BNC Text KP5

4 conversations recorded by `Catherine' (PS527) on 16 October 1993 with 3 interlocutors, totalling 4101 s-units, 21997 words, and 1 hour 37 minutes 51 seconds of recordings.

5 speakers recorded by respondent number 202

PS527 Ag1 f (Catherine, age 20, student, Home Counties, )
PS6P5 Ag1 f (Rachel, age 20, student, Home Counties, ) friend
PS6TP X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KP5PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KP5PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

4 recordings

  1. Tape 001201 recorded on 1993-10-16. Location: Twickenham ( at home ) Activity: doing some DIY
  2. Tape 130901 recorded on 1993-10-16. LocationGreater London: Twickenham ( home and restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 130902 recorded on 1993-10-16. LocationGreater London: Twickenham ( home and restaurant ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 131102 recorded on unknown date. Location: Twickenham ( Indian Restaurant ) Activity: having a meal

1 (Tape 001201)

Catherine (PS527) [1] Er er ... got them last week from Freeman Hardy and Willis.
Catherine (PS527) [2] Ooh oh!
Catherine (PS527) [3] I know what I forgot to get in town.
[4] Damn!
Catherine (PS527) [5] What?
Catherine (PS527) [6] A comb.
Catherine (PS527) [7] I did a classic
Catherine (PS527) [8] A pocket
Catherine (PS527) [9] the other day and dropped all my dinner down me.
Catherine (PS527) [10] Oh no!
Catherine (PS527) [11] I put it on the arm on the chair, I was trying to be clever and I sat down and ... it had like material there and I caught the material ... and I just sort, all fell down here, it's a lovely smell.
[12] Wah!
[13] Wurgh!
Catherine (PS527) [14] Of what?
Catherine (PS527) [15] It's just
Catherine (PS527) [16] God!
[17] It's
Catherine (PS527) [18] mushrooms and tomato and yuk, it just
Catherine (PS527) [19] Alright.
[20] Have you got a
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [21] comb here?
Catherine (PS527) [22] Erm
Catherine (PS527) [23] Or a brush?
Catherine (PS527) [24] No.
[25] I haven't got anything.
[26] I've got a travelling brush.
[27] No I don't brush my hair.
Catherine (PS527) [28] Oh.
[29] So you must have to get one from somewhere then?
[30] Yeah I know, it's the sort of thing that tired.
[31] I what's the shops up here in fact?
[32] Are they reasonably near at hand?
Catherine (PS527) [33] Yeah.
[34] Fine.
Catherine (PS527) [35] If one walked up there [...] ?
Catherine (PS527) [36] Oh yeah, walk down there in a little while.
Catherine (PS527) [37] Okay.
[38] I'll get the stuff in first anyway.
Catherine (PS527) [39] Yeah, I'll give you a hand.
[40] ... Is it all in the car?
[41] ... Can you move that one?
Catherine (PS527) [42] Yeah.
[43] Well ... then when you're driving along you, you haven't got any music.
Catherine (PS527) [44] Yeah, it's not nice in the car without a stereo.
Catherine (PS527) [45] So ... I'll leave
Catherine (PS527) [46] Aha.
Catherine (PS527) [47] I'll leave you to ... put that down there.
Catherine (PS527) [48] Yeah, I'll put ... put it in my room actually.
[49] ... We didn't know what to get Marion.
Catherine (PS527) [50] Oh
Catherine (PS527) [51] So I ... might get one of these.
[52] I think it's open.
Catherine (PS527) [53] But er
Catherine (PS527) [54] It floats in your bath when you put it in the plug.
Catherine (PS527) [55] Oh!
[56] Right.
[57] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [58] The [...] 's on ... which will just here.
[59] And I bought two secondhand books yesterday and she wanted one of them so
Catherine (PS527) [clears throat]
Catherine (PS527) [60] I might give one of them to her.
Catherine (PS527) [61] Oh I see.
[62] Right.
Catherine (PS527) [63] Only one pack.
Catherine (PS527) [64] Where's your T V aerial?
[65] It's got ... a connection. [clears throat]
Catherine (PS527) [66] Went and I saw some monkeys though.
[67] [...] in cancer research.
Catherine (PS527) [68] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [69] [...] .
[70] Oh is that all ready?
Catherine (PS527) [71] Oh yes, I should hope it's all ... I need. [...]
Catherine (PS527) [72] So if I get that adaptor out?
Catherine (PS527) [73] Well I dunno, I ... should do, just fit in there.
[74] There we are.
[75] You got the other one?
Catherine (PS527) [76] What the adaptor?
Catherine (PS527) [77] The other ca no the other lead.
[78] What have you got here, whatever you've got.
Catherine (PS527) [79] That was left here?
Catherine (PS527) [80] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [81] I know. [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [82] Your thing's winding in here.
Catherine (PS527) [83] Mm?
Catherine (PS527) [84] Your Walkman, your thing's winding.
Catherine (PS527) [85] Yeah, leave it.
Catherine (PS527) [86] Right.
Catherine (PS527) [87] Yeah.
[88] Ah!
[89] It's a lovely table.
Catherine (PS527) [90] How come they use this then Cath?
Catherine (PS527) [91] Oh.
[92] ... Just tied it round the ta erm ... table.
Catherine (PS527) [93] So that's se and I want you at the other end.
Catherine (PS527) [94] See both ends are the same.
Catherine (PS527) [95] Okay.
[96] I see it.
[97] Now for the stereo.
Catherine (PS527) [98] Oh ... excellent!
Catherine (PS527) [99] Mm.
[100] If I get the darn thing in.
Catherine (PS527) [101] Excellent!
[102] ... There isn't any other way dad?
[103] To set this ... on to that
Catherine (PS527) [104] No, but erm, that
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [105] shouldn't be, no.
[106] ... I've adjusted it ... that wants a bit of ... that's it, one ... two.
Catherine (PS527) [107] That's right.
Catherine (PS527) [108] There we are.
Catherine (PS527) [109] Excellent!
[110] So, I plug this ... with this ... oh the stereo as well.
Catherine (PS527) [111] Yeah, I've just gotta get some small
Catherine (PS527) [112] Mhm.
Catherine (PS527) [113] screwdrivers.
Catherine (PS527) [114] Aha.
[115] Mhm.
[116] ... Right.
[117] Ah.
[118] God!
[119] My fire gives me such a fright.
[120] I'm lying in bed and I sud ... just little, little erm ... bits ... er the ... [...]
Catherine (PS527) [121] Soot in it?
Catherine (PS527) [122] come out.
[123] No,th the ... [...] .
[124] Yeah it suddenly ... bits of ... like there.
[125] But it all comes shooting down in one
Catherine (PS527) [126] It's the
Catherine (PS527) [127] go.
Catherine (PS527) [128] yes the erm ... whatsername?
Catherine (PS527) [129] And I get such a fright cos I keep expecting a bird
Catherine (PS527) [130] That's the soot.
Catherine (PS527) [131] to come flying
Catherine (PS527) [132] No.
Catherine (PS527) [133] out.
Catherine (PS527) [134] Usually erm ... it er
Catherine (PS527) [135] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [136] it probably needs erm ... probably cleaning, or at least looking at.
Catherine (PS527) [137] I'm too scared to look up there.
Catherine (PS527) [138] Oh bloody hell!
[139] No, I, I shouldn't.
Catherine (PS527) [140] Why won't you go in there?
Catherine (PS527) [141] Right.
[142] ... Any luck?
Catherine (PS527) [143] No not yet.
Catherine (PS527) [144] Was it [...] ?
Catherine (PS527) [145] I'll just take
Catherine (PS527) [146] Oh it's a good one, I haven't seen this in there.
[147] [sigh] ... That's your broad edging.
[148] Screw that, [clears throat]
Catherine (PS527) [149] So the [...] , cos apparently it reaches right into the erm ... like living room but ... all around the
Catherine (PS527) [cough]
Catherine (PS527) [150] the house.
Catherine (PS527) [cough]
Catherine (PS527) [151] Which is quite go ooh!
Catherine (PS527) [cough]
Catherine (PS527) [152] Picture's quite good until you get a play.
Catherine (PS527) [153] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [154] Can you get the telly down for me?
Catherine (PS527) [155] Might have to ... [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [156] Oh is something in the way?
Catherine (PS527) [157] Appears to be.
[158] I don't know why
Catherine (PS527) [159] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [160] [sighing] Ooh [] .
Catherine (PS527) [161] Anyway ... [humming]
Catherine (PS527) [162] Let's find the other side here.
Catherine (PS527) [163] Have a go.
[164] ... Nothing's ever simple in this house.
Catherine (PS527) [165] Oh.
[166] That one's gone in.
Catherine (PS527) [167] Hooray! [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [168] Well perhaps that one ... played that way then.
Catherine (PS527) [169] [sniff] ... Zippy doo!
Catherine (PS527) [170] In that case I've ... er you put that.
[171] Put that back up and I'll wire round this to connect
Catherine (PS527) [172] Well that one, is, is up.
Catherine (PS527) [173] That's it.
[174] [sigh] ... That's that.
[175] Right.
[176] Put that back on.
[177] Just there.
[178] That's that on with those.
Catherine (PS527) [179] I'll move this out the way.
[180] ... Oh that doesn't look too bad.
Catherine (PS527) [181] No.
[182] It's ... it's ... fine when you see it.
Catherine (PS527) [183] Oh, oh, oh, oh!
[184] Right?
[185] ... I believe James could even be a dentist.
Catherine (PS527) [186] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [187] Be quite happy.
Catherine (PS527) [188] I expect that
Catherine (PS527) [189] I got my N H S thing back.
Catherine (PS527) [190] Oh yeah?
Catherine (PS527) [191] Erm
Catherine (PS527) [192] They were ... crap!
Catherine (PS527) [193] crap really.
Catherine (PS527) [194] Was it?
Catherine (PS527) [195] Just ... money ... or [...] or nothing.
[196] No free prescriptions.
Catherine (PS527) [197] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [198] Don't know what they expect.
[199] How much they expect you to
Catherine (PS527) [200] Oh well
Catherine (PS527) [201] pay out.
Catherine (PS527) [202] I'd ... probably best to put it all in a ... all in the corner there.
Catherine (PS527) [203] Okay.
[204] I was gonna shove it
Catherine (PS527) [205] Can you get it behind there?
Catherine (PS527) [206] Want to sort of put on the top of the wardrobe and then make it drop
Catherine (PS527) [207] Oh I see, I'm with you.
Catherine (PS527) [208] back.
Catherine (PS527) [209] Okay.
[210] Alright, well you run ... what you want round there.
[211] Hold on.
[212] Let me undo this a wee bit.
[213] There we are.
Catherine (PS527) [214] Yeah so it's, it's on the floor just ... just chuck it over there.
Catherine (PS527) [215] Okay.
[216] Hang on love.
[217] Oh it's ... no
Catherine (PS527) [218] That's fine over there.
Catherine (PS527) [219] Okay.
[220] It's right ... behind the
Catherine (PS527) [221] Yeah, that's fine.
[222] Right be
Catherine (PS527) [223] crate there.
[224] And where d'ya want it?
[225] On top of the ... on the top of the cupboard d'ya think?
[226] Out the way.
Catherine (PS527) [227] Erm ... yeah I, just at the back, or
Catherine (PS527) [228] Or, or just, or just up a bit?
Catherine (PS527) [229] Or if you can sort of
Catherine (PS527) [230] Wedge it in there.
Catherine (PS527) [231] leave it in.
Catherine (PS527) [232] Yeah, well let's have a look.
[233] You take the curtain and that ... hook.
[234] That's it.
Catherine (PS527) [235] Do you want me to hammer that cos it's pinned?
[236] All over there.
Catherine (PS527) [237] Is it?
[238] ... I think you might be wrong.
[239] ... Not that good, but it looks good.
Catherine (PS527) [240] Yeah.
[241] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [242] [...] ... there.
[243] Now, just underneath that fuse box ... just kept it low.
Catherine (PS527) [244] Oh lovely.
[245] Cheers.
[246] It's done?
Catherine (PS527) [247] All you've gotta do ... is hope now that you get a decent ... picture.
Catherine (PS527) [248] Turn it on.
[249] Do you like my wardrobe?
[250] I did it last Saturday.
Catherine (PS527) [251] Hey?
Catherine (PS527) [252] Watching the doctors.
Catherine (PS527) [253] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [254] I changed it.
[255] Half my photos are still on the wall at home [...]
Catherine (PS527) [blowing nose]
Catherine (PS527) [256] but erm ... no wonder I couldn't find them.
[257] Thought I'd put ... a few of them up.
[258] ... [tv on] Hooray!
Catherine (PS527) [259] Good.
[260] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [261] It's a clear picture.
[262] That's alright.
[263] It's a clear picture.
Catherine (PS527) [264] Keep on the football ... I shall be alright.
Catherine (PS527) [265] Tt!
[266] Perfect.
Catherine (PS527) [267] Yes, I wanna see whe the good goal one.
Catherine (PS527) [268] Put it on tape then.
Catherine (PS527) [269] Arsenal nil, Manchester City nil.
[270] Ah oh!
[271] Not so bad.
Catherine (PS527) [272] God!
[273] Dad!
[274] England did really well didn't they?
Catherine (PS527) [275] Oh God!
[276] Chronic!
[277] ... Terrible!
Catherine (PS527) [278] Why are they doing so badly?
[279] Is it Graham Taylor?
[280] Oh Ferdie wasn't playing was he?
Catherine (PS527) [281] No.
[282] No.
[283] That's sad that.
[284] Cos I think he would have made a bit of difference up front there wi er er ... cos they would have ... the defence
Catherine (PS527) [285] They put in Mottley.
Catherine (PS527) [286] Yeah.
[287] The defence was very bad.
Catherine (PS527) [288] Old Graham Taylor's mate.
Catherine (PS527) [289] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [290] I realized old, old Ferdie wasn't playing.
Catherine (PS527) [291] Yeah.
[292] The defence was very slow as er ... er, when ... who was it?
[293] Merson ran at them
Catherine (PS527) [294] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [295] er but er, they ... and also Platt ... I mean, Platt got pulled down.
[296] Okay, next job on the agenda yo you got some trouble with the radiator?
Catherine (PS527) [297] Yeah, it just doesn't
Catherine (PS527) [298] Which one's this?
Catherine (PS527) [299] My one.
[300] Is er, I don't know ... if there's something wrong, but it doesn't ... the heat isn't ... well Angie's one's like boiling hot
Catherine (PS527) [301] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [302] Susanna's one ... doesn't really work at all, but ... my one's just like ... lukewarm.
Catherine (PS527) [303] Oh well, let's have a look.
[304] Let's have a look at this
Catherine (PS527) [305] So
Catherine (PS527) [306] then, this
Catherine (PS527) [307] we did, we did try to pu well, as I say, with the trouble we had upstairs, we just thought it just wasn't worth our while to sort of mess
Catherine (PS527) [308] No.
Catherine (PS527) [309] around and try and do any more.
Catherine (PS527) [310] No, no.
[311] That's right.
Catherine (PS527) [312] [laughing] Cos we just got a real fright [] when we couldn't stop the water pouring out.
Catherine (PS527) [313] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [314] It's the little washer thing.
[315] Just turn the tap.
Catherine (PS527) [316] [...] ... Well I'll get cleaned.
[317] Come on, you take the stuff down and rather me just try and [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [318] And then er, once I've done that I've gotta nip up the top and get a comb.
[319] I know I do ... I forgot to take one down to the place with me ... I checked the then that, now we go
Catherine (PS527) [320] It's alright, I'll get you one in Twickenham and I'll pay in that money as well.
Catherine (PS527) [321] Okay.
[322] Alright.
[323] Fair enough.
Catherine (PS527) [324] Could do.
Catherine (PS527) [325] Well, do you normally walk in or, or, or do you expect a ride?
Catherine (PS527) [326] What do you wanna go
Catherine (PS527) [327] You
Catherine (PS527) [328] [laughing] on the bike [] ?
Catherine (PS527) [329] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [330] Oh just as easy to erm
Catherine (PS527) [331] What go by car?
Catherine (PS527) [332] go by car.
Catherine (PS527) [333] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [334] It takes about ... well
Catherine (PS527) [335] About two ticks, ya.
[336] Alright.
[337] Fair enough.
[338] ... I've still got ... oh no, ticket's run out now.
[339] What, four pound for one hour?
Catherine (PS527) [340] Oh I'll just run in.
Catherine (PS527) [341] Okay.
[342] Right now.
[343] The alternative is, do you wanna si this is where you ... running here, you
Catherine (PS527) [344] Dunno what I just done with the key actually.
[345] Tt!
[346] Boy!
[347] That's bad.
Catherine (PS527) [348] Not to worry.
[349] Not to worry.
[350] Erm ... what we can do is er ... use something here.
[351] I bought this lot down with me.
Catherine (PS527) [352] It might be in the other room actually.
Catherine (PS527) [353] Now so ... the thing, and that goes in here, can use
Catherine (PS527) [354] Oh!
[355] What, is it a spanner?
Catherine (PS527) [356] It's a sa kinda ratchet type thing.
Catherine (PS527) [357] Oh.
[358] Just that I think Susanna wants ... to spanner to work, her bike's not here otherwise I'd have ... if she gets back in time, fair enough.
Catherine (PS527) [359] Just ... thingie that
Catherine (PS527) [360] Still, do you think you better ... bleed it completely and let all the water out?
Catherine (PS527) [361] No, not let the water out, you let the air out.
[362] When you bleed
Catherine (PS527) [363] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [364] it you let the air out, that's what, that's the idea behind it.
Catherine (PS527) [365] Oh I dunno, I don't know what we did at that
Catherine (PS527) [366] Oh it's alright.
Catherine (PS527) [367] but it just doesn't seem to be working very effectively.
[368] I mean, obviously it's off now but erm
Catherine (PS527) [369] Is
Catherine (PS527) [370] Angie's one is really like hot and will dry things ... whereas this one takes a bit longer.
Catherine (PS527) [371] Hello?
[372] That's got a ... a key down there.
Catherine (PS527) [373] Oh.
[374] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [375] Yeah I said we'd erm ... drive over to Marion's on our way out and then ... give her a pressie.
Catherine (PS527) [376] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [377] I had a really nice meal actually in erm ... tt ... a place in Teddington.
Catherine (PS527) [378] Oh yes?
Catherine (PS527) [379] It's just li
Catherine (PS527) [380] What's it like?
Catherine (PS527) [381] It's a sort of Italian place.
[382] I had a really nice ... chicken ... erm ... Mexican pasta thing.
[383] Really nice!
[384] It's a really smart place.
Catherine (PS527) [385] Mhm.
[386] And er ... you'd better get that key actually.
Catherine (PS527) [387] Oh.
[388] I hope it's in the other room hopefully.
Catherine (PS527) [389] Mm.
[390] While you're doing that ... chuck us my thing over there as well.
[391] [football on tv] ... Oh great!
[392] We won!
Catherine (PS527) [393] Can't hear ya! [turning tv up - football commentary]
Catherine (PS527) [394] Oh gre ... oh lovely!
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [395] Whoopee!
[396] We won!
[397] We won!
[398] It could ne it could have been two two, but er ... Stejskal saved a penalty in the last minute.
Catherine (PS527) [399] Oh dear!
Catherine (PS527) [400] Oh lovely!
Catherine (PS527) [401] Oh, I think I must, I'll give her a ring.
[402] I really don't know ... I'll see where she's put it.
Catherine (PS527) [403] Well where is she then?
Catherine (PS527) [404] At home.
Catherine (PS527) [405] Where does she live?
Catherine (PS527) [406] Sheffield.
[407] I'll give her a ring.
[408] ... I can't think where ... well it must be somewhere in the office.
[409] I can't think where at the moment.
[410] ... I haven't got, da da, da da ...
Catherine (PS527) [411] Right.
Catherine (PS527) [412] She's not in.
Catherine (PS527) [413] Mm.
[414] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [415] [phonecall starts] Hello Angie?
[416] Hello.
[417] I hope you don't mind me phoning you, but where's the radiator key?
[418] ... Yeah.
[419] Yeah.
[420] Oh!
[421] Oh if you did, I've got it.
[422] ... Oh right then.
[423] Aha ha.
[424] Oh yeah, [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [425] Oh!
[426] Seven
Catherine (PS527) [427] Aha.
Catherine (PS527) [428] seventeen! [tv very loud]
Catherine (PS527) [429] Really good actually seeing as it got ... so much [laughing] smaller [] .
[430] Yeah.
[431] That's right.
[432] But I was really phoning you up ... erm ... met Julie [...] ... and [...] .
[433] Yeah it was really nice.
[434] It was, it was nice.
[435] Erm ... I think Joe and Ray had a great time.
[436] [...] ... Erm ... it was really ... [...] .
[437] It's just [...] .
[438] But er
Catherine (PS527) [439] Good Lord!
Catherine (PS527) [440] no, no, in the garage.
Catherine (PS527) [441] Twenty six.
Catherine (PS527) [442] Oh that's not bad.
[443] Just practically ... put on a [...] down there.
[444] It's not very far.
[445] But, well go now so that doesn't really count.
[446] You'll have to trust me, it'll be alright on the night.
[447] [...] he wanted to take it anyway.
[448] So, we're gonna have to come an agreement of what she's got there.
[449] [...] ... Yeah.
[450] Of course!
[451] Yeah they, erm ... [...] .
[452] ... Going down to Pizzaland.
[453] [...] . ... Yeah.
[454] I said when she did it, she goes oh my God!
[455] Didn't she know?
[456] Yeah.
[457] ... No.
Catherine (PS527) [458] No?
Catherine (PS527) [459] That's what I said.
[460] It's just crazy!
[461] Yeah.
[462] Tomorrow.
[463] Yeah. [...]
Catherine (PS527) [464] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [465] Oh I said, I just want to [...] .
[466] Can't you just take him out?
[467] Oh yes, I think you were quick.
[468] Yeah.
[469] Well he didn't say goodbye [...] [phonecall ends] [...] Dad.
[470] Dad!
Catherine (PS527) [471] Yeah?
Catherine (PS527) [472] Do you want it in there?
Catherine (PS527) [473] Yeah sure.
Catherine (PS527) [474] They actually went home because erm ... it's her friend's twenty first
Catherine (PS527) [475] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [476] and erm ... she li she's in Egham and her boyfriend came down and was driving her back to Sheffield and then driving back again here on Monday so she got a free ... journey home.
Catherine (PS527) [477] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [478] Which basically ... I mean she's had [...] so she thought it would be nice for her to get away ... just to sort of sa you know ... have a breather from it all.
