4 conversations recorded by `Leon' (PS56D) [dates unknown] with 4 interlocutors, totalling 866 s-units, 5577 words (duration not recorded).

5 speakers recorded by respondent number 715

PS56D Ag0 m (Leon, age 13, student)
PS56E Ag0 f (Sarah, age 13, student) friend
PS56F Ag0 m (Hugo, age 13, student) friend
KPLPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPLPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

4 recordings

  1. Tape 137103 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 137104 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 137201 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 137202 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 137103)

Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [1] Oh, wow
Leon (PS56D) [2] But don't say that, I can't
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [3] Pipe down, sorry, get out.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [4] I'm not too good at seeing [...]
Leon (PS56D) [5] I'm sorry,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [6] I'm fed up of your behaviour, you get out too.
[7] Out, I'm fed up.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [8] Did you get that on the microphone?
Leon (PS56D) [9] I'll put the headphones on and I'll turn it on loud so I can hear.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [10] I'll [...] so I can hear. ...
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [11] Excuse me
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [12] I'm sick of your behaviour, it is [...] bye.
Leon (PS56D) [13] Let me put the headphones on and alright, I'll play that back.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [14] Pam, over [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [15] Alright then.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [16] Can I listen to me going Glowworm through the [...]
Leon (PS56D) [17] I haven't got that tape, I've got a new tape now
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [18] Okay if I do it now can I listen to it.
[19] [singing] Glowworm do, do, do, do, Glowworm do, do, do, do. []
Leon (PS56D) [20] No, I'm going to switch it off in a minute
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [21] [singing] Hungry, ha, ha, ha []
Leon (PS56D) [22] When you're going
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [23] let me hear now
Leon (PS56D) [24] And, and I say, is that when you pay your friends for cakes or something, and you went no
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [25] I wasn't actually explaining what it was
Leon (PS56D) [26] Yes
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [27] How you get in a sleeping bag and that, oh no
Leon (PS56D) [28] yes, yes, and I said, and I said, you don't have charm or anything, and you go oh I do with [...] .
[29] [laughing] So you started, you wanted to go in your sleeping bag []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [30] I never meant it like that, no, you don't go to the same [...] you wanker
Leon (PS56D) [31] I know, but you go in a different one
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [32] That's what it sounded like
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [33] I'll get in your sleeping bag
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [34] Hey let me just go ha, ha, ha
Leon (PS56D) [35] No, no hold on, hold on.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [36] No
Leon (PS56D) [37] Just speak, just speak.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [38] hello
Leon (PS56D) [39] See you can just hear it in the earphones
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [40] Hello, hello [laugh] , I can hear me, I can hear me talking now
Leon (PS56D) [41] I know, just listen.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [42] Hungry, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [43] Ah, have you got any sweets?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [44] Oh, I can see Hugo.
[45] [laugh] No, ow, Hugo, come and help us, oh my God it's so weird.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [singing batman tune] []
Leon (PS56D) [46] Erm, oh er, in P E, erm, we're setting up tents, and I was [...] the bats and I'm amazed, something just happened.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [47] [laughing] Eh, hey, hey, you've cut your hand when you're doing [...] []
Leon (PS56D) [48] Yes, but I, I, I didn't know, I mean I didn't feel that, I just realised my hand was bleeding and the skin's gone like that, look, the skin's gone like that.
[49] I've put a plaster on like that.
Hugo (PS56F) [50] Owen, did Owen, did Owen tell you what happened, how he was bunking?
Leon (PS56D) [51] Yes, that's why they started beating each other up.
Hugo (PS56F) [52] Who?
Leon (PS56D) [53] Owen, and Owen, do you have P E, they did, how?
Hugo (PS56F) [54] Owen said he wanted to go, and I said don't go, come over [...] and hassle, so I [...] and run off.
Leon (PS56D) [55] [laughing] you're sick [] Oi, gov., shift me, did you have French period off today?
[56] Did you have French period off today?
Hugo (PS56F) [57] Yes
Leon (PS56D) [58] We did, I washed my hair this morning.
Hugo (PS56F) [59] But I, I've only just come in, so I'm well arsed.
Leon (PS56D) [laugh]
Hugo (PS56F) [60] you look dead
Leon (PS56D) [61] I never thought you were sort of like, sort of like a rough boy.
Hugo (PS56F) [62] I'm not a boy, a man.
Leon (PS56D) [63] Yes, yes, that's what she erm,
Hugo (PS56F) [64] If you want to do that, you've got a [...] son, then [...]
Leon (PS56D) [65] Can't touch it , what?
[66] [laughing] Bloody hell []
Hugo (PS56F) [67] No I haven't, oh, alright.
Leon (PS56D) [68] Oh how are you then?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [69] Oh, hi Leon
Leon (PS56D) [70] Oh, oh
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [71] Why don't you comb that down?
[72] Why did you want it up?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [73] [singing] do, do, be do, do, be, do, []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [74] Why did you do that David?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [75] What?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [76] Are you recording?
Leon (PS56D) [77] yes, I'm recording right now.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [78] Are you?
Leon (PS56D) [79] I have been recording for ages.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [80] No you're not.
Leon (PS56D) [81] yes, I am now.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [82] Say speak, speak up to six notes and he thinks he's
Leon (PS56D) [83] no, no, I, I can play much more than six notes of that, no
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [84] Seven?
[85] Eight?
Leon (PS56D) [86] No, no, about twelve, about twelve.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [87] [singing] [...] [] Twelve, you can play twelve notes.
