BNC Text KP6

10 conversations recorded by `Catriona' (PS52C) on ?? ?? 1993 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 3658 s-units, 33704 words, and over 1 hour 20 minutes 19 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 733

PS52C Ag1 f (Catriona, age 16, student, London, )
PS52D Ag1 f (Phil, age 16, student, London, ) friend
PS52E Ag1 f (Sal, age 16, student, London, ) friend
PS52F Ag1 f (Jess, age 16, student, London, ) friend
PS52G Ag1 f (Lucy, age 16, student, London, ) friend
PS52H Ag1 f (Zoe, age 16, student, London, ) friend
PS52J Ag1 m (Duncan, age 16, student, London, ) friend
PS52K X m (Father, age unknown, artist, London, ) father
PS52L X f (Mother, age unknown, artist, London, ) mother
KP6PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KP6PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

10 recordings

  1. Tape 142601 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( School study room ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 142602 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 142603 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( Home, bedroom ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 142604 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( Home, bedroom ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 142605 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( Home, bedroom ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 142606 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( School classroom ) Activity: lecture
  7. Tape 142607 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( School classroom ) Activity: Lecture
  8. Tape 142701 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 142702 recorded on 1993. LocationGreater London: North London ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 142801 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 142601)

Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1] Miles ... can you go and get Sara out of the shower ... .
[2] Cheers. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3] Have you finished those Peanut Butter Cups?
Jess (PS52F) [4] Cups not these pieces [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [5] Pieces Reeces pieces.
[6] How do you like that [...]
Jess (PS52F) [7] That photograph, I can't, that's really not
Catriona (PS52C) [8] Let's have a look, let me have a look at it.
Jess (PS52F) [9] it's a terrible photograph, it's atrocious.
Phil (PS52D) [10] You can't take it back.
Catriona (PS52C) [11] Bet it's not.
[12] ... You're really photogenic.
Jess (PS52F) [13] [laugh] Photogenic!
[14] Yeah!
Catriona (PS52C) [15] That's not a bad photo at all.
[16] Hey
Jess (PS52F) [17] That's
Catriona (PS52C) [18] hey hang on, where is this?
Jess (PS52F) [19] Lucy 's.
[20] That's a foul photograph and
Catriona (PS52C) [21] Oh look
Jess (PS52F) [22] I'm not thanking you for that Phil.
Catriona (PS52C) [23] Gemma , is that Gemma ?
Jess (PS52F) [24] Gemma 's quite photogenic. [banging]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [25] Ooh! [laugh]
Phil (PS52D) [26] Oh that's that.
Catriona (PS52C) [27] Oh.
[28] ... That was 's. ...
Jess (PS52F) [29] Yes.
[30] ... I know. ...
Phil (PS52D) [31] [whispering] Mr, Mr [] .
Jess (PS52F) [32] Has he just gone?
Phil (PS52D) [33] Yeah.
[34] [laughing] He was teaching us for er [] physics and er [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [35] [...] where does this go?
Phil (PS52D) [36] No ... on the top one.
[37] What?
[38] ... Urgh!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [39] Who, who used to do that?
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Phil (PS52D) [40] I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Phil (PS52D) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [41] [...] [laugh] no he had longer hair.
Phil (PS52D) [42] Yeah well [...]
Sal (PS52E) [43] Hi [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [44] Hi.
Sal (PS52E) [45] Ha have you?
Catriona (PS52C) [46] Yeah I have.
Sal (PS52E) [47] Ha ha have you?
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh] ...
Sal (PS52E) [48] Oh I thought that was you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS52D) [49] [laugh] You wish!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [50] [laughing] Colonel Dick, I know []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Phil (PS52D) [51] Colonel Dick, good touch that.
Sal (PS52E) [52] Erm have you got any more of those ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Sal (PS52E) [53] any of them, have you got cups?
Phil (PS52D) [54] What's cups?
Sal (PS52E) [55] You know, [...] cups.
Phil (PS52D) [56] I've got one more packet, it's in the bottom drawer.
Sal (PS52E) [57] Are they crunchy?
Catriona (PS52C) [58] Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.
Phil (PS52D) [59] Yeah. ...
Sal (PS52E) [60] Crunchy!
Jess (PS52F) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [61] Mm mm mm.
Sal (PS52E) [62] I like it
Jess (PS52F) [63] [...] come in here and just leave it.
Catriona (PS52C) [64] [sighing] Ah []
Phil (PS52D) [65] I like it crunchy!
[66] Jess nicked some of your roll. ...
Sal (PS52E) [...] [talking with mouth full]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Phil (PS52D) [67] [...] ... Mm crunchy.
[68] I don't like these as much as [...] [talking with mouth full]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [69] Mm?
Phil (PS52D) [70] [laugh] I don't like this as much as the small ones.
Sal (PS52E) [71] Why's that?
Phil (PS52D) [72] [laugh] Cos I don't.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [73] Are you going to the play tonight?
[74] Obviously not. ...
Phil (PS52D) [75] Are you?
Jess (PS52F) [76] What play is it?
Phil (PS52D) [...] [...]
Jess (PS52F) [77] What play is it? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [78] [laughing] A Man for All Seasons I was gonna say [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [79] Mr today congratulated me for slapping [laughing] Anthony [] .
Phil (PS52D) [80] He's a [...]
Jess (PS52F) [81] Did you slap him?
Phil (PS52D) [82] I hate him so much, he's such a knob.
Jess (PS52F) [83] Who, Mr or Anthony ?
Phil (PS52D) [84] [laughing] Both [] .
Jess (PS52F) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [belch] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [85] Alright tuna breath. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] [speaking spanish]
Catriona (PS52C) [86] Do you do Spanish A level?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [87] Yeah yeah
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [88] [...] [spanish] do you know what [...] is? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [89] Would you like to say that one more time please Simon.
[90] Mm?
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [91] Ah?
[92] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [93] You're almost you're almost fluent in English aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [94] Almost.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [95] [laughing] Almost [] .
[96] No, how'd you spell
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [97] I barely speak [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [98] [laugh] how do you spell ... er ... er ... come on, say something Sal ...
Jess (PS52F) [99] I got hairy armpits.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [100] How's that for starters? ...
Phil (PS52D) [101] What about your bare man carpet stripped chest?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [102] Ape-like man.
[103] Oh what am I doing? [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [104] The Norwegian ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [105] Oh have you ever done that?
[106] [laughing] Where, where [] where you ph er you use the phone
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [107] and it says erm we are trying to coll connect your call, please hold the line and then it goes [mimicking] sorry []
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [108] [mimicking] sorry []
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [109] [mimicking] sorry [] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [110] [...] T-shirt [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [111] A what?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [112] Black T-shirt [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [113] It's on top of your really clean black thing which I washed.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [114] Is that that Libra one which smells of Donna?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [115] Erm [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [116] [laughing] no no that was my fault actually [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [117] Somebody can have that one. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [118] Excuse me.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [119] No, please, park your ass [...] ... please.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [120] Sorry.
[121] Sorry. ...
Jess (PS52F) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [122] [laugh] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [123] No it's not in there.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [124] [...] there it is.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [125] Do what?
[126] No no no no no, cos look I got
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [127] I love it [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [128] Do you wanna do that again Sal?
Jess (PS52F) [129] He doesn't even know.
Phil (PS52D) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [130] Sorry!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [131] Sorry!
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [132] Please hold the line.
[133] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [134] If you're gonna start laughing at me you can just get out
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [135] [singing] [...] radio rap [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [136] Does everybody have to be in their studies at ... quiet time?
Jess (PS52F) [137] Five o'clock yes.
Phil (PS52D) [138] No everyone has to be in [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [belch] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [139] [laughing] Sorry [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [140] [mimicking] Sorry [] !
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [141] [mimicking] Sorry, the number you have dialled is not available please try again [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [142] Yeah!
[143] No, no, [mimicking] please try later [] .
Jess (PS52F) [144] Mm.
[145] The number you ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [146] [...] big girl's throw.
Catriona (PS52C) [147] A big girl's throw?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [148] [laugh] That's what it is isn't it? ... [laugh] [...] on the cricket pitch.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [149] Remember when you were pissed at Ascot? ...
Jess (PS52F) [150] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [151] Best of cricket of my life.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [152] Mm.
[153] We played cricket at Ascot
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [154] bloody good!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [155] Bloody drunk! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [156] [laughing] Yeah we were fucked []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [157] we went to Ascot with my dad ... standing at the bar all day, we watched
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [158] How many races did we watch?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [159] we watched er
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [160] One?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [161] one, the first race ... [laughing] we found the bar [] , got fucked
Jess (PS52F) [162] Makes a change that, doesn't it?
Catriona (PS52C) [163] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [164] and erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [165] [mimicking] sorry [] and erm and erm
Jess (PS52F) [166] And erm. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [167] and then we went and played cricket in the middle [clears throat] [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [168] [laughing] Of the racecourse [] !
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [169] Of the racecourse?
Catriona (PS52C) [170] Mm.
[171] I came to see you play racquets today but you weren't playing.
[172] Did you go to the dentist?
Jess (PS52F) [173] Who won, who won?
Phil (PS52D) [174] I had a dentist appointment I had a dentist appointment [laugh] [laughing] oh no [] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [175] Did you go?
Phil (PS52D) [176] Three o'clock.
[177] No.
[178] Fuck!
[179] ... And I was supposed to phone my dad to tell him what time I was playing racquet.
[180] ... Bit of a cock up all round really isn't it?
Catriona (PS52C) [181] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [182] [mimicking] Sorry []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [183] I'm gonna say that to mum and dad tonight,
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [184] sorry.
[185] Who wants this?
Jess (PS52F) [186] I do.
[187] ... Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [188] [mimicking] We are trying to connect you [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [189] [...] Candid Camera this thing [...] before you do
Jess (PS52F) [190] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [191] an you let me know when you're doing that?
Jess (PS52F) [192] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [193] No you're being recorded by the way.
[194] [mimicking] Sorry [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [195] Is that why they were laughing?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [196] No we were laughing because you've got mayonnaise all round your mouth.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [197] [mimicking] Sorry [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [198] [laugh] She doesn't like [...] I know.
[199] [laugh] She's a vegetarian
Catriona (PS52C) [200] Oh God!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [201] she's a vegetarian [...] ... [mimicking] sorry [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [202] A vegan.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [203] That is the worst, I really did think she was a vegan and no one believed me.
Jess (PS52F) [204] Who's this?
[205] ... Some bird.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [206] Some bird. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [207] That was a nightmare today in [...] common room wasn't it? ... [...] and then lunch.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [208] Fucking lunch eh?
Catriona (PS52C) [209] Did he stay in lunch?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [210] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [211] No [...] he came, I walked in and I'm going no [shouting] ah ah ah ah []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [212] [laughing] cos I'm the only bloke and there are all these girls [] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [213] I bet you were really fucked off.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [214] Yeah, yeah I was ... missed again
Catriona (PS52C) [215] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [216] [mimicking] Sorry [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [217] missed again [singing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] [speaking spanish] ...
Jess (PS52F) [218] It's English they wanted not Spanish on this tape.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [clears throat]
Jess (PS52F) [219] Let me know when you're recording okay because
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [220] Lion what does Lionel Ritchie say Sara? [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [singing] [...] [] ...
Jess (PS52F) [221] That's okay.
[222] Right, so have you got quite a lot of prep?
Catriona (PS52C) [223] Loads and loads and loads, have you?
Jess (PS52F) [224] I've only got a bit of French and German so I can help you with the essay ... if you like.
Catriona (PS52C) [225] Right, and what did you write?
[226] Hang on ... erm what was the title again? ...
Jess (PS52F) [227] What is it about Eddie's behaviour in this episode that enables Alfiera to predict the outcome of the play?
[228] ... Oh yeah and you've got erm between four page forty five [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [229] Fort forty five
Jess (PS52F) [230] Okay basically you say that, well I ... [sigh] I made most of mine up, erm like I said, but his erratic behaviour, the way he gets so frustrated so, you know, really fast ... I mean don't use these words cos this is actually what [laughing] I said []
Catriona (PS52C) [231] No I'm just writing down what you what you said.
Jess (PS52F) [232] But his, his but basically his behaviour is that you, you can tell the way he reacts, you know he gets like really het up and really excited, you can tell that whatever Alfiera's gonna say it's not gonna really gonna make much difference.
[233] Unless Alfiera's gonna say right he's
Catriona (PS52C) [234] Unless he's gonna agree with him.
Jess (PS52F) [235] yeah basically unless he agrees with him whatever
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [236] Alfiera says is irrelevant because Eddie's gonna go out and and take action himself anyway.
Catriona (PS52C) [237] He's already made his mind up.
Jess (PS52F) [238] Basically, yeah.
[239] He's, well not necessarily made his mind but you can suggest that he might, may have done and also it seems that Alfiera is slightly half hearted in the way he erm like tries to convince Eddie cos it seems that ... i it, I get the feeling that Alfiera already knows and just thinking well there's no point in getting really het up about it, so he, he tries, he says look it's not a good idea but in the end
Catriona (PS52C) [240] He says at the end doesn't he, he says well it isn't a beginning so
Jess (PS52F) [241] Yeah but he's not really really a ... er at er er look cos when it comes in
Catriona (PS52C) [242] no at the beginning Alfiera and er it was at this time [...] ... oh ... but ... I don't quite, oh no no no no cos this
Jess (PS52F) [243] Cos I used this look, I said that erm I'd re I had represented his father in an accident case some years before and I was acquainted with the family in a casual way, and I said this [clears throat] may suggest, because he was saying you can make up and you can, this is a bit when you can use your imagination, and I said this may suggest that his father, you know he'd like, because it ... the way he says that, I'd represented his father, I was acquainted, you know ... maybe that he knows [clears throat] he's used to that kind of erm behaviour from the family, you know, and he knows what Eddie's like his fa I don't know I might be completely wrong but I used my imagination there. ... [clears throat] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [244] And doesn't he finish, where's the ... final bit?
Jess (PS52F) [245] He finishes it with erm ... Eddie goes I'll see you around somewhere or something ...
Catriona (PS52C) [246] Erm I'll see you around.
Jess (PS52F) [247] Do you want that Locket?
[248] ... No not that
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [249] the sweet.
Catriona (PS52C) [250] Oh no.
Jess (PS52F) [251] Oh is it blackcurrant?
Catriona (PS52C) [252] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [253] New, new ones?
Catriona (PS52C) [254] [shouting] New flavour [] .
[255] Mm.
[256] Mm tastier.
Jess (PS52F) [257] And they've still got honey inside them though?
Catriona (PS52C) [258] Yes.
[259] Yes.
Jess (PS52F) [260] Mm!
Catriona (PS52C) [261] Oh God, I don't feel exactly ... where's my Reeces pieces?
[262] ... I don't feel a hundred percent ... well I can't relax when Sara and Phil's there.
Jess (PS52F) [263] I'm not surprised.
Catriona (PS52C) [264] I can't [...] not with Sal, I'm alright with Phil but I don't know he's a bit intimidating.
[265] I hate the way I sound on tape.
[266] I sound too posh.
[267] Gotta start talking
Jess (PS52F) [268] No don't, [...] to speak ... erm
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Jess (PS52F) [269] Supper what time?
[270] Please don't say six thirty.
Catriona (PS52C) [271] What day is it, Thursday?
[272] Erm ... it doesn't say on here.
[273] ... It must be six fifteen.
Jess (PS52F) [274] Why?
[275] Oh yeah cos it's erm ... half day, half day ... yeah.
[276] Super-duper.
[277] ... Erm ...
Catriona (PS52C) [278] But at least you know that Phil likes you.
Jess (PS52F) [279] How? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [280] Cos
Jess (PS52F) [281] Do you think he does?
[282] I mean obviously not ... not desperately but do you think he doesn't think oh she's a complete
Catriona (PS52C) [283] Course he doesn't.
[284] ... You're fine.
Jess (PS52F) [285] He probably would be much nastier.
[286] Thing is though it's not that I really care about him personally, you know it's not that I'm thinking oh it's a real shame, but it's just, and usually if, if people are complete dicks I think well er you know, sod them
Catriona (PS52C) [287] Sod it.
Jess (PS52F) [288] and I'll just, I, you know, I don't need someone like that but the point is that he, if he knows you don't like him, he goes out of his way to make things difficult for you.
Catriona (PS52C) [289] Yeah, and as well
Jess (PS52F) [290] And you can't really avoid him.
Catriona (PS52C) [291] he's friendly with Sal.
Jess (PS52F) [292] And Foxy.
Catriona (PS52C) [293] Mm.
Jess (PS52F) [294] Actually he's not that friendly with Foxy but erm ... tt [...] says they're always arguing on the rugby pitch, they're always, you know, stand at the back and slag each other off and say oh shit [...] or stuff but then erm ... tt afterwards they sort of end ...
Catriona (PS52C) [295] Happy?
Jess (PS52F) [296] yeah end happy but, but not, I mean Foxy isn't really [...] I mean don't play ... don't say any of this to Phil, would you?
[297] Ever.
[298] Cos I don't, I mean I might be really putting my foot in it but I don't think Foxy likes him that much and he said that he's basically he's a ... it is his bark mu his bark is much worse than his bite.
[299] You know he seems like really frightening and intimida that's the thing though cos ... er what, yeah, I just ... I don't know I can't just forget about it and say well who cares because he really does go out of his way to make things hard.
Catriona (PS52C) [300] And the way he treated ... the way he walks in with that fish.
Jess (PS52F) [301] Oh, but that but he is acting the whole time, that's not him being him.
[302] I swear to God that was so like, if we, if we hadn't been there he wouldn't have really bothered
Catriona (PS52C) [303] Mm.
Jess (PS52F) [304] not half so mu not like that anyway. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [305] Mm.
Jess (PS52F) [306] No way.
[307] ... I just love the way ... that kid must've been standing out there for what, fifteen minutes?
[308] I mean
Catriona (PS52C) [309] He was standing outside?
[310] ... No he went to the grubber first
Jess (PS52F) [311] No the bloke [...] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [312] What [...] ?
[313] ... Oh that little one.
Jess (PS52F) [314] He's lovely isn't he?
Catriona (PS52C) [315] He's sweet, yeah.
[316] Have you spoken to Duncan's brother?
Jess (PS52F) [317] No, is he in, what house
Catriona (PS52C) [318] He is lovely er er he must be in Duncan's ... er what house is Duncan in?
Jess (PS52F) [319] I don't know.
[320] What's Duncan's surname?
Catriona (PS52C) [321] ... Shall I find out?
Jess (PS52F) [322] I've got your red book here cos I was looking at it at the weekend.
[323] No I was looking at the ... to find out whether John had an H in his name. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [324] Oh Jonathan?
Jess (PS52F) [325] No no no as in J O H N or just J O N.
Catriona (PS52C) [326] J er J O N
Jess (PS52F) [327] It's J O H N.
Catriona (PS52C) [328] Is it?
Jess (PS52F) [329] It's J O H N, yes, John
Catriona (PS52C) [330] Is it?
Jess (PS52F) [331] Yeah.
[332] [...] go to the loo, hang on.
Catriona (PS52C) [333] Alright.
[334] I'll [...]
Jess (PS52F) [335] No no.
[336] ... Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Jess (PS52F) [337] They say that 's b 's brother is a really ugly shit. [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [338] I know he's a bit gormless isn't he? ... .
Jess (PS52F) [339] He really is ugly.
[340] Urgh.
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Jess (PS52F) [341] Oh just before I, I forget
Catriona (PS52C) [belch]
Jess (PS52F) [342] Oh Jess!
[343] Neil [laughing] said to me today []
Catriona (PS52C) [belch]
Jess (PS52F) [344] stop it!
[345] ... Neil said to me erm ...
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [346] Neil, listen,
Catriona (PS52C) [347] [shouting] Neil said can I write the article and I said no fuck off [] .
Jess (PS52F) [348] Yes, no no no no no no, he did come up but he said that he told Ian
Catriona (PS52C) [349] But [...]
Jess (PS52F) [350] No will you [shouting] just listen to me []
Catriona (PS52C) [351] [shouting] I know cos he told me as well
Jess (PS52F) [352] What, about Ian ?
Catriona (PS52C) [353] Yeah about
Jess (PS52F) [354] And if he saw our names on the bottom it would be
Catriona (PS52C) [355] Yeah everyone [laughing] would buy it []
Jess (PS52F) [356] and I said to Neil look if we did do it it would be anonymous anyway you stupid dick.
Catriona (PS52C) [357] Yeah exactly.
Jess (PS52F) [358] as if we want to get bloody, [laughing] can you, I don't want to do it so much now though cos I'm not so against everyone
Catriona (PS52C) [359] [laughing] No neither am I [] .
Jess (PS52F) [360] you know survival of the fittest would be really like, you've got to s you know we'd be so unpopular [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [361] Wait I'm gonna go downstairs and get my politics file.
Jess (PS52F) [362] Okay.
Catriona (PS52C) [363] [shouting] I shall be back up in a minute [] .
Jess (PS52F) [364] All ... everywhere.
[365] I went to the, I went to the stationary whatever, whatever
Catriona (PS52C) [366] Yeah is that, is this, is this pad yours?
Jess (PS52F) [367] No it's Sue 's.
Catriona (PS52C) [368] S [sigh] have you read that?
Jess (PS52F) [369] No, read it.
[370] ... Oh fuck it's so [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [371] [...] sex and horny and if you believe that you are stupid.
Jess (PS52F) [372] Oh how stupid.
[373] [reading] I went to the woods because I wanted to [...] deliberat ... I, I not
Catriona (PS52C) [374] Am not.
Jess (PS52F) [375] am not when I came to die seeing as I have not lived [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [376] Nice isn't it? ...
Jess (PS52F) [377] [...] ... yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [378] It's really good.
Jess (PS52F) [379] I had some really good erm this too, listen to this, [reading] the woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep [] .
[380] I love that, it's so ...
Catriona (PS52C) [381] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [382] calming.
[383] [reading] The woods are lovely dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep [] by Robert Frost, Robert Frost.
[384] ... I talked last night ... all the way through
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Jess (PS52F) [385] all the way through first prep, I went down
Catriona (PS52C) [386] Oh God.
Jess (PS52F) [387] and saw Caroline
Catriona (PS52C) [388] She's nice isn't she?
Jess (PS52F) [389] She is so lovely
Catriona (PS52C) [390] She really is.
Jess (PS52F) [391] she's really nice.
Catriona (PS52C) [392] Sh and people here give her such a hard time I mean like the blokes are always say oh God, you know, that troll and everything but I
Jess (PS52F) [393] I think she's really lovely.
Catriona (PS52C) [394] So do I and I was just talking to her downstairs and I was asking her like the differences between here and the States, you know the boar cos she was in a boarding school before, and she was saying erm how you know just generally the people are nicer and the blokes talk to you ... not just because you're ... cos they
Jess (PS52F) [395] Cool.
Catriona (PS52C) [396] want to go out with you but because, you know, they think you're a nice person, a genuine kind of g er which is exactly right here they do, they only, they will only talk to you if they're kind of
Jess (PS52F) [397] Sharking.
Catriona (PS52C) [398] yeah, basically, or if they think you're good looking.
Jess (PS52F) [399] I spoke to er I, I hadn't spoken to James before, I spoke to him today.
Catriona (PS52C) [400] Oh yes so did I, [...] a few times.
Jess (PS52F) [401] He's alright.
Catriona (PS52C) [402] Mm.
[403] Yeah he's not bad, he's nothing special though.
[404] ... I'm really pissed off that ... I feel a bit silly about Kathy, er no not Kathy, Jenny.
[405] ... Is she two faced?
Jess (PS52F) [406] I think they all are quite frankly. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [407] Well Ka Kathy's actually, Kathy really surprised me cos I, she was, didn't appear shallow at all last night.
[408] ... I mean
Jess (PS52F) [409] What happened last night?
Catriona (PS52C) [410] Oh well when I got back from [...] I sat in there for about an hour cos the new girls that were meant to be sleeping in there slept in Zoey and Lucy's room.
Jess (PS52F) [411] And you sat where?
Catriona (PS52C) [412] We sat just in that room.
Jess (PS52F) [413] You and Kath?
Catriona (PS52C) [414] And Jenny ... just talking about, you know, well [laughing] you know it was the sort of stuff [] that one talks about.
Jess (PS52F) [415] Have they locked it up again?
Catriona (PS52C) [416] I don't know [...] ... It's not very interesting, I mean it, it's big.
Jess (PS52F) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [417] Is it locked? ...
Jess (PS52F) [418] No ... and it's warm.
[419] ... It's so much warmer than er in here.
Catriona (PS52C) [420] The radiators are both on in here though.
Jess (PS52F) [421] I know but why isn't it working? [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [422] Did you know that Kathy had a brother here?
Jess (PS52F) [423] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [424] I didn't know that.
Jess (PS52F) [425] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [426] They're not as hot as they could be though.
[427] They're full on.
Jess (PS52F) [428] I told the cleaning ladies and they came up and said, twiddled around with it and said that they couldn't work out what was wrong ... and they were gonna get some engineers in or something, engineers?
[429] Not engineers to do radiators, what are they on?
Catriona (PS52C) [430] Plumbers.
Jess (PS52F) [431] [laughing] Plumbers [] .
[432] Mm ow.
[433] I was so cold today, yeah, I got a, I filled up that kettle and I boiled it and I got, I was holding on to it and I ... fell backwards on to my bed and I burnt myself [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [434] Where?
Jess (PS52F) [435] boiling water everywhere.
Catriona (PS52C) [436] Where?
Jess (PS52F) [437] Down my stomach.
Catriona (PS52C) [438] Ah!
Jess (PS52F) [439] It was really sore.
[440] ... It wasn't, I didn't scald myself too badly.
Catriona (PS52C) [441] Have you done your self assessment?
Jess (PS52F) [442] Oh God yeah I did it all with numbers and I didn't write any comments ... and it's wr meant to be written isn't it? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Jess (PS52F) [443] Have you just done numbers?
[444] The same.
[445] That's what I thought was right.
[446] I mean what else [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [447] Have you handed it in [...] ?
Jess (PS52F) [448] No.
[449] Have you?
Catriona (PS52C) [450] No.
[451] I haven't worked.
Jess (PS52F) [452] I gave myself ones for like erm like ability like I know I'm good at it but effort was like three, you know, I'm below a but they, they're stupid because it was either above average or below average and what's just average, it was okay, I've been really okay.
Catriona (PS52C) [453] Yeah exactly.
Jess (PS52F) [454] Good, above average ... below average, they've been stupid, they should have average.
[455] ... They are stupid.
[456] ... [sighing] Ah []
Catriona (PS52C) [457] What's wrong? ...
Jess (PS52F) [458] Thinking about Sal, as usual.
Catriona (PS52C) [459] Is it good with him, now?
[460] Oh God did you talk to him about la ... was it last night that he got shagged off?
Jess (PS52F) [461] [...] yeah, he laughed today, [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [462] Did he?
[463] What he said I was just joking?
Jess (PS52F) [464] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [465] Still how were you to know?
Jess (PS52F) [466] Exactly.
Catriona (PS52C) [467] I'd be su [laughing] I would've been such a wreck last night if that, if Foxy had done that to me [] .
Jess (PS52F) [468] I was, I was lying in bed thinking ha ya ... good
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [469] Did it take you quite a long time to get to sleep?
Catriona (PS52C) [470] Yeah.
[471] I was like thinking, lying in bed thinking well should I have said it's over
Jess (PS52F) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [472] or I'm just seeing what he'd said [...] ... [whispering] [...] []
Jess (PS52F) [473] Erm shall I?
Catriona (PS52C) [474] No it's alright, just forget it's there.
[475] Erm ... seven weeks this
Jess (PS52F) [476] What you've been going out seven weeks?
[477] ... Oh my God I've known you two months!
[478] Me and Foxy are only three, three weeks yesterday.
Catriona (PS52C) [479] Ah.
Jess (PS52F) [480] I hope it will la apparently he was talking to Kathy, no, yeah, I always get, I always think Kathy and Jenny should be the other way round ... no
Catriona (PS52C) [481] No.
Jess (PS52F) [482] Kathy is the one, yeah no that's right, yeah, she is Kathy ... I dunno I just sort of get those two muddled up I don't know why, anyway erm t Kathy was just talking right and she
Catriona (PS52C) [483] How do you get big Kath muddled up?
Jess (PS52F) [484] [laugh] No with Jenny
Catriona (PS52C) [485] As in
Jess (PS52F) [486] Jenny's quite big.
[487] ... They're not gonna listen. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [488] I don't mean, I mean just big, it's er because people like talk about Kath, big Kath don't they?
Jess (PS52F) [489] I suppose big Kath yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [490] Big Kath!
Jess (PS52F) [491] And she's actually quite pretty.
[492] ... She's not stunning but she's pretty.
[493] But anyway she erm
Catriona (PS52C) [494] I don't think Tessa , Tessa keeps going God I hope I don't look like big Kath [...] blessing if you did.
Jess (PS52F) [495] Blessing?
Catriona (PS52C) [496] Mm.
Jess (PS52F) [497] What you would like to look like her?
Catriona (PS52C) [498] No, Tessa
Jess (PS52F) [499] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [500] said ... God I hope I don't look like big Kath and I was saying I think [laughing] my dear it'd be a blessing if you did you look like big Kath [] .
Jess (PS52F) [501] I don't get it!
[502] It would be a blessing isn't it it'd be good for her to look like her
Catriona (PS52C) [503] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [504] like, like her?
Catriona (PS52C) [505] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [506] Why?
Catriona (PS52C) [507] Do you think Tessa's pretty? ...
Jess (PS52F) [508] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [509] Do you?
Jess (PS52F) [510] Yeah. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [511] Oh.
Jess (PS52F) [512] You don't at all?
Catriona (PS52C) [513] No.
Jess (PS52F) [514] Oh right, oh I, I think she's quite pretty, yeah though Kath is just, look basically if Kathy didn't have ... [laughing] if she wasn't big, basically [] then she wouldn't be anything special.
[515] She's got an attractive face but it's not ... it's not stunning.
Catriona (PS52C) [516] No it's not stunning, I think she's pretty though.
Jess (PS52F) [517] Yeah er attractive, anyway what was I saying, I was talking to her and she said that she'd had a talk with Foxy and Foxy had said ... [belch] excuse me, [laughing] and I just felt [] I just felt so paranoid because she was saying, talking about all the, how he'd never been faithful to anyone and how, and I really did feel, wouldn't you feel awful if everyone was saying oh Sal, yeah, Sal, Sal's making a real effort but but no she said