[479] Does that make sense actually.
[480] I dunno.
[481] ... [football commentary on tv] Oh look!
[482] Q P R!
Catherine (PS527) [483] That's it.
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [484] Oh er , hey!
[485] Hey!
[486] Look!
Catherine (PS527) [487] Yeah, but there's seven teams in front of them dad.
Catherine (PS527) [488] Yeah I know but er ... I don't mind that.
[489] Q P R.
[490] Now this is the key is it?
Catherine (PS527) [491] It is.
Catherine (PS527) [492] Right.
[493] That's it.
[494] Now can you get some me some ... matches and tape something like that?
Catherine (PS527) [495] Erm, I don't
Catherine (PS527) [496] And this doesn't turn is it?
Catherine (PS527) [497] What?
Catherine (PS527) [498] It does turn.
[499] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [500] Well, well it just gets dirt because erm
Catherine (PS527) [501] Okay.
[502] You get some kitchen paper and I'll bleed it.
Catherine (PS527) [503] I don't [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [504] Well I might need a hand.
[505] You have to make a move in
Catherine (PS527) [506] Do you need a tea towel?
[507] Well can't we do it when we get back?
Catherine (PS527) [508] Bloody hell! [...] of confidence.
[509] I'm not going to do any drinking [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [510] Yeah because when we get upstairs I think something in here fell out ... so we're trying to get it back on.
Catherine (PS527) [511] It's all this went down here [...] .
[512] ... Now I can see why the water comes out and then air so
Catherine (PS527) [513] Oh so you don't really lock it?
Catherine (PS527) [514] [...] ... [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [515] And is it on, er, is it on properly down there?
[516] I don't
Catherine (PS527) [517] Well if, if you can just [...] .
[518] There, there, there's no
Catherine (PS527) [519] No.
Catherine (PS527) [520] no air in there so ... so what's happened here?
[521] This is open.
[522] Er ... get in this ... you see, if you wind it down
Catherine (PS527) [523] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [524] the thing'll go down so the er
Catherine (PS527) [525] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [526] that should be ... open.
Catherine (PS527) [527] Right.
[528] So that's all open.
[529] I don't, I do I think he's set it to come on later so
Catherine (PS527) [530] Is it?
Catherine (PS527) [531] Well I can, well I can put it on earlier so we can see if it works.
Catherine (PS527) [532] Okay.
[533] If I leave your key there.
[534] Let's go
Catherine (PS527) [535] Alright.
Catherine (PS527) [536] then.
Catherine (PS527) [537] Right.
[538] Cheers.
Catherine (PS527) [539] Er ye erm
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [540] don't pay all your money,ye you got some cash yourself?

2 (Tape 130901)

Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [541] in next week?
Catherine (PS527) [542] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [543] Oh you are?
[544] I'm not in Monday.
[545] Oh I don't mind.
[546] What are they?
[547] But erm, I can't take it home on my bike.
Catherine (PS527) [548] What do you want it for?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [549] I think it's excellent.
Catherine (PS527) [550] Why don't you take another one.
[551] Take that one.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [552] Oh God!
[553] Can't be bad.
Catherine (PS527) [554] Well it's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [555] Really?
[556] God help the Susannah!
[557] Does she have to get permission to do it?
Catherine (PS527) [558] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [559] Does she have to have permission to do it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [560] Mm?
Catherine (PS527) [561] No, you have to ask though.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [562] Cos no one was [...] and we opened up all the post that came.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [563] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [564] [laughing] We did that [] .
Catherine (PS527) [565] We opened it all.
[566] We always open our post.
[567] We get C V's printed up cos I send them to my dad.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [568] Well I wouldn't like some bloody C V [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [569] [laughing] We had cheques [...] [] .
Catherine (PS527) [570] Cheques?
[571] I'd cash those.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [572] You can't.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [573] No you can't.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [574] No le , you can't any more.
Catherine (PS527) [575] Who are they for?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [576] Er ... for the landlady I think.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [577] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [578] They're [...] ... and that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [579] We felt terrible.
[580] But we've got a massive sackful of stuff and no one had left us a forwarding address ... and the landlady hadn't been to us about any of them.
Catherine (PS527) [581] So, you opened them.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [582] One was a court summons ... and a man came round ... the other day.
Catherine (PS527) [583] Ah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [584] Asking for the bloke who used to live at the house.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [585] Why though?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [586] Cos he hadn't paid the ... three hundred pound ... Visa bill.
Catherine (PS527) [587] Yeah , we got something for boys there and it could have been a ... that they were being sued or something.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [588] Yeah, they left [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [589] I mean, those were massive debts.
[590] All their banks statements are like four and a half thousand pounds overdrawn.
Catherine (PS527) [591] I know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [592] And they ke , I said to Angie I don't know
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [593] Did anybody leave their glasses here?
[594] Last week?
[595] Somebody did.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [596] No.
[597] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [598] I wasn't here.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [599] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [600] Get my coat.
Catherine (PS527) [601] Oh yeah!
[602] ... What i , what ... did you get your contacts lenses?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [603] No I get them tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [604] Catherine's saying, get blue ones.
[605] I said what's wrong with the colour of my eyes?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [606] But your eyes did look blue actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [607] I'm gonna scratch my noise!
Catherine (PS527) [608] Go for it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [609] What's the matter, I've got blue eyes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [610] [singing] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [611] What's that Evelyn?
[612] Most probably you want [...] .
[613] That is
Catherine (PS527) [614] Really haven't seen her this week.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [615] Eh?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [616] When he's coming?
[617] I might [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [618] Dunno.
[619] He's gotta phone me.
[620] He's gonna phone me.
[621] Martin's phoning me at eight o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [622] Who is?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [623] Martin.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [624] What?
Catherine (PS527) [625] Martin!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [626] Ah!
[627] So when
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [628] Did you get your tickets for Crowded House?
Catherine (PS527) [629] No!
[630] There's not one ticket left in the entire planet!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [631] Ah ah!
[632] Gutted!
Catherine (PS527) [633] So annoying!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [634] Where for?
Catherine (PS527) [635] Crowded House.
[636] I'm so upset.
[637] My brother's going and he doesn't even like them.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [638] Well why doesn't he sell you his ticket?
Catherine (PS527) [639] Cos he's going with his work.
[640] And Sharon.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [641] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [642] His girlfriend?
Catherine (PS527) [643] Yes.
[644] They're gonna come and see me next week.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [645] Not Sharon from Essex?
Catherine (PS527) [646] No, she's Sharon from [laughing] Australia [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [647] Oh.
[648] Alright then.
Catherine (PS527) [649] [laughing] She's allowed [] .
[650] That's the only reason I'll forgive him.
[651] [laughing] Cos she's not born in this country.
[652] ... Otherwise she'd be banished ... from our house! []
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [653] Ha ah!
[654] Oh no!
[655] The old floor.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [656] I know.
[657] She's been dipping in the [laughing] loo occasionally [] . [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [658] It was so cold this morning.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [659] I know.
[660] And it was so cold
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [661] It's freezing!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [662] last night.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [663] Just cycling in, it was horrible!
Catherine (PS527) [664] So I'm buying a car definitely.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [665] Tell me about it!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [666] Well will you pick me up at
Catherine (PS527) [667] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [668] Do a detour and come and get me.
Catherine (PS527) [669] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [670] [laugh] ... I'm standing in the line of fire.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [671] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [672] Yeah.
[673] And I want to do that [...] .
[674] What did you mum and dad give you Mary?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [675] Contact lenses.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [676] Oh!
[677] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [678] Guess where Lisa is now?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [679] Where?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [680] Oh Catherine's
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [681] Is she
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [682] lecture.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [683] Oh has she has changed?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [684] Apparently, yeah, but she's gone to [...] to get it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [685] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [686] [laughing] Yes [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [687] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [688] Went to see Mike yesterday?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [689] Oh I see.
[690] Is that erm
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [691] Oh what did Mike say about the exam then?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [692] Didn't even know about it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [693] Oh why?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [694] Well you see, and so many people know about it either.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [695] It's ridiculous!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [696] Well who announced it?
[697] Marion ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [698] No.
[699] Erm
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [700] David told us.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [701] Anna told us.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [702] Oh you weren't there were you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [703] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [704] He told us ... about Lisa.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [705] Anna told us, but ... he said don't worry he'll get it changed.
[706] Said, you better do mate!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [707] Did he say it was ridiculous?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [708] He couldn't understand why it had been changed.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [709] Couldn't see the point in it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [710] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [711] Don't know what, it i , it is though.
[712] Cos he never said.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [713] I did that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [714] Oh that's good!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [715] Oh I'd have done that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [716] Gill?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [717] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [718] Do you like my balloon?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [719] Which way is it coming out?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [720] She can't see [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [721] Shame.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [722] [laughing] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [723] My hair's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [724] Oi!
[725] Have you had [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [726] See I washed it yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [727] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [728] Your hair always looks really nice anyway.
Catherine (PS527) [729] No I have to sort of.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [730] So do I.
[731] But I just wash it every other day.
[732] It's always a mess.
[733] ... I've been putting a bit more glue on it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [734] You're meant to put the glue on the paper.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [735] Ah!
[736] Well Beryl just told us to
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [737] Where you put
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [738] flop it on.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [739] She said to sketch balloons just go like that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [740] This is what you should be trying to do.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [741] Well you see, ours is best
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [742] This is one I made earlier.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [743] anyway.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [744] Yeah, right Vicky.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [745] You see.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [746] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [747] Yeah, but there's glue on the other side, d'ya know what I mean?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [748] Well it's best to use that on the
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [749] So you know what you're doing?
[750] No don't [laughing] believe that one please.
[751] She hasn't got a clue. []
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [752] I need the loo quick! [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [753] I'll go down to get [...] though.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [754] Just so easy to do it to you now.
[755] Tha , we lost actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [756] I might just do mine a bit at home.
Catherine (PS527) [757] [laughing] Excuse me [] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [758] No!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [759] I thought about doing it
Catherine (PS527) [laugh] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [760] I've got bubbles everywhere!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [761] I got so many [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [762] He could be a toy boy.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [763] Who me?
[764] I heard that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [765] Marion you weren't drunk on your bir , on erm,Mo ,Wen , Friday night were you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [766] No.
[767] I was not.
Catherine (PS527) [768] I was so ill the next day Gill.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [769] Sick.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [770] Rachel was.
Catherine (PS527) [771] [laughing] And I just felt really ro , was she sick? []
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [772] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [773] Ha!
[774] Ha!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [775] But it wasn't the drink though.
Catherine (PS527) [776] I felt so rough.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [777] Did you have some of the punch at the party.
Catherine (PS527) [778] [laughing] Yes [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [779] It's disgusting!
Catherine (PS527) [780] [laugh] ... I had about two mouthfuls and then I just thought, no, [laughing] I'm going home [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [781] Mind you, you haven't drunk for a long time and you were
Catherine (PS527) [782] I haven't
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [783] knocking them back a bit
Catherine (PS527) [784] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [785] weren't you Catherine?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [786] Diamond White.
Catherine (PS527) [787] [laugh] ... Oh I forgot about that actually.
[788] [laugh] ... Oh well, never mind eh?
[789] It's all for a laugh, a drink.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [790] I was drinking Coke half the night.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [791] Couldn't you have put the blue nearer the middle cos I'm getting annoyed.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [792] This is very much like [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [793] Helen!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [794] What do you want?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [795] Are you doing the middle cos I've gotta get this in here?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [796] I was gonna change, I was gonna leave
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [797] Please do it!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [798] by ten o'clock.
Catherine (PS527) [799] Were you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [800] He's going ... first of all it's
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [801] Move the board.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [802] Can we put this under a
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [803] No!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [804] hair dryer?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [805] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [806] Move the whole thing!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [807] Don't be absurd!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [808] She told me off for doing the wrong colour there.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [809] I'm not surprised Helen.
[810] It's very naughty.
[811] How can we, can you stand and look on top of see it sticks on.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [812] For five months [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [813] Could wait hours.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [814] [tut] !
[815] No good.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [816] It won't dry till next week.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [817] Oh no!
Catherine (PS527) [818] Won't
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [819] He's gonna
Catherine (PS527) [820] it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [821] have a look at it.
[822] We , well take about two days to dry.
[823] Well I should think so.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [824] Really?
[825] ... I wanna build it up.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [826] It's cos you haven't made the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [827] Yeah.
[828] That's what I thought.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [829] Yeah, could do that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [830] Can you do it when it's wet?
[831] I thought you said leave it dry before your next layer on.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [832] Did she?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [833] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [834] Well I've got about ten layers on here.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [835] Oh I'll do it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [836] I'm gonna let mine dry.
Catherine (PS527) [837] I was gonna make a little basket for it like a hot air balloon.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [838] That's what we made.
[839] You have to cut the bottom of it though.
Catherine (PS527) [840] Yeah.
[841] That's alright.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [842] You have to do it when it's dry.
Catherine (PS527) [843] And then I have to set fire to the bottom bit.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [844] We had a bonfire last night.
Catherine (PS527) [845] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [846] What in your back garden?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [847] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [848] What to get rid of the
Catherine (PS527) [849] Well you should have invited me round and I could have been the guy.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [850] Yeah.
[851] Have to have another one though cos we haven't finished the garden.
[852] You can actually see the lawn now.
[853] I'm quite impressed.
[854] Be nice in the summer actually.
[855] ... [laugh] ... You're telling me.
Catherine (PS527) [856] What's wrong with it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [857] Sarah?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [858] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [859] Going shopping [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [860] Going where?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [861] Go into London.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [862] We've asked them to put the Christmas on u , on ... across early this year.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [863] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [864] So we can go and watch them now.
[865] Cos we're all very excited, excited this year about Christmas.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [866] In fact, if we had
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [867] Gill we're not the only one who opens up their mail. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [868] We open up ours.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [869] Open up your what?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [870] Open up what?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [871] Mail.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [872] We always open ours.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [873] You've gotta open everybody else's.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [874] Oh!
[875] What happened?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [876] But we'll tell on you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [877] We just sat there , we thought it was Christmas so we ... took a [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [878] A big sack [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [879] Oh I see.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [880] And we just put them in the middle of the room and
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [881] And we got [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [882] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [883] We open ours every day, when it comes it's in the post.
[884] When I don't get any post I open everybody else's.
Catherine (PS527) [885] [laugh] ... No well I was a bit gutted that they had loads of post, I didn't get any, and like
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [886] they were even living there.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [887] Be better though ... so you just open theirs.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [888] Are they all students or
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [889] [...] ?
Catherine (PS527) [890] Some of them are, but
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [891] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [892] some of them li , I think one of them's
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [893] You're horrible!
Catherine (PS527) [894] the landlady
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [895] I am not.
Catherine (PS527) [896] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [897] What did you do you that for?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [898] You tell, if you found a diary you wouldn't read it?
[899] Bollocks!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [900] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [901] Bollocks!
[902] Everyone would read it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [903] It might have some [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [904] It's happened to me before and I didn't [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [905] No way!
[906] I think ... I don't even think about it.
[907] ... I would.
Catherine (PS527) [908] I think er, I would.
[909] ... I wouldn't want to, [laughing] but you have to do it [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [910] I wouldn't show my diary to a best which shows
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [911] Ach!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [912] [tut] !
Catherine (PS527) [913] That's terrible!
[914] I had to clean my erm ... my new desk out in this room before I bought it with me
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [915] From your drawers. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [916] And found these erm ... pack of cards of page three girls. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [917] [laugh] How old's your brother?
Catherine (PS527) [918] Eighteen.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [919] [laugh] ... Funny!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [920] How old is he?
Catherine (PS527) [921] Eighteen.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [922] And what did he have?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laughing] [...] []
Catherine (PS527) [923] Pack, erm ... page three pack of cards.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [924] I think po , porno magazines [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [925] Yurgh!
Catherine (PS527) [926] No, only one, with that girl in from er, Baywatch.
[927] I think she's gorgeous.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [928] Which one?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [929] Yeah she is quite pretty actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [930] Which one?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [931] Dunno.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [932] And you told it to leave it be?
Catherine (PS527) [933] Erm
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [934] The one with long blonde hair?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [935] Are you just bunging
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [936] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [937] more on yours?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [938] The one with the bob [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [939] Bob, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [940] Something to do isn't it?
Catherine (PS527) [941] She was in, in that porno magazine.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [942] Urgh!
[943] Urgh!
[944] Posed for pornography?
Catherine (PS527) [945] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [946] Charming!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [947] So have I Gill.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [948] Hasn't she got long hair now though?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [949] And the one that goes like this.
Catherine (PS527) [950] [laugh] ... Nice!
[951] Quite sweet.
[952] Oh!
[953] Peculiar bunch aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [954] No!
Catherine (PS527) [humming]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [955] Urgh!
[956] It's hot.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [957] Oh yeah.
[958] See, I've got glue all over the floor and it's just
Catherine (PS527) [959] There you go.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [960] So what ... when do we have to be back [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [961] We don't come in next week.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [962] The others, no.
[963] Do you think in our exam we'll be given a choice of like
Catherine (PS527) [964] It'll be Shakespeare or
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [965] I'm not gonna read that.
[966] I'm not gonna bother to read it.
Catherine (PS527) [967] That's what I was thinking.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [968] Cos I just thought it was so crap!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [969] What?
[970] I thought it was good.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [971] The Alchemist.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [972] In the, just one
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [973] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [974] week?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [975] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [976] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [977] That's right.
[978] So what are we doing next week?
Catherine (PS527) [979] I think ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [980] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [981] Dunn?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [982] Don't know?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [983] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [984] Oh they, oh I bet it's gonna be ... Blair.
[985] Well if I read it and it's wrong Catherine, [laughing] it's your fault [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [986] So we've got ... and then d'ya think we'll like get ... [...] poetry and then we'll get our [...] last?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [987] [clears throat] ... I should think so.
Catherine (PS527) [988] Chaucer poetry?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [989] Chaucer?
Catherine (PS527) [990] You did Chau ,
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [991] Chaucer.
[992] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [993] Oh.
[994] It'll be ... yeah, Paradise Lost
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [995] Cos we've got at least three questions on it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [996] Why don't you come to English this afternoon, can I borrow your notes?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [997] Got shops near there?
Catherine (PS527) [998] Yeah.
[999] Well I missed, I missed
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1000] Yeah I missed that.
Catherine (PS527) [1001] so I think ... so
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1002] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1003] do I, do they allow you to miss the week as well?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1004] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1005] You're allowed?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1006] No.
[1007] I'm away till Thursday so, and that's the thing.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1008] Oh right.
[1009] Because of the funny days?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1010] Yeah.
[1011] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1012] I got my ba , interim report.
[1013] You had to phone up.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1014] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1015] It came the next day.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1016] Did it?
Catherine (PS527) [1017] Yeah.
[1018] Shocking!
[1019] Post!
[1020] I got a mass of parcels as well before for the, for the house ... for our house ... all the girlies.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1021] I'm going to get one.
[1022] Do you have to pay postage?
Catherine (PS527) [1023] No!
[1024] I just said oh can I have some reports of all the students?
[1025] They said, how many do you want?
[1026] I said have you got anything else?
[1027] So she sent me sort of leaflets as well?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1028] So it's a
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1029] What's this?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1030] big bundle of post?
Catherine (PS527) [1031] You know about those
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1032] Excellent!
[1033] I'm gonna do that.
Catherine (PS527) [1034] Oh you're not in our group.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1035] Yeah!
Catherine (PS527) [1036] Ah!
[1037] Ah!
[1038] Can't tell you.
[1039] Nah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1040] What group?
Catherine (PS527) [1041] Our group.
[1042] There's Angie.
[1043] Give her wave.
[1044] She's looking.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1045] You know the one you got with Tony.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1046] You don't even know who [laughing] it is [] !
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1047] The whatchamacallit one?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1048] Graham.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1049] He's not.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1050] Sorry, but he is.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1051] He's a really interesting man Gill.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1052] Really interesting man.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1053] Er ... Mark said that at least ten people have been [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [1054] Really?
[1055] What that one on, when you say
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1056] Who else has given up then?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1057] Ten people give up. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1058] Blimey!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1059] Ten people?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1060] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [1061] That's a quite a lot.
[1062] And lo , Lucy's said ... eh?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1063] [tut] !
Catherine (PS527) [1064] I might change actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1065] No you will not!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1066] I'll change if I can think of anything else to do, but I can't.
[1067] Cos you know at least all I'd have left is a weekend.
Catherine (PS527) [1068] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1069] I'm not bothered
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1070] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [1071] well so long as I can easily change [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1072] [...] , I bet you do it.
[1073] It's on there.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1074] Bong!
Catherine (PS527) [1075] Hi smell!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1076] You sit down and tell us
Catherine (PS527) [1077] What did they say?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1078] about it.
Catherine (PS527) [1079] Oh!
[1080] That much?
[1081] You intend to tell Aunty Catherine all about it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1082] What, did they pick on you?
[1083] Go on.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1084] Well, they'll ... they said if you're a ... [...] the stress.
Catherine (PS527) [1085] Is that what it is?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1086] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1087] [tut] !
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1088] Yeah.
[1089] That's my problem.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [cough]
Catherine (PS527) [1090] You feeling better
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1091] Angie.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1092] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1093] [tut] !
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1094] Be cagey [laughing] why don't you [] ?
[1095] Really?
[1096] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1097] Nothing!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1098] Angie if you're
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1099] Be okay [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1100] having a baby don't
Catherine (PS527) [1101] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1102] worry cos I'll look
Catherine (PS527) [1103] Tired.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1104] after it for you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1105] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1106] I'm just having a polio erm
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1107] Like they wound me
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1108] sugar cube
Catherine (PS527) [1109] Are you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1110] all up.
[1111] They gave me that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1112] Yeah.
[1113] Cos I thought I had to have a tetanus, and she goes, oh you don't need it.
[1114] After all that psyching myself up for it.
Catherine (PS527) [1115] The other day I had ... cos I er, dreaming about brain scans
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1116] Why what did you do to yourself?
Catherine (PS527) [1117] every form [...] imaginable.
[1118] And I was, I dunno, but erm, I must have been run down as well and it's a bit like going to
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1119] Wha what did you do to yourself?
Catherine (PS527) [1120] it was just everything
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1121] No, er erm
Catherine (PS527) [1122] just in one go.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1123] I think that was all it, is but ... erm ... they going ... are you pregnant?
[1124] Could you be pregnant?
Catherine (PS527) [1125] I was asked that
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1126] Oh were you?
Catherine (PS527) [1127] and nearly died!
[1128] I laughed my socks off!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1129] She says
Catherine (PS527) [1130] My mum was sitting in the room.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1131] are you on any pills or anything?
