8 conversations recorded by `Matthew' (PS57A) [dates unknown] with 7 interlocutors, totalling 1319 s-units, 7616 words (duration not recorded).

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 718

PS57A Ag0 m (Matthew, age 13, student)
PS57B Ag1 m (Josh, age 17, student) friend
PS57C Ag1 m (Ryan, age 18, student) friend
PS57D Ag1 f (Lara, age 17, student) friend
PS57E Ag1 m (Rob, age 19, student) friend
PS57F Ag0 m (Alex, age 13, student) friend
PS57G Ag0 m (Aaron, age 13, student) friend
KPPPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPPPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

8 recordings

  1. Tape 138501 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 138502 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 138601 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 138602 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 138901 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 138902 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 139001 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 139002 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 138501)

Ryan (PS57C) [1] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [2] Oh yeah.
Ryan (PS57C) [3] [...] .
[4] Er Weetabix bag right, [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [5] [laugh] she'll give you a weetabix bag.
Ryan (PS57C) [6] No it's it's like er everyone joined in
Matthew (PS57A) [7] Oh.
Ryan (PS57C) [8] and and I went and I [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [9] Why don't you use it then?
Ryan (PS57C) [10] Because [...] cos I used to take it down there when I used to stay at her house.
Josh (PS57B) [11] Weetabix bag.
Ryan (PS57C) [12] It used to glow [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [13] Was it like a rucksack or
Ryan (PS57C) [14] No it was just one of those
Matthew (PS57A) [15] [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [16] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [17] Mm?
Ryan (PS57C) [18] What did we do [...] on Friday?
Matthew (PS57A) [19] [...] we don't get a Friday homework.
Ryan (PS57C) [20] No but what did we do for science?
Matthew (PS57A) [21] We did
Ryan (PS57C) [22] [...] the test.
Josh (PS57B) [23] Oh yeah oh no [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [24] Me and Lisa [...] have to do it.
Matthew (PS57A) [25] Why?
Ryan (PS57C) [26] Cos we weren't here on Friday.
Matthew (PS57A) [27] Oh.
Ryan (PS57C) [28] Well I was here but I came [...] during break time.
Matthew (PS57A) [29] Oh I see. ...
Josh (PS57B) [30] [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [31] What have you got in your mouth?
Josh (PS57B) [32] Except for the [...] bit. [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [33] [...] chewing gum.
Josh (PS57B) [34] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [35] Did you watch naked [...] ?
Matthew (PS57A) [36] Yeah.
Ryan (PS57C) [37] Oh I saw that one [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [38] Did you see him taking those shots [...] every time [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [39] I only like the [...] the white ones are horrible [...] .
Josh (PS57B) [40] No the ones with the red [...] and the grey.
Ryan (PS57C) [41] The white and the white grey and red .
Josh (PS57B) [...] [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [42] [...] do they have patterns at the side?
Matthew (PS57A) [43] [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [44] That was horrible.
[45] I like the [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [46] Did you see him at his party [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [47] I know.
[48] I said why why would anyone [...] .
Josh (PS57B) [49] And playing that pinball game.
Ryan (PS57C) [50] I wouldn't have enough money to go .
Josh (PS57B) [51] And he's just [...] getting them in.
[52] Even though.
[53] He makes three million dollars a year, just playing basketball and that's about six hundred thousand
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [54] He gets thirty million dollars from Nike every year.
Matthew (PS57A) [55] Oh yeah [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [56] Maybe I should become a basketball player.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [57] Yeah I know but that's a bit good though [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [58] It only cost them about five dollars to make .
Ryan (PS57C) [59] I know.
Josh (PS57B) [60] [...] that expensive.
Matthew (PS57A) [61] Wouldn't you?
Josh (PS57B) [62] No.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [63] The highest my mum goes is forty pounds cos she doesn't think she should spend a lot of money on a pair of trainers that won't last [...] .
[64] Cos the last time she bought me
Matthew (PS57A) [65] You should get some of them caterpillar boots about eighty, but they'll last for years.
Ryan (PS57C) [66] What you mean those big thick [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [67] No not They're better than Doc Marten's [...] .
Josh (PS57B) [68] Like Mark's aren't they?
Matthew (PS57A) [69] Yeah like Mark's [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [70] Er they're s
Matthew (PS57A) [71] I'm getting some of them.
Ryan (PS57C) [72] I think they're horrible.
[73] Er.
Matthew (PS57A) [74] They go good with baggy jeans.
Josh (PS57B) [75] Yeah but you can't lift your foot up [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [76] Yeah but can you wear them with tight leggings on?
Matthew (PS57A) [77] You could do.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [78] They'd look stupid.
Matthew (PS57A) [79] Have you seen s my sister and her big dirty boots.
Ryan (PS57C) [80] No I don't like boots like that [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [81] No I don't either I don't like Doc Marten's
Ryan (PS57C) [82] I like the Doc Marten shoes cos they're hard, that's the only reason why I like them so if you're having a fight [...] .
[83] I remember when I was [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [84] Oh I remember them.
[85] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [86] You used to kick up enough people in our school with them safari boots.
Ryan (PS57C) [87] [...] play football.
Josh (PS57B) [88] [...] my shoes.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [89] It was inside [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [90] Yeah but what library?
Josh (PS57B) [91] The [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [92] Oh [...] .
Josh (PS57B) [93] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Josh (PS57B) [94] Yeah it comes up seven [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [95] I know because it always comes up seven.
[96] It goes on to the erm [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [97] Wembley.
Ryan (PS57C) [98] No.
Matthew (PS57A) [99] Dawn lives in Wembley.
Ryan (PS57C) [100] No she doesn't she lives in
Matthew (PS57A) [101] Doesn't she?
Ryan (PS57C) [102] she lives in [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [103] Oh yeah.
Josh (PS57B) [104] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [105] [...] that woman [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [106] Yeah I know but [...] I think no I don't like him cos he's so rude.
[107] He's just too rude.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [108] Yeah but she no she I know she might be [...] .
[109] But but you know she she at least she does actually [...] . ...
Josh (PS57B) [110] They've started to even make jokes now.
[111] You know [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [112] [...] .
Josh (PS57B) [113] [...] for you twenty five P.
[114] To anyone else, twenty five P. [laugh] .
Matthew (PS57A) [115] Where's that?
Ryan (PS57C) [116] I don't know.
Matthew (PS57A) [117] It's a backside.
Ryan (PS57C) [118] Very funny [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [119] [...] why do we need our our our our our our P E kit when we're only putting up tents?
Matthew (PS57A) [120] We're not we're doing athletics.
Ryan (PS57C) [121] We're putting up tents.
Matthew (PS57A) [122] We're doing athletics.
Ryan (PS57C) [123] I thought we were doing we're putting up [...] tent this week and putting up a six tent next week and then [...]
Josh (PS57B) [124] Why were we gonna do that?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [125] Me I know how to put up a four tent [...] six tent.
Matthew (PS57A) [126] So do I.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [127] Did you go to [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [128] Twice.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [129] Twice.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [130] Ha everyone else has to share [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [131] You're so disgusting.
Matthew (PS57A) [132] What you on about disgusting.
Josh (PS57B) [133] [...] disgusting.
Matthew (PS57A) [134] You've got dirty minds.
Ryan (PS57C) [135] [...] it still looks disgusting.
Matthew (PS57A) [136] [...] the one I've got at home, the first one I ever [...] was wicked.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [137] Is it?
Matthew (PS57A) [138] Yeah.
Josh (PS57B) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [139] Yeah.
Josh (PS57B) [140] What's [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [141] Yeah.
Josh (PS57B) [142] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [143] Sometimes.
Ryan (PS57C) [144] I had to sit with him yesterday [...] and Dionne and Christopher moved. [...] .
Josh (PS57B) [145] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [146] Are you taping this conversation?
Matthew (PS57A) [147] [...] .
Josh (PS57B) [148] Yes.
Ryan (PS57C) [149] Are you oh no .
Matthew (PS57A) [150] I was gonna tell you after that's the microphone [...]
Josh (PS57B) [151] See there's the there's the microphone there.
Ryan (PS57C) [152] Oh you burk.
Matthew (PS57A) [153] Oh it doesn't matter.
Ryan (PS57C) [154] [...] cos I swore at Ma
Matthew (PS57A) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [155] I swore at Martin yesterday because he was getting on my nerves like he was saying
Matthew (PS57A) [156] Did you listen to it yesterday?
Ryan (PS57C) [157] What?
Matthew (PS57A) [158] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [159] listening to the mi in the mi if you plug the earphones in there you can hear at the same time what's being recorded.
[160] It's wicked.
Josh (PS57B) [161] It's loud it's loud. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [162] Anyway do you always tape [...] Martin doesn't want to speak [...] when she there because she might tape [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [163] And she said well I'm not gonna speak to you for the rest of the week then.
Ryan (PS57C) [164] Ah. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [165] He's only doing it for my own good but I still don't like it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [166] No but her boyfriend pays for it.
Matthew (PS57A) [167] Her boyfriend.
Josh (PS57B) [168] Oh I see.
Matthew (PS57A) [169] She's taking advantage of him, she only wants him for his money .
Ryan (PS57C) [170] And the [...] what's his name's Douglas.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [171] I don't know, all these men [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [172] No she's not.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [recording ends]

