20 conversations recorded by `Danny' (PS53C) [dates unknown] with 9 interlocutors, totalling 3734 s-units, 26892 words (duration not recorded).

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 728

KPAPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS53C Ag0 m (Danny, age 13, student)
PS53D Ag0 m (Andrew, age 13, student) friend
PS53E X m (Hearn, age unknown, teacher) teacher
PS53F Ag0 m (Andrew, age 13, student) friend
PS53G Ag0 m (Nick, age 13, student) friend
PS53H Ag0 m (Dbillon, age 13, student) friend
PS53J Ag0 m (Daniel, age 13, student) friend
PS53K Ag0 m (Takeo, age 14, student) friend
KPAPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPAPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

20 recordings

  1. Tape 141101 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 141102 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 141103 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 141104 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 141105 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 141106 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 141107 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 141201 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 141202 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 141203 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 141205 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 141301 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 141302 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 141303 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 141401 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 141402 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 141403 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  18. Tape 141404 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  19. Tape 141405 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  20. Tape 141501 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 141101)

Hearn (PS53E) [1] So let's just try that now who've we got here.
[2] You are [...] you're on my list [...] which one d'ya use?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Hearn (PS53E) [3] Yes and
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [4] Sir I need [...]
Hearn (PS53E) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [5] I've still got er I've still got I can wait [...]
Hearn (PS53E) [6] Okay let's let's have a list of [...] let's have you going to [...] in respect of a [...] and try from there [...] .
[7] I'll give you the answer.
[8] [reading] You sir, What [...] are you? []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [9] [reading] [...] sir.
[10] In respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobb cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [11] Good.
[12] [...] I cry.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [13] [reading] Truly sir, all that I live by is with the awl. []
Hearn (PS53E) [14] [reading] Truly sir [] , make it long.
[15] [reading] All that I live with is by, sorry, all that I live by is with the awl. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [16] [reading] Truly sir, all that I live by is with the awl.
[17] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matters.
[18] But with awl. []
Hearn (PS53E) [19] [reading] But with the awl.
[20] But with awl. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [21] [reading] But with awl. []
Hearn (PS53E) [22] Yes good.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [23] [reading] I am indeed, sir, a surgeon to all [...] when they are in great danger.
[24] I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [25] Yes er the gender is I cover them.
[26] So, [reading] I [...] but wherefore art thou not wherefore not in thy shop today.
[27] Why dost thou lead these men about the streets [] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [28] [reading] Truly sir, to wear out their to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work. []
Hearn (PS53E) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [29] [reading] But indeed sir we make one [...] to see Caesar and to rejoice [...] . []
Hearn (PS53E) [30] [reading] Truly sir we may [...] [] and then he wanted you to get really quite excited.
[31] Er and you've gotta cry out Caesar.
[32] [reading] To see [...] to see Caesar [reading+shouting] and to rejoice in his triumph [] .
[33] Right you [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [34] From the beginning okay.
[35] [reading] Truly sir, to wear out their sh their shoes to get myself into more work.
[36] But indeed sir, we make holiday to see Caesar and the rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [37] [...] [reading+shouting] To see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph . []
Danny (PS53C) [38] I'll never get the part trust me. [bell ring]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [39] Shall I just go to [...]
Hearn (PS53E) [40] Yeah yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [41] Okay erm.
[42] [reading] To see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [43] Okay that's alright that's okay.
[44] Got that bit.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [45] Can I go now sir?
Hearn (PS53E) [46] Yep.
[47] [...] We'll see you on Monday anyway.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [48] Okay.
Hearn (PS53E) [49] [...] you chaps.
[50] ... Erm ... There are [...] more parts.
[51] ... Now who've we got now we've got er let's have Mr Matthew [...] .
[52] And which way you gonna [...] go from er I'm gonna go you sir, what trade are you.
[53] [...] page one.
[54] You sir what trade are you?
[55] Okay good.
[56] Now you answer that okay.
[57] [reading+shouting] You sire, what trade are you? []
[58] You're you're [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [59] Okay.
Hearn (PS53E) [60] Okay.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [61] You sir, what trade are you?
Hearn (PS53E) [62] [cough] I'm saying that to you.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [63] Oh right.
Hearn (PS53E) [64] So you go on from there.
[65] Right?
[66] Come in.
[67] ... Right.
[68] [reading] You sir, what training are you? []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [69] [reading] Trees sir, [...] fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [70] Okay.
[71] Now make it make it really sort of.
[72] You know you're a cheeky little bum okay.
[73] [reading] [...] truly sir in respect of a fine workman. []
[74] Try you know really make it okay off you go.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [75] [reading] Truly sir, in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [76] Okay.
[77] [reading] Now I want a cobbler [...] . []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [78] [reading] Truly s truly sir [...] . []
Hearn (PS53E) [79] Now make it long.
[80] [reading+shouting] All that I live by is with the awl. []
[81] It's a joke you know an awl is a sort of erm instrument thing you know you can just give that [...] .
[82] [reading+shouting] Truly sir, [...] truly sir. []
[83] You'll have a patch on your eye you see you'll be all ... truly sir.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [84] [reading] Truly sir, all that I live by [...] . []
Hearn (PS53E) [85] Make it long.
[86] [reading+shouting] All that I live with by is with the awl. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [87] [reading] All that I live by is with the awl. []
Hearn (PS53E) [88] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [89] [reading] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matters.
[90] Oh I am indeed sir, a surgeon to hold [...] they are in great danger []
Hearn (PS53E) [91] [reading] And they are in great danger. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [reading] [...] []
Hearn (PS53E) [92] [reading] I recover them. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [93] [reading] I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [94] [reading] I am indeed sir, a surgeon. []
[95] You've gotta try try and work out what you're er what you actually are.
[96] Now are you middles or?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [97] I'm middles sir.
Hearn (PS53E) [98] Five thirty.
[99] Your name?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [100] Five thirty.
Hearn (PS53E) [101] Name?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [102] Dean sir.
Hearn (PS53E) [103] Yep got you down.
[104] Five thirty.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [105] Okay.
[106] [...] [reading] I am indeed sir, a surgeon to [...] . []
[107] Like a surgeon you know [...] .
[108] [reading] When they are in great danger. []
[109] That's the jews.
[110] [reading] I I recover them. [] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [111] [reading] I indeed sir a surgeon to [...] .
[112] And I am in great danger.
[113] I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [114] [reading] I recover them. []
[115] Yes.
[116] [reading] But wherefore art not in thy shop today.
[117] Whence thou leave me to [...] about the feast. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [118] [reading] Truly sir, to wear their shoes. []
Hearn (PS53E) [119] Yes you see.
[120] [reading] [...] truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself some more work ha ha ha ha. []
[121] You see that sort of thing.
[122] Now you try that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [123] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes ha ha ha to get myself into more work.
[124] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [125] Okay.
[126] [reading] [...] to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
[127] Okay that's alright.
[128] Now what's the man's name?
Andrew (PS53F) [129] Castle.
Hearn (PS53E) [130] Andy Castle.
[131] Right [...] to that.
[132] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman. []
[133] Try to go from there.
Andrew (PS53F) [134] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [135] [reading] Thou art a cobbler art thou? []
Andrew (PS53F) [136] [reading] Truly sir.
[137] All that I live by is with the awl. []
Hearn (PS53E) [138] [...] [reading] Truly sir [...] truly sir all that I live with with by is with the awl. []
Andrew (PS53F) [139] [reading] Truly sir, all I live by is with the awl.
[140] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matters but with the awl.
[141] I am indeed sir a surgeon to old shoes.
[142] When they are in great danger I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [143] Half past five.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [144] Is this [...] sir?
Hearn (PS53E) [145] Middles yep middles yep half five.
[146] ... Okay let's do it again because er we're [...] .
[147] Right let's [...] .
[148] Er [reading] You sir, what trade are you? []
Andrew (PS53F) [149] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [150] [reading] I am a cobbler. []
Andrew (PS53F) [151] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl.
[152] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matters.
[153] But with the awl.
[154] I am indeed sir a surgeon to old shoes.
[155] When they are in great danger I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [156] Mm at what [...] .
[157] [reading] Why dost thou lead these men about the streets. []
Andrew (PS53F) [158] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work.
[159] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [160] Yeah okay.
[161] [reading] Truly sir er but indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
[162] Now you I don't mind how you do it you know but you you've gotta feel.
[163] Now just think [...] work out now what you're doing.
[164] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself some more work ha ha. []
[165] Ha clever aren't I?
Andrew (PS53F) [166] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work.
[167] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [168] Okay make the [...] possibly a little stop there.
[169] But er, [reading] Indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
[170] You know really [...] .
[171] Okay try it again, Truly sir.
Andrew (PS53F) [172] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work.
[173] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [174] Okay.
[175] What form are you in?
Andrew (PS53F) [...]
Hearn (PS53E) [176] Yeah what
Andrew (PS53F) [177] R B.
Hearn (PS53E) [178] R B?
Andrew (PS53F) [179] Yeah.
[180] Right next man is called?
Danny (PS53C) [181] Danny sir.
Hearn (PS53E) [182] Mr Danny .
[183] Oh Mr Danny here we go sir.
[184] [reading] You sir, what trade are you? []
Danny (PS53C) [185] [reading] Truly sir I'm a respectable fine workman.
[186] I am as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [187] [reading] You thou art a cobbler art thou? []
Danny (PS53C) [188] [reading] Truly sir.
[189] All that I live by is with the all. []
Hearn (PS53E) [190] Alright you can go longer.
[191] [reading] Truly sir.
[192] All that I live by is with the awl.
[193] Ha ha ha.
[194] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matters but with the awl. []
Danny (PS53C) [195] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl.
[196] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters
Hearn (PS53E) [197] [...] stop there stop there.
[198] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl. []
[199] Full stop you think you make sure I mean you you are in control of the words.
[200] Don't worry about having to get it all done by.
[201] You've got plenty of time.
[202] Okay.
[203] Try again, [reading] Truly sir []
Danny (PS53C) [204] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl.
[205] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matters but with awl.
[206] I am indeed a surgeon to old shoes.
[207] When they are in great danger I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [208] Yeah.
[209] What d'ya reckon it's not it's not recover like when you're finding something is it?
[210] It's like covering a sofa.
[211] So what you do is you what I wanted is, I, you know you know how if your mother's gonna recover a sofa it's it is you know, I I er I recover them.
[212] You know it's not [...] okay?
[213] [reading] But wherefore art not in thy shop today.
[214] Why dost thou lead these men about the streets? []
Danny (PS53C) [215] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work.
[216] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [217] Good I like that.
[218] Very well done.
[219] We'll just do it once more.
[220] [reading] You sir, what trade are you. []
Danny (PS53C) [221] [reading] Truly sir, in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [222] [reading] I am but as you would say a cobbler. [] [...] make it interesting make the character [...] .
[223] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
[224] [...] Do what you like you see.
[225] Do what you like.
[226] Right.
[227] [reading] Truly sir right what what trade are you? []
Danny (PS53C) [228] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [229] [reading] Thou art a cobbler art thou? []
Danny (PS53C) [230] [reading] Truly sir, all that I live by is with the awl.
[231] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matter but with awl.
[232] I am indeed sir a surgeon to old shoes. []
Hearn (PS53E) [233] [...] leave it there.
[234] [reading] I am indeed sir. []
[235] You change the pace you do what you like.
[236] [reading] I am indeed sir a surgeon to old shoes. []
Danny (PS53C) [237] [reading] I am indeed sir a surgeon to old shoes.
[238] When they are in great danger I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [239] [reading] Oh.
[240] Why dost thou lead those these men about the streets? []
Danny (PS53C) [241] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work. []
Hearn (PS53E) [242] [...] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself some more work ha ha ha. []
Danny (PS53C) [243] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work ha ha.
[244] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [245] Okay.
[246] Right.
[247] Next man is called?
Nick (PS53G) [248] Nick .
Hearn (PS53E) [249] Nicholas .
[250] You [...]
Nick (PS53G) [251] Mm yesterday.
Hearn (PS53E) [252] Right.
[253] Let's erm
Nick (PS53G) [254] Where shall I go from?
Hearn (PS53E) [255] Right we'll go from er that first one.
[256] [reading] You sir what trade are you? []
Nick (PS53G) [257] [reading] Truly sir in respect of fine workmen I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [258] Go a bit slower will you?
Nick (PS53G) [259] Yeah.
Hearn (PS53E) [260] Okay.
[261] [reading] What you sir what trade are you? []
Nick (PS53G) [262] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [263] [reading] Mm thou art a cobbler art thou? []
Nick (PS53G) [264] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl.
[265] I meddle with no tradesmen's matter []
Hearn (PS53E) [266] Slow down.
[267] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl. []
[268] [...] I don't have to speak because they're all waiting for me.
[269] [reading] I meddle with no tradesmen [cough] Right start again.
[270] [reading] You sir what trade are you? []
Nick (PS53G) [271] Erm er sorry.
Hearn (PS53E) [272] Yep.
Nick (PS53G) [273] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman. []
Hearn (PS53E) [274] No roll that truly.
[275] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Nick (PS53G) [276] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [277] [...] interesting you see?
[278] [reading] Thou art a cobbler art thou? []
Nick (PS53G) [279] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by []
Hearn (PS53E) [280] [reading] Truly sir truly sir. []
Nick (PS53G) [281] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl. []
Hearn (PS53E) [282] Er yeah make it longer.
[283] [reading] All that I live by is with the awl ha ha ha. []
[284] You don't have to say that but we all [...] you know you're you're pulling their leg the whole time okay?
Nick (PS53G) [285] Okay sorry sir.
Hearn (PS53E) [286] Yeah.
[287] [reading] Truly sir. []
Nick (PS53G) [288] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl.
[289] I meddle with no tradesmen's matters nor women's matters but with the awl.
[290] I am indeed sir a surgeon to old shoes.
[291] When they are in great danger I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [292] [...] ... [reading] I recover them ha.
[293] Why dost thou lead these men about the streets? []
Nick (PS53G) [294] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself some more work. []
Hearn (PS53E) [295] [...] [reading] Truly sir truly sir to wear out their shoes. []
[296] Make it a little bit more common.
Nick (PS53G) [297] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their goes to get myself into more work.
[298] But indeed sir we make holiday so see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [299] Yeah well you need a gap there after it's a separate thing isn't it?
[300] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work. []
[301] Pause pause.
[302] [reading] But indeed sir we make holiday []
Nick (PS53G) [303] Okay.
Hearn (PS53E) [304] [reading] to see Caesar. []
[305] I want you to make it interesting interesting.
[306] Right, Truly sir.
Nick (PS53G) [307] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work.
[308] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [309] Yes you know really get that with a bit of er bit of er you know bit of a triumph [...] .
[310] [reading] To see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
[311] [...] you know we're thrilled.
[312] Getting a holiday.
[313] You know.
Nick (PS53G) [314] [reading] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [315] Right [...] .
[316] Now who's the next man?
Dbillon (PS53H) [317] Dillan sir.
Hearn (PS53E) [318] Dillan good stuff.
[319] Right we'll do it again to you.
[320] Right er let's go again.
[321] [reading] You sir what trade are you? []
Dbillon (PS53H) [322] [reading] Truly sir in respect of fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [323] Yes you try and be a bit more of a pause there.
[324] [reading] Truly sir truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
[325] A cobbler make it [...] Okay go again.
[326] [reading] You sir what trade are you? []
Dbillon (PS53H) [327] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [328] [reading] I am but as you would say. []
[329] To join together.
[330] [...] strong word, I am but as you would say walrus ha ha ha I'm a cobbler.
[331] Or you can say that, ha ha ha.
[332] Do anything you like.
[333] It's you on the stage.
[334] Okay go again.
[335] You sir.
Dbillon (PS53H) [336] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine workman I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [337] [reading] Thou art a cobbler art thou? []
Dbillon (PS53H) [338] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl.
[339] I meddle with no tradesmen's matter nor women's matter but with awl.
[340] I am indeed sir a surgeon to all shoes.
[341] When they are in great danger I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [342] Alright.
[343] [reading] Why dost thou lead these men about the streets? []
Dbillon (PS53H) [344] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself some more work.
[345] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [346] Mm good.
[347] Okay.
[348] [reading] What trade are you? []
Dbillon (PS53H) [349] [reading] Truly sir in respect of a fine working I am but as you would say a cobbler. []
Hearn (PS53E) [350] [reading] Thou art a cobbler art thou? []
Dbillon (PS53H) [351] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by []
Hearn (PS53E) [352] [reading] All that I live by is with the awl ha ha ha. []
Dbillon (PS53H) [353] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl. []
Hearn (PS53E) [354] I think you can be a bit more rough let's be a bit more rough.
[355] [...] you know.
[356] [...] You know, All that I live by is with the awl.
[357] Ah he meddles with no tradesmen's matters.
Dbillon (PS53H) [358] [reading] Truly sir all that I live by is with the awl.
[359] I meddle with no tradesmen's matter nor women's matter but with awl I am indeed sir a surgeon to all shoes.
[360] When they are in great danger I recover them. []
Hearn (PS53E) [361] Okay go on to the next one.
[362] Truly sir
Dbillon (PS53H) [363] [reading] Truly sir to wear out their shoes to get myself into more work.
[364] But indeed sir we make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph. []
Hearn (PS53E) [365] Right now I'm going to turn to page thirty seven.

2 (Tape 141102)

Danny (PS53C) [366] Oh that's alright I just had it on too loud.
[367] Oh damn that hurt.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS53J) [368] Sorry I haven't
Danny (PS53C) [...] ...
Daniel (PS53J) [369] Why d'ya want to [...] why d'ya
Danny (PS53C) [370] [...] what you going on about?
Daniel (PS53J) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [371] [...] shut you mouth. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [372] Oh that's original [...] now just shut your mouth.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [373] Shut up.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [374] Alex Alex ... I liked I liked it when there's [...] shut up [...] ...
Daniel (PS53J) [375] Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.
Takeo (PS53K) [376] Fuck you?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [377] You you.
[378] Hello.
Danny (PS53C) [379] You're mum.
[380] [...] What you doing?
Takeo (PS53K) [381] This is a communist [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [382] Look for your personal information you fat lump of lard you're not you're meant to ignore the microphone okay?
Takeo (PS53K) [383] Don't call me fat you stupid [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [384] [...] fucking tongue.
[385] He's got no mum he's got no dad he's no need to
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [386] Spastic.
Danny (PS53C) [387] He's a fat wanker as well.
Daniel (PS53J) [388] You're running out of
Danny (PS53C) [389] No I'm not there look that's how [...] my voice is like.
[390] [...] ... No you can't you [...] off. [...]
Daniel (PS53J) [391] Hello.
[392] Danny what are you doing?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [393] [...] caught myself doing a having a piss again.
Daniel (PS53J) [394] Bet it recorded that didn't it?
Danny (PS53C) [395] Not funny [...] .
Takeo (PS53K) [396] Ignore the damn thing will you.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [397] No it's erm all the conversation that's going on at the minute.
[398] Alex come on.
[399] ... Shut up [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [400] You just making this up. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [401] No [...] that's what your dad's got on his [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [402] Is that my alarm going off or yours?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [403] Oh shut up you fat ugly mother [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [404] Don't record is man that's rough.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Takeo (PS53K) [405] Danny stop it it's so gross.
Danny (PS53C) [406] [...] kick him.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [407] Record it record it see what he says.
Takeo (PS53K) [408] [...] your so gross.
Daniel (PS53J) [409] [...] he's naughty isn't he yes very naughty.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Takeo (PS53K) [410] What's he typing what's he typing.
[411] What you typing?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [412] [...] welcome to gardener's world.
[413] Where we talk about plants plants and more plants.
Takeo (PS53K) [414] Are you going to do gardeners world?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [415] [...] he's a reject he's a real reject.
Danny (PS53C) [416] [...] will you just shut up ignore it man.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [417] Shut up [...] .
[418] ... Alex what's your first language?
[419] Shut up.
[420] Alex what's your first language.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [421] Chinese.
Danny (PS53C) [422] First names fill in the above mentioned people's first language is not English. [...]
Takeo (PS53K) [423] Are you like you like having a conversation with yourself.
Danny (PS53C) [424] No I was in the conversation in fact [...] .
Daniel (PS53J) [425] Well that's why it says, Oh right I get.
[426] I don't really but anyway.
Takeo (PS53K) [427] Right everyone else is a friend apart from me.
Danny (PS53C) [428] Everybody go to the bog and have a tinkle and I'll [laughing] record it [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]

3 (Tape 141103)

Danny (PS53C) [429] Look what I've gone and put here. [cough]
Takeo (PS53K) [430] Toilet?
Danny (PS53C) [431] [laughing] Yeah. [] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [432] Are you writing that?
Danny (PS53C) [433] [...] yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [434] Well I might as well.
Danny (PS53C) [435] This thing's kept confidential so if I don't erm [...] been to the toilet [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [436] I hope you Norwegian people realize this is complete [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [437] Don't listen to [...] he's just a fat bastard.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [438] Exactly true.
Danny (PS53C) [439] He's trying to be very he's trying to be very hard. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [440] Correction there he hasn't got any nuts.
[441] [...] ... Yeah he has but you need a very powerful microscope.
[442] ... Yeah and that's the one thing that you need [...] one of two things.
[443] Bet you didn't know there was two.
[444] ... Here's me stamping on [...] balls. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Daniel (PS53J) [445] Are you recording all this?
Danny (PS53C) [446] Yeah I've got to go and wake up John [...] now.
[447] ... John John ... It's a quarter past.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [448] Mm.
Danny (PS53C) [449] D'ya want to turn your bath off?
[450] ... Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [451] He was early on dinner.
Danny (PS53C) [452] Who what time have we got dinner?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [453] Yes.
Danny (PS53C) [454] Half an hour er quarter of an hour.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [455] Right.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [456] Hurry hurry hurry get your bath while it's hot.
[457] ... It's all ready yeah when you are.
[458] The bath ran.
[459] ... [...] [laughing] See what I've written about [...] . []
Daniel (PS53J) [460] Are you going to be sending this?
[461] ... Are you going to be send this too?
Danny (PS53C) [462] No I give it back next Friday.
[463] Are these [...] batteries? ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Takeo (PS53K) [464] How many messages have how many messages in the toilet?
Danny (PS53C) [465] Eh?
[466] Erm I only I've only recorded one side.
Takeo (PS53K) [467] Are you [...] toilet as well.
Danny (PS53C) [468] Eh?
Takeo (PS53K) [469] [...] toilet?
Danny (PS53C) [470] Yep. ... [...]
Takeo (PS53K) [471] Are you going to give these tapes [...] .
[472] If he's not going to use them [...] having yourself?
Danny (PS53C) [473] Yeah I hope so. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [474] Let's see [...] reaction you know.
[475] Look.
[476] ... Oh sorry I didn't mean to hit you that hard.
[477] Are you alright?
Takeo (PS53K) [478] No I'm not.
[479] I'm dying will you help me [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [480] Shut the fuck up.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [481] I'm not saying.
[482] I'm not stupid.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [483] You are.
Danny (PS53C) [484] [...] Alright those are in the closing seconds of this [...] tape I suppose.
[485] [...] . That's wrong isn't it?
[486] ... It's not here you knob.
[487] ... We got it [cough] ... Yeah your telling me.
[488] [...] ... We're in the finale now lads give it all you've got.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [489] Who's copulating in the toilet?
[490] ... Wow [...] going to the toilet.
[491] Big news hits the screen.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [492] [...] cos I'm really cool.
Danny (PS53C) [493] Yeah really.
[494] Course you have [...] ... Hey quick [...] ... Give me it ... oh crap you probably picked it up in the [...] .
[495] You won't have time man.

4 (Tape 141104)

Danny (PS53C) [496] I'll have it if I can keep it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [497] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [498] I'll have it if I can keep it.
Daniel (PS53J) [499] [...] there's a guy drinking er some tea and he's [...]
Danny (PS53C) [500] Fuck off.
[501] ... Yeah I know it's a crappy one. ... [...]
Daniel (PS53J) [502] D'ya like the headmaster?
Danny (PS53C) [503] No comment.
Daniel (PS53J) [laugh] ...
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Daniel (PS53J) [504] You can actually see the level on on on the actual [...] look.
[505] If you speak there's a black thing that appears.
[506] My name is [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [507] What's this thing there this long bit?
Daniel (PS53J) [508] It's on the microphone. ...
Danny (PS53C) [509] Get what?
[510] ... Get off.
[511] That's not the one.
[512] That's the one that I'm using [...] .
[513] She told me this one isn't working so I'm using the flat one.

