6 conversations recorded by `Marion' (PS571) [dates unknown] with 9 interlocutors, totalling 599 s-units, 3734 words (duration not recorded).

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 203

PS571 Ag1 f (Marion, age 22, student, London, )
PS572 Ag1 f (Liz, age 21, student, London, ) friend
PS573 Ag1 f (Cathi, age 20, student, London, ) friend
PS574 Ag1 f (Angie, age 20, student, Central Northern England, ) friend
PS575 Ag4 f (No name, age 45, lecturer, United States, ) lecturer
PS576 Ag1 f (Rachel, age 20, student, London, ) friend
PS577 Ag1 f (Lucy, age 20, student, London, ) friend
PS578 Ag1 f (Alice, age 21, student, London, ) friend
KPNPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPNPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

6 recordings

  1. Tape 131201 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 131203 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 131204 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 131301 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 131302 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 131303 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 131201)

Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [1] which goes across ... according to attainment targets.
[2] Now to help you with that ... I'd like it back ... I've put the attainment targets
Liz (PS572) [3] Bloody hell!
Cathi (PS573) [4] Oh God!
None (PS575) [5] for stage one on here so it can just ... go across them.
[6] Okay?
Cathi (PS573) [laugh]
None (PS575) [7] Now, this activity though, I, I'm going to ask you report it back so that each group reports to me
Angie (PS574) [8] Well Cathi , how you gonna
None (PS575) [9] with the activity ... now then I shall
Angie (PS574) [...]
None (PS575) [10] be able to say to you ... which I'll have to say next term when I go in to do my [...] inspections, I'll have to say to the teacher ... er, one
Marion (PS571) [11] Oh we should actually have
None (PS575) [12] what
Marion (PS571) [13] our training.
None (PS575) [14] attainment targets are yo , you know what programmes of study are you addressing in this lesson?
[15] And it's gotta be specific.
[16] And two, I will say, how can you, with activity, can you tell me what a level two child should be doing?
[17] Or ... what's the difference in this activity for a level two or a level three child?
[18] Okay?
[19] Now that's not quite so easy.
[20] It's damn difficult.
[21] Well, to help you with that ... to give you an idea, first I'll the ta the attainment on this one, what to look for.
[22] And this is how
Marion (PS571) [...] [...]
None (PS575) [23] parts of these statements have been translated.
[24] Don't go into the, this morning when she was doing activity ... she said ah, she said I I've got them to spot ten similarities, ten differences, great!
[25] Okay.
[26] But it's not good teaching.
[27] And I said, fine.
[28] I said, so how many of those would grade three, level three child have to get to be at a level three?
[29] And how many of those would a level two child have to get?
[30] And how many would the level one child have to get?
[31] Then you can make it into an easier idea of what I mean.
[32] But, when you're doing that ... you make assessment at the end of it to say what level you have, you've got to target specifically at certain things.
[33] It means a bit of cheating [...] , will give you some idea of how they, at level one, on a picture a child, you'd expect a child to pick out ... two things about buildings.
[34] Okay?
[35] Or if you were doing water ... they could pick out two of the four things that you wanted about water.
[36] So when you're doing this ... bear that in mind.
[37] Okay?
[38] I'll try and do a little bit more here ... fine, but it's really thinking
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [39] Improvisation is the word.
None (PS575) [40] of [...]
Marion (PS571) [41] I know the [...] .
None (PS575) [42] Okay? [break in recording]
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
None (PS575) [43] I'm sorry, I've forgot a little aid for you.
[44] Erm, I have ... one job here ... two pages on the [...] area ... and if you look at it it gives you a progression from ... sort of pre-school life, nursery activity, right through to ... what will ... what will be level ten.
Marion (PS571) [45] I still feel Lyndsey can deal with that one.
None (PS575) [46] Right?
[47] So I'll leave you with
Marion (PS571) [...]
None (PS575) [48] an example
Angie (PS574) [49] Mm.
None (PS575) [50] which gives you some suggestions of what [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [...] [classroom chatter]
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [laugh]
Marion (PS571) [51] Yeah that's fine.
Cathi (PS573) [52] Ha!
