5 conversations recorded by `Gary' (PS549) on 30 January 1992 with 5 interlocutors, totalling 806 s-units, 4826 words, and 42 minutes 17 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 70

PS549 Ag3 m (Gary, age 36, shunter, Scottish, )
PS54A Ag0 f (Laura, age 11, student, Scottish, ) daughter
PS54B Ag0 f (Karen, age 8, student, Scottish, ) daughter
PS54C Ag2 f (Lilias, age 33, shop assistant, Scottish, ) wife
PS54D Ag5 m (Jake, age 73, retired, Scottish, ) father-in-law
PS54E Ag5 f (Lilias, age 71, retired, Scottish, ) mother-in-law
KPDPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPDPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

5 recordings

  1. Tape 065301 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: welcoming home wife and kids
  2. Tape 065302 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: putting groceries away and preparing evening meal
  3. Tape 065303 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: putting groceries away and preparing evening meal
  4. Tape 065304 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie ( at home ) Activity: after evening meal
  5. Tape 065305 recorded on 1992-01-30. LocationStrathclyde: Airdrie () Activity: visiting the in-laws

1 (Tape 065301)

Laura (PS54A) [1] Is that your new personal stereo?
Gary (PS549) [2] No, I'll explain it to you later.
[3] ... I'm just actually practising.
Lilias (PS54C) [4] What is it?
Gary (PS549) [5] What?
[6] Let's see you.
Lilias (PS54C) [7] I cannae put it up [...] .
Gary (PS549) [8] No.
[9] Oh were up at the ... Safeway?
Laura (PS54A) [singing] [...] []
Gary (PS549) [10] I'll explain it to you later. [...] .
Lilias (PS54C) [11] Well er
Gary (PS549) [12] No I've been picked out by the British Market Research Bureau to
Lilias (PS54C) [13] What?
Gary (PS549) [14] do a survey?
Lilias (PS54C) [15] Have you?
Gary (PS549) [16] Aha.
Lilias (PS54C) [17] What's that, to do with the work?
Gary (PS549) [18] No, the woman called at the door not long ago.
[19] She's just, not long away.
[20] A
Lilias (PS54C) [21] Well what d'ya mean survey?
Gary (PS549) [22] Eh?
Lilias (PS54C) [23] Do you get paid for it.
Gary (PS549) [24] [laugh] ... No you get a ... a token ... twenty five pound voucher at the ... end of the survey ... from Marks and Spencers.
Lilias (PS54C) [25] And th do you have to ask people questions?
Gary (PS549) [26] No.
[27] No.
Lilias (PS54C) [28] No?
Gary (PS549) [29] Just tape normal conversations ... which ... we're doing that er now.
Lilias (PS54C) [30] Switch that off. [laugh]

2 (Tape 065302)

Gary (PS549) [31] Aye.
[32] What did ya do at school?
Laura (PS54A) [33] Erm ... had my assembly today.
Gary (PS549) [34] Did you?
Laura (PS54A) [35] Aha.
Gary (PS549) [36] What about you Karen?
Karen (PS54B) [37] Di I did my assembly today.
[38] Do you want to hear this?
[39] If you can guess it?
Gary (PS549) [40] What?
Karen (PS54B) [41] Right.
[42] [...] . Don't tell.
[43] [reading schoolbook] Up the brae, and o'er the top and doon the, eh er, up the brae and o'er the top ... and doon again and up the brae and o'er the top and doon I drop and that the day and there I stop [] .
Gary (PS549) [44] Ooh!
[45] Never heard that before.
Karen (PS54B) [46] That's the letter N.
[47] But it's supposed to be an M, but it's a letter K.
Gary (PS549) [48] Oh!
Karen (PS54B) [49] It's, up the way and that.
Gary (PS549) [50] Aha.
Karen (PS54B) [51] And one of us did Tam-O'Shanter something like that.
Gary (PS549) [52] Oh you did Tam-O'Shanter?
[53] I see.
Karen (PS54B) [54] You had to sing Oh Flower of Scotland.
Gary (PS549) [55] Mhm.
Laura (PS54A) [56] Well it was [...] .
Karen (PS54B) [57] Derek he's huge right!
[58] He [...] like come up to here! [laugh]
Gary (PS549) [59] Yeah.
Karen (PS54B) [60] Erm ... erm Laura seen his boxer shorts. [laugh]
Laura (PS54A) [61] No I never!
Karen (PS54B) [62] You did.
[63] Scott was looking at her and so was Kay.
[64] [laughing] He had his legs wide open [] !
Gary (PS549) [65] So what kind of
Laura (PS54A) [66] That's right.
Gary (PS549) [67] day did you have at work then?
Laura (PS54A) [laugh]
Lilias (PS54C) [68] Well
Karen (PS54B) [laugh]
Lilias (PS54C) [69] you know I can't talk with these things.
Karen (PS54B) [laugh]
Gary (PS549) [70] Oh!
[71] We have a shy wife.
[72] Just the same as when you're on video camera.
Lilias (PS54C) [73] I had a rubbish day.
Gary (PS549) [74] A rubbish day was it?
Lilias (PS54C) [75] I had this awful sore head.
Gary (PS549) [76] Aha.
Lilias (PS54C) [77] And a sore head all day today.
Gary (PS549) [78] Oh er ... so that was the 's day was it?
Lilias (PS54C) [79] Aha.
Gary (PS549) [80] Oh.
Lilias (PS54C) [81] Then I went to the bank ... saw your wages.
Gary (PS549) [laugh]
Lilias (PS54C) [82] Had a heart attack.
Gary (PS549) [83] Aha.
[84] That was her.
Lilias (PS54C) [85] Oh aye.
Gary (PS549) [86] Oh aye, cos you're saving that for Mary?
Lilias (PS54C) [87] No, I'm keeping it myself.
[88] I gave her copies.