Catriona (PS52C) [518] Tell you what
Jess (PS52F) [519] she'd had a talk with him and apparently he'd said erm ... he said to her I'm gonna be a good boy this time.
[520] ... But [...] one day and I said, I was talking to erm oh it was a community service, I hate those, such a waste of time, anyway erm
Catriona (PS52C) [521] What do you actually do?
[522] Just oh just [...]
Jess (PS52F) [523] [...] and read and erm and anyway erm ... and er and I said did you have a good time cos Andy cos they all went to Giles's eighteenth ... you know Giles [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [524] Oh yeah yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [525] up to erm to his dad's wine bar or something
Catriona (PS52C) [526] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [527] and erm and I said to Andy
Catriona (PS52C) [528] That was on Saturday wasn't it?
Jess (PS52F) [529] Yeah, yeah I said did you have a good time?
[530] And he goes yeah and he goes did Sal go?
[531] And I said ... yeah, I said didn't see him with his bird?
[532] ... Like this
Catriona (PS52C) [533] [laughing] Oh my God []
Jess (PS52F) [534] and James goes erm James goes what, is he doing the dirty on you?
[535] I said yeah didn't you know?
[536] And I said he finally managed to pluck the guts up to tell me last, plucked the courage up to tell me last night and Andy 's eyes light up [laugh] and I just said erm and I said
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [537] and I said, I said yeah
Catriona (PS52C) [538] Nice one.
Jess (PS52F) [539] un unfortunately he has but, you know, [...] and James goes, he goes God that really doesn't sound like Sal, I really wouldn't have thought he would've done that to you.
Catriona (PS52C) [540] How can James of all people sta well I suppose
Jess (PS52F) [541] I know.
[542] Yeah well he says, he says I rea I wouldn't have thought that but he said that's not really his style, that's not really like Sal to do that.
[543] And I went oh God, [laughing] that's probably cos it didn't happen [] like this and he goes oh right and he goes yeah [...] got a bit excited there for a minute didn't you son like and [laughing] [...] [] went er yeah well ... Andy [...] I like, quite like him, he's quite sweet but ...
Catriona (PS52C) [544] What's the time?
Jess (PS52F) [545] [sigh] Ten to six. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [546] Twenty five minutes
Jess (PS52F) [sigh]
Catriona (PS52C) [547] till I see ... [laugh] ... No erm what was I gonna say?
[548] Today's been a really bad day.
[549] ... I just felt like crying.
[550] ... You know when you just do, er I'm, I am absolutely knackered and ... I don't know ... just not in a very good mood.
[551] ... Thing is I haven't got that much work this week, or I've just got lots of little things to do but nothing major, I haven't got any big essays I've just got lots of, you know, translations and
Jess (PS52F) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [552] yeah and like learning my Romeo and Ju I think I might actually sit down on Sunday and learn that ... cos I'm gonna be at home but I, it's quite good I'll, I'll see Foxy when I get back in the evening because ... parents have gotta come back for the parents' meeting.
[553] Are your parents going to that?
[554] ... [laughing] I hate that, I really do, thank God I'm at boarding school [] cos I hate, the worst bit is like when they get, I remember when I was at day school and them coming home from the parents' evening and I was
Jess (PS52F) [555] You know, what did they say what did they do?
Catriona (PS52C) [556] sitting there, you know, shaking, I wouldn't have touched any food.
[557] Er the it was er usually gen well, you know, it was quite good apart from my last two years.
Jess (PS52F) [558] Mine are usually really good except er somehow I think I'm gonna get a really shit one here.
[559] Mind you the shit I used to get away with at school, you know, just winding the teachers up and like generally taking the piss, I'd always pay attention and I'd always, always get good marks but somehow I think they seem to take pissing about slightly more seriously here.
Catriona (PS52C) [560] Here?
[561] I, I get the feeling that because they don't really know ... especially if you're caught pissing around in quad, yeah, and er it's by a teacher that you don't know, a ma or a master or something ... they don't pay much attention to it because you're a girl and they don't know you and ... I get that feeling anyway, I feel slightly ... like we c could actually get away with more.
[562] If it was, if it was that caught us then yeah
Jess (PS52F) [563] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [564] Fine cos he has got all
Jess (PS52F) [565] Pissing about in quad as what?
[566] As, oh
Catriona (PS52C) [567] Well I don't know if you were doing something
Jess (PS52F) [568] like we were the other day?
[569] And they go
Catriona (PS52C) [570] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [571] yeah
Catriona (PS52C) [572] Yeah the master walked past, if they had been boys ... they would have said something, you know, go into your study and do some work, do something you know, but because they were girls th we were girls they didn't
Jess (PS52F) [573] Really shit on us.
Catriona (PS52C) [574] no and they didn't pay much attention, they always seem intimidated of us
Jess (PS52F) [575] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [576] not intimidated but just because they don't know who we are.
[577] I suppose it must be quite hard, if you don't teach someone you just like ... have to shout at them, I dunno.
[578] I mean a couple of them do, I mean like Kipling housemaster and stuff.
Jess (PS52F)
Catriona (PS52C) [579] Who is he?
Jess (PS52F)
Catriona (PS52C) [580] Is that in Kipling? ...
Jess (PS52F) [581] You dick!
[582] ... Mr
Catriona (PS52C) [583] Yeah that's it.
Jess (PS52F) [584] [...] ... Mr , Mr dick.
[585] He erm ... [...] such a farce he told Nigel off for showing ... showing off.
Catriona (PS52C) [586] Did he?
[587] What was Nigel doing then?
Jess (PS52F) [588] But I wouldn't [...] put it past Nigel, can I have another piece of bread?
[589] I wouldn't put it past Nigel for showing off ... he did show off and he was trying to, he was trying to be really cool.
Catriona (PS52C) [590] As always.
[591] What was he doing?
[592] Tell me, make me cringe. ...
Jess (PS52F) [593] Oh nothing to make you cringe or anything he was just, he was just like ... saying you know just stuff that was really pretty well [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [594] Oh last last night he was as well with Romeo and Juliet.
[595] The thing that, that annoys me about Nigel, I did think he was a really good actor but he's only ever angry
Jess (PS52F) [596] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [597] and he's always like bouncing all these lines out angrily and never ... got any expression or feeling but ... [...] ... [sighing] Oh God []
Jess (PS52F) [598] [...] some butter can I borrow some butter?
Catriona (PS52C) [599] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [600] [...] Ow my calves, that step class really does your legs in.
Catriona (PS52C) [601] It builds them up.
Jess (PS52F) [602] What, makes them all nasty and muscly?
Catriona (PS52C) [603] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [604] No it doesn't!
Catriona (PS52C) [605] Yes it does.
Jess (PS52F) [606] No I'm not gonna believe that.
Catriona (PS52C) [607] It does.
Jess (PS52F) [608] No!
[609] If i ... it burns off fat.
[610] It tones them.
Catriona (PS52C) [611] Urgh.
Jess (PS52F) [612] [laugh] [laughing] Why do you say that [] ?
Catriona (PS52C) [613] What, urgh?
Jess (PS52F) [614] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [615] Because I don't believe that it doesn't.
Jess (PS52F) [616] It does.
[617] It tones them, it gets like the ... Miss 's got a good figure. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [618] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [619] She's not like, I don't mean good figure in a sort of model figure but she's really, really well toned.
Catriona (PS52C) [620] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [621] There's not one bit of her that ... well
Catriona (PS52C) [622] Yeah but the thing is ... she's quite muscly.
Jess (PS52F) [623] She's incredibly muscly. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [624] It's not like a stick figure or anything but
Jess (PS52F) [625] No.
[626] ... [singing] dee dee dee []
Catriona (PS52C) [627] well she's really well toned and she always wears cycling shorts and
Jess (PS52F) [628] She's a real randy fuck apparently.
Catriona (PS52C) [629] Is she?
Jess (PS52F) [630] Really randy.
Catriona (PS52C) [631] How do you know?
Jess (PS52F) [632] And apparently at speech day she was talking to s do you know she had the cheek to say to me ... she had the cheek to tell somebody to say that I should at least have the decency to go out with someone who's half looking, half good looking. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [633] She told someone to tell you that?
[634] ... Oh my God!
[635] Doesn't she like Sal?
Jess (PS52F) [636] Well I don't know she just thought, you know, she was a bit disappointed.
Catriona (PS52C) [637] Well how did you hear about ...
Jess (PS52F) [638] Cos somebody came up and told me which is even more rude.
Catriona (PS52C) [639] No but how did you hear that erm she's a randy
Jess (PS52F) [640] Oh cos Sal and at speech day she goes God she goes I could do with a good screw. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [641] Are you serious?
Jess (PS52F) [642] She was really fucked out of her head, totally,an and everyone says how randy she is, it's quite funny.
Catriona (PS52C) [643] What, do people,ha have blokes here slept with her?
Jess (PS52F) [644] Eh?
Catriona (PS52C) [645] Have blokes here slept with her?
Jess (PS52F) [646] No I shouldn't think so.
Catriona (PS52C) [647] I bet they have.
[648] ... Bet they ha I bet you a lot of them fancy her.
[649] Come on look at her yeah, she's got a really good figure, she's not ugly ... she's got a good er I mean she's really tanned and that, they like that and ... she's really cocky isn't she and she won't take any shit from anyone
Jess (PS52F) [650] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [651] and she seems really full of herself and I bet you, I mean come on I'm sure if there, if there was a master like ... a sports ... bloke like that ... you might be s it's like there must be some
Jess (PS52F) [652] There must be some people that fancy her actually [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [653] I reckon they do cos sh and she's also quite easygoing.
Jess (PS52F) [654] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [655] You know she makes us laugh doesn't she?
[656] I mean ... we have her for
Jess (PS52F) [657] General studies.
Catriona (PS52C) [658] general studies and that's, you know, er she's n not randy in that but ... she's ... knows all the ... [sniff] all the interesting bit, I dunno ... we have her for erm, yeah for that and ... she's quite a laugh and she doesn't take any shit from the boys at all.
Jess (PS52F) [659] Does she ever take shit from the girls?
[660] ... Don't suppose any girls give her shit do they?
Catriona (PS52C) [661] No not really but the boys all try.
Jess (PS52F) [...] [speaking french]
Catriona (PS52C) [662] Yeah that's erm
Jess (PS52F) [663] Kathy's cup.
Catriona (PS52C) [664] mm and she goes to me I've got a cup like that.
[665] And I said oh erm
Jess (PS52F) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [666] it probably is yours actually ... so don't worry about it. ... [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [667] It's not a problem.
Catriona (PS52C) [668] I thought she was hinting then. ... [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [669] Big cup, big Kath. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [670] [laugh] ... I wonder, my old housemistress actually got erm thrown out of her school, she was a brilliant housemistress, she was really young, really pretty ... twenty, twenty eight or something, really easygoing and she like, she went out of her way to, she bent over back [laugh] [laughing] yeah she went out of her way [] to get us erm you know
Jess (PS52F) [671] Out of shit.
Catriona (PS52C) [672] out of shit and she oh had a different bloke in her flat every night and you never, you, if you ever wanted to see her that was the one really annoying thing you couldn't really go and see her and she was hardly ever about.
Jess (PS52F) [673] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [674] We had, we had a house matron as well but anyway she was kicked out of her school for sleeping with all the sixth form blokes.
Jess (PS52F) [675] Really?
Catriona (PS52C) [676] Yeah.
[677] ... So I can just see Miss doing it.
[678] ... Or at least old ones that have come back or something.
Jess (PS52F) [679] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [680] I bet she has!
Jess (PS52F) [681] Mm.
[682] Wouldn't surprise me.
[683] Aha!
Catriona (PS52C) [684] She's not very attractive when she's done up but she's attractive when she's like sweating it out in her cycling shorts [laugh] ...
Jess (PS52F) [685] That's one thing I wish I looked good in sports cl Sara looks good in sports clothes.
[686] So does Kate .
Catriona (PS52C) [687] So does [...] I don't think Kate is fat at all. ...
Jess (PS52F) [688] Who says she is?
[689] ... It's only because she's pretty and people take notice of her and they say oh she's a bit fat.
Catriona (PS52C) [690] What about Gemma ... you don't think she's fat do you?
[691] ... Foxy was saying how they were all standing on the balcony saying that she really oughtn't to wear those shorts cos she's got such thunder thighs.
[692] And I, and he said to me oh you're so paranoid Catriona, you always wear your tracksuit bums, you know, you're so ... stupid to get so worked up about it.
[693] He says that to me and then he turns round and says that they were all taking the piss out of Gemma because she's got thunder thighs and she hasn't, that's the whole point!
[694] ... I don't like to, I really dread to think what, what g goes on, what gets said in the rugby changing rooms.
Jess (PS52F) [695] Especially when ... you're not gonna like me for this because, you're not gonna like me for this but I think one think about Foxy is he is two faced.
Catriona (PS52C) [696] Is he two faced?
Jess (PS52F) [697] I think he is.
Catriona (PS52C) [698] Why do you say that, tell me why?
Jess (PS52F) [699] Well Kirsty said something to me and I said oh I don't think so, I said I think he's, you know, I, I've heard that, you know, he seems a quite sincere kind of bloke, he seems nice but I don't know ... that's what I think but if he
Catriona (PS52C) [700] What did Kirsty say?
Jess (PS52F) [701] Kirsty she said, I said, I said [...] Foxy cos she's got off with Foxy
Catriona (PS52C) [702] Yeah I know.
Jess (PS52F) [703] erm ... and ... and er she says quite frankly no
Catriona (PS52C) [704] Said no what?
Jess (PS52F) [705] Shit is that [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [706] But frankly no what?
Jess (PS52F) [707] Frankly she goes, she goes yeah he's alright she said but he's too two faced ... and I said that doesn't sound like him, I said I thought he was quite nice and she goes yeah well he is ... she says he says one thing to you and then you find out that he's said something completely different and you hear another side of it.
[708] But the thing is you know that's one thing, I can't bear people like that because he's just
Catriona (PS52C) [709] Nor can I ...
Jess (PS52F) [710] if he said that about Gemma , and he's quite friendly with her as well
Catriona (PS52C) [711] He didn't say it nastily, he just said that they were all saying that she had thunder thighs, he didn't say I thought, I mean him personally.
Jess (PS52F) [712] Oh right, oh.
Catriona (PS52C) [713] But I,does but when you say that now though, cos I, he slagged Kirsty off to me, he just said oh she's just really pretentious and she'll, she'll talk to you and then as soon as someone cooler comes in the room she'll turn round and she'll completely ignore you and you're left and she'll do that like at a dinner party or something and you're left standing there ... feeling a real id you know, you know that feeling don't you when you're talking to someone and suddenly they desert you and you're all on your own in a room?
[714] That's a horrid feeling.
Jess (PS52F) [715] Like [...] had at the beginning?
Catriona (PS52C) [716] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [717] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [718] Erm he, he said oh yeah she'll do that cos someone cool will come and she'll want to impress them.
[719] And he said this and he wasn't I mean particularly, he said oh she's just, you know she, she's like sailed through Haileybury, she gets out of everything, she, he, he's really keen on the sports side of things here so I don't know why he got so het up about it but he said it really ... er pissed him off the way she erm
Jess (PS52F) [720] [...] sport.
Catriona (PS52C) [721] yeah she never does sport, she always get out of it, I can't see that that affects him in any way but apparently she always makes up excuses and stuff, and then that night at supper, he's sitting there, you know, all
Jess (PS52F) [722] Over her.
[723] Well not [...] but yeah [...] in with her.
Catriona (PS52C) [724] w well not over her but, but really, really really chummy yeah, and I thought ... and he'd just been saying how pretentious she was ... most of the evening ... most of the afternoon I mean.
[725] You know I mean I didn't think anything of it and I thought well I'm a bit like that though too cos I say things about people and then I'll talk to them
Jess (PS52F) [726] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [727] don't I?
[728] I mean I think, I, I just dro brushed it aside but erm ... cos it's only human I mean I, in that sense I'm two faced as well
Jess (PS52F) [729] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [730] because you think, I mean I come up here and I slag someone off to you or ... yeah, and then I'll go downstairs and I'll sit with them at lunch and have a perfectly normal conversation with them
Jess (PS52F) [731] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [732] and have a laugh with them.
Jess (PS52F) [733] Well that is, that's natural, everybody does that.
Catriona (PS52C) [734] Exactly.
[735] But did she say that he was worse than that?
Jess (PS52F) [736] No I don't know, I don't know
Catriona (PS52C) [737] She implied a little
Jess (PS52F) [738] I don't know she just said that he was two faced.
[739] Then again I think most of the people here are, I don't know what you can get away with.
Catriona (PS52C) [740] But everyone is in a way, I mean I know I'm being
Jess (PS52F) [741] Phil's not two faced.
Catriona (PS52C) [742] Is he not?
Jess (PS52F) [743] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [744] I don't think he's very genuine.
[745] ... I really don't I think he's acting the whole time, I don't think he knows he's doing it.
Jess (PS52F) [746] He's not no he's not gen he's not, I wouldn't call him genuine but he's not two faced, if he doesn't like you he tells you it doesn't he?
[747] Mind you I don't know
Catriona (PS52C) [748] I don't know.
Jess (PS52F) [749] what he says behind my back, I mean I tell you someone else who's two faced, Marcus is two faced.
[750] Marcus is one of the most two faced people I know, he's said some really nasty shit about me and I
Catriona (PS52C) [751] Has he?
Jess (PS52F) [752] I heard about it and he said it here as well
Catriona (PS52C) [753] What did he say?
Jess (PS52F) [754] after my second week he said I'd got the gift of the gab or something and I always manage to wind people round my finger and always always get what I want and everything and I always took my way out of shit and I heard this from Matt , you can imagine how upset I was like on my ... I tell you er I heard about it on the field weekend cos I was here and Matt was here as well and, and I just thought my God I've been friends with this bloke, we were having baths together when we were like two years old ... and, and I've known him all my life and if you can't trust him well where does the, where, well you know, who can you trust?
[755] And I thought for fuck's sake, and he is like that, his mum as well is like that.
Catriona (PS52C) [756] Is she?
[757] Er are your parents friendly?
[758] ... Oh yeah cos they're your godparents aren't they?
Jess (PS52F) [759] Yeah well she's friendly, well my mum used to be really really good friends with her and then my parents split up and, and like they, they went like water to my dad's side
Catriona (PS52C) [760] Oh right.
Jess (PS52F) [761] because ... my dad was more friendly with [...] but I mean ... I don't know, but I can't bear people like that I wish they'd just, you know
Catriona (PS52C) [762] But then if you think about it we are equally as bad.
[763] Think abou we are.
[764] I know, I know it's
Jess (PS52F) [765] Yeah [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [766] awful when you hear about yourself, it is horrible and you hear something that someone's said about you and you think how can they, they just spent the whole day with me or they've spent, you know exactly your situation like, couple of years of your life with you
Jess (PS52F) [767] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [768] you think what an arsehole but
Jess (PS52F) [769] Whole life with them.
Catriona (PS52C) [770] okay whole life, whatever, you think well
Jess (PS52F) [771] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [772] what a bastard, how dare they
Jess (PS52F) [773] Exactly.
Catriona (PS52C) [774] but think about all the people that we are nice to, I mean look at James , a prime example, have I ever been a bitch to him, never, but I [laughing] stand up here, when I see him I'm [] like oh yeah ha ha, you know, laugh along with his jokes and
Jess (PS52F) [775] I'm a bitch to him, I tell him, I say you love yourself James.
Catriona (PS52C) [776] Oh yeah I would if I knew him and that but
Jess (PS52F) [777] Yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [778] obviously cos of what happened at Lucy's party I, I [...] on that situation but okay then, let's not take James but somebody like that
Jess (PS52F) [779] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [780] I, I mean Dave , I've spent quite a lot of my time slagging him off but [laughing] to his face I'm really nice [] .
Jess (PS52F) [781] But yeah, I can see that, I can see that side of it but, I don't know, just people ... that you say something in confidence to like, not like Trem but well er yeah I told, I told ... well Jenny take that thing that you told her, I mean that's a bit off.
Catriona (PS52C) [782] Yeah.
[783] I can't believe that, within the space of a few shit [...]
Jess (PS52F) [784] But, but I said but, but that thing Trem, Trem like when she said to me don't tell you but I told you because it concerned us
Catriona (PS52C) [785] Yeah, yeah obviously that's different.
Jess (PS52F) [786] so er but I mean that's important because it
Catriona (PS52C) [787] Yeah but that's different, that's not like spreading it around, hi
Jess (PS52F) [788] Oh hello.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [789] Hey dude.
Jess (PS52F) [790] How are you?
Catriona (PS52C) [791] Have you had a hockey match, I mean a lacrosse match?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [792] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [793] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [794] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [795] Where hast du been?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [796] [...] talking to my mum.
Jess (PS52F) [797] How's she?
Catriona (PS52C) [798] Are you going home on Sunday? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [799] Me?
Catriona (PS52C) [800] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [801] Weekend.
Catriona (PS52C) [802] The whole weekend?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [803] You got an extra one?
[804] How come?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [805] No you didn't give it to me it's my last one.
Catriona (PS52C) [806] What, oh I see.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [807] I'm not allowed.
Catriona (PS52C) [808] So why were you trying to con me [laughing] to give me one of mine you little conniving []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [809] Can you get exeats?
[810] Can you [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [811] [shouting] Lucy how can you do that [] ?
Jess (PS52F) [812] Shh.
[813] Can you pinch exeats off other people?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [814] No but I, I [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [815] No you can't but she's trying to convince you I will never trust you again ... that's it,
Jess (PS52F) [816] Why?
Catriona (PS52C) [817] out the window, she was trying to say oh I really want to go home this weekend, do you think you could ask if I could have one of your exeats and she's still got one left!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [818] [laugh] No that's
Catriona (PS52C) [819] There's me thinking oh well I will give it to her cos [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [820] no that's because I wanted it before
Catriona (PS52C) [821] Oh don't try and excuse yourself.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [822] I wanted it last weekend because I was gonna see my friend but she's like ill in hospital because she fell out of a cookie jar
Catriona (PS52C) [823] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [824] and
Jess (PS52F) [825] Of, of a cookie jar?
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [826] and like a sack of coal
Catriona (PS52C) [827] What was she doing in the cookie jar?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [828] Exactly.
[829] And erm so she's like broken every bone in her body
Catriona (PS52C) [830] [laughing] Oh shut up [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [831] and
Catriona (PS52C) [832] Shut up.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Jess (PS52F) [833] Yeah last weekend was a non-exeat weekend dicks.
[834] You know.
Catriona (PS52C) [835] No not this weekend.
[836] Ah Lucy!
[837] I got [belch] excuse me, put down in the first eleven for hockey.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [838] Well done.
Catriona (PS52C) [839] Impressive hey?
[840] But I'm not gonna play because I want to go home. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [841] [whingeing] Wait, when are our exams [] ?
Catriona (PS52C) [842] I wa ... in two weeks' time, one week time?
[843] Next week?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [844] Please don't tell me next week's the twenty ninth.
Catriona (PS52C) [845] Don't get don't get so, it is, don't get so paranoid because ... no next Friday's the twenty sixth.
[846] Don't get so worried about them, we have no lessons we just have these ... we have no lessons we just have these ... erm we just have these er exams and so
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [847] Why?
Catriona (PS52C) [848] there's nothing to worry about.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [849] Have you just recorded me talking a load of bullshit? ... [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [850] We've been talking for hours.
Catriona (PS52C) [851] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [852] [laugh] What? ... [break in recording]
Catriona (PS52C) [853] say, anyway what I was gonna say was erm what was I talking about, hockey?
Jess (PS52F) [854] Exams.
Catriona (PS52C) [855] Exams, yeah, so you don't have any lessons you just come back here, you can revise, I mean come on how much have we got to learn anyway in a term?
[856] We haven't done that much work.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [857] Well I've only got like s I've only got ... five exams.
Catriona (PS52C) [858] What? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [859] I've only got five exams.
Catriona (PS52C) [860] Cos someone said that they were a whole week and you just literally have the week but I can't
Jess (PS52F) [861] No
Catriona (PS52C) [862] I suppose you must have sport and everything else too, you must do.
Jess (PS52F) [863] you ha you have sport on Tuesdays and Thursdays ... normal.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [864] Urgh!
[865] ... Even the very word exam makes me [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [866] No do I'm not even worried about these ones because I [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [867] I'm worried because I've hardly done anything this term.
Catriona (PS52C) [868] Nor have I.
[869] Exactly, you've hardly done anything, there's not that much they can test you on.
[870] English will basically be ... er Chaucer or whatever, or whatever it is that you've been doing.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [871] Yeah Chaucer.
Catriona (PS52C) [872] Art, I don't know, you'll have a
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [873] No
Catriona (PS52C) [874] model.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [875] [laughing] I hope you realize we have one week, next week [] .
Jess (PS52F) [876] Yeah.
[877] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [878] You don't need to revise for them though.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [879] [sighing] Ooh [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [880] Not really, I mean ... well I know, German I mean I'm gonna be worried about it [laughing] when I get there [] but at the moment ... German and French are just gonna be translating something, there'll be, give me an extract and a translation and I'll have to do them, you know
Jess (PS52F) [881] You can't take these ones seriously because you're
Catriona (PS52C) [882] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [883] not really into it yet.
Catriona (PS52C) [884] There's not really that much you have to know.
[885] I mean maybe with politics you'll have to know.
Jess (PS52F) [886] History.
Catriona (PS52C) [887] Oh God, history and politics, those are nas yeah you'll have like ... be quite difficult I should think. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [888] [shouting] Ya make me feel good [] !
Catriona (PS52C) [889] Where's erm the song, Foxy Lady?
[890] ... Have you heard the song?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [891] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [892] Oh damn.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [893] You're the only dick that hasn't heard it
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [894] everybody, the whole world's heard of it.
[895] Cheeky bitch goes
Catriona (PS52C) [896] I've never heard it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [897] Foxy have you heard of Foxy Lady?
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [898] Surprised she didn't say Foxy's lady.
[899] ... Foxy's lady.
Catriona (PS52C) [clears throat]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [900] Is that your shoe over there?
Catriona (PS52C) [901] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [902] Yeah cos I tried it on tonight thanks.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [903] [laugh] Bitch.
Catriona (PS52C) [904] Erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [905] I'm looking forward to the weekend.
Catriona (PS52C) [906] I've really hurt my calves.
Jess (PS52F) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [907] Yeah.
Jess (PS52F) [908] That's why you [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [909] I'm worried that wearing these high heels I'm gonna get those [laughing] nasty, bulgy calves [...] .
Jess (PS52F) [910] We were just saying that today I said [...] she's gonna have flipping massive erm calf muscles when she's older.
Catriona (PS52C) [911] Do you really think I will?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [912] No!
[913] Well ...
Jess (PS52F) [914] You'll just look like one of those Gladiators [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [915] Are you serious?
[916] Do you think I will?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [917] No. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [918] Hope not.
[919] No cos they're not, they're not like erm stilettoes which where your feet are like bended they're more flat because they've got
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [920] Stilettoes do pump your calves up don't they?
Catriona (PS52C) [921] Stilettoes make your feet, your feet is like [...] but because these are platforms they're erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [922] When you walk, if it doesn't pull there they
Catriona (PS52C) [923] Well it does at the moment because erm I've got really sore calves ... not from this from erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [924] I like your top.
Catriona (PS52C) [925] Erm thank you [laugh] [laughing] [...] [] I was just changing because it's too cold in here, erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [926] It's blooming freezing.
Jess (PS52F) [927] I know the radiators aren't working.
Catriona (PS52C) [928] I'm so pleased we don't have to sleep in here.
Jess (PS52F) [929] Oh you were gonna sleep [...] tonight.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [930] [yawning] I know last night [] was totally fucked up, I was really hacked off about that.
[931] I was
Catriona (PS52C) [932] Why?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [933] really cheeky to [laughing] Fiona [] as well.
Catriona (PS52C) [934] Why?
[935] Afterwards?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [936] No, before.
[937] [shouting] Said well I'm not []

2 (Tape 142602)

Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [938] Oh come on it's not like he's [...] , he's, he's like one of these natural [...] women.
[939] Oh come on, you know he is!
[940] You know [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [941] Alright dear!
Lucy (PS52G) [942] Yeah
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Lucy (PS52G) [943] he, he just doesn't mind about that, he's very kind of
Catriona (PS52C) [944] Well he should change his jumper, he's been wearing that for about two weeks now.
Lucy (PS52G) [945] [laugh] Yeah he has hasn't he?
Catriona (PS52C) [946] Maybe he's got lots.
[947] [laugh] I hope so.
Lucy (PS52G) [948] Erm ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [949] Dave ?
Lucy (PS52G) [950] Yeah.
[951] Mind you
Catriona (PS52C) [952] Well he's not good looking
Lucy (PS52G) [953] No he's not [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [954] by any means.
[955] Any means at .
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [956] [laugh] Yeah.
[957] He had really bad dandruff just now as well.
[958] [laugh] [laughing] Yeah [] ...
Lucy (PS52G) [959] I know but he's always got a funny nose, do you notice the way he sniffs sometimes [sniff]
Catriona (PS52C) [960] Yeah. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [961] Well what is a good looking school?
[962] Go on name one.
[963] ... Only because you see the few selected people but generally sports players are quite good looking.
[964] Well ... they tend to be in the schools.
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [965] Yeah, so you see the few selected ones that come from other schools and you instantly assume that their school must be much more er much better looking than ours.
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [966] Oh Christ!
[967] I didn't realize he had [laughing] hair li []
Lucy (PS52G) [968] Oh!
Catriona (PS52C) [969] [laugh] I didn't realize he had hair like that.
Lucy (PS52G) [970] Who?
Catriona (PS52C) [971] This guy here.
[972] He usually has it back.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [973] What are they talking about?
[974] Whether you dye your hair or not?
[975] ... [laugh] ... We've got ... general studies.
[976] Oh good we're watching something called Fat Camp.
Lucy (PS52G) [977] Are you?
Catriona (PS52C) [978] It's about fat children who get sent away to camp
Lucy (PS52G) [979] Oh yeah [...] my general studies group aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [980] Yeah.
Lucy (PS52G) [981] What have we got next?

