5 conversations recorded by `Madge' (PS56M) between 8 and 9 April 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 1399 s-units, 9081 words, and 56 minutes 17 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 620

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PS56M Ag5 f (Madge, age 73, retired, Central Northern England, )
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5 recordings

  1. Tape 075601 recorded on 1992-04-08. Location: Driffield ( parish church ) Activity: visit to parish church by local history group
  2. Tape 075602 recorded on 1992-04-08. Location: Driffield ( main street ) Activity: walking home
  3. Tape 075603 recorded on 1992-04-08. Location: Driffield ( bus office ) Activity: making enquiries
  4. Tape 075701 recorded on 1992-04-09. Location: Driffield ( friend's house ) Activity: meeting of Scrabble club
  5. Tape 075702 recorded on 1992-04-09. Location: Driffield ( friend's house ) Activity: meeting of Scrabble club

1 (Tape 075601)

None (KPMPS001) [1] It was really er, it was really a penance going to church.
Madge (PS56M) [2] Yes you really had to make the effort [...]
Madge (PS56M) [3] [...] supposed to do.
[4] Everybody had to, sort of middle ages, all the servants
Madge (PS56M) [5] That's right.
Madge (PS56M) [6] and everything were forced
Madge (PS56M) [7] Oh, every, yes
Madge (PS56M) [8] to go, weren't they?
None (KPMPS000) [9] The household went
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [10] Their, the homes the homes were probably
Madge (PS56M) [11] Then there, a lot of wearing lots of clothing
None (KPMPS000) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [12] and not washing much, was there? [laugh]
None (KPMPS000) [13] In spite of that it was probably more comfortable than the home that they'd left anyway.
Madge (PS56M) [14] Yeah, yeah.
None (KPMPS000) [15] The church.
Madge (PS56M) [16] They wouldn't want to wash very often, would they?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [17] No.
Madge (PS56M) [18] Keep the dirt on them, keep warm. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS001) [19] Smell of it.
Madge (PS56M) [20] Well everybody, everybody smelt the same, didn't they?
None (KPMPS001) [21] Yes, yes they wouldn't notice it.
[22] They all, they all huddled together and then when they started to get warm it'd pong a bit, wouldn't it?
Madge (PS56M) [23] It would that, yes.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh] ...
None (KPMPS000) [24] Do any of you remember Saint John's church?
[25] ... No, you, do you remember Saint John's church, no.
[26] It was only demolished about eighteen, nineteen seventy.
[27] Some of this woodwork is out of it.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [28] Oh!
[29] Is it?
None (KPMPS000) [30] Mm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [31] Oh!
None (KPMPS000) [32] It was on the corner of Saint John's road.
[33] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [34] I remember seeing, yes, I remember seeing it
None (KPMPS000) [35] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [36] now.
[37] Oh. ...
None (KPMPS000) [38] That lovely chandelier.
[39] Isn't that beautiful that chandelier?
[40] ... Mind the step!
Madge (PS56M) [41] Yes.
None (KPMPS000) [42] I'm, I'm standing here to tell everybody
Madge (PS56M) [43] I watched you go down.
None (KPMPS000) [44] to mind.
[45] Cos you can't see it.
Madge (PS56M) [46] No.
None (KPMPS000) [47] You're looking around you, you, you could do a wob a real bad wobble.
[48] ... Mind the steps!
[49] Down there [...] that step.
None (KPMPS001) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [50] Seeing [...] used to tell us a lot about this, didn't he, at class when it ...
None (KPMPS000) [51] Oh Richard
Madge (PS56M) [52] Reverend Richard
None (KPMPS000) [53] That's right!
Madge (PS56M) [54] Vicar of this house ... and he died in eighteen thirty three.
Madge (PS56M) [55] Eighteen thirty three!
None (KPMPS000) [56] Yeah
Madge (PS56M) [57] And then that's the other one.
None (KPMPS000) [58] One was erm
Madge (PS56M) [59] Eighteen eighty one
None (KPMPS000) [60] What would, what would relation were they?
Madge (PS56M) [61] Well I think that
Madge (PS56M) [62] Uncle!
Madge (PS56M) [63] Weren't they on Mrs
Madge (PS56M) [64] I think they were, yes.
Madge (PS56M) [65] on Mrs 's side?
None (KPMPS000) [66] Were they uncles?
[67] Was one an uncle to the other?
Madge (PS56M) [68] Can't tell the relationship.
[69] Whether they were father and son
Madge (PS56M) [70] I can't tell you whether, what the relationship between the two of them
Madge (PS56M) [71] no
Madge (PS56M) [72] was, but they're related to
Madge (PS56M) [73] Allen erm did tell me something else
Madge (PS56M) [74] and, and his Allen is spelt
None (KPMPS000) [75] Oh yes!
Madge (PS56M) [76] the same A double L E N
None (KPMPS000) [77] That's right!
[78] Yes, yes, that's right, yes.
[79] He was the one that did, did the diary
Madge (PS56M) [80] [...] isn't it?
None (KPMPS000) [81] One of them was a great diarist.
Madge (PS56M) [82] That's it.
[83] That's it
None (KPMPS000) [84] The earlier one I think, isn't
Madge (PS56M) [85] I can't
None (KPMPS000) [86] it?
[87] The earlier one, eighteen thirty three one.
Madge (PS56M) [88] Was it him?
[89] Mm
None (KPMPS000) [90] Yes.
[91] He was
Madge (PS56M) [92] Mind you that was the year he died.
[93] He
None (KPMPS000) [94] Yes
Madge (PS56M) [95] became vicar in seventeen ninety, didn't he?
None (KPMPS000) [96] Yes, well his diary was
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [97] around that time
Madge (PS56M) [98] Eighteen eighty three.
None (KPMPS000) [99] and Allen's still got the
Madge (PS56M) [100] Aye, that's right!
None (KPMPS000) [101] diary.
Madge (PS56M) [102] Yes, he has his diaries.
[103] That's it, mm, that's it.
[104] It's coming back to me now.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [105] Have you got any information on?
None (KPMPS001) [106] It says pretty much the same as
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [107] I'm sure as er, as in here, yes.
Madge (PS56M) [108] Mm.
[109] Oh I'm pleased I've done that there's [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [110] [...] yes, yes, that's right.
Madge (PS56M) [111] [...] information
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [112] Re tell us what it says.
Madge (PS56M) [113] Give me time.
[114] ... A bit of pa wait a minute, after, oh right.
[115] [reading] After a [...] ten years I've [...] in consequence of the ill state of my nephew [] .
[116] Oh well, I was right.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [117] [...] tell June that, won't I
Madge (PS56M) [118] [reading] She's the entry in the diary of the Reverend Richard .
[119] His custom in his latter years was to attend here at all on Sunday mornings when he would occasionally [...] the sermon being preached by one of his curates or his nephew, Reverend .
[120] The curate's deficiency was invariably noted [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [121] Now then, Richard home, was it Little Griffing?
[122] This is what it told us
Madge (PS56M) [123] Well there you are, you, yes, yes
Madge (PS56M) [124] so he could [...] prayers there on Sunday afternoon.
[125] That's right.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [126] Has this cropped up in your history class then, that you've been doing?
None (KPMPS000) [127] Two years ago, two years ago.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [128] Not this, not this, not this history class.
Madge (PS56M) [129] No
None (KPMPS000) [130] the one with the W E A.
Madge (PS56M) [131] This is, this is one I meant
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [132] now with the other one.
Madge (PS56M) [133] Oh yes,
Madge (PS56M) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [134] I've seen it.
[135] You've got to watch both ways, haven't you? [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [136] Yes, that's right.
Madge (PS56M) [137] What, what, Allen didn't know about [...] isn't worth knowing, is it?
Madge (PS56M) [138] No!
Madge (PS56M) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [139] Oh yes?
Madge (PS56M) [...] [...]
Madge (PS56M) [140] Oh aye!
Madge (PS56M) [141] [...] oh, he said, that'd be very interesting and he'd just been to see the [...] and I said how is she?
[142] He said marvellous!
[143] So I said but what, what his
Madge (PS56M) [144] Yes.
[145] Oh is she the old lady that's [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [146] Oh, what a pity couldn't get somebody to talk to her and have it recorded.
Madge (PS56M) [147] What she has done, Tom, Tom, you know, young Tom?
[148] He is very interested in art, in history
Madge (PS56M) [149] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [150] and he wanted to know a lot of things and erm Johnny you know you know Johnny
None (KPMPS000) [151] Yes, I know.
Madge (PS56M) [152] well he knows Mrs and Tom knows Johnny
None (KPMPS000) [153] Yes [...]
Madge (PS56M) [154] and he knows Mrs so he said well I know a lady who could fill a lot of gaps for you, Tom, in your history thing, so he asks, he asks
None (KPMPS000) [155] Marv marvellous, marvellous
Madge (PS56M) [156] and Reg wrote it all down and wrote it, sent it to John and he was so pleased to have it
None (KPMPS000) [157] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [158] but I mean things that nobody else remembered obviously she remembers or even if she doesn't remember she heard it talked of in her childhood
None (KPMPS000) [159] [...] yes.
Madge (PS56M) [160] so she goes back a long way.
Madge (PS56M) [161] I think she's marvellous cos I mean [...]
None (KPMPS000) [162] And she was born, you know, right at top of Bridge Street
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [163] Oh was she?
None (KPMPS000) [164] One of those houses that looks down
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [165] She hasn't
None (KPMPS000) [166] Bridge Street.
[167] She was a .
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [168] she hasn't moved far then has she?
None (KPMPS000) [169] She was a
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [170] She hasn't moved far, has she?
None (KPMPS000) [171] No.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [172] From Bridge Street just across the road.