Gary (PS549) [89] But that's the one she asked for weren't it?
Lilias (PS54C) [90] Mhm.
Gary (PS549) [91] Ah it's a nice photograph innit?
Lilias (PS54C) [92] So I'll [...] it out.
[93] She wants three copies of that.
[94] One for her, one for the two grans.
Gary (PS549) [95] Aha.
Lilias (PS54C) [96] So that's my own.
[97] Cos I says to Margaret well how much
Karen (PS54B) [...]
Lilias (PS54C) [98] do I owe you then?
[99] She says, och!
[100] Nothing.
[101] She says, I said I'd get it for you, and she says if you ask me
Gary (PS549) [102] Aha.
Lilias (PS54C) [103] she says I get it done for you.
Gary (PS549) [104] Oh that's nice, eh?
Lilias (PS54C) [105] Lovely!
Gary (PS549) [106] Aha.
Lilias (PS54C) [107] I says, och Margaret how much do you want?
[108] Cos I was just gonna pay for this then.
[109] She says nothing, never mind.
Gary (PS549) [110] Oh oh.
Lilias (PS54C) [111] So I thought it was, I'm really pleased with it.
Gary (PS549) [112] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [113] I thought it was nice.
Gary (PS549) [114] It's the best photo we've got of them two. [laugh]
Lilias (PS54C) [115] But I said, it is, yeah, that's what I saying i Mary was so delighted because I took it and let her see it.
Gary (PS549) [116] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [117] Ah!
[118] She says, that is lovely!
[119] She says, am I getting it?
[120] I says, aye, I'll give you a copy of it.
[121] I says, I'll get the negatives.
Gary (PS549) [122] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [123] Just put it into [...] .
[124] She says well get me three copies of it.
[125] She's got frames up in the house that'll probably, will fit it.
Gary (PS549) [126] Mhm.
Lilias (PS54C) [127] So, [sigh] ... And did you see that?
Gary (PS549) [128] Aye.
[129] The Weatherseal windows?
Lilias (PS54C) [130] Mm.
Gary (PS549) [131] The guy's coming.
Lilias (PS54C) [132] Yeah, I'll get in touch [...] .
[133] ... I'll give him a week.
[134] If he hasn't been in touch by phone in a week, I'll phone him.
Gary (PS549) [135] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [136] Because I was telling Mary ... to see what she says ... don't tell them she says, that your ... [...] ... she says, don't tell them that your windows are steamed up, she says, before you get the double glazing in.
[137] Just tell them that's [...] double glazing in.
Gary (PS549) [138] Mhm.
Lilias (PS54C) [139] Just get rid of the condensation for ... [...] .
[140] [...] ... What do you want to watch?
[141] Have you seen
Karen (PS54B) [142] I've seen all the ones before.
Lilias (PS54C) [143] Eh?
Karen (PS54B) [144] I've seen all the ones before.
Lilias (PS54C) [145] [...] ... on Wednesday night.
Gary (PS549) [146] Taggart's on.
Lilias (PS54C) [147] Taggart's at nine o'clock, I want to see that.
[148] But there must be something in the ... in the cabinet for you to watch.
[149] Just have a
Karen (PS54B) [150] I want
Lilias (PS54C) [151] look and see.
[152] [sighing] Oh God [] ! [hoovering]
Gary (PS549) [153] I thought you were going straight up to see if the ... actually, I was going to get up early and ...
Lilias (PS54C) [154] Well, what I did
Gary (PS549) [155] and hoover them up, you know.
Lilias (PS54C) [156] was ... I gave my mum a lift because I, and d'ya know by the time he gets better
Gary (PS549) [157] What?
Lilias (PS54C) [158] because there quinine in it. [hoovering]
Gary (PS549) [159] Oh aye, that [...] ?
Lilias (PS54C) [160] No.
[161] No, it's not [...] ... it's your, quinine is used for people ... like diarrhoea pe and people that have to take attacks and that, you know, how my mum takes [...] ?
Gary (PS549) [162] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [163] And she says quinine tablets.
[164] There was quinine and [...] , and that's all there was, why you haven't
Gary (PS549) [cough]
Lilias (PS54C) [165] had a [...] .
Gary (PS549) [166] Oh right.
Lilias (PS54C) [167] So, it's very difficult get, cos my boss wouldn't find it again, so she asked er, the women ... and she said
Gary (PS549) [cough]
Lilias (PS54C) [168] has she had any?
[169] She says no, we don't have any of that this time.
[170] And she said, I tried to get that [...] father- in-law there, she says, and I tried to get that for my daughter and I couldn't find, couldn't get it.
[171] She said, no.
[172] And she said, I find it's hard to get quinine in it, [...] for diarrhoea.
[173] And er ... Steven ... he does the erm, the [...] ... he just has to take his quinine tablets.
Gary (PS549) [174] Ah.
[175] Right.
Lilias (PS54C) [176] So
Gary (PS549) [177] It is.
Lilias (PS54C) [178] And Carole has to take the others, I think there's another ten in there.
Gary (PS549) [179] Oh I'll definitely meet her.
Lilias (PS54C) [...]
Gary (PS549) [180] If that's what it's all about well we just won't bother, you know.
Lilias (PS54C) [181] But she managed to get me Diet Coke.
[182] Er ... I mean, it's not that bad but she's [...] .
Gary (PS549) [183] Aha.
Lilias (PS54C) [184] Is that thing still running?
Gary (PS549) [185] Aye.
[186] Yes. ... [sigh]
Karen (PS54B) [187] Mum.
[188] Mum.
Gary (PS549) [...]
Karen (PS54B) [189] Want to hoover in here?
Lilias (PS54C) [190] Yeah.
[191] ... Er, just put these things on.
Gary (PS549) [192] [sighing] Aye [] .
[193] Some of the, there's your [...] .
