6 conversations recorded by `Robert2' (PS58H) [dates unknown] with 6 interlocutors, totalling 1023 s-units, 6745 words, and 15 minutes 16 seconds of recordings.

7 speakers recorded by respondent number 703

PS58H Ag1 m (Robert, age 15, student, Unidentifiable, )
PS58J Ag1 m (Obina, age 15, student, Unidentifiable, ) friend
PS6SM Ag1 f (Orgady, age 18, student) friend's sister
PS6SN Ag1 f (Amanda, age 15, student) sister
PS6SP X f (Mum, age unknown, receptionist) mother
KPWPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPWPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

6 recordings

  1. Tape 133201 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 133301 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( at home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 133401 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 133501 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 133502 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 133602 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 133201)

Orgady (PS6SM) [1] And he said, no Charlotte! [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [2] Look, you don't understand, you see I [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [3] Well, explain it then? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [4] You're so stupid!
Obina (PS58J) [5] Go on, Charlotte!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [6] No.
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [7] You could go a bit nutty with it. ...
Obina (PS58J) [8] Why are you two arguing for?
Orgady (PS6SM) [9] [...] you two. ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [10] [...] Whose Walkman's that?
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [11] What's that there?
[12] You're, you're taping or something.
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [13] [...] you better stop that, Orgady.
Orgady (PS6SM) [14] Why?
Obina (PS58J) [15] Cos you're taping us!
Orgady (PS6SM) [16] What's a matter.
[17] It's confidential anyway.
[18] No one 's gonna find out about it?
[19] What you hear?
Obina (PS58J) [20] I said fuck!
Orgady (PS6SM) [21] What you hear, Angela?
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [22] Angela, what do you hear?
[23] What ... what do you year?
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [24] I'll have to go and get some [...] and put it up.
Obina (PS58J) [25] Turn it up!
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [26] I can't dance [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [27] Why not?
[28] I can't move [...] so it'll have to
Obina (PS58J) [29] Turn it up!
[30] Turn it up, Charlotte!
Orgady (PS6SM) [31] be Thursday.
[32] I can't get out [...]
Obina (PS58J) [33] Oh yeah, turn it up, Charlotte!
Orgady (PS6SM) [34] I can't ...
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KPWPSUGP) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [35] You heard her say turn it up.
[36] You know, you knew that we [...] [music]
Obina (PS58J) [37] We're coming to eat in a minute!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [38] We?
[39] You and who?
Obina (PS58J) [40] Me?
[41] I'm coming to eat in a minute.
Orgady (PS6SM) [42] [on telephone] No, [...] you've gotta talk to her cos, I don't know, she's []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [43] Obina!
[44] Come back here!
Orgady (PS6SM) [45] anyway, you've got to
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [46] You've gotta put
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [47] Is that why? ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [48] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [49] Is that more important? ...
Obina (PS58J) [50] Yeah.
[51] ... Mummy!
[52] She's is using it.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [53] Now, look, she, there's something she has to talk to you about and [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...] [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [54] I'm not gonna say she'll have to tell you afterwards, you know what I mean?
[55] Yeah.
[56] [...] she'll have to tell you.
Obina (PS58J) [57] [reading] When he let her off [...] it had happened that simply and her world ... had never been the same again. [...] []
Orgady (PS6SM) [58] She is gonna come back, she had to go and [...]
Obina (PS58J) [59] [reading] in the warmth of the morning sun [...] her body.
[60] She thought I []
Orgady (PS6SM) [61] In about a few minutes.
Obina (PS58J) [62] [reading] shouldn't I have called him?
[63] Barry didn't like to be pressured.
[64] He had learned [...] []
Orgady (PS6SM) [65] I knew what happened.
Obina (PS58J) [66] [reading] his mother one time soon after they had started dating. []
Orgady (PS6SM) [67] Yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [68] [reading] She had called him at home to check on what time he was coming to pick []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [69] What chapter's this?
Obina (PS58J) [70] [reading] her up. []
[71] Erm
Orgady (PS6SM) [72] Er, er
Obina (PS58J) [73] Four!
Orgady (PS6SM) [74] What
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [75] Have you read chapter four already?
Orgady (PS6SM) [76] Can't you get, can't you get another one?
Obina (PS58J) [77] I'm reading chapter four now!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [78] Have you read through that already?
[79] Have you read all the
Obina (PS58J) [80] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [81] other chapters ... while I was sleeping?
Orgady (PS6SM) [82] Ah!
Obina (PS58J) [83] Yes. [reading] [...] []
Orgady (PS6SM) [84] Is it?
Obina (PS58J) [85] I'm not bothering to read all this, this is rubbish!
[86] No, I'm not, it's not rubbish but, you know, I don't wanna read it because it's nothing to do with
Orgady (PS6SM) [87] [shouting] How, how [] did you lose it?
Obina (PS58J) [88] what the song's about.
[89] It's just talking rubbish now.
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [90] It's talking about how Helen kisses and she's got a good figure and she's got good teeth and [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [91] Is it?
[92] How come?
Obina (PS58J) [93] Some girl.
Orgady (PS6SM) [94] [...] until July?
[95] But I'm, but I'm sure it'd got up to a hundred and something pounds.
[96] Is it?
[97] Well I never knew that one time, never knew that.
[98] Er, er there're you go.
[99] Mm ... Alright then, [...] alright then, bye bye! ...
[100] Have you come?
[101] ... Right.
[102] ... Oh yeah, don't tell [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [103] She's gonna know [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [104] Where's the five pound then?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [105] Well the three-fifty [...]
Obina (PS58J) [106] One-fifty.
Orgady (PS6SM) [107] Huh?
[108] ... Get the three-pound-fifty off Mummy please cos I wanna give the money to Angela to put away for me.
Obina (PS58J) [109] [...] you're getting five pound not three-pound-fifty.
Orgady (PS6SM) [110] Well get the five pound then, I don't care!
[111] I want to give it to Angela to put away now so I know my money's put a way.
[112] I know what's going on, you know what I mean.
[113] Cos I wanna go shopping
Obina (PS58J) [114] [laugh] She's like, she's like, she's ... whatever she's doing.
Orgady (PS6SM) [115] I wanna come round, oh!
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [116] I think I've got [...] from chewing gum [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [117] And the way he looks a lot so pissed.
Orgady (PS6SM) [118] [...] [singing] All I ever []
Obina (PS58J) [119] What?
[120] What then?
Orgady (PS6SM) [121] [singing] wanted was to walk through your door. []
[122] [laughing] Were you, were you speaking? []
Obina (PS58J) [123] You're a wicked singer!
[124] [shouting] Wicked! []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [125] Root girl!
[126] Root girl!
[127] Root girl!
Obina (PS58J) [128] [shouting] Root girl!
[129] Root girl! [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [130] No.
Orgady (PS6SM) [131] She's a girl Angela.
Obina (PS58J) [132] No she's not!
[133] [...] Look at that!
[134] Look at that! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [135] [...] give Mummy, cos you know Mummy, I've got [...] [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [136] Phone!
Obina (PS58J) [137] What I've got ... pick it up!
Orgady (PS6SM) [138] [on telephone] Hello!
[139] ... Hold on a minute. [] ... [...]
Obina (PS58J) [140] What is it?
[141] Is it a girl phoning?
Orgady (PS6SM) [142] Mm mm [...]
Obina (PS58J) [143] Oh I'll just call him.
[144] [...] Phone.
[145] It's your girlfriend.
[146] It's your girlfriend Mandy.
Orgady (PS6SM) [147] [...] ... I would take it over there because I'm blow drying.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [148] Shall I?
Orgady (PS6SM) [149] I'll disturb you.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [150] Yeah.
[151] Yeah. ...
Obina (PS58J) [152] [laugh] Don't look at me like that! [...] reading the book.
Orgady (PS6SM) [153] [...] take it over there.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [154] [on telephone] Oh.
[155] ... Yeah.
[156] ... [...] no [...] ... []
Orgady (PS6SM) [singing] [...] []
Obina (PS58J) [157] You like that song, don't you?
Orgady (PS6SM) [158] Yeah, I do.
Obina (PS58J) [159] Crap!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [160] Look!
[161] Look!
[162] [...] ... Look at her [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [163] What is?
Orgady (PS6SM) [164] [shouting] Yeah! []
[165] Can't Mummy leave me alone! ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [166] [on telephone] Down the High Road, yeah, before you get to the alleyway here, before you, do the first turning before the alleyway, go down there turn right, come down the road ... yeah []
Orgady (PS6SM) [167] What's he talking about?
[168] Is he telling them the way to get to our house, to get to our house?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [169] [on telephone] Okay, bye. []
Obina (PS58J) [170] What alleyway are you talking about?
Orgady (PS6SM) [171] [...] alleyway.
Obina (PS58J) [172] That one up there?
[173] Why are you telling them to turn left? ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [174] If you ... coming up the [...] yeah it'll be coming from the top [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [175] Who's that?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [176] Alan.
[177] He's coming here.
Orgady (PS6SM) [178] Why's he coming here?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [179] Because he [...]
Obina (PS58J) [180] Ah!
Orgady (PS6SM) [181] Ah!
Obina (PS58J) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [182] He says he bought another Amiga.
Orgady (PS6SM) [183] He bought another Amiga?
[184] Which one?
[185] One-thousand-two-hundred?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [186] He's got two now and he's got
Obina (PS58J) [187] [...] why did he do that for?