3 (Tape 142603)

Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [982] Basically erm well no she came in and she said something like oh he had his hand on Carrie's knee.
Catriona (PS52C) [983] That's it, that's it.
[984] He
Lucy (PS52G) [985] That's off.
Catriona (PS52C) [986] at lunchtime, no, and I tell you what I said, I mean you don't know any of this, okay?
[987] He erm at lunchtime had his hand on Carrie's knee ... [...] and
Lucy (PS52G) [988] That's all?
Catriona (PS52C) [989] Yeah and when she got up to leave he just like patted her on the bum kind of thing and Jess saw it and Jess thought oh he's trying to make me jealous
Lucy (PS52G) [990] When Carrie got up?
Catriona (PS52C) [991] Yeah Carrie went and as she, as she left he patted her on the bum ... which is, you know, a bit friendly and I said to Jess well look, put it this way, cos she's really, she flirts a lot
Lucy (PS52G) [992] Who?
Catriona (PS52C) [993] Jess ... with Phil.
Lucy (PS52G) [994] Yeah, seen.
Catriona (PS52C) [995] And she like goes up to him quite freely and just kisses him on the lips, you know okay fair enough people ... have friendships like that but it's not a kind of kiss on the cheek it is as if there's something in it, you know, as if always she's rubbing it into him.
Lucy (PS52G) [996] But it's [...] it's also his best friends
Catriona (PS52C) [997] Exactly, that's what I'm saying, so I said to Jess, you know have, just be a bit patient, be tolerant with it because ... you know, he's probably feeling, he might, I mean it just be revenge.
[998] Anyway I went to see Foxy at lunchtime and erm ... and he said that ... erm er and I mentioned it to him and I said you know don't go up to Sal and say Jess is feeling like erm you know, feeling that he's, feeling really jealous because er if, if Sal is trying to get back that will just like please him, you know, if he is trying, if that's the whole aim of the whole, you know, the operation then, then he'll just feel pleased and it will also embarrass Jessica and she doesn't want ... and if, and if it's not, if it was nothing, you know, she'll feel embarrassed so please don't say anything ... and he said no no I'll just make some subtle, subtle comment and he went up to, he told me that he went up to Sal and he goes erm ... and he says how's everything going with Jessica ... and Sal goes yeah it's good and, and he go erm cos er Phil erm [tut] cos Foxy goes oh cos it's, it's going really well with me and Catriona, it's going really well ... I'm really enjoying it, what about you, you know, and Sal goes yeah, it's really good ... and Foxy goes erm you know is it, is it a long term thing then, you looking for a long term thing do you think ... and Sal goes yeah, what about you and Foxy goes yeah yeah definitely yeah, you know, cos he was doing it subtly so I came back and I said to Jess you know really,an and Foxy said there was nothing ... strange about, it was no f you know it was definitely to fe s f erm Sal was er you know being truthful, there was not like erm yeah ... well yeah you know and trying to get off the subject, it wasn't it was completely, yeah, it's brilliant, going really well, really enjoying it and it's gonna be long term sort of thing.
[999] That's what Foxy said, I mean he couldn't, he c he might have s you know ... said comment other than that but basically I said look you've got nothing to worry about.
[1000] But erm she's basically just feeling, you know, this monotonous business.
[1001] I can understand it cos I, I, when I'm feeling a bit down ... it gets to me, you know I think oh God [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [1002] Yeah but you imagine it, you're going out with someone and you see them like every day ... and then during the holidays you won't be able to see them
Catriona (PS52C) [1003] No but y
Lucy (PS52G) [1004] and then, no like this Christmas he'll be in
Catriona (PS52C) [1005] Yeah, in Saudi
Lucy (PS52G) [1006] Saudi Arabia
Catriona (PS52C) [1007] and it's, no but here it's only the holidays that really matter, if it wasn't for the holidays I really wouldn't bother because here it really is so plotted out isn't it?
[1008] Lunchtime, you know go to their study, supper time they come here, after nine o'clock if you haven't got Romeo and Juliet then you go down there, you know what I mean?
[1009] It's like all plotted and you have like fifteen minutes with them, then half an hour and then ... it's awful, it's, it's so ... you feel like you're a
Lucy (PS52G) [1010] Routine.
Catriona (PS52C) [1011] yeah, completely, and erm and if it wasn't for the holidays I'd really think oh for God's sake, bugger this, you know, I can't be bothered.
Lucy (PS52G) [1012] Yeah but can you imagine cos then like she'll go out to the pub or something, get drunk and then like someone will come up to her and she'll be like no I can't cos he's in Saudi Arabia, you know it'll suddenly er hit her ... I mean why not, he'll never know.
Catriona (PS52C) [1013] Yeah, almost.
Lucy (PS52G) [1014] I mean she's a, she's a pretty girl and she's
Catriona (PS52C) [1015] Very.
Lucy (PS52G) [1016] very outgoing.
[1017] She's got a really nice personality and she's not gonna be the kind of person to say no I can't because I've got so and so in Saudi
Catriona (PS52C) [1018] Especially not with James it sounds, it sounds like she fancies him.
Lucy (PS52G) [1019] Really?
[1020] ... Er she was flirting with him yesterday [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1021] Yeah.
[1022] She's always flirting with him, she flirts with everyone.
[1023] She's just, I mean you know how people do, I mean I don't, she's not doing it nastily I mean she's just naturally like that I think ... and erm ... yeah ... I just thought ... she's bound do, yeah she could get off with someone else.
[1024] But then again Phil will be around.
Lucy (PS52G) [1025] It makes no difference though does it?
Catriona (PS52C) [1026] [yawning] No, it does because [] Phil'll tell Sal and then she'd know it'd be completely the end of everything cos Sal wouldn't put up with that sort of thing.
Lucy (PS52G) [1027] Sal er Phil likes her.
Catriona (PS52C) [1028] Yeah but ... it's, it would be jeopardizing their friendship, Sal and Phil, they're best friends.
Lucy (PS52G) [1029] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [1030] I don't think, I think Phil, although he's a complete arsehole at times I
Lucy (PS52G) [1031] I don't like him.
Catriona (PS52C) [1032] No I, I'm not sure how I feel.
[1033] No he's, he's, he's just out to impress people, I mean he looks around to see if you're watching him ... and he'll erm ... no, yeah he's acting the whole time, I don't really, I don't know if he knows who he is you know?
Lucy (PS52G) [1034] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [1035] Anyway erm ... she er er I don't, I, although he's, you know, probably after her, I really don't think he'd risk his friendship with Sal because of
Lucy (PS52G) [1036] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [1037] because of a girl, I really think he's loyal in that way, in that sense, because they are very close ... they have a laugh and I know when we're with them they're always like seem to be impressing everyone but I'm sure when they're together they have like, you know, [laughing] human conversations [] , they must do, they can't always be talking about ... screwing and [laugh] you know, which girls have got big tits and all that
Lucy (PS52G) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1038] yeah like big Kath.
[1039] Big Kath.
Lucy (PS52G) [1040] [laugh] So she hasn't lost her virginity?
Catriona (PS52C) [1041] Kathy?
Lucy (PS52G) [1042] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [1043] No.
[1044] But Jim really hurt her because erm when she was going out with him he was a virgin and then erm ... they came back, you notice things were a bit sort of sort of on the rocks when they came back at first?
[1045] Do you remember?
[1046] It was quite difficult between them, you know she wasn't sure, do you remember?
[1047] I, I didn't know him that well and I heard her saying oh I don't know what's happening, you know, and she'd like [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [1048] Oh is she going out with him ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1049] She was going out with him at the beginning of this term
Lucy (PS52G) [1050] Oh right.
Catriona (PS52C) [1051] and erm and they, and they
Lucy (PS52G) [1052] How far in did she ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1053] Oh only a couple of weeks, no they were standing in the common room and she knew he was a virgin right and they were still going out and she knew he was a virgin when they first started going out and Rox goes oh so are you a virgin then ... erm erm [tut] James and he goes no ... and she was still going out with him and she knew that it wasn't with her, obviously, and, and Roxy goes oh who was it then and he goes oh just two, two birds I met in erm ... Portugal ... and
Lucy (PS52G) [1054] Portugal?
Catriona (PS52C) [1055] Yeah.
Lucy (PS52G) [1056] Whereabouts?
Catriona (PS52C) [1057] Oh I don't know [laugh] [laughing] for God's sake how do I know [] ?
[1058] Erm and ... yeah two birds I met in Portugal and, and then Kathy just like stormed out.
[1059] It was a really insensitive thing to say.
[1060] ... Don't you think?
Lucy (PS52G) [1061] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [1062] Really pissed off, oh I haven't done any prep at all.
[1063] Thing is I, I don't know if I'm just imagining that I haven't got any, this this [...] doesn't really work.
Lucy (PS52G) [1064] Or if I really haven't. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1065] Fridays.
[1066] I can't work on Fridays.
[1067] I felt really erm ... did you get, by the way,th that letter I put on your desk
Lucy (PS52G) [1068] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [1069] you've got to ask your parents to ... wear those badges ... to come to erm the meeting with the badges on.
Lucy (PS52G) [1070] What's the letter about?
Catriona (PS52C) [1071] Some cookery book I think I heard.
Lucy (PS52G) [1072] It's probably about what time they're coming back in.
Catriona (PS52C) [1073] It's really boring.
[1074] Erm ... I felt really organized cos Mr said that I was too hyperactive and I needed to have, I had to do something constructive so he sent me out [clears throat] posting well giving everyone their letters ... and I felt really ... I mean he didn't do it nastily, he just said I was flitting about and needed [laughing] something to do [] ... and so ... it was really fun.
[1075] Do you know, it sounds awful yeah but ... Mr er Mr and erm [tut] and Mrs seem really, like I've come in late so many times, yeah?
[1076] You know, when I'm not supposed to be out and I'll come in at ten thirty when all the others [...] and they don't say anything.
[1077] Nothing at all.
[1078] And George says she's come in and like they ban her from going out.
[1079] ... They ban her from like nine forty five [...] ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1080] Don't know.
Catriona (PS52C) [1081] Maybe they just think I'm at rehearsal.
Lucy (PS52G) [1082] I reck yeah I reckon they might, I reckon that she likes [...] .
Catriona (PS52C) [1083] No she doesn't.
Lucy (PS52G) [1084] She doesn't?
Catriona (PS52C) [1085] No she likes James . ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1086] Do you reckon she'll pull him?
Catriona (PS52C) [1087] No.
[1088] She said but I'm not gonna do anything about it but I just think he's nice.
[1089] ... Oh and something else I heard yeah and this doesn't get anywhere cos Lucy erm told me and [...] didn't tell anyone but erm she was talking to Tom about ... erm ... Laura and Dave ... and apparently s while George and erm Dave were going out they actually planned they were gonna get back together.
[1090] ... Laura and Dave.
[1091] ... They, they're just not getting back right now, I don't know if it's just to be sensitive to her or whether it's just because, you know, they're gonna see each o I mean they live on the same road, they'll probably see each other this weekend.
Lucy (PS52G) [1092] Really?
Catriona (PS52C) [1093] Yeah.
[1094] ... But please don't, I mean don't say that to George cos that'll really hurt her
Lucy (PS52G) [1095] No I'm not going to.
Catriona (PS52C) [1096] The only, I reckon the only reason she's upset about it is because she can't have him, that's wh you know when you can't have something then you want it.
Lucy (PS52G) [1097] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [1098] Oh screw!
[1099] Bugger I've got such a headache.
[1100] My head's killing me.
Lucy (PS52G) [1101] Oh me too, what is it?
Catriona (PS52C) [1102] I don't know.

4 (Tape 142604)

Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1103] Cos they can be really
Lucy (PS52G) [1104] The flared ones I don't, I c never seen a like smart, the tight ones
Catriona (PS52C) [1105] I have.
Lucy (PS52G) [1106] look smarter don't they?
Catriona (PS52C) [1107] Erm ... yeah they do tend to but I have seen er a friend of mine had a really nice smart one, it was erm ... it was black, it was just plain black and it had really thin straps and erm it went down, it was a V or something here?
[1108] And erm it was erm like silky material so it looked really, it, it wasn't chiffon it was erm ... no it was sort of satiny silky, it wasn't real silk but it was like shiny stuff, and it sort of went in, in and it went a V down there and then it like flowed down and it was very short and because it was a si but it d it wasn't tight, I mean it sort of clung, it showed her waist but it didn't, you know, it exaggerated her waist but it didn't ... like it didn't cling anywhere else really and it just looked quite, it was flowing and it was, it was really smart and it was, I, the sort of erm the material would be erm ... [tut] sort of almost like und er like my pyjamas ... that, it was that in black ... kind of halfy satiny silky stuff.
Lucy (PS52G) [1109] What would you put on me though?
[1110] Seriously though?
Catriona (PS52C) [1111] And she wore pearls and long gloves.
[1112] You can dr you can dress the, you can really dress er [laughing] dress a dress up [] .
[1113] You can, you know, anything you can make smart.
Lucy (PS52G) [1114] What, what would you put me in? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1115] What would I put you in?
[1116] I wouldn't wear flares cos you'll feel really out of place.
Lucy (PS52G) [1117] Oh I don't wanna wear flares.
Catriona (PS52C) [1118] Cos people generally don't, I mean I don't know, it depends how, well it depends if you're one of these people that can walk in and not care that you look completely different to everyone else.
Lucy (PS52G) [1119] No. [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1120] No.
[1121] Cos I I can't, I feel, I always feel really silly.
[1122] No I'd, I'd wear erm ... what would I put you in?
[1123] I'd put you in a tight dress.
Lucy (PS52G) [1124] But my bottom's big.
Catriona (PS52C) [1125] Well then if you, if you're worried about that, if you, if you wouldn't feel comfortable then wear a erm ... [tut] a flowing one.
Lucy (PS52G) [1126] But do you think that it would ... do that?
Catriona (PS52C) [1127] No no not at all, it gets, it will get your waist and then it'll flow out ... if it's long it's gotta be
Lucy (PS52G) [1128] No a tight one.
Catriona (PS52C) [1129] The tight one?
[1130] The tight one will ... I've never seen you in a tight dress though, you don't let me see so I
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1131] have you got a short skirt here?
Lucy (PS52G) [1132] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [1133] Neither have I.
Lucy (PS52G) [1134] Hannah's got one.
Catriona (PS52C) [1135] You could try it if you had like a black vest top we could just experiment couldn't we?
Lucy (PS52G) [1136] No I've got, I've got a dress at home which is like flared ... a black one.
[1137] I wouldn't wear that one though.
Catriona (PS52C) [1138] Why not?
Lucy (PS52G) [1139] It's not nice enough. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1140] What ball, what ball is it, is it a London ball?
[1141] ... Really?
[1142] What ball is it, stockings?
Lucy (PS52G) [1143] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [1144] You're going to stockings!
Lucy (PS52G) [1145] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [1146] Oh my God!
[1147] It ca
Lucy (PS52G) [1148] Are you going?
Catriona (PS52C) [1149] No ... I'm not but I f I went two years, are you going with Tom?
Lucy (PS52G) [1150] Mm. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1151] Oh is it at the Empire?
[1152] Or is it Equinox?
Lucy (PS52G) [1153] It's not Equinox.
Catriona (PS52C) [1154] St it can be the s I tell you it'll be the feathers or the stockings if it's on the twentieth of December
Lucy (PS52G) [1155] [...] stockings.
Catriona (PS52C) [1156] Stockings, yeah.
[1157] ... It will be a [...] ball then.
Lucy (PS52G) [1158] [...] It'll be what?
Catriona (PS52C) [1159] It will be a [...] ball. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1160] Dunno.
Catriona (PS52C) [1161] [...] , that's the company.
[1162] ... Last year's,th the f the first stockings I ever went to was brilliant, they had Right Said Fred live
Lucy (PS52G) [1163] Cos someone said that they went last year, George said they went last year [...] brilliant.
Catriona (PS52C) [1164] Last year's was no la it can't be the same one then cos last year's was absolutely terrible, the one I went to with Right Said Fred was amazing ... I think someone else did go to that, Sue-Anna or somebody?
[1165] She said it was br it was, I didn't think it was but it wa it was really good fun and also I was going out with Carl at the time and so, you know, in our big like little group ... big little group, our big group, that was a bit of a ... erm ... contradiction, erm in our big group ... [tut] and erm we knew masses of people and there were lots of [...] there and there were lots of Felixstowe people there and it was just a really good laugh and erm Right Said Fred were there and ... some other sort of ravey group, can't remember what now ... and then, no some techno group, and then erm so we all thought oh let's go for this, let's go,la this time last year we thought oh well let's go over to this one for a joke, you know, for old time's sake let's just go along and have a joke ... and we went and it was full of erm like they were all about fourteen, I suppose when we went we were all fourteen too ... but last year well most of my friends are sort of you know sixteen ... erm we went and it wasn't, it wasn't, it wasn't full at all and the place is huge and it says, it says on the thing, you know, two thousand people go and there must have been about four hundred at the most ... and it was really, and I, also I ha I was ill that day and it was really shit so ... if they said it was brilliant last year it probably wasn't the stockings because it was, nobody I met said it was, and also yeah the stockings and the feathers were put on the same day and there's competition between the two companies ... [...] does stocking and I've forgotten what feathers is, there's competition and so lots of people went to the feathers instead and the feathers had like too many people and the stockings had too lit too few.
[1166] ... So it could've been the feathers.
Lucy (PS52G) [1167] Yeah. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1168] You'll have a brilliant time though. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1169] If, if it's with, if you're with s if, if, I wouldn't advise it if you weren't going out with someone already ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1170] Why?
Catriona (PS52C) [1171] unless you were going with a group of friends ... cos you don't, you wouldn't meet anyone, you would,s seriously they were, last year they were like twelve years old.
[1172] [laughing] Fourteen years old [] .
[1173] We were all
Lucy (PS52G) [1174] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [1175] you know, cos we were all single I think all of us were and we were just going for a joke cos seriously it's just a cattle market at [...] ... you know you don't talk to people [laughing] well you do but [] ... it's just a laugh.
[1176] No wear erm wear yeah wear a tight dress ... and once you get in there so many other people are wearing exactly the same thing
Lucy (PS52G) [1177] But do you think my bum's big?
[1178] ... Do you think [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1179] I don't think it is at all but I've never seen it.
[1180] [laugh] I mean I've never seen it in that context.
[1181] ... No ... don't worry about it, seriously, we all used to have this, yeah, we used to go on these manic diets
Lucy (PS52G) [1182] [...] wanna go but it's, it's just the thought
Catriona (PS52C) [1183] like ten weeks beforehand.
Lucy (PS52G) [1184] it's just the thought of ... I'd be, I just don't have the confidence.
Catriona (PS52C) [1185] Yes you do and, and also, another thing, and it's, in a way it was a bit annoying because we'd go on these like crash diets, you know, we'd get really nasty and s well not nasty and skinny we'd just get really skinny before we went cos you know we wouldn't eat anything except like fruit for a ... we, we'd eat, we'd go on a diet and then we wouldn't eat fruit for, wouldn't eat anything but fruit for the week before and so we'd, you know we'd like have flat stomachs and you feel, if you haven't eaten you feel thinner even if you're not, it's all, it's a bit, it's psychological isn't it?
[1186] You look at yourself and think hey I didn't have any food today so I look instantly, you, don't you find that?
[1187] You think you look thinner and you don't at all.
[1188] Erm and ... and yeah an and we were thinking oh yeah we look really good and we go along and, but there's so many other girls wearing exactly the same thing that you just blend in, you don't ... you know what I mean?
[1189] You don't stand out from anyone.
Lucy (PS52G) [1190] Yeah once I get there once I get there [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1191] Exactly.
[1192] So once you're there you won't mind at all.
[1193] And it's al you always think, it's a real anti-climax because you, you've made so much thing about getting ready and getting there and when you ... when you do finally arrive there you're just exactly the same as the million others.
[1194] [laugh] Well hundred others.
Lucy (PS52G) [1195] What shoes do you wear?
Catriona (PS52C) [1196] [laughing] I wear [] ... I wear my big ones, my t you know the ones I wore for erm our party?
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1197] Make me about five eight ... four inches.
[1198] Four or five inches, really tall.
[1199] But they're thick they're not like [laughing] stiletto [] heels they're platforms.
[1200] ... You'll have a brilliant time, it's such a laugh ... but you can't drink, that's the only thing, you can't drink inside, they don't sell alcohol unless you've got I D ... and there's about four people there that are actually eighteen anyway.
[1201] ... [laugh] No you'll have a good time, seriously, it sounds like I'm putting you off, I don't mean to, it's not
Lucy (PS52G) [1202] It's like today when Jess put on that s that tight skirt ... that's what I would look like in one of them, I'd go out.
Catriona (PS52C) [1203] Did you think she went out in it?
[1204] ... I thought she looked really good. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1205] I thought she went out, she went like that.
Catriona (PS52C) [1206] Oh I do too in things like that.
Lucy (PS52G) [1207] You don't though you haven't got the same shape as me ... I've got the same shape as her ... big hip bum ... no, big hip bones [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1208] I've got huge hip bones.
[1209] I do go out, I swear to God I put on Zoey's tight skirt, you know the straight tight ones, they really don't suit me at all I really do look awful. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1210] Yeah mm. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1211] I'd die for some hot chocolate. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1212] I want an orange.
Catriona (PS52C) [1213] You want an orange?
Lucy (PS52G) [1214] Feel like an orange.
Catriona (PS52C) [1215] Oh God yeah.
[1216] There's orange juice but [...] ... oh yeah an orange!
[1217] Mm.
[1218] ... What is this?
[1219] Oh I see ... people with famous names.
[1220] There is a person called Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Julia Roberts ... Mandy Smith ... hey hey ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1221] How much are the tickets?
Catriona (PS52C) [1222] The balls?
[1223] They used, they used to be about ten quid and you, we all thought it was really good value and went to all of them but erm they've gone up to like eighteen pounds ... well that was the last one I went to last year so some of them are twenty two and I paid thirty for one of them but that was at the erm Savoy Hotel ... that little bluebird one, that's a real ... debs' ball.
Lucy (PS52G) [1224] Is it like your erm ... Jewish?
Catriona (PS52C) [1225] No, not at all, it's [...] boarding school.
[1226] Erm I think the stockings is turning slightly more Jewish cos I remember Katy [...] a friend of mine and ... who goes to Channing he, he had the same problem.
[1227] She's not Jewish but she erm ... was going on about how a lot of Channing people had started going and stuff and they're all ... JPs basically.
[1228] ... So I think it is turning like that but ... it w certainly wasn't when I went to most of them I didn't, I never met anybody from Channing or Highgate or l or from north London schools anyway.
[1229] ... They were more from erm ... [tut] ... I don't know, boarding schools everywhere, well known ones, lots of Etonians go ... Wellingtonians, Etonians ... I don't know, but ... yeah, they're quite good.
[1230] ... Oh sick!
[1231] ... This woman is so skinny. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [1232] Who?
Catriona (PS52C) [1233] She's nobody, she's just talking about erm how ... you tell yourself that your life will be perfect if you change the way you look but it's called, what do they call it?
[1234] Er it's called an imagined ugliness syndrome and it can lead to ... unnecessary plastic surgery or eating disorders.
[1235] Do you know I was thinking this the other day, do you think, say there was some girl like, let's just take Flick ... no, somebody, who do, who do, who do the people think's real, who do the blokes always, yeah Flick they think is a real frump don't they?
[1236] ... If she went away over the holidays and she had plastic surgery and she came back looking like Cindy Crawford or, I don't know, do you think ... people would react differently to her or do you think they'd be disgusted?
[1237] I think they'd be disgusted and say oh that's disgusting cos they know what she's really like.
Lucy (PS52G) [1238] They would be disgusted.
Catriona (PS52C) [1239] And they wouldn't touch her ... with a barge pole ... cos it's all plastic and all fake and people would just take the piss.
[1240] I'm sure.
[1241] ... [belch] Excuse me.
[1242] ... [laugh] ... I have got a problem actually and I'm gonna tell you this without recording it cos I don't want anyone to know.

