BNC Text KP8

7 conversations recorded by `Christopher' (PS52T) between 30 January and 8 February 1992 with 6 interlocutors, totalling 3884 s-units, 20442 words, and 2 hours 1 minute 42 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 74

PS52T Ag2 m (Christopher, age 33, civil servant, Scottish, )
PS52U Ag2 f (Wendy, age 33, nurse (pt), Scottish, ) wife
PS52V Ag0 m (Jonathan, age 5, student (state primary), Scottish, ) son
PS52W Ag0 m (Michael, age 3, student (state pre), Scottish, ) son
PS52X Ag5 f (Norma, age 60, retired (physiotherapist), Scottish, ) mother
PS52Y Ag5 f (Hazel, age 72, housewife, London, ) mother-in-law
PS530 Ag5 f (No name, age 65+, watchtower representative, Scottish, ) stranger
KP8PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KP8PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

7 recordings

  1. Tape 067101 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationLothian: Mid Calder ( at home ) Activity: talking as a family
  2. Tape 067102 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationLothian: Mid Calder ( at home ) Activity: playing Snakes And Ladders and Dominoes
  3. Tape 067103 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationLothian: Mid Calder ( at home ) Activity: telephone
  4. Tape 067104 recorded on 1992-02-07. LocationLothian: Mid Calder ( at home ) Activity: putting child tobed
  5. Tape 067202 recorded on 1992-02-08. LocationLothian: Mid Calder ( at home ) Activity: telephone
  6. Tape 067203 recorded on 1992-02-08. LocationLothian: Mid Calder ( at home ) Activity: talking to stranger selling religious magazines at door
  7. Tape 067204 recorded on 1992-02-08. LocationLothian: Mid Calder ( at home ) Activity: telephone conversation with husband and chat with lady collecting the tapes

1 (Tape 067101)

Christopher (PS52T) [1] Bring the letter here.
[2] Oh!
[3] You can give me one of those.
Jonathan (PS52V) [4] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [5] Come here a second.
[6] Come and sit down.
Jonathan (PS52V) [7] Is it a [...] ?
Christopher (PS52T) [8] It's from the ... Marc Angelo Food Bar which is the flying pizza delivery service.
[9] What did you do at school today?
Jonathan (PS52V) [10] Wrote in my name book.
Christopher (PS52T) [11] What's your name book?
Jonathan (PS52V) [12] You do your name in it.
Christopher (PS52T) [13] Aha.
[14] Sit down.
Wendy (PS52U) [15] Well, tell dad what you told me ... about you're
Jonathan (PS52V) [16] And I got a star.
Christopher (PS52T) [17] You got a star?
[18] Well, tremendous!
[19] Tremendous!
Jonathan (PS52V) [20] And it wasn't a sticker.
Christopher (PS52T) [21] Well
Jonathan (PS52V) [22] Don't want any
Christopher (PS52T) [23] Is it writing your name?
Jonathan (PS52V) [24] Mhm.
Wendy (PS52U) [25] [whispering] It wasn't a sticker star [] .
Christopher (PS52T) [26] It wasn't a sticker star?
Wendy (PS52U) [27] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [28] Which was it?
[29] A drawn star?
Jonathan (PS52V) [30] A marking handwritten or
Christopher (PS52T) [31] That's great!
Jonathan (PS52V) [32] Daddy, they've run out of gold ones.
Christopher (PS52T) [33] Have you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [34] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [35] Are they going to get some more?
Jonathan (PS52V) [36] Yes.
Christopher (PS52T) [37] Good.
Jonathan (PS52V) [38] What's this then?
Christopher (PS52T) [39] Good.
[40] Er, son, you're looking at the menu.
[41] Erm, it says ... it's a lamb curry.
[42] Which is quite funny for a place that's supposed to be a pizza, flying pizza service and they curry.
[43] Interesting!
Jonathan (PS52V) [44] Mhm. [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [45] Looks good.
[46] What about erm ... what about tea?
[47] What are you having?
Wendy (PS52U) [48] Chosen that fish that [...] .
Christopher (PS52T) [49] Mhm.
[50] Could do.
Wendy (PS52U) [51] Get it cooked.
Jonathan (PS52V) [52] Daddy!
[53] Mummy!
Wendy (PS52U) [54] [...] herself.
Jonathan (PS52V) [55] Mummy!
[56] Mummy!
[57] I made a new song up!
Wendy (PS52U) [58] Did you?
[59] What's that?
Jonathan (PS52V) [60] Elly Belly Bee.
Wendy (PS52U) [61] Elly Belly Bee?
Jonathan (PS52V) [62] [singing] Elly Belly and Elly Bee when they grow up they'll both be [...] [] .
Christopher (PS52T) [63] Very good!
Wendy (PS52U) [64] Mm.
[65] Did you have that at singing today?
Jonathan (PS52V) [66] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [67] That's great.
[68] Where's your brother?
Jonathan (PS52V) [69] There.
Christopher (PS52T) [70] What have you got?
[71] We don't want that on!
[72] Come here a second. [piano sound]
Christopher (PS52T) [73] No thank you!
Jonathan (PS52V) [74] No.
Christopher (PS52T) [75] Come here a second.
[76] Come and tell me about nursery.
Wendy (PS52U) [77] She had to buy fifty pounds' worth.
Jonathan (PS52V) [78] How d'ya get on at nursery?
Wendy (PS52U) [79] Cash.
[80] Fifty pounds.
Christopher (PS52T) [81] Of what?
Wendy (PS52U) [82] Fish.
[83] She bought fifty pound!
Christopher (PS52T) [84] Who did?
Wendy (PS52U) [85] Jenny.
Christopher (PS52T) [86] Oh!
[87] She's daft.
Wendy (PS52U) [88] She said, did you get the fish stand?
Christopher (PS52T) [89] The guy from Newcas
Wendy (PS52U) [90] The guy from
Christopher (PS52T) [91] the guy from Newcastle?
Wendy (PS52U) [92] And I said, yes, I said, and I said we bought ... we bought a pack of each.
[93] She said erm, she said oh ... oh!
[94] She said, well we had to bu ... we,ma made it out that we had to buy ... erm ... the whole, the whole box, it cost them fifty pounds!
Christopher (PS52T) [95] Fifty!
[96] And you would of sold us that too if we hadn't asked them specifically what was in
Wendy (PS52U) [97] Well
Christopher (PS52T) [98] that.
Wendy (PS52U) [99] I couldn't find freezer space that's why I
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [100] didn't push that.
Christopher (PS52T) [101] Michael!
Michael (PS52W) [102] Yeah?
Christopher (PS52T) [103] What did you do at nursery?
Michael (PS52W) [104] Er ... I played.
Wendy (PS52U) [105] If you want to play with that Jonathan
Christopher (PS52T) [106] What about
Wendy (PS52U) [107] go upstairs.
Christopher (PS52T) [108] what about glueings?
Jonathan (PS52V) [109] Okay.
Christopher (PS52T) [110] What about glueings?
[111] No glueings?
Michael (PS52W) [112] No glueings.
[113] Can I go upstairs?
Christopher (PS52T) [114] In a minute!
[115] In a minute!
[116] I just want to find out what you've all been doing today.
[117] Daddy's
Michael (PS52W) [118] Oh.
Christopher (PS52T) [119] interested.
[120] So put that down for a second will we?
Wendy (PS52U) [121] Play with it later.
Christopher (PS52T) [122] We can do.
[123] No glueings?
Michael (PS52W) [124] No gotten
Christopher (PS52T) [125] Forgotten?
Michael (PS52W) [126] Forgot.
Christopher (PS52T) [127] Thank you.
[128] That's better.
[129] Painting?
Michael (PS52W) [130] Yep!
[131] Forgotten again.
Christopher (PS52T) [132] Forgot.
Michael (PS52W) [133] Got.
Christopher (PS52T) [134] How can you forget?
Wendy (PS52U) [135] Did you tell your ma daddy that Mrs was off sick today?
Christopher (PS52T) [136] Who?
Wendy (PS52U) [137] Mrs .
Michael (PS52W) [138] Yeah she is. [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [139] But she's not your teacher is she?
Wendy (PS52U) [140] No.
[141] Poor Mrs got two lots of children and they were driving her up the wall!
Christopher (PS52T) [142] Did she?
[143] Did she have everybody?
Wendy (PS52U) [144] Yes.
[145] And they were all mischievous, including you know who.
Michael (PS52W) [146] Er, I got a seat this time!
Christopher (PS52T) [147] [laughing] And you got a seat this time [] .
[148] Good!
[149] That's terrific!
Michael (PS52W) [150] I got one of those square seats.
Christopher (PS52T) [151] A square seat?
Wendy (PS52U) [152] Were they square?
Wendy (PS52U) [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [153] Were you
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [154] did you play?
Michael (PS52W) [155] Er
Christopher (PS52T) [156] What did you play?
Jonathan (PS52V) [157] Daddy, I was making
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [158] making the keys.
Christopher (PS52T) [159] Making what?
[160] Keys?
Jonathan (PS52V) [161] [...] .
[162] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [163] Making keys on the play board ... on the piano.
Jonathan (PS52V) [164] Those are keys look daddy!
Christopher (PS52T) [165] Those are ... er ... sharp and flat notes.
Jonathan (PS52V) [166] What keys are these?
Christopher (PS52T) [167] They ... change the erm
Jonathan (PS52V) [168] What?
Christopher (PS52T) [169] the tone, they change the tone.
Jonathan (PS52V) [170] But ... that's it.
Christopher (PS52T) [171] That's it.
[172] What did you have for lunch?
Jonathan (PS52V) [173] Er ... I had eggs
Michael (PS52W) [174] Daddy.
Jonathan (PS52V) [175] sausage.
Christopher (PS52T) [176] [laughing] Eggs and sausage [] ?
Jonathan (PS52V) [177] Mhm.
Michael (PS52W) [178] Daddy!
[179] Daddy!
Christopher (PS52T) [180] And what else?
Michael (PS52W) [181] Daddy.
Jonathan (PS52V) [182] Nothing.
Michael (PS52W) [183] Look!
[184] I can
Christopher (PS52T) [185] Egg and sausage?
[186] What kind
Michael (PS52W) [187] I will
Christopher (PS52T) [188] of egg?
Michael (PS52W) [189] Yes, I've been, I've been looking at this and see what I can play.
Christopher (PS52T) [190] See what you can play?
Michael (PS52W) [191] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [192] Mm.
[193] ... [sigh] ... Daddy's burnt the toast!
Jonathan (PS52V) [194] Toast!
Michael (PS52W) [195] Oh!
Jonathan (PS52V) [196] My toast.
Christopher (PS52T) [197] Silly me!
Jonathan (PS52V) [...]
Michael (PS52W) [198] Fire! [piano music]
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [199] That wasn't very clever was it?
[200] Burning the toast like that.
Jonathan (PS52V) [201] No.
Christopher (PS52T) [202] Egg and sausage?
[203] What kind of egg?
Jonathan (PS52V) [cough]
Christopher (PS52T) [204] Mm?
Jonathan (PS52V) [205] Don't know.
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [206] Was it a whole egg with th ... the yolk in the middle?
Jonathan (PS52V) [207] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [208] Or was it scrambled egg?
Jonathan (PS52V) [209] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [210] Scrambled egg?
[211] All mashed up?
Jonathan (PS52V) [212] Yes.
Christopher (PS52T) [213] That's good.
Michael (PS52W) [214] Daddy!
[215] Daddy!
Jonathan (PS52V) [216] Dad I want to play
Christopher (PS52T) [217] That's good, that's good for you.
Jonathan (PS52V) [218] the piano you just had there.
Christopher (PS52T) [219] No potatoes?
Jonathan (PS52V) [220] No.
Christopher (PS52T) [221] No?
[222] Why not?
Jonathan (PS52V) [223] Only a pudding ... and some juice.
Christopher (PS52T) [224] Oh really!
[225] What kind of juice?
Jonathan (PS52V) [226] Orange.
Wendy (PS52U) [227] When did they stop doing potatoes?
[228] [clears throat] ... Haven't had chips for a while.
Christopher (PS52T) [229] But it's something like a health week or something.
Wendy (PS52U) [230] Mm, the twenty fourth of February.
Christopher (PS52T) [231] You can't get chips?
Wendy (PS52U) [232] That is.
Jonathan (PS52V) [233] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [234] They said
Christopher (PS52T) [235] [laughing] No chips at all?
Wendy (PS52U) [236] said all this week this week I think.
Christopher (PS52T) [237] How miserable life's going to be for you.
[238] No chips! [tut] [tut] [tut] [tut] !
[239] Dear!
[240] Dear!
Jonathan (PS52V) [241] I think they'll come back.
Christopher (PS52T) [242] Michael!
Wendy (PS52U) [243] But Jonathan you are supposed to have
Christopher (PS52T) [244] Are you hungry?
Wendy (PS52U) [245] something else in place of chips.
[246] You're supposed to have mashed potato or ... boiled potatoes.
[247] I mean, just because you don't have chips doesn't mean to say you can stop ... [laughing] taking potatoes [] .
Christopher (PS52T) [248] He's just fallen down the stairs!
Michael (PS52W) [249] I fell!
Jonathan (PS52V) [250] He ... went
Christopher (PS52T) [251] You fell?
[252] How far did you fall?
Michael (PS52W) [253] That far.
Jonathan (PS52V) [254] I think.
Christopher (PS52T) [255] [laughing] That far [] .
Michael (PS52W) [256] Right down to the bottom.
Christopher (PS52T) [257] This, this high?
Michael (PS52W) [258] Right down to the bottom.
Christopher (PS52T) [259] Yeah, it was only about four steps.
[260] You big clot!
Michael (PS52W) [261] Mummy!
Christopher (PS52T) [262] You're a great clot
Michael (PS52W) [263] Why are you working on [...] that on the stairs ... and anyway ... I went right down to the bottom!
Wendy (PS52U) [264] Did you?
[265] Did you hurt yourself?
Christopher (PS52T) [266] That's because there are coats on the stairs that you fell over!
Wendy (PS52U) [267] Well you know where the coats should be.
[268] Put your coats in Mi in Michael's bedroom.
Michael (PS52W) [269] It went up to there ... and ... slipped down again.
[270] Wasn't funny!
Christopher (PS52T) [271] I didn't say it was funny, but you look funny.
Michael (PS52W) [272] No, [laughing] I don't [] .
Christopher (PS52T) [273] Yes you do.
[274] Yes
Michael (PS52W) [275] No.
Christopher (PS52T) [276] you do.
[277] ... Come on.
[278] Let's sort things out.
Jonathan (PS52V) [279] Yeah.
[280] Yeah.
Christopher (PS52T) [281] That's great.
[282] Richard phoned.
[283] ... Seeing what I'm doing.
[284] He's playing golf tomorrow.
[285] ... I said er ... couldn't because of Johnny's er appointment.
Wendy (PS52U) [286] Well if it's too much I'm planning, I'm getting ... tomorrow, you can just get a check over, just wanted his blood test.
Christopher (PS52T) [287] It's the discussing it that I want too.
Wendy (PS52U) [288] I see.
[289] [...] , but the consultant might do.
Christopher (PS52T) [290] Yes but she can give advice.
Wendy (PS52U) [291] Yeah.
[292] She's quite attractive actually.
Christopher (PS52T) [293] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [294] I think Michael [...] .
Christopher (PS52T) [295] I'm not sure.
[296] I'll see.
[297] But it's far too early for me ... but I'm just interested
Wendy (PS52U) [298] Well very.
Christopher (PS52T) [299] in what they've ... found.
Wendy (PS52U) [300] But ... what did he say he had?
Christopher (PS52T) [301] Egg and sausage!
Wendy (PS52U) [302] Yeah, I'll tell you what got more sausage.
Christopher (PS52T) [303] Boys!
[304] Come down a sec.
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [305] I don't want to go to [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [306] Come on.
Jonathan (PS52V) [307] tonight.
Wendy (PS52U) [308] Where did you put that mince?
Jonathan (PS52V) [309] [...] seen them.
Christopher (PS52T) [310] I didn't put the mince anywhere!
[311] You said there was mince in the freezer.
Jonathan (PS52V) [...]
Michael (PS52W) [312] I can.
Wendy (PS52U) [313] On the top.
Michael (PS52W) [314] Where's that [...] ?
Jonathan (PS52V) [315] Mum!
Christopher (PS52T) [316] At this rate actually I might [laughing] try this Marc [] Angelo Food Bar and see what it's like.
Jonathan (PS52V) [317] We've got ham with eggs on and I'm gonna
Michael (PS52W) [318] That
Jonathan (PS52V) [319] take one.
[320] Can I do one?
Christopher (PS52T) [321] We'll see.
Jonathan (PS52V) [322] Me?
Michael (PS52W) [323] You won't do it again?
Jonathan (PS52V) [324] Alright.
Michael (PS52W) [325] Give me that.
Jonathan (PS52V) [326] Go and tell daddy what you did at nursery.
Christopher (PS52T) [327] Jonathan, never mind go and tell daddy!
[328] You come and tell daddy.
Jonathan (PS52V) [329] Oh!
[330] God!
Michael (PS52W) [331] What did you say?
Christopher (PS52T) [332] What did I say?
Jonathan (PS52V) [333] I thought you might be [...] [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [334] What did I say?
[335] I am reading a menu.
Michael (PS52W) [336] Well I've got it now.
Christopher (PS52T) [337] Now don't bring it down and play it here because
Michael (PS52W) [338] I know.
Christopher (PS52T) [339] you make a dreadful noise!
[340] And I want ... you to come and we'll sort things out.
[341] D'ya know what's on the T V tonight?
Jonathan (PS52V) [342] What?
Christopher (PS52T) [343] One of your favourites.
Jonathan (PS52V) [344] And this time it's the one programme that you can watch.
Michael (PS52W) [345] I want a [...] .
Jonathan (PS52V) [346] What?
Christopher (PS52T) [347] The Crystal Maze.
Jonathan (PS52V) [348] Yeah!
Michael (PS52W) [349] I've got it!
Christopher (PS52T) [350] You like that don't you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [351] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [352] What?
Michael (PS52W) [353] I can mend it.
Christopher (PS52T) [354] The Crystal Maze is on tonight.
Michael (PS52W) [355] Daddy I can look.
Christopher (PS52T) [356] Cos I looked it up ... in the paper!
Jonathan (PS52V) [357] Daddy, I may not see that one.
Wendy (PS52U) [358] Stew [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [359] Two, three, four
Christopher (PS52T) [360] Well they can have stew and
Jonathan (PS52V) [361] five
Christopher (PS52T) [362] what have you.
Jonathan (PS52V) [363] six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Christopher (PS52T) [364] That's
Jonathan (PS52V) [365] thirteen
Christopher (PS52T) [366] They're not bothered.
Jonathan (PS52V) [367] fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen
Christopher (PS52T) [368] I'll sort out later what, what I'm gonna have.
Jonathan (PS52V) [369] Nineteen!
Christopher (PS52T) [370] We'll see.
Jonathan (PS52V) [371] And

2 (Tape 067102)

