7 conversations recorded by `Kath' (PS55T) on ?? ?? 1993 with 4 interlocutors, totalling 1692 s-units, 11244 words, and 1 hour 0 minutes 26 seconds of recordings.

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 731

PS55T Ag1 f (Kath, age 17, student, Home Counties, )
PS55U Ag1 f (Claire, age 17, student, Home Counties, ) friend
PS55V Ag1 f (Roxy, age 17, student, Home Counties, ) friend
PS6U9 X u (No name, age unknown) friend
KPHPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPHPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

7 recordings

  1. Tape 142301 recorded on 1993. LocationHertfordshire ( School sixth form common room ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 142302 recorded on 1993. LocationHertfordshire ( School sixth form common room ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 142303 recorded on 1993. LocationHertfordshire ( School sixth form common room ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 142304 recorded on 1993. LocationHertfordshire ( School sixth form common room ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 142305 recorded on 1993. LocationHertfordshire ( School sixth form common room ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 142306 recorded on 1993. LocationHertfordshire ( School sixth form common room ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 142307 recorded on 1993. LocationHertfordshire ( School sixth form common room ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 142301)

Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [1] I hate Vegemite, it's too salty.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [2] Yeah but Marmite's too
Kath (PS55T) [3] [laughing] Yuk [] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [4] Tom what have we got first, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [5] Er B then M. ...
Kath (PS55T) [6] B then M?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [7] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [8] Oh erm [...] well you don't seem in a very good mood.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [9] Will you wait for me, what time are you leaving here, about three two?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [10] Why ... er why I, those are my problems cos I can't go.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [11] She just left a message on the phone.
[12] I can't do it, Ginny has to do it.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [13] I can't do it either. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [14] Why can't you do it?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [15] [...] arrange a, to arrange er for you to have a facial done then. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [16] Yeah.
[17] [...] as well?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [18] [laughing] Yes []
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [19] I do.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [20] I know but [...] skin [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [21] Yeah but you don't actually have any acne.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [22] But I have serious blackheads.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [23] I have no but I have acne.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [24] Serious blackheads.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [25] It's a problem, it's a problem.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [26] No you haven't. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [27] One spot is acne to me [laugh] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [28] That's really nice. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [29] Shall we watch T V?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [30] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [31] We might as well there's nothing else to do, apart from my, apart from my UCCA form.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [32] Why don't you
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [33] Alright friends?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [34] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [35] Please don't crowd me at once, you know
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [36] it's alright it's not a problem.
[37] I don't mind having no friends.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [38] Are you tape recording?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [39] Yeah. ... [loud buzzing obliterates speech]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [40] Don't you just love Claire she's such a nice girl.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [41] She's so fucking easy as well.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [42] I know, rough bit.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [43] [laugh] That's the worst insult Claire can give.
Kath (PS55T) [44] What?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [45] Oh I'm sorry but they are so [...] , oh what, well actually we live in Majorca ... you know?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [46] Her house is disgusting.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [47] Is it?
Kath (PS55T) [48] Is it really really rough?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [49] It's like ... you know those houses [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [50] Her mum is fucking Sharon
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [51] Has it got all those little little crystally ornaments?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [52] [...] you know how you get those rows that are literally on a row?
[53] All it is is like this
Kath (PS55T) [54] What?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [55] like a big rectangle.
Kath (PS55T) [56] What?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [57] Their house.
Kath (PS55T) [58] I thought it was some massive mansion.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [59] What is it, have they have they got little things like little ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [60] Duck
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [61] crystal ornaments everywhere?
[62] And gold carriage clocks and all the brass carriage clocks shit.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [63] Well they [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [64] Are you saying there's something wrong with brass [laughing] carri [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [65] [...] really trendy.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [66] A really antique one [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [67] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [68] Yeah that really old one.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [69] Always tells the weather as well. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [70] No ours is very small.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [71] Ours is about that big and [...]
Kath (PS55T) [72] I think it must have been really fashionable at one point.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [73] Yeah.
[74] We've got the most hideous plates in the drawers [...]
Kath (PS55T) [75] Now you get them free from Esso and stuff
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [76] if you send away fifty tokens.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [77] [...] just pop in, fill up ... in my imaginary car, yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [78] Yeah!
[79] Fill up eh!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [80] Er
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [81] Yeah [laugh] another burn out!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [82] You're recording aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [83] Yeah [...]
Kath (PS55T) [84] Yeah [...] while the other one's playing.
[85] And tonight I'm having two of my very favourite friends over and I'm gonna be eating my [...] and I'm gonna go sucking them up, urgh I can hardly wait.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [86] Where's this from?
Kath (PS55T) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [87] It's one of your pornos isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [88] Who?
[89] ... Urgh what's she doing back?
[90] ... Who let her out the zoo?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [91] Why don't you?
[92] You waiting for someone?
Kath (PS55T) [93] Oh God yeah I'm just waiting for [...] to come in now. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [94] Come on [...]
Kath (PS55T) [95] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [96] Is Laura still at home?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [97] Mm.
Kath (PS55T) [98] What's fucking wrong with her anyway?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [99] I never realized she wasn't, wasn't here.
Kath (PS55T) [100] I never realized she was, she was ... wasn't here until about yesterday.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [101] No until she just told me now.
Kath (PS55T) [102] Has she shagged [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [103] No.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [104] No.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [105] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [106] She's contemplating the emotional [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [107] No no no, apparently
Kath (PS55T) [108] Yeah but come on okay, apparently erm after chapel
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [109] apparently
Kath (PS55T) [110] once, okay, she did everything but shag Harry in his study.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [111] Yeah I heard that.
[112] No but erm apparently they, they were
Kath (PS55T) [113] She's a [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [114] at Max and Jamie's party they were getting off with each other
Kath (PS55T) [115] Oh yeah, and she
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [116] and she was arched over like this, yeah, and they were getting off and she went for his belt yeah and she was gonna undo his belt and Jules went ... Laura Laura not now, you know, just don't undo my belt. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [117] She's such a rough bird.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [118] [laughing] Bird [] .
Kath (PS55T) [119] [laughing] Bird [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [120] [...] recording again.
Kath (PS55T) [121] No I'm not.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [122] [laugh] Yes she is.

2 (Tape 142302)

Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [123] Tomorrow.
Kath (PS55T) [124] Yeah but how much have you done already?
Claire (PS55U) [125] I'm er I'll show you.
Kath (PS55T) [126] Cos I've done absolute cack.
[127] I've done the bit where like on, is it D?
[128] Like [...] and all that lot? ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [cough]
Kath (PS55T) [129] Apart from that that's it.
Claire (PS55U) [130] [...] erm just, just so fucked with this.
[131] Erm
Kath (PS55T) [132] Have you actually like translated it and stuff?
Claire (PS55U) [133] No way.
[134] Not a word.
Kath (PS55T) [135] There's so much to do and something about money, that's about as much as I know.
Claire (PS55U) [136] It's about money, look, that's how much I've done.
Kath (PS55T) [137] Oh good.
[138] Good.
Claire (PS55U) [139] I can't do that first bit, I copied that off [...] ... this bit's not too bad
Kath (PS55T) [140] No that's pretty easy.
Claire (PS55U) [141] I'm just pretending we're not doing C again.
Kath (PS55T) [142] We don't do C.
Claire (PS55U) [143] Don't we anyway?
[144] How's this?
Kath (PS55T) [145] Well that's what you told me.
[146] Oh is this bit okay erm you do that and then you just put like [...]
Claire (PS55U) [147] That's what I'm gonna put.
[148] Have you done this? ...
Kath (PS55T) [149] No.
[150] I'm gonna get fucked over this stuff. [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Kath (PS55T) [151] It's not a problem, [laughing] it's not a problem [] . ...
Claire (PS55U) [152] Yeah but Carolyn goes to [...] fucking [...] .
[153] What's happened with Jenny?
Kath (PS55T) [154] Jenny who?
Claire (PS55U) [155] .
Kath (PS55T) [156] Don't know.
Claire (PS55U) [157] They don't know yet.
Kath (PS55T) [158] Why what's supposed to happen then?
Claire (PS55U) [159] Well she was [...] Dave in lesson time apparently.
Kath (PS55T) [160] Yeah I know. ...
Claire (PS55U) [161] Isn't she gonna get a shite on?
Kath (PS55T) [162] [laugh] Oh!
[163] Oh gossip!
[164] Gossip!
[165] George [...] have just had a cuss outside.
Claire (PS55U) [166] Yeah I know.
Kath (PS55T) [167] It's obscene.
Claire (PS55U) [168] How fucking disgusting.
Kath (PS55T) [169] It is rough, I'm sorry it really makes me sick.
Claire (PS55U) [170] How desperate is he?
[171] How desperate is he?
Kath (PS55T) [172] Very, he must be desperate because she is such a rough tart.
Claire (PS55U) [173] What is his problem?
Kath (PS55T) [174] I don't know.
Claire (PS55U) [175] God has he got no taste?
Kath (PS55T) [176] No he hasn't at all.
Claire (PS55U) [177] God.
[178] God.
[179] God.
[180] God again.
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [181] God look at the size of this fucking hole I've got to live in.
Kath (PS55T) [182] How long are you all staying here for?
Claire (PS55U) [183] Fucking ages, I don't know.
Kath (PS55T) [184] Oh well.
Claire (PS55U) [185] It's so infuriating and have you seen the Cambridge photos? ...
Kath (PS55T) [186] No.
[187] ... Oh my how drunk were you?
[188] Why have you got oh you know a grapefruit between your legs [...]
Claire (PS55U) [189] A melon I was giving birth to it.
Kath (PS55T) [190] That's nice. [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [191] Mm.
[192] Yeah well shall we go and socialize?
Kath (PS55T) [193] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [194] Shall we go and socialize?
[195] Come on then love.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [196] You'll just have to make sure you clean your sheets after that [...] been jizzling all over it.
Claire (PS55U) [197] No I took the sheets off, I made him put his own sheets on.
Kath (PS55T) [198] Yeah?
Claire (PS55U) [199] Took my pillows, took my duvet.
Kath (PS55T) [200] Oh that's alright, it's not a problem.
Claire (PS55U) [201] Thing is there's no way Gemma and [...] and that are gonna be allowed to stay upstairs when they've got boys downstairs.
Kath (PS55T) [202] Why, do you think they'll [...] [laughing] a paedophile or something [] ?
Claire (PS55U) [203] No but I mean I just can't see that.
Kath (PS55T) [204] Why not?
Claire (PS55U) [205] It's like not moral.
Kath (PS55T) [206] Not moral?
Claire (PS55U) [207] Cos that's why they had to move out of this house in the first ...
Kath (PS55T) [208] Place.
[209] ... Oh well. ...