5 (Tape 142605)

Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1243] Even my finger's split because it's so cold.
Catriona (PS52C) [1244] [laugh] How disgusting.
Zoe (PS52H) [1245] [...] It's done that on the other one as well.
Catriona (PS52C) [1246] Mhm alright George.
Zoe (PS52H) [1247] [laugh] It has!
Catriona (PS52C) [1248] No I didn't mean it.
[1249] I'm absolutely freezing.
Zoe (PS52H) [1250] Is that snow?
[1251] Is that snow?
Catriona (PS52C) [1252] No it's just frost isn't it?
Zoe (PS52H) [1253] It is snow, look!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1254] What falling out the sky?
Catriona (PS52C) [1255] Oh my God it's snowing!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1256] [shouting] It's snowing []
Catriona (PS52C) [1257] Look.
[1258] I thought I just
Zoe (PS52H) [1259] It is snowing.
Catriona (PS52C) [1260] saw something then.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1261] Where?
[1262] I can't [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1263] Wow!
[1264] It is snowing.
Catriona (PS52C) [1265] It just fell out the sky, only little bits.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1266] Oh it is, tiny little snowflakes.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1267] [singing] I'm dreaming of a white Christmas []
Catriona (PS52C) [1268] He looks really dodgy coming out of the woods like that doesn't he? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1269] He does a bit.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1270] Oh sorry Lee. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1271] Yeah he does look [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1272] I just can't believe you're walking coats and it's snowing.
Catriona (PS52C) [1273] Oh you sound like my mother!
[1274] She's [...] have a go at me about.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1275] It's not that I'm worried about you I'm just saying [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1276] [singing] [...] [] what?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1277] Whatever you do can you pick my coat up for me please?
Catriona (PS52C) [1278] Wh where?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1279] Cos I'm really desperate [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1280] Where from?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1281] What your grey one [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1282] Oh! ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1283] [laugh] What did he say?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1284] Something Si [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1285] Why did we go this long way?
[1286] It's very [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1287] Cos we're stupid.
[1288] It's not actually as cold as normal today.
Catriona (PS52C) [1289] No because when it's erm snowing it's actually warmer, yeah
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1290] cos otherwise it would be frost.
[1291] [sniff] Haven't lost a thingy have you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1292] No. ... [singing] [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [1293] Good. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1294] Inequitable, that means unjust.
[1295] I just thought I'd tell you that in case you needed it in any of your [...] essays.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1296] [laughing] Thanks [] . ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1297] What was that look for Zoey?
Zoe (PS52H) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1298] Oh God she's off again!
[1299] You do look a bit orange come to think of it, in this light.
Zoe (PS52H) [1300] Do I?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1301] [...] the tip of your nose.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1302] [laugh] The tip of your nose is quite orange [...]
Zoe (PS52H) [1303] Do you think it's only noticeable cos you know?
Catriona (PS52C) [1304] No.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1305] What have you done now?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1306] I've just put fake tan on Zoey. [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1307] Well Charlotte you can hardly talk.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1308] Why is that a fake tan?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1309] Ah no but she does wear fake tan ... cos she goes streaky round her cheeks.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1310] Hypocrite Charlotte.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1311] Yeah and Charlotte's cheekbones seem to kind of descend from up, up by her temples as opposed to
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1312] Are you all going [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1313] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1314] Apart from me.
[1315] I'm the only one left.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1316] Are you going Hannah?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1317] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [1318] Where to?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1319] We're going home.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1320] I'm going home.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1321] [...] best friend's birthday's tomorrow, well tonight.
Catriona (PS52C) [1322] Everyone's birthday round now, my best friend's birthday was the other day.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1323] When's your birthday Catriona?
Catriona (PS52C) [1324] It's the twenty fifth of August [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1325] She's a little'un.
Catriona (PS52C) [1326] just sixteen.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1327] [...] [singing] I am sixteen going on seventeen []
Catriona (PS52C) [1328] I remember I used to think they were so grown up.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1329] And you can't [...] , you can't sing that song.
[1330] It's cheating.
[1331] I remember when I was about thirteen and listened to that song
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1332] You just made me kick my ankle and it really hurt.
Catriona (PS52C) [1333] I'm sixteen going on seventeen [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1334] It sounded so grown up didn't it?
Catriona (PS52C) [1335] I know.
[1336] Oh God I've got [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1337] [...] find out where I am.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1338] I don't have [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1339] Don't you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1340] I don't know what I am. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1341] J.
Catriona (PS52C) [1342] Where am I?
[1343] I think I might be H.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1344] [...] I can't see.
Catriona (PS52C) [1345] No because you're erm not si you're seventeen so you can't sing I'm sixteen going on seventeen.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1346] P.
Catriona (PS52C) [1347] Where's P?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1348] [singing] I am seventeen going on eighteen []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1349] Miss, Doctor
Catriona (PS52C) [1350] Mr P, P Mr , is that good or bad?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1351] Where is Dr ?
Catriona (PS52C) [1352] Who's ?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1353] Can we go inside I'm freezing cold.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1354] Has chapel bell not gone?
[1355] What's going on? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1356] I think [...] there's nobody walking around [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1357] No, look there's
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1358] [laughing] [] God he's so manlike, he's too much of a man to be, oh God why am I crying?
[1359] It hurts. [sniff] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1360] It is starting.
[1361] Shall I sit with you today?
Zoe (PS52H) [1362] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [1363] Can I sit with you at the back some time.
Zoe (PS52H) [1364] There's always plenty of room [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1365] [laughing] Always plenty of room [] I can't be bothered [...] cos I've got to give Foxy his shorts [...]

6 (Tape 142606)

Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1366] If you have to translate any of these, when ... as soon as after
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1367] Loopy.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1368] or [laughing] [...] [] ... then you need to take especial care, alright?
[1369] ... Time ... time ... time ... time ... time ... time ... time ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1370] time is like a Christmas card [...] , time, alright?
[1371] Any time you've got a time clause [shouting] clause, what's clause [] ? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1372] End of a cat's leg [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1373] Part of a statement
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1374] It's what's gonna happen in [...] it's gonna come down the chimney.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1375] Right every time you've got a floppy black time thing with a tail ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1376] that's the back of a cat.
[1377] Every time
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1378] What's its name? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1379] every time then ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1380] I still don't see what the relevance of that, that [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1381] There's another one squashed behind my blackboard.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1382] Erm every time you've got those words there in [...] what I want you to do is pause ... [...] into the time clause
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1383] [laughing] Oh dear [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1384] and it is, it's gonna cost you marks, alright?
[1385] For example then all of you do the inimitable NMTs ... and would've lost a mark, [...] the real thing is when you've got a time clause stop, think and really focus on this meaning of the verb in the time clause, right?
[1386] There are little tricks, for example, if it's a time clause, when you think to yourself oh God it's one of those lists, you sit down and calm yourself, take a Valium or whatever it is and just apply yourselves to that, right, what the next point is so the first thing I want you to do is stop at this time clause, when you realize it's a time clause I want you to go trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot to the main verb, alright?
[1387] Now the tense of the main verb, in other words not the bit in the when clause or the as soon as clause or whatever, normally ... virtually it gives it away because if it's future in the main ... the chances are extremely high that it's going to be future in French at least in the time clause.
[1388] ... Okay?
[1389] Shall we do another one of those and pick up something Neil said earlier
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1390] Yeah but I still don't understand what the boot's gotta do with it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1391] What what?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1392] What that skating bit's to do with it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1393] What what?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1394] That skating bit got's to do [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1395] It's a it's a bell so it's an alarm bell.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1396] Oh I see!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1397] And whenever, whenever you see a time clause press alarm [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1398] Anyway but what's the significance [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [clears throat] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1399] Time ... right, [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1400] so it looks like you've got future there, then you go trot trot trot trot trot trot trot trot back ... now you've got something slightly different there ... here ... you had der der der der der you said okay, future, then you went back there and you found that it was a present tense in English, right, but you needed a future in French because the whole thing is future.
[1401] Well that's future, but it's a different tense again.
[1402] Okay technically it's a future of the auxiliary of the past participle ... future of the auxiliary of the past participle [...] don't know why I bother.
[1403] So is it is the same? the answer is yes and no.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1404] Ooh!

7 (Tape 142607)

Catriona (PS52C) [1405] Right, what do I have to do?
Duncan (PS52J) [1406] I dunno.
[1407] ... Er put your name in.
Catriona (PS52C) [1408] How? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1409] Right
Duncan (PS52J) [1410] Oh well let me get to this
Catriona (PS52C) [1411] Oh I've just cancelled it.
[1412] I didn't mean to do that.
[1413] Can I get it back?
[1414] ... Can I get it back Duncan? ...
Duncan (PS52J) [1415] [laugh] [...] read these silly questions.
Catriona (PS52C) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1416] How'd you do that?
Duncan (PS52J) [1417] Ah there, ah ... clear the system
Catriona (PS52C) [1418] No I don't want that.
Duncan (PS52J) [1419] clear the system.
[1420] ... I wa I want to save it.
Catriona (PS52C) [1421] There you are system.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1422] Right [...] please.
Catriona (PS52C) [1423] Oh shit!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [1424] [...] sit down the middle.
[1425] [...] none of that cheek.
Catriona (PS52C) [1426] [laugh] Right [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [1427] Yes I would say my friends er [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1428] Plurally.
[1429] [laughing] Plural, friends [...] [] ... Okay, [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1430] [...] they're waiting for you as the train pulls [laughing] in [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1431] Right [...] switch on round the back at the left
Duncan (PS52J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1432] push the disk in if it's a floppy disk version, if you haven't got a floppy disk er it's got its own hard disk, you don't need a floppy [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [1433] [...] no don't press anything we're ahead of everyone.
Catriona (PS52C) [1434] [laughing] Oh sorry [] .
Duncan (PS52J) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1435] and then [...] top left and select the chooser
Catriona (PS52C) [1436] Ah!
Duncan (PS52J) [1437] Select chooser.
[1438] No you've gotta hold it down and then [...] chooser, and then what?
[1439] Let go?
Catriona (PS52C) [1440] Yep. ... [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [1441] Shh shh don't press that
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1442] and when the chooser comes up ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1443] [...] I remember that one.
Duncan (PS52J) [1444] Yeah. [...] [laugh] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1445] And, and you click here, oh user name, [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [laughing] [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [1446] Okay?
Duncan (PS52J) [1447] Right what do you do?
Catriona (PS52C) [1448] I don't know.
[1449] I'm saying [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [laughing] [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh] ...
Duncan (PS52J) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1450] Right erm [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1451] Do you press [...] ? [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1452] So okay ... okay?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1453] Er [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [1454] [laugh] Yeah I'm fine.
[1455] How are you?
Catriona (PS52C) [1456] [laughing] How are you [] ?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1457] Right [...] okay
Catriona (PS52C) [1458] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Duncan (PS52J) [1459] Okay?
Catriona (PS52C) [1460] I just pressed okay.
Duncan (PS52J) [1461] No you didn't.
[1462] You've gotta hold it down and then let go.
Catriona (PS52C) [1463] There. ...
Duncan (PS52J) [1464] There.
Catriona (PS52C) [1465] Guests, we're guests.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [1466] Go for a guest today, right.
Catriona (PS52C) [1467] Ah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1468] Okay.
[1469] [...] good at this.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1470] I've got further than you, look.
Duncan (PS52J) [1471] You're not, no wait.
Catriona (PS52C) [1472] [laugh] I pressed okay.

8 (Tape 142701)

