slap Dan?
None (PS6U1) [3927] No.
[3928] ... Ooh! ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3929] That college is so shit, what did you just call it, Whackney college?
Meg (PS6P2) [3930] It was so shit [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3931] Dan what did you just call it?
[3932] ... Whackney college?
None (PS6U1) [3933] Acne college.
Cassie (PS51S) [3934] [laughing] Acne college [] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [3935] It's such a fucking shit hole.
[3936] [laughing] It's not as bad as [] ... I think, I think the funniest thing was erm ... is that ... that Hackney Housing Office ... down here looks just like a squat [laugh] is that the housing office for Hackney
Cassie (PS51S) [3937] Oh yeah where is it?
None (PS6U1) [3938] is just miles [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3939] Yeah I think I've seen that before ... and er all that stuff [...] the big boy nut
Meg (PS6P2) [3940] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [3941] went all along the one O six bus route.
None (PS6U1) [3942] I know.
Cassie (PS51S) [3943] Really really weird.
None (PS6U1) [3944] Do you know what that means? ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3945] It's like someone just got off at every single stop and wrote on it.
[3946] ... Have you ever seen the erm tag idea written all over the place?
None (PS6U1) [3947] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [3948] Oh well if you have [...] ... what?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3949] Cos I know the person who wrote idea.
None (PS6U1) [3950] Who was it?
Cassie (PS51S) [3951] Some geezer called Danny.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3952] What?
None (PS6U1) [3953] [...] going round using their tags and reckoning they're [...] .
[3954] Remember when Jonathan used to do that?
Cassie (PS51S) [3955] Did he?
[3956] I can't, I dunno I never used to know Jonathan .
None (PS6U1) [3957] Oh right.
Cassie (PS51S) [3958] Did you know Tamsin used to go out with Jonathan ?
None (PS6U1) [3959] Did she?
Cassie (PS51S) [3960] Yeah, yeah erm
None (PS6U1) [3961] [...] he goes out with loads of quite, quite sexy women, I don't understand it myself [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3962] Well you know he used to be quite good looking when he was younger but now he's really ugly.
None (PS6U1) [3963] No he's alright looking but he's just boring.
Cassie (PS51S) [3964] Yeah I know. ...
None (PS6U1) [3965] He rings you up and goes ... he goes hello it's Jonathan and you go oh right hello Jonathan and he doesn't say anything ... so you talk to him for about half an hour or so and then you go alright Jonathan, better go, you know and then he goes ... no no I've got something to tell you and you go oh alright what is it then and he goes I can't remember it man, just talk to me for a bit longer and I'll remember it then and it goes on like that for hours and hours and it's so boring.
Cassie (PS51S) [3966] Oh God.
[3967] Does he ring you up?
[3968] Off and on.
None (PS6U1) [3969] No he used to but ... [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [3970] He was so wicked [...]
None (PS6U1) [3971] [...] what?
Cassie (PS51S) [3972] [...] they used to be alright didn't they?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3973] [...] said they did.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3974] Eh?
None (PS6U1) [3975] used to be the biggest arsehole.
Cassie (PS51S) [3976] Oh he is, [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3977] Oh I wanna see Full Metal Jacket.
[3978] ... [...] and it's got [...] as well and it's got all these like [...]
None (PS6U1) [...] [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3979] You're not getting no more.
[3980] ... No, no more for you. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [3981] The end bit, the end bit [...] I'll probably go out during that [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3982] What's that?
Meg (PS6P2) [3983] it's really really [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3984] What is?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3985] I haven't seen that.
Meg (PS6P2) [3986] It's like you know when you, you [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3987] Did you think Henry was quite good?
[3988] In a nasty [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3989] Really really nasty though.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3990] [sucking noises] [laugh] I love making stupid noises on this.
[3991] ... [...] [banging] Ah that, Dan that [...] ... [sucking noises] [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [3992] This bus takes the stupidest route, it's [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [3993] I know darling.
None (PS6U1) [3994] If it just went in a straight line it would take [...] fifteen minutes.