Leon (PS56D) [88] I don't know, I don't know exactly there's too many to count.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [89] Twelve
Leon (PS56D) [90] You don't need more than that many notes right now, especially with what I'm write , with what I'm playing.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [91] Twelve notes.
Leon (PS56D) [92] And er, I've been learning flats and sharps and all that.
[93] [sigh] You know your recorders are so shit.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [94] No they're not.
Leon (PS56D) [95] Your recorder [...] are so shit.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [96] Do you play it any more?
Leon (PS56D) [97] yes, I used to.
[98] I used to want to work at the violin, and I played it for two years.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [99] [...] it's a shame if you haven't got anyone musical here.
Leon (PS56D) [100] Haven't what?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [101] Got anyone musical here.
Leon (PS56D) [102] yes we have.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [103] So I like Guns 'n Roses.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [104] Well I have.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [105] You just learn to give it, you just always criticise me whatever happens.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [106] No
Leon (PS56D) [107] If someone was good, you'd still say that about them
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [108] No, I only could say it about you, you say [...]
Leon (PS56D) [109] You say yes, exactly, if there's a nice girl you know, you'll say, oh she's alright.
[110] And if she's really nice, because you just like criticising people.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [111] I only criticise you and David.
Leon (PS56D) [112] Yes, but why because you're horrible?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [113] I, yes, because I hate you.
Leon (PS56D) [114] Yes, that's not very nice, I thought I was your friend.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [115] Is that what to say to people you hate?
Leon (PS56D) [116] No, but, I, I yes, but I don't hate anybody in particular.
[117] Who can I hate?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [118] Me
Leon (PS56D) [119] No I don't hate you.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [120] why?
Leon (PS56D) [121] I like you because you're my friend.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [122] But I'm evil to you.
Leon (PS56D) [123] yes, you [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [124] So
Leon (PS56D) [125] I used you, yes?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [126] Oh yes?
Leon (PS56D) [127] No
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [128] You won't mind [...] and picked up the obvious, and you're going to get out back to [...] It's only Sarah and [...]
Leon (PS56D) [129] That's not true that's not true , no it's not.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [130] yes it is, it is don't say it isn't.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [131] Do both Owens know?
Leon (PS56D) [132] No, Owen doesn't, O N, O M doesn't, so why do they always phone me up with their problems?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [133] It's er, I don't know, they're having a [...] at us [...]
Leon (PS56D) [134] yes, are you.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [135] Going home.
[136] Are you still recording?
Leon (PS56D) [137] yes, what lies.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [138] Did you get that bit erm, when I was speaking to you about how everybody hates you and stuff?
Leon (PS56D) [139] I did.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [140] Did you.
Leon (PS56D) [141] yes, I'm recording right now.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [142] Yes, yes, can I listen to it.
Leon (PS56D) [143] No, I'm not listening to anything.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [144] Oh, you're bluffing.
Leon (PS56D) [145] [laughing] I am not []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [146] [shouting] You're evil, Satan [] You are Satan
Leon (PS56D) [147] Yes alright, you're mad
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [148] Leon, You're Satan, You're evil
Leon (PS56D) [149] You're mad
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [150] You are a [...] killer, you are evil.
Leon (PS56D) [151] You're mad.
[152] You're going to go away.
[153] let's look at the machine.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [154] Oh what fun.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [155] Bye
Leon (PS56D) [156] Whew, Oh, so that's what the other side looks like, I knew all along.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [157] Whaa, whaa, yes, you're so stupid.
Leon (PS56D) [158] For heaven's sake, put that in there, ... is that where all the money comes?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [159] Money, money.
Leon (PS56D) [160] Oh, that's my bus fare home.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [161] [laughing] oh, yes []
Leon (PS56D) [162] It is.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [163] you're the yak-chucker?
Leon (PS56D) [164] So you're a coke man?
[165] ... Your lace is undone.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [166] I know.
Leon (PS56D) [167] So do it up.
[168] Right, well look.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [169] Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan
Leon (PS56D) [170] right then, I'll fuck off and you see how you like it, eh?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [171] Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan, Satan [shouting] Satan.
Leon (PS56D) [172] I'm not Satan.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [173] you are
Leon (PS56D) [174] I can't possibly be
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [175] You are Satan itself
Leon (PS56D) [176] [...] not seeing this.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [177] Okay let's go outside.
[178] ... Okay we're now outside.
[179] [laugh] did you get that?
[180] You are Satan.
Leon (PS56D) [singing]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [181] He's Satan everybody, he is, he's Satan, you just be careful, he is evil
Leon (PS56D) [182] Shut up.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [183] Leon, you're evil.
Leon (PS56D) [184] I'm sure I am, but you're lovely.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [185] He's condensed evil, you are [walking through subway, speech echoes] , [...] Everyone ask Leon because he's recording.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [186] He's not.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [187] don't cry.
Leon (PS56D) [188] I'm not crying, I'm trying to pick you up.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [189] Come, come, come, ow, ow, ow, ow ... Don't pick me, oh, Leon, oh, oh.
[190] [mimicking police siren] Ne, na, ne, na [...] computer
Leon (PS56D) [191] yes, er, you're hyper man, you're well hyper.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [192] Leon, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [193] I'm just going to talk to these girls.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [194] No
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [195] come on over, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [196] Eh, ... Hello, what are you doing?
[197] What's this?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [198] Lessons.
Leon (PS56D) [199] Are you?
[200] Do you just stay with neighbours, or just stay with your parents?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [201] Are you going on that?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [202] Her parents are.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [203] What is that, what's it about?