Angie (PS574) [53] Well let's all take one of her things she's giving.
Marion (PS571) [54] I know.
[55] [laughing] [...] [] . Where are you for teaching practice?
Liz (PS572) [56] Er erm ... Saffron Junction.
Marion (PS571) [57] Oh oh!
Liz (PS572) [58] Just down the road from here.
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [laugh]
Marion (PS571) [59] Yeah, right Ange.
[60] Yeah right.
Angie (PS574) [61] Do you want me to start or what?
Marion (PS571) [62] No, no, no, no.
Angie (PS574) [63] So
Marion (PS571) [64] Look, that's wha , what th that's what we've got in our ... I mean
Angie (PS574) [65] So are we planning for five weeks or ... planning for five lessons or what?
Marion (PS571) [66] Five weeks of work.
Cathi (PS573) [67] Five weeks.
Angie (PS574) [68] Well, what we wanna do is do one, do week by week and then split it up into ... day by day.
Marion (PS571) [69] Yeah.
Angie (PS574) [70] Like that's your [...]
Marion (PS571) [71] Yeah you need to work , go back. [in classroom - most of conversation inaudible due to background noise/chatter.]

2 (Tape 131203)

Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [72] Erm ... I was gonna say ... yes.
Rachel (PS576) [73] So it was a waste of time?
Lucy (PS577) [74] Honestly , on my life, there were twenty masks
Rachel (PS576) [75] And th , good masks?
Lucy (PS577) [76] Glass cabinets, yeah they were really good, but, that was it, no information, nothing.
[77] Apart from a price list, so we had a price list, and I thought right ... so I went to a book shop ... and I tried to find a book on masks ... nothing.
[78] Apart from this book that was thirty pounds, it had two pages in it.
Rachel (PS576) [79] Oh my God!
Lucy (PS577) [80] Dunno what I'm gonna do.
[81] I really don't know what I'm gonna do.
Rachel (PS576) [82] Go the library.
Lucy (PS577) [83] Yeah, I've been and there's none there either.
Rachel (PS576) [84] Well like ... go to your brother's and have a look.
Lucy (PS577) [85] Yeah, I'm gonna have to go there.
[86] I'm planning to lo , I'm just gonna, we'll go, yeah I'm even gonna go to a book shop
Rachel (PS576) [87] Mm.
Lucy (PS577) [88] and get one.
[89] Gotta find one.
Rachel (PS576) [90] Honestly, I've gotta headache.
Lucy (PS577) [91] Why?
Rachel (PS576) [92] I think I'm exhausted or hung over.
Lucy (PS577) [93] I had ... I'm getting that way tomorrow night!
Rachel (PS576) [94] I woke up, last night ... and Mark had had a really bad dream he was crying his eyes out.
Lucy (PS577) [95] Why?
Rachel (PS576) [96] I don't understand sometimes, like with nightmares, but like I can't seem to remember them and I left [...] .
Lucy (PS577) [97] Ah ah ah!
Rachel (PS576) [98] But I just think I must have had
Lucy (PS577) [99] Stress.
Rachel (PS576) [100] a really bad nightmare.
Lucy (PS577) [101] When I'm stressed I get really bad nightmares.
Rachel (PS576) [102] Yeah.
[103] Well I've just had really bad night's sleep.
Lucy (PS577) [104] Yeah.
Rachel (PS576) [105] Mind you
Lucy (PS577) [106] That's probably why.
Rachel (PS576) [107] Matthew just made me laugh cos he said like [...]
Lucy (PS577) [108] So what did Matthew say then?
Rachel (PS576) [109] He just said girls are completely different from, from boys.
Lucy (PS577) [110] It's true , I ... honestly, I've heard that said, er said
Rachel (PS576) [111] I've heard that when we were going shopping tonight, they said to me ... before I'd even ... [...]
Lucy (PS577) [112] Mm.
Rachel (PS576) [...]
Lucy (PS577) [113] It is, isn't it?
[114] I suppose that's what, what it ... erm ... honestly male ... male company's
Rachel (PS576) [115] I know.
Lucy (PS577) [116] better to be honest.
Rachel (PS576) [117] Yeah.
Lucy (PS577) [118] It really is.
