7 conversations recorded by `Katriane' (PS560) on 31 January 1992 with 3 interlocutors, totalling 575 s-units, 3559 words, and 25 minutes 53 seconds of recordings.

5 speakers recorded by respondent number 76

PS560 Ag1 f (Katriane, age 24, catering manager, Scottish, )
PS561 Ag2 f (Nina, age 32, canteen assistant, Scottish, ) friend
PS562 Ag2 m (Sandy, age 32, catering manager, Scottish, ) colleague
KPJPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPJPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

7 recordings

  1. Tape 067701 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Midcalder And Edinburgh ( car ) Activity: travelling to work
  2. Tape 067702 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Edinburgh ( work ) Activity: office work
  3. Tape 067703 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Edinburgh ( work ) Activity: office work
  4. Tape 067704 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Edinburgh ( work ) Activity: office work
  5. Tape 067705 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Edinburgh ( work ) Activity: office work
  6. Tape 067706 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Edinburgh ( work ) Activity: office work
  7. Tape 067707 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationLothian: Edinburgh ( work ) Activity: office work

1 (Tape 067701)

Nina (PS561) [1] I just remembered ... junction thirteen.
Katriane (PS560) [2] Fourteen.
[3] Right.
[4] Oh!
[5] I dunno know what to do with this.
Nina (PS561) [6] So you know what you did last year?
Katriane (PS560) [7] Nope.
[8] I dunno what to do
Nina (PS561) [9] Just stay here.
Katriane (PS560) [10] with this. [...] ... [...]
Nina (PS561) [11] I reckon you should speak to Mr and see where they went.
[12] They might cause more trouble than that.
Katriane (PS560) [13] Mm.
[14] You might be right.
Nina (PS561) [15] Aye.
[16] Depends what [...]
Katriane (PS560) [17] [...] ... Actually, we've seen it before but they've got a huge big [...] and it didn't look that big.
Nina (PS561) [18] Mhm.
Katriane (PS560) [19] I mean, it's much wider than there.
Nina (PS561) [20] It's like, something like mine, the back end
Katriane (PS560) [21] Aye.
Nina (PS561) [22] of the chairs.
Katriane (PS560) [23] Er, probably.
Nina (PS561) [24] And it didn't squeak a lot though.
Katriane (PS560) [25] Much better isn't it?
Nina (PS561) [26] Well I'd just got it in, and the doorbell went, it was Berty and Joke, Joke had on his uniform and all
Katriane (PS560) [27] Mhm.
Nina (PS561) [28] that.
[29] Er ... Joke went to Berty, and he says well you better tell her, you've arranged it all!
[30] What's wrong?
[31] What is it?
[32] He says, well he'll tell you, you know.
[33] Well what is it then?
[34] And er ... he says well ... Berty's arranged for a van to sa to get this suite.
[35] So I says when?
[36] When?
[37] He says, as soon as possible.
[38] I said, well how soon's that?
[39] And I thought, oh gee!
[40] She says half five?
[41] Jesus Christ!
[42] This is only ... what, ten to five.
[43] God!
[44] Doesn't leave me with much time.
[45] So er ... says right, I'll see you later, and just as we'd gone away Joke got back out the car ... er, and she says don't worry about the money.
[46] And I said, I've got it there.
[47] And er, she said I didnae worry you [...] ... and er ... he turned round and just leave it there, so I think it ... he's coming to get it Saturday.
[48] So that
Katriane (PS560) [49] Yeah.
Nina (PS561) [50] settles that.
Katriane (PS560) [51] Yeah.
Nina (PS561) [52] It was er Dave 's brother, oh ... er ... Andy .
Katriane (PS560) [53] Mhm.
Nina (PS561) [54] His brother.
[55] It's was about ... quarter past eight when he comes in.
[56] Berty just got here.
Katriane (PS560) [57] Mhm.
[58] Well if he's done the building then, yeah.
Nina (PS561) [59] Carole's got it.
[60] Cos she's got this ... and exchange
Katriane (PS560) [...]
Nina (PS561) [61] it.
Katriane (PS560) [62] Aye.
Nina (PS561) [63] Cos she's got a hundred pound
Katriane (PS560) [64] That's right.
Nina (PS561) [65] that's why she's swapping.
[66] My er, cos I don't [...]
Katriane (PS560) [67] Aha.
Nina (PS561) [68] It was actually alright ... apart from the cushions on the couch.
Katriane (PS560) [69] Aye.
[70] They were very ... well that
Nina (PS561) [71] Worn.
Katriane (PS560) [72] one's [...] .
Nina (PS561) [73] Cos they're the same, it's, you know, roughly the same.
Katriane (PS560) [74] Does she want [...]
Nina (PS561) [75] Yeah.
[76] So the
Katriane (PS560) [77] I'm talking about having the bloody money to do this, you know.
Nina (PS561) [78] Yeah.
[79] So ... when they brought the seat back it was about ... quarter ... quarter to six I think.
[80] I think they got all in including the settee I think.
Katriane (PS560) [81] Mhm.
Nina (PS561) [82] And I offered them a fiver to pay o for the van but they didn't take it.