Leon (PS56D) [204] Holidays.
[205] How was your holiday?
[206] Say that but.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [207] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [208] Oh, is this the thingy?
[209] Oh yes, this is the
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [210] [singing] , [shouting] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [211] You went on holiday with [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [212] Was I here?
Leon (PS56D) [213] What
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [214] Was there
Leon (PS56D) [215] Who
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [216] Was here
Leon (PS56D) [217] Who was
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [218] I don't know, you're [...] later.
Leon (PS56D) [219] What's the time for you [...] please.
[220] [shouting] Excuse me [] has anybody got the time.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [221] I have [whispering] not []
Leon (PS56D) [222] have you got the time?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [223] have you got the time?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [224] No, yes.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [225] Erm, [...] Twenty to,
Leon (PS56D) [226] Twenty to Hugo
Hugo (PS56F) [227] One
Leon (PS56D) [228] Twenty to one, no is isn't.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [229] Two,
Leon (PS56D) [230] That would mean it's lunch time.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [231] You haven't got a watch.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [232] Yes, you have, [...] you'll crack your ball.
Leon (PS56D) [233] Remember it isn't twenty to one.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [234] I won't, don't worry, good.
Leon (PS56D) [235] It's twenty to twelve you ignorant child.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [236] Who?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [237] He hasn't [...]
Leon (PS56D) [238] yes, [...] then she comes and sits down next to us.
[239] Don't check their name.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [240] Who?
Leon (PS56D) [241] It's no good, Simon isn't there.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [242] yes, he is.
Leon (PS56D) [243] Yes, well he shouldn't see, cos he can, he can check his own name can't he?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [244] Yes, what do you want?
Leon (PS56D) [245] yes, then we go to [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [246] Is Naomi in?
[247] Yes, Naomi's in isn't she?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [248] yes, what about Lindzi no?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [249] Kari, Kari's in.
[250] [...] in.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [251] Roy, ... great horse.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [252] Gail's in, and so is that Lisa.
Leon (PS56D) [253] Ah, Naomi's not in.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [254] Is that a pen, I thought that was a pen.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [255] I, I just never had, I just threw it down [...] sent the pen flying.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [256] What's the time?
Leon (PS56D) [257] Erm, it's twenty to.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [258] No it's not actually.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [259] [reading] Keep violence off our screens [] says Mayor
Leon (PS56D) [260] Oh Emily don't do that, erm, I'm still working with that, she goes like this, she goes
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [261] [shouting] Urgh, urgh, ow []
Leon (PS56D) [262] That is so wicked.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [263] That is mean.
Leon (PS56D) [264] That's wicked.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [265] Wait until you see my moustache, it's a really long one down to here.
[266] it is so long
Leon (PS56D) [267] And does it come off again?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [268] [...] yes, it does.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [269] Open your mouth, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [270] did you, did you get all of that then?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [271] Lock you in [...]
Leon (PS56D) [272] No I don't want that.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [273] Wham, bam, be, do, bam, be-dam, bam, boo.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [274] Oh, yes [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [275] Wham, bam, ba, loo-la wasn't it first?, or [...] or something, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [276] Wham bam ba loo-la, that was crap when she said [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [277] [...] zombie, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [278] yes, I know, but
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [279] When's the next time that we've got school after [...] ?
Leon (PS56D) [280] Erm, next, the Wednesday, not the next one, instead it's the one after I think.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [281] What sort of thing [...] first?
Leon (PS56D) [282] Are those eggs all done, they're cracked?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [283] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [284] Oi, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [285] Get out of my hearing you [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [286] Get out bloody you, get out of it.
Leon (PS56D) [287] Right what do you want?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [288] You could have filled it in. [laugh]
Leon (PS56D) [289] Oh, aren't you funny?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [290] The king of diarrhoea.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [291] Bigger than you.
Leon (PS56D) [292] No speaking first year language.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [293] what are you doing over here anyway?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [294] What?
Leon (PS56D) [295] He can speak funny, er, what do you want?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [296] Water
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [297] [...] [in french] quand ne m'appelle tu?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [298] What are you in here?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [299] They're not, er, can I speak to you in French
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [300] Are they having lesson in here in a minute, I think [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [301] [...] we're late.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [302] Shall we go now, I think we're very late because everyone's gone in [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [303] [laugh] Sim, come on, and you're, and you're it.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [304] Right, come on, come on
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [shouting] [...] []
Leon (PS56D) [305] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [306] [shouting] And she saw it dancing like a hole []
Leon (PS56D) [307] [...] we're late
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [308] Oh no
Leon (PS56D) [309] Hold on, are we late?

2 (Tape 137104)

Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [310] You are forgiven Leah?
Leon (PS56D) [311] Is it really okay, I'm sorry it won't happen again.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [312] [...] give us the salt?
Leon (PS56D) [313] Oh, good that's alright then, I can be excused.
Sarah (PS56E) [314] No please can I have it.
[315] ... Yes, I need it.
Leon (PS56D) [316] Are you doing Geography?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [317] Wham, bam boo, whop, bam boo
Leon (PS56D) [318] Is that hot, oh, it's all cold.
Sarah (PS56E) [319] Oh yes
Leon (PS56D) [320] It's cold. [sigh]
Sarah (PS56E) [321] I could go to sleep
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [322] Any of mine, I don't think you [...] say whether they're [...] does it?
[323] It doesn't tell you enough [...] , erm, what
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [324] What's in here? [...] for report.
Leon (PS56D) [325] It's no excuse.