5 (Tape 141105)

Danny (PS53C) [514] You know in computers?
Andrew (PS53D) [515] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [516] It's pretty boring.
Andrew (PS53D) [517] [...] You should put into [...] graphs.
Danny (PS53C) [518] Yeah.
[519] We did it yesterday.
[520] Oh no Wednesday I think.
[521] ... That's one card today.
[522] ... D'ya reckon Mr 's a good teacher?
Andrew (PS53D) [523] He's okay [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [524] Not as good as who?
Andrew (PS53D) [525] Well I think he's at my other school before common entrance I had this teacher for two years got forty percent [laughing] and that's [...] [] .
[526] And then I got erm a new teacher for year and it went up to ninety.
[527] Not ninety eighty five.
Danny (PS53C) [528] That's pretty good.
[529] It's the same with me.
[530] I was getting forty and I got up to ninety four.
[531] Bit of an improvement.
[532] ... How long have we got now till the end of term?
Andrew (PS53D) [533] Two weeks. [...]
Danny (PS53C) [534] In a week yeah.
Andrew (PS53D) [535] And then we [...]
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [536] There's about another two weeks after that or a week.
Danny (PS53C) [537] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53D) [538] Another three weeks. ...
Danny (PS53C) [539] Good eh?
[540] They were saying something to me about there won't be that bigger fall.
[541] [...] I'm gonna get a new maths book.
Andrew (PS53D) [542] [...] my maths book is getting thicker every lesson.
[543] Have to stick all my graphs in.
Danny (PS53C) [544] Yeah I know.
[545] So that's why I'm gonna buy a new one.
[546] ... What've you got?
[547] ... Who with?
[548] ... Right see you later.

6 (Tape 141106)

None (KPAPS000) [549] So look, what I'm saying is I I'm warning I've warned you before do [...] and it's mainly concerned with those right.
[550] Now Mr and I [...] do the same [...] for the two groups.
[551] His group he'll do the same test as the other group and it's mainly based on vocabulary.
[552] Mainly based on these words.
[553] If you don't know the words if you don't know what the Spanish [...] or lemonade or you can't spell the darn thing you'll get a low mark right.
[554] Now [...] end this term with low mark.
[555] You're free to [...] you know the seventy five percent rather than saying I've got thirty four or something like that.
[556] Now erm getting to those words yourself instead, I'm sorry, things we haven't done for a week or two [...] lots of word they'll be lots of them in the exam I'm telling you.
[557] You've got to know how to spell them.
[558] Those numbers you know [...] names of [...] and that sort of stuff.
[559] Now as the when er er I've nothing more specific than that.
[560] Mr usually sets it this one so er you know [...] demanding high standard.
[561] So I mean those of you who have been getting appallingly low marks and there are some of you in this set and I don't get this every year.
[562] But [...] got very low marks on some ordinary written tests [...] give you twenty thirty words to learn.
[563] Some of you can't write them very accurately.
[564] Those people I'm [...] do some revision okay?
[565] I might give you one [...] to do it next week.
[566] [...] just revise what we've done.
[567] And I will tell you that some time next week what was the scope of it is.
[568] You know.
[569] First six units or something like that.
[570] It won't be on a unit that we haven't done.
[571] Right?
[572] It won't say include [...] ten or something like that which we haven't got to.
[573] So the point is yeah.
[574] Learn your words.
[575] Don't skive off.
[576] Some of you er you know it's taken a long time to get this message over.
[577] [clears throat] [...] addicted to skiving around and not doing very much.
[578] Alright in lessons.
[579] I think just everybody participates very well in the lessons and make some good contribution.
[580] It's these tests that worry me.
[581] Erm that's what the exam's like.
[582] If you don't want to know now [...] okay?
[583] If you do badly your house master [...] couple of people [...] and all this sort of nonsense.
[584] If you work hard you will not be in that situation.
[585] Okay?
[586] So I I when I know more about the exam I'll tell [...] I I will tell you what's in it.
[587] It's all words in the first units there.
[588] That's what's in it.
[589] If you know them you're on your way to a good mark.
[590] If you can't spell [...] and some of you last week even on Monday we [...] because there were numbers of boys away we had that odd test.
[591] D'ya remember those of you who were here on Monday.
[592] Some of you weren't here, Richard wasn't.
[593] I gave you ten minutes or so of the lesson to look at some words.
[594] Get into them then we did a test on them.
[595] Spelling them.
[596] Some people even then [...] numbers of mistake.
[597] [...] See write the words out.
[598] You know.
[599] Er I I know some of you do but not all of you.
[600] Just write them out and get used to writing them.
[601] Go on then.
Andrew (PS53F) [602] What will we do in the test [...] ?
None (KPAPS000) [603] It's mainly [...] .
[604] You know could be I'll I'll a large part of it may I don't know whether all of it but a large part of it will be here's the English for [...] you know [...] that sort of thing.
[605] So if you know what [...] means.
[606] Or what's the Spanish for [...] erm erm [...] you know words like that.
[607] [...] things we've done.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Nick (PS53G) [608] [...] spell erm spell the word and things but erm write down the words in Spanish for ham or
None (KPAPS000) [609] Yeah we will.
[610] Yeah we'll say ham [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [611] [...] something like erm sir how to ask for erm where the next bus is going?
None (KPAPS000) [612] It might do yeah.
[613] And it might have some more sentences like that.
[614] Cos then a lot of it will be on Scotland you know [...] .
[615] So it's no good when it says Scotland it's not a [...] erm ... Yeah now what's wrong with it?
Andrew (PS53F) [616] It's got an S erm [...]
Danny (PS53C) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [617] It should have one.
Andrew (PS53F) [618] [...] C.
None (KPAPS000) [619] Yeah it should have a C that's right.
[620] Now you know Mr [...] if it's spelt you may say oh it's it's pretty close.
[621] It's wrong you see.
[622] Another one.
[623] You might say ham put down the Spanish [...] ham.
[624] Erm ... [...] and he he will probably put watch out for this.
[625] Put the gender that's the gender you know the [...] as appropriate.
[626] So don't just put [...] cos er Mr will be saying no we can't have that one then.
[627] [...] right?
[628] Or [...] whatever it is you know.
[629] You know er I can't think of a [...] work we've done now but er
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [630] Yes [...] places in the town [...] and so on.
[631] Remember how to tell the time [...] .
[632] Okay?
[633] I might do a bit of revision with you next week as well just to help you with it.
[634] But you're the ones it's not me it's you that counts in the end.
[635] How much you're prepared to do.
[636] I know some of you work very well on this and are very good.
[637] [...] I'm afraid the old proverbial [...] so anyway.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [638] Sir will we have to know [...] ?
None (KPAPS000) [639] Er preferably yeah but I don't think it will make a [...] difference to you.
[640] You know.
[641] But certainly learn the genders chaps.
[642] I'm warning you of this cos you know it's disappointing if you don't do well.
[643] You know I can't you've gotta do it.
[644] You're the ones that produce the marks.
[645] Okay.
[646] Now
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [647] Can I just can I just erm things with [...] in front end in A.
None (KPAPS000) [648] Yeah that's right they do.
[649] Yeah.
[650] That's a good rule of thumb that yeah.
[651] Er if you're stuck alright.
[652] You've written a word and you can't think oh god is it an L or a [...] .
[653] If it ends in an O it's probably not always but probably going to be L and if it ends in an A as he says there it's a good point it's probably a [...] word.
[654] So try and remember that.
[655] It may save you a lot of time a lot bother a lot of marks.
[656] Yea?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [657] You don't have to put L [...] with the commas do you?
None (KPAPS000) [658] No.
[659] Unless you tell [...] .
[660] ... Yeah might be plurals as well things like that.
[661] So do revise your work carefully.
[662] Now unit six is very likely to come up in the exam so when you do this test for Monday you are in effect preparing for the exam.
[663] If you if you skimp on it you get a rubbish mark you have.
[664] Those boys who work on it they've that stuff up there ready for the exam you see.
[665] So anyway have a look at page fifty six cos I promised you yesterday that I would take you through the verb [...] if you were you know the things you would want to to know about.
[666] So it's page fifty six and the prep was er the top two boxes and the bottom.
[667] You can miss out the three little ones in the in the middle there.
[668] Now so some of you who are not sure what how it all works out I said I'd explain it.
[669] And at the top one [...] you can actually read it.
[670] What does that mean?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [671] Excellent and the place you can buy is a ... What's the place? [...] yeah [...] .
[672] Right so [...] meaning [...] .
[673] Have you got that Richard?
[674] So it might be a good idea to jot them in you got [...] Is there a shop of souvenirs around here?
[675] Is there a souvenir shop near here?
[676] Matthew [...] what does the second one mean?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [677] Well done good.
[678] Or where can where can one buy [...] .
[679] He said I it can actually means you or one a person.
[680] But that's pretty good [...] Where can you buy souvenirs [...] to buy.
[681] What's the next one mean [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [682] Yeah I would like good.
[683] Well done.
[684] [...] and notice it's [...] .
[685] It's the only word in [...] that means I something it's not got an O on the end of it.
[686] So it's not [...] there's no such word.
[687] Right.
[688] The next one erm Nick what's that mean?
[689] [...] ... Anybody tell him what it means? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [690] Yeah I want I want a [...] .
[691] So do make a decision [...] I would like and [...] I want.
[692] It means the same thing.
[693] But ones a bit politer than the other that's all.
[694] ... Now the er the next things they're not probably quite so important but it's worth.
[695] What does [...] mean?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [696] Can I help you.
None (KPAPS000) [697] Yeah good can I help and it literally means, In what can I serve you.
[698] You know it's can I help you.
[699] You know it's what a shop assistant says.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [700] Where is it?
None (KPAPS000) [701] The second box.
[702] [...] You don't have to say that ever really.
[703] [...] Now we got on to this the other day [...] does anybody remember that?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [704] It's a bit like that it's a bit like that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [705] I'm very sorry you haven't got that .
None (KPAPS000) [706] Yeah I'm sorry [...] I'm sorry.
[707] There are various [...] I am sorry.
[708] It means I regret [...] is I regret and [...] is it.
[709] That's what it means.
[710] [...] I regret I'm sorry.
[711] Does anybody remember [...] ? [...] remember that?
[712] We do not have.
[713] We do not have.
[714] Or we haven't got any in other words.
[715] [...] Somebody might be sitting there saying well how does he know it's er how does he know it's we I can't see a word for we in there.
[716] We you know that's
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [717] Yeah [...] the ending [...] good that's it.
[718] We do not have.
[719] We haven't done the next one at all.
[720] Erm but it means, yes Matthew?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [721] Erm [...]
None (KPAPS000) [722] Yeah good.
[723] There's one word, Shall I wrap it for you? [...] is I wrap [...] is it and [...] is for you.
[724] Shall I wrap it for you?
[725] So [...] you could learn that.
[726] There's not problem about that.
[727] [...] Matthew again.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [728] I'll take it.
None (KPAPS000) [729] I'll take it yeah.
[730] I take [...] I carry it.
[731] It means I carry or I take it [...] with me.
[732] I'm taking it I'll have it.
[733] When you buy something in the shops [...] .
[734] They're the hardest ones now the rest are fairly straightforward.
[735] Erm colours then er Alex do the first four colours on the left to see if you've got the right one.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [736] White black blue and yellow.
None (KPAPS000) [737] Good.
[738] White black red and it's yellow is the slightly tricky one.
[739] [...] and er Danny can you do the other little four?
Danny (PS53C) [740] Erm
None (KPAPS000) [741] [...] what colours are those?
Danny (PS53C) [742] Green
None (KPAPS000) [743] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [744] Blue red and grey.
None (KPAPS000) [745] No they're brown [...]
Danny (PS53C) [746] Brown.
None (KPAPS000) [747] Er green blue [...] is brown alright.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [748] What one is
None (KPAPS000) [749] You know well that's why he said red I think but it's it's brown.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [750] What is what is the [...]
None (KPAPS000) [751] Of what colour.
[752] [...] what colour is.
[753] So you probably I wouldn't be surprised if he puts colours in the [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [754] What's [...] ?
None (KPAPS000) [755] Brown [...] brown.
[756] Now erm ... just just by way of look I'll just interrupt this slightly I'll come back to it in a second.
[757] Looking at those eight colours right? [...] see if you can answer this.
[758] Er you've got eight words colours there, how many of those eight words actually make a change in their spelling when it becomes feminine?
[759] When it's a la word?
[760] ... Sorry?
[761] Four which four?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [762] No.
[763] Charles?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [764] Yeah the other four.
[765] Why is it the other four?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [766] Cos it [...]
None (KPAPS000) [767] No [...] no.
[768] Yeah the ones ending in O change the ones that don't end in O don't change.
[769] Right?
[770] So the feminine of [...] is [...] .
[771] What's the feminine of [...] Charles?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [772] [...] yeah.
[773] So you [...] .
[774] Right everybody got the idea then there.
[775] Next one we shall probably get on to today if we don't get stuck.
[776] [...] is Matthew?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [777] What size?
None (KPAPS000) [778] What size yeah.
[779] How big.
[780] [...] is size.
[781] And next they all all three of them mean what size all three.
[782] [...] they all mean what size but the first one is just, go on tell us
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [783] First one's, What size, sir.
[784] The next one's, What size of clothes.
None (KPAPS000) [785] Good well done.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [786] And the third one is, What size of shoes.
None (KPAPS000) [787] Excellent very good.
[788] Very clear.
[789] First one is, What size anything.
[790] You know like a guitar you get the size of a violin or something like that.
[791] Or a band that's [...] anything what size.
[792] Second one is clothes.
[793] What size jacket or sweater trousers.
[794] And the third one is shoes.
[795] What size shoes d'ya take what number.
[796] ... Okay now that comes up a bit in this lesson.
[797] [...] go on again then if you
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [798] Big and small.
None (KPAPS000) [799] Big and small well done.
[800] [...] is small large and small.
[801] ... I shan't put the next one in the test I don't think so.
[802] But it's a number.
[803] What number is it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [804] Thirty six.
None (KPAPS000) [805] Yes thirty six.
[806] It's size thirty six.
[807] Size thirty six shoes.
[808] I don't know what they're like blimey.
[809] But they have a different numbering system on the continent.
[810] If you walk into Spanish shops they're on size eight shoes I mean [...] what would you mean what are you talking about.
[811] Cos their sizes all got thirty six thirty seven thirty eight that kind of thing.
[812] Right erm numbers one thousand to ten thousand we'll do then later on.
[813] Er [...] do you know that one do you?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [814] Yeah.
[815] Do you want to pay at the counter?
None (KPAPS000) [816] Yeah.
[817] Will you pay at the cash desk check out.
[818] [...] is the counter.
[819] ... But that's a more difficult one because we're not used to that.
[820] Right then the the box at the bottom erm we should know all these.
[821] These are [...] it's straightforward.
[822] Nick can you take us through the six on the left see if you know them already.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [823] Erm [...]
None (KPAPS000) [824] Anybody give him a hand on that one?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [825] Belt.
None (KPAPS000) [826] Belt good.
[827] Right I'll do them again if anybody missed any.
[828] Fan jacket bag you'll know some of them already.
[829] Guitar belt record.
[830] Right now Matthew do the other [...] do the other.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [831] [...] sweets.
None (KPAPS000) [832] Yeah what kind of sweets?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [833] Nougat.
None (KPAPS000) [834] Nougat.
[835] Yeah.
[836] White stuff with er with erm.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [837] Erm raincoat gloves shoes [...] and [...]
None (KPAPS000) [838] Excellent good.
[839] Nougat and then erm overcoat or raincoat topcoat.
[840] Gloves shoes [...] where you put your [...] .
[841] Any questions chaps are we all fairly [...] ?
[842] Right.
[843] Get back to page [...] .
[844] Perhaps after five minutes here and there revising those [...] from other lessons so you don't forget it.
[845] Right.
[846] Page fifty [...] what colour, we're going to do this er ... Right.
[847] I know we've done it [...] but there are various objects pictures on page fifty.
[848] Taken from left to right and put a colour to it add a colour.
[849] Like for example er [...] .
[850] You choose a different one from there.
[851] Somebody get a different colour [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [852] [...] very good.
[853] Right.
[854] Next object and with a colour put a colour on to it. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [855] No before the [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [856] Oh er [...]
None (KPAPS000) [857] No no I [...] I'll come to you in a minute you work that one out.
[858] Go on Andrew.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [859] Erm [...]
None (KPAPS000) [860] [...] Go on then Adam [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [861] [...] you see make it [...] .
[862] Right.
[863] Matthew.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [864] Er [...]
None (KPAPS000) [865] [...] yeah.
[866] Next one the purse.
[867] Robin.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [868] Erm [...]
None (KPAPS000) [869] [...] What's this [...] mean?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [870] Thank you very much.
None (KPAPS000) [871] No it's okay it's alright.
[872] [...] There we are.
[873] Well done.
[874] Er now that's er yeah now that's exactly Mr often communicates to me in Spanish.
[875] Erm it's what I was saying to you.
[876] Unit six end of unit six territory for the exam.
[877] Alright?
[878] Nothing in between you don't have to revise, even if you know next week I may I don't know, I may ask you to get on with unit seven.
[879] Unit seven is not in the exam okay?
[880] Unit six and up to the end of unit six.
[881] So what you're doing for prep this weekend is very exam [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [882] Are we just doing unit six?
None (KPAPS000) [883] Up to unit six one to six yeah.
[884] And at the end of there's nothing beyond unit six okay?
[885] That's seems fair enough to me.
[886] So I'm [...] about that.
[887] Right.
[888] Let's do the next thing.
[889] All we're doing you know [...] prep that's what you're gonna do.
[890] [...] somebody do that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [891] [...] Danny see what you can do.
Danny (PS53C) [892] Erm ... [...]
None (KPAPS000) [893] Alright well pay attention.
[894] Matthew?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [895] [...] we're at the [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [896] [...] a white god.
[897] Right now erm look at the dialogue at the bottom of page fifty on the right hand side bottom right page fifty okay?
[898] I am the shop assistant Matthew you're the person coming into the shop so you do bit line two four and six.
[899] I do one three and five okay? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [900] Cos [...] means okay.
[901] Isn't it is it right.
[902] So what we're, he's gone in asked for something.
[903] I said what [...] he's given [...] and I've repeated it back to him.
[904] Right.
[905] [...] you choose a different.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [906] Right.
[907] Away you go.
[908] It was quite well read that those of you.
[909] Adam what's actually going on in that last the one these two have just read?
[910] ... Tell there's a little sort of slight story in it.
[911] [...] Go on then.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [912] They want the sizes in the and they don't have them.
None (KPAPS000) [913] Well you're getting there.
[914] Go on then.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [915] Erm he says erm

7 (Tape 141107)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [916] If you can post the letter
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [917] Eleven thirty second class to London
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [918] Would it get there by tomorrow morning?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [919] Hope Mr isn't there.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [920] Chemistry's [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [921] B L X I can get you one for free?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [922] How much I can give you [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [923] Can you get me one?
[924] Can you get me one? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [925] I will send a letter as well as
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [926] Move the microphone [...]
Danny (PS53C) [927] [...] screws it up.
[928] [...] Andrew.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [929] It's all talking from us.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [930] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [931] Oh it's one of those oh have you gotta keep that on during lesson.
Danny (PS53C) [932] Just ignore it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [933] Okay.
[934] Is it on at the moment?
Danny (PS53C) [935] Shut up just shut up.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [936] Are you are you meant to just carry on as normal without without listening to [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [937] Are you deaf?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [938] No Steven [...] has to be deaf with ears like that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [939] Shut up. [belch]
Danny (PS53C) [940] That was not me.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [941] Am I allowed to swear?
Danny (PS53C) [942] If you want [...] confidential.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [943] [laughing] [...] be very confidential. []
Danny (PS53C) [944] It is.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [945] Okay.
[946] Er look that little dot thing goes up.
Danny (PS53C) [947] I'm turning this off.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [948] Okay okay no don't don't I won't I won't.
Danny (PS53C) [949] I'm turning it off.
[950] [break in recording] Just shove off don't talk about it alright.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [951] Talk about what?
[952] Danny?
[953] Don't talk about what? ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [954] Who's this?
[955] Don't this we need [...] ... This page is unlikely to be [...] .
[956] ... I shall be dealing with that [...] .
[957] ... Are you [...] and sulphur together and looked at the the way in which they combined.
[958] ... Have you started metals and non-metals or
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [959] Yes sir.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [960] What's the experiment?
[961] Oh I see.
[962] ... So we've not finished metals and non-metals.
[963] ... Yes okay.
[964] Okay so you you've looked at the the problems of metals.
[965] [...] the properties of non-metals er so we ought to go through er non-metals and make the corresponding set of notes to the the reactions of metals.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [966] I'm sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [967] Oh we're in the middle of an experiment.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [968] Yes I've just been told that.
[969] But since we can't carry on with the experiment now we've got to leave that till later on.
[970] So you've got a heading non-metals these are elements which do not have the properties of metals.
[971] So what properties do [...] .
[972] So carry on under that heading that we've started non-metals.
Danny (PS53C) [973] Boring.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [974] Got already the comment
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [975] Sir can we turn that light off.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [976] these elements.
[977] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [978] Can we turn that light off cos it's glaring on my book.
[979] Can we turn that light off please? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [980] So that's the statement that you have so far.
[981] Er already why you've got one there.
[982] Now what was the first property metals that you have listed [...] What's the first property in metals that you came to?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [983] It's [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [984] And so non-metals tend to be
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [985] Dull.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [986] Dull.
[987] So the corresponding properties of non-metals they tend to dull.
[988] If you have seen a mixture of iron and sulphur and the lumps of sulphur didn't have a shiny polished surfaces that belong to iron and you can't make a mirror out of non-metal.
[989] You can't polish a lump of sulphur or a lump of [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [990] Shall we put this under physical?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [991] If you subdivide it into four [...] .
[992] What was the second property of metal that you have? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [993] Have you not copied out the notes yet? ... [...] forms another property of metals that you have.
[994] Both property of that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [995] This is non-metal [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [996] Can you just just read off you've got the properties of metal in front you.
[997] What what the ne what's the property read along the list.
[998] Metals are shiny you said.
[999] [...] What was the next property of metal?
[1000] What was the value of [...] ?
[1001] What what to you understand by the term malleable?
[1002] I would be grateful if other people were not chatting.
[1003] D'ya know what malleable means?
[1004] What does malleable mean Harvey ?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1005] Er to be able to stretch [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1006] No not quite.
[1007] You're thinking of another property.
[1008] What is [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1009] Erm be able to shape.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1010] Yes and it's it's the the bending and being beaten into sheets and moulding.
[1011] Pulling is what?
[1012] Er [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1013] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1014] What's the term what's another property you've got for metals there?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1015] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1016] Magnetic.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1017] Well no.
[1018] Er another term for for pulling a metal into wires.
[1019] Yes?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1020] Ductile.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1021] Ductile.
[1022] So physical dull metals are malleable you can beat them into sheets or can mould them.
[1023] You can hammer them and get them thin or mould them to make panels for cars.
[1024] That's malleability.
[1025] Ductilance is where you can stretch them into very thin wires.
[1026] And so [...] when you're pushing pressing on that squashing it and making it flow into sheets the [...] pulling on it and seeing whether it will stretch or whether it [...] .
[1027] What is the opposite of malleable and ductile?
[1028] For non-metals if you try to hit them and beat them into sheets or if you try to stretch them you get?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1029] [...] they're brittle.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1030] They're brittle.
[1031] ... [...] demonstrate brittleness of non-metals. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1032] The teacher's a right prick.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1033] If we take example of salt.
[1034] Now you're being too noisy.

