5 conversations recorded by `Eddie' (PS540) [dates unknown] with 3 interlocutors, totalling 620 s-units, 2738 words (duration not recorded).

5 speakers recorded by respondent number 724

KPBPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS540 Ag1 m (Eddie, age 15, student)
PS5AW X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KPBPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPBPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

5 recordings

  1. Tape 140201 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 140202 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 140301 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 140302 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 140303 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 140201)

None (KPBPS000) [1] Right.
Eddie (PS540) [2] Right then, so what's that called?
[3] What is four beat note called?
None (KPBPS000) [4] Erm ... [sighing] oh [] !
[5] A semibreve.
Eddie (PS540) [6] A semibreve, right.
[7] And a, one beat note is called is a
None (KPBPS000) [8] A crotchet.
Eddie (PS540) [9] A two beat?
None (KPBPS000) [10] Er, minim.
Eddie (PS540) [11] Half beat?
None (KPBPS000) [12] [sighing] Ah [] .
Eddie (PS540) [13] Packet of crisps.
None (KPBPS000) [14] Packet of crisps.
[15] Oh er
Eddie (PS540) [16] Qua
None (KPBPS000) [17] Quaver.
Eddie (PS540) [18] Good.
[19] And ... a ha a quarter of a beat is ... do you know what a half mean?
[20] Do you know what the, a word for half is?
None (KPBPS000) [21] Mm mm.
[22] No.
Eddie (PS540) [23] What's half a circle called?
None (KPBPS000) [24] Er, semicircle.
Eddie (PS540) [25] Yeah, so
None (KPBPS000) [26] Semibreve.
Eddie (PS540) [27] No, half of a quaver.
None (KPBPS000) [28] Oh.
[29] Semiquaver.
Eddie (PS540) [30] Semi, that's a quarter.
None (KPBPS000) [31] A quarter.
Eddie (PS540) [32] And, a quarte , a half of a quarter
None (KPBPS000) [33] Half of a quarter.
[34] I dunno.
Eddie (PS540) [35] It's called a ... a demisemiquaver.
None (KPBPS000) [36] Demisemiquaver.
Eddie (PS540) [37] Yes.
[38] You don't have to know that for now. [laugh]
None (KPBPS000) [39] [laughing] Okay [] .
Eddie (PS540) [40] You don't have to even know until you pass your grade one.
[41] Oh right, so did you have a good [break in recording] [piano playing]
Unknown speaker (KPBPSUNK) [42] Going to listen in to actual conversation.
Unknown speaker (KPBPSUNK) [43] Are you recording?
None (KPBPS000) [44] Oh sir, can I start again
Eddie (PS540) [45] Yep.
None (KPBPS000) [46] please sir?
[47] [piano music] ... Dee
Eddie (PS540) [48] Right, now you're doing ... what I used to do what I used to do when I started, okay?
[49] You're rushing.
[50] I still do.
[51] Okay.
None (KPBPS000) [laugh]
Eddie (PS540) [52] You're, you're rushing through.
[53] You are, you're starting off so you go, [piano music] , then you suddenly realize, I know this, you're going [playing piano fast] .
None (KPBPS000) [54] Right.
Eddie (PS540) [55] Right, you gotta do it steady because all of these are exactly the same things aren't they?
[56] The ra , they're
None (KPBPS000) [57] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [58] all what like, what type of notes are they?
None (KPBPS000) [59] Crotchets.
Eddie (PS540) [60] And what's that last one?
None (KPBPS000) [61] Er qua , er ... a minim.
Eddie (PS540) [62] And, d'ya notice something special about that minim?
None (KPBPS000) [63] Yes.
[64] That one there?
Eddie (PS540) [65] Yes.
None (KPBPS000) [66] It's upside down.
Eddie (PS540) [67] That's right, cos it's, why's that?
None (KPBPS000) [68] Yeah, erm
Eddie (PS540) [69] D'ya know?
None (KPBPS000) [70] It's, oh yeah, we stay on the left hand.
Eddie (PS540) [71] No, it's,almo , almost right but [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (KPBPSUNK) [...]
Eddie (PS540) [72] and yeah, but, it's cos it's high up.