None (KPMPS000) [173] Cos when Ma died [...] and he didn't know and he, I think he said he was his mother's cousin or something
Madge (PS56M) [174] Yes
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [175] Her mother's cousin
Madge (PS56M) [176] yes, yes cos I mean
None (KPMPS000) [177] All very brainy.
Madge (PS56M) [178] going back to her childhood, well then if she can remember things her parents said
None (KPMPS000) [179] Mm
Madge (PS56M) [180] well that's going back a long time, isn't it?
None (KPMPS000) [181] Oh yes hundred and fifty
Madge (PS56M) [182] That's right, it's a long, long time.
[183] So, for, sort of still to be recorded
Madge (PS56M) [184] [...] know who you are, pleased
Madge (PS56M) [185] Really?
Madge (PS56M) [186] you've been to see them
Madge (PS56M) [187] Is that really?
Madge (PS56M) [188] Yeah, but she said [...] I were called one night I went with her daughter-in-law
Madge (PS56M) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [189] and she said oh Fred's just come to put me to bed, you know, he comes every night
Madge (PS56M) [190] Really?
Madge (PS56M) [191] and he does, he goes every night religiously,.
[192] The young
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [193] The youngest
Madge (PS56M) [194] the youngest but one.
None (KPMPS000) [195] Oh aye, cos he does
Madge (PS56M) [196] Does he live in does he live in Driffield?
Madge (PS56M) [197] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [198] Yes, I think they're all very good to her, aren't they?
Madge (PS56M) [199] Ah well, you see they used to [...] where they used to live opposite.
None (KPMPS000) [200] [...] opposite.
Madge (PS56M) [201] Oh did they?
[202] Oh yes.
Madge (PS56M) [203] Can you remember what was Lindsleys?
Madge (PS56M) [204] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [205] Mm.
[206] Well they lived in
Madge (PS56M) [207] Oh did they?
Madge (PS56M) [208] that house.
Madge (PS56M) [209] And where do they live now?
[210] Someone
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [211] Er Brackwell.
Madge (PS56M) [212] Oh yes, er I mean she's so lucky that she has [...] all living in Griffing.
None (KPMPS000) [213] Mm
Madge (PS56M) [214] [...] to take it all in turns.
Madge (PS56M) [215] Yes, of course
None (KPMPS000) [216] [...] she'd never [...] her own washing till [...]
Madge (PS56M) [217] Really?
[218] Yes.
None (KPMPS000) [219] and they've taken it in turns in that now
Madge (PS56M) [220] Take the washing, yes
None (KPMPS000) [221] and they all, one week one of them does the [...]
Madge (PS56M) [222] Yes.
None (KPMPS000) [223] out of us, every
Madge (PS56M) [224] Oh, do they?
Madge (PS56M) [225] That's right! and she tells them what she wants.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [226] That's wonderful cos families aren't always like that, are they?
Madge (PS56M) [227] She tells them what she wants.
None (KPMPS000) [228] No, the daughters-in-law, well not daughters
Madge (PS56M) [229] Daughters -in-law, yes.
[230] She tells them what she wants, she said er one, Fred said something to her one week and she said, well you know, you can get some sirloin, she says I like sirloin and I like it with fat.
[231] She said tell [...] not to cook fat off.
[232] Well I mean you can't get it with fat, can you?
None (KPMPS000) [233] Well I like fat. [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [234] Anyway, she's a good appetite.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [235] Has she?
Madge (PS56M) [236] A marvellous appetite.
None (KPMPS000) [237] How old is she then, is she
Madge (PS56M) [238] A hundred and two in June
None (KPMPS000) [239] A hundred and two, oh
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [240] Yes, put her to bed, and there's different people call in to see her
Madge (PS56M) [241] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [242] they all have their days for going.
Madge (PS56M) [243] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [244] Er one of her, well I don't know who he really is, but he's some relation, he goes every morning, every morning
Madge (PS56M) [245] Does he really?
[246] Yes.
[247] I know when I'm coming
Madge (PS56M) [248] It's wonderful.
Madge (PS56M) [249] home from Jack's on a Sunday morning I have to walk as far [...]
None (KPMPS000) [250] Oh, it's that man that lives near Anne int it?
Madge (PS56M) [251] Yes!
None (KPMPS000) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [252] I don't whether he's a cousin or a nephew
None (KPMPS000) [253] No, Anne doesn't know what the relationship is but he
Madge (PS56M) [254] No, but there is some relation
None (KPMPS000) [255] called her Aunty
Madge (PS56M) [256] oh yeah
None (KPMPS000) [257] she said
Madge (PS56M) [258] mm, yes I can walk along with Allen, as far and then he'll say well I'm just going into see [...]
None (KPMPS000) [259] [...] that's right.
Madge (PS56M) [260] But it seems quite incredible a man of his age be you know, going to see
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [261] Me brother saw to seventy eight
None (KPMPS000) [262] Aye, I see.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [263] And you know, Jean [...] shares and when they come up [...] she shares it among them.
None (KPMPS000) [264] Oh, does she?
Madge (PS56M) [265] Five pound for you and there's five pound for Tom [laughing] for coming in for doing this [] .
[266] Five pound for you Fred for being good to me.
[267] Five pounds [...]
None (KPMPS000) [268] She must be a wonderful woman.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [269] She is!
None (KPMPS000) [270] Treating them all alike.
Madge (PS56M) [271] All alike!
Madge (PS56M) [272] She must've, she had terrific spirit cos when she had to have breast cancer operation I can't
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [273] Did she?
Madge (PS56M) [274] remember how long, her breast off.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [275] Oh, I didn't know that
Madge (PS56M) [276] Yes!
[277] Turned eighty, she must be.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [278] Yes!
Madge (PS56M) [279] I'd love, I've never seen her.
[280] Have you, Jean?
None (KPMPS000) [281] Oh yes!
[282] I used to [...] quite a lot and
Madge (PS56M) [283] Yes!
None (KPMPS000) [284] especially when we used to be at factory, because we used to come down Phillip's yard, didn't
Madge (PS56M) [285] Yes!
None (KPMPS000) [286] we, you see, and she of was often pottering in her garden
Madge (PS56M) [287] And she lived there
Madge (PS56M) [288] Oh she still lives there
Madge (PS56M) [289] lived there
Madge (PS56M) [290] yes.
Madge (PS56M) [291] She lived there then, did she?
None (KPMPS000) [292] Oh, she's never lived anywhere else.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [293] sleep downstairs
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [294] Really?
[295] Marvellous woman.
[296] Marvellous
Madge (PS56M) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [297] lady.
[298] Incredible
Madge (PS56M) [299] She was often popping in that [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [300] Oh yes!
None (KPMPS000) [301] I would like to er ... know what she was saying to that son.
[302] I wish we could get him to come to the meeting.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [303] Did you come to the last history meeting [...]
None (KPMPS000) [304] No, not that one.
[305] Erm, no I missed that one.
[306] No, the one in the house where er Mr [...]
Madge (PS56M) [307] Yes, he, he's doing it at the British Legion next time.
None (KPMPS000) [308] Oh.
Madge (PS56M) [309] Yes.
None (KPMPS000) [310] He, he really makes you feel
Madge (PS56M) [311] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [312] Oh I know.
[313] Well I remember it so,
Madge (PS56M) [314] Yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [315] you know.
Madge (PS56M) [316] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [317] [...] asking if it's in that booklet and it isn't, is it?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [318] That's where you put the pressure on?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [319] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS002) [320] Had a phone call from a woman last night, wanted to go swimming Thursday night [...] beginner's class.
[321] I said [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [322] Have you got to go to beginner?
None (KPMPS002) [323] No, it were
Madge (PS56M) [324] No
None (KPMPS002) [325] we, it should be next Thursday but the school's on
None (KPMPS001) [326] School's on
None (KPMPS002) [327] holiday
None (KPMPS001) [328] school's on holiday
None (KPMPS002) [329] it's not worth going,
Madge (PS56M) [330] What, you're still going to [...] are you?
None (KPMPS001) [331] Mm
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS002) [332] Mm yeah Thursday and it, it says Tuesday in the paper and it's Thursday.
[333] It has been for a, a while now
Madge (PS56M) [334] Yeah.
None (KPMPS002) [335] cos they don't open Tuesday, they don't [...] and it's, anyhow
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS002) [336] it's the last one, the last one next month in May.
[337] The third Thursday in May is the last one.
[338] But we had nobody been for a couple of times, now. ...
Madge (PS56M) [339] I've just got it going again and I really have to make the effort.
[340] This is what I say, I ought to make the effort to come to this French!
[341] They're all enjoying it
None (KPMPS002) [342] Well that's finished.
Madge (PS56M) [343] very much.
[344] Yes, I know.
None (KPMPS002) [345] We're, we're just finished today.
[346] He's
Madge (PS56M) [347] Yeah.
None (KPMPS002) [348] gonna have another one.
Madge (PS56M) [349] Yeah.
None (KPMPS001) [350] Is he?
None (KPMPS002) [351] Yeah, he's gonna have er, he's gonna go on from there, go on advanced.
None (KPMPS001) [352] Oh.
None (KPMPS002) [353] So we've, we've missed this one this morning [...]
Madge (PS56M) [354] Mm.
[355] I think we ought to, if we could make it a certain day of the week, something to do with U V A.
[356] One Tuesday [...] and the other Tuesday have a ... local history and third Tuesday have something else.
[357] The Tuesday of each
None (KPMPS002) [358] Ah, but well we do, we do that, we do
Madge (PS56M) [359] No we don't.
[360] We have Wednesdays and Thursdays.
None (KPMPS002) [361] Oh yes!
[362] Oh I see what you mean.
Madge (PS56M) [363] You mean one Tuesday [...]