[119] ... Cos males, what they do if they have an argument ... they'll punch it out and then
Rachel (PS576) [120] Punch, yeah.
Lucy (PS577) [121] they'll be best friends after.
Rachel (PS576) [122] Or er , or they say fuck off and forget about it.
[123] It's freezing in here.
Lucy (PS577) [124] No.
[125] Cra , they're crafty
Rachel (PS576) [126] It's freezing in my own house, but
Lucy (PS577) [127] I'm not cold at all.
Rachel (PS576) [128] could you find that warm duvet to keep me warm.
[129] It's nice in there.
Lucy (PS577) [130] Is it?
[131] Erm
Rachel (PS576) [132] Mm.
[133] No you said it was your duvet.
Lucy (PS577) [134] I said they've got a duvet in the ward , in my wardro
Alice (PS578) [135] [...] ... My duvet in your wardrobe.
Lucy (PS577) [136] I said we've got a duvet in my wardrobe.
Marion (PS571) [137] I'll give it to you one day.
Lucy (PS577) [138] Oh yeah.
Rachel (PS576) [laugh]
Marion (PS571) [139] You can have it.
Marion (PS571) [140] Oi!
[141] Oi!
Rachel (PS576) [142] Oi!
[143] Oi!
Lucy (PS577) [144] Ah ah!
Alice (PS578) [145] [...] ... It's o , it's on , it's only a guest, a guest duvet.
Marion (PS571) [146] Is it?
[147] Yeah.
Alice (PS578) [148] Yeah.
Marion (PS571) [149] Lisa's got two of those for when Ashley and ... you know
Alice (PS578) [150] But said [...] . [laugh]
Marion (PS571) [laugh]
Lucy (PS577) [cough]
Marion (PS571) [151] I didn't.
Lucy (PS577) [152] You said
Marion (PS571) [153] Lucy you haven't eaten your toast.
Rachel (PS576) [154] What have you done tonight then?
[155] Absolutely Fabulous!

3 (Tape 131204)

Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [156] For his birthday
Marion (PS571) [157] No, well, I know, I think that won't last very long ... somehow.
Rachel (PS576) [158] Don't you?
Marion (PS571) [159] No.
[160] Well I mean
Rachel (PS576) [161] Are you shocked Mum?
[162] I was really going to do it, honest.
Marion (PS571) [163] No I couldn't think
Rachel (PS576) [164] So, Helen and Si!
[165] [sigh] ... Er
Marion (PS571) [166] [singing] What shall you do with me?
[167] Oh my lady [] .
Rachel (PS576) [168] Shut the window.
Marion (PS571) [169] Shut me in the [...] .
[170] ... [singing] Hit me with your rhythm stick [] .
Rachel (PS576) [171] Hit me hard and hit me quick.
Marion (PS571) [172] [...] ... Oh it's six o'clock isn't it?
Rachel (PS576) [173] What?
Marion (PS571) [174] It's six o'clock.
Rachel (PS576) [175] What's six o'clock?
Marion (PS571) [...]
Rachel (PS576) [176] It's half six.
Marion (PS571) [177] Oh half six.
[178] That's it.
[179] Yeah.
Rachel (PS576) [180] That's what it says on his little card.
Marion (PS571) [181] Yes.
[182] Because he was going to sort of like [...]
Rachel (PS576) [183] Milk up ... Nicola didn't believe me when I told her.
[184] She thought I was playing a joke.
Marion (PS571) [185] What?
Rachel (PS576) [186] When I told her ... about this.
Marion (PS571) [187] Didn't she?
Rachel (PS576) [188] I goes er ... oh, I'm recording it for this thing and she goes, oh yeah my big head!
[189] [laughing] I goes, I am [] !
[190] But she didn't believe me.
[191] Can I have some sauce please?
[192] ... There was na , definitely no chance of a walk that day.
[193] But of Jane Eyre there for you.
Marion (PS571) [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [194] Whoops!
[195] ... What a culinary delight this is.
Marion (PS571) [196] Mm mm.
[197] Indeed.
Rachel (PS576) [198] What?
Marion (PS571) [199] Indeed.
Rachel (PS576) [200] Indeed.