Lilias (PS54C) [194] Yes.
[195] But I'm not buying a programme [...] ... at half past four.
Gary (PS549) [196] What one?
Lilias (PS54C) [197] Er the ... the ... the tape on one.
Gary (PS549) [198] What one's that again?
Lilias (PS54C) [199] Er the one with the houses [...] half past three.
Gary (PS549) [200] Yeah.
[201] Oh dear.
Lilias (PS54C) [202] [sighing] Oh [] .
[203] No, not if she's got it.
Gary (PS549) [204] [sigh] ... Such a chore of us putting messages back. ... [laugh]
Lilias (PS54C) [205] Yeah, but then I'm glad you've got one.
Gary (PS549) [206] Eh?
Lilias (PS54C) [207] Not if it does [...] . [clears throat]
Gary (PS549) [208] What till ... the weekend?
Lilias (PS54C) [209] I don't know.
Karen (PS54B) [...]
Lilias (PS54C) [210] Er
Gary (PS549) [cough] ... [sniff]
Lilias (PS54C) [211] Well I dunno. [...]
Gary (PS549) [212] Well you get bananas and apples and all did you?
Lilias (PS54C) [213] Yep.
[214] As you know I'm trying to diet.
Gary (PS549) [215] Aye.
[216] I know what you mean.
Lilias (PS54C) [217] And rather than sit and eat chocolate ... I can eat ... apples and fruit.
Gary (PS549) [218] Ah, don't eat all the apples there.
Lilias (PS54C) [219] No.
[220] My mum gave me ... got loads of them as well, I'll eat the ones my mum gave me.
Gary (PS549) [221] Well how can you go on a diet when you buying all this chocolate?
Lilias (PS54C) [222] Well I got that, I got that for the wee ones.
Gary (PS549) [223] Oh. ... [cough] [in kitchen banging and cutting things, very noisy]
Lilias (PS54C) [224] So do you leave it switched on even when nobody's talking?
Gary (PS549) [225] Ah well ... I, you can actually switch it on and off I suppose, but
Lilias (PS54C) [226] But do you walk about with it attached to you?
Gary (PS549) [227] Aye.
[228] I'll have it in one of my pocket, pocket at work, you know, and the microphone
Lilias (PS54C) [229] Are you gonna tell them or are you just gonna
Gary (PS549) [230] No, I'll tell them first, you know that I'm taking part in a survey, you know?
Lilias (PS54C) [231] Oh aye.
Gary (PS549) [232] And er
Lilias (PS54C) [233] [...] because there's maybe some people don't want their conversation taped.
Gary (PS549) [234] No i well I can erase it, you know, if they object
Lilias (PS54C) [235] Mm mm.
Gary (PS549) [236] to it, right enough, you know but ... hopef
Lilias (PS54C) [237] And how how long
Gary (PS549) [238] hopefully
Lilias (PS54C) [239] does it last for?
Gary (PS549) [240] Well each side's forty five minutes.
Lilias (PS54C) [241] I know, but when she's coming back to collect it?
Gary (PS549) [242] Oh!
[243] Er er ... a week tomorrow.
[244] Half past four.
[245] I said yeah that's fine cos we'll er ... I'll be up and ready then I'll can go and ... get my dinner and go to my mother's, you know?
Lilias (PS54C) [246] Aye.
[247] And, cos you're always back early on a Friday.
Gary (PS549) [248] Aye.
[249] [sighing] So [] ... see how it goes.
[250] Hopefully
Lilias (PS54C) [251] Did you wonder what it was?
Gary (PS549) [252] I did actually, aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [253] Ah, when you were walking about and said I'm trying this out I thought it was erm ... I thought our ... exercise bike had come.
Gary (PS549) [254] [laughing] Oh aye.
[255] Yeah [] .
Lilias (PS54C) [256] By the way, to anybody that's listening to this, I'm not really huge but I put on five pounds since I stopped smoking.
Gary (PS549) [257] [laugh] ... You were very good.
Lilias (PS54C) [258] Just in ca ... Just in case
Gary (PS549) [259] You're getting brave.
Lilias (PS54C) [260] just in case there's anything, och, I don't want a stranger to think that I'm built like an elephant! [laugh]
Gary (PS549) [261] Ooh!
[262] You're still the slim chick I knew ... in nineteen seventy four.
Lilias (PS54C) [263] I don't like [...] though. [laugh]
Karen (PS54B) [264] [yawning] Oh oh [] .
Lilias (PS54C) [265] What?
Gary (PS549) [266] And you got your Rangers shellsuit [...] on, eh?
Lilias (PS54C) [267] See that, Laura, put that in the freezer.
Gary (PS549) [268] Yous allowed to wear at school?
Laura (PS54A) [269] No.
Lilias (PS54C) [270] No they're not.
Gary (PS549) [271] Are you?
Lilias (PS54C) [272] Well they're not allowed to wear it at St Bosworths.
[273] On you go.
Laura (PS54A) [274] I
Gary (PS549) [275] No.
Laura (PS54A) [276] got a [...]
Lilias (PS54C) [277] Eh?
Laura (PS54A) [278] Doing chips?
Lilias (PS54C) [279] Aye.
Laura (PS54A) [280] They had some chaps wearing it [...] .
Lilias (PS54C) [281] I know, but he doesn't want you to wear Rangers football things, or Celtic football things ... er ... just like a tracksuit [...] says that.
Laura (PS54A) [282] I haven't got those. [very noisy, microphone must be near chip fryer]
Gary (PS549) [283] Eh?
Laura (PS54A) [284] And those.
Lilias (PS54C) [285] [cough] ... Want bolognese?
[286] Right.
[287] It's still on the top. [...] .
Laura (PS54A) [288] Well, I saw her
Lilias (PS54C) [...]
Laura (PS54A) [289] yesterday ... and that was
Lilias (PS54C) [290] Ah.