Meg (PS6P2) [3995] I know. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3996] But what kind of advert is that, come here and go away?
[3997] [laugh] I mean I know what it means but like ... Are you lot going to Italy this year?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [3998] Who with?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [3999] [...] should take about ten minutes
Cassie (PS51S) [4000] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4001] and it takes about five fucking hours, it's ridiculous.
Cassie (PS51S) [4002] [laugh] Like that, but the other thing, and the other thing about this bus ride is it's so horrible isn't it?
[4003] It's just like look, everything that you look at [...]
None (PS6U1) [4004] [...] yeah, really [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4005] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4006] Who is ... I'm gonna kill that bastard.
[4007] Yeah, you know the bastard who draws those really crap pictures on bloody kebab shops?
Meg (PS6P2) [4008] When?
None (PS6U1) [4009] And they're always the same.
Meg (PS6P2) [4010] Oh yeah.
[4011] What like those er
Cassie (PS51S) [4012] [laugh] Dan.
[4013] Dan Dan Dan look at that picture on there, Dan!
[4014] Look there's a picture that ... you can put up [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4015] Somebody had written erm [...] yes I am a lesbian and [laugh]
Meg (PS6P2) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [4016] You can [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4017] Remember when that bus bloody stopped there and we had to walk, me you and Zed?
Cassie (PS51S) [4018] Oh God yeah.
[4019] Then me, yeah me and Zed were saying like because, and like we'd been tripping the night before and everything
None (PS6U1) [4020] Yeah!
Cassie (PS51S) [4021] it was horrible.
[4022] All the way from Cla all the way from before Clapton
None (PS6U1) [4023] Yeah and [...] bus stopped and I said it was going to cos we [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4024] And like we were coming down and [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4025] I'm gonna fall across the seat. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4026] Talk to me. ...
None (PS6U1) [4027] Talk to you.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4028] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4029] [laugh] It was so funny when you stubbed a fag out on his arse.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4030] Do you remember that when Alex stubbed that fag out on his arse?
Meg (PS6P2) [laughing] [...] []
None (PS6U1) [4031] That was so funny like [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4032] I know.
[4033] I don't understand what he was doing with his [...] I mean that must hurt so much.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4034] [...] I can do that but I can't take it out of the socket. [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4035] It's really nasty.
[4036] ... That is just wicked, using his arse as an ashtray, that was just a classic that was.
[4037] We should've had a picture of that.
[4038] ... Is that it?
[4039] Is that the squat?
[4040] No that doesn't look like a squat.
[4041] Have we passed it Dan?
Meg (PS6P2) [4042] Oh yeah [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4043] We need to have some talking on this. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4044] [...] shit it's half past four [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4045] What?
None (PS6U1) [4046] [...] it's half past four.
Cassie (PS51S) [4047] Oh shit.
None (PS6U1) [4048] Time flies when you're smoking [laughing] dope [] .
Cassie (PS51S) [4049] I wasn't actually that stoned were you?
None (PS6U1) [4050] No.
Cassie (PS51S) [4051] I wasn't [...] stoned.
None (PS6U1) [4052] Well it wasn't it wasn't that good stuff actually, it was quite poor.
[4053] [...] pretty good.
Meg (PS6P2) [4054] That was [...] that we had [...] last weekend.
None (PS6U1) [4055] Was it?
Meg (PS6P2) [4056] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U1) [4057] What is it going on about liquid gold and gold [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4058] I mean is that man a spastic or what?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4059] No he's not a spastic but like ... [laughing] he does talk some [] serious shit.
Meg (PS6P2) [4060] I know.
[4061] ... I think he's alright. ...
None (PS6U1) [4062] Why what's wrong with him?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4063] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U1) [4064] Think it was for his birthday, yeah, or Christmas, right, she gave an intravenous drip filled with speed solution
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4065] so he doesn't need to bother [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4066] For his birthday and Christmas [...] rehabilitation centre.
None (PS6U1) [4067] [laugh] Pay for him to go to rehab.