[1132] Are you pregnant?
[1133] I said I'm on the pill.
[1134] Are you pregnant?
Catherine (PS527) [1135] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1136] Work that one out.
Catherine (PS527) [1137] Funny!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1138] Er erm
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1139] Can it be the [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1140] No I, I've already asked that before.
Catherine (PS527) [1141] So what did they say?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1142] They're just gonna [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [1143] Really?
[1144] So what's he given you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1145] [laugh] ... Cathy!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1146] Ooh ooh!
[1147] Ooh ooh!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1148] Don't ask!
Catherine (PS527) [1149] [laughing] Well I've gotta go.
[1150] I don't like that [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1151] You're not gonna believe it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1152] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1153] I've got
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1154] We're running balloons on them, they're meant to be like blown balloon things.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1155] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1156] [tut] !
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1157] Oh Angie, it's not very nice that you're not very well.
[1158] I hope you feel better.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1159] Oh.
[1160] I'm a bit run down that's all.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1161] Mm.
[1162] Sure.
Catherine (PS527) [1163] Are you sleep
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1164] She wakes up.
Catherine (PS527) [tut] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1165] [...] sleep night?
Catherine (PS527) [1166] a sleeping pill.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1167] Three hours a night if I'm lucky!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1168] That's what I was like last year, honestly.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1169] Bloody awful!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1170] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1171] What?
[1172] Not sleeping?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1173] I'm not sleeping.
Catherine (PS527) [1174] It's awful!
[1175] There's nothing worse than
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1176] Have you got any balloons?
Catherine (PS527) [1177] that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1178] Give me a balloon!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1179] No.
[1180] Ask Cathy.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1181] You can just put some more on mine if you like.
[1182] I'm not doing any more.
[1183] I've had enough, I'm bored with this.
Catherine (PS527) [1184] Why?
[1185] You bored with it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1186] I like that top.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1187] Oh thank you.
[1188] It was three pounds, in Mark One.
Catherine (PS527) [1189] [...] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1190] And wear it for best.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1191] Gill, you going to Kingston?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1192] Well I dunno.
[1193] Ye er yes, probably.
Catherine (PS527) [1194] Will you buy me one of those ... from Mark One ... for three pounds please?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1195] I got a navy one and a grey one.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1196] What colour do you want me to get you though?
Catherine (PS527) [1197] Whatever ... they got.
[1198] Whatever you think would look nice.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1199] Seriously?
Catherine (PS527) [1200] Whatever.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1201] Do you want a [...] one?
Catherine (PS527) [1202] When did you get them?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1203] Yesterday.
[1204] I think.
Catherine (PS527) [1205] Is it still in there?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1206] Yeah!
Catherine (PS527) [1207] Three quid?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1208] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1209] Oh that's good.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1210] And I got two polo necks one with slight ribs in [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [1211] What else did you get.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1212] Polo neck jumper.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1213] I want some [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1214] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1215] Erm ... this is gross!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1216] I know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1217] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1218] I bought so many yesterday, I'm never buying another pair in my life.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1219] Why?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1220] So does that mean I'm gonna be in English on my own?
[1221] I better go then.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1222] No, I think you should
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1223] go personally.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1224] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1225] How much do you get for a night then?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1226] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1227] How much do you get for this?
Catherine (PS527) [1228] I get about thirty quid if you stand on the right corner.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1229] Oh that's not on.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1230] Thirty quid is that you'd get?
Catherine (PS527) [1231] Ha!
[1232] [laugh] ... [laughing] Sorry [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1233] Quick one Cathy!
Catherine (PS527) [1234] [laugh] ... Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1235] Gillian.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1236] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1237] How much do you get for that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1238] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1239] Covered in glue.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1240] Sixteen quid.
Catherine (PS527) [1241] Oh!
[1242] Cheap!
[1243] Mustn't be a very good job then Gill?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1244] Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1245] It's just working behind the bar there is it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1246] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1247] Yeah, she's coming.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1248] Is it busy?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1249] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1250] Cos I don't wanna work in places like that, I'd rather work in a ... quiet [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1251] Will she go and see him or leave a note for him?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1252] I've made a mistake.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1253] Matron Cathy.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1254] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1255] Given Doctor's orders.
Catherine (PS527) [1256] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1257] One [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [1258] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1259] No I think it's crap!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1260] There you go.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1261] Gotta get that glue off.
Catherine (PS527) [1262] I could do that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1263] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1264] It'd need painting.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1265] Boring!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1266] It's bloody boring!
Catherine (PS527) [1267] [singing] Da da [] .
[1268] Oh it was so cold this morning Angie cycling in.
[1269] I nearly died!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1270] I blood walked!
[1271] I nearly died!
[1272] I was knackered!
Catherine (PS527) [1273] Then met up with Carl and about ten other people so we had a little, a little erm ... convoy.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1274] Where d'ya get them from?
Catherine (PS527) [1275] Ha!
[1276] Ha!
[1277] Ha!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1278] [...] looks good.
Catherine (PS527) [1279] A convoy into college.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1280] She gave it to me.
Catherine (PS527) [1281] I'd be alright as long as I could go on a route where all I had to do was turn left ... but as soon as I turn right
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1282] Then it's a problem.
[1283] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1284] Get into trouble.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1285] Excellent!
[1286] I think you'll just have to move your house so you just have to do a couple of miles.
Catherine (PS527) [1287] Yeah.
[1288] That'll be alright.
[1289] ... And roundabouts, roundabouts are bad news.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1290] Just go straight over them.
Catherine (PS527) [1291] What right through the middle?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1292] Yeah!
[1293] Don't worry about any cars.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1294] I need to know when ... er ... I want Bill to come along cos I'm gonna look at a car.gonna can
Catherine (PS527) [1295] He'll be up, I presume ... Wednesday or Thursday.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1296] I think I'll just but it buy it now.
Catherine (PS527) [1297] Marion!
[1298] Don't be such a nerdo!
[1299] They'll see you coming a mile off!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1300] Buy what?
Catherine (PS527) [1301] A car.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1302] A car.
Catherine (PS527) [1303] She's just gonna go
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1304] and buy one as you do like a jumper.
[1305] Just see one [laughing] that she []
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1306] A big one!
Catherine (PS527) [1307] [laughing] likes the colour of.
[1308] Yeah [] !
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1309] Who's Bill?
Catherine (PS527) [1310] My cousin.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1311] What does he know about cars?
Catherine (PS527) [1312] Yeah.
[1313] Well, yes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1314] I know about cars Marion.
Catherine (PS527) [1315] C reg ... C reg Fiesta, how much do you reckon a C reg Fiesta costs?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1316] Can we see it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1317] No.
[1318] I'm just gonna buy it.
[1319] Well I'm not, my dad and mum are.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1320] [...] , just don't be impulsive.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1321] It's only one thousand five hundred though, that's alright.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1322] Ah ah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1323] Yeah but [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1324] Yeah.
[1325] No problem.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1326] Couldn't I mate?
Catherine (PS527) [1327] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1328] I'll buy a couple.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1329] Marion they've changed all the shop around.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1330] What?
Catherine (PS527) [1331] They've changed the whole of the shopping precinct.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1332] Oh oh.
[1333] Shut up!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1334] Major trauma!
Catherine (PS527) [1335] No, major trauma is Martin's got a girlfriend!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1336] Has he?
Catherine (PS527) [1337] Major trauma!
[1338] [laughing] I was writing to my friend Darren moaning about it [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1339] All these male friends Cathy!
Catherine (PS527) [1340] I know, it's exciting isn't it?
[1341] But he didn't tell me he'd been going out with her for three weeks and he's never [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [sigh]
Catherine (PS527) [1342] I wasn't happy.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1343] What are you gonna do?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1344] Well are you gonna go to the pictures tonight?
Catherine (PS527) [1345] Might do.
[1346] I'm seeing if I could be bothered or
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1347] What, when do you have to go back?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1348] Monday morning.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1349] Late?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1350] Early
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1351] Christ!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1352] in the morning.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1353] Oh oh!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1354] It takes a long time then?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1355] Yeah [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1356] Yeah, I suppose so.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1357] Had a rotten [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1358] Claire told me.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1359] I'd be up as well, and he'll just goes back to sleep and I shall stay awake [...] going, Matthew you've gotta get up ... now!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1360] Urgh!
[1361] Urgh!
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1362] Yes!
[1363] Ask him to get out.
[1364] ... Honestly, it was so funny on Sunday morning.
[1365] He got up ... out of bed ... and then I was thinking [...] ... then he had a sneaky feeling that he tried to get out the door.
[1366] And I thought alright then.
[1367] [...] and he run up the road just to buy me a bunch of flowers.
Catherine (PS527) [1368] [tut] !
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1369] I had my [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1370] Yeah, they were in last night.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh] ... [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1371] What's wrong with that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1372] What?
Catherine (PS527) [1373] You know what Marion's like.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1374] Shut your mouth!
[1375] I want a huge present from you.
Catherine (PS527) [1376] [...] I'll do my best.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1377] It's a month I think, on my birthday.
Catherine (PS527) [1378] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1379] Sorry that, sorry he hadn't got ... wrapped my present up cos he thought I'd [...] .
[1380] It's okay.
[1381] I haven't got any more anyway.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1382] My present was better actually.
Catherine (PS527) [1383] [tut] !
[1384] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1385] No, my one was.
Catherine (PS527) [1386] No.
[1387] No.
[1388] That can't be right.
[1389] Surely?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1390] No it is.
Catherine (PS527) [1391] Surely there is a mistake there?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1392] No it's true.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1393] Oh the gloves, sorry.
[1394] Oh I forgot about those.
[1395] Oh sorry.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1396] What actually ge , what did you get from Marion?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1397] Maybe it was that [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1398] Plug pet.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1399] I dunno.
Catherine (PS527) [1400] A what?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1401] A plug pet.
Catherine (PS527) [1402] [tut] !
[1403] A plug pet?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1404] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1405] Ah ah ah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1406] What's it?
[1407] What is it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1408] What is it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1409] A wha , is it a whale?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1410] Float, you pu , you put your plug in and it's attached to the plug and it floats on the top of your bath when you're having a bath.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1411] Crap!
Catherine (PS527) [1412] It's excellent!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1413] So excellent!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1414] Floats on your bath?
Catherine (PS527) [1415] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1416] Be no good for us.
[1417] Don't get us one.
[1418] We ain't got a bath.
Catherine (PS527) [1419] Oh oh, well, I nearly bought you one for your birthday.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1420] We got a shower.
Catherine (PS527) [1421] Ah oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1422] You can only have a bath in our house.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1423] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1424] Have you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1425] Oh showers are more, don't wanna bath.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1426] Yeah, showers [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1427] Yeah I know.
[1428] That's why we got one I think.
[1429] And I think my shower costs about ten P ... cos I'm not that quick. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1430] Well mine might cost ... twelve point five
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1431] pence
Catherine (PS527) [1432] Ooh ooh!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1433] [laughing] that's what I say [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1434] Is she?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1435] She does.
Catherine (PS527) [1436] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1437] She makes out she's [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1438] A novelty.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1439] Er what?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1440] Chicken Kiev.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1441] Chicken Kiev, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1442] Yeah, and she's [...] like veggie burgers
Catherine (PS527) [1443] Knowing Louise [laughing] it's [...] ... until midnight []
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1444] Can she have
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1445] [...] stuffed tomatoes and things like that.
Catherine (PS527) [1446] She has what?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1447] Stuffed tomatoes.
Catherine (PS527) [1448] What she makes herself?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1449] Yeah.

3 (Tape 130902)

Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1450] You will on Saturday, I believe Rachel.
[1451] I was sober.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1452] Yeah.
[1453] You pi ee ee ee!
Catherine (PS527) [1454] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1455] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1456] Were you hung over Rachel?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1457] No I wasn't drunk.
Catherine (PS527) [1458] She was ill.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1459] I was ill.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1460] Oh.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1461] I was really sick.
[1462] I felt terrible.
Catherine (PS527) [1463] Yeah but we don't mention that, we just have [whispering] cos she was pissed [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1464] What?
[1465] Oh that one's really good.
[1466] Can I put a bit of glue on it?
Catherine (PS527) [1467] Well it's supposed to be drying at the moment.
[1468] Look at this.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1469] Actually
Catherine (PS527) [1470] I'm only joking [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1471] Yeah.
[1472] What do you think of it?
[1473] Did you do it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1474] Yeah, I tried melt half of it.
Catherine (PS527) [1475] Yeah.
[1476] So did I?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1477] What did you have?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1478] I felt merry.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1479] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1480] Chicken pas , Mexican chicken pasta.
Catherine (PS527) [1481] So did I!
Rachel (PS6P5) [1482] That's lovely!
Catherine (PS527) [1483] Oh it was lovely!
[1484] It was so nice!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1485] With tortilla
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1486] Did you have that?
Catherine (PS527) [1487] No, Gill didn't, but she's, she's the odd one out.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1488] [...] , I'm not having that.
Catherine (PS527) [1489] It was really nice.
[1490] Yeah, it had tortilla chips with it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1491] One of us is doing the same thing.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1492] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1493] I am.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1494] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1495] I always have that.
[1496] I always have that same one whatever.
Catherine (PS527) [1497] That was really nice!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1498] What did you have?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1499] Cajun chicken.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1500] Oh why
Catherine (PS527) [1501] You had that last time.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1502] wha what's that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1503] I just like it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1504] Is it on the bone?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1505] It's chicken, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1506] That's really, really nice that.
Catherine (PS527) [1507] That rice was ... too hot when I had it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1508] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1509] What is?
Catherine (PS527) [1510] The rice is really hot, like spicy hot.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1511] I remember it was.
[1512] God!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1513] Did Anna go with you?
Catherine (PS527) [1514] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1515] No she comes afterwards.
Catherine (PS527) [1516] She didn't come with me.
[1517] She wouldn't leave early Marion.
[1518] She wouldn't leave early in case she missed anything.
[1519] I said I'm going, she said I've gotta stay.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1520] Why didn't Lisa's boyfriend come to the pub?
[1521] Erm, that party?
[1522] Cos of Ben?
Catherine (PS527) [1523] No, not
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1524] Alison
Catherine (PS527) [1525] [laughing] [...] [] .
[1526] She got rid of him.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1527] Matthew's going right, he said I'm gonna invite Mi Mike to the party.
[1528] I said no!
[1529] Alison's coming.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1530] Oh crumbs!
Catherine (PS527) [1531] How weird!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1532] Well I'm gonna invite him [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1533] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1534] Does he know all about Ben then does he?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1535] Yeah, Matthew hates Ben.
Catherine (PS527) [1536] Does he?
[1537] He's jealous.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1538] He thinks he's really annoying.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1539] Oh!
[1540] Right.
[1541] No.
Catherine (PS527) [1542] Who's got
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1543] Well
Catherine (PS527) [1544] a black felt tip pen?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1545] I have.
Catherine (PS527) [1546] Oh you have there.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1547] Is this yours?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1548] But sometimes he's a bit like, the other week Ben phoned him and that and Rachel, you know, Rachel and Alison's party so I'll come round and have dinner.
[1549] Great!
[1550] And like Matthew's phoned me straight after when I was at Alison's and said oh Ben's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1551] Do you spend a lot of time at Alison's [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1552] Mm mm mm mm, not a lot.
Catherine (PS527) [1553] They must know to phone you there.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1554] Er, er ... yeah, but [...] always there and Matthew know, Matthew knew I was gonna be there.
[1555] Then I had dinner there [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1556] Can you do mine for me now?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1557] I'm gonna make a mobile.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1558] You finished?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1559] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1560] [laughing] No [] .
Rachel (PS6P5) [1561] Can I just finish this chi
Catherine (PS527) [1562] Huh!
Rachel (PS6P5) [1563] [laughing] Oh my God [] !
Catherine (PS527) [1564] Really subtle isn't it?
[1565] And like, delicately hanging in the
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1566] Mine is not going up there.
Catherine (PS527) [1567] corner.
[1568] [laughing] This massive balloon thing [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1569] What's wrong with that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1570] When mine's finished I'm not doing any more I'm just
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1571] I wanna go home.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1572] Do you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1573] You're only jealous Catherine.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1574] Ah.
[1575] Why won't you be able to come in
Catherine (PS527) [1576] I am actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1577] Yours is good.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1578] Right , do you want to come in next week?
Catherine (PS527) [1579] No art next week.
[1580] Planning for our
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1581] Oh there's not!
Catherine (PS527) [1582] assignment.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1583] Have we?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1584] Yeah right!
[1585] as if anyone's gonna get up and do
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1586] Well Lisa's got one [...] week.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1587] What is she doing then?
[1588] Is she reading?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1589] Nothing.
Catherine (PS527) [1590] So what she's doing drama, continuing drama or
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1591] No.
Catherine (PS527) [1592] did she have a choice?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1593] I might
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1594] She's just [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1595] do [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1596] I think.
Catherine (PS527) [1597] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1598] And they didn't have enough classes
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1599] [...] , yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1600] in that one.
[1601] The likelihood
Catherine (PS527) [1602] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1603] But right, you said they were gonna change my exam.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1604] But she's still doing [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1605] She'll have to get a job or something.
Catherine (PS527) [1606] [laugh] ... She'll be alright.
[1607] She'll love it!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1608] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1609] She's got erm ... time sheets on there.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1610] So we wouldn't have to tell
Catherine (PS527) [1611] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1612] them that we changed degree would we?
Catherine (PS527) [1613] I'd go mad.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1614] Yeah.
[1615] And I would.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1616] I would.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1617] Five hours, really?
[1618] You only, I, after a little while I began to get bored.
Catherine (PS527) [1619] Yeah.
[1620] Cos Like ... I, I have Mondays off and I'm in the house on my own.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1621] You don't know what to do do you?
Catherine (PS527) [1622] No.
[1623] Mondays is alright
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1624] You can't stand anymore.
[1625] Yeah that's
Catherine (PS527) [1626] but that's
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1627] right.
Catherine (PS527) [1628] I don't get, well I'm not really scared
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1629] Waargh!
Catherine (PS527) [1630] I just cook my food and do washing
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1631] and anything but work.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1632] Yeah.
[1633] Three times [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1634] You get a bit scared don't you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1635] We ge , we go and [laughing] mow the lawn [] .
Catherine (PS527) [1636] Do you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1637] I have my parties at work.
[1638] I'm always too busy [...] and organizing things.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1639] Or watching
Catherine (PS527) [1640] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1641] T V.
Catherine (PS527) [1642] Thinking about what you're having for you tea, that's what I do
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1643] all day.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1644] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1645] When you get up it's like
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1646] Walking home and you work it out.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1647] We decided, as soon [...] over yesterday we had a massive [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [1648] Are they [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1649] But I, oh, I can't think of anything else.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1650] Really?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1651] Oh we had a massive tuna and er, erm ... sa
Catherine (PS527) [1652] I have lovely dinners.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1653] tuna and erm
Catherine (PS527) [1654] Sweet corn?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1655] prawn [...] and that.
Catherine (PS527) [1656] Mm mm!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1657] And we had [...] ... had loads of
Catherine (PS527) [1658] Oh yum!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1659] potato salads and things.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [belch]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1660] And salads in the pro ... in the food processor.
Catherine (PS527) [1661] Mm mm!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1662] So
Rachel (PS6P5) [1663] And that, that sounds really nice actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1664] Gillian what did you get then?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1665] I don't know.
Catherine (PS527) [1666] I made sweet and sour chicken yesterday and put it in the freezer.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1667] Ooh no!
[1668] Ooh lovely!
[1669] I bet it'll be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1670] Up again.
Catherine (PS527) [1671] Oh oh!
[1672] There we go.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1673] Yeah, it won't be tonight though will it?
Catherine (PS527) [1674] Never mind.
[1675] I know I keep saying never mind, never mind.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1676] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1677] I can't believe they're just gonna leave me ... to go in ... to English on my own.
[1678] Oh well I'm not going in.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1679] Don't go.
[1680] Come with us.
[1681] We're going to the
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1682] The only th
Rachel (PS6P5) [1683] cinema.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1684] Leave your work.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1685] I didn't go last week though.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1686] Are you going to do more work?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1687] Are you doing [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1688] No not tonight er, early
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1689] Sarah
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1690] afternoon.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1691] Yeah.
[1692] I'm like that.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1693] Well are you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1694] I didn't go last week either
Rachel (PS6P5) [1695] Make a decision.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1696] [...] able to get back.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1697] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1698] We're all watching Much Ado tonight.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1699] It's excellent!
[1700] Go and see it.
[1701] Go and see it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1702] I'll probably go and see it on my own.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1703] Ah!
[1704] Sleepless in Seattle's terrible.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1705] It's, no it's lovely.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1706] Oh no!
Rachel (PS6P5) [1707] Marion, go away!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1708] Mm mm.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1709] Sleepless in Seattle's lovely!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1710] [mimicking baby voice] [...] [] .
Rachel (PS6P5) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1711] Oh my God!
[1712] That's [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [1713] I wanna see the Tina Turner Story.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1714] So do I.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1715] The what?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1716] Leigh went to see that last night.
[1717] The Tina Turner thing.
Catherine (PS527) [1718] That looks quite good actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1719] Is that Much Ado About Nothing really [...] ?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1720] No it's really, really good.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1721] Is it?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1722] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1723] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1724] Much Ado About Nothing.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1725] Excellent!
Catherine (PS527) [1726] Oh well I really want to see that.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1727] So good!
[1728] Really worth seeing.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1729] I'm gonna go and see it on my own.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1730] Cos I haven't got no friends!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Rachel (PS6P5) [1731] Nobody!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1732] It's alright, they're our lot ... class.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1733] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1734] We're going to do the editorial and then
Rachel (PS6P5) [1735] What did you say?
Catherine (PS527) [1736] Perhaps I could call you ... Sarah [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1737] [laughing] Yes [] .
Catherine (PS527) [1738] I meant Sarah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1739] I get used to being [laughing] whatever []
Catherine (PS527) [1740] I meant [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1741] [laughing] comes first [] .
Rachel (PS6P5) [1742] My brother.
Catherine (PS527) [1743] I hate going to the cinema.
[1744] I'm always [...] and I was frightened so much.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1745] Oh I love going to the cinema.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1746] I like going to the cinema actually.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1747] I do.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1748] Popcorn!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1749] Yes!
Catherine (PS527) [1750] [laughing] Seriously though, [...] [] .
Rachel (PS6P5) [1751] I love it!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1752] It's a treat.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1753] Pop corn!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1754] And then we can go and buy something nice for dinner.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1755] Yeah.