[83] It was very nice, very [...] .
[84] But you have to take it
Katriane (PS560) [85] Do you want a cup of coffee.
Nina (PS561) [86] I didn't even eat tea nothing because by the time hoovered and they were away.
Katriane (PS560) [87] Mhm.
Nina (PS561) [88] Then they went away about six.
[89] And er ... Kelly saw the ra Neighbours.
[90] So I put the dinner on ... just after Neighbours finished, I thought they'd go.
[91] They did eventually go out of the house ... but he was about done ... and then he comes in five to seven.
Katriane (PS560) [92] [...] last night?
Nina (PS561) [93] Aye, he would be.
Katriane (PS560) [94] Oh.
Nina (PS561) [95] Cos he come
Katriane (PS560) [96] Aha.
Nina (PS561) [97] straight to bed with a Lemsip.
Katriane (PS560) [98] Well, Morris didn't come in last night, but her car was there
Nina (PS561) [99] Mhm.
Katriane (PS560) [100] till very, very late.
[101] ... Erm, and I spoke to her in, in Tina's car and she was caught out.
Nina (PS561) [102] Oh.
Katriane (PS560) [103] Kelly didn't make them ... quarter to ten [...] comes in.
[104] It was late though.
[105] Quite hoarse though.
[106] Ste Steven I mean.
Nina (PS561) [107] But ... he didnae tell me that he, he has telled me in a way.
Katriane (PS560) [108] Aye.
Nina (PS561) [109] I just want to know what why
Katriane (PS560) [110] Is Ben, is
Nina (PS561) [111] why, why he done that, you know.
[112] But he said that Alec denied it, whatever it was.
[113] ... But Margaret told me ... well it was years ago ... up at the Germany [...] , says his wife left him.
Katriane (PS560) [114] Mm.
Nina (PS561) [115] He went up, and it's first time he'd seen her for a while and she said something about, oh he was supposed to have something [...] ... but he got to hear this ... well it's got nothing to do with all the others.
[116] Cos Alec said something to me about Maggie.
[117] I says, well what?
[118] Ah, I don't understand it because Margaret, Alec got on well with Margaret.
[119] Maybe they both knew that is, I don't know.
Katriane (PS560) [120] See Margaret was going to be, be ... erm ... [tut] ... what d'ya call it?
[121] ... Like what I had.
Nina (PS561) [122] Mhm.
Katriane (PS560) [123] He was married at the time but he wasnae [...] .
Nina (PS561) [124] Mhm.
Katriane (PS560) [125] He had a flat over ... [...] I think it was.
[126] ... And he came, Alec thought she was a bit abrupt like, but she was alright.
[127] Didnae offend, and didnae offend me.
Nina (PS561) [128] Was that, are they ma are they married?
Katriane (PS560) [129] Yeah.
Nina (PS561) [130] Aye they, they didn't know.
Katriane (PS560) [131] Mhm.
[132] But I mean they phoned and that so, he cannae have been
Nina (PS561) [133] Aha.
Katriane (PS560) [134] well you probably find it's [...]
Nina (PS561) [135] Well she never got in contact with me again.
[136] And meeting her again, she was married.
Katriane (PS560) [137] Mhm.
[138] He told ... erm ... I think it was Berty that tell Alec.
[139] Or Berty telled somebody and it
Nina (PS561) [140] Mhm.
Katriane (PS560) [141] looks really [...] anyway, eventually.
[142] I think they're going to move down south.
[143] I think it was Kerry that tell us.
Nina (PS561) [144] Black Kerry? [...]
Katriane (PS560) [145] And er ... Margaret never got her money back from er, for ... [...] .
Nina (PS561) [146] Ah, but you never found it was Berty's son that co you know what he's like.
Katriane (PS560) [147] Exactly.
Nina (PS561) [148] It's, Margaret probably said that.
Katriane (PS560) [149] Well that's what Lucy said, that it wouldnae lasted too long, I mean, it was over a year.
Nina (PS561) [150] [...] ... But er ... Berty said it would have only lasted a couple of weeks, cos Alec won't talk.
[151] But it was Berty getting stuck on the ... it did go on for so long.
Katriane (PS560) [152] Mhm.
Nina (PS561) [153] You probably find he said something to her.
Katriane (PS560) [154] Anyway, and I weren't gonna say that to him.
Nina (PS561) [155] He says to her ... aye, he says, I could tell you a few things about Fiona ... that'll make your hair curl.
[156] I says, I bet you couldn't.
[157] He says, I bet you I could.
[158] I said, don't talk [...] .
[159] And er ... this was him trying to get off the subject when he was getting a bit nervous I think.
Katriane (PS560) [160] Well you better get ready.
[161] Go for a bath.
[162] You just go like this.
[163] This.
Nina (PS561) [164] Oh you mean if you, [...] , I says I was getting that for years Berty.
[165] He was really taken aback cos he says to me, you didn't tell anybody, then you Joe.
Katriane (PS560) [166] Well kind, what kind did she say?
Nina (PS561) [167] I think she's getting worse!
[168] But he thought this is a big surprise then.
[169] Especially when he was trying to get off with her.
Katriane (PS560) [laugh]
Nina (PS561) [170] Aye.
[171] [laugh] ... Aye, that's [...] .