Orgady (PS6SM) [188] No but, why did, why does he want his modulator?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [189] Cos he wants to use the other five hundred [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [190] But can't you use the modulator from the other computer?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [191] No, that is from the computer but he gave it to me because he uses the monitor. ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [192] [laughing] I'm confused. []
Obina (PS58J) [193] Look!
[194] He had the one from [...] right?
Orgady (PS6SM) [195] And he had a modulator?
Obina (PS58J) [196] Yeah, but he didn't need the modulator so he gave it to [...] because he's got a monitor, right?
[197] And he's now bought another
Orgady (PS6SM) [198] And he bought a new computer
Obina (PS58J) [199] one without a modulator
Orgady (PS6SM) [200] Oh, he hasn't got a modulator?
Obina (PS58J) [201] So he needs [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [202] Why hasn't it got a modulator?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [203] [shouting] Cos the boy didn't sell it with a modulator! []
Orgady (PS6SM) [204] So why is the boy selling the computer without a modulator?
Obina (PS58J) [205] He wouldn't, they're thirty-five pounds.
Orgady (PS6SM) [206] So I wonder, is he gonna sell the modulator separately?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [207] [shouting] No!
[208] It hasn't got a modulator!
[209] He bought it from somewhere it didn't have a modulator [...] shut up! [] ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [210] [...] they're always shouting at people [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [211] I've never seen, there's only one captain in my class ... [...] but I don't know how she acts ... out outside school. ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [212] I'm hot, I'm hot, I'm hot when I do that. ...
Obina (PS58J) [213] Where's my paper?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [214] What you open the window for it's cold in here!
Orgady (PS6SM) [215] Hit and run accident with men on a, on a bike.
Obina (PS58J) [216] You're such a silly cow [...] I wanna read this. ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [217] [...] gotta give it to her we're, we're leaving school in three weeks, you know!
Obina (PS58J) [218] [shouting] Wow! []
[219] I don't care if we're leaving
Orgady (PS6SM) [220] And so she can read it quickly!
Obina (PS58J) [221] school next month!
[222] Next week!
[223] We want out!
[224] I don't care! ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [225] Involving a bike, involving ... a bike.
[226] ... [...] last summer. ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [227] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [228] No, I have [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [229] I have [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [230] No she said, I'll get you! [...] and he said I have the mobile phone number. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [231] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [232] [...] you know
Orgady (PS6SM) [233] Er?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [234] what it was.
Orgady (PS6SM) [235] Yeah.
[236] ... She's gonna phone you now when she's on her way around.
[237] [...] ... [...] what shall I get him?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [238] I'm thinking.
Orgady (PS6SM) [239] Daddy's gonna make me eat some tomato and, and [...] cucumber [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [240] No.
Orgady (PS6SM) [241] I'm so hungry even though I've eaten [...] I feel like I ain't eaten nothing.
[242] ... I think I need to eat, eat a lot of food because my stomach feels [...] ...
Obina (PS58J) [243] I know your favourite song, Imogen.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [244] What?
Obina (PS58J) [245] [singing] And if you call me I'll be there. []
Orgady (PS6SM) [246] Yeah I like that as well.
[247] [singing] I wanna []
Obina (PS58J) [248] [singing] I'll be there []
Orgady (PS6SM) [249] [singing] lick you up bam bam []
Obina (PS58J) [250] That, that song's rubbish!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [251] [singing] I wanna get freaky with you. []
Obina (PS58J) [252] [singing] freaky with you []
Orgady (PS6SM) [253] [singing] freaky with you [] [...] like that.
[254] [singing] I wanna lick you up and ooh! []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [255] I think they're [...] [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [256] [...] sounded rubbish.
[257] They can't sing.
Orgady (PS6SM) [258] Oh shut up! ...
Obina (PS58J) [259] What do you think of Janet Jackson's song?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [260] It's alright.
[261] ... Heard better ... She's really pretty though.
[262] ... Looks like Serena.
Obina (PS58J) [263] Serena looks like her you mean?
Orgady (PS6SM) [264] Serena ain't pretty she's cute [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [265] What?
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [266] [singing] Well we can start all over [] [laugh] ...
Obina (PS58J) [267] [singing] There's nobody there []
Orgady (PS6SM) [268] [laugh] ... [singing] Hey, yeah, hey, yeah []
Obina (PS58J) [269] [singing] It's going now [...] oh []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [270] [singing] Oh []
Orgady (PS6SM) [271] [singing] Oh []
Obina (PS58J) [singing] [...] []
Orgady (PS6SM) [272] [singing] Ooh babe [...] []
Group of unknown speakers (KPWPSUGP) [273] [singing] So here we are lying here just you and me thinking about things that we used to do babe, turning [...] lady!
[274] Yours and mine.
[275] Let's try it again to put our trust on the line, now.
[276] Let's start all over we can start all over, yeah.
[277] We can be more than best friends, now.
[278] It's going down, so anyone can say [...] []
Orgady (PS6SM) [279] Anyone looking at me [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [280] I'm following you as I don't know the words.
Orgady (PS6SM) [281] Oh!
[282] Bloody hell, this is giving me a headache.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [283] It was anonymous.
[284] ... And again it [...]
Obina (PS58J) [285] Look at your [laughing] face [] Oh my god!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [286] [...] ... again it was an anonymous [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [287] Do you know what happens next?
[288] Do you know what happens next?
[289] Next, the next person receives a picture of a boy on a bike ... because the accident was a hit and run accident and they hit someone on a bike.
[290] ... Your hair looks nice, who did it for you?
[291] ... That looks nice you know.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [292] Thanks.
Orgady (PS6SM) [293] But I think it would look rubbish when you do all of it. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [294] You're making me laugh.
Orgady (PS6SM) [295] No I like this side bit
Obina (PS58J) [296] Oh look at the back [...] you're not doing it properly!
Orgady (PS6SM) [297] I like the side bit you're getting, [shouting] oi!
[298] Who are you talking about, shut your mouth! []
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [299] Fucking getting on my nerves!
Obina (PS58J) [300] [laugh] ... You're a nutter!
[301] A nutter! ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [302] [shouting] What you talking about?
[303] Shut your mouth! []
Obina (PS58J) [...] ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [304] Oh, every time I comb it [...] I can't be fucking ... bothered any more.
[305] ... [...] idiot girls. ...
Obina (PS58J) [306] I just wanna find out who was writing them the letters and then I can finish.
Orgady (PS6SM) [307] Look at the end of the book then!
Obina (PS58J) [308] It won't be at the end it'll be in probably the middle somewhere.
[309] ... I only wanna find out ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...] ...
Obina (PS58J) [310] Hello!
Orgady (PS6SM) [311] No, no, no.
Obina (PS58J) [...] ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [312] Adele phoned and she said to phone you.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [313] Where's she been?
Orgady (PS6SM) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [314] Oh no [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [315] What?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [316] No, I shouldn't [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [317] Bobby socks [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [318] No, but you hadn't done anything till then.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [319] I know.
Orgady (PS6SM) [320] Are you going [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [321] Going where?
Orgady (PS6SM) [322] [...] You,
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [323] We're not [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [324] haven't you decided
Obina (PS58J) [325] [...] going!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [326] Er?
Obina (PS58J) [327] Are we going or going or what?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [328] I'm not going!
Obina (PS58J) [329] Well then [...] going?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [330] going with, by myself, Michelle's not going
Orgady (PS6SM) [331] Michelle's
Obina (PS58J) [332] Michelle's got no money.
Orgady (PS6SM) [333] Michelle's phoned and said she's not going.
Obina (PS58J) [334] Yeah but I thought you said you was going to pay for her?
Orgady (PS6SM) [335] I didn't, I oh ...
Obina (PS58J) [336] You'll have to all go this week anyway [...] I don't want [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [337] It's me that told him not to go!
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [338] It's me that told him not to go cos I said, I didn't want [...] to go this week and he didn't go.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [339] Yeah, okay erm [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [340] I can't go this week cos I'm doing my work.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [341] Go on then! [...]
Obina (PS58J) [342] Go on then! [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [343] Look, I'll find I'll find who wrote the letters.
Obina (PS58J) [344] No man!
Orgady (PS6SM) [345] I'll find it and then I'll give it to you.
Obina (PS58J) [346] No I'm trying to find it myself, man!
Orgady (PS6SM) [347] [laugh] You're so nutty. [...] ...
Obina (PS58J) [348] [reading] Ray folded the article and put it back into the envelope.
[349] His own address stared up at him in the same black hand [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [350] Are you ready to tell me now?
Orgady (PS6SM) [351] No, because the tape recorder will hear me say it. ...
Obina (PS58J) [352] not that Kenneth ever really believed that it was.
[353] Since Julie had thought so [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [354] possible, it might've been a joke and she had managed to convince him unclear
Orgady (PS6SM) [355] Did you go to tennis this week?
