17 conversations recorded by `Grace' (PS54G) [dates unknown] with 7 interlocutors, totalling 3199 s-units, 15481 words, and over 1 hour 57 minutes 59 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 706

KPEPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KPEPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS54G Ag1 f (Grace, age 15, student, London, )
PS54H Ag1 f (Chantel, age 15, student, London, ) friend
PS54J Ag1 f (Fiona, age 16, student) friend
PS54K Ag1 m (Ian, age 15, student, London, ) friend
PS54L Ag1 f (Samantha, age 18, student) sister
PS6U2 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified

17 recordings

  1. Tape 134801 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( school dinner hall ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 134802 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( school dinner hall ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 134803 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( school dinner hall ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 134804 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( school dinner hall ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 134901 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 134902 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 134903 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 135001 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 135003 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 135004 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: London ( School ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 135201 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 135202 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 135203 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 135204 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 135205 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 135206 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  17. Tape 135207 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 134801)

Grace (PS54G) [1] You know the kinda ... biggish kinda looking one?
[2] [laughing] Big mouth one [] , well you seen her.
Chantel (PS54H) [3] No not at all.
Grace (PS54G) [4] Where you going now Chantel.
Chantel (PS54H) [5] Dunno ...
Grace (PS54G) [6] Where's Tasha gone, shops?
None (PS6U2) [7] No.
Grace (PS54G) [8] Tasha gone shops.
[9] No.
[10] Where is he?
None (PS6U2) [11] Where is he? ...
None (PS6U2) [singing]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [singing] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [12] Yeah, I know that song yeah ... shut your mouth.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [13] Fucking old song.
None (PS6U2) [14] I know more songs than you.
Grace (PS54G) [15] What song do you know darling?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [16] [...] go on, go on, go on, come on.
[17] Oh boy's a sheep.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [18] Come on, come on, what [...] tune do you know [...] ?
None (PS6U2) [19] Do you know [...]
Grace (PS54G) [20] What ones?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [21] Your tune, [...] sing my song [...] .
None (PS6U2) [22] Follow me.
None (PS6U2) [singing] [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [23] Different beat, different beat innit?
None (PS6U2) [singing] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [24] [...] and it goes [singing] for ever and ever []
None (PS6U2) [25] Yeah yeah yeah we know we know
None (PS6U2) [singing] [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [26] And afterwards what's [...] ?
None (PS6U2) [27] I can't remember it [laughing] now [] .
Chantel (PS54H) [28] Oh shut it up, you know what erm, is it true about erm Benita?
Grace (PS54G) [29] What about it?
[30] What about it?
Chantel (PS54H) [31] You tell me.
Grace (PS54G) [32] I don't know, what about it?
Chantel (PS54H) [33] You tell me. ...
Grace (PS54G) [34] [...] is I don't know but, I don't know.
Chantel (PS54H) [35] You don't know.
Grace (PS54G) [36] [...] so why you say yes yes before?
None (PS6U2) [37] Is that a microphone?
Grace (PS54G) [38] So what have you got on [...] .
None (PS6U2) [39] Yes [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [40] When you wanna answer the question.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [41] Who Rox?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [42] Don't you [...] it again.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [43] [...] hang about with her. ...
None (PS6U2) [44] [...] sure to hang about Angela . ...
None (PS6U2) [45] Ain't seen a [...] .
None (PS6U2) [46] Who's that?
Grace (PS54G) [47] Never see her.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [48] [laugh] What you good little girl.

2 (Tape 134802)

Grace (PS54G) [49] So what you been reading?
[50] Er busy
Chantel (PS54H) [51] Er
Grace (PS54G) [52] What you been reading?
[53] ... Shut your mouth ... yeah you been reading then?
Chantel (PS54H) [54] [...] dry.
Grace (PS54G) [55] Oh yeah [...] tell me about work.
Chantel (PS54H) [56] I've got work, I, I got a job baby.
Grace (PS54G) [57] Job business.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [58] What's that?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [59] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [60] Put on a w put on a [...] er erm [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [61] Put it on.
[62] Why?
Grace (PS54G) [63] Put it on.
Chantel (PS54H) [64] Right hang on.
Grace (PS54G) [65] [...] what you gonna sing?
Chantel (PS54H) [66] Yeah pass us the headphone [...] .
Chantel (PS54H) [singing] [...] []
Fiona (PS54J) [67] Are you ready?
Chantel (PS54H) [68] [singing] [...] try to walk away and I'll come to depend on you, [...] I give you all the love I had in me da da da [...] I can't believe it's true [...] you better stop stop with my heart, you [...] always break my heart, you better stop before you tear us all apart [...] you better stop [] . [laugh]
Ian (PS54K) [69] [...] rubbish innit?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Ian (PS54K) [70] [...] shitty.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [71] Sounds fucking horrible innit.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [72] [singing] [...] time after time I tried to walk away [...] I come to depend on you [...] I give you all the love I had in me.
[73] Da da da da da that's love and I can't believe it's true da da you better stop [...] before you go and break my heart [] .
Fiona (PS54J) [74] [singing] Chantel can sing with a big fucking [...] [] .
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [75] I thought that was funny you know.
[76] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [77] [...] funny eh?
Chantel (PS54H) [78] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Ian (PS54K) [...]
None (PS6U2) [79] [...] then I'll be able to chat to it.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [80] I don't know [...] .
None (PS6U2) [81] [...] about the [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [82] You have to, you have to be over here you know.
[83] [...] haven't got no lyrics man chat.
Ian (PS54K) [84] Bring [...] and I chat to the r
Grace (PS54G) [85] Ha [...] some people [...] .
[86] Want some drink Ian?
[87] Like some drink?
Ian (PS54K) [88] Yeah [...] .
None (PS6U2) [89] Wait wait wait [...] down the side.

3 (Tape 134803)

Grace (PS54G) [90] [...] innit?
[91] Where did Chantel and that go?
[92] Right where did Chantel go?
None (PS6U2) [93] [...] very busy at the moment.
Grace (PS54G) [94] Very busy.
[95] [laugh] Dog.
[96] Sure dog this is. [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [97] Where you going.
[98] Where you going Ian.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [99] Where you going?
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [100] Where's Chantel gone?
[101] Where's Chantel gone?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [102] Not that Chantel.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [103] How many blokes [...] ?
None (PS6U2) [104] [...] supposed to let your wife what's going on.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [105] Is Chantel in there?
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [106] [...] my name is [...] .
None (PS6U2) [107] [...] schools is off flip the skips.
[108] Love that.
Grace (PS54G) [109] I love that.
[110] Sound like [...] crazy.
None (PS6U2) [111] [...] big fighting boxer.
Grace (PS54G) [112] Big fight.
[113] It's alright.
None (PS6U2) [114] I knew he was gonna box one of these days.
Grace (PS54G) [115] Legs it.
None (PS6U2) [116] Grace.
Grace (PS54G) [117] What's that Sir?
None (PS6U2) [118] How long have you been in the Army?
Grace (PS54G) [119] In the Army?
None (PS6U2) [120] Yes.
Grace (PS54G) [121] These are the fashion now Sir.
None (PS6U2) [122] [...] fashion [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [123] Yes.
None (PS6U2) [124] She thinks she's tall.
Grace (PS54G) [125] No.
None (PS6U2) [126] She thinks she's tall.
[127] Look at him [...] big shoes [...]
None (PS6U2) [128] So what, so what [...] say it right here.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Ian (PS54K) [129] Come and say it right here.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
None (PS6U2) [130] [...] Ian. [...]
Ian (PS54K) [131] Ah high.
None (PS6U2) [132] [...] platform shoes.
Grace (PS54G) [133] He's actually [...] on [...] platforms.
None (PS6U2) [134] How anybody can walk in those things I don't know of any.
Grace (PS54G) [135] I walk in those things [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [136] Are quite high but when you come down then you same size.
Grace (PS54G) [137] I got a pair of [...] yeah.
None (PS6U2) [138] I mean they was, they are not [...] new because they was when I was a kid people were [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [139] Come back out innit?
[140] Sixties.
None (PS6U2) [141] How many people have done their, at my age, done their feet in because [...] wearing them I don't know.
Grace (PS54G) [142] [laugh] I know Sir.
None (PS6U2) [143] Because I mean did you see that er [...] on er they showed it on the Clothes Show that thing when she was wearing it.
[144] She went over.
Grace (PS54G) [145] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
[146] She [...] innit.
None (PS6U2) [147] I'm surprised she, surprised she didn't break her ankles.
Grace (PS54G) [148] Oh well.
[149] [laugh] That's how it is Sir.
None (PS6U2) [150] [...] never keep it up [...]
None (PS6U2) [151] [...] style innit, that's the style, platforms.
None (PS6U2) [152] No [...] .
None (PS6U2) [153] Yeah but my ones, my platforms are out that I've got.
[154] They're not way over the top.
None (PS6U2) [155] They're yours, stand up.
[156] You better.
Grace (PS54G) [157] [...] there.
None (PS6U2) [158] Stand up.
Grace (PS54G) [159] Bit higher, yeah [...] yeah.
None (PS6U2) [160] They still, they still look very [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [161] Do they look alright?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [162] Any matches?
None (PS6U2) [163] [...] you got about four [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [164] What's that?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [165] I got, I got enough shoes.
None (PS6U2) [166] [...] Grace because if you catch, catch them on the pavement [...] stop [...] what level you've got to be very very careful.
Grace (PS54G) [167] No that, I I just walk like that Sir, they're suede, they're a special way of walking.
None (PS6U2) [168] Yeah but even so, even so you could still fall over.
[169] I mean
Grace (PS54G) [170] Well that's the fashion Sir.
None (PS6U2) [171] I mean I've noticed, what falling over?
Grace (PS54G) [172] No not that Sir, I mean [...] .
None (PS6U2) [173] [...] somebody's on duty [...] little bit like that so I'm told [...] just won't walk in [...] shoes.
Grace (PS54G) [174] Oh well. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [175] [...] you've
Grace (PS54G) [176] All the girls are wearing them.
None (PS6U2) [177] got to stop your feet and go flying.
Grace (PS54G) [178] You're [...] it now [...] .
None (PS6U2) [179] Well they must have had a lot of bottle.
Grace (PS54G) [180] A lot of what?
None (PS6U2) [181] A lot of bottle.
Grace (PS54G) [182] Oh.
[183] ... Oh well.
None (PS6U2) [184] [...] when I was oh I suppose about your age,
Grace (PS54G) [185] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [186] maybe a bit younger the fashion used to be winkle-picker shoes.
Grace (PS54G) [187] Winkle who?
None (PS6U2) [188] Winkle-pickers.
[189] They was the ones with points.
[190] Wh what they used to [...] people's shoes.
[191] If you imagine that was [...] their toes would all go up like that
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [192] because of course when you're young
Grace (PS54G) [193] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [194] say ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen you, you're still growing aren't you?
Grace (PS54G) [195] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [196] What can happen is you can deform your feet.
[197] Well there's a lot of people of my age that wore these shoes
Grace (PS54G) [198] Did you used to wear them Sir?
None (PS6U2) [199] No I didn't, my mother wouldn't let me have them but a lot of people have worn them.
Grace (PS54G) [200] But I bet you wanted them though.
None (PS6U2) [201] Well I mean you learn as well as yourself.
[202] If your parents say no, the more they say no, you [...] want it, don't they?
Grace (PS54G) [203] Yeah [...]
None (PS6U2) [204] So there must be lots of people of my age whose feet are like that, where they've worn these things and their feet are a bit deformed.
Grace (PS54G) [205] Terrible [...] .
None (PS6U2) [206] Ideally, you sh when you get a pair of shoes you should be able to put them on and do that
Grace (PS54G) [207] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [208] with your [...] .
[209] Don't have to sort of spread them out like that you should [...] toes
Grace (PS54G) [210] Toes.
None (PS6U2) [211] alongside those.
[212] [...] cos if you, they say the best time to buy a pair of shoes is at night when your sh when your feet are really swollen.
Grace (PS54G) [213] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [214] [...] cos you know during the day your feet get hot and sticky and sweaty and swollen.
Grace (PS54G) [215] [laugh] So what about them, them trainers alright innit [...] .
None (PS6U2) [216] Well any, any shoe.
[217] They're just nice and comfortable at the end of the day when your feet are really swollen but [...] nice and easy to wear but if it's tight
Grace (PS54G) [218] Mm.
None (PS6U2) [219] [...] say she's got up with [...] shoes only one pair of shoes [...] nice and smart
Grace (PS54G) [220] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [221] then you put them on when your feet are all swollen at the end of the day you'll find them too tight.
Grace (PS54G) [222] [...] yeah.
None (PS6U2) [223] [...] say cos they reckon if you measure yourself when you get up in the morning, then measure yourself when you go to bed.
Grace (PS54G) [224] What I don't know Sir. [...]
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [225] [laugh] Ian loo
Ian (PS54K) [226] [...] shoes.
Grace (PS54G) [227] You [...] blown that [...] .
None (PS6U2) [228] I reckon you're slightly taller in the morning than you are at night.
[229] Cos I mean if you look at it, you're laying down all night and [...] relax, do you see what I mean?
Grace (PS54G) [230] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [231] The time you ... eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve hours later when you go to bed because the force of gravity is [...] hasn't it to [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [232] I couldn't, I can't believe though [...] you ... [...] growing up a bit better now.
None (PS6U2) [233] [...] change [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [234] [...] all these people there [...] .
None (PS6U2) [235] [...] Mark
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Ian (PS54K) [236] [...] .
[237] Lucky I didn't have a hair cut then innit?
[238] I did have a hair cut [...] haircut [...]
None (PS6U2) [239] I did I wasn't even here when you had it [...] like when you first came to this school.
Ian (PS54K) [240] What to [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [241] Ian something like that yeah. ... [...] .
None (PS6U2) [242] [...] fourteen to fifteen [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [243] I'm fourteen.
None (PS6U2) [244] Well they reckon you stop growing now about eighteen.
Grace (PS54G) [245] [...] can understand something, it's my birthday, right May the seventh [...] I want a present.
None (PS6U2) [246] That'll be your [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [247] Fifteen.
None (PS6U2) [248] [...] before you stop growing.
Grace (PS54G) [249] I want a present Ian.
None (PS6U2) [250] Well you stop w
Grace (PS54G) [251] Ian
None (PS6U2) [252] They reckon on average that erm eighteen yeah about eighteen cos normally the [...] get up to what beginning of your teens.
Grace (PS54G) [253] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [254] And then when you go [...] start growing.
Grace (PS54G) [255] Ian you grow a bit more [...] .
None (PS6U2) [256] Can do yes but they reckon that on average each generation of people is bigger [...] bodily built than er parents.
[257] If you've got naturally tall parents then er [...] tall [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [258] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [259] Then you [...]
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [260] What you doing, what you doing I couldn't hear.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [261] I know.
None (PS6U2) [262] Innit Sir [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [263] Alright I'm listening, I'm listening.
None (PS6U2) [264] He's one of the best teachers in our school and [...] .
None (PS6U2) [265] Teaching.
None (PS6U2) [266] I'm one of the best people [...]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [267] Yet at one time it used to look quite strange to see a girl teacher but [...]
Grace (PS54G) [268] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [269] There's one girl I know she's erm, she said she's sixty one and a half.
Grace (PS54G) [270] And how old is she?
None (PS6U2) [271] Er mid twenties, she said her sisters [...] three inches taller.
Grace (PS54G) [272] I'm one [...] and how does this [...] on to then?
None (PS6U2) [273] I don't know I've not seen her since [...] she's sixty one and a half [...] six five.
Grace (PS54G) [274] Oh that's terrible, way too tall.
None (PS6U2) [275] [...] she's getting married and she's [...] tall [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [276] [...] make sure.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [277] That looks silly.
Ian (PS54K) [278] By the time I see her put on her high heels that make it worse though.
None (PS6U2) [279] [...] most, most women are er
Ian (PS54K) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [280] Most of them are tall [...] they don't wear, they don't wear high heels, they wear flats, flat shoes.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [281] Well not only that they find that flat shoes or shoes with very little heel [...] is a lot more comfortable to wear [...] what happens [...] eventually [...] you take [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [282] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [283] They [...] wearing high heel shoes, very high heels [...]
Grace (PS54G) [284] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [285] [...] much shorter [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [286] Yeah
None (PS6U2) [287] but [...]
Grace (PS54G) [288] So my shoes they're not
None (PS6U2) [289] No yours are okay.
Grace (PS54G) [290] Oh right.
None (PS6U2) [291] You've got plenty of [...] five six inches.
Grace (PS54G) [292] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [293] [...] that's when you come out top.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [294] Because you're sort of aren't you?
Grace (PS54G) [295] [...] so you don't like me in platforms then?
None (PS6U2) [296] [...] platforms.
Grace (PS54G) [297] The platforms.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [298] [...] wore much of my platform to school yeah.
[299] These ain't platforms Ian.
None (PS6U2) [300] [...] your feet [...] shoes [...] .
Ian (PS54K) [301] Yeah she's [...] .
None (PS6U2) [302] [...] there [...] .
[303] ... [...] as well.
Grace (PS54G) [304] Yeah. ... [...] .
None (PS6U2) [305] [...] in yet.
Grace (PS54G) [306] [...] pardon?
None (PS6U2) [307] Have you broken them in yet?
Grace (PS54G) [308] What do you mean broken them in?
None (PS6U2) [309] Well when you just [...] shoes, when you first buy them.
Grace (PS54G) [310] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [311] You know sometimes [...] breaking them in.
Grace (PS54G) [312] They hurt [...] .
None (PS6U2) [313] [...] when I first wore [...] ankles [...] .
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [314] Oh yeah yeah.
[315] [...] . Sir, don't forget it's my birthday on May the third. [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [316] No I don't know one.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [317] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [318] [...] I know a lot of people [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [319] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [320] Sir so we what can when you [...] a box of chocolates Sir
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [321] and a card.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [322] [...] I'm not eating them every day though.
None (PS6U2) [323] [...] think about it.
Grace (PS54G) [324] Think about it Sir.
[325] You shouldn't have to think about it it's my birthday [...] time [...] and a box of chocolates and a card.
None (PS6U2) [326] Last year I was fifteen for the third time round.
Grace (PS54G) [327] Yeah.
[328] [laugh] Fifteen for the first time round.
None (PS6U2) [329] Third.
Grace (PS54G) [330] Third time round.
None (PS6U2) [331] Third time round.
[332] What's three fifteens?
Grace (PS54G) [333] What you, what you trying to do Sir?
None (PS6U2) [334] What is three fifteens?
Grace (PS54G) [335] Forty five.
None (PS6U2) [336] Yes.
[337] Last year [...] fifteen third time round.
Grace (PS54G) [338] Third time round.
None (PS6U2) [339] Never heard that one?
Grace (PS54G) [340] No.
[341] ... So you can't buy me a box of chocolates for [...] and a card?
None (PS6U2) [342] I'll think about it.
Grace (PS54G) [343] Think about it.
[344] ... What's the time Ian?
None (PS6U2) [345] Five past two [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [346] Five past two ... [...] ... [...] you play cam badminton Sir?
None (PS6U2) [347] Well I was supposed to be looking after it.
[348] [...] take [...] leave [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [349] Oh right.
None (PS6U2) [350] Still have to take the rucksack.
Grace (PS54G) [351] Do you play?
None (PS6U2) [352] No I, I'm not all that sports minded.
Grace (PS54G) [353] Just like seeing your team Sir. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [354] I mean I'm not [...] er I think it's very good. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [355] [...] I have other ways of keeping fit.
Grace (PS54G) [356] [...] that running.
None (PS6U2) [357] Not all [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [358] [...] aerobics classes.
[359] I say [...] Ian, take that out your mouth,
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [360] you're so disgusting, what is it?
[361] Er boy you suck anything.
None (PS6U2) [362] [...] suck [...]
Grace (PS54G) [363] [...] .
[364] You suck anything man.
[365] Even
Ian (PS54K) [366] Was I sucking it?
Grace (PS54G) [367] [...] innit then.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [368] Yeah you're still sucking, it's still in your mouth innit? [...] suck [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [369] [...] don't know that you suck all these [...] .
Ian (PS54K) [370] Look, look I brush my teeth properly.
Grace (PS54G) [371] So
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [372] Yeah.
[373] You don't know what, you don't know what to say [...]
Ian (PS54K) [...] [...]
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [374] Is that old ah that's brilliant.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [375] That is brilliant, that is brilliant [...] never see you on [...] .
Ian (PS54K) [376] [...] come come I give you a nice kiss.
Grace (PS54G) [377] [...] Ian I don't want no kiss from you.
Ian (PS54K) [378] [laugh] I give you, I give you a nice kiss
Grace (PS54G) [379] Move, move Ian, move
Ian (PS54K) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [380] Get off [laugh]
Ian (PS54K) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [381] Sir, yeah, [...] Sir [laugh]
Ian (PS54K) [382] I [...] pick you up [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [383] Sir, sir [laugh] get lost, leave me alone man [...] don't Ian.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [384] It's alright I don't want no kiss man.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [385] It's alright I don't want no kiss.
[386] ... [...] ... [...] station innit ... [...] station ... [...] make me laugh boy [...] packed up with [...] it's like you have to do erm spot black and white er see because what you doing [...] [laugh] [...] fuck off [...] he's gotta be mad [...] you have to spot the [...] toilet, you don't like it Ian, [...] tell [...] don't lie please don't lie to me.
Ian (PS54K) [387] [...] sick.
Grace (PS54G) [388] Don't lie Ian.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [389] You're so lie.
[390] No, what are you doing? [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [391] No, I mean no.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [392] Pardon?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [393] Oh I'm sorry Miss.
None (PS6U2) [394] Come on take it off. ...
None (PS6U2) [395] [...] stupid.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] [] [scream]
Grace (PS54G) [396] Find a chair Ian.
None (PS6U2) [397] [...] set an example.
None (PS6U2) [398] Shut up.
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] [] [scream]
Grace (PS54G) [399] [...] innit?
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [400] What is he a black ma a black boy.
[401] [...] black boy.
None (PS6U2) [402] [...] yeah yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [403] Don't that look fun? [...] innit?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [404] What you laughing for?
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [405] Shut up.
[406] [laugh] [...] stupid.
[407] I [...] Ian, Ian was erm chatting [...] on this I'll let you hear it afterwards [laugh] [...] laugh.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [408] [...] can't hear you.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [409] You're so neurot look it don't even sound like him.
[410] It don't sound like him [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [411] Yeah sound [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [412] Don't tell me.
None (PS6U2) [413] [...] tomorrow [...] ...
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [414] [laugh] You're boring.
None (PS6U2) [415] [...] boring.
Grace (PS54G) [416] Thought you said you're bald.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [417] [...] . ...
Grace (PS54G) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [418] Will you be quiet.
None (PS6U2) [419] She's so nasty. ...
Grace (PS54G) [420] [...] talking about [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [421] Do you talk about bananas?
[422] Erm.
[423] No.
None (PS6U2) [424] [...] talk about bananas ...
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [425] Will you make sure that you do do them [...] put the dresses on the erm different [...] .
[426] Who's still talking? [...] sit there talking all the way through [...] erm [...]
Grace (PS54G) [427] No miss I haven't got no detention.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [428] [...] Chantel. [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [429] [...] every year [...] to me
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [430] [...] yeah it'll do [...] .
None (PS6U2) [431] [...] say yes [...]
Grace (PS54G) [432] Yeah bu I yeah bu
None (PS6U2) [433] It's difficult [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [434] I wouldn't cos I, I can't if I saw you in the street I don't know you I couldn't be, I couldn't be attracted to you.
[435] No it's true, it's true I, I couldn't be attracted to you.
None (PS6U2) [436] [...] attracted [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [437] I don't know.
None (PS6U2) [438] [...] when we
Grace (PS54G) [439] No.
None (PS6U2) [440] You was [...]
Grace (PS54G) [441] [...] he's a joker.
None (PS6U2) [442] She's been [...] .
None (PS6U2) [443] Quiet now please [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [444] Form two, [...]
None (PS6U2) [445] Yes Miss.
None (PS6U2) [446] [...] Lavina
None (PS6U2) [447] Yes Miss
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U2) [448] Grace is this really something you should be doing [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [449] Well no Miss, no no no.
[450] That is stupid [...] .
[451] ... No I don't mean you're a small size. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [452] That means everybody ... excuse me please.
[453] Right I want you to stay silent.
[454] Chantel, anyone that defies me will be here until four o'clock. ...
None (PS6U2) [455] [...] quiet.
None (PS6U2) [456] Who's that?
[457] Claire
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [458] Right.
[459] [...] Grace,
None (PS6U2) [460] Jonathan.
None (PS6U2) [461] Yeah Miss.
None (PS6U2) [462] Luke.
None (PS6U2) [463] Yes.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [464] David [...] ... Ian
Ian (PS54K) [465] Yes Miss. ...
None (PS6U2) [466] Jenny, [...] Natasha, [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [467] Yes Miss.
None (PS6U2) [468] [...] Stephen
None (PS6U2) [469] Yeah Miss.
Grace (PS54G) [470] [...] got my [...]
Ian (PS54K) [471] What [...]
Grace (PS54G) [472] Oh Chantel saved me one [...] before.
[473] [...] Friday,
None (PS6U2) [474] Not this Friday.
Grace (PS54G) [475] This Friday coming ... [...] got a reason?
[476] Got a reason?
[477] Starts [...] this club. [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...] [laugh] ... [laugh] [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [478] [...] it's not erm it's not on.
None (PS6U2) [479] [...] I'm not stupid [...] got the mike on I'm not stupid.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [480] Oh is that I was just talking to [...] man.
[481] [laugh] [...] last one.
None (PS6U2) [482] Grace what's that?
Grace (PS54G) [483] Mike
None (PS6U2) [484] Oh.
[485] Recording [...]
Grace (PS54G) [486] No.
None (PS6U2) [487] [...] Tasha.
Grace (PS54G) [488] No I said to Tasha do you wanna come to a rave up.
None (PS6U2) [489] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [490] Yeah and I got so [...] [laugh]
Ian (PS54K) [491] Did you say, did you say erm
Grace (PS54G) [492] I can't say it again.
[493] [...] . Can't say that to you Ian.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [494] [...] who gave me this?
Ian (PS54K) [495] It's yours [...]
Grace (PS54G) [496] Gone in my eyes you know you're mad.
None (PS6U2) [497] [...] can't see [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [498] So.
None (PS6U2) [499] What. ...
Grace (PS54G) [500] What's the next lesson?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [501] Does what [...] man. ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [502] Nothing no nothing.
[503] Nothing
None (PS6U2) [504] [...] whoa.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [505] I'm going downstairs.
None (PS6U2) [506] [...] yesterday.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [507] [...] said she'll never forget, said she'll never forget that Chantel.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [508] [laugh] ... Come on.
[509] ... Ah ah little boy pushing big people [...] you know.
[510] Come on get out the fucking way. [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [511] Get out the fucking way man.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [512] [laugh] [...] Alright Fi-Fi.
[513] Do you wanna hear erm do you wanna hear Fiona singing? [laugh] she was singing on the mike, she was singing [...] yeah really singing you know.
[514] ... Alright William?
[515] Alright William?
[516] ... [laugh] ... [laugh] [laughing] Oh my God []
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [517] No [...] shut it off er
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [518] [...] ... You're not meant to [...]
None (PS6U2) [519] Er.
Grace (PS54G) [520] you're not meant to say in front of the classes.
None (PS6U2) [521] Oh. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [522] Why didn't you [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [523] I've got a [...] .
None (PS6U2) [524] Well why didn't you just bring the note and show it to me?
Grace (PS54G) [525] Yeah well then [...] .
None (PS6U2) [526] If you're wearing, if you're wearing headphones right [...] you don't stop [...] everybody's bound to work out and everyone lets you wear them, everyone's bound to work out [...] you've been given permission to wear them.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [527] Right I suggest [...] , I suggest you have [...] and you show your note [...] sit down otherwise [...] people [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [528] [...] bit messy now [...] come in
Grace (PS54G) [529] Oh today
None (PS6U2) [530] Worn it.
Grace (PS54G) [531] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [532] How come you [...]
Grace (PS54G) [533] I didn't see you.
None (PS6U2) [534] No you mean [...]
Grace (PS54G) [535] [laugh] Later.