Meg (PS6P2) [4068] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4069] No he'd love that though cos he could come round and go shit I've just come out of rehab and everyone would go oh wow man you must be really drugged out.
Meg (PS6P2) [4070] Yeah. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4071] Oh God I hate this bloody bus journey.
None (PS6U1) [4072] Cos I think he's sort of realized now that nobody's particularly impressed by him taking six grammes and [...] twelve Es at once and going oh I took six grammes of [...] and twelve Es at once and I was really fucked.
Cassie (PS51S) [4073] Yeah I know. ...
None (PS6U1) [4074] So he, he needs something new to do. ...
Meg (PS6P2) [4075] What do you think he'll do next?
[4076] Go round and start murdering people [...] ?
None (PS6U1) [4077] Yeah I should think so.
[4078] Come round and say oh I murdered twelve people today and then we'll all go oh wow Zed!
Meg (PS6P2) [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [4079] We should get off and interview Anna. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4080] Oh yes.
[4081] ... Where's she live? ...
None (PS6U1) [4082] Just down there. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4083] What did it sound like ... to you?
None (PS6U1) [4084] Mm? [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4085] Did it come from outside or in here?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4086] Bad boy ... reaching Clapton ponds. ...
Meg (PS6P2) [4087] [...] bus stop.
None (PS6U1) [4088] That's right.
[4089] ... Anna lives just down the road.
Meg (PS6P2) [4090] Anna she's cool.
None (PS6U1) [4091] Her nose is a funny shape. ...
Meg (PS6P2) [4092] And she giggles a lot.
[4093] ... Ha?
None (PS6U1) [4094] She giggles a lot?
[4095] She's not as cool as she used to be, you know.
[4096] S she's started hanging out with fucking ... Max and all the bloody teeny wankers.
Cassie (PS51S) [4097] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4098] God there was this spasticated kid in my school, you know Lucy ?
Cassie (PS51S) [4099] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4100] Yeah I was talking to her and she's got this ma he's not a spastic he's just got such bad taste in music and he just plays it like it's sort of like ... [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4101] What's he like?
None (PS6U1) [4102] Erm ... he, he likes ... he likes sort of erm ... Nirvana and ... Frank and Walters and all these really
Cassie (PS51S) [4103] Who's this?
None (PS6U1) [4104] crap bands and I'm going but they're so untalented, sort it out and he's going ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4105] What's he saying?
None (PS6U1) [4106] he's just saying no but they're really good and I'm going but they're not, they're rubbish.
[4107] I suppose [...] ... Nirvana are the best of a bad lot by a long way.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4108] Then why is it Nirvana never played ... yeah I suppose you, I see what you mean yeah. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4109] At least they bloody started it and they just didn't fucking jump on the bandwagon like everybody else.
Cassie (PS51S) [4110] Yeah I know. ...
None (PS6U1) [4111] Oh well they did actually cos they ripped off erm ... what was that band before, I can't remember, Pavement they were before Nirvana.
Cassie (PS51S) [4112] Who?
None (PS6U1) [4113] Pavement.
Cassie (PS51S) [4114] They were what?
None (PS6U1) [4115] They were before Nirvana, they came from Seattle, they sound almost exactly the same.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4116] Nirvana are just a rip off of them really.
[4117] ... Except Nirvana are better.
Cassie (PS51S) [4118] Nirvana are crap though.
None (PS6U1) [4119] I know they are. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4120] Gotta listen to a little bit of [...]
None (PS6U1) [4121] Like Thin Lizzie.
Cassie (PS51S) [4122] Yeah!
[4123] ... Do you like the Black [...] ?
Meg (PS6P2) [4124] Yeah they're wicked.
None (PS6U1) [4125] Yeah they're okay.
Meg (PS6P2) [4126] Have you got any of their tapes?
[4127] ... Have you got Hot to Handle on your tape?
Cassie (PS51S) [4128] Erm ... well I've got, I've got the album with Broker Deal on it and erm ... I've got another tape out which had Hot to Handle on it ... see I recorded the album [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4129] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [4130] I recorded the album I got you which didn't have [...] on it yeah?