Sarah (PS56E) [326] It's all down to me.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [327] I mean it's so wrong.
Leon (PS56D) [328] Why?
Sarah (PS56E) [329] My friend's having a birthday party, and she hasn't invited me.
Leon (PS56D) [330] Who?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [331] you don't deserve that.
Sarah (PS56E) [332] Because no told me, because like I've known her for all my life.
Leon (PS56D) [333] Well who's the friend, who is she?
Sarah (PS56E) [334] Jenny
Leon (PS56D) [335] Oh, Jenny Claire's
Sarah (PS56E) [336] Claire
Leon (PS56D) [337] Claire's
Sarah (PS56E) [338] Claire
Leon (PS56D) [339] Oh the other one.
Sarah (PS56E) [340] [...] yes,
Leon (PS56D) [341] I met her,
Sarah (PS56E) [342] yes I know.
Leon (PS56D) [343] Maybe she just hasn't told you yet.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [344] Is there anybody else sitting here?
Leon (PS56D) [345] Yes [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [346] Both ways, we have to go in front, come on, [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Sarah (PS56E) [347] Leon, Leon, sorry she's taken.
Leon (PS56D) [348] Who?
Sarah (PS56E) [349] Cath Long, she's spoken for.
[350] Who by? [...]
Leon (PS56D) [351] No that big lanky kid.
[352] She always hangs round with him.
Sarah (PS56E) [353] That's right
Leon (PS56D) [354] yes
Sarah (PS56E) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [355] Who?
[356] ... Who?
Sarah (PS56E) [357] Why [...] ?
Leon (PS56D) [358] [laughing] Because you just said you were gonna? []
Sarah (PS56E) [359] I said shall I?
Leon (PS56D) [360] Right then yes.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [361] Any, any excuse. [...]
Leon (PS56D) [362] I don't really care.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [363] why, if you don't care, then I'm not going to tell you.
Leon (PS56D) [364] Some boy I told to give my work.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [365] A really bully.
Leon (PS56D) [366] Wow
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [367] No nice people [...]
Leon (PS56D) [368] Well this is interesting this, that that shows the differences very well.
Sarah (PS56E) [369] Very clear
Leon (PS56D) [370] At the north of Italy, sixty percent of the co , of the lands north of Italy full exist, so look, what, look.
Sarah (PS56E) [371] Come to me, look I'm having trouble.
[372] ... [...] tried.
[373] [...] you know that? [laugh]
Leon (PS56D) [374] Country traditions are shown at the diagram, in North Italy erm, there's more land than south [...] in the diagram.
[375] Sixty percent of the land is in North Italy, and forty percent is in the south.
[376] Population though, sixty one percent live in the North, thirty eight percent live in the south.
[377] People employed in industry which as you know today is er, a, an indication of how a rich a country is.
[378] Twenty seven in the south, thirty nine percent in the north.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [belch]
Leon (PS56D) [379] How much electricity people use
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [380] [...] only
Sarah (PS56E) [381] There just might be two [...] the direction of that [...] , what are we going to do about your hive problems?
Leon (PS56D) [382] Much more in the north, one hundred kilowatts per, per head, and in the north itself is well under [...] , cars, motorcycles, again in the north, much more lot of er, cars, and in the consumption of, of food
Sarah (PS56E) [383] Petrol consumption,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [384] What?
Sarah (PS56E) [385] Petrol consumption.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [386] Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [387] again, people consume more food.
[388] Now all those show, all those indications show that the north is much richer.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [389] I'll be able to draw the little picture.
Leon (PS56D) [390] yes, what we need to do is this.
[391] In the middle I want you to draw a picture of each item, and then, the land population [...] , industry, and why [...] food production, Sam you're not listening.
Leon (PS56D) [392] [sigh] oh, it's h , hard doing Geography Can we work in pairs?
Leon (PS56D) [393] You're free to draw a picture and diagram and then
Sarah (PS56E) [394] Better call, better call [...] composition.
Leon (PS56D) [395] Mm?
Leon (PS56D) [396] You can, you can design any kind of picture to illustrate the land in whatever [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [397] Well whippy do
Leon (PS56D) [398] Actually most [...] is either hills or mountains, if you look actually you can draw a picture of a hill or a mountain, but most, most of the land [...] er hills or mountains which is very interesting isn't it?
Sarah (PS56E) [399] What a stupid mess
Leon (PS56D) [400] Get up ... oh God, my man
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [401] [laugh] he really pigged out this morning.
[402] God, you're right.
Leon (PS56D) [403] You know the lions?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [404] Do it in your head this time.
[405] [laugh] I couldn't to that.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [406] Why not?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [407] That would be bad wouldn't it.
[408] It would be bad for my fucking head, but [laughing] you must be very [...] in []
Leon (PS56D) [409] They can ask you anything and he'll tell you the truth.
[410] You just ask.
[411] Right who do you fancy?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [412] Are you gay?
[413] [laugh] Leon.
[414] [laugh] you're mad
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [415] Millie, have you just farted?
Leon (PS56D) [416] No it's the [...] with the gasket off.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [417] [...] the one I bought just went out [...] His eyeball went just up and [...]
Leon (PS56D) [418] I can see that, I can see round your eye, oh, God and I can see from the corner like in your head.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [419] Oh good he looked, he did look [...]
Leon (PS56D) [420] There you are, good
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [421] Oh [...] , oh this is going to be lovely [laughing] it's got a magic button []
Leon (PS56D) [422] Here
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [423] Yes sir, what do you mean? it's er, [laugh]
Leon (PS56D) [424] hey I don't think you're right, what have you been drinking? or anything, Lemonade?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [425] What?