None (KPMPS002) [364] That's because, that's because there's too many!
None (KPMPS001) [365] Too many.
Madge (PS56M) [366] No, but there'd be a good four, wouldn't there, at least four.
[367] A Tuesday in a month
None (KPMPS002) [368] Oh yeah, I see what you mean, yeah
Madge (PS56M) [369] have one
None (KPMPS002) [370] Mm, mm
Madge (PS56M) [371] make Tuesday, or Wednesday or Thursday for the U V A.
None (KPMPS002) [372] Yeah, but the trouble with it there is that ... very often you get, you get half of them say we can't come Tuesday, but we can come Wednesday
Madge (PS56M) [373] Oh yes!
None (KPMPS001) [374] Most people most people we find can, can go Wednesday and Thursday [...]
Madge (PS56M) [375] Yes, well
None (KPMPS002) [376] That counts
Madge (PS56M) [377] whatever days, whatever
None (KPMPS002) [378] That's right.
Madge (PS56M) [379] day.
None (KPMPS002) [380] He's, he's, he's, he's one of these [...] you get [...] if you aren't careful you can get so committed with [...]
Madge (PS56M) [381] Well this is, this is why I think [...] may be able to go to French
None (KPMPS001) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [382] and er I, really when I hear
None (KPMPS002) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [383] how, how well they've enjoyed it this morning I thought well I wished I'd made the effort
None (KPMPS002) [384] Yeah
Madge (PS56M) [385] but, even, I like this, I like this local history all very
None (KPMPS002) [386] Yes
Madge (PS56M) [387] interesting.
None (KPMPS002) [388] Yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [389] Erm your bridge class clashed with me Town's Women's Guild committee meeting so that was that, so
None (KPMPS002) [390] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [391] erm I think if you're on a committee you have a right to
None (KPMPS002) [392] To
Madge (PS56M) [393] attend
None (KPMPS002) [394] ex exactly if you're on the committee.
Madge (PS56M) [395] Anyway I'm [...]
None (KPMPS002) [396] Are you?
[397] ... Well, I know we're rather looking forward to May when it, when it finishes till September
Madge (PS56M) [398] Yes, well yes
None (KPMPS001) [399] Yes, so we can have a rest.
[400] I mean, no really
Madge (PS56M) [401] Do you know, I didn't want to say
None (KPMPS001) [402] we
Madge (PS56M) [403] anything but I thought you were looking, beginning to look a bit tired.
[404] Are you feeling tired?
None (KPMPS002) [...]
None (KPMPS001) [405] We are, well I'm not so
Madge (PS56M) [406] Yes.
None (KPMPS001) [407] not so well at the moment because I've got a stinking cold.
Madge (PS56M) [408] Oh that's it, is it?
[409] Yeah.
None (KPMPS001) [410] Yeah.
[411] But erm we, we wer went up to our son's in Inverness about fortnight, three weeks ago
Madge (PS56M) [412] Oh yes, mm, yes.
None (KPMPS001) [413] and I'll tell you this, we were glad to have nine days doing nothing.
Madge (PS56M) [414] Yes.
None (KPMPS001) [415] Just sat there and we felt better for it.
Madge (PS56M) [416] Mm well that's one of the reasons I haven't involved
None (KPMPS001) [417] We, we were getting tense!
Madge (PS56M) [418] in so much, yeah.
None (KPMPS002) [419] Even at weekends we [...] there's nothing Saturday and Sunday, but [...] somebody that we'd lived with in West Yorkshire called us.
[420] We'd a couple call last weekend that were in
Madge (PS56M) [421] Yeah, well you're on their way to the coast from West Riding, aren't you? [laugh]
None (KPMPS001) [422] They are, yeah.
[423] Yeah well, you see, we found that for the first three or four years now they've gradually dropped off a bit, but they did used to, I mean they still come, but it [...]
Madge (PS56M) [424] It's nice to see them int it?
None (KPMPS001) [425] Oh yeah.
None (KPMPS002) [426] Betty , is it Betty that er goes to the er, it's in the er, goes to the tea dances.
[427] She's a little lady [...]
None (KPMPS001) [428] Oh Bet Betty ?
None (KPMPS002) [429] Betty , no.
None (KPMPS001) [...]
None (KPMPS002) [430] No [...] .
[431] Her husband's a tall fellow.
[432] He's had er, he's had heart trouble that's why he doesn't go dancing.
[433] Betty?
[434] Betty?
[435] Anyhow, he, he bakes bread and he was talking about it the other day and I said oh that's lovely homemade bread.
[436] It, just before we set off they came round in the car and they had a loaf for me.
Madge (PS56M) [437] Lovely!
None (KPMPS002) [438] He said I'll give you the recipe.
[439] I made a mistake, like Margaret said, you're not [...] enough yet you, you, you'd never learn, you would.
[440] And I said, ooh I wouldn't mind making bread.
[441] Well, people take me up on it and he's
Madge (PS56M) [442] Oh!
None (KPMPS002) [443] and so he came round with the bread and he said I'll let you have the recipe and I thought, so I am now
Madge (PS56M) [444] [laugh] So?
None (KPMPS002) [445] committed to making bread.
Madge (PS56M) [446] Bread good.
None (KPMPS002) [447] I'll have to make some now.
Madge (PS56M) [448] You'll have to make some little baps and bring them [laugh]
None (KPMPS002) [449] No, no, you know that, this is Margaret says I ain't never saying anything unless I'm sure I want to.
[450] She said I, I, I linger and when I've thought about it I say yes,
Madge (PS56M) [451] Well, it's very difficult, yeah
None (KPMPS002) [452] alright. [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [laugh]
None (KPMPS002) [453] But, you know, you, don't you, you go straight in without thinking.
Madge (PS56M) [454] Oh, I think I've only once made bread in all my life.
[455] I remember me mother with a great big earthenware [...]
None (KPMPS001) [456] Oh aye!
[457] She used to have this in, in front, in front of the old fire .
None (KPMPS002) [458] Yellow inside.
Madge (PS56M) [459] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [460] I've got plants growing in it at the moment.
None (KPMPS001) [461] Well,Jo Joan, Joan there she, she, she can make the most marvellous cakes and scones and everything else.
[462] She's only once tried to make some bread.
[463] She made this bread, put it on the table, the table went [...]
None (KPMPS002) [464] So heavy! [...]
None (KPMPS001) [465] We couldn't, we couldn't get through it.
[466] We, we, we, we threw, we threw it out into the garden and these birds swooped down and they couldn't take off!
Madge (PS56M) [467] Oh go on! [laugh]
None (KPMPS001) [468] They couldn't take off.
[469] They were flapping round on the
Madge (PS56M) [470] They were so excited at getting something [...] [laugh]
None (KPMPS001) [471] They were so, they were so heavy, they were so heavy, they were so heavy
Madge (PS56M) [472] What's he asking me?
None (KPMPS001) [473] Talking about your baking.
[474] How the birds couldn't take off [...]
Madge (PS56M) [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [475] Bread?
[476] Yes.
None (KPMPS001) [477] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [478] It's the only thing I can't make!
[479] I can, can do all, all sorts
None (KPMPS002) [480] Have you seen, have you seen that, that little lady that goes to [...] Betty, Betty something [...]
Madge (PS56M) [481] I think we could be moving.
None (KPMPS002) [482] She's in the bowling club.
None (KPMPS001) [483] Oh you mean the little one that goes with Mary?
None (KPMPS002) [...]
None (KPMPS001) [484] Aye, I know who you mean now.
None (KPMPS002) [485] [...] talking to him last night, he makes bread.
[486] He loves it.
[487] See it's one of his hobbies and he goes to, he goes to er Bradshaws and he
None (KPMPS001) [488] Yeah.
None (KPMPS002) [489] asks, he gets it, it's called Brad something special, brown
None (KPMPS001) [490] Special flour
None (KPMPS002) [491] brown flour and, and, anyway they called round just before we set off.
[492] They waltzed round in the car and they had this brown loaf warm out of the oven for me.
Madge (PS56M) [493] Really?
None (KPMPS002) [494] It smelt beautifully.
Madge (PS56M) [495] Oh!
None (KPMPS002) [496] And, and he said I, because, because when they were talking Joan, I mean, like Margaret said, it's worth thinking first before you open your mouth
Madge (PS56M) [497] Yes.
None (KPMPS002) [498] and he said [...]
Madge (PS56M) [499] They could er
None (KPMPS002) [500] making bread well he says I, you know, I'll give you the recipe and you're committed now, you know.
Madge (PS56M) [501] You're gonna have to have a go!
None (KPMPS002) [502] [...] she says you've, you've had it, you're right in so you better get yourself organized.
[503] I, I, I would like to but I haven't thought it seriously enough about it, but when I smelt that I thought
Madge (PS56M) [504] Well I've got a couple of er bridge loaf tins that you can borrow. [laugh]
None (KPMPS002) [505] Loaf tins?
[506] Oh, I've got a couple of loaf tins.
[507] We had one er [...] you know, the eldest daughter she makes all her own bread [...]
Madge (PS56M) [508] My mother used to do.
Madge (PS56M) [509] Oh so did mine.
[510] Great big earthenware things.
[511] We were just talking about that
Madge (PS56M) [512] Earthenware [...]
Madge (PS56M) [513] Every, every Thursday, coming home from school
None (KPMPS002) [514] She'd be pounding
Madge (PS56M) [515] Yes!
None (KPMPS002) [516] Best thing to do is do a bit of gardening then go in and bake the bread.
[517] It puts a bit of flavour in.
Madge (PS56M) [518] [laugh] It cleans your hands!
Madge (PS56M) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [519] It cleans your hands!