4 (Tape 134804)

Grace (PS54G) [536] Monday.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [537] [...] was this.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [538] Er
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [539] Ah.
[540] [...] lucky for him. ...
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Ian (PS54K) [541] He's got [...] ...
Grace (PS54G) [laugh] ... [...]
Ian (PS54K) [542] Are you stuck?
Grace (PS54G) [543] Why?
Ian (PS54K) [544] I'm asking are you stuck?
Grace (PS54G) [545] Why.
Ian (PS54K) [546] [...] are you stuck?
[547] Yes or no are you stuck?
Grace (PS54G) [548] But why? [...]
None (PS6U2) [549] If I ask somebody stuck you're not gonna go why.
[550] Then I'm gonna say little bit.
Grace (PS54G) [551] A little bit?
Ian (PS54K) [552] Yes.
Grace (PS54G) [553] So am I a little bit.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [554] Why?
Ian (PS54K) [555] Smelly bitch.
Grace (PS54G) [556] That's all you can say innit can't say nothing else.
Ian (PS54K) [557] Can't say nothing else.
Grace (PS54G) [558] [...] Can I have a pen?
Ian (PS54K) [559] You got anything to say say it out loud.
[560] Fucking bitch.
[561] Alright if you've got anything to say ... don't smoke [...] .
[562] You understand English [...] are you cooperating properly?
Grace (PS54G) [563] God I don't believe [...] .
None (PS6U2) [564] Haven't got one.
Ian (PS54K) [565] I have told you about ten times I have not got a pen.
Grace (PS54G) [566] Have you got a pen [...] ?
Ian (PS54K) [567] Bring your own equipment.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [568] My pen's run out [...] pass me that pencil there.
[569] I is it sharper?
Ian (PS54K) [570] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [571] Mm.
Ian (PS54K) [...] [...]
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [572] She's on the [...] .
[573] Erm let me see now.
Ian (PS54K) [574] Haven't got to bring it in Monday.
Grace (PS54G) [575] Mm.
[576] [...] erm half term I think.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [577] Ain't got no one to look at it.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
Ian (PS54K) [578] It should be on the cover.
Grace (PS54G) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [579] No. [...]
Ian (PS54K) [580] What?
Grace (PS54G) [581] [...] on it's not working [...] . ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [582] You are [...] you are joking you know that's all I can say about you.
Ian (PS54K) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [583] I didn't really think about it.
Chantel (PS54H) [584] [...] she's a going some boy. ...
Grace (PS54G) [585] I didn't think to erm, I didn't really think to tell her to wait. ... [...]
None (PS6U2) [586] You got a cheek.
Grace (PS54G) [587] I ain't got no books.

5 (Tape 134901)

Grace (PS54G) [588] Where you lot going today?
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [589] Er, where?
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [590] What does that mean [...] there?
Samantha (PS54L) [591] Er
Grace (PS54G) [592] What is there good stuff down there?
Samantha (PS54L) [593] [...] what I wanted int it, the trousers.
Grace (PS54G) [594] What trousers?
Samantha (PS54L) [595] The leather ones. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [596] Hold on a minute.
Samantha (PS54L) [597] What [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [598] That's it.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [599] That's nice int it.
Samantha (PS54L) [600] Mm mm.
Grace (PS54G) [601] How much was that?
Samantha (PS54L) [602] Five pounds and I bought it [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [603] And how much is the trousers?
Samantha (PS54L) [604] Ten pounds.
Grace (PS54G) [605] [...] you bought that again?
Samantha (PS54L) [606] Bought what again?
Grace (PS54G) [607] You, you had this the shorts.
Samantha (PS54L) [...] [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [608] Some of it's similar man int it?
Samantha (PS54L) [609] Oh yes. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [610] That's nice I like that.
Samantha (PS54L) [611] I bought it down erm [...] thingummybob int it?
[612] This is erm twelve ninety nine, this is eight ninety nine and I bought in erm [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [613] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [614] Vandals [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [615] [...] do you remember seeing them?
Grace (PS54G) [616] No.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [617] I remember I remember I saw the shorts and you said they're nice.
Samantha (PS54L) [618] I was [...] went to .
Grace (PS54G) [619] Are you going up?
[620] You lot definitely going away for this week [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [621] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [622] [...] have to go and get it man.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [623] [...] expensive.
Grace (PS54G) [624] That's alright, not too bad.
Samantha (PS54L) [625] The prices are, are reasonable, you know what I mean?
Grace (PS54G) [626] Mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [627] Not too expensive.
[628] [...] their prices.
[629] If you actually go in and look at the prices cos the other is the only one I'm gonna get, it was only ten pounds, [...] only one [...] at the bottom and this shirt [...] white shirt is only five pounds.
Grace (PS54G) [630] That's alright.
Samantha (PS54L) [631] You know what I mean the prices are reasonable [...] I can't even hang it I put them, leave them in the bag.
None (KPEPS000) [632] Come home now. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [633] Mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [634] Prices are reasonable you know what I mean?
Grace (PS54G) [635] So what did Dawn buy?
Samantha (PS54L) [636] Dawn bought [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [637] Did Maxine go?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [638] No.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [639] I thought Maxine wanted to go.
Samantha (PS54L) [640] Yes.
None (KPEPS000) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [641] Yeah.
[642] Sure sure [...] to [...]
Grace (PS54G) [643] Mm mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [644] pair of jeans [...] all in one.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [645] [...] forget it.
Grace (PS54G) [646] I know.
Samantha (PS54L) [647] Not wise to [...] it off the [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [648] You know that.
None (PS6U2) [649] [...] [laugh] large [...] [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [650] This the, this going my way for it [...]
Grace (PS54G) [651] And how much you say you paid five?
Samantha (PS54L) [652] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [653] I like that.
[654] I like that a lot.
Samantha (PS54L) [655] Really good five, five pound there, I like the colour [...] them [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [656] So all that money you spent.
[657] A lot int it?
[658] It's not all that much money anyway.
[659] Comes out [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [660] [...] waist look exactly with my waistcoat, look.
None (PS6U2) [661] Oh yeah, what happened, hold out a trouser missing.
[662] ... it rust [...] the back, the back bit.
Grace (PS54G) [663] Yeah, I like them.
Samantha (PS54L) [664] [...] waistcoat I've been saving some time to get them.
[665] [...] flare ones.
Grace (PS54G) [666] Oh yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [667] Dawn should go and get a waistcoat as well cos these
None (PS6U2) [668] Waistcoats and shirts [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [669] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [670] [...] seven ninety nine I don't know how much the waistcoats have gone down to but they most probably gone down as well to about ten pounds the waistcoats.
Grace (PS54G) [671] Yes.
Samantha (PS54L) [672] I paid twelve pound for the waistcoat.
Grace (PS54G) [673] So you must have left that room early int it?
Samantha (PS54L) [674] No one o'clock.
Grace (PS54G) [675] One?
Samantha (PS54L) [676] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [677] You just come?
Samantha (PS54L) [678] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [679] [laugh] You look terrible boy.
Samantha (PS54L) [680] Lucky if we'd have left there early we still could have gone.
Grace (PS54G) [681] Mm mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [682] [...] can't be bothered to [...] going out again boy.
Grace (PS54G) [683] So what didn't Dawn buy erm, didn't Dawn have the buggy?
Samantha (PS54L) [684] She [...] the baby.
Grace (PS54G) [685] So who she leave the baby with?
Samantha (PS54L) [686] Mummy.
Grace (PS54G) [687] I didn't know mummy was there.
Samantha (PS54L) [688] Mummy was [...] bought them two fifty nine P.
None (PS6U2) [689] Samantha.
Samantha (PS54L) [690] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [691] Maxine's here.
Grace (PS54G) [692] Maxine's here.
Samantha (PS54L) [693] Dawn's [...] when I come down I show her it.
None (PS6U2) [694] Dawn ...
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [695] Er
Grace (PS54G) [696] Don't touch, don't touch
Samantha (PS54L) [697] I bought it for Jay cos I don't like [...] you know what I mean?
Grace (PS54G) [698] Yeah I know, I haven't bought Jay nothing.
Samantha (PS54L) [699] Well [...] used to get her everything.
Grace (PS54G) [700] I wanna go a piss boy.
Samantha (PS54L) [701] [...] get everything.
Grace (PS54G) [702] Yeah, I know ...
Samantha (PS54L) [703] Get everything [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [704] Er, how much is it?
Samantha (PS54L) [705] Two ninety nine.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [706] Two ninety nine [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [707] That's worth it.
[708] [door bell] I'll get the door.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
None (PS6U2) [709] Hello Maxine
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [710] Hello.
[711] Ah.
None (PS6U2) [712] [...] bigger.
Grace (PS54G) [713] You said you was home three [...]
None (PS6U2) [714] [...] yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [715] Oh my goodness what's the matter with you?
[716] What do you wear
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [717] I had a cardigan on.
Samantha (PS54L) [718] What cardigan?
None (PS6U2) [719] Your one.
[720] No.
Samantha (PS54L) [721] She looks awful int it.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [722] [...] get a cardigan [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [723] You [...] [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [724] [...] what do you say Glen?
Grace (PS54G) [725] [laugh] Have a seat.
[726] Ro-Ro [...] Ro-Ro.
[727] [...] Ro-Ro yeah [...] say hello ... say hello.
None (PS6U2) [728] Hell
Grace (PS54G) [729] Say hello.
None (PS6U2) [730] Hello.
Grace (PS54G) [731] Say hello Auntie Grace.
None (PS6U2) [732] Hello.
Grace (PS54G) [733] Auntie Grace.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [734] This is Romax.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [735] This is Romax speaking one two three.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [736] He's only one and he's talking.
[737] Look, look.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [738] He's chatting, chat for them Romax.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [739] Say [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [740] Hello Jay Jay, hello Jay ... This is their mum, this is their mum Maxine.
None (PS6U2) [741] [...] Grace.
Grace (PS54G) [742] Say [...] .
[743] So w where you going now Maxine?
None (PS6U2) [744] I'm going to Leo's int it.
Grace (PS54G) [745] Leos wh what Leo what erm area Leos?
None (PS6U2) [746] Dalston you know, Dalston [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [747] Yeah I migh I might come with you you know.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [748] [laugh] I w I might come with you you know.
None (PS6U2) [749] Tell you what let me just get on my jacket.
Samantha (PS54L) [750] [...] spend a while looking after them you know.
Grace (PS54G) [751] Ah, right [...] .
[752] Let me just get my jacket first and I'll be with you.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [753] Here's my sister Dawn ...
Chantel (PS54H) [754] Sod off. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [755] [...] erm [laugh] school.
Chantel (PS54H) [756] For school.
Grace (PS54G) [757] Yes.
[758] Look today she looks dry, [laughing] she's got [...] [] .
[759] Today, today Dawn looks so drab, my sister Dawn, she's got [laughing] [...] trousers and my and my top [] and my top ... and [...] she loves her kebabs and her [...] her legs her dry, right.
None (PS6U2) [760] [...] school you know.
Grace (PS54G) [761] School I have to tape this for erm school.
None (PS6U2) [762] [...] what?
Grace (PS54G) [763] Just tape conversations for school.
[764] Teacher wants to know about conversations [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [765] Is it still running?
Grace (PS54G) [766] Yeah.
Chantel (PS54H) [767] What sort of people there?
Grace (PS54G) [768] Oh the mums will be there.
Chantel (PS54H) [...]
None (PS6U2) [769] No look at my clothes man.
Grace (PS54G) [770] I know.
[771] [laugh] I wanna brush it off after.
[772] Erm what [...] say.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [773] Yeah, we've got to tape, you just do your conversations and that
Samantha (PS54L) [774] Where's your mum?
Grace (PS54G) [775] Don't know, she's upstairs.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [776] [...] computer int it?
Grace (PS54G) [777] Love computer.
Samantha (PS54L) [778] [...] speak [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [779] [...] what?
Samantha (PS54L) [780] She still owe me forty pence. [...]
None (PS6U2) [781] Did you see anything you like?
Grace (PS54G) [782] What time is it man?
Samantha (PS54L) [...] [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
None (PS6U2) [783] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [784] Hold on.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
None (PS6U2) [785] [...] some of yours [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [786] When was the [...]
None (PS6U2) [787] No he dropped out and I picked it up when I was [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
None (PS6U2) [788] Hello [...] hello.
Grace (PS54G) [789] Shut the door please.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [790] There's my mum.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [791] There's my mum. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [792] That's what I was saying I said here's my mum.
None (PS6U2) [793] Hang on.
Samantha (PS54L) [794] [...] say.
None (PS6U2) [795] [...] I'm gonna shut that [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [796] My brother Glen he's always trying to s fix up the sitting room
None (PS6U2) [797] Do you know what you want?
Grace (PS54G) [798] and my brother Glen, he's ver he's, he's forgetful, he's very forgetful and he always wants a clean up the sitting room.
[799] There's my mum talking.
[800] She's thick.
None (PS6U2) [801] [...] on the floor man.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [802] Not [...]
Grace (PS54G) [803] Glen eh Glen he's in there fussing all the time
None (PS6U2) [804] What have you got there [...]
Grace (PS54G) [805] just over the sitting room.
None (PS6U2) [806] Oh y oh [...] put me right [...] today [...] yes [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [807] He always tries to crack jokes and he's so dry.
[808] My mum trying a, here's my mum she's trying to do the, she's trying a do the butterfly.
[809] This is Romax.
None (PS6U2) [810] Hello.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [811] Everyone buys [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [812] It's a real Jamaican family ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [813] [...] Romax.
None (PS6U2) [814] [...] Jane.
Grace (PS54G) [815] That'll tell you to move mum.
[816] Mum's still trying to do the butterfly but she can't get it right
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [817] Let me try [...] [humming]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [818] I don't think she'll ever get the butterfly right
None (PS6U2) [...] [humming]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [819] Sixty one, erm not the [...] it's rough, it's rough the jacket.
None (PS6U2) [820] Got five minutes left.
Grace (PS54G) [821] Yeah what you up to Reg.
Chantel (PS54H) [822] Yeah I'm gonna go to Leos with you [...] [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [823] Where'd you get them boots from?
None (PS6U2) [laughing] [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [824] They look like [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [825] Er [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [crying]
None (PS6U2) [826] [...] you didn't did you?
None (PS6U2) [827] [...] He
None (PS6U2) [828] Might drink [...]
None (PS6U2) [829] Oh yeah yeah [...]
Grace (PS54G) [830] Ivan [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [831] [...] shubber
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [832] shubber
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [833] Hello.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [834] [...] Say da da da da da da da
None (PS6U2) [835] Ye ye ye ye ya
Grace (PS54G) [836] Say jay jay jay jay jay
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [837] and he's only one.
None (PS6U2) [838] One [...] no no.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [839] Sing.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [840] Sing.
None (PS6U2) [841] What's his song?
Grace (PS54G) [842] Only cost three pounds.
None (PS6U2) [843] Worth it innit?
Grace (PS54G) [844] Yeah.
[845] It's worth three pounds.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [846] You should have got a bigger size innit Dawn?
None (PS6U2) [...]