[4131] And then I got another compilation tape with [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4132] Can I tape it off you?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4133] Yeah no the Black [...] are good but they do sound like the Stones.
Cassie (PS51S) [4134] The Stones?
None (PS6U1) [4135] Yeah.
[4136] ... Except with [...] the guitar so much. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4137] How old are they?
Meg (PS6P2) [4138] I think [...] sound like the Stones.
None (PS6U1) [4139] Yeah [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4140] Good though.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4141] They do.
Cassie (PS51S) [4142] I don't think they do at all.
Meg (PS6P2) [4143] They do. [...]
None (PS6U1) [4144] Some of their songs do.
[4145] And then he really looks like Mick Jagger as well which don't help.
Cassie (PS51S) [4146] Don't you reckon that erm the [...] are a bit of a copy of er Spinal Tap?
None (PS6U1) [4147] [laughing] [...] are a copy of Spinal Tap [] ?
Cassie (PS51S) [4148] Well they, they all look the same.
[4149] They, they ... they ... the people look the same as
None (PS6U1) [4150] They don't.
Cassie (PS51S) [4151] They do, that geezer with erm ... moustache and [...] hair.
None (PS6U1) [4152] He looks a bit like Derek Smalls I know but ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4153] Did, did you know that erm Spinal Tap was a film before the band came out?
None (PS6U1) [4154] Yes.
Cassie (PS51S) [4155] Yeah cos I never used to know that
None (PS6U1) [4156] But you, you
Cassie (PS51S) [4157] till I saw [...]
None (PS6U1) [4158] you seriously thought they were a real band?
Cassie (PS51S) [4159] Yeah well they were kind of after erm the erm thing.
None (PS6U1) [4160] They weren't really they were just like
Cassie (PS51S) [4161] Do you think they're good?
None (PS6U1) [4162] No they're music's terrible, they're quite funny though.
[4163] ... They, they've got one good, really good riff on erm ... er Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You er [singing] der der der der der der der der der der der []
Cassie (PS51S) [4164] Yeah I know I like that.
None (PS6U1) [4165] But I mean then, then again they don't do it very well.
Cassie (PS51S) [4166] Don't they?
None (PS6U1) [4167] If they left it in the hands of [...] it would be a much better song.
Cassie (PS51S) [4168] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4169] Cos they, they don't play with that much conviction, well I mean suppose they're not really musicians but ... sound a bit crap.
[4170] ... Bad News are much better.
Cassie (PS51S) [4171] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4172] The music of Bad News cos [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4173] [...] what?
None (PS6U1) [4174] [...] helped Bad News write most of the songs.
Cassie (PS51S) [4175] Oh right yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4176] [laugh] So that one about erm [singing] go insane and eat my brain baby [] [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [4177] I haven't heard that.
None (PS6U1) [4178] Oh that's brilliant that one is.
[4179] ... And like ... what was that really good one?
[4180] There was Old Warriors of Genghis Khan
Cassie (PS51S) [4181] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4182] that was a brilliant ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4183] [...] oh yeah I have seen Bad News but I, I don't remember it very well, I remember bits of it.
None (PS6U1) [4184] [singing] Bad news der der der der der bad news []
Meg (PS6P2) [4185] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [4186] Well erm have you heard that, that song Warriors of Genghis Khan?
Meg (PS6P2) [4187] What the nasty one?
Cassie (PS51S) [4188] What's that?
[4189] Just [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4190] The nasty one with the stupid [...] video?
None (PS6U1) [4191] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Meg (PS6P2) [4192] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4193] Yeah but they're just, they they're just, they're ... they don't [...] do they?
[4194] ... They're just being really your average thick metal band. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4195] I wonder what, oi Dan ... Honey, I wonder what, I wonder what we'll be like when we get into our sort of mid twenties?
None (PS6U1) [4196] Probably pretty similar to what we are now I should imagine.
Cassie (PS51S) [4197] Do you reckon we'll still know each other?
None (PS6U1) [4198] Yeah.