[201] ... What exciting lessons did you have today then?
Marion (PS571) [202] Nothing too exciting.
Rachel (PS576) [203] Well I had ... er er er er, oh, what did I have?
[204] Something, P E ... maths ... English and graphics.
[205] Science, maths, English and graphics.
Marion (PS571) [206] How come she's so in , you're so interested in ... the eleven plus and ... everything?
Rachel (PS576) [207] Well we were having a discussion about erm ... whether it should be brought back.
Marion (PS571) [208] Mm mm.
Rachel (PS576) [209] I said definitely not.
[210] Cos it makes rejects of people in society.
[211] And everyone went, what!
Marion (PS571) [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [212] As they all do in my class.
[213] Cos they're all thick!
[214] ... I couldn't believe it right
Marion (PS571) [215] Well they've all supposedly got intelligent parents by the thi , sound of them.
Rachel (PS576) [216] Well not all of them.
[217] I was sat, I, I was sat there
Marion (PS571) [218] Not all thick like me.
Rachel (PS576) [219] I was sat there, and they went who's planning to go onto University or education after eighteen?
[220] So I put up my hand, turned round ... and flipping Stuart and Danny had put their hands up and I just went, oh God!
[221] They're gonna
Marion (PS571) [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [222] do really well!
[223] And Terry, total Terry.
[224] Terry, who hasn't got a brain cell to rub together.
Marion (PS571) [225] Well you mo , he's in your class isn't he?
Rachel (PS576) [226] So?
[227] ... Ah!
[228] That boy!
[229] This is the one who said ... I think we should be allowed to hit girls.
Marion (PS571) [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [230] He's
Marion (PS571) [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [231] he, two short planks does not describe this boy.
Marion (PS571) [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [232] Even Miss hates him.
[233] ... Now, well you see, she o , we was having this discussion about education and she goes, are you cynical about education Terry?
[234] He goes ... no.
[235] [laughing] She goes [] ... ooh!
[236] She goes, why?
[237] And he goes, I don't know what cynical means.
Marion (PS571) [laugh] [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [238] I was saying, ah no!
[239] And everyone in the class just cracked up.
[240] ... Sometimes you woth er,whe , you wonder whether he does it on purpose.
[241] ... He must do it on purpose, no one could be that thick.
Marion (PS571) [242] How many was thinking of going on?
Rachel (PS576) [243] Ninety five percent.
Marion (PS571) [244] Oh.
[245] Yeah.
Rachel (PS576) [246] But erm ... like Vicky who's got ... in her English folder ... this is Vicky, you know Vicky ... she's got ... in her literature she's got nine A's and one B.
[247] And in her other, I don't know what she's got, ten A's probably.
[248] And ... she's not going to.
[249] She wants to be a nurse.
Marion (PS571) [250] Oh does she?
Rachel (PS576) [251] And er ... like she said, aren't you Vicky?
[252] And she goes no Miss.
[253] Erm, you can't be a nurse till you're eighteen.
Marion (PS571) [254] No.
[255] No, you can't go in as a stu er, student.
Rachel (PS576) [256] So like ... you know, she's gonna stay on ... do A levels ... and then go into it.
Marion (PS571) [257] Mm mm.
Rachel (PS576) [258] Because ... she might as well have some A levels just in case or whatever.
[259] But erm ... you know, ah ... you know, she's, you know ... I can understand that actually, she's being quite sensible about it, she said, there's nothing else I wanna do ... and I might as well do something I enjoy.
[260] You know, you've only got one life haven't you, when you comes down to it?
Marion (PS571) [261] Well if that's what she wants to do, that's what she wants to do innit?
Rachel (PS576) [262] Mm.
[263] Like, her Dad said to her, why don't you be a doctor?
[264] And she ju , but she don't want to.
[265] You know, she wants to be in a hospital
Marion (PS571) [266] Yeah.
Rachel (PS576) [267] like, she don't want to end up in general practice.
Marion (PS571) [268] Well sh , doesn't necessarily have to end up in general practice does she?
Rachel (PS576) [269] No, but
Marion (PS571) [270] Well I mean for the first year she won't be in ... if she goes in as a student she'll be in college.