6 (Tape 134902)

Chantel (PS54H) [847] [...] things with their clothes, their clothes is good [...]
Grace (PS54G) [848] Who's that, what's that?
Chantel (PS54H) [849] Woman, [...] the top that I'm gonna buy for Romax and Jason eight ninety nine and she's selling it for one fifty.
[850] [...] not a screw but the only thing is erm she didn't have Romax size when I went there.
Grace (PS54G) [851] What was it??
Chantel (PS54H) [852] Oh I'm looking for [...]
None (PS6U2) [853] [...] wicked [...] there's only one [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [854] [...] there's a lot of you know though.
Chantel (PS54H) [855] Yeah but look at him [...] Deacon.
Grace (PS54G) [856] Who's Deacon?
Chantel (PS54H) [857] Deacon [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [858] Deacon went there from church?
Chantel (PS54H) [859] What she put a waistcoat on him for?
Grace (PS54G) [860] Trying to pop style innit?
None (PS6U2) [861] You look stupid. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [862] You stink you know. [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [863] I wanted to put it on today.
Grace (PS54G) [864] That looks massive boy.
[865] Is that [...] ?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [866] Shut up.
Chantel (PS54H) [867] This is small man I wanted it t I wished they had erm erm
None (PS6U2) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [868] got the erm what was it, erm yeah tiny
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [869] [...] smaller you know.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [870] I really wanted her to wear it you know.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [871] What you bought it for erm [...]
None (PS6U2) [872] Not today but I wanted er
Grace (PS54G) [873] But I thought, I thought, I thought that's wh I thought that's erm
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [874] No I thought that was erm
None (PS6U2) [875] [...] innit?
Grace (PS54G) [876] Jay's, I thought that was Jay's.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [877] Oh Jay's got one as well right
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...] [singing creole]
Grace (PS54G) [878] [...] take that back you can't talk [laughing] English [] .
None (PS6U2) [879] [...] [laugh] What's that?
None (PS6U2) [880] I don't know.
Grace (PS54G) [881] Nothing [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [882] Come on [...]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [883] That's no good [...]
None (PS6U2) [884] Only one pound
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [885] On the market yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [886] What market, what market have you bought it from?
None (PS6U2) [887] Roman Road.
None (PS6U2) [888] That's no good.
Grace (PS54G) [889] Roman Road.
None (PS6U2) [890] You see my one.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [891] When do we take it in [...]
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [892] When do we, we take it [...] fed up like that it [...] off they're no good.
None (PS6U2) [893] Relax
None (PS6U2) [894] You have to buy the good ones from [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [895] You hold him, you pick him up
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [896] I got to give him to you hold it
None (PS6U2) [897] Don't matter then put it on the d on the rug
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [898] on the [...] innit?
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [899] And I'll still put it in the [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [900] cos I'll plug it in [...]
None (PS6U2) [901] [laugh] stretch it through your mouth Grace.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [902] Big mouth [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [903] [...] up [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [904] [...] last night.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [905] Say hello Grace.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [906] Say hello Grace.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [907] Hello.
Grace (PS54G) [908] Say hello.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [909] [...] what time you still want [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [910] Is it [...] or no?
None (PS6U2) [911] [...] paper no [...]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [912] Everything she drew.
None (PS6U2) [913] I'm just rushing with Maxine up here yes.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [914] What she looking at [...] [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [915] One two [...] .
None (PS6U2) [916] That's erm, [...]
Grace (PS54G) [917] Quick give me four pence please.
None (PS6U2) [918] I've only got about three P.
None (PS6U2) [919] He's gone deaf you know.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [920] Blatantly deaf. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [921] [...] in your room.
Grace (PS54G) [922] What is wro I think she's got too much ear wax.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [923] [laugh] He took
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [924] How much longer [...]
None (PS6U2) [925] [...] hold it
Grace (PS54G) [926] [...] mummy.
None (PS6U2) [927] Half an hour.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [928] [...] whisper.
Grace (PS54G) [929] How much longer more you do?
None (PS6U2) [930] Let me have a look [...]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [931] I didn't know it would sit up.
Grace (PS54G) [932] Well you can mum.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [933] He can sit up.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [934] What do you mean what Grace doing?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [935] Same think what was wrong [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [936] [...] that when Peter came to take his picture when [...]
Grace (PS54G) [937] Oh that's good
None (PS6U2) [938] [...] he took his picture like this.
[939] Do you remember?
None (PS6U2) [940] Come to me Chanel.
None (PS6U2) [941] [...] come on Friday [...]
None (PS6U2) [942] So stupid she's there [...] she's there she says yes talk to me.
Grace (PS54G) [943] Like that it went right in my [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [944] Come on put your shoes on.
Grace (PS54G) [945] Put on your shoes Chanel.
None (PS6U2) [946] Put on your [...]
None (PS6U2) [947] May I come in? [...] wait are you [...] it up.
None (PS6U2) [948] That's fuck that's why the [...] .
None (PS6U2) [949] No she was sucking it up man look at [...]
None (PS6U2) [950] [...] what you doing?
None (PS6U2) [951] [laughing] She's sucking it up [] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [952] [...] oh God who's touched that?
None (PS6U2) [953] Why?
None (PS6U2) [954] I'd never give him [...] instead of bought for her for her christening she match up the jacket and sh the socks, the socks what somebody just bought for her.
[955] [...] she must have on the christening
None (PS6U2) [956] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [957] and then she say
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [958] [...] mean them
Grace (PS54G) [959] [...] sat on the floor [...]
None (PS6U2) [960] I know but I mean [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [961] [...] you do now.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [962] suck at the top boy.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [963] and the thing about you you know, you know [...] to you.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [964] [...] if yous lot are carrying on l like carrying on like this.
[965] Is that
None (PS6U2) [966] She's ten years old and she's sucking up her clothes.
[967] I don't understand.
[968] It's like she's a young baby, boy.
None (PS6U2) [969] [...] buy me a
None (PS6U2) [970] Apple
None (PS6U2) [971] Any er, no I don't want a
None (PS6U2) [972] Buy me any other drink.
None (PS6U2) [973] Twenties.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [974] No you can [...] too much.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [975] Granddad still around?
None (PS6U2) [976] [...] never heard of.
None (PS6U2) [977] So when I called her she wake up.
[978] [...] country
None (PS6U2) [979] Who's her, Chanel?
None (PS6U2) [980] [...] catching hay fever.
None (PS6U2) [981] Er
None (PS6U2) [982] She don't sit down here Maxine, she know, rub her eyes, she'll rub her eyes or me
None (PS6U2) [983] [...] her she's [...] to try [...] .
None (PS6U2) [984] Look some time you know can't you see I'm tired.
None (PS6U2) [985] Don't argue.
None (PS6U2) [986] I got so much [...]
None (PS6U2) [987] If you want somebody Max
None (PS6U2) [988] Give her a lift.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [989] Max look.
None (PS6U2) [990] I wanna [...] you man [...] .
None (PS6U2) [991] I just wanna [...]
Grace (PS54G) [992] Them trous alr were.
[993] I wanted them trousers.
[994] [...] trouser please.
None (PS6U2) [995] [...] attracting nobody, she's going [...] scratching the eyes like you sounded [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [996] Fuck all of it. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [997] You [...] allowed the, the machine so much.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [998] Anybody [...] fever.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [999] Look at her.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1000] You [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1001] You lot talk the same as [...] to talk.
[1002] Hold on a minute.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1003] [...] mixed up.
None (PS6U2) [1004] [...] waistcoat on for mummy.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1005] What's wrong with you, you're so stupid [laughing] Dawn [] .
[1006] [...] she's talking.
[1007] Tell me what do you put a waistcoat on him for.
Chantel (PS54H) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1008] How much is the shirt as well the shirt?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1009] You give me yourself [...]
None (PS6U2) [1010] The shirt.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1011] The shirt.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1012] But why she put jeans on with it?
None (PS6U2) [1013] That's what I'm saying that's Le Roy's.
Grace (PS54G) [1014] She need trousers.
None (PS6U2) [1015] [...] put on things like that.
Grace (PS54G) [1016] Crazy boy.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1017] [...] she don't look [...]
None (PS6U2) [1018] [...] English
None (PS6U2) [1019] But where does [...]
None (PS6U2) [1020] She makes similar [...]
None (PS6U2) [laughing] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1021] Yes.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1022] You're telling me.
[1023] What are boo boos [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1024] And the thing about it he's only one.
[1025] Pardon?
[1026] Ready.
None (PS6U2) [1027] A boo boos.
Grace (PS54G) [1028] Here come and chat for us.
None (PS6U2) [1029] Sing Carolina.
None (PS6U2) [1030] [singing] Oh Carolina, [...] []
None (PS6U2) [1031] [singing] [...] Carolina []
None (PS6U2) [1032] [singing] [...] Carolina []
None (PS6U2) [1033] [singing] [...] Carolina []
None (PS6U2) [1034] Go on sing it.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1035] Go on sing it. [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1036] [...] [singing] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no [] dick no dick, [...] girls do it.
None (PS6U2) [1037] Let me try [...] I was wondering why he was doing it then I realized on the tape she done that innit.
None (PS6U2) [1038] [...] what [...] you got on your tape [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1039] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, there's no limit
None (PS6U2) [1040] [...] one sort of tune on it.
None (PS6U2) [1041] Yes.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1042] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1043] What.
None (PS6U2) [1044] [...] nowhere.
Grace (PS54G) [1045] What's that?
None (PS6U2) [1046] The rest is development song.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1047] Got a rogering.
None (PS6U2) [1048] Mm [...] ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1049] Why did you tell him [...] got that?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1050] I told you [...] she don't even listen to me.
[1051] Coffee.
[1052] Go bring me back the drink and get me a Coke.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1053] [...] and only one Coke [...]
None (PS6U2) [1054] give it to me, give it to me.
None (PS6U2) [1055] I didn't want the Tango, she didn't listen to me what I said.
[1056] Co the computer's on your brain.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1057] [...] thing [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1058] Sorry about that. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1059] [singing] No no no no no no no no []
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [singing] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [singing] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [1060] I'm every people.
Grace (PS54G) [1061] [singing] I'm every day people []
None (PS6U2) [1062] [...] sing [...] every day.
[1063] Every day.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1064] [singing] you say I'm, I'm every day people [] ... Sing it
None (PS6U2) [1065] [...] [singing] I'm []
Grace (PS54G) [1066] [singing] I'm I'm every day people, before I met you my life was standing still, it was standing still I had a one way ticket [...] []
None (PS6U2) [1067] [singing] still, it was standing still I had a one way ticket [...] []
None (PS6U2) [1068] [...] do you want some, here
Grace (PS54G) [1069] [singing] that [...] came in my head and all I wanna do if money you can [...] to I wanna love you, for my heart and [...] you make me a brand new woman, you make me ha, you wanna [...] []
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1070] Can't sing that's why
None (PS6U2) [1071] Sound like Karen.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1072] Here are woman.
Grace (PS54G) [1073] [...] Maxine [...]
None (PS6U2) [1074] [...] Max.
Grace (PS54G) [1075] Yeah [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [singing] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1076] [...] Max.
[1077] [...] P O J
None (PS6U2) [1078] Beg.
None (PS6U2) [1079] Talk [...] say something.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1080] Say no Grace's school friends [...] [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1081] Is the original bad boy Roma.
None (PS6U2) [1082] Who's that [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1083] [...] got a bit more.
None (PS6U2) [1084] So he's your boyfriend int he what's wrong with that?
Grace (PS54G) [1085] [laugh] You know I don't like [...] don't
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1086] After you Lloyd come here every day
None (PS6U2) [1087] [...] get it right.
None (PS6U2) [1088] Hey Dawn.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1089] Dawn she loves [...] come here every day.
None (PS6U2) [crying]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [crying]
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1090] Romax
None (PS6U2) [1091] Ra ra ra ra.
None (PS6U2) [1092] [...] speak to you man.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1093] Funny.
Grace (PS54G) [1094] Funny [...] funny.
[1095] Just get out man you idiot.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1096] [...] drink [...] food would you.
Grace (PS54G) [1097] Glen said he think he, he might he thinks you are [...] .
None (PS6U2) [1098] [...] say something.
None (PS6U2) [1099] [...] all that noise innit.
None (PS6U2) [1100] Glen said he think [...]
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1101] Leave him to you
None (PS6U2) [1102] [...] yesterday innit
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1103] What place?
None (PS6U2) [1104] Erm We West London, [...] Brixton
Grace (PS54G) [1105] Er
None (PS6U2) [1106] Do you know where [...] her.
None (PS6U2) [1107] Chanine.
None (PS6U2) [1108] [singing] ro ro ro ro ro []
Grace (PS54G) [1109] Glen tunes [...] alright innit? [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1110] [...] proudly present the best
Grace (PS54G) [belch]
None (PS6U2) [1111] break dance in memory of the late [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1112] Talk.
None (PS6U2) [1113] Don't like it.
Grace (PS54G) [1114] Talk.
None (PS6U2) [1115] Don't like it.
Grace (PS54G) [1116] She's only two.
[1117] She's on lyrics man her dad.
[1118] He's so laz unbelievable [...] my brother.
[1119] Dad I wish I was you, [...] laughing at the bar beach [laugh] come here, misguided crew [...] I couldn't handle those things [...] [laugh] because I come in say [...] this is my can't stand my brother boy [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1120] [...] you are the one, you're the only one saying [...]
None (PS6U2) [1121] [...] a big [...]
None (PS6U2) [1122] [...] think [...] Rab King's gonna be there.
Grace (PS54G) [1123] He don't, he don't
None (PS6U2) [1124] [...] man
None (PS6U2) [1125] Football.
None (PS6U2) [1126] [...] mind you baby [...] love.
Grace (PS54G) [1127] How does it work in there?
None (PS6U2) [crying]
None (PS6U2) [1128] C J Crazy.
Grace (PS54G) [1129] [singing] Oh wo wo yeah yeah []
None (PS6U2) [1130] Come here.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1131] butterfly.
[1132] butterfly.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1133] Butterfly.
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [singing]
Grace (PS54G) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [singing] [shouting] [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [1134] That stupid bag, original [...]
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [1135] Shine your [...] .
[1136] Shine your [...] .
[1137] Shine your [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1138] [...] Shane I can't really hear it, can you hear it? [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1139] [singing] Hello mumma Africa [...] Hello mumma Africa [...] []
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1140] Sing it sing it [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1141] Stop it.
[1142] Go on Maxine [...]
None (PS6U2) [singing]
Grace (PS54G) [1143] You're copying mine Maxine.
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1144] [...] conversation [...]
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] [] [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1145] [...] again.
None (PS6U2) [1146] [...] conversation.
Grace (PS54G) [1147] [laughing] What's that one again [] ?
None (PS6U2) [1148] [...] conversational [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1149] It's meant to be family conversation.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1150] Look [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1151] That's my mum.
None (PS6U2) [1152] You still don't get [...] you know.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1153] Oh well you might as well stay cos [...] five minutes.
None (PS6U2) [1154] No [...]
None (PS6U2) [1155] What's the time out there?
None (PS6U2) [1156] I phoned mum you know tell mum to get ready [...]
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [1157] Jason come on [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1158] Look like [...] look like [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1159] Not a boy he's a man
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1160] Oh quiet [...] .
None (PS6U2) [1161] Come back [...]
None (PS6U2) [1162] [...] hello shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [1163] Go on shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [1164] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [1165] Go on.
None (PS6U2) [1166] Oh [...]
None (PS6U2) [1167] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [1168] Go on.
None (PS6U2) [1169] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1170] [...] I don't know what you're talking about.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1171] [...] video there in your room for you.
None (PS6U2) [1172] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1173] I am black.
None (PS6U2) [1174] Hello my dear how are you?
Grace (PS54G) [1175] I'm alright.
None (PS6U2) [1176] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1177] Shine your god.
Grace (PS54G) [1178] [...] go up the stairs.
None (PS6U2) [1179] [...] made it.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1180] Do you want to take it you can finish it in your room.
None (PS6U2) [1181] Alright yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1182] Finish it in the next [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1183] [...] have you got fifty P?
None (PS6U2) [1184] [...] spent it on [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1185] [...] You Glen no.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1186] You, you haven't got any money either?
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1187] Oh well what am I gonna do ah?
None (PS6U2) [1188] [...] me for [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1189] Oh alright.
None (PS6U2) [1190] [...] asking him.
None (PS6U2) [1191] What's this?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1192] Football again,a all my brothers they love football so much [clears throat] watching
None (PS6U2) [1193] Bye [...] bye
Grace (PS54G) [1194] Yeah come in Janine, hold on.
None (PS6U2) [1195] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [1196] Shine your god.
Grace (PS54G) [1197] Yeah shine your god, come on come shine.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1198] Where you taking him?
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1199] Are you gonna sing a song?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1200] [...] seven o'clock you know.
None (PS6U2) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1201] You can't [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1202] [...] America. [...]
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1203] [...] at four.
None (PS6U2) [1204] Shine the god
None (PS6U2) [1205] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [1206] Shine the god.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1207] Oh yeah [...]
None (PS6U2) [1208] Oh yeah [...]
None (PS6U2) [1209] Oh yeah [...]
None (PS6U2) [1210] Shine the god.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1211] Shine the god.
None (PS6U2) [1212] Shine your god.
None (PS6U2) [shouting] [...] []
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [singing] [everyone singing creole]
Grace (PS54G) [1213] That was my sister singing yeah. [door bell]
None (PS6U2) [1214] Shine the god.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1215] God you know.
[1216] [...] just go and answer that door.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1217] That's my brother he always does it when he wakes up [laugh] [...] he dribbles as well.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1218] Don't worry [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1219] Easy.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1220] Shine the god.
None (PS6U2) [1221] [laugh] shine the god.
None (PS6U2) [1222] Make her sing that other song.
Grace (PS54G) [1223] Shine [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1224] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1225] Yeah [...]
None (PS6U2) [1226] Yeah yeah yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1227] [...] as well innit.
Grace (PS54G) [1228] Arrested development innit.
None (PS6U2) [1229] Yeah.
[1230] [...] let Robert sing it, let [...] go on, sing it Grace.
Grace (PS54G) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1231] Turn it down.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1232] Wait a minute [...] Robert have a go first then.
Grace (PS54G) [1233] [singing] Wow yeah wow yeah wow yeah wow mm mm mm []
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1234] Come on it's not having no more that's it.
Grace (PS54G) [1235] [...] [singing] Wow yeah wow yeah [] .
[1236] That's it, hang on there I can't
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1237] That's the finish of the tape you know.
None (PS6U2) [1238] I was saying
None (PS6U2) [1239] [...] taking [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1240] Mm.
None (PS6U2) [1241] Mummy's taking notes.
None (PS6U2) [1242] Can't hear you know.
Grace (PS54G) [1243] It's funny go on.
None (PS6U2) [1244] [...] mummy's taking notes.
Grace (PS54G) [1245] [...] I can hear Blanche out there you know.
None (PS6U2) [1246] Yeah yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1247] [...] hear it a bit louder.
None (PS6U2) [1248] Go on go again go on again. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1249] [...] I better get my jacket innit. [clears throat]
None (PS6U2) [1250] Ro-Ro
None (PS6U2) [1251] Ro-Ro
None (PS6U2) [1252] Ro-Ro.
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1253] [singing] [...] timber down []
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1254] That one was Jason not her.
None (PS6U2) [singing]
None (PS6U2) [1255] Yo whose card's this?
[1256] Whose card's this?
None (PS6U2) [1257] Whose card's this?
None (PS6U2) [1258] Mine [...]
None (PS6U2) [1259] Go back inside Ro-Ro.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1260] Go back, come inside.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1261] That dress is mine.
None (PS6U2) [1262] Mm
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1263] It's Romax's card.
None (PS6U2) [1264] It's [...] mine.
None (PS6U2) [1265] Yeah where's Nicky?
None (PS6U2) [1266] I'm going.
None (PS6U2) [1267] Go on home.
Grace (PS54G) [1268] W w where's Leander?
None (PS6U2) [1269] Gone to school.
Grace (PS54G) [1270] Where's Stella?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1271] Gone
Grace (PS54G) [1272] Gone where?
None (PS6U2) [1273] Gone.
Grace (PS54G) [1274] Where?
None (PS6U2) [1275] I lost it.
Grace (PS54G) [1276] You lost it?
None (PS6U2) [1277] Lost it what's the other one called again?
Grace (PS54G) [1278] Maxine.
None (PS6U2) [1279] Where's Maxine?
None (PS6U2) [1280] Gone.
None (PS6U2) [1281] Gone where?
None (PS6U2) [1282] Gone with John.
Grace (PS54G) [1283] She's gone with John.
None (PS6U2) [1284] Yeah.
[1285] [...] wow [...] wow.
Grace (PS54G) [1286] Where's Kathy?
None (PS6U2) [1287] Gone, gone work.
Grace (PS54G) [1288] She gone work.
None (PS6U2) [1289] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1290] Oh.
[1291] What you say.
None (PS6U2) [1292] [...] hear it, can you hear it?
Grace (PS54G) [1293] W what did you say?
None (PS6U2) [1294] Erm Samantha wants you.
Grace (PS54G) [1295] Alright.
[1296] Come here.
Samantha (PS54L) [1297] Hello Grace.
Grace (PS54G) [1298] Hi.
[1299] Wh who wants me?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1300] Who wants me?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1301] Do you want to say bye to the lady?
None (PS6U2) [1302] Say buy to the lady.
None (PS6U2) [1303] Bye [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1304] [...] leggings you're not going out tonight.
None (PS6U2) [1305] What leggings?
Grace (PS54G) [1306] The one [...]
None (PS6U2) [1307] T [...] what do you want to buy those ones.
Grace (PS54G) [1308] I'm going out tonight.
None (PS6U2) [1309] So
Grace (PS54G) [1310] [...] business. [...]