[4199] ... Yeah I reckon.
[4200] ... Basically if the band stays together then we'll just still know the same people because
Cassie (PS51S) [4201] Yeah.
[4202] ... We've gotta keep it together [...]
None (PS6U1) [4203] Oh we will, we're gonna keep together till we're very wealthy.
[4204] ... Hopefully.
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4205] No well we'll, look we're getting quite, we're getting quite a lot of erm attention.
Cassie (PS51S) [4206] [...] I don't mean like sort of you wish [...] like you wish that you ... like you'll become rich or something. ...
None (PS6U1) [4207] I do wish that [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4208] Yeah.
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4209] [...] four thousand seven [...] ... four er forty seven yeah erm a grand total of forty seven thousand three hundred pounds.
Cassie (PS51S) [4210] What's that?
[4211] How much you've got?
None (PS6U1) [4212] I worked it out the other day, I've got fifty eight P. ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4213] Oh almost home.
Cassie (PS51S) [4214] Yeah nearly there.
[4215] ... Oi Dan ... I've gotta, I've gotta play you, I've gotta play you later on of me apologizing to the Norwegians.
None (PS6U1) [4216] Oh why?
[4217] Oh what did you say?
Cassie (PS51S) [4218] There's just this, it's just really funny cos I sound really wrecked yeah and I say ... look hello, hello look Norwegian people ... I just want to apologize for all this mess and all this crap on this tape but I mean yeah like you know, fuck it
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [4219] it's a laugh innit?
[4220] [laugh] And then, and then Stitch sort of takes over [...]
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [4221] and there's people ... and then there's a bit yeah er someone said to Aaron you've got a bony arse and I'm standing behind you and I'm going yes Aaron you have a bony [laughing] arse [] .
None (PS6U1) [4222] Oh I said to Aaron that he had a bony arse, he does as well.
Cassie (PS51S) [4223] Mm.
[4224] ... Well don't you think [...] embarrassing?
[4225] ... No?
None (PS6U1) [4226] Oh I can't remember.
[4227] [laugh] ... Coming down, slowing into High Street passing Stoke Newington Church Street and the Samuel Beckett where they're really crap and like don't pay you properly ... oh no
Cassie (PS51S) [4228] Don't they?
None (PS6U1) [4229] no they do at the Samuel Beckett, it's the [...] and ... okay, it's a good new Embassy advert ... but I still don't smoke Embassy because they're horrible.
Cassie (PS51S) [4230] And [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [laugh] [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4231] Sing it like, like glow in the dark Embassy or something innit?
[4232] ... I like Embassy filter actually, you know the really small cigarettes, they're quite cute. ...
None (PS6U1) [4233] I wouldn't compromise with towels would you?
[4234] ... Don't you think those adverts for ... erm the Vauxhall Corsa are really pointless?
[4235] All those ones with the supermodels sitting on cars?
None (PS6U1) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4236] The er the T V advert's quite good, it's quite stylish but
Cassie (PS51S) [4237] Yeah.
[4238] ... I'm sorry but does anyone actually use Stoke Newington train station?
None (PS6U1) [4239] [laughing] I don't think so [] .
[4240] Only the people that work there.
Cassie (PS51S) [4241] But what I don't understand is though why we haven't got an underground station at Stoke Newington and why Stoke Newington train station isn't linked up to Whitechapel.
None (PS6U1) [4242] It isn't linked up to anything, it goes nowhere.
[4243] I think there's just one bit of line going from there like
Cassie (PS51S) [4244] I, I think it goes to Canonbury and think it goes to Bethnal Green.
None (PS6U1) [4245] Great!
[4246] Actually does it go to Bethnal Green?
[4247] ... Cos if you got the train to Bethnal Green you could walk it from there to Whitechapel.
Cassie (PS51S) [4248] Well I'd rather not actually it's much better getting the one O six.
[4249] ... There is an underground at Bethnal Green isn't there?
[4250] ... Coming up to my house pretty soon ... but I'm not going there cos it's shit.