Obina (PS58J) [356] in his heart, even then, he had been pretty sure that it was
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [357] but it caught up with her
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [358] I don't know what [...]
Obina (PS58J) [359] he thought finally oh [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [360] Don't you why?
Obina (PS58J) [361] that was writing.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [362] It was as though he had known all along, somewhere deep within himself, that this was going to happen.
Orgady (PS6SM) [363] [on telephone] Hello? []
Obina (PS58J) [364] It was why he had come home [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [365] [on telephone] Speaking, hold on one minute, erm go through and pick the phone up [...] it don't sound right.
[366] Why?
[367] Yes they have. [] ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [368] I got my
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [369] my thing
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [370] I'm gonna wind her up.
[371] [...] No, because [...] right [...] has a tummy bug this week and she didn't phone or nothing like to say ... I don't wanna phone Margaret [...] she don't wanna know so I don't know why you're bugging her for!
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [372] [...] she'll phone you.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [373] I'm not bugging her!
[374] She's not a friend.
[375] She's just her it's just that
Obina (PS58J) [376] You never phone her, do you?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [377] I can't be bothered [laughing] [...] [] [...]
Obina (PS58J) [378] [...] no don't lose, oh [...] anyway.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [379] No but I wanna phone her and say are you still coming Claire?
[380] Think what she's gonna say, do you know what I mean?
[381] Let's do that.
Orgady (PS6SM) [382] But Mar why?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [383] I wanna see what she's gonna do [...] but anyway we're not going anyway.
[384] I don't wanna say I'm not going anyway, you silly bitch and I say bye and put the phone down.
[385] [laugh] I'd probably do something like that.
Orgady (PS6SM) [386] You're mad!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [387] No!
[388] I'll just do it!
[389] Because she could've phoned, alright, you're not still going or whatever she's trying to [...] excuses she can't erm skate, well half the people [laughing] [...] [] can't skate, what you talking about, but oh I just don't understand.
[390] ... You're not being [laughing] serious [] are you?
[391] ... Are you serious?
Orgady (PS6SM) [392] What?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [393] [laugh] Says she's gonna erm go over there with, gonna put her skates on [...] [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [394] She's drunk, I bet she's still drunk.
[395] Oh can I have
Obina (PS58J) [396] No!
[397] I'm hungry.
Orgady (PS6SM) [398] When I my Kit-Kat I'll give you half.
Obina (PS58J) [399] I'm hungry.
Orgady (PS6SM) [400] I'll give you half.
[401] I'm hungry as well I haven't eaten!
Obina (PS58J) [402] I haven't eaten nothing!
Orgady (PS6SM) [403] Yes you have!
[404] You said your Mum was calling you to the kitchen!
Obina (PS58J) [405] You know erm that ... [singing] Fruitella, too juicy for my Mum, too juicy for my Dad, too juicy for my Gran, man! [] ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [406] You're coming for a drink up there?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [407] Yeah!
[408] We'll come, hang on.
Orgady (PS6SM) [409] She come with her boyfriend, right and she looked so funky she looked like a [laughing] clown! [] . [...] luminous babygro thing with black and pink and green on it.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [410] and erm I'm not going to
Obina (PS58J) [411] All right then!
Orgady (PS6SM) [412] the roller express no more.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [413] Am I supposed to be happy?
Orgady (PS6SM) [414] Yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [415] I can't go anyway, my knees [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [416] Well you'll have to move the chair forward a bit.
Orgady (PS6SM) [417] And erm
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [418] And [...]
Obina (PS58J) [419] I am!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [420] [...] what did you do?
[421] Take that to the toilet or something?
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh] ...
Obina (PS58J) [422] [singing] Fruitella, too juicy for my Mum, too juicy for my Dad, too juicy for my Gran
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [423] No, Michelle's not going either.
Orgady (PS6SM) [424] Oh, that's good.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [425] She can go by herself
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [426] She can go by herself if she wants to.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [427] Fancy more bacon? ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [428] She look so stupid getting around by herself.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [429] I know.
[430] Especially when there's no one to hold onto when we just stop.
Obina (PS58J) [431] [...] still don't know how to do it.
Orgady (PS6SM) [432] I skate all right.
[433] I'm quite good actually.
[434] I can go backwards now.
Obina (PS58J) [435] Orgady, I'm wearing your skates next week, okay?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [436] Mm, okay, yeah I know.
Orgady (PS6SM) [437] We don't know the times in that ice rink, do we Charlotte?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [438] No
Obina (PS58J) [439] Oh!
[440] I just picked a scab on my head!
Orgady (PS6SM) [441] Stop it!
[442] We'll never gonna get [...] at that rate.
[443] Do you know how long Daddy has to work?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [444] He's been working since [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [445] Daddy's.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [446] Where?
Orgady (PS6SM) [447] [...] somewhere and he can't find them.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [448] Oh!
Orgady (PS6SM) [449] [...] you know what I mean! ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh] [...]
Obina (PS58J) [450] Margaret!
[451] How come it's taking years to do your hair?
Orgady (PS6SM) [452] Because it's taking my [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [453] Just doing it for the week.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [454] That's why [...] just can not make a living.
Obina (PS58J) [455] Oh, you might as well just do hairdressing.
Orgady (PS6SM) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [456] [...] hairdressing.
[457] She can't make a living with it.
[458] Okay, you can [...] and say, hey, well dear I'll make a living and pay your rent.
Orgady (PS6SM) [459] Yeah, I could make, I could do their hair and do their clothes and their face and I'd get about a hundred ... pounds, more than that.
[460] Ah, shut up!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [461] When did, erm David phone up?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [462] Shut the door please.
Orgady (PS6SM) [463] [laughing] [...] [] I spoke to him on Wednesday, I phoned him.
Obina (PS58J) [464] You phoned him?
Orgady (PS6SM) [465] Phoned him.
[466] Yes, cos he phoned me
Obina (PS58J) [467] Oh! [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [468] [shouting] [...] [] Oh it makes you feel sick. [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [469] All right, it,
Obina (PS58J) [470] Urgh, you phoned him, urgh.
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [471] No [...] phoned him.
Obina (PS58J) [472] Ah, you phoned him?
Orgady (PS6SM) [473] Yeah.
[474] And he [...]
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [475] If my, if my Mum comes up, if my Mum comes I'll put the phone down, right?
[476] He said, yeah, all right then. [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [477] Yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [478] [...] Charlotte said though you look like that even when you were singing.
[479] You go [laughing] [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [480] You told him!
[481] Oh no!
Obina (PS58J) [482] Anyway you look like him, yeah you do I thought [...] and I told Sasha right, he looked like Carlton and Sasha [...] and he [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [483] [...] gotta go!
[484] Put the phone down. [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [485] Oh!
[486] ... Oh you [...]
Obina (PS58J) [487] I know, I know [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [488] Is he phoning you back?
[489] Can he phone you back?
Obina (PS58J) [490] He could've but not from his house, he can't phone out of his house, it's just er
Orgady (PS6SM) [491] Oh.
Obina (PS58J) [492] [laugh] What was I saying?
[493] I said, yeah, it's me, er my sister said that erm she feels [laugh] a man in Olympus Sports, I said erm, on a poster playing basket ball and he looked like you.
[494] Are you sure it's not you?
[495] I said, are you sure it's not you?
[496] What are you doing there?
[497] He goes [...] oh shut up, like that.
[498] And er, he ... yeah, yeah [...] he told me he could play basket ball [...] it must be right cos he's got a nice chest and he went what?
[499] Like that and he started laughing [laugh] He said yeah, cos he said he'd got, I, I don't know what I said [...] don't say shut up like that and I [...] [laugh] don't tell me to shut up like that!
Orgady (PS6SM) [500] Do I say that?
Obina (PS58J) [501] You always talk to people like that, what are you talking about?
[502] You're just high and mighty [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [503] Don't talk to me like that!
[504] I don't, I don't appreciate the way you're talking to me!
Obina (PS58J) [505] Okay [...] don't you know when I'm joking?
Orgady (PS6SM) [506] No, I don't when you're joking because you don't say shut up to me [...] for you to say shut up.
Obina (PS58J) [507] [...] I wa you mean you don't know when I'm joking or being serious.
[508] I'm being serious now, anyway [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [509] Who could that've been?
Orgady (PS6SM) [510] I haven't got a clue. ...
Obina (PS58J) [511] Your brother?
Orgady (PS6SM) [512] Mm ...
Obina (PS58J) [513] Oh well, say goodbye
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [514] Yeah, goodbye [...] ...
Obina (PS58J) [515] [...] get that?
[516] ... Play it.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [517] Yep. ...
Obina (PS58J) [518] Who's that?
[519] Is it [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [520] What? ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [...] ... [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [521] Beautiful!
Obina (PS58J) [522] Not beautiful
Orgady (PS6SM) [523] [...] no [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [524] Look!