Madge (PS56M) [laugh]
None (KPMPS002) [520] Yes!
[521] ... Put a bit flavour in your loaf of bread.
[522] Bit of compost in it.
Madge (PS56M) [523] Me mother used to make loaves and then she had a set of
None (KPMPS002) [...] [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [524] a set of little tiny loaf tins and we all, she always used to make these little ones, you know, that's mine, that's me brother's,
Madge (PS56M) [525] Oh yes [...]
Madge (PS56M) [526] that me sister's each time.
Madge (PS56M) [527] That was your tea [...] oh I can still remember this now.
Madge (PS56M) [528] And when we moved to Manchester the thing I missed were things called sally loaves and you don't
Madge (PS56M) [529] Oh yeah!
Madge (PS56M) [530] and you don't see them here now!
[531] Great big ones!
None (KPMPS001) [532] Yes, sally loaves.
[533] But do you know, me cousin Eric, who's quite a lot older than me, was at Scarborough with me Uncle [...] and [...] and his mother and dad and he was only a little one and he was stood in that narrow street that goes off, off the [...]
Madge (PS56M) [534] Yeah, yeah I know
None (KPMPS001) [535] He stood there, cos something had happened, and he's stamping his feet he says and I won't, I won't say our father and I won't have any sally [...] for me supper either.
Madge (PS56M) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [536] Oh I used to love sally loaves and you cut them off that way
Madge (PS56M) [537] Yes, yes.
Madge (PS56M) [538] You cut them that way.
None (KPMPS002) [539] And they had icing on them, did they have icing?
Madge (PS56M) [540] No, no there was currants, the fruits.
None (KPMPS002) [541] Like a teacake, wasn't it?
[542] Like a fruit teacake
Madge (PS56M) [543] Yes a great yes a great one but then when we got to Manchester it was all baps!
[544] We didn't know what baps were!
[545] So we went there
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [546] Well it still won't know what's hit it when it arrives, I mean
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [547] I just realized ... Trevor isn't
None (KPMPS000) [548] Oh is it?
Madge (PS56M) [549] here today?
[550] He's alright
None (KPMPS000) [551] No he's
Madge (PS56M) [552] is he?
None (KPMPS000) [553] Oh yes, well he's not a, a bit, a nasty cold but it, you know, he's alright, no
Madge (PS56M) [554] Not very good [...]
Madge (PS56M) [555] And Scrabble at your house tomorrow?
None (KPMPS000) [556] Tomorrow, yes.
Madge (PS56M) [557] Oh that's jolly convenient for the p erm go and put me little cross on the way then.
None (KPMPS000) [558] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [559] Oh well, we're going after we've been [...]
None (KPMPS000) [560] Yeah, well we're put [...] morning.
None (KPMPS002) [561] I'm a floating voter, me.
Madge (PS56M) [562] You're floating towards the school in the morning, this morning?
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS002) [563] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [564] Oh, really?
[565] Yes, [...] take me velvet
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [566] See you tomorrow for the Scrabble?
Madge (PS56M) [567] Er, yes all being well we will, yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [568] Erm I was [...] last night because I was all ready to come and the telephone rang and it was one of those
Madge (PS56M) [569] Oh [...]
Madge (PS56M) [570] upsetting people on the other side and
Madge (PS56M) [571] Oh.
Madge (PS56M) [572] and I hadn't the heart to tell [...]
Madge (PS56M) [573] No.
Madge (PS56M) [574] Something over my son's wedding and she was in tears
Madge (PS56M) [575] Oh dear!
Madge (PS56M) [576] oh this is just [...] when she felt she had to talk
Madge (PS56M) [577] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [578] at about twenty past two [...] I did a good deed for the day.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [579] Well you did, yes.
[580] I'll grant you your reward in heaven.
Madge (PS56M) [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [581] [laugh] If not before!
Madge (PS56M) [582] Not too soon I hope!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [583] Not too soon, no.
[584] All these rewards that you're waiting for [laughing] and you don't find anyone there [] .
Madge (PS56M) [585] I'm afraid there'll be an awful counterbalance somewhere along the line.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [586] Oh gosh!
[587] I'm sure there will.
[588] I'm sure there will, yes.
[589] Oh Mary's going out for a drink as well.
Madge (PS56M) [590] Oh she is?
None (KPMPS000) [591] Mm [...] tell her I'll see her some time
Madge (PS56M) [592] Yes, righto.
[593] ... She hasn't found a house yet
None (KPMPS000) [594] She is thinking of going
Madge (PS56M) [595] has she?
None (KPMPS000) [596] Er she said not
Madge (PS56M) [597] No, she's hoping to go to [...] yeah.
[598] Anyway, I'm glad you're better [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [599] Yes, I'm fine.
Madge (PS56M) [600] No, no more ... [...] cos it can last for such a long time sometimes, you know.
Madge (PS56M) [601] Yes, so they say!
[602] Somebody was telling me it took her four years!
[603] I thought oh my God! [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [604] Don't want that [...] .
[605] Bye!

2 (Tape 075602)

Madge (PS56M) [606] I was thinking about the Wigan one.
None (KPMPS003) [607] Aye, I know that, that's the one she was
Madge (PS56M) [608] Oh, oh, cos
None (KPMPS003) [609] yes, well she, yes, I mean er, I [...] say to her [...] really.
[610] I mean I try every now again but it, you end up ... you're gonna end by talking about them and
Madge (PS56M) [611] Mm.
None (KPMPS003) [612] child
Madge (PS56M) [613] Yes.
None (KPMPS003) [614] and what [...] used to do and that's it.
[615] Then of course it sort of all brings all back to him.
Madge (PS56M) [616] Yeah.
None (KPMPS003) [617] He says, well if you don't bother.
[618] But no, I just er added, added to them [...] and I didn't have a letter to say that er, you know, they were coming.
Madge (PS56M) [619] Well I think if it was a flying visit [...]
None (KPMPS003) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [620] as I say, none of mine came but carried on there I went home again [...] .
None (KPMPS003) [621] [...] back home.
[622] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [623] Yes.
None (KPMPS003) [624] But erm, no, I, I don't really
Madge (PS56M) [625] No, apparently Dul Dulcie didn't know who, who was who anyway. [laugh]
None (KPMPS003) [626] No, that would be I don't really think of that when I, I don't think [...] I don't think anybody went to see her, but I think she'd been done a bit better.
[627] Sheila had this letter anyway
Madge (PS56M) [628] Oh.
None (KPMPS003) [629] so er
Madge (PS56M) [630] I was, I was alright at the weekend, that's my Darlington meeting [...] and she was talking to one of the boys erm ... the one that lives at Filey.
[631] And she'd been talking to him for about half an hour and well er her son had come up
None (KPMPS003) [632] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [633] and ... not Norman, it's the other one ... [...] one of them anyway, he said hello Christopher where's your mum? [...] talking for half an hour!
[634] [laugh] He just hadn't recognized who she was!
None (KPMPS003) [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [635] And that isn't so long since they'd seen her
None (KPMPS003) [636] Ah, well it
Madge (PS56M) [637] [...] I can't remember the name [...]
None (KPMPS003) [638] Because if, if you get a letter from somebody and you think oh, it's lovely I'll, I'll do something about that.
[639] Well, you see when it comes to it [...] that's it you can do about replying.
Madge (PS56M) [640] Yeah
None (KPMPS003) [641] So I believe at one time
Madge (PS56M) [642] Oh well [...] reply the girl I used to work with [...] wrote to me this morning.
None (KPMPS003) [643] Aye.
Madge (PS56M) [644] Er [...] got to arrange a meeting at Pocklington cos she lives at York so we, I go through to Pocklington have a lunch and then return
None (KPMPS003) [645] That'd, that'd be quite [...]
Madge (PS56M) [646] and we both come back because the buses are quite convenient, they seem
None (KPMPS003) [647] I was gonna say
Madge (PS56M) [648] to meet in Pocklington
None (KPMPS003) [649] Aye
Madge (PS56M) [650] you know there's not nobody got half an hour to wait.
None (KPMPS003) [651] No, nobody got, no.
[652] If it's a wet day you're mucking about.
[653] No.
[654] So it's a good idea.
Madge (PS56M) [655] No.
[656] Well we had a lovely walk [...] in the er water gardens at Pocklington.
None (KPMPS003) [657] Aye.
Madge (PS56M) [658] It was nice.
None (KPMPS003) [659] That's another one.
Madge (PS56M) [660] Are there any people who are sixteen, seventeen?
None (KPMPS003) [661] No then, no then
Madge (PS56M) [662] I tell you what.
[663] I've got my er seventeen year old granddaughter staying with me for the time being
None (KPMPS003) [664] Have you?
Madge (PS56M) [665] and it frightens me to death the way they go out.
[666] It really does.
[667] And I mean she's a good kid, she isn't a bad kid by any means but er, oh the late nights and er
None (KPMPS003) [668] I know
Madge (PS56M) [669] how the, she expects to get her A level exams I just don't know.
None (KPMPS003) [670] They get, get through
Madge (PS56M) [671] [...] you can only encourage them you can't make them do it.
None (KPMPS003) [672] [laughing] No [] .
[673] You're wondering how
Madge (PS56M) [674] Anyway, see you Gladys
None (KPMPS003) [675] you're wondering how your, your encouraging's in the right place [...]
Madge (PS56M) [676] Indeed!
None (KPMPS003) [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [677] See you Gladys!
[678] ... Bye!

3 (Tape 075603)

Madge (PS56M) [679] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [680] Oh Christ!
[681] It's warm in here!
Madge (PS56M) [682] It's lovely!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [683] Every time I come in I'm roasting!
Madge (PS56M) [684] The wind is quite cold
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [685] I know.