None (PS6U1) [laugh] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4251] I hope one of you [...]
None (PS6U1) [4252] We were gonna move into a house just down here when we erm ... one of these ones, like a flat ... one of those
Cassie (PS51S) [4253] A flat?
None (PS6U1) [4254] a flat in one of those.
Cassie (PS51S) [4255] Oh my God!
None (PS6U1) [4256] What?
Cassie (PS51S) [4257] You and who? ...
None (PS6U1) [4258] No, no erm ... my family when I was really small but the, the flat was too titchy.
Cassie (PS51S) [4259] Yeah I know they are.
[4260] I hope Zed and Bonnie come to this party tonight. ...
None (PS6U1) [4261] Dunno [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4262] What?
None (PS6U1) [4263] I dunno if Bonnie will, she doesn't go anywhere she's just so boring.
Cassie (PS51S) [4264] No she said she wanted to go to a party this weekend.
None (PS6U1) [4265] Oh right well [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4266] And if not [...] ...
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4267] Oh shit! ...
None (PS6U1) [4268] Oh home ground [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4269] What?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4270] [...] is just [...] ... I don't care what anybody says.
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4271] Have you got any orange juice Dan?
None (PS6U1) [4272] By the gallon.
Cassie (PS51S) [4273] Have you?
None (PS6U1) [4274] Yeah we've got loads left over from the funeral.
Cassie (PS51S) [4275] Still, I can't believe you've still got that [...]
None (PS6U1) [4276] [laughing] No []
Cassie (PS51S) [4277] It's weird.
None (PS6U1) [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4278] I'll have to make some phone calls when I get back to your house.
None (PS6U1) [4279] Oh I see.
Cassie (PS51S) [4280] Okay?
None (PS6U1) [4281] [...] waste my phone bill.
Cassie (PS51S) [4282] Oh do shut up.
[4283] No can I use your phone?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4284] Ha?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4285] Oh don't be so sarcastic. ...
None (PS6U1) [4286] [...] sarcastic, my brain isn't working at the moment.
[4287] ... My brain isn't [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4288] Come on then.
None (PS6U1) [4289] manage anything as advanced as sarcasm.
Cassie (PS51S) [4290] Oh God you don't know how much my legs hurt.
[4291] ... It's bloody cut out again.
[4292] ... We're now getting off the bus.
[4293] Shit!
[4294] ... We're very nearly home.
[4295] ... I've got to pretend to be a reporter Dan. ...
None (PS6U1) [4296] Right, out on the streets again.
Meg (PS6P2) [4297] That bastard on that bus, when I got off I heard this voice saying [...] and I looked round and there's this ragger sitting there [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
Meg (PS6P2) [4298] I think he was about fifteen.
Cassie (PS51S) [4299] Oh you should've slapped him.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4300] What's true?
None (PS6U1) [4301] It's true though yeah, I think [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4302] They're so bloody thick, they're always saying that we dress like tramps yeah then why do they wear clothes with holes in them?
None (PS6U1) [4303] [laugh] No man but they're so fucked.
Cassie (PS51S) [4304] No raggers are fucking crap.
None (PS6U1) [4305] [laugh] Yeah they are like ... and like [...] they just don't grow up until the time [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4306] I know.
None (PS6U1) [4307] I know I've never seen a grown up ragger actually, they always go ... no man look at the chief on that [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4308] [laugh] Look at the chief. [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [4309] They just say, just say ... the chief.
[4310] And like ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4311] What is, what does chief mean?
[4312] All the people in my school use it.
None (PS6U1) [4313] And like I don't bloody
Meg (PS6P2) [4314] It was quite funny cos I, I was walking down the road with my, my mate Robbie yeah ... [...] and he's gay [...] and, and they went ... ooh [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4315] No but what does chief mean?
Meg (PS6P2) [4316] and they went [...] boy and [...]
None (PS6U1) [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4317] [laugh] What do I'm sorry but what does chief man?
None (PS6U1) [4318] Dunno it just sort of means
Cassie (PS51S) [4319] It's such a [...] so stupid.