8 (Tape 141201)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1035] Do you reckon all this traffic is from that match?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1036] I don't think this is now, what we have now, but when I was coming out to er meet you it was absolutely chocker right the way back to that erm last roundabout
Danny (PS53C) [1037] Oh right
Dbillon (PS53H) [1038] [...] ... that was a bad do wasn't it, that disaster, with those girls, those school girls
Danny (PS53C) [1039] Yeah, I heard about that, I read about it
Dbillon (PS53H) [1040] terrible
Danny (PS53C) [1041] and I thought, but how could she, how could she have crashed
Dbillon (PS53H) [1042] I reckon she nodded off [clears throat]
Danny (PS53C) [1043] Do you, really?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1044] Seriously, it's the that's the only logical a only logical reason
Danny (PS53C) [1045] Yeah, but that's really quite bad isn't it?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1046] Dreadful, poor parents
Danny (PS53C) [1047] Yeah.
[1048] It's erm, more than anything it's stupid, I reckon
Dbillon (PS53H) [1049] Well, all these things are done with the best of in intentions you know but erm that's the only, that's the only logical reason because they can't seem to find any other evidence as to the cause of it you see
Danny (PS53C) [1050] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1051] So it can only be human failure I E that she was driving and just sort of lost her concentration for a few seconds and that was fatal
Danny (PS53C) [1052] Stupid
Dbillon (PS53H) [1053] Well, these things happen Danny.
[1054] It's no good saying stupid, it's just unfortunate.
[1055] The only thing is the traj tragedy that follows.
[1056] I read the two that survived, they haven't told them yet that the rest of their friends are dead because they they're gonna be too traumatised
Danny (PS53C) [1057] But surely they would have read the papers
Dbillon (PS53H) [1058] No, they're in hospital, badly injured
Danny (PS53C) [1059] What? what? broken limbs?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1060] I believe, well I don't know about broken limbs [...] there were four that survived it, got out of the back of the back of the van but erm they had serious burns and such.
[1061] Dreadful tragedy.
Danny (PS53C) [1062] I saw a picture of the wreckage
Dbillon (PS53H) [1063] Oh dear, oh dear
Danny (PS53C) [1064] Did it catch fire?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1065] Yes, it burst into a ball of flame on impact.
[1066] It ran into the back of this motorway maintenance vehicle that was parked on the hard shoulder and er just burst into flames ... but how they can say they died instantly I don't know.
[1067] I think they're just trying to relieve
Danny (PS53C) [1068] Cover up
Dbillon (PS53H) [1069] relieve the parents fe you know, fears as such.
[1070] That must have been a horrendous death for some of them ...
Danny (PS53C) [1071] I've gotta do some more batteries for er
Dbillon (PS53H) [1072] Tomorrow I should think you the batteries you [...] we could open a factory I would think
Danny (PS53C) [1073] What d'you mean?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1074] What do I mean?
Danny (PS53C) [1075] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1076] You have to put them all in a s in there
Dbillon (PS53H) [1077] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1078] [...] this probably, this one doesn't work.
[1079] Oh it does now
Dbillon (PS53H) [1080] Oh, that tells you that it's alive, does nit?
Danny (PS53C) [1081] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1082] Oh I see oh right.
[1083] Tells you how much life is in the battery [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1084] Yeah [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1085] Oh right
Danny (PS53C) [1086] [...] yeah but erm as I was saying, when we [cough] on science this morning we were watching that film about the vitamins
Dbillon (PS53H) [1087] About the what?
Danny (PS53C) [1088] the vitamins, and erm it was a criminologist that [...] it could help you mentally.
[1089] Yeah, best thing.
[1090] And wh what they did, they carried out this test and they er [...] in American and they erm were giving him the pills.
[1091] They carried out this test and er I think [...] escaped, went down by eighty five percent
Dbillon (PS53H) [1092] Oh right
Danny (PS53C) [1093] and general behaviour we was really a lot improved because erm they had taken all their normal food like Mars bars and stuff like that and replaced it with like healthy food and er all the coke machines they replaced with like fresh fruit drinks.
[1094] Like the can [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [cough]
Danny (PS53C) [1095] So what time should it be starting tonight?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1096] I believe it's seven o'clock, seven till about nine I believe.
Danny (PS53C) [1097] About nine?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1098] Mhm, or seven thirty, I'm not quite sure
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1099] Hope mother's covered the change-over period
Danny (PS53C) [1100] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1101] [...] concerned about [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1102] Do these like pick up the sound of the wheels coming through?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1103] On these traffic lights [...] been down to that football match actually cos it's absolutely nose to tail right the way there right the way down here
Danny (PS53C) [1104] Yeah, you know when England lost again oh, what am I saying, won against Spain?
[1105] Beat them seven one
Dbillon (PS53H) [1106] No, it wasn't Spain they were playing
Danny (PS53C) [1107] Who was it?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1108] It was erm some backward-type country, can't think of the name of them now.
[1109] I put it on in the pub, I put the television on
Danny (PS53C) [1110] Yeah, we won seven one
Dbillon (PS53H) [1111] Couldn't believe it when they got the first goal after ten seconds [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [1112] Who, England?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1113] No, the the other the opposition
Danny (PS53C) [1114] Ten seconds?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1115] Mhm, it's gotta be a world record that I would think in a world cup.
[1116] Scored ten seconds, the game was ten seconds old.
[1117] England needed to win seven nil to stand any chance and Poland needed to beat Holland in the f in the event Holland beat Poland three one so England, if they got seventy, wouldn't have got through
Danny (PS53C) [1118] Yeah but erm that that when the when we listened to it when we're doing prayer
Dbillon (PS53H) [1119] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1120] We had that [...] one nil down and we thought that was it, there was [...] and then they came back seven goals
Dbillon (PS53H) [1121] Still wasn't enough goals though [clears throat] even if Poland had beaten Holland, England still wouldn't have qualified because they needed, because er the opposition got a goal, they need to be, they had to win by seven clear goals so that meant they had to win eight one, not seven one, you see.
Danny (PS53C) [1122] Oh.
[1123] Well what about if England had won?
[1124] If Holland would've still beaten Poland?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1125] That's the end of the game, that's the end of it because on on erm once h Holland needed to lose right, they had to lose, Holland, and er Poland needed to beat Holland and England had to win by a seven goal majority I E seven nil or eight one, seven one wouldn't have been enough even if Holland had lost
Danny (PS53C) [1126] What if
Dbillon (PS53H) [1127] It had to be eight one you see
Danny (PS53C) [1128] What if we had've won like fourteen nil?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1129] It doesn't matter.
[1130] If Holland, Holland had to lose, that was the that was the deciding factor
Danny (PS53C) [1131] But why?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1132] Well because they had a better goal average in all the other games.
[1133] See, it's like a league table.
[1134] They all played erm, there was Holland
Danny (PS53C) [1135] Did we play Holland?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1136] Yes.
[1137] Holland beat us.
Danny (PS53C) [1138] What was the score?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1139] I'm not sure actually, I can't remember.
Danny (PS53C) [1140] It must've been pr
Dbillon (PS53H) [1141] Taylor still has the temerity to hang on to his job.
[1142] Brian Taylor
Danny (PS53C) [1143] Taylor's still in then
Dbillon (PS53H) [1144] Well he's still manager at the moment
Danny (PS53C) [1145] Well
Dbillon (PS53H) [1146] No, no signs of him resigning
Danny (PS53C) [1147] Well they kicked him out
Dbillon (PS53H) [1148] They should have done, but they won't.
[1149] His contract doesn't finish until next July ...
Danny (PS53C) [1150] Next July
Dbillon (PS53H) [1151] That's when his contract finishes
Danny (PS53C) [1152] Yeah but even if we do get rid of Taylor who would become England manager ?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1153] that's the that's the point of er conjecture you see, they're not s they're not sure who who's going to take over
Danny (PS53C) [1154] I reckon it should be Ossie Ardilles
Dbillon (PS53H) [1155] No, it should be Venables really.
[1156] He's the most experienced, internationally
Danny (PS53C) [1157] Venables?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1158] Mhm
Danny (PS53C) [1159] Why did they kick him out?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1160] Well because he suppose there was a personality clash between erm Sugar and the Board at Spurs and er a dirty tic tricks campaign against Terry Venables by Sugar and his associates and they've blackened his name now so that er I don't think he'll ever get the England job, but he's the ideal candidate for it
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1161] Well, that's life as they say
Danny (PS53C) [1162] Yeah ... how's how's [...] getting on with her new school?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1163] She seems to be settling in quite nicely actually.
[1164] Erm, took her exams
Danny (PS53C) [1165] Did she do well?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1166] She seems to think so.
[1167] The only thing she's a little bit shaky on what she owns up to is German, she wasn't too happy about the German.
[1168] Doesn't like the teacher you see.
[1169] You know what you children are like, if you don't don't take to the teachers you don't make your best efforts do you?
Danny (PS53C) [1170] No
Dbillon (PS53H) [1171] that's instinct I suppose
Danny (PS53C) [1172] I like all my teachers really
Dbillon (PS53H) [1173] Do you?
[1174] Oh, that's good
Danny (PS53C) [1175] I reckon the best teacher's Mister
Dbillon (PS53H) [1176] Mister?
Danny (PS53C)
Dbillon (PS53H) [1177] What does he teach?
Danny (PS53C) [1178] Maths
Dbillon (PS53H) [1179] Oh maths yeah
Danny (PS53C) [1180] He's usually teaching chemistry but it's his first year of teaching maths
Dbillon (PS53H) [1181] Are you still enjoying that?
Danny (PS53C) [1182] [cough] yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1183] Good ... .
Danny (PS53C) [1184] Is she really like like isolated now that I'm at boarding school really
Dbillon (PS53H) [1185] Sorry?
Danny (PS53C) [1186] Is Beth really like isolated now I'm at boarding school?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1187] Oh she misses you obviously, more than she more than she'll erm admit cos you're very you were very close anyway weren't you, as brother and sister
Danny (PS53C) [1188] Yeah I suppose
Dbillon (PS53H) [1189] But erm, she's coping okay, she's got some, she's made some good friends at school.
[1190] She's had two or three of them home to stay and things.
[1191] So she's not doing too badly ...
Danny (PS53C) [1192] I mean, I keep on really telling her, the only real answer to like most of her problems is boarding.
Dbillon (PS53H) [1193] She won't board
Danny (PS53C) [1194] I know she won't board but I tell you, I tell you the main advantages of boarding is that a lot of times if you, you know when sometimes you get to the point where you've done so much prep and you've got lots more and you really you feel like you can't cope
Dbillon (PS53H) [1195] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1196] well what we do is that we we all know each-other's hand- writing so we borrow each-other's pens and like last night I did all of maths prep and he, we'll both remember that, and then one night when I'm like under a lot of pressure to do some prep, he'll like return the favour
Dbillon (PS53H) [1197] Oh, you think so
Danny (PS53C) [1198] Yeah.
[1199] Well, we've done it a couple of times before.
[1200] The same in all our jobs.
Dbillon (PS53H) [1201] What, you share your jobs, do you?
Danny (PS53C) [1202] Yeah well we've got set jobs but I mean like we'll say look I'll do post for you today if you do it for me like whenever
Dbillon (PS53H) [1203] [...] that's erm, that's the way comradeship is built, isn't it?
Danny (PS53C) [1204] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1205] Camaraderie.
[1206] Very good ... It's ever so damp out, isn't it, look [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1207] [...] snow
Dbillon (PS53H) [1208] Oh they said there's a possibility of snow this evening
Danny (PS53C) [1209] There's definitely, we've already had snow at
Dbillon (PS53H) [1210] Have you?
[1211] How's your dorm?
[1212] Is that warm enough for you?
Danny (PS53C) [1213] Yeah, it's t well I wouldn't say it's too warm
Dbillon (PS53H) [1214] It's adequate, is it?
Danny (PS53C) [1215] Yeah, it's just right
Dbillon (PS53H) [1216] Good cos we were a bit concerned, mother and I, that erm perhaps it might er, being such a large area, that you may it might be a bit cold you know
Danny (PS53C) [1217] It do it does get really cold during the night but most of the time it's quite warm
Dbillon (PS53H) [1218] Oh good ...
Danny (PS53C) [1219] We've got one boy [...] he sleep talks, yeah.
[1220] His name's
Dbillon (PS53H) [1221] Mhm?
Danny (PS53C)
Dbillon (PS53H) [1222] ?
Danny (PS53C) [1223] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1224] What er
Danny (PS53C) [1225] Portuguese
Dbillon (PS53H) [1226] Portuguese, oh right
Danny (PS53C) [1227] We call him
Dbillon (PS53H) [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [1228] Yeah, he hates that
Dbillon (PS53H) [1229] Similar to , the cleaner
Danny (PS53C) [1230] Guess what they they've nick-named me?
[1231] They write on all your lockers like they re-arrange your name.
Dbillon (PS53H) [1232] Oh, do they?
Danny (PS53C) [1233] They put on mine pussy lips
Dbillon (PS53H) [1234] Pussy lips? [laugh] why's that?
Danny (PS53C) [1235] Well, instead of they put pussy lips
Dbillon (PS53H) [1236] [laugh] Well, it's a sad thing if you can't laugh at yourself isn't it, eh?
Danny (PS53C) [1237] I have I haven't scrubbed it off or anything cos it is quite funny
Dbillon (PS53H) [1238] What other names are there?
Danny (PS53C) [1239] For me?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1240] No, for the other boys
Danny (PS53C) [1241] Oh er [...] we either call him juvenile or fat bloke.
[1242] Er we call him chipmunk or Trev.
[1243] Er we call him weenor
Dbillon (PS53H) [1244] Weenor, why weenor?
Danny (PS53C) [1245] It's American for like a weed ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1246] What, where is that?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1247] [cough] I suppose it's must have been re re-opened or opened newly opened and they're all well wishers that send flowers you see ...
Danny (PS53C) [1248] Dad, you know I erm like I haven't sent you [...] at home that are like good for you [...] bad for you.
[1249] Does that ever confuse you?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1250] No, because I know ours are the best.
[1251] There's ninety eight percent meat in ours.
[1252] They are the best, they're made in Smithfield, Smithfield market, and they're the best ones yo I certainly haven't seen him come across any that are better.
[1253] Even the Birds Eye ones, the pre-packed ones and what have you, frozen, are not as good as ours and that's the customers that tell us that.
[1254] It's not me saying it, it's the customers
Danny (PS53C) [1255] Do we like sell a lot of burgers?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1256] Yes we do actually, just have to er, the difficulty is teaching the girls how to use that machine properly
Danny (PS53C) [1257] Dad, who in the world would buy a set like that made of really nice pine wood, that low?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1258] Pygmies? [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [1259] What?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1260] Pygmies [laugh] dwarves [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [1261] Six year olds
Dbillon (PS53H) [1262] Six year olds
Danny (PS53C) [1263] That's so funny on the, have you seen that erm advert on John Smiths where he goes, [...] , not me I'll just settle for a can of John Smiths, and dandruff
Dbillon (PS53H) [1264] There are some very clever adverts out at the moment
Danny (PS53C) [1265] I know
Dbillon (PS53H) [1266] Excellent.
[1267] Seen the one with erm er guy makes out he's got a big bird of prey, he's got the erm leather glove on
Danny (PS53C) [1268] Oh yeah and the little sparrow comes
Dbillon (PS53H) [1269] little budgies comes up and I think that's brilliant [laugh] and the guy's face captures it perfectly, you know the actual er smile on his face is ace, excellent.
Danny (PS53C) [1270] Did you, do you ever watch Bottom?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1271] No
Danny (PS53C) [1272] With Rik Mayall?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1273] No
Danny (PS53C) [1274] Oh it was so funny last night
Dbillon (PS53H) [1275] Watching tele last ni last night were you?
Danny (PS53C) [1276] Yeah.
[1277] What happened was there was a burglar and er they went downstairs and they [...] him over the head and then they put him a chair and they got the and he goes, what shall we, what shall we wrap him up in?
[1278] And Eddie goes, let's use sellotape so he got all this sellotape all over him and he's like [...] like mummified in sellotape and then they, he goes right, we're the hard men and we're really gonna tell him who's boss so erm [...] and he goes over to him and he goes hello, erm, and he goes what are we going to say?
[1279] And then the police come and they tape him to the top of the ceiling
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1280] and all the police like inspect the flat [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [1281] and then another the robber's friend comes and he knocks them both out and he gets his friend down [...] pigeon poison
Dbillon (PS53H) [1282] pigeon poison?
Danny (PS53C) [1283] they put it in the tea.
[1284] And he go they're all yellow cups and he said erm he goes, which one's the poison in, and he goes aha, the yellow cup and he goes, but they're all yellow and he goes, yes but I've been really clever, I only put the poison in one cup
Dbillon (PS53H) [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [1285] so he goes oh what the hell and they shovel tea down him and erm he starts throwing up and, what happened is that when he, when he gets like cut down they ta take him back to the room and they put them in their boxer shorts just sitting there and they've wired up a mouse trap to like their their [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [cough]
Danny (PS53C) [1286] and erm one slight move and they'll go off
Dbillon (PS53H) [1287] Oh right
Danny (PS53C) [1288] and he goes why were you in my, why am I in my underwear [...] seen my pants and he goes ah, here's a message on my knee and he goes P S Sue Carpenter and they look at each other and they go, Sue Carpenter whoooo and then the mouse traps go off and it ends with them going
Dbillon (PS53H) [1289] [laugh] he got knackered did he, by the mouse trap?
Danny (PS53C) [1290] Yeah [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [cough] [sniff] ...
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1291] I tell you what what I did watch I enjoyed was erm called something of cards, house of cards, Sunday evening, a Monday evening it was
Danny (PS53C) [1292] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1293] Brilliant, it was all about erm politics, about the struggle for power
Danny (PS53C) [1294] Oh yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1295] It was absolutely ace it was, it was erm a drama but very very well written ...
Danny (PS53C) [1296] Was it good?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1297] Yes, I enjoyed it im immensely.
[1298] There's a follow-up series on a Sunday evening now called king of something, king of ... can't think of the name, can't remember the name of it but it starts this Sunday evening at nine o'clock
Danny (PS53C) [1299] Oh yeah, do you know who's in the Guinness Book of Records?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1300] No
Danny (PS53C) [1301] You know that film star, Jean-Claude Van Damme?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1302] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1303] Well he's in the Guinness Book of Records as the best overall martial arts person in the world
Dbillon (PS53H) [1304] Really?
Danny (PS53C) [1305] Cos he's erm he's the chief [...] of kick-boxing.
[1306] Have you ever seen him do that flying spin kick?
[1307] It's brilliant isn't it?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1308] Yeah, I tell you what I did watch erm
Danny (PS53C) [1309] He won the judo er world championships
Dbillon (PS53H) [1310] Did he?
Danny (PS53C) [1311] and the karate world championships
Dbillon (PS53H) [1312] Oh right.
[1313] Tell you what I did watch one night in the week on Sky was erm they've er they've done a feature on erm all these karate actors, you know, the best ones
Danny (PS53C) [1314] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1315] Absolutely brilliant it was
Danny (PS53C) [1316] Was Jean-Claude Van Damme in it?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1317] He was, an erm
Danny (PS53C) [1318] Did you see him really good
Dbillon (PS53H) [1319] Yeah and who's who was the one that died?
[1320] Bruce Lee
Danny (PS53C) [1321] Bruce Lee
Dbillon (PS53H) [1322] Yeah, and there's another couple of guys and they were saying that how strict the training was when they first took it on you know that the their masters used to beat them and everything, into submission,s said they had to have complete submission before they could train them to be what they were, you know, bring them up, teach them and train them
Danny (PS53C) [1323] What d'you mean, submission?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1324] Well, submission to their masters.
[1325] Humble.
Danny (PS53C) [1326] Oh right.
Dbillon (PS53H) [1327] And er the masters used to humiliate them to break them down you see and when they thought they were broken down enough
Danny (PS53C) [1328] Oh, look who it isn't
Dbillon (PS53H) [1329] Who isn't it?
Danny (PS53C) [1330] Looked like John
Dbillon (PS53H) [1331] Mhm?
Danny (PS53C) [1332] I thought it was John
Dbillon (PS53H) [1333] John who?
Danny (PS53C)
Dbillon (PS53H) [1334] no ...
Danny (PS53C) [1335] [...] and if we have a close look hey there's nobody in
Dbillon (PS53H) [1336] [laugh] ... we appear to be the most consistent pub in the area, with er customers and what have you.
[1337] They all come in and tell us we're the busiest and I say well if we're the busiest, God help those that're the quietest.
[1338] They cannot possibly survive.
Danny (PS53C) [1339] Did you tape that karate thing?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1340] No, no I did not.
[1341] I don't know how to use the tape [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1342] Was it on movie channel?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1343] Er, it was one of one of the channels yes [...] talking to these stars you know and they were relating their training and also they were showing some of the best some of the best shots of them in action in films.
[1344] God, it's erm absolutely mind- boggling what they do.
[1345] The speed of them and everything you know, you you'd think the film was speeded up but apparently it's not.
[1346] They are really that fast.
[1347] And a couple of women er actresses, karate actresses, as well.
[1348] One of those, she won the world championships in karate.
Danny (PS53C) [1349] Did you, did you see a clip from Jean-Claude Van Damme's film, Kick Boxer?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1350] Yeah, they did show that actually yeah
Danny (PS53C) [1351] Did you show you the bit where there's the hanging pots?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1352] No
Danny (PS53C) [1353] filled with water?
[1354] It's amazing.
[1355] They had their they measured it and it was eight foot high and he jumps up, spins around and crash
Dbillon (PS53H) [1356] really?
Danny (PS53C) [1357] Both of them smashed in one jump
Dbillon (PS53H) [1358] Good grief
Danny (PS53C) [1359] What the heck has happened?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1360] I know.
[1361] I fancied the pub being decorated you see.
[1362] Much improved, isn't it?
[1363] Don't you think?
Danny (PS53C) [1364] Not yet but will be I suppose
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [1365] Okay?
Danny (PS53C) [1366] End of conversation one

