BNC Text KP7

4 conversations recorded by `Chris3' (PS52N) on 3 April 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 374 s-units, 1806 words, and over 17 minutes 36 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 600

PS52N Ag3 m (Chris, age 35, builder, Northern England, )
PS52P Ag3 m (Rob, age 40, builder, North-east England, ) colleague
PS52R Ag4 m (Scon, age 45, builder, North-east England, ) colleague
PS52S Ag1 m (Mick, age 22, builder, North-east England, ) colleague
PS6P8 Ag2 f (Louise, age 27, computer operator, Northern England, ) wife
PS6P9 Ag3 f (Rosie, age 36, child minder, North-east England, ) friend
PS6PA Ag2 m (Phil, age 31, mortgage financier, North-east England, ) brother
PS6PB Ag0 m (Kyle, age 2, pre-school, North-east England, ) son
KP7PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KP7PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

4 recordings

  1. Tape 068701 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 068702 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 068801 recorded on 1992-04-03. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 068901 recorded on unknown date. LocationNorthumberland: Morpeth () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 068701)

Chris (PS52N) [1] Hiya.
Rosie (PS6P9) [2] It's been a funny week.
[3] And loosing somebody as well.
[4] Yeah [...]
Chris (PS52N) [5] [...] Tiger.
Rosie (PS6P9) [6] [...] Want your bear back?
Chris (PS52N) [7] He's always wanting.
Rosie (PS6P9) [8] Cheerio then [...]
Chris (PS52N) [9] See you.
Rosie (PS6P9) [10] your bear back still gotta a little bit of chocolate left haven't you?
Chris (PS52N) [11] Have you?
Rosie (PS6P9) [12] Don't get cold.
[13] Want it on?
Kyle (PS6PB) [14] No.
Rosie (PS6P9) [15] You're gonna carry it?
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [16] Hi Chris.
Chris (PS52N) [17] Hi
Rosie (PS6P9) [18] Been a bit better afternoon.
Chris (PS52N) [19] Mhm.
Rosie (PS6P9) [20] There you've got your arms full.
[21] Haven't you aye?
[22] Friday tomorrow thank the lord.
Chris (PS52N) [laugh]
Rosie (PS6P9) [23] [laugh] There there now.
[24] Mighty frayed isn't he?
Kyle (PS6PB) [25] Yeah.
Rosie (PS6P9) [26] Cos I'm going shopping now.
[27] [...] Oh dear.
Chris (PS52N) [28] Come on then.
Phil (PS6PA) [29] Bye bye
Chris (PS52N) [30] Say your ta-tas.
Rosie (PS6P9) [31] Say your ta-ta to Matthew.
Kyle (PS6PB) [32] Ta-ta.
Chris (PS52N) [33] What?
[34] Where?
Kyle (PS6PB) [35] That.
Rosie (PS6P9) [36] [laugh] It's the microphone.
Chris (PS52N) [37] I'm doing a thing for the erm what is it the English language research laboratories.
Rosie (PS6P9) [38] Ah what's that ?
Chris (PS52N) [39] I've gotta carry this around with us and record me conversations with different people.
Rosie (PS6P9) [40] You're not recording me I hope.
Chris (PS52N) [41] [laughing] I am []
Rosie (PS6P9) [42] [laugh] You can't do it you haven't had asked my permission.
[43] [laugh] Hasn't he now.
[44] There that's dad.
[45] I'll box his lugs won't I?
[46] [laugh] Gonna give us a kiss then?
Chris (PS52N) [47] Give Rosie a kiss and say ta-ta.
[48] [shouting] Kyle. []
Rosie (PS6P9) [49] Come here.
Chris (PS52N) [50] Say sorry.
[51] Hey.
[52] Say sorry.
Rosie (PS6P9) [53] I'll get his coat.
Chris (PS52N) [54] You've hurt Matthew say sorry.
[55] Do want smacked?
[56] Did he hit you [...]
Rosie (PS6P9) [57] He never gets smacked does he?
Chris (PS52N) [58] Say sorry.
[59] What a defiant little
Rosie (PS6P9) [60] You gonna give us a kiss there now?
[61] Kyle.
Chris (PS52N) [62] He doesn't deserve one.
Rosie (PS6P9) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [63] Say sorry.
Rosie (PS6P9) [64] You give us a kiss.
[65] Give us a kiss.
Chris (PS52N) [66] Right you'll be put to bed without any supper tonight.
Rosie (PS6P9) [67] You've had it now.
[68] Straight to bed I just put him to bed now.
Chris (PS52N) [69] Mhm.
Rosie (PS6P9) [70] Go and get his pyjamas and I'll [...]
Chris (PS52N) [71] Come on then come and get your pyjamas on.
Rosie (PS6P9) [72] No bath straight to bed .
Chris (PS52N) [73] You're going straight to bed.
Phil (PS6PA) [74] Bye bye Kyle.
Chris (PS52N) [75] Ta-ta then.
Rosie (PS6P9) [76] Get your coat I'll give it your dad.
Kyle (PS6PB) [77] Bye Matthew.
Rosie (PS6P9) [78] Say bye bye.
Kyle (PS6PB) [79] Bye.
Chris (PS52N) [80] [laugh] Ta-ta.
Rosie (PS6P9) [81] Ah Matthew's not your friend now.
[82] Is he now?
Chris (PS52N) [83] I don't thing anybody will be if he keeps going on like that.
Rosie (PS6P9) [laugh] [...]
Chris (PS52N) [84] Aye.
Kyle (PS6PB) [85] I did [...]
Chris (PS52N) [86] You did.
Rosie (PS6P9) [87] Good lad.
Chris (PS52N) [88] Clever lad.
Rosie (PS6P9) [89] So I'll see you next week.
Chris (PS52N) [90] Mhm.
Rosie (PS6P9) [91] Keep out of trouble.
Chris (PS52N) [92] [laugh] Some chance.
[93] Thanks a lot then Rose ta-ta.