Father (PS52K) [1473] I had a record week at the club this week ... Monday night ... a lecture which wasn't very good, Tuesday night ... a lecture by Bernard which was extremely good, he's a painter [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1474] I know.
Father (PS52K) [1475] and I'm doing a book about his wife [...] , that's what I'm just starting at the moment, this new book I'm doing.
[1476] ... [...] introduce him, rather a grand [...] [laugh] Wednesday night a committee meeting which was terrible because the figures [...] we lost nearly thirty thousand pounds in one lump in October, it's absolutely diabolical.
[1477] [...] and I mean you could a B M er er a top of the range B M W for that.
Catriona (PS52C) [1478] I wouldn't want a top of the range B M W.
Father (PS52K) [1479] Wouldn't you?
Catriona (PS52C) [1480] No.
[1481] ... How much is my spider gonna cost?
Father (PS52K) [1482] [laugh] I don't know actually.
Catriona (PS52C) [1483] What?
Father (PS52K) [1484] You won't get much change out of, well I don't know ... I really don't know, I, I can look it up.
[1485] ... They're not very good cars.
Catriona (PS52C) [1486] They are.
Father (PS52K) [1487] They're not.
Catriona (PS52C) [1488] What's wrong with them?
Father (PS52K) [1489] Old fashioned, old fashioned handling, they were designed twenty, thirty years ago, there are much better cars, if you want a really decent sports car you should buy a, a Nissan
Catriona (PS52C) [1490] No but
Father (PS52K) [1491] or a Mazda or something.
Catriona (PS52C) [1492] no but I like the look of the oth I don't want
Father (PS52K) [1493] I know.
Catriona (PS52C) [1494] a modern one.
Father (PS52K) [1495] Yeah well buy a Morgan if you want an old fashioned one. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1496] Are they more expensive than Alf no I like Alfa-Romeos.
Father (PS52K) [1497] No they're not very good cars to be honest.
[1498] They're not [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1499] Are they incredibly expensive.
Father (PS52K) [1500] No, they're not.
[1501] I don't know what it is, I think I've got a book upstairs that will tell you the price of them.
[1502] I wouldn't touch one.
Catriona (PS52C) [1503] But what's my first car gonna be?
Father (PS52K) [sigh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1504] It's not gonna be a Land Rover
Father (PS52K) [1505] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [1506] I can tell you that much.
Father (PS52K) [1507] A, a Golf.
Catriona (PS52C) [1508] Mm.
[1509] But isn't the erm I thought the, the insurance of a Golf is incredibly high.
Father (PS52K) [1510] No it's not too bad for the Golf as long as you don't get a G T I one, it's a bit more for a [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1511] Oh.
[1512] ... Well I don't think I want a Golf if it's not a G T I.
Father (PS52K) [1513] [laugh] Well you needn't have one then.
Catriona (PS52C) [1514] What?
Father (PS52K) [1515] Well you needn't have anything, have a pushbike.
Catriona (PS52C) [1516] [laughing] A what [] ?
Father (PS52K) [1517] A pushbike.
[1518] ... It's what most actresses have. ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1519] Bollocks dad, that is just complete bollocks. ...
Father (PS52K) [1520] I'm going to wait before I change my car until you've got your own car and then I
Catriona (PS52C) [1521] Are you gonna buy me my car first? ...
Father (PS52K) [1522] Erm
Catriona (PS52C) [1523] I'm serious, I'm being serious
Father (PS52K) [1524] yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [1525] are you gonna buy my first car?
[1526] I, I mean I don't have any shares.
[1527] [...] , shares?
Father (PS52K) [1528] [...] you've got you've got some shares, yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [1529] Is that what I'm gonna buy?
[1530] Is that what I'm gonna do? ...
Father (PS52K) [1531] A combination.
[1532] I'll give you some money and have some shares, yes, one way or another we'll finance it.
[1533] If you
Catriona (PS52C) [1534] Cos I'll be quite late in getting my car and I'm gonna want it straight away.
Father (PS52K) [1535] [laugh] Yes but you've gotta pass your test first.
Catriona (PS52C) [1536] [laughing] I know [] . [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1537] [...] want it straight away, [mimicking] I want my car []
Catriona (PS52C) [1538] Ow!
Father (PS52K) [1539] Why will you be late?
Catriona (PS52C) [1540] Because I've got such a late birthday compared to everyone else.
Father (PS52K) [1541] Don't be so stupid.
Catriona (PS52C) [1542] I do!
[1543] ... What do you mean don't be so stupid?
[1544] Everyone else has their birthday sort of ... February March April
Father (PS52K) [1545] Don't be so stupid!
[1546] Everyone doesn't have their birthday in February and March, I mean [...] the whole world [...] everyone's bonking in
Catriona (PS52C) [1547] [laugh] [shouting] My year you ... Dad [] !
Father (PS52K) [1548] in August do you mean?
Catriona (PS52C) [1549] Daddy ... my year, I'm talking about my friends, I'm in the wrong year.
Father (PS52K) [1550] You're too young?
Catriona (PS52C) [1551] Yes!
Father (PS52K) [1552] Yes well [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1553] And therefore my no listen to my point, therefore ... my birthday comes later than anyone else's therefore I'm gonna be one of the last people to learn how to drive, therefore I'm gonna want the car as soon as possible. ...
Father (PS52K) [1554] The last person to learn how to drive by about what, five months?
[1555] ... Neither here nor there.
Catriona (PS52C) [1556] Yeah.
[1557] I mean I suppose it means that I can drink and they can drive.
Father (PS52K) [1558] [laugh] Sick!
[1559] You're actually bizarre.
Catriona (PS52C) [1560] [laughing] Why [] ?
Father (PS52K) [1561] You're quite bizarre, when are you going to start these frigging lessons? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1562] I'm gonna go to France.
Father (PS52K) [1563] What do you mean [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1564] I will and then and I'll come home for them.
Father (PS52K) [1565] Yes see
Catriona (PS52C) [1566] On my birthday I'll start them.
Father (PS52K) [1567] [laughing] On your birthday [] .
[1568] Will you?
Catriona (PS52C) [1569] [belch] Excuse me. ...
Father (PS52K) [1570] Well that's very
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh] ...
Father (PS52K) [1571] I don't know when you're gonna take your lessons, the problem is actually i
Catriona (PS52C) [1572] Actually!
Father (PS52K) [1573] ideally you'd take your lessons ... well you can, you'll take them at Haileybury presumably, I'm not [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1574] How can I take them at Haileybury?
[1575] What a load of bollocks!
Father (PS52K) [1576] You must have driving instructors there.
Catriona (PS52C) [1577] Daddy I won't be eighteen ...
Father (PS52K) [1578] Isn't it seventeen?
Catriona (PS52C) [1579] Is it seventeen?
Father (PS52K) [1580] Yeah.
[1581] ... Seventeen.
Catriona (PS52C) [1582] Oh.
Father (PS52K) [1583] I think.
[1584] They were gonna change it but I don't think they have yet.
Catriona (PS52C) [1585] Yeah bet, bet they will just to piss me off.
Father (PS52K) [1586] I don't think it's changed yet. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1587] Miranda's only just, well y two days ago Miranda was sixteen. ... [...]
Father (PS52K) [1588] She's younger than you is she?
Catriona (PS52C) [1589] Yeah.
Father (PS52K) [1590] So she was a whole year out.
Catriona (PS52C) [1591] Mhm. ...
Father (PS52K) [1592] Was it her on the phone?
Catriona (PS52C) [1593] My [...] no it was erm ... Vicky. [...]
Father (PS52K) [1594] [...] sound like Vicky actually.
Catriona (PS52C) [1595] Yeah [...] erm no no she's like this [mimicking] and she's erm ... are you doing anything tonight, you know, do you wanna go out or something cos I'm in London, I'm in a hotel, ya []
Father (PS52K) [1596] Why didn't you [...] ?
Catriona (PS52C) [1597] Cos I couldn't be bothered and I wasn't dressed and it would be going all over to south London.
Father (PS52K) [1598] Oh south London, mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [1599] Well obviously. ...
Father (PS52K) [1600] What, are there only hotels in south London?
Catriona (PS52C) [1601] Well I mean you know, Kensington type place.
Father (PS52K) [1602] I see.
[1603] West London.
Catriona (PS52C) [1604] West London.
Father (PS52K) [1605] South London always implies south of the river.
Catriona (PS52C) [1606] Well no no, not quite as far as erm Putney but before that. ...
Father (PS52K) [1607] [...] and where's she at school now? [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1608] Stow, Stow.
Father (PS52K) [1609] Stow.
Catriona (PS52C) [1610] Stow, what you mean Stow Vicky, yeah do, do.
[1611] Like [mimicking] [...] in the derm [] , I mean the dorm, dorm [laugh] and she goes [mimicking] oh I'm going out with Tim ... are you impressed [] .
[1612] No.
Father (PS52K) [1613] [laugh] Did she say that?
[1614] Who is Tim ?
Catriona (PS52C) [1615] I don't know but she likes his name. ...
Father (PS52K) [1616] Oh I see.
Catriona (PS52C) [1617] They're so naff, they're so ... [...] when I first went to [...] she was really like, you know, ... [mimicking] [...] alright?
[1618] ... Alright darling [] ?
[1619] No ... no one 's gonna hear it.
Father (PS52K) [laughing] [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [1620] I tell you the cleaning ladies are the worst in erm [clears throat] school.
Father (PS52K) [1621] Why?
Catriona (PS52C) [1622] To be a cleaning lady all you need to be able to do is to say alright properly, with every, [mimicking] alright []
Father (PS52K) [1623] Alright.
[1624] Alright.
Catriona (PS52C) [1625] no [mimicking] alright?
[1626] Alright?
[1627] Alright?
[1628] I'll just do your desk top and whatnot and if you can ask Jess to clean the floor, alright?
[1629] You d you don't mind if I do the hoovering now do you, you kn the 'oovering [] , sorry, and they've got this little flap flooted shuf [laugh] flat footed shuffle [sniff] excuse me, [clears throat]
Father (PS52K) [1630] [...] absolutely sweet, I won't hear a word said against [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1631] We've got [mimicking] Mavis alright [] ?
[1632] And we had to go and do the washing up and they were sitting in the erm ... in the kitchen choosing their Christmas presents from the Argos catalogue [mimicking] oh that's nice, ooh ... it's five ninety nine Jenny [] ... I'm serious.
[1633] That's for her husband.
Father (PS52K) [1634] That's what I that's what I would do.
Catriona (PS52C) [1635] [laughing] Oh yeah?
[1636] Well I'll tell mum that [] .
Father (PS52K) [1637] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [1638] What so you'll [laughing] buy her a bar of soap?
Father (PS52K) [1639] Something like that, yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [1640] A bar of soap and well what can you get [] what could you get for five ninety nine?
[1641] Let's just see.
Father (PS52K) [1642] Not much but ... you know I'm not rolling in money, a poor man like me needs to look for sort of er simple presents.
[1643] But anyway simple
Catriona (PS52C) [1644] Oh yeah.
[1645] So what are you gonna get me then?
Father (PS52K) [1646] something, I'm not buying you anything.
Catriona (PS52C) [1647] [laughing] Oh thanks a lot.
Father (PS52K) [1648] No I can tell you, I've decided that.
Catriona (PS52C) [1649] Why not?
Father (PS52K) [1650] I'm giving you an envelope with some money in because whatever I buy you is no good, or u u useless, or you don't like it
Catriona (PS52C) [1651] That's bollocks.
Father (PS52K) [1652] I've had a whole series of catastrophes
Catriona (PS52C) [1653] No you haven't.
[1654] Name one.
Father (PS52K) [1655] so
Catriona (PS52C) [1656] Er don't name one actually, I don't wanna hear.
Father (PS52K) [1657] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1658] [...] [laugh] They're all sitting in your room.
Catriona (PS52C) [1659] [laughing] I know what you're gonna say, I don't wanna hear [] [shouting] shut up []
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1660] I'm gonna use it.
Father (PS52K) [1661] What? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1662] The video camera if you're gonna mention that.
Father (PS52K) [1663] Well that was one of them certainly.
Catriona (PS52C) [1664] And I'm taking that on the erm Romeo and Juliet tour .
Father (PS52K) [1665] [...] use it.
[1666] The le the brown leather jacket. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1667] Which one?
Father (PS52K) [1668] I only bought you one.
[1669] Ow!
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1670] Ooh!
[1671] So kind, ooh, ow.
[1672] That was a disaster
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1673] you've only worn that once.
[1674] And I just go through all the catastrophes that I've bought you, so from now on it's cash, just cash.
Catriona (PS52C) [1675] On the table. [banging]
Father (PS52K) [1676] Don't, don't you knock my silver spoon like that.
Catriona (PS52C) [1677] What?
Father (PS52K) [1678] That's an antique silver spoon.
[1679] Made in Exeter in eighteen thirty.
Catriona (PS52C) [1680] I couldn't give a shit dad.
Father (PS52K) [1681] Well I do.
Catriona (PS52C) [1682] [laughing] Why [] ?
Father (PS52K) [1683] Don't you dare do that.
Catriona (PS52C) [1684] [laugh] Shall I do it again? [banging]
Father (PS52K) [1685] [...] Catriona stop it!
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1686] Just stop it.
Catriona (PS52C) [1687] Ow!
[1688] I've got a stomach ache.
[1689] [laugh] [banging] I ate too much I think.
[1690] Tummy ache.
[1691] Erm
Father (PS52K) [1692] Erm what?
Catriona (PS52C) [1693] What was I gonna say?
[1694] Oh good you've changed your shoes.
[1695] I don't like those grey ones.
Father (PS52K) [1696] Oh don't you?
Catriona (PS52C) [1697] No it makes you look like [laughing] some, you look like, those are the sort of thing the cleaning ladies would wear [] .
[1698] They shuffle around [...]
Father (PS52K) [1699] I don't care.
Catriona (PS52C) [1700] it looks ridiculous cos you've got all navy and then suddenly these like bright white feet.
Father (PS52K) [1701] I know.
[1702] I'm a modest
Catriona (PS52C) [1703] You look like a cat.
Father (PS52K) [1704] I'm a modest man, I know my place in life.
Catriona (PS52C) [1705] Well where is this?
Father (PS52K) [1706] What?
Catriona (PS52C) [1707] Where's your place?
[1708] In the clouds?
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1709] [laugh] Well where's your place?
Father (PS52K) [1710] I have no illusions.
[1711] ... And if I want to wear a nice pair of Clarks' grey espadrilles so then I will wear them.
Catriona (PS52C) [1712] Oh how awful!
[1713] How absolutely how naff!
Father (PS52K) [1714] Naff.
[1715] Naff, I knew you'd say that.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1716] Would you like a glass of Glenfiddich?
Catriona (PS52C) [1717] No I don't like whisky.
Father (PS52K) [1718] Have you ever tri er Glenfiddich, now that is not whisky
Catriona (PS52C) [1719] No I don't want it.
Father (PS52K) [1720] that is s that's nectar of the gods.
Catriona (PS52C) [1721] What I do want is some wine to take back to school tomorrow, oh er I mean
Father (PS52K) [1722] So you've said [...] times. ... [break in recording]
Catriona (PS52C) [1723] No erm
Father (PS52K) [1724] That's too embarrassing, I don't want to hear that again.
[1725] Well don't play it to anyone else.
Catriona (PS52C) [1726] [laugh] I will.
[1727] I intend to.
Father (PS52K) [1728] Well I'll talk about your snob
Catriona (PS52C) [1729] [shouting] Shut up []
Mother (PS52L) [1730] What were you talking about?
Catriona (PS52C) [1731] No do will you be quiet?
[1732] ... No don't, you'll ruin the whole er it's a survey
Father (PS52K) [1733] Yes?
Catriona (PS52C) [1734] and er they don't want to know, they're, they're gonna transcribe everything we say
Father (PS52K) [1735] I don't believe that.
Catriona (PS52C) [1736] Why don't you believe it?
[1737] It's a survey
Father (PS52K) [1738] You just talked about the cleaning people.
Catriona (PS52C) [1739] Yeah but not but it's not for school it's for some people outside school, it's a sort of
Father (PS52K) [1740] Well it's absolutely horrendous, they'll think my God the British class system is completely [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1741] No it's nothing to do with you it's to do with me and how I sp
Father (PS52K) [1742] So I don't feature in this?
Catriona (PS52C) [1743] No.
Father (PS52K) [1744] So I could just as well go and have a bath.
Catriona (PS52C) [1745] Well no well like I, I can sit and talk by myself, that'd be good.
Father (PS52K) [1746] [...] [laughing] yes []
Catriona (PS52C) [1747] [belch] Excuse me.
Father (PS52K) [1748] Speak to the cat charming, speak to the cat.
Catriona (PS52C) [1749] Oh I'll get a lot of response out of that.
Father (PS52K) [1750] Come on [laughing] [...] say something [] .
[1751] They're not recording you.
[1752] Just Catriona.
[1753] Do I get paid for it in something?
Catriona (PS52C) [1754] [laughing] Only if you give me my money first, my allowance [] .
Father (PS52K) [1755] [laugh] I've given you your allowance.
[1756] I've [...] forty three [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1757] Is it December yet?
Father (PS52K) [1758] No it's not bloody December.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1759] Erm
Father (PS52K) [1760] I don't know anything about being paid for it.
Catriona (PS52C) [1761] Nor do I.
Father (PS52K) [1762] Right so we'd be settle for how much we're going to get paid.
[1763] I mean how much are you, you can pay it Kronas or
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1764] Norwegian whatever they are.
[1765] What?
Catriona (PS52C) [1766] Erm
Father (PS52K) [1767] [laugh] She says changing the subject. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1768] Shall I go out? ...
Father (PS52K) [1769] What the hell are you going to get, a flask? [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1770] No I don't, I, I can't be bothered.
[1771] I can't be bothered.
[1772] It's too much effort and I've [...]
Father (PS52K) [1773] Where would you actually go?
Catriona (PS52C) [1774] Probably I'd just go up to the pub but I can't be bothered.
[1775] ... It's, it's, no
Father (PS52K) [1776] I don't want you walking down to the pub in this, in the dark cold night.
Catriona (PS52C) [1777] Alright I'll ring up and see, I'm not going to go anyway.
Father (PS52K) [1778] Get tucked up in bed with a good book [...] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Father (PS52K) [1779] [laugh] Casualty. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1780] [...] have those things on my bed.
Father (PS52K) [1781] You don't like them?
[1782] Don't know where they've been.
Catriona (PS52C) [1783] Exactly. ...
Father (PS52K) [1784] [...] does Dr and Mrs , do they have any ... they have a dog, I've seen a dog
Catriona (PS52C) [1785] Yeah a nasty looking animal.
[1786] Actually it's just 's excuse to have a walk round behind the bike sheds.
Father (PS52K) [1787] Really?
Catriona (PS52C) [1788] Yeah ... at nine forty five.
[1789] Oh sorry!
Father (PS52K) [1790] I don't blame him or anything, is that what you do
Catriona (PS52C) [1791] Why?
Father (PS52K) [1792] you stand behind the bi
Catriona (PS52C) [1793] No I don't, not me!
Father (PS52K) [1794] bit sordid.
[1795] Well who then?
Catriona (PS52C) [1796] Well other people do.
Father (PS52K) [1797] Bit sordid.
Catriona (PS52C) [1798] I don't.
[1799] Far more sophisticated.
Father (PS52K) [1800] [laugh] Oh you're, you're the wasteland.
Catriona (PS52C) [1801] No.
[1802] ... It keeps stopping and starting. [...]
Father (PS52K) [1803] Maybe it's voice activated.
Catriona (PS52C) [1804] The battery's wearing out, actually I have listened [...]
Father (PS52K) [1805] When I laugh it comes on. ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1806] What is?
Father (PS52K) [1807] To be a housemaster in that girls s
Catriona (PS52C) [1808] Why?
Father (PS52K) [1809] oh terrible.
[1810] You'd, you'd [...] whole life wondering what they were all doing [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1811] What do you mean wondering ... bet you would dad, I bet you would.
Father (PS52K) [1812] I wouldn't, well yeah but not with any sense of
Catriona (PS52C) [clears throat]
Father (PS52K) [1813] of pleasure, this awful thing of, oh my God get your claws off me
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1814] all this busine [...] Ow!
[1815] Ow!
[1816] Ow!
[1817] Ooh my God!
[1818] Ow!
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1819] God she's gone right through my trousers.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1820] Oh God she's drawn blood right through the trousers.
[1821] You're a horrible cat, [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1822] I really have got stomach ache though.
Father (PS52K) [1823] I don't wonder.
[1824] Oh look, look at that!
Catriona (PS52C) [1825] [laugh] Wow!
Father (PS52K) [1826] Look!
Catriona (PS52C) [1827] [laugh] Why do you say no wonder? ...
Father (PS52K) [1828] I can't, I mean that really is just gross.
Catriona (PS52C) [1829] [laugh] You have the most
Father (PS52K) [1830] It's like Dracula.
[1831] ... God.
[1832] ... What'll they gonna say at the swimming pool tomorrow?
Catriona (PS52C) [1833] Dad they're not gonna be looking at your legs, I hate to tell you this.
Father (PS52K) [1834] The attendants do.
Catriona (PS52C) [1835] What, is it that fat woman that di spends ages pre
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1836] making sure everyone's watching her before she dives in?
Father (PS52K) [1837] [laughing] Oh God yeah [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [1838] Is that the attendant?
Father (PS52K) [1839] No no
Catriona (PS52C) [1840] Or is it Paula?
Father (PS52K) [1841] That's Mrs .
Catriona (PS52C) [1842] Oh I really don't want to know actually, it just makes me think of
Father (PS52K) [1843] What?
Catriona (PS52C) [1844] 's lane. ...
Father (PS52K) [1845] Paula
Catriona (PS52C) [1846] I don't want to know about Paula, what?
Father (PS52K) [1847] is up in Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, with mum singing a little
Catriona (PS52C) [1848] But dad I don't want to know about that. ...
Father (PS52K) [1849] Why not? ... [...] what they're singing?
Catriona (PS52C) [1850] Dad I really don't care.
[1851] I don't want to know. ...
Father (PS52K) [1852] They're doing Haydn Mass.
Catriona (PS52C) [1853] [sighing] Oh [] !
[1854] You're so boring, I'm gonna erase this. [sniff]
Father (PS52K) [1855] [laugh] Yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [1856] Don't look at me like that.
Father (PS52K) [1857] Don't come anywhere near me either.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1858] [laughing] It sounds like we're having an argument [] .
Father (PS52K) [1859] [laughing] Yes I [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [1860] [laugh] Cat.
Father (PS52K) [1861] Get your claws off me, it sounds very, it's a sort of don't
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Father (PS52K) [1862] don't you come near me.
Catriona (PS52C) [1863] Dad!
Father (PS52K) [1864] I've had enough of you, I know your sort.
[1865] [laugh] Don't wave your tail at me either.
Catriona (PS52C) [1866] Shall I go and regurgitate it all up as Will would say, [mimicking] let's go and regurgitate it all up.
[1867] Stick my fingers down my throat [] .
Father (PS52K) [1868] Last night I had the most disastrous game of badminton, or games, I've had in my, get off! whole playing career.
Catriona (PS52C) [1869] Don't tell me about them.
[1870] I think, I don't I think I could just
Father (PS52K) [1871] I could not move. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1872] I ... that is the one of the most boring things you could ever
Father (PS52K) [1873] Do you know why?
Catriona (PS52C) [1874] talk about.
Father (PS52K) [1875] Shall I tell you why?
Catriona (PS52C) [1876] I, it's worse than school.
[1877] It's worse than listening to the cricket match.
Father (PS52K) [1878] I know I've listened to hours of school.
Catriona (PS52C) [1879] You don't have to listen to it!
Father (PS52K) [1880] Well I hadn't much choice have I?
[1881] You wouldn't let me turn the telly on which is what most people want to do on a Saturday evening, off
Catriona (PS52C) [1882] Off!
[1883] What do you ... oh well you sound like a really boring old ...
Father (PS52K) [1884] Fart. [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [1885] Quite.
[1886] Quite.
Father (PS52K) [1887] Quite.
[1888] [...] last Saturday?
Catriona (PS52C) [1889] I don't want to know.
[1890] You probably were doing something incredibly boring.
[1891] ... And then you went to the Bayleaf or something
Father (PS52K) [1892] Oh.
Catriona (PS52C) [1893] I d I really don't want to know. ...
Father (PS52K) [1894] [...] [mimicking] Hello hello Anthony [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [1895] [mimicking] Anthony, hello hello, Anthony, yeah, Anthony [] [laughing] yeah Anthony, yeah, yeah, Anthony, oh hello [] .
Father (PS52K) [1896] With the 's.
[1897] Do you remember the 's?
Catriona (PS52C) [1898] Yes, how could anyone forget fat Kathy.
Father (PS52K) [1899] She was very nice.
Catriona (PS52C) [1900] Big Kath.
Father (PS52K) [1901] [laughing] Big Kathy yes [] .
[1902] ... No [...] you've wrecked my leg.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh] ...
Father (PS52K) [1903] [...] I think I
Catriona (PS52C) [1904] I really ought to learn my lines.
[1905] Not now, tomorrow.
Father (PS52K) [1906] Well I would suggest that you record them and then listen to them.
Catriona (PS52C) [1907] [belch] What's th well yeah I probably will.
[1908] ... Yeah.
[1909] ... I think I might take my flute back to school as well.
Father (PS52K) [1910] Oh. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1911] I don't have time to play but, I mean to play in a concert band or anything but I might go and knock about with it for a while.
Father (PS52K) [1912] Mm.
[1913] Couldn't you play in a jazz band with it or something?
Catriona (PS52C) [1914] No I, I don't have time, it really does mean signing up for ... sort of long ... [...]
Father (PS52K) [1915] I'll be extremely interested
Catriona (PS52C) [1916] In what?
Father (PS52K) [1917] on Thursday to hear the quality of the music, I mean that.
Catriona (PS52C) [1918] It's really good.
Father (PS52K) [1919] I'm sure it is, I've heard how good it is, so it'll be a first time.
[1920] Then in about two weeks' time we come to the carol service.
Catriona (PS52C) [1921] That's gonna be brilliant.
[1922] ... That sounded really nice the other day.
Father (PS52K) [1923] Now I think
Catriona (PS52C) [1924] What? ...
Father (PS52K) [1925] I think ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1926] What?
Father (PS52K) [1927] I have a lunch that day ... let's just have a quick check in the diary ... no, oh yes ... no ... no I'm wrong, something er no nothing, nothing at all.
[1928] Do we come at eleven thirty or three?
Catriona (PS52C) [1929] What are you talking about?
Father (PS52K) [1930] The carol service is either at eleven thirty or three.
Catriona (PS52C) [1931] Well I would ... find out rather soon because erm
Father (PS52K) [1932] No no there is ... eleven thirty and three
Catriona (PS52C) [1933] Oh I see [laughing] I was gonna say you've got to guess which one it is [] .
Father (PS52K) [1934] [laugh] No you must find out for us which is the one to go to.
Catriona (PS52C) [1935] Okay.
Father (PS52K) [1936] I would prefer, actually I'll make it three because I can swim, no I can't swim, damn, either way I can't bloody swim. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1937] I don't know why it keeps stopping and starting.
Father (PS52K) [1938] How long's it on for, an hour? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1939] I've got ten to do.
[1940] ... Or something.
[1941] Ten tapes.
[1942] ... But I think the fact
Father (PS52K) [1943] No no I didn't mean that, I mean how long's the carol service?
Catriona (PS52C) [1944] Oh the carol service.
[1945] Erm ... yeah I suppose about an hour, zing zing ... zing zing, it's got a really, it's got some really gay carols in. ...
Father (PS52K) [1946] No scratching. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1947] You're asking for it aren't you?
[1948] Shall I ring granny?
[1949] I haven't erm spoken to Yarty yet.
Father (PS52K) [1950] Oh.
Catriona (PS52C) [1951] I mean I haven't thanked her for the money she sent.
Father (PS52K) [1952] No. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1953] Will she be offended?
[1954] ... She can't do it was only fifteen pounds. [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [1955] [laugh] ... Fifteen pounds [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1956] I ought to write to her at some point.
Father (PS52K) [1957] Got to, yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [1958] And ... granny, actually I couldn't bear talking to granny right now.
Father (PS52K) [1959] Why not?
[1960] Go on, have a laugh.
Catriona (PS52C) [1961] No.
[1962] I don't want a laugh.
Father (PS52K) [1963] Don't mention
Catriona (PS52C) [1964] What?
Father (PS52K) [1965] Aunty Ann
Catriona (PS52C) [sigh]
Father (PS52K) [1966] all her hang ups ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1967] Actually granny's got this thing about saving money in every possible way so you ring up and say hello and then she'll sort of, right now tha lovely for calling, thank you so much for calling, now bye ... you know and you haven't even said anything, you feel really
Father (PS52K) [1968] No I know.
Catriona (PS52C) [1969] why did I bother calling.
Father (PS52K) [1970] Yes.
[1971] Well there is a moral in all that and the moral of that is
Catriona (PS52C) [1972] Lovely to hear your voice.
[1973] What?
Father (PS52K) [1974] don't get to old age with no money.
[1975] ... That's the moral.
[1976] It really is not ... there's nothing worse in life than getting to old age, or getting anywhere with no money.
[1977] ... They are hard up, you know, heavens ... they're run they drive a crapped out, clapped out old car and they live in a ghastly little ... bungalow in the middle of nowhere.
[1978] ... Miserable.
[1979] I certainly don't want to do that, I want to ... a wealthy old man.
Catriona (PS52C) [1980] [clears throat] And I want to be a millionairess.
Father (PS52K) [1981] Yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [1982] No I don't.
Father (PS52K) [1983] That's why I was thinking I might hang on to the Volvo for another two years until you've got your own car and then I can buy what I really want.
Catriona (PS52C) [1984] What is ... but what do you really want? ...
Father (PS52K) [1985] Well ...
Catriona (PS52C) [1986] You're gonna say something absolutely ghastly like a Mercedes or
Father (PS52K) [1987] Not not a Mercedes, [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1988] B M W
Father (PS52K) [1989] no I mean a sports car.
Catriona (PS52C) [1990] Yeah!
[1991] What?
Father (PS52K) [1992] Well [...] I don't know, there are such good Japanese coupes now, you know you see these lovely Toyotas and Nissans that they do the sort of two plus two and they're really ... lovely cars and ... but if I change c car this next year I'll still have to have four seater or, you know, plenty of room in the boot so I can pick you up from Haileybury and all that crap, but if I hung on for another two years I could then get something I actually wanted, you know.
[1993] ... Well ... another two years [...] car then I'm free to have what I actually want or what I would like.
Catriona (PS52C) [1994] Mm.
Father (PS52K) [1995] Something which is a bit of fun.
Catriona (PS52C) [1996] And I can drive it too by then, two years.
Father (PS52K) [1997] No you bloody can't, you can drive your own car. [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [1998] Yes I can.
Father (PS52K) [1999] insurance.
Catriona (PS52C) [2000] Well it doesn't matter, just have
Father (PS52K) [2001] Mm!
Catriona (PS52C) [2002] to take pot luck.
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [2003] No no you'll come nowhere near it squire.
Catriona (PS52C) [2004] [laughing] Squire!
[2005] For God's sake [] .
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2006] What does squire mean? ...
Father (PS52K) [2007] Esquire.
Catriona (PS52C) [2008] Oh.
[2009] [laughing] Oh [] .
Father (PS52K) [2010] You're not gonna record it
Catriona (PS52C) [2011] Oh daddy I am.
Father (PS52K) [2012] No no
Catriona (PS52C) [2013] How to have a row [laughing] in five, how many words [] ?
Father (PS52K) [2014] [laugh] Eighteen [laughing] words [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [2015] Eighteen words, I guarantee it will work.
[2016] ... Where is mummy?
[2017] ... [laugh] She's upstairs.
[2018] [laugh] Ow ow ow, hurts my ribs.
[2019] Do you think maybe I've cracked one? ...
Father (PS52K) [2020] Doing what?
[2021] Rowing?
Catriona (PS52C) [2022] No.
Father (PS52K) [2023] Well it could be sore ribs from rowing.
Catriona (PS52C) [2024] No it's not that sort.
Father (PS52K) [2025] It's very hard work that machine.
[2026] Can you actually pull them back?
Catriona (PS52C) [2027] Yeah.
Father (PS52K) [2028] You can.
Catriona (PS52C) [2029] Why can't you?
[2030] Have you gone all wet. [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [2031] Don't be so stupid.
Catriona (PS52C) [2032] Wet and ugly.
[2033] [laugh] Do you think you're good looking dad?
Father (PS52K) [2034] Oh shut up.
Catriona (PS52C) [2035] [laugh] ... Oh! ... [...] oh here she comes. ...
Father (PS52K) [2036] [...] facing this way because
Catriona (PS52C) [2037] [laughing] because you're gonna start laughing []
Father (PS52K) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2038] [laugh] Mummy sit down, I'm going back to school in about an hour and a half and you're flying off upstairs.
Mother (PS52L) [...]
Father (PS52K) [2039] [...] I told you that.
Catriona (PS52C) [2040] [...] Mummy.
[2041] Mummy.
Mother (PS52L) [2042] That's how I'm going to spend all New Year's Eve
Father (PS52K) [2043] Yes.
Mother (PS52L) [2044] barn dancing?
Father (PS52K) [2045] What's wrong with that?
[2046] I can't barn dance but I can have a jolly good bash at it.
Mother (PS52L) [2047] Well they have a caller, don't worry.
Father (PS52K) [2048] A cooler?
[2049] That's where you go when you're pissed ... off?
Mother (PS52L) [2050] A caller.
[2051] You always have a caller for barn dancing, you know, do you know how to set?
Father (PS52K) [2052] Look, I will be [...]
Mother (PS52L) [2053] Do you think he knows what setting is?
Father (PS52K) [2054] No I do n't.
Catriona (PS52C) [2055] S [...] ask you a question.
Mother (PS52L) [2056] And a reel of three, can daddy dance a reel of three?
Father (PS52K) [2057] That is something to do with [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2058] I really don't care.
[2059] Ah!
Mother (PS52L) [2060] We'll have to teach him.
Catriona (PS52C) [2061] I thought that was Nathaniel . ... [...]
Father (PS52K) [2062] Point is he's terribly good looking now.
Catriona (PS52C) [2063] I know.
[2064] How do you know?
Father (PS52K) [2065] Cos I, I [...]
Mother (PS52L) [2066] Makes your heart miss a beat.
Father (PS52K) [2067] [laughing] That's it, [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [2068] A stunner.
Mother (PS52L) [2069] How disloyal Catriona.
Catriona (PS52C) [2070] He is a stunner.
[2071] God!
[2072] ... No he's a very unfaithful bloke.
Mother (PS52L) [2073] Well all the good looking ones always are.
Catriona (PS52C) [2074] Rubbish.
Mother (PS52L) [2075] How long's it going to take you to realize this.
Catriona (PS52C) [2076] Oh m what I was going to ask you is would you mind if I had a party while you were in Dieppe?
Mother (PS52L) [2077] Yeah I bloody [laughing] would [laugh] and you know that [] .
[2078] Absolutely not having a party while I go to Dieppe.
Catriona (PS52C) [2079] I don't see why not.
Mother (PS52L) [2080] Oh it's no good Julian, we can't go.
Catriona (PS52C) [2081] Oh [laugh] we knew this would happen.
[2082] I was trying to start an argument actually, in eighteen words.
Father (PS52K) [2083] You've got to think how many words it would take to start an argument.
Catriona (PS52C) [2084] Well I tell you the best one is ...
Father (PS52K) [2085] [laugh] What? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2086] Your shoes are horrible.
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2087] [laugh] [laughing] That always starts a good one [] .
Father (PS52K) [2088] Your shoes are, oh that's four words.
Catriona (PS52C) [2089] [laughing] Those shoes are horrible [] and she, mummy turned round with something about how I make her feel old, ugly and ... all sad and ...
Mother (PS52L) [2090] Just because you think you're coming into your prime you little pipsqueak.
Father (PS52K) [2091] Some people, some people might find your mother more attractive than you.
Mother (PS52L) [2092] Thank you very much dear.
Catriona (PS52C) [2093] Oh well they were obviously very
Father (PS52K) [2094] No
Catriona (PS52C) [2095] much disillusioned.
Father (PS52K) [2096] not disillusioned [...] more discerning.
Mother (PS52L) [2097] They're obviously men of the world who understand that people who have mellowed and matured
Father (PS52K) [2098] I'd have to say that you
Catriona (PS52C) [2099] It may be maybe [...]
Father (PS52K) [...]
Mother (PS52L) [2100] have more to offer in t in conversation and company
Father (PS52K) [2101] you might have got it [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2102] it may be the fact that their eyesight is altering in their old age.
Mother (PS52L) [2103] than the first flush of youth and the first lick of eyeshadow.
Catriona (PS52C) [2104] [laughing] Lick of ey [] oh disgusting!
Father (PS52K) [2105] Go on censor that.
Catriona (PS52C) [2106] What.
Mother (PS52L) [2107] [laugh] Go on, cut it out. [laugh]
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Mother (PS52L) [2108] Go bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can't have that daddy, can't have that. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2109] No I haven't heard anything about it.
[2110] I mean I know that someone got erm suspended for [...]
Mother (PS52L) [2111] Well it was all about Derek 's attitudes to it and, and, and what he, what he would do if he found people with drugs at Haileybury.
Catriona (PS52C) [2112] Well did I tell you we had to do this, I did tell you, we had to do this erm competition? ...
Mother (PS52L) [2113] No, don't think you did.
Catriona (PS52C) [2114] Dra er some of us had to do a drama competition [...]
Mother (PS52L) [2115] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [2116] got a hundred percent for acting
Mother (PS52L) [2117] Mhm.
Catriona (PS52C) [2118] and it was money prizes but they took, they were looking for things to take marks off cos all the other schools doing it were state schools
Mother (PS52L) [2119] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [2120] and so that money prizes aren't gonna go to a school like
Mother (PS52L) [2121] No
Catriona (PS52C) [2122] ours and so erm [clears throat] so they, so we would have come second had we had an, had we had an audience, I mean that's the ridiculous thing, it's the content, nothing to do with what, you know, the environment is it?
[2123] ... So we got but we got a hundred percent acting or something and the two masters are gonna take us out, the five of us out to dinner.
Mother (PS52L) [2124] Oh, yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [2125] Two boys and three girls.
Mother (PS52L) [2126] Were you one of the five?
Catriona (PS52C) [2127] Yeah. ...
Mother (PS52L) [2128] What did you do?
Catriona (PS52C) [2129] Acted mother!
Mother (PS52L) [2130] Yes but what?
Catriona (PS52C) [2131] Acted a little sketch.
Father (PS52K) [2132] Yeah what piece is it?
Catriona (PS52C) [2133] Is that Nathaniel?
Mother (PS52L) [2134] Isn't that ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2135] No.
Mother (PS52L) [2136] You're as bad as your granny.
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Mother (PS52L) [2137] She spends her whole life looking out the window watching who's going up and down.
Father (PS52K) [2138] I think the only person that goes past her house is a cow, seriously.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh] ...