2 (Tape 138502)

Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [173] What are you lot listening to?
Alex (PS57F) [174] You've got one [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [175] Let me hear it.
[176] ... Are they not allowed?
[177] Aren't they?
Alex (PS57F) [178] They're not allowed in school you're not.
Matthew (PS57A) [179] They are.
[180] [...] I could listen to the music on mine you know.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [181] Oh Jo? [...] .
Aaron (PS57G) [182] [...] you know [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [183] I couldn't. ... [...] .
Alex (PS57F) [184] Did you hear that?
[185] I am not a rude boy, I am very proper.
Matthew (PS57A) [186] You're very stupid.
Alex (PS57F) [187] [...] . ...
Matthew (PS57A) [188] What, where, when, why, how? [...] .
Alex (PS57F) [189] How how fast can you pick it up?
Matthew (PS57A) [190] How fast can what?
Alex (PS57F) [191] How fast can you pick it up?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] ...
Matthew (PS57A) [192] Whenever I want of course, I can choose when.
Aaron (PS57G) [193] Really.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh]
Alex (PS57F) [194] When your mum and dad are making love.
Aaron (PS57G) [195] Why are you doing it?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [196] So these Norwegian people can find out about [...]
Alex (PS57F) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [197] talk about different things in different countries.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [198] [...] ?
Matthew (PS57A) [199] Norwegians.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [200] [laughing] Oh yeah. []
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS57F) [201] Don't record it on the tape cos no one 's [...] nothing.
Matthew (PS57A) [202] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [203] Ah?
Aaron (PS57G) [...]
Alex (PS57F) [204] Hello people.
Matthew (PS57A) [205] [laugh] Bad breath [...] .
Alex (PS57F) [206] Bad breath your walkman
Matthew (PS57A) [207] [...] .
Alex (PS57F) [208] He killed me with the death breath. ...
Matthew (PS57A) [209] How do you know all that?
Aaron (PS57G) [210] I looked it up [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [211] It's by the Beatles.
[212] Haven't you heard it?
Alex (PS57F) [213] What is it?
Matthew (PS57A) [214] Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [215] The advert's for taking L S D with an hallucination.
[216] Big dragons in the sky.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Alex (PS57F) [217] Yeah my dad got [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [218] My mother [...] . [recording ends]

3 (Tape 138601)

Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [219] No, sorry, I need it.
Lara (PS57D) [...]
Josh (PS57B) [220] There's no school on Monday.
Lara (PS57D) [221] Ah.
Josh (PS57B) [222] [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [223] Mayday [...] .
[224] It's bank holiday isn't it.
Josh (PS57B) [225] It's bank holiday .
Ryan (PS57C) [226] It's Mayday bank holiday.
Josh (PS57B) [227] It's bank holiday.
Ryan (PS57C) [228] It's that Mayday bank holiday.
Rob (PS57E) [229] I know, I was just testing. ...
Lara (PS57D) [230] Who?
Rob (PS57E) [231] I said, shut your lick split.
Lara (PS57D) [232] Eh?
[233] Eh? [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [234] [singing] Somebody to love. []
[235] Somebody to love. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [236] It's recording isn't it? ...
Lara (PS57D) [237] Chris?
[238] Don't be like that Chris.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [239] [...] Oh excuse me.
[240] [...] that's how I sneeze [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [241] All the plages fly out.
[242] Plages plages pages pages.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [243] Why are we going out on that one, not on that?
Rob (PS57E) [244] Because we [...] feel like it right. ...
Lara (PS57D) [245] Er that pencil case is [...] Sebastian.
Rob (PS57E) [246] Why have you got a picture of yo a naked man on your pencil [laughing] case [] ?
Josh (PS57B) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [247] With a shirt open.
Ryan (PS57C) [248] This is a this is your [...] pencil case isn't it?
[249] This is a bumpy pencil case.
[250] [laugh] . I'm surprised yours hasn't dented yet.
[251] I'm doing what Miss did to me.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [252] Well done Daniel.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [253] What are you gonna do?
Ryan (PS57C) [254] Look at mine it's all bumpy.
Rob (PS57E) [255] That looks like a rosette, [...] it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [256] Wait man wait [...] .
Rob (PS57E) [257] [...] why don't you do it by yourself?
Ryan (PS57C) [258] No.
Rob (PS57E) [259] Do you want me to hold your hand while you're doing it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [260] [...] one er just one more different er square arrangement of tiles [...] .
Ryan (PS57C) [261] Why [...] want more?
Rob (PS57E) [262] That's what it says on the bleeding sheet.
Ryan (PS57C) [263] Is it bleeding [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [264] Somebody to [...] , somebody to [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [265] What happened?
Rob (PS57E) [266] Look at Nina's work.
[267] [...] balloons and coloured shit.
Ryan (PS57C) [268] Shit.
[269] [...] that coloured shit Fucking hell.
[270] ... What is it?
[271] Well it's science.
[272] ... And maths.
Rob (PS57E) [273] I'd mark those A B C D E if I were you [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [274] [...] swearing that.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [275] Oh shut up [...] people swearing in your Irish accents.
[276] ... Always swearing.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [277] I have never sweared in my life.
Ryan (PS57C) [278] [...] we we I had a barbecue yesterday.
Rob (PS57E) [279] Is it [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [recording ends]

4 (Tape 138602)

Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [280] Seven?
Matthew (PS57A) [281] Mhm.
Lara (PS57D) [282] You've got to give it back tomorrow.
Matthew (PS57A) [283] Yeah.
Lara (PS57D) [284] Oh Matthew, you've not done that very well then have you?
Matthew (PS57A) [285] Well no [...] four.
Lara (PS57D) [286] You've done four tapes?
Matthew (PS57A) [287] Well no but I mean I I'm on my third but I mean [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [288] What?
Matthew (PS57A) [289] You know, I should have done four by tomorrow.
Lara (PS57D) [290] How are you gonna do the other one then?
Matthew (PS57A) [291] Tomorrow before I give it back. ...
Lara (PS57D) [292] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [293] [...] last night between [...] England [...] qualify for the World Cup?
Matthew (PS57A) [294] No I think it means they do cos they haven't been beaten in group C. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [295] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [296] I think so.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [297] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [298] I think so.
Lara (PS57D) [299] Do you want any salad with it Lauren?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [300] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [301] Well I'm going to make you some now.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [302] Well aren't you busy?
Lara (PS57D) [303] [...] at this particular moment in time.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [304] Yes please.
Lara (PS57D) [305] What do you want?
[306] A piece of lettuce [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [307] Yes please .
Lara (PS57D) [308] A piece of lettuce and some cucumber?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [309] Yeah please.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [310] What?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [311] [...] spent a hundred and five pounds on food and today [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [312] [...] spent a hundred and five quid on food?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [313] Where?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [314] Tesco's.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [315] [...] .
[316] ... How was swimming today then?
Matthew (PS57A) [317] It was alright, not bad.
Lara (PS57D) [318] Cold?
Matthew (PS57A) [319] Yeah.
Lara (PS57D) [320] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [321] It wasn't all that bad.
[322] At least the pool was clean.
Lara (PS57D) [323] Mr Pool?
Matthew (PS57A) [324] The pool.
Lara (PS57D) [325] Oh [laugh] .
[326] ... Oh is it sometimes dirty then?
Matthew (PS57A) [327] Cos sometimes it doesn't get cleaned probably cos they're
Lara (PS57D) [328] Why?
Matthew (PS57A) [329] I don't know. ...
Lara (PS57D) [330] Do you want any more salad Matthew? ...
Matthew (PS57A) [331] Mm.
[332] Yeah I'll have a bit please.
Lara (PS57D) [333] What cucumber?
Matthew (PS57A) [334] Yeah please.
Lara (PS57D) [335] Do you want any of that lettuce she's got, cos there's no more now.
[336] Take some off there if you do, take what you want.
Matthew (PS57A) [337] Thanks. [laugh] .
Lara (PS57D) [338] Why are you pouting like that?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [339] These aren't for you to [laughing] say [] .
Lara (PS57D) [340] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [341] These aren't for you to say.
[342] It depends what you want [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [343] No I put it on there.
[344] ... [...] is that alright?
Matthew (PS57A) [345] Thanks.
Lara (PS57D) [346] Is that all cut up now?
[347] ... What did you do today at school Lauren?
[348] ... Huh?
[349] What subject?
[350] Just that just that, cookery?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [351] And geography.
Lara (PS57D) [352] There's only two people in the class.
Matthew (PS57A) [353] Two people?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [354] For cookery, yeah.
Lara (PS57D) [355] Yeah [...] [laugh] .
Matthew (PS57A) [356] Oh.
[357] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [358] Cos it's [...] and everyone else has gone home.
Matthew (PS57A) [359] Ah.
[360] Do they meet you at another class?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [361] [...] . ...
Lara (PS57D) [362] Did you ask Pete about the holiday off?
Matthew (PS57A) [363] Yeah.
Lara (PS57D) [364] Yes?
Matthew (PS57A) [365] Only one class did that.
Lara (PS57D) [366] How did you mean?
[367] Did they take did enough people like who were supposed to be in, not turn up.
Matthew (PS57A) [368] No. ... [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [369] Pardon?
Matthew (PS57A) [370] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [371] [...] . ...
Matthew (PS57A) [372] [...] washed.
Lara (PS57D) [373] Yeah.
[374] ... Didn't Ian go to school today then?
Matthew (PS57A) [375] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [376] [...] [...] .
[377] No?
Matthew (PS57A) [378] They're all in A three.
Lara (PS57D) [379] Does anybody go who's out of your class apart from the teacher?
Matthew (PS57A) [380] Oh no all the girls from my class go.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [381] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [382] Yeah.
Lara (PS57D) [383] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh]
Lara (PS57D) [384] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [385] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [386] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [387] Yeah.
[388] Oh no she didn't she didn't.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [389] Denise [...] do you know if Denise went?
Lara (PS57D) [390] [...] .
[391] Who else [...] what what about what's her name then?
Matthew (PS57A) [392] Nina.
Lara (PS57D) [393] Dark hair.
[394] Nina.
Matthew (PS57A) [395] Natasha.
Lara (PS57D) [396] Nati Nina and Natasha.
[397] I can't remember what Natasha looks like, has she been to your party?
Matthew (PS57A) [398] Quite pale skin.
Lara (PS57D) [399] Was she at Nina's
Matthew (PS57A) [400] [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [401] Is Nina [...] ?
Lara (PS57D) [402] Pardon?
[403] ... Is [...] still out Lauren?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [404] Mhm. ...
Lara (PS57D) [405] [...] the sunshine.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [406] Mhm.
Lara (PS57D) [407] Huh?
Matthew (PS57A) [408] [...] sit in the sun.
Lara (PS57D) [409] Yeah.
[410] She's sitting there, what's her name, in the shaft of sunshine [...] through the window.
Matthew (PS57A) [411] Just lying down.
Lara (PS57D) [412] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [413] No [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [414] [laugh] .
Lara (PS57D) [415] [...] .
[416] [...] trouble.
Matthew (PS57A) [417] His face goes all chubby.
Lara (PS57D) [418] [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [419] But the sun moved.
Lara (PS57D) [420] So did he move with it?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [421] No.
Lara (PS57D) [422] What did he sit in the cold then?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [423] Yeah.
Lara (PS57D) [424] [laugh] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [425] Did you sell that ring? ...
Matthew (PS57A) [426] Did you sell that bracelet?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [427] Mum knows, just before you get me into trouble .
Matthew (PS57A) [428] I know.
[429] I wasn't trying to get you in trouble.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [430] Yes I did.
[431] Did you sell the ring?
Matthew (PS57A) [432] No I haven't asked anyone if they want to buy it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [433] Huh?
Matthew (PS57A) [434] I haven't asked anyone if they want to buy it. ...
Lara (PS57D) [435] Save [...] give it somebody else. ...
Matthew (PS57A) [436] Perhaps.
Lara (PS57D) [437] One of these days you'll get over Suzanne.
Matthew (PS57A) [438] I'm over her. ...
Lara (PS57D) [439] Oh dear.
[440] ... [...] talking.
Matthew (PS57A) [441] What time is dad coming back?
Lara (PS57D) [442] About nine [...] to say that next Tuesday at five o'clock there's a lowdown.
Matthew (PS57A) [443] Eh?
Lara (PS57D) [444] With you on it.
Matthew (PS57A) [445] With me?
Lara (PS57D) [446] Yeah the model of you.
Matthew (PS57A) [447] How?
Lara (PS57D) [448] How what?
Matthew (PS57A) [449] What model of me ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [450] What the Thinker?
Lara (PS57D) [451] The Thinker, that's the lowdown isn't it?
Matthew (PS57A) [452] No.
Lara (PS57D) [453] Oh.
Matthew (PS57A) [454] That's that's we have maki we have ways of making you think.
Lara (PS57D) [455] Oh [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [456] lowdown then?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [457] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [458] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [459] That what?
Matthew (PS57A) [460] That that metal man that spins his arms and throws lasers.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [461] He goes.
Lara (PS57D) [462] Where's [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [463] He must've gone out.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [464] I dunno.
Lara (PS57D) [465] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [466] No.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [467] Where was I I never saw that.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [468] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [469] [...] wearing a red stripy shirt, red and yellow stripy shirt, blue trousers and silver arms.
[470] [...] silver man.