Wendy (PS52U) [372] That's daddy's machine, don't touch it.
[373] Don't touch it I said!
[374] Leave it!
Jonathan (PS52V) [375] I ... can't hear any music.
Wendy (PS52U) [376] It's not ... for music it one of those, his machine for work.
Jonathan (PS52V) [377] What does it do?
Wendy (PS52U) [378] It doesn't do anything Jonathan!
Jonathan (PS52V) [379] I want to know what it
Wendy (PS52U) [380] He uses it for taping i at work.
Jonathan (PS52V) [381] But er, why's the ... I can't hear it.
Wendy (PS52U) [382] It's not working just now, mummy's just recharging it.
[383] Just leave it just now.
Michael (PS52W) [384] Leave it.
[385] Recharge it.
Wendy (PS52U) [386] Recharging
Jonathan (PS52V) [387] What's
Wendy (PS52U) [388] it yes.
Jonathan (PS52V) [389] Er ... er er, er er er er.
[390] ... Mummy, can I have some more juice?
Wendy (PS52U) [391] Sit down there.
Jonathan (PS52V) [392] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [393] Sit down.
[394] Do you want me to play some games or something?
Jonathan (PS52V) [395] Yeah!
[396] Good!
[397] I don't wanna play my
Michael (PS52W) [398] Ah!
[399] Snakes and Ladders!
Wendy (PS52U) [400] Do Snakes and Ladders, will you promise not to cheat?
Jonathan (PS52V) [401] Ha!
Michael (PS52W) [402] Okay.
[403] That one.
Jonathan (PS52V) [404] That one eh?
[405] Go and sit down then, so I'll do it.
Michael (PS52W) [406] I want that one.
Jonathan (PS52V) [407] Ah?
Michael (PS52W) [408] I want that one.
Jonathan (PS52V) [409] Oh.
[410] ... Michael [...] .
Michael (PS52W) [411] Right okay.
[412] Let's play the game!
Jonathan (PS52V) [413] We are, we're
Wendy (PS52U) [414] Ah!
Jonathan (PS52V) [415] here.
Michael (PS52W) [416] Play it!
[417] Play
Wendy (PS52U) [418] Hey!
[419] That is how mess gets ... made ... chucking that around like that.
Jonathan (PS52V) [420] Right.
[421] This is easy.
Michael (PS52W) [422] Is it?
Wendy (PS52U) [423] Do you want your milk?
Michael (PS52W) [424] Phew!
Wendy (PS52U) [425] Right.
Michael (PS52W) [426] What are you going for mum?
Jonathan (PS52V) [427] I'm going for a red.
Wendy (PS52U) [428] You just, the two of you play.
Michael (PS52W) [429] No, I don't wanna play.
Wendy (PS52U) [430] Yeah.
[431] I'm just tidying up Jonathan I've been ... cleaning it.
Michael (PS52W) [432] But
Wendy (PS52U) [433] You start, you play this game, I'll ... join in the next game, okay?
Michael (PS52W) [434] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [435] Watch the ... [...] .
[436] You just ... put that down.
[437] Which way are you
Michael (PS52W) [438] I'm going over here.
Jonathan (PS52V) [439] Are you yellow Michael?
Wendy (PS52U) [440] Ah.
Michael (PS52W) [441] Whe I'm here.
Jonathan (PS52V) [442] Mummy, we've got ... Mum, you get up slide and then we don't go to there.
Wendy (PS52U) [443] Well, I'll help you, I'll be round, I'll be here helping but I must ... I ... want to get on with some work.
[444] Okay?
Jonathan (PS52V) [445] Alright.
Wendy (PS52U) [446] Right.
Michael (PS52W) [447] Yeah, but I'll make it
Wendy (PS52U) [448] Pick a colour.
Michael (PS52W) [449] What?
Wendy (PS52U) [450] Pick a colour.
Michael (PS52W) [451] Yeah.
[452] I'm black.
Jonathan (PS52V) [453] And Michael's got red and yellow.
Michael (PS52W) [454] They've only got up to these ones, we don't know which numbers they are.
Wendy (PS52U) [455] Erm ... well I'll help you.
[456] Jonathan should know the numbers.
Jonathan (PS52V) [457] I don't know that one.
Wendy (PS52U) [458] No you
Michael (PS52W) [459] He does nay not know that one.
Wendy (PS52U) [460] I'll help you.
[461] But I won't be sitting playing I'm gonna just pop ... backwards and forwards.
[462] If you come to ... problems I'll come to your help.
[463] Pick a colour.
Michael (PS52W) [464] But, mum
Wendy (PS52U) [465] Pick a colour.
Michael (PS52W) [466] my, my, I, I, I aren't you gonna [...] ?
Wendy (PS52U) [467] I thought any colour, it's you who is playing.
Jonathan (PS52V) [468] Mummy
Wendy (PS52U) [469] What
Jonathan (PS52V) [470] mummy!
Michael (PS52W) [471] I've got a good idea mummy!
[472] We could do your go for you.
Wendy (PS52U) [473] Yes you could do.
[474] That will get complicated, you'll get muddled up.
Michael (PS52W) [475] Yeah.
[476] Yeah.
[477] Your a
Jonathan (PS52V) [478] Mummy I'll go for ... blue.
[479] Right you're blue then.
Michael (PS52W) [480] I'm gonna, I'm gonna be that colour [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [481] You're the yellow.
[482] I'm the red.
Michael (PS52W) [483] No, mummy's got
Jonathan (PS52V) [484] I've got
Michael (PS52W) [485] to go first.
Jonathan (PS52V) [486] I'm the red!
[487] I'm the red!
[488] I'm the red!
Wendy (PS52U) [489] The top one.
[490] Here.
Jonathan (PS52V) [491] I'm red or
Michael (PS52W) [492] I'm gotta get
Wendy (PS52U) [493] Alright.
Michael (PS52W) [494] my trousers
Jonathan (PS52V) [495] Well
Michael (PS52W) [496] back on.
Jonathan (PS52V) [497] Aye do.
[498] Michael, I'm starting first.
[499] So give the dice to me. [raspberry]
Wendy (PS52U) [500] Do you not realize
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [501] how cold it was out there?
[502] Mm?
Jonathan (PS52V) [503] No.
Michael (PS52W) [504] Not till I get this side, ah!
[505] Ah, you're standing on them here!
Wendy (PS52U) [506] [laughing] Oh sorry [] .
Michael (PS52W) [507] No, no you didn't know my feet was there.
Wendy (PS52U) [508] No I didn't.
[509] I didn't see it.
Jonathan (PS52V) [510] No.
Michael (PS52W) [511] Not [...] .
Jonathan (PS52V) [512] I'm starting [whining] first [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [513] Here.
[514] Don't whine will you Jonathan!
Jonathan (PS52V) [515] [whining] I'm starting
Wendy (PS52U) [516] Jonathan!
Jonathan (PS52V) [517] first [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [518] Stop whining!
Michael (PS52W) [519] Jonathan, I'm, I'm [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [520] If you're not gonna play it nicely I'll put it away.
Michael (PS52W) [521] When I get trousers on I'll [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [522] Right.
Michael (PS52W) [523] I'm nearly there.
[524] There.
Wendy (PS52U) [525] Okay.
Michael (PS52W) [526] That's good.
Wendy (PS52U) [527] Unless you go outside in shorts in this weather.
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [528] Middle of January!
Jonathan (PS52V) [529] One, two, three ... four, five, six
Wendy (PS52U) [530] Move this lot.
Jonathan (PS52V) [531] seven, eight, nine, ten!
Wendy (PS52U) [532] Right.
[533] What have you got?
Michael (PS52W) [534] Five.
Wendy (PS52U) [535] What have you got to get to ... to
Jonathan (PS52V) [536] One
Michael (PS52W) [537] One, two, three, four, five.
Wendy (PS52U) [538] Oh well we'll forget about the six to start with it takes too long.
Michael (PS52W) [539] Five is here.
Wendy (PS52U) [540] Right.
[541] And can you move yours five Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS52V) [542] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [543] What colour are you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [544] Red.
Michael (PS52W) [545] I'm, I'm this colour.
Jonathan (PS52V) [546] Ooh!
[547] One, two
Wendy (PS52U) [548] What colour's that Michael?
Jonathan (PS52V) [549] three
Wendy (PS52U) [550] Green
Michael (PS52W) [551] four
Wendy (PS52U) [552] No.
Michael (PS52W) [553] Yellow.
Wendy (PS52U) [554] Yes.
Jonathan (PS52V) [555] There.
[556] I should be on five.
Wendy (PS52U) [557] Aha.
Michael (PS52W) [558] There.
Jonathan (PS52V) [559] Fifty five!
Michael (PS52W) [560] Oh yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [561] Oh!
[562] Sorry.
Jonathan (PS52V) [563] I'm just going onto there.
Wendy (PS52U) [564] Er, behind the ladders isn't it?
[565] ... You can either go right across in front of it, you'll have to go to a number.
[566] Right Michael.
Michael (PS52W) [567] But can you play with ... cos I get
Wendy (PS52U) [568] I'll help you get started, mummy's gotta get on darling I've got tons to do!
Michael (PS52W) [569] Well I don't know which number mine is.
Wendy (PS52U) [570] Right which colour did you have?
[571] Give him the dice.
Michael (PS52W) [572] Oh!
Jonathan (PS52V) [573] Boom!
Wendy (PS52U) [574] Jonathan, stop that!
Michael (PS52W) [575] There.
Wendy (PS52U) [576] What number's that?
Michael (PS52W) [577] One.
Wendy (PS52U) [578] One.
[579] Right, get onto one.
Jonathan (PS52V) [580] You're yellow.
[581] You're yellow.
Wendy (PS52U) [582] Yeah, that's right.
[583] Here.
Jonathan (PS52V) [584] Or that one.
Michael (PS52W) [585] I'm not red though mum.
Wendy (PS52U) [586] Here.
[587] Yeah.
[588] Well put it on there.
Jonathan (PS52V) [589] Oi!
[590] You go up.
Michael (PS52W) [591] Don't you?
Wendy (PS52U) [592] [laughing] You go up [] .
[593] So you do Jonathan, I missed that, well done.
Jonathan (PS52V) [594] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [595] Ooh!
[596] You're at thirty eight already.
Michael (PS52W) [597] Er, mummy I
Wendy (PS52U) [598] I
Michael (PS52W) [599] so that means I've gotta go up.
Wendy (PS52U) [600] No, you don't go up.
[601] Cos you had five.
[602] One, one, two, three, four, five.
[603] Right.
[604] Throw your dice again.
Michael (PS52W) [605] I've just [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [606] You wanna [...] .
Jonathan (PS52V) [607] If you get five ... do you ... throw the dice again cos you get five.
Wendy (PS52U) [608] No, you don't.
[609] Six, [laughing] you throw the dice [] again.
[610] Six, you get two goes at it.
Jonathan (PS52V) [611] Did I get a five?
Wendy (PS52U) [612] He didn't take it.
[613] [...] you got on.
Michael (PS52W) [614] That's it.
[615] So
Wendy (PS52U) [616] Well don't throw it miles away, just throw it into, onto the board.
Jonathan (PS52V) [617] Three.
Wendy (PS52U) [618] Right.
[619] Which way did you, one is yours?
Jonathan (PS52V) [620] One
Michael (PS52W) [621] One, two
Jonathan (PS52V) [622] two, three!
Wendy (PS52U) [623] Great.
Jonathan (PS52V) [624] Ooh!
[625] I've best got to get one of tho with this ladder on.
Wendy (PS52U) [626] Right. [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [627] Oh!
[628] And I [...] onto Michael.
Wendy (PS52U) [629] Hope for a one eh?
[630] Come on.
Michael (PS52W) [631] There.
[632] That
Wendy (PS52U) [633] Well
Michael (PS52W) [634] was there.
Wendy (PS52U) [635] well you've got to throw it.
Jonathan (PS52V) [636] This is a [...] !
Wendy (PS52U) [637] Oh!
Michael (PS52W) [638] Ah!
Wendy (PS52U) [639] And you've got the one.
[640] Right, which way are you going?
[641] You're going that way Michael, put yours up that way one.
Jonathan (PS52V) [642] So ... is that [...] ?
Wendy (PS52U) [643] Yes.
Michael (PS52W) [644] One, two, three.
Wendy (PS52U) [645] One.
[646] Move it one.
[647] Yes.
[648] Right.
[649] We're lucky this is big.
Michael (PS52W) [650] Phew!
Wendy (PS52U) [651] Right Jonathan.
Michael (PS52W) [652] Phew!
Wendy (PS52U) [653] That's it.
[654] Now if there's any messing around ... it's being ri put away.
[655] Ooh!
[656] Six.
Jonathan (PS52V) [657] Six!
[658] Oh great!
[659] I'm going ... [singing] I get to go ... I get another go [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [660] Right.
Michael (PS52W) [661] Four.
Wendy (PS52U) [662] Where's yours?
[663] Move yours.
[664] Right.
Michael (PS52W) [665] I get
Jonathan (PS52V) [666] One, two
Michael (PS52W) [667] [singing] another go, yeah [] !
[668] I, who's helping
Jonathan (PS52V) [669] Three.
Michael (PS52W) [670] me?
Jonathan (PS52V) [671] Four, five, six.
Wendy (PS52U) [672] Six, right.
[673] Have another go for the
Jonathan (PS52V) [674] Michael!
Wendy (PS52U) [675] You're scrunching the board.
[676] Get off!
Michael (PS52W) [677] But, I'm [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [678] No, you had help the last
Jonathan (PS52V) [679] [shouting] Six again [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [680] Yeah.
[681] You can go and take another go.
[682] So [...] this
Michael (PS52W) [683] Have another go.
Wendy (PS52U) [684] move your six.
Jonathan (PS52V) [685] [laugh] ... I'm getting higher.
Michael (PS52W) [686] Mum!
[687] He's kicking me!
Wendy (PS52U) [688] Oh!
[689] He didn't mean to.
Michael (PS52W) [crying]
Wendy (PS52U) [690] Concentrate.
Jonathan (PS52V) [691] Phew!
Wendy (PS52U) [692] Move it that way Jonathan, six.
Jonathan (PS52V) [693] One, two, three, four, five ... six.
Wendy (PS52U) [694] Right.
[695] Go again.
[696] If it's another six I think
Jonathan (PS52V) [697] Two.
Wendy (PS52U) [698] it's a fix.
Jonathan (PS52V) [699] Up ... up one, two.
Wendy (PS52U) [700] Two.
[701] Right.
[702] Now your turn.
Jonathan (PS52V) [703] There's a one.
[704] Mummy!
[705] When you top at, stop at there you go down one six.
Michael (PS52W) [706] Look!
[707] I didn't do a six.
[708] Mum, look.
[709] Look.
Wendy (PS52U) [710] You didn't do a six.
[711] Do you think that'll make a difference do you?
[712] Go on then, have another shot.
Michael (PS52W) [713] Oh no.
Wendy (PS52U) [714] Two.
[715] Er
Jonathan (PS52V) [716] One.
Wendy (PS52U) [717] no, one.
Michael (PS52W) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [718] Right.
[719] That way.
[720] Into the, onto the [...] .
Michael (PS52W) [721] One.
Jonathan (PS52V) [722] Mummy, you're left behind!
Wendy (PS52U) [723] I'm not playing, you're playing.
[724] I'll play
Jonathan (PS52V) [725] Oh.
Wendy (PS52U) [726] next time if there's ... if there's still time.
[727] Right Jonathan, your turn.
Jonathan (PS52V) [728] One.
[729] [...] go!
[730] Two.
[731] One ... two.
[732] I'm next to Michael!
Wendy (PS52U) [733] Two.
[734] Right.
[735] Michael.
[736] Want a go?
Michael (PS52W) [737] I've got a six!
Wendy (PS52U) [738] Oh!
Michael (PS52W) [739] Six!
Wendy (PS52U) [740] Six.
Michael (PS52W) [741] Six!
Wendy (PS52U) [742] I take it you'll want another go?
[743] Right.
[744] Go and pick your dice up.
Jonathan (PS52V) [745] I'll get it.
Wendy (PS52U) [746] Cos you'll need another go won't you?
Michael (PS52W) [747] Yes.
Jonathan (PS52V) [748] Yeah
Wendy (PS52U) [749] So
Jonathan (PS52V) [750] I'll get Michael's when I bring my thing up.
Michael (PS52W) [751] [...] , one
Wendy (PS52U) [752] No.
[753] No, bring it up the way, up the way
Michael (PS52W) [754] No I'm just ... I want
Wendy (PS52U) [755] Oh!
[756] Let him do it. [...] .
Jonathan (PS52V) [757] Oh golly!
Michael (PS52W) [758] Look at this!
[759] [whining] Let me [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [760] Oh stop it Michael!
[761] I'll put it away if you don't sta behave like that!
Michael (PS52W) [762] [whining] No [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [763] Right.
[764] Yellow one up to the green.
Michael (PS52W) [765] Ah!
[766] Er er er!
Jonathan (PS52V) [767] I'll do it for him.
Michael (PS52W) [768] Er!
[769] Er!
Wendy (PS52U) [770] Let him do it else there'll be ... there'll be eruptions.
Jonathan (PS52V) [771] One.
Wendy (PS52U) [772] Come on Michael, hurry up if you want to do it.
[773] This one
Michael (PS52W) [774] No, I've gotta throw the dice.
Wendy (PS52U) [775] No!
[776] You gotta move your thing first.
Michael (PS52W) [777] No I'll do it
Jonathan (PS52V) [778] You've
Wendy (PS52U) [779] Right.
Jonathan (PS52V) [780] got to
Wendy (PS52U) [781] Mummy do it for you.
Michael (PS52W) [782] Mm mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [783] One, two, three, four, five, six.
[784] Thirty six you're on, okay?
Jonathan (PS52V) [785] Wow!
Wendy (PS52U) [786] Right, throw your dice again.
Michael (PS52W) [787] Where's the dice?
Wendy (PS52U) [788] Let's hope you get another six, eh?
Michael (PS52W) [789] Yeah, and then you'll get horrible.
Wendy (PS52U) [790] Oh!
Jonathan (PS52V) [791] Wow!
Wendy (PS52U) [792] Is that six?
Jonathan (PS52V) [793] I've got
Michael (PS52W) [794] [shouting] Yeah!
[795] Yeah!
[796] Yeah!
[797] Yeah [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [798] That's great.
[799] Come and have
Jonathan (PS52V) [800] There.
Wendy (PS52U) [801] another shot.
[802] Are you
Michael (PS52W) [803] [sighing] Ho [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [804] are you gonna move it this time?
[805] Right, move it this way.
[806] Here.
[807] Move it.
Michael (PS52W) [808] No, [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [809] Move it ... to me.
[810] One
Michael (PS52W) [sigh]
Wendy (PS52U) [811] two, three, four, five, six, you're ... on the red one now okay?
Michael (PS52W) [812] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS52V) [813] My turn!
Wendy (PS52U) [814] Oh another turn.
[815] He's got another turn to go.
Jonathan (PS52V) [816] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [817] Go on.
[818] Four.
Michael (PS52W) [819] Ah!
Jonathan (PS52V) [820] Oh!
[821] Oh!
[822] Oh!
[823] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [824] Four is good.
[825] Four's just as good.
[826] Move it four places.
[827] Move it one, two, three
Michael (PS52W) [828] Four!
Wendy (PS52U) [829] Oh oh!
[830] Four.
Jonathan (PS52V) [831] Mm.
[832] You've gone down.
Wendy (PS52U) [833] Ah oh!
[834] You don't go down, you go back.
[835] Go down ... zzzzooooo!
[836] Down the snake.
Michael (PS52W) [837] Look.
Wendy (PS52U) [838] Never mind.
[839] Never mind.
Michael (PS52W) [840] Oh oh.
Wendy (PS52U) [841] You've had three, three goes instead of
Michael (PS52W) [crying]
Wendy (PS52U) [842] you've had lots of goes.
Jonathan (PS52V) [843] [...] ... whee whoo!
[844] Now I'm away.
[845] Oh oh [...] .
Michael (PS52W) [846] I'm not playing that, that
Jonathan (PS52V) [847] Oh well done Jonathan!
Michael (PS52W) [848] I'm not
Jonathan (PS52V) [849] Look!
Wendy (PS52U) [850] Michael get off the board!
Jonathan (PS52V) [851] Oh!
[852] Great!
Wendy (PS52U) [853] There.
[854] Was it there?
[855] There.
Jonathan (PS52V) [856] It's not there.
Wendy (PS52U) [857] Right.
[858] Jo Michael!
[859] Do that again and ... the game is put away!
Jonathan (PS52V) [860] Mummy, I got a six!
Michael (PS52W) [861] Oh great!
Jonathan (PS52V) [862] I'm the
Michael (PS52W) [863] What?
Jonathan (PS52V) [864] winner!
Wendy (PS52U) [865] Run all over the board like that.
Michael (PS52W) [866] I sa
Jonathan (PS52V) [867] A six.
Wendy (PS52U) [868] Move, just ... up to the green, that way.
Jonathan (PS52V) [869] One, two, three, four, five, six.
Wendy (PS52U) [870] Right.
Jonathan (PS52V) [871] Aye, get off the board though.
Wendy (PS52U) [872] And try not to scrunch up the board if you do it
Jonathan (PS52V) [873] Mm.
[874] Five!
Wendy (PS52U) [875] Five.
[876] Right.
[877] Up
Jonathan (PS52V) [878] One, two, three, four
Wendy (PS52U) [879] Alright.
Jonathan (PS52V) [880] five.
[881] I go up the ladder!
Wendy (PS52U) [882] You go up a ladder!
Jonathan (PS52V) [883] Wo woo!
Wendy (PS52U) [884] Mm.
[885] Put
Michael (PS52W) [886] Mi Michael can we have two goes?
Michael (PS52W) [887] [singing] I go
Wendy (PS52U) [888] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS52V) [889] up a ladder [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [890] You've had two goes.
[891] Your turn now Michael.
Jonathan (PS52V) [892] [singing] Ah ah, ah ah [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [893] Give Michael the thingybob.
Jonathan (PS52V) [894] Two dice.
[895] Two
Wendy (PS52U) [896] The dice.
Jonathan (PS52V) [897] [singing] I got a six [] !
Michael (PS52W) [898] And I've not got any shoes on.
Wendy (PS52U) [899] Away from that ... from the board.
[900] Now sit down and throw your dice.
Michael (PS52W) [901] [screaming] I got ... oh [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [902] Definitely a six.
[903] What an awful lot of sixes today.
Michael (PS52W) [904] [...] a six!
Wendy (PS52U) [905] Right.
[906] That means erm ... somebody's using funny dices.
[907] Which one's you?
[908] This one's yours.
Jonathan (PS52V) [909] Have you done a six?
Wendy (PS52U) [910] Erm
Jonathan (PS52V) [911] The red six?
Wendy (PS52U) [912] one, two, three, four, five, six.
[913] Go again.
[914] ... Five.
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [915] One, two, three, four, five.
[916] And you've missed a snake
Michael (PS52W) [917] One
Wendy (PS52U) [918] so you're okay.
Michael (PS52W) [919] one, two, three, four, five.
Wendy (PS52U) [920] It was lucky.
[921] Right.
[922] Come on Johnny.
Jonathan (PS52V) [923] Okay!
[924] One, a two.
[925] Whee! [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [926] It's just a five, eh?
Michael (PS52W) [927] Down!
Wendy (PS52U) [928] Right, so ... can you move to the side?
Michael (PS52W) [929] Ah! [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [930] What num highest number's ... you're on s s sixty seven, you've got sixty six that side, and sixty eight that side, which way should you go?
Jonathan (PS52V) [931] That way.
Wendy (PS52U) [932] That's right.
[933] Well done.
Jonathan (PS52V) [934] One, two, three
Wendy (PS52U) [935] Four.
Jonathan (PS52V) [936] four, five
Wendy (PS52U) [937] Stop!
[938] Five.
Jonathan (PS52V) [939] six.
Wendy (PS52U) [940] Five is what you got.
Jonathan (PS52V) [941] Oh.
Wendy (PS52U) [942] If I remember rightly.
[943] Okay.
Jonathan (PS52V) [944] Mummy, when do you stop at the hedge to go down?
Wendy (PS52U) [945] You do ... excuse you!
[946] What do you say?
[947] Pardon me.
Michael (PS52W) [laugh]
Jonathan (PS52V) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [948] Here.
[949] That's good.
Jonathan (PS52V) [950] Watch.
Michael (PS52W) [951] Now I'm don't do a six.
[952] Look just there
Jonathan (PS52V) [953] What?
Michael (PS52W) [954] behind you.
Wendy (PS52U) [955] Come on then. [...] .
Jonathan (PS52V) [956] What?
Wendy (PS52U) [957] Right.
[958] So
Jonathan (PS52V) [959] Och.
Michael (PS52W) [960] Yeah, a six.
Wendy (PS52U) [961] Was that a proper er throw was it?
[962] Was more like a drop and come out your hand.
[963] Okay.
[964] Yours is the ... yellow one.
[965] Here we are.
[966] One, two, three, four, five, six.
[967] Go again. [sigh]
Michael (PS52W) [968] Ah!
Wendy (PS52U) [969] Four.
Michael (PS52W) [970] [shouting] One [] !
Jonathan (PS52V) [971] One!
[972] One!
[973] One!
Wendy (PS52U) [974] Okay.
[975] Jonathan.
Michael (PS52W) [clears throat]
Jonathan (PS52V) [976] This time I hope ... six!
[977] Six again!
Wendy (PS52U) [978] Look!
[979] How many times do I have to tell you don't run over the board!
[980] You move all the
Jonathan (PS52V) [981] Six!
Wendy (PS52U) [982] counters off it we don't know where you are.
[983] ... Want me to do it cos I'm closer?
Jonathan (PS52V) [984] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [985] One, two, three, four, five ... six.
[986] You're at the wrong end of the snake, you're okay.
[987] Go again.
Wendy (PS52U) [988] One.
Jonathan (PS52V) [989] One!
Wendy (PS52U) [990] One.
Jonathan (PS52V) [991] Erm ... [sigh] ... I could, I could go there.
Wendy (PS52U) [992] Wasn't there Jonathan.
[993] What number was it on?
[994] It was on seventy.
[995] Gee!
[996] Cos you really drive your ... mummy to a limit.
Jonathan (PS52V) [997] One.
Wendy (PS52U) [998] Okay.
[999] Give it to Michael to throw.
Michael (PS52W) [1000] I got two!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1001] Michael got two.
Wendy (PS52U) [1002] Erm
Michael (PS52W) [1003] Er, I got a one, there's a one.
Jonathan (PS52V) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [1004] Well mummy's jus just going to, cos look what happens when you go in one.
[1005] Whoo!
[1006] Right
Michael (PS52W) [1007] Great!
Wendy (PS52U) [1008] up to there.
[1009] Golly!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1010] Right.
Wendy (PS52U) [1011] Right.
[1012] Your turn Johnny.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1013] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [1014] Well, try and do it without standing all over the board.
[1015] That's a boy!
Wendy (PS52U) [1016] One.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1017] One.
Wendy (PS52U) [1018] Now wo is one gonna be good for you?
[1019] I think it just might be.
[1020] You've got seventy eight that way, and you've got eighty that way and you're on seventy nine, which way should you go?
Wendy (PS52U) [1021] Well done.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1022] I climb up up the ladder!
Wendy (PS52U) [1023] Climb up again.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1024] I win!
Wendy (PS52U) [1025] Oh no!
[1026] Jonathan's won!
[1027] You've won!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1028] Yes!
Wendy (PS52U) [1029] Right up to the hundred.
Michael (PS52W) [1030] Ha!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1031] Ye now it's Michael's
Wendy (PS52U) [1032] Now you've gotta get one to get off the board is that right?
[1033] Is that
Jonathan (PS52V) [1034] What?
Wendy (PS52U) [1035] how daddy plays it?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1036] What?
Wendy (PS52U) [1037] Gotta get one to go off ... gotta go off the board, you've gotta go and pick, one to get off.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1038] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [1039] Here Jonathan.
[1040] Right, do you want to see if you can catch up?
Michael (PS52W) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [1041] Look at this ... he's got the [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1042] Two.
Wendy (PS52U) [1043] right round
Michael (PS52W) [1044] Two!
[1045] Two!
Wendy (PS52U) [1046] Two.
[1047] Oh dear!
[1048] Look!
[1049] Oh dear!
[1050] Oh dear!
[1051] One
Jonathan (PS52V) [1052] One ... [shouting] Two!
Wendy (PS52U) [1053] two.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1054] He got a snake [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [1055] Whee ooh!
Jonathan (PS52V) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [1056] Never mind when you ... get back to other ladder you might get back up again.
[1057] Right Jonathan see if you can get one to get off.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1058] Okay.
[1059] One.
[1060] I just need one to get
Wendy (PS52U) [1061] Right.
[1062] If you go, get more than one you have to go back.
[1063] Or for or forward.
[1064] Right, throw it, I'll show you what I mean.
[1065] Throw the dice.
[1066] Right.
[1067] Go back.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1068] I know!
Wendy (PS52U) [1069] Throw the dice.
[1070] You want as low a one as possible.
[1071] You are ... after a one.
[1072] Three.
[1073] So this is what happens if you get three.
[1074] One, two three.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1075] Oh!
[1076] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [1077] Okay?
[1078] And if you get to there you're back down here again.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1079] [crying] No [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [1080] Okay?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1081] [crying] Oh no [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [1082] Right.
[1083] Come on Johnny.
[1084] Michael.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1085] I've got to get there.
Michael (PS52W) [1086] Ah!
[1087] Ah!
Wendy (PS52U) [1088] Right.
[1089] It's your go, four.
[1090] One, two, three, four, five, six.
[1091] Okay.
[1092] Throw again.
[1093] And the same.
Michael (PS52W) [1094] [...] colour, look!
Wendy (PS52U) [1095] Yes.
[1096] So it is.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1097] Three.
[1098] I'll get it.
[1099] Er, er
Wendy (PS52U) [1100] Right, right, your throw Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS52V) [sigh]
Wendy (PS52U) [1101] Pick it up.
[1102] Right, you're getting the left
Michael (PS52W) [1103] It's your turn.
Wendy (PS52U) [1104] of me.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1105] [shouting] I got one [] !
[1106] A two.
Wendy (PS52U) [1107] Ooh!
[1108] Jonathan.
[1109] One
Jonathan (PS52V) [1110] One
Wendy (PS52U) [1111] two ooh ooh ooh!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1112] Two.
Michael (PS52W) [1113] Well done!
Wendy (PS52U) [1114] Well done.
[1115] Well done, you're the winner.
[1116] But it was a very good second.
[1117] Very good second was Michael.
[1118] Okay.
Michael (PS52W) [1119] Can you help with, this, I got a second [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1120] Do you want to have a go by yourselves?
[1121] What's that, a different game?
[1122] Put this one away, can you put it away Jonathan?
Michael (PS52W) [1123] Yeah, I'll put it away.
Wendy (PS52U) [1124] Come on boys, show me how clever you are at tidying up.
Michael (PS52W) [1125] Mm.
[1126] Can you let me do it, yeah I'll do it.
[1127] I'll do it!
Wendy (PS52U) [1128] Are you bored?
Michael (PS52W) [1129] No.
[1130] Let's make this [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1131] Let's shut that door cos it's [...] .
Michael (PS52W) [1132] I'll do it.
[1133] Me ee!
[1134] Mummy.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1135] [laugh] ... Mummy when we take it out and ... can we play that other game?
Wendy (PS52U) [1136] Yes.
[1137] But you could
Michael (PS52W) [1138] I'm tidying, I'm tidying these things away.
Wendy (PS52U) [1139] Well you put we one away first before you get another one out.
[1140] You know the rules.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1141] No.
[1142] I know the rules.
Wendy (PS52U) [1143] Do you?
[1144] ... Look at the mess of this house!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1145] Mummy, what's, what's a [...] make?
Wendy (PS52U) [1146] I don't know.
[1147] Well it makes a big [...] ?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1148] Like I've got one.
[1149] What does r red and yellow make?
Wendy (PS52U) [1150] Orange.
[1151] You should know that.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1152] I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [1153] You got that book.
[1154] Do you know [...] ?
[1155] And what does ... what will ... green ... and ... red make?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1156] Er er, green.
Michael (PS52W) [1157] Ah ah, er yellow.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1158] Orange.
Wendy (PS52U) [1159] No.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1160] Brown.