3 (Tape 142303)

Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [210] No but who do you want to snog?
Kath (PS55T) [211] Don't know!
Claire (PS55U) [212] No well ... there must be a list of people or something.
Kath (PS55T) [213] Oh yeah yeah I just keep a list of people who [...]
Claire (PS55U) [214] No no [...] write another fucking list every single time.
Kath (PS55T) [215] I don't know, I just want to snog.
Claire (PS55U) [216] Josh?
[217] Josh, Phil.
Kath (PS55T) [218] [laugh] I told Phil I fancied him I went ... Phil, you're my man.
Claire (PS55U) [219] [laughing] What'd he say [] ?
Kath (PS55T) [220] He goes oh oh Kath thanks [...] [...]
Claire (PS55U) [221] [...] we followed him over to Albans and I walked in and he goes, he goes oh it's my disciples [...]
Kath (PS55T) [...]
Claire (PS55U) [222] you just follow me everywhere don't you?
Kath (PS55T) [223] Oh God we just fancy him so much!
Claire (PS55U) [224] I went yeah Phil we all love you.
Kath (PS55T) [225] Stupid.
Claire (PS55U) [226] [shouting] Dick [] .
Kath (PS55T) [227] I want to know why Si hasn't come up tonight.
Claire (PS55U) [whispering] [...] []
Kath (PS55T) [228] He went home.
[229] He was feeling rough.
Claire (PS55U) [230] He looked it baby.
Kath (PS55T) [231] Shut up.
Claire (PS55U) [232] You love it.
Kath (PS55T) [233] I don't love it.
[234] [sniff] I just wanna snog the boy again. ...
Claire (PS55U) [235] Oh God this whole school revolves around snogging people, going out with people, shagging people.
[236] It's just a nightmare.
Kath (PS55T) [237] It's just like a real system isn't it?
Claire (PS55U) [238] Mm.
[239] My last school wasn't like this at all, probably cos it was a day school
Kath (PS55T) [240] Yeah that was that was a convent.
[241] ... [...] break it.
[242] ... It's not a problem. ...
Claire (PS55U) [243] No that's probably cos it was a girls school?
[244] A day school
Kath (PS55T) [245] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [246] and a convent. ...
Kath (PS55T) [247] That would explain it I suppose.
Claire (PS55U) [248] Yeah exactly.
[249] Oh I've got a really sore neck.
[250] I need some strong man to massage me.
Kath (PS55T) [251] Oh you're such a whore.
Claire (PS55U) [252] I'm not a whore.
Kath (PS55T) [253] Yes you are.
Claire (PS55U) [254] Fuck off.
Kath (PS55T) [255] [mimicking] Fuck off ... fuck off [] ...
Claire (PS55U) [256] No I really ... am getting annoyed now.
Kath (PS55T) [257] Why?
Claire (PS55U) [258] Because ... I dunno ... because it was ... you know if you get off with someone on a Saturday night yeah?
Kath (PS55T) [259] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [260] Then ... and then you get off, if you get off with them again on the Sunday
Kath (PS55T) [261] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [262] and you assume something's gonna happen ... and just cos, I mean I was too embarrassed to speak to him on like Monday and Tuesday
Kath (PS55T) [263] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [264] it's now ended up like nothing's happening.
[265] ... But it's really obvious that we're gonna get off with this weekend ... cos we both keep making endu innuendos about it.
[266] [...] baby ... things like that.
Kath (PS55T) [267] Urgh urgh.
Claire (PS55U) [268] Exactly.
Kath (PS55T) [269] Some of the dreams I've had are just really odd, sorry but dreaming about a white hearse is just
Claire (PS55U) [270] That's so [...]
Kath (PS55T) [271] head fuck, completely.
Claire (PS55U) [272] I had an odd dream last night actually
Kath (PS55T) [273] What?
Claire (PS55U) [274] I dreamt I went ... I think I went to France, I think I was, I went on a day trip to France ...
Kath (PS55T) [275] Well at least you didn't dream about shoving a blue towel up your trouser leg, well done.
Claire (PS55U) [276] Yeah we went to France and then ... the thing about the bath came back and we all had a bath but we were all wearing clothes
Kath (PS55T) [277] Weird.
Claire (PS55U) [278] nothing sexual about it. ...
Kath (PS55T) [279] Oh no nothing sexual about it, no [...]
Claire (PS55U) [280] What you and me with our clothes on?
Kath (PS55T) [281] [laughing] Oh God I thought you were []
Claire (PS55U) [282] Urgh. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [283] I thought we were talking about Si, I'm really really confused.
Claire (PS55U) [284] No no no no. ...
Kath (PS55T) [285] Queer bastard.
Claire (PS55U) [286] Who's a que me?
Kath (PS55T) [287] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [288] I'm not queer!
Kath (PS55T) [289] Oh mm. [sniff] ...

4 (Tape 142304)