Madge (PS56M) [686] Well, int really cold but it's
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [687] Open that one as well cos I'm off.
Madge (PS56M) [688] Can you tell me how to get Staithes and get to Scarborough and get to ... from Scarborough to Whitby by bus presumably.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [689] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [690] Do you have any timetables
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [691] Er
Madge (PS56M) [692] or anything?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [693] the only thing I have is [...] to Scarborough.
Madge (PS56M) [694] No!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [695] The only information I have, I'm afraid cos that's as far as [...]
Madge (PS56M) [696] Well, where do I get the information then?
[697] Who from?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [698] Erm, I would think you'll either have to get it from Scarborough or Whitby.
[699] Is it Staithes? [...]
Madge (PS56M) [700] Yes, it's erm ... about [...] I think at Whitby.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [701] Yeah.
[702] It's a different bus company,
Madge (PS56M) [703] Er ri
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [704] you see.
Madge (PS56M) [705] Ah well, can you, have you
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [706] got the tele their telephone number for Scarborough?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [707] Erm ...
Madge (PS56M) [708] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK)
Madge (PS56M) [709] yes.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK)
Madge (PS56M) [710] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK)
Madge (PS56M) [711] Yes.
[712] And what bus company is it then?
[713] Just Scarborough?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [714] Scarborough District. ...
Madge (PS56M) [715] They're useless, aren't they?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [716] Mm.
[717] I don't, I mean, I haven't, I'm not useless cos I can give you information we have here but I'm not at that end I can't you see [...]
Madge (PS56M) [718] Oh, erm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [719] Scarborough.
Madge (PS56M) [720] oh.
[721] Oh, I would've thought
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [722] But they could
Madge (PS56M) [723] you might've had some timetables like they have on the train
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [724] Yeah
Madge (PS56M) [725] now
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [726] yeah, I know.
Madge (PS56M) [727] I mean it's funny [...] anyway.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [728] [laugh] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [729] Going to be a long journey I would think cos it's an hour and a half from here to Scarborough on the bus. ...
Madge (PS56M) [730] I can be making [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [731] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [732] One and a half?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...] [...]
Madge (PS56M) [733] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [734] Will I go from here to [...]
Madge (PS56M) [735] To where? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [736] [...] mother-in-law's there and by the time I get to Filey [...]
Madge (PS56M) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [737] [...] I do!
[738] Mind you, when I get to Filey [...] take me home and I think that's [...]
Madge (PS56M) [739] Yeah.
[740] Do they go to Pocklington occasionally [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [741] [...] I can imagine
Madge (PS56M) [742] You know when it takes you what
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [743] Yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [744] twenty five minutes in a car and it takes you about an, an hour on the bus.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [745] Yeah, that's it, innit?
Madge (PS56M) [746] Anyway, thanks very much!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [747] Bye!
[748] Sorry!
Madge (PS56M) [749] Bye!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [750] Bye!

4 (Tape 075701)

Madge (PS56M) [751] What a lovely garden!
None (KPMPS000) [752] Hello Jean!
None (KPMPS004) [753] Isn't it?
[754] That's what I was saying
Madge (PS56M) [755] Absolutely and that oh but what a lot you've still got to do, haven't you?
None (KPMPS000) [756] But spring's nice this time of the year
None (KPMPS004) [757] not compared with what you had
None (KPMPS000) [758] not compared yet
None (KPMPS004) [759] but you have.
Madge (PS56M) [760] Yes, [...]
None (KPMPS004) [761] Oh and to be open like that at the
Madge (PS56M) [762] Mm
None (KPMPS004) [763] at the back.
Madge (PS56M) [764] Yes.
[765] I know when [...] you know [...]
None (KPMPS000) [766] [...] come round and cut the grass at the back I said are you cutting our grass for us! [laugh]
None (KPMPS004) [767] Oh he goes trotting along on that er little mechanical thing
None (KPMPS000) [768] Yes, yes
None (KPMPS004) [769] now.
[770] But I don't re think they realize what they were doing when they started making that flower border round, it's going to be a never ending job.
None (KPMPS000) [771] Yes, yes.
[772] Well we thought about one but it [...] but we let it grow again because we just hadn't the time.
None (KPMPS004) [773] Well, it's as fast as I got round [...]
None (KPMPS000) [774] Yes, yes
None (KPMPS004) [775] I don't know what, how much they've kept of the er place at the back.
Madge (PS56M) [776] No, no I don't know what they've kept
None (KPMPS004) [777] But er, [...] you've got a cold too, haven't you?
Madge (PS56M) [778] No I haven't really!
[779] No!
None (KPMPS004) [780] Haven't you?
[781] Oh!
[782] It just sounded as though you had.
[783] Now who was it?
[784] It was Jim saying he'd got a cold.
Madge (PS56M) [785] Haven't you been? [...]
None (KPMPS004) [786] Oh I've just been. [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [787] Oh I went at half past nine this morning.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [788] and they're all going down with their little cards in their hands as they
Madge (PS56M) [789] Are they?
[790] Two
None (KPMPS004) [791] Yes or three people on the way up [laugh]
Madge (PS56M) [792] It was only twenty past nine when I went there yet there seemed to be a stream of folks!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [793] being busy she says you're still being kept going all the time and they were streaming in you know.
None (KPMPS005) [794] Oh yeah
None (KPMPS000) [795] Oh there was quite a few pas when I past I went up for paper but I didn't call in and vote, you know,
None (KPMPS004) [796] No
Madge (PS56M) [797] No
None (KPMPS000) [798] we'll have a walk up tonight.
Madge (PS56M) [799] Yes there's a [...] anyway [...]
None (KPMPS004) [800] [...] I didn't get caught on somebody coming, when I came out saying who did you vote for?
[801] Would you like to tell me?
[802] I dodged all those sort of people.
[803] If I'm going to vote I want to vote not
Madge (PS56M) [804] Were there some were there some people asking you then?
[805] Oh!
None (KPMPS004) [806] They've always been other years so I presume that
None (KPMPS000) [807] Yeah, yeah, yeah
None (KPMPS004) [808] there will be.
Madge (PS56M) [809] I see.
[810] Oh yeah!
None (KPMPS004) [811] There were, a few people stood around the main entrance but I
Madge (PS56M) [812] You never get any good political [laughing] meetings now [] [...] there used to be
None (KPMPS005) [813] No
Madge (PS56M) [814] [laughing] good ones at town hall [] .
None (KPMPS005) [815] There was one, one last night, wasn't there?
None (KPMPS004) [816] Was there?
Madge (PS56M) [817] Oh was there?
[818] Oh I didn't know!
None (KPMPS005) [819] [...] I thought you got a little brochure through your door.
Madge (PS56M) [820] [...] I never read it. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [821] I only had one candidate round
Madge (PS56M) [822] Oh I didn't know there was
None (KPMPS004) [823] and I had a Labour bloke round last night.
[824] I don't think it was a candidate, just a reporter.
Madge (PS56M) [825] They used to have good political meetings in town hall [...] [laugh]
None (KPMPS004) [826] Well they used to all over, didn't they?
Madge (PS56M) [827] Mm aye in villages as well, yeah, aye.
[828] Cos, I mean [...]
None (KPMPS006) [829] I know I just [...] that election, you know in eighty seven
None (KPMPS005) [830] Yes, [...] before then?
None (KPMPS000) [831] Well erm [...] no we're in business to know
None (KPMPS005) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [832] aren't we?
None (KPMPS005) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [833] Used to be called Brian and then it was that David fellow, anyway I said well I shouldn't bother to vote last time, anyway David n erm David ... Dennis said you will I'll take you there so he took me to [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh]
None (KPMPS004) [834] I don't think our votes are going to be crucial but whether they, what they
None (KPMPS005) [835] Not here
None (KPMPS004) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [836] Well I don't think in this area
None (KPMPS004) [837] No
None (KPMPS000) [838] cos it's [...]
Madge (PS56M) [839] I don't know whether he's a good MP or not, do you?
None (KPMPS005) [840] [...] no
Madge (PS56M) [841] I don't know much about him
None (KPMPS004) [842] I'm not very happy with him but er I mean er
Madge (PS56M) [843] Oh don't know much about him
None (KPMPS004) [844] it's the party rather than the man I
None (KPMPS006) [845] Hello!
None (KPMPS005) [846] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS006) [847] How's your tooth?
[848] Has it been painful?
None (KPMPS005) [849] Oh a lot better thanks yes.
None (KPMPS006) [850] Oh [...]
None (KPMPS005) [851] Yeah it's a lot better today
None (KPMPS006) [852] Somebody somebody said yesterday
Madge (PS56M) [853] Ooh it had!
None (KPMPS004) [854] What was it?
None (KPMPS005) [855] Just an infection dentist said.
None (KPMPS004) [856] Oh!
None (KPMPS005) [857] Funny enough, Peter and I have both been swimming together and we've both got the same thing
None (KPMPS000) [858] Did they tell you it was a working party as it's gardening afternoon?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [859] I said it've been better if we'd all gave him a, a half a day's gardening [...]
None (KPMPS004) [860] I've done I've done an hour this morning and it's just about jiggered me.
None (KPMPS000) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [861] You know edging the lawn and
None (KPMPS000) [862] Yes
None (KPMPS004) [863] weeding.
None (KPMPS006) [864] [...] nothing since last August and my husband keeps saying oh I must stay in and do it, I must stay in and do it and I just don't!
None (KPMPS004) [865] I know!
[866] I cut the grass yesterday for the first time and it was like a meadow!
None (KPMPS006) [867] I have a lot of shade so I have to wait until it's dry.
None (KPMPS004) [868] Yes, it's, it's
None (KPMPS000) [869] [...] I've, I've got excuse [laugh] I don't, I say I don't worry that much, I don't
None (KPMPS004) [870] I can find plenty of excuses.