Father (PS52K) [2139] Is that Daisy?
[2140] ... Just checking [...] [laugh]
Mother (PS52L) [2141] It was very unfortunate last night they were telling jokes round the table Julian
Father (PS52K) [2142] Yes.
Mother (PS52L) [2143] and there was this very charming medical student ... so I couldn't tell the golfing joke because I
Father (PS52K) [2144] Why not?
Mother (PS52L) [2145] well I wasn't quite sure how it would
Father (PS52K) [2146] Of course you [...]
Mother (PS52L) [2147] it would have been taken, it was rather a pity.
Father (PS52K) [2148] don't be [...] don't be [...]
Mother (PS52L) [2149] No I didn't like to but I just, don't, don't know him well enough.
Catriona (PS52C) [2150] Do you want to hear a good joke?
Father (PS52K) [2151] Yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [2152] Actually no they're too rude.
Father (PS52K) [2153] Go on let's hear it, let's hear it.
[2154] Geoff told me a disgusting one this morning.
Mother (PS52L) [2155] Oh [...] last night.
Catriona (PS52C) [2156] Well I'll tell you one that isn't
Father (PS52K) [2157] What?
Catriona (PS52C) [2158] I'll tell you one that isn't too rude.
[2159] What do you do if a bird shits on your car? ...
Mother (PS52L) [2160] Clean it off?
Catriona (PS52C) [2161] Don't take her out in it [laughing] again [] .
Father (PS52K) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Mother (PS52L) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [...] ... [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2162] [...] like that in front of people, I always say that ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2163] Say
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2164] I mean sometimes you feel it coming in class or something and you just hold it
Catriona (PS52C) [2165] Yeah.
[2166] But it's difficult.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2167] and save it for later.
[2168] ... I know, no but I won't cry in class because somehow
Catriona (PS52C) [2169] But the thing is though d erm [whispering] [...] [] Aldo's always saying that when they see the girls crying at Wellington they feel really guilty.
[2170] I know it sounds like [...] sounds like you'd be [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2171] I know but it'd be different here.
[2172] It'd be totally totally
Catriona (PS52C) [2173] But don't you think though if a gi if they saw her cry they'd think oh my God hang on we'd better stop, this is a bit nasty, they would see I mean whereas
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2174] Well they do
Catriona (PS52C) [2175] whereas her just sitting back and taking it, they think oh she can take it, you know it's funny isn't it?
[2176] They just think oh
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2177] They'll try it again.
Catriona (PS52C) [2178] she's swallowing it.
[2179] Yeah.
[2180] I'm sure that if they saw you cry, I swear to God if they saw you crying things would be slightly different.
[2181] They're not completely heartless.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2182] Well what I tried last weekend, not quite crying but I did a sort of moody sort of thing, I di I was really quiet and I just ignored everyone and I was like really like ... you know ... didn't say a word.
Catriona (PS52C) [2183] Yeah but they notice that cos they don't know you
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2184] They did they did, Andy came up to me and he said oh what's wrong, you know, and er
Catriona (PS52C) [2185] Andy yeah but Andy's the only one that knows you Charlotte.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2186] Andy ?
[2187] Why?
[2188] No but Charlie did
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2189] [...] .
[2190] Can you butter mine?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2191] Charlie did as well.
[2192] He came up and apologized to me after lessons.
Catriona (PS52C) [2193] Who?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2194] Charlie.
[2195] ... The other day.
[2196] Jim and Charlie said they were re you know that they really felt really bad. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2197] Well I don't think [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2198] What did he do?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2199] Started, he did table jumping, Charlie dared him
Catriona (PS52C) [2200] Oh upstairs.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2201] But did you realize that dare was for you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2202] [laugh] Ha?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2203] That was the dare that started off everything else.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2204] Why?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2205] Because the dare was
Catriona (PS52C) [2206] If he could do it properly, if he, if he, if,
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2207] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [2208] they bet that if Charlie can, if Charlie ran all the way up the erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2209] It wasn't Charlie, Pete did it.
Catriona (PS52C) [2210] no they bet that if Charlie ran all the way up his tables
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2211] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2212] [...] split in the middle or something.
Catriona (PS52C) [2213] Pete, Pete would yeah Pete would have to get off with you and Charlie did it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2214] Charlie didn't.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2215] No but he obviously did it when you weren't there cos that was the bet.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2216] That was the whole thing.
[2217] That was the whole thing [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2218] No
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2219] Yes it was.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2220] No Pete ran all the tables.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2221] Yes but then Charlie did it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2222] Yeah but then Charlie said no you're not doing it properly ... and if you can do it
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2223] No that's absolutely crap because
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2224] It's not crap Charlotte that's what happened.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2225] Wait a minute
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2226] I've heard that from three people.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2227] Cha Charlie just told me it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2228] wait a minute
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2229] Go on say, say what happened then.
[2230] Pete ran across the tables ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2231] Well you must have left but then the bet was if Charlie could do it and do something like splits in the middle or something, can't remember what it was, then I w
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2232] Pete Pete would have to go out with you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2233] Pete would get off with you. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2234] Probably me cos er I think I was a bit provoking last night, [laughing] what I was wearing [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2235] No so Charlie did it,
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2236] [...] don't worry.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2237] So Charlie did it
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2238] What were you wearing?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2239] got down and said
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2240] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2241] Pete go on [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2242] What were you wearing?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2243] No I like had leggings on and everyone was like in the shack oh spot the legs and [laugh] really like I dunno
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2244] What else were you wearing?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2245] Oh I just, I was wearing, I, I had, you know my pink jumper?
[2246] ... That one, and I had blue leggings on and everyone was going oh spot the legs, and then just going phew [laughing] when they walked into the shack or something [] ... think, you know, I dunno, I'm just [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2247] This toast is really nice.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2248] but, I know it's Mighty White isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2249] but, no I went out, no what Pete did is he ran across, ran out the door and then everyone left and that was it, I thought.
[2250] Obviously not, maybe they came back.
Catriona (PS52C) [2251] No.
[2252] Well I don't know Charlotte but the bet was definitely about [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2253] But why me?
[2254] It's probably cos I walked in and they called me over, I mean I
Catriona (PS52C) [2255] Why you?
[2256] Because you're so gullible, I don't know why you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2257] No I was the only girl there, I was the only girl there.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2258] It's because, it's because, no it's because of what you did last week.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2259] No well I said to them I mean
Catriona (PS52C) [2260] You're just a laughing stock at the moment.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2261] Who me?
Catriona (PS52C) [2262] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2263] Is everyone talking about me in the shack?
Catriona (PS52C) [2264] I didn't go to the shack tonight.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2265] What did you do?
Catriona (PS52C) [2266] I, I was speaking to Charlie in erm rehearsals.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2267] Yeah.
[2268] ... Are you really shocked.
[2269] ... What did you think when he told you?
Catriona (PS52C) [2270] Not really. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2271] Did you think oh stupid Charlotte?
Catriona (PS52C) [2272] Yeah I thought what a fool, I mean what did you expect me to think?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2273] I know.
[2274] ... First person I thought about ... this morning was you.
Catriona (PS52C) [2275] [laughing] Oh Charlotte thank you [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2276] I thought God
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2277] Catriona's gonna kill me, she's gonna say
Catriona (PS52C) [2278] Well I'm not gonna kill you cos
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2279] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [2280] it's up to you what you do, it's up to you what you do, it's your life.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2281] I know but I was thinking
Catriona (PS52C) [2282] I just think you're, you know, you should have
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2283] I was thinking
Catriona (PS52C) [2284] known, you should have a head on you girl.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2285] I did know I was just so angry to begin with that it just, they're, they're so
Catriona (PS52C) [2286] Well I can't, I can't blame you cos
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2287] manipulative, you know, they [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2288] Yeah I mean obviously you're not gonna instantly assume that every that says he fancies you is just joking, no obviously you're not gonna assume that and I understand how easy it would be to be mislead but then on the other hand it makes me think, you know, you know with people like Ch you know
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2289] why, why are they suddenly so friendly towards you Charlotte?
[2290] Why, they take the piss out of you all week and then they're suddenly all friendly and say how so and so
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2291] No but they haven't, Charlie apologized on Monday and they've been really nice to me, been getting on really well with Jim and Charlie in lessons
Catriona (PS52C) [2292] Jim who?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2293] and,, and they felt really bad apparently and they'd apologized, you know, and everything was cool and I thought ... I was quite adamant though but they'd, they, I'm not used to this, you know, I'm quite naive as Zoey says and I'm not used to boys
Catriona (PS52C) [2294] [laughing] As Zoey sa []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2295] no but I'm not used to all the boys like being around and they're really manipulative, you know, and they really, they're really cunning and clever, you know?
[2296] ... And I'm not all there, you know?
Catriona (PS52C) [2297] You are all there, they're just complete sods.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2298] Well I'm all there but they're even more there.
Catriona (PS52C) [2299] They're out for a laugh, I mean Charlie won't even tell me who he fancies because ... erm he says, you know, he said to me, you know, and in, in, in, and in his exact words he said you've got to be really stupid to tell ... anyone anything in this place and I said yeah but I'm not a proper Haileyburian I've just come in, you know ... he goes yeah but you're gonna get that way
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2300] I mean you are, you know, you are now ... I hate to te I hate to break it to you but you are.
[2301] And I was saying but I'm not cos I mean [...] like day [...] weeks ... he goes yeah but you're just as bad as all the rest of them, you would be and he wouldn't say anything, you know, he wouldn't even tell me that.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2302] Well yeah they're older wiser though I mean we're just like new
Catriona (PS52C) [2303] Older wiser!
[2304] They're not.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2305] No but they know the form, you know, we ca I can't erm I'm not sure and then, now I'm learning, you know, and it's li I'm learning the hard way and I've gotta carry on learning the hard way cos I can't break it, you know?
[2306] Well I thought I'd got over it this week and Foxy and you were really nice to me and everyone was, you know?
[2307] ... But then I just, oh shit ... and yeah I wish you were at the shack with me last night ... it would have sorted them out.
Catriona (PS52C) [2308] It wouldn't have sorted them out it would, I mean how can I stop them?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2309] No but you would've said to me to, you know ... I had no one there Catriona, I was the only girl in the shack ... I was the only girl there ... and it was just so
Catriona (PS52C) [2310] Well I can understand it being hard but I ... equally but you
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2311] I know
Catriona (PS52C) [2312] need your wits about you in this place.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2313] I know well I haven't got much commonsense [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2314] Oh for Go that's no excuse!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2315] Well why did I do it then?
[2316] I don't know why I did it.
Catriona (PS52C) [2317] I don't know why you did it either but it
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2318] I don't know.
[2319] ... I can't work it out.
Catriona (PS52C) [2320] I know, I know, I know I shouldn't be angry cos it's not, you know, obviously you're not gonna think every time someone says they fancy you you're not gonna think oh God he's lying, there's no reason, you shouldn't ever think that I mean what they're doing now is just making you into a paranoid wreck.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2321] Well no before that, I mean I'd been told before all this Pete business yesterday night, I was told Elliot fancied me and that was true ... you know?
[2322] ... And I knew it was true but I didn't want it.
[2323] ... I'm not being mean but he's a
Catriona (PS52C) [2324] About Elliot?
[2325] No it's not mean it's
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2326] Yeah.
[2327] Well no I just didn't want to ... that was that.
[2328] But there's no ne oh well they just wanted some fun, I know they did but there was no need to.
Catriona (PS52C) [2329] Yeah Charlotte you always, I hate the way you always relent and you always say oh well, you know, I shouldn't be angry with them cos they just wanted some fun and ... you know, never mind eh, sort of thing [...] and you know, you suc yeah but why do you succumb
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2330] Well what can I do?
[2331] I don't know what I can do.
Catriona (PS52C) [2332] well you know ... I know that some people do but don't back down afterwards and then say oh well never mind it was my fault cos it's not your fault.
[2333] No one has any right to treat you like that.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2334] But you just said it was, I should have my wits about me and be one ahead of them.
Catriona (PS52C) [2335] Yeah but in the same way ... in exactly the same respect
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2336] yeah in the same respect you shouldn't have to think that every time someone says they fancy you, you shouldn't have to think, you know, that it's a joke at all.
[2337] ... That's not right.
[2338] But ... you know, here, in this place, in Haileybury alone, when you get out of here fine cos no one 's gonna know that you have this ... name, you know, for being a joke ... erm when you get out of here it'll be completely different but here you should keep your wits about you, in here you should think well hang on ... I don't know, just be more careful.
[2339] I don't know what to say.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2340] I don't know what to do. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2341] Don't do anything.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2342] Yeah well Lucy thinks I ought to be horrible to them but ... well
Catriona (PS52C) [2343] No you don't have to be horrible you just have to go up and say ... make the point that
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2344] Oh God [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2345] you're not gonna be made a fool of.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2346] But I can't make that point cos it just gets enemies and ... it just won't do, it won't do any good.
Catriona (PS52C) [2347] Well so you're just gonna carry on being nice and get loads of friends [...] take the piss out of you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2348] I [...] , I mean I went like this into dinner okay, and I suppose everyone was like what's she doing in a skirt or whatever cos they were all like looking and then like half way when I was eating I could feel them all staring at me and laughing and Jim and that lot were laughing and ... I could see Charlie
Catriona (PS52C) [2349] Can I have a cig?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2350] Mm?
Catriona (PS52C) [2351] Can I have a cig?
[2352] You don't mind?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2353] I could see ... I could see Li er Charlie and Pete looking at me from the other side of the room, Charlie smiled and I just did I just went ... like that, you know? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2354] I won't open another one, should I?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2355] And when he passed me, I think Charlie feels guilty cos when he passed me he said alright [...] I just didn't say anything.
[2356] I erm I'll make, I can easily make Charlie feel guilty cos he, I mean he's a bit of a try-hard, you know, he thinks he's a lad but ... I mean underneath I think he does feel something sometimes. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2357] I don't know, I don't know what to say.
[2358] ... I mean it's awful that they're doing this, you know I can't believe they're carrying on. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2359] Yeah.
[2360] ... Yeah but then I suppose ... they're just immature little boys aren't they?
[2361] Just making excuses for them.
Catriona (PS52C) [2362] Well yeah but they don't have to like pull you through it as well.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2363] Exa ... yeah but they are though aren't they?
[2364] Er I'm just so easy to ... you know
Catriona (PS52C) [2365] That's why they picked you, if I was like ... if I was like you they would have done it to me.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2366] Well the good thing about you is you're going out with someone here, that helps a lot.
[2367] ... No but ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2368] Did Susan, Susan told me something about it, what did Susan say to you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2369] Sue thought ... that Pete was totally fucked off his head ... and really out of it.
[2370] That's absolute crap, he was so he was as sober as the day comes I can tell you ... and it was just a joke. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2371] Well maybe she was doing it to get Pete off the hook then.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2372] Well that made me feel worse actually.
Catriona (PS52C) [2373] What? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2374] From my point of view, if someone was totally pissed and just got off with you and really embarrassed about it ... and thought, you know, oh my God how could I go for her ... I think that's, do you think that's worse than them saying, than it being a bit of a joke?
[2375] I don't
Catriona (PS52C) [2376] No.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2377] know which one's the worst. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2378] When you're pissed you just go with whatever comes, you know?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2379] I wasn't pissed.
Catriona (PS52C) [2380] Yeah I know but if they were saying that he was, I don't think he was.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2381] He wasn't pissed.
[2382] ... And that's another thing, I was told that Pete was pissed and Sue seemed to think he got off with me because he was totally out of it, Pete was.
[2383] You can tell if [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2384] Yeah.
[2385] You can tell.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2386] Yeah but she was quite friendly with Pete for some reason.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2387] Can I borrow your spoon Lucy?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2388] Well he's so bloody clever.
[2389] You know?
Catriona (PS52C) [2390] Pete?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2391] Yeah, no, yeah well you know, really manipulative, you know, he could just ... get me round his finger I suppose.
[2392] ... I don't know why I get too flattered you know.
Catriona (PS52C) [2393] Well what did he say?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2394] I mean he didn't say anything in particular, just the fact that, you know, we were just like walking along and just chatting away you know and he was being really nice and, you know, it was just ... fine.
Catriona (PS52C) [2395] [laughing] You know [] but what did he say?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2396] No nothing in particular, just a normal conversation. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2397] But was he a real smooth talker?
[2398] Was he a real charmer? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2399] Not amazingly but just ... like he usually is really.
Catriona (PS52C) [2400] Well how is he usu oh I see, yeah
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2401] You know
Catriona (PS52C) [2402] he agrees with everything you say.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2403] Yeah ... I suppose, yeah he does actually doesn't he?
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2404] I haven't noticed that.
Catriona (PS52C) [2405] [laughing] How observant Charlotte [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2406] Really?
[2407] Well I've never thought of it that way.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2408] I've never noticed that.
Catriona (PS52C) [2409] You've never noticed it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2410] Yeah you're right!
[2411] Actually thinking about it, he does!
Catriona (PS52C) [2412] He does he agrees w I said to him ... I'd, I'd used some hair thickening shampoo, yeah?
[2413] Pete has never touched my hair in my life and there was some downstairs in that bathroom downstairs and I thought hey that looks a bit of fun, I'll have a go at that and erm ... and I was outside and I took my hair down, I'd just washed it and I said oh look, you know, I used this hair thickening shampoo do you think it looks thicker, as a joke, and he goes yeah it does actually, yeah it really does.
[2414] I said Pete what are you talking about, you don't know what my hair looks like, you know, thick or thin, it didn't er well it hadn't made any difference at all basically, and he was agreeing, and everything you say he agrees.
[2415] I didn't notice it until
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2416] That's like me. [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2417] someone pointed it out to me.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2418] Ah now you think about it, I mean there was this question in our maths test and I was chatting to him in the dinner queue about it and I was going yeah it was this and he goes oh you're probably right and he was agreeing with me and I found out later that I was wrong but he still agreed with me.
[2419] [laugh] Oh God.
[2420] ... I don't know how you could do that though.
[2421] I just couldn't go and get off with someone just for a joke, I couldn't do it.
Catriona (PS52C) [2422] Bet you could.
[2423] ... If your friends were daring you to.
[2424] ... If we dared you to, but I mean it's qui it's qui
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2425] I wouldn't.
[2426] I don't think [...] it dep if I fancied them underneath I would.
Catriona (PS52C) [2427] Yeah I mean I don't know if I, I don't, I'm not saying I could I'm just saying I bet if you had all that pressure then you would think of it differently.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2428] Especially as Pete, I mean he's a bit of a sort of ... one of them.
Catriona (PS52C) [2429] No I think, I reckon that if you knew that the bloke was an easy pull, they wouldn't do it if they, if they knew they couldn't get the girl ... cos otherwise it would be embarrassing for them, but if they knew that she was an easy pull they'd do it for a joke.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2430] But apparently they know that I'm really forward which is absolute, actually not very true cos ... Ed said that I was quite forward and he, I was only forward with him because the person I got off with just before him was bloody forward and it made me a bit forward but I calmed down after that, you know?
[2431] Ed was just like a one off and I'm not forward any more at all and, you know, everyone thinks I am [...] you know and Pete thought right I'm in for a good time here, you know, I can probably get her ... you know, and so Charlie would have to carry out his part.
[2432] ... [...] about this?
Catriona (PS52C) [2433] Who?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2434] Does George know about it?
Catriona (PS52C) [2435] Georgie ?
[2436] ... Don't think so.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2437] She'd be hard to get. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2438] No I think she wouldn't fall for anything.
[2439] ... Not because she purposely wants to be but because she just ... don't think she'd [...] to done it, do you?
[2440] Bit of a
Catriona (PS52C) [2441] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2442] smooth talker though isn't he? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2443] But he fancied George for about two days ... like for two
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2444] Did he?
[2445] ... What, so he's not very forward or er I think Charlie's worried that ... erm, you know, doesn't wanna crash and burn.
[2446] There's really loads of [...] in France, is this like this in every school or just here? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2447] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2448] It's really funny though this is all a new experience for me, I've never really, you know ... it's quite sort of funny analyzing it all don't you think? [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2449] Well yeah if you're looking on to it but not if you're actually in it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2450] Now I'm looking on to it thinking, you know, [...] but they're so, do you think, the upper sixth aren't like that at all though are they?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2451] Yes they are, they're worse.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2452] [...] there's a real difference. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2453] There's a difference in the way that the blokes ... treat the girls and talk to them and stuff, there's a very big difference.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2454] [...] ... [...] made a fool of myself [...] ... well I said to him and then er they're not very gentlemanly [laughing] like and Foxy was going ha there's no such thing at Haileybury [laugh] another stupid comment from me.
[2455] ... Well, do you think that was stupid [] ? [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2456] [...] made me laugh cos ... we'd gone up to house tonight, he said he was making a real effort to be good and to [...] and he, when he got up to house today he goes ... I was doing a really gentlemanly thing and saying oh thank you for a really nice evening, I started laughing ... well what was I supposed to?
[2457] He made it sound like we've been our for a, you know, a romantic candle lit dinner and, you know, and we'd just been down to his study for God's sake!
[2458] And that was wrong, I shouldn't have laughed.
[2459] ... Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2460] Yeah but like, I dunno, I can imagine like people like Rob and everyone taking the piss out of people and ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2461] [...] do it a different way. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2462] What do you mean? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2463] I don't know, he's just got a different approach about it, don't know ... much better.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2464] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2465] They're better?
Catriona (PS52C) [2466] Well not necessarily better, they're just more mature about it.
[2467] ... I'm sure when they're all sitting around in their studies they're a complete, they're all the same but
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2468] But I suppose they're all boys really, I mean ... are all boys like this really? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2469] No they're not all like that.
[2470] ... I suppose, I don't know, if they're all together then
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2471] But they're like you know, I suppose ... everyone goes through, I bet my dad was like that when he was younger a bit you know, all have a laugh and a joke and
Catriona (PS52C) [2472] At someone else's expense, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2473] and then they grow up later, you know, and then become really responsible.
Catriona (PS52C) [2474] Oh they ne you never grow up Charlotte, haven't you seen that?
[2475] Haven't you noticed? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2476] What?
Catriona (PS52C) [2477] [belch] Excuse me.
[2478] You never ... never grow up.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2479] What, adults?
Catriona (PS52C) [2480] They're just ch they're just children inside big bodies, old bodies.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2481] What are you talking men or everyone?
Catriona (PS52C) [2482] Everybody.
[2483] It's just dawning on me now that I'm not rea I mean you know having had a conversation, proper conversation with my dad this weekend ... just me
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2484] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [2485] and him, my mother was away ... and erm ... I was with him and we went out ... he took me out to lunch and he took me shopping and stu well I mean he took, but he was really really, you know how your father always dotes on you if it's just you and him?
[2486] And he bou he bought me this top and he bought me a, a polo neck and bought me a C D and then we went out to supper and then we went to a pub and everything and erm, you know, had a really decent conversation with him and just talking to him makes me think, you know, and it dawns on me that he's just a [laughing] big [] he's just a big child ... and he's not, he's never grown, he's not, you're not gonna grow up.
[2487] What you are now is how the
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2488] Yeah but what, what am I then?
[2489] Am I really really mature or something?
Catriona (PS52C) [2490] No.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2491] In my attitude, you know, I, I think ... you know I think they're all prats and stuff and I don't joke around like that.
Catriona (PS52C) [2492] No I just no I can't
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2493] Why am I different?
[2494] What do you think?
Catriona (PS52C) [2495] Cos you're gullible.
[2496] ... Cos you don't see through a joke.
[2497] ... You don't seem to notice.
[2498] I don't
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2499] Why is that?
[2500] It's because I'm honest.
[2501] I never tell lies.
Catriona (PS52C) [2502] I'm honest too but I can still tell a joke.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2503] You're n yeah but you know how you make fun of me sometimes, how you
Catriona (PS52C) [2504] Me?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2505] draw a lesbian thing and all that
Catriona (PS52C) [2506] [laughing] Oh shut up [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2507] no but you know that, you know, you make, you lie and you play along and stuff
Catriona (PS52C) [2508] No I don't lie, I fib!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2509] Well fib then, whatever
Catriona (PS52C) [2510] Joke. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2511] you see I, that's where I'm different I could never ever do something like that to anyone.
[2512] I'd feel so [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2513] What am I doing?
[2514] I'm not doing anything bad to you, I'm just
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2515] It's not bad no, no but I'm just saying it's not in me, and so wh when everyone else is like mucking around, making fun of me, you know, I don't do things like that so I don't think other people can but they do.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2516] I know.
[2517] Yeah I think everyone's like me but they're not, yeah? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2518] I dunno [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2519] [...] talking rubbish.
[2520] Didn't sleep at all last night actually.
Catriona (PS52C) [2521] Cos you were worrying about it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2522] Yeah. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2523] [...] like a cup of hot chocolate or something.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2524] I know I'd like some hot chocolate.
[2525] Oh actually I've got one left.
Catriona (PS52C) [2526] Oh.
[2527] Are you sure?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2528] Er?
Catriona (PS52C) [2529] Are you sure?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2530] No we'll have half each.
Catriona (PS52C) [2531] [laughing] Yeah I know, I [laugh] that sounded awful, I mean are you sure you've got one left it doesn't mean you sure [] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2532] I have got one left, yeah, I just remembered.
Catriona (PS52C) [2533] Oh God I've just put black [...] stuff over my face.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2534] Do you want half a cup of hot chocolate?
Catriona (PS52C) [2535] Yeah I'd love a half cup.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [cough] [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2536] Would you [...] when you go to the loo, I mean when you go to the ... your room, wash that mug out cos it's got a bit of soup in it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2537] Okay.
Catriona (PS52C) [2538] And just bring it back with a bit of water in it please.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2539] Yeah, hot water?
Catriona (PS52C) [2540] No cold water cos I want to ... [...] some Ribena before I have a chocolate.
[2541] ... You look a bit peeved off.
[2542] ... [...] weekend.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2543] Er?
Catriona (PS52C) [2544] Bad weekend?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2545] No it was alright. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2546] Do you like this?
[2547] Like Champion tops are usually about sixty quid and this was twenty. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2548] Yeah they're ni I've got erm ... top, jumper ... really comfortable.
Catriona (PS52C) [2549] It's nice isn't it?
[2550] I wanted a grey one but they didn't have one.
[2551] I, I've got a blue one at Felixstowe somewhere ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2552] Oh ... I'm getting a cold here and I'm ... ha but I hope I've given it to Pete [laugh] you watch!
[2553] [laughing] Hope he comes down with a cold in the next few days [] .
[2554] I had it yesterday but you know how you just sort of start to get it, you've got all the germs but they haven't quite come out?
[2555] ... Yeah?
Catriona (PS52C) [2556] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2557] You know, you know like you d I'm just getting the cold so like [laughing] he'll have one, you watch [] [laugh] sucker, I hope he gets it really bad.
[2558] [laugh] God! ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2559] My parents are going to France at Christmas and erm I don't wanna go with them really and nor does Digby so he, Digby's gonna come and stay just for a bit and my house it has to be empty and Foxy's coming round to stay.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2560] Really?
Catriona (PS52C) [2561] Yeah.
[2562] We planned it just now.
[2563] I mean Digby's coming too so and there'll be erm my best friend from France, [...] coming.
[2564] Do you want some Ri if you want Ribena just help yourself ... any time. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2565] So did George get off, get off with anyone today? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2566] George?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2567] .
Catriona (PS52C) [2568] [laughing] Erm I dunno [] .
[2569] Did she?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2570] Dunno. ... [...] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2571] [sigh] Wouldn't you just kill for another piece of bread?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2572] Some toast.
Catriona (PS52C) [2573] Toast that's what I mean.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2574] I was gonna bring some back and I thought no I won't cos I'll only end up eating it all this week and I've got three weeks left to get ... really in shape for Christmas, you know, before I slob out and eat [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2575] Oh it's the feathers.
Catriona (PS52C) [2576] Is it? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2577] Oh it was the best one last year [...]