None (PS6U9) [290] We're gonna spend the day in London, go shopping
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [291] Guess what my dad told me today?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [292] What?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [293] He says erm he said he might er might be able to get me a car for the Christmas holidays
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [294] Ah!
[295] You bitch.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [296] just for the Christmas holidays.
Kath (PS55T) [297] I haven't even passed my bloody test yet for fuck's sake.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [298] Wow!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [299] I couldn't believe my, I found out my friend had passed, I was so shocked.
Kath (PS55T) [300] Mm. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [301] What were you erm what were you s how come you were waiting for Jim tonight?
[302] Outside.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [303] Ah cos I was just lusting after, no no no no no no, no, no
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [304] You thought I'd got off with him for fuck's sake!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [305] Oh did Lizzie tell you?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [306] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [307] No no I, I don't know, I sort of thought something might've happened.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [308] Oh yeah well you know, oh yeah
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [309] No well we th what you, what were you
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [310] No well I was, I was just telling him something ... and I said I'm not telling you till er ten thirty ... just to keep him in suspense.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [311] [...] I can't believe [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [312] I know he's such a dick.
[313] Why didn't he go and bust them? ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [314] Maybe he was bored with busting people.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [315] What happened?
Kath (PS55T) [316] Okay erm ... Jim and Si were over by the trees having a fag and walked
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [317] So you could see Jim.
Kath (PS55T) [318] right past them with his dog and he didn't do a thing.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [319] Well like he walked up towards like ... facing the direction where they were standing
Kath (PS55T) [320] Yeah, exactly.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [321] and you could see ... Jim's like, his body shape
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [322] Yeah you could tell [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [323] cos you know like he wasn't close enough to the trees
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [324] No.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [325] there was like the light between them, and they were like
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [326] so obvious there's a person over there, and he was, he looked and then he, he just walked, walked off towards his house.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [327] That [...] nice.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [328] Yeah but they pegged it back afterwards.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [329] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [330] They were cacking themselves, it was really funny.
None (PS6U9) [331] [laugh] I cannot get busted.
[332] If I ever got busted I'd be in such fucking shit.
Kath (PS55T) [333] You smoke don't you?
None (PS6U9) [334] Yeah er no I
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [335] , didn't even congratulate me when I walked in tonight for my wonderful [laughing] singing [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [336] Did you solo?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [337] No, don't be stupid, I can't sing [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [338] [...] great yeah she's so
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [339] Who, who?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [340] Has she got a really good voice?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [341] She has, oh it's incredible.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [342] She's on a full sch music scholarship you know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [343] Really?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [344] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [345] Yeah they pay for everything.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [346] Shit!
[347] I wish they'd pay for me.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [348] Just like me, ha ha ha.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [349] Pay for me to doss yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [350] Yeah right.
[351] Right
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...] ...
None (PS6U9) [352] My plane ticket's even paid for I don't pay a cent to be here. ...
Kath (PS55T) [353] Really?
None (PS6U9) [354] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [355] You're not paying like school fees or anything?
None (PS6U9) [356] No.
[357] I mean I have to pay for my books at the end of the year but that's all.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [358] Jesus Christ!
None (PS6U9) [...] [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [359] Er prep was a nightmare my middles
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [360] no, no
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [361] Oh you took prep?
Kath (PS55T) [362] I had to take prep, yeah, and my middles were being really really disgusting.
[363] They were going
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [364] They're such terrors
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [365] I'm gonna have to take my brother for prep.
[366] Can you believe that?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [367] [...] the girls take the removes instead of the
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [368] [shouting] Miss [] ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [369] instead of the middles like we used to
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [370] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [371] I'm gonna lose my voice, I think I wanna be ill actually so I can go home and don't, don't come back.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [372] No you don't wanna be ill.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [373] I don't wanna come back.
Kath (PS55T) [374] You don't wanna be ill cos when I was admitted to the san I nearly died, I tried everything to get out the san and she just wouldn't
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [375] I know, mm I think I'll just stay at home.
Kath (PS55T) [376] let me.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [377] I think I'll just go home on Sunday and stay at home, go home and s tell my, pretend to my mum I'm dying like spend all day asleep.
Kath (PS55T) [378] I'm going to the pub this weekend.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [379] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [380] Can I come and complain to you about [...] please?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [381] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [382] Come on.
[383] What's he done.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [384] Fucking dick!
[385] Fucking hate him, fucking hate the fucking school.
[386] I went down to see Will at ten o'clock after [...]
Kath (PS55T) [387] Yeah?
[388] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [389] my parents had gone
Kath (PS55T) [390] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [391] went down to see him and he was in his study because he, he, as you know I was with my parents
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [392] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [393] and he went straight back to his study and I thought I'd go and see him because my parents had gone
Kath (PS55T) [394] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [395] so I tap on the window, had just gone past and I was just about to go in his room, you know, cos he's standing there [...] and I just tapped on the window [...] come outside ... Nick [...] had just walked by and Rick and ... [...] were talking [...] you know it's not like the dead of night and everything's quiet
Kath (PS55T) [396] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [397] he said to me it's a bit late to go knocking on windows isn't it, and I was like ... I didn't say anything I just thought well
Kath (PS55T) [398] No. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [399] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [400] But you can't really say that.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [401] and he said erm come on this is the boys' area or something like that ... erm and I just stood there, I was so amazed because he's wrong, you're allowed to go [...]
Kath (PS55T) [402] I know that's the visiting times you're allowed to be down there
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [403] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [404] till what, ten fifteen?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [405] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [406] I wasn't in his study.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [407] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [408] Oh what an arsehole.
[409] Did Will come out?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [410] Yeah, well no cos he just, he pulled the curtain [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [411] I was knocking and then [...] and then he said and er I just stood there ... [...] he said like you know ... you're not allowed to be here it's too late, it's the boys' area erm come on, sort out, you know, come on sort it out you know like he says that
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [412] He's anal retentive, that's what it is.
Kath (PS55T) [413] He's what?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [414] [laughing] Anal retentive [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [415] Anal retentive anal [...]
Kath (PS55T) [416] What else did he say?
[417] Did he tell you to go?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [418] Yeah.
[419] He said come on
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [420] sort it out and I walked off and like I just walked away and Achil and thingy were laughing at, you know, cos not at me at how crap
Kath (PS55T) [421] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [422] had been and how I had to go away
Kath (PS55T) [423] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [424] Oh hello [...] party
Kath (PS55T) [425] Oh hello.
[426] This is a shock, no one ever comes down here.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [427] Bet it's all cos Nick isn't down there or something, no you've [laughing] just been with Nick [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [428] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [429] So I walked off so I said to [...]
Kath (PS55T) [430] Oh that's alright, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [431] fucking, fucking crap and as I was saying that my voice broke and I walked off and I started crying
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [432] so pissed off, it just makes me feel such a girl.
[433] You're not allowed here, this is the boys'
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [434] Yeah
Kath (PS55T) [435] He's such an arsehole.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [436] part you're not part of this school, we're meant to be part of the school.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [437] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [438] It's cos he's a fucking sexist isn't he?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [439] He's so [...] sexist.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [440] [...] biased.
[441] What did he say?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [442] He just, I went down to visit Will and I w would have got there like four minutes past ten or something and I n n knocked on his window and about
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [443] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [444] just about to go in his room erm Will's study you know he said, you know, bit late to go knocking on the window, this is the boys' area er er you know, you shouldn't be here at this time of night, this is the boys' area.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [445] He's such a bastard.
Kath (PS55T) [446] Yeah but visiting time is till ten fifteen.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [447] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [448] Yeah.
[449] We invite boys into our common room, you know
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [450] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [451] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [452] erm you know [...]
Kath (PS55T) [453] And that's even closer to the girls
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [454] Dick. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [455] Oh no, why didn't you say to him look I thought I was allowed to see er like [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [456] Well I was going to, I was just gonna say, I didn't know exactly, yeah I didn't know exactly what to say but I felt really silly saying [tut] it's visiting times at the moment, or I'm allowed to see him now, I don't know I
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [457] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [458] Yeah well then you don't know whether he's gonna bite your head off, mm.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [459] I suddenly wondered if I was allowed [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [460] [laughing] Yeah [] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [461] He's such an arsehole.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [462] But I can't believe when he s called you a slut [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [463] What!
Kath (PS55T) [464] Oh my God at swimming!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [465] Called you a slut?
Kath (PS55T) [466] She was chewing, okay, and
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [467] I wasn't chewing gum though, I was eating sweets
Kath (PS55T) [468] no you were like eating or something mm
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [469] yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [470] and he goes God you're such a slut or something, got really aggressive.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [471] He goes don't you know it's rude to eat in public.
[472] You girls lower the school down, you look like a slut, yeah?
[473] And I was standing there going ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [474] [laughing] Oh God, I would've crawled into a hole for the rest of my life [] .
Kath (PS55T) [475] I, I was standing next to her, I was going ... Jesus Christ!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [476] [laughing] I know, everyone was just going [] ... then erm I told my m my er parents and my parents said to me go and tell your house master so I told
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [477] What a shit.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [478] told his wife and his [laughing] wife went and had a go at him []
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [479] I would, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [480] and then, and then came up to me and said erm
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [481] He didn't [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [482] if you if you go and see this afternoon erm he would like to speak to you and I was like ... he should come and speak to me
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [483] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [484] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [485] and erm
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [486] So you went and saw him? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [487] so I went and saw him and he goes ... I didn't mean it as a slut as, as in a promiscuous woman [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [488] so he goes, no he goes I, I mean it as a slovenly woman, like you're [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [scream]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [489] so much better!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [490] He goes I didn't mean to insult you, oh no sir, right, yeah!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [491] [...] slovenly from time to time, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [492] And then he goes, he goes erm it's, it gets erm it really gets to me when I think people are chewing around school, I don't know what to do to stop people and [...] I wasn't chewing, yes well it looked like chewing, but I wasn't chewing!
[493] Oh God it was so pathetic.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [494] But just to call anyone a slut is just so rude.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [495] It's just so rude, I know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [496] I know you don't, especially an adult ... in this school calling someone
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [497] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [498] They're not adults in this school, don't worry.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [499] Oh yeah, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [500] My dad, do you know what my dad said?