[73] Once
None (KPBPS000) [74] Oh yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [75] Once a note is drawn higher than that middle line ... the tails start to go in the opposite direction.
None (KPBPS000) [76] Oh.
Eddie (PS540) [77] Yeah?
None (KPBPS000) [78] Right, yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [79] Let me find one song which has got a mixture.
[80] ... There.
[81] Alright?
None (KPBPS000) [82] Oh right.
[83] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [84] There, like that.
[85] You see?
None (KPBPS000) [86] Is that hard to play that?
Eddie (PS540) [87] No it's not hard at all.
None (KPBPS000) [88] Oh.
Eddie (PS540) [89] Once you know the basics it's fairly easy.
[90] Right.
[91] Once more then.
[92] To try an , I I'll click and you do it in time.
[93] [clicking fingers] One, after three
None (KPBPS000) [94] Right.
[95] Okay.
Eddie (PS540) [96] One , two, three.
[97] After three so it's ... one, two, three.
[98] Just then.
None (KPBPS000) [99] [laughing] Oh sorry [] .
Eddie (PS540) [100] So
None (KPBPS000) [101] Right.
Eddie (PS540) [102] one, two, three. [clicking fingers in time to music]
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [103] Almost.
[104] Try again now.
[105] [clicking fingers] One, two, three.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [106] Right, now try it once more.
None (KPBPS000) [107] Okay.
Eddie (PS540) [108] One, two, three.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [109] Good.
[110] Excellent.
None (KPBPS000) [111] I had to stall on the [...] .
[112] Just there.
Eddie (PS540) [113] Right now what number does it say under the, underneath that C?
None (KPBPS000) [114] One.
Eddie (PS540) [115] What, what finger's that then?
None (KPBPS000) [116] Erm ... this one.
Eddie (PS540) [117] And, what, what's the other number?
None (KPBPS000) [118] Five, so you start on erm ... this finger.
Eddie (PS540) [119] Alright.
[120] So, let's hear it.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [121] It's, now right, yeah.
[122] You we , I'm glad you said that ... cos, I'm not sure if I told you this before but d'ya remember what these numbers here mean?
[123] I've told you.
None (KPBPS000) [124] Oh.
[125] Tt, erm ... does it mean like how many in a bar?
Eddie (PS540) [126] Yeah.
[127] It means, four means crotchets.
[128] That's what four means.
None (KPBPS000) [129] Ah ah.
Eddie (PS540) [130] It means crotchet.
[131] It's stupid I know.
None (KPBPS000) [laugh]
Eddie (PS540) [132] Okay.
[133] And ... how many crotche , if there's a four it's a crotchet, and the
None (KPBPS000) [134] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [135] thing above tells you how many there are.
None (KPBPS000) [136] Oh so that's two crotchets.
Eddie (PS540) [137] And count, how many crotchets in that bar?
None (KPBPS000) [138] Two.
Eddie (PS540) [139] And that one?
None (KPBPS000) [140] Two.
Eddie (PS540) [141] And that one?
None (KPBPS000) [142] Erm ... two.
Eddie (PS540) [143] There's, yeah, that's right.
[144] So ... now this one ... how many crotchets are there?
None (KPBPS000) [145] Erm ... three.
Eddie (PS540) [146] And how many crotchets in the bar?
[147] One, two
None (KPBPS000) [148] Two
Eddie (PS540) [149] three.
None (KPBPS000) [150] One, two, three.
Eddie (PS540) [151] What about here?
None (KPBPS000) [152] One, two.
Eddie (PS540) [153] Right there's two.
[154] That's good.
[155] Now you see that little dot afterwards?
None (KPBPS000) [156] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [157] That means ... half, put the note in half, so what's half of two?
None (KPBPS000) [158] One crotchet one.
Eddie (PS540) [159] Right.
[160] Add half.
None (KPBPS000) [161] Half is one.
Eddie (PS540) [162] Not right.
[163] Okay, it's ... all, the actual saying is, half the note added on.
None (KPBPS000) [164] Oh!
[165] Right er
Eddie (PS540) [166] So, what's half of two?
None (KPBPS000) [167] Half of two, one.
Eddie (PS540) [168] Half of, yeah, half of two.
[169] Yeah.
[170] Added on to two.