Rachel (PS576) [271] I know, but ... it won't take as long for her to get ... there ... [laughing] as it will [] if she becomes a doctor.
Marion (PS571) [272] Oh no.
[273] Three years int it, a student?
Rachel (PS576) [274] Mm.
Marion (PS571) [275] But then you get on-hand experience from it.
[276] ... Hands on I should say, not on-hand.
Rachel (PS576) [277] But er
Marion (PS571) [278] Learning how to clean pot er er, bed pans and ... make beds and ... things like that.
Rachel (PS576) [279] Clearing up sick.
Marion (PS571) [280] Mhm.
Rachel (PS576) [281] That's her favourite job isn't it?
Marion (PS571) [282] Mm mm.
Rachel (PS576) [283] You know, I thought of being that once but ... I wouldn't mind it in the wards, but I wouldn't wanna be in the operating theatre.
[284] ... I don't know why.
[285] See, blood don't put me off or anything, but
Marion (PS571) [286] You don't have to go into the theatre for so long I think.
Rachel (PS576) [287] Mm mm.
Marion (PS571) [288] But then you can sa , you can specialize you see.
[289] I mean, some nurses go into the theatre all the time once they've qualified, so
Rachel (PS576) [290] Yeah.
Marion (PS571) [291] I think that they'll have to go in ... you'll have to go into each area. [clears throat]
Rachel (PS576) [292] But like ... I mean, I don't mind the blood or whatever, and if they were doing little things ... I [laughing] could handle it [] ... but like, like on that op op , operation that woman was having the other day ... and they cut her open and they just pulled.
Marion (PS571) [293] Well they do.
Rachel (PS576) [294] And that,tha , that's the thing that makes me red, it's not the cutting ... it's when they just pull it apart ... and it like
Marion (PS571) [295] Well who's gonna know?
Rachel (PS576) [296] rips.
[297] Urgh!
[298] Urgh!
[299] They could have cut it.
Marion (PS571) [300] Well they do cut it.
Rachel (PS576) [301] No they cut the skin and then they just pulled it apart.
Marion (PS571) [302] Yeah, because it's not th , not like that underneath.
[303] They, they didn't pull it apart they, they cut down ... if they cut down with a knife then they could cut into something couldn't they?
Rachel (PS576) [304] Ooh! oop!
Marion (PS571) [305] It could be dangerous.
[306] Say you, you open up the top and then the others parts.
[307] ... The lining. [laugh]
Rachel (PS576) [308] Urgh!
[309] Urgh!
[310] Yeah but what they ripped was all fat!
[311] All her
Marion (PS571) [312] Well
Rachel (PS576) [313] fat!
[314] Ooh ooh!
Marion (PS571) [315] Yeah, but you see you've got the, you've got all the, the other things ins , down, down it, underneath, and I mean if you started going in with a knife and you started cutting down, I mean you could sa , cut an artery or ... anything couldn't you?
[316] Which could be a bit nasty.
[317] You know.
[318] ... Hello pussycat!
[319] [singing] Buy a little bag for me.
[320] A chick a chick a chick a chicken [...] [] .
[321] Hello my [...] .
Rachel (PS576) [322] Ooh!
Marion (PS571) [323] Whose turn is it tonight?
Rachel (PS576) [324] Mine.
Marion (PS571) [325] Good.
Rachel (PS576) [326] [laughing] Well [] ... and if it was David's ... the poor dog'd never get taken.
Marion (PS571) [327] [singing] We've seen it on T V, [...] and now it half past three [] ... Come on!
[328] Does that mean you're gonna come flower?
Rachel (PS576) [329] What ... I was listening to myself on that.
Marion (PS571) [330] Mm mm.
Rachel (PS576) [331] Oh!
[332] Is my laugh vile or what?
[333] ... And my voice. [dog barks]

4 (Tape 131301)

Cathi (PS573) [334] That's Alices' cos it was [...] .
Lucy (PS577) [335] I only bought one today.
Marion (PS571) [336] Do you have milk?
Cathi (PS573) [337] Little drop please.
Lucy (PS577) [338] I only bought that to today.
Marion (PS571) [339] What these?
Lucy (PS577) [340] Mm mm.