[291] Wait and see later.
Laura (PS54A) [292] Sure.
[293] ... Where do these ... beans go?
Lilias (PS54C) [294] Erm ... it's, the bottom one I think.
Laura (PS54A) [295] Oh!
Lilias (PS54C) [296] Can have that for a wee
Laura (PS54A) [297] That.
Lilias (PS54C) [298] change, you know that [...] .
[299] So did you get any of this in here?
Laura (PS54A) [300] Aye.
[301] It was tight.
Lilias (PS54C) [302] Right.
[303] ... But is Karen watching it?
Laura (PS54A) [304] No, she's watching Neighbours.
Lilias (PS54C) [305] Oh.
[306] ... Do you know what it is?
[307] You could [...] anything else.
[308] See those sausages
Laura (PS54A) [309] Yeah.
Lilias (PS54C) [310] put them up in that middle one.
Laura (PS54A) [311] Right.
[312] Can I erm
Lilias (PS54C) [313] With all these erm, casseroles and things.
Laura (PS54A) [314] Where's the ... Oh!
[315] Are these
Lilias (PS54C) [316] Aren't they nice? [...]
Laura (PS54A) [317] Eh?
Lilias (PS54C) [318] You can eat this and then [...] .
Laura (PS54A) [319] What do they go in?
[320] The oven?
Lilias (PS54C) [321] Er no, you fry them.
Laura (PS54A) [322] What are they like?
[323] Can I get some for my [...] ?
Lilias (PS54C) [324] What tonight?
Laura (PS54A) [325] Mm.
Lilias (PS54C) [326] If you want.
Laura (PS54A) [327] It's, well I'll just leave them out.
Lilias (PS54C) [328] Yeah, I'll leave some out.
[329] ... But don't leave them all out.
[330] Here.
[331] Gary.
[332] ... How many will you eat?
Laura (PS54A) [333] As many as you, you want for me.
[334] ... Two.
Lilias (PS54C) [335] Two!
[336] Well I'm not putting the frying pan on just for two.
Laura (PS54A) [337] No, two more.
Lilias (PS54C) [338] Oh.
[339] Two more.
Laura (PS54A) [...]
Lilias (PS54C) [340] Eh?
Laura (PS54A) [341] Two more.
[342] Two.
Lilias (PS54C) [343] I'll do ... you don't know if Karen, go and ask Karen if she wants one.
Laura (PS54A) [344] Will you put this, nearly put it
Lilias (PS54C) [345] What is it?
Laura (PS54A) [346] [...] [noise - background] Yeah.
Lilias (PS54C) [347] Same?
Laura (PS54A) [348] I just got [...] , yeah.
Lilias (PS54C) [349] Turn that off.
[350] Well that's nice of her to ask is it?
Laura (PS54A) [351] What?
[352] ... She's [...] for this house.
Lilias (PS54C) [353] I don't want them.
[354] Right.
[355] I didn't think you want more.
[356] I'm gonna put the frying pan on, do you want an egg or something?
Laura (PS54A) [357] Aha.
[358] Fried egg.
Lilias (PS54C) [359] In a roll?
Laura (PS54A) [360] Turn it over, aha.
[361] Cos I don't want the yolk raw.
Gary (PS549) [362] What age are you Karen, eight?
Karen (PS54B) [363] Eight?
[364] Aha.
Gary (PS549) [365] Aye.
[366] You have to fill in this book.
Karen (PS54B) [367] Mm mm.
Laura (PS54A) [...]
Gary (PS549) [368] Will I have to put your age down?
[369] [clears throat] ... Twenty three? [laugh] ... [clears throat]
Lilias (PS54C) [370] [...] , I'm not one of these people that doesn't like my age now.
[371] Twenty nine and a half.
Gary (PS549) [372] [laugh] ... [sighing] Er [] ... well ... Mark ... remember I was telling you about the boss ... that ... the two there the other night ... they give er a, a wage rise
Lilias (PS54C) [373] Aha.
Gary (PS549) [374] and Mark ... remember on Monday the ... they got a mix up on that letter for ... the management, right?
Lilias (PS54C) [375] Aha.
Gary (PS549) [376] Well ... Mark held er a meeting based on that document that was sent down ... so, they had to cancel it because it was around er ... thing they were voting on you see?
Lilias (PS54C) [377] Mhm.
Gary (PS549) [378] So, I phoned up Joe, and Joe says all the results weren't in because that's the kind of ordeal next week [...] er ... er next Friday, tomorrow.
[379] So ... er er ... for eight weeks.
[380] The drivers definitely, well they're voting today, you see, well [...] have already accepted that, right?
[381] So the drivers they vote today.
[382] And then we'll need to wait and see how they go, but ... [clears throat] Joe says, he says, well we've done this.
[383] He said if we er, knock this back he said, and I don't know what we're gonna, they said they're gonna we do it in a month.
[384] You see, but then [...] strike action.
[385] He says, so what they do they do?
[386] Are they just gonna strike, er strike?
[387] He said everybody else is gonna accept that.
[388] I said, Joe, I don't know.
Lilias (PS54C) [389] And gotta, do ... do you think that they were gonna accept it?
Gary (PS549) [390] Well the factory's already voted against that.
[391] ... [...] with the fact that they've accepted it, possibly accepted, so we're only [...] with it.
[392] I mean they've got the least ... amount of people that are there are so we'll ... either that or the end of the day see if it doesn't get banned, right?
[393] Well, also, we'll need to have [...] meeting during the week.
[394] And as Joe was saying, he said, all we do is ... just go back to them and just try and say well look ... you know ... when you come to see us again do you ... want to accept this ... or regret it on the basis that you're going to strike, but all the other section in the company's accepted that.
Lilias (PS54C) [395] Yeah.
Gary (PS549) [396] You know, I mean, that's the realization of the whole thing.