9 (Tape 141202)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1367] Looks as though the tape's stopped
Dbillon (PS53H) [1368] What [...] alarm to?
Danny (PS53C) [1369] Seven o'clock
Dbillon (PS53H) [1370] Why did the alarm [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1371] It goes off every, it's an hourly chime
Dbillon (PS53H) [1372] Where, on the tape?
Danny (PS53C) [1373] No, on my alarm clock, watch
Dbillon (PS53H) [1374] oh, on your watch oh right
Danny (PS53C) [1375] Bit of a coincidence there, it went off at the same time as this ha as the tape stopped
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1376] Are they knocking all that down?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1377] What?
Danny (PS53C) [1378] Pickfords
Dbillon (PS53H) [1379] Well, apparently they've erm Dave was saying they've got to er vacate the premises
Danny (PS53C) [1380] When?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1381] I'm not sure when
Danny (PS53C) [1382] What, does Dave work there?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1383] Well, that's his, that's one of his depots, he drives out of there sometimes
Danny (PS53C) [1384] Oh right.
[1385] What's Pickfords Travel?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1386] Pickfords Travel is a subsidiary of Pickfords Removals
Danny (PS53C) [1387] Oh ... [...] in the year two thousand five hundred you go into Toys R Us and ah a flame thrower strictly for eight year olds.
[1388] Do you reckon that, you know that idea that [...] forty thousand?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1389] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1390] Do you reckon that the world will end like that?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1391] Well, it's people's erm [clears throat] people's vision as of how they see it.
[1392] Erm, they're basically based on the holocaust isn't it?
[1393] You know, like the self-destructing
Danny (PS53C) [1394] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1395] There're always people that survive.
[1396] Even in the last war when erm the allies dropped the atom bombs on er Hiroshima
Danny (PS53C) [1397] Where?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1398] Nagasaki [...] er
Danny (PS53C) [1399] What, were atom bombs really powerful?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1400] Yes, very.
[1401] And er th that brought the Japanese out [...] second world war
Danny (PS53C) [1402] They put them out?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1403] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1404] They put them out?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1405] They took them out of the war yes because er the allies dropped these two bombs on these two Japanese cities
Danny (PS53C) [1406] Only two of them?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1407] Well that's all they needed.
[1408] They just wiped the cities out completely, raised them to the ground, but there were still people that survived it.
Danny (PS53C) [1409] But how, how er how many [...] bombs are there?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1410] I can't think how many megatons it is but I mean, compared to wh compared to the bombs that the super powers have today they're literally like erm firing a catapult against a cannon, now, because the they're so many hundreds of megatons these bombs, these sophisticated bombs that the super powers have now, one bomb is capable of blowing up a city a hundred times the size of Nagasaki now, Hiroshima
Danny (PS53C) [1411] Yeah, one bomb's enough to kill the world
Dbillon (PS53H) [1412] Well, not to kill the world, but they they there are enough bombs in existence at the present time to obliterate the world about three or four times over ... so we're told, so we read ... no snow out here at all Danny is there?
Danny (PS53C) [1413] No
Dbillon (PS53H) [1414] It must've been a belt that's come right through central London and completely missed the suburbs, or North London anyway [...] suburbs
Danny (PS53C) [1415] That's quite weird
Dbillon (PS53H) [1416] Oh, incredible.
[1417] I thought we'd be literally snowed under here
Danny (PS53C) [1418] I can see a bit of snow there
Dbillon (PS53H) [1419] Where?
Danny (PS53C) [1420] Not much
Dbillon (PS53H) [1421] I can't see it
Danny (PS53C) [1422] [...] look there.
[1423] See it?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1424] Very very [...] yes
Danny (PS53C) [1425] A little bit ... Apart from that there's nothing
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1426] D'you reckon there'll be any snow at
Dbillon (PS53H) [1427] I wouldn't have thought so,no not erm [...] here [...] at all
Danny (PS53C) [1428] [...] ... That is so odd
Dbillon (PS53H) [1429] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1430] That is so odd
Dbillon (PS53H) [1431] Hot?
Danny (PS53C) [1432] No, odd
Dbillon (PS53H) [1433] Odd
Danny (PS53C) [1434] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1435] Well I can't believe it cos mom was really worried out erm about us coming out here
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1436] [...] the er main roads are fine, it's the side roads we've gotta watch out for, for black ice [...] lethal
Danny (PS53C) [1437] How is it lethal?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1438] Well you don't know you're on it until you hit it and then you just lose your steering and your wheels just go all over the place ...
Danny (PS53C) [1439] How come Arabs are so rich?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1440] Not all Arabs are rich
Danny (PS53C) [1441] Yeah, but most
Dbillon (PS53H) [1442] No, only the ones you see, a lot of the ones you see over in this country
Danny (PS53C) [1443] How do they make their fortune?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1444] Through oil
Danny (PS53C) [1445] Through what?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1446] Oil
Danny (PS53C) [1447] Oil
Dbillon (PS53H) [1448] Got erm, they got all the supplies of oil underneath the sand in the desert
Danny (PS53C) [1449] Yeah ... What do we need oil for?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1450] Fuel
Danny (PS53C) [1451] How is it fuel?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1452] Pensioners [...] a lot of oil.
[1453] Erm [...] power stations [...] source of energy you see, one of the biggest sources of energy that we have at the present time [...] next twenty years
Danny (PS53C) [1454] So how long is it gonna last?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1455] Well the North Sea oil that we've got
Danny (PS53C) [1456] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1457] They predict will last about another twenty years, maybe thirty years
Danny (PS53C) [1458] That's not much
Dbillon (PS53H) [1459] No [...] they think that er by that time there'll be er alternative sources of energy, I E the sun, the elements, the wind, so we won't need as much oil.
[1460] That's the erm [...] perfect the battery [...] cars you see because they'll all be battery driven [...] very small units most of the cars will be [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1461] Yeah, but you know [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1462] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1463] You know the current cars that are run by battery?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1464] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1465] Yeah, well they're all erm like er they're really, the batteries that they use, they take up the whole of the boot
Dbillon (PS53H) [1466] That's right, that's what I'm saying.
[1467] They've got to condense them down into to micro size, you know like the micro chip
Danny (PS53C) [1468] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1469] Once they can do that [...]
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1470] battery energy
Danny (PS53C) [1471] Was that big at one time?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1472] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1473] Was a micro chip like really big at one time?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1474] Oh yeah, they just condensed it all down you see [...] technology [...] erm battery power then [...] erm
Danny (PS53C) [1475] On what?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1476] [...] you see, the alternative source of energy ...
Danny (PS53C) [1477] D'you reckon that there will be a one big nuclear war which will end the world?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1478] Beg your pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1479] They reckon that there will be one big nuclear war which will last really long and will finally end the world
Dbillon (PS53H) [1480] Well I hope you're wrong
Danny (PS53C) [1481] So do I ...
Danny (PS53C) [1482] Why are people criminals?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1483] Sorry?
Danny (PS53C) [1484] Why are people criminals?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1485] Why are they criminals?
Danny (PS53C) [1486] Yeah [sniff]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1487] this one?
Danny (PS53C) [1488] No no no no no
Dbillon (PS53H) [1489] Erm, well there are numerous theories put forward about it
Danny (PS53C) [1490] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1491] Some people turn to crime you see
Danny (PS53C) [1492] But why?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1493] Well they say they see people that erm have more possessions than theirselves and they see in their eyes an easier way of getting similar possessions.
[1494] The easy way is to steal it off somebody else ... but then again you see there's an old old saying
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1495] When you can't do the time, don't do the crime [...] turn to criminology you must be prepared to accept the punishment when they get caught [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1496] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1497] Dad,wh where're you going?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1498] Sorry.
[1499] Down here, is that alright?
Danny (PS53C) [1500] Yeah ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [1501] This is the right one, isn't it?
Danny (PS53C) [1502] Er, yeah, I suppose
Dbillon (PS53H) [1503] Mhm?
Danny (PS53C) [1504] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1505] Yeah ...
Danny (PS53C) [1506] There's no there's no snow here
Dbillon (PS53H) [1507] Mhm?
Danny (PS53C) [1508] There's no snow here
Dbillon (PS53H) [1509] No, none at , amazing, truly amazing ...
Danny (PS53C) [1510] They said there was gonna be so much snow in It's crazy
Dbillon (PS53H) [1511] I think it's cold out
Danny (PS53C) [1512] Yeah well it is cold but there's no snow
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1513] There is little flecks flecks of it
Dbillon (PS53H) [1514] Nothing like we've had in town though, is there?
Danny (PS53C) [1515] No
Dbillon (PS53H) [1516] This is where you have to be aware of black ice you see ...
Danny (PS53C) [1517] You can go up to full beam, can't you?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1518] Well it's not fair on the car in front
Danny (PS53C) [1519] Why?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1520] Well it reflects in his rear mirror
Danny (PS53C) [1521] [...] can't see [...] ... Why are we all of a sudden making that noise?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1522] Sorry?
Danny (PS53C) [1523] Why is the car all of a sudden making that noise?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1524] I think the erm water pump is on it's way out, that's normally what it means, the radiator ... the carbons are wearing on it ...
Danny (PS53C) [1525] There must've been a little bit of snow
Dbillon (PS53H) [1526] Not too much is there?
Danny (PS53C) [1527] No
Dbillon (PS53H) [1528] That's where I was talking about going, in there
Danny (PS53C) [1529] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1530] Yeah
Danny (PS53C) [1531] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1532] Anyway, we'll see what erm we'll see what sort of timing there is, okay?
Danny (PS53C) [1533] Yeah ... I bet there'll probably be snow tonight
Dbillon (PS53H) [1534] D'you think so?
Danny (PS53C) [1535] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1536] Well they've forecast there's plenty more up there
Danny (PS53C) [1537] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1538] So we'll see ... whose houses are these?
Danny (PS53C) [1539] The masters
Dbillon (PS53H) [1540] Sorry?
Danny (PS53C) [1541] The masters
Dbillon (PS53H) [1542] Oh are they, oh right, what all of this lot?
Danny (PS53C) [1543] Yeah, but different masters, not the headmaster
Dbillon (PS53H) [1544] No, where does he live, the headmaster?
Danny (PS53C) [1545] Er [...] one.
[1546] It's really massive though where he is
Dbillon (PS53H) [1547] Is it?
Danny (PS53C) [1548] Yeah ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [1549] Like a mini town, isn't it?
Danny (PS53C) [1550] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1551] With everything that's here, superbly [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1552] Uh?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1553] Superbly organised
Danny (PS53C) [1554] Yeah I suppose.
[1555] Oh there has been snow
Dbillon (PS53H) [1556] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1557] There has been snow here, but not much.
[1558] I just saw a little bit of it over there
Dbillon (PS53H) [1559] What?
Danny (PS53C) [1560] I just saw a little bit of snow
Dbillon (PS53H) [1561] Did you?
[1562] Not much though, did you?
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1563] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1564] [sneeze] excuse me ...
Danny (PS53C) [1565] [...] ... yeah thanks ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1566] Is that upside down?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1567] Don't think so
Danny (PS53C) [1568] Yeah it is
Dbillon (PS53H) [1569] Is it?
Danny (PS53C) [1570] Can you take the rest
Dbillon (PS53H) [1571] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1572] Oh yeah, I just gotta get one

10 (Tape 141203)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1573] Yeah I know
Daniel (PS53J) [1574] Can I give you two tomorrow then when I've got it changed
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1575] Shut up you fat bastard
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [whistling]
Danny (PS53C) [1576] I've got ten P if you want to buy ten
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1577] Can I give you this tomorrow then when when you've got change?
Danny (PS53C) [1578] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1579] Shut up, I give y can I give you this tomorrow when I've got change, please cos I need the sixty P
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1580] If I give you nineteen P would you give me a [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1581] I need sixty P for tonight
Danny (PS53C) [1582] Forget it, if I give you nineteen P would you
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1583] [...] I'm recording all this.
[1584] Shit, didn't realise it
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]

11 (Tape 141205)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1585] It's quite cold
Dbillon (PS53H) [1586] Eh?
Danny (PS53C) [1587] It's quite cold
Dbillon (PS53H) [1588] More than quite ...
Danny (PS53C) [1589] Damn, wish that car wouldn't have started
Dbillon (PS53H) [1590] You don't wanna stay here surely?
Danny (PS53C) [1591] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1592] Why?
Danny (PS53C) [1593] [...] it's gonna snow again tonight
Dbillon (PS53H) [1594] Best place where you're going
Danny (PS53C) [1595] Yeah but I wanna stay with you Beth and mom
Dbillon (PS53H) [1596] Don't be silly [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1597] I wish we could just phone up [...] and say that the car's been snatched
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1598] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1599] I didn't last long
Dbillon (PS53H) [1600] [...] he's up again anyway, isn't he?
Danny (PS53C) [1601] Yeah ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [1602] [...] ... oh boy, that is a bit fresh out there, isn't it?
[1603] Is it not?
Danny (PS53C) [1604] Yeah ...
Danny (PS53C) [1605] D'you reckon mom will agree to come with us on the skiing?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1606] I would think so, I hope so but I would think so as well
Danny (PS53C) [1607] Dad, d'you know [...] with that catapult?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1608] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1609] What are they used for?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1610] Erm, hunting
Danny (PS53C) [1611] Hunting what?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1612] Erm, vermin
Danny (PS53C) [1613] Do they kill them?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1614] [...] anything can kill can't it?
Danny (PS53C) [1615] Have you ever seen a Black Widow?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1616] No
Danny (PS53C) [1617] Have you heard of one?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1618] I've heard of them but erm I haven't really seen one, no
Danny (PS53C) [1619] Have you heard of [...] ?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1620] No, they're all makes of catapult, are they?
Danny (PS53C) [1621] Yeah.
[1622] They d they should do them in like fishing shops
Dbillon (PS53H) [1623] Yeah.
[1624] I'm sure that, what's that shop called back there?
Danny (PS53C) [1625] Ashpoles
Dbillon (PS53H) [1626] Ashpoles.
[1627] I'm sure they [...] hunting and game stuff and [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1628] Yeah.
[1629] I'd love to have a professional [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1630] I don't see no reason why not, later on [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1631] You know next weekend?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1632] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1633] Can you pick me up?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1634] What [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1635] Well I want to have another one [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1636] Cos the following weekend will be a carol service
Dbillon (PS53H) [1637] Oh right, so you won't be allowed for that
Danny (PS53C) [1638] Well I am but I
Dbillon (PS53H) [1639] But we'll be there and so
Danny (PS53C) [1640] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1641] What time's the carol service, do you know?
Danny (PS53C) [1642] Erm, I'll look on this fixtures list
Dbillon (PS53H) [1643] Sorry?
Danny (PS53C) [1644] I'll look on the list ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [1645] Cos there is not erm, what I can do and arrange with Loretta and that is that er we could probably, mom and I could get out there early to you, and Beth I suppose as well, and erm perhaps go for lunch or something
Danny (PS53C) [1646] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1647] Yeah?
Danny (PS53C) [1648] Yeah?
[1649] In that sort of big steakhouse you know that's erm [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1650] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1651] Perhaps we could work it from there, yeah?
[1652] Have a look at the times anyway yeah?
Danny (PS53C) [1653] Aha
Dbillon (PS53H) [1654] You're home next weekend anyway
Danny (PS53C) [1655] What?
[1656] What was that?
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1657] Yeah, I'm home next weekend
Dbillon (PS53H) [1658] Right, well we'll get it all sorted for then and we'll try and arrange a programme whereby we tie it up with Loretta or whoever that erm mom and I and Beth coming up to you and perhaps we can go out for lunch, yeah?
Danny (PS53C) [1659] Aha
Dbillon (PS53H) [1660] Would that be nice?
Danny (PS53C) [1661] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1662] Make a nice change, won't it?
Danny (PS53C) [1663] Do you reckon it will be a white Christmas?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1664] Well
Danny (PS53C) [1665] Do you reckon this snow will hold out until Christmas?
Danny (PS53C) [1666] No no no it won't hold out until Christmas.
[1667] Normally you get two or three weeks of a bad cold spell
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1668] Come a bit early actually, this
Danny (PS53C) [1669] Yeah, I was gonna say
Dbillon (PS53H) [1670] But see we're going back to the old seasons now.
[1671] I can re I can recall when you used to have a couple of weeks of er bad weather before Christmas, snow and that, and sometimes even Christmas s er snow on Christmas day
Danny (PS53C) [1672] I remember distinctly one time there was snow on Christmas day [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1673] I don't think you've seen it
Danny (PS53C) [1674] I have, I was [...]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1675] When ?
Danny (PS53C) [1676] Well on that Christmas day you rolled up a big snowman
Dbillon (PS53H) [1677] Oh yeah, I remember that yeah
Danny (PS53C) [1678] Y we put it in the garden and I got really cold hands and then was just about to put them into hot water when you said don't cos you'll get chilblains
Dbillon (PS53H) [1679] That's right.
[1680] Put them in cold water
Danny (PS53C) [1681] Yeah, and gradually heat it up
Dbillon (PS53H) [1682] That's right ...
Danny (PS53C) [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1683] How can that erm you know if man doesn't destroy the world, well what's happening is that every year the earth moves towards the sun one centimetre.
[1684] Did you hear that?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1685] I did not, no
Danny (PS53C) [1686] Well every year erm we're like at the moment a couple of light years away from it
Dbillon (PS53H) [1687] It's not gonna bother us in our lifetime, is it?
Danny (PS53C) [1688] No but
Dbillon (PS53H) [1689] Not myself, or yourself or even your children or [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1690] that's what will eventually destroy the world if mankind doesn't
Dbillon (PS53H) [1691] Well, everything comes to a finish, doesn't it?
[1692] There's a start and a finish for everything
Danny (PS53C) [1693] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1694] There's no point in getting paranoid about it ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [1695] Have you ever been skiing?
[1696] We I remember once, my first skiing trip, there was a really heavy blizzard one night and it was s the snow got so deep that we couldn't open any doors, we were snowed in, yeah?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1697] Yeah
Danny (PS53C) [1698] So what we did, we carried on, we had had our lesson because we erm [...] got out on to the roof and just literally jumped
Dbillon (PS53H) [1699] Really?
Danny (PS53C) [1700] It was that deep.
[1701] It was so good.
[1702] And wh what we did luckily the night
Dbillon (PS53H) [1703] I remember one time that we went to went skiing to [...] with Lesley in Italy
Danny (PS53C) [1704] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1705] and er [...] anyway all it was was like drizzle, rain and I thought oh God, no snow.
[1706] We got in this coach
Danny (PS53C) [1707] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1708] And [clears throat] proceeded to ascend up the hills and that and still it was only drizzling.
[1709] He stopped and put his chains on the wheels, got off the motorway, started to put chains on the wheels.
[1710] I thought what the bloody hell's he doing this for?
[1711] There's no er y'know no snow about and then about another twenty minutes of climbing this winding hill
Danny (PS53C) [1712] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1713] All of a sudden there's the snow and the ice and when we pulled into the village they got this fl flat roof some of the buildings and the snow must have been about ten twelve feet deep on top of the roofs where they cut a path through through to get to the village.
[1714] I couldn't believe it.
[1715] I've never seen so much snow in my life.
[1716] Oh dear, that was a superb holiday that was.
[1717] I really enjoyed that
Danny (PS53C) [1718] How many times have you been skiing?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1719] Pardon?
Danny (PS53C) [1720] How many times have you been skiing?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1721] How many times have I been?
[1722] Erm, I first went when I was about twenty five and I used to go every year from then on
Danny (PS53C) [1723] Yeah, until, until when?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1724] Oh, right up until I was about thirty five, thirty eight, forty
Danny (PS53C) [1725] It's a long time
Dbillon (PS53H) [1726] Last time I went was a last time I went was about fifteen years ago, so I was thirty nine
Danny (PS53C) [1727] Was that good? the last time you went?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1728] Yeah, it was alright but I'd I'd more or less just met your mom then you see and I'd already arranged to go skiing.
[1729] Went with Rupert.
Danny (PS53C) [1730] Oh yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1731] You know, from [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1732] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1733] Went with Rupert and er another guy called Colin and er it was alright
Danny (PS53C) [1734] I remember once erm when basically all erm there was a gang of us had a sort of wine that was warm.
[1735] Have you ever had it, like hot wine?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1736] Yeah, gluhwein they call that
Danny (PS53C) [1737] It tastes quite nice
Dbillon (PS53H) [1738] Yeah, it's mulled wine,ho hot wine
Danny (PS53C) [1739] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1740] Yeah
Danny (PS53C) [1741] And erm we'd got like [...] jug each and there's about nine of us and we all took it up to one of the rooms and we drunk the lot of it and we were all like getting a bit a bit
Dbillon (PS53H) [1742] Squiffy
Danny (PS53C) [1743] Squiffy everywhere and erm that night the evening activity was tobogganing and we'd just finished all this wine.
[1744] We go up the hill on the toboggans and you're meant to use your brakes and one of us did, and we just went flying off into the raging snow.
[1745] You know when there's like that like a border of virgin snow to stop you, well we went flying into it.
[1746] Have you ever done it on a toboggan?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1747] Yes [...] erm er Rupert's brother, Ronnie
Danny (PS53C) [1748] It's crazy, isn't it?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1749] They used to used to go up this, as you say it was part of the erm holiday, used to go up this mountain, driven up this mountain then they'd toboggan down.
[1750] What they used to do is get the er instructors used to come up and used to take the women down on a six and eight seated sleds, sleigh, toboggans
Danny (PS53C) [1751] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1752] Or, they had some two seaters.
[1753] Myself and Ronnie, this chap erm Peter's or Rupert's brother
Danny (PS53C) [1754] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [1755] We went down by ourselves.
[1756] Well, how we got down alive I'll never know
Danny (PS53C) [1757] Were you going fast?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1758] We came off the track so many times in deep snow.
[1759] I lost him twice, buried up to his head [laugh] help me help me [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1760] were you going really fast?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1761] Yeah, and we was on gluhwein that night
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Dbillon (PS53H) [1762] Oh dear, we ended up with bruises and sore ankles and God knows what.
[1763] It was absolutely [...] enjoyed it ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [1764] Had some good times skiing
Danny (PS53C) [1765] Yeah.
[1766] [...] is that erm, have you ever been to it where there's like a ledge up here you know where you can ski round slowly down the mountain and then there's a part here and then there's a run going down there like that sort of thing.
[1767] Well what we did we stopped at this track and we turned round and we went to [...] there was like a twenty foot straight yeah, and there's like [...] and everybody's sort of like going, no, not that.
[1768] Cos it's like basically like that and we all went down.
[1769] It was crazy
Dbillon (PS53H) [1770] [...] it's all very good fun, isn't it? ...
Danny (PS53C) [1771] D'you reckon the snow will get any deeper?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1772] Sorry?
Danny (PS53C) [1773] D'you reckon the snow will get any deeper?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1774] Well I personally think it's too cold to snow tonight
Danny (PS53C) [1775] Too cold?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1776] Yeah, the way the ice formed on this car when I was trying to get the snow off off the windscreen and the ice and everything that was er, no I personally think it's too cold.
[1777] It's bitter out.
[1778] I mean this sort of er, we're inside the care here with the blower on gives you a false impression
Danny (PS53C) [1779] Yeah.
[1780] Dad you know [...] they don't do like your instructors thing for driving
Dbillon (PS53H) [1781] Don't they?
Danny (PS53C) [1782] No, but if you get in [...] then you're allowed to like have it round
Dbillon (PS53H) [1783] Oh right.
[1784] That's private ground isn't it?
[1785] You don't need a licence you see on private ground to drive a car, you don't have to be a certain age either.
Danny (PS53C) [1786] No
Dbillon (PS53H) [1787] You can be as erm you can drive a vehicle at any age on private land ...
Danny (PS53C) [1788] D'you know ?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1789] Yes
Danny (PS53C) [1790] First time he ever rode a motor bike, like a two wheel, was when he was six years old.
[1791] He's really good at it, at moto- cross.
[1792] And for his birthday he got a Suzuki two fifty
Dbillon (PS53H) [1793] Did he?
Danny (PS53C) [1794] Yeah ... must be really good ... the thing that I really want to do in the Christmas holiday is go-carting
Dbillon (PS53H) [1795] In the Christmas holiday?
Danny (PS53C) [1796] Yeah
Dbillon (PS53H) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1797] Are we near Silverstone or Brands Hatch?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1798] Erm, we're not too far removed from er Brands Hatch, about an hour's run, three quarters of an hour to an hour's run from where we are through the tunnel
Danny (PS53C) [1799] Are we near Silverstone or Brands Hatch?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1800] Erm, we're not too far removed from er Brands Hatch, about an hour's run, three quarters of an hour to an hour's run from we are through the tunnel
Danny (PS53C) [1801] There's hardly, there hasn't been any snow around here
Daniel (PS53J) [1802] No, doesn't look like it, does it?
Danny (PS53C) [1803] So d' you reckon won't have any?
Dbillon (PS53H) [1804] I honestly don't know ... Seems like it's misty here, doesn't it? [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1805] No
Dbillon (PS53H) [1806] How amazing
Danny (PS53C) [1807] This looks like [...] Lane ...
Dbillon (PS53H) [1808] Nothing at all here, is there?
Danny (PS53C) [1809] No
Dbillon (PS53H) [...] ...

12 (Tape 141301)

Danny (PS53C) [1810] Yeah really.
Danny (PS53C) [1811] They do that's why I get bored.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1812] [...] just given me ten out of ten out of ten for clarity. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1813] Some of them are quite funny.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1814] You said they were [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1815] Well you were [...] Sunday.
Danny (PS53C) [1816] Is he?
Danny (PS53C) [1817] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [1818] I didn't write any of that one.
[1819] Me?
Danny (PS53C) [1820] Oh it's one [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1821] I didn't. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1822] Where's Liam?
[1823] Here he is.
Danny (PS53C) [1824] Liam you n illiterate knob.
Danny (PS53C) [1825] You wrote that.
Danny (PS53C) [1826] Who me?
Danny (PS53C) [1827] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [1828] I didn't write any of the you prick.
Danny (PS53C) [1829] [...] I am a dick.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1830] I am a prat.
[1831] ... Wow okay. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1832] Pull her back on your head.
Danny (PS53C) [1833] I am the tip .
Danny (PS53C) [1834] Look I've found my dick.
Danny (PS53C) [1835] Now he goes I've found my dick put it back in your head. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1836] You mean you bought out [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1837] I take it that nobody likes Liam.
Danny (PS53C) [1838] He goes you [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1839] Get off my [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1840] I notice he's got [...] .
[1841] Please leave.
[1842] [...] loves that.
[1843] He just thinks she he just fantasize about them.
Danny (PS53C) [1844] Someone put her poo in my locker.