None (KPBPS000) [171] Three.
Eddie (PS540) [172] That's right.
[173] So what's half of one?
None (KPBPS000) [174] Er, a half.
Eddie (PS540) [175] Add it on to one.
None (KPBPS000) [176] Er, two.
Eddie (PS540) [177] One and
None (KPBPS000) [178] Oh no.
Eddie (PS540) [179] a half.
None (KPBPS000) [180] One and half of to , one and a half.
Eddie (PS540) [181] Right now, let's see, erm ... let's try another one.
[182] Four.
[183] Go on you do that one.
[184] You've got a dotted four, dotted semigrave.
None (KPBPS000) [185] Right.
[186] Half of four is two.
Eddie (PS540) [187] Mhm.
None (KPBPS000) [188] Add another two
Eddie (PS540) [189] Mm.
None (KPBPS000) [190] is four.
Eddie (PS540) [191] Alright.
[192] Just ... you got four, here's four, yeah?
None (KPBPS000) [193] Right.
Eddie (PS540) [194] You wanna find out what half of four is.
None (KPBPS000) [195] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [196] You don't actually half it but you work it out, it's two.
None (KPBPS000) [197] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [198] So you get those two and you add them on the end.
None (KPBPS000) [199] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [200] That's six.
[201] Okay?
[202] Same with two, you've got two you ge , cut them in half, add one.
None (KPBPS000) [203] Oh right, to make three.
Eddie (PS540) [204] Three.
None (KPBPS000) [205] Ah right.
Eddie (PS540) [206] So erm ... that's this, you wouldn't get this one, but what about eight?
[207] A dotted eight on.
None (KPBPS000) [208] And you cut it
Eddie (PS540) [209] Yeah.
None (KPBPS000) [210] four, and you add two.
Eddie (PS540) [211] Two.
[212] Right now.
[213] You got eight, yeah?
[214] Half of eight is?
None (KPBPS000) [215] Half of eight, four.
Eddie (PS540) [216] A , add four onto eight.
None (KPBPS000) [217] Four onto eight?
[218] Oh.
[219] Er, twelve.
[220] Right, so the answer's twelve?
Eddie (PS540) [221] Twelve, yeah.
[222] So let's try a higher one.
[223] Right.
[224] Twelve itself.
None (KPBPS000) [225] Twelve right.
[226] Cut it in half, six ... you add ... four?
Eddie (PS540) [227] No you add six onto twelve.
None (KPBPS000) [228] Add six ... to twelve
Eddie (PS540) [229] Because twelve is the number you started with, yeah?
[230] Start
None (KPBPS000) [231] Mm.
Eddie (PS540) [232] the number you start with, you keep that in your head ... and you always add the number you find out onto that.
None (KPBPS000) [233] So if that's been cut in half,
Eddie (PS540) [234] Mm.
None (KPBPS000) [235] you always add ... the other half
Eddie (PS540) [236] Yeah, you add wha
None (KPBPS000) [237] onto the twelve?
Eddie (PS540) [238] Yeah, d'ya know. [laugh]
None (KPBPS000) [laugh]
Eddie (PS540) [239] The number you cut in half
None (KPBPS000) [240] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [241] remember how it was in the first place ... so if you cut four in half, remember four
None (KPBPS000) [242] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [243] and add half of four.
None (KPBPS000) [244] Oh, so that makes six.
Eddie (PS540) [245] Yeah.
None (KPBPS000) [246] Alright.
[247] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [248] Do it to eight.
None (KPBPS000) [249] Right eight.
[250] Right you cut it in four, so that's four ... but you remember the eight, so you add the other four
Eddie (PS540) [251] Mhm.
None (KPBPS000) [252] which is twelve.
Eddie (PS540) [253] Good.
[254] You got it now?
None (KPBPS000) [255] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [256] Yeah?
[257] You sure?
[258] Right, so ... how many in that bar?
None (KPBPS000) [259] Er, three.
Eddie (PS540) [260] Good.
None (KPBPS000) [...]
Eddie (PS540) [261] Right now, what about this one?
[262] It's,ga do you remember what will happen?
[263] Do you remember what started this conversation?
None (KPBPS000) [264] Er, yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [265] What happened?