[871] [laugh] Oh I can find plenty of excuses.
None (KPMPS006) [872] No mine looks after itself really.
[873] It's all ground cover and [...]
None (KPMPS004) [874] Do you find that ground cover works?
[875] Because I've found the
None (KPMPS006) [876] I do!
None (KPMPS004) [877] the weeds are coming up and I'm having to go under the ground cover and get them. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [878] Hello there!
None (KPMPS006) [879] I find that yes.
None (KPMPS004) [880] Ooh [...]
None (KPMPS006) [881] Hello!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [882] Oh!
[883] Look at the bulbs, aren't they lovely!
None (KPMPS004) [884] Aren't they nice!
[885] ... Do you take the bulbs out each year or
Madge (PS56M) [886] No!
None (KPMPS004) [887] replant them?
[888] Mm?
Madge (PS56M) [889] No!
[890] Erm we've taken one [...]
None (KPMPS004) [891] Oh yes, cos I was going to say there were a lot to come up there innit?
None (KPMPS006) [892] That's right.
[893] To take the tops off now [...] I don't always I think well what does nature do?
[894] Nothing!
[895] So
None (KPMPS004) [896] No
None (KPMPS006) [897] I don't do [...]
None (KPMPS004) [898] But with a, it's just that er if you have er [...] in the wrong place it'll look a bit untidy with the other things coming up when the bulbs are dying down.
None (KPMPS006) [899] They do, yes [...] leaves the leaves on so
None (KPMPS004) [900] Oh I wish I've got something cooler!
[901] Ooh!
None (KPMPS006) [902] Yes, I've got short sleeves.
None (KPMPS004) [903] Mm
None (KPMPS006) [904] Isn't it a lovely conservatory?
None (KPMPS004) [905] Int it gorgeous and especially this view.
None (KPMPS006) [906] Yeah!
[907] It's lovely!
[908] ... Yeah an ideal [...]
None (KPMPS004) [909] Mm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [910] Yes look at all the daffodils!
None (KPMPS006) [911] Mm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [912] It's quite hot in here, isn't it?
None (KPMPS006) [913] Mm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [914] Gosh!
[915] You just
None (KPMPS006) [916] It's lovely, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [917] Yes!
Madge (PS56M) [918] Yes, well we're having it altered.
[919] We going to have
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [920] What are you going to do?
Madge (PS56M) [921] well we're moving it forward so far and we're having patio doors
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [922] Ah, yes, yes, mm
None (KPMPS004) [923] Ah, that's nice, mm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [924] Yes
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [925] Wow!
[926] What a roof!
Madge (PS56M) [927] Yes
None (KPMPS004) [928] Cos it wo it doesn't keep the light out of your kitchen or your other rooms does it, because of
Madge (PS56M) [929] Well no, you know
None (KPMPS004) [930] this.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [931] No, you've got such big windows haven't you?
None (KPMPS004) [932] Some people have had them with a solid roof
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS005) [933] Yes, you can see right across.
None (KPMPS006) [934] Do you try to take all the tops off as they die off?
Madge (PS56M) [935] Well, we started, we started
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [936] but as the time goes on.
[937] I took a few off this morning, but you see there's still a few [...]
None (KPMPS006) [938] Yeah I tell myself that, that they don't get taken off in nature so I leave them
Madge (PS56M) [939] Yeah
None (KPMPS006) [940] mainly.
Madge (PS56M) [941] Well I, we do mainly, but what we do is, we, we cut them, when they die off, we cut them right down under ground
None (KPMPS006) [942] Oh do you?
None (KPMPS004) [943] Do you wait till they go, the leaves go really yellow or [...]
Madge (PS56M) [944] Oh no, no.
[945] Well no, because you've got to get something else in really.
None (KPMPS004) [946] That's it!
[947] Yes!
Madge (PS56M) [948] You know, let them die off a bit
None (KPMPS004) [949] Mm
Madge (PS56M) [950] and then, well we leave the daffies [...] and then when the tulips have died off we take the lot
None (KPMPS004) [951] Oh yes yes.
None (KPMPS006) [952] Oh and you just sort of
Madge (PS56M) [953] and, and pull them all off and put
None (KPMPS004) [954] Just leave, leave the bulbs in?
Madge (PS56M) [955] Yes ... and put a bit of fertilizer on and ... on one side, I think that side, you see, they haven't come back as well.
None (KPMPS004) [956] No.
Madge (PS56M) [957] [...] last year, year before.
None (KPMPS004) [958] Oh!
None (KPMPS006) [959] Mm
Madge (PS56M) [960] You know and er the daffies ... there was a bad patch there last year.
[961] We put some more in and they still haven't come.
None (KPMPS006) [962] Oh!
Madge (PS56M) [963] I don't know why.
None (KPMPS004) [964] Oh!
Madge (PS56M) [965] So, I don't think we [...]
None (KPMPS004) [966] What are you going to do when the daffies die down? [...] bring anything else in?
Madge (PS56M) [967] Oh yeah, well yes, we've had, we've put bedding plants, bedding plants in
None (KPMPS004) [968] Bedding plants in yes.
Madge (PS56M) [969] Mm, yeah, yeah, got a, you know, just a small border.
None (KPMPS004) [970] Right. ...
None (KPMPS006) [971] Oh it's gorgeous innit?
[972] We could've played outside, couldn't we? [laugh]
None (KPMPS004) [973] [...] I saw some, my erm people at the bottom of the garden were having their lunch out in the garden [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [974] We, we had our lunch at [...]
None (KPMPS004) [975] but they were right out in the open [...] breakfast and all the meals out here.
[976] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [977] I've got me jigsaw on that board that's what, and I've covered it over with a cloth because I don't want the sun to fade it cos it's [laughing] hard enough to do as it is [] !
None (KPMPS006) [978] Oh yes!
[979] Yes, that's right.
[980] It'll change it, won't it?
None (KPMPS004) [981] Oh I'm not, I don't like jigsaws very much [...]
None (KPMPS006) [982] I do but I've got so many other things to do I haven't got time.
Madge (PS56M) [983] Well, I had this one bought at Christmas ... and I've only just got him persuaded to let me bring the board down to do it downstairs cos you, where are we going to put it?
None (KPMPS006) [984] Well you get hooked once you start, don't you?
Madge (PS56M) [985] Yeah, you do
None (KPMPS006) [986] I, I daren't start!
None (KPMPS004) [987] I get frustrated if I can't see something immediately that goes in somewhere.
None (KPMPS006) [988] Oh, do you?
[989] Oh I don't mind that
None (KPMPS004) [990] I get awfully frustrated.
None (KPMPS006) [991] I find it [...]
Madge (PS56M) [992] I, I think this is going to be a very difficult one cos there's a lot very near the same shade but
None (KPMPS004) [993] Yes
None (KPMPS006) [994] Mm
Madge (PS56M) [995] they are shaded
None (KPMPS004) [996] How many pieces?
[997] How many pieces?
Madge (PS56M) [998] One thousand five hundred.
None (KPMPS004) [laugh]
None (KPMPS000) [999] Summer's come!
[1000] Summer's come!
None (KPMPS004) [1001] Well let's hope it stays!
None (KPMPS006) [1002] Yeah.
[1003] It came about a month ago, didn't it?
None (KPMPS004) [1004] Although we shall be grumbling for water, shan't we?
None (KPMPS006) [1005] Yeah.
[1006] Oh we've had plenty of water for the time being.
None (KPMPS004) [1007] Be grumbling for water.
[1008] Oh I don't think so not for what they, what they, they want.
None (KPMPS006) [1009] No, no.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1010] I'm just not dedicated I'm afraid.
[1011] I just let the garden go [laughing] [...] []
None (KPMPS004) [1012] Well it's a, I'm afraid it's just getting
None (KPMPS006) [1013] So many other things to do!
None (KPMPS004) [1014] too much.
[1015] I, I really jiggered myself this morning and I was only out about half an hour, you know, and I used to be able to do a full day! [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1016] [...] yeah.
[1017] No you can't.
None (KPMPS004) [1018] and er there's enough to do at the front and the back [...] .
[1019] The front has got to be tidy [laugh] I did a bit last night when I went out.
None (KPMPS006) [1020] Can't you put gravel in your front?
None (KPMPS004) [1021] I don't like gravel.
None (KPMPS006) [1022] Oh I don't mind!
[1023] I think it looks quite nice.
[1024] I've seen two of all these houses I walked round at Bridlington, I thought all the gravel looked quite nice, you know, with the odd plant and [...] and things through the gravel.
None (KPMPS004) [1025] And er ... did you enjoy your tea yesterday with [...] I didn't come because er I thought
None (KPMPS006) [1026] Yes!
[1027] Yes!
[1028] Thank you
None (KPMPS004) [1029] I might go back and get er, get me grass cut [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1030] Yeah.
[1031] They were silly little coffee cups that came round and
None (KPMPS004) [1032] and part of that is it's a long walk back from the [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1033] It was, was a long walk, yes.
None (KPMPS004) [1034] I should imagine [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1035] Yes.
[1036] I mean you've such a long walk, haven't you, haven't you?
None (KPMPS004) [1037] So I thought right, I'm gonna give that [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1038] Well I
None (KPMPS004) [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1039] yes, I got a bit tired out because erm somebody mentioned table tennis and I said oh I've been wanting a game for years!
[1040] I, I got sick of asking around and gave up [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1041] Ooh!
None (KPMPS006) [1042] er somebody said well the, the table's, we'd been to French in the morning and I hadn't realized that the table's
None (KPMPS004) [1043] Yes, in the youth club.