Lilias (PS54C) [397] And what do you think?
[398] D'ya think
Gary (PS549) [399] Well I mean, I told them at the time I was against the [...] of a sixteen month deal.
Lilias (PS54C) [400] Mhm.
Gary (PS549) [401] You know, that does nay impress me a lot.
Lilias (PS54C) [402] Mm mm.
Gary (PS549) [403] Quite happy about the seven percent.
Lilias (PS54C) [404] I know.
Gary (PS549) [405] But the deal
Lilias (PS54C) [406] And is it still
Gary (PS549) [407] I mean
Lilias (PS54C) [408] a sixteen month deal?
Gary (PS549) [409] It's still sixteen, Joe ... Joe said he did nay reckon he's going to get the management to shift ... back to October
Lilias (PS54C) [410] Aha.
Gary (PS549) [411] to the anni the old anniversary day
Lilias (PS54C) [412] Aha.
Gary (PS549) [413] for one section.
[414] You know?
[415] So, maybe in the light of that they'll ... have to attempt put it back to them again.
[416] They'll accept that, I dunno.
[417] Th ... they're voting today.
Lilias (PS54C) [418] Right.
[419] That one there.
[420] Karen, you haven't eaten all of them.
Karen (PS54B) [421] Okay!
[422] ... See?
Lilias (PS54C) [...]
Laura (PS54A) [...]
Gary (PS549) [423] What's this? [tv on]
Laura (PS54A) [424] Er, Neighbours.
Gary (PS549) [425] Neighbours.
[426] Oh aye.
[427] ... [sighing] Aha [] .
Lilias (PS54C) [428] What is it you wanted to do?
Karen (PS54B) [429] Eh?
Gary (PS549) [humming]
Lilias (PS54C) [430] I'd hate to be the person who has to sit and sit through all of that.
Gary (PS549) [431] [whistling] ... Ah, well I guess there would be thousands of them.
Lilias (PS54C) [432] So they had that from there on Friday night did they not?
Gary (PS549) [433] Ah, well I was explaining that to er ... the woman that cleans, you know that ... she told us we can wash ourself, you know.
[434] And er ... and I think with Maggie and Eric, you know, er ... Maggie's perception of a Scottish ... [...] , you know. [laugh] [running water, very noisy - must be near microphone] [...]
Lilias (PS54C) [435] Should get you and Mary on it, sing a rotten [...] .
Gary (PS549) [436] No, well you cannae include ... different conversations cos it's only your voice that's coming through, you know.
Lilias (PS54C) [437] Ah.
Gary (PS549) [438] You cannae get a perception of, hear about you're saying to the another person, you know?
[439] And I think accents, you know?
[440] Regional accents.
[441] So ... oh it's interesting in work.
Lilias (PS54C) [442] Oh aye.
[443] It will be interesting in work.
Gary (PS549) [444] [sniff] ... Well I take you're not getting your [...] ?
Lilias (PS54C) [445] Take it up to the shop and get Leigh on it.
Gary (PS549) [446] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [447] A see whether you can understand her.
Gary (PS549) [448] Leigh, Leigh's nay accent, she just talks at two hundred mile and hour.
Lilias (PS54C) [449] What has she got there?
Gary (PS549) [450] That's what I was about to say, is that [clears throat]
Lilias (PS54C) [...]
Gary (PS549) [451] Nay books.
[452] ... I mean I tried, tried to ... er er ... done it in my ... book about my [...] again and I read about two pages and I fell asleep.
[453] I got up at quarter to twelve ... I was starving ... so I had a ... er er
Lilias (PS54C) [454] Soup.
Gary (PS549) [455] bit of mushroom soup, you know, and er ... I just sa thought, there's nay use, I said I'm gonna go back to bed.
[456] Er ... plumped myself up and all comfy ... started reading my book and I fell asleep.
Lilias (PS54C) [457] Yeah.
Gary (PS549) [458] [yawning] Och aye [] . ... [yawn] ... [sniff]
Lilias (PS54C) [459] Why don't you try and do that one with your own [...] .
Gary (PS549) [460] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [461] It's quite interesting in different conversations.
Gary (PS549) [462] I will do that.
[463] Well I'm hoping that, that tape I've been using when I go to Ian and Shaun's, that er ... the noise of Rangers does nay ... it ma goes too loud, you know.
Lilias (PS54C) [464] I know.
[465] Same, same as that.
Gary (PS549) [466] What?
[467] That's a wee [...] .
Lilias (PS54C) [468] I don't
Gary (PS549) [469] Remember
Lilias (PS54C) [470] think you can keep it running like that and see, aye, oh aye
Gary (PS549) [471] Remember it running at
Lilias (PS54C) [472] [...] ... I think she was just, she was wanting a fortnight away.
Gary (PS549) [473] No.
Lilias (PS54C) [474] Well I just need to try and spread everything out and hope nobody goes there.
Gary (PS549) [475] Well I think
Lilias (PS54C) [476] Because ... the car's due this week and er ... these two endowment policies so there's not enough money in to cover them, so
Gary (PS549) [477] No.
Lilias (PS54C) [478] and then we'll have to cancel out the garage, so ... don't know how much that's gonna be.
[479] I hope it isn't, that could be embarrassing.
[480] Just what Elaine said
Gary (PS549) [481] Aye.
Lilias (PS54C) [482] her mum's ... everybody else does it.
[483] You're not as bad as dad, the 's are gonna phone again.
Gary (PS549) [484] And what they want him for?
Lilias (PS54C) [485] [laughing] Stop [...] for David [] .
[486] I mean that was ... last March ... no, April was it?
[487] April or May?
Gary (PS549) [488] Well, it's [...] .
[489] ... I'm not like that.
[490] They can still book can't they?
[491] They could take ours and against them.
Lilias (PS54C) [492] Well I don't know.
[493] Maybe, they're not wanting it.