[501] My dad was, my dad walked straight, just past him, was like where you are and my dad was where my feet are
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [502] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [503] and he goes ... that's that fucking arsehole that called you a slut isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [504] And I was like [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [505] [laugh] [laughing] can you say it any louder dad [] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [506] [...] as well like er [laughing] he sounds so funny [] .
Kath (PS55T) [507] Yeah he speaks and he goes you alright Kath and I went ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [508] What!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [509] yeah hi
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [510] My dad said hello to you?
Kath (PS55T) [511] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [512] How the hell did he know who you are?
Kath (PS55T) [513] I don't know. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [514] [scream] [laughing] Oh blimey [] .
Kath (PS55T) [515] He just went hello Kath, I went ... right, yeah, yeah cos I do actually know who you are
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [516] I just remember the time he came into erm [...] and he had a fag and he set the alarm off.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [517] Are you recording that?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [518] Did he?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [519] Mr
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [520] Have you recorded me complaining about ?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [521] Oh probably, it doesn't matter.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS6U9) [522] Wait, Mr smokes ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [523] Does he?
Kath (PS55T) [524] Does he?
None (PS6U9) [525] Oh I thought you said he had a fag and he set off the alarm.
Kath (PS55T) [526] No no no no no her dad had one
None (PS6U9) [527] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [528] [laughing] My dad [] .
Kath (PS55T) [529] and he set the alarm off
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [530] Did he?
[531] When?
Kath (PS55T) [532] Yeah.
[533] He came to see you, he came in with a fag, wafting it around the place
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [534] Did he?
Kath (PS55T) [535] and the, the er alarm started beeping inside the machine, we were going
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [536] I didn't know this.
Kath (PS55T) [537] oh my God, my God problem, problem.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [538] I didn't know this.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [539] [...] dad walked up here, yeah, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [540] It was so funny.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [541] We used to do that all the time [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [542] [...] chain smoker.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [543] Should I do anything though?
[544] Because he was wrong and he just made me feel really crap.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [545] Mm right.
Kath (PS55T) [546] Go and tell .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [547] Just go
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [548] I was gonna but I, I thought, I thought if sees me when I come in, cos I had make up all down my face cos I'd been so upset, I got so angry with the whole thing
Kath (PS55T) [549] Mm.
[550] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [551] it just makes you wanna [...]
Kath (PS55T) [552] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [553] and I've got so much work you just think oh fuck it it's ... Mr 's such a dick, I hate that man, he really ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [554] Yeah I hate it when he, he makes you feel like God
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [555] he makes you feel so ... crap.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [556] I really wish I wasn't here.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [557] That's what I was saying to Will and ...
Kath (PS55T) [558] Did Will come out then [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [559] Yeah he came out afterwards but I don't think he realized because he didn't come out [...]
Kath (PS55T) [560] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [561] I thought if M if Dr looked at me and [...] oh are you alright, I was that angry to actually say something cos I wondered if, you know, shall I, if I shut up
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [562] Mm
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [563] I never I never knew whether to say anything
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [564] it's probably safest to shut up about things like that though
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [565] to until erm ... until when I came back after I'd spoken to my parents that weekend.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [566] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [567] Well you'd definitely got something but I
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [568] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [569] I haven't, mine's not quite as bad as that but er he was wrong I think.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [570] I know.
[571] Just say to erm ... I am er I mean Mr told me
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [572] But the point is
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [573] yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [574] er we all hate the school ... and if we all hate the school, no wonder no girls are coming.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [575] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [576] If you hate the school, you're not going to say to someone hey come to Haileybury.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [577] Right.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [578] Right.
Kath (PS55T) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [579] [...] purple skirt.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [580] Which one?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [581] How many purple skirts you got Siobhan?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [582] Two.
Kath (PS55T) [583] She's got two.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
None (PS6U9) [584] [...] sexually frustrated.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [585] Sounds right.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [586] Oh you're sexually frustrated as well, that's good, at least I'm not the only one. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [587] I'll wear a skirt tomorrow.
None (PS6U9) [588] I'm probably the sexually frustratedest person in this school.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [589] Kath.
[590] Kath I'm gonna wear a skirt [...]
Kath (PS55T) [591] Yeah, why?
None (PS6U9) [592] Cos!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [593] I went for a MacDonalds after [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [594] Really?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6U9) [595] Because I cannot find a fucking man.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [596] There aren't any nice men here.
None (PS6U9) [597] I know, they're boys.
Kath (PS55T) [598] They're prepubescent dicks basically
None (PS6U9) [599] Yes no they don't have dicks, they have little knobs.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [600] [...] so stupid.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]

5 (Tape 142305)

Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [601] [...] they're not used to girls being round till they're
Roxy (PS55V) [602] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [603] in the sixth form.
Roxy (PS55V) [604] Yeah and also it's like if you [...] a personality here then you're doomed.
Kath (PS55T) [605] I mean when I got, when I got here okay ... er when I was in the lower sixth and I like sort of got in and then like it was so weird being, I mean I'd never been to a blokes' school before I came here
Roxy (PS55V) [606] Oh really?
[607] Really?
Kath (PS55T) [608] so I'd never had blokes in my class, it was really really weird
Roxy (PS55V) [609] Yeah, I'm sure.
Kath (PS55T) [610] and they were such a load of dicks when we first met, you know, and they're just like trying to impress all the time ... and now I mean you've been here for, what, a year and, year and a bit and
Roxy (PS55V) [611] And you know them and you see them when they look like shit in the morning and you see their
Kath (PS55T) [612] [laughing] Yeah exactly [] .
Roxy (PS55V) [613] I mean ... I went to a boarding school before I came here that was just like that ... but, but it was more like, I don't know, the guys there, I had more friends that were boys than friends with the girls, yeah
Kath (PS55T) [614] Mm.
Roxy (PS55V) [615] because like ... I don't know, but it seems like they're, they're ... they don't, they're not interested in being friends with you er it's just like I wanna fuck you I don't wanna [laugh] I don't really wanna talk to you
Kath (PS55T) [616] Yeah.
Roxy (PS55V) [617] urgh!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [618] Who's a student here?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [619] I'll do whatever I feel like when I'm [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [620] I was thinking when I've left the school if anything else happens I'll just feel really pissed off and I'm gonna write a letter and say, you know, now I've left the school
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [621] I feel quite [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [622] Yeah and I'll say, I mean
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [623] you are the reason why I left the school, you know, none of the girls are happy by their upper sixth, in the lower sixth you might think it's alright but by the time [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [624] Yeah but in the lower sixth the fucking rules [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [625] [...] this time last year that [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [626] I know, it depends how much you've been caught for. ...
Kath (PS55T) [627] Oh my God the time I nearly got busted!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [628] [...] did you
Kath (PS55T) [629] For fuck's sake, when I was going, when I
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [630] Well have you ever have you ever been busted for smoking?
Kath (PS55T) [631] No.
[632] When I was going out with Tom
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [633] Oh yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [634] erm
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [635] you got [...] busted in the lane didn't you?
Kath (PS55T) [636] Easter term, Easter term, down the lane okay suddenly like torches [...] it was ,, and
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [637] They were supposed to be at a play weren't they?
Kath (PS55T) [638] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [639] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [640] and they got cacked on and I was going oh no no no, I don't smoke, don't smoke, don't smoke erm ... I was just down here with my boyfriend ... you know having a ... sly snog, you know
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [641] Ooh ooh a snog [laugh] having a slog, you know, behind the tree Mr
Kath (PS55T) [642] [...] yeah and I was being sly about it, going down the lane not standing right outside his house, right.
[643] Oh I just remember cacking myself it was just so, so scary.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [644] What did the boys get [...] ?
Kath (PS55T) [645] They got four I D Ts.
[646] [laugh] Tom didn't get anything though cos I said he didn't [laughing] smoke [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [647] Who's he?
[648] Do I, is he still here?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [649] He's going out with Lucy
Roxy (PS55V) [650] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [651] but I can't, I can't, I don't know what anyone actually sees in her.
Kath (PS55T) [652] She, I think she's fucking ugly.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [653] I [...] she's fucking [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [654] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [655] and she's quite ugly and her shoes
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [656] She's so
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [657] make her feet swing along [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [658] [...] oh I love their platform shoes, I mean they're fucking rub they can't even walk in them.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [659] Mm.
Roxy (PS55V) [660] No I just don't, I mean I don't understand what's ... like if you see who's going out with people it's always the boringest people, I've never seen any of them smile, laugh, talk, they just, they just seem like to be shells of people
Kath (PS55T) [661] Mm.
Roxy (PS55V) [662] Like
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [663] People going out with people?
[664] Like me?
Roxy (PS55V) [665] like, like with no no no no no no no I'm talking about
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [666] Yeah you're very boring did you know that?
Kath (PS55T) [667] Yeah, yeah, we don't like you.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Roxy (PS55V) [668] like, like, like Lucy, I've never heard a word come out of her mouth.
Kath (PS55T) [669] That's cos it's a
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [670] She's quiet like that anyway.
Kath (PS55T) [671] no but they go around with, she goes around with Katrina and Zoey and it's like a little clique
Roxy (PS55V) [672] Oh.
[673] I mean I like them, I like most of them
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [674] [...] Katrina's quite nice she has nice [...]
Kath (PS55T) [675] Katrina's really nice she's [...]
Roxy (PS55V) [676] I like Katrina, I'm not sa I can't say anything [...] cos I don't know them
Kath (PS55T) [...]
Roxy (PS55V) [677] but it's just it seems to me like, like the boys must be intimidated by girls who actually ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [678] What house are you in?
Roxy (PS55V) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [679] Mm.
Kath (PS55T) [680] Who have you got in your house?
[681] Oh you've got big schlong er Mark ...
Roxy (PS55V) [682] Oh does he have a big schlong
Kath (PS55T) [683] Yeah, a very large one.
Roxy (PS55V) [684] Really?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [685] How do you know?
Kath (PS55T) [686] I don't know, it's just
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [687] Oh I've heard about that, who to someone told me.
Kath (PS55T) [688] apparently he's got a [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [689] It's Ally in [...] who's got a really big one.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [690] Trina knows that he's got a big schlong.
Kath (PS55T) [691] Alistair , the deaf bloke, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [692] [laughing] I've seen it [] .
Kath (PS55T) [693] Have you?
[694] When?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [695] [laugh] I was lifeguarding at the swimming pool, I turned around and the silly shit was getting out of
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [696] his school uniform, strip naked, was standing at the other end of the pool didn't say anything,Al Alistair , deaf guy
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [697] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [698] pulls on his trunks then he ... swims for a while, gets out, takes off his trunks, puts his towel round himself, rubs himself, walks round the pool a couple of times and rubs himself
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [699] takes the towel off and puts his uniform back on and I was like
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [700] Did you see it completely?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [701] yeah, well, you know
Kath (PS55T) [702] Has he got a massive dick?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [703] I don't know I didn't [laughing] stare that long [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [704] Cor!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [705] Oh my God it was so funny.
Kath (PS55T) [706] House swimming ... when they're all standing up and sort of going oh no no, God cover up, you know
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [707] I'm not swimming this year. [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [708] No nor am I, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [709] But I'm gonna have to there are only two girls in the lower sixth.
Kath (PS55T) [710] I'm not, I refuse to, I refuse to swim, point blank.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [711] Yeah but you've got, at least you've got, you've got four, Thompson's got most girls.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [712] Has it?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [713] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [714] It did have last year.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [715] It has this year as well I think.
Kath (PS55T) [716] Li there are four [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [717] Yeah there's two [...]