[525] Your hair, your, when your, right, when you've finished your hair you'll look beautiful!
Orgady (PS6SM) [526] Beautiful!
Obina (PS58J) [527] Who's that?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [528] [laugh] [...] mum says.
Obina (PS58J) [529] Did you do her hair?
Orgady (PS6SM) [530] Yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [531] Did it look nice?
Orgady (PS6SM) [532] It look like a [laughing] [...] [] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [533] Beautiful!
Orgady (PS6SM) [534] Beautiful.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [535] [shouting] Good!
[536] So good! [...] []
Obina (PS58J) [537] What?
[538] Where you wanna go tomorrow?
Orgady (PS6SM) [539] I wanna go with [...]
Obina (PS58J) [540] What time though?
Orgady (PS6SM) [541] Well any time that's convenient to her, innit?
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [542] Yeah, three-thirty.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [543] Dinner's ready.
Orgady (PS6SM) [544] Yeah, Mummy's already told me and I don't feel
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [545] Yeah, but I'm just trying to finish this and then I'll clear it up. ...
Obina (PS58J) [546] [singing] Fruitella, too juicy for my Mum, too juicy for my Dad []
Orgady (PS6SM) [547] [...] I'll come and get you.
[548] ... Yep.
[549] When is it the end of the month? ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [550] At the end of the month, innit?
Orgady (PS6SM) [551] What date?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [552] April the [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [553] No, you bumhead!
[554] What, next week, Friday?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [555] Ain't got a clue. ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [556] Oh [...] next Friday!
[557] ... What day [...] you [...]
Obina (PS58J) [558] You finish paying for your T V, ain't it?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [559] Yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [560] How does it feel, Charlotte?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [561] It feels no different cos I haven't got anything left.
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [562] I'm going to the sauna.
Obina (PS58J) [563] Are you?
[564] My mum goes on a Sunday?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [565] Are you gonna come with me?
Obina (PS58J) [566] Bloody hell!
[567] It's just my hair!
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [568] It's wearing a wig innit [...]
Obina (PS58J) [569] [...] ... I do need a wig. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [570] Isn't sauna good for your hair?
Obina (PS58J) [571] No.
[572] Not for [...] it dries it up.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [573] Does it?
Obina (PS58J) [574] Yes, so you have to put a lot of, like, mousse on or make it wet, no not wet, it stings
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [575] Conditioner?
Obina (PS58J) [576] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [577] I can was my hair
Obina (PS58J) [578] No, not conditioner.
[579] Conditioner, it just dries into your hair, cos when I [...] [laughing] but I come out, going like this [] [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [580] You're joking!
Obina (PS58J) [581] No, it wasn't that bad, I was exaggerating but it's like, it seems like [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [582] So what?
[583] Can I put a swimming hat on then in the sauna?
Obina (PS58J) [584] [laughing] Swimming hat? [...] []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [585] You just get er, er one of them, erm put [...] and that'll keep you hair moist and put one of them
Orgady (PS6SM) [586] What does your Mum do?
Obina (PS58J) [587] Mum'll come back with [...] I don't know what she does.
Orgady (PS6SM) [588] I wonder what my mum does.
[589] I swear she puts er, she washes her hair.
[590] So you can't wash your hair, right, and put the conditioner in it?
Obina (PS58J) [591] Yeah you can but you've gotta use one of them cap things, not a swimming cap.
Orgady (PS6SM) [592] Steam cap?
Obina (PS58J) [593] Yeah, well, you know [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [594] Yeah, but that would just knot onto your hair as well.
Obina (PS58J) [595] No it won't [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [596] [...] and then we're going to the [...] to get erm
Orgady (PS6SM) [597] What's in [...] eating nut cake [laugh] oh well
Obina (PS58J) [598] I'm going to
Orgady (PS6SM) [599] you'll eat nut cake.
[600] You know we went in the health shop, I went in the health shop with you that time, went to buy that yoghurt? ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [601] Some yoghurt?
Orgady (PS6SM) [602] Look, you said to me that you wanted to buy some yoghurt in that fancy pot, German yoghurt ... and they've got that advert where they go ... with it.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [603] No, I wanted to buy [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [604] [...] I know it's something. ... [...]
Obina (PS58J) [605] [singing] Fruitella, too juicy for my Mum, too juicy for my Dad, too juicy for my Gran, man.
[606] Fruitella []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [607] [...] ... [...] okay, see you tonight, in fifteen minutes. ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [608] You can go with your Mum then, won't you?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [609] Oh, let me have one?
[610] Who's that?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [611] Andre.
Orgady (PS6SM) [612] Hey Margaret.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [613] Hey Margaret.
Orgady (PS6SM) [614] [singing] I like the things you do to me []
Obina (PS58J) [615] Do you remember [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [616] Oh god!
[617] ... Oh god!
[618] Muscles need to be stretched in my body.
Obina (PS58J) [619] Mm mm.
Orgady (PS6SM) [620] I'm so tense.
Obina (PS58J) [621] You need a massage! [laugh] ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [622] Yeah, go on tell me about [...]
Obina (PS58J) [623] Oh, yeah she come looking like a clown and erm
Orgady (PS6SM) [624] What did the [...] look like?
Obina (PS58J) [625] Oh ... looked like, looked nice actually.
Orgady (PS6SM) [626] Nice, nice looking?
Obina (PS58J) [627] I think them what's [...] [laugh] I don't see that.
[628] He had a nice red car and he had this [...] and he looked like a singer, like er, you know the kind of things that I like, right, women that look, they dress nicer, like.
[629] Anyway he looked like that he had a red car and he was sitting in the car [...] and he put them down like that and they were like that in the car and after [...] I thought I should've popped at her house see if she's wearing that in the house [...] I thought you git.
[630] [laugh] [...] red hat on and then black and pink and white and green illuminous babygro thing and then white and orange trainers to [laughing] match. []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [631] Yeah, it had buttons going down the front here
Obina (PS58J) [632] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [633] it's kind of like ... baggy
Obina (PS58J) [634] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [635] Done it up to there
Orgady (PS6SM) [636] Yeah I can picture it What?
Obina (PS58J) [637] Yeah it come up to there, yeah.
Orgady (PS6SM) [638] She's mad!
Obina (PS58J) [639] She looked mad.
[640] I thought she'd just popped out of her house like [...] to have her hair done.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [641] What did she want?
Obina (PS58J) [642] She just come to tell me that she really wants to take him out.
Orgady (PS6SM) [643] Oh [...]
Obina (PS58J) [644] But she just told me she wanted her hair done. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [645] And we didn't know we could see her [...] and we were looking out the window going [...] and he was there looking, put his sunglasses on to see.
Obina (PS58J) [646] [on telephone] Hello!
[647] ... Hold on a minute. []
[648] Daddy it's for you!
[649] ... It's your girlfriend. ... [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [650] You're rude!
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [laughing] [...] []
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [651] You said aloud as well.
Obina (PS58J) [652] Shh! ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [653] You're so stupid.
Obina (PS58J) [654] [...] stupid [...] stupid.
[655] [laugh] I can't remember now what I was doing [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [656] You're so stupid!
[657] You know. ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [658] Yeah, yeah erm
Obina (PS58J) [659] Yeah, yeah erm
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [660] Melanie talked, I was talking to Melanie about [...] go out with him [...] pull your eyes out of your head!
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [661] Is she?
[662] Well has she gone out with her?
Obina (PS58J) [663] No.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [664] [laugh] Who is it?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [665] I didn't know you talked to her.
[666] You didn't seem like you knew her when you saw her [...]
Obina (PS58J) [667] Who's that?
Orgady (PS6SM) [668] You!
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [669] When you remember when we saw Serena and her in [...] and we were going to buy Christmas presents
Obina (PS58J) [670] Of course I know her!
Orgady (PS6SM) [671] Yeah, I know, course you know her!
[672] But I mean, like, it didn't seem that you knew her like, properly, like, like to [...] ... [...] we all went shopping with her or something ... [...] I can't remember now. ...
Obina (PS58J) [673] What's that book about so far, Orgady?
Orgady (PS6SM) [674] It's about some people ... they were in a car ... and they had an accident and they knocked down a boy, that was riding on his bike.
[675] And that was last summer and that was the next summer and ... the girl, one of the gir the people that was in the car gets a letter
Obina (PS58J) [676] Mm.
Orgady (PS6SM) [677] It was a hit and run accident.
Obina (PS58J) [678] Oh yeah, hit and run, no one knew about it.
Orgady (PS6SM) [679] When they, when she, the next summer she got a letter, anonymous letter saying I know what you did last summer ... and erm ... ne the other girl gets a letter, not a letter, something stuck on her front door.
[680] A picture of a boy on his bike.
Obina (PS58J) [681] Oh know! [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [682] And then next ... one of the boys gets a newspaper cutting of the article about ... the boy that died.
Obina (PS58J) [683] Oh know! [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [684] And that and that's how much I've read up to.
Obina (PS58J) [685] That sounds interesting, doesn't it?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [686] Sounds crap!