None (KPMPS006) [1044] in the youth club
None (KPMPS004) [1045] Yes.
None (KPMPS006) [1046] and erm they'd sort of asked and said, you know, it's possible.
[1047] So there are two tables there.
[1048] So we were talking about this [...] and
None (KPMPS004) [1049] Erm, no I'm
None (KPMPS006) [1050] what's her name Mrs erm was there, Margaret and she said oh I have a table!
[1051] You can come round now and have a game.
[1052] I said oh no, not then!
[1053] She said well come and see, she said, and then any time any of you want a game come, I thought that was very sweet of her!
None (KPMPS004) [1054] Very nice!
None (KPMPS006) [1055] I mean we wouldn't want to keep traipsing through her house every time
None (KPMPS004) [1056] Where does she live?
None (KPMPS006) [1057] Er Land's Park
None (KPMPS004) [1058] Oh!
None (KPMPS006) [1059] just round the corner!
None (KPMPS004) [1060] Yes!
None (KPMPS006) [1061] So we went round then, oh that was lovely too and erm cos she made
None (KPMPS004) [1062] How many
None (KPMPS006) [1063] tea but I didn't stay [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1064] how many er is interested in the table tennis?
None (KPMPS006) [1065] Well, there was about four of us.
None (KPMPS004) [1066] Mm cos I found I'd try, well the works had er, erm table and I, I remember the last time I played before I left and I said come on, I'll [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1067] Mm.
None (KPMPS004) [1068] Not for me
None (KPMPS006) [1069] No.
None (KPMPS004) [1070] it's too energetic and too, you've got to have to, got an eye [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1071] You've got to watch that ball.
[1072] Yes, yes
None (KPMPS004) [1073] and it was always the picking up and the speed of it and so I thought well I, I
None (KPMPS006) [1074] Yes, oh [...]
None (KPMPS004) [whispering] [...] []
None (KPMPS006) [1075] Ah!
None (KPMPS004) [1076] so no don't say [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1077] Yes
None (KPMPS004) [1078] that. [laugh]
None (KPMPS006) [1079] Well no, it's frustrating because that's how I
None (KPMPS004) [1080] I make the best of it, but er I [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1081] felt all these years that I
None (KPMPS004) [1082] Mm, mm
None (KPMPS006) [1083] hadn't had enough and now
None (KPMPS004) [1084] Yeah
None (KPMPS006) [1085] and erm well, of course, then somebody suggested oh what about Scottish country dancing?
[1086] Cos the [...] so erm I said oh, I'd love Scottish country dancing! [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1087] [laugh] You are going to get some bread, are you?
Madge (PS56M) [1088] [...] she ever will do!
[1089] I don't think she wants to go home!
None (KPMPS006) [1090] No!
[1091] I got home and I felt that's it!
[1092] If I can do table tennis and Scottish country dancing, nothing won't get me away from that.
[1093] So I, I spent the night thinking oh dear, have I done the wrong thing now? [...]
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1094] But if anything comes of this table tennis and Scottish country dancing that'll be [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1095] Well, it'll be nice if you get a club going at the youth club, because they won't use it in the morning [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1096] That's right!
None (KPMPS004) [1097] not the early afternoons, will they?
None (KPMPS006) [1098] That's it!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1099] I'm, I'm coming to your house next month.
None (KPMPS006) [1100] Yeah
None (KPMPS004) [laugh]
None (KPMPS006) [1101] It is a long way, isn't it?
Madge (PS56M) [1102] I don't think I shall be there next month!
None (KPMPS004) [1103] Well, you, aren't you doing some teas?
Madge (PS56M) [1104] I was supposed to do it yesterday!
[1105] I'd, you see, as you know, I missed
None (KPMPS004) [1106] Oh well
Madge (PS56M) [1107] all winter
None (KPMPS004) [1108] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [1109] and I said to Joan, when she was on about churches, well you can come to [...] for a cup of tea, you see?
None (KPMPS004) [1110] Yes, that was what we thought.
Madge (PS56M) [1111] Aye!
[1112] But then you see, she said that she thought it was too many so she put it to
None (KPMPS006) [1113] [...] were, were quite a lot, weren't there?
Madge (PS56M) [1114] No!
[1115] Could've managed to cook her tea, couldn't we?
None (KPMPS006) [1116] Yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [1117] But I said [...]
None (KPMPS006) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1118] May or June.
[1119] So [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1120] No
None (KPMPS004) [1121] No
Madge (PS56M) [1122] So
None (KPMPS006) [1123] But people don't mind taking their own cup with them, do they?
Madge (PS56M) [1124] [laugh] I, I mean I was a bit disappointed yesterday cos it was a good do
None (KPMPS006) [1125] Oh!
Madge (PS56M) [1126] up there, wasn't it?
None (KPMPS006) [1127] It was!
[1128] The, I say
Madge (PS56M) [1129] Poor girl!
None (KPMPS006) [1130] and the cups were so [...] weren't they?
Madge (PS56M) [1131] And we didn't even have a biscuit, did we?
None (KPMPS006) [1132] No! [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1133] How much did she charge [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1134] Thirty pence.
[1135] Well it wasn't that much thirty pence, but I mean we, it was, well they'll have to buck up their ideas,
None (KPMPS006) [1136] But Joan
Madge (PS56M) [1137] won't they?
None (KPMPS006) [1138] yes, but Joan asked at the end, didn't she, if it would be possible for us to use that for history and they said yes
Madge (PS56M) [1139] Oh did she? [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1140] as long as we just pay for the [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1141] I see
None (KPMPS004) [1142] Oh!
None (KPMPS006) [1143] and I said to [...] we could use it so
None (KPMPS004) [1144] Rather than go to the school?
None (KPMPS006) [1145] Yes, I think so, so
None (KPMPS004) [1146] I thought you, I thought you were sort of more, more or less settled in this
None (KPMPS006) [1147] I don't know!
None (KPMPS004) [1148] youth club?
Madge (PS56M) [1149] Well, I don't know cos I haven't been to any meetings for months, not
None (KPMPS004) [1150] It's a long walk down
Madge (PS56M) [1151] since last
None (KPMPS006) [1152] It belong well I found cycling
None (KPMPS004) [1153] most people
None (KPMPS006) [1154] it seemed to be [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1155] Yes!
None (KPMPS006) [1156] and I thought I'm never going to get there!
None (KPMPS004) [1157] Well I studied an art class in the school and it took me twenty five minutes to walk from my house.
None (KPMPS006) [1158] It is for you, yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [1159] It would do!
[1160] Except we reckon half
None (KPMPS004) [1161] [...] it's even further
Madge (PS56M) [1162] an hour when we're going to school.
None (KPMPS004) [1163] Yes! [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1164] And most people had lifts yesterday to the French [...] on the way up [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1165] Yes, mm, oh yes.
[1166] You could arrange a lift, but that's in case you can't get a lift, that's how long it takes you.
Madge (PS56M) [1167] It is a long way up to that school I know, when, you know by [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1168] And then there's the [...] int it?
None (KPMPS006) [1169] Well this is it!
[1170] Once you get to the school you think you're there!
[1171] But you're not!
None (KPMPS004) [1172] But you're not!
None (KPMPS006) [1173] No!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1174] Oh Jean, there's a walk meeting at your house, isn't there?
[1175] Tuesday morning.
Madge (PS56M) [1176] Oh she rang me did, ah well, you see, Joan rang last night to say that Reg had asked us to go to [...] to see the daffodils.
[1177] Well I says, I'm awfully sorry I'm out for the day on Tuesday.
None (KPMPS006) [1178] Yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [1179] So, I mean, I won't even be at the house!
None (KPMPS006) [1180] Oh dear!
Madge (PS56M) [1181] [laugh] And I can't alter it!
None (KPMPS006) [1182] No she said leave [...] outside.
Madge (PS56M) [1183] Yeah well that was alright.
[1184] I says oh and I am sorry will you tell Reg later how disappointed I am, but, you know I mean [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1185] [...] have to manage that little one [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1186] Well she said would I tell anybody
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1187] No I can't.
[1188] Not on Tuesday
Madge (PS56M) [1189] No, no.
None (KPMPS004) [1190] and Wednesday I can't and then
Madge (PS56M) [1191] No, well I
None (KPMPS004) [1192] Thursday I'm going over to Staithes.
None (KPMPS006) [1193] Yeah.
None (KPMPS004) [1194] So [...]
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1195] And I said to Jerry, oh yes, I'd love to!
[1196] I'll be there
Madge (PS56M) [1197] Mm
None (KPMPS006) [1198] and I realized after that
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1199] once I got to bed and me brain works I thought, oh dear, the family's coming for lunch on Tuesday so I can't do it!
[1200] So I thought I'll have to tell, I'll tell
Madge (PS56M) [1201] [...] and tell me.
None (KPMPS006) [1202] I'll tell Jean tomorrow so I must've
Madge (PS56M) [1203] She [...]
None (KPMPS006) [1204] ringed you.
Madge (PS56M) [1205] She rang me, oh it were about nine o'clock last night
None (KPMPS006) [1206] That's right, it was about nine.
Madge (PS56M) [1207] [...] so, I mean, it isn't just visiting
None (KPMPS006) [1208] No.
Madge (PS56M) [1209] but I could've put it off another day
None (KPMPS004) [1210] Yeah.
Madge (PS56M) [1211] yeah, you know and I'm taking them a few things.
None (KPMPS006) [1212] Joan doesn't come here, does she?
None (KPMPS004) [1213] She's been once or twice.
Madge (PS56M) [1214] She came early on, then of course I've missed, I've missed February and March.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1215] Well I've missed most of them.
Madge (PS56M) [1216] I wanted to come today cos the last [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1217] You're away, away again, are you [...] ?