6 (Tape 142306)

Kath (PS55T) [718] She's a dick.
Claire (PS55U) [719] Who is she going out with?
Kath (PS55T) [720] Ed .
Claire (PS55U) [721] Who's Ed ?
Kath (PS55T) [722] Ed 's a dick as well.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [723] He is, I've seen him but I've ne I don't, I've never, like I've never spoken to him [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [724] Heard of him.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [725] Why's he a dickish?
[726] What's wrong with him?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [727] Oh God [...]
Kath (PS55T) [728] Dunno he's just a dick [laughing] apparently [] ... apparently.
Roxy (PS55V) [729] Apparently.
Kath (PS55T) [730] Oh apparently!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [731] Can't believe it, my mum brought food for my brother up today
Roxy (PS55V) [732] [...] for you.
Kath (PS55T) [733] And you didn't br she didn't bring
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [734] she didn't bring me any, she didn't even think to bring me my washing. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [735] My mummy brought me a bit and we're going out on Saturday anyway.
Roxy (PS55V) [736] I can't wait [...]
Kath (PS55T) [737] I'm going to the pub on Saturday!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [738] Where are you going?
Roxy (PS55V) [739] I'm going to London [...]
Kath (PS55T) [740] Duncan Arms.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [741] I might, I mean you don't mind if I [...]
Kath (PS55T) [742] No oh well actually we do, me and Ros want to have a quiet drink on our own, you know!
Roxy (PS55V) [743] Our pub. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [744] A quiet, a quiet Diet Coke, you know!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [745] [...] cos there's no alcohol [...]
Kath (PS55T) [746] We're not drinking alcoholically on Saturday at all.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [747] Okay then.
Kath (PS55T) [748] We're, we're on the water, we're on the water.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [749] Right, that's why you're going out for the whole evening, for the water eh? [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [750] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [751] It's better in the Duncan Arms than it is here right? ...
Kath (PS55T) [752] Yeah, I mean, you know, I've run out of Diet Coke here so you know I'll have to go and have some at the pub, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [753] Yeah, right.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [754] Have you told [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [755] Shit the last time yeah, the last time I was there I was so fucked, I had what ... a pint of cider, we did Tequila shots
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [756] Ah! [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [757] we're going like one, two, three down
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [758] [...] oh I love 'em. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [759] and then gin and tonics till they were flowing out our ears
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [760] then me and, me and er Claire decided to go back early
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [761] Is that like when you erm got off with Matt?
Kath (PS55T) [762] Jade.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [763] Oh Jade?
Kath (PS55T) [764] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [765] Oh that's right.
Kath (PS55T) [766] Crawling back to house at quarter to eleven
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [767] We've got ten girls.
Kath (PS55T) [768] going [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [769] [...] shit. [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [770] Miss goes to me, she goes
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [771] [...] have got ten girls we've got ten girls.
Kath (PS55T) [772] where've you been, I went erm oh erm the taxi was late erm ... got caught up in traffic
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [773] [laughing] [...] traffic in, in Hertford [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [774] Ha!
[775] At quarter to eleven!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [776] In Hertford!
Kath (PS55T) [777] erm well,Li erm she, she goes well Lizzie told us that erm that your taxi was in front of hers, I went oh no no no, that wasn't me that was someone else.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [778] [laughing] Thanks Liz [] . [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [779] She, she got off with Si again tonight.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [780] Oh yeah I heard.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [781] Ooh.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [782] Do you think they'll go out?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [783] Do you know I wondered why they were suddenly [...]
Kath (PS55T) [784] Don't know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [785] Is he?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [786] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [787] Ah!
[788] I mean he's a friend of Jamie's anyway isn't he?
Kath (PS55T) [789] She's s she's sorted for the weekend isn't she?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [790] Yeah she [...]
Kath (PS55T) [791] There's me single, a single woman
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [792] Is Debbie going?
Kath (PS55T) [793] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [794] It's his birthday the day after Carrie's
Kath (PS55T) [795] It's his birthday tomorrow.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [796] Oh day before Carrie's I mean, sorry, I knew it was the day after or day before.
Kath (PS55T) [797] I think it's tomorrow anyway.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [798] Jamie who?
Kath (PS55T)
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [799] Oh .
[800] He always intimidates me hugely.
Kath (PS55T) [801] I think he's revolting.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [802] I've, I've never even talked to him
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [803] No but just the way [...]
Kath (PS55T) [804] He's got such an ego
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [805] He intimidates me the first time I ever talked to him was in the pub [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [806] Yeah that was so, it was fucking random, I've never talked to him in my entire life, I ended up, after we all left, talking to him for so long
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [807] Did you?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [808] yeah, he's a really
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [809] What about?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [810] nice guy ... like about ... can't even remember now
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [811] Ha! [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [812] we ended up entertaining we ended up entertaining erm everybody that was sitting there, it was really funny and we were
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [813] It's so cold in here [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [814] I know but he can probably be nice like that but then he'll just change and become all cool when he wants to be
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [815] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [816] and, and drop people that that [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [817] Yeah I mean I wasn't expecting anything like er erm like him being a nice person to me ever again but it was fun
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [818] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [819] for the time being, you know?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [820] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [821] [clears throat] [laugh] It was really quite funny cos everybody was laughing at us.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [822] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [823] Can you believe this, okay, Hattie's ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [824] Oh.
[825] What?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [826] Nothing.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [827] Hattie's parents came to the concert tonight cos Hattie's in the choir
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [828] You told me, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [829] and er ... Hattie wasn't singing.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [830] Oh shit!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [831] She's supposed to be ill, it was so funny.
[832] She didn't even come to watch, what are you whispering about?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [833] Nothing.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [834] [shouting] Tell us [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [835] Nothing!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [836] Yes!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [837] No no ... it's not a problem, you were talking about Hattie?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [838] No I've finished, thank you [laugh] thank you for listening.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [839] She didn't even tell her that er you told me earlier
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [840] I know, I was telling Kathy that's why?
Kath (PS55T) [841] What was it, I wasn't [laughing] listening [] ?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [842] Well fine I won't tell you this time!
[843] About Hattie, she wasn't in the concert cos she ... supposed to be ill but she didn't even come to watch and her parents came to watch her.
Kath (PS55T) [844] Oh [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [845] She didn't even tell her parents.
Kath (PS55T) [846] Her sister's coming, well if she gets in.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [847] Yeah, she'll get in.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [848] [laugh] Oh tell her not to [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [849] Well we'll be left by then so
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [850] Oh no, she'll get on fine.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [851] it's not a problem.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [852] Her sister's really pretty.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [853] Is she?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [854] Yeah I've seen her, she's really pretty.
[855] But she's really thin so
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [856] [...] yeah and she's tall [...] like Hattie.
Kath (PS55T) [857] Taller than Hattie!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [858] No she's tall and thin like Hattie.
Kath (PS55T) [859] Yeah I was gonna say
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [860] But she's got straight hair and it's
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [861] Really?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [862] long and it's and it's, it's about the same colour as Hattie's, a bit darker
Kath (PS55T) [863] I can't remember.
[864] Well I remember her [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [865] and she's got a really really good complexion, bit like Hattie.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [866] [yawn] I wanna complain, I wanna complain and I wanna make people realize [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [867] She walks like Hattie as well actually.
Kath (PS55T) [868] [laughing] Oh what, swanning around [] ?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [869] Yeah, but she doesn't sort of go like this all the time though.
Kath (PS55T) [870] How long's she been going out with [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [871] Er six months ... no six months and a week.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [872] Oh God.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [873] It was her anniversary a week ago, no two weeks ago sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [874] I've been going out with Will for nine months and five days!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [raspberry]
Kath (PS55T) [875] Whoa!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [876] I've been single for, now let's see
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [877] Nine months and five days, you could've had a baby by now. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [878] No!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [879] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [880] [...] wishing children [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [881] Oh God!
Kath (PS55T) [882] I want a baby.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [883] No you don't.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [884] I don't my children would crawl away from home.
Kath (PS55T) [885] Not now.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [886] I want lots of babies when I'm older.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [887] No!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [888] I'm really afraid of being shit [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [889] I want two I want a girl and a boy.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [890] I want at least three but [...] four [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [891] I don't want any children [...] .
[892] My children would hate me.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [893] I wouldn't want three, I wouldn't want [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [894] I want one of each.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [895] I'd love twins.
Kath (PS55T) [896] Yeah I've wanted a twin
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [897] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [898] I think it would be so weird to have a twin.
[899] Can you imagine two Kathy around the place.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [900] [laughing] Oh God
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [901] Would you carry another woman's would you carry another woman's baby if she couldn't have it?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [902] poor boys round here [] [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [903] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [904] Would you carry another woman's baby if she couldn't have it?
[905] Have her egg and, and her husband's sperm planted inside you?
Kath (PS55T) [906] No.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [907] Don't know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [908] I wouldn't.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [909] I'd be like fucking [laughing] [...] [] .
[910] Actually
Kath (PS55T) [911] No no no I couldn't do anything disgusting like that.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [912] How can men, yeah,whe when they're sort of, when their firm's not okey-dokey
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [913] [laughing] Okey-dokey [] .
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [914] okey-dokey ... how can they have someone else's that's been put in a test tube and kept ... fertilized and their wife's
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [915] [...] their wife.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [916] egg
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [917] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [918] cos it's not gonna be their kid is it?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [919] No.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [920] Yeah but they could still love it like it was their kid.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [921] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [922] It's only like adopted
Kath (PS55T) [923] It's like adopted
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [924] why don't you adopt one, yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [925] or fostered.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [926] [...] people won't adopt because it's really hard to get a baby.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [927] [...] your wife wouldn't it? [...] be possessive, I wouldn't.
[928] I wouldn't want someone else, want another woman's egg to have ...
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [929] A random man.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [930] my husband's ... my future husband, my husband
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [931] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [932] my husband ... whoever my husband might be [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [933] Yeah.
[934] Cos you're not really thinking about who it might be!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [935] I'm not I'm just talking
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [936] about my future husband, making the point that, I'm not saying I'm going to marry him.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [937] Did you know that there's like a huge chance that you'll marry someone you know by the time you're eighteen?
[938] Is that not scary as crap?
Kath (PS55T) [939] Weird.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [940] There is not a single person right now [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [941] [...] eighteen?
Kath (PS55T) [942] There's not a single person at Hailebury I'd even
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [943] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [944] consider
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [945] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [946] marrying.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [947] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [948] It's disgus
Kath (PS55T) [949] Even living with.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [950] Yeah or even grrrrrrr [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [951] Well will they cos the thing
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [952] the thing is [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [953] What does grrrrrrr mean?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [954] It just means urgh urgh!
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [955] But the thing is
Kath (PS55T) [956] No but all the blokes are so revolting.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [957] the thing is that something must happen to them by the time they reach the age of twenty three that makes us want to marry them.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [958] George didn't shag Dave did she?
Kath (PS55T) [959] No she didn't.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [960] No I didn't think [...]
Kath (PS55T) [961] Apparently she did but she didn't.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [962] Who's this?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [963] Pete apparently Pete made it up just to get erm get at her.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [964] The rumour's going round that erm Dave and ... yeah [...]
Kath (PS55T) [965] Well Pete walked in on them and apparently they were butt naked and shagging away ... and it was a load of crap.
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [966] Who?
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [967] Georgia and
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [968] Dave
Kath (PS55T) [969] though she's such a slag, I'm sorry but she
Unknown speaker (KPHPSUNK) [970] Dave