Obina (PS58J) [687] It sounds like it should be a film.
Orgady (PS6SM) [688] Yeah, she, she does write books like, things like this for the [...]
Obina (PS58J) [689] Who's that?
Orgady (PS6SM) [690] Louise whose quite a good a good author actually, you know. [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [691] Sound like
Orgady (PS6SM) [692] You know [...] [...]
Obina (PS58J) [693] Anna's put on weight in her face, hasn't she?
Orgady (PS6SM) [694] Can you tell with bloody king kong in it, bloody hell!
Obina (PS58J) [laugh]
Orgady (PS6SM) [695] [...] [laugh] I don't know what I said [...] pretty hard
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [696] or something.
[697] Pretty hard int it? [...]
Obina (PS58J) [698] So how are you a [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [699] Oh yeah, how's your study?
[700] Good! ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [701] [reading] It's a long time it's been going since that sort of thing.
[702] He's made it []
Obina (PS58J) [703] My hair goes mad you know.
Orgady (PS6SM) [704] [reading] and no one can break it now, just get the hell []
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [705] I wanna get my hair done.
Orgady (PS6SM) [706] [reading] out of here and [...] []
Obina (PS58J) [707] [...] in it.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [708] Yeah and I want [...] her hair looked nice.
Obina (PS58J) [709] Where?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [710] She had erm ... it was [...] I wish I had her hair [...] cos, you know
Obina (PS58J) [711] Oh her hair
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [712] how I looked erm when it was, I used to roll it at the back?
Obina (PS58J) [713] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [714] Her was like that, rolled at the back, like that and curls coming out, yeah?
[715] Coming out on her face.
[716] That's how I had mine [...]
Obina (PS58J) [717] What?
[718] Curled like curls?
[719] Tongs?
[720] Oh like yours or ringlets?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [721] Ringlets, like that type of, not ringlets but tight, kind of ringlets.
Obina (PS58J) [722] Like your hair, Charlotte?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [723] But not little ringlets [...] my hair.
[724] You know like when how I used to have my hair [...]
Obina (PS58J) [725] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [726] That type of thing.
Obina (PS58J) [727] I've got ringlets.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [728] But it was more [...]
Obina (PS58J) [729] Like, ringlets what I do?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [730] Kind of but a cross between the ringlets you do and the ringlets that I had and the type of hair I've got.
Obina (PS58J) [731] Oh, so it was [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [732] Yeah [...]
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [733] [...] ... I wonder [...]
Obina (PS58J) [734] I know [...] I saw her on the corner there
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [735] I wonder what she's doing with her life?
Obina (PS58J) [736] She's ... [...] [laughing] [...] [] She's sitting in there [...] waiting there for years [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [737] I should think they'd give that back [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [738] Mm it might've been. ... [...]
Obina (PS58J) [739] You can ask her if she wants to come.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [740] No, she can't any way she's [...] working.
Obina (PS58J) [741] Oh, she's got A-levels innit?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [742] Yeah ... and ... I'm erm
Obina (PS58J) [743] Can [...] homework?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [744] No she's not doing her homework, she's just sitting there.
[745] She'd just feel better if she went out.
[746] She just stays in and working and the whole family [...] come round to her house [...] computer room [...] ...
Obina (PS58J) [747] [sneeze] ... Er?
[748] ... What's a matter?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [749] Yeah, but ... what, I don't even know what I was gonna say to you.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [750] No, I think I'll phone her.
Obina (PS58J) [751] [...] no I can't and she wouldn't get off the phone and I wanted to get to the phone and she said, phone me up [...] Is it all right then, I'll phone him afterwards!
[752] Yes, you phone me back straight away!
[753] Yeah, okay then, alright, I will do it, I will do it, yep.
[754] If it makes you feel [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [755] You're going through madness you know, I don't know what you're, what you're doing to yourself.
Obina (PS58J) [756] [...] I'm not going out if I see her again.
[757] ... Will I?
[758] ... Everyone would be looking at me.
[759] ... They'd run my life. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [760] Yeah. ...
Obina (PS58J) [761] I know ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Obina (PS58J) [762] Is she going?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [763] I don't know.
Obina (PS58J) [764] She might have and when I see her I'm gonna tell her [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [765] Who?
Obina (PS58J) [766] [...] Fiona, about my [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [767] You're saying your sister's a lesbian?
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [768] Don't know yet [...]
Obina (PS58J) [769] [...] her mum's at the day centre, a day, you know [...] she was gonna face her.
[770] She's got a stroke in her and her mum can't talk or walk.
[771] Granddad who
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [772] [...] lesbian there.
Obina (PS58J) [773] Granddad, who was looking after her, died.
[774] I can't, I just ... I, where, sort of god almighty, this man, right, he was a good eighty-nine, right.
[775] Good twenty years older than my Grandmother, right.
[776] When I say he looked my Grandmother's age group and he [...] he looked bulimia even though he'd not done it.
[777] [...] her father a hundred thousand, wait until she's twenty-one though.
[778] When she's twenty-one that's when she can get her money ... because he died and left all the money to her, right.
[779] Cos he use to be er, you know like in them black films when ... famous tap dancers
Orgady (PS6SM) [780] Oh yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [781] he used to be one of them in America.
[782] When he found out his daughter had a stroke he had to come from America and look after her ... and like ... then, from then on, he was just like, had that money in the bank, really.
[783] He'd buy a house for Penny's mum, a big, big house ... and then they'd sell it again ... and he left every bit of the money to Dionne, so she'll be able to look after the child when she gets twenty-one and that, but now
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [784] Has she got a child?
Obina (PS58J) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [785] Are you sure she's not working?
Obina (PS58J) [786] I don't think so [...] she's erm slow, she's, she's like erm, she has to go to a special school
Orgady (PS6SM) [787] Oh, Charlotte [...]
Obina (PS58J) [788] because of what happened.
[789] What [...] erm the one that was er erm get a flat, get a flat, a two-bedroomed house [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [790] What?
[791] So she can live with him?
Obina (PS58J) [792] Yeah.
[793] [...] but I was really upset.
[794] ... I'm really upset [...] found out.
[795] Really upset.
[796] ... I can't believe it! ...
Orgady (PS6SM) [797] You think ... what, what, do you think ... did you know she was
Obina (PS58J) [798] She used to send us erm like ... I think, she didn't send us one this year though, she's erm like, wherever she is she'd send us a Christmas card, an Easter card [...] she didn't say where she is or anything.
Orgady (PS6SM) [799] Did, do you know, do you know if she's been with someone?
Obina (PS58J) [800] No.
[801] I haven't heard from her since last summer.
Orgady (PS6SM) [802] [...] your house one time [...] ...
Obina (PS58J) [803] My life is over, I think.
[804] My life's finished.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [805] Orgady!
Orgady (PS6SM) [806] Yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [807] Yeah, coming.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [808] I know, I'm just ...
Obina (PS58J) [809] You're taking a bit too long enough, you know.
Orgady (PS6SM) [810] I was just taking my time that's why.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [811] [shouting] Why do you take your time all the time?
Orgady (PS6SM) [812] Why should I rush it?
Obina (PS58J) [813] Because you've got to hurry up [...] ... [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [814] [...] ... Did she give it to you?
Obina (PS58J) [815] Yes, she's got one as well
Orgady (PS6SM) [816] I think this book is good for a film actually.
[817] ... I got through half the book.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [818] Good girl.
[819] Stop. ...
Obina (PS58J) [820] [singing] [...] my satisfaction []
Orgady (PS6SM) [laugh]
Obina (PS58J) [821] [singing] maybe even more than just a day. []
Orgady (PS6SM) [822] What I have to do [...] on chapter.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [823] They ask you that, but they, they say if you don't do that you can do something else.
[824] I don't know what
Orgady (PS6SM) [825] No, there ain't nothing else I could do.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [...]
Obina (PS58J) [826] Supposed to do what?
Orgady (PS6SM) [827] You've read this book called Roll Of Thunder, yeah?
Obina (PS58J) [828] No.
Orgady (PS6SM) [829] And what we've gotta do
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [830] Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [831] Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [832] Pass the chair?
Orgady (PS6SM) [833] Oh.
[834] ... We're meant to put Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [835] That's it.
Orgady (PS6SM) [836] And we gotta, like ...
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [837] Thank you.
Orgady (PS6SM) [838] erm ... write our own chapter.
[839] We gotta write own chapter two.
[840] I'm writing it the same as she writes her book.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [841] Er?
Obina (PS58J) [842] Really?
Orgady (PS6SM) [843] Yeah. [...]
Obina (PS58J) [844] How many words is [...]
Orgady (PS6SM) [845] Words? [...]
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [846] We get told that, we used to get told like, use six thousand or seven thousand or numbers like that.
[847] It took ages.
Orgady (PS6SM) [848] So everyone's gonna count their words?
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [849] Yeah, it was a certain amount of pages.
Orgady (PS6SM) [850] No, but they say pages not words.
Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [851] Is it?
[852] They say words ... at my school. [...]