[494] But they said that that was for us and we said the garages, it's sort of run down now and ... no use in trying to build it up again.
Gary (PS549) [495] Aye, no, I'm not saying that.
[496] I'm saying ... squaring it off financially.
[497] No.
[498] But at the end of the day, I mean, he's sure gonna turn round and do it to us.
Lilias (PS54C) [499] No.
Gary (PS549) [500] But you have to.
Lilias (PS54C) [501] No.

3 (Tape 065303)

Laura (PS54A) [502] Fruit Machine.
[503] Might try the fruit machine.
Gary (PS549) [504] I want it on.
Karen (PS54B) [505] Right.
Gary (PS549) [506] Well you'll soon be computer whizz kids eh?
Laura (PS54A) [507] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[508] ... Mm.
Karen (PS54B) [509] We're off then.
Gary (PS549) [510] And when do you go to Saint Boswell's?
Laura (PS54A) [511] February.
Gary (PS549) [512] Ah well ... the what?
Laura (PS54A) [513] Twenty fourth.
Gary (PS549) [514] Oh that's about
Laura (PS54A) [515] And
Gary (PS549) [516] there?
Laura (PS54A) [517] Aye.
Gary (PS549) [518] Oh aye ... done our time. [sigh]
Laura (PS54A) [...]

4 (Tape 065304)

Gary (PS549) [519] Aye, well I said to the woman ... that, I could, I, er actually it's a photocopy, you know that old
Lilias (PS54C) [520] Mm.
Gary (PS549) [521] [cough] I hand them around ... just letting people know what I'm doing you know.
[522] And er
Lilias (PS54C) [523] Where d'ya get the headphones for?
Gary (PS549) [524] Well that's for me to listening back ... if I've, if somebody objects to, you know
Lilias (PS54C) [525] Aye.
[526] Aye.
Gary (PS549) [527] I can then ... put the headphones on, listen back to it and then erase their conversation, you know?
Unknown speaker (KPDPSUNK) [cough]
Gary (PS549) [528] Well I apologize to the listener of this tape cos it is nay very brilliant.
[529] ... [sighing] Aye [] .
[530] Le I let you take my dinner in peace that's why we did nay ... record our dinner.
Lilias (PS54C) [531] [...] talking to, but it's not as if it's a video camera. [laugh]
Gary (PS549) [532] Aye.
[533] Well that's my, just my video experience coming out innit?

5 (Tape 065305)

Gary (PS549) [534] Hello!
Jake (PS54D) [535] Hello!
Gary (PS549) [536] [clears throat] ... I'm out ee, interview you.
Jake (PS54D) [537] [...] ... Interview me?
[538] Is that on?
[539] Is that on?
Gary (PS549) [540] Aye.
Jake (PS54D) [541] What, er where d'ya get it?
Gary (PS549) [542] Well, I've been
Jake (PS54D) [543] Is it yours?
Gary (PS549) [544] No, no, no, no.
[545] I'll explain to you in a minute.
Jake (PS54D) [laugh]
Gary (PS549) [546] You could take part in a research project here
Jake (PS54D) [547] Who fo who?
Gary (PS549) [548] For a British Market Research Bureau.
Jake (PS54D) [549] Okay.
Gary (PS549) [550] A study into the English language and how it's
Jake (PS54D) [551] Oh!
[552] Oh!
Gary (PS549) [553] spoken in the nineties.
Jake (PS54D) [554] The nineties?
Gary (PS549) [555] Aha.
Jake (PS54D) [556] Oh!
[557] It's
Gary (PS549) [558] Hi ma!
Lilias (PS54E) [559] Mm mm mm.
Jake (PS54D) [560] a bit, bit too much of the bloody Yank!
Gary (PS549) [561] Who?
Jake (PS54D) [562] Us.
[563] Well I mean we're, we're taking a load of the a Yankee words and no sound properly. [music]
Gary (PS549) [564] Na well it's that
Jake (PS54D) [...]
Gary (PS549) [565] Is it?
[566] Ah!
[567] No I had a ... a chap at the door at half past four this afternoon ... and it was this woman for the British Market Research Bureau ... er
Jake (PS54D) [568] You shouldn't let her in.
Gary (PS549) [laugh]
Jake (PS54D) [569] Know nothing about her.
Gary (PS549) [570] Ah she does, [laughing] aye, aye [] no, and she says ... you know, answer a few questions and all that, would I like to take part in a sur ... survey of how the English language is getting used?
[571] You know, and
Jake (PS54D) [572] Mm mm.
Gary (PS549) [573] what words, regional accents and things, you know to u kind of update ... you know, the dictionary sort of style.
Lilias (PS54E) [574] Mhm.
Jake (PS54D) [575] Oh yeah, but ... we well she's gonna change it, d'ya know when you update it you know they bring it back down with all the different words ... [cough] that, that's being [...] to the ... the, the, the, the dialect, not the dialect, the ... the vocabulary they, they've, they've got in America.
[576] I mean, they, they spell a lot of words ... quite different to the others.
Gary (PS549) [577] Oh aye, aye.
[578] Aye, but ... you know ... like you se she mentioned one in particular, like
Jake (PS54D) [579] What?
Gary (PS549) [580] the word skeilth
Jake (PS54D) [581] Skeilth?
Lilias (PS54E) [582] Mm.
Gary (PS549) [583] Aha.
Jake (PS54D) [584] Aye, yeah, yeah, take skeilth.
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Gary (PS549) [585] That's a sponger.
Jake (PS54D) [586] It's a sponger.
[587] She can't put you down [...] .
Gary (PS549) [588] Aye.
[589] But we know how words like that crop up.
Jake (PS54D) [590] But, yeah but, ah but that's an old Scottish ... but, not that's a Scottish word.
Lilias (PS54E) [591] Will we get that in the dictionary?