[341] Have one.
Marion (PS571) [342] I was having [...]
Angie (PS574) [343] [...] ... Mm mm.
[344] Good.
Lucy (PS577) [345] [whispering] That's going round [] .
Marion (PS571) [346] I know.
Lucy (PS577) [347] Ooh yes! [laugh]
Angie (PS574) [laugh]
Lucy (PS577) [348] And that's my problem, we keeping thinking about another one and doing things.
Angie (PS574) [349] Yeah.
Marion (PS571) [350] Is that enough milk.
Cathi (PS573) [351] Mhm.
Angie (PS574) [352] That's so strong.
Lucy (PS577) [353] Who's is that Golden Crown?
Marion (PS571) [354] Alices'.
Lucy (PS577) [355] Feeling better?
Angie (PS574) [356] Er, yes.
[357] Thank you.
Cathi (PS573) [358] Alice's.
[359] That's Alice's shelf, that's mine, the smaller one.
[360] That cakes, that's all ours.
Angie (PS574) [361] Turn if off.
Marion (PS571) [362] Leave it running.
Lucy (PS577) [363] Ha?
[364] Yeah.
Marion (PS571) [365] I didn't put it on.
Cathi (PS573) [366] Orange juice, see we've got this here.
Lucy (PS577) [367] Where?
Cathi (PS573) [368] Lots of different
Lucy (PS577) [369] Oh yeah.
Cathi (PS573) [370] things there.
[371] Erm
Angie (PS574) [372] Whose is the orange juice?
Marion (PS571) [373] Mine.
[374] Do you want some?
Angie (PS574) [375] No thank you.
[376] Have you got a cold?
Cathi (PS573) [cough]
Marion (PS571) [377] Yeah.
[378] But this cold has been so bad today.
[379] My inhaler, my new inhaler is so weird.
[380] It's one I can suck up, I don't press it down.
[381] It's like [...] .
Cathi (PS573) [382] Oh yeah.
Angie (PS574) [383] Thank you.
Lucy (PS577) [384] [...] .
Cathi (PS573) [385] Yes.
Angie (PS574) [386] If anyone picks it up
Marion (PS571) [387] Lucy do you want a cup of tea?
Cathi (PS573) [388] Yeah please.
Lucy (PS577) [389] Ah!
[390] Yes please Marion.
Cathi (PS573) [391] Yeah the pictures Monday night.
Angie (PS574) [392] Second one.
Cathi (PS573) [...]
Marion (PS571) [393] Tea or coffee?
Lucy (PS577) [394] Whatever you're making.
Cathi (PS573) [395] Whatever you want.
Lucy (PS577) [396] Tea please.
[397] I don't drink coffee, I was just being polite.
Cathi (PS573) [398] Why didn't [...] up here?
Lucy (PS577) [399] Cos, cos you don't do any other things.
Angie (PS574) [400] Oh!
[401] It's so gross!
Marion (PS571) [402] Yeah.
Cathi (PS573) [403] I've worked out how to use self-timer on my camera.
Marion (PS571) [404] Ah no!
Angie (PS574) [405] Er er excellent!
Marion (PS571) [406] Then you can run in front.
Cathi (PS573) [407] That's what I told Matthew
Marion (PS571) [408] Don't have to
Cathi (PS573) [409] I wanted.
Lucy (PS577) [410] You should get one of them.
Cathi (PS573) [411] I told him I wanted one with a self-timer on it.
Angie (PS574) [412] Get, my camera it's really good.
Cathi (PS573) [413] How much was it?
Angie (PS574) [414] Er er, ninety pound I think, can't remember.
Cathi (PS573) [415] Mine was eigh , sixty five and I don't think it's very good.
Angie (PS574) [416] I got it for my eighteenth you see.
[417] They're brill!
Lucy (PS577) [418] Is your little Fiesta er a ... a two-seater?
Marion (PS571) [419] Yeah.
Cathi (PS573) [420] Go and get that.
Lucy (PS577) [421] Shall we go on that?
Cathi (PS573) [422] I bet
Marion (PS571) [423] Go
Cathi (PS573) [424] it's [...] . [laugh]
Marion (PS571) [425] Go!