13 (Tape 141302)

Danny (PS53C) [1845] Oi Fadge.
[1846] Fadge.
[1847] Fadge.
[1848] Fadge.
[1849] Oi Fadge.
[1850] Fadge there's a flab going round.
[1851] Oi Fadge Fadge Fadge Fadge ... Oi Fadge [...] I'm sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1852] Make make it nice.
Danny (PS53C) [1853] Wait I've got the microphone.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1854] Did I tell you or did I not tell you
Danny (PS53C) [1855] I take it back I take it back.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1856] that you wouldn't make it.
[1857] There's no point [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1858] Oh I take it back Reg.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1859] You can never run away.
Danny (PS53C) [1860] Alright I'm sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1861] Are you?
Danny (PS53C) [1862] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1863] Next time you say it you really are gonna wake up in hospital okay?
Danny (PS53C) [1864] [laughing] Alright alright. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1865] What did you call him?
Danny (PS53C) [1866] [laughing] Fadge. []
[1867] ... Is this thing still working?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1868] Fudge bum. [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [1869] Fadge. ... [...] ran for.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1870] I most probably won't be coming to [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [1871] You haven't got flu.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1872] How d'ya know?
Danny (PS53C) [1873] I more fast.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1874] No you didn't.
Danny (PS53C) [1875] Well I didn't cos I was weight weighed down.
[1876] And I was too bothered about the microphone.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1877] Those two and I've got your keys.
Danny (PS53C) [1878] Where?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1879] In my hand.
Danny (PS53C) [1880] They're 's aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1881] No them 's.
Danny (PS53C) [1882] That was funny.
[1883] I shouted out, Oi Fadge.
[1884] I said about a million times.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1885] Fadgey Fadgey.
Danny (PS53C) [1886] And I was [...] and he goes, There's no escaping my [...] .
[1887] I go [...] .
[1888] [laugh] ... [...] are you playing today?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1889] Yeah. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1890] Well what the [...] hell are you doing?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1891] When are you playing [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1892] What you playing after school?
Danny (PS53C) [1893] I'm knackered.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1894] You recording?
Danny (PS53C) [1895] Up your mum ignore it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1896] [laughing] I don't think he is actually. []
Danny (PS53C) [1897] It's a mister you're just a snowman.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1898] I'm not a snowman. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1899] Geezer.
Danny (PS53C) [1900] She looks like a geezer. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1901] He's such a skiver isn't he?
Danny (PS53C) [1902] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1903] Yeah you are aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1904] Oh to have your keys. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1905] Mark just give them.
Danny (PS53C) [1906] I haven't got them.
[1907] ... Oh man did you see Reg peg it after me?
[1908] I shouted out, Oi Fadge.
[1909] [laugh] Fat [...] .
[1910] ... [...] sawdust.
Danny (PS53C) [1911] Ee god I wonder how many times that's been said. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1912] Hi .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1913] Hi Danny.
Danny (PS53C) [1914] Hi .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1915] Where am I going down these
Danny (PS53C) [1916] You alright ?

14 (Tape 141303)

None (KPAPS000) [1917] And it take twenty four hours to go round once.
[1918] If you're on the equator of the earth, that means get twelve hours day time twelve hours night time.
[1919] But because the earth is tilted a bit some parts of the globe get longer days in the summer and longer nights in winter.
[1920] In fact at the moment we're just about getting to the longest er night the what's called the equ er sorry the solstice that occurs on about December the twenty second.
[1921] That's the shortest day.
[1922] So November the twenty fourth we've got about one more month of the days getting shorter erm before the days start getting longer again.
[1923] And
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [1924] Well at this time of the year the the the night is relatively long and the day is relatively short.
[1925] It doesn't get light until about six o'clock in the morning and it gets dark
Danny (PS53C) [1926] It's pretty cool.
None (KPAPS000) [1927] by half past four.
[1928] By this time next month we're just about at the solstice we're find that it's not getting light until about seven o'clock in the morning and it's getting dark again by about half past three.
[1929] The days become very short indeed.
[1930] The nights become very long.
[1931] The opposite thing of course happens in the summer.
[1932] What we loose out in the winter we gain extra in the summer in the summer time.
[1933] Instead of just getting twelve hours light twelve hours dark we get you know it might not get dark until eleven o'clock at night and it gets light at about four o'clock in the morning.
[1934] So you get extra daylight then.
[1935] Okay.
[1936] We also mentioned the fact that we don't go round the sun in exactly three hundred and sixty five days.
[1937] It actually takes three hundred and sixty five and a quarter days to go round the sun.
[1938] So that means every four year there's an extra day which we need to take account of.
[1939] So every fourth year we have an extra day in February which we call leap year.
[1940] Okay.
[1941] What we need to consider today to start with is in fact what the moon ... The moon is a natural satellite ... of the earth.
[1942] ... We've only got one moon but that's erm by no means the limit.
[1943] Some planets like Jupiter has got half a dozen moons.
[1944] ... As the earth goes round the sun so the moon ... goes round
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [1945] the earth.
[1946] Yes.
[1947] Okay?
[1948] So if this is the sun here ... the earth here ... the moon goes round the earth whilst the earth is going round the sun.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1949] Does the moon go round the sun with the earth?
None (KPAPS000) [1950] The moon goes yes of course it does else it would leave it behind.
[1951] We'd only see it once a year if it stayed where it was.
[1952] So as the it's really quite a complicated system.
[1953] As the earth is going round and round the sun, we take the the overhead projector here as being the sun, the earth is erm ... actually no that's not gonna work.
[1954] ... Okay two volunteers.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1955] Me. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1956] I was gonna go up [...] today but I couldn't be fagged.
None (KPAPS000) [1957] Okay let's let's er try and illustrate once again.
Danny (PS53C) [1958] I'm going up tomorrow.
None (KPAPS000) [1959] You are the earth.
[1960] I want you to go round the sun .
Danny (PS53C) [1961] [...] pretty good but not that good.
None (KPAPS000) [1962] Okay?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1963] I was better.
None (KPAPS000) [1964] Now you should take a year to go round there.
[1965] Obviously
Danny (PS53C) [1966] He's trying [...] .
None (KPAPS000) [1967] Let's see you'd be [...] to to correct time scale.
[1968] Anyway keep on going.
[1969] Right now as you are going round the sun so the moon is going round you.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1970] Going fast going really really fast. [...]
None (KPAPS000) [1971] Now
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1972] sixty five times and every time it goes round once.
None (KPAPS000) [1973] how many times does the moon go round the earth whilst the earth is going round the sun?
[1974] Twelve times.
[1975] Nearly twelve. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [1976] [laugh] Look.
None (KPAPS000) [1977] Okay so you get the idea.
[1978] [...] if you spread out [...] the sun [...] .
[1979] Okay?
[1980] There are thirteen months in a year. ...
Danny (PS53C) [1981] There's twelve.
None (KPAPS000) [1982] Right okay [...] thank you.
[1983] From then the moon goes round the earth in twenty eight days
Danny (PS53C) [1984] Sir there's twelve
None (KPAPS000) [1985] twenty eight days.
[1986] Now most of our months are thirty days or thirty one days and there are twelve of them.
[1987] In fact if you add it up the moon can go round the earth thirteen times in a year.
[1988] Twen divide three hundred and sixty five by twenty eight.
[1989] Somebody got a calculator?
[1990] ... Divide three hundred and sixty five which is about the time that the earth [...] the sun by ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1991] [...] Three hundred and sixty
None (KPAPS000) [1992] So there are thirteen lunar months in one year.
[1993] ... The moon doesn't [...] the earth goes round the sun so the moon goes round the earth.
[1994] ... It takes twenty eight days for the moon to orbit is the correct term for going round something, to orbit the earth.
[1995] ... This is called a lunar month.
[1996] There are thirteen lunar months in one year. [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1997] Sir but I thought there were erm [...] per month.
None (KPAPS000) [1998] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [1999] I thought there were [...] per month.
None (KPAPS000) [2000] There are thirty days or thirty one days per calendar month but a lunar month is always the same.
[2001] It's always twenty eight days.
[2002] ... Because our our months have come down to us from all sorts of historical reasons.
[2003] Erm yeah well actually it would actually be much more sensible to divide the year into into thirteen months each of twenty eight days because twenty eight days you will realize is two fortnights so you can divide the year very nicely into thirteen equal periods.
[2004] Okay?
[2005] And now all of them have months which are always the same length of four weeks exactly four weeks so you'd always know the first of the month would be a Sunday or whatever day you choose to start on and the seventh would always be a Sunday and the fourteenth would be a Sunday and so on.
[2006] It would actually put
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2007] Er you would actually at the end of the year.
[2008] What what is thirteen times twenty eight?
[2009] Can you do that? ...
Danny (PS53C) [2010] Twenty eight.
None (KPAPS000) [2011] Three hundred and sixty four.
[2012] You'd have one day left over okay.
[2013] So you'd you'd that could be Christmas day or new year's day which wouldn't be part of any month.
[2014] Okay so you could you could organize the year into different periods.
[2015] Okay anyway it takes twenty eight days for the moon to orbit the earth. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2016] Yes. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2017] My sister was born of new year's day.
None (KPAPS000) [2018] Okay.
[2019] ... The orbiting of the moon round the earth causes two effects.
Danny (PS53C) [2020] Tidal.
None (KPAPS000) [2021] Which is [...] aware of.
[2022] ... The first one are tides.
[2023] ... Now the moon is relatively a big object.
[2024] It's not as big as the planet but it's a pretty large one to [...] .
[2025] And because of that it has got gravitation and fields which isn't as big as the earth, it's only about one sixth as big as the earth.
[2026] But it's still quite a sizeable gravitation pull.
[2027] And this has an effect on things which are within the reach of that gravitational pull.
[2028] And the planet earth is within the reach of gravitational pull and things on the earth are attracted by the moon.
[2029] Not very much because the moon is quite a long way away but there is [...] amount of attraction.
[2030] Now what this does it actually pulls the water of the seas towards the moon.
[2031] So the bit of the sea that is near to the moon has more water in it than the bits of the sea which are further away from the moon.
[2032] And that causes what we call the tide.
[2033] ... The gravitational pull of the moon pulls the seas towards ... giving rise to the tides.
[2034] As this works well ... [...] different craters on a [...] all this spacecraft here.
[2035] Here is the moon.
[2036] ... Now if we can sort of simplify the whole thing forget about the continents and that sort of thing what happens is that the sea water is attracted, obviously not this much, but the sea water is attracted towards ... The sea is attracted by the moon and you end up if you like with this bulge in the sea ... Now what is not so easy to understand ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2037] [...] sir wouldn't it be [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2038] Sea water attracted ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2039] Sir [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2040] What is actually happening is that you also get a high tide on the other side of the globe as well like that.
[2041] The sea water comes out in the bulge towards the moon and it also comes out in the bulge on the other side of the of the earth towards an anti [...] ... Now the easiest way of explaining this.
[2042] I mean it's not very [...] at all.
[2043] But the easiest to explain it is the fact there is that [...] less gravity on this side holding the sea water in.
[2044] ... Well because ... erm ... the moon here has a gravitational effect on the sea water as we can see on this side.
[2045] The moon is that much further away from the sea on this side so that'd have that much less of an effect holding the sea water down on to the earth and therefore the sea water comes ... Now obviously the water from the high tide has got to come from somewhere so they'll be some parts of the globe [...] low tide.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2046] Why does why [...] gravitational pull [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2047] No there's less gravity.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2048] So a low tide [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2049] Yes. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2050] So why does it all bulge up on the side [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2051] The moon has an affect holding the sea water on to the earth when it's on the far side of the earth.
[2052] ... If you can imagine that [...] .
[2053] What makes it confusing is the moon is spinning round all the time.
[2054] Let's say say for argument that this is the moon this sphere.
[2055] Now that's [...] instead of spinning round the moon is stationary in the sky, just for the sake of this [...] Now, the moon on this side obviously will be attracting the water on the surface of the earth [...] so you get a bulge in the sea here.
[2056] More water will be attracted and therefore you get a high tide in this region.
[2057] If you pour water into this region you get a low tide [...] where the water's come from.
[2058] Now, you get a high tide here because the gravitational pull of the moon here is very very small.
[2059] Okay?
[2060] So it's sort of can float up because of pull pulling it down.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2061] Pulling it down to the earth [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2062] Right okay can we get to forget the moon.
[2063] There there is no moon there is no moon.
[2064] The moon doesn't exist.
[2065] Okay?
[2066] The water is equally spread over the surface of the earth there are no tides okay.
[2067] The moon magically appears from somewhere.
[2068] Now, if we consider the moon and the earth as a big system gravitational system there is now more gravity in the system than there was because the moon is supplying the [...] of gravity of it's own.
[2069] Now, if the moon was just part of the earth the moon's gravity would be adding to the earth and then there would be generally more gravity all round.
[2070] But the moon's gravity isn't part of the earth, the moon's gravity is with [...] over here.
[2071] Okay?
[2072] So that means this the effect of having this extra gravity means that the extra gravity isn't equally dispersed in the whole system the extra gravity is located in one particular spot where the moon is.
[2073] Now this means that this part of the globe the bit nearest to the moon will have more than it's fair share of gravity because it's got the gravity of the earth and it's got the gravity of the moon pulling all the sea which will cause the erm sea to bulge up in this region.
[2074] This part of the earth which is a long way away from the moon it's as far away from the moon as you can get the opposite side of the earth, has got less than it's fair share of gravity from the system because it's so far away from the moon.
[2075] So therefore there's less gravity holding it down therefore it would bulge out a bit.
[2076] As that's the best I can do I'm afraid.
[2077] Now it's not that simple because the moo the earth is spinning round the sun in space so this has gotta be moving round this way.
[2078] Meantime the earth is spinning as it goes round the sun.
[2079] Meantime the moon is going round the earth and in the relative movements of the sun and the moon and the earth means that the moon doesn't just go round.
[2080] It would be quite simple if the moon was level with the equator and went round the equator like that.
[2081] In fact it doesn't go it does not cover a [...] part of the earth.
[2082] The combination of the path of that the moon travels and the rotation of the earth means that the moon at one time or another covers the whole goes round goes above all different circ all different places on the earth.
[2083] Now the gravitation towards moon.
[2084] All seas towards the moon are giving rise to tides.
[2085] And you get a high tide in the seas nearest the moon and also oddly enough ... in the seas the furthest away.
[2086] ... Basically at this level as long as you understand the moon attracts the sea water and therefore you get high tide ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2087] oddly enough in the seas furthest away from the moon.
[2088] ... So why d'ya get two high tides a day.
[2089] Well because one high tide is gonna be the
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2090] When it's near you.
None (KPAPS000) [2091] When it's near you.
[2092] And the other tide will be the anti [...] high tide when it's on the other side of the earth.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2093] Does that mean that when you [...] the moon [...] then the high tide will [...] ?
None (KPAPS000) [2094] Erm yes.
[2095] There's a certain amount of history [...] because the moon is if if the earth is spinning round [...] the moon is going round [...] the water that the moon is attracting will be rushing to catch up a little bit.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2096] Could be that there would be a delay.
None (KPAPS000) [2097] So there would be a delay yes.
[2098] And when you can see the moon the water that's rushing along trying to catch up with it might not actually have been there yet.
[2099] So you [...] not quite that simple.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2100] Sir?
None (KPAPS000) [2101] What.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2102] You know [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2103] You can't see all of the moon [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2104] The moon is the bottom bit.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2105] Yeah but you can't [...] cos the ... the sun here the sun will be about here on that picture and [...] all you're doing this this shadow on the on the bottom half of the the earth is caused by the moon getting in the way.
[2106] I'm not saying that's particularly realistic that's not a picture that's er that's a painting anyway.
[2107] I'm just I'm just going to I'm just going to talk about the second thing anyway.
[2108] Phases are the moon.
[2109] ... As the moon hits the earth ... it's appearance changes ... depending on the relative positions of the earth moon and sun.
[2110] N B N B when you see the moon you are looking at light from the sun reflected from the moon circles. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2111] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2112] No no.
[2113] Er not particularly.
[2114] In the sunshine it would be quite warm yes.
[2115] Because there wouldn't be very much [...] atmosphere to
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2116] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2117] Er yes in in on part if you were part of the moon that's facing the sun it would get very hot.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2118] Oh it's bright when there's light shining through.
[2119] But it's brighter than ordinary earth air that's light because there's nothing to erm nothing to get in the way of the erm [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2120] Well there's nothing there to see.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2121] You can only you can only s you can only see light A if you A if there's something if if you've got an organ to see it with and B if it's shining on something.
[2122] If you shine ... if you shine a torch into a dark cellar you can't see anything okay?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2123] Yes you can.
None (KPAPS000) [2124] Well yeah but what you can see is the cellar because the torch beams have hit the cellar and it's and it's [...] back into your eye.
[2125] When you shine a torch at something you what you are seeing is light being reflected back on to things into your eyes.
[2126] You're not actually seeing any of the light that's coming dir directly out of the torch.
[2127] The light that's coming out of the if if you're shining a torch like this ... okay? the light you're shining is going away from you okay?
[2128] You can't see anything there.
[2129] If you were shining it into pure nothing you wouldn't see anything.
[2130] Because the light would just be going off into nothing and not coming back.
[2131] If you've got some dust floating round in the nothing you would see specks of dust.
[2132] If the person walks through nothing you would suddenly see the person as he walked in the light.
[2133] Okay right.
[2134] Let's consider several situations.
[2135] Here is the sun ... here is the moon and here are you an observer.
[2136] [...] I'm going to it [...] going to do it that way but you can see it [...] the earth is round.
[2137] Right okay.
[2138] Here is here are you on the earth the moon is up in space and the sun is over there.
[2139] Right.
[2140] The sun's rays are shining off into space like that.
[2141] When they hit the moon ... part of the moon they hit is bright and the part of the moon that er they don't hit
Danny (PS53C) [2142] Is not bright.
None (KPAPS000) [2143] is dark.
[2144] Now you will see from your point of view the moon will be will be about half it will be it will be more more than that I would think.
[2145] ... So you will see ... part of the moon ... Right.
[2146] When you look at the moon half of it will be in light half of it will be in dark you will see a moon which looks like half a moon.
[2147] What if the what if the moon is over here though?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2148] It will be less light and more dark.
None (KPAPS000) [2149] No.
[2150] The light will hit the moon and half the moon will be in darkness and half the moon will be in light yes?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2151] Well because when you shine a light on to a board only half of it is gonna be facing only half of it is gonna be facing.
[2152] So there will always be a dark half and a light half.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2153] The dark half [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2154] No that's that that will actually be a full moon practically.
[2155] Because you will you standing on the earth looking this way will see
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2156] You won't see the dark bit.
None (KPAPS000) [2157] you won't see the dark bit.
[2158] The dark bit when the moon is like that is furthest away from you.
[2159] You will see ... I know this is I know this is the earth and not the moon but you get the idea okay?
[2160] You ought to be see
Danny (PS53C) [2161] No not really.
None (KPAPS000) [2162] a big round
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2163] And a dark bit.
None (KPAPS000) [2164] a big round thing yes.
[2165] Okay?
[2166] Because the light is shining directly on to it.
Danny (PS53C) [2167] Look the lights are shining.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2168] No.
[2169] So what I would [...] give you ... give you the appearance
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2170] D'ya have to draw this?
None (KPAPS000) [2171] Yes please.
[2172] Be a full moon.
[2173] ... Now.
[2174] Can you imagine that you've got the sun here shining a light at the earth there.
[2175] The region behind the earth will be in shadow yes?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2176] Yeah night time.
None (KPAPS000) [2177] That that part of the earth will be in darkness it will be in night time on that side of the earth and from then on in space there will be darkness because the earth will be in the way.
[2178] What if the moon ... is there?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2179] It will be totally black.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2180] That bit will all be dark cos that bit will all be dark because it's in the earth shadow but that little bit there ... that little bit the little bit that isn't in the in the earth's shadow the appearance there ... will be a new moon.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2181] Do we draw all the moons?
None (KPAPS000) [2182] No.
[2183] ... [...] it's called. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2184] Like a banana.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
None (KPAPS000) [2185] Now.
[2186] There are some nights when there isn't any moon at all.
[2187] How can that be?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2188] Cos there's er
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2189] A blitz.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2190] in completely in shadow.
None (KPAPS000) [2191] Right.
[2192] Why else might there appear to be no moon?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2193] [...] on the other side of the sun and the moon's on that side and we're on that side we're in the light.
None (KPAPS000) [2194] Right.
[2195] I think I think what you're trying say is that the moon has come out during the day.
[2196] Quite often the moon as the earth moves as the earth rotates the moon appears to rise and set in the sky.
[2197] Just as the same when the sun rises and sets in the sky.
[2198] Now.
[2199] What time of day it rises and sets in the sky depends on the relative erm placing in the in the heavens of the earth and moon and sun.
[2200] Now it may well happen that the moon rises in the sky but because it's in the earth shadow we can't see it.
[2201] Cos the moon's got no light of it's own.
[2202] What you're seeing the moon by is the reflected light of the sun.
[2203] So the moon rises in the sky you can't see it sets you can't see it so there appears to be no moon.
[2204] The other where you might find there is no moon at all is if the moon comes up during the day time.
[2205] Comes up in the day time.
[2206] Some times in the day time you can see the moon especially if it's on a particularly bright day.
[2207] But if it's brilliantly sunny a blue sky day the moon can be up as well but because the s because the sky is so light anyway you can't see the moon.
[2208] Okay?
[2209] Now.
[2210] The moon comes up during the day time it's up in the day time it sets during the day time.
[2211] When the night time comes up comes along you look up in the sky and say where's the moon gone.
[2212] What you haven't realized is that you've already had the moon for that day but because it was up and in and in the sky during the day time hours you didn't see it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2213] Why does the moon always move up [...] following you?
None (KPAPS000) [2214] Because it's far away.
[2215] On some nights there will be no moon to be seen.
[2216] Usually because it has arisen and set during the daylight hours.
[2217] ... Okay.
[2218] Phases of the moon are tricky to explain.
[2219] There's a good poster up there if you are interested.
[2220] Let's just pop outside for a moment and see what we've got to see tonight.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2221] Did you record all that?
Danny (PS53C) [2222] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2223] No you didn't.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2224] It's sleeping.
None (KPAPS000) [2225] Well I swear there was a moon I swear there was a moon earlier.
[2226] I think what's happened the moon is is either set already or it's so low down in the sky we can't see it because the buildings and things are in the way. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2227] Your life story about being bent. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2228] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2229] Look mate.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2230] Do they look alright now?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2231] [laughing] No. []
None (KPAPS000) [2232] Right.
[2233] ... Okay.
[2234] ... The route to the solution of some earth and moon also give rise to eclip oh know [...] can't even spell it now, what I'm trying to say is eclipses when one heavenly body gets in the way of another.
[2235] Okay same diagram as before.
[2236] Here is the sun here is the earth with you standing on it.
[2237] ... Now can you imagine a circumstance where the moon in it's journey around the earth ... the moon is directly in the way of the sun yes?
[2238] So when you try and look at the sun you can't see it.
[2239] Okay?
[2240] Because the route is directly in the way.
[2241] Now what happens during the day time when you get an eclipse is that the sun is up there in the sky big golden circle
Danny (PS53C) [2242] Yeah.
None (KPAPS000) [2243] and the moon starts coming across the sky as it does and it gets in the way of the sun.
[2244] And [...] a little chink on the other side
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2245] A chink?
None (KPAPS000) [2246] of the sun.
[2247] Okay?
[2248] I don't know how to do this.
[2249] Okay so here comes the moon it's coming in the way of the sun coming in the way of the sun and what happens is in fact when the moon eclipses the sun
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2250] It gets completely black.
None (KPAPS000) [2251] It goes almost almost completely black.
[2252] And the moon gradually keeps moving as it does and moves up away.
[2253] Now.
[2254] It is [...] is a matter of coincidence we think that our moon is just exactly the right size to fit over the sun from our point of view.
[2255] When we look when we look upwards in eclipse what you can actually see if if you can imagine that's a circular quite like an ... if I was really together I could have made a circular
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2256] Sir can I go to music lesson?
None (KPAPS000) [2257] Yes alright.