7 (Tape 142307)

Claire (PS55U) [971] Er it only took you
Kath (PS55T) [972] [laughing] Half an hour [] .
Claire (PS55U) [973] thirty three minutes.
Kath (PS55T) [974] Oh to be exact, yeah. ...
Claire (PS55U) [975] I hate .
Kath (PS55T) [976] Are you gonna go out with him then?
Claire (PS55U) [977] I don't know.
[978] ... Depends.
Kath (PS55T) [979] Depends on what?
Claire (PS55U) [980] [laughing] Don't know really [] .
Kath (PS55T) [981] Tell me.
Claire (PS55U) [982] I don't know, it depends.
[983] I dunno we'll see what happens.
[984] ... I don't want to be a real [...]
Kath (PS55T) [985] Mm.
[986] ... Urgh God [...] tomorrow.
Claire (PS55U) [987] God who do we have? [...]
Kath (PS55T) [988] Oh [...] we're talking about sex poems.
Claire (PS55U) [989] Well we don't have to, we do change over now don't we?
Kath (PS55T) [990] Do we? [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [991] Mm. ...
Kath (PS55T) [992] Oh ... [...]
Claire (PS55U) [993] Apparently we do.
Kath (PS55T) [994] Apparently.
Claire (PS55U) [995] No we do cos I've had three with erm ... no three and a one out, so that's four [...]
Kath (PS55T) [996] Yeah. ... [laugh] [...]
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [997] got fucked today.
Claire (PS55U) [998] Yeah I know, I saw Heidi when I was
Kath (PS55T) [999] Well Sophie's er bloody erm ... allergic to alcohol and Heidi, she was so funny okay, she had, what, two Martini Rossos and she was fucked, totally.
[1000] It was very funny.
Claire (PS55U) [1001] Allergic to alcohol?
Kath (PS55T) [1002] She's allergic to alcohol, she ge she gets really pissed on like one, two glasses of wine.
Claire (PS55U) [1003] Yeah but allergic means you come up in something.
Kath (PS55T) [1004] No I means, basically it means that ... it gets to her head really quickly ... like one, two glasses of wine ... and she's off her trolley. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1005] Oh I couldn't handle that.
Kath (PS55T) [1006] Nor could I.
Claire (PS55U) [1007] No but er I saw Heidi when I was on my way down to the grubber and Heidi had a slightly massive armful of chocolate, I was going what are you doing, she said I've gotta go and make Sophie sick
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1008] I was going good grief, she goes [...] make her sick if it kills me.
Kath (PS55T) [1009] Rough!
[1010] Siobhan got off with Jim tonight.
Claire (PS55U) [1011] Yeah I know I told you.
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1012] They're useless.
Kath (PS55T) [1013] I know.
[1014] Urgh the mind's going.
[1015] Is this [...] ?
Claire (PS55U) [1016] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [1017] [cough] I'm really fucked off with this cold now.
Claire (PS55U) [1018] Mm.
[1019] It's the weekend soon.
Kath (PS55T) [1020] I know.
[1021] I'm going to the pub.
Claire (PS55U) [1022] What pub are you going to?
Kath (PS55T) [1023] The Duncan Arms.
Claire (PS55U) [1024] Oh I'll see you there.
Kath (PS55T) [1025] You going?
Claire (PS55U) [1026] Mm.
Kath (PS55T) [1027] Who with?
Claire (PS55U) [1028] Everyone who's going to Carrie's.
Kath (PS55T) [1029] Oh are you going, oh I didn't realize you were going to the pub I thought you were going out somewhere.
Claire (PS55U) [1030] No we're going to the, the Chinese
Kath (PS55T) [1031] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1032] till about nine thirty then we're
Kath (PS55T) [1033] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1034] going to the Duncan till about eleven thirty and then we're going to Carrie's. ...
Kath (PS55T) [1035] Oh fuck!
[1036] Well I'll be ... practically gone by the time you get back, I mean [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1037] No we get there at nine thirty you leave at quarter past ten.
Kath (PS55T) [1038] Yeah, oh yeah ... that's alright. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1039] Well it depends what [...] but I'll, I'll probably come down, I'll be definitely down by nine thirty cos I
Kath (PS55T) [1040] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1041] won't even be eating at the Chinese. ...
Kath (PS55T) [1042] You'll get fucked.
Claire (PS55U) [1043] I will but I don't want to get fucked.
Kath (PS55T) [1044] Don't start crying.
Claire (PS55U) [1045] No no I don't want to do anything
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1046] I'd regret with Si.
Kath (PS55T) [1047] Well what would you regret? ...
Claire (PS55U) [1048] I don't know, it depends what [laughing] how drunk I get doesn't it [] ?
Kath (PS55T) [1049] You wouldn't end up shagging though.
Claire (PS55U) [1050] No.
[1051] ... He's quite a forceful boy though. ...
Kath (PS55T) [1052] Say no more.
Claire (PS55U) [1053] I mean Jamie wasn't exactly forceful.
Kath (PS55T) [1054] No.
Claire (PS55U) [1055] He's such an opposite to Jamie, I thought they were like almost alike but they're not.
Kath (PS55T) [1056] Oh no, no two people are the same. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1057] Jamie rushed out pissed off and upset this afternoon.
Kath (PS55T) [1058] He was?
Claire (PS55U) [1059] Jamie.
Kath (PS55T) [1060] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1061] [...] oh I'm going home now.
Kath (PS55T) [1062] Why?
[1063] What was wrong with him?
[1064] He's not still
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1065] erm annoyed about rugby is he?
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1066] Why has he got a D T?
Claire (PS55U) [1067] I don't know, he got another D T and he's, that's the fourth time [...] he's gotta go and see the master about it or something.
Kath (PS55T) [1068] Oh shit.
Claire (PS55U) [1069] And that means he might get banned from playing rugby.
Kath (PS55T) [1070] That's scary.
[1071] No
Claire (PS55U) [1072] Well his dad would absolutely go mental.
Kath (PS55T) [1073] Oh God, banned from doing rugby, oh my God.
Claire (PS55U) [1074] Yeah well his dad would go mental.
Kath (PS55T) [1075] [laugh] Yeah I suppose. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1076] It was really funny I was listening to this story, it was about a toyboy
Kath (PS55T) [1077] Mm?
Claire (PS55U) [1078] [...] find it ... it's [laughing] the news []
Kath (PS55T) [1079] Oi! ...
Claire (PS55U) [1080] [cough] No I don't know ... but on Saturday it's gonna be all like li little couples.
Kath (PS55T) [1081] Yeah you Si ... Carrie Eugene, Will Charlotta
Claire (PS55U) [1082] [...] Kirsty John
Kath (PS55T) [1083] Kirsty John
Claire (PS55U) [1084] Chris Gemma
Kath (PS55T) [1085] Chris Gemma, yeah
Claire (PS55U) [1086] Heidi Jesse, Marcus and Phil [laugh] ... and oh Jamie and ... John
Kath (PS55T) [1087] John.
Claire (PS55U) [1088] [...] not invited. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1089] Oh dear.
Claire (PS55U) [1090] Jamie's gone and invited her.
[1091] ... It's a bit of a problem.
Kath (PS55T) [1092] Only cos he wants to snog.
Claire (PS55U) [1093] I know.
[1094] But he's in such a bad mood at the moment.
[1095] It's his
Kath (PS55T) [1096] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1097] birthday tomorrow.
Kath (PS55T) [1098] I thought it was.
[1099] ... I'm not getting him anything.
Claire (PS55U) [1100] I've got him a birthday card up there.
Kath (PS55T) [1101] [sigh] He doesn't mean anything to me.
Claire (PS55U) [1102] Ah he's a friend to me.
Kath (PS55T) [1103] He is a friend.
[1104] Actually I forgot about it or else I would've ma I would've got him a card.
Claire (PS55U) [1105] I thought you were getting pissed down Hertford today.
Kath (PS55T) [1106] I wanted to.
[1107] ... I've got [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1108] [yawning] Ooh [...] []
Kath (PS55T) [1109] Yeah me and Roxy and Claire were in a real drinking mood.
Claire (PS55U) [1110] You should've done. ...
Kath (PS55T) [1111] But we didn't. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1112] Well you should've done cos I thought you were going to cos I thought yeah we've got, haven't got anything to do this afternoon
Kath (PS55T) [1113] [sniff] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1114] so I thought you were going to cos you didn't come back for a long time.
[1115] [...] MacDonalds.
Kath (PS55T) [1116] I had one.
Claire (PS55U) [1117] What did you have?
Kath (PS55T) [1118] I had a cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake.
Claire (PS55U) [1119] You didn't have any fries?
[1120] I can't comprehend how you don't have any fries!
Kath (PS55T) [1121] I had some of Roxy's.
Claire (PS55U) [1122] Yeah but you, how can you not have your own?
[1123] ... When I go there
Kath (PS55T) [1124] I wasn't, wasn't I wasn't hungry.
Claire (PS55U) [1125] if I, if I've got limited [...] cash
Kath (PS55T) [1126] There were some peasants from [...] they were all dicks!
[1127] Some blokes that were just being real knobs. [sniff]
Claire (PS55U) [1128] Yeah if I've got ... a small amount of money
Kath (PS55T) [cough]
Claire (PS55U) [1129] then I'll have, under two p er under two fifty then I'll have
Kath (PS55T) [1130] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1131] a cheeseburger ...
Kath (PS55T) [1132] Fries.
Claire (PS55U) [1133] medium fries and a small Diet Coke
Kath (PS55T) [1134] Small Diet Coke yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1135] and then if I've got a fiver I'll have quarterpounder with cheese
Kath (PS55T) [1136] Siobhan had a bloody MacDonalds tonight.
Claire (PS55U) [1137] Yeah she had it brought back for her didn't she?
Kath (PS55T) [1138] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1139] And erm ... no I'll have a quarterpounder with cheese, large fries and a large vanilla milkshake
Kath (PS55T) [1140] Just [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1141] and a apple pie [sigh] apple pies are just so yu I've got to have a
Kath (PS55T) [1142] I've never ever had one ever.
Claire (PS55U) [1143] I really want to try a ch a MacChicken Sandwich.
Kath (PS55T) [1144] They're gorgeous.
Claire (PS55U) [1145] Are they really nice?
Kath (PS55T) [1146] Really nice.
Claire (PS55U) [1147] I'm gonna buy, next time I go to MacDonalds when I'm at home I'm gonna get ... quarterpounder cheese a MacChicken Sandwich, large fries and ... and a
Kath (PS55T) [1148] Just completely binge, might as well, yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1149] Yeah basically I'm gonna do it on a, on a Saturday night or something.
Kath (PS55T) [1150] Ha pow!
Claire (PS55U) [1151] [...] ... Have you decided what to have for your party yet?
Kath (PS55T) [1152] No I don't know.
Claire (PS55U) [1153] Have you told anyone about it yet?
Kath (PS55T) [1154] No.
Claire (PS55U) [1155] You're crap, I think I'm gonna have to start asking people.
Kath (PS55T) [1156] No.
[1157] I fancy Callum.
Claire (PS55U) [1158] Do you?
Kath (PS55T) [1159] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1160] He's a moody boy, you don't want to [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1161] No. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1162] Changeable as the weather I'd say.
Kath (PS55T) [1163] Mm?
Claire (PS55U) [1164] He's as changeable as the weather.
Kath (PS55T) [1165] Who me?
Claire (PS55U) [1166] No Callum.
Kath (PS55T) [1167] Oh.
[1168] Yeah.
[1169] Well I think ... mm
Claire (PS55U) [1170] Yeah he's the kind of person you fancy then you think no, I don't know, no
Kath (PS55T) [1171] I don't [...] ... it's just such a dilemma.
[1172] ... I do actually quite fancy [...] ... I don't want to but I do.
[1173] ... I really do.
[1174] ... No you're just so good.
Claire (PS55U) [1175] [...] left hand and a fist.
Kath (PS55T) [1176] [laugh] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1177] Keep thinking [...] my wedding ring
Kath (PS55T) [1178] Are you doing step aerobics tomorrow?
Claire (PS55U) [1179] No way!
Kath (PS55T) [1180] I c I was going to and then erm me and Roxy have got to do our French oral.
Claire (PS55U) [1181] I really felt like going to MacDonalds, I might get, if Helen goes down to Hertford I'm gonna get her to get me a MacDonalds.
Kath (PS55T) [1182] Yeah me too.
[1183] Actually I don't think I can afford it if I'm going to
Claire (PS55U) [1184] If I've got enough money [...] .
[1185] No I'm not, I'm going to
Kath (PS55T) [1186] no if I'm going to the pub on Saturday and I'm going to the Galleria on
Claire (PS55U) [1187] Sunday.
Kath (PS55T) [1188] Sunday
Claire (PS55U) [1189] How are you getting to the Galleria?
Kath (PS55T) [1190] I don't know yet.
Claire (PS55U) [1191] Cost you loads by taxi.
Kath (PS55T) [1192] I know.
[1193] ... I've got twelve quid for the week, I've got
Claire (PS55U) [1194] I mean we, we'll give you, I mean I'll
Kath (PS55T) [1195] twelve quid for the weekend.
Claire (PS55U) [1196] You'll never get [...] for that will you?
Kath (PS55T) [1197] No.
[1198] Well Siobhan might be able to give me a lift, me and
Claire (PS55U) [1199] There?
Kath (PS55T) [1200] Roxy a lift, yeah.
[1201] And I don't know how the fuck we're gonna get back.
Claire (PS55U) [1202] Well it depends [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1203] I could always phone up my mum and get [laugh] can you pick me up [laughing] from the Galleria and take me back to Haileybury please [] .
Claire (PS55U) [1204] And she'll go no.
Kath (PS55T) [1205] You reckon?
[1206] ... Dunno, I might ask my dad cos he'll probably take us back to the pub [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1207] [laugh] Your dad's so funny.
Kath (PS55T) [1208] I know.
[1209] We did ever such a sly one, me and Roxy ... erm Kath erm where's the loo, oh just round here, do you want me to come with you, yeah okay
Claire (PS55U) [1210] I was g I had to talk to your dad when you weren't there ... felt such a dick. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1211] We were having a sly fag in the ladies.