2 (Tape 067702)

Katriane (PS560) [172] It's nice to let us know.
Sandy (PS562) [173] Ah.
[174] You get us used to it.
Katriane (PS560) [175] What are you gonna do, go and tell them? [counting money]
Sandy (PS562) [176] Give him a ... [...] this afternoon.
[177] Er ... tell him then.
[178] Twenty.
[179] I'll charge six from silver.
Katriane (PS560) [180] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [sigh]
Katriane (PS560) [181] Six, six, seven
Sandy (PS562) [182] Twenty.
Katriane (PS560) [183] I saw Steph today.
[184] I haven't a, I haven't got a clue what to get her.
[185] ... See [...] .
Sandy (PS562) [186] Well not bad, not a bad idea sometimes
Katriane (PS560) [187] I know.
Sandy (PS562) [188] is it?
[189] Better that than buying summat for
Katriane (PS560) [190] Well either
Sandy (PS562) [...]
Katriane (PS560) [191] all I could is, I'll get Tracy summat to wear ... and you got time, and she picks like a blouse, she'd pay a hundred pound for one.
Sandy (PS562) [192] Oh right.
Katriane (PS560) [193] She wastes her money all the time on clothes.
[194] She has to go to Next, nowhere else.
[195] Or Wallis's at a push.
[196] I think ... and I keep thinking well I'm not going in there buying her anything.