[471] And he goes like that and throws a laser.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [472] He goes.
Lara (PS57D) [473] I've never seen that.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [474] He goes like this.
Lara (PS57D) [475] You never took that form to school.
Matthew (PS57A) [476] I know.
Lara (PS57D) [477] What did daddy make the whole thing?
[478] Did daddy make the whole thing?
Matthew (PS57A) [479] Yeah.
Lara (PS57D) [480] I've never seen that thing.
Matthew (PS57A) [481] Whole lot.
Lara (PS57D) [482] [...] never go in the loft do I.
[483] I don't remember it at all.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [484] It's in the loft.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [485] [...] in a minute.
Matthew (PS57A) [486] Can I have some pudding please?
Lara (PS57D) [487] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [488] Some puddang . ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [489] No school tomorrow, are you sure?
Lara (PS57D) [490] Who said no school tomorrow?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [491] That's what you said.
Lara (PS57D) [492] When?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [493] You said it's off on Wednesdays ad Fridays.
Lara (PS57D) [494] I never said any such thing, I said the library was closed on Wednesdays and Fridays. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [495] You said it.
Lara (PS57D) [496] When did I say that Lauren?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [497] When you was talking upstairs.
Lara (PS57D) [498] I said the libraries are closed on Wednesdays and Fridays, why don't you come to the library with me today because it's closed on a Wednesday and Friday.
Matthew (PS57A) [499] [...] we're off school on Monday you know?
Lara (PS57D) [500] You're not.
Matthew (PS57A) [501] Yes we are.
Lara (PS57D) [502] You can't be Matthew.
Matthew (PS57A) [503] It's bank holiday, Mayday.
Lara (PS57D) [504] So what are you at school for?
Matthew (PS57A) [505] We're not at school, that's the point.
Lara (PS57D) [506] Oh I know that.
[507] Nobody's at school it's a bank holiday.
[508] I thought you said we are at school.
Matthew (PS57A) [509] No no I said we're not.
Lara (PS57D) [510] [...] to the May fair. ...
Matthew (PS57A) [511] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [512] Can't we?
Lara (PS57D) [513] [...] be fit to go [...] it might be nice to go down on Saturday morning [...] come back, Sunday Monday.
[514] Would you like to go?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [515] Yeah I'd love to.
Lara (PS57D) [516] We'll have to ask him tonight how he's gonna be feeling.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [517] Well it'd be wonderful to take a friend.
Lara (PS57D) [518] Oh I can't do that love I'm sorry.
[519] I just can't Lauren.
[520] Where [...] anybody gonna sleep and with granddad like the state he's in.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [521] [...] .
[522] Honestly what difference does it make?
Matthew (PS57A) [523] Well I think grandma can do without the extra work.
Lara (PS57D) [524] Yeah.
[525] ... And granddad doesn't li want people to see him sort of you know when he has to get up and walk about and go to the loo with the door open and I mean it's not so bad for us because we're all related but it's awful for You know I mean I can't imagine Jody or Jessica or Alison or anybody liking it very much.
[526] The only thing that you have to do Lauren, if we phone up, if daddy says we can go, you'll have to phone up Victoria tonight.
[527] ... And see if she's busy.
[528] ... I mean I suppose if we were just going for the day it would be alright.
[529] Then you could take a friend.
[530] If we were going there and back in a day but it wouldn't really be worth it to go to the fair.
[531] Because best time to go you know, to the fair is at night.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [532] Yeah but we don't know [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [533] I do.
Matthew (PS57A) [534] I'm going to this year. [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [535] Is he?
Lara (PS57D) [536] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [537] Is he?
Lara (PS57D) [538] Is he what?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [539] Going this year?
Lara (PS57D) [540] I don't know if any of us are going till daddy gets back.
Matthew (PS57A) [541] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [542] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [543] Me.
[544] I dunno, I'll go by myself.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [545] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [546] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [547] Getting me with mum.
Lara (PS57D) [548] I mean how will go round the fair?
[549] With Liam or somebody?
Matthew (PS57A) [550] No.
Lara (PS57D) [551] Why not well not much fun going on your own is it?
Matthew (PS57A) [552] I'll go with you and everyone else.
[553] At night.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [554] Will you?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [555] I don't exactly have a lot of choice [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [556] [...] probably not, we're only talking about one night.
Matthew (PS57A) [557] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [558] We might I don't know if we'll go anyway.
[559] ... It's be nice to go though if we could.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [560] an I have another pie please.
Lara (PS57D) [561] How many have you had?
Matthew (PS57A) [562] One.
Lara (PS57D) [563] [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [564] Thanks.
Lara (PS57D) [565] [...] honestly Matthew.
Matthew (PS57A) [566] It doesn't matter.
Lara (PS57D) [567] Of course it matters it's got to be in by tomorrow.
Matthew (PS57A) [568] Yeah I'll bring it in tomorrow. ...
Lara (PS57D) [569] Do you want a pie Lauren?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [570] Want a yoghurt?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [571] Want some ice-cream.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Lara (PS57D) [572] I don't know what it is, I'll have a look.
[573] Pecan and toffee I think. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] ...
Lara (PS57D) [574] What are these ones? [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [575] Erm blackcurrant.
Lara (PS57D) [576] What are these ones?
Matthew (PS57A) [577] Erm these are the apricot ones.
Lara (PS57D) [578] Have you had enough to eat Lauren?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [579] Yes.
Lara (PS57D) [580] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [581] Yes [...] .
[582] ... Stop looking at me like that.
Matthew (PS57A) [583] Well stop snorting.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [584] You try not being able to [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [585] Have you finished?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [586] Yes.
Lara (PS57D) [587] Why have you got that look on your face again?
[588] Mm? ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [589] Well I can't get asthma when he's looking at me like that.
Lara (PS57D) [590] Do you want to go away ?
Matthew (PS57A) [591] I'm not even looking at you.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [592] Right go away.
Lara (PS57D) [593] Do you want to go away?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [594] Yeah I do [...]
Lara (PS57D) [595] Are you watching any programmes tonight?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [596] No. ... [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [597] Are you? [...] put that plate in the sink please. ...
Matthew (PS57A) [598] Why do want it oh do you want it turned off.
Lara (PS57D) [599] No I want you to talk.
Matthew (PS57A) [600] Fine.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [601] Is it turned on?
Matthew (PS57A) [602] Yes it is.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [603] Is it really.
Matthew (PS57A) [604] [whispering] Oh God. []
[605] Yes Lauren it is.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [606] Oh I didn't realize.
Matthew (PS57A) [607] Obviously.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [608] What?
Matthew (PS57A) [609] Did you used to play tennis?
Lara (PS57D) [610] Yes at school.
Matthew (PS57A) [611] Are you good at it?
Lara (PS57D) [612] Erm no.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [613] Why not?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [614] [...] .
Lara (PS57D) [615] [...] .
[616] ... I don't think I had the right attitude towards it.
Matthew (PS57A) [617] Probably not.
[618] Why what was your attitude towards it?
[619] ... What was your attitude towards it?
Lara (PS57D) [620] I didn't really want to do it very well.
[621] No I didn't.
[622] ... Cos it was all [...] very keen.
[623] Very good, they made you feel like sick.
Matthew (PS57A) [624] Creepy.
Lara (PS57D) [625] Mm.
Matthew (PS57A) [626] [...] . ...
Lara (PS57D) [627] Right Matthew.
[628] ... It's about five to six.
Matthew (PS57A) [629] Right.
Lara (PS57D) [630] Go upstairs
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [631] Just in case you can't tell the time.
Lara (PS57D) [632] and do your homework.
[633] And I'll tell if anybody rings I'll ask them to ring you back at what?
[634] Half past six?
[635] It'll all be finished by then will it?
Matthew (PS57A) [636] Erm yeah no.
[637] Say seven o'clock anyway.
Lara (PS57D) [638] Go on then.
[639] Seven o'clock I'll come up and you show me everything that you've done and then I can make you available to people, yeah? ... .
Matthew (PS57A) [640] [...] polish off [...] pie. [recording ends]