[426] Ah, I can't find my [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [427] [shouting] yes I am, sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [428] I can't smell the good ones.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [429] I didn't know [...] like this,
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [430] M S from M S
Leon (PS56D) [431] [...] for Matthew something, Stevens, who's he?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [432] [...] don't worry.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [433] Shut up, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [434] I did those, I did those, but I just want to [...] oh, yes sir.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [435] Millie why don't you go up there
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [436] Erm, yes, yes Sir.
Leon (PS56D) [437] Millie
Leon (PS56D) [438] Why, is there, is there a law against that Sir?
[439] [shouting] Is there a law against that? []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [440] I would say there was, is there a law against that, no, [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [441] My God gentlemen, please shout to fuck off [laugh] , no erm.
Leon (PS56D) [442] Oh, eight, nine, ten.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [443] I feel sick.
Leon (PS56D) [444] You're looking at anti-log.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [laugh]
Leon (PS56D) [445] Who do you know boy?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [446] I don't know, I came to say to tell him to fuck off.
[447] I'm going to nibble your balls.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [448] Sam, Sam, have you seen the glue please.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [449] Have you seen, do you read the Big Issue?
Leon (PS56D) [450] Yes, we get it all the time.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [451] I bet your mum pays it, give me back that fiver.
Leon (PS56D) [452] No she has to do it, she has to do it instalments.
[453] [laugh] No, go on.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [454] Yes, we bought it, and there's this thing that says Big Bess let's rip
Leon (PS56D) [455] Oh yes, yes, yes
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [456] Cock-sucking, ball nibbling, going down
Leon (PS56D) [457] Yes I know
Sarah (PS56E) [458] I don't find that funny, only you [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [459] Blow jobs
Leon (PS56D) [460] And they're saying you still get Aids from these
Sarah (PS56E) [461] Yes
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [462] [...] people are still human, I mean, people
Leon (PS56D) [463] Kissed after having sex.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [464] I don't know who it is?
Leon (PS56D) [465] Then again he, he, he's the youngest here.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [466] he's suffering, it's bad about laughing at your own jokes that, you don't do that.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [467] Mm, you're just so immature that you're [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [468] Everything that you see you laugh at, you're lucky he always sets you up [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [469] Oh shut up
Leon (PS56D) [470] Oi, you lot, you've got to give us a bit of [...] because he's the youngest here, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [471] Atchoo, Atchoo.
Leon (PS56D) [472] He's the youngest, definitely.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [473] Erm, he hasn't grown up yet.
Leon (PS56D) [474] Erm.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [singing]
Leon (PS56D) [475] I mean, how old is he?
[476] You're twelve aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [477] I am twelve actually.
Leon (PS56D) [478] Damian's twelve.
[479] [laughing] he's in the first year []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [480] Wankers and Playboy's under his bed, he gave me a [...] and I goes [...]
Leon (PS56D) [481] I know his dad
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [482] I go, I, I prefer Penthouse, ... actually.
Leon (PS56D) [483] Well we'd better do some work you know.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [484] Oh yes.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [485] You're not hanging round the hall.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [486] No, he's run out.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [487] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [blowing nose]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [488] Can't even keep [...] for five minutes.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [489] Sorry, I'm sorry.
Leon (PS56D) [490] Start again.
[491] I will, because I've been recording all this.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [492] Have you.
Leon (PS56D) [493] From the bang in the head.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [494] Oh, [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [495] yes, Casey there's something I've been wanting to say to you.
[496] Casey.
Leon (PS56D) [497] Casey, here, here, he's popping the question.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [498] You're fucking flaming cow.
Leon (PS56D) [499] [laughing] You're so bad [] beat him up.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [500] I really hate anybody who's being horrible to somebody because it makes me feel bad.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [501] Oh, stuff you bighead.
Leon (PS56D) [502] Oh no, no, no, please, turn round I'm going to do something in that slip.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [503] You've [...] didn't you?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [504] I could be on drugs, I could be a monk.
[505] I thought I was a [...] , ya.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [506] Silly sod.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [507] [chanting] Yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yaa-ma
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [508] Oh, don't you start
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [509] yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yaa-ma.
[510] Yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [511] [...] chewing gum
Leon (PS56D) [512] Speak up, erm,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [513] K O then
Leon (PS56D) [514] This is a fight.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [515] Oh, do it again.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [516] Action replay.
Leon (PS56D) [517] Sir, sir could you come here please.
[518] Sir, here now.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [519] Sir we need your help now
Leon (PS56D) [520] Sir, erm, could you please come here , [laugh] Luigieans, what?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [521] Comedians.
Leon (PS56D) [522] Oh, I thought you said Luigieans.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [523] Luigieans, who are they, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [524] Erm, your orgy is a food orgy.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [525] What did you say?
Leon (PS56D) [526] Your type of orgy is a food orgy.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [527] [...] you become anorexic.
Leon (PS56D) [528] [laughing] Are you a scientist?, did you see This Morning or something? []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [529] All these diets make you emaciated.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [530] I saw This Morning when [...] out.
Leon (PS56D) [531] I'm glad now I missed it.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [532] [...] when she was younger she was just [...]
Leon (PS56D) [533] You know they're talking about and, the Queen, and the Princess and they're talking about the sh Princess Diana's anorexic.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [534] yes, I'm taking sides.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [535] Bulimic, bulimic.