3 (Tape 067703)

Katriane (PS560) [197] I was just looking at some of the prices they want for the property.
[198] It's ridiculous!
Sandy (PS562) [199] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [200] For a leasehold ... just the offers over eighty five thousand.

4 (Tape 067704)

Katriane (PS560) [201] Did you read that one? [laugh]
Sandy (PS562) [clears throat]
Katriane (PS560) [202] No contact. [laugh]
Sandy (PS562) [203] Right.
Katriane (PS560) [204] What's that, [...] terms?
[205] The job.
[206] Next week.
Sandy (PS562) [...]
Katriane (PS560) [207] Aye.
[208] Unless there's hotel [phone rings] a desk [...] .
Sandy (PS562) [209] [phonecall starts] [...] .
[210] Right.
[211] Can I have your second name please [phonecall ends] ?
[212] Pick it up [...] [...]
Katriane (PS560) [213] Yep.
[214] [phonecall starts] Hello dear.
[215] ... Right.
[216] Mhm.
[217] ... Mhm.
[218] Yeah.
[219] Yep.
[220] How are you for ... er, do you want one of everything?
[221] ... Right then.
[222] Mhm.
[223] Right.
[224] ... Yeah.
[225] Eighteen [...] .
[226] Right.
[227] ... Yeah.
[228] Yeah.
[229] Yeah.
[230] Right.
[231] ... Right.
[232] Right then Anne.
[233] No juice?
[234] No juice?
[235] Right then Anne.
[236] Right.
[237] Bye [phonecall ends] .
[238] ... There you are.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [239] Thank you. [in warehouse with loud speaker going so it is very noisy]
Katriane (PS560) [240] And can you ... can you book me that for ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [...]
Katriane (PS560) [241] That's the name, [...] .
[242] ... What's Monday's date?
[243] The third?
Sandy (PS562) [244] Third.
Katriane (PS560) [245] Yeah.

5 (Tape 067705)

Sandy (PS562) [246] Suggested there's been ... a hundred and fifty grand allocated to the factory ... for er ... foundations and extension.
Katriane (PS560) [247] And they ... suggested it?
[248] Yeah?
Sandy (PS562) [249] I'm not sure wha
Katriane (PS560) [250] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [251] over, over what's the time period.
Katriane (PS560) [252] I mean that ... if it's over like two years ... make quite a difference though.
Sandy (PS562) [253] Yeah.
[254] Well ... they said that it is going to cost about seventy five to get the kitchen done.
Katriane (PS560) [255] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [256] And the outside with er ... they say ... say ... a hundred thousand tops for er ... including getting a ... a kiosk made up to a ... a food bar.
Katriane (PS560) [257] Yeah.
Sandy (PS562) [258] But then again, it depends if [...] till they build an extension ... out in the back, it'll cost a fortune.
[259] Er
Katriane (PS560) [260] Are you getting all this up to ... scratch for ninety three?
Sandy (PS562) [261] I would imagine so, yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [262] Mm mm.
[263] Cos after that they'll be fitting their own [...] here.
[264] They're getting the region to do that.
Sandy (PS562) [265] Yeah.
[266] Er ... well ... it's only what I've heard it's
Katriane (PS560) [267] See how it goes.
[268] Aye
Sandy (PS562) [269] it's not
Katriane (PS560) [...]
Sandy (PS562) [270] it's not on paper yet.
Katriane (PS560) [271] Mm.
[272] Jim came this morning.
Sandy (PS562) [273] What's that?
Katriane (PS560) [274] Er Jim ... the joiner.
Sandy (PS562) [275] Aha.
Katriane (PS560) [276] The girls were wanting ... something done, partitioned off up the back or something ... for the draught coming under
Sandy (PS562) [277] Yeah.
[278] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [279] the communal [...]
Sandy (PS562) [280] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [281] We never had one of the proper forms so he's ... coming back later ... with forms with us you see.
Sandy (PS562) [282] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [283] He's gotta come back in the morning but he never said that.
[284] ... Have you finished, totalled up the rolling?
Sandy (PS562) [285] I, I ha I haven't done it yet.
[286] No.
Katriane (PS560) [287] Right.
[288] I'll do it.
[289] I thought I'd give you it.
[290] I have the shifts to do over here.
Sandy (PS562) [291] A I was doing my er
Katriane (PS560) [292] Yeah.
Sandy (PS562) [293] the [...] sheets and all stuff like that.
Katriane (PS560) [294] I'll draw up that sheet for er ... they'll probably start Monday the twelfth.