5 (Tape 138901)

Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [641] twenty percent of the grade
Josh (PS57B) [...] ...
Matthew (PS57A) [642] Yeah mate you better take the register downstairs.
Josh (PS57B) [643] What, is it up here?
Matthew (PS57A) [644] I would think so, has anyone done it?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [645] No [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [646] I think he's ill. ...
Matthew (PS57A) [647] [...] Sherlock.
[648] [laugh] Oh shit!
[649] Oh no!
[650] No, if he ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [651] Oh [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [652] What now?
Josh (PS57B) [653] What do we have to do?
[654] ... Who do we have to [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [655] No seriously cos listen if 's not here that means we're gonna have Mr taking us.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [656] Yeah but that's fine cos [...] setting our homework.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [657] Yeah but Mr will make us work in maths.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [658] But he does it slower [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [659] it's only a chosen few that can understand him ... at that speed.
Matthew (PS57A) [660] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [661] Did you hear [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [662] What?
Matthew (PS57A) [663] Did you hear his joke?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [664] No.
Matthew (PS57A) [665] Really [...] .
[666] Typical Mr interesting comment. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [667] How to tame your landlord not to [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [668] [laugh] The new ideal America.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [669] Modern modern weppings weapons cache [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [670] A down to earth approach to beating the government fund [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [671] Yeah it was alright. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [672] [...] you know?
Matthew (PS57A) [673] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [674] How many sides did you, you wrote like four sides.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [675] Yeah [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [676] How the fuck did you do that?
[677] I've only got like ... two and three quarters
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [678] No I write huge
Matthew (PS57A) [679] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [680] my writing's huge. ... [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [681] Did you get any quotes?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [682] Four.
Matthew (PS57A) [683] You got four qu
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [684] At least one from each book.
Matthew (PS57A) [685] What!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [686] Did you have, did you have the book Sarah?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [687] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [688] Hey [...] have you got the money? ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [689] Okay what time?
[690] Two okay?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [691] Are you selling a ticket to Ian?
Matthew (PS57A) [692] What?
[693] No I'm gonna sell it to, to erm ... [tut] er Jed. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [694] Well Ian just said he was [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [695] Oh right well, well if he's got the money, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [696] If he ... oh right. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [697] [...] we play the groundhog [...] with the crossbow
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [698] and as soon as it comes out you just fire a ball of string [...] , yeah, and that way [...] it can't fall down cos you've got [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [699] it might be better to use like [...] just wait on the edge of like a [...] or something like that [...] the other groundhog just hangs out there, it can't go back down in its hole.
Matthew (PS57A) [700] You are seriously twisted.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [701] I think it'd work.
Matthew (PS57A) [702] [laugh] No you are twisted. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [703] [laugh] If it ducks down [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [704] Did you ever see Caddyshack
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [705] Yeah. [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [706] No Caddyshack Two is better [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [707] Part two, part two's when you've got the Oozes and
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [708] Yeah that was [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [709] [...] check out the [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [710] Angela Davis just walked past. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [711] Who's Angela Davis? [...] some civil rights [...] ?
Matthew (PS57A) [712] Yeah, no she was a black activist man, she had an Afro that makes, I don't know
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [713] makes Kunta Kinte look bald. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [714] Can you get change for the ticket?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [715] How much was that?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [716] Anyone lend me fifty P?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [717] Mark used to do that man, Mark used to shave his eyebrows like here o on top and on, on the sides.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [718] [...] shaved it in the middle [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [719] No no no no no no no no you've got chilli on your finger.
[720] [laugh] Hey Rob do you wanna lend me fifty P?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [721] I'll wait till he gets back.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [722] Now you're all witnesses incidentally, I owe this man a ticket for the [...] concert, I'll give it to him tomorrow
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [723] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [724] so you know I'm not trying to stick you.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [725] Erm yeah can I have erm ... a garlic bread and a Coke please.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [726] Anything else?
Matthew (PS57A) [727] And a Coke.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [728] A medium?
Matthew (PS57A) [729] Yeah.
[730] Yes, thanks.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [731] Yeah thanks for that catalogue by the way, I'm ordering some of those
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [732] [laughing] Have you seen all those books [] all those bo books written by Ragnar Benson
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [733] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [734] Mercenary of Death [laughing] or something [] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [735] Do they sell the [...] James Bond [...] you should get that, them [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [736] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [737] No I thought, I thought the best one had to be erm ... home, home and office uses for home ex for high explosive or [laughing] something stupid like that [] [laugh] I mean that was [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [738] And the worrying thing is it all starts in the margin like it had a [...] through school.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [739] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Matthew (PS57A) [740] [laugh] ... Josh erm ... if Chuck gives me the money before ... like ... Jed does, yeah, do you mind if I sell the ticket to him cos I've sold one to Ian?
Josh (PS57B) [741] No.
Matthew (PS57A) [742] Okay, and I've got like one other spare so ... do you wanna keep it for Jed and also [...] ?
Josh (PS57B) [743] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [744] Okay. [...]
Josh (PS57B) [745] [...] last night [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [746] Oh okay.
[747] Right, okay.
Josh (PS57B) [748] The chances of Jed getting
Matthew (PS57A) [749] I'll, I'll tell
Josh (PS57B) [750] I'll get the money off Jed tonight
Matthew (PS57A) [751] Yeah.
Josh (PS57B) [752] and give it to you tomorrow.
Matthew (PS57A) [753] Okay I'll tell Chuck I've sold it. ...
Josh (PS57B) [754] [...] is it sold out?
Matthew (PS57A) [755] Er no it won't be sold out.
Josh (PS57B) [756] It's not?
Matthew (PS57A) [757] No cos I mean [...]
Josh (PS57B) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [758] you, Chuck can get it at the Hammersmith Palais.
Josh (PS57B) [759] Right.
Matthew (PS57A) [760] I'll give him the phone number if he wants.
[761] ... If he just phones them up tonight he can get a ticket.
[762] ... Yeah.
Josh (PS57B) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [763] How was your meeting? ...
Josh (PS57B) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [764] Yeah.
[765] [...] is such a power crazed bastard nowadays, really pisses me off.
[766] I'll see you later, yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [767] Not too well.
[768] ... [...] might be interested but [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [769] Who [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [770] Ian.
Matthew (PS57A) [771] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [772] I tried to sell it to Ian [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [773] What kind of jacket is it?
[774] Does it have anything on it?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [775] No it's just black [...] it's not [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [776] Josh what's this?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [777] it's not one of those fucking motorcycle [...] .
[778] ... It's been in the family for years [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [779] Special commemorative Vietnam bullet holes.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [780] Yeah Rob ... yeah Rob you know you should have done ... taken like a hair out of your head, placed it in there before you [...] and pulled it out.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [781] Erm ... I dunno, the thing is our prom, yeah, is the day before so like ... I'm gonna be pretty [laughing] fucked [] erm two, a couple of my friends who are coming, they've got ... they're like in the middle of the ex their exams like erm ... I know my one friend's driving there but he's going from St John's Wood, thanks, erm ... we might be able to pick you up, I'm not sure, it depends what's happening or you might go with Josh, like we'll meet outside probably.
[782] ... We should arrange to meet but we'll like ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [783] It starts at seven so
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [784] What time does it finish?
Matthew (PS57A) [785] It says it finishes at midnight but erm I've a feeling [...] piss off like ... like about eleven.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [786] Oi Rob!
[787] Have you seen [...] yet?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [788] Have you seen it?
[789] Oh yeah you've seen it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [790] [...] I wanna see the new one with Bridget Fonda [...] Bridget Fonda
Matthew (PS57A) [791] It's I wanna see it to see how they've screwed it up.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [792] Yeah.
[793] Cos you know they trashed it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [794] I've seen, I've seen a clip
Matthew (PS57A) [795] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [796] he goes into ah McDonald's
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [797] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [798] he's like, like gonna have breakfast and he's like, breakfast [...] every Thursday it's like eleven thirty two [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [799] and he's like [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [800] [mimicking] don't worry people, don't worry []
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [801] He lives in Majorca like, really close to my house [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [802] Who, Michael Douglas?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [803] [...] he had glasses and I didn't realize, everyone was going [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [804] [...] with Sharon Stone?
Matthew (PS57A) [805] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [806] She's not that, I mean she's such a shit actress!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [807] [...] said it was the most [...] , said it was worse than Body of Evidence.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [808] There was one film which she
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [809] And that's saying something.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [810] which she did which is so bad erm I mean really, she did, about one of the first films she did, not, you know before Total Recall
Matthew (PS57A) [811] Some budget porno movie.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [812] No no it's not [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [813] Oh Year of the Gun?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [814] No [...] anyway she's trapped in this apartment and like [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [815] I wanna see Boxing Helena
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [816] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [817] that's supposed to be really good.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [818] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [819] It's done by Je erm David [...] as well.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [820] This guy, yeah, he falls in love with this woman, takes her to his apartment and slowly, he's a surgeon and he slowly amputates all her arms and legs and keeps her in a box.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [821] [...] [...] she has no use for her legs
Matthew (PS57A) [822] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [823] Oh okay, whatever.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [824] [laughing] I told you man, it's for [] this university study.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [825] It's like an English, it's on Eng English slang and like ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]

6 (Tape 138902)

Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [826] Are you serious?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [827] Yeah I'm serious [...]
Ryan (PS57C) [828] You sure it wasn't [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [829] assassination attempt [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [830] Shoot me in the mouth.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [831] Get the guns! ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [832] What do you think he's doing with that?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [833] What?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [834] Recording us [...] speaking English, [...] can learn to speak English again.
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [835] [laughing] Oh yeah [] .
Matthew (PS57A) [836] That's the plot.
[837] ... [...] the secret's out. [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [838] Turn it on.
Matthew (PS57A) [839] It is.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [840] It's on?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [841] Jonathan's a dancing queen [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [842] Yeah, [...] dickhead.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [843] Jonathan's a queen, period.
Matthew (PS57A) [844] Yeah your mum's a queen.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [845] [...] trembling ... [...] when he made that speech when he [...] ... remember when he, remember when you, you weren't there, no you weren't there ... he was shaking like a leaf.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [846] Oh, it's your physics teacher.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] ... [break in recording] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [847] Yeah when are you gonna see Trespass?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [848] No you should man, it's, it's, seriously man they're m it's so funny.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [849] Have you seen [...] , have you seen [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [850] Oh you said you could get me juice.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [851] I had it on video anyway [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [852] Yeah I know but your, your uncle w w you s erm ... whichever movie did you say you could get, like he's the man or something?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [853] Oh yeah, I wanna see that.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [854] Eh?
Matthew (PS57A) [855] I wanna see that.
[856] Have you seen erm [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [857] Yes, that's rubbish.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [858] Isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [859] [...] have you seen that?
[860] That was funny.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [861] That was a funny film.
Matthew (PS57A) [862] [laugh] [laughing] That one guy ... that one black guy, it's cos I'm black isn't it?
[863] You know, the way he's always going round like [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [864] [laugh] Like, is it cos I'm black isn't it?
[865] It's cos I'm black. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [866] [...] rings his friend's house, he opens the door and he's got like shaving cr shaving foam on his face like ah he's white, he's white! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [867] Oh yeah and he [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [868] I still haven't seen it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [869] I've got it on video.
Matthew (PS57A) [870] [...] will you lend it to me?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [871] If you come to Majorca, yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [872] Oh it's in Majorca.
[873] Oh not much
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [874] much good it's doing there.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [875] My mum [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [876] Does she?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [877] What, gonna take your sister with her and leave her there is she?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [878] Is your sister leaving the school?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [879] Why?
[880] Or when, rather. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [881] Don't you ever eat the skin Rob?
Rob (PS57E) [882] Yeah I'm eating it, I'm just scraping [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [883] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [884] Class in ten minutes.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [885] What?
Matthew (PS57A) [886] Got fucking chemistry in two m in ten minutes ... such a big chemistry test tomorrow, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [887] [...] like eat mud or something.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [888] I always used to eat paper man, paper you could eat.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [889] Did you see that film about ants?
Matthew (PS57A) [890] Them, no Th yeah Them.
[891] It was like on Channel Four about two weeks
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [892] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [893] that was one freaky fucking movie.
[894] When they took over the, the mind of that man and that woman
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [895] They had that erm
Matthew (PS57A) [896] oh shit that was good!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [897] they, they [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [898] Yeah and they made the shapes that ants could
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [899] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [900] that was damned strange!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [901] What about Scanners?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [902] Oh my God [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [903] Yeah, Scanners [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [904] Oh!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [905] Yeah, [...] that is the best movie.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [906] Formal formaldehyde face.
[907] That is such a cool movie.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [908] [...] sunglasses [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [909] Yeah.
[910] Like John Carpenter's such, have you seen erm his other, any of his other films like Assault on Precinct Thirteen?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [911] That was brilliant, that was [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [912] That is such a good, and have you seen the comedy he made, Dark Star?
[913] That is so fucking funny man, it's this real B mo B
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [914] John Carpenter.
[915] He like does all his own mu he does all his own music as well
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [916] I think so.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [917] Dark Star man, that, that had to be the funniest movie I ever saw, I saw it when I was about ten.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [918] Why was it so funny?
Matthew (PS57A) [919] Oh because it's so shittily, I mean it's so obviously a B movie, the alien they find, yeah, is a beach ball with feet
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [920] [laughing] and that's this alien [] it's a beach ball with feet that runs around the place.
[921] He kills it eventually, he shoots it with this like hypodermic pistol to try to put it to sleep and it just explodes!
[922] It's just so dumb, I mean the whole movie is like, it's in the nineteen seventies, yeah, and like they've all got these big fucking boobs and they're stuck out in space ... it's fucking odd.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [923] It's like that, I hate it when they fucking make cartoons about all kinds of shit like ... you know Rambo?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [924] And then they make cartoons about it like you know Rambo, they made cartoons out of Rambo ... like what the fuck!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [925] Yeah I remember those.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [926] What's that film ... this guy goes round and he's re really pissed off and he goes into this er he goes into [...] yeah, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [927] Gotta go back to school.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [928] We have an hour.
Matthew (PS57A) [929] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [930] Fuck you I've gotta back for chemistry.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [931] Yeah er
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [932] Shit, shit, is that good English?
[933] Shit. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [934] [...] my sister [...] .
Matthew (PS57A) [935] Yeah she's ugly. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]

7 (Tape 139001)

Rob (PS57E) [936] [...] all my work this weekend.
Matthew (PS57A) [937] Did you do extended essay notes?
Rob (PS57E) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [938] Erm any English?
[939] Have you
Rob (PS57E) [940] No.
Matthew (PS57A) [941] I've done forty [...] and twenty of geography [...] ... Joe have you got your extended essay notes there?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [942] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [943] Can I see them?
[944] I wanna see how many you've done.
[945] Did you actually do a whole fifty?
[946] ... She'll kill you [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [947] [...] That's fine.
Matthew (PS57A) [948] What?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [949] She said so.
Matthew (PS57A) [950] Oh. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [951] That's what I like about you Joe, your notes.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [952] You haven't done that many. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [953] Katy
Rob (PS57E) [954] Eh?
Matthew (PS57A) [955] Katy
Rob (PS57E) [956] What?
Matthew (PS57A) [957] Erm ... yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [958] Katy stop [...] it doesn't befit you.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [959] [laughing] Yeah you, you call that maths [] !
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [960] This is her homework yeah? [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [961] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [962] Move up.
[963] ... No seriously you have to move up one, thank you.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [964] What the hell!
Matthew (PS57A) [965] No well he couldn't do it either. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [966] Yeah that's the one.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [967] What, what page is this?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [968] Well [...] given any [...]
Rob (PS57E) [969] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [970] [...] because he, Mr [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [971] What are you, what are you doing?
Matthew (PS57A) [972] Screw that.
Rob (PS57E) [973] No! [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [974] [laugh] No God!
Matthew (PS57A) [975] Joseph ... Joe did you do thirteen, Joe did you do thirteen C?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [976] Did I do thirteen C ... on which one?
Matthew (PS57A) [977] Er [...] er [...] the whole fucking
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [978] You've got my answers there, why don't you look at them?
Rob (PS57E) [979] Well let's see what thirteen C was.
[980] Yeah this is thirteen C.
Matthew (PS57A) [981] Is it?
[982] Oh okay.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [983] Oh shit let's go downstairs and do it [...] ...
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [984] Ah.
Matthew (PS57A) [985] Stop whingeing.
Rob (PS57E) [986] Ah.
[987] ... Eight thirty tonight we're either committing suicide or murder, one of the two.
Matthew (PS57A) [988] Yeah.
[989] ... No
Rob (PS57E) [990] [...] discussing our future prospects together.
Matthew (PS57A) [991] Oh I know what you're talking about.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [992] I know what you mean.
Rob (PS57E) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [993] The word cabin fever is a word that jumps to my mind at the moment.
Rob (PS57E) [994] The what?
Matthew (PS57A) [995] Cabin fever?
Rob (PS57E) [996] Cabin?
Matthew (PS57A) [997] You know?
[998] Like when you're locked in a room with someone for five days and you wanna kill them after a while.
Rob (PS57E) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [999] Yeah. ...
Rob (PS57E) [1000] [...] had to run round the building [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1001] Cabin fever.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1002] Oh what you've just been hanging around [...] too much.
Matthew (PS57A) [1003] Ah!
[1004] I'm just, all I can say is I'm, I'm [...] but I'm glad I went to school, okay?
[1005] [laugh] I'm fucking ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1006] I'm just happy to be here right now.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1007] What?
Rob (PS57E) [1008] Is she in there?
Matthew (PS57A) [1009] No I can't see her.
[1010] ... Incidentally don't ever try Femidom it's like shagging a crisp packet or a freezer bag.
Rob (PS57E) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [1011] A serious waste of time.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1012] Have you ever tried one of those Femidoms
Rob (PS57E) [1013] [laughing] No I haven't [] .
Matthew (PS57A) [1014] They're useless.
Rob (PS57E) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [1015] It's like shagging a fucking crisp bag I'm telling you.
[1016] And they rustle. [laugh] ...
Rob (PS57E) [1017] Is that times?
Matthew (PS57A) [1018] Yeah, he's done that wrong, you don't do it like that.
Rob (PS57E) [1019] How do you do it?
Matthew (PS57A) [1020] Well I think you do it like that but, oh no maybe you do do it like this.
[1021] ... Oh. ...
Rob (PS57E) [1022] But how come you've got a negative [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1023] No my answers are fucked [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1024] [...] ... Surely this should be a negative cos there's one negative. ...
Matthew (PS57A) [1025] What?
[1026] Yeah I know so I think it's negative so that negative five's the answer but anyway ...
Rob (PS57E) [1027] [...] music today. [...] ... [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1028] Yeah they busk in Trafalgar in er Leicester Square.
Rob (PS57E) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1029] [...] ... are you all familiar with the [...] ?
Matthew (PS57A) [1030] Yeah.
Rob (PS57E) [1031] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1032] [...] but er I don't know if you can get this information to er to your fellow students but it really concerns the graduation rehearsal ... which takes place on ... er Friday ... erm ... on Friday we're going out er as a group on Friday afternoon at one fifteen to Church House er to run through the rehearsal procedure er the graduation [...] ... it's important that on that day that you bring along your robes [...] ... bring your robes with you and [...] bring your, bring ... them along, they should be pressed ... so that you can er wear them ... er the ... you should also please [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1033] so dress nicely on that day and wear a tie and bring a tie with you [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1034] [...] graduation?
Rob (PS57E) [1035] Eh?
Matthew (PS57A) [1036] Is your dad coming to graduation?
Rob (PS57E) [1037] No [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1038] but bring a tie with you
Matthew (PS57A) [1039] Oh is she?
Rob (PS57E) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1040] a jacket and tie and er the, the robe and
Matthew (PS57A) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1041] Those of you in the twelfth grade who are not graduating er we'd also like you to be [...] so come dressed nicely as well erm ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1042] Is it this Friday?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1043] This Friday yeah, and we're leaving at one fifteen, there's a coach [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1044] [...] er those of you in the maths [...] exam could start making your way over to room fifty six [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1045] [shouting] Good luck [] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1046] I dunno.
[1047] I tell you one thing ... I'm slightly starting to regret inviting my girlfriend to come and stay with me for three weeks in France.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1048] No but I like her and everything but ... holy shit, I really I do need some time to go to school and like be by myself.
[1049] [laugh] Do you know what I mean?
[1050] ... It's kind of fucking important. ...
Rob (PS57E) [1051] What is this?
Matthew (PS57A) [1052] Saw Nigel Sat on Saturday night.
Rob (PS57E) [1053] Do you have four B?
Matthew (PS57A) [1054] No
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1055] er would those of you who are left