2 (Tape 068702)

Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [94] Give me a piece of that chocolate Kyle. ...
Kyle (PS6PB) [95] I'm [...] that chocolate.
Chris (PS52N) [96] Well give me some please.
Kyle (PS6PB) [97] I've eaten it.
Chris (PS52N) [98] All of it?
Kyle (PS6PB) [99] No.
Chris (PS52N) [100] Well give me some then.
Kyle (PS6PB) [101] I'm going to.
Chris (PS52N) [102] You'd better.
[103] You'd better. ...
Kyle (PS6PB) [104] [...] ... I've set it look.
Chris (PS52N) [105] Mm?
Kyle (PS6PB) [106] I've set it look. [...]
Chris (PS52N) [107] Get off.
Kyle (PS6PB) [108] What's it?
Chris (PS52N) [109] Don't touch it.
Kyle (PS6PB) [110] What is it? [...]
Chris (PS52N) [111] I'll show you it after.
Kyle (PS6PB) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [112] I'll show you after.
Kyle (PS6PB) [113] You won't.
Chris (PS52N) [114] I will.
Kyle (PS6PB) [115] You won't. [...]
Chris (PS52N) [116] Don't. ...
Kyle (PS6PB) [117] I'll smack you.
Chris (PS52N) [118] I'll smack you.
Kyle (PS6PB) [crying]
Chris (PS52N) [119] Go and ask mummy if she wants any tea.
[120] Go and ask her.
Kyle (PS6PB) [...] ...
Chris (PS52N) [121] Do you want some tea?
Kyle (PS6PB) [122] No.
Chris (PS52N) [123] Why?
Kyle (PS6PB) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [124] At Rosie's.
Kyle (PS6PB) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [125] What did you have?
Kyle (PS6PB) [126] [...] ice-cream.
Chris (PS52N) [127] Soup and ice-cream.
Kyle (PS6PB) [128] Yes.
Chris (PS52N) [129] Not together.
[130] Did you have soup first?
Kyle (PS6PB) [131] Yes.
Chris (PS52N) [132] Then what ?
Kyle (PS6PB) [133] Then I had ice-cream.
[134] ... Dad?
[135] What's here?
Chris (PS52N) [136] Have a look.
Kyle (PS6PB) [137] Is it [...] ?
Chris (PS52N) [138] No you can't have it.
Kyle (PS6PB) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [139] No.
[140] It has to stay there.
Kyle (PS6PB) [...] ...
Chris (PS52N) [clears throat]
Kyle (PS6PB) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [141] Don't.
Kyle (PS6PB) [142] I want it.
[143] I want it.
[144] I want it.
Chris (PS52N) [145] You can't have it.
Kyle (PS6PB) [146] These are Matthew's.
Chris (PS52N) [147] No.
[148] Has Matthew got one?
Kyle (PS6PB) [149] Yes.
Chris (PS52N) [150] Has he?
Kyle (PS6PB) [151] I want it.
Chris (PS52N) [152] No you can have it when you get a bit older you'll get one.
[153] ... Don't do that Kyle. ...
Kyle (PS6PB) [154] I want it.
Chris (PS52N) [155] You can't have it.
Kyle (PS6PB) [156] I just want it.
[157] ... I want this [...] .
[158] Where's it gone?
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [159] At the door and listen.
Kyle (PS6PB) [...] [crying] ...
Chris (PS52N) [160] It's not there.
Kyle (PS6PB) [161] [crying] I want it Chris. ... [crying]
Chris (PS52N) [162] What's the matter now?
[163] ... Come on.
Kyle (PS6PB) [164] What's this?