6 (Tape 067706)

Sandy (PS562) [295] The Coke machine's out of Coke.
Katriane (PS560) [296] Right.
Sandy (PS562) [297] So yo er
Katriane (PS560) [298] I'll fill out a, I'll take about six case up.
Sandy (PS562) [299] I think it's about four cases to go up ... four or five cases.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [300] Did you have them ... that big ... [...] ?
Katriane (PS560) [301] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [302] You did?
Katriane (PS560) [303] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [304] Aye.
Katriane (PS560) [305] Yeah, I was watching it.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [306] That's it.
[307] Wait till you see them done.
Katriane (PS560) [308] And hear about all the [...] ?
Sandy (PS562) [309] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [310] Yep.
Sandy (PS562) [311] And make the ... both the coffees and chocolate size and er
Katriane (PS560) [312] Just filled them up this morning.
[313] It must be the way you're doing the machine.

7 (Tape 067707)

Katriane (PS560) [314] Tuesday.
[315] I'll, I'll write it down and put a sticker up on the wall.
[316] I've got the dentist at [laughing] half past four [] .
[317] So I dinnae forget.
[318] You know how you said you'd work Tuesday
Sandy (PS562) [319] Oh right.
[320] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [321] for me, so, I've arranged to go back to the dentist then.
[322] Had to phone them last night.
[323] I meant to phone them on Wednesday when I got in.
Sandy (PS562) [324] Yes and ... Billy comes in on a Tuesday.
Katriane (PS560) [325] Yes.
Sandy (PS562) [clears throat]
Katriane (PS560) [326] I was telling Steven, he says it's about time some of them's done well.
[327] Cos he's gotta end up getting ... I wonder
Sandy (PS562) [328] Well it's
Katriane (PS560) [329] what it'll be like?
Sandy (PS562) [330] it's for her good
Katriane (PS560) [331] The night after that.
Sandy (PS562) [332] and it's
Katriane (PS560) [333] Yeah.
Sandy (PS562) [334] and it's also for er ... everyone else's is good.
Katriane (PS560) [335] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [336] Cos
Katriane (PS560) [337] It's not that, but, every time he came ... he came near us ... George was saying ... coming out with an excuse, er that's a phone for you.
[338] Erm
Sandy (PS562) [339] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [340] accounts is on the phone.
[341] You know, and he ... and you're hiding.
Sandy (PS562) [342] That's the thing, the thing is like, and like er, he's ... Billy's been given a lot of scope though, erm, to just go out and do his own thing ... and ... he thinks ... like a, as a, I was speaking to like his er ... course tutor ... and it is erm ... Councillor ... and ... Katie was saying that ... Billy thinks that because he's got, he's got this, this wee job now that like, he's er ... he's the street cred ... you know, he's cool.
Katriane (PS560) [343] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [344] But he's not.
[345] Erm ... and he seems to think that er er, because he's got this freedom ... and he's got this street cred ... that like er,wo women will just fall over him.
Katriane (PS560) [346] And go out and spend his [laughing] money [] .
Sandy (PS562) [347] Well that's it, you know
Katriane (PS560) [348] Mm.
Sandy (PS562) [349] so erm ... er ... th the thought, the thought did occur to me that perhaps one of these times he's gonna actually ... go beyond just like talking, and perhaps touching somebody.
Katriane (PS560) [350] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [351] Erm ... which is, a definite no-no.
Katriane (PS560) [352] Cos I mean, he's starting to make a beeline for Carol now and ... she's getting the creeps about it.
Sandy (PS562) [353] Well, that's er, that's why
Katriane (PS560) [354] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [355] it's being knocked on the head now.
[356] Before he gets any serious ... And er, er Fiona one of his tutors ... upstairs, she's like er, the floor manager as well, yeah?
Katriane (PS560) [357] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [358] [...] mentioned get some of the staff [...] .
Katriane (PS560) [359] Right.
Sandy (PS562) [360] So he'll probably get ... I think he, he goes to the class first, then come, and he comes downstairs.
[361] So as soon as he gets told he'll be
Katriane (PS560) [362] He'll be straight down.