[1756] We
Catherine (PS527) [1757] Go, let's go.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1758] Let's go.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1759] Treat yourself Angie, cos you can always sort of catch up like that.
Catherine (PS527) [1760] Yeah, that's what I reckon.
[1761] And I'll help her.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1762] Yeah.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1763] Go for it Cath!
Catherine (PS527) [1764] Yeah, actually I'll
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1765] Yeah!
Rachel (PS6P5) [1766] She's such a friend!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1767] Yeah!
Rachel (PS6P5) [1768] You're so good!
Catherine (PS527) [1769] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1770] Who's that then?
Catherine (PS527) [1771] Me.
[1772] I'm such a good friend.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1773] Why are you?
Catherine (PS527) [1774] I'm taking Angie out to cheer her up.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1775] I wouldn't bother.
Catherine (PS527) [1776] Got yourself a new top?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1777] Sev
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1778] So have I. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1779] seven pound fifty.
Catherine (PS527) [1780] Where from?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1781] Two pound ninety nine.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1782] Trolium.
[1783] I go to like whe
Catherine (PS527) [1784] Two ninety nine!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1785] Two ninety nine.
[1786] Not bad eh?
Catherine (PS527) [1787] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1788] What?
Catherine (PS527) [1789] I like that one.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1790] Polo neck jumper
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1791] Can't be done.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1792] four ninety nine.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1793] Ma
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1794] Really?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1795] where's Mark One?
[1796] In Kingston?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1797] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1798] On only another one rail.
Catherine (PS527) [1799] I'm sending Gill off to get it all.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1800] Whereabouts in Kingston?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1801] Where's that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1802] It's on, Mark One.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1803] Mark One.
Catherine (PS527) [1804] I'm sending Gill to get me loads of tops back.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1805] Really cheap clothes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1806] Oh I know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1807] Oh.
[1808] How many actually left?
Catherine (PS527) [1809] That was two ninety
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1810] Oh I know!
Catherine (PS527) [1811] that top.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1812] It's a nice round sweater top.
Catherine (PS527) [1813] And she's got a polo neck.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1814] And it looks ... it looks like two ninety nine doesn't it girls?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1815] Ah shut up!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1816] Very good quality.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1817] You can tell.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1818] I prefer to buy quality than that
Catherine (PS527) [1819] Yeah but two ninety nine is ... a MacDonalds
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1820] A couple of pints.
Catherine (PS527) [1821] meal.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1822] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1823] And also
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1824] Yeah, that's very true.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1825] you could buy a jumper
Catherine (PS527) [1826] [laugh] ... Yeah.
[1827] And you wouldn't ... you'd spend it on a bottle of wine.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1828] Yeah.
[1829] Look at how much joy
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1830] How much was that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1831] you'd get out of it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1832] I wouldn't even spend eighty pounds on clothes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1833] I know but I [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1834] D'ya know what, whenever I feel guilty about spending some money now , I just think about how much I spent at home.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1835] I never ever , ever, ever would
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1836] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1837] and enjoy it, feel guilty about spending money.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1838] Oh look
Catherine (PS527) [1839] I did.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1840] I spent so something about
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1841] You don't feel good or you don't feel
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1842] No, I don't feel guilty about spending money on clothes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1843] No I don't.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1844] Yeah but now that's why I'm so bored.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1845] I suppose that's why I'm bad at saving money though.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1846] Yeah.
[1847] I spend pots of money.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1848] I know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1849] What else have you bought, clothes then?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1850] No I haven't finished yet.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1851] Cos I've bought like ... posh jeans.
Catherine (PS527) [1852] Oh!
[1853] How much did they cost you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1854] Come on cowboy! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1855] I dunno.
[1856] About thirty five pound.
Catherine (PS527) [1857] Are they
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1858] I thought they'd be more expensive than that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1859] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1860] No, these
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1861] You came with loads of stuff.
[1862] All of these
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1863] Low cost clogs.
Catherine (PS527) [1864] Exchange it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1865] Cardigans,
Catherine (PS527) [1866] Say I wouldn't believe
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1867] two cardigans
Catherine (PS527) [1868] that. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1869] about four jumpers
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1870] Save money?
[1871] It's [...] .
Rachel (PS6P5) [clears throat]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS6P5) [1872] New bed.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1873] New bed.
[1874] New bed.
[1875] New bedside cabinet in the sale.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1876] I wanna see who's on it.
[1877] I'm buying [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1878] Have you got it all in pine?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1879] Marion.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1880] No.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1881] There you go.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1882] No, I had over a thousand pound [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1883] Well
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1884] And I've got a job now.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS6P5) [1885] Oh have you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1886] Monday night.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1887] So what's thi , what your sister found that out
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1888] Have you started working at Ealing [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1889] Wednesday. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1890] [...] in twenty four hours then [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1891] Oh we'll be in.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1892] and pay you back.
Catherine (PS527) [1893] Where?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1894] You will.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1895] Up at the pub, in The Tavern.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1896] That's our local that is.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1897] Oh God! [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1898] Who did you see?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1899] She's gonna say you're not old enough or something.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1900] Are you over eighteen?
[1901] Got any I D?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1902] Okay, not you again?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1903] When does that erm
Rachel (PS6P5) [1904] Say, I don't believe you're eighteen.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1905] that
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1906] Oh was it?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1907] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1908] But I want it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1909] And I, she had the same and she said eighteen [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1910] Well when does she work?
[1911] Saturday night?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1912] Friday.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1913] Friday night.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1914] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1915] If I can come in on Saturday rather than Sunday.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1916] Be nice.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1917] Sarah.
[1918] If you bre , if you break that one
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1919] Why do they keep calling me Sarah.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1920] [laugh] ... They're looking for [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1921] Oh well I've got brown hair.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1922] You can put your leg on that now if you want.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1923] We're not allowed to keep them anyway.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1924] That's alright.
[1925] Look at that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1926] Are you not?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1927] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1928] Michelle and them.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1929] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [1930] Just get nabbed to do something else by them.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1931] Oh.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1932] I don't need that one.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1933] I want him back here.
[1934] He's a prat.
[1935] I don't like them, and he's
Catherine (PS527) [1936] And the bloke with
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1937] I don't like him at all. [in classroom - very noisy - lot of background chatter]
Rachel (PS6P5) [1938] I wanna start when he says something for ... with [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1939] Yeah, we've gotta do a transcription on Friday haven't we?
Catherine (PS527) [1940] Yeah.
[1941] We have got to.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1942] Just get it out the way, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1943] I want to see African
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1944] Does that mean you don't have any [...] in the summer?
Catherine (PS527) [1945] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1946] No, we don't have any.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1947] Er
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1948] And then you're not supposed to.
[1949] I should be the end.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1950] But we leave leave early.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1951] Yeah we finish the end of May.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1952] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1953] Wahey!
[1954] Forty.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1955] Well ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1956] [...] the end of May.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1957] It's a pity, we shouldn't really [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1958] You're a fucking nutter Clare!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1959] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1960] You're a nutter!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1961] I know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1962] You're mad you are!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1963] Mad!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1964] You're blooming mad!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [1965] Oh it's so cold, I've gotta get warm.
Rachel (PS6P5) [1966] [laughing] [...] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1967] I'll try and keep the ... noise down.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1968] Well done Clare!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1969] I'm not gonna speak to anybody!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1970] Oh well
Rachel (PS6P5) [1971] Don't ... don't speak to us then.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [1972] Just have a game when you go round Sainsburys.
[1973] And the first couple arguing over which brand of
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1974] Over a long time now
Catherine (PS527) [1975] toothpaste to get
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1976] Did she?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1977] I feel sorry
Catherine (PS527) [1978] let them.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1979] for both of them.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1980] Go on.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1981] Yeah, and it came on just before eleven
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1982] In the what?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1983] and I couldn't understand it.
Catherine (PS527) [1984] [laugh] ... Did he charge ya?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1985] No, not for this one.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1986] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [1987] There you go.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Rachel (PS6P5) [1988] D'ya know what, I'm just gonna make up signatures.
[1989] Cos I haven't asked anyone
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1990] Signatures?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1991] I've taped.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1992] Oh that's alright.
Catherine (PS527) [1993] What you going on about?
Rachel (PS6P5) [1994] About th , cos you're supposed to get their permission aren't you?
Catherine (PS527) [1995] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1996] I taped Louise and ... and they had to be [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [1997] Oh good.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [1998] D'ya know
Catherine (PS527) [1999] Well we had ... massive Yings yesterday!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2000] What?
Rachel (PS6P5) [2001] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2002] Ying.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2003] Ying Yang Yo
Catherine (PS527) [2004] They were ... massive!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2005] You went to the China Garden?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2006] No!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2007] Oh!
[2008] It's lovely!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2009] It's really good.
[2010] And cheap.
Catherine (PS527) [2011] It's much better than Ying Yang Yongs.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2012] Is it expensive?
Catherine (PS527) [2013] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2014] No.
[2015] It's cheaper than Ying Yang Yong.
Catherine (PS527) [2016] Oh it's
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2017] Is it?
Catherine (PS527) [2018] really nice!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2019] Mm mm!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2020] Is it Cantonese po
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2021] Lemon and chicken.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2022] pork?
Catherine (PS527) [2023] I had lots of it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2024] It's not as spicy as erm
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2025] Garlic chicken.
Catherine (PS527) [2026] I don't like garlic.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2027] I had crab and sweet corn soup. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2028] What happened to with the all-night [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [2029] I think, I think Mike said it all really.
[2030] I was going to Mike, go on have some more.
[2031] Honestly, I felt so bloated.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2032] Cos they came in massive things didn't they?
[2033] Er
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2034] What was that for?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2035] I was gonna pay for it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2036] Is the Mike the loaded one?
Catherine (PS527) [2037] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2038] Ya.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2039] [yawning] I think Alice might be better off with him [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2040] You should have offered to pay for it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2041] Well yeah, right.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2042] Yeah.
[2043] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2044] It wasn't very expensive.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2045] I did.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2046] Fifty one.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2047] Mind you , I wasn't gonna [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [2048] You what?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2049] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2050] Marion that was a very obscene choice.
Catherine (PS527) [2051] We thought it was terrific
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2052] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2053] Marion.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2054] I nearly walked out [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2055] That's why I put you down the end of the table so I wouldn't have to talk to you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2056] That's nice!
[2057] Cheers!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2058] Anthony's going, who are they?
[2059] Who are they?
[2060] I don't know those three.
[2061] He said, tell us who they are.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2062] I couldn't convince him though.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2063] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2064] No, no, no.
Catherine (PS527) [2065] He's seen us before.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2066] I've seen him once Marion.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2067] Yeah, but tal , you haven't spoken to him.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2068] [singing] Doo doo dee doo doo [] .
Catherine (PS527) [2069] I had a boyfriend once like Tin-tin.
[2070] [laughing] Met him on the way to Kingston [] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2071] Erm
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2072] What this boyfriend?
Catherine (PS527) [2073] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2074] You got
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2075] Looks like Tin-tin.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2076] Ooh lucky!
Catherine (PS527) [2077] Yeah, he dragged me all the way to London to go and buy some beef.
[2078] And she was just like [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2079] Which one's Alan?
Catherine (PS527) [2080] You told us not to tell you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2081] Oh she
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2082] She did what?
Catherine (PS527) [2083] Weird!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2084] Why is she still pumping?
Rachel (PS6P5) [2085] Cos it takes a while for the steroids to ... like work down.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2086] They're still in her system.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2087] Ah ah!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2088] I felt a bit sorry for her actually.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2089] She does bring some of it on herself though.
Catherine (PS527) [2090] Why?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2091] Well I dunno, she's just really, I dunno ... how you can describe her.
Catherine (PS527) [2092] She is coming from [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2093] She is that as well.
Catherine (PS527) [2094] Because she's got no friends though.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2095] Hasn't she?
Catherine (PS527) [2096] No.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2097] The only thing she's got is a ... ex boyfriend.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2098] Her friends have been and gone and she does [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2099] She does her like round of phoning people.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2100] You can't blame them.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2101] We're last on the list.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2102] [laughing] If she's bored and wants to come out [] .
Catherine (PS527) [2103] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2104] We're the last ones that she
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2105] Didn't she live with a family?
[2106] Why doesn't she move with other people though?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2107] Cos no one
Catherine (PS527) [2108] Nothing.
[2109] I don't think I could [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2110] nobody'll have her.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2111] What?
[2112] No one phones her?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2113] Apart from us, no.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2114] I'll phone her up.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2115] We'll be getting you to [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [yawn]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2116] I'm going to ring her.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2117] No, don't.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2118] She'll take it from me.
None (PS6TP) [2119] How are the people at your house?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2120] Oh wonderful!
[2121] Going on the B N P march though.
[2122] You can't see anything wrong in the B
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2123] Who?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2124] N P.
Catherine (PS527) [2125] Do they?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2126] Anti- Nazi march.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2127] Yeah.
[2128] That's
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2129] Say
Rachel (PS6P5) [2130] why they were going past.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2131] Were they there?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2132] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2133] Did you go in as well yesterday?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2134] [...] about the police and ... anti-riot police and [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2135] Yeah. [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2136] They're silly buggers though aren't they?
[2137] They're all violent.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2138] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2139] There's more to it than [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2140] Well honestly they were ... laying into them so
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2141] They're just jumping on the bandwagon.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2142] Yeah I know!
[2143] It's really bad.
[2144] Just said all the police are horrible because they were climbing
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2145] Every single one.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2146] they were climbing over a massive wall to get into a cemetery that they're not meant to go into
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2147] Bloody hell!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2148] and they wonder why the police are telling them not to go in there.
[2149] They're going, oh the police are so rude to us!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2150] Do they go in there?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2151] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2152] Which one?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2153] It's the one up [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2154] The massive march, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2155] They were on that?
[2156] I'd laugh if they got fucking beaten up!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2157] Yeah I know.
[2158] I'd laugh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2159] They'd run a mile.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2160] No shit!
[2161] You're going out with that lot [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2162] Did they go to that one?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2163] Yeah that's what I, why, that's what I said to Susannah and she was like ... don't be ridiculous!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2164] It was!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2165] They wanna see all these people with their masks on, right ... massive sticks like that big.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2166] Course it was for God's sake!
[2167] They're supposed to be the passives.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2168] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2169] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2170] And then they go and burn everybody and all the, and anti-Nazis where they
Catherine (PS527) [2171] What has that girl got on?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2172] burn people!
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2173] Has she got a top on?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2174] Leggings.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2175] Tights.
Catherine (PS527) [2176] Ah!
Rachel (PS6P5) [2177] Are you happier now?
[2178] The poor girl.
Catherine (PS527) [2179] Oh well
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2180] Oh good Lord!
Catherine (PS527) [2181] So what do we need to hang these up or something?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2182] Erm yes please.
[2183] To dry.
Catherine (PS527) [2184] Right, we need to get something to put it up with.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2185] Can we not take them home?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2186] Are you really gonna carry Claire?
Catherine (PS527) [2187] How are you gonna carry it home Zoe?
[2188] You'll
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2189] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [2190] look like a right wally!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2191] So we may well manage.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2192] Ah big deal!
[2193] You gotta hang it up.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2194] Erm, sorry, when I said I won't see you next week, that means I won't see you now until ... the fourth year.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2195] Oh no!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2196] Won't you be back?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2197] Nice seeing you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2198] You leaving?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2199] Yeah.
[2200] I'm going through
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2201] to the third year and I might not do the fourth year. [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2202] But why?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Catherine (PS527) [2203] Marilyn, buy me cream cake on the way home.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2204] This ob , obsession with food it's getting worrying.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2205] What are you talking about [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2206] [laughing] Shorty [] .
Catherine (PS527) [2207] No I'm won't share!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2208] I may get a [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2209] Are you?
[2210] My friend gets them when I get go into town.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Catherine (PS527) [2211] [singing] Well, well, well ... mm mm mm, what did you say [] ?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2212] Come on!
Rachel (PS6P5) [2213] Hooray!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2214] See their remnants.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Rachel (PS6P5) [2215] I know.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2216] Don't mention [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2217] Oh don't worry about the lecture.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2218] Yeah.
[2219] Something like that.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2220] Well, I wish I had [...] .
Rachel (PS6P5) [2221] You can borrow notes and I'll
Catherine (PS527) [2222] Yeah, actually, I think I will do.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2223] Ta mate.
Catherine (PS527) [2224] Ta darling!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2225] See you later.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2226] See you later.
Catherine (PS527) [2227] See ya.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2228] I'll see you tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2229] Bye?
[2230] Have a rest of the paper there.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2231] Will do.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2232] Oh Cathy erm mm, Cathy.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2233] Erm, the one I want.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2234] Going shopping.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2235] No I'll write you some down.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2236] Lots.
Catherine (PS527) [2237] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2238] What?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2239] Have you lost that one?
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2240] Wrestle.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2241] Erm ... suppose we better go then.
Catherine (PS527) [2242] Yeah, it's so much extra time.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2243] I don't mind but it's just ... not fair at all
Catherine (PS527) [2244] Yeah.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2245] It's just the time that really, you know, I just wanna get home.
Catherine (PS527) [2246] You just waste so much time.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2247] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2248] It's like half, half an hour, well I mean casually like
Rachel (PS6P5) [2249] Yeah.
[2250] That's it.
Catherine (PS527) [2251] about half an hour, a good half an hour ... sort of waste every morning, every afternoon.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2252] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2253] You wasted two hours a day ... in and out and in and out of college.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2254] That's a lot.
Catherine (PS527) [2255] Yeah.
[2256] Well cycling takes eight minutes.
[2257] I keep going ooh!
[2258] Ooh!
[2259] [laugh] ... Trying to see how, how quickly I can get home.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2260] Mm.
[2261] Well
Catherine (PS527) [2262] When you're in a rush.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2263] It's like, on Tuesday [...] ... you know, like coming back from R E
Catherine (PS527) [2264] Yeah.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2265] had the train at half four and I didn't get off [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [2266] Yeah.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2267] And we hardly got in and then you have to
Catherine (PS527) [2268] Yeah it doesn't seem worth it sometimes.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2269] Yeah I know.
Catherine (PS527) [2270] [laughing] I must start using the library [] .
[2271] I'm so bad.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2272] [...] keep going up to it really is bad you know.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Rachel (PS6P5) [2273] At least you have Tu , Thursdays off.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Rachel (PS6P5) [2274] Are you gonna do some work?
Catherine (PS527) [2275] I must do.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2276] Yeah, erm but, you know, I haven't got any work though.
Catherine (PS527) [2277] [laugh] ... Gotta try and do some transcription ... transcribing
Rachel (PS6P5) [2278] [tut] .
[2279] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2280] tonight.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2281] Mm.
[2282] Try and do [laughing] [...] [] .
Catherine (PS527) [2283] Yeah.
[2284] It's really annoying.
[2285] But erm ... I must start reading those books as well.
[2286] But I'm gonna find it a real bummer.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2287] What?
Catherine (PS527) [2288] Gotta tr , like Shakespeare.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2289] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [2290] And I've gotta try and look at some poetry.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2291] I'm not too worried about Shakespeare.
[2292] Cos I know Twelfth Night, so
Catherine (PS527) [2293] You can, you ca , yeah, see I haven't got a clue.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2294] I couldn't tell [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [2295] Yeah.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2296] about three quarters.
Catherine (PS527) [2297] Well yo
Rachel (PS6P5) [2298] I didn't know it.
Catherine (PS527) [2299] you can sort of bluff your way through to a certain extent.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2300] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2301] In Shakespeare.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2302] That's what I did last year.
Catherine (PS527) [2303] Yeah.
[2304] ... It's all very strange.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2305] What have we got next week?
Catherine (PS527) [2306] Erm Dunn, erm Kitty said.
[2307] ... Don't know what he's like.
[2308] Bought my Paradise Lost in a second hand book and I ga , shop, and I gave it to Marion.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2309] [tut] .
[2310] Oh!
[2311] What? [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2312] Well she kept moaning saying, oh I wanted those books!
[2313] So I wrapped them up and gave them to her ... for her birthday.
[2314] With her pet [laughing] plug, or plug pet even [] .
[2315] It's so cool.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2316] Pet plug. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2317] Pet plug.
[2318] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[2319] Hello darling.
[2320] Pet [...] .
[2321] ... Have you got change on you?
[2322] Oh I'll just have to go to the shop.
[2323] Groovy!
[2324] And buy some sweeties.
[2325] Ha ah. [laugh]
Rachel (PS6P5) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2326] Ah!
[2327] Which is better?
Rachel (PS6P5) [2328] Ha!
Catherine (PS527) [2329] Ha ha!
[2330] ... Ah ah.
[2331] ... Oh it's not so cold now actually, it's not
Rachel (PS6P5) [2332] No.
Catherine (PS527) [2333] it's not too bad.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2334] No, the sun's out.
Catherine (PS527) [2335] Oh it was, ah, it was so cold this morning!
Rachel (PS6P5) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2336] And I was like joining the traffic trying to do my coat up and I heard this, Cathy!
[2337] I thought, bloody hell is that?
[2338] And I was Carlton.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2339] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [2340] And there was like a massive convoy of people [laughing] behind him [] .
Rachel (PS6P5) [2341] I know.
Catherine (PS527) [2342] There's me like in a, trying to do my erm ... jacket up and trying to keep warm.
Rachel (PS6P5) [2343] [tut] .
Catherine (PS527) [2344] My hands were freezing!
Rachel (PS6P5) [2345] Well I, well I got here and I was hot.
Catherine (PS527) [2346] Yeah.

4 (Tape 131102)

Catherine (PS527) [2347] So ... [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2348] You'll have to excuse us a sec.
Catherine (PS527) [2349] Oh dear.
Catherine (PS527) [2350] It's really such a nice smell [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [2351] All this Indian music. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2352] [laugh] ... They got to [...] .
[2353] No this is, cos Marion and Matthew they like Indians and they go ... both me ma , start again, they like Indian meals ... and they've been round to quite a few and they said this is the best one they've been to.
[2354] This is really, really nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2355] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2356] They were really impressed with it.
Catherine (PS527) [2357] What do you want to drink?
[2358] Coke or something like that?
Catherine (PS527) [2359] Yeah I'm driving.
[2360] Just get me a Coke.
Catherine (PS527) [2361] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2362] It's easiest.
Catherine (PS527) [2363] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2364] I don't think I could handle it. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2365] Lovely.
Catherine (PS527) [2366] You can never see, it's so dark out here you can't see
Catherine (PS527) [2367] Yeah that's right.
Catherine (PS527) [2368] like, coming in and like the windows are so dark but ... and ... and
Catherine (PS527) [2369] Ah.