[266] What did you do?
None (KPBPS000) [267] I erm ... I went, one, two ... faster.
Eddie (PS540) [268] Yeah.
[269] No, you wa , you went
None (KPBPS000) [270] I went one, two, three.
Eddie (PS540) [271] One, two, three.
None (KPBPS000) [272] Oh right.
Eddie (PS540) [273] And there's only two.
None (KPBPS000) [274] Oh yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [275] So really you'd say ... one, two, or one, two, three, four.
[276] Okay?
[277] So, go through that again.
None (KPBPS000) [278] One, two, [piano music] ... One, ah, I keep missing my way through to ... these
Eddie (PS540) [279] That's it.
[280] Try now.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [281] Right, now, the problem was there you, you started off too quickly didn't you?
None (KPBPS000) [282] I started , yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [283] So let's take it a bit slower.
[284] One, two, three.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [285] [clicking fingers] ... That's it.
None (KPBPS000) [286] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [287] Try again, yeah?
None (KPBPS000) [288] Alright.
Eddie (PS540) [289] One, two, three.
[290] I'll say [...] .
None (KPBPS000) [291] Oh.
Eddie (PS540) [292] Keep going.
[293] Alright, one
None (KPBPS000) [294] Two ... right one
Eddie (PS540) [295] Count yourself in.
None (KPBPS000) [296] One, two, [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [297] Again.
[298] One
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [299] Okay.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [300] A bit faster.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [301] Right.
[302] What about this?
None (KPBPS000) [303] Right.
[304] Ooh!
[305] ... Oh, like C D, now where's B?
[306] Is it that, that, that must
Eddie (PS540) [307] Mm.
None (KPBPS000) [308] be right.
[309] C, B, A, C, B ... F ... it's quite confusing though.
Eddie (PS540) [310] C, C, C A, F.
None (KPBPS000) [311] Oh C, A, F, right.
[312] I'll try it this one.
[313] One, two, three.
[314] [piano music] ... Sorry.
[315] Bit of a [...]
Eddie (PS540) [316] It's alright take it's , take your time, yeah.
[317] Go on.
None (KPBPS000) [318] Think about it.
[319] One, two, three. [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [320] Right.
None (KPBPS000) [321] I keep forgetting to.
Eddie (PS540) [322] I'll play it , I'll play it and you listen.
[323] So, so you know if you've gone wrong.
[324] Ready?
[325] [playing piano] ... I'll do it again okay?
None (KPBPS000) [326] Oh.
Eddie (PS540) [playing piano]
None (KPBPS000) [327] Alright.
[328] Better go soon. ... [playing piano]
Eddie (PS540) [329] Good.
[330] Again.
[331] Yeah?
None (KPBPS000) [332] Okay. [laugh] ... [playing piano]
Eddie (PS540) [333] Once more.
None (KPBPS000) [playing piano]
Eddie (PS540) [334] Right, will you bring it up to speed.
[335] Here we go, one, two, three. [clicking fingers]
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [336] Good.
[337] Right.
[338] Now ... you count the amount ... see how long, how long is that bar?
None (KPBPS000) [339] It's, a three.
Eddie (PS540) [340] Good.
[341] So you count, you hold it down for three.
[342] Then take it off.
None (KPBPS000) [343] Okay.
Eddie (PS540) [344] So remember you hold it down for the right length and quickly take your hand off, as soon as you've done it.
None (KPBPS000) [345] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [346] So, let's try it again, yeah?
None (KPBPS000) [347] Okay, one, two, three.
Eddie (PS540) [348] Two, three
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [349] Two, three.
[350] Good.
[351] Right.
[352] That's good.
[353] You've made a lot of progress on that.
None (KPBPS000) [354] Good.
Eddie (PS540) [355] Right.
[356] ... No, sit down.
[357] Sit down, we haven't finished yet.
None (KPBPS000) [358] Oh well sorry I thought
Eddie (PS540) [359] No, no, no.
None (KPBPS000) [360] we just
Eddie (PS540) [361] Right.
[362] We did this didn't we?
[363] We started on that.
None (KPBPS000) [364] Erm ... oh yeah!
[365] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [366] Have you had a chance to ... play it at all?