7 (Tape 134903)

Samantha (PS54L) [1311] Not bad is it?
Grace (PS54G) [1312] What's that?
Samantha (PS54L) [1313] I definitely have to wear a top cos never worn no tights on.
Chantel (PS54H) [1314] Mm tights [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [1315] Yeah but obviously I'm not going to waste time putting tights on.
Chantel (PS54H) [1316] [belch] Pardon.
Samantha (PS54L) [1317] [...] sixteen [...] fifteen one.
Chantel (PS54H) [1318] Who's Yvonne?
Samantha (PS54L) [1319] Can't even work like a jacket.
Chantel (PS54H) [1320] [...] see the bottom.
Samantha (PS54L) [1321] The what?
Chantel (PS54H) [1322] From the back I mean. [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [1323] Oh I ain't wound it up after I put my shirt down there.
Chantel (PS54H) [1324] Oh.
[1325] Look alright though.
Samantha (PS54L) [1326] It's worth the money innit?
Chantel (PS54H) [1327] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [1328] Can't go wrong for the money. ...
Chantel (PS54H) [1329] Looks alright.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [1330] The [...] cheap [...] .
Chantel (PS54H) [1331] Aye you wear a shirt underneath it.
Samantha (PS54L) [1332] If I don't wear a shirt underneath it, it's gonna look stupid.
Chantel (PS54H) [1333] [...] does that look stupid now?
Samantha (PS54L) [1334] What?
Chantel (PS54H) [1335] [...] turn around and we'll see how that shirt looks.
Samantha (PS54L) [1336] Can never wear a shirt [...] it meant for a shirt underneath it.
[1337] It's meant to wear like this.
Grace (PS54G) [1338] Yeah it is, it is.
None (PS6U2) [1339] Got tights on.
Samantha (PS54L) [1340] You got [...] I just can't put my jacket over it.
[1341] So hot
None (PS6U2) [1342] So you so you cou couldn't do it anyway.
Grace (PS54G) [1343] Ah.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1344] There you are,
Samantha (PS54L) [1345] Gums [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1346] Gum [...] gum.
None (PS6U2) [1347] [...] Here [...] yeah I know what you're saying.
None (PS6U2) [1348] [...] I bought the other one. ...
Samantha (PS54L) [1349] [...] I bought it for I don't really like it [...] .
Chantel (PS54H) [1350] Nor do I really.
None (PS6U2) [1351] Wanna read it?

8 (Tape 135001)

None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1352] Eh?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1353] Eh?
None (PS6U2) [1354] [shouting] [...] not record me right.
Grace (PS54G) [1355] [shouting+laughing] Shut your mouth Angela. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1356] You're recording [...] [] .
Grace (PS54G) [1357] Shut your fucking mouth [] . ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1358] [shouting] You bitch [] ! ...
None (PS6U2) [1359] The mike ain't
None (PS6U2) [1360] The mike's gone again [...] .
[1361] Testing, testing one two three.
None (PS6U2) [1362] It's gone [...]
None (PS6U2) [1363] Yeah.
[1364] I'm gonna [...]
None (PS6U2) [1365] [...] oh testing, testing one two three.
None (PS6U2) [1366] You can hear [...]
None (PS6U2) [1367] Yeah it's on there.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1368] What the fuck are you doing here? [laugh]
Ian (PS54K) [1369] Yes [shouting] [...] ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Ian (PS54K) [1370] Shut up you bastard, shut up [] . ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1371] What, what?
None (PS6U2) [1372] [...] Ian.
None (PS6U2) [1373] Your mum Ian, your mum.
Ian (PS54K) [...]
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1374] Your mum's got a moustache.
None (PS6U2) [1375] Your mum's got a hairy tongue [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
Ian (PS54K) [1376] I've fucked your mum [...] , I've fucked
None (PS6U2) [1377] Your mum's got a [...] on her [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1378] It's alright it can hear both of you, there's two mikes look.
None (PS6U2) [1379] Er er ... alright [...] that's stupid anyway, forget it.
None (PS6U2) [1380] I've fucked, I've fucked your mum whilst your dad was wanking on the sofa.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1381] Not funny.
None (PS6U2) [laugh] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1382] What do you mean not funny?
[1383] What do you mean not funny?
None (PS6U2) [1384] I find that funny, oh ha ha ha ha.
None (PS6U2) [1385] Ha ha ha.
Grace (PS54G) [1386] You're not funny.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1387] [laughing] Well I'm meant to be funny darling [] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1388] I've got food stuck in me [...]
None (PS6U2) [1389] [...] and I had you and your mum.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [laugh] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1390] Pardon [...] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
Ian (PS54K) [1391] Your mum gave me a ninety niner and a
Grace (PS54G) [1392] What's
Ian (PS54K) [1393] and a erm ...
Grace (PS54G) [1394] for the rest of the viewers what's a ninety niner Ian? ...
Ian (PS54K) [1395] Ninety niner, remember what I done to you last night.
Grace (PS54G) [1396] Yeah what exactly is a ninety niner?
Ian (PS54K) [1397] You know [laughing] you know what it is [] .
Grace (PS54G) [1398] No I don't know. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [laugh] ...
Ian (PS54K) [1399] What I done was er erm what I done was erm erm erm erm er
Grace (PS54G) [1400] Do you want a ham sandwich or do you want a ... come on [laugh] ... what's a ninety niner Ian?
None (PS6U2) [1401] I ninety niner is [...]
Ian (PS54K) [1402] Remember what remember what you ... you're the one that introduced the ninety niner to me so I'm saying you should know about it.
Grace (PS54G) [1403] No I didn't introduce it Ian er it must be Chantal.
None (PS6U2) [1404] [...] introduced it [...] yeah yeah yeah yeah [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1405] [laugh] Oh yeah Chantal innit?
None (PS6U2) [1406] She gave me a ninety niner. ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1407] [...] gone again [...] .
None (PS6U2) [1408] You should record, no you should record that wom the woman, this woman [...]
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1409] fucking [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1410] [laugh] Alright then [...] ... Right all sit around, take off your coats [...] ... sit down, shut up [...] [laugh] what was it again?
None (PS6U2) [1411] [...] sit up, shut up.
Grace (PS54G) [1412] Say that again Sach?
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1413] What was it?
None (PS6U2) [1414] Sit down, look, I've forgotten.
Grace (PS54G) [1415] Oh you idiot. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1416] Sit down [...]
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1417] [...] shut up, no sit down look up and shut up.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1418] What you listening to?
Grace (PS54G) [1419] This.
[1420] ... Come here a minute.
[1421] [laugh] Can I have a word, can I have a word please?
None (PS6U2) [1422] About what? ...
Grace (PS54G) [1423] I in private.
None (PS6U2) [1424] It's private with a microphone!
[1425] Clear off.
Grace (PS54G) [1426] Oh.
[1427] [laughing] Oh my God [] [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [...]

9 (Tape 135003)

None (PS6U2) [1428] Too loud [...] ... Hello, can you hear me?
Grace (PS54G) [1429] Yeah.
[1430] ... So what do we have to do today? ...
None (PS6U2) [1431] Ah?
Grace (PS54G) [1432] What do we have to do?
None (PS6U2) [1433] In this lesson?
Grace (PS54G) [1434] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1435] We have to learn ... she's gonna give us a photo or something and we have to [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1436] A photo?
None (PS6U2) [1437] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1438] Mm.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1439] [...] spot the difference. ...
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1440] Fuck off.
Grace (PS54G) [1441] [laugh] ... Said she wants all of that in.
None (PS6U2) [1442] Ah?
Grace (PS54G) [1443] Said she wants all of that.
None (PS6U2) [1444] Who's that?
Grace (PS54G) [1445] Teacher that's letting us do this.
None (PS6U2) [1446] Is she?
None (PS6U2) [1447] Really?
Grace (PS54G) [1448] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1449] Who, who's your teacher?
None (PS6U2) [1450] [...] can't remember what her name is.
None (PS6U2) [1451] Miss Gemma .
None (PS6U2) [1452] What's she doing, let you do?
None (PS6U2) [1453] No, not Gemma.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1454] Grace
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1455] Grace
Grace (PS54G) [1456] Yeah?
None (PS6U2) [1457] What was she gonna let you do?
Grace (PS54G) [1458] No just have to record people's conversations. ...
None (PS6U2) [1459] So what's the [...] then?
None (PS6U2) [1460] Oh we had to do that erm Neighbours [laughing] yesterday [] .
None (PS6U2) [1461] What?
Grace (PS54G) [1462] Neighbours? ...
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1463] What did she say?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1464] I dunno.
None (PS6U2) [1465] What did you say?
None (PS6U2) [1466] Spot the difference, how had life changed for the family [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1467] [laugh] I didn't even watch Eastenders, I missed it.
None (PS6U2) [1468] Oh yeah [...] see it.
Grace (PS54G) [1469] I missed it yesterday.
None (PS6U2) [1470] Why?
Grace (PS54G) [1471] [laugh] Cos I didn't watch it.
[1472] I was doing something else.
None (PS6U2) [1473] No well you didn't miss much anyway.
Grace (PS54G) [1474] I just forgot all about it.
None (PS6U2) [1475] No you didn't miss much anyway.
Grace (PS54G) [1476] [...] that was true [...] innit?
None (PS6U2) [1477] What?
Grace (PS54G) [1478] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1479] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1480] But erm he asked, you know Stan?
[1481] He asked Stan for a job but he wouldn't give him one
Grace (PS54G) [1482] Oh. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1483] he's after something,h his apprenticeship [...] so they give him a thousand pound
Grace (PS54G) [1484] I don't know what you gotta do you know.
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1485] [...] some photos.
Grace (PS54G) [1486] Is it?
None (PS6U2) [1487] Sam ... you know erm Ricky's
Grace (PS54G) [1488] Oh yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1489] She's out of it.
Grace (PS54G) [1490] I know but I, I was just saying that she [...]
None (PS6U2) [1491] Ages ago love.
Grace (PS54G) [1492] She can come back any time [...] she can come back any time though.
[1493] Really.
Grace (PS54G) [1494] Di you know Diana, Frank Butcher's son?
Grace (PS54G) [1495] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1496] She's supposed to be coming in, back [...]
None (PS6U2) [1497] Oh her [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1498] [...] ... she's boring anyway.
Grace (PS54G) [1499] I suppose so.
None (PS6U2) [1500] Er can we have that away please Grace.
Grace (PS54G) [1501] Yeah Miss, hold on a minute.
[1502] We're gonna switch off now.

10 (Tape 135004)