Jake (PS54D) [592] But I don't think they would because that's er
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Jake (PS54D) [593] er, yeah in the Scottish dictionary.
Gary (PS549) [laugh]
Jake (PS54D) [594] Aye?
Gary (PS549) [595] [laugh] ... [laughing] Well I, I know [] .
Jake (PS54D) [596] What?
Gary (PS549) [597] [laughing] Well, I love the word!
[598] It's, it's quite a funny word when you, when you're sitting and look at it [] .
Jake (PS54D) [599] S K E I L ... Ya.
Gary (PS549) [600] [laugh] .
[601] Your
Jake (PS54D) [602] Really.
Gary (PS549) [603] I know, but when she was saying apparently th like the research was that ... er ... people who leave Scotland and go down to, you know the south of England and all that, their words begin to crop up down there.
Jake (PS54D) [604] Mhm.
Gary (PS549) [605] You know.
Jake (PS54D) [...]
Gary (PS549) [606] So they may, may be able to get used then ... and ra maybe warrant an entry into the dictionary.
Jake (PS54D) [607] Well that's what I'm talking
Gary (PS549) [608] You know.
Jake (PS54D) [609] about, yeah.
[610] You, a few ma Americans ... that's how the da the la English language started off.
[611] And you've got a lot of words in, in, in ... er ... er, er a lot of Latin words, and French words all in your, all in your dictionary now.
Gary (PS549) [612] That's right.
[613] Mhm.
Jake (PS54D) [614] Look where it got [...]
Lilias (PS54E) [615] And did she do a tape or said [...]
Gary (PS549) [616] No, no she left me this and twenty blank tapes.
Jake (PS54D) [617] What for?
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Gary (PS549) [618] And I've got books to, for when I, who ... I speak to in conversation, you know, the names.
Jake (PS54D) [619] Can you not run away with that?
Gary (PS549) [620] Who?
[621] No, no, no, no. [laugh]
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Gary (PS549) [622] No yo ... no I'm getting paid for it.
Jake (PS54D) [623] Eh?
[624] You get paid for it?
Lilias (PS54E) [625] You get paid
Gary (PS549) [626] Aha
Lilias (PS54E) [627] for it?
Gary (PS549) [628] Aye, I get a twenty five pound voucher next week for Marks and Spencers.
Lilias (PS54E) [629] Oh!
[630] That's very good.
[631] Oh well you could
Gary (PS549) [632] Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [633] get something for it. [...]
Gary (PS549) [634] Ah!
[635] No, well
Jake (PS54D) [636] And a [...]
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Jake (PS54D) [637] came up to you
Lilias (PS54E) [638] you've got to interview twenty people?
Gary (PS549) [639] No, no, no i no it's just conversations, you know, normal conversations, like, you know
Jake (PS54D) [640] But if you
Gary (PS549) [641] I mean I'll take this into work.
Lilias (PS54E) [642] They want answers to the er
Gary (PS549) [643] you know
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Jake (PS54D) [cough]
Gary (PS549) [644] and er, it's just so that they can maybe ... pick out ... oh yeah!
[645] Never heard that one before, you know, and maybe hear
Jake (PS54D) [646] Mm.
Gary (PS549) [647] you know, a lot of people use ... excuse me, using it.
[648] And
Jake (PS54D) [649] But
Gary (PS549) [650] er
Jake (PS54D) [651] what er
Lilias (PS54E) [652] Well I bet you, I bet they've never heard the word the
Jake (PS54D) [653] schock
Gary (PS549) [654] Well
Jake (PS54D) [655] More of a certainty, they have.
[656] You've heard it on
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Jake (PS54D) [657] Scottish thing on the telly.
Lilias (PS54E) [658] What schock
Jake (PS54D) [659] Aye.
[660] It's mi mind that in er Molly ... er Molly .
Gary (PS549) [661] Aye, Molly .
Jake (PS54D) [662] She'll come about, that was about ... five years ago and ... and she was talking about the schock and ... half, half the panel er da didn't even know, they couldn't even spell it.
Lilias (PS54E) [663] Aye.
Gary (PS549) [664] Aha.
Lilias (PS54E) [665] Well it's out of.
[666] It's not a popular word is it?
Jake (PS54D) [667] Well, because it's old fashioned, I say
Lilias (PS54E) [668] Aha.
Jake (PS54D) [669] [...] .
[670] Could have had a [...] .
Lilias (PS54E) [671] But he uses the word si once they came back.
Jake (PS54D) [672] [cough] ... Where do they find that?
Lilias (PS54E) [673] Well this is, this for a market research has come to see how often they're used.
Jake (PS54D) [674] For market research, they went to Germany, German words an an and, and French words ... we're, we're, we're supposed to be getting into ... [cough]
Gary (PS549) [675] Aye, Europe.
[676] Aye, I know, but
Jake (PS54D) [677] Well then
Gary (PS549) [678] it's just
Jake (PS54D) [...]
Gary (PS549) [679] how they want to see how ... the English word is spoken in the nineteen nineties.
[680] See if there's any di cos I mean they've done all the thing be before, so ... the thing is as up to the noo, they want to see if there's any
Jake (PS54D) [cough]
Lilias (PS54E) [681] Yeah.
Jake (PS54D) [682] The difference.
Gary (PS549) [683] difference.
Lilias (PS54E) [684] That's right.
Jake (PS54D) [685] Just the Scottish and an English [...] ?
Gary (PS549) [686] No.
[687] Nationwide.
Jake (PS54D) [688] Oh well
Lilias (PS54E) [689] How did they find you Gary?
Jake (PS54D) [690] Well she was only one who opened the door and, and asked.
Gary (PS549) [691] [laugh] ... No.
[692] I mean she'd be, she was away to somebody in Brack Street next.
Lilias (PS54E) [693] Oh.
Gary (PS549) [694] You know?