9 (Tape 142702)

Jess (PS52F) [2578] the moment we get staff I said yeah [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2579] How can shutting curtains make a difference?
Jess (PS52F) [2580] sit here waiting for it to [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [cough]
Jess (PS52F) [2581] and that's why your desk was pulled out.
Catriona (PS52C) [2582] I know I wondered what happened there, I thought maybe it was the cleaners trying to ... [laughing] hoover behind [] ... I really ought to change my bed clothes [laughing] but I don't remember the last time I did it [] ...
Jess (PS52F) [2583] Urgh.
[2584] Do you know so do you want to know something really
Catriona (PS52C) [2585] Really I think I've only done it twice this term.
Jess (PS52F) [2586] scabby?
[2587] My mum washed mine at the weekend and they're in a pile on my floor and I haven't been arsed so I'm just sleeping on the mattress with the bare duvet.
Catriona (PS52C) [2588] Yeah mine's like that too at the moment.
[2589] If er there's no, there's no bed sheet ... [laughing] it's just the mattress and the duvet []
Jess (PS52F) [2590] That's how I've been.
Catriona (PS52C) [2591] I mean the bed sheet's like ruffled around the bottom.
Jess (PS52F) [2592] Yeah but imagine how many bed bugs going onto [laughing] [...] []
Catriona (PS52C) [2593] I know.
Jess (PS52F) [2594] Do you remember seeing me changing my duvet cover?
[2595] ... No I have once haven't I?
[2596] In the whole, two months that I've
Catriona (PS52C) [2597] [...] once as well.
Jess (PS52F) [2598] been here I've changed it once
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [2599] yeah we did it on the same night.
Catriona (PS52C) [2600] But you've changed your pillow case and I haven't, I've really got to remember to bring a pillow with me.
Jess (PS52F) [2601] Are you going home this weekend?
Catriona (PS52C) [2602] I'm going to Foxy's.
Jess (PS52F) [2603] Saturday?
Catriona (PS52C) [2604] For the weekend.
Jess (PS52F) [2605] Really? ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2606] Not just on my own ... he just said that, it was a bit bad cos I, I said to him, you know, who's going and he listed like er reeled off, I can't remember, reeled off a load of blokes yes last night and I said are there any girls going and he said well I'll see if I can get Laura and Giles to come ... and I said yeah I feel much better about that, you know, whatever and then today he said erm look ... [...] can't go and [...] was a real, [...] I dunno he's got something and he's usually like the real medium and he, you know, if there's e if there's ever like a pregnant pause then he's the one that like keeps it all going [...]
Jess (PS52F) [2607] [shouting] Really [] ?
Catriona (PS52C) [2608] Yeah
Jess (PS52F) [2609] Cos Foxy was the one that used to keep the [laughing] conversation []
Catriona (PS52C) [2610] You serious?
Jess (PS52F) [2611] no, no badly but like I just used to think he was so much more chatty than [...] , we just used to sit there and go ... alright we'd get off with each other then we'd break like, you know ... like ... try, you'd, like the conversation [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2612] You got off with [...] ?
Jess (PS52F) [2613] Yeah I used to like, we used to see each other sort of and I
Catriona (PS52C) [2614] For a long time?
Jess (PS52F) [2615] No, no well the weird part
Catriona (PS52C) [2616] How long?
Jess (PS52F) [2617] it was like spaced ... it was just like, I dunno, not long at all just a
Catriona (PS52C) [2618] Well roughly how long?
Jess (PS52F) [2619] couple of things ... we saw each other and then over a space of about two months we saw each other probably about three times
Catriona (PS52C) [2620] Oh.
Jess (PS52F) [2621] but it wasn't like a long thing but like ... I, the time that I spent with him was like quite a long time, like the evening, whatever, so he'd get, and like it just used to be constant pauses, it used to be terrible and so we used to get off with each other like you pause for, for what
Catriona (PS52C) [2622] And you, did you like did you ... were you attracted to him then?
Jess (PS52F) [2623] Yeah I was really attracted to him but I just could not speak to him, it was awful, and like there used to be awful pauses and you'd just go er right we'd better get off with each other again because you can't bear the silence, it's too uncomfortable so you used to, and then you go oh shit better get off with him again, it's awful, he's ... and he used to have such a, no personality at all.
Catriona (PS52C) [2624] Does he have no personality?
Jess (PS52F) [2625] No I don't think he's [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2626] [...] oh [...] he was a real ... [...]
Jess (PS52F) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2627] loud, you know
Jess (PS52F) [2628] Mm?
Catriona (PS52C) [2629] but, yeah, but anyway erm Foxy said that you know he's not going and Hugh is going, Hugh is apparently really rude about everyone, especially when he gets drunk.
Jess (PS52F) [2630] Who is Hugh?
[2631] Because
Catriona (PS52C) [2632] [...] [laughing] guy who reckons [...] []
Jess (PS52F) [2633] I don't know Hugh you see because my friend got off with him on holiday ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2634] He's little.
Jess (PS52F) [2635] No I don't, [...] is fat, dark hair [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2636] No not fat.
Jess (PS52F) [2637] Is he good looking?
Catriona (PS52C) [2638] Yeah quite.
Jess (PS52F) [2639] Would I like him?
[2640] ... Well what does he look like?
Catriona (PS52C) [2641] Just a da it's difficult to explain a bloke cos they're all, you know,
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2642] [laughing] Short brown hair [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2643] Do you know Hugh? ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2644] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2645] Hugh what?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2646] Don't know, I don't
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK)
Catriona (PS52C) [2647] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2648] Shall I tell you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2649] [laughing] Shall you tell [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2650] [...] can go now ... so it's gonna be ... Foxy
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2651] You Foxy [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2652] No no no no no there's about five, five blokes ... and me and then if Laura and Giles can go ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2653] Is that you farting?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2654] Yes, I've been doing it all evening, I was trying to suppress them all the way through politics lesson. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2655] God the heat, the heat is just
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2656] Hugh ?
Catriona (PS52C) [2657] unbelievable, what is it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK)
Catriona (PS52C) [2658] Hugh ?
[2659] You sure?
[2660] Upper six Lawrence?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2661] Yeah that's right yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2662] [laughing] [...] his number quick [] where does he live? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK)
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2663] Haywards Heath
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK)
Catriona (PS52C) [2664] I think they should have phone numbers in there.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2665] Mm yeah exactly, though some people could be ex-directory.
[2666] ... Mind you
Catriona (PS52C) [2667] Well no cos it's better receiving Valentines card rather than hearing it over the phone [...] really why they gave them out
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2668] Are you gonna send any, Catriona I know it's a long way away but ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2669] Yeah?
[2670] But?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2671] if you're still going out with Foxy ... would you send a Valentine's card to anybody else?
Catriona (PS52C) [2672] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2673] Yeah?
Catriona (PS52C) [2674] I don't know cos there's no one else I'd really want to send a va oh [laughing] [...] only [] ... no I would never send [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2675] I would as a joke.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2676] Yeah they would.
[2677] No I don't, I don't, I don't think there's anyone that I really fancy, there isn't.
[2678] ... I would outside school ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2679] I'm d
Catriona (PS52C) [2680] people outside school but I wouldn't, I don't think there's anyone in school at the moment that I really
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2681] I'm dead upset that I haven't had any pornographic mail. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2682] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2683] Pornographic post, P P, like you know
Catriona (PS52C) [2684] Are you serious?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2685] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2686] [laugh] [clears throat] We could write some really nasty stuff.
[2687] We sat in the garden today Luce and we got like, me Lucy and Tom and got about three pounds off all the little removes that came in
Lucy (PS52G) [2688] How?
Catriona (PS52C) [2689] Cos you just sit there and, do you think you can lend me some money, please, I promise I'll pay you back, and they'll all give you about ten P, some of them give you fifty, some of them give you twenty ... got about, I was thinking you could just go in there and save up for all your [laughing] Christmas shopping couldn't you?
[2690] Just go in there [] [laugh] right we got two chocolate bars [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2691] Yeah we could charge the removes for their first kiss.
Catriona (PS52C) [2692] Yeah we're gonna start a little business.
[2693] ... Up for it?
[2694] Up for it, yeah?
[2695] You just say, you know, five quid for a ... cuss behind the bushes.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2696] And your first kiss. [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2697] [...] set up a little business and they have to pay us and then we'll
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2698] give them their first snog. ... [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2699] No you say that I once got off with someone for some cigarettes, I never felt so awful.
Catriona (PS52C) [2700] I got off with someone for his hat.
[2701] ... He had this wicked [...] had this amazing Boss hat
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2702] No he was really he was really nice and I did actually like him.
Catriona (PS52C) [2703] and I snogged him for it.
[2704] And he goes to me ... it was a Boss h you know Boss the, the make, the clothes and the perfume and everything?
[2705] He had this really nice cap and it was a really smart cap, I just really liked it and he was a bit of an ugly, well he wasn't ugly he was just really gormless ... and I said erm he must have been about twenty something and I said to him ... can I have your hat, he said no it's from a friend, it's sentimental or something
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2706] Was Charlotte there?
Catriona (PS52C) [2707] yeah ... and erm she was snogging someone else [laughing] at the time [] I think
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [belch]
Catriona (PS52C) [2708] actually no that was the night she was really pissed off because erm ... people were paying more attention to me than they were to her, I don't know why, it's because I decide that I'm gonna be really outgoing and I really do and I was really loud and really boisterous and she's quite resigned like that and she thought I sh bit shagged off with me [sniff] and then ... like I was doing, there was this really good looking bloke and he was like ... we, we'd given each other eyes over the bar in this pub and Lottie goes well if you don't hurry up with him I'm gonna go and have him, if you don't hurry up, you know, and just like marched over I said Charlotte give me a break
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2709] Have you ever [...] ?
Catriona (PS52C) [2710] erm ... no, no I haven't ever.
[2711] But anyway she had, he had this nice cap so I said to him, you know, can I have it and he said no it's sentimental and I said well I'll do anything
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2712] for it and he said ... well, well er basically it just got down to well if you kiss me I'll give it to you and then, and then he decided that if I kissed him
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2713] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [2714] it wasn't good because erm I didn't love him and right so, so if I kissed him and met him the next day ... would I, would I snog, would, would he, he'd give me the hat so I said yeah sure, you know, whatever, so he goes okay and he like prepared himself and goes no I can't do it in here ... [laugh] [laughing] and so I had to go outside with him, snog him, got his hat and pissed off, never saw him again [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2715] I got six cigarettes from [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2716] Really?
[2717] It's, no it's g it's quite good, you know, little weapon isn't it?
[2718] Well weapon, you can use it to your advantage. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2719] [...] [laughing] [...] it is actually [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [2720] It is isn't it?
[2721] Yeah being paid to [laughing] do it [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2722] You slapper!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2723] What did you sleep for?
[2724] A cap!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2725] Right well I [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2726] Yeah your, here's, here's your Christmas present ... [laughing] I was on the streets for that [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2727] Can you imagine your mum
Catriona (PS52C) [2728] Did I tell you about L B?
[2729] She go we were all talking about, you know, Christmas shop shopping, and L B comes in and goes yeah well when I was out Christmas shoplifting [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2730] Yeah! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2731] [laugh] You just farted again didn't you? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2732] Oh right.
[2733] [...] classic fall over that bean bag today actually [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2734] Did you laugh?
[2735] I bet you laughed I can just imagine your face.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2736] Cos when you laugh so much you don't, no noise comes out, you just have this kind of
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2737] Me?
Catriona (PS52C) [2738] yeah
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2739] [laugh] I did laugh didn't I?
[2740] I, I w I was actually laughing my head off.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2741] [laughing] Oh no [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2742] It was like a, it was like a sort of, she just went [banging]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2743] and just fell over and I just saw this thing in the corner of my eye [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2744] and she just lay there looking up going ... .
Catriona (PS52C) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [clears throat]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2745] anyway I'll see you later.
Catriona (PS52C) [2746] Bye.
[2747] ... I recorded that conversation.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2748] Did you?
Catriona (PS52C) [2749] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2750] Really?
Catriona (PS52C) [2751] A smile comes off of your face when you realize what we were, what you were talking about at the beginning. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2752] Oh!
[2753] [laughing] Are you still recording now [] ?
Catriona (PS52C) [2754] [laugh] Yes I am.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2755] [laughing] Lush lush lush []
Catriona (PS52C) [2756] Right.
[2757] Cos the thing is I've got two days left of this thing.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2758] Oh the thing about the [...] kitten wasn't on there was it? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2759] [...] about it.
[2760] Erm hang on I've got quite a lot, I'm meant to be going to choir tonight but I really can't be bothered, I mean
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2761] Say you've got [...] to learn or something.
Catriona (PS52C) [2762] yeah so if, if, if, I was gonna say if Foxy comes, if comes up
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2763] and says erm ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2764] [...] my dad's just got back from [...] apparently Millie's quite brown and my mum they're not
Catriona (PS52C) [2765] Is she?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2766] back yet, they're staying a bit longer.
Catriona (PS52C) [2767] Occupation [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2768] Oh tweetie tweetie. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2769] Who was I talking to? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2770] Did you know Sue-Anna's sixteen on ... actually I think it was on
Catriona (PS52C) [2771] Re recently?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2772] maybe yesterday?
Catriona (PS52C) [2773] Oh my God!
[2774] She's young!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2775] Or may or maybe it's tomorrow or Friday, it's some time this week but she's not sixteen yet.
[2776] ... I know that she's sixteen some time this week, it could be tomorrow actually. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2777] So she's not ... God I can't believe it, it's hard to believe that, okay now I'm doing the same [sigh] only with you lot.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2778] Isn't it really annoying doing that?
Catriona (PS52C) [2779] Very annoying, I can't wait to [...] on Friday.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2780] But what I don't understand is what is it for?
Catriona (PS52C) [2781] I don't know, I really don't know.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2782] Cos I thought it'd be like you know for, you know like political things but you can't have
Catriona (PS52C) [2783] No it's not.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2784] conversations like this on [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2785] [laughing] Talking about shagging your boyfriend [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2786] Mm.
[2787] I bet the school's gonna listen to it.
Catriona (PS52C) [2788] They're not, they're not. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2789] My parents are coming up tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2790] Are they?
[2791] For the choir thing?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2792] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2793] Are you doing it tomorrow, yeah? [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2794] Yeah I have
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2795] Lucy are you going to watch?
Lucy (PS52G) [2796] Thing is ... tomorrow?
[2797] What time is it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2798] Eight o'clock.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2799] Eight o'clock.
Lucy (PS52G) [2800] Till?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2801] Dunno, it's in mass.
Lucy (PS52G) [2802] Probably no, I don't like mass, don't like [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2803] It's very good.
Lucy (PS52G) [2804] I like the singing.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [2805] I do actually really like the singing.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2806] It's not it's not a service
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2807] It's not [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2808] when I say a mass it's not got preaching or anything.
Lucy (PS52G) [2809] It's not, they won't have any
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2810] No it's a singing mass, the mass in time of war.
[2811] Haydn's and it's really really nice.
Lucy (PS52G) [2812] Oh maybe, I will actually [...] to go.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2813] I don't think it can go on that long because [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2814] Lucy would you like to come with me?
Lucy (PS52G) [2815] I might do yeah probably
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2816] Tomorrow night.
Lucy (PS52G) [2817] unless I've got loads of work I'll come.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2818] What I was gonna say was erm ... I need a black skirt has any, have either of you two got one?
Lucy (PS52G) [2819] I've got a black straight one.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2820] Oh you've got a tight one, that'll look horrible on me.
Lucy (PS52G) [2821] Yeah and I haven't got my [...] one I left it at home.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2822] [sneeze] Oh shit.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2823] Why haven't you got your [...] one?
Lucy (PS52G) [2824] I keep forgetting it, I left it at home.
Jess (PS52F) [belch]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2825] What are you gonna do?
Lucy (PS52G) [2826] I'll just wear my black [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2827] Oh right.
Lucy (PS52G) [2828] Jessica that's really disgusting.
Jess (PS52F) [2829] [laughing] I'm sorry, I'm so windy tonight [] .
Lucy (PS52G) [2830] I really hate it when you burp.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2831] Do you have a black skirt?
Jess (PS52F) [2832] Only a short one.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2833] What am I gonna do?
[2834] Somebody must have one.
[2835] ... Oh er I've got to learn a poem to recite tomorrow, when is my
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2836] What for?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2837] Shit! [...] my skirt.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2838] God it's first lesson ... German, Deutch.
[2839] And it's difficult to do when it's not your language.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2840] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2841] It's a Gameboy.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2842] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2843] What's that?
[2844] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2845] Whose is it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2846] Shh shh.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2847] Whose is it? ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2848] Cos erm oh I've got to pr I've g no but me, I was, you know on Sunday?
[2849] I was [...] [gameboy playing making it difficult to hear] we were playing this and erm ... they were really good because they'd obviously played before and I couldn't and they just kept [...] it was really funny cos I kept getting like two and [...] getting like two thousand or whatever ... and I want to [...] do it really well, I'm playing them again but they wouldn't [...] so it [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2850] I want some more chocolate, I could really do with another Boost.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2851] [singing] A Boost, a Boost, Cadbury's Boost [] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2852] Oh turn that off it's a really nasty noise.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2853] Right!
[2854] Anything you say dear, you've been away in the san, you've been out [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2855] Foxy didn't think that Lottie was stunning. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2856] Who's Lottie?
Catriona (PS52C) [2857] You know, my best friend.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2858] Oh.
[2859] ... [...] nice to say.
Catriona (PS52C) [2860] No, no no no no cos he, you know he's not gonna say no I don't think, he just said
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2861] I know but
Catriona (PS52C) [2862] I don't think she's that incredible. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2863] I think she's very pretty, don't you Lucy?
Lucy (PS52G) [2864] I think she's [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2865] He goes well maybe the photos just don't compliment her and I said yeah but they, I think they did, they're really complimentary.
Lucy (PS52G) [2866] I think but the thing is I can see like from that er she looks very pretty but it's not so much she looks very pretty there, I can tell that she is very pretty.
Catriona (PS52C) [2867] Mm.
Lucy (PS52G) [2868] You can tell.
[2869] ... But it's quite an unusual look, I mean ma perhaps he doesn't find that attractive.
Catriona (PS52C) [2870] He goes well girls, girls
Lucy (PS52G) [2871] She looks very modelly to me.
[2872] ... Could she be a model?
Catriona (PS52C) [2873] Mm.
[2874] ... He said well girls erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2875] How, is she tall?
Lucy (PS52G) [2876] Find different girls ... find
Catriona (PS52C) [2877] Yeah
Lucy (PS52G) [2878] yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [2879] find girls attractive [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [2880] Yeah I know that's true cos [...] my brother [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2881] Yeah my brother's like that as well.
Catriona (PS52C) [2882] Yeah, no she's not immensely tall she's about five ... six?
[2883] ... Not tall at all really.
[2884] I mean she's always wearing heels
Lucy (PS52G) [2885] No
Catriona (PS52C) [2886] so she always looks about five eight or something.
[2887] ... [laugh] Look Frank gave me eleven out of ten. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2888] [laughing] [...] really funny [] ?
Lucy (PS52G) [2889] [laughing] I don't know [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [2890] He is really ... quite strange.
[2891] I was quite impressed with it though, look at all those ticks.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2892] I know.
[2893] Right I'm gonna get down.
Catriona (PS52C) [2894] Look at this mess, where do I start?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2895] Yes I
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2896] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2897] what mess are you on about?
Catriona (PS52C) [2898] All this mess on my desk.
[2899] I'm gonna read this through cos this is very important, it's Chaucer ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2900] What?
[2901] That ca that what, all those sheets?
Catriona (PS52C) [2902] Yeah.
[2903] ... I'm gonna read it through and then I'm gonna do some German and really get, hang on, all these letters ... [laughing] oh so popular Catriona [] ... I never read you this, it's from er my secret admirer.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2904] Oh what?
[2905] Go on then. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2906] Oh it's, it's an old secret admirer, yeah?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2907] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [2908] About two years ago, he's from my old sch er he's from another school I mean he's from, not from this school.
[2909] [reading] Dear Catriona I could guess you probably worked this out a long time ago but I might as well get it over with once and for all and I finally managed to summon up the courage to do so, A S A, a secret admirer, no longer exists, he no longer admires secret or otherwise and hasn't existed for almost a year now and again you probably know who he is but I might as well tell you it's me Johnny the eleven year old, now fourteen, you met at Christmas ninety and boy do I feel stupid.
[2910] I'm now at boarding school as well in Arundel North Hamps Hampshire
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2911] How did he get your address here?
Catriona (PS52C) [2912] Hamp [] I don't, he didn't he sent it to home.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2913] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [2914] [reading] you might have heard of it and you might not.
[2915] I suppose looking back on what I said at the time it was true and I did really love you and I still do ... but [reading+laughing] now it's not sexual [reading] or romantic, it wasn't sexual then because my mind was too pure and partly because you were such a huge chunk of my life, one seventh, and I think I always will [] don't know what that's su oh it's love you I suppose ... [reading] for you it must have been such a small thing and at fifteen stroke sixteen you can probably only just remember me [] I was fourteen actually [reading] I was the middle son who wasn't properly blond unlike the brothers and hung around near you far too much.
[2916] It seems ironic that ... that for me it seemed []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2917] How old is he, fourteen?
Catriona (PS52C) [2918] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2919] Bloody good.
Catriona (PS52C) [2920] It is isn't it? [reading] it seems ironic that for me it seemed such a big thing, in case you still need it clear I was William's nephew.
[2921] I didn't get on very well with Harriet and I wasn't either of the Williams it's Tim [...] Annie or either of the Harriets, no shit.
[2922] P T O I suppose it's unlikely that I'll ever see you again but we might see each other at William's or something and if you ever need to speak to me for some reason you can call me at school
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [2923] or at home [] [laughing] and he's put both his numbers [] [reading] unlikely or not I hope I do see you soon again.
[2924] J [] .
[2925] ... [laugh] Sweetie.
[2926] Shall I ring up and say look John I've got such a problem!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2927] [laughing] Ah [] !
Catriona (PS52C) [2928] You can really solve it for me.
[2929] ... Right, work.
[2930] Going to do some work?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2931] Am I?
Catriona (PS52C) [2932] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2933] I'm doing work.
Catriona (PS52C) [2934] Alright alright alright, I'm turning off and going to work.
[2935] See you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2936] Bye.
Catriona (PS52C) [2937] Bye.
[2938] ... [break in recording] [sigh] ... Mm?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2939] Do you want me to bring my camera? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2940] What to?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2941] To the last week of term?
Catriona (PS52C) [2942] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2943] I'll just take one of those
Catriona (PS52C) [2944] What, video?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2945] camera or the, no, actually I've got a video camera
Catriona (PS52C) [2946] So've I.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2947] I can [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2948] But I don't know thing is it's a real hassle [...] carrying it around isn't it?
[2949] And setting it up and everything.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2950] No we could just do like ... something with us in here.
[2951] ... But if I bring in my camera it means [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2952] Definitely camera.
[2953] I'm gonna bring my camera back.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2954] we can blow up the photos if they're like quite good ones
Catriona (PS52C) [2955] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2956] and stick them all over the room.
Catriona (PS52C) [2957] But, and we've got to get some excellent ones.
[2958] When I went into erm the annexe the walls, erm like i in Albans, honestly the walls are just covered in photos, you know, and they're not so much people outside school but people in school, you know, there's all the little, there are all the kind of groups, people and couples and it's really sweet.
[2959] Really nice.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2960] [...] cos that looks pretty good.
[2961] ... So if we just get like some stupid photo and we can like dress up and put [...] make up on and really ... look really pathetic and we can do our little ... you know, dot dots on there
Catriona (PS52C) [2962] [laugh] Yeah we've got to do that.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2963] and then you know
Catriona (PS52C) [2964] Got to do that.
[2965] Definitely.
[2966] My parents are gonna be here in ... it's twenty to eight, they were, they said they'd be here in ten minutes ... and I've got to run down.
[2967] ... Erm yesterday ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2968] Ya?
Catriona (PS52C) [2969] did I have another conversation, Jess and Lucy ... so I must have had another conversation with you last night then Jess
Jess (PS52F) [2970] It was about Foxy
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [2971] And we, we were talking about erm this with Mr I said yeah it's really annoying me cos every night
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [2972] before I go to bed, you know, for the past week we've had like an hour's discussion, totally nothing!
[2973] We've repeated ourselves and all this lot and he said well no if you're like coming out with sayings like chill out man
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Jess (PS52F) [2974] you know, the person would like ... she will then like record that bit, play it, get them to say ... what you've just said, can you tell I've got a cold?
[2975] ... Get them to say what you've just said and [...] and erm then she'll like tell them why it's chill out man, not because they're cold but you know
Catriona (PS52C) [2976] [laughing] Oh I see [] .
Jess (PS52F) [2977] I mean he was just saying this and he was coming out with, you know, stupid words and it was really funny in the lesson, it was brilliant. ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2978] I've only done two s two tapes, I've ... where, where are the other tapes? ...
Jess (PS52F) [2979] I don't know.
Catriona (PS52C) [2980] What on earth have I done with them?
Jess (PS52F) [2981] They're over here you dick.
Catriona (PS52C) [2982] No I know I know but where are the ones I've made?
Jess (PS52F) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [2983] Oh God!
[2984] I'm in a state, I just don't know where anything is. ...
Jess (PS52F) [2985] What's wrong.
Catriona (PS52C) [2986] [screaming] Ah [] ... One ... I'm sure I did three tapes.
[2987] Obviously not.
[2988] ... Okay it's get worried time.
Jess (PS52F) [2989] God!
[2990] ... How come your mum and dad are coming?
[2991] Just to see you yeah? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2992] No they like music. ...
Jess (PS52F) [2993] It must be something to do with you.
[2994] ... Can I, oh yes
Catriona (PS52C) [2995] Tape five?
Jess (PS52F) [2996] Lucy won't mind will she? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [2997] Tape six.
[2998] ... This must be
Jess (PS52F) [2999] [whingeing] Ooh [] .
[3000] ... I can't believe I did that, I'm to regret that so much. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3001] What the did you do?
[3002] Oh I see with Sal.
[3003] Oh I know.
Jess (PS52F) [3004] I can't believe I did it
Catriona (PS52C) [3005] Four.
Jess (PS52F) [3006] I feel like cruising and crying I really do because
Catriona (PS52C) [3007] No no don't cry, don't cry.
Jess (PS52F) [3008] No but ... [sigh] ... it's so ridiculous.
Catriona (PS52C) [3009] Tape three.
[3010] Why have I got tape three in here?
[3011] I must have tape two ... I mean tape one.
Jess (PS52F) [3012] Maybe Charlotte's taken it.
Catriona (PS52C) [3013] Oh my God I've lost it!
[3014] ... All that work, well ... oh here we are, tape one and tape three so I must have only done t two tapes, not very impressive.
Jess (PS52F) [3015] When's it gotta be in?
Catriona (PS52C) [3016] Tomorrow.
Jess (PS52F) [3017] She won't be mad.
Catriona (PS52C) [3018] But I mean Kathy 's only done like one side apparently
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3019] And Lucy [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3020] don't run off with that skirt cos I'm wearing it tomorrow. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3021] Okay.
Catriona (PS52C) [3022] Cos I haven't got another cos Lucy's got my dark one.
[3023] ... Erm ... tape one, here we are.
[3024] Tape three obviously hasn't got anything in it.
[3025] ... [sigh] Parents get here now.
[3026] Please come, hurry [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3027] [...] ?
Catriona (PS52C) [3028] Yeah cos, cos they've got to get their tickets off me. ...
Jess (PS52F) [3029] Oh can I have that other ticket?
Catriona (PS52C) [3030] Sure can babe.
[3031] Luce did you take my [...] set today?
Lucy (PS52G) [3032] Yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [3033] You did?
[3034] Oh thank you I wondered where it went and I thought oh shit I've lost it.
[3035] ... Thanks so much.
Lucy (PS52G) [sigh]
Catriona (PS52C) [3036] What's wrong?
Lucy (PS52G) [3037] Where would it be?
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Lucy (PS52G) [3038] [...] jump, yeah? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3039] [...] Scrooge
Lucy (PS52G) [3040] I'm cringing.
Catriona (PS52C) [3041] I'm furious. ... [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3042] [...] Romeo and Juliet.
[3043] There's a massive Romeo and Juliet rehearsal on Friday.
Catriona (PS52C) [3044] It's, it's not
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3045] Tomorrow?
Catriona (PS52C) [3046] yeah it is tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3047] Two o'clock.
Catriona (PS52C) [3048] Two o'clock yeah but it's not
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3049] I'm going to the theatre in the evening.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3050] Are you, who with? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3051] Foxy's taking me.
[3052] [laughing] No [] [laugh] no erm ... what was I gonna say, where am I going?
[3053] Er Tale of Two Cities, I really need to see it though cos I don't understand.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3054] Who are you going with?
Catriona (PS52C) [3055] S erm just my English set.
[3056] I it's not
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3057] Our exams can't be that serious if we're like got these things on surely?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3058] They're not serious, they're not serious at all.
Catriona (PS52C) [3059] I think they're just to scare you.
Jess (PS52F) [3060] C can you wait for me Lucy? ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3061] Ya.
Jess (PS52F) [3062] I said I'd get George as well. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3063] Have you, have you done it [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3064] No but he just, he just said well what [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3065] Is it d was it the like kind of situation where you're gonna have to carry it on so that he
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3066] Yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [3067] What so you've got to think of something now to say?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3068] Yes. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3069] Well you've started now so
Catriona (PS52C) [3070] Oh it'll be okay.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3071] I mean no, I don't know what to say but there're so many things that she said that ... tt I'm not speaking to her again, I, I know I shouldn't have done it.
[3072] You know you don't, just don't speak to exes do you really?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3073] I've spoken to Han about Tom and I've regretted it like anything.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3074] I don't know.
[3075] It wasn't because I didn't like what she was saying, some of it I didn't like what she was saying
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3076] but other things I didn't want her to know.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3077] Exactly.
[3078] ... But mm mm ... [sighing] God [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3079] Did you say a lot?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3080] Did she?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3081] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3082] Did me.
[3083] I said a bit ... but ... oh I don't know, you know what it's like don't you? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3084] Catriona your mum's downstairs.
Catriona (PS52C) [3085] Oh br oh Madeleine you look stunning.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3086] Madeleine you look so nice.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3087] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3088] Oh babes, have a kiss?
Catriona (PS52C) [3089] Let's have a look, have a look.
[3090] Have you go are you nervous?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3091] No not yet.
Catriona (PS52C) [3092] Let's ha [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3093] Madeleine well look just look out for me [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3094] Oh wow!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3095] Did you buy it?
[3096] Madeleine
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3097] Ha?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3098] did you have it made or did you buy it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3099] I bought it.
[3100] ... Your mum's downstairs [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3101] I'd better go and find her.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3102] Isn't that gorgeous?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3103] Yeah it looks really nice.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3104] You look lush babe.
Catriona (PS52C) [3105] You do. ... [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3106] But you've got such an old fashioned approach Charlotte, erm because your approach is ban everything, stop, lay the rules down, I dunno a Hitler kind of approach er ... doesn't get anyone anywhere. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [cough]
Catriona (PS52C) [3107] [...] approach, that's why everybody can't, you know, everyone has to conform and it's like
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3108] Well not really, look I don't have a short skirt. [laugh] [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3109] Go on Catriona, I might [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3110] No no because you want, you reckon that the way to stop things is to put, have rules on everything you know? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3111] I know it's a stupid phrase but you learn by your mistakes and I'm telling you too it's bloody true.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3112] I know I've learnt a few things by huge mistakes. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3113] You do learn by [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3114] Dave obviously didn't know. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3115] No. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3116] Right.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3117] Yeah but there's so much damage to you.
[3118] You saw that film, you saw what happened to that person.
[3119] It's awful.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3120] Yeah I'm saying [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3121] They're being educated aren't they?
[3122] They're being educated, if they ha
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3123] if they haven't learnt their lessons, if they haven't, if they haven't paid attention in class
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3124] It's their fault.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3125] it's their fault.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3126] I know but you see they'll regret it later but they need a bit more
Catriona (PS52C) [3127] I'll listen to this in the morning.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3128] No don't you dare.
[3129] They need a bit more [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3130] Did [...] phone Jess?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3131] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [3132] [...] make the room look nice right.
[3133] Well, this bit of it. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3134] [laugh] Oh I'm starving actually.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3135] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3136] Er erm ... right
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3137] [...] I [...] as well. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3138] No you've just got this conform this idea that you know by banning everything everyone's gonna
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3139] It's like this [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3140] It doesn't work like that though.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3141] Goodnight.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3142] Goodnight.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3143] It's like this Bulger thing, yeah?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3144] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3145] They're trying to blame it on the parents but you don't get a set of
Catriona (PS52C) [3146] Bum!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3147] you know, rules for bringing up your child.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3148] I don't know, it's not the parents' fault.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3149] Well I don't know anything about it but I think you can't be responsible for what your children do.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3150] No but some people think it is.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3151] Night.
Catriona (PS52C) [3152] Night.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3153] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3154] Cos you don't actually have that much [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3155] So therefore while he's at school
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3156] No it's like guidance though
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3157] so they're responsible for what you're doing, okay [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3158] if the school didn't say don't smoke a lot more people would.
Catriona (PS52C) [3159] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3160] They might.
Catriona (PS52C) [3161] If the school didn't say don't smoke?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3162] The c the school didn't, you know, there wasn't a rule saying don't smoke and then you get busted and all that
Catriona (PS52C) [3163] Well exactly, that's the whole point!
[3164] If you're allowed to s that's the, that's the point
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3165] Yeah I know but if everyone went out ... if you're allowed to
Catriona (PS52C) [3166] that's the point!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3167] yeah I know if you're allowed to then everyone, more people do it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3168] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [3169] Bollocks.
[3170] People might do it at first, there might be like an epidemic of wow it's so cool we can smoke at school
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3171] But then after a while they'll think [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3172] but it would just wear off they'd think well you know it's not such a big thing now, I mean it's not, I mean part of the fun is the risk for a lot of people.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3173] Yeah I go on holiday
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3174] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3175] and there is so many people smoking where, in the pubs that I go to and I don't have it cos I think it looks disgusting ... I come here and because we go around in like threes and it's, you know, [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3176] Sociable isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3177] and, well no it's not sociable but because you come out and it, it gets you away from here because you've got so many things on during the day you want some time to yourself ... and because you, we've found us a place that we won't get busted and we know we won't we go in and have it but I can guarantee that if we were, like ... walking into this room, if it was full of smoke it would put me off straight away.
[3178] ... So when I pe when I sit, when I think oh right I'll have a piss up session this Saturday and I see one of my friends getting absolutely slaughtered it puts me off straight away because I think oh stupid, what, what a waste.
[3179] Okay you've gotta have certain rules
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3180] Yeah but it might not work you see that's a big risk for a school to take [cough] and anyway the parents would be against it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3181] That's why [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3182] My dad thinks the same.
Catriona (PS52C) [3183] What?
[3184] ... He thinks what?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3185] About the smo about the smoking.
Catriona (PS52C) [3186] It should be made legal?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3187] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [3188] It shouldn't be made legal?
[3189] He thinks the same as you, it should be banned and strictly sort of I don't.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3190] No no my dad thinks, he said ... he, he just said, he said cos when he was at Wellington he said there was this one boy and he used to go out under a bush or something and smoke and smoke and smoke all the time and stuff and he knew and everyone knew you see and he said that's fine, you know, you can go and do things like that as long as you don't get caught but like ... doing things like that in house and, and it's like you're ... the ideal for the removes and the younger people in the school, it's like they see all the upper, lower and upper sixth smoking and screwing and they think God we want to go, we want to go and try it out, you know, cos that's [...] sheep
Catriona (PS52C) [3191] But that's ridic no that's, but Charlotte wh when you're eleven years old you don't look at someone else and, and
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3192] yeah well they are sheep, they're vulnerable, they're little boys [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3193] Oh that that is such crap!
[3194] Just because they're the youngest year in the school doesn't mean they're gonna go round and, you know erm and copy what oth no that's, no I'm sorry Charlotte
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3195] But they are vulnerable though, they're [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3196] but when I was eleven years old I didn't look at the sixth form and do jus just because they were doing something I wanted to do it, I might have admired them but if they were smoking that wouldn't make me want to smoke.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3197] No but they are vulnerable though, they
Catriona (PS52C) [3198] No but not they're not, that's just
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3199] They are.
Catriona (PS52C) [3200] They're not!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3201] Oh I think they are.
[3202] I was always too good so I don't really [...] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3203] [...] buggered up just t keeps stopping and starting, oh!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3204] Is it on again?
Catriona (PS52C) [3205] Yeah.
[3206] ... No I'm sorry I don't agree with you there.
[3207] [sniff] ... I hate this thing about you know you're making a tt er er you're setting an example for the rest of the school, you know.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3208] But don't you think that ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3209] What?
[3210] Do I think that we're setting, we are setting, us personally are setting an example for all the little people?
[3211] No.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3212] Not personally, the, the whole
Catriona (PS52C) [3213] Not at all.
[3214] I don't think, no I don't think they're even con I don't think they're even concerned with what we're doing, I don't think they even notice, they're in their own little worlds.
[3215] ... I don't live my life looking up to other people, setting my life on the example of others, yeah fair enough
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3216] Well no you don't, yeah but like in house, like, like
Catriona (PS52C) [3217] Yeah so why should they?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3218] just in Batham all those removes having to look out for the sixth form smoking
Catriona (PS52C) [3219] Yeah but that's n
Lucy (PS52G) [3220] [...] that's silly.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3221] they know that goes on yeah it is silly
Lucy (PS52G) [3222] But if they try it and they like it then it's their life, they can do what they want. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3223] I know but they, they think ... is this what people do?
[3224] I don't think it does make [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3225] No they don't. [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3226] They do, they think people did it to me so I'm gonna do it to them ... they just do it as a way of getting back, it's not is this what people do, they know it's not right ... they just do it because they think well we had to sit there for hours on look out so they can too.
[3227] It's sod's law.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3228] Yeah they've gotta carry on and
Lucy (PS52G) [3229] This is such a sexist comment but boys are taught about all of this stuff before we are ... they've got a lo lot more idea about drugs and all that lot than most girls are.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3230] But the thing I think, no but like with drugs, say you had a talk on it ... [...] class of like removes
Lucy (PS52G) [3231] It wouldn't make any difference.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3232] and you had a talk on drugs, you know, about things, I think it makes people curious. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3233] So what do you want them to do, not show videos at all
Catriona (PS52C) [3234] What so you want to
Lucy (PS52G) [3235] and let them find out the hard way?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3236] That's a true statement because I was told that by [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3237] That, that is, that's another kind of Victorian idea you've got there
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3238] No no if you start lecturing
Catriona (PS52C) [3239] you know don't mention
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3240] people and telling them all these things about things they don't really know much about like drugs they take in what [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3241] So you leave them naive and stupid and then something could happen and they
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3242] No but then, no but they're not saying when you get, when you
Lucy (PS52G) [3243] But then they become curious and try it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3244] when you get high
Catriona (PS52C) [3245] They can't cure it cos they just haven't seen a [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3246] No, curious
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3247] they're not saying when you get high
Lucy (PS52G) [3248] about what drugs do to them so they go and try it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3249] you have a really amazing time they're saying when you get high this happens then it can usually result in this ... [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3250] I know but they'll think no but the bit that this happens, you know like ... they do get high because I mean [...] take drugs [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3251] No a lot, a lot of things to do with smoking, drugs and alcohol
Lucy (PS52G) [laugh]
Lucy (PS52G) [3252] is to do with in your friends and, and who, who you go around with, it's got nothing to do with how much you're taught about it I don't think.
[3253] ... And it's got to do with the individual as well.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3254] Peer pressure it's called.
Lucy (PS52G) [3255] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3256] Peer pressure, people do it cos it's sociable or something don't they?
Lucy (PS52G) [3257] No.
Catriona (PS52C) [3258] No some people do.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3259] Like at a party some people at a party smoke [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3260] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3261] th they just smoke, smoke socially.
[3262] [cough] Don't you think Luce?
Lucy (PS52G) [3263] Yeah but you find most of them don't inhale anyway so it's not doing any damage.
[3264] Passive smoking's just as bad.
[3265] So what do you want, you know?
[3266] Party and then ... no one goes into the bit where everyone's smoking cos otherwise they'll die.
Catriona (PS52C) [3267] Yeah no but I mean passive smoking is just ... that's, that's, that's the way that self erm s smoking is so selfish because you can't get away, you know, whether you're not smoking or not you're still ... getting the worst from it. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3268] I'm so bunged up.
[3269] No but I mean er it's,n not telling people ... I think pe I, you know, I think that's the worst thing to do.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3270] No no they should be aware of it.
Catriona (PS52C) [3271] Well that's, that's your idea of, your idea though i is, you know, to
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3272] They should be aware but they shouldn't be like ... I
Catriona (PS52C) [3273] They shouldn't be informed and I think that's wrong.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3274] No no no they should be informed, they should know about everything but I don't think they, they should
Lucy (PS52G) [3275] [...] but you can't have [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3276] see everyone else doing it and think ... oh well maybe we're meant to do it. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3277] But Charlotte that's stupid.
Lucy (PS52G) [3278] [...] cos you've got an opinion and you're gonna stick to it but everyone is totally different, everyone's got a totally different view on things.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3279] Yeah but sometimes they don't because
Catriona (PS52C) [3280] No but Charlotte that's ridiculous you don't look, tell me do you look at some people ... and I do have you ever looked at any people, saw them doing something and think oh that's probably what, well that's what should be done?
[3281] I mean you never look at someone and say, I mean apart from your parents
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3282] No because that's me cos I'm quite [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3283] apart from your parents and you think they're wonderful, you know, they know everything don't they?
[3284] You get really annoyed when they don't know everything and they do and they can't answer your questions, apart from your parents I don't think there's one person, well me anyway, there's not one person I've looked at and thought oh well that's what should be done.
[3285] You know I'll watch them and think maybe I'd like to do that but not, not, you know, judging, not sort of using them as a kind of measure stick ... you know to judge everybody by.
[3286] That's ridiculous.
Lucy (PS52G) [3287] My dad was once testing me on my biology and we came up to these films and the subject of drugs and I said just, you know, just as a joke and I thought he would just laugh it off, I said have you done any?
[3288] And he said yes I've once done L S D and he said if you get the chance do it because you can't go through life, you know ... and not do it, you know, it's something that you will do, you'll find that all your friends will when you get older ... you know [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3289] just don't get addicted.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3290] That's the thing
Lucy (PS52G) [3291] And now he's said that to me I'm not going to. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3292] Yeah cos he's let you, yeah.
Lucy (PS52G) [3293] Co because he's let me I'm not going to do it because I'm not really gonna get a thrill out of it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3294] That's probably like me.
[3295] I'm allow
Catriona (PS52C) [3296] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3297] I'm allowed to do anything, my mum will let me drink, smoke, take drugs, anything really, well ... well she probably wouldn't actually but, you know she never tells me off, she's never lectured me about anything, she's never given me a talk on [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3298] Yeah but Charlotte she probably doesn't even think you know.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3299] I know, well no she does know, she said to me in the car once you think I don't know anything but [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3300] No but my dad was like saying
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3301] but, but I don't because [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3302] my dad was saying, you know it's, it's ... when I did it it was really good and everything, you know, as long as you don't get addicted it's okay but try because you're going to when you get older, [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3303] I wouldn't want to try smoking just in case I liked it ... cos I wouldn't want to.
Lucy (PS52G) [3304] Fine that's, that's [...] then ... but now my dad's given me permission to do that I'm not going to.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3305] [...] ... It's quite true that [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3306] Plus the fact that one of my friends thought it was a really funny idea if she stuck half a [...] in one of my drinks and I almost died so ... that's beside the point.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3307] She did?
Lucy (PS52G) [3308] Yeah.
[3309] She thought it was really funny.
[3310] ... [laughing] It lasted twelve hours [] and that was the worst twelve hours in my life [...] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3311] Did you go high or low? ...
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3312] But no well sometimes it has a reverse effect on people.
Lucy (PS52G) [3313] You know everyone was walking like [...] my hair I didn't know where I was ... everything that people said [cough] would like just echo in my head.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3314] Where were you?
Lucy (PS52G) [3315] I was in this club up in London and she just thought it'd be really funny.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3316] Did you take alcohol [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3317] That's so awful she could've killed you.
Lucy (PS52G) [3318] What?
Catriona (PS52C) [3319] She could've killed you.
Lucy (PS52G) [3320] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3321] Did you take alcohol with it though?
Catriona (PS52C) [3322] Do you still know this girl?
Lucy (PS52G) [3323] No. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3324] What, can you die on half of one?
Catriona (PS52C) [3325] Yeah.
[3326] Depends on what's in it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3327] Ooh [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3328] Ecstasy the d
Lucy (PS52G) [3329] It depends what you're body's like, you can die of anything.
Catriona (PS52C) [3330] And it also
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3331] and it also depends what's in Ecstasy cos people put all sorts of shit into Ecstasy nowadays, you know, they just, you know there's like R Rataseed and y you know, stuff that you put on the lawn and, you know cos it, it's cheap isn't it?
[3332] They can make a fortune, they can sell these tablets and
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3333] And sell dud things.
Catriona (PS52C) [3334] yeah and they can sell duds and they're, you know, they're not missing out, they'll be making money and it can kill you, and it can kill you even if, you know, you can take the real Ecstasy and it can ... but supposedly what's good about Ecstasy is that it's a designer drug and it gets you on a really good high and [sniff] you know you ... dance a lot and you
Lucy (PS52G) [3335] Feel crap.
Catriona (PS52C) [3336] you sweat a lot and you're supposedly meant to feel good for so long and then it's meant to wear off and there's meant to be no hangover effects or nothing and that's why it's a designer drug and that's why it ... you know, it's supposed to be so good.
[3337] ... But because people mi mess about so much it kills.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3338] [...] really good?
[3339] ... Why what do you think ... like Jim taking drugs in school?
Catriona (PS52C) [3340] What do I think?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3341] Not but do you think like something like that, what do you think the school's responsibility is? ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3342] Exactly what they've done, they saw him and they suspended him.
Catriona (PS52C) [3343] Yeah what c what more can they do? ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3344] They can't put raiders on, radars on you, they just keep track of what you're doing every day
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3345] No
Lucy (PS52G) [3346] and do you think that's enough?
Catriona (PS52C) [3347] To suspend someone?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3348] Yeah.
Lucy (PS52G) [3349] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [3350] Yeah well if he gets caught again he'll be expelled ... and if he's dealing, any dealers cau caught here they'll be expelled in instantly cos they're actually causing harm to other people. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3351] That's the other thing though, you should have your own mind, so what if you're a dealer?
Catriona (PS52C) [3352] You should what?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3353] [cough] In your opinion if you're offered something like that you should have your own mind and if you want to take it that's your problem.
Lucy (PS52G) [3354] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3355] Why is that so bad for children?
Catriona (PS52C) [3356] Why is it so bad?
Lucy (PS52G) [3357] It's not bad, we're saying that the rules here are that if you're caught dealing you're gonna be suspended but
Catriona (PS52C) [3358] No you're expelled.
Lucy (PS52G) [3359] I mean you're expelled.
Catriona (PS52C) [3360] Yeah.
[3361] Because there you're, therefore you're causing not only harm to yourself
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3362] You're dealing
Catriona (PS52C) [3363] supposedly but you're, you're er er could be harming, yeah
Lucy (PS52G) [3364] You are an influence on other people.
Catriona (PS52C) [3365] and harming other people.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3366] Influencing you see, there's that word again, you said there is no influence. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Lucy (PS52G) [3367] It's totally different when you're taking drugs and when you're dealing them. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3368] Yeah if you're taking it you just want a laugh and you know you're not affecting anyone else but if you're dealing you're pressing other people to buy it.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3369] There's that other thing, pressing you see, you said that ... no you can't infl you know it doesn't matter that you influence people.
Catriona (PS52C) [3370] No ... [sigh]
Lucy (PS52G) [3371] There's no set rule about this though.
Catriona (PS52C) [sigh] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3372] I know it's a different subject like this is drugs and the other thing is smoking but like it's still the same if people see you do it people take things off you. [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3373] Do you seriously think that if you went to a school and it was like, you know, all cosy, you know, you had dealers and [...] weren't allowed to smoke, you weren't allowed to drink and you weren't allowed to take drugs do you seriously think anyone would go there? [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3374] No they wouldn't and they'd all break the rules and it would be biggest
Lucy (PS52G) [3375] and it'd be worse.
Catriona (PS52C) [3376] cock up in, you know ... in Britain and it would just be the laughing stock, I mean you can't do that, you can't shelter everybody
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3377] I know you can't, I know you can't but I think
Catriona (PS52C) [3378] and pretend, and just block things out and pretend they're not there.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3379] I think people can do as they please and they can make up their own minds but I just don't think that all, everyone else should be like advertising the fact
Lucy (PS52G) [3380] But it's not as if , you can't do much more though you know?
[3381] They s they seriously can't do much more than if they catch you they suspend you ... there's not a lot more that they can do. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3382] What suspend [...] [loud rattling noise so unable to hear]
Catriona (PS52C) [3383] Well they can finally expel you but it's a vicious circle, I mean it goes on and on and on, if they expel one person, there's always gonna be ten more.
[3384] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3385] If they expel [...] anyone else though isn't it?
[3386] If someone's expelled for drugs you know don't you think everyone else would think hey, you know?
Lucy (PS52G) [3387] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [3388] But there have been people expelled for drugs.
Lucy (PS52G) [3389] It still hasn't stopped it.
[3390] If so if someone wants to
Catriona (PS52C) [3391] It hasn't stopped it at all.
Lucy (PS52G) [3392] [...] for a long time
Catriona (PS52C) [3393] Huge there's been huge drug busting over the last two years.
[3394] Huge amounts of people have gone, I mean Andy , him being expelled, that was just an excuse
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3395] Oh yeah [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3396] he was a drug wasn't he a dealer?
[3397] Erm and that was just an excu h him being expelled for driving someone into town was simply an excuse because he'd been caught so many other times.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3398] I know it was the last straw of many.
Catriona (PS52C) [3399] Yeah.
[3400] ... But he's gone and people know why, really why ... and erm that's not stopping anyone.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3401] Don't you think it makes any impact?
Catriona (PS52C) [3402] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3403] Don't you think it ma you don't [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3404] No because if you're addicted nothing's gonna stop you.
Catriona (PS52C) [3405] Erm not necessarily addicted though, they just like it ... and they just wait until they get caught then they suffer the consequences themselves.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3406] I can't see it though because you see I don't do anything like this at all
Catriona (PS52C) [3407] Nor do I. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3408] so I find it hard to see why people are so desperate at school to do all these things.
Lucy (PS52G) [3409] knows that loads and loads of people go out there and smoke by the [...] you know
Catriona (PS52C) [3410] Yeah.
Lucy (PS52G) [3411] it's so obvious, you see all the fag packets
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3412] Yeah.
Lucy (PS52G) [3413] he walks past there, if he really wanted to bust us that bad he'd probably just come up and say right [...] [bag rattling too much to hear properly]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3414] what he does he, he [...] if he's walking his dog and he sees you and he passes you he's got to bust you.
Catriona (PS52C) [3415] [...] ?
Lucy (PS52G) [3416] I don't know.
[3417] I'm gonna find some money and ring.
Catriona (PS52C) [3418] What?
Lucy (PS52G) [3419] I'm just going to go and find some money and ring.
[3420] ... Does it take little fives?
Catriona (PS52C) [3421] No. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3422] Ooh.
Catriona (PS52C) [3423] Do it by card.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3424] I've got ten P.
Lucy (PS52G) [3425] I've got twenty, it's just swallowed twenty of my P ... I put it in before she answered [...] [clears throat]
Catriona (PS52C) [3426] Oh how annoying. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [cough] ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3427] Bye.
Lucy (PS52G) [3428] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3429] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3430] Bye.
[3431] How's your score doing?
[3432] ... Not very well? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3433] Okay I'll [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3434] It's just like, no two girls got expelled from my last school for drugs but I think they actually ... one of them gave it to the other one ... but they were both expelled. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3435] Do you believe in ghosts? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3436] I don't really know cos I haven't really experienced anything [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3437] No but I mean
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3438] I've done a ouija board thing.
Catriona (PS52C) [3439] That work? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3440] We well I wasn't actually [...] I was watching ... but I was quite surprised.
Catriona (PS52C) [3441] Did it work? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3442] Oh gosh yes it ... I've heard lots of stories as well.
Lucy (PS52G) [3443] I'm never ever gonna do that again.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3444] Did it about five years ago [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3445] A friend of mine did it erm they didn't burn the erm ... the spirit when they'd finished and erm you know you're meant to actually put a piece of paper under and burn it under the light or smash the glass and ... erm for the next six months she couldn't sleep properly and it felt like there, she was like tormented and erm things were like pulling at her, her bedclothes and I swear she's like seeing a psy a psychia psychiatrist and she had to sleep in her parents' room and everything ... really scary.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3446] Yeah I know, I really [...] I just said you should try not to think about it.
Catriona (PS52C) [3447] And she'd like come to school and she's just such a wreck.
[3448] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3449] Try not to think about these things.
[3450] ... Er no I don't know [cough] why what do you think?
Catriona (PS52C) [3451] Do I believe in them?
[3452] ... Yeah.
[3453] [cough] Well
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3454] I think there's something there cos some things are er don't have any logic [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3455] I had a ghost in my house in France ... but I've never seen anything but people have.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3456] I'm not sure, you can't ... can't say unless you've experienced things I don't think.
Catriona (PS52C) [3457] Yeah you can.
Lucy (PS52G) [3458] Yes you can.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3459] Well ... not but the, no I'm saying I, I don't like to make
Lucy (PS52G) [3460] Sometimes it's [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3461] an assumption on no evidence.
[3462] ... Oh I'm going to go to bed [cough] [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3463] I'm quite scared ... erm ... I'd be scar I mean I'd be scared if I saw one but ... be interesting at the same time, I sort of want to and I sort of
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3464] Curious but [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3465] Yeah very curious. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3466] I haven't really thought about it for ages actually. ... [cough]
Catriona (PS52C) [3467] Are you going home this weekend?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3468] Yeah.
[3469] God I think I need to have a break from the shack.
Catriona (PS52C) [3470] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3471] I think I need a break from the shack.
Catriona (PS52C) [3472] Are you going home?
[3473] ... Is it your last one? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3474] I daren't walk in there ever again now. ... [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3475] Aren't you erm what's happened with Pete ?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3476] How much have you done? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3477] [laugh] Erm erm two tapes ... on the end of my second tape, I'm hoping to get on to a third but it depends how erm ... far this conversation goes.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3478] [whispering] Fuck [] .
Catriona (PS52C) [3479] What's wrong?
[3480] ... How much have you done, a quarter? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3481] Oh [laugh]
Catriona (PS52C) [3482] I have to or, or I won't fill it up.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3483] Yeah I mean everyone's got [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3484] Do you want some cereal?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3485] No thanks.
[3486] [...] gets them really pissed and there's like [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3487] Really? [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3488] Why [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3489] teachers talking and everyone just buggers off [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3490] Everyone buggers off I mean you sit around the parents' car and you have the lunch with your sort of so
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3491] Is there a sports day then?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3492] Erm ... they have cricket like sort of erm
Catriona (PS52C) [3493] They don't have a swimming match or anything do they?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3494] No
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3495] they have like erm cricket against the dads or some old blokes playing [...] tt the A level art exhibition [...] [laugh] [...] and erm ... that's it basically.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3496] Yeah [...] I suppose all the parents start chatting [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3497] Yeah.
Catriona (PS52C) [3498] Have you re-snogged any of the people?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3499] Yeah. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3500] You don't, so you don't go for the new ones you just ca go back to the beginning of the list? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3501] Oh yeah!
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3502] No I mean
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3503] [laughing] That sounds terrible [] !
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3504] erm I've redone Cal and Phil [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3505] Who did, who did [...] go out, go out with?
[3506] Because when I was saying in erm
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3507] Kirsty .
Catriona (PS52C) [3508] Was it Kirsty?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3509] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [3510] Oh.
[3511] Is he [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3512] Yeah.
[3513] Yeah cos I was staying in her room and I was ill and [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3514] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3515] Yeah you can always blame it on illness.
Catriona (PS52C) [3516] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3517] Well I was ill for about four days I mean what do they expect?
Catriona (PS52C) [3518] [laugh] I'm not gonna do, do we get to keep the tapes and the batteries though?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3519] No.
[3520] Have to give them all back.
Catriona (PS52C) [3521] All of them? ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3522] Yes so've I.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3523] Bye.
Catriona (PS52C) [3524] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3525] [...] you promise me nobody's gonna hear these.
Catriona (PS52C) [3526] Yeah.
[3527] Just the people that ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3528] Not the teachers in this school?
Catriona (PS52C) [3529] I can add a Kathy onto that then.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3530] Please.
Catriona (PS52C) [3531] What?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3532] Not the teachers in this school.
Catriona (PS52C) [3533] No no no no, no one here. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3534] I'm going to bed.
[3535] [cough] I don't know what we were talking about then.
[3536] Oh I wasn't gonna go to the shack
Catriona (PS52C) [3537] Oh yeah.
[3538] You're not going home?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3539] I am going home for two days.
Catriona (PS52C) [3540] Oh right yeah you're not going to the shack yeah I remember.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3541] What about Sunday night though?
[3542] Bet you will.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3543] Well I'll come back, shall I come back late?
[3544] No my brother has to be back by nine ... nine thirty, I'll have exams so I'll go and revise ... [laughing] no I bet you I will [] I just can't, the temptation's extremely great ... but not if you know what I mean.
[3545] I'm tempted to go but I don't want to for the fool I'll make out of myself.
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3546] I know [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3547] Yeah quite.
[3548] Well can't you keep a grip on yourself woman?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3549] [sighing] Oh [] actually it will be better, will you be there?
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3550] Will, will you be there?
Catriona (PS52C) [3551] On Sunday night?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3552] No you won't will you?
Catriona (PS52C) [3553] Yeah I will.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3554] You will?
[3555] Cos I need some friends around just to like protect me [laugh] cos I was the only girl last week and I just had no one to refer to.
Catriona (PS52C) [3556] God you must have felt quite silly ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3557] Yes.
Catriona (PS52C) [3558] everyone was laughing at you