None (PS6U2) [1503] Is it recording?
Grace (PS54G) [1504] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1505] Did you see Cluedo then?
Grace (PS54G) [1506] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1507] It's good innit?
Grace (PS54G) [1508] What you mean you have find a f you have to find a murderer?
[1509] That
None (PS6U2) [1510] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1511] Yeah [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1512] That is good.
Grace (PS54G) [1513] Who did it again?
Grace (PS54G) [1514] [...] weren't it?
None (PS6U2) [1515] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1516] And Jerry Hall, did you see her?
[1517] Her lipstick, oh it's bright red innit? ...
Grace (PS54G) [clears throat]
Grace (PS54G) [1518] I mean bright red!
[1519] Like Ian's jacket innit?
Grace (PS54G) [1520] [laugh] [laughing] Like Ian's jacket [] ?
Grace (PS54G) [1521] Yeah, I'm telling you.
Grace (PS54G) [1522] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1523] Come on Miss!
[1524] Then she wonders why we haven't got on with the work.
Grace (PS54G) [1525] I wanna know I wanna know where Ian got his bottle of Coke from, I like that bottle of Coke.
Grace (PS54G) [1526] It's nice innit?
Grace (PS54G) [1527] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1528] Yeah I want one.
[1529] I don't like the one in cans I want get one of the bottles.
Grace (PS54G) [1530] Where did he get that from? ...
None (PS6U2) [...] ...
None (PS6U2) [1531] Can you hear me?
[1532] ... Can you hear me Grace?
[1533] ... Can you hear me Grace?
Grace (PS54G) [1534] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1535] [...] funny [...] I was making so much noise [...] can hear it. ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1536] What's the man doing then? ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1537] Digging isn't he?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [yawn] ...
None (PS6U2) [1538] Boring innit?
Grace (PS54G) [1539] Mm.
[1540] ... Some boring work boy.
[1541] What did they have in the house?
[1542] ... The goods they have in the house, right, they've got chairs [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1543] I've put they've mostly got [...] table and chairs.
Grace (PS54G) [1544] Yeah but you don't know what they've got here, [laughing] it's inside the house innit [] ?
Grace (PS54G) [1545] Yeah but it's full up [...]
None (PS6U2) [1546] The goods [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1547] it's still that house though so they're gonna [...] chair in it.
Grace (PS54G) [1548] So what you think, they've got more things there? ...
Grace (PS54G) [1549] Er ... all the same really cos it's still the same house.
Grace (PS54G) [1550] So you think, what, you don't think that they're
Grace (PS54G) [1551] Are those two different families or are they
Grace (PS54G) [1552] They're the same.
[1553] ... So what are you saying, that erm
Grace (PS54G) [1554] They'd probably have more in that one than they will there ...
Grace (PS54G) [1555] Where?
Grace (PS54G) [1556] cos they're probably better off there than they are there.
[1557] ... Or that [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1558] The goods they have in the house as well, the goods they have in the house er seem basically the same then. ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1559] To make clothes and [...] ...
Grace (PS54G) [1560] So have you been up Walthamstow then?
None (PS6U2) [1561] Ah?
Grace (PS54G) [1562] Have you been up Walthamstow?
[1563] ... You saying there's nice boys up there?
None (PS6U2) [1564] Yeah!
Grace (PS54G) [1565] Up Walthamstow? ...
None (PS6U2) [1566] They have got some nice boys up there.
Grace (PS54G) [1567] Why did you say that?
None (PS6U2) [1568] What?
Grace (PS54G) [1569] They've got nice boys up Walthamstow. ...
None (PS6U2) [1570] What? [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1571] What the hell are you talking about?
Grace (PS54G) [1572] You said they had nice boys at Walthamstow.
None (PS6U2) [1573] Yeah. ...
Grace (PS54G) [1574] Yeah?
None (PS6U2) [1575] [...] nice boys at Walthamstow.
[1576] I went to [...] market, did I tell you that?
Grace (PS54G) [1577] For the first time?
None (PS6U2) [1578] Yeah.
[1579] It's a big market there.
Grace (PS54G) [1580] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1581] What shops did you look in?
None (PS6U2) [1582] [...] really, I was just looking in the market.
[1583] I went
Grace (PS54G) [1584] Did you look in any of the Naff Naff shops?
Grace (PS54G) [1585] Pretty expensive man.
None (PS6U2) [1586] I thought it was cheap.
Grace (PS54G) [1587] That's the cheapest place you can get it from, the [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1588] [...] bags twenty pound and purses, they had some nice [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1589] No I mean the clothes.
None (PS6U2) [1590] Oh yeah, well
Grace (PS54G) [1591] I get most of mine Naff Naff stuff from there.
Grace (PS54G) [1592] I know but that's expensive that shop.
Grace (PS54G) [1593] What shop?
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1594] I wanna know how to get there though cos if
Grace (PS54G) [1595] What shop?
[1596] There's a couple down there.
Grace (PS54G) [1597] [...] can't remember what it was called.
Grace (PS54G) [1598] Reds? ...
Grace (PS54G) [1599] Don't know what it is.
Grace (PS54G) [1600] That's, oh, I love some of the Naff Naff stuff in there but it's really dear.
Grace (PS54G) [1601] That's what I'm saying. ...
None (PS6U2) [1602] [...] clothes on the market.
Grace (PS54G) [1603] Mm.
Grace (PS54G) [1604] Down [...] they've got
None (PS6U2) [1605] They had these waistcoats
Grace (PS54G) [1606] You don't know where to, you don't know how to get there?
None (PS6U2) [1607] No.
Grace (PS54G) [1608] Don't you know how to get to [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [1609] [...] time I tell you.
None (PS6U2) [1610] I know Grace!
[1611] But ...
Grace (PS54G) [1612] Well if she lives down Dawson, all she has to do is get a one O six to Clapton, right?
None (PS6U2) [1613] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1614] And just cross over, you know
None (PS6U2) [1615] And, what, get a number eight bus?
Grace (PS54G) [1616] You get S two.
None (PS6U2) [1617] S two?
Grace (PS54G) [1618] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U2) [1619] And it takes you all the way there?
Grace (PS54G) [1620] It takes you straight there.
Grace (PS54G) [1621] It takes you outside the market and then you walk through.
Grace (PS54G) [1622] Yeah just
None (PS6U2) [1623] I I know there's a bus stop before the market.
Grace (PS54G) [1624] Yeah, that's, yeah it takes you there and you come off there, you have to keep on looking out the window [laugh] you can't miss the stop anyway.
None (PS6U2) [1625] I know, I know it goes
Grace (PS54G) [1626] They're only little buses so you won't be able to miss the stop.
Grace (PS54G) [1627] No you can't miss it man.
None (PS6U2) [1628] I know it goes past the hospital, right?
Grace (PS54G) [1629] Yeah. [...] ...
None (PS6U2) [1630] And you have to go through this er park thing and then
Grace (PS54G) [1631] Victoria Park.
[1632] ... It's basically near Victoria Park innit?
[1633] Roman Road? ...
Grace (PS54G) [1634] Dunno. ...
Grace (PS54G) [1635] It is.
[1636] ... No it's a good market.
[1637] Do you know where Vicky Park is?
[1638] ... Course you do.
[1639] It's near there, round the back [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1640] That's how you get there, well you wanna go there this Saturday.
None (PS6U2) [1641] Is it open Saturday?
[1642] When's it closed?
[1643] I know it's closed during the week or summat.
Grace (PS54G) [1644] No it isn't.
Grace (PS54G) [1645] No it ain't.
[1646] It's open on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the week
Grace (PS54G) [1647] Mm.
Grace (PS54G) [1648] and on Saturday, it's not open any other day.
Grace (PS54G) [1649] Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, that's it.
Grace (PS54G) [1650] It closes at two o'clock though dunnit?
[1651] Or whatever.
Grace (PS54G) [1652] Mm two on a week days and, what is it?
[1653] ... About four
Grace (PS54G) [1654] But there's a lot of people on a Saturday you know
Grace (PS54G) [1655] I know.
Grace (PS54G) [1656] I got people s stepping on my feet, I was, I was practically screaming.
None (PS6U2) [1657] I haven't been down the Roman for ages.
Grace (PS54G) [1658] I've been down there.
None (PS6U2) [1659] You see because someone took me in the car.
Grace (PS54G) [1660] I'll have to go down there on a Saturday, my mum said she'd take me down there. ...
None (PS6U2) [1661] I thought it was a number eight bus.
Grace (PS54G) [1662] S two.
[1663] Write it down ... [laughing] how to get there []
None (PS6U2) [...] [beeper going off]
Grace (PS54G) [1664] Do you know Jasons down there?
None (PS6U2) [1665] Who?
Grace (PS54G) [1666] Jasons.
None (PS6U2) [1667] Dunno.
[1668] I don't really look at the shops
Grace (PS54G) [1669] It's outside the market.
None (PS6U2) [1670] I've probably been in all the shops down there but I, I don't know what the name is.
Grace (PS54G) [1671] There's a pub across the road anyway ... from the Roman.
[1672] ... Do you erm [tut] ... you know erm, what is it?
[1673] Erm ... what's that shop called? ...
Grace (PS54G) [1674] Come on we're supposed to do work you know, we're talking about these [laugh] ...
None (PS6U2) [1675] So work's boring innit?
Grace (PS54G) [1676] I know.
[1677] It's worse than we ever had [...] ... Where's Miss gone?
Grace (PS54G) [1678] Dunno.
None (PS6U2) [1679] Look she's there. [...] ...
Grace (PS54G) [1680] This work is boring though.
[1681] What question you on?
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1682] E ... environment.
Grace (PS54G) [1683] Are you?
[1684] E?
None (PS6U2) [1685] Mm.
Grace (PS54G) [1686] [...] look, the pictures ain't that clear man.
[1687] ... The environment.
Grace (PS54G) [1688] All I need now innit?
[1689] ... E ... the environment [...]
None (PS6U2) [1690] It don't show you much does it?
Grace (PS54G) [1691] That's what I'm saying.
[1692] The [...] should say
Grace (PS54G) [1693] We've got Irish family
Grace (PS54G) [1694] the definite
Grace (PS54G) [1695] We've got I Grace you've got Irish family.
Grace (PS54G) [1696] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1697] I've got Indian [...] [laugh] Indian. ...
None (PS6U2) [1698] Alright Miss?
None (PS6U2) [1699] Yeah?
None (PS6U2) [1700] [...] see what she's taping.
Grace (PS54G) [1701] See what I'm taping?
None (PS6U2) [1702] Aha.
Grace (PS54G) [1703] It's for a good cause Miss.
None (PS6U2) [1704] For your coursework?
[1705] ... What's it for?
Grace (PS54G) [1706] For English Miss.
None (PS6U2) [1707] Yeah but for your English coursework?
Grace (PS54G) [1708] No. ...
None (PS6U2) [1709] It's a woman's doing it and she [...] school innit, or something like that?
None (PS6U2) [1710] That's it, yeah [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1711] She take, she took six people
Grace (PS54G) [1712] Taping children's conversations.
Grace (PS54G) [1713] Teenagers.
Grace (PS54G) [1714] Teenagers.
Grace (PS54G) [1715] [...] I'm not actually talking to a teenager though I can be talking to anyone. ...
None (PS6U2) [1716] Miss don't believe you. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1717] Well let's say I'm, I'm just a little suspicious.
Grace (PS54G) [1718] It is Miss.
[1719] Ask Mr , talk to Mr then ... cos he told me to do it. ...
None (PS6U2) [1720] Ha!
None (PS6U2) [1721] Right the environment.
[1722] ... Come on then
None (PS6U2) [1723] Oh poo!
None (PS6U2) [1724] don't let me put you off.
Grace (PS54G) [...] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1725] What are you shaking your head at Grace?
None (PS6U2) [1726] The environment.
Grace (PS54G) [1727] There's not even a definite difference
None (PS6U2) [1728] The environment test changed [...]
Grace (PS54G) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1729] There isn't a definite difference?
Grace (PS54G) [1730] No.
None (PS6U2) [1731] Well in one they've got a roof over their head and in the other they haven't, I would've thought that was a rather major difference.
Grace (PS54G) [1732] Yeah that bit yeah only that though innit?
None (PS6U2) [1733] [...] ... say like they've got trees [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1734] You could put that they got erm
None (PS6U2) [1735] The environment is the area around
Grace (PS54G) [1736] crops
None (PS6U2) [1737] in which you live.
[1738] It can be your home, where you work
Grace (PS54G) [1739] where they are ... there is that all er ... grass and there's all stones ... and things like ... oh I dunno. ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1740] Because they, they got grass ... and they ain't got
Grace (PS54G) [1741] That's something erm
None (PS6U2) [1742] [...] farmland [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1743] They're just di cos they're digging up all the grass, that's why they ain't got any grass.
Grace (PS54G) [1744] So it's a different environment cos ...
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1745] yeah, it's a different
Grace (PS54G) [1746] not like land.
[1747] You know in the forties they had just ... soil and stones you know?
Grace (PS54G) [1748] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U2) [1749] [...] you've got time to do another one so you've got some comparisons erm ...
None (PS6U2) [1750] [...] ... What would you say [...] , what would you say ... what would you say, what would, [laughing] oh my lord [] [...]
None (PS6U2) [1751] You don't usually get [...] would you say that this ground had been, became richer or poorer? ...
None (PS6U2) [1752] [...] what is it?
[1753] ... What would you say?
[1754] They come r po
None (PS6U2) [1755] What do you think?
[1756] Have a look.
None (PS6U2) [1757] Poorer innit? ... [...]
None (PS6U2) [1758] Can you say, can you see ways in which life [...] ...
None (PS6U2) [1759] The family became worse because ...
None (PS6U2) [1760] Can you see ways in which life for the family ... has become better and become worse.
[1761] [tut] so you don't have to write any of that, you just write them two.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1762] Become better?
[1763] No there isn't is there?
None (PS6U2) [1764] I put the family, the family became worse because
None (PS6U2) [1765] Have you done better?
None (PS6U2) [1766] No I'm doing worse first ... and I just put because ...
None (PS6U2) [1767] Because what?
[1768] ... What you on?
Grace (PS54G) [1769] Mm?
[1770] E.
None (PS6U2) [1771] E?
Grace (PS54G) [1772] Yeah. ...
None (PS6U2) [1773] Because of what?
[1774] ... I know the ... whose glasses?
None (PS6U2) [1775] Hers.
Grace (PS54G) [1776] What?
None (PS6U2) [1777] Mm.
None (PS6U2) [1778] Yours? ...
Grace (PS54G) [1779] [laugh] Deaf boy. ...
None (PS6U2) [1780] What you writing? ...
None (PS6U2) [1781] Well they haven't really come better off have they? ...
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [1782] They haven't really
None (PS6U2) [1783] They're not your glasses.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [1784] They haven't really come, they haven't really become better off have they?
[1785] They've come worse off.
Grace (PS54G) [1786] Worser?
[1787] That's not a word. ...
None (PS6U2) [1788] Worse off.
Grace (PS54G) [1789] Oh, right. [clears throat]
None (PS6U2) [1790] What question you on?
[1791] Two?
None (PS6U2) [1792] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1793] Two yeah.
[1794] Would you say that th this family generally became richer or poorer?
[1795] Well they became poorer because they [laughing] got all their things taken innit [] ?
[1796] That's what I think.
None (PS6U2) [1797] That's what I thought. ...
Grace (PS54G) [1798] Well you can say that they become poorer.
[1799] I would s I would say ... that they have come poorer ... because ... they're getting all their things taken, they're, they ... cos

11 (Tape 135201)

None (PS6U2) [1800] What's for dinner mum?
[1801] What's for dinner?
None (KPEPS000) [1802] Look.
Grace (PS54G) [1803] Chicken, roast chicken.
None (KPEPS000) [1804] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1805] And er
None (KPEPS000) [1806] You want, and we don't erm
Grace (PS54G) [1807] What?
None (KPEPS000) [1808] And make it, make it [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1809] What's in there?
[1810] What's in that pot there?
None (KPEPS000) [1811] It's some erm, erm broccoli.
Grace (PS54G) [1812] Broccoli.
[1813] And what's in there?
None (KPEPS000) [1814] Rice.
Grace (PS54G) [1815] Rice.
[1816] And what's in there?
None (KPEPS000) [1817] I got some more fish.
Grace (PS54G) [1818] Fish.
None (KPEPS000) [1819] You can have some of it [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1820] Yeah.
[1821] I want my dinner in ... in a little bit.
[1822] In a moment.
None (KPEPS000) [1823] Want dinner now? [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [1824] Well soon.
None (KPEPS000) [1825] I did myself a [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1826] Ah?
None (KPEPS000) [1827] Be right here [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1828] Alright.
None (KPEPS000) [1829] [...] ... And we ... and we'll be [...] .
[1830] Let me have my dinner. ... [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1831] Yeah.
None (KPEPS000) [1832] You getting the bus?
Grace (PS54G) [1833] Get the bus where?
None (KPEPS000) [1834] Over the shops.
[1835] Just up the street.
Grace (PS54G) [1836] Oh where you going?
None (KPEPS000) [1837] Well I, [...] buy erm ... [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1838] Oh.
[1839] ... [...] have you got trespassers?
None (PS6U2) [1840] Just give me some of them.
Grace (PS54G) [1841] Ah?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1842] Is it?
None (PS6U2) [1843] Yeah. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1844] Have you got the ba , the pound there?
[1845] I said to him come at four. [tv on]
Grace (PS54G) [1846] So Samantha you went and saw [...] ?
Samantha (PS54L) [1847] Mhm.
Grace (PS54G) [1848] Ha?
Samantha (PS54L) [1849] Aha.
Grace (PS54G) [1850] Mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [1851] [...] dress though [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1852] Say it again?
Samantha (PS54L) [1853] She loves my [...] dress down there.
Grace (PS54G) [1854] [laugh] ... She can wear a cardigan though innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [1855] She can wait outside here.
[1856] Get
Grace (PS54G) [1857] Mm?
Samantha (PS54L) [1858] inside and take her cardigan off she'll sweat to death.
Grace (PS54G) [1859] If, as long as her clothes are cooler underneath then you can't see [...] innit?
[1860] She might wear her shorts thing innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [1861] Yeah, could do.
Grace (PS54G) [1862] Cos she wouldn't wear the top again.
[1863] ... I reckon she'll wear, she'll wear the, the shorts.
[1864] The shorts are ta , erm ... the business there.
[1865] I can't believe that erm ... Rummas' short thing can fit Duvane.
[1866] ... You know Rummas wear that, is that one ... how do, how old was Rummas when he wore that Samantha?
[1867] Samantha!
[1868] Samantha!
Samantha (PS54L) [1869] Yeah?
Grace (PS54G) [1870] How old was Rummas when he wore that?
Samantha (PS54L) [1871] What?
Grace (PS54G) [1872] That!
Samantha (PS54L) [1873] That'll fit Rum , that'll fit Duvane.
Grace (PS54G) [1874] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [1875] Probably ... probably about the same ... as that.
Grace (PS54G) [1876] He was quite big cos ... Maxine said that she tried erm
Samantha (PS54L) [1877] That'll fit Rummas as well actually [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1878] Yeah.
[1879] Maxine goes she tried that suit on Duvane and it fit him.
[1880] Said it fit him, that.
[1881] It's a little bit big but it's alright ... she said.
[1882] ... What you looking for?
[1883] You don't know what to put on? [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [1884] Mm mm.
Grace (PS54G) [1885] Ah?
Samantha (PS54L) [1886] How was school?
Grace (PS54G) [1887] It was easy.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]

12 (Tape 135202)

None (PS6U2) [1888] I know.
Chantel (PS54H) [1889] Cos you're a bad girl!
None (PS6U2) [1890] Bad girl.
Chantel (PS54H) [1891] Maxine got ... oh I'll wash
Grace (PS54G) [1892] [yawn] ... Sorry?
Chantel (PS54H) [1893] Alright?
[1894] That's the way it has to be.
[1895] Gonna look
Grace (PS54G) [1896] Shut up!
Chantel (PS54H) [1897] a little bit bigger than normal [...] . [baby crying]

13 (Tape 135203)

None (PS6U2) [1898] Well didn't, didn't Dawn show you something mum?
[1899] That she bought?
[1900] But she gave to er, it was Elisha's before.
[1901] It's a dress and it's got the bottoms underneath ... like bell bottoms, [...] bell bottoms.
[1902] But erm, we call them trousers.
[1903] ... And they got little trousers at the bottom.
[1904] Know what I mean?
[1905] The dress and the
None (KPEPS000) [1906] What has it got little things on the bottom?
Grace (PS54G) [1907] No.
[1908] I said a dress and a the little trousers a underneath.
None (KPEPS000) [1909] Yeah.
[1910] That's what I said.
Grace (PS54G) [1911] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [1912] Mummy [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1913] Them kind of things.
[1914] And Samantha the neck's dirty.
[1915] The neck is dirty ... and the thing is white ... and it looks, and it's so, the neck is dirty of the top, of the
Samantha (PS54L) [1916] What
Grace (PS54G) [1917] dress.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1918] It's dirty!
Samantha (PS54L) [1919] I mean why did she take it?
Grace (PS54G) [1920] She gets, she's, she erm, she gave it to [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [...] [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1921] Samantha look at him with my glasses on.
Samantha (PS54L) [1922] Why's that, why did she take it?
Grace (PS54G) [1923] She gave it to her Samantha.
Samantha (PS54L) [1924] In a bag?
Grace (PS54G) [1925] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [1926] Cos I, I certainly didn't say nothing to her.
[1927] Cos I want nothing to do with her.
Grace (PS54G) [1928] Oh erm , Dawn said she's gonna dry clean it.
Samantha (PS54L) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1929] Cos it's nice that's why.
Samantha (PS54L) [1930] Mhm.
Grace (PS54G) [1931] Dawn said she's gonna erm dry clean it.
[1932] Cos it's nice.
[1933] It is nice.
[1934] It's quite nice.
[1935] But it's dirty boy.
None (PS6U2) [1936] Ee ee
Grace (PS54G) [1937] Denise said oh couldn't you at least wash it?
[1938] Couldn't yo
Samantha (PS54L) [1939] Sod her!
Grace (PS54G) [1940] couldn't you at least wash it?
[1941] This is, the neck is black.
Samantha (PS54L) [1942] Mm. [...]
Grace (PS54G) [1943] And it's black, it is black.
[1944] Dawn'll have to show you anyway.
[1945] I thought Dawn would have shown you.
None (PS6U2) [1946] [humming] ... [singing] Na na na na, na na na, na na na na na na [] .
Grace (PS54G) [humming]
None (PS6U2) [1947] It's squashing it.
Grace (PS54G) [humming]
None (PS6U2) [1948] He is
Grace (PS54G) [1949] [singing] [...] you jump and dance [] .
None (PS6U2) [1950] You're squashing it.
[1951] It's breaking it! [tv on]
Grace (PS54G) [1952] You can buy me one of them knickers, one of them erm ... erm briefs, the ones that [...] bought you ... [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [1953] Aha.
[1954] That's for Valentine's Day.
Grace (PS54G) [1955] Ha?
Samantha (PS54L) [1956] A Valentine's Day present man.
Grace (PS54G) [1957] And buy him erm ... what
Samantha (PS54L) [1958] He says to me erm ... buy me a cap, buy him a cap for his birthday.
[1959] A hat.
Grace (PS54G) [1960] Is that what he wants?
Samantha (PS54L) [1961] No he said to me that.
Grace (PS54G) [1962] Well buy it then.
Samantha (PS54L) [1963] No he said it to me but ... [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [1964] The most you're spending for that is ten pound.
Samantha (PS54L) [1965] Five pounds.
Grace (PS54G) [1966] What d'ya mean five pounds?
Samantha (PS54L) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [1967] So hat well, well he probably wants th , the most expensive thing is about ten pound.
Samantha (PS54L) [1968] I'm [...] that he wants.
Grace (PS54G) [1969] Well you, but he di
Samantha (PS54L) [1970] I know he , he will come out with something big, you know what I mean?
Grace (PS54G) [1971] Mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [1972] Say extra, you know what I mean?
[1973] I don't want extra, yeah.
[1974] I want this.
Grace (PS54G) [1975] Yeah.
[1976] [humming] ... But like said you sa , you said that he ... you said he wanted cap innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [1977] Yes.
[1978] That is exactly what, [...] know what I mean?
Grace (PS54G) [1979] Must get him a Raiders one.