Wendy (PS52U) [1161] That's re red and blue.
Michael (PS52W) [1162] There.
[1163] There.
Wendy (PS52U) [1164] No green and
Jonathan (PS52V) [1165] Dunno!
Wendy (PS52U) [1166] yellow.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1167] Dunno.
Wendy (PS52U) [1168] Right okay, it's numbers as well.
[1169] Can you manage that Michael?
[1170] Do you want use the ones that make the, use dominoes with pictures on it?
[1171] Mm?
[1172] Duck dominoes?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1173] Duck?
Wendy (PS52U) [1174] You stay there, I'll go and get them for you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1175] What's the duck?
Wendy (PS52U) [1176] Duck dominoes, it's got pictures of ducks, do you remember?
Michael (PS52W) [1177] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [1178] Alright.
[1179] Sit down and I'll bring it through.
[1180] ... Erm
Jonathan (PS52V) [1181] Okay.
[1182] ... Duck!
Michael (PS52W) [1183] I, mm, I know that game.
[1184] Ducks.
Jonathan (PS52V) [...]
Michael (PS52W) [1185] With [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1186] Watch.
Jonathan (PS52V) [laugh]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1187] Mum, I want that other one, duck game.
Wendy (PS52U) [1188] Well that's ... well let him play otherwise he'll have that funny turn.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1189] One, two, three, four!
[1190] [singing] Da da da [] .
[1191] [shouting] No [] !
[1192] Mummy, we don't need these instructions we know what to do.
Wendy (PS52U) [1193] Do you?
[1194] Oh good.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1195] Do you want a two or a one?
[1196] I'm taking this one out with the ducks.
[1197] Mummy I'm taking these out.
[1198] Michael, you've gotta get the last one there.
Michael (PS52W) [1199] Got the ducks.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1200] Mummy!
[1201] I've gone and got them!
[1202] I've got them!
[1203] Look.
Wendy (PS52U) [1204] Yes.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1205] Is it ... okay?
Wendy (PS52U) [1206] Yeah.
Michael (PS52W) [1207] Okay.
[1208] Great!
Wendy (PS52U) [1209] And, and remember how many ... erm ... those.
[1210] Yeah, got to have some of each.
[1211] What?
[1212] ... Are you gonna use the duck side or are you gonna use ... the picture sides?
Michael (PS52W) [1213] The duck side.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1214] I know.
[1215] Can you use the duck side?
Wendy (PS52U) [1216] Choose the duck side?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1217] This one.
Michael (PS52W) [1218] You're starting the
Wendy (PS52U) [1219] This side?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1220] This side.
Wendy (PS52U) [1221] Yes?
[1222] Yes?
[1223] Decided?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1224] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [1225] Yes or no?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1226] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [1227] You want to use the picture side or the duck side?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1228] Duck side.
Michael (PS52W) [1229] I'm using the duck side.
Wendy (PS52U) [1230] Well you've both got to do the same if you're playing the same game Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1231] Alright.
[1232] We'll do the duck side.
Wendy (PS52U) [1233] Oh great!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1234] Now we've got to get this one.
Wendy (PS52U) [1235] I said, oh great.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1236] Then I'll have to do that one.
[1237] I'll have to do this one.
Wendy (PS52U) [1238] Right, well play hi his way for this, this time okay?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1239] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [1240] And then he'll have a go if you're still interested.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1241] Oh and you
Michael (PS52W) [1242] Have you, what's that?
Wendy (PS52U) [1243] Right, d'ya got, you know what you've got to do?
[1244] Match up the pictures.
[1245] If you put a pussycat down ... and a bear, say that was down there ... you've got to match up with that ... duck.
[1246] Okay?
[1247] ... A want to give them a shuffle for speed.
Michael (PS52W) [1248] Ours doesn't need a shuffle.
Wendy (PS52U) [1249] Look at these [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1250] Then you'll have to ... you have to do that lot there.
Wendy (PS52U) [1251] Do you know how to shuffle?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1252] I know.
[1253] I'll show ... mummy I want to
Wendy (PS52U) [1254] Right shuffle.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1255] I'll shuffle them.
Wendy (PS52U) [1256] Shuffle.
[1257] Shuffle. [laugh]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1258] It's hard.
Wendy (PS52U) [1259] [laughing] Shuffle them then [] .
[1260] Not er
Jonathan (PS52V) [1261] I'll shuffle them all up.
Wendy (PS52U) [1262] Give you some more to shuffle.
[1263] That's facing the wrong way.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1264] Get off!
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1265] You take one off ... oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [1266] That's a good way to shuffle!
[1267] [laugh] ... Right.
[1268] Shuffle them on the ground.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1269] Yeah.
[1270] You
Wendy (PS52U) [1271] Right.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1272] go all over.
Wendy (PS52U) [1273] Okay.
[1274] I think that ... was gonna say that was well ... shuffled.
[1275] Right show the faces.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1276] I had them well shuffled mummy.
Wendy (PS52U) [1277] Right.
[1278] Can you count out, can you count Jonathan's enough to dish ... dish them out to him?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1279] Look at that [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1280] Deal them out.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1281] Deal them out.
Wendy (PS52U) [1282] You can be the dealer.
[1283] You've got to give the same numbers
Michael (PS52W) [1284] You've got two bears.
Wendy (PS52U) [1285] got to give the same number to Jonathan as you give to yourself.
[1286] Alright?
Michael (PS52W) [1287] You've got two bears.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1288] Ten?
Michael (PS52W) [1289] Give the same number to Jonathan ... to Michael as you give to yourself.
Michael (PS52W) [1290] Mummy I got two bears.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1291] Er, I'm five, I'm five so I've got to do five, okay?
Wendy (PS52U) [1292] Jonathan.
[1293] [laughing] Not quite [] .
[1294] ... Deal them out till you've finished, one to you, one to Michael, one to you, one to Michael, one to you, one to Michael and then you get
Jonathan (PS52V) [1295] Okay, I'll deal mummy.
Wendy (PS52U) [1296] Okay.
[1297] I'll show you how.
[1298] One to you
Jonathan (PS52V) [1299] One to me
Wendy (PS52U) [1300] to Mi
Jonathan (PS52V) [1301] I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [1302] one to
Jonathan (PS52V) [1303] One to
Wendy (PS52U) [1304] you.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1305] th ... one to me.
Michael (PS52W) [1306] But can you help me?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1307] one to mummy
Wendy (PS52U) [1308] No, just Michael.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1309] You've got to help us.
Wendy (PS52U) [1310] One to you ... one to Michael, one to you
Jonathan (PS52V) [1311] Mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [1312] That's it.
[1313] ... Okay.
[1314] Then when you've ... done that ... if you've got a spare one put it down on the, on the ground.
Michael (PS52W) [1315] My, my duck [...] ... haven't got to say this, that, that and that?
[1316] Got to say that.
Wendy (PS52U) [1317] Mm.
[1318] Cos it's gotta be the same picture, you're gonna match it aren't you?
Michael (PS52W) [1319] I've got two of them!
Wendy (PS52U) [1320] Yes, well that's the idea.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1321] Three.
Wendy (PS52U) [1322] Pick it up Jonathan.
[1323] You go again.
[1324] ... And you've gotta count ... how many you got each.
[1325] No, no, no, you just pushed yourself out.
[1326] ... Now, count how many you got.
[1327] We'll, we'll count ours Michael.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1328] One.
Wendy (PS52U) [1329] To yourself.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1330] Two.
Wendy (PS52U) [1331] You can count ours Jonathan.
[1332] One, two, three, four, five, six ... oh itchy!
[1333] Seven, eight, nine
Michael (PS52W) [1334] Look.
Wendy (PS52U) [1335] ten, eleven
Jonathan (PS52V) [1336] Eleven.
Wendy (PS52U) [1337] twelve, thirteen, fourteen.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1338] It's ... nine
Michael (PS52W) [1339] What's that, fourteen?
Wendy (PS52U) [1340] Shh!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1341] ten ... eleven
Wendy (PS52U) [1342] Eleven
Jonathan (PS52V) [1343] twelve ... thirteen ... fourteen.
Wendy (PS52U) [1344] [...] ... we both got fourteen, so there's no spare ones so we'll just have to ... er, right Jonathan, you put ... you put one down.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1345] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [1346] Oh!
[1347] Let's put that one
Jonathan (PS52V) [1348] Ducks.
Wendy (PS52U) [1349] down.
[1350] We'll put that one down will we?
Michael (PS52W) [1351] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [1352] Right ... you're to match it with a bear.
Michael (PS52W) [1353] Well ... mummy I've got to have two of them.
Wendy (PS52U) [1354] Well that's cos it's going down.
[1355] Okay?
[1356] You have a look see if you've got a bear.
[1357] ... Looked in your pile?
Michael (PS52W) [1358] Yeah.
[1359] Got a bear down there.
Wendy (PS52U) [1360] No.
[1361] Just a bear on its own, not a bear and a welly.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1362] [whispering] Shall we start er that again? [...] [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1363] Mm.
Michael (PS52W) [1364] Ya.
Wendy (PS52U) [1365] Okay?
[1366] ... Alright?
[1367] Don't Jonathan!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1368] No, that was yo ... I'll put this down.
Wendy (PS52U) [1369] Have a look.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1370] Just goes, like that.
Wendy (PS52U) [1371] Right.
[1372] Makes a difference does it, on the other side?
[1373] [laughing] It's a double bear Michael [] .
[1374] Doesn't matter which side you look.
[1375] Okay Jonathan.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1376] Righto.
Wendy (PS52U) [1377] Right.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1378] I've got a dog.
Wendy (PS52U) [1379] I trust you not to cheat okay?
Michael (PS52W) [1380] A, a car!
Wendy (PS52U) [1381] Right, you've got to look for a car, or a bear.
[1382] If you've got the car you got to put it so you can
Jonathan (PS52V) [1383] Car.
Wendy (PS52U) [1384] join it up with the way you got, that way.
[1385] Make interesting shapes ... won't you?
Michael (PS52W) [1386] Mummy.
[1387] Look, I got one of them now [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1388] That, I'll show it to daddy when he comes in tonight. [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [1389] Right.
[1390] Michael, your turn.
[1391] What you looking for?
Michael (PS52W) [1392] Er
Wendy (PS52U) [1393] What you looking for?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1394] A dog, or a bear.
[1395] A dog or the bear.
[1396] A dog or a bear.
Wendy (PS52U) [1397] Oh yeah, I think you got ... just keep away from the ... from the ... centre.
Michael (PS52W) [1398] Doggy!
[1399] Doggy!
Wendy (PS52U) [1400] Yes.
Michael (PS52W) [1401] I got
Wendy (PS52U) [1402] That's a good idea.
[1403] If you got two of the same you should try and get rid of those.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1404] There.
Michael (PS52W) [1405] Ma
Wendy (PS52U) [1406] Right.
Michael (PS52W) [1407] mummy can you help me cos I don't know what I'm doing.
Wendy (PS52U) [1408] You're doing fine.
[1409] Carry on the way you've been doing.
Michael (PS52W) [1410] A ... mummy I've got, I've got a car or ... a welly boot ... with a teddy in it.
Wendy (PS52U) [1411] Well it's not either of those you're looking for.
[1412] Have a look through your pile of cards ... see what you've got.
[1413] Looking for
Michael (PS52W) [1414] Dog!
[1415] Dog!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1416] Dog ... and a bear.
Wendy (PS52U) [1417] Well, decide which end you're gonna put that one on.
Michael (PS52W) [1418] Er, I'll go for a dog.
[1419] Now you're looking for a bear.
[1420] Mummy, you're looking for
Jonathan (PS52V) [1421] I'll go for the bear.
Michael (PS52W) [1422] [shouting] Mummy, you're looking a bear!
[1423] A dog or a dog [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [1424] Okay!
[1425] Don't shout, I'm not
Jonathan (PS52V) [1426] A dog
Wendy (PS52U) [1427] deaf.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1428] or a dog.
[1429] Dog or a dog.
Wendy (PS52U) [1430] Michael's looking for that ... Michael look for ... a dog or a dog.
Michael (PS52W) [1431] Erm ... ah
Wendy (PS52U) [1432] Look for a dog.
Michael (PS52W) [1433] I can't!
[1434] [shouting] Er find a dog!
[1435] It's up there!
[1436] Is that a dog there mummy [] ?
Wendy (PS52U) [1437] [...] a dog.
Michael (PS52W) [1438] I ... I got a dog.
Wendy (PS52U) [1439] Put it around the dog.
[1440] Or
Jonathan (PS52V) [1441] [clears throat] ... Dog.
Michael (PS52W) [1442] Do I have to do this mummy?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1443] Oh no, that's a [...] .
[1444] Try ... that door mummy.
Michael (PS52W) [1445] [tut] Oh yes.
[1446] ... [shouting] Mummy!
[1447] The wheelbarrow ... or a dog [] ?
Wendy (PS52U) [...] [in other room]
Michael (PS52W) [1448] Er it's a wheelbarrow and a dog.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1449] Look.
Michael (PS52W) [1450] A wheelbarrow or a dog?
Wendy (PS52U) [1451] Right.
[1452] Okay.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1453] I'm going for
Wendy (PS52U) [1454] Who's turn is it?
Michael (PS52W) [cough]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1455] I'm going for a wheelbarrow.
Wendy (PS52U) [1456] Right.
[1457] It's Jonathan's turn.
Michael (PS52W) [1458] Where does that have to go, on top of the
Jonathan (PS52V) [1459] No!
[1460] You can ju that doesn't [...] if you want to!
Wendy (PS52U) [1461] Mummy's
Jonathan (PS52V) [1462] See?
Wendy (PS52U) [1463] dropped a drawing pin in the kitchen so keep your eyes open for it.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1464] Tee-hee!
Wendy (PS52U) [1465] Cos you'll get a se se se ... sharp pain in the foot if you stand on that.
[1466] ... Somewhere around.
Michael (PS52W) [1467] I'm good.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1468] Oh Michael!
[1469] You're not anyway.
[1470] You're not anyway!
Michael (PS52W) [1471] I, I ... yeah, I've got a dog.
[1472] I've got a dog!
[1473] [shouting] It's a car, or a dog [] !
Jonathan (PS52V) [1474] No, it's a I can't see cos Michael
Michael (PS52W) [1475] [shouting] It's a car or a car mummy [] ?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1476] It's a car or a car.
Wendy (PS52U) [1477] Don't shou I'm not deaf, don't shout!
Michael (PS52W) [1478] Er, I'll go ... have I got a car?
[1479] ... [singing] I've found a car [] !
[1480] Mummy, I've got a car. [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1481] I'll go th
Wendy (PS52U) [1482] It's a scooter.
Michael (PS52W) [1483] My turn.
Wendy (PS52U) [1484] It's not a car Jonathan
Jonathan (PS52V) [1485] No it's not yours.
Wendy (PS52U) [1486] it's a scooter.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1487] I know, because
Wendy (PS52U) [1488] Scooter!
Michael (PS52W) [1489] No, here's a bear.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1490] That's a bear's scooter.
[1491] The bear's on a scooter.
Wendy (PS52U) [1492] Right.
[1493] Whose turn is it?
[1494] ... Whose turn is it?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1495] It's Michael's turn now.
Wendy (PS52U) [1496] Well look for a bear or a scooter.
Michael (PS52W) [1497] Bear or
Wendy (PS52U) [1498] Urgh!
[1499] Yuk!
[1500] I just trod on your ... creature.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1501] [laughing] Urgh!
[1502] My creature [] .
[1503] He didn't, he thought you
Michael (PS52W) [1504] No bears.
[1505] I've got a bike, I've got ... a ... [whingeing] I don't like []
Jonathan (PS52V) [1506] No, that won't do, but it was one of those there.
[1507] ... I'll do it.
Michael (PS52W) [1508] Look.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1509] Mummy.
Michael (PS52W) [1510] [shouting] Mummy [] !
[1511] It's a scooter or a sa ... bear again look.
Wendy (PS52U) [1512] Right.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1513] I'll go for the ... have I scooter or a bear?
Wendy (PS52U) [1514] This house is like a [...] Jonathan!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1515] A scooter or a bike then.
Wendy (PS52U) [1516] You'll have to start ... being a lot tidier.
Michael (PS52W) [1517] Mummy!
[1518] I've found a scooter.
[1519] I found one of those scooters.
Wendy (PS52U) [1520] What's that?
[1521] ... I just dunno where to start!
Michael (PS52W) [1522] But if you get one of them
Jonathan (PS52V) [1523] [laugh] it looks [...] bell to me.
Michael (PS52W) [1524] Mummy if you get one for me. [laugh]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1525] No.
Michael (PS52W) [1526] But that's right.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1527] We could go down ... and then, that way, and then we'll all go to this way, and then join it up again.
Wendy (PS52U) [1528] That's Snap you're thinking of Michael.
[1529] Snap when you [...] !
[1530] And er
Michael (PS52W) [1531] I want to play Snap!
Wendy (PS52U) [1532] Well play this first.
[1533] Keep one
Jonathan (PS52V) [1534] We're finished innit?
Wendy (PS52U) [1535] And after doing that
Michael (PS52W) [1536] Yeah I
Wendy (PS52U) [1537] and after that then we'll
Michael (PS52W) [1538] it, it's a, tied up cat or a ... bear.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1539] Tied up cat or a bear.
Michael (PS52W) [1540] Yeah.
[1541] Mummy.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1542] I'll go for a tied up cat.
[1543] If I've got one.
[1544] I think I've got one.
Wendy (PS52U) [1545] Let's see.
Michael (PS52W) [1546] I didn't do, you've got a bear.
[1547] Look at that bear!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1548] Yes, you're right [...] .
Michael (PS52W) [1549] No.
[1550] I'll put
Jonathan (PS52V) [1551] You can
Michael (PS52W) [1552] it anywhere you want mate.
[1553] Anywhere you want.
[1554] Okay.
[1555] So, so I think that, and that goes on here.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1556] Yeah.
[1557] Three rows.
Michael (PS52W) [1558] Shall we do that?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1559] Doo doo da doo doo!
Michael (PS52W) [1560] Er!
[1561] Er!
[1562] Stop!
[1563] ... You have to stop.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1564] Mummy!
[1565] I'm going for ... now it's Michael's turn and he's not going for anything.
Michael (PS52W) [1566] I'm ... a tied up cat.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1567] A tied up ... can you do it for Michael.
[1568] Mummy!
[1569] That's the one I've been looking for!
[1570] It's my one now cos I've got that.
[1571] Now it's a car or a ... be
Michael (PS52W) [1572] [shouting] Mummy, it's a car or a [] ... it's a
Wendy (PS52U) [1573] Alright!
Michael (PS52W) [1574] welly with a teddy in it.
Wendy (PS52U) [1575] Alright!
[1576] Just, just do it, don't need to keep telling me.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1577] Your go.
[1578] It's yours.
Michael (PS52W) [1579] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [1580] Right.
[1581] Michael's turn now.
Michael (PS52W) [1582] No it's a scooter!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1583] Oh no!
Michael (PS52W) [1584] And a car.
[1585] A scooter and a car.
[1586] A scooter and a car!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1587] No it isn't a scooter and a car!
[1588] Cos I've got ... e mummy!
[1589] It, mummy, it's a scooter and [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1590] Well just do it Jonathan.
[1591] Just do it!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1592] Now it's your turn Michael.
Michael (PS52W) [1593] Ah!
[1594] Is there any [...] in there?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1595] Yeah.
Michael (PS52W) [1596] Give me it!
[1597] I've got a daddy!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1598] Oh no!
[1599] I've got a wheelbarrow.
Michael (PS52W) [1600] I've got
Jonathan (PS52V) [1601] Mm mm.
Michael (PS52W) [1602] I've got ... I've got that.
[1603] Mummy, I've got that.
[1604] I've got a tied up cat.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1605] Ah!
[1606] No!
[1607] No!
Michael (PS52W) [1608] Ah!
[1609] A welly!
[1610] A welly!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1611] A welly!
Michael (PS52W) [1612] Good.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1613] A welly!
[1614] I don't want a
Michael (PS52W) [1615] Tied up cat.
[1616] Aha!
[1617] Mum, look.
[1618] I've got a tied up cat here.
Wendy (PS52U) [1619] Oh.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1620] Where's the ... you've got a chance to go of course.
Michael (PS52W) [1621] Oh yeah.
[1622] Picture.
[1623] [singing] Ah mama ma ma, mama mama ma ma ma [] !
Jonathan (PS52V) [1624] Oh!
[1625] You're messing them up.
[1626] Oh!
Michael (PS52W) [1627] Shoo!
[1628] A [...] .
Jonathan (PS52V) [1629] These [...] are sure good.
[1630] Here.
[1631] Look at this.
[1632] ... I've got a ... oh!
[1633] I need a doggy or a scooter.
[1634] ... I need a ... I need a doggy.
Wendy (PS52U) [1635] Good.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1636] Oh no!
[1637] ... [whingeing] Mummy, I can't go!
[1638] Mummy, I can't go!
[1639] I can't go, mummy!
[1640] Look [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1641] Jonathan stop
Jonathan (PS52V) [1642] I want both a doggy
Wendy (PS52U) [1643] whingeing!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1644] or a scooter.
Wendy (PS52U) [1645] Right!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1646] Michael have another go.
Wendy (PS52U) [1647] You don't need to whine about it!
Michael (PS52W) [1648] I, I, yeah, I'll give you this dog.
Wendy (PS52U) [1649] Well look ... here
Jonathan (PS52V) [1650] Oh thank you.
[1651] Thank you Michael.
Wendy (PS52U) [1652] Let's have a look, come on you got all these
Jonathan (PS52V) [1653] Michael gave me a dog.
Wendy (PS52U) [1654] Well that [laughing] isn't the idea [] .
[1655] Well you usually miss a go you go ... that Michael has ... a go.
[1656] If you can't go you miss your turn.
[1657] Just the same as you ... with the other game.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1658] Right then, that's Michael's.
Wendy (PS52U) [1659] Right.
[1660] That's
Michael (PS52W) [1661] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [1662] Michael's.
[1663] Now can you go?
Michael (PS52W) [1664] Mummy I can't
Jonathan (PS52V) [1665] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [1666] Well let's, let's see yours.
Michael (PS52W) [1667] I can't see.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1668] Er, Michael's
Wendy (PS52U) [1669] No!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1670] turn to go.
[1671] And, and you, do you want
Wendy (PS52U) [1672] Well you
Jonathan (PS52V) [1673] [...] I can't go.
Wendy (PS52U) [1674] Can't go?
[1675] So you miss another turn.
[1676] Wait till ... Michael, have another go.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1677] Oh!
[1678] Michael!
Wendy (PS52U) [1679] [tut] You're clumsy aren't you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1680] Yes, he's a clumsy boy all the time.
Michael (PS52W) [1681] Yeah, I'm clumsy.
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Michael (PS52W) [1682] See
Jonathan (PS52V) [1683] Ah, ah ah!
Wendy (PS52U) [1684] You're standing all over them!
Michael (PS52W) [1685] I know!
Wendy (PS52U) [1686] Dear, oh dear!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1687] Dear dear!
Michael (PS52W) [1688] I've got to fix the [...] !
Jonathan (PS52V) [1689] Ah!
[1690] You ... can't see them properly ... I'm sure you
Wendy (PS52U) [1691] Right.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1692] see me.
Michael (PS52W) [1693] There, there.
Wendy (PS52U) [1694] Right.
[1695] It's your turn again.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1696] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [1697] So, have a look ... for a scooter
Jonathan (PS52V) [1698] I'm not
Wendy (PS52U) [1699] or
Jonathan (PS52V) [1700] er
Wendy (PS52U) [1701] wellies.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1702] or some wellies.
Wendy (PS52U) [1703] Right you've got double wellies there look.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1704] Ah yeah!
Wendy (PS52U) [1705] You put double wellies
Michael (PS52W) [1706] I've got wellies as well have I?
Wendy (PS52U) [1707] If you put wellies down you're blocking him for another turn aren't you?
[1708] Tactics.
[1709] Put it over there.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1710] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [1711] Without standing all over the
Jonathan (PS52V) [1712] Now he'll have to wait again!
Wendy (PS52U) [1713] Yes.
[1714] You see, well this is what you call ... game tactics.
[1715] You've gotta try and ... pu ... you
Jonathan (PS52V) [1716] Is this your go?
Michael (PS52W) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [1717] Right
Michael (PS52W) [1718] Ooh, ooh ooh ooh!
Wendy (PS52U) [1719] that means you haven't got, got one spot
Jonathan (PS52V) [1720] I'm [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [1721] so that you, so you can
Michael (PS52W) [1722] I've got the [...] !
Wendy (PS52U) [1723] There's nobody here that's winning, come on.
Michael (PS52W) [cough]
Wendy (PS52U) [1724] Your turn again because he can't go.
[1725] Jonathan can't go.
Michael (PS52W) [1726] Welly.
Wendy (PS52U) [1727] Right, get rid of your welly.
[1728] ... Put your welly down.
Michael (PS52W) [1729] We that's this time ... you can
Jonathan (PS52V) [1730] I got a wheelbarrow!
Wendy (PS52U) [1731] Oh good!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1732] I've got a double wheelbarrow!
Wendy (PS52U) [1733] Right, see if you can go.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1734] [laugh] ... Woo!
[1735] Ooh!
Michael (PS52W) [1736] Me er this ... just get rid
Jonathan (PS52V) [1737] Eh!
Michael (PS52W) [1738] of it.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1739] So Michael
Wendy (PS52U) [1740] Throw it.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1741] Oh no!
[1742] Michael can go.
Wendy (PS52U) [1743] Never mind Michael, let's just ... play, finish this game off.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1744] Ah!
[1745] Oh!
[1746] [...] ... Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [1747] A whe wheelbarrow.
Michael (PS52W) [1748] I've got a double cat!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1749] Be careful if your
Michael (PS52W) [1750] It's a, look!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1751] Michael!
Michael (PS52W) [1752] Look there!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1753] I've got a ... Michael has to, Michael has to
Michael (PS52W) [1754] Jump.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1755] Mummy, look, Michael hasn't got double cat.
[1756] Mummy!
[1757] Michael hasn't got
Wendy (PS52U) [1758] No
Jonathan (PS52V) [1759] a double
Wendy (PS52U) [1760] but he's got a scooter.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1761] And a ball.
Michael (PS52W) [1762] A cat.
[1763] And I was, and a wee wa ... wee car.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1764] I know, Michael you've got a scooter!
Wendy (PS52U) [...]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1765] Mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [1766] Put it down then.
Michael (PS52W) [1767] I've got a scooter. [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [1768] Well a scooter's a scooter and that's it.
Michael (PS52W) [1769] You can't
Wendy (PS52U) [1770] Right.
Michael (PS52W) [1771] do that!
Jonathan (PS52V) [1772] Michael!
Michael (PS52W) [cough]
Jonathan (PS52V) [1773] It's a bear or a car.
Wendy (PS52U) [1774] Good boy for putting your hand up your mouth.
[1775] That's great.
Jonathan (PS52V) [cough]
Michael (PS52W) [1776] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [1777] We're all getting in the act here.
Michael (PS52W) [1778] Car!
[1779] That's mine there.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1780] The creature jumped ... very high.
Wendy (PS52U) [1781] Anyway, I think it's a draw cos Mi ... Jonathan, Michael had two shots [...] .
Jonathan (PS52V) [1782] Oh!
[1783] Eh, oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [1784] A draw, I don't know how we managed that.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1785] No!
[1786] I've the bear!
[1787] Woo!
Wendy (PS52U) [1788] Yeah.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1789] Woo!
Wendy (PS52U) [1790] That was a close one wasn't it?
Jonathan (PS52V) [1791] Right, start that le no now we have ... we're gonna play with this runway ... it goes three, two
Michael (PS52W) [1792] It won't, it won't go up.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1793] Oh Mi ... well you've just broken it!
Michael (PS52W) [1794] No I haven't.
Jonathan (PS52V) [1795] No watch.
[1796] Choo!
[1797] ... Cos you don't play.
[1798] What did yo