Lucy (PS577) [426] I was gonna say, I bet you dance round
Cathi (PS573) [427] Anyway, she's gone to bed cos she's knackered.
Lucy (PS577) [428] Cath's always knackered.
Marion (PS571) [429] That's such a nice [...] .
Cathi (PS573) [430] I like that one.

5 (Tape 131302)

Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [431] [cough] ... Ooh!
[432] A couple of ... very important announcements first of all.
[433] Erm ... [...] books are [...] .
[434] Er erm ... is therefore ... if I can take it out
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [435] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [436] er erm ... well, I know when it is, Thursday the eleventh of November, it's a matinee performance ... so it starts at two o'clock.
[437] Okay?
[438] Thursday the eleventh of November, matinee performance, starting at two o'clock ... and the tickets are five pounds.
[439] So that's the cheapest we can get.
[440] And then
Marion (PS571) [441] That's reading week isn't it?
Liz (PS572) [442] No
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [443] Sorry?
Liz (PS572) [444] it's the
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [445] it's er
Liz (PS572) [446] week after.
Angie (PS574) [447] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [448] The week after.
Angie (PS574) [449] So [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [450] I won't do it on a reading week, I'll do it
Marion (PS571) [451] Thursday the eleventh.
Angie (PS574) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [452] in the lesson week.
Marion (PS571) [453] Thursday the eleventh of November?
Angie (PS574) [454] Well, reading week's the first weekend.
Marion (PS571) [455] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [456] Okay, Thursday the eleventh.
[457] To catch it, if you want to come you've gotta get a fiver, to me, with your name, by two o'clock tomorrow afternoon cos that's when I have to confirm the booking.
[458] If you want to come, get five pounds to me with your name and [...] number.
[459] Right, we'll have the
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [460] it's a two o'clock ... matinee.
Cathi (PS573) [...]
Angie (PS574) [461] Mm?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [462] Thursday the eleventh
Angie (PS574) [463] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [464] of November.
Cathi (PS573) [465] I probably, won't be able to go.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [466] [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [467] I er well
Cathi (PS573) [468] Probably not, I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [469] Thursday afternoon's a good [...] time
Angie (PS574) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [470] cos it clashes with Geography and English Studies.
Angie (PS574) [471] Yeah.
Cathi (PS573) [472] Oh alright.
Marion (PS571) [473] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [474] And we will be doing that.
Liz (PS572) [475] We'll have to bunk off.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [476] You might miss [...] .
Liz (PS572) [477] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [478] Just don't quote me.
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [479] Can we give you the money [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [480] You can give, [laughing] well [...] , I'm open to some large cash donations [] .
Angie (PS574) [481] Round about now.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [482] Erm
Marion (PS571) [483] Sorry, when, what would we have to do?
[484] Give you our money
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [485] Give me , if you want to come ... I need you, your money basically.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [...]
Marion (PS571) [486] Can we give you a cheque?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [487] You can give me a cheque.
[488] Five pounds.
[489] You can pay ... for, a group of you if you want, you know,i if some of are happy to, you know, there'll be two or three of you that will help.
[490] But give me
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [cough] [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [491] [...] so that I can then confirm the booking.
Marion (PS571) [492] So if we just shove the money and P O number, and our number under your door?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [493] Yeah.
[494] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [495] What's your phone number again?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK)
Marion (PS571) [496] I've got my cheque book with me.
Liz (PS572) [497] We could do at the end of the lesson.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [...]
Liz (PS572) [498] I'll pay you back.
Angie (PS574) [499] Okay Marion.
[500] I'll have yours as well instead
Marion (PS571) [501] Mm.
Angie (PS574) [502] after that.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [503] Erm, I haven't bought as many tickets as there are people in my two seminar groups
Liz (PS572) [504] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [505] cos I'm assuming that there are some people who ... when it actually comes to the crunch
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [506] don't want to go, and there's some who won't be able to go due to other commitments.
[507] But ... that means that spaces might actually be erm
Marion (PS571) [508] Oh!
Angie (PS574) [509] Limited.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [510] li , limited, is that the word I'm looking for?