14 (Tape 135204)

None (PS6U2) [1980] So what time are we going out about?
[1981] About, about erm one you going out?
None (KPEPS000) [1982] Dunno yet.
Grace (PS54G) [1983] Oh my gosh!
[1984] Dunno.
[1985] ... Wait a minute.
None (KPEPS000) [1986] Everything we do.
None (PS6U2) [1987] Really?
None (KPEPS000) [1988] I want a cup of tea as well.
Grace (PS54G) [1989] You want a cup of tea?
None (KPEPS000) [1990] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [1991] I'll do it in a minute.
None (PS6U2) [1992] Mum Jason says, Jason don't get no tea now.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (KPEPS000) [1993] Neville have to go out and change.
[1994] [...] cos you, you was, you was sleeping and ... just wake up.
None (PS6U2) [1995] Well can't, why can't Michael help?
[1996] I don't understand.
None (KPEPS000) [1997] Yeah, he gone to work.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (KPEPS000) [1998] Cos she just wake, er, erm Neville just wake up ... and erm
Grace (PS54G) [1999] Where you going Neville?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2000] For what?
None (PS6U2) [2001] Get a pay phone.
[2002] Get some ham.
None (KPEPS000) [2003] Do you think you pay for it without any money Grace?
Grace (PS54G) [2004] I dunno.
None (KPEPS000) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2005] What pay phone?
None (KPEPS000) [2006] Ninety nine pounds.
Samantha (PS54L) [2007] What's that in it?
None (KPEPS000) [2008] Did you see it?
Samantha (PS54L) [2009] Mum.
None (KPEPS000) [2010] Did you see it Grace?
Grace (PS54G) [2011] No.
None (KPEPS000) [2012] Oh. [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2013] Can you pay for it?
None (PS6U2) [2014] It's in here.
Samantha (PS54L) [2015] Take your coat off man.
[2016] Take your coat
Grace (PS54G) [2017] Sam.
Samantha (PS54L) [2018] off!
None (PS6U2) [2019] It is off! [baby crying]
Samantha (PS54L) [2020] Look!
None (KPEPS000) [2021] I want a cup of tea.
Grace (PS54G) [2022] Tea?
None (KPEPS000) [2023] Yeah.
[2024] Er er ... [...] ... you give, you have to Jess er some [...] cereal ... I'll give her a cup of tea.
Grace (PS54G) [2025] Mm.
None (KPEPS000) [2026] I'll
Grace (PS54G) [2027] Mum , can you save me the one with the erm
None (KPEPS000) [2028] Yes, [...] you don't put sugar, you know.
Grace (PS54G) [2029] No.
None (KPEPS000) [2030] These things hurt.
[2031] ... [...] , look better like this don't he?
Grace (PS54G) [2032] You change the t shirt ma.
None (KPEPS000) [2033] Well, well, it it it, you know, it's not, it's not dirty you know, you know what
Grace (PS54G) [2034] The colour mum.
None (KPEPS000) [2035] it's the colour.
Grace (PS54G) [2036] Put on the other one upstairs.
None (KPEPS000) [2037] Which one?
Grace (PS54G) [2038] The orange one.
None (KPEPS000) [2039] Where is it?
Grace (PS54G) [2040] It's upstairs in the bag.
None (KPEPS000) [2041] Erm ... it dirty innit?
Grace (PS54G) [2042] I dunno.
None (KPEPS000) [2043] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2044] Oh.
None (KPEPS000) [2045] It's dirty.
[2046] ... For er, you know, have to be [...] dirty innit?
[2047] You know that?
Grace (PS54G) [2048] No.
None (KPEPS000) [2049] Yeah!
[2050] It's still dirty.
[2051] Right take it off.
[2052] ... And er, and we don't have a cup of tea yet.
Grace (PS54G) [2053] Oh.
None (KPEPS000) [2054] So ... [...] .
[2055] ... It need fixing there.
[2056] [...] ... You make [...] today?
Grace (PS54G) [2057] No school.
None (KPEPS000) [2058] Ah?
Grace (PS54G) [2059] No school.
None (KPEPS000) [2060] Why?
Grace (PS54G) [2061] Staff day.
None (KPEPS000) [2062] Oh.
[2063] ... I see.
Grace (PS54G) [2064] Come in.
None (PS6U2) [2065] Sinead wants a biscuit.
Grace (PS54G) [2066] Go on inside.
None (KPEPS000) [2067] [...] you, you want it or not?
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (KPEPS000) [2068] I dunno.
[2069] Why are you coming and telling me.
[2070] It's him wanted to know.
Grace (PS54G) [2071] I know.
None (PS6U2) [2072] Oh.
Grace (PS54G) [2073] Mm. [humming]
None (KPEPS000) [2074] Anyway, what's he coming out telling me Sinead wants a biscuit for?
Grace (PS54G) [2075] He's crazy man!
None (PS6U2) [2076] Cos [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [2077] I'll see in a minute.

15 (Tape 135205)

None (PS6U2) [2078] Norman!
[2079] That wo go out there, would go out there like that?
Chantel (PS54H) [2080] So what, she had a big hole?
Grace (PS54G) [2081] Cos she had a big hole like that and holes there!
Chantel (PS54H) [2082] Oh.
[2083] Did she have studs on it?
Grace (PS54G) [2084] Yes.
Chantel (PS54H) [2085] Eh man.
[2086] ... Were the holes all
Grace (PS54G) [2087] All, all over.
[2088] All over.
None (KPEPS000) [2089] Norman!
[2090] And what's that sitting on my [...] give me a hand for my bed you know.
None (KPEPS001) [2091] But, only if I can definitely co , what about Norman?
None (KPEPS000) [2092] Come out.
None (KPEPS001) [2093] No.
Grace (PS54G) [2094] I'm saying no matter what my mum would never let me come for an hour, two hour.
None (KPEPS000) [2095] Where's that?
Grace (PS54G) [2096] Then you can't have Norman ... any more.
[2097] You know?
None (KPEPS000) [2098] No man?
Grace (PS54G) [2099] Of, and your mum must not care.
Chantel (PS54H) [2100] Yeah, maybe they don't live in it, they must have the wrong place innit?
[2101] Maybe.
Grace (PS54G) [2102] They can't have Norman's one.
Chantel (PS54H) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2103] Cos Norman sa , they wouldn't come to a house like that.
[2104] Norman!
Chantel (PS54H) [2105] No.
[2106] That's er, really terrible then.
[2107] And make up everything.
None (KPEPS001) [2108] Who's saying that to [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [2109] That's where they have to live in Jamaica.
Chantel (PS54H) [2110] Hello.
[2111] Oh.
[2112] Alright.
Grace (PS54G) [2113] I just work there.
[2114] I'll just, I'll have to work till later man.
[2115] About one, quarter to one.
Chantel (PS54H) [2116] They just dance and that
None (KPEPS000) [2117] Look I'll see you.
Grace (PS54G) [2118] Yeah.
[2119] Bye!
None (KPEPS000) [2120] Let me shut my room [...] please.
Grace (PS54G) [2121] Shut the door.
[2122] Go on then.
Chantel (PS54H) [2123] [singing] You're really looking [] . [music in background]
Grace (PS54G) [2124] I say they, they never have Norman.
None (KPEPS000) [2125] That's enough.
Chantel (PS54H) [2126] Eh boy.
None (KPEPS000) [2127] Grace go and take them out here.
[2128] Come here.
Grace (PS54G) [2129] No mum, why don't you just go.
[2130] Mum, you're worrying yourself for no reason.
None (KPEPS000) [...]
None (PS6U2) [2131] I'll miss you.
None (KPEPS001) [2132] No.
Grace (PS54G) [2133] You can put them if you ... it's alright.
[2134] Ring, ring, ring, ring.
[2135] Do it later.
None (KPEPS000) [2136] Grace, you never give me a hand sha , [...] .
[2137] I chase [...]
None (KPEPS001) [2138] Nah.
[2139] That's right.
Grace (PS54G) [2140] I'll talk about it later mum cos I like these videos.
None (KPEPS000) [2141] [...] Yeah?
None (KPEPS001) [2142] Fine.
None (KPEPS000) [2143] And sh she went, Sheila don't get that drink down here love. [radio on]
Grace (PS54G) [2144] So it weren't
None (KPEPS001) [2145] What's that for?
Grace (PS54G) [2146] that good?
[2147] It was better last week?
Chantel (PS54H) [2148] Oh no.
[2149] What?
Grace (PS54G) [2150] Was it better last week?
Chantel (PS54H) [2151] Yes I said.
Grace (PS54G) [2152] Mm.
None (PS6U2) [2153] I want a drink.
Chantel (PS54H) [2154] Ha?
None (PS6U2) [2155] I want a drink.
Chantel (PS54H) [2156] Look I want!
[2157] What is this then?
[2158] Could I have a drink please?
None (PS6U2) [2159] A drink please?
Chantel (PS54H) [2160] Ah?
None (PS6U2) [2161] Could I have a drink please?
Chantel (PS54H) [2162] I want!
[2163] Hold on.
None (PS6U2) [2164] Er I want ... I want
Grace (PS54G) [2165] They won't pick the phone up so wait till later.
[2166] About twelve thirty.
None (PS6U2) [2167] Who wants a wine gum?
[2168] ... Where's your [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [2169] What?
None (PS6U2) [2170] What's a [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [2171] [...] ... What?
None (PS6U2) [2172] What's a [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [2173] What's that?
[2174] Talking like a duffhead!
None (PS6U2) [2175] I'm ... Ha!
Grace (PS54G) [2176] Dunno why you got a [...] ?
None (PS6U2) [2177] Where?
None (KPEPS001) [2178] Mm.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (KPEPS001) [2179] Where?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2180] Sing Oh Carolina.
None (PS6U2) [2181] [singing] Oh Carolina!
[2182] Ah [...] [] .
[2183] Yeah!
Grace (PS54G) [2184] Oh God!
[2185] Rubbish!
[2186] Totally rubbish!
[2187] You can't even sing.
[2188] You might sort of like bark.
None (KPEPS001) [2189] [singing] They're er
Grace (PS54G) [2190] Stop being cheeky you.
None (PS6U2) [singing] [...]
None (KPEPS001) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [2191] Oh Carolina [] .

16 (Tape 135206)

Chantel (PS54H) [2192] There's no buses. [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [2193] There's no buses running up to the centre.
Chantel (PS54H) [2194] And there's, there's no buses running.
[2195] So you can't go in.
[2196] There ain't no buses running.
Samantha (PS54L) [2197] No buses then.
Chantel (PS54H) [2198] What you got Grace?
[2199] Let's try that.
Grace (PS54G) [2200] I know.
Samantha (PS54L) [2201] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2202] Erm ... what time do you want me to come?
Samantha (PS54L) [2203] Don't know.
Grace (PS54G) [2204] Well maybe
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2205] should be in all day innit?
[2206] Will you be in all day?
Samantha (PS54L) [2207] Aye.
None (PS6U2) [2208] Dawn!
Chantel (PS54H) [2209] What?
Grace (PS54G) [2210] Is that Mona?
None (PS6U2) [2211] I can't get off.
Grace (PS54G) [2212] I can't [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [2213] [shouting] Well don't!
[2214] Don't sit down [] !
Grace (PS54G) [2215] I'm coming when I phone.
Samantha (PS54L) [2216] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2217] I think it might be easier.
Samantha (PS54L) [2218] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2219] I'll phone.
Samantha (PS54L) [2220] Eh?
Grace (PS54G) [2221] [on telephone] Yeah alright then.
[2222] Ah?
[2223] Yeah, if if I know, if I remember the number.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2224] What's the number?
Samantha (PS54L) [2225] [laughing] Yeah just shut up Dawn [] !
Grace (PS54G) [2226] What's the number again?
None (KPEPS001) [2227] It's nice as it is right.
Grace (PS54G) [2228] Yeah like, you can say something and got it wrong again.
[2229] Aha.
[2230] Oh yeah.
Chantel (PS54H) [2231] Come and get me.
Grace (PS54G) [2232] Yeah.
[2233] Yeah alright then.
[2234] Yeah, later [] .
Chantel (PS54H) [2235] Who's that?
Grace (PS54G) [2236] Wenley.
Chantel (PS54H) [2237] What he wants you up his house?
Grace (PS54G) [2238] Yeah.
Chantel (PS54H) [2239] Eh.
Grace (PS54G) [2240] Said there is no buses running though ... that go Dawston way.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2241] I gotta walk to it.
[2242] Walk like [laughing] they do [...] [] .
Chantel (PS54H) [2243] What time are you going?
Grace (PS54G) [2244] Dunno.
[2245] I said, he goes ... like, I said to him when I, if I do come then I'll phone.
[2246] And he said
Chantel (PS54H) [2247] It's my little baby.
Grace (PS54G) [2248] I'm getting married in, in one of them.
Chantel (PS54H) [2249] Get a [...] a really good one though.
Grace (PS54G) [2250] Alright.
Samantha (PS54L) [2251] I'm getting a car like that.
Grace (PS54G) [2252] Cos I'm gonna mash mine up.
Samantha (PS54L) [2253] I
Chantel (PS54H) [2254] I know.
Samantha (PS54L) [2255] I might
Chantel (PS54H) [2256] See her face.
Grace (PS54G) [2257] Gonna mash up.
Chantel (PS54H) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2258] Gonna cut back at my work.
Grace (PS54G) [2259] [laughing] Dirty, smoking , chicken.
[2260] And reindeers [] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2261] I mi , I ca , I wanna cut mine all the time.
[2262] ... I don't wanna cut I like, I want all of it done.
Grace (PS54G) [2263] I know but then it
Samantha (PS54L) [2264] But, I don't even care about the back.
[2265] I just come
Grace (PS54G) [2266] All the way down.
[2267] Oh I think that
Chantel (PS54H) [2268] What are you curly at the back?
Samantha (PS54L) [2269] Yeah.
[2270] I'm having it done. [phone rings]
Grace (PS54G) [2271] No.
Samantha (PS54L) [2272] I'm gonna ha have it, cut, I want it cut round like that and I want
Chantel (PS54H) [2273] Different colour?
Samantha (PS54L) [2274] you know the sideburns down, yeah ... colour that side.
Grace (PS54G) [2275] [on telephone] Pardon?
Samantha (PS54L) [2276] And
Grace (PS54G) [2277] Pardon?
Samantha (PS54L) [2278] Heavy at the back.
Grace (PS54G) [2279] No.
[2280] No.
[2281] How can you answer the phone like that.
[2282] You don't me you ha , you can't answer the phone like that.
Samantha (PS54L) [2283] Go and get the phone.
Chantel (PS54H) [2284] Well I thought I'd asked somebody [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [2285] Yeah.
[2286] Oh right.
[2287] ... Yeah.
[2288] ... Right, I'll get Dawn [] ?
Chantel (PS54H) [2289] Put it there.
[2290] No here.
[2291] [on telephone] Hello.
[2292] Hold on.
[2293] Hello.
[2294] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2295] Pretty cool.
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [2296] No Grace.

17 (Tape 135207)