3 (Tape 067103)

Wendy (PS52U) [1799] [phonecall starts] Hello!
[1800] It's Wendy.
Norma (PS52X) [1801] Oh hello!
[1802] Hello.
[1803] Hello Wendy!
Wendy (PS52U) [1804] How you doing?
Norma (PS52X) [1805] Oh I'm just sitting here having had a long, well erm ... I I've just had a, a chat with Gillian who erm ... rang me up and we were on the phone for about half an hour I suppose, she's some lucky girl!
[1806] She's just been er, come ... for erm, Stobo Castle for two or three days.
Wendy (PS52U) [1807] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [1808] Erm, it's an arm and a leg but I think she feels that she ritually deserves it ... er you know.
Wendy (PS52U) [1809] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [1810] I mean it costs about a hundred and twenty three pounds a day
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [1811] basic without the extras!
Wendy (PS52U) [1812] Good grief!
Norma (PS52X) [1813] And she went on a party of three, no, no, she went with a party of four friends I think, there were five of them altogether ... and er ... she stayed for ... well er, three nights, four days, or four days, three nights I can't remember ... no, it must have been ... four days, four nights, three days.
[1814] Anyway, and it was all such a, a resounding success so I, I was regaled with all the details of what she, and in what she had indulged and er, she said she went in more for the pi er she didn't go in for erm ... aromatherapy and the ... reflexology and the facials and the manicures and things, she went in for loads of bicycling and exercising and er ... and [laughing] steam baths and things [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1815] Ah.
[1816] Sounds wonderful!
Norma (PS52X) [1817] It sounded more like, she says to me I think you should save up Norma and
Wendy (PS52U) [1818] Mm!
Norma (PS52X) [1819] you know, really go and do th have a pamper to the, and I said, oh yes Gillian I will, but the ... she said and go with Marion because you get a twenty five percent reduction if you share a room.
[1820] I thought, well Mari would be the very last place that Marion and I would want to go to!
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [1821] And, and in fact, the very thought of spending nigh on five hundred pounds for erm ... er for
Wendy (PS52U) [1822] Phworgh!
Norma (PS52X) [1823] you know, for a few days like that, I mean th it, it, [laugh] ... I al almost shudder at the thought because there's so much else I would, you know, prefer to do with five hundred pounds.
Wendy (PS52U) [1824] Mm.
[1825] I know.
Norma (PS52X) [1826] Anyway, er ... so I thought for a [...] , I've had a large of the press today which is, it's a very tense case indeed.
Wendy (PS52U) [1827] Mm.
[1828] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [1829] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [1830] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [1831] he arrived and ... had a spot of haggis, bought one left over. [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [1832] And, and, and ... [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [1833] You mean he, mean he scrounged ... lunch out of you too did he?
Norma (PS52X) [1834] Well I, we'd finished lunch and erm ... he, he, er I just said to him, what would you like?
[1835] Would you like a pie or there's some haggis, neeps and potato left?
[1836] And he said, ah!
[1837] That sounds good.
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [1838] And erm ... course
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [1839] and he was [...] , you know, even in the micro it went and
Wendy (PS52U) [1840] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [1841] there was really quite a lot left over.
[1842] He, he said oh, you know, you, he really enjoyed it.
[1843] Er, and I was glad he did
Wendy (PS52U) [1844] You'd think I
Norma (PS52X) [1845] because
Wendy (PS52U) [1846] you'd think I'd never fed him! [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [1847] [laugh] ... Well, you wo certainly would have thought so today I must admit but erm ... he er, no he, he in fact did a couple of good works when he was here.
Wendy (PS52U) [1848] Oh did he?
Norma (PS52X) [1849] Just, yeah well he, he put two springs into the top oven of my cooker ... and which erm, he, even he admits really hasn't made one
Wendy (PS52U) [1850] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1851] much difference to the door, but at least it doesn't flop down now and I don't have to stick a bit of cardboard in.
[1852] But, you know, at least
Wendy (PS52U) [1853] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1854] it stays up, erm, but it's a bit dodgy.
[1855] And the other thing is that it's erm ... er, er Jeremy had er ... er, inadvertently really, er I, I know that I could have crowned him when he did it, but ... he was getting er, taking the lamp from the bookcase erm, which is at the end of the bookcase through to his own room to use temporarily because in trying to get the shade off his, the old one there, he, he snapped the fitting, and why, when he did that, erm, he er, disconnected the phone and of course, wiped out all the memory ... you know, the numbers that that you put in!
Wendy (PS52U) [1856] Ah no!
Norma (PS52X) [1857] Ya!
[1858] Ya.
[1859] And of course, er Chris was astonished when I told him, and he said but why, you know, mum it shouldn't do that, it should re be retained, you know
Wendy (PS52U) [1860] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1861] the entries ... so he said.
Wendy (PS52U) [1862] That's right, it should.
Norma (PS52X) [1863] So anyway, I said, well it hasn't happened Chris because I, I tried to ring you, you know
Wendy (PS52U) [1864] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1865] er by pressing enter and one cos you're number one on the, on the, on the list.
[1866] So
Wendy (PS52U) [1867] [laughing] Ooh!
[1868] We're honoured [] !
Norma (PS52X) [1869] Yes.
[1870] Top of the list.
[1871] And er
Wendy (PS52U) [1872] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1873] I said, I'm afraid erm, you know, that ... so he, he had to take some time, er, we ha we took some time to find the book of the words which
Wendy (PS52U) [1874] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1875] the erm ... eventually found the bookcase.
[1876] I thought I'd put it there, looked through and couldn't find it, we were in every drawer in the blooming house!
[1877] Anyway, I went back to the bookcase and Chris, in fact, also came and we looked for them, he said, here it is!
[1878] Anyway, you know, I'd been er, it has been staring me in the face for so often.
[1879] Er, so often
Wendy (PS52U) [1880] That's always the case.
[1881] Mm.
[1882] Did you erm, get the phone ... fixed by the erm, G P O?
[1883] Ma erm Chris said you were having problems.
Norma (PS52X) [1884] Yes.
[1885] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [1886] And did they have to come in ... and
Norma (PS52X) [1887] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [1888] sort the line?
[1889] Was it the line?
Norma (PS52X) [1890] But that was erm, over a fortnight ago and they came and they er, rewired ... er, rewired the house, in fact Doctor
Wendy (PS52U) [1891] Really?
Norma (PS52X) [1892] was here, right
Wendy (PS52U) [1893] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [1894] through the blooming utility room!
[1895] And do you know when they came?
Wendy (PS52U) [1896] No.
Norma (PS52X) [1897] They came a fortnight past Saturday afternoon when the match was on!
Wendy (PS52U) [1898] Oh no!
Norma (PS52X) [1899] Ya.
[1900] Ya.
Wendy (PS52U) [1901] Well you could have left them to it. [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [1902] I know.
[1903] But that was service, of course, you know.
Wendy (PS52U) [1904] Mm mm.
Norma (PS52X) [1905] But I was showing Chris my erm, you know, telephone bill which I was so horrified to discover was something like a hundred and nine pounds!
Wendy (PS52U) [1906] Wow!
Norma (PS52X) [1907] And, he said I don't how you do this, you know,yo I really don't know how you manage to run up a bill like that.
[1908] And I said, well I don't know either, I think I ought to get some, er my, my bill, you know, detailed
Wendy (PS52U) [1909] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1910] er because I said I, I only phone Marion once a month and phone mum probably about once a fortnight, I don't like to leave it any longer and erm ... and I said I know I made a few extra calls over Christmas, but I said I really don't know.
[1911] And I never phone unless I can ... erm, well you know if I can possibly avoid it I never phone at the most expensive time of day, I avoid mornings like the plague if I can ... possibly manage
Wendy (PS52U) [1912] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1913] so ... and erm, and still my ... total number of calls come to seventy odd pounds ... but then, over above that is rental and then VAT
Wendy (PS52U) [1914] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1915] and it comes to a hundred and nine pounds.
Wendy (PS52U) [1916] Did you, with the new phone did you get rid of the, the other?
Norma (PS52X) [1917] I did, and they, oh Chris erm happened to notice ... that they have charged for a new phone that I haven't got.
Wendy (PS52U) [1918] Ah!
Norma (PS52X) [1919] Ya.
[1920] So it's just as well I let Chris have a look at that bill.
Wendy (PS52U) [1921] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [1922] Yeah.
[1923] But it's
Wendy (PS52U) [1924] Well it's
Norma (PS52X) [1925] only, I mean, it's, er they've
Wendy (PS52U) [1926] What a cheek!
Norma (PS52X) [1927] said, they've said, removed one Statesman of a telephone and then provided one Statesman telephone which of course they
Wendy (PS52U) [1928] Ha!
Norma (PS52X) [1929] haven't done.
[1930] So, I'm going to phone up erm ... the billing place, as they call it, it's an O ... eight
Wendy (PS52U) [clears throat]
Norma (PS52X) [1931] hundred number to
Wendy (PS52U) [1932] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1933] it's a free number, I shall phone them tomorrow and erm ... or Monday,th I mean, it's only a rental is,th th the rental itself is three eighty a quarter, it's not as if it's
Wendy (PS52U) [1934] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1935] an exorbitant or extortionate amount, but erm
Wendy (PS52U) [1936] But,th
Norma (PS52X) [1937] anyway
Wendy (PS52U) [1938] they'll probably charge you for putting it in as well.
Norma (PS52X) [1939] Erm, well I don't know Wendy, I'll have to go into that when I, I don't think they have, I don't know that they have charged me for, well they've certainly charged me for the new wiring.
Wendy (PS52U) [1940] Well I think, I think you do have to pay for that, I know
Norma (PS52X) [1941] Really?
Wendy (PS52U) [1942] mum, mum wanted one of these new, new sockets ... to put th erm ... th one that you can sort of clip out clip in
Norma (PS52X) [1943] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [1944] and they sa said that they were ... they would charge for putting all the new wiring in, although you're still paying for th you know the
Norma (PS52X) [1945] Yes.
[1946] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [1947] having the, the blooming thing in the house and
Norma (PS52X) [1948] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [1949] for the rental
Norma (PS52X) [1950] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [1951] they st they'll, they charge you for that.
Norma (PS52X) [1952] Ya.
[1953] I know.
[1954] They're
Wendy (PS52U) [1955] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [1956] going charge eighty pound something a quarter, but that, that's the line which Chris said I
Wendy (PS52U) [1957] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1958] I didn't order, they always say
Wendy (PS52U) [1959] Yeah.
Norma (PS52X) [1960] oh we'll charge you for that.
Wendy (PS52U) [1961] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [1962] Anyway I hear that you had little Jonathan ... John said.
Wendy (PS52U) [1963] Yes, erm
Norma (PS52X) [1964] And he's going to be started now ... [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1965] Yes, they're just putting, well th th most erm ... [sigh] ... useful erm ... conversation we had was with the, the ophthalmologist, she was, she was superb ... erm ... and advised us to get it done as soon as possible.
Norma (PS52X) [1966] I think so.
Wendy (PS52U) [1967] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [1968] I, I, I share that feeling
Wendy (PS52U) [1969] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1970] because I think that the ... the ... normally he, he has it done are greater.
[1971] Of course, if they are usually, er, er you know, when I say they are usually they ... th the success rate is absolutely phenomenal!
Wendy (PS52U) [1972] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [1973] It, it really is absolutely phenomenal!
Wendy (PS52U) [1974] I was speaking
Norma (PS52X) [1975] There was a young girl had this done to greater success.
Christopher (PS52T) [1976] Mhm.
[1977] That's what he said, he's, had to be done before twelve, before the age of twelve.
Norma (PS52X) [1978] Yes.
Christopher (PS52T) [1979] And I was speaking to Elaine today ... erm, over at ... Queensway, who, who I used to work with ... and erm, her ... erm ... nephew,ne niece
Norma (PS52X) [1980] Mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [1981] she had the same thing ... done erm ... last year
Norma (PS52X) [1982] Mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [1983] with a great success ra erm ... very successful.
[1984] And I was tel ... telling, I didn't realize that erm ... not getting ... a fa erm a squint patched was erm ... as dangerous as it is, as, I was told by the ophthalamagist that she could, he could lose his eyesight if he hadn't erm ... didn't get his eye patched because they will stop using the eye, and the eyesight would go.
[1985] And she said that erm ... Gordon, her husband ... erm ... he has no sight in one eye due to due to exactly the same thing ... not patching erm, an eye ... at the, the right age.
Norma (PS52X) [1986] Oh!
[1987] Well.
Wendy (PS52U) [1988] Erm, leaving it too long, and now he's ... as I say, last couple of years he's been to se to see why it is he's getting headaches and they say there's no sight in that eye at all.
Norma (PS52X) [1989] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [1990] And, purely due to a slight squint
Norma (PS52X) [1991] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [1992] as a, as a boy ... erm ... una un erm ... treated
Norma (PS52X) [1993] [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [1994] and, causing problems now.
Norma (PS52X) [1995] Well you know, well you know the, the ... when I was a little girl, of course, I was totally prepared
Wendy (PS52U) [1996] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [1997] for this and ... I certainly
Wendy (PS52U) [1998] You had the patch, you had the, glasses didn't you, with the, the patch over it?
Norma (PS52X) [1999] [...] not that I perceived any longer if the [...] hadn't gone.
Wendy (PS52U) [2000] Mhm.
[2001] Well that did the trick.
[2002] That was all it needed.
[2003] Erm, they do keep an eye
Norma (PS52X) [2004] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2005] just to make sure it doesn't go
Norma (PS52X) [2006] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2007] back.
Norma (PS52X) [2008] You see, I have very poor vision in my left eye, I mean, absolutely appalling
Wendy (PS52U) [2009] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2010] vision so
Wendy (PS52U) [2011] Well maybe that's been the cause.
Norma (PS52X) [2012] Yes.
[2013] Exactly.
[2014] And I mean really, really dreadful vision, and erm, er er of course, erm ... er er er, I just have compensated, you know, I really ought to wear specs all the time, and just, and just know that I just take specs off and on, off my nose as, as I, you know, need to er, as I require them.
[2015] But erm, er, did yo did you, did you ever know that Alan also had an operation for a little
Wendy (PS52U) [2016] No.
Norma (PS52X) [2017] squint there?
Wendy (PS52U) [2018] No, so it must ... must run, er run in
Norma (PS52X) [2019] I would
Wendy (PS52U) [2020] the family then.
Norma (PS52X) [2021] I di I did remind Chris and he just said, oh yes!
[2022] I do remember now in the distant past.
Wendy (PS52U) [2023] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2024] I says, well your cousin Alistaire when he was a little boy before [...] , he went back
Wendy (PS52U) [2025] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2026] Holland
Wendy (PS52U) [2027] That doesn't surp
Norma (PS52X) [2028] but he
Wendy (PS52U) [2029] surprise me ... but he's got erm, he ha he wears glasses doesn't he?
[2030] And said
Norma (PS52X) [2031] And he, he doesn't at all now.
Wendy (PS52U) [2032] No?
Norma (PS52X) [2033] No.
[2034] He wore glasses until he was into his teens and then er, he took them off and he's ... er, he doesn't wear them at all, and his sight is absolutely perfect.
Wendy (PS52U) [2035] Oh, well there you are.
Norma (PS52X) [2036] He has no problems at all now
Wendy (PS52U) [2037] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2038] Wendy, and, but he's certainly had an operation for the correction of a squint when he was about six.
Wendy (PS52U) [2039] Mm.
[2040] Can you hold on a second a Jonathan's got up [phonecall ends] .
[2041] Do you wanna have a wee word with granny?
Jonathan (PS52V) [2042] Mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [2043] Now, two seconds and you go to bed!
[2044] I'm very ... angry with you getting back up again!
[2045] Right, say hello.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2046] [phonecall starts] Hello granny.
Norma (PS52X) [2047] Hello my darling!
[2048] Oh Jonathan, granny has missed you so much!
[2049] I haven't
Jonathan (PS52V) [2050] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2051] seen you for ages ... have I?
Jonathan (PS52V) [2052] No.
Norma (PS52X) [2053] We haven't seen each other for such a long time.
[2054] You must
Jonathan (PS52V) [2055] No.
Norma (PS52X) [2056] come and see me soon.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2057] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2058] I'm just aching to see you!
[2059] I'm longing
Jonathan (PS52V) [2060] Granny.
Norma (PS52X) [2061] Yes darling.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2062] Have you got a new television?
Norma (PS52X) [2063] I have, yes.
[2064] Yes I have.
[2065] It's a super new television!
[2066] You must come and see me and see the television.
Wendy (PS52U) [2067] Mm mm.
[2068] You
Jonathan (PS52V) [2069] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [2070] wanted to come today [laughing] didn't you [] ?
Norma (PS52X) [2071] No, it really is, er it's brilliant Jonathan!
Jonathan (PS52V) [2072] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2073] It's wonderful!
[2074] Erm, so, erm, so I'll see you soon, and you're going up to bed now I hear aren't you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [2075] Yeah.
Norma (PS52X) [2076] Yes.
[2077] And erm, you're, you're, you're keeping well are you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [2078] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2079] You're much, much better?
Jonathan (PS52V) [2080] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2081] And Michael too?
[2082] Well, I'll see you soon darling.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2083] Yes right.
Norma (PS52X) [2084] Will you come and see me soon?
Jonathan (PS52V) [2085] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2086] Yes.
[2087] You must come and stay with me again some night, one night.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2088] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2089] That would
Norma (PS52X) [2090] Alright?
Wendy (PS52U) [2091] be nice wouldn't it?
Norma (PS52X) [2092] So
Jonathan (PS52V) [2093] Yeah.
Norma (PS52X) [2094] get off to bed then.
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Jonathan (PS52V) [2095] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2096] Ni-night my darling.
Wendy (PS52U) [2097] Off to bed.
[2098] Say goodnight granny.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2099] Night-night granny [phonecall ends] .
Norma (PS52X) [2100] Ni-night.
[2101] Ni-night my sweetie.
Wendy (PS52U) [2102] Right, up the stairs now.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2103] I'm just watching
Wendy (PS52U) [2104] Go on.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2105] these.
Wendy (PS52U) [2106] Two seconds.
[2107] Up the stairs now!
[2108] Now, there's none of this nonsense!
[2109] Go on, back to bed please.
[2110] Shut the door.
Jonathan (PS52V) [2111] Mm mm, no.
Wendy (PS52U) [2112] [phonecall starts] He can't bear to think he's missing out on [laughing] anything [] .
Norma (PS52X) [2113] Yeah, but he probably heard you phone me.
Wendy (PS52U) [2114] Yes.
[2115] He, they were late to bed I'd had them erm ... round at the shops and then er ... er Queensway, then the shopping centre to ... pick [laughing] up a card for ... for Chris.
[2116] Hadn't got a card for him [] .
[2117] Erm, and then Marie's, to pick up, she gets me milk ... erm ... er fo sick of running out of milk and she goes every, twice a week ... to, to get er, main shopping and just milk on Friday, and she said oh I can get you milk so
Norma (PS52X) [2118] Oh good.
Wendy (PS52U) [2119] she gets me one of these ... big six ca erm ... pinters.
Norma (PS52X) [2120] Yes.
[2121] Six er, litres.
Wendy (PS52U) [2122] Yes.
[2123] And that, and that keeps me going all week so I had to go and pick that up and of course we ... we went in, then we were late.
Norma (PS52X) [2124] Yeah.
[2125] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [2126] Erm, it, it fits into the, the fridge door, no problem.
Norma (PS52X) [2127] Oh it does?
Wendy (PS52U) [2128] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2129] Oh right.
[2130] Ya.
Wendy (PS52U) [2131] They're, they're designed to ... you know, fit in the door.
Norma (PS52X) [2132] Yes.
[2133] Yes.
[2134] Oh that's good.
[2135] Cos they are splendid!
[2136] You know, I've had one or, or two of those from time to time.
Wendy (PS52U) [2137] They're, they're great.
[2138] Every, we go through so much milk now with erm, having breakfast cereals and
Norma (PS52X) [2139] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2140] and all sorts, erm ... and I would ... it's lovely having the milk I hate ma running out.
Norma (PS52X) [2141] Oh I hate running out of milk!
[2142] I'd rather run out of anything than milk
Wendy (PS52U) [2143] That's right you ca
Norma (PS52X) [2144] that I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2145] you feel you can
Norma (PS52X) [2146] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2147] you can cook up anything if you've got ... milk o
Norma (PS52X) [2148] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2149] with milk, but
Norma (PS52X) [2150] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2151] erm
Norma (PS52X) [2152] Oh isn't that good!
[2153] That's marvellous that, that
Wendy (PS52U) [2154] So
Norma (PS52X) [2155] arrangement.
[2156] Erm, Wendy, erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2157] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2158] er ... are you going erm, are you going out tomorrow night?
Wendy (PS52U) [2159] We're ... haven't decided where, but erm ... Chris wants to go to ... the cinema.
Norma (PS52X) [2160] Yes, and he did say when he phoned me a night or two ago that you might
Wendy (PS52U) [2161] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2162] thought you might go to the
Wendy (PS52U) [2163] He was hoping Star Trek erm ... Six would be on, but erm ... so far i we've ... it hasn't been advertised erm, and er, it's been on and premiered in ... erm ... in London, and he hoped it would come out here ... erm ... this week, but erm
Norma (PS52X) [2164] Well what about J F K, I mean, that looks
Wendy (PS52U) [2165] Well we wanted to see that but erm, it's three and half hours, three plus hours ... which erm ... we wanted to
Norma (PS52X) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2166] we wanted to go for a wee ... meal ... erm ... afterwards and it meant ... er made an awfully late night with the, having the baby-sitter, got Christine next door coming in to baby-sit.
Norma (PS52X) [2167] Oh yes. [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2168] Erm, and it's quite an early start so ... it's, it just makes it such a late night to ... for eating ... by the time you've come out the cinema it's erm
Norma (PS52X) [2169] Well, yes it
Wendy (PS52U) [2170] so late.
Norma (PS52X) [2171] does dear.
[2172] Yes it does, it certainly does.
[2173] By the time you get out and
Wendy (PS52U) [2174] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2175] I mean, even if you go for a, a Chinky or an Indian it's
Wendy (PS52U) [2176] Yeah.
Norma (PS52X) [2177] still very late.
Wendy (PS52U) [2178] I think we've decided we, we will, we will go to the cinema and probably see J F ... K, er and ... just have a snack in er, and go ... save the meal up and have er, that later in the month.
Norma (PS52X) [2179] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2180] And enjoy
Norma (PS52X) [2181] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2182] it.
[2183] Chris is desperate to go back to the Hargate, but erm
Norma (PS52X) [2184] Is he?
Wendy (PS52U) [2185] Yes.
[2186] [laugh] ... His passion for the Hargate.
[2187] He's,yo I was saying you went there and you weren't impressed last time.
Norma (PS52X) [2188] No I wasn't.
Wendy (PS52U) [2189] It's changed hands.
Norma (PS52X) [2190] No I wasn't, no I wasn't in the least bit impressed with it.
[2191] I wouldn't, I wouldn't go back.
[2192] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2193] Really?
[2194] As bad as that?
Norma (PS52X) [2195] No.
[2196] And erm, they were all complaining.
Wendy (PS52U) [2197] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2198] Erm, I er ... no I, I was ... desperately disappointed when I
Wendy (PS52U) [2199] Oh.
Norma (PS52X) [2200] was last there which was erm ... with
Wendy (PS52U) [2201] What?
Norma (PS52X) [2202] Dorothy.
[2203] Haven't been ... er, well it's over a year ago now when we ... were there.
Wendy (PS52U) [2204] Mm.
[2205] I'd, remember you saying that and
Norma (PS52X) [2206] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [2207] it could have been just because it's, just had just newly changed hands and it might have
Norma (PS52X) [2208] Well obviously it might have been
Wendy (PS52U) [2209] improved.
Norma (PS52X) [2210] but I mean [...] ... er ghastly.
[2211] I mean, really, really ghastly!
[2212] It's erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2213] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2214] the worst meal I think, er, I went with Dorothy , it was the worst meal out, we both said that, that either of us had ever had ever had anywhere
Wendy (PS52U) [2215] Really?
[2216] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2217] it was such a terrible
Wendy (PS52U) [2218] Is it, it's the same style, it's still open sandwiches
Norma (PS52X) [2219] Yes.
[2220] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2221] and er
Norma (PS52X) [2222] And erm ... you know the erm ... er, I, I don't know whether it had any adjustment changes or what, but
Wendy (PS52U) [2223] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2224] but everything about it was ... just shocking!
Wendy (PS52U) [2225] Mm.
[2226] That would be ... awful to go cos he's, he's so ... passionate about it.
[2227] Ha the Hargate
Norma (PS52X) [2228] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2229] to, to go in and be erm
Norma (PS52X) [2230] Well that's it.
[2231] Well he, he'd [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2232] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2233] you know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2234] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2235] Alistaire, Alistaire's favourite place
Wendy (PS52U) [2236] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2237] and I don't think well
Wendy (PS52U) [2238] It's a shame to spoil it and go and have a rotten meal there.
Norma (PS52X) [2239] Yes.
[2240] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2241] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2242] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2243] Especially you
Norma (PS52X) [2244] That's what made
Wendy (PS52U) [2245] pay for it.
Norma (PS52X) [2246] me feel so bad about it Wendy, because I thought, everything that ever meant anything to me
Wendy (PS52U) [2247] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2248] seems to be disintegrated round about me, even to the blooming Hargate!
[2249] You know, that I
Wendy (PS52U) [2250] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2251] thought I could always depend on.
[2252] But er, and also, you know the association with Alistaire's, the things that Alistaire liked, that was
Wendy (PS52U) [2253] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2254] I think the thing that erm ... that er, made me feel so, so utterly ... and profoundly miserable about that evening.
Wendy (PS52U) [2255] Ah!
Norma (PS52X) [2256] However, erm ... there it is.
[2257] And I wouldn't say, I thought your phone might have been ... Graham because er
Wendy (PS52U) [2258] I was just going to ask
Norma (PS52X) [2259] Not a wo
Wendy (PS52U) [2260] any word?
Norma (PS52X) [2261] Not a word
Wendy (PS52U) [2262] No?
Norma (PS52X) [2263] Wendy!
[2264] Not a word.
[2265] Not a cheep.
[2266] And I, it's now ten days, they're onto some scam, and erm, I've, I had a letter from Marion erm, course, well to say they were no wiser and er ... she sent me some of the
Wendy (PS52U) [2267] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2268] photographs, she sent me three lovely photographs ... taken ... in erm ... i in St Helens Road the day of her party ... on the Sunday before Christmas ... and they were so good I've ha I've, I've got, rushed out and got little frames for them.
Wendy (PS52U) [2269] Oh good.
Norma (PS52X) [2270] Yes.
[2271] Oh, the th the three, there's my three brothers and their spouses and erm ... one of erm ... of the nephew and nieces, erm, Robert and Rachel at the end, and Carolyn and Andy
Wendy (PS52U) [2272] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2273] in another one.
[2274] So
Wendy (PS52U) [2275] Good.
Norma (PS52X) [2276] there we are.
[2277] Erm,wha are you erm ... erm ... er ... any further news from Australia?
Wendy (PS52U) [2278] Erm ... no, none
Norma (PS52X) [2279] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2280] none erm, recently, just saying tha exact same that erm ... George is s s ... still very ... very weak.
Norma (PS52X) [2281] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2282] Erm ... [sigh] ... not up to visitors,ma erm,sh she has limited the times she's visited because she's got the children, and he's just really not ... able to stand the children
Norma (PS52X) [2283] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [2284] around him.
Norma (PS52X) [2285] Oh yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2286] His tolerances level is ... is erm ... non existent.
Norma (PS52X) [2287] Oh!
[2288] You know the erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2289] Just a matter of time.
Norma (PS52X) [2290] I know.
[2291] This is it
Wendy (PS52U) [2292] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2293] you can't stand any noise
Wendy (PS52U) [2294] Noise and the
Norma (PS52X) [2295] at all.
Wendy (PS52U) [2296] or the,th especially when the they're children.
[2297] So erm ... mum and dad has been writing and erm ... I think they phoned
Norma (PS52X) [2298] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2299] erm but ea she wouldn't bring him over to the phone, she said oh he's too weak to come to the phone.
[2300] Erm ... which I think was, disappointed dad because erm ... I think he would like to have had a word with him.
Norma (PS52X) [2301] Yes.
[2302] I'm sure.
Wendy (PS52U) [2303] But erm
Norma (PS52X) [2304] Yes, I'm sure.
Wendy (PS52U) [2305] but they've, they've written anyway and ... so it's very difficult to, to think of things to say and ... erm
Norma (PS52X) [2306] You don't know what to say
Wendy (PS52U) [2307] No.
Norma (PS52X) [2308] when do you when they are [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [2309] You're at a loss totally.
Norma (PS52X) [2310] One is at a total loss ... for words to express adequately how one really feels inside, you know.
[2311] It is erm,
Wendy (PS52U) [2312] Well
Norma (PS52X) [2313] so awful!
Wendy (PS52U) [2314] Anyway, won't ... get morbid about it, there's erm
Norma (PS52X) [2315] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [2316] How did you get on at erm ... at Cramond?
[2317] You were going down to ... Jean and Ronald's?
Norma (PS52X) [2318] Erm ... oh no I didn't go to Cramond darling!
[2319] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2320] O
Norma (PS52X) [2321] I went with Jean to the theatre.
Wendy (PS52U) [2322] Oh!
[2323] That's right.
Norma (PS52X) [2324] I di and then of course, the previous erm, er Monday I erm, I was at ... oh, the seventieth birthday ... party, but I think I told you about that [...] didn't I?
Wendy (PS52U) [2325] Erm ... yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2326] Over at Gillian's.
Wendy (PS52U) [2327] That's right.
[2328] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2329] Well it was Gillian and, and erm ... and Ronald's sister.
[2330] Erm ... and
Wendy (PS52U) [2331] Oh.
Norma (PS52X) [2332] then er ... a week ago last night erm ... Jean and I went to the Lyceum together to see Arsenic and Old Lace.
Wendy (PS52U) [2333] How did that go?
Norma (PS52X) [2334] It was lovely!
[2335] I enjoyed it enormously!
[2336] Jean did.
Wendy (PS52U) [2337] And I love, I love that film and they, they show it ... quite regularly on the T V.
Norma (PS52X) [2338] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2339] It's a
Norma (PS52X) [2340] Yes but Alistaire saw the
Wendy (PS52U) [2341] super film.
Norma (PS52X) [2342] film, it was great.
Wendy (PS52U) [2343] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2344] Yes, it was a ... it was a fun evening, it
Wendy (PS52U) [2345] Di
Norma (PS52X) [2346] really was.
[2347] I [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2348] Did it compare to the, the film?
Norma (PS52X) [2349] Yes.
[2350] Oh yes.
[2351] It was a ve the ... the Lyceum Theatre Company and it was splendidly cast!
[2352] It was, it was really refreshing and su ... I love live theatre, of course, I really ought to go more often.
Wendy (PS52U) [2353] Mm.
[2354] You should.
Norma (PS52X) [2355] So erm, in fact, I would have loved to have taken Jonathan to the pantomime ... erm, it's on until er
Wendy (PS52U) [2356] Is it still on?
Norma (PS52X) [2357] the
Wendy (PS52U) [2358] Is it still on?
Norma (PS52X) [2359] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2360] Mm!
[2361] Good grief.
Norma (PS52X) [2362] It's on till the end of the month.
[2363] Erm ... the
Wendy (PS52U) [2364] What, what's on this year?
[2365] I'd ... heard nothing
Norma (PS52X) [2366] Aladdin.
Wendy (PS52U) [2367] about it at all.
Norma (PS52X) [2368] Er, it's Aladdin.
Wendy (PS52U) [2369] Aladdin.
Norma (PS52X) [2370] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2371] And who's in that?
Norma (PS52X) [2372] Oh!
[2373] Erm, erm ... er, what do you call ... erm, Jack and erm ... and er, what do you call, erm ... er who's the woman?
[2374] And erm, Russell 's new wife.
[2375] Anyway, it's a superb cast!
[2376] Apparently
Wendy (PS52U) [2377] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2378] it's really brilliant!
[2379] Absolutely brilliant!
[2380] And, but ... i i he, next year when they're both a year older, you know
Wendy (PS52U) [2381] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2382] I think they may appreciate it more ... erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2383] I think it would erm ... I don't think their concentration span
Norma (PS52X) [2384] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [2385] would, would last out
Norma (PS52X) [2386] Yes, well
Wendy (PS52U) [2387] for
Norma (PS52X) [2388] apparently
Wendy (PS52U) [2389] especially not Michael's.
Norma (PS52X) [2390] I think they would
Wendy (PS52U) [2391] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2392] er, but ... little erm, I think by next year, you see, Jonathan er will be six, and, and, and Michael will be
Wendy (PS52U) [2393] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2394] coming up
Wendy (PS52U) [2395] I think
Norma (PS52X) [2396] to five so
Wendy (PS52U) [2397] I think definitely next year.