2 (Tape 133301)

Obina (PS58J) [853] What, is it Romeo and Juliet or something?
Robert (PS58H) [854] I have to get, I have to get people's conversations.
Obina (PS58J) [855] Oh that thing.
[856] You signed to do it?
Robert (PS58H) [857] Yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [858] You will be careful with that, won't you?
Robert (PS58H) [859] Yeah!
Obina (PS58J) [860] Cos it costs a lot of money.
[861] Especially the ones
Robert (PS58H) [862] Have you used one?
Obina (PS58J) [863] with microphones.
Robert (PS58H) [864] It's not wa with a microphone it's just that I've got a little socket for a microphone.
[865] It's not really expensive it's not that.
Obina (PS58J) [866] Yes it is expensive.
[867] It's more than a hundred pounds I bet.
Robert (PS58H) [868] Hundred pounds!
[869] ... Ridiculous!
[870] It's got play, rewind, record, pause, but
Obina (PS58J) [871] Yeah the ones with rewind buttons got the more expensive.
Robert (PS58H) [872] Still not gonna cost a hundred pounds.
Obina (PS58J) [873] Alright then, maybe not that much but quite a lot.
Robert (PS58H) [874] Yeah.
Obina (PS58J) [875] Over forty pounds I bet.
Robert (PS58H) [876] Yeah about maybe forty five.
Obina (PS58J) [877] Can I go now?
Robert (PS58H) [878] Why?
Obina (PS58J) [879] Cos I want to.
Robert (PS58H) [880] Have you got Snot?
[881] The music Snot?
Obina (PS58J) [882] No!
[883] I've told you I haven't got it, Robert.
[884] Blimming heck!
[885] What's a matter with you?
Robert (PS58H) [886] Just wanna, just wanna know if you've got it?
Obina (PS58J) [887] No I haven't.
Robert (PS58H) [888] What, where can I hear it?
[889] Cos I, I can't hear it on any of the stations.
Obina (PS58J) [890] You could [...] when they play it probably, Robert.
[891] They play it, you notice if they're in the charts, you could listen to when they play
Robert (PS58H) [892] Where?
[893] Where?
[894] When?
Obina (PS58J) [895] the charts!
Robert (PS58H) [896] When they on?
Obina (PS58J) [897] Well, probably, I think Saturday or Sunday they play the charts.
[898] Don't you ever listen to the radio, you know?
[899] ... And don't slouch, put your shoulders back, boy!
[900] And put your stomach in.
Robert (PS58H) [901] How can I walk like this?
Obina (PS58J) [902] You have to walk like that, but put your shoulders back.
[903] You slouch like that.
[904] Put your shoulders back.