3 (Tape 068801)

Louise (PS6P8) [165] What's that up there? ... what is it?, this is a card from Aunty Katrina Kyle
Kyle (PS6PB) [166] Look
Louise (PS6P8) [167] aha ...
Kyle (PS6PB) [168] is it yours?
Louise (PS6P8) [169] she sent it to me and you and daddy
Kyle (PS6PB) [170] me and you
Chris (PS52N) [171] What's todays date?
Louise (PS6P8) [172] seventh, can tell daddy what she's got in her garden
Kyle (PS6PB) [173] what?
Louise (PS6P8) [174] what you got in her garden, in a cage?,
[175] Murphy the what? ... what you got? ... what you got?
Kyle (PS6PB) [176] you've got [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [177] Katrina what you've got in your garden
Kyle (PS6PB) [178] you got Murphy the monkey got
Louise (PS6P8) [179] got Murphy the monkey
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [180] liar you're older than me
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [181] I [...] thirty three [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [182] that's right [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [183] and I feel awful [...]
Chris (PS52N) [184] thirty three going on thirty four?
Louise (PS6P8) [185] aye, feeling fifty four [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Louise (PS6P8) [186] need a wee, wee?
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [187] aye, he's been as dry as a bone
Kyle (PS6PB) [188] no
Louise (PS6P8) [189] what did you have to eat at ?
Kyle (PS6PB) [190] I don't know
Louise (PS6P8) [191] you don't know
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Kyle (PS6PB) [192] I don't know
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [193] er beans ... spaghetti
Kyle (PS6PB) [194] yuck
Louise (PS6P8) [195] er no, sausage
Kyle (PS6PB) [196] beans and sausage [...] beans
Louise (PS6P8) [197] beans and sausage, did you have some toast with it?
Kyle (PS6PB) [198] no I didn't have some toast
Louise (PS6P8) [199] did you have anything [...] did you have a pudding?
Kyle (PS6PB) [200] no I had a drink of juice
Louise (PS6P8) [201] you had a drink of juice, he's not well you know
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [202] no he's not
Louise (PS6P8) [203] he'll be a little bit dehydrated if he's got the runs
Chris (PS52N) [204] how old are you, twenty eight?
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [205] twenty seven
Louise (PS6P8) [206] [laugh] can I have a kiss, I've never had one kiss today since I've come home
Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [207] what's that mean?
Louise (PS6P8) [208] can I have as kiss as well no
Kyle (PS6PB) [209] I've got nail [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [210] we know you've got nail varnish on
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [211] [...] you can't put it on any more cos only little poofters wear nail varnish, do they?
Kyle (PS6PB) [212] yeah ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [213] which one's mine Louise?
Louise (PS6P8) [214] that's the one nearest to you ...
Kyle (PS6PB) [215] I was [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [216] well you shouldn't you should use your own, that's Beth's, you wouldn't like it if Beth pinched yours would you? ... eh? ooh [kiss] , you scratched mummy last night, look there
Kyle (PS6PB) [217] there
Louise (PS6P8) [218] you did
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [219] half five this morning, well he wasn't very well
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [220] not with the cup
Chris (PS52N) [221] be careful now
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Kyle (PS6PB) [222] what have you got daddy? ...
Chris (PS52N) [223] coffee
Kyle (PS6PB) [224] oh yeah ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Kyle (PS6PB) [225] I want [...] football in the garden.
Chris (PS52N) [226] do ya?
Kyle (PS6PB) [227] yeah ...
Louise (PS6P8) [228] what time do you start today [...]
Chris (PS52N) [229] half past eight, right, by the time I [...] and pick up [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [230] do you like working [...] ...
Louise (PS6P8) [231] no I hate it
Chris (PS52N) [232] nobody seems to like it
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...] [laugh]
Chris (PS52N) [233] oh that's bloody bone idle that, that's not lazy
Louise (PS6P8) [234] [...] To be honest I'd rather be there for [...] going out in the morning and
Chris (PS52N) [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [235] aye
Chris (PS52N) [236] who sent him home from school?
Louise (PS6P8) [237] well, she [...] friend in the morning, so she goes to our friends [...] so she's there for about twenty minutes before they [...]
Chris (PS52N) [238] mm, mm
Louise (PS6P8) [239] and then she goes to me mother sometimes
Kyle (PS6PB) [240] where's Lucy?
Louise (PS6P8) [241] Lucy's at her grandma's
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [242] mm, yes she is
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [243] yes she is ...
Louise (PS6P8) [244] so I take her grandma's
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Louise (PS6P8) [245] mm, mm
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [246] [...] grandma's sometimes don't ya?
Kyle (PS6PB) [247] yeah
Chris (PS52N) [248] unclear his dinner
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [249] Kyle likes puddings don't ya?
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [250] [...] shall we go and watch mummy play badminton?
Kyle (PS6PB) [251] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Kyle (PS6PB) [252] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Kyle (PS6PB) [253] and that's your badminton
Louise (PS6P8) [254] that one's for me is it?
Kyle (PS6PB) [255] yeah
Louise (PS6P8) [256] marvellous
Chris (PS52N) [257] well I suppose I'll [clears throat] make some tea
Kyle (PS6PB) [258] what got in there?
Chris (PS52N) [259] what do you think I should have for tea Kyle? ... eh?