Norma (PS52X) [2398] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2399] Definitely.
[2400] We should
Norma (PS52X) [2401] But I
Wendy (PS52U) [2402] all, all go.
Norma (PS52X) [2403] but I did feel, certainly
Wendy (PS52U) [2404] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2405] yes, we'll all go.
Wendy (PS52U) [2406] Make his a make it an outing.
Norma (PS52X) [2407] That's right.
[2408] Oh yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2409] And it's,i it doesn't erm ... seems strange going a sa so wa far away from Christmas, and er ... think of panto as, seems
Norma (PS52X) [2410] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2411] weird.
Norma (PS52X) [2412] Well it finishes at the end of this month.
Wendy (PS52U) [2413] Gosh!
[2414] I didn't realize it went into February.
Norma (PS52X) [2415] Yes.
[2416] Oh yes, it does.
[2417] It goes, they, they, er it has
Wendy (PS52U) [2418] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2419] I think it has about another fortnight to run Wendy.
Wendy (PS52U) [2420] Gosh! [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [2421] Ya.
[2422] I think so.
[2423] Erm ... so, there we are.
[2424] Erm, you're, so you're not working this weekend, it's the next weekend you're working?
Wendy (PS52U) [2425] No, I swapped erm, I should be working this weekend ... but
Norma (PS52X) [2426] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2427] erm, I swapped with erm ... Bernie.
Norma (PS52X) [2428] Ah!
Wendy (PS52U) [2429] Erm ... and it's worked out marvellously.
Norma (PS52X) [2430] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [2431] Er,unin unintentionally er, because ... I have ... my days off ... Thursday, Friday next week
Norma (PS52X) [2432] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2433] which are the sa same days as the school's off for their
Norma (PS52X) [2434] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [2435] erm, half term.
Norma (PS52X) [2436] Oh good!
Wendy (PS52U) [2437] And I've got this weekend off, not having to work when erm ... it's Chris's birthday so
Norma (PS52X) [2438] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2439] it's
Norma (PS52X) [2440] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2441] it's worked ou out ... well for both of us.
[2442] She took [laughing] erm [] ... stupidly ... erm, she says herself ... she booked erm ... the Friday ... and erm, the Monday off
Norma (PS52X) [2443] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [2444] to make it a long weeke because of the schools being off
Norma (PS52X) [2445] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2446] erm ... [laughing] to make the most of the holiday [] , and then found she was working in the sh in the middle.
Norma (PS52X) [2447] Ah!
Wendy (PS52U) [2448] So erm ... it doesn't bother wi the weekend's better for me cos Chris is here to cover and then I'll have
Norma (PS52X) [2449] Yes.
[2450] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2451] er, the boys off.
Norma (PS52X) [2452] So, er so you work tomorrow day, so you worked Wednesday and Thursday when you didn't expect to be, but you're off now?
Wendy (PS52U) [2453] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2454] I see.
Wendy (PS52U) [2455] Yes.
[2456] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2457] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2458] It's funny how your system, I, I was ... it got to Thursday, I thought ... [laugh] ... and my system ... sort of er ... was telling me, oh I shouldn't be here, I'm getting fed
Norma (PS52X) [2459] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2460] up wi fed up with this!
Norma (PS52X) [2461] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2462] Erm
Norma (PS52X) [2463] Yes.
[2464] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2465] So, so used to your sort of ... third week ... having a day off in the week.
Norma (PS52X) [2466] Yes.
[2467] But when it got to lunchtime today [whispering] it's been quite [...] [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [2468] Yes.
[2469] It's been very busy, got a lot of people off sick with erm, flu.
[2470] Lot of flu going around ... erm ... it's quite short- staffed ... so ... busy, busy!
Norma (PS52X) [2471] And are, you're all very much better now aren't you?
Wendy (PS52U) [2472] Touch wood
Norma (PS52X) [2473] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2474] we are on the mend.
[2475] It's er ... well it's a relief to feel well ... just erm
Norma (PS52X) [2476] [...] [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [2477] They've both got runny, runny noses but
Norma (PS52X) [2478] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2479] erm ... that's the time of the year, yeah.
[2480] I don't think they'll be free of that until ... until the summer.
[2481] How about your tooth, did you get erm
Norma (PS52X) [2482] Oh that's a lot er better
Wendy (PS52U) [2483] sorted out?
Norma (PS52X) [2484] thank you.
[2485] Yes, that's much better.
[2486] I have to go back to the dentist next week but er ... erm ... er, in fact, it's not this coming it's the week after, it's a week on Monday I have to go, that's right.
[2487] Erm, so erm ... erm ... and that is the day that erm ... er ... both mum and Marion are due to fly off to Oz.
Wendy (PS52U) [2488] Mhm.
[2489] I take it she won't be a ... she won't get anything done before she goes now?
Norma (PS52X) [2490] Well she couldn't could she?
Wendy (PS52U) [2491] No, there's no time.
Norma (PS52X) [2492] I er, I know, I, well I wrote to Marion and said er, I really think that erm ... if they do find something slightly amiss now erm ... the ... a [...] is out of the question.
[2493] I said
Wendy (PS52U) [2494] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2495] he's got to take consi into consideration the amount of ... recovery time that is required, and especially when they're ... you know, interfering with the waterworks of somebody
Wendy (PS52U) [2496] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2497] that age!
Wendy (PS52U) [2498] That's right.
Norma (PS52X) [2499] And embarking on such a long trip.
[2500] So, I think they'll probably say, oh just go and enjoy your holiday
Wendy (PS52U) [2501] See you when you come back.
Norma (PS52X) [2502] and we'll deal with you
Wendy (PS52U) [2503] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2504] when er ... when we come back.
[2505] Because she, you know hi she took that intensive course antibiotics i which was obviously contributing er ... to her being so unwell
Jonathan (PS52V) [...]
Norma (PS52X) [2506] and, and had discomfort too, she's been a lot better.
Wendy (PS52U) [2507] Well maybe it's just been a deep, a deep-rooted infection.
Norma (PS52X) [2508] Yes, and she's, she's definitely had
Wendy (PS52U) [2509] Chronic infection.
Norma (PS52X) [2510] she's definitely had a chronic urinary infection.
[2511] There's no doubt whatsoever about that.
[2512] But I don't think it's the whole story Wendy.
[2513] I, I, think that there is ... you know, something er ba er ... mechanically amiss as well, but er you see, you know, she, she says that she's, she's certainly been able to visit, which is mum's favourite expression, a lot better
Wendy (PS52U) [2514] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2515] and also, erm, she says I've, I haven't got this awful sort of very sore, blown-out feeling, you know, and, and, and that has left her, so ... you see, it,i I mean God knows how long she's had this chronic infection!
Wendy (PS52U) [2516] [tut] .
[2517] Well I'm gla glad she's getting something done about it now cos you ... and she'd just been left,sh er, hadn't been persuaded she'd have just let it go on and on and on wouldn't
Norma (PS52X) [2518] If the
Wendy (PS52U) [2519] she?
Norma (PS52X) [2520] if arrangements hadn't been made for her to go to Australia ... might be, she hasn't been [...] may have ... you know, she still hadn't been to the doctors
Wendy (PS52U) [2521] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2522] and because, it's only this, it's only me, it's only me that, me that tricked her.
Wendy (PS52U) [2523] Was it?
Norma (PS52X) [2524] [...] .
[2525] Oh yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2526] I thought you'd managed to talk her into it.
Norma (PS52X) [2527] Oh no, no, no.
[2528] She's already [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2529] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2530] [...] you're coming along to the doctors.
[2531] I doubt if she'd been, er would be have been there yet.
[2532] [...] Anyway
Wendy (PS52U) [2533] Oh well
Norma (PS52X) [2534] erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2535] and she's getting something done now.
Norma (PS52X) [2536] I won't keep you, I
Wendy (PS52U) [2537] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2538] er, I, er I thought you might be watching Love Hurts, you're not following it?
Wendy (PS52U) [2539] Erm, I
Norma (PS52X) [2540] Do you?
Wendy (PS52U) [2541] I, I have actually, erm ... no I'd forgotten it was on.
[2542] Yes, it's very good isn't
Norma (PS52X) [2543] I
Wendy (PS52U) [2544] it?
Norma (PS52X) [2545] well I, I'm not watching it but Gillian said, well I must go now
Wendy (PS52U) [2546] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2547] because I'm going to watch Love Hurts.
[2548] But it was also [...] about erm ... er ... trying to get some [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [2549] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2550] So we've arranged to meet, we're going to meet in [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2551] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2552] in [...] , in February.
[2553] She wanted me to come er, to meet her next week but really, what with my Chris has come and then, and then
Wendy (PS52U) [2554] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2555] Anne is probably coming to us still on [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2556] Is she?
Norma (PS52X) [2557] day, erm, you
Wendy (PS52U) [2558] Great.
Norma (PS52X) [2559] know
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [2560] and er
Wendy (PS52U) [2561] Wonderful!
Norma (PS52X) [2562] we a we are going, we are going out for a meal on Saturday night i er, in, with or without, we're going out, I've er ... we want to go to the [...] ... when we went with [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [2563] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2564] Erm, er the trouble is
Wendy (PS52U) [2565] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2566] at the expense of the company they said ... you know, he, he says that er he says Martin had said to him, you know, you should take your sister out from time to time, there's no reason why, you know, we we couldn't
Wendy (PS52U) [2567] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2568] put it down to expenses and we'll cover it.
Wendy (PS52U) [2569] Quite right too!
Norma (PS52X) [2570] And so er
Wendy (PS52U) [2571] This, and you put him up every time he comes up.
Norma (PS52X) [2572] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2573] And they're not
Norma (PS52X) [2574] Oh yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2575] forking out for any
Norma (PS52X) [2576] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2577] expenditure.
Norma (PS52X) [2578] This is it.
[2579] So er, so er ... Alan is
Wendy (PS52U) [2580] Good I'm glad.
Norma (PS52X) [2581] hi er he's got to go, he's got his annual medical, it's a very high-powered ... erm thing ... in Dundee on Tuesday, so ... Anne said that she would like to come up with him, potter about Dundee while he's having his medical ... then they will come here on Tuesday evening, or late Tuesday afternoon, and we go out for a meal, and then of course, she'll be with me all day on Thursday because he goes back up to Dundee to his managers' meeting, you see.
Wendy (PS52U) [2582] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2583] That's the way it's worked out.
Wendy (PS52U) [2584] Oh well, you go ... down town or something with her?
Norma (PS52X) [2585] So er
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [2586] Well, I probably, I probably will.
[2587] But it just means that he comes up with my car.
Wendy (PS52U) [2588] Oh!
[2589] Just ge ... go anywhere sh I'm sure she'd entertain herself at the shops, she'd be quite happy to
Norma (PS52X) [2590] Oh yes, but
Wendy (PS52U) [2591] wander round the shops and
Norma (PS52X) [2592] if, now he's gone
Wendy (PS52U) [2593] potter.
Norma (PS52X) [2594] I have to ... you know, and, and besides, when I come out of there I look like as if I've been [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [2595] So, anyway
Wendy (PS52U) [2596] So what!
[2597] So what!
Norma (PS52X) [2598] I think I'll just, no, no, no, no, no, I have to concentrate on her, it's not that I see all that much of her.
[2599] Er if she comes, that's right
Wendy (PS52U) [2600] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2601] I mean she might suddenly find that she can't get the time off the hotel, or she changes her mind, I don't know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2602] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2603] Erm ... so, so, there it is.
[2604] And erm ... then a I, Gillian couldn't see me on Thursday, and then Friday William is coming up for half term, so ... er
Wendy (PS52U) [2605] Actually, he must be getting on ja ... William, he must, how old is he now?
Norma (PS52X) [2606] William ... he was born in seventy ee ee ee ee ee ... six ... yes.
[2607] He will be erm ... erm ... yes he was born the year before I had my hysterectomy ... he was bor yes, but do you know he'll
Wendy (PS52U) [2608] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2609] be ... he'll be sixteen this year.
Wendy (PS52U) [2610] Good grief!
Norma (PS52X) [2611] Six he'll be sixteen in September.
Wendy (PS52U) [2612] And I ... mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2613] fifteen, he's fifteen past this September.
Wendy (PS52U) [2614] God!
[2615] Now I do feel old.
[2616] I have
Norma (PS52X) [2617] I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2618] I remember him
Norma (PS52X) [2619] I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2620] three years old, two and a half, three, in the su in the pool paddling, in the
Norma (PS52X) [2621] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2622] pool at erm
Norma (PS52X) [2623] I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2624] Portugal.
Norma (PS52X) [2625] Yes, that's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2626] Little
Norma (PS52X) [2627] So, the 's
Wendy (PS52U) [2628] little mite.
Norma (PS52X) [2629] are back in this country, but Louisa has gone off and is erm, got a job with C B S, she's driving at the Olympic Games.
Wendy (PS52U) [2630] Is she?
Norma (PS52X) [2631] And Sebby's gone off skiing somewhere and er ... Jamey's in London and er
Wendy (PS52U) [2632] What's Jamey doing?
Norma (PS52X) [2633] Well he was at, he's at Liverpool University!
Wendy (PS52U) [2634] Is he?
Norma (PS52X) [2635] Or he was.
[2636] Yes.
[2637] Whether, erm, I suppose he's still there.
[2638] And William is erm ... at erm ... Glenarmanton.
Wendy (PS52U) [2639] Ah.
[2640] Is he getting on any better at school?
[2641] Erm, he was having wasn't he?
Norma (PS52X) [2642] Well I don't, oh yeah, I didn't ask ... you know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2643] Mm. [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [2644] [laugh] ... Just in case.
Norma (PS52X) [2645] Knowing William I should think there are innumerable problems.
Wendy (PS52U) [2646] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2647] Erm, yes.
[2648] But er, like you, I could hardly believe he's in his sixteenth
Wendy (PS52U) [2649] Mm mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2650] year.
[2651] Very, very [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2652] Amazing isn't it?
Norma (PS52X) [2653] Yes.
[2654] It certainly, it's certainly ... do you know that erm, er ... Rachel is thirty two ... on er
Wendy (PS52U) [2655] Yeah?
Norma (PS52X) [2656] on Tuesday?
Wendy (PS52U) [2657] Good grief!
Norma (PS52X) [2658] Yeah.
[2659] She's exactly two
Wendy (PS52U) [2660] Well that's a
Norma (PS52X) [2661] years older than er ... er younger than
Wendy (PS52U) [2662] Younger than
Norma (PS52X) [2663] than
Wendy (PS52U) [2664] than Chris, that's right.
[2665] There's days between them isn't there?
Norma (PS52X) [2666] Yeah.
[2667] That's
Wendy (PS52U) [2668] Erm
Norma (PS52X) [2669] right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2670] two years, and days.
Norma (PS52X) [2671] The eleventh she is.
Wendy (PS52U) [2672] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2673] So erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2674] What's Gillian doing now then?
Norma (PS52X) [2675] Oh she's erm, she's not doing anything at the moment because erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2676] Is the tourist, the business erm
Norma (PS52X) [2677] Er
Wendy (PS52U) [2678] totally ... out the window?
Norma (PS52X) [2679] Yeah, but she's not working at the moment.
[2680] Er, she says that she's er, there's absolutely nothing doing just at the moment, erm, but she says that she never knows the time when she will be called upon to ... you know, be asked to do a trip, but
Wendy (PS52U) [2681] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2682] really right in the middle of winter and there's really nothing much doing.
[2683] So, she is resting, albeit
Wendy (PS52U) [2684] Resting.
Norma (PS52X) [2685] unwillingly at the moment.
Wendy (PS52U) [2686] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2687] Has she still got that ... boyfriend.
Norma (PS52X) [2688] Yo oh yes.
[2689] Yes.
[2690] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2691] Chub chubby.
Norma (PS52X) [2692] Yes, that's right.
[2693] Yes, that's right.
[2694] And, have you heard from the erm cousins ... and er
Wendy (PS52U) [2695] Erm, they're going off ... they're, it's, probably away this, this weekend, erm ... Sheila's ... but they're all going ... erm
Norma (PS52X) [2696] Right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2697] oh was it this ... when is it they're going?
[2698] It's the Eas erm ... [tut] ... the half term break
Norma (PS52X) [2699] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [2700] I think.
[2701] Erm, they're going down to Bicknoller ... erm, to stay with ... her mum.
Norma (PS52X) [2702] Where?
[2703] They're staying
Wendy (PS52U) [2704] Erm
Norma (PS52X) [2705] where?
Wendy (PS52U) [2706] They're going down to Somerset
Norma (PS52X) [2707] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2708] to stay with erm ... Sheila's mum.
Norma (PS52X) [2709] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2710] And, to let, basically, to let nanny see erm ... [tut]
Norma (PS52X) [2711] Alex.
Wendy (PS52U) [2712] Alex ... because she hasn't wa ma although mother's been up ... erm, nanny always gets ... shot off to the erm ... the home ... and she hasn't actually seen her.
Norma (PS52X) [2713] Well now I can tell you, erm, I actually wanted to erm ... and, and, and, and really as, as, as erm ... perhaps a bit of an old softy but
Wendy (PS52U) [2714] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2715] I really thought that I would have asked Chris if he is ... pay for his ... erm ... [...] Society here in [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [2716] Mm mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2717] And er ... for his birthday.
Wendy (PS52U) [2718] That would be lovely!
Norma (PS52X) [2719] So I had no idea how much it was ... but I thought
Wendy (PS52U) [2720] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2721] well I'm not gonna ask Chris cos I'll just write a cheque to ... [...] Society.
Wendy (PS52U) [2722] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2723] So I thought well there's only,th th the, the easiest way of finding out is to ring Keith.
Wendy (PS52U) [2724] Mhm.
[2725] They're away.
Norma (PS52X) [2726] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [2727] No answer.
Norma (PS52X) [2728] No, no.
[2729] So I rang, I rang him last night ... and, they're not away ... and they've erm ... he was able to tell me that it was exactly a hundred pounds.
Wendy (PS52U) [2730] Gosh!
[2731] That's gone up then.
Norma (PS52X) [2732] It's gone up, yeah.
[2733] So,th the poor, poor Keith has been terribly, terribly poorly all week!
[2734] He's been
Wendy (PS52U) [2735] Has he?
Norma (PS52X) [2736] off work.
[2737] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [2738] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2739] And, he said
Wendy (PS52U) [2740] That's sudden.
Norma (PS52X) [2741] erm, I think really that he's finding erm, er the, the pressure of, of erm, of, of the [...] , I mean, bloody kids are almost unendurable!
[2742] And, you know, he's been very wheezy and pro and, and, and er, and ... has a, er,ha has been suffering some sort fluey cold.
[2743] And Karen last weekend, after you ... were sitting for them ... suddenly took ill on the Saturday I think, and Sheila wasn't in any great shape, so he went back home er, from the office ... an over his lunch hour to see if he could just go and lend a hand,ge generally help out over his lunch hour.
Wendy (PS52U) [2744] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2745] And he said he was alright over ... you know, that period and he said he got back to office, then two hours later he said he was in, in such great pain!
Wendy (PS52U) [2746] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2747] And he said, I ... suddenly felt ... so ill, you know, and I was shaking, and, and, and, and, and obviously started running a temperature and, and my, my, er ... and, and shivering and whatever.
Wendy (PS52U) [2748] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2749] And he said, it's most unlike me, as you probably know, but he said I couldn't tell you the last time I had time off work, but he said, I haven't been into the office since th cos I've been feeling really bad!
Wendy (PS52U) [2750] Yeah.
[2751] That's jus that's the classic one that's going around
Norma (PS52X) [2752] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [2753] sort of fluey, fluey-like symptoms
Norma (PS52X) [2754] That's right.
[2755] And guess, and guess ... who erm ... has been helping out?
Wendy (PS52U) [2756] Oh.
[2757] Evelyn of course.
Norma (PS52X) [2758] Yes!
[2759] And guess, who
Wendy (PS52U) [2760] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2761] in actual fact, because they thought she'd be better out of the way, had the baby last night?
Wendy (PS52U) [2762] That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [2763] But when he said, we thought it would be a good idea, we took a Ali erm, erm ... mum took Alex over to Craigmiller Park, and we thought it would be a good idea if she just stayed there overnight because if she wa if she's escaped it by, you know, tomorrow then she should really ... you know, be safe ... and, and
Wendy (PS52U) [2764] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2765] a voice came er, from the, the back of beyond and Keith said, oh he said ... Sheila has just reminded me to tell you that it was my idea.
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [2766] In other words, in other words, she wasn't going to do th have Norma think that er
Wendy (PS52U) [2767] Aha.
Norma (PS52X) [2768] that she had th but erm, they, I don't know wha I really, honestly don't know er what they would do about, she would do about Evelyn.
Wendy (PS52U) [2769] Ah, [sighing] oh [] .
[2770] I don't know either.
[2771] Se they fall back on her so, so often
Norma (PS52X) [2772] Yes.
[2773] She caved in, in, she caved in ... she can't face up to er, to anything very much really.
Wendy (PS52U) [2774] No.
[2775] She's always been like that though.
Norma (PS52X) [2776] Ya.
[2777] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [2778] And, gonna, she's gonna carry on being like that while, while Evelyn's there to
Norma (PS52X) [2779] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [2780] pick up
Norma (PS52X) [2781] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2782] as she drops
Norma (PS52X) [2783] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2784] everything her, coming
Norma (PS52X) [2785] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2786] behind and pick it all up
Norma (PS52X) [2787] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2788] and cope.
Norma (PS52X) [2789] That's right.
[2790] So, I thought I would let you know, I didn't tell Chris this
Wendy (PS52U) [2791] Mm mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2792] because obviously ... and this time, because Chris turned up unexpectedly ... and, I had his card, and everything
Wendy (PS52U) [2793] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2794] all ready, and stamped
Wendy (PS52U) [2795] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2796] and when I heard er th from him that he's going to ... er ... pick up somebody somewhere, and pick up somebody somewhere else and go to the [...] to a
Wendy (PS52U) [2797] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2798] football match tomorrow ... I thought, well I'm not posting his blooming cards, I'm, I'll just hand them to him ... and if at sometime you're stuck for a
Wendy (PS52U) [2799] [laughing] I'll ste steam them off [] !
Norma (PS52X) [2800] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [2801] Too right to. [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [2802] I'll make use of them.
Norma (PS52X) [2803] [laugh] ... [laughing] Yes [] !
[2804] So I just kept them, but I thought
Wendy (PS52U) [2805] Good for you.
Norma (PS52X) [2806] imagine!
[2807] And I'd only done them ten minutes before
Wendy (PS52U) [2808] Oh!
Norma (PS52X) [2809] he appeared. [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [2810] Oh!
[2811] So you could steam them off and slap them out again.
Norma (PS52X) [2812] No, no, no.
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [2813] I'm not really good at that.
Wendy (PS52U) [2814] Leave that to me.
Norma (PS52X) [2815] I er, I, you can do that, I, I, I'm, I, I thought, I thought of that, well really, you know, erm ... well isn't it, isn't it just me?
[2816] So erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2817] It is.
Norma (PS52X) [2818] anyway, listen my darling
Wendy (PS52U) [2819] Mm mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2820] we've gone on talking so long
Wendy (PS52U) [2821] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2822] and I'll see you
Wendy (PS52U) [2823] Must go.
Norma (PS52X) [2824] soon I hope.
Wendy (PS52U) [2825] Yes, erm ... I th ... are you doing anything Sunday?
Norma (PS52X) [2826] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [2827] Might pop in on Sunday with the, with the boys if
Norma (PS52X) [2828] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2829] if that suits you?
Norma (PS52X) [2830] Yes.
[2831] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2832] Cos erm ... they were asking today if they could come and see granny's new T V and
Norma (PS52X) [2833] Yes.
[2834] Yes, er well
Wendy (PS52U) [2835] a can we go and see granny?
Norma (PS52X) [2836] you know
Wendy (PS52U) [2837] But it was so late on.
Norma (PS52X) [2838] Yes.
[2839] Well you know Wendy erm, you could come and, and er have a spot of lunch if you'd like?
[2840] I mean, you're always so welcome to come and have anything.
[2841] Er, you only just have to say, well you know, would it suit you for me to come in
Wendy (PS52U) [2842] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2843] and, you know
Wendy (PS52U) [2844] Well we will.
Norma (PS52X) [2845] you know, perfectly well the answer's going to be ... be yes more times than it's going to be ... no I'm not going to be around.
[2846] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2847] It's Jonathan beckowing .
[2848] Erm, well we'll come in, in the af after lunch.
[2849] Erm
Norma (PS52X) [2850] Right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2851] pop in after lunch er th with the
Norma (PS52X) [2852] Alright.
Wendy (PS52U) [2853] boys because they haven't se they haven't seen you for ages.
Norma (PS52X) [2854] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2855] And erm
Norma (PS52X) [2856] Oh I would love
Wendy (PS52U) [2857] they're as they're asking
Norma (PS52X) [2858] Yes I know, I would
Wendy (PS52U) [2859] so
Norma (PS52X) [2860] love that!
[2861] And I'm ... I'm ... when I wrote to Marion I said, er ... I'm ge I am getting the most terrible withdrawal symptoms!
[2862] I haven't seen two [...] sweeties for er, well I haven't seen Jonathan since the ... the third of Ja erm ... January is it, or the second of January or whatever ... and er
Wendy (PS52U) [2863] Is it?
[2864] As long as that?
Norma (PS52X) [2865] Yeah.
[2866] And er, well I haven't seen you ... ooh
Wendy (PS52U) [2867] That's right.
[2868] [laughing] Well I have been [] ... I've been in bed half the time with
Norma (PS52X) [2869] Oh have you?
Wendy (PS52U) [2870] with erm
Norma (PS52X) [2871] Yes.
[2872] I know.
[2873] When I say
Wendy (PS52U) [2874] stupid bugs!
Norma (PS52X) [2875] when I say that, of course, I mean
Wendy (PS52U) [2876] Mm mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2877] I mean, I don't mean, you know
Wendy (PS52U) [2878] Mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2879] I know how, I know how you have been ... erm
Wendy (PS52U) [2880] Frus frustration with one, one thing after the other.
Norma (PS52X) [2881] Yes.
[2882] Yes.
[2883] I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2884] But, touch wood, I think that's all out the way.
[2885] But
Norma (PS52X) [2886] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2887] erm
Norma (PS52X) [2888] well erm, I know
Wendy (PS52U) [2889] and the last thing I wanted to do was give, give erm ... give you anything because
Norma (PS52X) [2890] Well, er, yes.
[2891] And also, Wendy, erm ... er, the other thing is that I really wasn't a hundred percent in health.
Wendy (PS52U) [2892] No you weren't were you?
Norma (PS52X) [2893] [...] on er ... er, er and had erm ... I was on an antibiotic for a, week or so.
[2894] However, I look forward to seeing you
Wendy (PS52U) [2895] You survived.
Norma (PS52X) [2896] so, very
Wendy (PS52U) [2897] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2898] very, very, very much on er
Wendy (PS52U) [2899] Right, we'll pop
Norma (PS52X) [2900] Sunday!
Wendy (PS52U) [2901] in, we'll pop in on Sunday.
Norma (PS52X) [2902] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2903] Erm, in the afternoon.
[2904] Ooh!
[2905] In the afternoon with erm ... the wee ones.
Norma (PS52X) [2906] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2907] Erm
Norma (PS52X) [2908] And erm ... cos I know you've got this drag of er, of a, of a duty on Sunday night but
Wendy (PS52U) [2909] [sighing] Yes.
[2910] Yes.
[2911] Still, still got that [] .
[2912] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2913] So you won't want to be er ... er too late in getting er, away, erm, because er ... you ... have to get back and er ... get organized for that, erm ... anyway
Wendy (PS52U) [2914] Yes.
[2915] The se the se
Norma (PS52X) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [2916] the psych up, or the wind up, or the wind down [laughing] whichever [] .
Norma (PS52X) [2917] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [2918] Whichever.
Norma (PS52X) [2919] Erm, well we won't talk about that now, we won't talk about Sunday night, but I, you come, you come and see me on Sunday and
Wendy (PS52U) [2920] Right
Norma (PS52X) [2921] er
Wendy (PS52U) [2922] will do.
Norma (PS52X) [2923] I'll, I'll really look forward to that so much.
[2924] We might, if i if it's a nice day we might ... possibly have a little walk out somewhere or ... run out somewhere, or something
Wendy (PS52U) [2925] Good idea.
[2926] Yes.
Norma (PS52X) [2927] you see, and then boys can have
Wendy (PS52U) [2928] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2929] tea ... erm ... before they go home.
Wendy (PS52U) [2930] Yes.
[2931] We'll think of somewhere to ... to ga spend the afternoon.
Norma (PS52X) [2932] Yes, well, I think
Wendy (PS52U) [2933] Hopefully, hopefully a nice day.
Norma (PS52X) [2934] er, we'll, we'll play it by ear, it'll
Wendy (PS52U) [2935] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2936] all depend on the day, you know, because the weather's been superb hasn't it really?
Wendy (PS52U) [2937] It's been glo glorious one day, and then, and then sort of a bit
Norma (PS52X) [2938] [...] cold really
Wendy (PS52U) [2939] dodgy the next.
[2940] But erm
Norma (PS52X) [2941] Yes.
[2942] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2943] hopefully, hopefully it'll be, it'll be a nice sunny day.
Norma (PS52X) [2944] Yes.
[2945] Well, erm, I know the forecast isn't quite so brilliant as it has been, I think ... but
Wendy (PS52U) [2946] Oh.
Norma (PS52X) [2947] er ... anyway
Jonathan (PS52V) [2948] Whee!
Wendy (PS52U) [2949] Yeah.
Norma (PS52X) [2950] regardless of the weather, it doesn't matter, we'll see you
Wendy (PS52U) [2951] Mm mm.
Norma (PS52X) [2952] on, on, on Sunday and erm ... and er ... er, enjoy tomorrow with Chris, er, what ... when you see him.
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Norma (PS52X) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [2953] Eventually when I see him, when I, catch up with him!
Norma (PS52X) [2954] Yes.
[2955] Yes.
[2956] Alright dear.
Wendy (PS52U) [2957] There we are.
[2958] Will do.
Norma (PS52X) [2959] Thank you for ringing.
Wendy (PS52U) [2960] Okay my love.
[2961] Erm
Norma (PS52X) [2962] Take care.
[2963] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2964] I'll see you
Norma (PS52X) [2965] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [2966] see you on Sunday.
Norma (PS52X) [2967] Yes.
[2968] Bye-bye now.
Wendy (PS52U) [2969] Okay.
Norma (PS52X) [2970] Go and have an early night.
Wendy (PS52U) [2971] [laughing] Oh well [] ... if I could!
[2972] I got loads to do.
[2973] Loads!
Norma (PS52X) [2974] Have you?
Wendy (PS52U) [2975] Mhm.
Norma (PS52X) [2976] What [...] ?
Wendy (PS52U) [2977] Ah ... tidy up this house, it's an absolute
Norma (PS52X) [2978] Is it a tip?
Wendy (PS52U) [2979] tip, absolute tip.
Norma (PS52X) [2980] Really?
Wendy (PS52U) [2981] Yeah.
[2982] A bomb hit us in the night, d'ya not know that?
[2983] [laugh] ... That's what it looks like!
Norma (PS52X) [2984] Oh can't you
Wendy (PS52U) [2985] So
Norma (PS52X) [2986] can't you leave some of it until tomorrow morning?
[2987] Or is it better when you having a quiet
Wendy (PS52U) [2988] It's best, I can't do anything with this pair around.
Norma (PS52X) [2989] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [2990] They're
Norma (PS52X) [2991] I know.
[2992] I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [2993] They're erm,hope hopeless!
Norma (PS52X) [2994] Well I mustn't keep you talking because the more I, the more I keep you talking the less time you have to do it.
[2995] Okay.
Wendy (PS52U) [2996] Righto!
Norma (PS52X) [2997] Bye-bye!
[2998] Sleep tight.
Wendy (PS52U) [2999] All my love.
Norma (PS52X) [3000] Bye-bye.
Wendy (PS52U) [3001] Bye.
Norma (PS52X) [3002] Bye-bye [phonecall ends] .
Christopher (PS52T) [3003] Right.
[3004] Bed!
[3005] Come on.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3006] I can't sleep.
Christopher (PS52T) [3007] Well you can't try to sleep when you're not in bed can you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3008] Well, I was trying to sleep when I was in bed ... bed.
Wendy (PS52U) [3009] Do you know what time it is Jonathan?
[3010] Do you know what time it is?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3011] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [3012] You've never been up this late I don't think.
[3013] Come on.
[3014] Except when we ... travel overnight, even then you were sleeping.
[3015] ... On holiday.
[3016] Come on!
[3017] Under the covers.
Jonathan (PS52V) [sigh]
Wendy (PS52U) [3018] You are shattered!
[3019] Aren't you?
[3020] ... Hate to think you're missing out on anything.
[3021] Get your legs down.
[3022] Slither down ... or did you? [laugh]
Jonathan (PS52V) [3023] That was funny.
Wendy (PS52U) [3024] Unlike that here.
[3025] Say ni-night.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3026] Night-night mummy.
Wendy (PS52U) [3027] Shut your eyes.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3028] Mummy, can you put that there.
Wendy (PS52U) [3029] Aha.
[3030] Shh shh shh.
[3031] There.
[3032] ... Some stickiness in here.
[3033] What's that?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3034] I dunno.
Wendy (PS52U) [3035] Put it away.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3036] Ow!
Wendy (PS52U) [3037] Okay.
[3038] ... Right.