8 (Tape 139002)

Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1056] Er ... why?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1057] You don't have to, no you don't have to stop any more ... not any more ... you can fly direct.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1058] You can fly direct now ... the new seven four seven four hundreds can do it in one go.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1059] I dunno, twenty two hours in a plane?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1060] [...] coming back's [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1061] I, I just have ... er I just have to drink a lot that's [laughing] you know [] put me in first class and [...] full of drink [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1062] Do you?
[1063] How come?
[1064] Your dad ... come?
[1065] Does he fly, does he [...] fly back?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1066] [...] lazy by the way.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1067] M squared minus X squared
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1068] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [1069] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1070] Yeah [laugh] I know that's my secret ... I'm proud of it.
Rob (PS57E) [1071] What's this about John being lazy? ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1072] Who else works there?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1073] Alan [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1074] Alan?
[1075] Who's Alan?
[1076] Oh
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1077] Er
Matthew (PS57A) [1078] oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1079] No he's [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1080] Didn't Rob get a job there or something?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1081] Who?
Matthew (PS57A) [1082] Rob.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1083] No.
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Rob (PS57E) [1084] [...] gets his cheque today ... I have to pick it up for him.
[1085] I dunno, I dunno how much it [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1086] Why didn't you give Rob a job?
Rob (PS57E) [1087] [...] what can Rob do?
[1088] You know.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1089] Steal money?
Rob (PS57E) [1090] Scare, yeah exactly.
Matthew (PS57A) [1091] [laughing] Scare customers [] .
Rob (PS57E) [1092] Scare the customers.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1093] Who?
Rob (PS57E) [1094] [laughing] Rob [] .
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [1095] Brian you got a new vice?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1096] Hey Brian do you know what happened?
[1097] You know the ... er head security guy?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1098] Yeah.
Rob (PS57E) [1099] On Sunday, yeah
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1100] Yeah.
[1101] On Sunday, yeah, he got in, I don't know what happened I wasn't there but [...] and supposedly, yeah, he met, did you see Julie, one of the waitresses [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1102] have you seen her, yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1103] Upstairs?
Rob (PS57E) [1104] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1105] And she [...] ?
Rob (PS57E) [1106] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1107] Yeah.
Rob (PS57E) [1108] okay, supposedly she claims that he hit her and winded her and she screamed after she was winded, yeah, which is an impossibility anyway but that's okay
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1109] but he was arrested ... and sacked ... so we have to have a bouncer
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1110] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1111] Well I don't know but the other three, yeah, are hired by the [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1112] so I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1113] I'll bounce for you, [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1114] You wanna be a bouncer, yeah? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1115] [...] keep [...] there on the door, that'll scare them ... that'll stop unwanted people coming in.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1116] [laugh] [laughing] Sit there going ooh ooh ooh [] [shouting] ah ah ah []
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1117] No we only have one Italian boy working there.
Matthew (PS57A) [1118] [laughing] Not for very much longer [] .
Rob (PS57E) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1119] I don't understand why all these guys stop going out with you and shortly afterwards get fired from [...] , kind of funny that ha?
Rob (PS57E) [1120] No he hasn't been fired, he's quitting.
Matthew (PS57A) [1121] Oh.
[1122] Why?
Rob (PS57E) [1123] Cos he, well he's not quitting he's taking a break [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1124] Mm.
[1125] And er ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1126] Michael Jackson ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1127] that's male singer of the year, Michael Jackson, [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1128] [...] Michael Jackson?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1129] What was this?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1130] What, what was this?
Rob (PS57E) [1131] The music awards last night.
Matthew (PS57A) [1132] Oh .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1133] My dad was there. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1134] See now here it's possible [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1135] [...] ? [...] eight fifty C S I ... B M W.
Rob (PS57E) [laugh] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1136] Fuck basketball.
[1137] Who the fuck does he think he is, Bill Lambear
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1138] No but I saw the new X R two five O.
Matthew (PS57A) [1139] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [1140] What are you talking about basketball anyway, who the fuck does he think he is, Bill Lambear or Charles Barclay?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1141] Right I'll be back in a second.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1142] But [...] Spitting Image they were making fun of them and they had a [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1143] Brian ... do you think he's trying to look like, you know Bill Lambear in America?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1144] Yeah [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1145] Yeah, that guy looks like a freak. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1146] Bill Lambear the basketball player?
Matthew (PS57A) [1147] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1148] [...] I mean he really is a cool guy, [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1149] No Charles Barclay's better.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1150] Well that's why women's basketball's better than guys
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1151] No way!
Rob (PS57E) [1152] women have better shots.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1153] [...] with Michael Douglas?
Matthew (PS57A) [1154] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1155] Yeah have you seen [...] when he blows up that guy [laughing] [...] [] ?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1156] I saw Loaded Weapon.
Matthew (PS57A) [1157] Yeah, is that good?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1158] Have you seen Loaded Weapon?
Matthew (PS57A) [1159] I haven't seen it yet.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1160] Oh it's, I mean I expected [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1161] one scene is really good, really [...] ... obviously they are taking the piss out of
Matthew (PS57A) [1162] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1163] You know [...] ?
Matthew (PS57A) [1164] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1165] This guy's in the bathroom [...] or having a piss
Matthew (PS57A) [1166] Yeah and they blow him up, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1167] [...] this guy's here [...] up here, up here [...] where are you, where are you, up here, up here [...] what's up, I'm taking a shit.
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1168] [...] sorry man, close the door and get out [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1169] [...] a friend of mine lives in erm Beirut [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1170] a friend of mine, a friend of mine lives in Beirut like erm [...] ... apparently now though it's like, I mean Beirut, parts of Beirut are getting like Beverley Hills
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1171] No but like the [...] all they do is they keep like, you know, they keep a gun in their car.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1172] No apparently, yeah, [...] my dad used to carry a gun around so like they'd go, they'd go out to like a restaurant, yeah
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1173] [...] ?
Matthew (PS57A) [1174] my dad like in South Africa my dad was telling me, when they went out at night, yeah, like if they were going to a restaurant he'd take a kni he'd take his gun with him ... and keep, it's fucking odd man like my dad walking around with a nine millimetre [...] strapped to his [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1175] Yeah, you can here as well can't you?
[1176] Diplomatic immunity.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1177] [...] are useless [...] fucking rustle like a crisp packet and they, they're just shit.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1178] [...] they just make you feel so inadequate.
Matthew (PS57A) [1179] No they're just shit [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1180] Shit, it really, [...] fifteen quid a pack, they're useless.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1181] What am I supposed to do with these pens?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1182] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1183] Cos they paid for their [...] .