3 (Tape 133401)

Robert (PS58H) [905] Unusual innit.
Amanda (PS6SN) [906] It's very expensive that's why it's unusual.
Robert (PS58H) [907] Sixty nine ninety nine.
[908] [...] [music in background] [...] [eating] is that all right?
[909] It is done isn't It?
Amanda (PS6SN) [910] [...] why have you got that on your head.
Robert (PS58H) [911] What's it doing take it off.
Amanda (PS6SN) [912] Oh yeah.
Robert (PS58H) [913] [shouting] take it off []
Amanda (PS6SN) [914] Mm.
Robert (PS58H) [915] [shouting] take it off I don't like it, take it off []
Amanda (PS6SN) [916] What?
Robert (PS58H) [917] [shouting] What's wrong with you? [] [man in other room shouting]
Amanda (PS6SN) [918] [shouting] What? []
Robert (PS58H) [919] What?
Amanda (PS6SN) [920] He's bloody mad, he's potty, off his rocker.
Robert (PS58H) [921] Where did you get it?
Amanda (PS6SN) [922] Get what?
Robert (PS58H) [923] The thing.

4 (Tape 133501)

Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [924] Well why [...]
Robert (PS58H) [laugh]
Mum (PS6SP) [...]
Robert (PS58H) [925] Well why do you need it, why do you need a towel?
[926] ... Why do you need a towel.
[927] Why er why [giggle]
Mum (PS6SP) [928] [...] game.
Robert (PS58H) [929] Mum and Dad's got it. [cough]
Mum (PS6SP) [930] [...] Come on Mum.
Robert (PS58H) [931] Go get in the blooming bath.
Mum (PS6SP) [932] Why? ... [...]
Robert (PS58H) [933] I'll rewi rewind that actually heard what you say, you must be very naughty and nasty ... thing to be to your son.
[934] [unzipping a bag] ... I can't have a sweet then.
Mum (PS6SP) [...]
Robert (PS58H) [935] Well you're not give me a sweet an all.
[936] ... Should give me a sweet you know.
[937] ... You should.
Mum (PS6SP) [938] You're gonna turn it off because I wanna tear you off a strip about something.