None (KPBPS000) [367] Erm ... I do , I I practise it, I practised it on Monday and erm
Eddie (PS540) [368] That's alright.
[369] Good.
None (KPBPS000) [370] See
Eddie (PS540) [371] I'm glad.
[372] Just as long as you
None (KPBPS000) [373] I forgot to play it with the tune right though.
Eddie (PS540) [374] Sort that, right
None (KPBPS000) [375] I just [...] .
Eddie (PS540) [376] Go on then, let's let's see how you do that.
[377] See how you do.
None (KPBPS000) [378] Yeah, so ... Do I start on this one?
[379] With erm
Eddie (PS540) [380] Let's start on this one now.
[381] You would
None (KPBPS000) [382] C
Eddie (PS540) [383] start on this one, but we'll start on that for now.
None (KPBPS000) [384] Oh right.
[385] C, E, E
Eddie (PS540) [386] No it's E F
None (KPBPS000) [387] C, E ... F ... E, E ... E ... D, right.
[388] One, two, [playing piano]
Eddie (PS540) [389] Good.
[390] One more C, yeah.
[391] Okay.
[392] Carry on.
None (KPBPS000) [playing piano]
Eddie (PS540) [393] Yeah.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [394] Okay.
[395] Okay.
[396] Let's do it a bit faster, ready?
None (KPBPS000) [397] Mm.
Eddie (PS540) [398] One, two.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [399] Right, see, you've got, you've actually gotta do ... [piano music] , so, [playing piano] ... at that speed.
[400] Okay?
None (KPBPS000) [401] Alright.
Eddie (PS540) [402] Don't
None (KPBPS000) [403] So
Eddie (PS540) [404] do it so early.
None (KPBPS000) [405] do I start on this side then?
Eddie (PS540) [406] Yeah.
None (KPBPS000) [407] Oh right.
Eddie (PS540) [408] One, two.
None (KPBPS000) [piano music]
Eddie (PS540) [409] That's it, go on.
None (KPBPS000) [playing piano]
Eddie (PS540) [410] Good!
[411] Well done!
[412] Right.
[413] For homework
None (KPBPS000) [414] Oh.
Eddie (PS540) [415] I've got homework, sorry
None (KPBPS000) [laugh]
Eddie (PS540) [416] about that.
[417] I'm used to sa , I'm used to being told that at school.
[418] I want you ... to write the names of these notes up here.
None (KPBPS000) [419] The names?
Eddie (PS540) [420] The names of them.
None (KPBPS000) [421] Right.
Eddie (PS540) [422] Yeah?
[423] Remember this is bass flat.
[424] D'ya remember the names
None (KPBPS000) [425] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [426] of bass flat?
None (KPBPS000) [427] Bass, er pardon?
[428] Bass?
Eddie (PS540) [429] D'ya, d'ya remember the name of er, of notes?
[430] Do you remember the rhyme?
None (KPBPS000) [431] I know.
[432] A B C D E F
Eddie (PS540) [433] Right.
[434] D'ya remember ... every good boy deserves football?
None (KPBPS000) [435] Oh!
[436] Oh yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [437] And face?
None (KPBPS000) [438] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [439] Do you remember that?
[440] Yeah?
None (KPBPS000) [441] I remember when you say [laughing] it like that [] .
Eddie (PS540) [442] And this one, great big dog from America.
[443] And, all cows eat grass.
None (KPBPS000) [444] Oh!
[445] Right! [laugh]
Eddie (PS540) [446] Right then.
[447] Okay.
None (KPBPS000) [448] I've gotta off by heart.
Eddie (PS540) [449] If you can learn those, er that's good.
None (KPBPS000) [450] Right.
Eddie (PS540) [451] Okay.
None (KPBPS000) [452] And what are the names?
[453] What are these?
[454] What are they?
Eddie (PS540) [455] Those are rests.
None (KPBPS000) [456] Rests.
[457] So I don't have to do those?
Eddie (PS540) [458] So you don't anything.
[459] You just, you just, don't, don't write anything.
[460] A rest means, your hand has a rest.
[461] Literally has a rest, you don't do anything.
None (KPBPS000) [462] Oh.
Eddie (PS540) [463] Okay?