Madge (PS56M) [1218] Mm
None (KPMPS004) [1219] Where are you off to this time?
None (KPMPS006) [laugh]
None (KPMPS004) [1220] You two!
[1221] I can't keep track of you.
Madge (PS56M) [1222] [laugh] Oh I'm going to Holland just [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1223] Holland?
[1224] Oh yes
Madge (PS56M) [1225] in a fortnight, just for five days.
[1226] That's in a fortnight just to [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1227] You going by the ferry?
Madge (PS56M) [1228] Mm [...] me and Joan [...] .
[1229] In May I'm hopefully going to Italy and, and in June to St Malo [...] [laugh]
None (KPMPS006) [laugh]
None (KPMPS004) [laugh]
None (KPMPS006) [1230] Lovely!
Madge (PS56M) [1231] Mm.
[1232] That's up to now!
None (KPMPS006) [1233] You make the most of it while you can.
[1234] That's what my family say.
[1235] Just do it while you
Madge (PS56M) [1236] Yes and I want to just visit a friend either end of July beginning of August and then in September it's our five day study tour to Worcester, you know. [laugh]
None (KPMPS006) [1237] Oh what's the, what's this study tour?
Madge (PS56M) [1238] Well, old country houses.
None (KPMPS006) [1239] Oh!
[1240] Oh yes! [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1241] We've done it, we've been four years, you know
None (KPMPS006) [1242] you've been going to the
Madge (PS56M) [1243] Mm
None (KPMPS006) [1244] [...] yeah
Madge (PS56M) [1245] done it four years and this year we're Worcester.
None (KPMPS004) [1246] And at the start [...] go for that it does sound interesting.
Madge (PS56M) [1247] Ah well we shan't [...] computers any more she's doing art.
[1248] We've been doing French art as well, so ... anyway it's an afternoon out that's what I [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1249] I don't know how you keep track of them!
[1250] I can't!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1251] I think we should take the chairs and things outside
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1252] I know!
[1253] I know!
[1254] I never brought me sunglasses out, that
None (KPMPS006) [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1255] was the trouble!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1256] No, that is the thing [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1257] You see, mm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1258] doesn't it after a while
Madge (PS56M) [1259] yes it reflects upon you
None (KPMPS004) [1260] Nobody looks erm keen to come inside
Madge (PS56M) [1261] No, well I just thought [...] unless we, we must do it.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1262] I think we might er suffer from the sun if we sat in it too much
None (KPMPS004) [1263] Too, too early. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1264] Yes, that's right a little on the back of the neck, you see.
None (KPMPS004) [1265] A little bit [...] to start with. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1266] That's right yes.
Madge (PS56M) [1267] Anyway, you're back aren't you?
[1268] You've been away a long time haven't you?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1269] Hey!
[1270] What are you lot doing starting like this without us?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1271] Oh I heard the bell but I didn't know what it was for!

5 (Tape 075702)

Madge (PS56M) [1272] Double it sixteen, you see
None (KPMPS006) [1273] Yeah
Madge (PS56M) [1274] they never [...] the old folks, are we?
None (KPMPS006) [1275] I'm, I'm alright.
Madge (PS56M) [1276] I mean I'm ... it must be me bowling time, this time.
None (KPMPS006) [1277] Have you got all vowels?
Madge (PS56M) [1278] Ain't it funny
None (KPMPS006) [1279] You've got four Os!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1280] Sorry to start that way up, but still ... that's the way, shouldn't do it that way I get confused whether I'm putting the right word down.
[1281] Traded, that's correct, isn't it?
Madge (PS56M) [1282] Oh that's good, isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1283] Erm two, three, erm five, six, seven eight.
[1284] It's only sixteen the same as yours.
Madge (PS56M) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1285] That's right.
Madge (PS56M) [1286] What I like.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1287] Now we're gonna fill in the top half of the board, aren't we?
Madge (PS56M) [1288] Yes. ...
None (KPMPS006) [1289] Oh don't worry, Jean. ...
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1290] I remember doing a crossword once and I couldn't imagine what this word was that I'd got.
[1291] I thought what on earth does once mean, [spelling] O N C E [] .
[1292] It took me ages before
Madge (PS56M) [1293] Oh yes, once [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1294] Yes, well reading it down reading it down and it must be right and I was busy looking through ...
Madge (PS56M) [1295] [...] counting letters, aren't you?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1296] Yes
None (KPMPS000) [1297] I wasn't [...] counting letters [...] never mind. ...
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...] ...
Madge (PS56M) [1298] So have I, I'm sorry, just made me count mine.
[1299] Hasn't somebody taken mine?
None (KPMPS000) [1300] Have you?
Madge (PS56M) [1301] Yes
None (KPMPS000) [1302] Oh, you, well take that one then.
None (KPMPS006) [1303] I've nothing above a one again
Madge (PS56M) [1304] No but it's
None (KPMPS006) [1305] eight
Madge (PS56M) [1306] [...] so it makes it a bit better.
[1307] ... Trouble is we shall lose all our vowels now and we could need them later.
None (KPMPS006) [1308] Oh sorry yes. ...
Madge (PS56M) [1309] Just a minute!
[1310] [...] ... But it don't do much, does it?
[1311] What's that a triple?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1312] No that's a triple.
[1313] That's twelve
Madge (PS56M) [1314] Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1315] That's okay.
[1316] We're all on the sixteens.
None (KPMPS006) [1317] Do a lot to the next one
Madge (PS56M) [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1318] I've opened it out for you, look, haven't I, with that A.
Madge (PS56M) [1319] Don't bother to change it, Don, don't bother
None (KPMPS006) [1320] Don't worry about turning it for me
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1321] [...] to turn it round.
None (KPMPS006) [1322] No, don't bother. ...
Madge (PS56M) [1323] [...] as I said they're all little letters [spelling] S A I D [] , said [...] ... [...]
None (KPMPS004) [1324] Yes ...
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1325] We're playing ...
Madge (PS56M) [1326] It's a totally different set-up this time, ain't it?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1327] Mm yes.
None (KPMPS004) [1328] I'm going out this way ...
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1329] Erm two and that's be two.
[1330] Two, four, five, nine er and a four, thirteen, fourteen.
[1331] I don't mind if I have them in [...] figures every time
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1332] Have you got the same one?
None (KPMPS000) [1333] I've got an I.
[1334] They must be all in there.
[1335] Nobody had an I [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...] ...
Madge (PS56M) [1336] What has he got?
[1337] Oh it's some [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1338] Got a roller
Madge (PS56M) [1339] I thought it was [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1340] Well it is a roller, isn't it? ...
Madge (PS56M) [1341] So what have we now then?
[1342] Four, five, eight nine, ten, eleven, twelve! ...
None (KPMPS004) [1343] Sorry you've got [...] haven't you?
Madge (PS56M) [1344] No it's alright.
[1345] No!
[1346] I was acting about.
[1347] ... Oh that's right, yes flag, [spelling] F L A G [] , flag.
[1348] ... That's eight for me [...] twelve ... [...] ... Are you alright, Mary?
None (KPMPS006) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [1349] There were only three before?
None (KPMPS000) [1350] Somebody's putting them back in!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh]
None (KPMPS000) [1351] Somebody's, somebody's put a Q and a Z and an X back in there!
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
None (KPMPS000) [1352] Three, two! ...
None (KPMPS000) [1353] This is one of them [...]
None (KPMPS000) [1354] I think I'm staying on this [...] next game.
[1355] ... Can you have roe in singular or is it always plural?
[1356] Roe?
[1357] You know, like, in a fish roe.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1358] Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, twenty six.
None (KPMPS000) [1359] Cos there's some words you can only have in plural and not in single.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS001) [1360] Mother and hen!
None (KPMPS000) [1361] Aye that's [...] .
[1362] Never saw it, Don.
[1363] Never saw it.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1364] Erm double wo is it double word?
[1365] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1366] Yes.
Madge (PS56M) [1367] Mm
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1368] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
None (KPMPS000) [1369] No, you don't.
[1370] You're looking for the [...]
Madge (PS56M) [1371] [...] much ado about nothing
None (KPMPS006) [1372] Much ado about nothing
Madge (PS56M) [1373] I mean I know that's one of me doubles.
[1374] No, but it's
None (KPMPS006) [1375] [laugh] Yes, it's a double.
Madge (PS56M) [1376] eight, ten, eleven, twelve, sixteen.
None (KPMPS006) [1377] That's right.
Madge (PS56M) [1378] I was gonna say if we got into double
None (KPMPS006) [1379] Yes
None (KPMPS004) [...]
None (KPMPS001) [1380] You're better missing a turn.
None (KPMPS000) [1381] You'd have been better changing one.
None (KPMPS004) [1382] Oh no, I wouldn't have got that one anyway.
None (KPMPS000) [1383] Are they all done now are they?
None (KPMPS004) [1384] Yes.
None (KPMPS000) [1385] Yeah
None (KPMPS004) [1386] Just as well.
[1387] I think they're all ones.
None (KPMPS000) [laugh]
None (KPMPS004) [1388] Who's got a dictionary?
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1389] Er I think they have ... Trevor's got an old one so they must have it.
[1390] It's on the floor by Joan.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1391] It's only a double
None (KPMPS004) [1392] Yes but you get seven
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1393] sixteen, seven, er twelve, sorry, nine, eighteen
None (KPMPS000) [1394] I can't see where I [...] to get rid of.
[1395] ... I'm not [...]
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [1396] Now we're playing all on this side without getting across.
None (KPMPS004) [1397] Mm
None (KPMPS000) [1398] He said no, aye, you can't see where that come from [...]
None (KPMPS000) [1399] [laugh] It's upsetting him.
Unknown speaker (KPMPSUNK) [...]