Catherine (PS527) [2370] one thing about these places they're nice and warm.
[2371] They want you to drink more apparently.
Catherine (PS527) [2372] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [2373] [...] ... Don't normally go for Indian much actually do we?
Catherine (PS527) [2374] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2375] Don't really think of it.
Catherine (PS527) [2376] One of the things we're learning to cook indoors aren't we?
Catherine (PS527) [2377] Not like this.
[2378] This is proper, proper stuff.
Catherine (PS527) [2379] Oh. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2380] We had nice erm ... when I went to Angie's ... they did like proper Tandoori chicken with, they made up and erm ... all these other, they did a ... er ... chick pea and something else ... like Indian thing.
[2381] Really, really nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2382] Oh she's , so she's up in Sheffield?
Catherine (PS527) [2383] Yeah.
[2384] Really nice.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2385] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [2386] Lovely thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [2387] Er, can I have er two Cokes please?
Catherine (PS527) [2388] Diet Cokes.
Catherine (PS527) [2389] Diet Cokes.
Catherine (PS527) [2390] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2391] On the tab again please, thanks.
[2392] Diet Coke?
Catherine (PS527) [2393] Ooh!
[2394] [...] ... [laugh] ... Is your eyesight getting bad mate?
Catherine (PS527) [2395] Definitely.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2396] Erm, I asked if they were having it in braille and then, and then er
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2397] feel my way along the page.
Catherine (PS527) [2398] [laugh] ... Why you're lovely!
[2399] [humming] ... Actually I had one of the, when we went out with Robert I had a Phall which is erm ... it's like you get all, all those different di , dishes
Catherine (PS527) [cough]
Catherine (PS527) [2400] obviously not got, you get like little ... amounts, I don't know how big, erm
Catherine (PS527) [2401] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2402] and little pots with each one.
Catherine (PS527) [2403] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [2404] Really , really nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2405] Is that for one then or
Catherine (PS527) [2406] Yeah, no one.
Catherine (PS527) [2407] Is it?
[2408] That's great.
Catherine (PS527) [2409] Really, it's really nice.
[2410] You get everything there that you want.
[2411] ... I was really impressed.
[2412] I think the last time I came I had erm ... a chicken thing.
[2413] A chicken ... no a king prawn korma ... I had and it was lovely.
[2414] Which is like
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2415] korma, it's very mild.
[2416] Oh it actually, didn't, yeah.
[2417] We had a medium I think we might have had a, or a king prawn curry or something.
[2418] Medium is just, is just nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2419] What do you normally have with that then?
Catherine (PS527) [2420] Just erm, some sort of pilau rice or something.
[2421] And where is it?
[2422] Oh yeah.
[2423] Pilau rice ... or ... any, well any rice really.
[2424] ... Get, get a ... get a couple of poppadoms.
Catherine (PS527) [2425] Get a couple of poppadoms.
Catherine (PS527) [2426] Or get four actually cos they're lovely.
[2427] You get all the little erm ... they bring you around all yo , the little chutneys and things.
[2428] You know, like like pickle
Catherine (PS527) [2429] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [2430] and stuff.
[2431] And erm
Catherine (PS527) [2432] Oh that's great.
Catherine (PS527) [2433] onions ... and other stuff like that.
[2434] It's really nice.
[2435] Very nicely done.
Catherine (PS527) [2436] Get four of those.
Catherine (PS527) [2437] And ... oh next to my house.
[2438] Can you, can you not see?
Catherine (PS527) [2439] Not really, but no.
Catherine (PS527) [2440] Oh what can I have then?
Catherine (PS527) [2441] Dunno.
[2442] Have the lunch.
[2443] Er er ... I had duck yesterday
Catherine (PS527) [2444] It was so long ago.
[2445] Did you?
Catherine (PS527) [2446] I had duck yesterday, you know.
Catherine (PS527) [2447] Was it nice?
[2448] What sort?
Catherine (PS527) [2449] Very nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2450] What Peking or
Catherine (PS527) [2451] No, no, no [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2452] Oh just like roast?
Catherine (PS527) [2453] Yes.
[2454] Very nice.
[2455] [...] . Oh well ... what are you going to do?
[2456] Oh actually I I think I would go, I'll go for this er ... mild korma chicken.
Catherine (PS527) [2457] Oh!
[2458] What are you gonna have
Catherine (PS527) [2459] Mild.
Catherine (PS527) [2460] with it?
[2461] Very
Catherine (PS527) [2462] Erm
Catherine (PS527) [2463] mild.
[2464] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [2465] Yeah, well I don't want
Catherine (PS527) [2466] Very mild.
Catherine (PS527) [2467] Yeah, very mild.
Catherine (PS527) [2468] Oh.
[2469] I might have the king prawn one actually.
Catherine (PS527) [2470] King prawn?
[2471] That's the, that's the medium is it?
Catherine (PS527) [2472] No, I might have the king prawn korma, but I dunno.
[2473] But don't
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [2474] I see.
[2475] Where were we?
Catherine (PS527) [2476] Yeah okay.
[2477] I think
Catherine (PS527) [2478] Well what's
Catherine (PS527) [2479] I'll have the king prawn korma actually.
Catherine (PS527) [2480] Erm four poppadoms
Catherine (PS527) [2481] Yeah.
[2482] And then ... we can get two different rice.
[2483] You can get pilau rice ... and a mushroom rice?
Catherine (PS527) [2484] Yeah sure.
Catherine (PS527) [2485] Be nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2486] Pi , pilau
Catherine (PS527) [2487] And that's and a, and a paratha but I dunno what they are, we haven't had those I must admit.
[2488] Erm ... just ask them.
[2489] Some sort of bready thing.
Catherine (PS527) [2490] Paratha Where are they?
Catherine (PS527) [2491] Paratha
Catherine (PS527) [2492] In the starters?
[2493] No.
[2494] Okay.
Catherine (PS527) [2495] Okay?
[2496] [humming] ... See what that
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2497] [...] ... Er er do you want any poppadoms?
Catherine (PS527) [2498] Can we have four pla , of the
Catherine (PS527) [2499] Four, four please.
Catherine (PS527) [2500] plain ones?
Catherine (PS527) [2501] Yes please.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2502] Right.
Catherine (PS527) [2503] Cheers.
Catherine (PS527) [2504] It's really nice as well because you when you got they like hold the door open for you and you know ... give you a
Catherine (PS527) [2505] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [2506] you feel very like ... you know
Catherine (PS527) [2507] Mm!
Catherine (PS527) [2508] what's the word?
[2509] Chivalrous?
[2510] Is that the, I don't know.
Catherine (PS527) [2511] Yes.
[2512] Chivalrous.
Catherine (PS527) [2513] Cos when you get your takeaway they erm ... they carry it to the door for you and give it to you when you get to the door, and they hand
Catherine (PS527) [2514] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [2515] it to you.
[2516] It's very nice actually.
Catherine (PS527) [2517] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [2518] Whe , when we went to the one in Twickenham, James really like it sort of go out for a ni Indian meal and stuff.
[2519] Quite enjoyed it.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2520] Okay, I'll bring the ... sauces for you.
Catherine (PS527) [2521] Lovely.
[2522] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [2523] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [2524] Thanks very much.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2525] Okay?
Catherine (PS527) [2526] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [2527] So when's his tour?
Catherine (PS527) [2528] Oh er, it's er ... late July ... early August of ... ninety four.
Catherine (PS527) [2529] Oh!
[2530] Not long really.
Catherine (PS527) [2531] No. [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2532] Oh.
[2533] Lovely thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [2534] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2535] [...] again.
Catherine (PS527) [2536] Alright, thank you.
[2537] ... I'll take the first one, that one is sweet.
Catherine (PS527) [2538] It's so nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2539] You just dip in like that do you?
Catherine (PS527) [2540] Yeah.
[2541] Or sort of put it,wha however really.
[2542] Or put bits on your plate and then ... just like put ... this is a, I think this is a lime one.
Catherine (PS527) [2543] Mm!
Catherine (PS527) [2544] They taste a bit different actually to the ones we had.
[2545] They don't like, used to have a little ... [...] .
[2546] That one's quite hot I think.
[2547] That's erm ... something or other.
[2548] Or just put it onto your ... poppadom like that.
[2549] ... Easier to put it straight on.
Catherine (PS527) [2550] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2551] So we , with your pensions and things ... is mum, what about mum does she know ... what about the state pension and stuff?
Catherine (PS527) [2552] Well mum can draw a state pension when she's sixty or something on what I pay in into the scheme so you
Catherine (PS527) [2553] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [2554] get it on one.
Catherine (PS527) [2555] Because she hasn't worked, nothing?
Catherine (PS527) [2556] Mm.
[2557] Well, so ... and th , and the husband
Catherine (PS527) [2558] So married woman's like if their ... husband left them ... and they're at work well how do they, how are they covered?
[2559] Or are they not?
Catherine (PS527) [2560] I don't know.
[2561] I don't know, it's, it's er ... it's a little harder to say the least.
[2562] Is, if they we , if he's left ... I suppose she would get the, the single, single person's thing.
Catherine (PS527) [2563] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2564] But ... it's not so much nowadays though.
[2565] ... You have a ... the problem [...] ... if the husband remarries.
Catherine (PS527) [2566] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2567] Er, er, you know, who gets the
Catherine (PS527) [2568] I suppose it's pretty difficult really.
Catherine (PS527) [2569] No you can't.
[2570] Sorry.
[2571] Erm, with mum ... i i i is fine because she could [...] ... from my point of view so, and also ... as regards the, if anything happens to me, then she gets a pension from the bank ... she gets
Catherine (PS527) [2572] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [2573] a widow's pension from the bank
Catherine (PS527) [2574] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2575] so that she doesn't ... so we get nothing for
Catherine (PS527) [2576] Oh right.
[2577] ... It's quite good to work for a big concern like that then really?
Catherine (PS527) [2578] Oh ... yeah.
[2579] And of course even that's going to change as time goes on.
Catherine (PS527) [2580] Really?
[2581] So what happens like, with me?
[2582] Like teaching?
[2583] Do I need to do ... I, they don't do anything
Catherine (PS527) [2584] Well you may have , you may have to look after yourself in fact.
Catherine (PS527) [2585] Yeah.
[2586] Cos obviously ... it's different for you.
Catherine (PS527) [2587] That's the thing.
[2588] Erm ... er ... it will be see if you can ... pay into something
Catherine (PS527) [2589] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2590] er soon after you start your job.
Catherine (PS527) [2591] Yeah.
[2592] I'll think about it
Catherine (PS527) [2593] So, say as , say erm, say by the time you're ... you're probably, mm, I dunno, thirty.
Catherine (PS527) [2594] Yeah, cos I'll be working ... well I'm twenty one.
[2595] I'm doing a third year ... I'll be twenty four
Catherine (PS527) [2596] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2597] when I qualify.
[2598] Seems sensible to start as soon as possible really.
Catherine (PS527) [2599] Well you can start off with you see, a small sum ... as regards an insurance policy.
Catherine (PS527) [2600] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2601] Then take the twenty five or thirty years.
Catherine (PS527) [2602] Is that what you've done?
[2603] That's how you're paying?
Catherine (PS527) [2604] No.
[2605] The two, the two insurance policies I had ... of erm ... er the house ... were on [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2606] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2607] and when we moved ... I think we had a new insurance policy to cover ... [...] ... and the ... others became mine.
Catherine (PS527) [2608] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2609] That's why it's very important cos I haven't got my ... early matured pay from Roberts ... and the other one in fact ... matures next year with everything attached to it ... except for one
Catherine (PS527) [2610] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2611] of you, for you.
Catherine (PS527) [2612] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2613] And the lump sum I can ... then ... could put in mum's name ... to avoid.
Catherine (PS527) [2614] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2615] paying tax on the interest.
Catherine (PS527) [2616] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2617] And then just utilize a little each year.
Catherine (PS527) [2618] Yeah.
[2619] Oh right.
[2620] We should get help with James though shouldn't we?
Catherine (PS527) [2621] Well ... at the moment, I'm working on a nil return for
Catherine (PS527) [2622] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [2623] James so, if there is something, all well and good.
Catherine (PS527) [2624] Oh yeah.
[2625] ... I don't see how they can justify ... I mean, anybody, unless you'd ... got mega bucks
Catherine (PS527) [2626] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2627] you're just paying out that amount of money and suddenly ... in one goes' a big,bi , like quite a shock.
[2628] And you might like, on paper, have the money like, by the end of the like, year or whatever ... but paying it out in one go or
Catherine (PS527) [2629] Well the thing is they're not gonna get any wind of erm ... what [...] so he's gonna get sacked.
[2630] ... Gone into erm ... money [...] .
[2631] And that way, any interest on erm ... it becomes tax free.
Catherine (PS527) [2632] Yeah.
[2633] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [2634] So again, I have to be careful because ... real interest is gained on ... this money that's in ... grand mama's ... name.
[2635] Or grand mama's account which is in Claire and er ... Nigel's.
Catherine (PS527) [2636] Yeah.
[2637] There's not that much there though is there?
Catherine (PS527) [2638] There's enough.
Catherine (PS527) [2639] Really?
Catherine (PS527) [2640] Yeah, it's erm
Catherine (PS527) [2641] [...] ... Did you have a good time when you went up to King's Lynn?
Catherine (PS527) [2642] Yes.
[2643] It was very pleasant.
[2644] The ... the journey up there was erm
Catherine (PS527) [2645] Mum said , your mum's going a bit mental?
Catherine (PS527) [2646] Oh, probably is.
Catherine (PS527) [2647] To put it politely.
Catherine (PS527) [2648] I expect she is.
Catherine (PS527) [2649] Does she see your brother much?
Catherine (PS527) [2650] She sees Geoff, yes, but when she calls round.
Catherine (PS527) [2651] Really?
Catherine (PS527) [2652] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2653] Oh good.
Catherine (PS527) [2654] Well my, my brother, well I, I'm, I'm happy ... she's er ... that she's comfortable
Catherine (PS527) [2655] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2656] er i in her place.
[2657] It's been wonderful!
Catherine (PS527) [2658] Mum said it's really nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2659] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2660] What is it?
[2661] It's not ... is it an old people's home or is it something she paid for?
Catherine (PS527) [2662] Along , along th that sort of line.
[2663] Erm ... you have a war , warden who lives on, the premises ... you have contact with the wardens ... and if there's any problems you can
Catherine (PS527) [2664] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2665] pull a cord ... and they erm use a
Catherine (PS527) [2666] It's a bit like the one we we , went to see Aunty Mary's when we to
Catherine (PS527) [2667] Oh that's true.
Catherine (PS527) [2668] tidy it up.
Catherine (PS527) [2669] And this is really what
Catherine (PS527) [2670] So is it, is it private or ... or erm
Catherine (PS527) [2671] Well it's her trust.
Catherine (PS527) [2672] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [2673] It's her trust.
Catherine (PS527) [2674] So she pays?
Catherine (PS527) [2675] She pays a certain amount, but erm ... you get erm
Catherine (PS527) [2676] Subsidised.
Catherine (PS527) [2677] That's right.
[2678] Yeah.
[2679] This is really what Ma-in-law should have done.
Catherine (PS527) [2680] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2681] About the same sort of thing.
Catherine (PS527) [2682] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2683] Well, just to sit there ... it's a, I, I, know mum was fed up.
Catherine (PS527) [2684] Sorry?
Catherine (PS527) [2685] Mum's fed up.
Catherine (PS527) [2686] Oh yeah.
[2687] She was telling me the other day.
[2688] ... But it's just
Catherine (PS527) [2689] But erm
Catherine (PS527) [2690] I dunno, it's just so awful!
Catherine (PS527) [2691] Well
Catherine (PS527) [2692] It just turned everything so sour.
Catherine (PS527) [2693] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2694] But it probably was, I mean ... probably deep down ... if we didn't see her ... [...] , probably got on quite well with her.
[2695] But you, you just see to much of her that now
Catherine (PS527) [2696] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2697] that it's just got no ... got no wanting to talk to her or
Catherine (PS527) [2698] Mm!
Catherine (PS527) [2699] or no , you know, anything.
Catherine (PS527) [2700] Well no, you see
Catherine (PS527) [2701] Well perhaps she's got nothing to say, but she doesn't do anything.
Catherine (PS527) [2702] I don't know.
[2703] But the problem ... I became very angry years ago with that because, I mean Irish Close and we had the three of you ... we found ... that ... she'd, she just kept on telling us off.
[2704] And, oh, I'll go in, get th Catherine's present, I mean, it wasn't ... and, there was no thought at all toward
Catherine (PS527) [2705] No.
Catherine (PS527) [2706] the children.
Catherine (PS527) [2707] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2708] And as I say, there was always one I remember ... that sticks passively in my mind when she came over in one December ... five weekends on the trot!
Catherine (PS527) [2709] Yeah.
[2710] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2711] I was going mental!
Catherine (PS527) [2712] Well that's it.
[2713] So what did she say to you?
Catherine (PS527) [2714] Nothing.
Catherine (PS527) [2715] Well, [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2716] I do , I hope ... but we appreciated Claire and Steven had her more than we had, but ... you know, we've had the odd times we've virtually been across there a month or something like, but ... but when you have a position where you have ... five
Catherine (PS527) [2717] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2718] people in the house
Catherine (PS527) [2719] It's very stressful.
Catherine (PS527) [2720] I'm sorry, you know, the woman, I, er, I've tried to tell her in no uncertain terms ... there
Catherine (PS527) [2721] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2722] isn't a space there.
Catherine (PS527) [2723] Well not if it's not designed for it.
Catherine (PS527) [2724] I said to her, I was saying it to Mum earlier, if that was me with ... a family, I'd wake up to the fact that you're pa , I, I ... I, there's too many here.
Catherine (PS527) [2725] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2726] And course it's reached the point of no return now where she ... she can't do anything for herself.
Catherine (PS527) [2727] Well there's nothing , yeah.
[2728] You just can't do it.
Catherine (PS527) [2729] But if we, what she has done is soured the relationship with us
Catherine (PS527) [2730] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2731] between Claire and Steve, and also between Claire, Steve
Catherine (PS527) [2732] Well it's
Catherine (PS527) [2733] and herself.
Catherine (PS527) [2734] Yes.
[2735] Which is such a shame because ... like, we all,wi , we all get on really well with William.
Catherine (PS527) [2736] Sure.
Catherine (PS527) [2737] You know, like more, more brother,si
Catherine (PS527) [2738] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2739] brother sort of sister thing sort of thing than anything else.
[2740] But, you know, you don't wanna keep [...] her off.
[2741] Mum and Aunty, you know, Mum and Aunty get on well, and we all get ... you know, you get on with them as well, and all types of stuff.
Catherine (PS527) [2742] But there is an underlined current there
Catherine (PS527) [2743] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2744] which is erm, Mum is aware of.
Catherine (PS527) [2745] Oh definitely.
Catherine (PS527) [2746] But ... you know ... the situation is ... it's like ... Mum should not ... expect ... just because Claire and Steve go away that it's immediate pack your bag it's gonna co
Catherine (PS527) [2747] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2748] and, and settle down in Brentwood.
[2749] I'm, I, I'm sorry.
Catherine (PS527) [2750] It's happened too many times now that she's
Catherine (PS527) [2751] You can
Catherine (PS527) [2752] really just, you can't break it.
Catherine (PS527) [2753] You can break it but the thing is that I warned her, er, you know, as long as they get through to her ... hold on ... that ... that's very nicely set up if she twiddles her [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2754] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2755] and will continue to, to, to, erm ... so that the, the, the set-up should never have been created by her.
Catherine (PS527) [2756] Very, very difficult.
Catherine (PS527) [2757] Well ... that's why I said to you, and, and Laura, er to James, no way ... would we ... get ourselves in that position for you ... you have your lives to lead
Catherine (PS527) [2758] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2759] get on with it.
Catherine (PS527) [2760] There's no point ruining ... a good relationship by
Catherine (PS527) [2761] That's right.
[2762] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2763] things like that.
[2764] ... Just turns everything sour.
Catherine (PS527) [2765] So how was your weekend
Catherine (PS527) [2766] Ah.
Catherine (PS527) [2767] in ... Sheffield?
[2768] Did you go wa , get around to see much at all?
Catherine (PS527) [2769] Erm, not much.
[2770] What did we do?
[2771] The Friday ... we finally got there at about ... the traffic was so bad ... because Friday night as well.
Catherine (PS527) [2772] You'd gone up in, oh yes.
Catherine (PS527) [2773] Erm
Catherine (PS527) [2774] Do you want a bit more?
Catherine (PS527) [2775] No, I've had, I've had erm ... two already.
[2776] Erm ... we went out
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2777] Go on.
Catherine (PS527) [2778] Can't remember.
Catherine (PS527) [2779] Can't remember what I want now.
[2780] Right erm ... could I have the ... er the mild korma down here please?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2781] [...] chicken korma.
Catherine (PS527) [2782] Yep.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2783] Okay.
Catherine (PS527) [2784] And the king prawn korma.
Catherine (PS527) [2785] And the king prawn korma.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2786] Do you want another [...] ?
Catherine (PS527) [2787] Not for me thanks, no.
[2788] Erm ... what do you want the, the the paratha
Catherine (PS527) [2789] Pi , pilau, yeah.
[2790] One of those do you?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2791] Just one of the paratha
Catherine (PS527) [clears throat]
Catherine (PS527) [2792] Yeah, just one.
[2793] And, we wanted?
Catherine (PS527) [2794] One pilau and one mushroom
Catherine (PS527) [2795] One pilau and
Catherine (PS527) [2796] one mushroom
Catherine (PS527) [2797] and one mushroom rice.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2798] One pilau rice and one mushroom.
Catherine (PS527) [2799] And one mushroom rice.
[2800] Yes thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2801] Do you want any nan bread?
Catherine (PS527) [2802] Do you want any nan bread?
Catherine (PS527) [2803] No, I'm fine thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [2804] No, thanks a lot.
[2805] Right.
[2806] Thank you.
[2807] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2808] One chicken korma, one prawn korma, the er pilau rice, mushroom rice and a paratha
Catherine (PS527) [2809] That's it.
[2810] Lovely.
[2811] Thank you very much.
Catherine (PS527) [2812] Lovely , thank you.
[2813] ... Yeah so, Friday night ... we went out with her friend Helen and another friend where she works, and this other guy.
[2814] It was really good actually.
[2815] We went into Sheffield ... right into the city ... and went to a pub.
[2816] It was pouring down with rain though.
[2817] So heavy!
[2818] We got so soaked.