4 (Tape 068901)

Unknown speaker (KP7PSUNK) [260] [...] that language thing [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [261] No. ...
Chris (PS52N) [262] [...] now.
Rob (PS52P) [263] How many tapes have you got to do then?
Chris (PS52N) [264] Well as many as you can, she left us twenty.
[265] And I'm only onto the fourth 'un.
Rob (PS52P) [laugh]
Chris (PS52N) [266] It's ganning back in the morning. [laugh] ...
Rob (PS52P) [267] What do you get for that then?
Chris (PS52N) [268] Twenty five pound. ...
Rob (PS52P) [269] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [laugh]
Rob (PS52P) [270] [...] .
Chris (PS52N) [271] [...] aye.
Mick (PS52S) [272] [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [laugh]
Mick (PS52S) [273] [...] . ...
Chris (PS52N) [274] I've been onto them [...] there this morning [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [275] [...] I've been waiting for it coming through you know.
[276] Well I got a letter on the nineteenth of March, it'll be here within three weeks.
[277] I think it said twenty one days [...] .
[278] Twenty one days is up and that burk [...] keeping the money off till I get paid.
[279] You see he's been paying us [...] certificates been [...] you know.
Mick (PS52S) [280] Yeah.
Chris (PS52N) [281] [...] er [...] er ... so what he's done, he's kept that money back to cover his self in case the tax say like they want [...] twenty five percent.
Rob (PS52P) [282] Aye.
Chris (PS52N) [283] So I've been onto the bastards today and I said like [...] twenty one days is up and I've I've got like twelve hundred pound [...] you know.
[284] Oh he says, er computer [...] where it all get processed you know, your card and that gets made.
Rob (PS52P) [285] Mhm.
Chris (PS52N) [286] It's been shut down for a fortnight, it's all getting [...] modernized and all that, upgraded.
Rob (PS52P) [287] Aye.
Chris (PS52N) [288] I says, well it's fucking nice to know like.
[289] Why you send us the fucking letter saying it'll be there.
[290] I've kept this note you know.
[291] You see he's got like a letter off the tax, they're wanting the twenty five percent.
[292] He saying, well if you just hang on a [...] you know, a week or so [...] have your certificate.
Rob (PS52P) [293] Aye. ...
Chris (PS52N) [294] Aye they're fucking cunts.
[295] They they're sharp enough to get their money off you though.
[296] Got some [...] .
[297] Could you [...] .
Scon (PS52R) [298] [...] .
Chris (PS52N) [299] Aye.
Scon (PS52R) [300] [...] . ...
Rob (PS52P) [301] Where's Bill?
Chris (PS52N) [302] He's not here yet. [laugh]
Scon (PS52R) [303] [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [304] Is he not up at the [...] like.
Scon (PS52R) [305] [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [306] Uh? [...] .
Scon (PS52R) [307] They're supposed to be coming this week but there's nae sign of them yet.
Rob (PS52P) [308] You need them do you?
Scon (PS52R) [309] Aye.
Mick (PS52S) [310] [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [311] [laugh] .
[312] [...] riding down then.
Rob (PS52P) [313] Huh?
Chris (PS52N) [314] who are you riding down?
Rob (PS52P) [315] [...] but big tits.
[316] Aye.
Scon (PS52R) [317] Yorkers?
Rob (PS52P) [318] Oh you wanna see them [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [319] Eh erm, when you slap her tits at quarter to three are they still swinging at quarter to six?