None (PS6U2) [2297] [laughing] I'm gonna kill you [] . [clears throat]
None (PS6U2) [2298] [imitates gunfire] ... Going to kill you.
Grace (PS54G) [2299] Dawn get up then. [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [2300] Oh wha , what, what time are you over the girl's house?
Samantha (PS54L) [2301] [laughing] Just when ... Dawn gets up [] .
Chantel (PS54H) [2302] What time are you going to the girl's house?
Grace (PS54G) [2303] Half four but I've gotta find out
None (PS6U2) [2304] I'm gonna kill you.
Grace (PS54G) [2305] I've gotta find out, if if I have my haircut well we're gonna stay away.
None (PS6U2) [2306] I can't see you. [imitates gunfire]
Grace (PS54G) [2307] I quite like that.
[2308] And I've gotta find out
Chantel (PS54H) [2309] Well Sheena's nice , she knows what you want.
Grace (PS54G) [2310] And I saw her before and I'd find out.
[2311] Well what I wanna do is phone up
None (PS6U2) [imitates gunfire]
Grace (PS54G) [2312] and I said we , I'm gonna erm ... well it's more like a weave there.
[2313] I want to make a weave going into the top as one innit?
Chantel (PS54H) [2314] Cos well, where does that start at the top?
Grace (PS54G) [2315] [speaking with mouth full] Yeah but having all of my hair, that is my hair [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [2316] Urgh!
[2317] Urgh!
[2318] Urgh!
[2319] Yeah, really.
Grace (PS54G) [2320] And that was, and that was
Samantha (PS54L) [2321] The top, the top of her head
Grace (PS54G) [2322] [...] as well though.
Samantha (PS54L) [2323] the top of her head's about ... that long innit?
[2324] It's really short.
Chantel (PS54H) [2325] Well where, where sh , where, where's she weave it from there
Grace (PS54G) [2326] I want to have mine a bit longer
Chantel (PS54H) [2327] where she weave it like that?
Grace (PS54G) [2328] It's just about, it's, the weave stops about here.
Samantha (PS54L) [2329] I'll definitely have mine a bit longer man.
Grace (PS54G) [2330] I'll have mine a bit longer.
[2331] It suits her cos her face is more, but I'd something ... a bit longer.
[2332] I wanna know how she gets her hair so shiny.
Chantel (PS54H) [2333] Grease it.
Samantha (PS54L) [2334] Grease.
Grace (PS54G) [2335] Ah!
[2336] I dunno man.
[2337] It's like the hair is shiny.
[2338] I dunno.
Chantel (PS54H) [2339] Yeah she grease, put grease in it.
Grace (PS54G) [2340] But her hair looks different, I'm telling you!
Chantel (PS54H) [2341] Yeah she grease it.
Grace (PS54G) [2342] cos you feel , [...] like that.
Samantha (PS54L) [2343] It don't, it don't look no different to me.
Grace (PS54G) [2344] Maybe she put grease in it or so , there's some thing, you know, you know like the erm
Chantel (PS54H) [2345] Just like normal [...] grease.
Grace (PS54G) [2346] you got the, the sheen and that to spray on it to make it shiny.
[2347] They've even got it in a book.
Samantha (PS54L) [2348] Like I see her standing up in the toilet and I thought your hair looks nice innit?
Grace (PS54G) [2349] Like, I'm not talking, I don't care whether that, I'm talking about the way her hair's done, the style, the
Chantel (PS54H) [2350] Mm.
Grace (PS54G) [2351] way it's cut is actually, she went to hairdressers to get it cut.
[2352] Once she said she said
Chantel (PS54H) [2353] She said she'd done it herself.
Grace (PS54G) [2354] she done it herself.
[2355] I thought to myself, that is good.
[2356] But I couldn't cut my hair tha , myself like that.
Samantha (PS54L) [2357] You can
Chantel (PS54H) [2358] But you can
Samantha (PS54L) [2359] curl it.
Chantel (PS54H) [2360] A lot of people can you know.
[2361] Cos Maxine's friend, you remember Maxine's friend?
Grace (PS54G) [2362] Yeah, but that's her innit?
[2363] I was saying
Chantel (PS54H) [2364] Are you saying Maxine's friend cut her hair?
Grace (PS54G) [2365] Yeah.
Chantel (PS54H) [2366] Her hair look wicked!
Grace (PS54G) [2367] Yeah, it's what I'm saying.
[2368] Maxine's friend, yeah, cos she's
Chantel (PS54H) [2369] She's the one who dyes it.
Grace (PS54G) [2370] she does her hair ... she actually weaves her hair herself and she cuts it herself.
[2371] Gill says she always got a different hairstyle.
None (PS6U2) [2372] Need my apron.
Samantha (PS54L) [2373] You can carry on alright?
Grace (PS54G) [2374] Once you can weave your hair yourself
None (PS6U2) [2375] That's good.
Grace (PS54G) [2376] and if you cut your hair yourself you, that's good
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2377] you could always change your hairstyle you know that?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [2378] Yeah I know.
Grace (PS54G) [2379] Cos once you can weave your hair and you cut your hair
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2380] yourself, everybody'd be changing your hair innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [2381] But Dawn, you should have carried on that course man.
[2382] You'd have been doing that.
None (PS6U2) [2383] Where's the [...] ?
Samantha (PS54L) [2384] Innit?
Chantel (PS54H) [2385] No I'm not a weaver.
[2386] Couldn't do weaving.
[2387] What d'ya do?
Grace (PS54G) [2388] Yeah , you do everything.
[2389] He comes, do you do ... [...] and European, that means you gotta do everything.
None (PS6U2) [2390] I'm gonna kill you!
Grace (PS54G) [2391] You just got ... but I'll have to go there for about three years.
None (PS6U2) [imitates gunfire]
Grace (PS54G) [2392] College for about three years.
[2393] ... Cos, they was telling us about the weave for the white people and they were showing us a booklet and the [phone rings]
Grace (PS54G) [2394] and the erm
None (PS6U2) [2395] There, there, there. [imitates gunfire]
Grace (PS54G) [2396] Well Kana's must be thin innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [2397] Yeah it's got a little thin one on at the back.
Grace (PS54G) [2398] Mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [2399] I'll show you what er down the road.
None (PS6U2) [2400] imitating gun noise)
Samantha (PS54L) [2401] Cos Michelle got that one.
[2402] [...] ... Yeah sure.
Chantel (PS54H) [2403] In, in the shop.
Samantha (PS54L) [2404] Can you tell?
Grace (PS54G) [2405] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [2406] I'm gonna kill you!
Grace (PS54G) [2407] Could she do mine?
Samantha (PS54L) [2408] Well she does hair.
Grace (PS54G) [2409] She does hair?
Samantha (PS54L) [2410] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2411] Oh!
[2412] I thought you meant that she just done hers.
Samantha (PS54L) [2413] Well obviously she do her hair then she can do a weave innit?
Chantel (PS54H) [2414] On the side of mine something like that.
Samantha (PS54L) [2415] Well you could, like Sharon did it on EastEnders at the side ... just long there and
Chantel (PS54H) [2416] Oh.
Samantha (PS54L) [2417] Come here.
Grace (PS54G) [2418] Oh.
Chantel (PS54H) [2419] I also think that was too long.
[2420] I want a side parting down the
Samantha (PS54L) [2421] Give it to me Sinead.
[2422] Give it back to her then.
Chantel (PS54H) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2423] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [2424] Give it to me.
None (PS6U2) [2425] No!
Chantel (PS54H) [2426] I told her.
None (PS6U2) [2427] It's mine.
Samantha (PS54L) [2428] No!
[2429] No!
[2430] Give it to me.
[2431] Tell her to give it to Dawn.
Samantha (PS54L) [2432] Give it to Dawn.
Samantha (PS54L) [2433] Next time you give it to me!
[2434] Okay?
None (PS6U2) [2435] No.
Samantha (PS54L) [2436] You stupid monster!
None (PS6U2) [2437] Stupid monster.
Samantha (PS54L) [2438] Go on a picnic!
None (PS6U2) [2439] Go on a picnic.
Chantel (PS54H) [2440] Picnic.
Grace (PS54G) [2441] [laughing] Picnic [] .
None (PS6U2) [2442] Picnic.
Grace (PS54G) [clears throat]
Chantel (PS54H) [2443] Picnic.
[2444] Says
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [2445] exactly
None (PS6U2) [2446] Picnic.
Chantel (PS54H) [2447] as I speak it right?
None (PS6U2) [2448] Picnic.
[2449] Picnic.
Grace (PS54G) [2450] Ninky. [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2451] [laugh] ... Nickick
Chantel (PS54H) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [2452] Nicky.
Chantel (PS54H) [2453] Nicky.
Samantha (PS54L) [2454] [laughing] Nicky [] .
None (PS6U2) [2455] No, Nicky.
Grace (PS54G) [2456] [laughing] Nicky [] .
Samantha (PS54L) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [2457] I lost it.
[2458] I lost it.
Samantha (PS54L) [2459] Nicky.
None (PS6U2) [2460] I lost , I lost it.
Chantel (PS54H) [2461] I lost it.
None (PS6U2) [2462] Nicky.
Chantel (PS54H) [2463] I lost it.
[2464] Where
Grace (PS54G) [2465] Nicky.
Chantel (PS54H) [2466] you find it.
[2467] Where is it?
Grace (PS54G) [2468] [laugh] The slippers you lost?
Grace (PS54G) [clears throat]
Samantha (PS54L) [2469] It went, woo ooh woo woo ooh!
Grace (PS54G) [2470] They were in the closet.
[2471] [laughing] In the closet [] .
None (PS6U2) [2472] I left it ... I left it on there.
Chantel (PS54H) [2473] Where's your bottle?
None (PS6U2) [2474] I lost it.
Chantel (PS54H) [2475] Where's your bottle?
None (PS6U2) [2476] I lost it?
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [2477] Well, where did you lose it?
None (PS6U2) [2478] In my car.
Chantel (PS54H) [2479] What did you do?
None (PS6U2) [2480] Yeah, my, my
Grace (PS54G) [2481] Could be in the [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2482] It's so, it so stupid!
Chantel (PS54H) [2483] Where's your bottle?
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2484] No, no, listen here.
Samantha (PS54L) [2485] [laugh] ... [laughing] You're trying your best not to laugh [] .
None (PS6U2) [2486] Erm ... mm mm.
Chantel (PS54H) [2487] Get down boy.
Samantha (PS54L) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [2488] Got a bit of bother with Mel boy.
None (PS6U2) [2489] Right.
Samantha (PS54L) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [2490] Sinead ... what
Grace (PS54G) [2491] Erm
Chantel (PS54H) [2492] did you do with your bottle?
Grace (PS54G) [2493] so , I lost it.
None (PS6U2) [2494] I lost it.
Grace (PS54G) [2495] I threw it out of Mark's car window.
None (PS6U2) [2496] I car Mar ,Mar , Mark
None (PS6U2) [2497] No.
None (PS6U2) [2498] car window.
Grace (PS54G) [2499] [laugh] ... Dawn
None (PS6U2) [2500] Erm
Chantel (PS54H) [2501] Yes?
Grace (PS54G) [2502] Phone
None (PS6U2) [2503] No.
Grace (PS54G) [2504] the woman right.
None (PS6U2) [2505] Ah ah.
[2506] She's got it.
Grace (PS54G) [2507] Go on.
Chantel (PS54H) [2508] The girl's there.
Grace (PS54G) [2509] Mm?
[2510] It weren't
Chantel (PS54H) [2511] It's her.
Grace (PS54G) [2512] it's her.
[2513] You phone her [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2514] Plus we, I waited half an hour.
Chantel (PS54H) [2515] Oh yeah right it's sleeping
None (PS6U2) [2516] No.
Chantel (PS54H) [2517] innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [2518] Well I couldn't sleep right.
[2519] She didn't mind me sleeping.
Chantel (PS54H) [2520] What you phone up that early for?
[2521] It's like that when I do phone up innit?
Grace (PS54G) [2522] Oh!
[2523] Could you find tha , that erm thing for me ... here?
Samantha (PS54L) [2524] You'll have to give Glen the money though.
Grace (PS54G) [2525] Oh yeah, I'll give him the money now.
Samantha (PS54L) [2526] Well you ... yeah you tell though Glen though innit? [phone rings]
Chantel (PS54H) [2527] All Glen's gotta do is give me the car, if he doesn't
Grace (PS54G) [2528] [on telephone] Hello.
Chantel (PS54H) [2529] it's just until then innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [2530] Hello who's calling?
[2531] Okay, hold on a minute.
[2532] Miss [laughing] from school [] .
Grace (PS54G) [2533] Ha?
Samantha (PS54L) [2534] Miss from school.
Grace (PS54G) [2535] I'm not here though.
[2536] [...] innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [2537] Well what did that go, Australian, Australian?
[2538] Shall I come with you then?
None (PS6U2) [2539] Look!
Samantha (PS54L) [2540] How long you been standing there for?
Grace (PS54G) [2541] I've been hiding there for ages.
[2542] I'm get , [...] anything on it.
None (PS6U2) [2543] Hair.
Grace (PS54G) [2544] Yeah, leave me alone.
[2545] Pick me.
None (PS6U2) [2546] Leave me.
None (PS6U2) [2547] Ha ah ha!
Samantha (PS54L) [2548] Wanna talk to this old girl?
None (PS6U2) [2549] I dunno.
None (PS6U2) [2550] Leave me, leave me, leave me alone!
Grace (PS54G) [2551] Ah ... [...]
None (PS6U2) [2552] Leave her alone!
Grace (PS54G) [clears throat]
None (PS6U2) [2553] Leave me alone.
Samantha (PS54L) [2554] She got that top off the
None (PS6U2) [2555] Leave me alone.
Samantha (PS54L) [2556] teapot while she was on the [laughing] toilet [] .
None (PS6U2) [2557] Come here.
Samantha (PS54L) [2558] [laughing] Good at climbing up [] .
Grace (PS54G) [2559] Mm?
Samantha (PS54L) [2560] You're not really wearing them braces all the time are you?
Chantel (PS54H) [2561] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [2562] What's the point of it.
[2563] What shall I say to Auntie Val?
Grace (PS54G) [2564] Say get lost thick lips!
Samantha (PS54L) [2565] Oh that's very nice.
None (PS6U2) [2566] Look.
[2567] ... I don't want those.
Grace (PS54G) [2568] Well get out of my face.
Chantel (PS54H) [2569] Sinead where d'ya wanna go today?
[2570] Wanna come to that house ... and see that girl?
None (PS6U2) [2571] Yeah.
Chantel (PS54H) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [2572] What girl?
Chantel (PS54H) [2573] Sinead now eat up that
Grace (PS54G) [2574] Katrina?
[2575] Oh yeah.
Chantel (PS54H) [2576] You two are a whole handful
None (PS6U2) [2577] Katrina.
Chantel (PS54H) [2578] right.
None (PS6U2) [2579] Rina, Rina.
Chantel (PS54H) [2580] Sabrina, Sinead ... [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [2581] Hello Sinead.
Chantel (PS54H) [2582] [laughing] She's gone red [] .
Grace (PS54G) [2583] She always talks to me.
Chantel (PS54H) [2584] [laughing] You are going to start to liven up [] .
Grace (PS54G) [2585] Well I'm gonna
Samantha (PS54L) [2586] Ooh ooh!
Grace (PS54G) [2587] no cos why you all go in the sitting room with Allerton, they've gone in the kitchen with Allerton ... she'll laugh.
Samantha (PS54L) [2588] Then I'll laugh [...] .
None (PS6U2) [2589] Oh.
Samantha (PS54L) [2590] Sha , I bet Dawn has not a
None (PS6U2) [2591] Let me see.
Samantha (PS54L) [2592] [...] going.
None (PS6U2) [2593] Mummy.
Samantha (PS54L) [2594] She'll come to the door, bye!
[2595] She'll laugh off, she's so ... so damn miserable eh?
[2596] And there's the
Grace (PS54G) [2597] So , aren't you going?
Samantha (PS54L) [2598] No I started ... but no one 's worse than little Katri , er Katrina.
Chantel (PS54H) [2599] Yeah I know.
[2600] Cos we was over there
None (PS6U2) [2601] Ah ah ah ah
Samantha (PS54L) [2602] Is that
Chantel (PS54H) [2603] She do
None (PS6U2) [2604] ah ah ah ah.
Chantel (PS54H) [2605] she don't like to dance.
Grace (PS54G) [2606] And you said
Chantel (PS54H) [2607] When?
Grace (PS54G) [2608] that ... whe when she told me she is ru , she's erm
Samantha (PS54L) [2609] Christ!
[2610] She's rude right!
Grace (PS54G) [2611] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2612] She's spoilt, put it that way.
[2613] They don't beat her that's why?
Grace (PS54G) [2614] [laughing] I can imagine [] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2615] They don't beat her.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [2616] Cos after she went there to see me, you spoil him.
[2617] Why do you spoil him?
Samantha (PS54L) [2618] Oh no man!
Grace (PS54G) [2619] They go we can't help it.
Samantha (PS54L) [2620] They say they can't
Grace (PS54G) [2621] It's [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2622] help it.
Chantel (PS54H) [2623] I was already told.
None (PS6U2) [2624] Ah ah ah!
Samantha (PS54L) [2625] Just shut up man will you!
Chantel (PS54H) [2626] I thought it's only child.
Grace (PS54G) [2627] Oh there's five there.
Samantha (PS54L) [2628] No I don't think it's a only child.
Grace (PS54G) [2629] Let me see, four, five.
Samantha (PS54L) [2630] Then he can't , he says he can't help spoiling them.
[2631] That's what he gets.
Chantel (PS54H) [2632] Them?
Samantha (PS54L) [2633] Yeah.
[2634] He
Chantel (PS54H) [2635] Ah?
Samantha (PS54L) [2636] can't help it.
Grace (PS54G) [2637] But the last one of them
Chantel (PS54H) [2638] Well he said something last week [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2639] He says to me, could you shut up know what I mean?
Chantel (PS54H) [2640] [whispering] [...] [] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2641] See?
Chantel (PS54H) [2642] Oh.
None (PS6U2) [2643] Urgh ah, urgh ah, urgh ah.
Samantha (PS54L) [2644] [shouting] Everyone sit down [] !
Grace (PS54G) [2645] Er, what does he know about computer?
[2646] He makes [laughing] me laugh boy [] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2647] His face is big boy.
Chantel (PS54H) [2648] Oh really?
Samantha (PS54L) [2649] No, little boy.
Chantel (PS54H) [2650] I know.
[2651] I remember.
[2652] He's round.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2653] [laugh] ... His bigger head, no the body's not really round is it?
Chantel (PS54H) [2654] Yeah, the body's round.
[2655] Yeah I reckon he is.
Grace (PS54G) [2656] But he's
Samantha (PS54L) [2657] I've
Grace (PS54G) [2658] actually round and big.
Samantha (PS54L) [2659] That's why I say no good.
None (PS6U2) [2660] Aargh!
[2661] Aargh!
Chantel (PS54H) [2662] He's alright?
Grace (PS54G) [2663] Cos he's big?
Samantha (PS54L) [2664] Well, that's alright.
Grace (PS54G) [2665] There you go man.
[2666] No big something.
Samantha (PS54L) [2667] I'm saying that his face is big.
Chantel (PS54H) [2668] He look different from the last time me and him were mates cos he's got older.
Grace (PS54G) [2669] [tut] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2670] He's erm, Malcolm X. [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [imitates gunfire]
Chantel (PS54H) [2671] He looks alright.
Samantha (PS54L) [2672] Beany look a bit better as well.
[2673] He cut his hair something?
[2674] Oh yeah, the hat on innit?
Chantel (PS54H) [2675] He don't look any better to me.
None (PS6U2) [imitates gunfire]
Samantha (PS54L) [2676] Ah?
Chantel (PS54H) [2677] Didn't look any better to me.
Samantha (PS54L) [2678] Yeah he looked better with the hat.
[2679] And not, not that stupid wearing a hat though.
Chantel (PS54H) [2680] Yeah, boy.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2681] He had a hat on like erm ... you know that one that Anthony's got, the black one?
None (PS6U2) [2682] Ah.
None (PS6U2) [imitates gunfire]
Samantha (PS54L) [2683] Th , where are we sitting man?
Chantel (PS54H) [2684] With Jo with Josie and Beany.
Samantha (PS54L) [2685] Oh it's lovely innit?
Chantel (PS54H) [2686] Beany's in charge.
Grace (PS54G) [clears throat]
Samantha (PS54L) [2687] He does that every time somebody's coming.
Chantel (PS54H) [2688] Every night he goes out at half past ten, I said right [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [2689] Mm.
Samantha (PS54L) [2690] Gill [...] .
[2691] Ooh I saw [...] with Jordan.
[2692] But it's co , Gill'll say no but she's lying.
None (PS6U2) [2693] [shouting] Yeah [] !
Chantel (PS54H) [2694] That confusion if she ever brings her in work and she can take [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2695] You look posh there.
Grace (PS54G) [2696] Tired?
None (PS6U2) [2697] No oh oh oh.
Grace (PS54G) [2698] Come here.
Samantha (PS54L) [2699] [laughing] Oh what's that [] ?
[2700] And I was going [...]
Grace (PS54G) [2701] Say, you know, you know when , you when Gill said to you
Chantel (PS54H) [2702] So try there.
Samantha (PS54L) [2703] I don't see you going off, tell you what
Grace (PS54G) [2704] Dawn.
Chantel (PS54H) [2705] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2706] You know the
Samantha (PS54L) [2707] Come here Sinead.
Grace (PS54G) [2708] Dawn that
Chantel (PS54H) [2709] What?
Grace (PS54G) [2710] you when Gill said to you
None (PS6U2) [2711] Ah!
[2712] Ah ah ah.
Grace (PS54G) [2713] about the split.
None (PS6U2) [2714] Ah ah ah , ah ah ah.
Grace (PS54G) [2715] I see.
Chantel (PS54H) [2716] Yeah?
Grace (PS54G) [2717] You only Da , Dawn did you see that?
[2718] In the beg , er and this is very [...] cos that's exactly what the, Nadine said to me.
[2719] Does Gill's split ever end?
Chantel (PS54H) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [2720] Erm, and that's his, Chris and them.
Chantel (PS54H) [2721] Who's the other
Grace (PS54G) [2722] See her split.
Chantel (PS54H) [2723] on [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [2724] A split Dawn ... skirt, or dress whatever it was.
Chantel (PS54H) [2725] Why what she wearing?
Grace (PS54G) [2726] Can you remember?
Samantha (PS54L) [2727] It was really massive isn't it?
Grace (PS54G) [2728] Split.
[2729] Can't remember.
[2730] ... She had either a split skirt or split dress.
Chantel (PS54H) [2731] Yeah I
Grace (PS54G) [2732] And the split didn't end.
Chantel (PS54H) [2733] Oh yeah, and what's she like?
Samantha (PS54L) [2734] I slightly remember.
Grace (PS54G) [2735] And you know the split was deep innit?
[2736] It, all the way up here boy!
[2737] [laugh] ... So Nadine said to me does that split ever end?
None (PS6U2) [2738] Wo oh, oh oh oh oh.
Grace (PS54G) [2739] So Judy you, Samantha was Oasis good?
Samantha (PS54L) [2740] It was alright.
Grace (PS54G) [2741] Better than last week?
Samantha (PS54L) [2742] No, no nothing's better.
Chantel (PS54H) [2743] You can take her up there.
Samantha (PS54L) [2744] Well this week should be better anyway.
[2745] If I've got money to go.
Grace (PS54G) [2746] Again?
[2747] Er er, regulars.