[2819] We couldn't find a taxi so we thought well ... we may as well start walking. [break in recording]
Catherine (PS527) [2820] Yippee!
Catherine (PS527) [2821] Oh there is it?
[2822] Oh!
[2823] What's happened now?
Catherine (PS527) [2824] Looks a bit dead to me.
Catherine (PS527) [2825] [tut] !
Catherine (PS527) [2826] I had a little chat with an old man today about his flowers.
[2827] [laugh] ... So he smiled at me.
[2828] Yeah, so he was cutting his like flowers off, so I said oh they're really nice.
[2829] He was telling me that they'd died of the frost or something.
[2830] But he gave me a good smile and a big goodbye when I left him so.
Catherine (PS527) [2831] Oh I see.
[2832] Where was this, down Lincoln Avenue?
Catherine (PS527) [2833] Jus , just there ... Gloucester Road, I was just coming back from Witham.
[2834] It's the roads ... you know where our house is?
[2835] Just
Catherine (PS527) [2836] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2837] the road sort of, sort of here.
Catherine (PS527) [2838] Oh!
[2839] I see.
[2840] Yeah. [...]
Catherine (PS527) [2841] That's where it was.
[2842] Only takes about ... takes about ten, not even that, to get to Witham station ... to get like to London and Kingston and ... e all your other sort
Catherine (PS527) [2843] Oh I see!
Catherine (PS527) [2844] of stuff.
[2845] Just sort of up that way.
Catherine (PS527) [2846] Oh yes.
[2847] So that's good
Catherine (PS527) [2848] So it's quite good
Catherine (PS527) [2849] isn't it?
Catherine (PS527) [2850] So it's quite, cos I mean Strawberry's Hill's about ... twenty five, twenty minutes, like the station, walk away.
[2851] So it's easier to go to Witham.
[2852] You have to change
Catherine (PS527) [2853] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2854] at Twickenham though, that's not too
Catherine (PS527) [2855] Oh oh.
Catherine (PS527) [2856] bad.
[2857] But you can get to London in about twenty, twenty five minutes by car.
Catherine (PS527) [2858] Oh.
[2859] That's alright.
Catherine (PS527) [2860] And as well, as Vicky's on that line as well .
[2861] Vicky .
[2862] So I can get straight down, she's about four or five stops away from Witham.
Catherine (PS527) [2863] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2864] So I must go and see her.
[2865] I was thinking maybe next weekend I might ... or meet her for the day
Catherine (PS527) [2866] Yes, you must.
Catherine (PS527) [2867] or something.
Catherine (PS527) [2868] Yeah!
[2869] Well you'll have to go down there.
Catherine (PS527) [2870] And she goes to Richmond quite a bit as well.
[2871] And Dave, her boyfriend's just started at Roehampton.
[2872] So we're all sort of in the same, very
Catherine (PS527) [2873] Yes, oh yes you must
Catherine (PS527) [2874] close vicinity
Catherine (PS527) [2875] well
Catherine (PS527) [2876] so we're all gonna go out for dinner or something.
[2877] We said
Catherine (PS527) [2878] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2879] when we're all settled in.
[2880] So I must give her a ring this week actually.
[2881] ... I didn't realize how close we were.
[2882] I'm so, I've
Catherine (PS527) [2883] No.
Catherine (PS527) [2884] got no sense of geography, like, I just, didn't really, haven't got a clue.
Catherine (PS527) [2885] You should, you should ge , if you look on a map you can, you can judge where
Catherine (PS527) [2886] I know you can, but really I can't ... I just want a detailed like, even a detailed train map.
Catherine (PS527) [2887] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2888] Cos er, all the ones they have on the trains have got like Strawberry Hill and all the, that's all included, but then you buy a general map ... and we're all sort of cut off.
[2889] Well then
Catherine (PS527) [2890] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2891] I haven't got a clue where I'm going.
Catherine (PS527) [2892] No.
Catherine (PS527) [2893] As for buses, I er, just haven't got a clue.
[2894] I never used one before [laughing] until I came here [] .
Catherine (PS527) [2895] Well, it's one of things you have to, I think you learn fast about er u using a
Catherine (PS527) [2896] Honestly I
Catherine (PS527) [2897] train for
Catherine (PS527) [2898] I really haven't got a clue.
Catherine (PS527) [2899] a form of transport.
Catherine (PS527) [2900] So I don't even know names of roads, just tell people where I'm going.
Catherine (PS527) [2901] Yeah.
[2902] Haven't you supposed to er, er, have bought a local map yet?
Catherine (PS527) [2903] [laughing] Yeah , but I'm hopeless [] !
Catherine (PS527) [2904] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2905] I just like, I just like, I know places, like I was told when I was meeting the girls yesterday, I didn't know what road I was going on I was just telling like, people names of the pubs and luckily this, like, bloke behind me getting on the bus, said oh you need a like, a seventy P or something and that's when I knew [laughing] where I was going and ... everyone's like telling me where to get off, everyone gestures to me.
[2906] I'm, they must think I'm so thick [] !
[2907] I just sit there looking completely lost waiting to see this pub go by before [laughing] I know I can get off the bus [] .
[2908] ... [laughing] And that's the way it goes [] .
Catherine (PS527) [2909] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [2910] Bit of a hopeless case come to think of it.
Catherine (PS527) [2911] Maybe you should take a map with you Cath, because then you're able to follow the, where you are.
Catherine (PS527) [2912] It's just such a worry though.
Catherine (PS527) [2913] Well no, no.
[2914] No, no.
[2915] Take the, take the map with, stick it in your bag.
Catherine (PS527) [2916] I just tell everyone I'm new in the area.
[2917] [laughing] So I just say I'm really new in the area [] .
[2918] So my taxi driver like whizzes past my house, I go, oh I'm new in the area.
[2919] ... The thing is do , I don't think I'd know.
[2920] I wouldn't know how to get a bus [...] .
[2921] I wouldn't have a clue where to go.
Catherine (PS527) [2922] Oh no, I'd, I'd , I probably wouldn't either but er ... er, the thing is, it's the he e , having to live here for ... well say, at least three
Catherine (PS527) [2923] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2924] years ... it's really matter of getting hold of a map
Catherine (PS527) [2925] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2926] a a and using it.
Catherine (PS527) [2927] I'm working my way ... slowly but surely
Catherine (PS527) [2928] Ye you should
Catherine (PS527) [2929] sh how to get around.
Catherine (PS527) [2930] How we doing for time?
[2931] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2932] Not bad.
[2933] It's always busy.
Catherine (PS527) [2934] It's twenty five to ten.
Catherine (PS527) [2935] Ho oh!
[2936] My God!
Catherine (PS527) [2937] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2938] Oh!
[2939] It smells so nice.
Catherine (PS527) [2940] Well ... [tut] , okay.
Catherine (PS527) [2941] You'll have to take mum out for a nice Indian once she feels better.
[2942] What's happening for James' birthday?
Catherine (PS527) [2943] I don't know at the moment.
[2944] I haven't even thought about it.
Catherine (PS527) [2945] At least he doesn't want a party.
[2946] You're safe
Catherine (PS527) [2947] No, oh
Catherine (PS527) [2948] with that one.
Catherine (PS527) [2949] Well the thing is, er, I, I can
Catherine (PS527) [2950] It's quite nice how sensible he is in a way.
Catherine (PS527) [2951] I, I think he's ... drawing into his shell there as regards friends outside the family.
[2952] I think he realizes that er ... there's a heap lot of trouble out there
Catherine (PS527) [2953] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2954] er er ... he could become involved
Catherine (PS527) [2955] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2956] with if he just let go
Catherine (PS527) [2957] Yeah.
[2958] Cos he's quite good in a, but it's so easy to get wrapped up with, obviously ... at that age it's very impressionable and very like ... they, they must look so big to a lot of people that they go out
Catherine (PS527) [2959] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [2960] drinking or whatever, and causing trouble.
Catherine (PS527) [2961] The thing is that , really, that they all they've done is show themselves up.
[2962] Cos
Catherine (PS527) [2963] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2964] I, I was surprised when I heard of ... sort of the things that had happened.
Catherine (PS527) [2965] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2966] I'm sorry, but, you know, they're
Catherine (PS527) [2967] I'm impressed with the warnings.
[2968] For phonings, warnings and phoning everybody up though.
Catherine (PS527) [2969] Yeah sure.
[2970] Sure.
Catherine (PS527) [2971] I think that's re , cos that's
Catherine (PS527) [2972] He
Catherine (PS527) [2973] the only way
Catherine (PS527) [2974] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2975] cos the majority
Catherine (PS527) [2976] Yes, you're right.
Catherine (PS527) [2977] haven't got a clue
Catherine (PS527) [2978] Yeah.
[2979] No.
Catherine (PS527) [2980] what anybody does.
Catherine (PS527) [2981] Yeah I know.
[2982] Ah yeah, I, I would think myself that ... I was also, er rather sorry that the boy doing had just shown how silly they
Catherine (PS527) [2983] Silly.
Catherine (PS527) [2984] are.
Catherine (PS527) [2985] Even in somebody else's house you
Catherine (PS527) [2986] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2987] just show respect.
Catherine (PS527) [2988] Oh, yes.
Catherine (PS527) [2989] I mean, no matter what you're doing yo , or where you are you just show respect for other
Catherine (PS527) [2990] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [2991] people's property or
Catherine (PS527) [2992] And the other thing is what, I just wonder what's gonna happen on this trip because erm, some of them are away aren't they?
Catherine (PS527) [2993] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [2994] I hope the master
Catherine (PS527) [2995] I think the teachers are gonna have to be there.
Catherine (PS527) [2996] Well, they'll be
Catherine (PS527) [2997] I think they're gonna have a tough time.
[2998] [laugh] ... Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [2999] Thank you.
[3000] Chicken [...] and prawn.
Catherine (PS527) [3001] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3002] [...] korma.
Catherine (PS527) [3003] Have two more Cokes I should think.
[3004] Yeah, two more, do you want another Diet Coke?
Catherine (PS527) [3005] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3006] Right.
Catherine (PS527) [3007] Can I have a ... another two Diet Cokes please?
[3008] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3009] I think the teachers ... co , but I think the teachers realize what they are like.
[3010] I think they're just gonna have to be really, really strict with them.
Catherine (PS527) [3011] Well, [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3012] Well they would be o , they're representing too many people for them to misbehave.
Catherine (PS527) [3013] Well I , [...] .
[3014] I, I hope, in fact, that i , if one does th
Catherine (PS527) [3015] It's no ignoring it
Catherine (PS527) [3016] yeah, well the
Catherine (PS527) [3017] till it
Catherine (PS527) [3018] thing is, if one does in fact, they, they'd, they'd kick him off in fact and straight back
Catherine (PS527) [3019] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3020] to the U K.
Catherine (PS527) [3021] But it's such shame cos it's, I mean it's such a chance of a lifetime I just wish the trouble
Catherine (PS527) [3022] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3023] would stop.
Catherine (PS527) [3024] I think you
Catherine (PS527) [3025] Cos I don't think, er no, I don't thi , there didn't seem to be any hassles with William's lot.
Catherine (PS527) [3026] No, well ... but er ... it, it, it's ... it just strikes me as being ... a very, very immature when you're in another person's house
Catherine (PS527) [3027] Yeah.
[3028] Lovely thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3029] Thanks.
[3030] Another person's house and you really just start wrecking the place systematically.
Catherine (PS527) [3031] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3032] It's sick!
[3033] You can turn them off [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3034] Well it's very jazzy in the surrounding.
Catherine (PS527) [3035] Oh yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3036] I think I'll have those in the bedroom window.
[3037] Did you put my red light up yet?
[3038] I was telling Adrian that, you were putting a red light up in my bedroom that I ... [laughing] as long as your brother kept coming home with all his friends [] .
[3039] And then Martin turned up, and then you turned up and my dad's like ... I'm sorry, what's going on?
Catherine (PS527) [3040] Yes.
[3041] ... That's it.
Catherine (PS527) [3042] Come on mate, I'm starving!
Catherine (PS527) [3043] No, no ... advances on his, on his salary soon.
Catherine (PS527) [3044] It reminds me a bit of, d'ya remember that place we stayed in Brussels?
[3045] Like und , that was underneath?
[3046] D'ya remember that res , you know when we went to Brussels ... and stayed above the ... sort of Indian restaurant?
Catherine (PS527) [3047] Oh yes!
[3048] Yes I do.
Catherine (PS527) [3049] Thanks very much.
Catherine (PS527) [3050] Yes that was a little bit out.
[3051] But, ah yes, I remember.
[3052] Yes.
[3053] Yeah.
[3054] Cor!
[3055] You have a long memory.
Catherine (PS527) [3056] Certainly have.
[3057] It's there somewhere.
[3058] Do you remember it?
Catherine (PS527) [3059] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3060] That's erm, that's quite a while ago actually.
Catherine (PS527) [3061] Well yes, a couple of years ago.
[3062] ... It was when James went to ... Russia.
Catherine (PS527) [3063] Oh!
[3064] That was it.
Catherine (PS527) [3065] Er near, near er Skiptia
Catherine (PS527) [3066] Oh yeah, that's why he wasn't there.
Catherine (PS527) [3067] near Skiptov
Catherine (PS527) [3068] Oh that was it.
Catherine (PS527) [3069] Robert was in, at, at, University.
Catherine (PS527) [3070] Yeah.
[3071] Oh that was it.
Catherine (PS527) [3072] She must have been away so we took flight.
Catherine (PS527) [3073] Yeah.
[3074] That was good actually.
[3075] It was quite nice.
Catherine (PS527) [3076] Except of course, I er, I, I couldn't read my road map there in, in Brussels.
[3077] My goodness me!
Catherine (PS527) [3078] [laugh] ... Was a bit of a mare wasn't it?
Catherine (PS527) [3079] Ah!
[3080] It was terrible.
[3081] Because the thing had changed so ma , so dramatically from when I was across there, that was the first thing that stopped me.
Catherine (PS527) [3082] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3083] And secondly, as regards where they were ... the road maps didn't seem that ... didn't coordinate that
Catherine (PS527) [3084] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3085] well.
Catherine (PS527) [3086] Has he got a job?
Catherine (PS527) [3087] I do , I er, well I presume he's still working in fact, with this er ... with the bank.
[3088] Well I think the problem with, with what they have in Brussels now, they have so many underpasses in fact, and er, motorways that if you ... you come off the wrong it's a nightmare trying to get back
Catherine (PS527) [3089] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3090] on the damn thing again.
Catherine (PS527) [3091] [laughing] Well I can't even find the M twenty five [] !
Catherine (PS527) [3092] No.
[3093] I was surprised it to ,we well going ... to this place yesterday ... er, on the directions we were with Tammy, she was reading them out and we come off the M twenty
Catherine (PS527) [3094] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3095] five on the M four, the M four we look for ... er er ... exit eight ... is it eight?
[3096] Yes it is.
[3097] After that, we started in trouble.
[3098] We went into ... the village of ... that's right, we went to, saw the signpost for Bray, they said, when you come al , along the road, erm ... you'll find a signpost before the motorway, er, sign for the motorway on yo , to, to, to Bray.
[3099] Oh yeah?
[3100] Bang!
[3101] We were on the motorway
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3102] where's this bloody sign!
Catherine (PS527) [laugh] ... [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3103] So, we went along for, about five minutes, couldn't pick anything up ... so we stopped and asked this, someone where Mo Monkey Island was.
[3104] Oh you have to go back down there and turn er, left underneath, underneath the motorway.
[3105] But, when we came back, yes, there's a sign there, but it didn't tell you the other side, you have to come
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3106] okay
Catherine (PS527) [3107] You have to lose your way, come back, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3108] That's it.
[3109] So we ... we, we turned down this road, through the village ... and we couldn't find Monkey Island.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3110] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [3111] [laughing] Oh [] !
Catherine (PS527) [3112] Oh alright.
[3113] Fair enough.
[3114] So we stopped again.
[3115] I went across and ... yes it's, you have to go back er a a a again, and when the road narrows, just after the, the, the narrow in the road, you take the first left.
[3116] So, up we go ... the road narrows ... straight past the first left, there isn't a sign for Monkey Island at all.
Catherine (PS527) [3117] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3118] I said, what the bloody hell's happening here?
[3119] So went in the car park, turned ... back ... took the first er er, er ... well I did a right then
Catherine (PS527) [3120] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3121] there it was, suddenly at the end of the road, Monkey Island.
[3122] But ... you know, everything else said it would be signposted, yes it's great.
Catherine (PS527) [3123] Well it would be, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3124] Ah!
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3125] Really great!
[3126] And we weren't the only ones who said they lost out cos it er
Catherine (PS527) [3127] I'm not surprised.
Catherine (PS527) [3128] Terrible!
[3129] Terrible!
Catherine (PS527) [3130] So what is it, a, an actual island?
Catherine (PS527) [3131] It's an actual island, yes, and you see
Catherine (PS527) [3132] And how bi , quite big, it must be quite big.
[3133] Is it big?
Catherine (PS527) [3134] It's not that large, but it's,yo yo get a
Catherine (PS527) [3135] You just take it over for the ... weekend?
Catherine (PS527) [3136] Well, we, we, we,mo most people there, there were nineteen of us, but there were a few other people there on, on the place itself, and what you have is er, a bridge from the mainland across to the island
Catherine (PS527) [3137] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3138] the ... th , the, the Thames in fact, must go underneath.
[3139] It's quite a fast ride and it's quite high too
Catherine (PS527) [3140] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3141] because of the water.
[3142] But this was a boat was saw s , over the ... up the side of the mainland, in fact, which had been er ... whether it had been tied up too tight in fact ... I wo , now, now for leeway ... and the thing had ... just sunk.
Catherine (PS527) [3143] Oh.
[3144] Oh blimey!
Catherine (PS527) [3145] Yeah th , the water level's just
Catherine (PS527) [3146] Really?
Catherine (PS527) [3147] just a, you know, way up above the ... the main er
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3148] thing, yeah.
[3149] But, there's the ... the main, er, hotel ... that you book into and you come away from there ... to the dining area and erm ... and the reception [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3150] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3151] Oh quite pleasant.
Catherine (PS527) [3152] Must cost them a fortune.
Catherine (PS527) [3153] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3154] D'ya get everything paid for?
Catherine (PS527) [3155] Everything paid for.
[3156] Well ... I gather everything's paid for, all, all the
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3157] all yo , if the clients had to pay for anything it would be for one newspaper and one telephone call home that was all.
[3158] Erm
Catherine (PS527) [3159] Did they like your phone bill from erm
Catherine (PS527) [3160] Oh crikey!
[3161] They won't be paying for that.
Catherine (PS527) [3162] Where was it?
Catherine (PS527) [3163] Oh bloody Geneva, er, Switzerland.
Catherine (PS527) [3164] That's it.
[3165] [laughing] I couldn't think where you'd been to [] .
Catherine (PS527) [3166] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3167] No,i , it should be that.
[3168] The worst of it in fact, er, as I say, Friday evening I didn't have a lot to drink ... I was determined not to have a lot because I, I find the reaction
Catherine (PS527) [3169] It's not worth it ... just for one week is it?
Catherine (PS527) [3170] and then Sa Saturday, well, I went, well this morning I went through some, I got up at half past six ... I did some
Catherine (PS527) [3171] Why d'ya get up so early?
Catherine (PS527) [3172] You know just to ... well ease myself in really.
[3173] I, I, I woke up at half past six, I got a call
Catherine (PS527) [3174] Mental man!
Catherine (PS527) [3175] er, no not really.
[3176] Really ju , just, it just, I, I got everything ready, I was out.
[3177] I had breakfast at seven ... sent up, up to the room, ah and then just ... watched the, I, oh yeah, watched a bit of television news, put some music on the ... television.
[3178] Cos you can put the channel just to show the time ... and
Catherine (PS527) [3179] Oh right.
Catherine (PS527) [3180] [...] and one or two others.
Catherine (PS527) [3181] Oh that's right.
Catherine (PS527) [3182] Erm, and then, I, I got out the room about er ... twenty to nine.
Catherine (PS527) [3183] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [3184] I was one of the lucky ones because they were ... having done that ... the others in fact left it until later ... and in fact they took, they, they called up for time.
Catherine (PS527) [3185] Ah oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3186] You know.
Catherine (PS527) [3187] You're not as dumb as you look are you?
Catherine (PS527) [3188] No , no.
[3189] Well the thing is, I got caught once before in the other place when I went to ... Manor of the Groves ... where I tried to book out ... erm ... and found I was late for the first erm
Catherine (PS527) [3190] [tut] [tut] , [tut] [tut] .
Catherine (PS527) [3191] first erm ... meeting.
Catherine (PS527) [3192] Give your apologies as you walk in [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3193] Well yes , and I thought well, you know, okay, I did it because I was wondering if
Catherine (PS527) [3194] You know these, these , V P's
Catherine (PS527) [3195] V P's, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3196] sits down and says [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3197] So this time I was determined not to erm, get caught.
[3198] And it's paid off.
[3199] It was a, a nice place.
[3200] Nice and sunny.
[3201] Ba , I had
Catherine (PS527) [3202] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3203] lunch, we, we had a, er er, from half past twelve through till ... till quarter to two ... erm ... and then went back inside.
[3204] But you, you sat outside for the best part of ... quarter of an hour, twenty minutes, cos it was so sunny.
[3205] And it was a
Catherine (PS527) [3206] When the weather's nice it's just lovely, really nice
Catherine (PS527) [3207] Oh it's beautiful!
[3208] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3209] It's just ... and it's so, it's like it was raining the other day when we went to go out ... and just could not be bothered.
[3210] It was really
Catherine (PS527) [3211] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3212] pelting down.
[3213] Oh it was when we were gonna go to the cinema and I phoned Marion and I said no, I really cannot be bothered, it's just pouring down with rain, had to
Catherine (PS527) [3214] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3215] get the bus and I thought, oh er ... so luckily Lisa sa , like they said, oh don't be silly we'll come and get you.
[3216] So luckily, they like drove round and picked me up
Catherine (PS527) [3217] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3218] and just brought me back again, which is fine.
Catherine (PS527) [3219] Right.
Catherine (PS527) [3220] But , just when you've got no transport and it's
Catherine (PS527) [3221] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3222] pouring down with rain it's ... it's just such an effort ... to motivate yourself to get up to
Catherine (PS527) [3223] Oh God!
[3224] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3225] It's like when we had no wa , like heating ... or water, it was such an effort to ... get yourself up
Catherine (PS527) [3226] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3227] to get ready to go out and the
Catherine (PS527) [3228] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3229] just, cold showers and stuff are like
Catherine (PS527) [3230] Oh bloody hell!