[1212] I thought oh my God, my God, my God he's gonna smell it on me.
[1213] He knows I smoke anyway so it's not a prob ... well not really anyway.
Claire (PS55U) [1214] He must know.
Kath (PS55T) [1215] I know he knows.
[1216] We were having a massive a er conversation the other night ... about smoking, he was going oh well you know, you smoking are you, I went why, he goes oh we found, found a box of matches in your er top I went oh no no no, it's just for, for the joss sticks, yeah.
[1217] He went yeah alright.
[1218] [laugh] I mean I've, I've smoked ... cos I was in France with him last year erm sitting at the erm dinner table smoking a cigar with him and my uncle
Claire (PS55U) [1219] Urgh!
Kath (PS55T) [1220] I like cigars.
Claire (PS55U) [1221] Rough.
Kath (PS55T) [1222] Only the thin ones, the massive chunky ones are rough.
Claire (PS55U) [1223] I was t I was telling [...] about my mum today, I was telling her, him about Spain and stuff it was so funny.
[1224] He was going what, your mum is mental.
Kath (PS55T) [1225] Your mum is mad, I'm sorry but she is.
Claire (PS55U) [1226] My mum is cool, I love my mum.
Kath (PS55T) [1227] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1228] It's three D day tomorrow [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1229] Shit I haven't got my shades.
[1230] My shades man!
[1231] Can I
Claire (PS55U) [1232] [...] borrow my [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1233] can I borrow them?
Claire (PS55U) [1234] You can share them with me, yes.
Kath (PS55T) [1235] Have to watch things jump [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1236] It's really odd I don't understand Si at all I decided, to jump back to that
Kath (PS55T) [1237] What do you mean?
Claire (PS55U) [1238] conversation.
[1239] He's going on about damn baths at the moment.
Kath (PS55T) [1240] Baths?
Claire (PS55U) [1241] Yes.
Kath (PS55T) [1242] Only cos he wants to ... have you in a bath.
Claire (PS55U) [1243] I don't want to ... be in a bath with him, imagine, well how embarrassing [laugh] it would be the worst thing.
Kath (PS55T) [1244] Why?
Claire (PS55U) [1245] Cos you're so self conscious of your body.
Kath (PS55T) [1246] So?
[1247] You shouldn't be.
Claire (PS55U) [1248] I should you know.
Kath (PS55T) [1249] Why?
Claire (PS55U) [1250] I hate my body.
[1251] It's rough.
Kath (PS55T) [1252] Bollocks.
Claire (PS55U) [1253] I do!
Kath (PS55T) [1254] Thin love.
Claire (PS55U) [1255] I'm not.
[1256] ... I wish.
[1257] ... I'm wearing me skirt tomorrow.
[1258] ... But my
Kath (PS55T) [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1259] bloody green jumper's all got [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1260] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1261] and I've never washed it [...] hand wash it.
Kath (PS55T) [1262] Flid!
Claire (PS55U) [1263] Fuck off.
Kath (PS55T) [1264] [laugh] You can bung it in the wool cycle ... just do that.
Claire (PS55U) [1265] Yeah but I'm crap.
[1266] Oh God what have I got first thing tomorrow?
[1267] What have you got?
Kath (PS55T) [1268] I've got double out, I can sleep
Claire (PS55U) [1269] Cos I've got double geography.
Kath (PS55T) [1270] I can sleep till ten twenty five.
Claire (PS55U) [1271] Yeah but you've gotta get up for breakfast.
Kath (PS55T) [1272] Oh shit!
[1273] I forgot about that.
Claire (PS55U) [1274] That's what I had to do this morning
Kath (PS55T) [1275] [shouting] Fuck [] .
Claire (PS55U) [1276] when I had double out as well.
[1277] So if I went to talk to Jess [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1278] No that's not fair!
Claire (PS55U) [1279] Well don't worry, at least you can have some food and you won't be hungry in the double out. ... [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1280] So I don't care I don't want any food. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1281] Tt toughie.
Kath (PS55T) [1282] Toughie!
Claire (PS55U) [1283] [...] I want some Diet Coke, I want to get a massive thing of Diet Coke.
[1284] Next term I'm gonna bring like enough Coke to cover the underneath of my bed so I can just not eat, just drink loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of Diet Coke ... so I can get thin.
Kath (PS55T) [1285] Mm just like me. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1286] What, you're drinking loads and loads of Diet Coke?
Kath (PS55T) [1287] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1288] Oh.
[1289] I'm going to be on a diet all, all Christmas holidays ... apart from Christmas day.
Kath (PS55T) [1290] You'll be anorexic [laughing] [...] []
Claire (PS55U) [1291] I won't. ...
Kath (PS55T) [1292] I would be if I did that, if I just didn't eat.
Claire (PS55U) [1293] I'm gonna I'm gonna do what I did two s er two Easters ago. ...
Kath (PS55T) [1294] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1295] I was bloody impressed when I was losing a stone and a half in ... in four weeks.
Kath (PS55T) [1296] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1297] Bloody pleased if I could do that again but I won't be able to cos I've got Christmas day ... put back it all on on Christmas day.
Kath (PS55T) [1298] I lost weight during Christmas sometimes.
Claire (PS55U) [1299] I'm going to try and lose half a stone in the Christmas holiday.
Kath (PS55T) [1300] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1301] Half a stone to a stone.
[1302] My sister's lost
Kath (PS55T) [1303] If I did that
Claire (PS55U) [1304] a stone at the moment [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1305] She's really thin.
Claire (PS55U) [1306] Well look at my mum then.
Kath (PS55T) [1307] Your mum's bloody thin [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1308] [...] anorexic, I thought my mum was anorexic when I went home the other day.
[1309] ... Not the other day, when I went home ... for Easter last year
Kath (PS55T) [1310] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1311] she kept running out of the room and being sick and everything ... so I thought [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1312] Bulimia.
Claire (PS55U) [1313] when we were having a meal and I was thinking ... that's nice!
Kath (PS55T) [1314] What?
Claire (PS55U) [1315] How pleasant, mum's being sick everywhere.
[1316] I said erm is there a problem?
[1317] [laugh] [vomiting noise] No.
[1318] Not a problem.
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1319] I'll just break down in tears on your birthday, it isn't a problem [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1320] What?
Claire (PS55U) [1321] Nothing, just [...] murmuring.
Kath (PS55T) [1322] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1323] Is this enough yet?
Kath (PS55T) [1324] No.
Claire (PS55U) [1325] No.
[1326] How much have you done? ...
Kath (PS55T) [1327] Bit. ...
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1328] Yeah, [...]
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1329] I'm going to bed, I'm tired, I need some beauty sleep darling.
Claire (PS55U) [1330] What are you, are you doing as much of this as you can? ...
Kath (PS55T) [whispering] [...] []
Claire (PS55U) [1331] How long is a side?
[1332] I mean half a side.
Kath (PS55T) [1333] I dunno.
Claire (PS55U) [1334] About half an hour?
[1335] [singing] I'm jam hot [] ... don't record me singing.
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1336] Wouldn't be very pleasant.
[1337] ... Have to get some more posters.
Kath (PS55T) [1338] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1339] Have to do that bit there and that bit there ... and then the ceiling.
Kath (PS55T) [1340] Oh yeah, get the ceiling.
[1341] Put mirrors on there, you know [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1342] Yeah, yeah that's right.
Kath (PS55T) [1343] Urgh rough [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1344] No cos erm I was, I was saying, I was saying ages ago that
Kath (PS55T) [1345] I had such a weird dream last night
Claire (PS55U) [1346] Oh yes.
Kath (PS55T) [1347] Sorry, just interrupting you
Claire (PS55U) [1348] Yeah it's okay.
[1349] What, what was it?
Kath (PS55T) [1350] it was such a fucking odd dream.
[1351] Okay I was sitting on the bench erm at the pavilion
Claire (PS55U) [1352] Mm.
Kath (PS55T) [1353] and Jim was lawnmowing and you were doing hard labour with Matt [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1354] Oh yes you told me this ... that I was doing hard labour and he said I was building the building.
Kath (PS55T) [1355] Mm with the builders.
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1356] Fucking weird.
[1357] What were you saying?
Claire (PS55U) [1358] I can't remember now.
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1359] Oh yes I was talking about baths wasn't I?
[1360] Before
Kath (PS55T) [1361] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1362] and then ... and then [...] I was going yeah I really want to take, I'll have to take my stereo home [...] and he goes yeah your stereo's quite big isn't it, I went ... when have you seen my stereo and he goes oh I came up the other day to see if you were in.
[1363] I went ... why [laugh] why, he said I just came round to your room and you weren't there but your music was on.
[1364] I went yeah I was probably di dead on the bed or something, I'm always asleep, he goes no, no [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1365] What a bizarre boy. [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1366] like okay then [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1367] Oh gawld, prep was just such a nightmare tonight.
[1368] ... Urgh they were being really perverse.
[1369] Worse than usual.
[1370] Going through all the blokes I've got off with at home I bet.
Claire (PS55U) [1371] Did you want, did they go through all of them, did they get all of them?
Kath (PS55T) [1372] No they got erm tt they got most of them.
Claire (PS55U) [1373] Who didn't they get?
Kath (PS55T) [1374] Tt they didn't get ... five. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1375] Let me guess them. ... [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1376] Yeah they didn't get him.
Claire (PS55U) [1377] Er ...
Kath (PS55T) [1378] Rob they didn't get.
Claire (PS55U) [1379] Rob erm Nick
Kath (PS55T) [1380] or
Claire (PS55U) [1381] or Nick Nick and Nick
Kath (PS55T) [1382] That's it.
Claire (PS55U) [1383] and [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1384] Oh [...] yeah.
[1385] The obscure ones.
[1386] ... The first one they got was erm
Claire (PS55U) [1387] Why do they think I'm pale?
Kath (PS55T) [1388] I don't know.
[1389] They just go oh who are the pretty ones and erm they get oh ... erm Sarah and Claire and Lizzie and then Marcus goes yeah but she's a bit pale, I went ... so?
[1390] And then they were being really gross like going oh but you know we, we ... we fancy you, I was going [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1391] So oh that's nice of them.
[1392] That's just like ... oh but she's a bit pale ... [laughing] nice, thanks [] .
[1393] ... Say from me, next time you take prep, say well Lizzie's going to get a tan now. [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1394] She's gonna go and slap on the fake tan [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1395] Oh my God they were being really disgusting, okay, they were going ... erm oh house entertainment ... I went yeah and they go ... we, we want you to do a striptease.
[1396] I went [laughing] that's nice [] and they, and they were going erm er yeah down to the bare, bare essentials, I went oh yes what's that erm T-shirt?
[1397] No no ... completely stripped, I went ... right, cos I would do that [laughing] yeah [] and they were going oh actually no erm stockings and ... and erm
Claire (PS55U) [1398] Suspenders.
Kath (PS55T) [1399] yeah an and bra and G-string I went ... right [laugh] right, then I said oh by the way I'm not erm I'm not doing house swimming this year, I'm not going to give you the, the pleasure ... yeah [laughing] right [] and they were going oh no you have to do it, you have to do it, I was going ... [shouting] yeah right cos I do actually want that again [] like last year it was just such a nightmare. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1400] Oh no way do I want to take that
Kath (PS55T) [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1401] there's only three people in my house though.
Kath (PS55T) [1402] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1403] Then again [...] in my house [...] as well.
Kath (PS55T) [1404] I'm not doing it cos I mean there are, there are s four new lower sixth so they can bloody swim.
[1405] ... I'll sort it out if they like but I'm not swimming again.
Claire (PS55U) [1406] No [...] there's ... Jess, she'll swim
Kath (PS55T) [1407] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1408] there's Tessa [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1409] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1410] and
Kath (PS55T) [1411] Tessa is it?
Claire (PS55U) [1412] Yeah.
[1413] She's really sweet
Kath (PS55T) [1414] I didn't know she was in Melbourne.
Claire (PS55U) [1415] she's really sweet.
Kath (PS55T) [1416] Yeah she's nice.
Claire (PS55U) [1417] And there's another one ...
Kath (PS55T) [1418] She got busted with er ... didn't you know?
[1419] She got
Claire (PS55U) [1420] No.
Kath (PS55T) [1421] busted for smoking in one of the loos.
Claire (PS55U) [1422] Oh poor girl.
Kath (PS55T) [1423] She was smoking in the bathroom with Rachel and Hattie.
Claire (PS55U) [1424] I thought it was just Rachel and Hattie.
Kath (PS55T) [1425] No Tessa was in there as well.
Claire (PS55U) [1426] Oh.
Kath (PS55T) [1427] Mrs was really surprised when she saw Tessa in there.