Samantha (PS54L) [2748] Good, you could go there every week cos there's some men, it's not [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [2749] What does Maxine wear?
Samantha (PS54L) [2750] Er red, er black bobbly thing.
Grace (PS54G) [2751] Her what?
Samantha (PS54L) [2752] Her black bobbly suit.
Chantel (PS54H) [2753] All in one.
Samantha (PS54L) [2754] You know, that one you like.
Grace (PS54G) [2755] What did Maureen wear then?
[2756] And what did Maureen wear?
Samantha (PS54L) [2757] Black ... cycle pants.
Grace (PS54G) [2758] And what top?
[2759] A shirt?
None (PS6U2) [2760] Maxine.
Chantel (PS54H) [2761] Can I
Samantha (PS54L) [2762] I said come here!
[2763] Don't tell me no!
[2764] Come on, stop using that word!
[2765] Cos you don't know what I want you for.
[2766] Look at your sleeve!
[2767] It's all wet!
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2768] She's been in my room you know, I bet you.
[2769] What's that your wearing?
[2770] What's that?
Chantel (PS54H) [2771] What have you got there?
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2772] Ah!
[2773] ... Do you want one?
Grace (PS54G) [2774] No.
None (PS6U2) [2775] You want to come and have a look at my potty.
Samantha (PS54L) [2776] What's, so how come they're very wet.
[2777] Her hands are all wet man!
Grace (PS54G) [2778] Smell it?
[2779] Smell it what it is.
Chantel (PS54H) [2780] I dunno.
Grace (PS54G) [2781] Smell it Samantha.
Samantha (PS54L) [2782] It's alright, got a bit of water.
Grace (PS54G) [2783] Maybe she put her hand and Glen water, I dunno.
Chantel (PS54H) [2784] Glen was, Glen was going like that.
Samantha (PS54L) [2785] Glen was going mum.
Chantel (PS54H) [2786] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [2787] It's like this is the only nights what them, d'ya know, Glen was going rather.
[2788] ... Make it look good.
[2789] He owe her.
Grace (PS54G) [2790] She's old innit?
None (PS6U2) [2791] Ya!
Grace (PS54G) [2792] Mine.
None (PS6U2) [2793] No.
[2794] Mine.
Samantha (PS54L) [2795] It's not yours!
[2796] It's not yours Sinead.
None (PS6U2) [2797] It's Jacob's.
Samantha (PS54L) [2798] It's not Jacob's either, mine!
Chantel (PS54H) [2799] It's the one in the sink innit?
None (PS6U2) [2800] But I haven't got it.
Samantha (PS54L) [2801] I know.
None (PS6U2) [2802] You go and, you, you, you got, I haven't got it.
[2803] You got it.
Grace (PS54G) [2804] They look good anyway.
None (PS6U2) [2805] You got it.
[2806] ... No I haven't got it.
[2807] Look I haven't got it. [tv loud - music awards]
Samantha (PS54L) [2808] She looks good there.
Chantel (PS54H) [2809] What is it though?
None (PS6U2) [2810] Well I haven't got it.
Samantha (PS54L) [2811] The awards.
Chantel (PS54H) [2812] Ah?
Samantha (PS54L) [2813] The awards.
None (PS6U2) [2814] My ball.
Samantha (PS54L) [2815] You're not gonna get my damn things wet.
None (PS6U2) [2816] Where your ball?
Chantel (PS54H) [2817] What is the point.
[2818] Got you some more corn.
Grace (PS54G) [2819] Samantha.
Samantha (PS54L) [2820] Yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [2821] Why are you putting your small coat on mummy's bed?
Chantel (PS54H) [2822] Samantha.
None (PS6U2) [2823] [...] ... Where are your balls?
Samantha (PS54L) [2824] It's not just tonight.
None (PS6U2) [2825] Where's the ball?
Chantel (PS54H) [2826] Well it'll be nice.
None (PS6U2) [2827] Where your ball?
Grace (PS54G) [2828] Samantha.
Samantha (PS54L) [2829] Yeah?
Grace (PS54G) [2830] Why are you putting your small coat on mummy's bed?
[2831] Crazy man!
Chantel (PS54H) [2832] Why are you putting [...] as well in mummy's bed?
None (PS6U2) [2833] Give me your balls?
[2834] Yes you ... balls.
[2835] No.
[2836] No.
[2837] Reach me your ball.
[2838] Reach your ball.
Samantha (PS54L) [2839] She look fifty nine.
Grace (PS54G) [2840] Mm mm.
Chantel (PS54H) [2841] She does.
Samantha (PS54L) [2842] She does.
None (PS6U2) [2843] Mummy. [imitates gunfire]
Grace (PS54G) [2844] So that's what you're buying the hair for?
[2845] You have to buy the sort with [...] in it.
[2846] Have to buy the so , the sort with [...] .
None (PS6U2) [2847] I'm not telling you.
[2848] Leave me alone!
[2849] I'm telling you.
[2850] Leave me.
Grace (PS54G) [2851] Ain't yo , you buying this?
Samantha (PS54L) [2852] Mm.
None (PS6U2) [2853] I'm not telling you.
[2854] Leave your ... I'm not telling you!
None (PS6U2) [2855] Oh.
[2856] Ha?
[2857] Oh.
None (PS6U2) [2858] Leave the room!
None (PS6U2) [2859] Erm er
Grace (PS54G) [laugh] ... [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2860] You got eleven grandchildren.
Grace (PS54G) [2861] Die! [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [2862] Where's your balls?
None (PS6U2) [2863] Ah ah.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2864] She knows where.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [2865] Told you boy.
Grace (PS54G) [2866] Dawn! [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [2867] Er ah, ba er
Samantha (PS54L) [2868] I was telling them at school.
None (PS6U2) [2869] About what?
None (PS6U2) [2870] I want those [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [2871] What did you do?
[2872] Find any?
None (PS6U2) [2873] Well er
Samantha (PS54L) [2874] What did you Dawn, to Sinead?
None (PS6U2) [2875] I want Winnie the Pooh.
Samantha (PS54L) [2876] I bet nothing's wrong man.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [2877] I'm not telling you.
Samantha (PS54L) [2878] No you'll cry.
[2879] He will cry.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh] ... [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2880] Don't be so vicious man.
[2881] Tomorrow night is
Grace (PS54G) [2882] Ah?
Samantha (PS54L) [2883] a big moment!
[2884] So why doesn't he get vicious [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [2885] Dunno.
[2886] And Maxine goes it is good ... pe , erm a lot of children should be like him so they know how to defend theirselves.
Samantha (PS54L) [2887] No.
[2888] I'll defend him.
Chantel (PS54H) [2889] Oh right.
Samantha (PS54L) [2890] Look at [...] he's beating up everyone.
[2891] And
Grace (PS54G) [2892] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [2893] [...] he's completely different when I
Grace (PS54G) [2894] Beat Elaine.
Chantel (PS54H) [2895] Really?
Samantha (PS54L) [2896] isn't he?
[2897] Look at him beating up [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [2898] Beat Elaine though.
Samantha (PS54L) [2899] [...] ?
Grace (PS54G) [2900] Yeah.
[2901] And er clobbering him and
Samantha (PS54L) [2902] That child kept on licking o my child.
Chantel (PS54H) [2903] Licks?
Grace (PS54G) [2904] In the same room as we've been sitting.
[2905] We don't normally do this.
Samantha (PS54L) [2906] Exactly.
[2907] That's all she does.
Grace (PS54G) [2908] She spoils him boy.
Samantha (PS54L) [2909] When we take, when we take [laughing] [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [2910] I suppose [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2911] roll around on the floor.
None (PS6U2) [2912] You and Michelle bought one.
Grace (PS54G) [2913] Yes she licked him half way through a bad one.
Samantha (PS54L) [2914] Yeah but
Chantel (PS54H) [2915] Well that's what I mean, that's why I said.
Samantha (PS54L) [2916] yeah but see right, if she licked hard
Chantel (PS54H) [2917] Imagine er that ... imagine gonna hit him when it, or sh , he does something to her?
Samantha (PS54L) [2918] Yeah.
[2919] Tha him, look how, look how he after mummy ... and I give him
Chantel (PS54H) [2920] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [2921] one slap, I just
Grace (PS54G) [2922] I know.
Samantha (PS54L) [2923] slap him for that.
[2924] But [...] went running to, listened to her.
Chantel (PS54H) [2925] Yeah I know.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2926] And we're not allowed to have that
Chantel (PS54H) [2927] I realize, yeah.
None (PS6U2) [2928] Baseball.
Chantel (PS54H) [2929] Mm?
None (PS6U2) [2930] Baseball.
Chantel (PS54H) [2931] I know you want it.
Samantha (PS54L) [2932] That ca , I mean that's what I really noticed about them.
[2933] [yawning] You hit [...] , hit [...] [] ... and Maxine's trying to say, what's what's Rommus
None (PS6U2) [2934] Er er
Samantha (PS54L) [2935] what's mummy letting ... Rommus hit her ... hit her for?
None (PS6U2) [2936] Er
Samantha (PS54L) [2937] And mummy goes but Alice, Alice is crying.
Chantel (PS54H) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2938] You know,th th they don't care if he cries.
[2939] They don't care if he cries. [...] .
Grace (PS54G) [2940] That's because of Rommus.
Samantha (PS54L) [2941] But Rommus is a baby as well boy.
[2942] Shout at him, he cries!
Grace (PS54G) [2943] That's what they should at least beat him boy.
[2944] You shout at him and he cries.
Samantha (PS54L) [2945] And he cries loud and ... and he cries loud erm ... and don't stop.
Grace (PS54G) [2946] Alan, Alan goes to our rescue.
Chantel (PS54H) [2947] [shouting] Sinead leave him [] !
Grace (PS54G) [...]
Chantel (PS54H) [2948] [shouting] What do you keep pulling him for?
[2949] Give him it back [] !
None (PS6U2) [2950] Here are.
Samantha (PS54L) [2951] Don't be [...] to Jacob, I'll slap your lips off!
Chantel (PS54H) [2952] Leave them innit?
Samantha (PS54L) [...]
None (PS6U2) [2953] Oh.
Samantha (PS54L) [2954] They bring it all back then. [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [2955] Who's there?
Samantha (PS54L) [2956] Who was , when Molly was telling me about Jason, when Jason sa , I could have murdered Ryan doing that!
[2957] When Maureen goes to Ryan and Mau , Ryan sa , Maureen said that Ryan was sick ... then after, when Ryan knew that he was sick ... ooh mummy I'm gonna be sick!
[2958] And he only d id it for a reaction.
Chantel (PS54H) [2959] Aye, aye, aye, aye.
Samantha (PS54L) [2960] And he went, oh mummy I'm gonna be sick!
Grace (PS54G) [2961] No that, [...]
None (PS6U2) [crying]
Samantha (PS54L) [2962] Mummy goes Ryan should have been, should have been a actor.
[2963] Ryan, Ryan's sick already last night though.
[2964] There was Ryan, Ryan sat there oh mummy, my belly!
[2965] Oh oh!
[2966] Mummy I'm gonna be sick!
None (PS6U2) [scream]
Chantel (PS54H) [2967] [...] ?
Samantha (PS54L) [2968] No.
[2969] They bought a McDonalds.
Grace (PS54G) [2970] And he bought up the place Samantha.
Samantha (PS54L) [2971] And he bought it up all over the place.
Grace (PS54G) [2972] Samantha all it,Mau Maureen, Maureen's said he was sitting there eating and he went like this.
[2973] Blurgh!
[2974] Right on the floor, just like that.
[2975] And after he keel over and getting in the
Samantha (PS54L) [2976] He do it in McDonalds and other place.
[2977] Maureen said that, Maureen said that
Grace (PS54G) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [2978] the bo , they had finished and Ryan like this ... oh mummy I'm gonna be sick!
None (PS6U2) [2979] [crying] .
Samantha (PS54L) [laugh]
Grace (PS54G) [2980] So the, but Ryan said the thing about McDonalds they went up erm ... to go toilet er Samantha ... you must, you know you feel the vomit coming ... he just go like this Samantha ... urgh!
Samantha (PS54L) [2981] Ah ah.
[2982] I would slap him Dawn.
Chantel (PS54H) [2983] Will you grab him?
Samantha (PS54L) [2984] Put it down.
Grace (PS54G) [2985] Because you, you can feel when the vomit's coming ... to go to the toilet.
[2986] Ryan goes er ... blurgh!
None (PS6U2) [2987] Ah!
Grace (PS54G) [2988] No man.
Chantel (PS54H) [2989] Yes.
[2990] Alan contact me.
Samantha (PS54L) [2991] Cos Ryan says, ooh!
[2992] I says to him oh look there's a fight [...] it might be worth having an automatic.
[2993] But erm
None (PS6U2) [2994] Peeow!
[2995] Peeow!
[2996] Peeow!
Samantha (PS54L) [2997] Ryan's is erm
None (PS6U2) [2998] All you
Samantha (PS54L) [2999] he gets upset quick innit?
[3000] And like
Chantel (PS54H) [3001] Yes.
None (PS6U2) [3002] people!
Samantha (PS54L) [3003] he's got a bad temper.
None (PS6U2) [3004] All the people!
[3005] I'm gonna hit you.
Samantha (PS54L) [3006] What's the matter?
[3007] Let go!
[3008] Yo , don't you, don't you know ats , that's erm ... that's the erm ... as a baby's ... I can't remember the words she used.
Chantel (PS54H) [3009] Babies.
Samantha (PS54L) [3010] I remember, said
Chantel (PS54H) [3011] And Ryan said I love you.
Samantha (PS54L) [3012] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [3013] Well I
Samantha (PS54L) [3014] An an er, and er ... then they must have got a massive ... erm ... in a couple of months time, you know, they're not gonna be able to control him, he might be, well if he hits me, I'll just hit him back.
[3015] I'm not making, and they're going no I don't mean that, he's gonna fight you or hit you and Steven's not gonna, you're not gonna be able to control him.
[3016] If he hit me, you know hit Maxine boy ... then he
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [3017] it's not even worth having, talking to him [...] and calls her [...] .
None (PS6U2) [3018] That's a real [...] right.
Grace (PS54G) [3019] Who's is this then?
Samantha (PS54L) [3020] It's gone man.
Grace (PS54G) [3021] I don't know.
[3022] I don't know if he'll mess with us anyway.
Samantha (PS54L) [3023] I know, but it's not worth it man.
[3024] Cos if you, you don't know what kind of person, might be completely different man.
[3025] Stop it Sinead!
[3026] [laugh] ... Is that thing going?
Grace (PS54G) [3027] Yes.
Samantha (PS54L) [3028] And the, do we just accept it like that?
[3029] You know, cos he's in the family and Max, Maxine, Maxine's gonna get her match you know.
[3030] Don't, scratch it.
Chantel (PS54H) [3031] Shaun did match her that day.
Grace (PS54G) [3032] [laugh] ... Shaun, that was a match right.
Samantha (PS54L) [3033] Shaun matched her Dawn.
None (PS6U2) [3034] Look.
Grace (PS54G) [3035] Look.
Samantha (PS54L) [3036] [...] definitely.
Grace (PS54G) [3037] Shaun did match her.
Samantha (PS54L) [3038] Yes!
[3039] You can't tell me nuffink.
[3040] I ain't up for
Grace (PS54G) [3041] Ryan
Samantha (PS54L) [3042] she'll say no.
Chantel (PS54H) [3043] That
Samantha (PS54L) [3044] Yes.
Grace (PS54G) [3045] Yeah , Shaun, yes.
Chantel (PS54H) [3046] Did he?
Samantha (PS54L) [3047] Out.
[3048] Out!
Grace (PS54G) [3049] Dawn.
None (PS6U2) [3050] Oh oh.
Chantel (PS54H) [3051] [shouting] Just slap her [] !
Grace (PS54G) [3052] Dawn.
Samantha (PS54L) [3053] She's bad, you know.
Chantel (PS54H) [3054] I know but you've got to slap her.
None (PS6U2) [3055] No. [crying]
Chantel (PS54H) [3056] You're trying [...] say your talking about.
Grace (PS54G) [3057] [laugh] ... [laughing] Dawn [] .
None (PS6U2) [crying]
Samantha (PS54L) [3058] [shouting] Those [] !
[3059] Those!
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [crying]
Grace (PS54G) [3060] No ha, you're not having them, that's Dawn.
[3061] She says we're to give you
Chantel (PS54H) [3062] I want that, I want that , I want that.
Samantha (PS54L) [3063] No Dawn you should been here before.
Chantel (PS54H) [3064] Hold that.
[3065] I'd like to meet her meet her match.
Samantha (PS54L) [3066] No Dawn you should have been there with Shaun, Shaun match her.
Grace (PS54G) [3067] Yeah.
None (PS6U2) [crying]
Samantha (PS54L) [3068] Dawn then don't tell me better, cos I know more than you.
[3069] Shaun just matched her.
[3070] They were saying well Maxine wants to talk to you.
Chantel (PS54H) [3071] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [3072] Shaun matched her actually Dawn.
[3073] She got thirty nine.
Chantel (PS54H) [3074] Show Grace your birdie.
Grace (PS54G) [3075] What's down there? [laugh]
None (PS6U2) [3076] Birdie.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [3077] Poo ooh, woo ooh ooh!
None (PS6U2) [3078] That smells.
Chantel (PS54H) [3079] It doesn't.
Samantha (PS54L) [3080] Poo poo poo.
Grace (PS54G) [3081] You're not having it [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [3082] Well, should be
Chantel (PS54H) [3083] In there.
Samantha (PS54L) [3084] proud of it boy.
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Chantel (PS54H) [3085] You don't wash, cos she don't wash herself that's why.
Samantha (PS54L) [3086] Dawn er , Dawn.
[3087] Ah. [whistling]
Chantel (PS54H) [3088] Is the window still pushed
Samantha (PS54L) [3089] Come here boy.
Chantel (PS54H) [3090] da , down?
Grace (PS54G) [3091] [laughing] They ... do your head in [] .
[3092] Let me shave your head boy.
Samantha (PS54L) [3093] Cover that [...] .
None (PS6U2) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [3094] Woo ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh!
[3095] Jason, Jason loved that!
[3096] He said the one
Chantel (PS54H) [3097] I know.
Samantha (PS54L) [3098] the geezer loves that!
[3099] I said where?
Chantel (PS54H) [3100] It's alright.
[3101] I'm not gonna touch your hair.
None (PS6U2) [3102] Er er
Samantha (PS54L) [3103] Right don't do it, get down now.
Chantel (PS54H) [...]
Samantha (PS54L) [3104] What are you sitting down there for?
Chantel (PS54H) [3105] [clears throat] ... Sit there.
Grace (PS54G) [3106] Yeah, the social security goes out when you're changing your baby [...] .
Chantel (PS54H) [3107] When's that then?
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [3108] Seventh of November.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [3109] Can I have
Grace (PS54G) [laugh]
Samantha (PS54L) [3110] She had a bath or anything?
Grace (PS54G) [3111] er your hat?
Chantel (PS54H) [3112] Anybody in the bathroom?
None (PS6U2) [3113] Take your hat.
Chantel (PS54H) [3114] [...] one of us here so [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [3115] I'm not bathing him, I've got my own child to bath.
Grace (PS54G) [3116] Do you wanna hear the joke Dawn?
[3117] Hear the joke.
[3118] You remember when Ula was in, and she went to work ... [clears throat]
Grace (PS54G) [3119] When was that?
Chantel (PS54H) [3120] Dunno.
Grace (PS54G) [3121] Remember that?
[3122] Remember Dawn?
Chantel (PS54H) [3123] Oh yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [3124] Saturday, yeah.
Grace (PS54G) [3125] On the Saturday right.
[3126] She phoned, and she goes at ... no she goes, she said to mummy that she's gonna drop off some clothes cos they haven't been washed erm ... let, one of them lot washing.
[3127] I did all the washing Dawn.
Chantel (PS54H) [3128] Oh!
[3129] What you washing them for?
Grace (PS54G) [3130] Mummy said to me, mummy said to me that I wash him.
[3131] I'm telling you to wash him.
[3132] Na no mummy, okay I'm not washing him?
Chantel (PS54H) [3133] I don't go for that child, he's too big man.
Grace (PS54G) [3134] Dawn, you know what she said that I'm [...] the clothes, I'm gonna have some clean clothes for when then I can wash him.
[3135] No.
Chantel (PS54H) [3136] That's what it is.
Grace (PS54G) [3137] That's right.
Samantha (PS54L) [3138] She, so she run him up yesterday.
[3139] I said, do you know what I mean Dawn?
[3140] He's dirty.
Grace (PS54G) [3141] I'm not washing him.
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [3142] I don't care.
None (PS6U2) [...]
None (PS6U2) [3143] Ow!
[3144] Ow.
Samantha (PS54L) [3145] [shouting] Get off him [] !
[3146] Go and tell Nirvanas, Nirvana slap her in her face the other day.
Chantel (PS54H) [3147] So she can slap him all the time.
[3148] He's getting his revenge back.
Grace (PS54G) [3149] What d'ya mean revenge?
Chantel (PS54H) [3150] Well it's just, he's just let her on that.
Samantha (PS54L) [3151] [laugh] ... He's a bother with that boy, alright?
Chantel (PS54H) [3152] She'll hold fire on that she'll wait till she's in there [...] and she'll, then she'll sa , then she'll start ... alright.
Samantha (PS54L) [3153] Well she won't, Sinead won't fight him.
[3154] I don't know why.
Chantel (PS54H) [3155] She used to do it before.
Grace (PS54G) [3156] Are you gonna copy Sinead?
None (PS6U2) [3157] Did.
Samantha (PS54L) [3158] I was gonna [...] and phone everybody back again.
Grace (PS54G) [3159] Well we will.
Samantha (PS54L) [3160] But then he
Grace (PS54G) [3161] Tick a, tick a [...] .
Samantha (PS54L) [3162] I know someone that's gonna be hiding tomorrow night.
None (PS6U2) [3163] Tick a, tick a, daddy daddy, da.
[3164] Daddy, daddy, da.
[3165] Tick a tick a tick.
Samantha (PS54L) [3166] Well mummy hasn't got not money.
Chantel (PS54H) [3167] Neither has anybody else that's
Samantha (PS54L) [3168] Exactly.
[3169] You shouldn't take advantage.
[3170] But tha , Maxine said it
Samantha (PS54L) [3171] Should leave your sisters then ... at the side
Chantel (PS54H) [3172] I got nothing at the table right.
None (PS6U2) [singing] [...] ... [...] []
Grace (PS54G) [3173] Er yeah.
None (PS6U2) [3174] [singing] [...] [] .
Grace (PS54G) [3175] [singing] Tick a tick a, back on my old friend Jack [] .
None (PS6U2) [...]
Grace (PS54G) [3176] Eh?
None (PS6U2) [3177] Liam.
Grace (PS54G) [3178] Liam?
None (PS6U2) [3179] Liam.
Grace (PS54G) [3180] That's [...]
None (PS6U2) [3181] Yeah that's my best friend.
Grace (PS54G) [clears throat]
Chantel (PS54H) [3182] No she calls her friend calls her brother.
None (PS6U2) [3183] There you are.
[3184] There you go.
Grace (PS54G) [3185] It's her brother?
Chantel (PS54H) [3186] Yeah.
Samantha (PS54L) [3187] What's Maxine's brother?
None (PS6U2) [3188] [singing] Li Li Li , Liam [] .
Grace (PS54G) [3189] Er er
None (PS6U2) [3190] Liam.
[3191] Er Liam
Grace (PS54G) [3192] I ca , what's Martin's baby's name?
Chantel (PS54H) [3193] What's Martin's baby's name?
[3194] Ah?
None (PS6U2) [3195] It's Liam.
Chantel (PS54H) [3196] What Martin's baby?
Grace (PS54G) [3197] What's , what's Stella's, what's Stella's baby's name?
Chantel (PS54H) [3198] That's the one.
Grace (PS54G) [3199] They say they [...] innit?
Chantel (PS54H) [3200] Oh that one is, yeah.
None (PS6U2) [3201] It is Liam.