Catherine (PS527) [3231] not on my list of like ... pleasurable er
Catherine (PS527) [3232] No.
Catherine (PS527) [3233] things to do.
[3234] Just like, no way!
Catherine (PS527) [3235] No I ... I mean,we , I say, we sat out there and the peacocks are there ... peahens.
Catherine (PS527) [3236] Oh yeah!
[3237] Oh really?
Catherine (PS527) [3238] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3239] I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3240] I say, it i , it's nice, I mean, unless you ... you really know about it ... you have no idea at all.
Catherine (PS527) [3241] No.
Catherine (PS527) [3242] No idea.
Catherine (PS527) [3243] I suppose a lot of business might be done through word of mouth as well.
Catherine (PS527) [3244] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3245] If anything.
Catherine (PS527) [3246] The kind of thing you ought to do with ... with mum is like, you could probably go down one Sunday and have a, have a, you know, have a lunch.
[3247] It'll be
Catherine (PS527) [3248] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3249] visit [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3250] It's not that far is it?
Catherine (PS527) [3251] Well it took us, as I say, an hour and a quarter.
Catherine (PS527) [3252] Pick me up on the way.
[3253] Ha, ha, ha!
[3254] [laugh] ... Joke!
Catherine (PS527) [3255] I see , so we go round the M
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3256] twenty five, up to the M four
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3257] yes!
[3258] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3259] Any minor detour.
Catherine (PS527) [3260] Any minor detour.
Catherine (PS527) [3261] There'll be convenient roadworks at Twickenham.
Catherine (PS527) [3262] I see.
[3263] ... Well I got one or two postcards of the place, you know, the, I got er
Catherine (PS527) [3264] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3265] a description of the place.
[3266] It's er, only got really a hotel, Monkey Island, that's all.
Catherine (PS527) [3267] Oh oh!
Catherine (PS527) [3268] So
Catherine (PS527) [3269] Very good.
Catherine (PS527) [3270] This is lunch ... Monday, oh it's Monday to
Catherine (PS527) [3271] Well you got the number anyway.
Catherine (PS527) [3272] Well, yeah.
[3273] We'll have to make a booking.
[3274] Right.
Catherine (PS527) [3275] Lovely, thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3276] Er er ... now then
Catherine (PS527) [3277] Food!
Catherine (PS527) [3278] here we go.
[3279] This is hot is it?
Catherine (PS527) [3280] That's a bit, yeah.
[3281] Don't touch them.
Catherine (PS527) [3282] No, this?
Catherine (PS527) [3283] Yeah.
[3284] It is hot.
[3285] Put your hand on and see if it's sticks on like ... burning flesh. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3286] No, I don't
Catherine (PS527) [3287] I don't know.
Catherine (PS527) [3288] No this is a wee bit hot.
Catherine (PS527) [3289] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3290] Mushroom rice.
Catherine (PS527) [3291] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3292] And pilau rice.
Catherine (PS527) [3293] Okay.
[3294] Fine, thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3295] Lovely, thanks.
[3296] The paratha
Catherine (PS527) [3297] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3298] Lovely.
Catherine (PS527) [3299] we can share it.
Catherine (PS527) [3300] Yes.
[3301] Certainly.
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3302] Chicken korma.
Catherine (PS527) [3303] Yep.
Catherine (PS527) [3304] Lovely, thanks.
[3305] ... Should have thought about it and got a different sort of erm ... [tut] ... temperature thing in instead of two kormas.
Catherine (PS527) [3306] Oh well not to worry.
Catherine (PS527) [3307] Well okay, not to worry.
Catherine (PS527) [3308] What korma's that?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3309] King prawn.
Catherine (PS527) [3310] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3311] Lovely.
[3312] Thanks very much.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3313] Enjoy your meal.
Catherine (PS527) [3314] Thanks very
Catherine (PS527) [3315] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3316] much.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3317] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3318] Right.
[3319] Alright.
Catherine (PS527) [3320] I'll just do half of this and then eat it.
[3321] ... Actually I was gonna have that, that bit.
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3322] Save it.
Catherine (PS527) [3323] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3324] Cos , [...] .
[3325] ... Yeah, that's boiling hot.
[3326] Help yourself.
[3327] Ooh it's lovely!
Catherine (PS527) [3328] No, I, the thing is erm ... I'm not a very hot curry man so I
Catherine (PS527) [3329] No.
Catherine (PS527) [3330] just sort of this is mild [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3331] Nice bit of bread. ... [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3332] Oh no.
Catherine (PS527) [3333] That's nice actually.
Catherine (PS527) [3334] Is it?
[3335] Bon appetit.
Catherine (PS527) [3336] Mm mm!
[3337] It smells, can you smell on the food, it's lovely.
Catherine (PS527) [3338] Mm. [break in recording]
Catherine (PS527) [3339] Weren't, although erm ... I was ... told that my father died of that so that er, I should ... do you mind
Catherine (PS527) [3340] What, from smoking?
Catherine (PS527) [3341] cutting down?
[3342] From smoking.
Catherine (PS527) [3343] Did he?
[3344] Oh I didn't realize.
Catherine (PS527) [3345] I mean he died of, cancer, cancer of the lung, cancer of the lung, yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3346] Oh I didn't realize it was that.
[3347] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3348] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3349] I didn't realize it was from smoking.
Catherine (PS527) [3350] And they said that er ... yo , you're ... you'll be war , the signs would ... then, in fact, that er ... there was a link up
Catherine (PS527) [3351] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3352] with that.
[3353] And until that I didn't reali
Catherine (PS527) [3354] Oh I didn't realize he died cos
Catherine (PS527) [3355] I, I, I, carried on smoking for a number of years after that.
Catherine (PS527) [3356] Well you never think it's gonna happen to you as well, for, I mean, anything.
[3357] You never ever think
Catherine (PS527) [3358] But the thing is, with a number of these older people that smoke I, I think ... they probably had mainly better tobacco, er, there's probably too
Catherine (PS527) [3359] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3360] many bloody chemicals added
Catherine (PS527) [3361] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3362] now ... that do have a, a, sort of ... a lasting effect.
Catherine (PS527) [3363] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3364] I mean the majority of them now it's not even worth them stopping, and I mean, most of them are like ... in their eighties and not, er eighties and there's like ... the amount of damage they've done
Catherine (PS527) [3365] Well, it, it, it, it's terrible it's
Catherine (PS527) [3366] by them stopping it's not gonna really do anything.
Catherine (PS527) [3367] it's the only, the, well they probably ta spend about ... you know, half an hour of that trying to get up and stop the coughing [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3368] Well,Ma , you know Mark who stayed with us?
Catherine (PS527) [3369] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3370] His chest is so bad, it really ... ma , it's a bad smoker's cough.
Catherine (PS527) [3371] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3372] Horrendous!
[3373] And he, he ... reckons he smokes way too much.
Catherine (PS527) [3374] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3375] But basically that's because of
Catherine (PS527) [3376] Well yes, the
Catherine (PS527) [3377] his family, you know
Catherine (PS527) [3378] family, yeah sure.
[3379] Sure that's always outlet.
Catherine (PS527) [3380] sort of understand, yeah, something you've, you know, why he does it.
[3381] Which is really sad.
[3382] [laughing] He's a really sweet guy [] .
Catherine (PS527) [3383] But erm
Catherine (PS527) [3384] Just thinks too much and smokes too much.
Catherine (PS527) [3385] Well ... well I do , I heard it over the weekend in fact, that I can er, have er, another ... BUPA medical to start with.
Catherine (PS527) [3386] Really?
Catherine (PS527) [3387] Er, yeah.
[3388] At the place just not far ... away from er, where I work.
Catherine (PS527) [3389] Oh that's quite good.
Catherine (PS527) [3390] So I , I mean, I've got to go in for that.
Catherine (PS527) [3391] Did you, what, do you have to pay for it?
Catherine (PS527) [3392] No, the bank pays.
Catherine (PS527) [3393] I see.
[3394] Oh that's really good.
Catherine (PS527) [3395] Every, yeah, well one can have it every two year, er
Catherine (PS527) [3396] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3397] having said that, the last one I had was er ... I had at le , I think at least four years ago.
Catherine (PS527) [3398] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3399] So ... yes, it was very nice indeed.
Catherine (PS527) [3400] That's lovely, thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3401] Very nice.
[3402] That's very enjoyable.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3403] I do apologize for the delay.
Catherine (PS527) [3404] That's alright.
Catherine (PS527) [3405] That's okay.
Catherine (PS527) [3406] You're a bit busy in here.
Catherine (PS527) [3407] That's okay.
[3408] No problem.
[3409] I see you've got quite a full house here.
Catherine (PS527) [3410] You came to us highly recommended anyway.
Catherine (PS527) [3411] Yeah.
[3412] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3413] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3414] Ooh!
Catherine (PS527) [3415] Thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3416] Thanks.
[3417] It's quite nice to get checked out and then, to know that everything's alright or ... thin , that anything that's wrong can
Catherine (PS527) [3418] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3419] be stopped if you get it, if you stop it early
Catherine (PS527) [3420] Well
Catherine (PS527) [3421] enough.
Catherine (PS527) [3422] well I think
Catherine (PS527) [3423] What's that for?
Catherine (PS527) [3424] it has a, don't know what it is.
[3425] I suppose they must put these in the ... the oven I would
Catherine (PS527) [3426] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3427] think, is er right?
Catherine (PS527) [3428] They have loads of them.
[3429] Put them on most of the tables I think.
[3430] ... Probably save them loads of money as well.
Catherine (PS527) [3431] Oh well.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3432] Alright? [...] ?
Catherine (PS527) [3433] No thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3434] Doesn't it?
[3435] Suppose
Catherine (PS527) [3436] What?
Catherine (PS527) [3437] they've got loads of money if they ... they sort you out
Catherine (PS527) [3438] Oh sure.
Catherine (PS527) [3439] now?
Catherine (PS527) [3440] Yes.
[3441] Yeah.
[3442] That's right.
[3443] So what do you want for sweet?
Catherine (PS527) [3444] I don't know.
[3445] I might have a sweet actually. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3446] Mm mm.
[3447] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3448] I think it, you've got to have one for a change.
Catherine (PS527) [3449] Oh right.
[3450] Okay.
[3451] Oh that's lovely.
Catherine (PS527) [3452] I'll just settle for that.
[3453] ... They're steaming actually.
[3454] Well you get them they're really, really hot.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3455] There you go.
Catherine (PS527) [3456] Lovely thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3457] Right, which one?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3458] Okay?
Catherine (PS527) [3459] Thanks a lot.
Catherine (PS527) [3460] They're lovely!
[3461] They're so nice.
Catherine (PS527) [3462] Phworgh!
[3463] Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!
Catherine (PS527) [3464] A novel way to use your oven isn't it?
Catherine (PS527) [3465] Cor!
[3466] It's gorgeous!
Catherine (PS527) [3467] Mm.
[3468] Mine's not gorgeous.
Catherine (PS527) [3469] That's gorgeous!
Catherine (PS527) [3470] [...] ... Bit of a [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3471] Round the ears.
Catherine (PS527) [3472] Round the ears. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3473] [laugh] ... Mm, it'll clean up.
Catherine (PS527) [3474] Yeah.
[3475] Yeah.
[3476] That's all we came here for, you know.
Catherine (PS527) [3477] Well, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3478] Cocktail.
Catherine (PS527) [3479] Cocktail.
Catherine (PS527) [3480] Really.
[3481] No er, no it's
Catherine (PS527) [3482] No er
Catherine (PS527) [3483] lovely actually.
[3484] It's all lovely [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3485] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3486] I'm really beaten now actually.
Catherine (PS527) [3487] Yeah.
[3488] Well it's a
Catherine (PS527) [3489] It came at the right time.
Catherine (PS527) [3490] [...] ... E each of them [...] approved.
Catherine (PS527) [3491] Yeah.
[3492] Am I still covered under BUPA?
Catherine (PS527) [3493] I think so.
[3494] Erm, I, I wa , when I get into work on Monday I'll have to find out.
Catherine (PS527) [3495] I'm not ill or anything [laughing] so don't worry at the moment [] .
Catherine (PS527) [3496] Er, but I , I, I, I think ... erm ... I think had it out up until Robert is baby.
Catherine (PS527) [3497] He, he's joined his own wo , he's joined his own.
Catherine (PS527) [3498] He joined his own, but I mean when he was at college.
Catherine (PS527) [3499] Yeah.
[3500] I think he said he was covered actually.
Catherine (PS527) [3501] Well I don't know.
[3502] Well I'll find out ... so, at least then ... er, if there is, you know, you're
Catherine (PS527) [3503] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3504] aware of, of what
Catherine (PS527) [3505] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3506] one can do.
Catherine (PS527) [3507] Well, it's, it's very, very handy actually.
Catherine (PS527) [3508] Oh sure.
Catherine (PS527) [3509] It's a very good thing
Catherine (PS527) [3510] That's right.
Catherine (PS527) [3511] if you've got ... the money, sort of, the means to do it
Catherine (PS527) [3512] Well I think
Catherine (PS527) [3513] then do.
Catherine (PS527) [3514] the bank pays and it
Catherine (PS527) [3515] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3516] comes out from ... from
Catherine (PS527) [3517] Ye
Catherine (PS527) [3518] from my tax.
Catherine (PS527) [3519] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3520] I do , I'd, you know, from that point of view, as regards er health ... in this kind, but to ... know that you're covered rather
Catherine (PS527) [3521] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3522] than er
Catherine (PS527) [3523] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3524] er ha , have problems ... er er er, er when, when you
Catherine (PS527) [3525] Definitely
Catherine (PS527) [3526] require something.
Catherine (PS527) [3527] It's so much easier.
[3528] Especially like my tonsils and stuff.
[3529] That was like ... the day I had them out was the day that my first N H S appointment would have been and it ... it's like, you know
Catherine (PS527) [3530] Yeah , er, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3531] what's the point in waiting around?
Catherine (PS527) [3532] Well
Catherine (PS527) [3533] Those tables things are quite good aren't they?
[3534] Those little hoover things they use?
Catherine (PS527) [3535] Oh yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3536] Over there.
Catherine (PS527) [3537] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3538] Very interesting.
[3539] Well it's different innit?
Catherine (PS527) [3540] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3541] Much quicker though.
[3542] ... [...] . ... Not very big actually is it?
[3543] Big restaurant.
Catherine (PS527) [3544] No.
[3545] I would have thought it would have ex extended by the door
Catherine (PS527) [3546] No I don't think it does.
Catherine (PS527) [3547] but it doesn't.
[3548] It's the
Catherine (PS527) [3549] Ah perhaps to the toilet.
[3550] ... There's loads er like, in the window ... when we, like ... newspaper articles and ... things where it's been recommended and stuff.
Catherine (PS527) [3551] Ah I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3552] For, you know, they all, all put them up.
Catherine (PS527) [3553] Well d'ya know what I haven't to your place yet, the, fireplace.
[3554] I haven't put the [...] up.
Catherine (PS527) [3555] Oh yeah.
[3556] Well you can do that before you go.
[3557] I just hate lying, when you suddenly hear these things come down on, just have visions of like a ... a [...] po pouring out.
Catherine (PS527) [3558] Yeah I, I, I think what it is, it probably needs a clean.
Catherine (PS527) [3559] Definitely.
Catherine (PS527) [3560] And er ... I was gonna, er er, look up the thing.
Catherine (PS527) [3561] Don't, it doesn't work apparently.
[3562] Cos Jim who was in there last year said it didn't work when he was there.
Catherine (PS527) [3563] Oh oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3564] So I don't, I don't know if it's ... attached or ... anything, I don't know.
Catherine (PS527) [3565] I'm not sure.
Catherine (PS527) [3566] I haven't been gassed yet anyway, [laughing] so [] ... I don't think any gas or anything's coming out.
Catherine (PS527) [3567] No.
[3568] ... And you'll find your stuff's ... staying there?
Catherine (PS527) [3569] No I kept a couple
Catherine (PS527) [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3570] of newspapers but er
Catherine (PS527) [3571] Well I've, I, I bought a stack with me in fact
Catherine (PS527) [3572] It's [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3573] so, so, if I
Catherine (PS527) [3574] I know, I wondered why you brought the Gazette, I thought ... strange!
Catherine (PS527) [3575] No, you can have a read of it if you like, but I'll scrunched the others up there, stuff them in there, stuff [...]
Catherine (PS527) [3576] Bit of local news.
Catherine (PS527) [3577] Eh?
[3578] Bit of local news.
Catherine (PS527) [3579] Bit of local news.
Catherine (PS527) [3580] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3581] Stuff [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3582] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3583] Seems like ages since I've been home actually.
[3584] It's go
Catherine (PS527) [3585] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3586] time's gone quickly really here, really quickly.
[3587] But on
Catherine (PS527) [3588] Well
Catherine (PS527) [3589] the other hand i , it does seem, seem
Catherine (PS527) [3590] well you've been occupied here haven't you
Catherine (PS527) [3591] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3592] really?
[3593] Er, that's the thing.
Catherine (PS527) [3594] But then, it just seems like ages since I've been home.
[3595] I think I've spoken to mum nearly every day this week actually.
Catherine (PS527) [3596] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3597] She kept phoning me up to tell me about Crowded House tickets and ... that she couldn't get any.
[3598] I can't believe that we're not going.
[3599] So gutted!
[3600] I mean, he doesn't like them!
Catherine (PS527) [3601] No.
Catherine (PS527) [3602] He never liked the band.
[3603] And he's going to see it.
[3604] And I can't even get one ticket.
[3605] Go and buy myself one [...] .
[3606] I'm gutted!
[3607] I really am.
Catherine (PS527) [3608] You'd think he would either ... apply for another one or, or let you have his.
Catherine (PS527) [3609] I've told him , if anybody's ill and his offers on there ... I'll be there.
Catherine (PS527) [blowing nose]
Catherine (PS527) [3610] It's just such a shame because ... th , the one day I knew they were playing it was James' birthday.
Catherine (PS527) [3611] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3612] And it seemed to silly to get on because obviously something was gonna happen.
Catherine (PS527) [3613] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3614] And I didn't know they'd done any extra days.
[3615] But they added them and nobody told me.
Catherine (PS527) [3616] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [3617] I'm not happy!
Catherine (PS527) [3618] Are they that good?
Catherine (PS527) [3619] Definitely.
[3620] Only band I want to see playing ... in the world.
Catherine (PS527) [3621] How far are you up to?
Catherine (PS527) [3622] Oh I think I might have finished my tape actually.
[3623] No, no, it's still going.
[3624] Only got a little bit left.
Catherine (PS527) [3625] Oh really? [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3626] Yeah.
[3627] For Sat , for, for next week ... I've got to transcribe some of it ... and do it.
[3628] As part of my project.
Catherine (PS527) [3629] What is your, is your ,ha ha , what happens then?
[3630] Yo you listen to this then do you and type up?
[3631] I, er er er
Catherine (PS527) [3632] Well yeah ... I've got to try to transcribe it.
Catherine (PS527) [3633] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3634] Your desserts [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3635] Lovely thanks.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3636] Okay?
Catherine (PS527) [3637] Thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3638] Mm!
[3639] Well ... have a ... a cool thing.
[3640] Actually Indian sweets, I don't fancy that at all.
[3641] A Bombay Cassata ... Lemon delight, phworgh!
[3642] Orange Delight.
[3643] That's sorbet.
[3644] That looks interesting.
[3645] Cointreau flavoured ice cream formed in a miniature replica of a Cointreau bottle.
[3646] Erm ... Mella Mentha ... Creme de Menthe Italian liqueur ice cream.
Catherine (PS527) [3647] No.
Catherine (PS527) [3648] Yuk!
[3649] Coconut supreme.
[3650] Coconut ice cream.
Catherine (PS527) [3651] Yeah.
[3652] I don't fancy coconut thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3653] And mango , exotic mango sorbet filled into a half mango skin.
Catherine (PS527) [3654] Oh dear.
Catherine (PS527) [3655] You like mango don't you?
Catherine (PS527) [3656] Yes, I like mango, but I think I'm gonna go for one of these yo , had across here.
Catherine (PS527) [3657] I'm having er er, lemon.
Catherine (PS527) [3658] Yes, I, I was looking at that one just now.
[3659] What's the other one down the bottom there?
Catherine (PS527) [3660] Orange.
Catherine (PS527) [3661] Orange Delight.
Catherine (PS527) [3662] Or a Bombay Cassata.
[3663] [reading menu] Delicate blend of
Catherine (PS527) [3664] Can't read this blood thing here!
Catherine (PS527) [3665] mango, pistachio, and tutti-frutti flavoured ice cream sprinkled with cashew nuts [] .
Catherine (PS527) [3666] No, I tell you what it is, it's the light, it's too dim.
[3667] It's like our one in the bedroom.
Catherine (PS527) [3668] No, no, you're just blind mate.
[3669] [sniff] ... Old age.
Catherine (PS527) [3670] Old age.
[3671] Thank you Catherine.
[3672] That's a Bombay ... Cassata, what's that then?
Catherine (PS527) [3673] I've just read it to you, you blooming
Catherine (PS527) [3674] Okay.
Catherine (PS527) [3675] banana!
Catherine (PS527) [3676] Yeah, what's it say?
Catherine (PS527) [3677] [reading menu] Combining a delicate blend of mango, pistachio and tutti-frutti flavoured ice cream sprinkled with cashew nuts [] .
Catherine (PS527) [3678] Yeah I'm gonna have ... Bombay Cassata ... done.
[3679] Yes.
[3680] What's for you?
Catherine (PS527) [3681] I'm gonna have a, a Lemon Delight, I do believe.
Catherine (PS527) [3682] A Lemon Delight.
[3683] Okay.
Catherine (PS527) [3684] I do love a lemon sorbet!
Catherine (PS527) [3685] Okay, one Bombay, one lemon please?
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [clears throat]
Catherine (PS527) [3686] At the double!
Catherine (PS527) [3687] Wo oh.
[3688] That's a bit threatening there.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3689] On you get!
Catherine (PS527) [3690] [laugh] ... Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [humming]
Catherine (PS527) [3691] Right.
[3692] And two elephants to take us home please.
Catherine (PS527) [3693] [laugh] ... Indian, of course.
Catherine (PS527) [3694] Indian, of course, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3695] Er, er right.
Catherine (PS527) [3696] No, could we have one we , Lemon Delight ... and a Bombay Cassata please?
[3697] Is it possible just to have a glass water?
[3698] Lovely, thanks.
Catherine (PS527) [3699] You're splashing out there aren't you?
Catherine (PS527) [3700] Oh!