15 (Tape 141401)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2258] There's a house message for Kiplin their first one erm Tuesday.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2259] What?
Danny (PS53C) [2260] First house match for Kiplin on Tuesday.
Andrew (PS53F) [2261] You still [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2262] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53F) [2263] When you coming back on?
Danny (PS53C) [2264] Next term.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2265] You could've been on [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2266] No I feel that I can play rugby now and he's saying no it's not worth it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2267] Why?
Danny (PS53C) [2268] I dunno.
Andrew (PS53F) [2269] Cos he'd be [...] hopeless team.
[2270] Simply just give me the ball don't [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2271] What?
[2272] No he was just saying it's not worth going back on now.
Danny (PS53C) [2273] It's cos of the matches.
Danny (PS53C) [2274] Cos it's so near the end of term.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2275] Yeah but you can play for the house team but you can't
Andrew (PS53F) [2276] Not nearly [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2277] play for the school.
Danny (PS53C) [2278] No it's not.
Danny (PS53C) [2279] Yeah I know.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2280] House [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2281] Single Germans now okay.
Danny (PS53C) [2282] My wrist feels really well .
Andrew (PS53F) [2283] Single Germans now.
Danny (PS53C) [2284] No Reg is still [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2285] No Reg isn't playing.
Danny (PS53C) [2286] It doesn't hurt very much.
Andrew (PS53F) [2287] Reg are you not playing?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2288] See Reg isn't playing.
[2289] It's [...] Germans.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2290] You can play house rugby.
[2291] Which is ten a side so it's not a physical it's more a running game.
Danny (PS53C) [2292] Yeah well I'll ask I'll ask my mum but if I if I didn't I'm gonna have to get perhaps
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2293] [...] running game here and he'd be [...] false time and would be very unfit.
Andrew (PS53F) [2294] Yeah but then he'd be [...] then mad.
[2295] Oi Matt.
Danny (PS53C) [2296] Is Matt in it?
Andrew (PS53F) [2297] Might be.
[2298] Oi Matt you [...]
Nick (PS53G) [2299] Oh yes I've been and [...] outside.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2300] Don't break the bat just smash [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2301] No one 's breaking it why
Andrew (PS53F) [2302] See you smashed that bat against the wall.
Danny (PS53C) [2303] I'll be on match team.
Andrew (PS53F) [2304] Just serve Dick.
Danny (PS53C) [2305] I'll be on match team.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2306] [...] practice.
Danny (PS53C) [2307] Yeah I am.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2308] Yeah I know.
Andrew (PS53F) [2309] No he wasn't.
[2310] If I muck up a serve I'm off.
Danny (PS53C) [2311] I'll be on your side.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2312] Hey just just stay back.
[2313] ... [...] [laughing] Get out of here. [] ...
Danny (PS53C) [2314] Yeah.
[2315] I know.
[2316] I'm gonna call quiet period. ... [...] . ...
Andrew (PS53F) [2317] I'm not playing any more.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2318] Okay single Germans [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2319] Oi one of you two [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2320] It wasn't me.
Danny (PS53C) [2321] It was [...] .
[2322] It's Adam.
Danny (PS53C) [2323] Smelly shit. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2324] Go on Guy.
[2325] Thunder.
Andrew (PS53F) [2326] [laughing] It wasn't me. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2327] It's your serve .
Nick (PS53G) [2328] Yes I served.
[2329] Didn't you hit it? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2330] It's your serve Danny.
Andrew (PS53F) [2331] [...] the serve.
Danny (PS53C) [2332] [laughing] Oh. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2333] He was not in the way.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2334] Oh sod.
[2335] Well he was in the way.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2336] I thought you were gonna hit him.
Danny (PS53C) [2337] Mark I'm still on.
[2338] I am.
Andrew (PS53F) [2339] He's still on Matt.
[2340] ... No I'm not he's still on.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2341] It is I'm on.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2342] You gotta hit the guy.
Danny (PS53C) [2343] I'm on.
Andrew (PS53F) [2344] He's still he hit it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2345] If the ball hits the person you don't even go [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2346] Look what's the point of [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2347] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53F) [2348] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2349] Yeah to hit the ball.
Andrew (PS53F) [2350] What's the point.
[2351] No cos he'll miss it cos it was on.
Nick (PS53G) [2352] It's pretty stupid just cos you hit it [...] on tape.
[2353] That is [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2354] So you're off.
Danny (PS53C) [2355] Justice is not done.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2356] It was done.
Danny (PS53C) [2357] Was not done. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2358] See?
Danny (PS53C) [2359] Justice was done. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2360] Is this your set? ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2361] Ping pong.
[2362] [...] won ping pong.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2363] [...] tennis with this.
[2364] The ping pong.
[2365] Look okay which where's that
Andrew (PS53F) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2366] How can you hold it like this
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2367] You don't have to hold like that you can hold it [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2368] You hold it like this [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2369] Hold it
Andrew (PS53F) [2370] back hand yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [2371] Always back hand it.
[2372] Just always back hand it that's what I do.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2373] Come on.
Andrew (PS53F) [2374] You always miss it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2375] [...] I'll just keep on playing table tennis.
[2376] ... Don't.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2377] Don't throw his bat. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2378] Don't. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2379] Sorry Mark he pushed me.
Danny (PS53C) [2380] See that bat's useless for long rallies.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2381] Which one?
Danny (PS53C) [2382] This one.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2383] No it isn't.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2384] Yeah I [...] so that doesn't count.
Nick (PS53G) [2385] You just [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2386] Nobody's aced me properly. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2387] Oh this bloody microphone.
[2388] ... I need more masking tape.
[2389] ... shit.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2390] [singing] You've broken it you've broken it [...] . [] ...
Andrew (PS53F) [2391] Give it to his back hand [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2392] No your not.
[2393] ... Yeah I know now you're [...] ... Miguel was in the way I protest.
Andrew (PS53F) [2394] You'd never stretch that far.
Danny (PS53C) [2395] I will.
Andrew (PS53F) [2396] [laugh] You were standing over there pretending
Danny (PS53C) [2397] Alright then over here yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2398] Danny you're off.
Andrew (PS53F) [2399] No the ball I was over here the ball was over there. [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [2400] No [...] we don't want you playing.
Nick (PS53G) [2401] Anyone coming down to [...] ?
Danny (PS53C) [2402] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53F) [2403] Why does [...] and I'll pay you back.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2404] Yeah and me.
Danny (PS53C) [2405] And me.
Danny (PS53C) [2406] Just [...] shut up.
Nick (PS53G) [2407] It's only ten P.
Andrew (PS53F) [2408] [...] buy me one I haven't got any money on me.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2409] I've only ten no I've got eight P but I [...]
Andrew (PS53F) [2410] Well buy me ten P of one. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2411] See?
Andrew (PS53F) [2412] [...] hopeless.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2413] Sorry [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2414] Let's play zing zong What's there?
[2415] There's ting tong there's zing zong
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2416] And there's zong zong there's a lot more.
Danny (PS53C) [2417] There's wing wong Matt you're on.
[2418] ... Oh no.
[2419] ... [...] you're such a dick.
[2420] And you're a dick.
[2421] You are really Matt.
[2422] ... You've got a highest pitched voice I've ever ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2423] Oh good one Danny.
Danny (PS53C) [2424] Up your mum.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2425] Up your mum.
[2426] Oh Daniel's so bored.
Nick (PS53G) [2427] I dunno.
[2428] It's up to you.
Danny (PS53C) [2429] Is that it?
[2430] Is that it?
[2431] Is that the microphone?
Danny (PS53C) [2432] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [2433] How long's the tape for?
Danny (PS53C) [2434] Er since last Friday.
[2435] I've gotta give it back this Friday tomorrow.
Danny (PS53C) [2436] Have you broken it yet?
Danny (PS53C) [2437] No. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2438] [...] is it is it the Norwegians.
Danny (PS53C) [2439] Yeah just forget it.
[2440] Don't don't, ignore it.
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2441] [...] I was the newcomer.
Danny (PS53C) [2442] [laughing] You gonna say ernie gernie []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2443] Yes your serve sorry.
[2444] Does it record whatever you say?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2445] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2446] What and you you put all of it through?
Danny (PS53C) [2447] Yes. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2448] Can you wipe the swearing?
Danny (PS53C) [2449] Yeah.
[2450] You can wipe a lot.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2451] This is my normal [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2452] Well it has got actually any of Danny on it.
[2453] What it is is [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2454] It has got a lot of me on it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2455] Doing the Milky Bar Kid.
[2456] And being really stupid.
Danny (PS53C) [2457] Who [...] ?
Danny (PS53C) [2458] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [2459] You are a dick.
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Danny (PS53C) [2460] Does it pick up [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2461] Yeah.
[2462] If Adam was speaking like he is now that pick it up.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2463] Danny is the loser so [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2464] [laugh] He was in my he was in my last form.
[2465] Weren't you Danny?
[2466] He was in my form.
Danny (PS53C) [2467] Right you're off now here we go.
Danny (PS53C) [2468] Got a really thick [...] as well.
[2469] He always used to cry didn't you Danny?
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2470] Why was he in your form?
Danny (PS53C) [2471] Because he was in our year.
[2472] He was so thick that I was in the same form as Dan.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2473] Really?
Danny (PS53C) [2474] But Dan he he cried like once a day or something like that.
[2475] ... You did you didn't like us at all.
[2476] He was he was a real psycho case.
Danny (PS53C) [2477] He was a loner.
[2478] ... [...] [break in recording] Try again.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2479] Danny you're on.
Danny (PS53C) [2480] Whose side?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2481] Miguel.
Danny (PS53C) [2482] Me.
Danny (PS53C) [2483] I hate Alex's bag.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2484] It's good.
[2485] ... You got any books Alex? ...
Danny (PS53C) [2486] See just can't.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2487] I love this game.
Danny (PS53C) [2488] Try and play [...] with him.
[2489] And sometimes it's alright.
[2490] ... Who's side?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2491] Can I play?
Andrew (PS53F) [2492] Why can't he play?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2493] Hey don't use my bat.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2494] [laughing] I was joking. []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2495] Okay me and Danny .
[2496] Cos I don't like your bat Alex.
[2497] Okay.
Andrew (PS53F) [2498] I'll start serving.
[2499] Yeah?
[2500] Or d'ya want to serve.
Danny (PS53C) [2501] Oh you start.
[2502] No just bounce it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2503] It's going out now now this is for [...] .
[2504] No serve [...] . ...
Danny (PS53C) [2505] Who's with who?
Andrew (PS53F) [2506] Me and Alex you and [...] .
[2507] You volleyed that one.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2508] Yeah you won't be playing with one another.
Danny (PS53C) [2509] No but you volleyed the [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2510] Yeah you lost anyway.
Danny (PS53C) [2511] So?
Danny (PS53C) [2512] If he volleys it erm after the line it's my point.
[2513] If he missed it [...] and if I was, even if it's up there. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2514] Alex is so [...] ... Okay.
[2515] Watch me beat him.
[2516] I'll beat him any day.
[2517] I've gotta perfect my serve. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2518] Have you beaten anyone yet Danny?
Danny (PS53C) [2519] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2520] Who?
Danny (PS53C) [2521] Miguel. ...
Andrew (PS53F) [2522] Well I just mentioned [...] about the microphone [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2523] Aye?
Andrew (PS53F) [2524] I just mentioned [...] with that microphone.
Danny (PS53C) [2525] Cos I'm taking part in this Norwegian project.
Andrew (PS53F) [2526] What project?
Danny (PS53C) [2527] Norwegian.
[2528] It's crap.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2529] You love it.
[2530] You love it.
Andrew (PS53F) [2531] [...] what's it all about?
[2532] D'ya just go round record recording everything?
Danny (PS53C) [2533] Yes. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2534] Matt?
[2535] Shall we take this off tonight?
Nick (PS53G) [2536] What?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2537] Take this [...] and stick it? ...
Andrew (PS53F) [2538] I should've ended it before that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2539] Get out of here. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2540] Oh lucky. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2541] Five times.
[2542] It's good.
[2543] ... Six times.
Andrew (PS53F) [2544] Danny come on.
[2545] ... You can serve.
[2546] D'ya want to serve?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2547] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [2548] Sometimes.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2549] I don't mind [...] serve.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2550] It would help you.
[2551] Just a bit not much.
[2552] ... Eight times.
Andrew (PS53F) [2553] It's on the other side Alex.
[2554] Alex on the other side.
Danny (PS53C) [2555] Alex. ...
Andrew (PS53F) [2556] Oh Matt oh
Danny (PS53C) [2557] Eight times and it all comes to an end.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2558] It's only cos the mistake wasn't Alex [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [2559] Shit.
[2560] I didn't think that was going on.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2561] Was that an obstruction as well Danny?
Danny (PS53C) [2562] [...] I said that. ...
Andrew (PS53F) [2563] Alex entered on too quickly. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2564] You haven't it four times.
Nick (PS53G) [2565] Yeah it's five [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2566] No it's four [...] .
[2567] ... Get out of here. ...
Nick (PS53G) [2568] Danny [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2569] What?
[2570] I didn't. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2571] Danny hasn't won a rally in ages.
Danny (PS53C) [2572] Yeah but you can't that was a little bit fluky you know not much. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2573] I think I should let him get five.
[2574] ... Anyway we can't get all the, they're gonna [...] properly.
[2575] You can't get all the [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [2576] Is anybody coming down the grubber.
[2577] Anybody coming down the grubber.
Nick (PS53G) [2578] I've just been down to the grubber.
[2579] Okay come on let's go grubber.
Andrew (PS53F) [2580] Aren't you playing any more?
Danny (PS53C) [2581] No.
[2582] Put my ball back when you've finished yeah?
[2583] ... Going down the grubber?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2584] Yeah.
[2585] Are you?
Danny (PS53C) [2586] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2587] What's that?
Danny (PS53C) [2588] A microphone.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2589] It's what?
Danny (PS53C) [2590] A microphone.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2591] Why've you got a microphone on?
Danny (PS53C) [2592] Project Norwegian.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2593] Say that again.
Danny (PS53C) [2594] Norwegian project.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2595] Do you do you know Norwegian?
Danny (PS53C) [2596] No not really.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2597] Well what's this main idea.
Danny (PS53C) [2598] They wanna know like English accent.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2599] Who?
Danny (PS53C) [2600] It's a university in Norway.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2601] Why you?
Danny (PS53C) [2602] I dunno.
[2603] Why not?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2604] They just picked you at random?
Danny (PS53C) [2605] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2606] They just wanna find out and it's recording?
Danny (PS53C) [2607] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2608] All right darling?
Danny (PS53C) [2609] Just ignore it.
[2610] ... [...] grub is better than this one down here.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2611] Yeah oh yeah I remember
Danny (PS53C) [2612] It's cheaper.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2613] It's cheaper.
[2614] Alright Danny?
[2615] Can it hear me?
Danny (PS53C) [2616] No.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2617] Why?
Danny (PS53C) [2618] This is programmed just to hear my voice.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2619] Is it?
[2620] Shit it must be quite a [...] little thing if it can only hear your voice.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2621] It's dum actually.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2622] What it can only hear your voice.
[2623] Stupid.
Danny (PS53C) [2624] It's not.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2625] It is stupid.
[2626] Stupid alright?
Danny (PS53C) [2627] You sound like Alex.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2628] Alex who?
Danny (PS53C) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2629] There's this guy in our in our [...] and everyone jumped on him in his bed and started [...] .
[2630] He goes he goes he goes, Get off don't [...] [laugh] .
[2631] Quite funny really.
[2632] Everyone [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2633] They all say [...] .
[2634] You know in [...] there's all these passages underground passages.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2635] Is there?
Danny (PS53C) [2636] There's an entrance in [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2637] Why?
Danny (PS53C) [2638] You go down in [...] and if you've got a torch you can go all under quad
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2639] Why?
Danny (PS53C) [2640] In these passages.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2641] Is that because of the war?
Danny (PS53C) [2642] Yeah.
[2643] Er no actually it was before the war.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2644] Go on?
[2645] Do people still go down there?
Danny (PS53C) [2646] No.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2647] [...] it's probably all locked up.
Danny (PS53C) [2648] Cos it's scary. [tape change]

16 (Tape 141402)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2649] This [...] is so slow.
Nick (PS53G) [2650] There should be two people doing it.
Danny (PS53C) [2651] I know look.
[2652] She's a dwarf.
[2653] How's ever gonna get like top shelf sweets?
[2654] I'd laugh if somebody asked for some, what are them lemon bonbons.
Nick (PS53G) [2655] [laughing] And she pulled the whole thing down. []
[2656] ... Are you allowed to swear?
Danny (PS53C) [2657] Yeah.
[2658] They all they know about me is that my name is number twenty eight.
Nick (PS53G) [2659] Do they?
Danny (PS53C) [2660] Yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [2661] Q P R?
[2662] Swore Q P R?
Danny (PS53C) [2663] Me?
Nick (PS53G) [2664] Says that here.
Danny (PS53C) [2665] Where?
[2666] Operation.
[2667] That's [spelling] O P R [] .
[2668] ... You know the last one.
[2669] Did you go the last one?
[2670] ... Oh junior school?
Nick (PS53G) [2671] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [2672] Erm you know the Keens did they go?
[2673] Well was one of them moved down to [...] form or [...] ?
Nick (PS53G) [2674] No.
[2675] [...] was in the same year.
[2676] But he came later.
Danny (PS53C) [2677] They they took the mickey out of him so much that he cried.
Nick (PS53G) [2678] He did he ta he came later.
[2679] He sort of

17 (Tape 141403)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2680] Are you going to erm are you going to rugby?
[2681] Are you in the team?
[2682] Are you in the team?
[2683] ... [...] Who with ?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2684] Have you got any writing paper?
Danny (PS53C) [2685] No.
[2686] What for?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2687] Erm I just want to fake a letter.
Danny (PS53C) [2688] Fake?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2689] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [2690] No. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2691] You know you could really lug it do it.
[2692] [...] It's really cool they way you know you can hear.
Danny (PS53C) [2693] I know. ... [...] [tape change]

18 (Tape 141404)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2694] They're gonna do shit to me I know.
Nick (PS53G) [2695] No they just wanna watch to T V.
Danny (PS53C) [2696] Well why do they want me in house?
Nick (PS53G) [2697] To watch T V [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2698] So that I can like watch T V or something.
Nick (PS53G) [2699] So you can't hear and then [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [2700] Well [...] annoying you like they're watching a porno.
Nick (PS53G) [2701] Yeah but they were they were watching Neighbours earlier.
[2702] Would you be [...] ?
Danny (PS53C) [2703] Yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [2704] What's your nickname [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2705] Twenty two.
[2706] [...] [singing] Trebor mints [...] []
Nick (PS53G) [2707] [singing] [...] . []
[2708] Stick 'em up the [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2709] Flaming heck. ...
Nick (PS53G) [2710] Right what can we do here?
Danny (PS53C) [2711] Ha.
Nick (PS53G) [2712] I've just snapped it.
[2713] ... [...] [singing] You asked for something rarer lasts a bit longer. []
Danny (PS53C) [2714] Ha.
Nick (PS53G) [2715] Get [...] now.
Danny (PS53C) [2716] [singing] Trebor mints are a little bit stronger. [] ...
Nick (PS53G) [2717] I'm gonna try and chuck my red book at the window.
[2718] Okay first shot.
Danny (PS53C) [2719] Does this [...] ?
Nick (PS53G) [2720] What?
[2721] What?
[2722] Yeah.
[2723] I nearly got my red book out the window. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2724] What shall I put that's really offensive to Miguel?
Nick (PS53G) [2725] What did you put what d'ya mean that's really inferior.
[2726] What d'ya mean crap at everything. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2727] Why's it always come out screwed up?
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2728] No this things fart.
[2729] ... It's screwed up major.
[2730] Major screw up.
[2731] [...] why you off games?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2732] Because.
Danny (PS53C) [2733] Are you are you at three thirty?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2734] No.
Nick (PS53G) [2735] At three?
Danny (PS53C) [2736] You are really.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2737] Are you?
Danny (PS53C) [2738] Crap nut.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2739] Are you?
Nick (PS53G) [2740] Going up on the board outside?
Danny (PS53C) [2741] Well if you're on game at three then you've got three minutes.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2742] I'm off games.
Danny (PS53C) [2743] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2744] Cos I'm ill.
[2745] Where the hell have [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2746] Shall we smash it or lob it out the window?
[2747] Let's drop something out and we off we go [...] out the window.
[2748] We'll not tell anyone.
[2749] Goes that'll be funny.
[2750] No nothing big.
[2751] Here Matt.
[2752] ... There's somebody that [...]
Nick (PS53G) [2753] I'm gonna watch this right?
Danny (PS53C) [2754] Dead funny.
[2755] ... That's it.
[2756] Right erm this is so funny.
[2757] What shall we stick in the ground.
Nick (PS53G) [2758] Look there's a fork out there.
Danny (PS53C) [2759] What shall we stick in the ground?
[2760] ... Melvin you fat dump.
Nick (PS53G) [2761] Wasn't very nice Danny.
Danny (PS53C) [2762] [laugh] Right let's see if there's anything.
[2763] Is there any more cutlery?
[2764] Let's try and have a go with some more cutlery.
[2765] Spoons won't work.
Nick (PS53G) [2766] Spoons won't do. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2767] Er nothing else.
[2768] I'll try a spoon.
Nick (PS53G) [2769] No don't bother.
Danny (PS53C) [2770] Like that.
[2771] ... [singing] Trebor mints are a little bit stronger. [] [...]
Nick (PS53G) [2772] I've got English work to do.
[2773] I didn't do it yesterday. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2774] He's ex [...] .
[2775] ... Freeze.
[2776] ... Jump around jump around.
[2777] Jump jump jump.
[2778] Hi ho hi ho it's to do my history project that's my fucking [...] .
[2779] Hi ho hi ho hi ho. ...
Nick (PS53G) [2780] History project [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [2781] It's beyond the fag I hate it.
[2782] It's shit.
Nick (PS53G) [2783] I dunno why we bother.
Danny (PS53C) [2784] Yeah I know.
Nick (PS53G) [2785] I mean always some book [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2786] Yeah we actually.
[2787] That wouldn't be quite a bad idea wouldn't it?
Nick (PS53G) [2788] What?
Danny (PS53C) [2789] I'm going out on the not a special exit but a normal exit tomorrow yeah?
Nick (PS53G) [2790] Mm.
Danny (PS53C) [2791] Are you doing anything over the weekend?
Nick (PS53G) [2792] No.
Danny (PS53C) [2793] You could come back for like an exit with me like when we come back you ring your dad again.
[2794] And if you like get a catapult that'll be cool.
[2795] ... I know some brilliant places where we could use them.
[2796] On trees you know.
[2797] Yeah I'll see you can borrow it or buy it.
Nick (PS53G) [2798] I say come on try it out but it's [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2799] Yeah. [tape change]

19 (Tape 141405)

Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2800] They they won't sell us one though.
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2801] Well they sold me an air rifle on my own. [laugh] [...]
Nick (PS53G) [2802] What d'ya do if they get [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2803] Excuse me can I have a erm two two air rifle please?
[2804] And he's gone, How old are you?
[2805] And I've gone, Fifteen.
[2806] And he believed me.
[2807] And he's gone, Well you're under age so where have you got a parent with you?
[2808] And he's looked and then, Well he's out he's out in the car at the moment.
Nick (PS53G) [2809] Yeah that's that's what they asked me.
Danny (PS53C) [2810] Look you see the one just across the street there.
[2811] You can't exactly see him.
[2812] But can we like erm hurry up please cos I'm in a rush and there's a traffic warden coming.
[2813] So he goes Alright then.
[2814] And he sells me this fucking massive two two air rifle which you've seen haven't you?
Nick (PS53G) [2815] Yeah.
[2816] [...] around your room. ...
Danny (PS53C) [2817] The only problem with it it's lost a lot of power.
[2818] Hello Francis.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2819] Hello.
Danny (PS53C) [2820] Oh very good aye?
[2821] Ha ha.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2822] What is that?
Danny (PS53C) [2823] Oi oi.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2824] What is it [...] doing?
Danny (PS53C) [2825] [...] I'm doing a badge. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2826] What is that project?
Danny (PS53C) [2827] Project yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2828] How much have you done?
[2829] All that?
Danny (PS53C) [2830] No I've done a bit more actually Francis.
[2831] I'm sorry [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2832] Oh if that's all you've done [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2833] Can you like erm fuck off please.
[2834] Look I've got I've got all this in here though.
[2835] Look this is what I've done.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2836] You've gotta hand it in soon.
Danny (PS53C) [2837] [laughing] Gotta hand it in tomorrow. []
Nick (PS53G) [2838] Have you gotta hand it in tomorrow?
[2839] Christ, how much have you done Danny?
[2840] You gotta hand [...] finished or not you know.
Danny (PS53C) [2841] Does.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2842] Why not?
Nick (PS53G) [2843] No it's just that done most of it [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2844] I haven't done any of it basically.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2845] Who's it for?
Danny (PS53C) [2846] Erm Mr [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2847] .
Danny (PS53C) [2848] T.
Nick (PS53G) [2849] What's Mr ?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2850] I call him Mr .
Danny (PS53C) [2851] He's an arsehole I hate him.
[2852] He always tries to make it put on these accents.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2853] Oh no.
Nick (PS53G) [2854] That's what [...] been trying to do.
Danny (PS53C) [2855] He sounds like a such a wanker when he does it though.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2856] Yeah he [...] .
Nick (PS53G) [2857] Mr [...] alright but when he gets in a bad mood [...] .
[2858] He gave out about fifty million red tickets.
[2859] ... You know he looks really evil though.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2860] Who?
Nick (PS53G) [2861] That kid.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2862] Well he is.
Nick (PS53G) [2863] I know.
[2864] No the [...] that kid looks evil.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2865] Well he is.
[2866] He is evil when you say it like that.
Nick (PS53G) [2867] It's cool the judge though [...] goes, It's burn them [...] pure violence in them there's nothing nothing to explain it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2868] [...] they did give a reason.
[2869] They didn't really have a real reason.
Nick (PS53G) [2870] Yeah he didn't
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2871] They just felt like going out and killing a little pillock.
Nick (PS53G) [2872] I know it's so stupid [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2873] Someone said someone said they saw [...]
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2874] [laughing] So I was [...] we saw that. []
Danny (PS53C) [2875] And they reckon that the little kid looked like [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2876] [...] something to do with that cos of [...] but he denies that they saw it. [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2877] [laugh] .
[2878] Yeah so it'd be the same [...] .
[2879] Oh yeah does the little kid get smashed [...] by a train?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2880] They they put him on the rail they tied him to the railway track so he'd get run over by a train but I don't think he did.
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2881] It's not funny.
[2882] It's bloody disgusting.
Nick (PS53G) [2883] [...] latterly the judge said, It's barbaric and something
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2884] They beat they beat him to death. [...]
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2885] railway lines.
Nick (PS53G) [2886] Just seems so unrealistic though a kid would actually do that.
[2887] Unless [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2888] He was ten years old.
Danny (PS53C) [2889] Ten year old.
[2890] Get a railway [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2891] Just like someone [...]
Nick (PS53G) [2892] So stupid I can't believe that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2893] The thing is I can't believe how stupid they were.
[2894] They took him to a shop and [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2895] But that's impossible cos the little kid that they bullied didn't even look like Trucky.
Nick (PS53G) [2896] Yeah but you could think they were brother and you know.
Danny (PS53C) [2897] So that could be their alibi.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2898] Well they said the witnesses said they thought it was just like an older brother a younger brother.
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2899] It was it stuck he got killed in February.
[2900] It's a long time ago but you know the trial's only just finished .
Nick (PS53G) [2901] I'm glad I'm glad he's gone [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2902] What?
Nick (PS53G) [2903] [...] innocent.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2904] Not really.
[2905] They're being detained for a long time.
[2906] [...] ages ago.
Danny (PS53C) [2907] [singing] Trebor mints are a little bit stronger . []
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2908] You've got [...] I think the top one's [...] .
Nick (PS53G) [2909] No it's the bottom [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [2910] Let's have a look.
[2911] Can I have a look at their photos.
Nick (PS53G) [2912] He looks like Alex.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2913] [laughing] Alex. []
Danny (PS53C) [2914] The bottom one's got eyes of the devil.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2915] Yeah he's got weird eyes.
Danny (PS53C) [2916] The top one looks a bit bad as well.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2917] Well they must be at that age.
[2918] I mean they
Danny (PS53C) [2919] He grabbed his chest.
[2920] It's like this ... guilt oh
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2921] No I think it was [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2922] Oh like this ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2923] [laugh] Oh cool.
Nick (PS53G) [2924] The top one doesn't look so evil.
Danny (PS53C) [2925] The bottom one does.
[2926] The bottom one look vicious.
Nick (PS53G) [2927] The bottom one though the way he smiles and his eyes.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2928] [...] the bottom he was was lead by the old top one apparently more.
[2929] The bot top one the bottom one was shy and quiet.
[2930] So he's it's often people that seem really quiet that [...] isn't it?
Nick (PS53G) [2931] Probably [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2932] Thing is it's [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2933] It's bad.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2934] things that children are innocent at that age. [...]
Nick (PS53G) [2935] There's nobody you know in here it's not really often that a [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2936] No no the youngest [...] history or something [...] .
[2937] The thing is at that age they often don't get severe punishment cos they'll got to either a special place
Danny (PS53C) [2938] Yeah they'll they'll be taken away from their parents and put into a juvenile
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2939] There was there was a case of one girl who back in nineteen sixty eight she killed two boys when she was eleven.
[2940] And she got out after ten years.
[2941] Whereas whereas if you did that to a grown up you'd probably be in there for about thirty years or something.
Danny (PS53C) [2942] If it was in America you'd be chaired.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2943] It depends where you were not every State does.
Nick (PS53G) [2944] But if you'd been in trial in America [...]
Danny (PS53C) [2945] I reckon that in England
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2946] [...] what they do to children in America
Danny (PS53C) [2947] we we should have a capital punishment actually as that that would erm
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2948] You reckon that we should?
Danny (PS53C) [2949] Yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [2950] Yeah definitely.
Danny (PS53C) [2951] As that that would make all all a lot of crimes stop.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2952] It would.
Danny (PS53C) [2953] The same if you were thinking of murdering this person and you knew that you could be traced you'd bloody think twice if you were gonna be hanged or chaired.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2954] No but what they do in America [...] because I don't think you can be gassed unless you're grown up
Danny (PS53C) [2955] They can't gas you no.
[2956] They can't gas you they can't chair you they can keep you away from your parents for the rest of your life.
Nick (PS53G) [2957] And they can keep you in a home children's home.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2958] They'd probably keep you away from life in America.
Danny (PS53C) [2959] What they'd probably do to them
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2960] [...] punish more severely in America.
Danny (PS53C) [2961] In America they would keep them in a home until they were old enough to go into a jail
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2962] Then they go to jail.
[2963] What?
Nick (PS53G) [2964] Everyone was allowed to carry a gun.
[2965] That's stupid.
Danny (PS53C) [2966] That is cool.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2967] Why?
Danny (PS53C) [2968] Freeze [...]
Nick (PS53G) [2969] He says he says that it's gonna stop crime so much cos if everyone can have a gun.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2970] Stop that.
Danny (PS53C) [2971] But the best thing in this country's that
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2972] [...] walking around
Danny (PS53C) [2973] Frank?
[2974] If I had a gun here yeah and I knew and you were coming at me like with a club and I shouted, Stop.
[2975] And you carried on and I shot you dead I'd get away with that.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2976] Yeah cos it would be called defence.
Danny (PS53C) [2977] I told you to stop and you didn't
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2978] Yes there are you can get away with it if the other person there's sufficient evidence that the other person was determined to kill you.
[2979] You know yes if someone's ... yeah that prob you probably would get away with that actually because
Danny (PS53C) [2980] You would.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2981] What if you didn't have enough evidence to prove it?
Danny (PS53C) [2982] Well you shove it up your bum don't you?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2983] You have to have evidence
Danny (PS53C) [2984] Yeah well if I had like a little dictaphone on or something like that
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2985] But in some no in some States you get the electric chair and some States in America you're gassed.
Danny (PS53C) [2986] I reckon the gas is cool.
[2987] You get a nerve gas and you get all like sheered up and then you
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2988] No but there are [...] States in America where you don't get killed at all.
[2989] So if you escaped from [...] State would you would you be taken back to your home State or something?
[2990] ... What's the worse thing?
[2991] They do the electric chair and the gas things don't they?
Nick (PS53G) [2992] Yep.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2993] But they don't do hanging or anything.
Danny (PS53C) [2994] Don't they? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2995] Thing is they don't they don't do that to young children.
[2996] It's against the law.
Nick (PS53G) [2997] Well it should be so bad
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [2998] The thing is they're still young and I suppose it's possible that they could be taught ... their minds are still impressionable.
[2999] ... I don't they'll ever be normal.
[3000] They can't be normal to do something that.
Danny (PS53C) [3001] Yeah I know they must be they must have been provoked or
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3002] There's something wrong with them I think.
Danny (PS53C) [3003] told.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3004] They're not normal. ... [...] ...
Danny (PS53C) [3005] It would be really cool if we could like get the erm catapults.
[3006] I know some brilliant places.
[3007] ... If we but a shop won't sell us that.
Nick (PS53G) [3008] Why not?
[3009] It's all the same to the shops. ...
Danny (PS53C) [3010] Honestly the only bad thing that I've ever got from a shop is a porno video.
[3011] They sold it to me.
[3012] And they sold me The Last Boy Scout.
Nick (PS53G) [3013] I got The Last Boy Scout.
Danny (PS53C) [3014] Aye?
Nick (PS53G) [3015] I got The Last Boy Scout.
Danny (PS53C) [3016] It's a cool film.
Nick (PS53G) [3017] It's really old now.
Danny (PS53C) [3018] Yeah.
[3019] It's still good.
[3020] ... What the hell's this?
[3021] It's a gun pull it at the bad guys and shoot. [laugh] ...
Nick (PS53G) [3022] Oh I haven't been to the cinema for ages it seems.
[3023] What was the last thing you saw in the cinema?
Danny (PS53C) [3024] Mm let me think.
[3025] Jurassic Park.
Nick (PS53G) [3026] I saw Jurassic Park and then I saw Mario Brothers.
Danny (PS53C) [3027] Er Mario Brothers they're crap.
Nick (PS53G) [3028] [laughing] I know. []
[3029] I wish [...] had turned into the dinosaur bit.
[3030] It's so sad the fact that the [...] turned into slime I wish it would carry into [...] .
[3031] And then I saw The Real McCoy that was the last one I think.
Danny (PS53C) [3032] We used to watch that on T V.
Nick (PS53G) [3033] [laughing] Yes so did I. []
[3034] Such a stupid name though for the film.
[3035] ... Weighs a ton doesn't it.
Danny (PS53C) [3036] Yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [3037] It's pretty sturdy though.
Danny (PS53C) [3038] Yeah I know.
Nick (PS53G) [3039] Oh so [...] do English. [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3040] I'm not too worried about the exams.
Nick (PS53G) [3041] Yeah I wanna keep in my sets.
[3042] I don't wanna be moved down.
Danny (PS53C) [3043] I wanna be moved up for one that's science.
Nick (PS53G) [3044] No I doubt you will.
Danny (PS53C) [3045] I might be.
Nick (PS53G) [3046] Only thing I'd like to move up in.
[3047] I like my French shit even though it's the bottom set.
[3048] You learn a lot.
[3049] It's a lot easier.
Danny (PS53C) [3050] You don't like [...] .
Nick (PS53G) [3051] We learn quite a lot with Mr Draper.
[3052] He teaches set one as well.
Danny (PS53C) [3053] Mm.
[3054] You have Mr Draper?
Nick (PS53G) [3055] Yeah.
[3056] He's alright.
Danny (PS53C) [3057] He's meant to be a bit of a dick sometimes.
Nick (PS53G) [3058] Yeah he tries to make up crap jokes.
[3059] ... He thinks he's really cool.
[3060] Who's that stupid woman with blond hair she's a right git.
Danny (PS53C) [3061] Oh Mrs .
Nick (PS53G) [3062] No not no 's quite old isn't she?
Danny (PS53C) [3063] no way.
Nick (PS53G) [3064] She's quite young blond hair?
Danny (PS53C) [3065] She's about the same, what the one with all like big spots on her face?
Nick (PS53G) [3066] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [3067] That's .
[3068] She's about as old as .
[3069] Cos [...] .
[3070] Have you ever seen her in their erm swimming costume.
Nick (PS53G) [3071] Who?
Danny (PS53C) [3072] Miss .
Nick (PS53G) [3073] Who's Miss .
Danny (PS53C) [3074] Don't you know her?
[3075] She teaches P E.
Nick (PS53G) [3076] Oh yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [3077] [...] .
[3078] She's got nice tits.
Nick (PS53G) [3079] Yeah iron tits.
[3080] That's what we remember on the first day we called her in chapel.
[3081] When she was in chapel.
Danny (PS53C) [3082] You were bastards.
[3083] I was like she was sitting next to me and you were like all trying to move me up and think
Nick (PS53G) [3084] [laughing] I know. []
Danny (PS53C) [3085] shit. [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3086] Gosh she's got massive tits though hasn't she.
Danny (PS53C) [3087] Iron tits [...] .
[3088] Look it's like a magnet for your knob. [...]
Nick (PS53G) [3089] What about Mr .
[3090] Bet he goes and tries to get all the young girls.
Danny (PS53C) [3091] No I know but definitely sure that Miss definite fart one of the upper sixth.
[3092] I'm sure of it.
[3093] Every time I almost see her she's with this same guy.
Nick (PS53G) [3094] Wouldn't mind being in that upper sixth.
Danny (PS53C) [3095] Me neither.
[3096] Lay her any day.
Nick (PS53G) [3097] But she's a fucking cow the other one Miss .
Danny (PS53C) [3098] I know she's a bitch bitch.
[3099] Trebor mints
Nick (PS53G) [3100] We had her at French today.
[3101] And just cos we couldn't do some questions on the paper she says, Oh you're not good enough then you should've learnt it better.
[3102] Sort of having a go at us.
[3103] Well not me [...] and he doesn't even know English he has to he's bloody dum.
Danny (PS53C) [3104] He's a bender.
Nick (PS53G) [3105] Hong Kong and he's gay bent bastard.
Danny (PS53C) [3106] [...] isn't from Hong Kong.
Nick (PS53G) [3107] Oh he's from erm Tokyo or wherever I don't know.
Danny (PS53C) [3108] He's not from Japan he's from [...]
Nick (PS53G) [3109] Thailand
Danny (PS53C) [3110] Thailand yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [3111] [...] bastard.
[3112] That's what always says I really hate that.
Danny (PS53C) [3113] I hate he's such a knob.
Nick (PS53G) [3114] Such a bender.
Danny (PS53C) [3115] He's a dick.
[3116] [...] D'ya know would you believe that she's only been laid twice.
Nick (PS53G) [3117] No she hasn't been laid.
Danny (PS53C) [3118] She has.
Nick (PS53G) [3119] No she hasn't.
Danny (PS53C) [3120] Rachel has been laid twice.
Nick (PS53G) [3121] Who by?
Danny (PS53C) [3122] Er I don't know who by as Giles won't tell me but he definitely knows the two people that've laid her.
Nick (PS53G) [3123] Oh aren't they lucky gits.
Danny (PS53C) [3124] And I think that I'm not being funny but I think that Jim did one.
[3125] But Jim definitely been laid I know that.
Nick (PS53G) [3126] It wasn't Jim .
Danny (PS53C) [3127] I know but he's
Nick (PS53G) [3128] Jim [...] .
[3129] Erm Rachel live opposite.
Danny (PS53C) [3130] Mm.
[3131] So?
Nick (PS53G) [3132] So if that was Jim cos Jim would've been in his [...] he hasn't laid [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3133] But it's really cool if you get into the upper sixth and you go into the erm you get a study near the book room you know round the back.
[3134] They're massive you can fit a double bed in.
Nick (PS53G) [3135] I know.
Danny (PS53C) [3136] [laughing] That's what Giles had. [] ...
Nick (PS53G) [3137] What do M and M sponsor?
Danny (PS53C) [3138] Yeah biggest ever bag but doesn't mean the contents [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3139] [laughing] Yeah I know look. []
[3140] They pump it up so you can't look.
[3141] All you get is this much here.
[3142] It's the biggest ever [laughing] bag alright [] ?
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3143] The biggest ever bag to celebrate the world cup.
[3144] Everyone says [...] it's the world cup.
[3145] It's really in line.
[3146] What do these celebrate?
[3147] [...] Three two for the price of one.
[3148] ... That's pretty good actually.
Danny (PS53C) [3149] [...] crap.
Nick (PS53G) [3150] [...] is excellent.
Danny (PS53C) [3151] Yeah I know.
[3152] Have you ever been?
Nick (PS53G) [3153] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [3154] It's excellent fun.
Nick (PS53G) [3155] I went for the day and I saw Christopher Reed superman.
[3156] And I shot [...]
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3157] We were all wonder cos we saw him there cos it was pretty pretty good place
Danny (PS53C) [3158] I've been banned from my local club.
[3159] Cos I went up and this bloke was like he was like every time.
[3160] He was only about two meters away from me and he was like shooting me in the back.
[3161] I got all these massive bruises.
[3162] So I walked up to him and I was about this far away yeah?
[3163] And I just went [...] right in his bollocks.
Nick (PS53G) [3164] I I would climb a tree where [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3165] And he was like going [...]
Nick (PS53G) [3166] There was a tree house there and nobody knew about it so I climbed up there and I'd shoot everyone from the roof you know.
[3167] I was hitting them on the head and they were all falling on the floor.
[3168] It was [...] and they say go and we always run out and hide a find some decent position.
[3169] ... My dad's friend though okay cos we were in the back of this car when we were shooting at the enemy okay?
[3170] And he came running out behind us and at the back this massive puzzle and he slipped over in the mud sli slide straight forward and into the [...] .
[3171] Straight into it.
[3172] Head first and it was so funny.
[3173] ... Oi nutter ee you nutter oi
Danny (PS53C) [3174] [...] time up there.
Nick (PS53G) [3175] Nutter.
Danny (PS53C) [3176] Look [...] ... No look [...] ... Battery power.
Nick (PS53G) [3177] What's that for?
[3178] Battery power.
[3179] That's pretty pretty powerful you got batteries.
Danny (PS53C) [3180] Yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [3181] That's excellent when you can have battery power.
[3182] That's cool.
[3183] That's cool.
Danny (PS53C) [3184] I wish I'd keep the walkman that would be so wicked.
Nick (PS53G) [3185] Yeah I'd love to keep walkman.
Danny (PS53C) [3186] I think walkman's cool.
[3187] Cos all I'd have to buy is a starter microphone then I've got an instant dictaphone.
Nick (PS53G) [3188] Yeah you may be able to keep the microphone as well.
Danny (PS53C) [3189] I'll ask. [laugh] [...]
Nick (PS53G) [3190] Plus the tape plus the batteries extra favour.
[3191] That would be [...] ... Everyone hates .
Nick (PS53G) [3192] Everyone hates .
Danny (PS53C) [3193] Who does yeah I know.
[3194] I was gonna say who doesn't.
Nick (PS53G) [3195] [laughing] You can't blame them. []
Danny (PS53C) [3196] I reckon Kiplin [...] .
[3197] There was meant to be loads of us and now we've ended up with none.
[3198] Andrew was meant to come into Kiplin.
[3199] ... I know if we had them it would be so wicked.
Nick (PS53G) [3200] Yeah we did we wouldn't've had as well.
[3201] That would be [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3202] Yeah wouldn't have come in would he?
[3203] That would be wicked. ...
Nick (PS53G) [3204] Without it's have to be pretty decent.
Danny (PS53C) [3205] I know 's a loser.
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3206] isn't bad sometimes.
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3207] A bit.
Nick (PS53G) [3208] Why don't we turn the lights in here and close all the windows cos of poison.
[3209] [...] ... Stop recording this it's extremely gay.
Danny (PS53C) [3210] No.
Nick (PS53G) [3211] See what you've done.
[3212] [...] Why d'ya masking tape it?
Danny (PS53C) [3213] So it stays on.
[3214] [...] the microphone.
Nick (PS53G) [3215] I know.
[3216] That's the recording thing.
Danny (PS53C) [3217] I'll cover that up now. [...]
Nick (PS53G) [3218] What d'ya thing secret mission is to do?
[3219] ... To become a decent [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3220] flabbergasted. [...] ...
Nick (PS53G) [3221] D'ya want a game of table tennis?
Danny (PS53C) [3222] No I've gotta do this.
Nick (PS53G) [3223] Oh you've gotta hand it in tomorrow haven't you?
Danny (PS53C) [3224] Yeah.
[3225] ... So if you're free over the weekend you can come round yeah?
Nick (PS53G) [3226] Yeah.
[3227] I'll ask my parents tomorrow
Danny (PS53C) [3228] If you want to sleep the night then that's alright.
Nick (PS53G) [3229] Yeah.
[3230] Bring my stuff.
[3231] [...] I'll ask my parent tonight.
[3232] I don't think I'm doing anything over the weekend.
[3233] Shall we go to France?
[3234] No.
[3235] [...] cool to go to France.
Danny (PS53C) [3236] French are arseholes anyhow.
Nick (PS53G) [3237] Telling me.
Danny (PS53C) [3238] Yeah I am telling you.
Nick (PS53G) [3239] They're benders alright.
[3240] [laughing] We went in this shop [] and there were all these pictures of man men all naked men all over it.
Danny (PS53C) [3241] Oh.
Nick (PS53G) [3242] [laughing] And we went to the one next to it and it had all naked women in it. []
[3243] Oh we were look through all the magazines and they got really stressed out and told us to get out.
[3244] They show everything though there.
Danny (PS53C) [3245] Can they?
Nick (PS53G) [3246] Bloody hell.
Danny (PS53C) [3247] I love French beaches.
Nick (PS53G) [3248] Yeah telling me.
Danny (PS53C) [3249] Yeah I'm fucking telling [laughing] you [] .
Nick (PS53G) [3250] Spanish beaches are excellent.
[3251] Oh god you get all the women in
Danny (PS53C) [3252] I know.
Nick (PS53G) [3253] These young teenagers all millions of them all in this group that came down and took their bras and oh
Danny (PS53C) [3254] [laughing] Very good. []
Nick (PS53G) [3255] And there's a nudist beach in South America.
[3256] Oh you have to be nude.
[3257] Well you don't have to most people are though.
[3258] ... We can go in your roof and shoot some cars.
Danny (PS53C) [3259] No we'll shoot some of the shoot the bastard next door.
[3260] Guess what they did.
[3261] They sprayed cold water on my dog when it was snowing and all her fur froze.
[3262] So guess what I did?
Nick (PS53G) [3263] What?
Danny (PS53C) [3264] I got snowballs [...] throw it on him.
[3265] But I made the snowball into ice first.
Nick (PS53G) [3266] Yeah that's the best way cos it really hurts.
Danny (PS53C) [laugh] [...]
Nick (PS53G) [3267] [...] did this snowman snowman which I've done.
[3268] Cos everyone's [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3269] Yeah.
[3270] I made a snowman.
Nick (PS53G) [3271] Everyone was bashing my snowman so I froze it.
Danny (PS53C) [3272] No [...] it.
Nick (PS53G) [3273] Froze it.
Danny (PS53C) [3274] The best best snowman that I've ever made was I got this massive rock yeah and I put all snow round it.
[3275] And these guys came up and go oi you're not allowed to build that there.
[3276] And I said well up yours mate cos I am.
[3277] And he went to kick it and he just went crack.
Nick (PS53G) [3278] Yeah that's what.
Danny (PS53C) [3279] Oh.
Nick (PS53G) [3280] Oh yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [3281] That's how I build sand castles you put rocks in them and
Nick (PS53G) [3282] That's what I do.
[3283] Okay wait wait.
[3284] Cos in the [...] nobody really likes you know snow snowmen and things like that.
[3285] Okay?
[3286] So we built this snowman round this rock and this car came back cos he came he just came in to hit it and he burst into [laughing] and broke his bumper [] .
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3287] This massive dent in his bumper and he drove round.
[3288] Cos they did it to me before.
[3289] I made another one in the park earlier.
[3290] And they just drove in knocked it over and ran out.
[3291] So I put it in a rock this time and it was so funny though.
[3292] Cos I I leg I quickly legged it.
Danny (PS53C) [3293] But some drivers are such gullible dicks.
Nick (PS53G) [3294] I know.
[3295] But anything on the side would perhaps break it. ...
Danny (PS53C) [3296] The funnies thing one's gotta be when my friend yeah?
[3297] I lent him my air rifle and aimed it out the window and there was this car going by and he went [...] and he smashed the back windscreen I was saying, You fucking dick.
[3298] And so I tell you we slammed the window down and just ducked for about an hour.
[3299] [laugh] And this police car came and [...] and my dad says, Was that you that fired the gun out of the window?
[3300] And I went, No no no.
[3301] [laugh] The best one my friend's got this [...] gun, his name's James, it's about that big yeah?
[3302] And it's a erm automatic like machine gun see and erm he's got this magazine.
[3303] He's got about twenty of them.
[3304] They've to four hundred shots in them and I bet you any money you like that is true.
Nick (PS53G) [3305] I know and you can take loads of [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3306] And he clips them in and he goes [...] all over the cars.
[3307] It's so funny.
Nick (PS53G) [3308] Yeah he can get all these little chips in the cars.
[3309] It's so funny.
[3310] I did that with my big old [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [3311] But it's really cool.
[3312] Cos if you just keep your finger on the trigger they just go [...] [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3313] Gas tanks are so expensive though for automatic [...] guns.
[3314] Gotta refill it constantly.
Danny (PS53C) [3315] What do the gas tanks do?
Nick (PS53G) [3316] They pump air in so when you fire it it goes a lot faster.
[3317] It goes really really fast.
[3318] Really cool.
Danny (PS53C) [3319] Are they worth it?
Nick (PS53G) [3320] Yeah definitely.
[3321] Easily it's so fucking [...] .
[3322] ... Why d'ya take so long in [...] I can't be prepared to do all that?
Danny (PS53C) [3323] Oh I never win the prize but I just
Nick (PS53G) [3324] Do it for fun.
Danny (PS53C) [3325] wanna make a good effort so I might get you know take it.
Nick (PS53G) [3326] Yeah we got if anybody got [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3327] Don't open them please.
Nick (PS53G) [3328] I'm not going to.
[3329] If anybody got over twenty seven with us they got the yellow ticket.
Danny (PS53C) [3330] What's it out of?
Nick (PS53G) [3331] Thirty.
Danny (PS53C) [3332] Over twenty seven that's not bad.
Nick (PS53G) [3333] Er oh yeah.
[3334] But some people got twenty six and they got yellow tickets as well.
[3335] Well I got twenty three and I got a yellow ticket.
Danny (PS53C) [3336] Twenty three?
Nick (PS53G) [3337] Yep.
Danny (PS53C) [3338] [...] really?
Nick (PS53G) [3339] Yeah I did.
Danny (PS53C) [3340] I'll get one.
Nick (PS53G) [3341] It depends if you've finished [...] .
[3342] I didn't finish mine as well. ...
Danny (PS53C) [3343] I reckon the biggest dick in Kiplin that can't say shit it Reg.
Nick (PS53G) [3344] Reg?
Danny (PS53C) [3345] Yeah he can't say shit.
[3346] Cos er erm remember that time when I called him fadge and I pegged it and he [laughing] he went [...] [] .
Nick (PS53G) [3347] I was gonna trip him up.
[3348] And then I started running.
[3349] [laugh] I should've.
Danny (PS53C) [3350] [...] oi fadge [laughing] and you pegged it after me [] . ...
Nick (PS53G) [3351] The best thing [...] get your flat hand and whack it on his back really hard.
Danny (PS53C) [3352] Does he hate that?
Nick (PS53G) [3353] Yeah.
[3354] You know especially when he's not [...] .
[3355] A massive bruise that.
Danny (PS53C) [3356] Red on a nigger.
[3357] [singing] Oh yeah that'll be the day [...] . []
Nick (PS53G) [3358] [...] loser on this.
Danny (PS53C) [3359] Do on then.
[3360] ... I reckon 's got no cock.
[3361] 's dick that's gone.
[3362] ... 's a sad faggot.
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3363] [laughing] Have you? [] ... [...] is a
Nick (PS53G) [3364] [...] loser.
[3365] This pen doesn't show up too well.
[3366] Dickless erm
Danny (PS53C) [3367] Prick.
Nick (PS53G) [3368] and a sad faggit .
Danny (PS53C) [3369] Faggot.
Nick (PS53G) [3370] Faggot.
[3371] Now what we need is a really big black pen and make a line and put [laughing] rare at the top [] .
Danny (PS53C) [3372] Don't put that.
Nick (PS53G) [3373] I know.
Danny (PS53C) [3374] I wonder what that means.
Nick (PS53G) [3375] I just about to [...] ... Have you seen up there.
[3376] I did this massive erm spit out the window and it suddenly exploded like that. ...
Danny (PS53C) [3377] Mind it's no way get back in and save it up.
[3378] Oh shit.
[3379] I know I know.
[3380] See if I can get it in.
Nick (PS53G) [3381] Get it across chuck it across.
Danny (PS53C) [3382] That's what I mean.
[3383] ... Yeah it did it again.
Nick (PS53G) [3384] Did you see that explode all this phlegm.
Danny (PS53C) [3385] Yeah it's cool.
[3386] ... [...] . ... Chris Box has got no balls.
Nick (PS53G) [3387] Chris Box [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3388] Chris Box ...
Nick (PS53G) [3389] D'ya like Chris Box?
Danny (PS53C) [3390] No he's a loser.
Nick (PS53G) [3391] I know.
[3392] Seems a nice [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3393] I know that's a [...] man.
Nick (PS53G) [3394] Yeah [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3395] It's a boyfriend.
[3396] Thinks he's [...] .
[3397] ... is a loser.
[3398] The [...] only like him cos he has fag with them.
Nick (PS53G) [3399] No gets [...] he supplies them.
Danny (PS53C) [3400] Exactly.
[3401] If he didn't supply the fags he'd be mateless.
[3402] ... Face it if if he didn't have Adam as a friend he'd be definitely mateless.
Nick (PS53G) [3403] Yeah.
[3404] ... Andrew
Danny (PS53C) [3405] Is a loser.
Nick (PS53G)
Danny (PS53C) [3406] Call him mackerel.
Nick (PS53G) [3407] Mackerel. ...
Danny (PS53C) [3408] Did he hear you?
Nick (PS53G) [3409] I dunno.
[3410] [shouting] Mackerel [] ...
Danny (PS53C) [3411] Is he still there?
Nick (PS53G) [3412] No.
[3413] ... [laughing] Have you seen Miss . []
Danny (PS53C) [3414] No.
Nick (PS53G) [3415] Look out the window and tell me what you see.
[3416] Straight look [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3417] Knife and fork
Nick (PS53G) [3418] Knife and fork. ...
Danny (PS53C) [3419] Let's chuck something of [...] out the window.
[3420] Hey shall we lob this into the grass.
Nick (PS53G) [3421] No it gets it lost.
[3422] Better lob something that doesn't notice.
[3423] Wait let me have a look.
[3424] We used to get
Danny (PS53C) [3425] Yeah.
[3426] Chuck this out the window.
Nick (PS53G) [3427] Come on then.
Danny (PS53C) [3428] Break it half and half.
Nick (PS53G) [3429] I'll chuck this half out this side.
Danny (PS53C) [3430] [laughing] I'll chuck this half out this side. [] ...
Nick (PS53G) [3431] [laughing] I chucked it out the window and it landed on the ledge. []
Danny (PS53C) [laugh] ...
Nick (PS53G) [3432] Chucked yours?
Danny (PS53C) [3433] Yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [3434] Can you see it?
Danny (PS53C) [3435] Yeah it's on the grass.
Nick (PS53G) [3436] Let's have a look. [laugh] [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3437] Oh that's what I was aiming for actually.
[3438] [...] I missed.
[3439] I can't believe that I missed.
[3440] Oi don't crush them. ...
Nick (PS53G) [3441] [...] such a fag.
Danny (PS53C) [3442] Telling me.
Nick (PS53G) [3443] Don't know why we bother with English.
Danny (PS53C) [3444] Why do we have exams for [cough] subjects which we aren't even setted for?
Nick (PS53G) [3445] I know.
Danny (PS53C) [3446] Most of our exams that are coming up are so pointless.
Nick (PS53G) [3447] Yeah history.
[3448] At least we don't have an R S exam.
Danny (PS53C) [3449] We do.
Nick (PS53G) [3450] No we don't.
[3451] ... Well it's such a fag.
[3452] You're so lucky you get [...] when you get home.
Danny (PS53C) [3453] I know.
Nick (PS53G) [3454] We don't get [...] when I go in. ...
Danny (PS53C) [3455] I hate [...] .
[3456] Yeah I hope he heard me.
[3457] ... [laughing] You know never gets up in the mornings? []
Nick (PS53G) [3458] Mhm.
Danny (PS53C) [3459] Guess who's on first call tomorrow?
Nick (PS53G) [3460] ?
Danny (PS53C) [laugh] [...]
Nick (PS53G) [3461] Hate when I get punished.
[3462] Cos I punished for stupid things .
Danny (PS53C) [3463] He punished me to do it today but I got up really early anyhow.
Nick (PS53G) [3464] I can give, well the first call really easy cos I get up early.
Danny (PS53C) [3465] Shit.
Nick (PS53G) [3466] What?
Danny (PS53C) [3467] Got an incubator?
Nick (PS53G) [3468] No.
Danny (PS53C) [3469] Oh.
[3470] [...] ... Oh done it again.
Nick (PS53G) [3471] [...] listening to this crap song.
[3472] ... What about 's music taste.
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3473] You know that is just a joke.
[3474] ... He has this all this [...] shit music though doesn't he .
[3475] Can't believe how naff he is.
Danny (PS53C) [3476] I know.
[3477] ... Well what we shall probably do is erm if you like get the bus down to McDonalds and like after that have a look around Wood Green.
Nick (PS53G) [3478] Yeah I know most of Wood Green.
Danny (PS53C) [3479] And we could go back up.
[3480] Or we could go into d'ya know Enfield Town?
Nick (PS53G) [3481] Yep.
Danny (PS53C) [3482] Shit.
Nick (PS53G) [3483] What?
Danny (PS53C) [3484] I mean we could go back up and go into Ashpoles and then just go down Park with er black widows and just blow the shit [laughing] out of everything [] .
[3485] Shoot the little kids. [laugh]
Nick (PS53G) [3486] But we do if I do get the [...] diablo I'll show you you know.
[3487] It's all unscrewable the whole thing practically.
Danny (PS53C) [3488] Is it good?
Nick (PS53G) [3489] Mm. ...
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3490] What did he say?
Nick (PS53G) [3491] Just shout [...] ... What's Mr like?
[3492] ... D'ya like Mr .
Danny (PS53C) [3493] He's a prick.
[3494] I've got him for English.
Nick (PS53G) [3495] I've got him for drama.
[3496] Have you d'ya do drama?
Danny (PS53C) [3497] Yeah.
Nick (PS53G) [3498] It's so shit isn't it?
[3499] You just read out the crap [...] .
Danny (PS53C) [3500] We when I when it's our German period we just have music.
Nick (PS53G) [3501] How come?
Danny (PS53C) [3502] I dunno.
Nick (PS53G) [3503] Oh you you only have one a week don't you?
Danny (PS53C) [3504] Yep.
Nick (PS53G) [3505] So ever alternate changes.
[3506] You're lucky.
[3507] Did you have drama last term half term?
Danny (PS53C) [3508] No.
[3509] I mean yes sorry.
Nick (PS53G) [3510] What did you do?
Danny (PS53C) [3511] Erm Julius Caesar.
Nick (PS53G) [3512] In drama?
Danny (PS53C) [3513] Yeah.
[3514] It's crap.
Nick (PS53G) [3515] [...] do that?
Danny (PS53C) [3516] We did.
Nick (PS53G) [3517] No we didn't.
Danny (PS53C) [3518] Oh. ...
Nick (PS53G) [3519] [...] crap [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3520] Julius Caesar?
Nick (PS53G) [3521] Yeah.
[3522] Cos we got [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3523] I know.
Nick (PS53G) [3524] Have to put all of that.
Danny (PS53C) [3525] Yeah all of us had to audition.
[3526] A fag.
Nick (PS53G) [3527] I bet that [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3528] No there was only two placed for [...]
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3529] Cos the middles are meant to be so brilliant. ...
Nick (PS53G) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3530] Hitler shot himself we was such a dick.
[3531] He had so much bloody power and he goes and shoots himself.
Nick (PS53G) [3532] Who?
Danny (PS53C) [3533] Hitler.
[3534] What sort of a prick would do that?
Nick (PS53G) [3535] I know.
Danny (PS53C) [3536] I know Hitler hee.
[3537] I hate spend [recording ends]