Angie (PS574) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [511] Limited, I think. [laugh]
Angie (PS574) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [512] Right, well I think ... erm ... right.
[513] Got that.
Marion (PS571) [514] Where is it gonna be, sorry?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [515] It's gonna be Bath.
[516] Erm, the Royal Shakespeare Company production. [laugh]
Marion (PS571) [517] Ah!
[518] I saw it on the thing actually, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [519] Erm ... I wanted to actually arrange a coach if there's enough people sort of please arrange a coach, could do, but ... I reckon it's probably easier to go up ... [...]
Marion (PS571) [520] By train.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [521] don't you?
Angie (PS574) [522] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [523] Er er, on the train.
[524] Even if it was the day we'd be sort of coming back
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [525] Get the traffic.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [526] in the rush hour.
[527] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [528] Mm?
[529] So that again, talk about
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [530] Sorry?
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [531] Erm, I never asked er, any B A Q T S course?
[532] Okay.
[533] Listen up, this is important.
[534] It has been decided ... the powers that be, are onto the something ... that ... you are going to do your first semester exam in June.
Liz (PS572) [535] Oh what!
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [536] Not the semester
Marion (PS571) [537] Shit!
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [538] just been.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [539] Okay?
Angie (PS574) [540] What's that?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [541] It will not be the same paper needless to say.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [...]
Cathi (PS573) [542] When was [...] ?
Angie (PS574) [543] February.
[544] Why's
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [545] Okay?
Angie (PS574) [546] that then I wonder?
[547] Why is that?
[548] Is there any reason?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [549] Erm ... no, this was told to me, I presume this was discussed as some sort of [...]
Cathi (PS573) [...] [...]
Angie (PS574) [550] No it's not.
[551] We do the exams the week before, er before.
Marion (PS571) [552] Erm
Cathi (PS573) [553] Yeah.
Marion (PS571) [554] well I suppose we won't have enough time to prepare for teachers though.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [555] No.
Angie (PS574) [556] The teaching's far more important than English obviously.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [557] It came, the decision came from ... your ... the education department.
Marion (PS571) [558] Yes, well, another cock-up
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [559] Er er, the English department.
Marion (PS571) [560] there.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [561] Are they for [...] or second years?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [562] The exams ... on first semester work ... is June.
[563] Okay.
[564] That's enough of that.
Marion (PS571) [565] So by the time we sit our exam we'll have forgotten al , what we've done?
Liz (PS572) [566] Yeah you'll have re-read all of it.
Marion (PS571) [567] Great!
Liz (PS572) [568] Ha ha!
Marion (PS571) [569] Super!
Angie (PS574) [570] Bloody hell!
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [571] Yeah. [...]
Marion (PS571) [572] Yeah.
[573] ... And I thought I was gonna go, go home early at the end of the second semester cos I'd have my exams.
Liz (PS572) [574] Oh oh.
Cathi (PS573) [575] You were wrong!
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [576] Right.
[577] Can we turn to tho that work sheet please?
[578] And, as, I, I know the people who were here last week, the questions for act one ... scene one or two will be relevant to the second part of the seminar, it will be, but we'll ignore them at the moment.
[579] So, go straight onto act two, scene three.
[580] ... Okay.
[581] Er erm ... first question there.
[582] What do we learn about the opening, the opening and closing scenes ... of the two acts?
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [583] Anything?
[584] ... Er er
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [585] Does it say that?
Group of unknown speakers (KPNPSUGP) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [586] Erm ... er er, what would you learn from them? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [587] Right.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [588] And what we learn about them [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [589] Yeah.
[590] Okay.
[591] So, he's ... he's thoroughly mad by this stage and er, he ... er obsessed with Mrs from [...] .
[592] Er erm ... does anybody spot any of the progression in the speech?
[593] From ... where he starts ... to where he ends?
[594] Does he go through any [...] ?
Marion (PS571) [595] Feel sorry for Saffron [...] 's son.
Angie (PS574) [596] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [597] Yes.
Marion (PS571) [598] Although he still believes that what he's done is right, that er ... that his wife has se ... deserves what she's got.
Unknown speaker (KPNPSUNK) [599] That's my ... er ... well ... [...] ... er illness [recording ends]