[3701] ... It's gotta be done.
Catherine (PS527) [3702] It's gotta be done, yes.
[3703] You're doing it.
[3704] I can see that.
[3705] Wahey!
[3706] The sky's the limit!
Catherine (PS527) [3707] I only order water when I'm not paying. ... [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3708] How would you know ... I'm not paying?
Catherine (PS527) [3709] [laugh] ... [laughing] Cos I'm gonna run out of here [] !
[3710] I take it we're leaving pretty quickly?
Catherine (PS527) [3711] No I, I had a feeling that I was gonna get landed with the bill there.
[3712] Dear oh dear!
Catherine (PS527) [3713] It's the reason you came to see me.
Catherine (PS527) [3714] I thought it was a matter of going Dutch. [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [3715] [laugh] ... I dunno.
[3716] That's only on dates, you're my father.
Catherine (PS527) [3717] Is , oh oh.
[3718] You
Catherine (PS527) [3719] That doesn't count.
Catherine (PS527) [3720] Well let's see if I've got any money.
[3721] My God!
[3722] I think I paid it in.
Catherine (PS527) [3723] [laugh] ... Makes me laugh!
[3724] What a joker, eh?
[3725] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3726] But those tender young hands will be ... plunged in those dishes yet.
Catherine (PS527) [3727] I'm used to it.
[3728] I do the dishes every day.
[3729] Quite a dab hand at the washing up at the moment.
Catherine (PS527) [3730] Yeah.
[3731] Yeah.
[3732] Got a lot less at home than erm
Catherine (PS527) [3733] I'm not doing, I'm not doing it, I've piled it all up and left it.
Catherine (PS527) [3734] Yeah.
[3735] Well a cup of whatsername stuff I poured down the sink upstairs rather than get it kicked over because if they come back in a silly state then they'll knock it all over ... books.
Catherine (PS527) [3736] Sure.
[3737] Oh
Catherine (PS527) [3738] So
Catherine (PS527) [3739] don't worry about that.
[3740] That'll be their books ... upstairs.
Catherine (PS527) [3741] Ah but it's silly because the thing is,th the they're, well the,th those,th those two rooms look as if a bloody tip has hit it!
Catherine (PS527) [3742] Oh yeah.
[3743] Well that was the room as well that ... we had the leak from so then we had the neighbour up there.
[3744] There's a massive erm ... I don't even know what you call it, of dope ... like
Catherine (PS527) [3745] Oh yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3746] this, er in there ... because I, I hid that because I mean, I don't know er like ... if anybody, I mean I only know what it was cos somebody told me
Catherine (PS527) [3747] Yeah sure.
Catherine (PS527) [3748] like if anybody else saw it it just looks like a piece of dirt.
[3749] And it was, honestly, it was such a mess and Angie and I were like, oh this isn't our room.
[3750] Oh this isn't our room.
[3751] We had to like tell her about five times so they knew it wasn't our room as we like took this guy in ... it was like ... books, everything was, there was so much crap on the floor, we had to get through to get to the radiator ... so that our next door neighbour could try and like stop it from leaking.
Catherine (PS527) [3752] Oh dear!
Catherine (PS527) [3753] So embarrassed in case they thought it was us, and you know like, really embarrassed.
[3754] I saw him the other day and he said ah yo , have you, not leaking yet is it [laughing] from that radiator [] ?
[3755] He was really friendly actually, he got him out, and it was quite, sort of good to help us with it, you know, I just didn't have a clue.
[3756] Especially when you have like, we had boiling water pouring out of there.
[3757] You know, like trying to stop it with our finger
Catherine (PS527) [3758] Yeah, sure, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3759] and it was ju , it was burning our finger
Catherine (PS527) [3760] Yo , yes sure.
[3761] And squirting
Catherine (PS527) [3762] And they
Catherine (PS527) [3763] the
Catherine (PS527) [3764] yeah, they had like ... like three towels.
Catherine (PS527) [3765] It's only , it's only a little thing isn't it, in fact, with the thread on?
Catherine (PS527) [3766] Yeah, that's what fell out.
Catherine (PS527) [3767] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3768] I mean, I dunno, obviously it hadn't been done, or maybe Angie undid it too much or whatever.
Catherine (PS527) [3769] Undid it too much, yeah sure.
[3770] Yes you'd have to be
Catherine (PS527) [3771] And then just it was, it was literally spurting out
Catherine (PS527) [3772] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3773] and it , we thought it would stop, but obviously, the water's
Catherine (PS527) [3774] No, no, no.
Catherine (PS527) [3775] been pumped through
Catherine (PS527) [3776] Pumping through, yeah.
[3777] And course it's got, pushing it
Catherine (PS527) [3778] So we still had all this boiling water
Catherine (PS527) [3779] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3780] and we didn't ... think, and sort of, then we realized that had to sort of like turn it off and that might help a bit, but ... boiling water, we're trying to stop it with our finger.
[3781] And of course the pressure of the, the heat was just like killing us.
Catherine (PS527) [3782] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3783] Soaking wet towels everywhere, water spurting on the wall, and like everywhere
Catherine (PS527) [3784] Oh God!
[3785] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3786] And you got, in the end we just laughed.
Catherine (PS527) [3787] And it, it came through to you?
[3788] It came through yours?
Catherine (PS527) [3789] Yeah.
[3790] Because, I suddenly, oh that was even funnier because I was ... I suddenly went ... Angie I think we've got a leak, and it was like all on the, all in my windowsill ... and sort of like came down and then, luckily, she said ... she only realized because of what I did last year, leaving my sink on, that it goes through the floor, otherwise, none of what, we wouldn't have realized.
[3791] So, then she said, oh right, I'll get on your desk just to check that it's alright, so she got, took my work essays off, and she got on my desk ... and then I said, oh I'll help you down, so she sat on my desk to get off ... and of course it's not attached
Catherine (PS527) [3792] Oh!
[3793] No!
Catherine (PS527) [3794] so she leant forward and whole thing went flying forward.
[3795] Angie went flying off, my pens went everywhere!
Catherine (PS527) [3796] Oh God!
Catherine (PS527) [3797] And we just lay on the floor laughing because it was just getting from bad to worse.
Catherine (PS527) [3798] What happened to your word processor?
Catherine (PS527) [3799] It was fine because I'd moved it, luckily, I'd
Catherine (PS527) [3800] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3801] And then about erm ... from about an hour, about half an hour later after we'd sat down we're just laughing our heads off because the gi , they'd gone down the pub and we said no, we'll have a quiet night in.
[3802] And then about half an hour later Mark turned up completely out of his face!
Catherine (PS527) [3803] Oh no!
Catherine (PS527) [3804] Cut leg cos he'd kicked a car and his leg was all bleeding so he had to
Catherine (PS527) [3805] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [3806] like try and mend that.
[3807] Then he went to go to the loo and nearly did a complete backward flip down the stairs.
Catherine (PS527) [3808] Oh God!
Catherine (PS527) [3809] And then he went into the bathroom ... locked the door ... and it was just silent.
[3810] And, like, we left him there for about five minutes and we just didn't hear a thing
Catherine (PS527) [3811] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3812] cos we were wo , we all got really worried, we're like, Mark.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3813] Mella Mentha?
[3814] Bombay Cassata?
Catherine (PS527) [3815] Thank you.
[3816] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3817] I wanted a Lemon Delight.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3818] You Lemon Delight?
Catherine (PS527) [3819] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3820] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3821] Sorry.
[3822] Thanks.
[3823] Didn't think that looked like a Lemon Delight.
[3824] And erm ...
Catherine (PS527) [3825] Delicious!
Catherine (PS527) [3826] Oh!
Catherine (PS527) [3827] Wanna take this stuff as a souvenir?
Catherine (PS527) [3828] Well I'll take the umbrella, yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3829] Oh.
[3830] Great!
Catherine (PS527) [3831] Tuck in.
[3832] Start.
Catherine (PS527) [3833] No that's alright.
[3834] It won't get cold.
Catherine (PS527) [3835] So of course, it was deadly silent in there for like erm ... oh it won't get cold!
[3836] [laugh] ... I've just heard what you said.
[3837] Oh dear.
[3838] I'm on the ball tonight.
Catherine (PS527) [3839] Someone is slowing up.
Catherine (PS527) [3840] [laugh] ... It's getting late.
[3841] So, like we all, we're all set to barge the door down.
[3842] We're banging on the door going Mark, are you alright?
[3843] And there was no answer.
[3844] So we thought I, so we said look, we're gonna have to break it down.
[3845] Course we like, started banging the door and all of a sudden we heard this really like ... [mimics laugh] , laugh, you know Mark
Catherine (PS527) [3846] Oh God!
Catherine (PS527) [3847] having a laugh on our behalf.
[3848] So he came out and [laughing] we really slapped him hard [] !
[3849] We thought that was
Catherine (PS527) [3850] Oh God!
Catherine (PS527) [3851] really out of order.
[3852] But, and then he, he's like, we left him on the sofa and said oh Mark we'll be back in a minute, like, turned all the lights off hoping he'll like pass out ... you could just hear him like laughing to himself for another like twenty minutes and we're
Catherine (PS527) [3853] Oh God!
Catherine (PS527) [3854] in the kitchen going, we just wanted him to pass out.
[3855] And then luckily, it suddenly went really quiet and ... he obviously wore himself out and like ... was having a sleep.
[3856] And we're just like, oh God!
[3857] And then he woke up the next morning and threw up everywhere.
Catherine (PS527) [3858] Oh no!
[3859] Oh dear.
Catherine (PS527) [3860] And then I, I was coming back from lectures at, as he was like leaving our house and he looked a really [laughing] sorry [] state.
[3861] He'd put this massive like, plaster on his leg and he was going ... oh I'm a nancy boy cos I've got a plaster on.
[3862] So we wrote nancy boy all up his leg [laughing] on this plaster [] .
[3863] And he walking round with these shorts on from last night, and his like, dirty T shirt and this big plaster with nancy boy written on it ... trying to get home.
Catherine (PS527) [3864] Has he found a place now then or is he
Catherine (PS527) [3865] Yeah, he's gonna be in Isleworth.
[3866] Which is quite a way out actually.
[3867] It's
Catherine (PS527) [3868] What's
Catherine (PS527) [3869] on the way to
Catherine (PS527) [3870] and he's gotta , he's gotta come into here has he, every day?
Catherine (PS527) [3871] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3872] Bloody hell!
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3873] You alright?
Catherine (PS527) [3874] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3875] Yeah.
[3876] I'm just waiting for a Lemon Delight.
[3877] So, yeah ... it's erm ... I think he's living with ... Marion told him about the house, it's one of the girls who was in English last year with her, Maureen, he's living with her and another girl, and another boy.
Catherine (PS527) [3878] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3879] He seems to be fine so, it seems to be working out well.
Catherine (PS527) [3880] Too, too long a journey to get drunk every, each night won't you?
[3881] Oh eh?
Catherine (PS527) [3882] Oh he does it anyway.
[3883] I think he'll just crash at our house.
[3884] He knows he's
Catherine (PS527) [3885] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3886] he's more than welcome to crash at ours.
[3887] I mean, it's quite, it's about ... yeah, I don't know, he said it's ... about a forty minute walk or something.
[3888] Or ... a ten, fifteen minute cycle ride.
Catherine (PS527) [3889] Oh yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3890] Our cycle ride's just about long enough.
Catherine (PS527) [3891] And he's, he, he he doesn't
Catherine (PS527) [3892] It's get
Catherine (PS527) [3893] drive?
Catherine (PS527) [3894] the worst bit is ... Lincoln Avenue and Meadway, once you get to Meadway ... it's sort of like ... you know, it's like
Catherine (PS527) [3895] Yeah, sure.
[3896] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3897] that is, well that is , and that's like the longest, even
Catherine (PS527) [3898] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3899] like the longest bit, the walk into college seems to be, that bit.
Catherine (PS527) [3900] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3901] Cos the rest of it is just basically straight across ... basically you're just cutting across.
Catherine (PS527) [3902] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [3903] Well yo ... well basically all the ma , there's like three or four main roads and we just cut straight across it like it.
Catherine (PS527) [3904] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3905] And everywhere, like at Strawberry Hill Station and college.
[3906] And that's ... you know, the worst bit seems to be Lincoln Avenue, just seems to go on forever!
Catherine (PS527) [3907] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3908] Luckily, we're no further down, I think we'd die!
Catherine (PS527) [3909] There's quite a stretch though there.
Catherine (PS527) [3910] Yeah.
[3911] You can ca , and it carries on for miles around as well doesn't it?
[3912] Joining on the motorway bit.
Catherine (PS527) [3913] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3914] Made it for me specially.
Catherine (PS527) [3915] Yeah.
[3916] Quite nice.
Catherine (PS527) [3917] Is it?
Catherine (PS527) [3918] It's beautiful.
[3919] ... Mm.
[3920] Bombay so ,si , er er [...] up there will be out now.
Catherine (PS527) [3921] [laugh] ... It's quite nice thought because it, you're getting exercise as well and, and you've got to do it to get into
Catherine (PS527) [3922] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3923] college so yo , you know,yo ... whereas at home if you've got the home i , it's easier to get, you know, to get in a car.
Catherine (PS527) [3924] Oh sure.
Catherine (PS527) [3925] The weather's a bit grotty or ... you know, or you're not feeling too good, it's easier ... to get a car, you know, to get a lift in with someone.
[3926] ... I don't mind cycling.
Catherine (PS527) [3927] What they've done they've put this onto a warm plate, that's why it's melting so much.
Catherine (PS527) [3928] Oh, oh ah!
[3929] Everything's kept in ovens round here.
[3930] ... In these little ... Baby Belling type ones.
[3931] ... I wonder how much money they make?
Catherine (PS527) [3932] They do pretty well.
Catherine (PS527) [3933] Oh yes.
[3934] ... Right.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3935] Sorry about that.
Catherine (PS527) [3936] That's alright.
[3937] Lovely, thanks very much.
Unknown speaker (KP5PSUNK) [3938] Okay.
[3939] Thank you.
Catherine (PS527) [3940] [...] , I got a brolly as well.
Catherine (PS527) [3941] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3942] Take that off.
[3943] Go on break it.
[3944] Go on.
Catherine (PS527) [3945] No, no, no.
[3946] I shan't break it.
[3947] There you
Catherine (PS527) [3948] Oh well
Catherine (PS527) [3949] are.
Catherine (PS527) [3950] you win it.
Catherine (PS527) [3951] No, I'll have to give it to you.
Catherine (PS527) [3952] Cheers honey.
Catherine (PS527) [3953] Er ... Mm!
[3954] Gorgeous!
Catherine (PS527) [3955] Is it?
Catherine (PS527) [3956] Mm.
[3957] Want a bit?
Catherine (PS527) [3958] No I don't really like ... not really into those sort of flavours.
[3959] You can have my cherry though.
Catherine (PS527) [3960] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3961] What is it, pistachio ... I might have a bit of pistachio actually.
[3962] ... Nice actually.
[3963] It's nice and light.
Catherine (PS527) [3964] Beautiful!
[3965] ... So what time do you expect your ... friends home this evening?
Catherine (PS527) [3966] Don't know.
[3967] If they've gone to the see this, to the see, Goats don't Shave ... then I doubt they'll be back till a , about midnight, one o'clock, if they get the train back ... if not, tomorrow morning or something.
Catherine (PS527) [3968] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3969] Well they're altogether so I suppose
Catherine (PS527) [3970] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3971] in that way ... they're relatively safe.
[3972] So don't sit up worrying about them.
[3973] But erm ... they're bloody daft if they did what they did last time anyway!
Catherine (PS527) [3974] Oh yes.
Catherine (PS527) [3975] Cos I was gonna go with them and then a , just would have costed like, quite a bit it's about seven pounds to get in plus your stuff, like,wai , transport there and transport back.
[3976] Blimey!
[3977] Plus, you'll er, you'll have a, like a couple of drinks there, even if it's Cokes or anything, but your ... you know, it'll still be a long night.
Catherine (PS527) [3978] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3979] But apparently, it's meant to be really good there.
[3980] Really good erm ... like Irish, sort of pub.
Catherine (PS527) [3981] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3982] Pub.
[3983] But I would, I will go there sometime.
[3984] But I ... [...] .
Catherine (PS527) [3985] Lovely.
Catherine (PS527) [3986] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3987] Is yours alright?
Catherine (PS527) [3988] Very nice.
[3989] Want a bit?
Catherine (PS527) [3990] Oh that's nice.
Catherine (PS527) [3991] Something cold and refreshing actually.
Catherine (PS527) [3992] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [3993] Cos next, well the week after the reading week ... we've got, we do the first visit to our schools that we're doing our T P in.
Catherine (PS527) [3994] Oh oh!
[3995] Will your transport be laid on or
Catherine (PS527) [3996] I don't know what, well the ... I mean it's all paid for so we'd either ... depending how many people are going ... [...] away or whatever
Catherine (PS527) [3997] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [3998] then erm ... there
Catherine (PS527) [3999] What's
Catherine (PS527) [4000] might be a coach.
[4001] If not, apparently, they've worked out ... how everyone will actually go to school.
Catherine (PS527) [4002] So, you'll see.
Catherine (PS527) [4003] So I'll just see.
[4004] But we'll be told beforehand, or I'll find out.
[4005] Cos also, I don't mind, mind going on public transport as long as I know how to get there.
Catherine (PS527) [4006] Yeah.
[4007] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4008] If I'm told to get the ... whatever bus.
Catherine (PS527) [4009] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4010] Cos I, otherwise I'll be no good at [laughing] working it out for myself [] .
Catherine (PS527) [4011] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [4012] Wouldn't have a clue.
[4013] ... But I think, I, I think I'd get a train straight through but ... I don't really know.
Catherine (PS527) [4014] How often do you [...] that then? [...]
Catherine (PS527) [4015] Well ... the train.
[4016] Cos a few people are further out than me so ... cos Angie's just up the road in Hamworth.
[4017] Which is like ... just a se , it's about ... twenty minutes walk from our houses I think.
Catherine (PS527) [4018] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [4019] So it's fine.
[4020] ... Cos loads of us are gonna be getting back into like evenings when you're really tired.
[4021] Cos what's, well what's quite good is ... you do a week and then we've got, it's our half term ... so we've got a week off.
Catherine (PS527) [4022] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [4023] And then we do another four weeks.
Catherine (PS527) [4024] Oh.
Catherine (PS527) [4025] I think the first week is just sort of basically erm ... we share with the teacher and ... only do, say, a couple of lessons a we , couple of lessons a day
Catherine (PS527) [4026] Sure.
Catherine (PS527) [4027] and maybe like read to them at the end of the day or whatever.
[4028] The, I think, well then after half term then it's more ... us, we're the teacher and we sort of take it after
Catherine (PS527) [4029] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [4030] half term.
Catherine (PS527) [4031] And what sort of age?
Catherine (PS527) [4032] I'm with erm ... nine and ten years olds.
Catherine (PS527) [4033] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [4034] Year five.
[4035] Yeah.
[4036] I think so.
Catherine (PS527) [4037] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4038] I know, but I've never ever taught that age group before.
Catherine (PS527) [4039] Well thump them one will you?
Catherine (PS527) [laugh]
Catherine (PS527) [4040] Every time they get cocky, thump them!
Catherine (PS527) [4041] Yeah.
[4042] I've only taught erm ... seven and eight year olds.
[4043] ... So it'll be quite an experience.
Catherine (PS527) [4044] Mhm.
Catherine (PS527) [4045] It's gonna be so exhausting though.
[4046] ... You get, we get assessed on it as well.
Catherine (PS527) [4047] Oh well.
Catherine (PS527) [4048] You fail those things and you're out basically.
Catherine (PS527) [4049] Is there a, is there, is that a fact?
[4050] So you really have to have a ... sort of strong character and in you go.
[4051] And so
Catherine (PS527) [4052] Yeah.
[4053] Basically lesson pattern stuff.
[4054] Cos when we go in ... after winter break that's when we'll find out ... er what topics they're doing ... so we can plan our lessons and
Catherine (PS527) [4055] Oh I see.
Catherine (PS527) [4056] fit in with whatever, like their curriculum.
Catherine (PS527) [4057] Well if you want anything ... er er photocopied or put together let me know won't you?
[4058] ... Cos I can always ... sort of
Catherine (PS527) [4059] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4060] nip down of a ... a weekend, collect it and then
Catherine (PS527) [4061] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4062] erm ... bring it back to you.
[4063] [clears throat] ... You know, if you need, it's a sort of trip of a ... an evening.
Catherine (PS527) [4064] Yeah.
[4065] Oh cheers.
Catherine (PS527) [4066] Well you're nearer than Robert was, yes.
Catherine (PS527) [4067] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4068] Cos it's not too bad.
Catherine (PS527) [4069] It's really handy.
Catherine (PS527) [4070] I , yeah, I don't mind two hours on the motorway, it's, it's, it's nothing at all.
[4071] It's a ... you do a two and half hour stretch there and then a two and a half hours stretch back it's a
Catherine (PS527) [4072] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4073] rather heavy going.
Catherine (PS527) [4074] Well it's so handy though.
[4075] It's really like, like a big plus side to it.
Catherine (PS527) [4076] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [4077] I mean, especially if James is gonna go in London as well.
[4078] ... Just so much easier to get ... just to know that ... if ever like ... you know, eight or nine o'clock one night for whatever reason I wanted to come home I could be there like myself, in an hour.
Catherine (PS527) [4079] Oh sure.
[4080] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4081] Or people could be up within
Catherine (PS527) [4082] Yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4083] an hour to see me.
[4084] ... Well just, in another way, it's more of an effort or whatever ... to get people up.
[4085] Most people that I know have got cars.
Catherine (PS527) [4086] Yes.
Catherine (PS527) [4087] Like Martin, and he's got no excuse for popping up.
[4088] ... Well, I suppose er, he said he'd come down this time, so
Catherine (PS527) [4089] Mm.
Catherine (PS527) [4090] now he was at Richmond.
[4091] And I phoned his house and he didn't phone back.
Catherine (PS527) [4092] Oh my God!
Catherine (PS527) [4093] He was down the pub.
[4094] Beast!
Catherine (PS527) [4095] Dear oh dear!
Catherine (PS527) [4096] And he doesn't even drink!
[4097] ... Him and Stuart go down, they have their half, half a Coke and, cos they know the landlord ... where we did our er
Catherine (PS527) [4098] Oh yeah.
Catherine (PS527) [4099] clay pigeon shooting.
[4100] In [...] , he loves it.
[4101] Just goes there, chats to the landlord and ... comes back ... burning up down the country lanes as he goes.