Scon (PS52R) [...]
Mick (PS52S) [320] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [321] Erm do you know what I'm supposed to be doing? [...] fucking researching and that lot.
[322] [...] all last week [...] , comes the fucking nice weather and he puts you in the loft.
Mick (PS52S) [323] [...] .
Chris (PS52N) [324] [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [325] He's not gonna change now, he's always done it with the lofts first man.
Chris (PS52N) [326] Erm [...] ganning in the er loft.
[327] I've gotta gan pick some stuff and [...]
Mick (PS52S) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [328] Oh aye.
Mick (PS52S) [329] [...] .
Chris (PS52N) [330] Aye he's gone to the [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [331] He's going today ?
Mick (PS52S) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [332] I heard the [...] was he was there yesterday.
Scon (PS52R) [333] [...] .
Chris (PS52N) [334] Three foot down?
Scon (PS52R) [335] Aye.
Chris (PS52N) [336] Must be doing to the bottom of the foundation.
Scon (PS52R) [...]
Rob (PS52P) [337] I'll tell you what it is, I'm not doing it now.
[338] Nae way are we doing it now when we we've got the scaffolding up to gan up.
Chris (PS52N) [339] Aye.
Rob (PS52P) [340] Fancy fuck.
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Rob (PS52P) [341] We've gotta dig right down to the bottom of the [...] to like put the the damp proof membrane.
[342] Aye.
Scon (PS52R) [343] Aye.
Chris (PS52N) [344] And then what?
Mick (PS52S) [345] Put the put that like er bitumen on?
Chris (PS52N) [346] Oh the black stuff.
[347] Where've I gotta put that? [...] .
Mick (PS52S) [348] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Chris (PS52N) [349] [...] . ...
Rob (PS52P) [350] By rights they should put a bloody one of them drain things around shouldn't they?
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Rob (PS52P) [351] Aye.
Mick (PS52S) [352] Aye [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Scon (PS52R) [353] Stops the holes in lets the water rain in.
Rob (PS52P) [354] That's what they should do like.
Chris (PS52N) [355] Oh you'll enjoy yourselves [...] .
[356] might get it finished by Christmas.
Rob (PS52P) [357] That'll be done by hand then won't it.
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Rob (PS52P) [358] [...] them little diggers have you seen them?
Mick (PS52S) [359] [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [360] Aye.
Mick (PS52S) [361] [...] .
Rob (PS52P) [362] [...] try to get that lad who was up at with a machine.
Mick (PS52S) [363] Who Malcolm?
Group of unknown speakers (KP7PSUGP) [...]
Mick (PS52S) [364] [...] get a job at er Oxford.
[365] What it was it was an old bus station.
[366] I put a multistorey car park on it.
[367] A fucking big Asda store you know.
[368] [...] . [...] all weekend [...] Aye terrible one for the drink you know.
[369] She like woke up Monday morning, she there was four empty vodka bottles [...] .
[370] She was in the cab [...] with the machine [...] .
[371] Two telephone boxes you know, next door to each other.
[372] The job had just kicked off so the blokes used to just the phone inside you know if they wanted [...] .
[373] [...] he went straight through the fucking two of the two er telephone boxes.
[374] ... But all the job ... fucking shooted off you know [...] . [recording ends]