4 (Tape 067104)

Wendy (PS52U) [3039] Can't sleep?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3040] Can't, I can't ... sleep.
Wendy (PS52U) [3041] So the cat was trapped in here.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3042] What?
Wendy (PS52U) [3043] The cat was in here.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3044] Mm mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [3045] Pussycat.
[3046] D'ya have a good ... good da
Jonathan (PS52V) [3047] Didn't you see him?
Wendy (PS52U) [3048] Did you have a good day at school.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3049] Mhm.
Wendy (PS52U) [3050] Mhm.
[3051] What did you do today?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3052] I did a ... painting.
Wendy (PS52U) [3053] Just a painting.
[3054] Did you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3055] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3056] Eh!
[3057] Don't scratch the furniture.
[3058] ... How d'ya get on at the dentist?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3059] Fine.
Wendy (PS52U) [3060] Mm.
[3061] You were a big brave boy weren't you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3062] Mm.
[3063] And I got a badge.
Wendy (PS52U) [3064] You got a
Jonathan (PS52V) [3065] Er
Wendy (PS52U) [3066] badge did you?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3067] Mummy wa
Wendy (PS52U) [3068] Is that for being good or is that for ... for having good clean teeth?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3069] Cos I was good.
Wendy (PS52U) [3070] Cos you were good.
[3071] And you sat ... a ... in the, the big chair.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3072] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3073] What happened in the big chair?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3074] We the lady took the ... one of the things off.
Wendy (PS52U) [3075] Did she?
[3076] Did it go back?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3077] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3078] Did it go up and down?
[3079] No?
[3080] Just back?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3081] Back.
[3082] The, the pillow went back.
Wendy (PS52U) [3083] Mhm.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3084] And , and so did the feet go back.
Wendy (PS52U) [3085] When went up, they would go up wouldn't they?
[3086] The top would go back.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3087] Er, and I slided a wee bit.
Wendy (PS52U) [3088] Slid.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3089] Slid.
Wendy (PS52U) [3090] Mm.
[3091] Did she look in your mouth?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3092] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3093] What did she say?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3094] With the torch up there.
Wendy (PS52U) [3095] Mm mm.
[3096] What did she say?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3097] She said, I want to keep those teeth.
Wendy (PS52U) [3098] Did she?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3099] And you can have mine.
Wendy (PS52U) [3100] [laugh] ... And hers come out did they?
[3101] Were
Jonathan (PS52V) [3102] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3103] they in a jar?
[3104] Were they the ones you can put in a jar?
[3105] Like granddad's.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3106] What?
Wendy (PS52U) [3107] Well, did her teeth come out?
[3108] Like granddad's.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3109] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3110] Nah.
[3111] I think she'll be too young for that.
[3112] Is it a young lady or an old lady?
Jonathan (PS52V) [3113] A young lady.