Sandy (PS562) [363] He'll be straight down.
[364] Mm.
[365] ... Expecting to see you.
Katriane (PS560) [366] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [367] So
Katriane (PS560) [368] He'll get a shock!
[369] [laugh] ... It's not that though, er, I mean I've worked with a mental handicap and, it gets to the stage ... whe like you say though ... I'm not just touching you, I'm just ... And the strength they've got, you're [...] their strength.
Sandy (PS562) [370] Aye.
[371] ... Well since ... he got the er, male nurse sat [...] .
Katriane (PS560) [372] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [373] He's been, said that to his wife there ... touching you up at his side.
Katriane (PS560) [374] Aye.
[375] I mean it's a shame somebody's getting sacked because of him.
Sandy (PS562) [376] Well I mean I, apparently he'd been giving this, this guy stick ... like all day.
Katriane (PS560) [377] And you can only take so much.
Sandy (PS562) [378] And eventually rap rapped his face and called him a ... effing person like, you know, it's
Katriane (PS560) [379] Mm.
Sandy (PS562) [380] and this guy got him by the throat and pinned him to the wall and said Billy shut up!
[381] Or you'll be seen by an auxiliary?
Katriane (PS560) [382] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [383] And Billy complained and [...] ... and said yeah I saw it.
[384] The guy was sacked.
[385] So after that he got a bit cocky.
[386] Erm ... [clears throat]
Katriane (PS560) [387] I mean there's times I could just take Billy and just ... but then you have to think, no. [laugh]
Sandy (PS562) [388] Yeah.
[389] Can't be done.
Katriane (PS560) [390] Calm down.
Sandy (PS562) [391] That's right.
Katriane (PS560) [392] I thought Billy we wa would have been in by now.
Sandy (PS562) [393] What's that?
Katriane (PS560) [394] I thought the work would have been here.
Sandy (PS562) [395] [clears throat] ... What is this?
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [396] Right.
[397] Can I have some cash?
Katriane (PS560) [398] What?
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [399] What ... er Sandy what happened about the hot sweets today was ... the su I had six customers all came in, they all saw the strudel and they said, oh, we'll have strudel.
[400] Chris said, she said well she didnae mind going down for it.
[401] So every one that I brought up was sold.
Sandy (PS562) [402] Aye.
[403] Tell them, it's just the way it is, that was how things have gone.
[404] Yeah, no I meant this hot sweet er, erm ... erm ... there's one or two that's saying that er er ... every five or ten minutes, I thought well
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [405] No, no.
[406] No.
Sandy (PS562) [407] you're gonna have doing it instead [...]
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [408] No, I only got, because I knew he was coming back up
Sandy (PS562) [409] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [410] wi ... more food, so I
Sandy (PS562) [411] Aha.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [412] asked him if he'd bring up six sweets, I never bothered him before.
Sandy (PS562) [413] Yeah, that's er, certainly Michael.
[414] Hope hopefully ah, er these guys are getting
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [415] Alright.
Sandy (PS562) [416] puds today.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [417] But
Sandy (PS562) [418] A apparently they were in the college yesterday ... but they er couldn't find [...] , went away again.
[419] It's their problem. [in factory with very loud background noise]
Katriane (PS560) [420] What happened, what happened with the sweets then?
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [421] Oh it's stupid!
Katriane (PS560) [422] What?
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [423] Well ... there was six customers wanting, all wanting [...] , right fine, I'm not getting it [...]
Katriane (PS560) [424] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [425] and I explained to them that it really wouldnae be piping hot [...] , and then John came up with stuff ... and the custard
Katriane (PS560) [426] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [427] and cos he paid him twice for that, their sweets, and John was coming up [...] , so, I don't know if it was genuine, [...] asked him and I ... cos I knew John was coming up