None (PS6U1) [...] ...
Cassie (PS51S) [4320] I mean that's like, that's like saying no man ... you're such an umpire or something.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4321] No man you're such a Red Indian.
Meg (PS6P2) [4322] No man [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4323] We're now entering Dan 's house, this is where band practice was yesterday.
None (PS6U1) [4324] Much respect, kicking respect ... [shouting] kicking respect [] ... kicking respect.
Meg (PS6P2) [laugh]
Cassie (PS51S) [4325] Dan's way of saying hello I'm home. ...
None (PS6U1) [4326] Oh I'm starving. ...
None (PS6U1) [4327] Kicking respect. ... [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4328] Oh my limbs hurt so much.
[4329] ... Oh I hurt so much.
[4330] I hurt.
[4331] I hurt.
Meg (PS6P2) [4332] Go on then [...] , hang on wait [...] come on. ...
Cassie (PS51S) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4333] I think she's upstairs [...]
Cassie (PS51S) [4334] Oh I'm gonna go and see her okay, have a conversation the thing's on.
None (PS6U1) [4335] Is it?
[4336] Oh yum yum
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4337] soft marrow ... [...] ...
Meg (PS6P2) [4338] [...] can I eat some soup?
None (PS6U1) [4339] Erm ... yeah [...] ... Do you want some tea then?
Meg (PS6P2) [4340] Yeah.
[4341] What is potato and leek like? ...
None (PS6U1) [4342] Hello Norwegian people this is my fiance Honey I love her very much.
Meg (PS6P2) [4343] Ah!
[4344] What is potato and leek like?
None (PS6U1) [4345] I do, it's true.
Meg (PS6P2) [...]
None (PS6U1) [4346] Mm [kiss]
Meg (PS6P2) [4347] This is Honey , Dan 's fiancee, this man [laughing] [...] [] has the biggest [laughing] knob you will ever see in your life [] and it's all mine [laugh] ...
None (PS6U1) [4348] [kiss] ... What were you saying?
[4349] About, I thought you said something about tea?
Meg (PS6P2) [4350] I said what's potato and leek soup like?
None (PS6U1) [4351] [laugh] Usually it tastes quite potatoey and presumably rather leeky as well I should imagine.
None (PS6U1) [4352] Hee hee hee yeah?
[4353] I thought that was, that was a really good line in that cook thief his wife their lover film where he went, he said something about she's great except she will keep popping to the John and then he went she's got a bladder like a leaky marrow [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4354] Did he?
Meg (PS6P2) [4355] Yeah [laughing] that was wicked [] .
[4356] ... [...] ... I'd be bloody embarrassed if I had a husband that looked like that I'd throw him away.
None (PS6U1) [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4357] [...] No man there is no way. ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [4358] Hummus food of the gods. ... [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4359] Pardon? ... [...]
None (PS6U1) [4360] [...] is that?
None (PS6U1) [...]
Meg (PS6P2) [4361] What's that horrible smell?
[4362] It smells like Aaron's feet.
[4363] ... Oh God I've never smelt, I didn't wanna say anything but like I've smelt anything so nasty in my life except for Patrick's knob.
None (PS6U1) [laugh]
Meg (PS6P2) [4364] Seriously those feet were nasty.
[4365] ... Patrick's such a spastic.
[4366] Patrick could [...]
None (PS6U1) [4367] You haven't slept head to toe in a bed with him though.
[4368] ... Aaron.
Meg (PS6P2) [4369] No not Aaron.
None (PS6U1) [4370] Imagine that. ...
Meg (PS6P2) [4371] No I, I, I sort of smelt Patrick's feet once ... and I thought if it was possible to faint ... on smells then I was going to, you know.
[4372] I swear to God they're the most nasty things ... sort of like Aaron's ... [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U1) [4373] Dan sweats nicotine.
Meg (PS6P2) [4374] Does he?
None (PS6U1) [4375] Yeah.
[4376] He says his sweat smells of Benson.
Meg (PS6P2) [4377] Urgh!
[4378] ... Disgusting.