[464] Erm, and when you put the names just play through it once.
[465] You know, just so you know what it is, so when you come into the lesson next week you'll be able to sit down and ... attempt it.
None (KPBPS000) [466] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [467] Okay?
None (KPBPS000) [468] I try making the ... erm homework shouldn't I, a bit longer than ten minutes?
[469] Cos like, it's before I go to bed I I ... sort of get my, my organ out and
Eddie (PS540) [470] Yeah.
None (KPBPS000) [471] pra ... practise.
Eddie (PS540) [472] Good.
[473] Right.
[474] That's, that's great.
[475] If you can do that?
None (KPBPS000) [476] Thank you for your help.
Eddie (PS540) [477] Right.
[478] I've gotta ask you how are you?
None (KPBPS000) [479] I'm thirteen.
Eddie (PS540) [480] That's, right.
[481] Okay.

2 (Tape 140202)

None (PS5AW) [482] The Serbs and all those are signing a peace agreement.
Eddie (PS540) [483] Are they?
None (PS5AW) [484] At night.
Eddie (PS540) [485] So what does that mean?
None (PS5AW) [486] That means that er sa , America says they won't do ... bomb them or anything yet.
Eddie (PS540) [487] No?
[488] That's a shame.
None (PS5AW) [489] But erm ... they've told them that they better keep to the peace agreement.
[490] It's ratified by the Bosnian government it's gotta be.
[491] They've signed the [...] bands agreement right?
[492] But if they don't, if they break it or that then er ... they expect ... some trouble.
[493] ... I was talking about ... er er erm, cannabis and opium and things like that last night, now, I'm sure I'm right and these others were wrong, how do you get opium?
Eddie (PS540) [494] It's sta ... you erm ... draw up
None (PS5AW) [495] Describe how you think
Eddie (PS540) [496] it's the seeds of er
None (PS5AW) [497] Is it the seeds?
Eddie (PS540) [498] Hang on, let me think.
[499] Let me, maybe, I dunno.
None (PS5AW) [500] Cos they reckon it's the
Eddie (PS540) [501] Ga hang on!
[502] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
[503] Don't say what they think.
None (PS5AW) [504] Mm.
Eddie (PS540) [505] I know you gotta dry something off.
None (PS5AW) [506] Well they reckon it's the seeds of the poppy.
Eddie (PS540) [507] No it's not, cos you, you eat them.
None (PS5AW) [508] I don't believe that.
Eddie (PS540) [509] You can eat poppy seeds.
None (PS5AW) [510] I, d'ya know that, do you know our poppies in the garden, those big ones?
Eddie (PS540) [511] Yeah.
None (PS5AW) [512] Do you when I sa , if you split them at the edge, do you know when the things ... died off, the poppies there?
Eddie (PS540) [513] Yeah.
None (PS5AW) [514] And when it's still green ... if you get a little knife and just slit down like that, a sap comes out, all
Eddie (PS540) [515] Yeah.
None (PS5AW) [516] sa sa sap.
Eddie (PS540) [517] It's not
None (PS5AW) [518] It's a white sap substance.
Eddie (PS540) [519] Because on, you have poppy seeds on rolls.
None (PS5AW) [520] Yeah.
Eddie (PS540) [521] Black seeds, those are poppy seeds.
None (PS5AW) [522] That's right.
[523] But er, is a, this sap comes out, right?
Eddie (PS540) [524] Yeah, and you dry that.
None (PS5AW) [525] And that's what
Eddie (PS540) [526] So
None (PS5AW) [527] it's opium isn't it?
Eddie (PS540) [528] And it turns to what?
[529] Is it a powder?
None (PS5AW) [530] I think so.
Eddie (PS540) [531] A white powder.
None (PS5AW) [532] Int that what they collect?
Eddie (PS540) [533] I'll ask Kay.
None (PS5AW) [534] Don't they scrape it off?
Eddie (PS540) [535] Yeah.
None (PS5AW) [536] That's what I thought.
[537] Ooh!
[538] None of them agree.
[539] Ooh no that's wrong.
Eddie (PS540) [540] Who's none?
None (PS5AW) [541] Er erm
Eddie (PS540) [542] Was it Mum?