Leon (PS56D) [536] yes alright, bulimic.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [537] But not any more she's not, well.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [538] Did you know that, you know when Freddie Mercury sang with that really fat woman?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [539] that's a fat young girl [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [540] he didn't go out with her, that's really [...] I know [...]
Leon (PS56D) [541] yes, well she hasn't got bulimia because she's fat, has she?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [542] I saw this, I saw this programme [...] , I saw his programme and it said, no, listen, listen, no listen, bulimia's where you eat too much
Leon (PS56D) [543] No-o-o ooh, ooh,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [544] Shut up
Leon (PS56D) [545] Sorry No, bulimia, where you eat anything, and you puke it up all up,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [546] You eat, and eat and eat, and then you throw it all up.
Leon (PS56D) [547] So you have a bilge, and, you eat loads of cakes and then instead of like you with pizzas down there, they just throw it up
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [548] Yes, as well, binge, binge, not bilge
Leon (PS56D) [549] Yes, binge, they put it with it to stay skinny
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [550] Bilge, I'm still having a bilge
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [551] Oh, what a sucking [...] somebody left a bite mark from where they were [...]
Leon (PS56D) [552] Ah
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [553] I was saying this morning, in fact it was on This Morning, or Good Morning, or
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [554] Hey, I'm bulimic
Leon (PS56D) [555] Anne and Nick I think
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [556] What?
Leon (PS56D) [557] Anne and Nick type problems.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [558] Yes, they were [...] they were saying about
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [559] Shush, let her talk.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [560] They were saying about [...] they keep asking her because she could be like page three models in the newspaper, she was like very [...] even this really [...] and then she just said I keep on going toilet and she'd, she'd then puke up in the toilet and she'd come back and there were all these bite marks so her parents could see when she was doing it.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [561] [singing] Anne and Nick are really shit, Anne and Nick are really shit, la, la, la, la, la
Leon (PS56D) [562] Oh, what happened?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [563] Oh, nothing, but she, you could see the way she had, her whole hand up from here in, you could see she had bite marks [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [564] [...] you know, she can't get it out, and then she starts to puke over it, and it comes out [...]
Leon (PS56D) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [565] You go, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [566] I'll make you sick.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [567] How do you do it?
Leon (PS56D) [568] I said how did she do it, did she, did Jane ever do it?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [569] What?
[570] I don't know if she did.
Leon (PS56D) [571] Well what's she talking it about it for then?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [572] I don't think Jane's bulimic.
Leon (PS56D) [573] Why was she just talking about it?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [574] We've got to be quiet though, she might be a bit touchy?
Leon (PS56D) [575] Millie, why was she just talking about it?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [576] Because she's saying that she can't make herself sick.
Leon (PS56D) [577] She can't?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [578] No.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [579] Can I borrow a pencil please
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [580] I can't, I hate being sick, I can never make myself sick.
Leon (PS56D) [581] They were taking her tonsils out or something.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [582] I'd get to about there, just about like that, and then I couldn't do it.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [583] I hate throwing [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [584] What I do, water, and they
Leon (PS56D) [585] Yes, I mean it's all.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [586] No, your mouth's supposed to water.
Leon (PS56D) [587] You get all, you get all goo , you get all goose-pimples on the back.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [588] yes, and then I feel really hot and then cold and then I start to feel queer.
Leon (PS56D) [589] yes, Sir, Sir, ... please could you come here.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [590] I know, I know, I know, [...] and you go, and you're, and you're kind of up, up [...]
Leon (PS56D) [591] No Owen, that, that's how it doesn't come out, that's what's happened to you.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [592] And nothing comes up about five times, aargh, and I, I'm [...] and your mother comes round and catches you, aargh [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [593] [...] urgh, and you sick it all up again, I couldn't eat a thing, I couldn't eat anything for two days.
Leon (PS56D) [594] Really.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [595] Sir,
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [596] [...] sir, we're trying to [...]
Leon (PS56D) [597] Sir
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [598] I was eating my, I was eating my supper when he started [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [599] Erm, d'you have to do a picture for the north and south of it, or just one overall picture?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [600] I don't understand, I don't understand, I don't understand
Leon (PS56D) [601] Yes, this one here, it should be one overall, it should be just one overall picture of the item like the land, and this shows the different proportions of land in the north and south.
[602] Of if you want to separate the picture into two, you could draw a picture representing the land in the south and the land in the north.
[603] It's up to you really, how you do it.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [604] I'll just do one picture.
Leon (PS56D) [605] One picture's fine.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [606] One picture of what?
[607] Land?
Leon (PS56D) [608] Yes, just to illustrate.
[609] This is the item,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [610] Yes.
Leon (PS56D) [611] You draw a picture representing the land,
Leon (PS56D) [612] How can you draw a picture representing land?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [613] Just draw a mountain and a river
Leon (PS56D) [614] Well if you were listening , you see, I said, most land in Italy is mountains and hills, so you could draw some hills and mountains, that'd be really good.
Leon (PS56D) [615] So, Sir, shall I tell you how, you know people [...] when you talk, or we're not supposed to talk.
Leon (PS56D) [616] Sorry
Leon (PS56D) [617] Is that like on the board, talking, when you're talking it's really rude.
[618] I wish you, you should ask them to read out, read out the O M because then people become more involved in that.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [619] Leon, can I borrow a rubber please?
Leon (PS56D) [620] I'd be asking, I'd be asking er, them to read out all the time [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [621] Can I borrow, can I borrow a rubber
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [622] What?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [623] Can I borrow a rubber please?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [624] yes, yes, yes.