5 (Tape 067202)

Wendy (PS52U) [3114] [phonecall starts] Oops!
[3115] I ... hang on a second whilst I get the phone.
[3116] This
Michael (PS52W) [3117] Er that, that one!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3118] [...] , George died ... yesterday afternoon.
Wendy (PS52U) [3119] Ah!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3120] So
Wendy (PS52U) [3121] Oh I'm sorry to hear that.
Hazel (PS52Y) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3122] Aha.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3123] So ... Morag when she came down, came down for the whole week.
Wendy (PS52U) [3124] Ah!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3125] So
Wendy (PS52U) [3126] Aha.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3127] so she was there.
Wendy (PS52U) [3128] Oh well it's ... it's been
Hazel (PS52Y) [3129] So yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3130] quite quick then just, towards the end?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3131] Well I think for him ... he was very, very [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3132] Mm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3133] Er, you know ... but I, she, when I was last week at Sheila's ... she said he ... he [...] her, you know, sign of
Jonathan (PS52V) [3134] Mum!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3135] taking it much further you
Michael (PS52W) [3136] Mum!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3137] see because of the [...]
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Hazel (PS52Y) [3138] there, I suppose the food ... with the, some of it you know ... the tumour was stopping the food getting down, so I suppose ... you just live on what you've got in your body and
Wendy (PS52U) [3139] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3140] which is only about a fortnight isn't it?
Wendy (PS52U) [3141] Yeah, food, food-wise.
[3142] As long as the fluids are going in ... but erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3143] Well that's right, yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3144] And once the, once the
Hazel (PS52Y) [3145] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3146] cancer takes over it's ... it's ... you know, it's ... it's usually quite quick.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3147] Yeah.
[3148] So anyway, it's gonna be
Wendy (PS52U) [3149] Ah!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3150] a relief for him.
Wendy (PS52U) [3151] Mm.
[3152] And for Gillian
Hazel (PS52Y) [3153] It's
Wendy (PS52U) [3154] too.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3155] Yeah, I know, she's had a hell of a ... well for the last ... two or three years.
Wendy (PS52U) [3156] Mm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3157] But er ... we said, oh you've done very well Gillian and she said to, to your father, she said oh it's been a pleasure to do it.
[3158] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3159] Well ... [tut] !
[3160] Shame.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3161] So, anyway ... erm ... I phoned
Wendy (PS52U) [3162] What
Hazel (PS52Y) [3163] Sheila up
Wendy (PS52U) [3164] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3165] and then, and got the [laughing] baby-sitter [] !
Wendy (PS52U) [3166] Ah no!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3167] And so erm ... I mean, she knows but, I was just wanting to, to start flowers but
Wendy (PS52U) [3168] Yeah.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3169] Gillian said she didn't want flowers, she didn't want to, to, they thought they were a waste of money and er ... she said, needed, she'd wanted to send any, if you wanted to send any just to send it to, to nursing.
Wendy (PS52U) [3170] Aha.
[3171] Donation to the ... nursing
Hazel (PS52Y) [3172] [...] ... something like that, but ... she's ... you know, dead against ... she didn't like funerals anyway.
[3173] He only wants the family there.
Wendy (PS52U) [3174] Aha.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3175] He doesn't want ... the fuss ... the golf club and everybody there sort of thing, very, very, quiet.
[3176] She hadn't de decided yet to ... what day, because it's a weekend.
Wendy (PS52U) [3177] Oh!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3178] But er, I think [...] , Gillian's brother knows a ... a friend who's, works in the [laughing] crematorium [] , down at er Mornington, so I suppose they'll be
Wendy (PS52U) [3179] Mm mm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3180] getting in touch with him, but ... nothing mu much they can do, you know ... at a weekend.
Wendy (PS52U) [3181] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3182] So, anyway ... that's ... a happy relief, but sad but
Wendy (PS52U) [3183] Wait till, wait till Monday.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3184] there we are, at least we can see him when he sort of reads his will.
Wendy (PS52U) [3185] That's right.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3186] That's the same
Wendy (PS52U) [3187] I mean
Hazel (PS52Y) [3188] sort of
Wendy (PS52U) [3189] Just as, er just as well you didn't go out because erm ... you could have been ... half way out there in the plane or whate when erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3190] Yes.
[3191] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3192] when he'd, he'd popped ... popped
Hazel (PS52Y) [3193] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3194] away.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3195] But, anyway
Wendy (PS52U) [3196] And be better remember him the way he was, I think.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3197] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3198] Er, I suppose
Hazel (PS52Y) [3199] Anyway, are you all fixed up
Wendy (PS52U) [3200] is dad, dad upset?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3201] for tonight?
Wendy (PS52U) [3202] Erm ... sort of! [laugh]
Hazel (PS52Y) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3203] Sort of.
[3204] I've got the baby-sitter coming in ... erm ... coming in quite early ... erm ... quarter to seven ... and then
Hazel (PS52Y) [3205] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3206] we're ... going to ... either go for a me meal first ... or go for ... the ci the cinema and then for meal.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3207] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3208] But we're just gonna decide tonight
Hazel (PS52Y) [3209] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3210] where we're gonna go.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3211] Aha.
[3212] So
Wendy (PS52U) [3213] So
Hazel (PS52Y) [3214] enjoy yourself.
Wendy (PS52U) [3215] Mm.
[3216] Had Norma on the phone, she was asking after George ... yesterday.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3217] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [3218] Erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3219] She got her ... waterworks done?
Wendy (PS52U) [3220] [laugh] ... [laughing] Yo you mean granny or the, or the gas [...] [] ?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3221] We well how's granny?
Wendy (PS52U) [3222] Erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3223] She must be getting ready to go.
Wendy (PS52U) [3224] She's heard nothing from the, the hospital they ... after the tests.
[3225] She's had
Hazel (PS52Y) [3226] Done?
Wendy (PS52U) [3227] she's had nothing so she hasn't had anything done.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3228] Good God!
Wendy (PS52U) [3229] So she's gonna be going off to, to Australia ... erm, as before with no
Hazel (PS52Y) [3230] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3231] no erm ... [tut] ... you know, improvement on her waterworks.
[3232] So ... it's ... not long now as you say.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3233] It's next week
Wendy (PS52U) [3234] No.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3235] isn't it?
[3236] Sixteenth isn't it?
Wendy (PS52U) [3237] Aha.
[3238] That's right.
[3239] So she ... I think she's erm, she wouldn't want it done ... just a few days before anyway she'd have to
Hazel (PS52Y) [3240] Oh yes. [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3241] she'd have to recover
Hazel (PS52Y) [3242] I thought at the time sh er she was leaving it pretty late.
Wendy (PS52U) [3243] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3244] Very late.
Wendy (PS52U) [3245] Well I did, I did wonder, especially with erm ... you know, waiting lists and ... they don't get in that quickly.
[3246] And Norma, of all people, should know that.
[3247] That erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3248] Well, well, it's, erm
Wendy (PS52U) [3249] Even i even if your priority was erm, you know, when you've ... like dad with his prostate that erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3250] Well he was a ... [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3251] blocked off, he had to
Hazel (PS52Y) [3252] he was, couldn't pass anything and then, I mean, he was just mo more or less slipped in, but I think
Wendy (PS52U) [3253] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3254] you know, if ... if he'd been left to ... to probably some other doctor he probably would have ... said, oh you know, you can just have a catheter or something.
[3255] Cos I mean, I remember saying that, they, he knew somebody that had a catheter for two years!
Wendy (PS52U) [3256] That's right.
[3257] That's right.
[3258] It's just luck if you can get, get erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3259] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3260] a, a gap on the
Hazel (PS52Y) [3261] Louis has had just had his call for his hernia, but he's gotta ring up on Tuesday to see if there's a bed available.
[3262] So, he's having the hernia.
Wendy (PS52U) [3263] Who's that, Louis?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3264] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3265] Oh!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3266] So
Wendy (PS52U) [3267] No
Hazel (PS52Y) [3268] you see, he, he ... he can he cancelled cos his name came up and then he cancelled and he never heard anything and went a bit er ... we told him about Doreen, he said, oh I better go down and see what's happened er ... he went down ... and then about ... three minutes later he got this ... erm card yes er, this week to say that ... come in, but, before you come in ... ring to see if there's a bed.
Wendy (PS52U) [3269] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3270] So ... he's erm
Wendy (PS52U) [3271] Especially of the winter they wha they have what they have erm, they call ... yellow alert
Hazel (PS52Y) [3272] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3273] and red alert ... where there's, if there's lots of people with erm ... pneumonia, and
Hazel (PS52Y) [3274] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3275] bronchitis and ... [sneeze] ... medical problems
Hazel (PS52Y) [3276] Yeah I know.
[3277] Ya.
Wendy (PS52U) [3278] they, they block off the surgical beds, they get erm ... priority
Hazel (PS52Y) [3279] I, I know
Wendy (PS52U) [3280] and they
Hazel (PS52Y) [3281] they've had ... when I went in
Wendy (PS52U) [3282] take them into the surgical wards, the medical patients
Hazel (PS52Y) [3283] if you remember when I went in
Wendy (PS52U) [3284] and they start cancelling.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3285] like all kind of [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3286] That's right.
[3287] You got cancelled.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3288] They said ... they said oh there's ... [cough] ... no beds left at all, there's probably about ten and the ... there was a bed, then I had to wait till about half past three in the afternoon to get into it.
[3289] [cough] ... And that was ... er ... nineteen eighty five. [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [3290] That's right.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3291] So ... anyway ... won't bother you.
[3292] How's Norma?
Wendy (PS52U) [3293] Mm mm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3294] She got a ... [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3295] Hmm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3296] or ... whatever it was?
[3297] Ah ha?
Wendy (PS52U) [3298] Yes.
[3299] Erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3300] What was it a fuse?
Wendy (PS52U) [3301] No, no, it was the radiators, er problem with the radiators.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3302] Radiators.
Wendy (PS52U) [3303] And, they had to pull everything up and she wasn't very pleased about it.
[3304] They're pulling, then she had the, the erm ... you know she got a phone for Christmas, we gave, we gave her a
Hazel (PS52Y) [3305] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3306] phone for Christmas so Chris plugged it in and then
Hazel (PS52Y) [3307] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3308] and then she had a complica problem with her line ... and she was blaming the, blaming the phone.
[3309] Erm, and Chris had a look at it and said it's not the phone it's your line, so she had to have the, the G P ... O people in.
[3310] Erm ... and then of course they had to ... haul up the floorboards and ... re re-lay a line ... for the phone
Hazel (PS52Y) [3311] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3312] for the phone she's got.
[3313] They've got a blooming cheek!
[3314] The, the Post Office, the erm ... [tut] ... erm ... telephone people ... have charged her for the erm ... a new phone ... when it's, and it's her o her own phone!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3315] Ha!
[3316] What a cheek!
[3317] But she's not paying it is she?
Wendy (PS52U) [3318] No, no, she'll ... she'll erm ... she'll query it, but ... just as well she noticed otherwise she'd have been merrily paying it and Norm Norma doesn't
Hazel (PS52Y) [3319] I know.
[3320] It's very naughty of them.
Wendy (PS52U) [3321] no Norma doesn't look into these things she just pays them.
[3322] It was erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3323] Well that's
Wendy (PS52U) [3324] la i she'd given it to
Hazel (PS52Y) [sneeze]
Wendy (PS52U) [3325] to check
Hazel (PS52Y) [3326] Well that's a
Wendy (PS52U) [3327] and he spotted it.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3328] Yeah.
[3329] Well that's the thing with our, I mean we can't have one of these ... erm
Wendy (PS52U) [3330] No.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3331] actually plugs in because we ... we got the old fashioned sort of wiring.
Wendy (PS52U) [3332] Well yo you could, but you'd have to have erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3333] Pay about thirty [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3334] the wiring replaced and a new socket put in.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3335] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3336] Which would cost you but then th ... you see a ... if you just get a plain ordinary phone they're not erm ... they're not that expensive, I mean ... you can get them for ten pound!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3337] Yes I know, it's, yeah it's just having it all up, it's all round the doors and ... you know and they ... suppose they
Wendy (PS52U) [3338] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3339] pull it up, well they might leave it and just co disconnect it but ... they they'd have to bring it in, I don't ... it'd be better I think if we had ours in the back because the, the telephone ... thing comes in from the back ... be better than having it in the, in the passage really.
[3340] Well
Wendy (PS52U) [3341] You, you'd be handy for one upstairs.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3342] Yeah, but it's, yeah
Wendy (PS52U) [3343] I'd, I'd like you to have one upstairs.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3344] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3345] So erm ... save you running down the sta stairs if there's ... a phone
Hazel (PS52Y) [3346] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3347] call in the, in the night.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3348] If anybody breaks
Wendy (PS52U) [3349] Plus
Hazel (PS52Y) [3350] in.
Wendy (PS52U) [3351] Well er, exactly.
[3352] It's, plus it's gonna save, plus
Hazel (PS52Y) [3353] And for safety, [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3354] plus for safety.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3355] at night.
Wendy (PS52U) [3356] Well er ... mm ... I was gonna say it wouldn't, maybe that wouldn't happen if you had a ... hand one, you know one of these hand ones, but er ... it's an expensive ... but erm ... it's for safety even if you, there was a ... you, you thought you heard intruders or
Hazel (PS52Y) [3357] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [3358] you, you were, became unwell in the night.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3359] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3360] You know
Hazel (PS52Y) [3361] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3362] it's, it's, it's much safer to have one upsa mind you, we don't have one but, [laugh]
Hazel (PS52Y) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3363] [laughing] upstairs [] .
Hazel (PS52Y) [3364] You'll have to get into bed.
Wendy (PS52U) [3365] Yes.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3366] How are the boys?
Wendy (PS52U) [3367] Yeah.
[3368] Oh!
[3369] Erm, fine, fine, they're boisterous as ever.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3370] I can hear them screeching around in the background.
Wendy (PS52U) [3371] Oh they're, believe it or not they're outside, you can hear them from outside!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3372] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [3373] [laugh] ... They were here initially, but they've gone outside, they're out the front.
Hazel (PS52Y) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3374] So there's
Hazel (PS52Y) [3375] How's your tooth?
Wendy (PS52U) [3376] Erm ... oh, touch wood, fine.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3377] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3378] I can't believe it dear!
[3379] If I'm, did aunty tell you I'd, I'd changed my dentist?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3380] Yeah, you can't just go?
Wendy (PS52U) [3381] Going, I'm cha erm, cancelled yesterday cos I wasn't off anyway ... erm ... but I've managed, I've used that as a ... opportunity to go onto ... the other doctor ... the other dentist.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3382] Which one's that?
Wendy (PS52U) [3383] Miss .
Hazel (PS52Y) [3384] Oh yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3385] Changed to her.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3386] I think you can have anybody anyway.
Wendy (PS52U) [3387] You can, yes.
[3388] It's just, er the only problem is I'm half way through treatment and I don't think
Hazel (PS52Y) [3389] Oh I know.
Wendy (PS52U) [3390] I don't think they like you changing half way through treatment.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3391] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3392] But erm ... there's only one day ... that erm, he does that I can go anyway.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3393] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3394] And there's, er, two days I can go when, when she's on.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3395] Yeah I know, you've got an
Wendy (PS52U) [3396] So
Hazel (PS52Y) [3397] appointment the same day as me, but ... cos the thing is she said ... well I, I still want the tooth out but then, I'm supposed to have a ... a, a, an appointment for the, the [...] , I thought God that's, I might have a, she might extract the tooth and then I won't ... wouldn't wanna go with a bloody mouth to the hygienist.
Wendy (PS52U) [3398] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3399] But I don't suppose they would
Wendy (PS52U) [3400] Oh well.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3401] give me another for that.
Wendy (PS52U) [3402] She'd,sh she'd cancel and give you another appointment.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3403] Mm mm.
[3404] Er, she said, you know, make it one to ... sort of so you don't have to come back.
[3405] Mind you ... it wasn't all that long ago I was, went
Wendy (PS52U) [3406] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3407] to the hygienist anyway.
Wendy (PS52U) [3408] No, you've ... I haven't, it's me that hasn't been, I'm terrible for ... ah ha
Hazel (PS52Y) [3409] Anyway, better go.
Wendy (PS52U) [3410] not going to her.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3411] Better go.
Wendy (PS52U) [3412] Right.
[3413] Erm ... so er, he hasn't opened his cards, he's ... he's not back so he, he's
Hazel (PS52Y) [3414] Oh he's away is he?
Wendy (PS52U) [3415] He stayed at Norma's last night.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3416] Oh did he?
Wendy (PS52U) [3417] Well erm ... Fiona ... his boss ... erm ... [tut] ... she's leaving, so it was her leaving do last night
Hazel (PS52Y) [3418] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [3419] and ... then it went on to his birthday so they made the excuse that they'd have a ... a double celebration.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3420] Oh! [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [3421] Erm, and they went out last night.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3422] He'll have a sore head then?
Wendy (PS52U) [3423] Yeah.
[3424] He'll be hung over.
[3425] [laugh] ... Erm, so he sta
Hazel (PS52Y) [3426] Ha!
Wendy (PS52U) [3427] stayed at ... Norma's, and, he's coming back ... briefly, because he's got the football, this afternoon's a ... big match on.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3428] Has, er who's taking over from him then?
[3429] Er, no
Wendy (PS52U) [3430] Nob
Hazel (PS52Y) [3431] the woman?
Wendy (PS52U) [3432] Oh!
[3433] I, I thought you meant from the football.
[3434] Erm ... but it's go it's gonna be open to erm, applicants but ... he's already made enquiries as to his erm chances of getting it,th and there's, there's so many people ... wi ... already being given promotion but haven't got a ... erm a post
Hazel (PS52Y) [3435] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [3436] who are sitting waiting for posts, erm, it's most likely be one of those that will get it.
[3437] But erm ... he's certainly, he's made enquiries.
[3438] There's a ... lot of changes in ... afoot, we're erm ... I shall ... discuss it [clears throat] let you know all about it one, one day if anything comes of it.
[3439] But erm,a ... unless you do something yourself there's no promotion i in
Hazel (PS52Y) [3440] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [3441] in the civil service at the moment at all.
[3442] That's him been in this post for ... twelve years?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3443] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3444] Erm ... which is unheard of!
Hazel (PS52Y) [3445] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3446] Unheard of in the civil service.
[3447] Usually, couple of years and you get, you get erm a promotion, but there's nothing, and the, the jobs that ... are coming up they're erm ... they're already sort of la allocated to people been given promotion.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3448] Mm.
Wendy (PS52U) [3449] And pass boards and erm ... you know, are just sitting waiting.
[3450] Some people waited three years to get a post ... for a promotion they had ... you know, three beers, years back.
[3451] So it [clears throat] erm ... he's ... thinking, I don't know, ah he wo probably won't like it but erm ... it won't affect me, it'll affect Chris ... erm ... he might be going down to ... down to Leeds.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3452] Why?
Wendy (PS52U) [3453] He maybe,th there's lots and lots of posts down in Leeds ... coming back e every weekend.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3454] Mhm.
Wendy (PS52U) [3455] Just erm, having digs down there.
[3456] Erm, taking promotion that way.
[3457] It's, what they've done is they've closed er er, erm ... branch, an office ... massive office in London ... and they've moved them all over to Leeds because they can't get the people to ... take jobs in London ... so they've transferred it all to Leeds, and erm ... [clears throat] ... there's ... a chance of erm ... getting promotion, well, a very good chance of getting promotion down there.
[3458] But if, if I stay here ... it means that we've, we've a, a ho ... a home in the, the base, and he'll get a transfer back ... guaranteed transfer back within two or three years, so it means just travelling for ... for erm ... you know, that length of time.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3459] Puts it all onto you though doesn't it?
[3460] To get the children to school and all the rest of it.
Wendy (PS52U) [3461] Well ... erm ... just have to get on with it and ... and ... and cope, there's ... plenty of single parents who have to do it themselves all the time.
[3462] And ... got lots of ... good friends and ... Le Lesley's always super ... erm ... to fall back on.
[3463] But
Hazel (PS52Y) [3464] Alright. [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3465] There's no
Hazel (PS52Y) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3466] no other solution for it.
[3467] It's o onl only a thought anyway, we just, as I say we're just erm ... we're mulling it over and it hasn't ... the jobs haven't even come up yet, but erm ... it's, it's ... it's a means to a
Hazel (PS52Y) [3468] Where's Fiona
Wendy (PS52U) [3469] an end.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3470] that's gone, the ga the woman [...] ?
Wendy (PS52U) [3471] She's going to Leeds too?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3472] Oh!
[3473] She's going to
Wendy (PS52U) [3474] Mm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3475] Leeds.
Wendy (PS52U) [3476] She's erm ... but she's from down that way
Hazel (PS52Y) [3477] Mhm.
Wendy (PS52U) [3478] not from Leeds, but she's not far away from Le from Leeds ... so erm ... it's ... [clears throat] ... it won't be so strange to her.
[3479] But ... he seems quite keen, Chris.
[3480] Erm ... it would be beneficial ... so
Hazel (PS52Y) [3481] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3482] I've given you [laughing] a ... I've given you a warning if I [] ... and it won't be such a shock to your ... sa system if it erm ... if we come out with a ... the news.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3483] Right you are dear.
[3484] Take care dear.
Wendy (PS52U) [3485] Right.
[3486] I'll see you sa ... see you soon.
[3487] Erm ... we're coming in on Sunday to see Norma so I might pop in ... pop in on Sunday ... afternoon.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3488] How is Norma [...] ?
Wendy (PS52U) [3489] Fine.
[3490] Fine.
[3491] She seemed quite bright when erm ... I phoned her yesterday ... cos erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3492] Mhm.
[3493] She li she's very busy.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3494] Is she?
Wendy (PS52U) [3495] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [3496] She's got Bill and erm ... Bill and Anne coming up.
[3497] And ... they, they won a holiday to erm ... oh,Di Disney, Disney, EuroDisney.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3498] They've won a holiday?
Wendy (PS52U) [3499] They won a holiday.
[3500] Yes.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3501] Good!
Wendy (PS52U) [3502] And Norma was trying to persuade, because, it was for two adults and two children, she was trying to persuade them to take the [laughing] boys [] ... with them.
[3503] But erm ... it landed on deaf ears.
Hazel (PS52Y) [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [3504] So ... I don't know when they've, when they go but erm ... they've won that, it's obviously through one of their
Hazel (PS52Y) [3505] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3506] things erm in the cash and carry ... promotions.
[3507] So she's got them coming up.
[3508] Erm, and Anne as well, so she's not too [laughing] chuffed about having to []
Hazel (PS52Y) [3509] Isn't she?
Wendy (PS52U) [3510] entertain Anne.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3511] Mhm.
Wendy (PS52U) [3512] Er,no ... knowing her, her, her liking for Anne.
[3513] Erm ... this ... this week coming.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3514] Oh.
Wendy (PS52U) [3515] Next weekend.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3516] Okay then.
Wendy (PS52U) [3517] So
Hazel (PS52Y) [3518] I'll let you go then.
Wendy (PS52U) [3519] Okay.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3520] Bye-bye.
Wendy (PS52U) [3521] We'll see you soon.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3522] Yep.
Wendy (PS52U) [3523] Bye.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3524] Hello!
Wendy (PS52U) [3525] Aha.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3526] We might
Wendy (PS52U) [3527] Yeah.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3528] we might ... we might be going over to see Mary on Sunday
Wendy (PS52U) [3529] Aha.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3530] so you might not find us in.
Wendy (PS52U) [3531] Oh right.
[3532] Oh well,we I'll just leave Sunday then.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3533] Erm ... but Sunday afternoon we said we'd
Wendy (PS52U) [3534] Mm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3535] possibly [...] I'm ta talking about George and then she said, oh when are you coming to see me?
[3536] So I thought well
Wendy (PS52U) [3537] Mm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3538] we'll get it over with somehow, said oh Sunday afternoon probably.
Wendy (PS52U) [3539] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3540] I mean
Wendy (PS52U) [3541] Och, well we'll
Hazel (PS52Y) [3542] we'll be back by
Wendy (PS52U) [3543] No we'll do we'll just, we'll just, I'll just erm ... so come ano another day when, let you ... is dad o dad okay?
[3544] Dad awf awfully
Hazel (PS52Y) [3545] Yep.
Wendy (PS52U) [3546] upset?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3547] Yep.
[3548] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [3549] No?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3550] well ... expected anyway.
Wendy (PS52U) [3551] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3552] It's sad but I mean ... I think miles away you sort of not quite so ... bad, traumatic.
Wendy (PS52U) [3553] Mhm.
[3554] [sighing] Yeah well []
Hazel (PS52Y) [3555] And I think erm ... nan's er, [laughing] we can't get her in yet, she doesn't seem to be in [] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3556] Does she not know?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3557] Well er
Wendy (PS52U) [3558] Did erm
Hazel (PS52Y) [3559] I think, you know they
Wendy (PS52U) [3560] Gillian not phone her?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3561] er, never at home sort of thing and
Wendy (PS52U) [3562] Aha.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3563] she seems to be out, I suppose they'll be playing bowls or something.
[3564] Because it's about ... the afternoon there you see, it's not such as many hours ahead as ... er ... Austra Au Australia, I mean, they're eleven hours ahead.
Wendy (PS52U) [3565] Mhm.
[3566] Have you to phone ... for, for Gillian?
Hazel (PS52Y) [3567] Er, no Gillian phoned us.
[3568] So Gillian ... told us just to,i if she could phone ... nan.
Wendy (PS52U) [3569] Mhm.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3570] And, yeah, it was better coming from ... him.
Wendy (PS52U) [3571] Oh right, so you ... you offered to phone up.
[3572] It gets a bi it gives her one less to, er it's ... quite traumatic having to ... give out the news.
[3573] I remember that for, for erm Chris for ... Alistaire.
[3574] Yeah.
[3575] Must go!
[3576] There's someone coming to the door.
Hazel (PS52Y) [3577] Bye.
Wendy (PS52U) [3578] Okay.
[3579] See you.
[3580] Bye [phonecall ends] !
[3581] [door bell] Hi!