5 (Tape 133502)

Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [939] Me?
Mum (PS6SP) [940] Yeah.
Robert (PS58H) [941] Why?
[942] ... What are we talking about?
Mum (PS6SP) [...]

6 (Tape 133602)

Unknown speaker (KPWPSUNK) [943] Mum what's Hamlet about?
Mum (PS6SP) [944] Pardon?
Robert (PS58H) [945] What's Hamlet about?
Mum (PS6SP) [946] Hamlet?
Robert (PS58H) [947] Yes.
Mum (PS6SP) [948] I don't know much about Shakespeare, the only play I've seen is Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Robert (PS58H) [949] [...] to er see Rome and Juliet.
Mum (PS6SP) [950] Mm.
Robert (PS58H) [951] And I think I need to make it up.
Mum (PS6SP) [952] When is [...]
Robert (PS58H) [953] I dunno.
Mum (PS6SP) [954] Well you better find out then.
Robert (PS58H) [955] What do ya mean I alw I'm only saying it cos I got [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [956] Well no if you can go.
Robert (PS58H) [957] You give me the money for it?
Mum (PS6SP) [958] If it's within reason as I assume it will be.
Robert (PS58H) [959] Five Pounds.
Mum (PS6SP) [960] That's okay.
Robert (PS58H) [961] W would it make much difference for you lending me the money.
Mum (PS6SP) [962] Not a lot.
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [963] Well there's a quite a bit of difference between five and fifty isn't there ... and the one thing is for your educational needs and the other I'm so convinced about.
Robert (PS58H) [964] Well
Mum (PS6SP) [965] Yeah.
Robert (PS58H) [966] I thought a computer [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [967] No, but I know that you're dying to have a computer, and if money was no object, then we probably wouldn't hesitate in lending it to you, but really and truly at this moment things are ... tight and we can't afford to commit ourselves with things ... unless it's absolutely necessary.
Robert (PS58H) [968] Well
Mum (PS6SP) [969] And that's it, I mean I've made it as plain as I can.
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [970] That is it and I hate it when you keep on and on nagging.
Robert (PS58H) [971] I won't go and see Romeo and Juliet.
Mum (PS6SP) [972] Well don't go, it's not my fault if you don't pass your exams.
Robert (PS58H) [973] All right. [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [974] Did you watch that animated version that you recorded.
Robert (PS58H) [975] Yeah.
Mum (PS6SP) [976] Does it give you the gist of the story?
Robert (PS58H) [977] It, [...] half an hour long. [...] [too far away to be able to hear]
Mum (PS6SP) [978] Well I think it's longer than half an hour.
[979] They probably should
Robert (PS58H) [980] [...] an hour at the most.
Mum (PS6SP) [981] Given you er ... erm
Robert (PS58H) [982] [...] The film is about hour and five minutes.
Mum (PS6SP) [983] You can probably have a video of it as long ... of another version.
[984] Well it's does help to see different ... versions because ... you see that different people interpret the [...] [tv very loud]
Robert (PS58H) [985] Why do you [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [986] Mm?
[987] Well it depends on the people who are producing or directing or whatever, so it's all got ... different ways of doing it.
[988] When I was studying [...] I went to [...] Open Air Theatre ... and ... I saw ... a version there [tv is very loud] on Christopher ... er what's his name ... that chubby fellow with the glasses ... Christopher Biggins that's it.
[989] He was playing Puck ... and when I went to see the [...] Company ... doing it well they had a completely different way of doing it, they wo they did it really like er ... a dec you know the the mechanical play, I don't know if you know A Midsummer Night's Dream.
[990] They did it in a completely ... slapstick farce way ... you know th the men who were dressed up [...] women they [...] balloons and had rosy red cheeks and wigs and things, it was quite ... different.
Robert (PS58H) [991] How they [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [992] Well that's it, when Shakespeare wrote a play and the text has survived and [...] , but the way of ... of joshing the people on the way they do it is different every generation and even most of the people in the same generation would ... would have a different way of doing it.
Robert (PS58H) [993] Okay.
Mum (PS6SP) [994] There's a comedienne ... erm ... she apparently was born in Wales.
Robert (PS58H) [995] Mhm.
Mum (PS6SP) [996] Two Ton Tessie O'Shea that's her.
Robert (PS58H) [997] Two Ton Tessie?
Mum (PS6SP) [998] She yeah, that's her her nickname, cos she was quite big and she played the nurse in Romeo and Juliet in the season on Stratford on Avon and she did it using a Welsh accent because she thought Shakespeare, having coming from ... quite near the Welsh Border Country might well have had ... might well have had a Welsh ... nurse.
[999] So it didn't matter that Romeo and Juliet is set in Italy.
Robert (PS58H) [1000] Mm.
Mum (PS6SP) [1001] She did it as she would have ... thought Shakespeare would have known people and things, you know, she did it like that.
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [1002] Mm.
[1003] And I remember Amanda seeing a video of Romeo and Juliet [...]
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [1004] And what struck me was that the costumes were all sort of like you see portraits of Elizabethan dress.
[1005] ... Now I don't what Italy and those ... Middle Ages would have been like, that the sort of clothes that were worn.
Robert (PS58H) [1006] Mhm.
Mum (PS6SP) [1007] But ... the clothing in that film struck me very much as being like Elizabethan dress.
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [1008] Yeah, I mean [...] now plays ... of ... Shakespeare and ... they're wearing modern dress like those worn at Richard the Third or something and they're wearing ... well either First or Second World War ... uniforms.
Robert (PS58H) [1009] Yes.
[1010] ... It was very different then.
Mum (PS6SP) [1011] Yeah, well it's just different ... directors have different ... things they want to emphasise in a play and if they want to bring something home or ... they think that using a certain ... well like say the way the people are dressed and everything will ... will have more of an impact, you know will ...
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [1012] One thing I was wondering about you know they ... they talk about erm ... in ... Shakespeare's works is the language the words he uses, the ... the sort of poetry of it and the symbolism that's used.
[1013] ... Erm do they talk about that at all in your English Literature [...]
Robert (PS58H) [1014] Yes.
Mum (PS6SP) [1015] Do they show you how you can learn about this, there's a book you know the book I bought you it's got notes in it.
[1016] Does that help with it?
Robert (PS58H) [1017] I suppose [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [1018] Pardon?
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [1019] Well you should do.
[1020] And what about ... I bought some ... revision books and things study aids or something for Amanda for her English literature
Robert (PS58H) [...]
Mum (PS6SP) [1021] Well I bought them for Amanda and she was doing ... Romeo and Juliet.
[1022] So if you look in those you may find there's some help there.
Robert (PS58H) [1023] Yeah.