Katriane (PS560) [428] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [429] and I knew I had orders for them all, Katriane.
Katriane (PS560) [430] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [431] with them.
[432] And so she come in ... and that [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [...]
Katriane (PS560) [433] No, I can see it's alright, it's alright.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [434] And er
Katriane (PS560) [435] Cos that was only just ten minutes going back.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [436] I thought erm, oh well [...] ... cos like, I explained yesterday there was no way we could have them because of there was only the pair.
[437] This is stupid! [...]
Katriane (PS560) [438] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [439] And I thought, you know, [...] .
Katriane (PS560) [440] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [...]
Katriane (PS560) [441] So there's
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [442] you see?
Katriane (PS560) [443] sixty pence, and six, and it's three pound sixty.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [444] And [...] ... they're all ordered, they're all for different people [...] cos John is coming up with sweets.
Katriane (PS560) [445] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [446] That's what I said to him [...] .
Katriane (PS560) [447] He's just touchy with everyone.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [448] I mean, the thing is Katriane, it wasnae putting him out!
[449] And it wasn't putting anybody else out!
[450] But it was absolutely [...] .
[451] Oh well, John ... John [...] . [...]
Katriane (PS560) [452] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [453] He says, I'm not just running round for six hot sweets!
[454] And I mean
Katriane (PS560) [455] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [456] like that, touchy.
Katriane (PS560) [457] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [458] He had bad news and he, he wanted to talk to you about it at twelve o'clock.
[459] [...] ... But you know, working with
Katriane (PS560) [460] Aye.
[461] I know.
[462] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [463] But I thought, after all, I'm gonna like that at all.
Katriane (PS560) [464] No.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [465] To her, I'm not gonna get called out the back
Katriane (PS560) [466] No.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [467] especially when I had customers standing.
Katriane (PS560) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [468] Aye.
Katriane (PS560) [469] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [470] He sent his upstairs and he talked through that intercom to me, I says put your, you didnae press the button!
[471] Like that, I was shouting him.
[472] And he keeps pressing it and you [...] , cannae hear him.
Katriane (PS560) [473] That's it.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [474] Because you get, all you do is, is press that button up there and let it go ... and you can talk.
Katriane (PS560) [475] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [476] It's that [...] you've got to put on, so
Katriane (PS560) [477] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [478] you hear
Katriane (PS560) [479] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [480] or talk.
[481] To talk you press it in.
[482] But upstairs he presses it in as well, and I, I'm not hearing
Katriane (PS560) [483] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [484] it's muffled.
Katriane (PS560) [485] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [486] And he sa and he said to me one day, are you fucking deaf!
[487] And I heard it.
[488] I says, I haven't got any, and he came down here and I said to him, I'll give you fucking deaf alright!
[489] I said, when you press that button upstairs it muffles it and there's nothing you can do.
[490] Oh right!
[491] I didn't realize that. [...]
Katriane (PS560) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [492] I said, well fine.
[493] But lucky I've said.
Katriane (PS560) [494] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [495] I thought, if you shout that I'm fucking deaf again I'm going to bash you! [laugh]
Katriane (PS560) [496] Ignore him.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [497] I just ignore his sentiments, that's what I do.