[1428] ... It was quite funny.
Claire (PS55U) [1429] For God's sake.
[1430] Ali really scared me today [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1431] Why?
Claire (PS55U) [1432] Cos she goes, she was going oh and I didn't know the UCCA forms [yawn] had to go to the master and I thought
Kath (PS55T) [1433] I overheard that this afternoon, I didn't think that was
Claire (PS55U) [1434] Yeah I didn't know that at all and erm she said, she goes, I went oh but he doesn't know anything, how would he, he wouldn't even know who I am, he wouldn't ... you know, how can he tell if 's writing a fair report
Kath (PS55T) [1435] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1436] she goes oh she d he does know you, he does know everyone.
Kath (PS55T) [1437] Bollocks.
Claire (PS55U) [1438] I went rubbish cos he came and said to me the other day oh so how are you enjoying your first term ...
Kath (PS55T) [1439] [laughing] Oh good [] .
Claire (PS55U) [1440] I thought yeah, that's right.
Kath (PS55T) [1441] Actually I've been here a year.
Claire (PS55U) [1442] Exactly.
[1443] ... . And ... erm she goes oh sh he knows your reputation, I mean he not, maybe not by face but ... erm but he'll know you, you know, just, he'll know your reputation or by who you hang around with, I went I've never done
Kath (PS55T) [1444] Oh good!
Claire (PS55U) [1445] I've never done anything wrong how can I, how can he know me?
[1446] And she goes oh well just by the people you hang around with.
Kath (PS55T) [1447] Oh!
[1448] Right okay erm
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1449] who do you hang around with?
[1450] ... Ah!
[1451] [laugh] Erm Luke, Callum, Tom ... [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1452] [...] Sarah and Rachel.
Kath (PS55T) [1453] Mm. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1454] Er ... [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1455] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1456] It was really weird erm ... Si was saying about, and he was going oh it, it's gonna be really odd in the summer term to see how Luke reacts when, I mean cos Andy's not there at cricket [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1457] Yeah.
[1458] Weird.
Claire (PS55U) [1459] I remember watching the cricket last year
Kath (PS55T) [1460] So do I.
Claire (PS55U) [1461] just so cool.
Kath (PS55T) [1462] So
Claire (PS55U) [1463] Who was in the cricket last year?
[1464] There was Phil, Luke
Kath (PS55T) [1465] Si
Claire (PS55U) [1466] Si, Andy Dave
Kath (PS55T) [1467] Giles ...
Claire (PS55U) [1468] Giles, [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1469] Rob
Claire (PS55U) [1470] Rob ...
Kath (PS55T) [1471] Charlie ?
Claire (PS55U) [1472] No.
Kath (PS55T) [1473] No.
[1474] Prem
Claire (PS55U) [1475] I just said Prem
Kath (PS55T) [1476] Oh yeah.
[1477] Erm ...
Claire (PS55U) [1478] Oh what's his name erm him, wasn't he in it?
Kath (PS55T) [1479] Oh Mark yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1480] Mm.
[1481] ... And there's that bloke in the fifths that was in it, oh not the fifths
Kath (PS55T) [1482] There was someone Middle or something
Claire (PS55U) [1483] Middle
Kath (PS55T) [1484] [...] wonder bowler
Claire (PS55U) [1485] Yeah, and he was in it, okay that's fi that's ten, how many are there in a cricket team?
Kath (PS55T) [1486] Eleven I think.
[1487] Dunno.
Claire (PS55U) [1488] And there was one more upper sixth I think.
Kath (PS55T) [1489] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1490] Don't know who it was.
Kath (PS55T) [1491] Oh wasn't it erm Charlie or something?
[1492] Some bloke from Colvern.
Claire (PS55U) [1493] Charlie ?
[1494] Who the hell is he?
[1495] ... Was he?
Kath (PS55T) [1496] Some rough bloke who was going out with Katie .
Claire (PS55U) [1497] Who was Katie ?
Kath (PS55T) [1498] [laugh] God!
[1499] Upper sixth last year.
Claire (PS55U) [1500] What did she look like.
Kath (PS55T) [1501] She was in Lawrence.
Claire (PS55U) [1502] That helps.
Kath (PS55T) [1503] Not very attractive.
[1504] ... Erm
Claire (PS55U) [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1505] erm brown hair, quite long ... average figure ... no you don't know
Claire (PS55U) [1506] Pretty?
Kath (PS55T) [1507] Not really. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1508] [laughing] Who is she [] ?
Kath (PS55T) [1509] It's not a problem, I'll show you a photo.
Claire (PS55U) [1510] This is gonna really fuck me up. ...
Kath (PS55T) [1511] Er dunno.
Claire (PS55U) [1512] Who was, okay, I can't remember anyone [...] now.
Kath (PS55T) [1513] Well you must be able to remember Tessa.
Claire (PS55U) [1514] Tessa loves us.
Kath (PS55T) [1515] She loves me, love.
Claire (PS55U) [1516] Mm.
Kath (PS55T) [1517] She loves me.
Claire (PS55U) [1518] Annabel.
Kath (PS55T) [1519] Annabel loves me as well funnily enough.
Claire (PS55U) [1520] Sam
Kath (PS55T) [1521] Yeah.
[1522] Lucy
Claire (PS55U) [1523] Lucy
Kath (PS55T) [1524] Erm ...
Claire (PS55U) [1525] Erm ... shit I can't remember anyone.
[1526] ... Er ... oh God what's her face
Kath (PS55T) [1527] Who? ...
Claire (PS55U) [1528] No [laughing] she's [...] []
Kath (PS55T) [1529] Heather
Claire (PS55U) [1530] Who's Heather ?
[1531] I've never, never
Kath (PS55T) [1532] Jo , Jo
Claire (PS55U) [1533] Jo yes, I never found out who Heather was.
Kath (PS55T)
Claire (PS55U) [1534] Was she quite chubby?
Kath (PS55T) [1535] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1536] Chubby, chubby.
Kath (PS55T) [1537] Ginger haired [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1538] Oh erm ... oh God, what's her name ... er Becky ... Becky rough bitch.
Kath (PS55T) [1539] [laughing] Who [] ?
Claire (PS55U) [1540] [laughing] What's her name [] !
[1541] She cut her hair to about, to about there but it was once down, right down here
Kath (PS55T) [1542] You've lost me totally.
Claire (PS55U) [1543] curly blonde [...] oh shit
Kath (PS55T) [1544] Blonde?
Claire (PS55U) [1545] Not blonde,n not blonde blonde but ... sort of
Kath (PS55T) [1546] Oh!
Claire (PS55U) [1547] lighter than yours but not blonde.
[1548] Erm [shouting] oh [] it's gonna really fuck me up.
[1549] She's really annoying and she was a real tart and she [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1550] Philippa ?
Claire (PS55U) [1551] That's the one.
[1552] [laugh] Erm [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1553] Her and Harry
Claire (PS55U) [1554] When? ...
Kath (PS55T) [1555] Last term, they went out with each other.
[1556] Si er no
Claire (PS55U) [1557] Oh yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [1558] not Si, Sal got off with her. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1559] [shouting] When [] ?
Kath (PS55T) [1560] he was going round going oh my God I got off with a real dog.
Claire (PS55U) [1561] Yeah why did he get off with her?
Kath (PS55T) [1562] I dunno it was a dare ... I think.
Claire (PS55U) [1563] I hate it, I al I always get really paranoid with people I get off with cos I always think it's a dare from someone.
Kath (PS55T) [1564] Oh yeah, right!
Claire (PS55U) [1565] I do I always think that.
Kath (PS55T) [1566] [...] for a dare [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1567] What?
Kath (PS55T) [1568] Wouldn't get off with you for a dare.
Claire (PS55U) [1569] Wouldn't get off with me anyway [laugh]
Kath (PS55T) [1570] No cos you're just rough.
Claire (PS55U) [1571] [laugh] [cough] ... Four minutes.
Kath (PS55T) [1572] Mm I'm going to bed then as soon as it hits twelve.
Claire (PS55U) [1573] How much have you done now?
[1574] ... Have you got another half side yet?
Kath (PS55T) [1575] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1576] Really?
[1577] That's quite impressive.
Kath (PS55T) [1578] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1579] We've been talking for about fifteen minutes.
Kath (PS55T) [1580] Mm.
Claire (PS55U) [1581] Wake up girl, who are you going to snog?
[1582] Who are you going to snog on Saturday?
Kath (PS55T) [1583] Tired.
[1584] [shouting] I don't know [] .
Claire (PS55U) [1585] Snog Phil.
Kath (PS55T) [1586] No I've done him already [laugh]
Claire (PS55U) [1587] So?
Kath (PS55T) [1588] done it, been there, got the T-shirt.
Claire (PS55U) [1589] Got the video, got the fliers [yawn]
Kath (PS55T) [1590] Mm.
[1591] Don't know.
Claire (PS55U) [1592] [yawning] Oh [...] [] go for Phil.
Kath (PS55T) [1593] I'll probably end up snogging with him at my party.
[1594] [sniff] Jim [...] snogging at my party I said yeah probably.
Claire (PS55U) [1595] Yeah well [...] party [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1596] I am, it's gonna be a massive orgy.
[1597] ... [...] everything planned, the dodgy cocktails
Claire (PS55U) [1598] Oh it's so irritating, [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1599] Did I tell you about the cocktail that Sal told me called erm
Claire (PS55U) [1600] Oh you did tell me that.
Kath (PS55T) [1601] after birth and test tube baby.
[1602] ... Urgh rough.
[1603] Sounds really nice though, Baileys, Tequila
Claire (PS55U) [1604] I can imagine, I can just imagine it.
Kath (PS55T) [1605] Grenadine. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1606] Grenadine.
Kath (PS55T) [1607] Well you just mix it together, it looks like something's floating in some clear a clear water, really rough ... and you just knock it back.
[1608] What was the other one?
[1609] Slow comfortable screw erm sex on a beach
Claire (PS55U) [1610] Sex on a beach, [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1611] behind the wall or something
Claire (PS55U) [1612] Yeah.
Kath (PS55T) [1613] erm gang bang, no kamik yeah kamikaze
Claire (PS55U) [1614] Gang bang, kamikaze erm rusty nail
Kath (PS55T) [1615] Oh yeah?
[1616] Sit on that eh. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1617] erm
Kath (PS55T) [1618] Anything else?
Claire (PS55U) [1619] there's another one, I can't remember what it's called, zombie
Kath (PS55T) [1620] Mm.
[1621] ... They sound really yummy as well.
Claire (PS55U) [1622] [...] and daiquiri.
Kath (PS55T) [1623] What's that?
Claire (PS55U) [1624] It's lush.
Kath (PS55T) [1625] What is it?
Claire (PS55U) [1626] It's ... it is absolutely gorgeous, it just tastes like bananas, you don't taste, it's like banana milkshake but you don't taste
Kath (PS55T) [1627] Has it got any alcohol in it?
Claire (PS55U) [1628] yeah loads but you just don't taste it
Kath (PS55T) [1629] Oh.
Claire (PS55U) [1630] and you just like [slurping noises]
Kath (PS55T) [1631] How's it go?
Claire (PS55U) [slurping noises]
Kath (PS55T) [1632] Yeah right. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1633] Erm no it's got, it's got red and white something in it.
Kath (PS55T) [1634] Red and white stuff, yeah?
Claire (PS55U) [1635] I've forgotten what it's called. [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1636] [cough] grenadine?
[1637] [cough] Grenadine?
Claire (PS55U) [1638] No I can't remember [...] ... I've got a nose cold.
Kath (PS55T) [1639] Mm I've got, I've had a bloody cold for fucking ages.
[1640] [sniff] That's why I said
Claire (PS55U) [1641] I know you should've stayed at home till the beginning of this week.
Kath (PS55T) [1642] Yeah.
Claire (PS55U) [1643] I would have really loved it, I'm [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1644] My throat is still fucked.
Claire (PS55U) [1645] Is it really painful?
Kath (PS55T) [1646] No I just sound like a bloke. ...
Claire (PS55U) [1647] Oh bunny ... you'll be alright sweetheart
Kath (PS55T) [1648] Yes.
Claire (PS55U) [1649] you'll probably get another offer tomorrow.
Kath (PS55T) [1650] I haven't even sent off my fucker form yet.
Claire (PS55U) [1651] [laughing] Fucker form ... I've heard it called [...] [] .
Kath (PS55T) [1652] [...] ... all it is it's such a shit.
[1653] ... Especially that further information bit, you've just gotta say how wondyfu wonderful you are
Claire (PS55U) [1654] Wondyful.
Kath (PS55T) [1655] wondyful.
[1656] I got my colours.
Claire (PS55U) [1657] Oh no I didn't.
Kath (PS55T) [1658] Yes you did, you got it for [...]
Claire (PS55U) [1659] When?
Kath (PS55T) [1660] I saw it on the board this morning.
Claire (PS55U) [1661] Well I haven't looked at the board for a week [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1662] You've got a you've got [...] colours.
Claire (PS55U) [1663] Who's got [...] colours? [...]
Kath (PS55T) [1664] All of the upper sixth have got them.
[1665] Well not all but I mean Laura , [...] Sarah, Rachel ... erm you and
Claire (PS55U) [1666] Jenny?
Kath (PS55T) [1667] Jenny ... people like that, dunno.
[1668] And I've got, I've got my colours for netball and Roxy has and Katrina from ... the lower sixth are getting theirs in February.
Claire (PS55U) [1669] Oh that's good.
[1670] Cos then it will be good.
Kath (PS55T) [1671] We get priority and then they've got hockey colours as well like Kay and ...
Claire (PS55U) [1672] Ali?
Kath (PS55T) [1673] Ali erm
Claire (PS55U) [1674] [...] ?
Kath (PS55T) [1675] Sal, I dunno I haven't looked at it all.
[1676] ... There are loads of [...] colours
Claire (PS55U) [yawning] [...] []
Kath (PS55T) [1677] Yes I'm going to bed.
Claire (PS55U) [1678] [yawning] [...] [] great.
Kath (PS55T) [1679] What?
Claire (PS55U) [1680] The [...] people are wonderful.
Kath (PS55T) [1681] So, so are netball.
Claire (PS55U) [1682] No they're not.
Kath (PS55T) [1683] Yes we are.
Claire (PS55U) [1684] Crap.
Kath (PS55T) [1685] We're lovely.
Claire (PS55U) [1686] No you're not.
Kath (PS55T) [1687] Yes we are.
Claire (PS55U) [1688] Crap.
Kath (PS55T) [1689] Anyway I'm gonna go.
Claire (PS55U) [1690] Okay.
[1691] ... Right, signing off.
[1692] Bye.
Kath (PS55T) [1693] [laughing] Er yeah that's right yeah alright [] .
Claire (PS55U) [1694] Oh shut up.