Lilias (PS54E) [695] Somebody in each street she picked out?
Gary (PS549) [696] Aye.
Jake (PS54D) [cough]
Gary (PS549) [697] Probably.
Lilias (PS54E) [698] Well she was looking in your windows and saw this you see.
Jake (PS54D) [699] Oh that, that is a nice looking house.
Lilias (PS54E) [700] It's a ... fella at [...] , he'll do it.
Gary (PS549) [laugh]
Lilias (PS54E) [701] Well there you are, it'll be about
Jake (PS54D) [702] Then send up
Gary (PS549) [703] Ah oh.
Jake (PS54D) [704] send up the survey to old Hughey, he, he'll give you a few [...] .
Gary (PS549) [705] Oh!
[706] Phoo!
Lilias (PS54E) [707] Oh.
Gary (PS549) [708] Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [709] Did, did you hear they came round to that
Jake (PS54D) [710] Where?
Lilias (PS54E) [711] Anne Marie and that girlfriend that she's going about with today.
Gary (PS549) [712] No.
[713] What?
Lilias (PS54E) [714] Ah di ah but, did you not hear me shouting at them?
Gary (PS549) [715] No.
[716] What time was this at?
Lilias (PS54E) [717] Er er, about ten ele [...] about eleven o'clock.
[718] And he had got a pile of something put on the ground from the ... er, at your park.
Gary (PS549) [719] Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [720] Right?
[721] And he was laughing er, and chasing her with it.
[722] And the screams there!
[723] And he was shouting back to him, but, [...] and then they went up the stair and they called up the stair and I ... and I don't know whether it was an affair, the fella that was screaming but he him a mouthful!
[724] And then they came back to her again and they had another carry on there.
[725] And I went to them, I said ... well ... I think you're acting like a couple of schoolboys, I says, now there's a man there [...] .
[726] I says, I don't think you're [...] for the beer ... beer.
Gary (PS549) [727] Mhm.
Lilias (PS54E) [728] Ah!
[729] He says, we're falling about pissed they are.
Gary (PS549) [730] Oh aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [731] And yu see that [...] she's falling about
Jake (PS54D) [732] Well aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [733] He's not seventeen at least.
Jake (PS54D) [734] Mm mm.
Lilias (PS54E) [735] He's only around school.
[736] A young Lonny.
[737] You see the one,di she's gone now?
Gary (PS549) [738] No.
[739] No.
Lilias (PS54E) [740] He's been standing up ... he's been standing up there
Jake (PS54D) [741] With a [...] on her [...]
Lilias (PS54E) [742] Beer.
[743] Cos Valerie said that.
Gary (PS549) [744] Aha.
Lilias (PS54E) [745] Because ... I think he's in a room above you, but two or three times she heard er ... the wireless that er ... someone
Gary (PS549) [746] Oh aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [747] getting played loud.
[748] But then she says it's stopping her getting Carl down.
[749] But he's definitely staying up there.
Gary (PS549) [750] Ah well. [...]
Lilias (PS54E) [751] And he looks Gary
Gary (PS549) [752] [singing] Mhm [] .
Lilias (PS54E) [753] he looks about seventeen
Gary (PS549) [754] Mhm.
Lilias (PS54E) [755] if he's a day, I swear.
Gary (PS549) [756] Mhm.
Lilias (PS54E) [757] This, stupid wee school ... ah but, she'll be twenty two, twenty three.
Gary (PS549) [758] Aye.
Jake (PS54D) [759] Mhm mm, yeah.
[760] Aye.
Gary (PS549) [761] Oh Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [762] Er, but the ... you've come in
Jake (PS54D) [763] I've seen them, I didn't know what the hell they were doing.
Lilias (PS54E) [764] and I ... I was rushing down to get to the stair.
[765] But that was after they'd already tempered.
Gary (PS549) [766] Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [767] But they just ignored me then.
Gary (PS549) [768] Mhm.
Lilias (PS54E) [769] Couldn't care less.
Gary (PS549) [770] Ah well, they're not gonna start wrecking the place again.
Lilias (PS54E) [771] Oh ... no er, no ... I knew it was only one night nearly since he
Gary (PS549) [772] Aha.
Lilias (PS54E) [773] dared to be mentioning about [...] again.
[774] And he's definitely staying there.
[775] Cos I see the two of the kinda leave ... quite often, maybe about eleven ... [...]
Gary (PS549) [776] Mhm.
Lilias (PS54E) [777] walking their baby.
Gary (PS549) [778] Mhm.
[779] I never heard a bloody thing.
[780] [sighing] Oh [] .
Lilias (PS54E) [781] Well, well maybe it was your, maybe you hadn't [...] [...] .
Jake (PS54D) [782] Were, you were away Saturday then?
Gary (PS549) [783] Oh Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [784] And whe with that double glazing you cannae hear nothing Lily says.
Gary (PS549) [785] Aha.
Lilias (PS54E) [786] Cos well Mary too, she never can hear it
Gary (PS549) [787] No that's right.
[788] And
Lilias (PS54E) [789] with double glazing.
Gary (PS549) [790] same with the lassie for the [...] on a Monday night.
Lilias (PS54E) [791] Mhm.
[792] But we ruddy heard.
[793] Blooming kids
Gary (PS549) [794] Oh.
Lilias (PS54E) [795] getting disturbed out there.
[796] They were annoying me actually, I thought I'd keep ... say something
Gary (PS549) [797] Aha.
Lilias (PS54E) [798] but
Gary (PS549) [799] Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [800] [...] .
[801] And her ... the ... there's a, he er, he's only left school [...]
Gary (PS549) [802] Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [803] though they don't know whether he's ... that type, you know, [...] , you know he's
Gary (PS549) [804] Aye.
Lilias (PS54E) [...]
Gary (PS549) [805] Aye.
Jake (PS54D) [moan]
Gary (PS549) [806] Well you've seen the one about