Katriane (PS560) [498] Ah. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [499] I don't really throw [...]
Katriane (PS560) [500] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [501] The only thing I've do I thought, oh no, I know when, I've no do I feel I've no done anything wrong.
Katriane (PS560) [502] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [503] And it seems that if I go Steve, right, bring me up a dozen sweets and I haven't selled one of them ... well that would be [...]
Katriane (PS560) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [504] enough.
Katriane (PS560) [505] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [506] Well that's ... [...] , but not when I've just sold six.
Katriane (PS560) [507] Right!
[508] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [509] Aha.
Katriane (PS560) [510] Ah! [...] my leg.
[511] ... [cough] ... I'll put them ... in the file.
Sandy (PS562) [512] That's it.
Katriane (PS560) [513] Cos they've been building up like that and they're bound to fall down.
[514] Do you want them to do a menu rotation or ... keep making them up every week?
[515] Like do a twelve week menu cycle?
Sandy (PS562) [516] I've tried that.
[517] All it does is [...] .
[518] But wha what we've go ... gotta watch out for is like er ... there's plenty there though, and like
Katriane (PS560) [519] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [520] always like, quite [...] when they ... re repeat the same thing the week after.
Katriane (PS560) [521] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [522] So it's ham and mushroom ... by chicken ... and ham?
Katriane (PS560) [523] I bet she does it.
Sandy (PS562) [524] Er, what's the soup today?
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [525] Er ... spring veg.
Sandy (PS562) [526] Has it got meat stock in it?
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [527] No, veg.
Sandy (PS562) [528] I'll probably just have some soup [...] .
[529] Erm ... it's ... there's some things we ... we're okay to do [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [530] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [531] Or a [...] , you see the same [...] every week.
Unknown speaker (KPJPSUNK) [532] Er
Katriane (PS560) [533] But if we get them to sit down and actually ... do the cycle ... you know, so they do it
Sandy (PS562) [534] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [535] theirself.
Sandy (PS562) [536] I've found that in the past
Katriane (PS560) [537] Ah.
Sandy (PS562) [538] erm ... I think we were working on a six week cycle
Katriane (PS560) [539] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [540] the last time.
[541] Cos it seems to be,th do, going okay just now.
[542] I mean
Katriane (PS560) [543] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [544] erm
Katriane (PS560) [545] a couple of days they seem to have two big sellers on as well and then one, one day
Sandy (PS562) [546] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [547] there's ... you're not so, not a good seller on any of the food.
Sandy (PS562) [548] Well ... spaghetti bolognaise and
Katriane (PS560) [549] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [550] chilli, has, has, has never really been ... er, big sellers
Katriane (PS560) [551] A big seller.
Sandy (PS562) [552] here.
[553] Course then ... I mean, you don't have chilli, you can
Katriane (PS560) [554] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [555] if, if you try and do enchiladas or
Katriane (PS560) [556] Mhm.
Sandy (PS562) [557] erm
Katriane (PS560) [558] Tacos?
Sandy (PS562) [559] tacos.
[560] I mean ... we ... we, we've got taco shells, but I find that the taco shells have kinda got a wee funny taste to them.
Katriane (PS560) [561] Mm mm.
Sandy (PS562) [562] Erm
Katriane (PS560) [563] That's the cheap ones though.
Sandy (PS562) [564] Yeah.
Katriane (PS560) [565] Heavily shred your lettuce and you've got tomato on as well, and it's ... and cheese or whatever you
Sandy (PS562) [566] Mm.
Katriane (PS560) [567] want.
Sandy (PS562) [568] If I was the one doing chilli [...]
Katriane (PS560) [569] Yes.
Sandy (PS562) [...]
Katriane (PS560) [570] God!
[571] I'm not gonna eat all that!
Sandy (PS562) [572] Ah you will, you will, done it before.
Katriane (PS560) [573] [laugh] ... I've got to use a knife.
Sandy (PS562) [574] We'll see in a minute.
Katriane (PS560) [575] Mhm.