[1184] It's a publicity stunt by Patricia [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1185] Oh yes, [...] get a pen.
Matthew (PS57A) [1186] I get one.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1187] But you only get it if you paid for your
Rob (PS57E) [1188] Yeah.
Matthew (PS57A) [1189] Yeah I have, I've even got the receipt to prove it. ...
Rob (PS57E) [1190] I [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1191] You never gave me a receipt.
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1192] There's probably a list in there of the ones you're supposed to give them to.
[1193] ... This is to make, this is a, I mean ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1194] Alright [...] can I have one?
[1195] ... One two three ... now this is a bit silly, oh there's a pen for me, thank you very much.
Rob (PS57E) [1196] Why is my name not on there?
Matthew (PS57A) [1197] There'd better be my name down.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1198] Don't ask me.
Rob (PS57E) [1199] That's it, I'm [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1200] I'm on there.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1201] I'm gonna go and shoot that woman cos I gave my cheque to the office.
Rob (PS57E) [1202] I gave my cheque to her personally. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1203] Well it maybe, you see I've had this, this has been hanging around for a month
Rob (PS57E) [1204] Oh okay then that's alright.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1205] if you only gave it recently
Matthew (PS57A) [1206] No I gave my cheque three weeks ago.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1207] Well all I know is this is all I've got here.
Matthew (PS57A) [1208] Can I have a pen anyway?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1209] No, certainly not.
Matthew (PS57A) [1210] Oh go on. ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK)
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1211] Give that to will you?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1212] Can I just go and shout at the office please?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1213] No.
Matthew (PS57A) [1214] Oh go on.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1215] Go down at break.
Rob (PS57E) [1216] What does it say on it?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1217] It says absolute south bank [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1218] I'm absolutely really pissed o I'm incredibly pissed off.
Rob (PS57E) [1219] You could at least take the E off, yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1220] I, well that was where it came from ... I mean cos we were all sitting there and I said well why don't we call it ... it was, it was that or Bailey's Irish Cream and ... absolute we could get away with.
Rob (PS57E) [1221] So why is there an E on it?
[1222] It's just that, oops!
[1223] Time [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1224] It's just we can't, we can't have we can't have obvious alcohol [...] absolute on the rocks [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1225] Absolutely rocking, you should just say absolutely rocking.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1226] Straight up.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1227] You will find there's so many little, nasty little things that you manage to sneak in there [...] doesn't know about.
Matthew (PS57A) [1228] What like on and on a on and on and on?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1229] Like the year book [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1230] When does [...] come in?
[1231] Next week?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1232] Next week. [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1233] If I
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1234] on and on and on and on and on as a border, now she thinks that's about the washing machine ad ... you know the Ariston washing ad, on and on.
Rob (PS57E) [1235] It's not, it's [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1236] [laughing] [...] still convinced it's about a washing machine [] .
Rob (PS57E) [1237] Well yes I mean I see her point.
[1238] You're n you're not gonna think it's her
Matthew (PS57A) [laugh]
Rob (PS57E) [1239] unless you know her.
[1240] A lot of people will probably relate it to that commercial I think, or they'll think of the little bunny rabbits in Duracell, that's what I thought
Matthew (PS57A) [1241] Yeah.
Rob (PS57E) [1242] when you said it.
[1243] I didn't think that Patricia [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1244] It's the Energiser one, you know that?
[1245] You know those commercials are the same, it's the Energiser one.
[1246] Except En Energiser are made by [...] ... yeah anyway. ...
Rob (PS57E) [1247] Still going. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1248] [...] on and on.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1249] Right we might as well get on with something.
[1250] Let's get on with something.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1251] Let's not.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1252] Let's [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1253] I can't print anything for you.
Matthew (PS57A) [1254] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1255] Why?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1256] Because the machine's been down since last Thursday.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1257] Sunday's the last time Joseph was seen in school. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1258] So you can do the following two questions for me please.
Matthew (PS57A) [1259] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1260] Ah.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1261] What is ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1262] A little bit of revision on an old topic.
Matthew (PS57A) [1263] Oh!
[1264] A topic which
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1265] [laugh] In biology, yeah, they had differentiation but I didn't think it was right so I put diffiation down [laughing] instead [] . [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1266] [...] differentiation in biology?
Rob (PS57E) [1267] I dunno, it's to do with sperm [...] and there's like [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1268] Don't you mean [...] ?
Rob (PS57E) [1269] No. ...
Matthew (PS57A) [1270] What?
Rob (PS57E) [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1271] [...] Jonathan, you're extremely bad at getting words right.
[1272] Which sys which er political party supports proportional representation?
Matthew (PS57A) [1273] Shut up.
[1274] Labour likes proportional [laughing] representation [] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1275] No they don't.
Matthew (PS57A) [1276] Yes they do.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1277] No they don't.
Matthew (PS57A) [1278] Yes they do.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1279] No they don't.
Matthew (PS57A) [1280] Oh whatever.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1281] [...] this question, stop arguing children please.
Rob (PS57E) [1282] In each of the following what?
Matthew (PS57A) [...] [...] ...
Rob (PS57E) [1283] What does it say after [...] ? ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] ...
Rob (PS57E) [1284] Oh!
[1285] ... You're not as dumb as you look .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1286] Sorry? ...
Matthew (PS57A) [1287] That actually looks more like a W R L [...]
Rob (PS57E) [laugh]
Matthew (PS57A) [1288] curd, that's what it looks like, it looks like curd.
Rob (PS57E) [1289] You said it, yeah.
[1290] [laugh] ... [laughing] Curd [] . ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1291] Can anyone see my water jug around here?
[1292] There should be a bottle of ... is it out on the windowsill or something?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] ...
Matthew (PS57A) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1293] Have you finished these er Jonathan?
Matthew (PS57A) [1294] I can't read your handwriting.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1295] Yeah yeah yeah.
Rob (PS57E) [1296] times X plus four [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1297] Oh shit I thought that was a two.
[1298] That's an X then. ... [break in recording]
Rob (PS57E) [1299] [laughing] So have I [] .
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1300] What's that thing with like all the Us and Vs and
Matthew (PS57A) [1301] Tha that's it, it's D, it's V D [...] plus U D V by the X.
Rob (PS57E) [1302] No no, no hang on.
Matthew (PS57A) [1303] [...] the answer, I really cannot be fucked. ...
Rob (PS57E) [1304] Here we go. ... [break in recording]
Matthew (PS57A) [1305] [...] came out ... that came out Joe.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1306] Which?
[1307] I still haven't forgiven you for bloody [...] book antics of a [...] ...
Matthew (PS57A) [1308] Okay so ... [break in recording] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1309] What was it?
[1310] John Updike?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1311] Danny didn't know it.
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [1312] [...] you're a little wanker Jonathan.
Matthew (PS57A) [1313] Danny, Danny didn't even know the [...] effect [...] physics [...] ... you didn't get it.
Rob (PS57E) [1314] Here it is.
[1315] ... [...] How do you do the first one, yeah? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...] [keeps being breaks in the recording so difficult to hear]
Matthew (PS57A) [1316] Did you ever see Beavis and Butthead in America?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1317] Did you see, can you get Beavis and Butthead ... [...] have you ever seen that?
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]
Matthew (PS57A) [1318] Beavis and Butthead [...]
Rob (PS57E) [1319] [...] next year.
Matthew (PS57A) [1320] it's like a cartoon [...] have you seen it? ...
Unknown speaker (KPPPSUNK) [...]