20 (Tape 141501)

Andrew (PS53D) [3538] Now what happens?
Danny (PS53C) [3539] Should record what happened.
Andrew (PS53D) [3540] It's what?
Danny (PS53C) [3541] Record what happened.
Andrew (PS53D) [3542] So what do you do, do you have to give them the tapes and shit?
Danny (PS53C) [3543] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53D) [3544] How many days do have to tape them for?
Danny (PS53C) [3545] Seven.
Andrew (PS53D) [3546] Seven?
[3547] Cheers.
[3548] Do they give you tapes as well?
Danny (PS53C) [3549] Ten blank ninety minute [...] tapes.
[3550] They gave me eight eight
Andrew (PS53D) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3551] Yeah.
[3552] All I know is that I'm not
Andrew (PS53D) [3553] [...] and swear
Andrew (PS53D) [3554] Ow, that wasn't me.
Andrew (PS53D) [3555] Sorry.
Andrew (PS53D) [3556] God, James.
Andrew (PS53D) [3557] [laughing] Sorry Chris [] sorry, sorry.
Andrew (PS53D) [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3558] Don't you mind?
Danny (PS53C) [3559] No, cos they don't even know who I am.
[3560] All they know about me is that I'm number twenty eight.
Andrew (PS53D) [3561] And your address?
Danny (PS53C) [3562] No, they don't know my address.
Andrew (PS53D) [3563] How do you get it then?
Danny (PS53C) [3564] Cos erm they gave it to this woman and the woman gave it to me. [cough]
Andrew (PS53D) [3565] Twenty P
Andrew (PS53D) [3566] Ten P
Andrew (PS53D) [3567] Twenty.
Andrew (PS53D) [3568] That cost you twenty P?
Andrew (PS53D) [3569] How much that cost you?
Andrew (PS53D) [3570] Ten P
Andrew (PS53D) [3571] [...] buy?
Andrew (PS53D) [3572] [...] ... You were ripped off man.
Andrew (PS53D) [laugh]
Andrew (PS53D) [3573] It was, it was that size
Andrew (PS53D) [3574] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53D) [3575] [...] started it.
Danny (PS53C) [3576] I owe ten P.
Andrew (PS53D) [3577] I got two for twenty P.
Andrew (PS53D) [3578] [...] bitch you know they were really small so there were twenty.
Danny (PS53C) [3579] [laugh] Do you wanna sell one?
Andrew (PS53D) [3580] No
Andrew (PS53D) [3581] [...] What do you call yours?
Andrew (PS53D) [3582] Ring Pops.
Andrew (PS53D) [3583] Let's go.
Andrew (PS53D) [3584] I have to go, hang on I'm interested in this.
Andrew (PS53D) [3585] [...] rip off me [...] chewing them.
Andrew (PS53D) [3586] So ... wh why are they doing this, this survey [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3587] I dunno, they just wanna [...] everything my voice.
[3588] They want erm English thirteen year-olds ... why they chose me I shall never know.
Andrew (PS53D) [3589] Really?
[3590] When's your birthday?
Danny (PS53C) [3591] June the 8th.
Andrew (PS53D) [3592] June the 8th?
Danny (PS53C) [3593] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53D) [3594] Man, mine's June the 6th.
Danny (PS53C) [3595] Mhm.
Andrew (PS53D) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3596] About middle-aged.
Andrew (PS53D) [3597] No, fairly young.
Danny (PS53C) [3598] There's a lot of people in August.
Andrew (PS53D) [3599] Is there?
Danny (PS53C) [3600] And September.
Andrew (PS53D) [3601] [...] born in April, May or [...] May is the best one.
Andrew (PS53D) [3602] Yeah,th there's a lot in that ... May ... [...] there's a lot in our [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3603] Are you Gemini?
Andrew (PS53D) [3604] Well if I'm two days away from your, what do you think?
Danny (PS53C) [3605] Well, my dad, my dad's erm Gemini and Taurus cos he was born exactly on the night like he was born midnight basically
Andrew (PS53D) [3606] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [3607] and
Andrew (PS53D) [3608] When it changed.
Danny (PS53C) [3609] It's like well as it changed he like was like delivered on the change.
[3610] So he's Gemini and Taurus.
[3611] That's pretty cool actually.
Andrew (PS53D) [3612] [whistling] oh, there's a little microphone.
Andrew (PS53D) [3613] Which does he call himself?
Danny (PS53C) [3614] Huh?
Andrew (PS53D) [3615] Which does he call himself?
Danny (PS53C) [3616] He doesn't really give a toss.
[3617] ... No it's not really ... actually.
Andrew (PS53D) [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [whistling]
Danny (PS53C) [3618] Mm?
Andrew (PS53D) [3619] Is that a [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3620] Yes.
Andrew (PS53D) [3621] Oh my God
Andrew (PS53D) [3622] oh, oh you [...]
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Andrew (PS53D) [3623] You know what it is?
Andrew (PS53D) [3624] What, maybe a recorder [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3625] [shouting] what are you like []
Andrew (PS53D) [3626] A microphone, microphone.
Andrew (PS53D) [3627] What are you like does it improve your hearing.
Andrew (PS53D) [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3628] Hello.
Danny (PS53C) [3629] Speaking to the [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3630] [blowing down the microphone] [whistling] Mike, yeah.
[3631] It's said, it's piece of shit you Norwegian twats.
[3632] Whoops.
Andrew (PS53D) [3633] It's not recording is i?
Andrew (PS53D) [3634] Yeah.
Andrew (PS53D) [3635] So you recorded swearing saying [...] hear it.
Danny (PS53C) [laugh]
Andrew (PS53D) [3636] Can you play it back?
Danny (PS53C) [3637] No not now, have to wait till the tape ends.
Andrew (PS53D) [3638] Why?
Danny (PS53C) [3639] Cos it'll fuck it up.
Andrew (PS53D) [whistling]
Danny (PS53C) [shouting]
Andrew (PS53D) [3640] Yeah, that's cool.
Danny (PS53C) [3641] look you can even get the battery power.
Andrew (PS53D) [3642] You've got some dodgy things, dodgy sounding things on there.
[3643] Funny.
Danny (PS53C) [3644] You're calling yourself slash.
Andrew (PS53D) [3645] Did you?
Andrew (PS53D) [3646] I have.
Danny (PS53C) [3647] You still got it on you?
Andrew (PS53D) [3648] Twice
Andrew (PS53D) [3649] Let's see some of your porn moves [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3650] What?
Andrew (PS53D) [3651] Let's see some of your porn moves.
Andrew (PS53D) [3652] [...] Streetfighter Two.
Andrew (PS53D) [3653] I talk, come on do it into that.
Danny (PS53C) [3654] I'm talking.
Andrew (PS53D) [3655] No, come on you've gotta do all of it.
[3656] Just do them, no- one's gonna hear it you [...] twat.
[3657] What?
[3658] Just do it.
[3659] Oh, you're said.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3660] Speak into that, say something ... rude.
[3661] It's me.
Andrew (PS53D) [3662] Oi, punish [...] to say Sha Yu Ken this is a streetfighter game sound)
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3663] Oh yeah, Sha Yu Ken
Andrew (PS53D) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3664] Sha Yu Ken Sonic Boom.
Andrew (PS53D) [3665] [...] can do that [...] Er yeah can you what what's what's the one that he does with the hundred hands up? [shouting] ha, ha, ha, ha, ha []
Danny (PS53C) [3666] No he just goes ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3667] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Andrew (PS53D) [3668] Do the spinning kick one, you know the bloke where he jumps up and does the spinning kick.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3669] Sing it, just to Blanca when he goes
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3670] ooh, ooh, ooh go on.
Andrew (PS53D) [3671] I don't know that one.
Andrew (PS53D) [3672] Oh, you do, you're so bullshit, just to the real ones whatever they are.
[3673] Oh they get all the [...] I'm talking, I'm talking, talking.
[3674] See I did it.
[3675] [shouting] it's me [] just do it, I just did it.
[3676] Do the long one as well.
Danny (PS53C) [3677] All of them.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [singing] [...] [] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3678] Sonic boom.
[3679] Don't stare at me.
[3680] what's the one
Danny (PS53C) [3681] [...] for it.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3682] What's them voices in?
Danny (PS53C) [3683] In Bison?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3684] Yeah. [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3685] I don't know.
Andrew (PS53D) [3686] He doesn't.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3687] He does, he does.
Andrew (PS53D) [3688] That Vega bloke and he jumps up and things.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3689] Yeah, comes up and this bloody [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3690] Always gets
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3691] It's a woman, I'm telling you that is a woman.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3692] He's not.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3693] It is a woman.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3694] He's a bender.
Andrew (PS53D) [3695] [...] says [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3696] Wait, wait, I'm trying to look.
Andrew (PS53D) [3697] Listen to my tape.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3698] Where's [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3699] Would like to listen to another one of his tapes?
Danny (PS53C) [3700] They're crap, apart from one which is [...]
Andrew (PS53D) [3701] Just do, just do [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3702] They're what, one of them.
[3703] This one's pretty c crap.
Andrew (PS53D) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3704] All of them are shit and rubbish recording.
Andrew (PS53D) [3705] Yeah.
Danny (PS53C) [3706] Don't mind.
Andrew (PS53D) [3707] What [...] I'll just get on with my jibe and hope for the best. [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3708] I can't be fucked.
Andrew (PS53D) [3709] [...] ... What you doing?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3710] Project.
Andrew (PS53D) [3711] Project?
Danny (PS53C) [3712] I'm doing a project as well.
Andrew (PS53D) [3713] Projects?
[3714] A project isn't [...] a project [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3715] Say ... rough.
Andrew (PS53D) [3716] Rough.
Danny (PS53C) [3717] Have you got a bit of a lisp? a wisp?
Andrew (PS53D) [3718] I dunno I never used to, it's just erm some words I say.
Danny (PS53C) [3719] You can't pronounce your
Andrew (PS53D) [3720] No it's not that bad, but it's [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3721] Rough
Andrew (PS53D) [3722] I never used to.
Danny (PS53C) [3723] Oh.
Andrew (PS53D) [3724] It's like on things like ... Warren.
Danny (PS53C) [3725] Say Warren properly.
[3726] He goes Wawen
Andrew (PS53D) [3727] And Darren.
Danny (PS53C) [3728] Dawen and Wawen Wodgers
Andrew (PS53D) [3729] Well apart from
Danny (PS53C) [3730] Wawen Wodgers
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [3731] I say Darren can't say Warren.
[3732] he's gotta lisp.
Danny (PS53C) [3733] Darren?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3734] Who?
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]
Danny (PS53C) [3735] He's a dick.
Unknown speaker (KPAPSUNK) [...]