10 (Tape 142801)

Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3559] Crap.
[3560] Where did you, where did you get
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3561] No like I
Catriona (PS52C) [3562] that idea?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3563] I thought it, no no I mean like you knock your leg on the table or something, you know?
[3564] ... Or that you open the door on your face, I dunno, anything.
Catriona (PS52C) [3565] [sigh] ... No ... I don't really, I think that's just ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3566] No it does, no, just circumstantial though but it does happen.
[3567] I notice if I say something rude something happens and I think oh [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3568] I know that's probably cos you're thinking about it.
[3569] It's probably all in your mind.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3570] No afterwards no, when I've done it I go and do something and then I think oh yeah that's for doing that.
[3571] I did it today, I don't know what it was, I think I was rude to Marina or something then something happened.
Catriona (PS52C) [3572] And then something ha no that is completely in your mind because I'm rude to people all the time and I've never even thought about it and I still do things and I don't, you know, it doesn't even cross my mind.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3573] I, I have such a guilt complex though.
[3574] If I'm nasty to someone
Catriona (PS52C) [3575] I know you do.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3576] or say something I feel so guilty.
Catriona (PS52C) [3577] I don't believe you can ever [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3578] Me?
Catriona (PS52C) [3579] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3580] I can but yeah that's why I have such a guilt complex after and I think oh that was really horrible like [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3581] What's the nastiest thing you've ever said?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3582] I, I don't know but, I can't remember [...] I don't think about [...] but I'm really, if I say like
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3583] erm ... what did I say to ... and I just say things like I'm, I'm really pissed off with her keep coming with me to breakfast every morning
Catriona (PS52C) [3584] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3585] and coming to dinner with me every evening, being in the same room, walking to lessons with her, it fucks me off like hell, she's really getting on my wick, you know?
[3586] ... Yeah?
Catriona (PS52C) [3587] Yeah I'm listening, I'm just
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3588] So ... you know, I say things like oh I'm going down to see Zoey now before dinner and like she'll follow me down or something and I'll say oh are you going into the saloon or like to try and get her to not come with me, then I feel so guilty I think well poor Marina, you know, she's here in a foreign country, she hasn't got any friends and she's all by herself and I wouldn't like it if I was in her position
Catriona (PS52C) [3589] Yeah but you do make an effort.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3590] so I give in and let her come.
[3591] ... I have, I can make more effort though, you know there's making an effort and making an effort.
[3592] ... You know I could make a lot more effort than I do.
Catriona (PS52C) [3593] No not you, she could make an effort.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3594] What to make friends?
[3595] But it's really hard, she does, she wants to make friends but well like she keeps bloody well coming to sit [...] table ... Trina
Catriona (PS52C) [3596] I'm listening. ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3597] and she just like ... you know i er it puts other people off, you know?
[3598] She splits me off from you lot, I'm really fucked off actually cos like when I just go to dinner I just go with bloody Marina and then I sit there and I just don't say a word and no one ever talks to me. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3599] I talk to you.
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3600] I know but ... today was another example.
Catriona (PS52C) [3601] Where were you, who were you sitting with?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3602] Well Mona was next to me, Marina was opposite me ... and then Suella was the other side.
[3603] ... And Suella hates me anyway so ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3604] [laughing] She doesn't hate you [] .
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3605] Well ... we're not the best of friends, she just takes the piss.
Catriona (PS52C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3606] So every time she says something [...] .
[3607] George is fucking sharp with me [...] .
[3608] I mean I've been in quite a bad mood this week actually but it's really, like you know standing up for myself [...] ... cos anyone that's rude to me now gets it right back in their face.
Catriona (PS52C) [3609] Do they?
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3610] Including you lot when you call me Trevor.
[3611] I'm going to bed cos I'm actually knackered and I don't why I've been sitting here talking
Catriona (PS52C) [...]
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [3612] you're probably bored out your brain but I suppose it's filling up your tape.
[3613] [laugh] Good night.
Catriona (PS52C) [3614] Night.
[3615] ... You need to see if [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3616] Yeah?
Catriona (PS52C) [3617] [...] you need to see if this is [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3618] Why?
Catriona (PS52C) [3619] What?
Lucy (PS52G) [3620] Why? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [...] [...]
Lucy (PS52G) [3621] [...] it's when they piss you off
Catriona (PS52C) [3622] And they annoy you?
Lucy (PS52G) [3623] No when they [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3624] No you don't have to, there's no, there's no rea there's no, there's no thing that makes someone [...] but it, it ... if you're pissed off it doesn't, you don't have to have a special reason to be pissed off you can just be pissed off like you can just be annoyed, it's like saying you're annoyed when someone nicks your towels. ... [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KP6PSUNK) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3625] Are you going home?
Lucy (PS52G) [3626] Mm.
Catriona (PS52C) [3627] Are you going on Sunday then?
Lucy (PS52G) [3628] Mm. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3629] Oh God yeah.
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3630] [...] annoy you for no reason.
Lucy (PS52G) [3631] [...] piss you off.
Catriona (PS52C) [3632] Yeah.
[3633] [laugh] Yeah well you know what I mean, for no reason.
[3634] ... And you're not really, and you feel guilty for being snappy but then you er ... know what I mean?
Lucy (PS52G) [3635] Mm.
[3636] Don't say do you know what I mean.
[3637] ... Carole says it all the time.
Catriona (PS52C) [3638] Yeah she does actually now that you mention it.
Lucy (PS52G) [3639] Now that pisses me off.
Catriona (PS52C) [3640] [laugh] But it doesn't annoy you. [cough]
Lucy (PS52G) [3641] No it doesn't annoy me, it's beyond annoying me it pisses me off. ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3642] [...] pretty much [...] now.
Lucy (PS52G) [3643] Yeah but she won't ... she won't back down from her, her side of it.
Catriona (PS52C) [3644] It's not like she's really kind of dominated your life [...] it's just that ... she's so ... not stupid, it just, you know [...] , it's incredible.
[3645] ... [...] ... I've got to take these, all these steps back down to Lucy .
[3646] ... [sniff] Have you done your photo thing? ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3647] What thing?
Catriona (PS52C) [3648] That thing that you were gonna do that Jess has done. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3649] What, what photo thing? ...
Catriona (PS52C) [3650] You know you were gonna do that photo thing with Solly. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [...]
Catriona (PS52C) [3651] Yeah and you said no you just wanted, didn't want me to do it or something. ...
Lucy (PS52G) [3652] Oh I see, yeah yeah I've done that.
Catriona (PS52C) [3653] Oh you've done it.
Lucy (PS52G) [3654] With Marcus?
Catriona (PS52C) [3655] Mm.
Lucy (PS52G) [3656] Yeah.
[3657] Awful.
[3658] Really nasty photos.
[3659] ... They look so bad it's embarrassing. ...