Leon (PS56D) [625] There we go.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [626] No a rubber
Leon (PS56D) [627] A rubber, a boring old rubber
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [628] Can I borrow a pencil a minute?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [629] I haven't got one myself, I haven't got a pencil [...]
Leon (PS56D) [630] I haven't got a sharpener.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [631] You lied to me Millie, I don't like [...]
Leon (PS56D) [632] Oh thank you Sir.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [633] Oh, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [634] But I mean, you're so pleased.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [635] Oh, I'm not.
Leon (PS56D) [636] But if that was me, I always start laughing.
[637] They say [singing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [638] I would be
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [639] I wish
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [640] Quite nicely actually
Leon (PS56D) [641] No, I mean if that was my pencil case.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [642] If that was me I'd say ooh, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [643] [...] you silly bitch
Leon (PS56D) [644] Ha, ... that's my rubber you're using
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [645] There's Millie, look.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [646] You and your rubber, you're never going to use it again.
Leon (PS56D) [647] Don't Owen.
[648] Thank you.
[649] Why you?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [650] Do you have a curly-whirly pencil?
[651] Oh, yes [...]
Leon (PS56D) [652] Wicked
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [653] Who else went [...]
Leon (PS56D) [654] They're really crap, oh no, put them on the top of your old pencil.
[655] [laughing] it's like a little mask [] look, ... a little mask.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [656] It's like that mouse, that, that finger mouse.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [657] do you watch that finger mouse?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [658] No I have, I have, I have [...] well I can do down in fits in someone's hair.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [659] Wow, that's manic
Leon (PS56D) [660] Oh wow, right who shall we say kicked me too?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [661] No don't waste them, no.
Leon (PS56D) [662] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [663] What are you going to use them for then Millie?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [664] Shush.
Leon (PS56D) [665] Kick these and stuff.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [666] I don't, I write with one [...]
Leon (PS56D) [667] yes, right, who sh , who shall we say kicked me? or punched me? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [singing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [668] Yes, and [...]
Leon (PS56D) [669] No, not Mr. [...] I've got a describe about [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...] [singing]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [670] Who is it?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [671] [singing] Mr. McCartney []
Leon (PS56D) [672] So kick me, yes?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [673] No, [...]
Leon (PS56D) [674] Right, er, kick
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [675] Fuck me, kick me I need a man.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [676] You can put that on my back, I'm going to [...]
Leon (PS56D) [677] Kick
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [678] Did you see Mr. McCartney's car?
[679] He's got something red [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [680] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [681] Don't [...] it's my job.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [682] Who's got a green colour pencil [...] ?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [683] Bulimic
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [684] Bulimic
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [685] You bulimic
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [686] Bulimic buffalo
Leon (PS56D) [687] There, who's, who wants to get on somebody? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [moan]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [688] We're chickens.
Leon (PS56D) [689] [laugh] , What?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [690] Don't mind me. [...]
Leon (PS56D) [691] right then.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [692] It's packed lunch [...]
Leon (PS56D) [693] yes, yes
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [694] Why do you ask that Millie?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [695] I want an answer.
Leon (PS56D) [696] Yes, I want to ask that, do women's tits suit you?
[697] The fi , the first thing that comes into your mind You're so perverted, you're so perverted
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [698] You're obsessed Owen, you're [...] to do is women's tits so [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [699] [...] no, God, that, that's all you think about.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [700] Urgh
Leon (PS56D) [701] That's quite good actually, Jo, look, that joke.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [702] I knew, only you knew, you, you, you
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [703] You can hardly [...]
Leon (PS56D) [704] Look I knew you, you, you
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [705] You couldn't get away with it.
Leon (PS56D) [706] I still worked it.
[707] Alright, picture one represents some land, how do I draw land?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [708] You do that.
Leon (PS56D) [709] But that's mountains though, not land, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [710] It's twin peaks.
Leon (PS56D) [711] Are they twin peaks?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [712] Oh that's lovely that, shame about the picture.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [713] Jane can I borrow the yellow one?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [714] God it's better than mine.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [715] That's impossible.
Leon (PS56D) [716] Oh, that's wicked Sarah.
Sarah (PS56E) [717] I know
Leon (PS56D) [718] But the yellow isn't making much difference, so start again.
[719] Right, it's not too late to start to again, I, I'll chuck this piece of paper away for you.
Sarah (PS56E) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [720] Okay, ... how do you draw a desert? ...
Sarah (PS56E) [721] They don't have deserts in Italy.
Leon (PS56D) [722] yes, but I mean that's land, that looks, people might think it means mountains, and when they read that, then they read that bit look
Sarah (PS56E) [723] Are those all [...] that then?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [724] What's going down [...]
Sarah (PS56E) [725] First you're a [...]
Leon (PS56D) [726] I know, but I mean, how do you just draw flat land?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [727] Who's got the rubber.
Sarah (PS56E) [728] I told you before you just do flat land.
[729] Just do grass
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [730] Flat land?
Leon (PS56D) [731] [singing] Green, green grass that grows on the [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [732] hello, hello, hello, shut up Leon, you're a silly wanker.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [733] [...] neighbours.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [734] I think it's weird.
Leon (PS56D) [735] That uncle [...] it's weird, it doesn't go with us, it doesn't go for soap though.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [736] I know [singing]
Leon (PS56D) [737] And the little boy walking round there with a walking stick
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [738] They try to make it more cool that that, then haven't they? [] .