6 (Tape 067203)

None (PS530) [3582] Some time we think we're nearer peace and then we find we're ... it's not, it's some, broken out somewhere else.
[3583] So that's, that's er ... the way it is.
[3584] What we do is we just leave the two for forty P if you think you'd like to have a read, read of them.
Wendy (PS52U) [3585] Mhm.
[3586] I'll just, I'll give you the forty P I've ... with er ... let you keep the ... the magazines.
None (PS530) [3587] Och!
[3588] No!
[3589] You, you'll have to take them.
Wendy (PS52U) [clears throat]
None (PS530) [3590] [laughing] Because we don't actually do that [] .
[3591] Maybe some of your family would, would really like ... er, they're not, old enough for
Wendy (PS52U) [3592] No.
None (PS530) [3593] for that
Wendy (PS52U) [3594] No. [clears throat]
None (PS530) [3595] kind of thing?
Wendy (PS52U) [3596] I suppose ... maybe not.
[3597] So ... [clears throat]
None (PS530) [3598] Got a cold?
Wendy (PS52U) [3599] A frog in my throat.
[3600] Yeah, yeah
None (PS530) [3601] Plenty of them this year.
Wendy (PS52U) [3602] there's plenty of colds going round at the moment.
[3603] Are they forty each?
None (PS530) [3604] Forty, the two, for two.
Wendy (PS52U) [3605] For two.
[3606] Oh right.
None (PS530) [3607] Forty's for the two, yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3608] There you go then.
None (PS530) [3609] Do take them.
Wendy (PS52U) [3610] Okay. [...]
None (PS530) [3611] I'm sure you'll find some interesting, I know maybe you've, you've ... er feel like you have your own church or something like that, but ... so many of the articles are in the general interest, you know, to everybody.
[3612] Erm, er, I mean, we would like peace wouldn't we?
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
None (PS530) [3613] [laugh] ... You're [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3614] Certainly would.
None (PS530) [3615] by the way.
Wendy (PS52U) [3616] Okay, thanks very much.
None (PS530) [3617] Thank you very much.
[3618] Bye-bye dear.
Wendy (PS52U) [3619] Bye bye.
None (PS530) [3620] Are you waiting for somebody coming?
Wendy (PS52U) [3621] I was looking to see where the cha children were?
None (PS530) [3622] Oh I see.
[3623] Oh!
Wendy (PS52U) [3624] There they are.
None (PS530) [3625] There they are.
[3626] [...] for safety [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3627] [laugh] Aha.
None (PS530) [3628] Aha.
Wendy (PS52U) [3629] Well ... I've gotta keep an eye them though these days. [laugh]
None (PS530) [3630] You do.
Wendy (PS52U) [3631] They might get it whether they want it or not.
[3632] ... Right.
Michael (PS52W) [3633] [...] !
Wendy (PS52U) [3634] No.
[3635] No time.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3636] [sighing] Oh [] !

7 (Tape 067204)

Wendy (PS52U) [3637] [phonecall starts] Hi.
[3638] Hung over?
Christopher (PS52T) [3639] Where were you?
Wendy (PS52U) [3640] Pardon?
Christopher (PS52T) [3641] Where were you?
Wendy (PS52U) [3642] [laughing] I was talking to John and Marjorie [] on the front grass.
[3643] And she's saying ... John's waiting for a phone call ... and she says, oh that's your phone, there's your phone call.
[3644] And I said, I, didn't hear the phone ringing.
[3645] She says, oh no, [laughing] it's yours [] !
[3646] So I come belting in.
[3647] ... So you're ... fit?
Christopher (PS52T) [3648] Wouldn't say that.
Wendy (PS52U) [3649] Hung over?
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3650] God!
[3651] Shut this door it's freezing!
[3652] Mm.
[3653] Is it nice to waste time?
Christopher (PS52T) [3654] Er ... [...] in, in general but very disappointed with the come out.
Wendy (PS52U) [3655] Really?
Christopher (PS52T) [3656] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3657] Well, just as well we're not gonna go there then?
Christopher (PS52T) [3658] Er ... no I think it wa I think it was our, our mistake er, there was ... there were sixteen of us there and ... seven of us had ... sort of clubbed together looked at the menu and it's ... it's fifteen ninety five, to, the rich main course banquet
Michael (PS52W) [3659] Mummy, I want Postman Pat [...] .
Christopher (PS52T) [3660] thinking, you know, this'll be ... it's gotta be something special ... but it really wasn't.
Wendy (PS52U) [3661] Mm mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3662] It wasn't [...] we were right against the window, cold backs, I mean we were ... I was freezing!
Wendy (PS52U) [3663] Obviously don't use it very often.
[3664] Don't bother
Christopher (PS52T) [3665] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3666] heating it.
Christopher (PS52T) [3667] I, I had, I had to finish, no ... [...] curry ... I had finished my, my veal with my jacket on.
Wendy (PS52U) [3668] Oh!
[3669] And that's unlike you too, you don't usually feel the cold.
Christopher (PS52T) [3670] I mean, [...] , but I'd really, seriously wished I had said to the waiter, but obviously we're having a good time ... [...] .
[3671] Er ... I seriously wish I'd said to them ... you know, I'm, I'm phoning it a fortnight in advance because I want to stick to the arrangements.
[3672] Cos they can easily seat sixteen up there.
Wendy (PS52U) [3673] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3674] You know ... if you, if you give them the notice.
Wendy (PS52U) [3675] What's this for?
Christopher (PS52T) [3676] Sorry?
Wendy (PS52U) [3677] What's this for?
Christopher (PS52T) [3678] What's what for?
Wendy (PS52U) [3679] For ... sitting in the ... the main restaurant?
Christopher (PS52T) [3680] Well I was sa ... I'm saying that's what I did with it last year for my birthday.
Wendy (PS52U) [3681] Oh I see!
[3682] Right.
Christopher (PS52T) [3683] And they put me in the banqueting room, erm ... but we couldn't, d'ya know [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3684] That's right, cos you wanted the atmosphere didn't you?
[3685] That's right, I remember now.
[3686] I'm with you.
[3687] On the same ... wavelength.
Christopher (PS52T) [3688] Right, so I went ... I went [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3689] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3690] Well ... [...] ... it was really very good.
[3691] Very, very good.
Wendy (PS52U) [3692] Mm.
[3693] Late night was it?
Christopher (PS52T) [3694] Fairly yes.
[3695] About ... two.
[3696] ... See?
Wendy (PS52U) [3697] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3698] Kept on getting thrown out of clubs. [laugh]
Wendy (PS52U) [laugh]
Christopher (PS52T) [3699] You know this is a, a great club ... [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3700] I think, I've heard about it ... erm ... one of the new clubs that's, they'd opened up ... in Edinburgh.
Christopher (PS52T) [3701] Well it's over twenty fives
Wendy (PS52U) [3702] Mhm.
[3703] That's right.
[3704] I heard
Christopher (PS52T) [3705] and so er
Wendy (PS52U) [3706] I heard a report about it.
Christopher (PS52T) [3707] so the riff-raff, they can't get in, no jeans or something like that.
[3708] And, then we'd be up, usually up and down [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3709] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3710] er, and the, all the people
Wendy (PS52U) [3711] Oh!
Christopher (PS52T) [3712] er ... no he enjoyed himself thoroughly!
[3713] It's not, I mean, it's music, and it's pop music but it's not [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3714] Aha.
Christopher (PS52T) [3715] So, he played at, played at a level
Wendy (PS52U) [3716] Well that would suit me cos I can't stand these ... places where you can't hear yourself speak!
Christopher (PS52T) [3717] Well he played at a level, I mean er, I mean he [...] but it's played at a level where ... it's loud enough ... er ... to have a good boogie on down to
Wendy (PS52U) [3718] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3719] and it's also at the level just like a [...] round the corner ... and hold a conversation.
Wendy (PS52U) [3720] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3721] Well this [...] been there you know.
[3722] Er, the girl that ... the girl that [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3723] Right.
[3724] So what time you coming back?
Christopher (PS52T) [3725] Well I've just got to [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3726] Oh!
[3727] Aye, this phone is wonderful isn't it? [laugh]
Christopher (PS52T) [3728] Yeah, [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3729] Yeah.
[3730] Have to get out to phone.
Christopher (PS52T) [3731] Yep.
[3732] And erm
Wendy (PS52U) [3733] Oh!
[3734] You can te erm ... pass on some sad news to erm, your mum.
[3735] George, yeah.
[3736] Er, mum's just phoned ... erm ... he's died, died erm ... Yeah.
[3737] Just
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3738] Who Gillian?
Christopher (PS52T) [3739] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3740] This morning.
[3741] Died this morn erm phoned this morning
Christopher (PS52T) [3742] Well
Wendy (PS52U) [3743] Er ... so er er ... Gillian seems to be taking it very well actually, I think it's erm, quite a relief, relief erm
Christopher (PS52T) [3744] Oh I mean that's it love, yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3745] it
Christopher (PS52T) [3746] And again it's ... yeah
Wendy (PS52U) [3747] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3748] she'll be, she'll be [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3749] Yeah.
[3750] And ... and they've been waiting since ... for it to happen.
[3751] So erm ... the funeral, with it being the weekend it won't be till next, next week ... the funeral.
[3752] And he's not wanting flowers and he's not wanting this, not wanting that, it's really ... wanting to keep it a very, quiet small affair.
[3753] [clears throat] ... George wasn't into all that.
[3754] So
Christopher (PS52T) [3755] Yeah, so ... er ... [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3756] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3757] Pardon?
Christopher (PS52T) [3758] Can I come in?
Christopher (PS52T) [3759] Yeah.
[3760] Yeah.
[3761] That's true.
[3762] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3763] Can I, come in?
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3764] I shall be coming with the boys.
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3765] Yeah.
[3766] Cos they haven't, they, they've been asking for
Christopher (PS52T) [3767] Well how, how many did you do?
Wendy (PS52U) [3768] ages erm
Michael (PS52W) [3769] Mm?
Wendy (PS52U) [3770] to [clears throat] to see granny and
Christopher (PS52T) [3771] Well I suppose they
Wendy (PS52U) [3772] Yeah.
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3773] I don't know, you don't have to go.
[3774] Yo I can
Christopher (PS52T) [3775] Well yeah, that's great.
Wendy (PS52U) [3776] But erm, they, they're desperate.
Christopher (PS52T) [3777] Oh great.
Wendy (PS52U) [3778] Oh!
[3779] They're desperate to see, and they want to her new T V and all
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3780] all this.
[3781] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3782] So, I mean, they was trying to come up one day so I could watch the telly and I really needed to [...] .
Wendy (PS52U) [3783] Mm.
[3784] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3785] That'll, that'll be a new deal then.
Wendy (PS52U) [3786] Oh yeah.
[3787] That'll suit you wa right down to the ground!
[3788] You're a wee sa
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3789] [laughing] that was obviously what I was gonna say [] .
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3790] Aha.
[3791] Just because it's your birthday I'll let you get away with it.
Christopher (PS52T) [3792] Right.
Wendy (PS52U) [3793] So er ... you get a pressie from your mum?
Christopher (PS52T) [3794] Aha.
[3795] And a card.
Wendy (PS52U) [3796] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3797] Er ... sh er ... er ... right time am I coming back then?
Wendy (PS52U) [3798] I did, aha.
Christopher (PS52T) [3799] Er, probably for about ... let's see ... half past five I would think, half past five, quarter to six.
Wendy (PS52U) [3800] Can you not come back between, before then?
[3801] Now?
[3802] Not at lunchtime?
Christopher (PS52T) [3803] No, cos I'm
Wendy (PS52U) [3804] Oh.
Christopher (PS52T) [3805] going to football.
Wendy (PS52U) [3806] So you're going straight on to the football are you?
Christopher (PS52T) [3807] Well, I might as well because
Wendy (PS52U) [3808] Yeah.
Christopher (PS52T) [3809] you believe it or not I came here, mum [phonecall ends]
Unknown speaker (KP8PSUNK) [...] [telephone conversation becomes too difficult to hear for some minutes]
Christopher (PS52T) [3810] Oh!
[3811] I'm having an entertainment here.
Wendy (PS52U) [3812] [laugh] ... Oh dear!
[3813] Where did you get the scone from?
Christopher (PS52T) [3814] Says he baked
Michael (PS52W) [3815] I was
Christopher (PS52T) [3816] it.
Wendy (PS52U) [3817] He did, yeah.
Christopher (PS52T) [3818] I'm most impressed.
Wendy (PS52U) [3819] Nursery, but you're not supposed to help yourself you know from the fridge.
[3820] Mm.
Michael (PS52W) [3821] That was mine!
Wendy (PS52U) [3822] Mm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3823] They're a lively pair.
[3824] Most friendly.
Wendy (PS52U) [3825] Oh yeah.
Christopher (PS52T) [3826] I have
Jonathan (PS52V) [3827] Yeah.
Christopher (PS52T) [3828] been shown all sorts of things.
[3829] How to
Wendy (PS52U) [3830] [...] ?
Christopher (PS52T) [3831] Well no, that's alright love, I'm not here to arrange
Wendy (PS52U) [3832] Oh!
Christopher (PS52T) [3833] I see you've got all the clobber here.
Wendy (PS52U) [3834] Oh!
Christopher (PS52T) [3835] [sneeze] ... [sneeze] ... Excuse me!
Wendy (PS52U) [3836] That
Christopher (PS52T) [3837] Th one person ... did it very well apparently ... but she was a person who ... er an older person who wasn't working.
[3838] It's quite difficult for
Wendy (PS52U) [3839] Mhm.
Christopher (PS52T) [3840] people working ... and with children.
Wendy (PS52U) [3841] It's a lot more complicated than, than I thought.
[3842] And, a lot of the time
Michael (PS52W) [singing] [...] []
Wendy (PS52U) [3843] this week's been, the worst possible week it could have been
Michael (PS52W) [3844] No it isn't!
Wendy (PS52U) [3845] cos we've been out a lot.
Christopher (PS52T) [3846] Yeah.
Wendy (PS52U) [3847] And if my husband's out ... I'm sitting in the house
Christopher (PS52T) [3848] That's right.
Wendy (PS52U) [3849] well, I can't get away cos the children are in bed.
Christopher (PS52T) [3850] Yes.
Wendy (PS52U) [3851] Can't even go round and see friends and
Christopher (PS52T) [3852] No.
Wendy (PS52U) [3853] you know, see [...] .
Michael (PS52W) [3854] Mum!
[3855] Watch me!
Christopher (PS52T) [3856] Oh right.
[3857] Erm
Wendy (PS52U) [3858] Er ... i that's, that's been, that's been erm quite difficult, and ... as I ... said
Michael (PS52W) [3859] Mum!
[3860] Watch me!
Wendy (PS52U) [3861] I work.
Christopher (PS52T) [3862] But you can't take it to work.
Wendy (PS52U) [3863] I've got erm
Michael (PS52W) [3864] Watch me mummy!
Wendy (PS52U) [3865] Shush!
[3866] Ethical problems
Christopher (PS52T) [...]
Wendy (PS52U) [3867] with, you know, there's some super patients I'd love to take it to, and I don't think they probably would have minded if having ... having thought about it if I'd asked.
Christopher (PS52T) [3868] You don't need
Jonathan (PS52V) [3869] Ah!
[3870] Get off
Christopher (PS52T) [3871] to explain it.
[3872] It's not fair.
Wendy (PS52U) [3873] No, er no.
Christopher (PS52T) [3874] I don't think that's fair.
Wendy (PS52U) [3875] No.
Christopher (PS52T) [3876] I don't think it's fair really
Michael (PS52W) [singing] [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [3877] to, not to somebody house
Wendy (PS52U) [3878] Mm.
Jonathan (PS52V) [3879] What?
Christopher (PS52T) [3880] I don't think it's fair.
Michael (PS52W) [singing] [...] []
Christopher (PS52T) [3881] Well the
Wendy (PS52U) [3882] Well not that thing after
Christopher (PS52T) [3883] I do I mean, I think ... a as you say there are marvellous conversations but that's
Michael (PS52W) [...]
Christopher (PS52T) [3884] just too bad, I don't think that, I really don't think that's fair.