None (PS5AW) [543] Don, well Mum wasn't
Eddie (PS540) [544] What did Mum say?
None (PS5AW) [545] certain.
[546] This Don and his wife and ... er Gail and her husband, you know ... intelligent people.
Eddie (PS540) [547] You should have told them that ... about the poppy seeds.
[548] You should have said, you eat poppy seeds on rolls.
None (PS5AW) [549] Yeah!
Eddie (PS540) [550] Cos you do.
None (PS5AW) [551] Yeah!
[552] Well they even said that!
Eddie (PS540) [553] I dunno but, I would have thought Mum would have said that.
None (PS5AW) [554] Yeah.
[555] But no!
[556] No, no one thought that was right.
[557] There was still arguments.
Eddie (PS540) [558] Did you, did tha that come up about eating them?
[559] Poppy seeds?
None (PS5AW) [560] Someone said about the poppy, you can eat poppy seed, but ... then someone else said ... no wonder I was addicted to rolls, you know, poppy seeds rolls, but ... erm ... no I didn't argue about it, I just oh well okay, that's ... fine.
[561] I said I thought it was that way but, you know, agreed with them.
[562] But I'm sure I was right and they were wrong.
Eddie (PS540) [563] [whistling] ... Do you know what I find amazing?
None (PS5AW) [564] Mm mm?
Eddie (PS540) [565] How the shop in Trungeon Square ... the Chinese restaurant right
None (PS5AW) [566] Yes this
Eddie (PS540) [567] stays open?
None (PS5AW) [568] Yeah I tho , I've been thinking that as I walk by it.
[569] You never see anyone in it.
Eddie (PS540) [570] No.
None (PS5AW) [571] Do you think it's a front for something?
Eddie (PS540) [572] Chinese laundry.
None (PS5AW) [573] Unless it's ... cos they live there as well don't they?
Eddie (PS540) [574] Yeah.
[575] Maybe.
None (PS5AW) [576] So that's ... like their accommodation.
[577] ... Whereas other people ... I wonder if they lived in their one.
[578] ... Probably don't do they?
Eddie (PS540) [579] What one?
None (PS5AW) [580] The other people ... in the other shops, would they live ... in them do you think?
Eddie (PS540) [581] Ah ah!
None (PS5AW) [582] Would the ... newsagent live, they'd live in there wouldn't they?
Eddie (PS540) [583] No they don't.
None (PS5AW) [584] Would the greengrocers be living there?
Eddie (PS540) [585] No they don't.
[586] I mean Nazim's dad does n't.
[587] Na
None (PS5AW) [588] Which one's that?
Eddie (PS540) [589] Nazim.
None (PS5AW) [590] No, which shop is that?
Eddie (PS540) [591] Ee, I dunno, he lives, his shop is in Edmonton, he lives, lives down here one ... .
None (PS5AW) [592] Oh I see, yeah.
[593] But
Eddie (PS540) [594] Cos
None (PS5AW) [595] I wonder if the rest of them
Eddie (PS540) [596] Cos he has to work at five o'clock each morning.
None (PS5AW) [597] Oh!
Eddie (PS540) [598] Ah they've gone.
None (PS5AW) [599] You wouldn't even know that was in there would you?
[600] Oh yeah, a little bit of ... [...] .
Eddie (PS540) [601] And there's a Tandoori.
None (PS5AW) [602] There's hundreds of the bloody things int there?
Eddie (PS540) [603] Hong Kong House.
None (PS5AW) [604] I wonder if it's
Eddie (PS540) [605] And there's usually about three people in there.
[606] Ah, two.
[607] And a China, and one of them's the daughter of the person who own it.
[608] ... Can see more outside here I reckon.
None (PS5AW) [609] Oh that bloody tape!
[610] Video.
[611] Jump in and get it straight away.
Eddie (PS540) [612] Have you got any money of you?
[613] I haven't.
None (PS5AW) [614] No.
[615] ... I'll have a look when I stop.
Eddie (PS540) [whistling]
None (PS5AW) [616] Yeah, we'll find some, go on.
Eddie (PS540) [617] You got no money?
None (PS5AW) [618] Yeah I got it?
Eddie (PS540) [619] Two fifty?
None (PS5AW) [620] Yeah.