Leon (PS56D) [739] Yes, more corny more like, but it's really
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [740] There's a new boy in it, and he's well nice
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [741] oh, that, that one that
Leon (PS56D) [742] Yes, I know they just gave me a little walk on part.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [743] What new boy?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [744] In, in, in the beginning, with Mar , he's pictured with Marco and somebody else.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [745] Yes, I know, there's a new person.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [746] He's a new person, he's not actually in the series yet, but he's in the beginning you know.
[747] He's so lovely.
Leon (PS56D) [748] Yes, yes.
[749] They put a picture of them, yes.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [750] Nice
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [751] They said well, they asked me and I just couldn't refuse
Leon (PS56D) [752] That's wicked
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [753] [...] I want to get that.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [754] [mimicking] ooh, yes, I want to get that [] ooh, yes, ooh yes.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [755] Are they your colours for that.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [756] yes
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [757] That's why I went to get them.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [758] You can either stick these ones [...]
Leon (PS56D) [759] You were saying [...] and then you finished in mid-sentence.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [760] Shut-upa-your-face.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [761] Shut-upa-your-face.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [762] Or I bring out my mates. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [763] Have you got pencil.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [764] Fill up your face.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [765] You touch my face, I break your face.
[766] You touch my face, I ring up my mates
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [767] They talk like that in Italy, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yaa-ma.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [768] For goodness sake
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [769] yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yam-ma, yaa-ma, ma, ma, ma,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [770] [...] Jason please.
Leon (PS56D) [771] Are you going to put that on someone Kevin,
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [772] What?
Leon (PS56D) [773] Put that on somebody's back.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [774] Mama he's cheap.
Leon (PS56D) [775] yes, exactly.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [776] No
Leon (PS56D) [777] yes
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [778] It's [...] isn't it?
Leon (PS56D) [779] Well go on do it then, it isn't as if it's your handwriting.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [780] No, but he, he will know, I mean [...]
Leon (PS56D) [781] No he won't, he won't.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [782] How do you know?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [783] Okay man, Urgh.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [784] Population means people doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [785] yes.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [786] No population means [...]
Leon (PS56D) [787] It was really funny when Sarah hit that stump
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [788] Yes, is there any more yellow?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [789] I haven't got it.
Leon (PS56D) [790] Oh, I love the river [...] , no, no, I'm not.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [791] You do, let's all be cats.
Leon (PS56D) [792] My name's cat.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [793] Your face is [...] , have you got any yellow anywhere Millie?
Leon (PS56D) [794] You're shits cat
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [795] No, it's over there
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [796] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [797] Oi, oi, oi, oi, can I borr , that re , that ye , yellow please?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [798] No sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [799] yellow, Jane can I borrow the yellow?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [800] No
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [801] Jane, I hate drawing people.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [802] Arthur, [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [803] Lisa might be living at my house.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [804] Why?
Leon (PS56D) [805] College.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [806] Has she been chucked out by her parents this time? [...] her boyfriend
Leon (PS56D) [807] No her parents don't want her to go.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [808] Oh that's lovely Millie.
Leon (PS56D) [809] Nice colours, that looks like water colours.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [810] Yellow please
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [811] [...] mother, he's just trying to piss you off.
Leon (PS56D) [812] I think she started it by accident.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [813] On purpose?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [814] No he started by purpose the silly [...]
Leon (PS56D) [815] He's starting it by purpose.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [816] Can I have a yellow please?
Leon (PS56D) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [817] You get it straight away, oh God.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [818] Blue please, now.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [819] Go and get it.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [820] I've got it.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [821] Oh, who's got the green?
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [822] [singing] Everybody dancing []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [823] Can I borrow that yellow after you Millie?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [824] Yes, maybe. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [825] Who's not had them?
Leon (PS56D) [826] Me
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [827] Me
Leon (PS56D) [828] There's a new zone in the Crystal Maze.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [829] [...] I know, It's not a new zone much.
Leon (PS56D) [830] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [831] Underg , under water isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [832] Yes
Leon (PS56D) [833] Sonic two zone ha.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [834] What are you talking about?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [835] You have to copy everything I do, don't you?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [836] Who, when, where,
Leon (PS56D) [837] [laughing] yes, [] I didn't do a river, I can't do my own work.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [838] Who's going to be the crystal palace?
Leon (PS56D) [839] [laughing] No Millie []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [840] Sorry, what did you say?
Leon (PS56D) [841] It doesn't concern you.
[842] So you have to know everything that's said don't you?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [843] That's why everybody really hates you.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [844] Why [...] they can all drown, Oh my God, C H is the bottom of Mark's [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [845] Gogh, man, Van Gogh.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [846] It's a right picture, [laughing] she's done little flowers everywhere []
Leon (PS56D) [847] She's written Jane ninety three on it
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [848] Don't want a big population on it.
Leon (PS56D) [849] It's sick man.
[850] You've really ruined it.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [...]
Leon (PS56D) [851] Shut up
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [852] Can I borrow the green please?
[853] [shouting] Can I borrow the green, right now []
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [854] Oi, Millie why do you have to shout?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [855] That's the only way I get through to you sometimes.
[856] Oh, that's a masterpiece Leon.
Leon (PS56D) [857] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [858] Oh, goodie, goodie.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [859] The population [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [860] You can see him pull the veins off on the way, hey?
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [861] Millie you're showing me up with your picture, it's not very good.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [862] Let's see your's.
[863] I wanna see the [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [864] No you don't want to be dead.
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [865] [...] can't get [...]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [866] Okay, okay [...] monitor, I, I, I
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [867] Anyway, let it be.
Group of unknown speakers (KPLPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPLPSUNK) [868] It's lovely Steve, especially the bit