7 conversations recorded by `Robin' (PS58K) [dates unknown] with 6 interlocutors, totalling 1126 s-units, 5165 words (duration not recorded).

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 723

PS58K Ag0 m (Robin, age 14, student)
PS58L X m (Jones, age unknown, teacher) teacher
PS58M Ag0 f (Zoe, age 13, student) friend
PS58N Ag0 m (Ben, age 14, student) friend
PS58P Ag0 m (Oliver, age 13, student) friend
PS5AV Ag0 f (Jenny, age 13, student) friend
KPXPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KPXPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

7 recordings

  1. Tape 139701 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 139703 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 139704 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 139705 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 139801 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 139802 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London: Central London () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 139803 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 139701)

Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1] You got nineteen out of twenty in a geography test?
[2] Mr
Jones (PS58L) [3] Yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [4] are
Jones (PS58L) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [5] Sir I've just been recording you.
Ben (PS58N) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [6] [laugh] ... Yeah, I need the blue.
[7] ... I just recorded something Mr has said.
Zoe (PS58M) [8] Oh let me, let me talk to you.
[9] Let me do it a minute.
Robin (PS58K) [10] No seriously, Mr said he got nineteen out of twen , out of a hundred.
Ben (PS58N) [11] Twenty.
Robin (PS58K) [12] Ninety ni , ninety ni , nineteen.
Ben (PS58N) [13] Nineteen out of a twenty.
Robin (PS58K) [14] Oh.
[15] ... I thought he said nineteen out of a hundred, that's why I recorded it.
Zoe (PS58M) [16] Can I talk to you?
Robin (PS58K) [17] No, [laughing] sorry [] .
Zoe (PS58M) [18] No, turn it on.
[19] Turn it on!
Robin (PS58K) [20] Just talk
Jones (PS58L) [21] Right.
[22] Unfortunately I think the time has come ... to pack your things up
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [23] Oh dear!
Jones (PS58L) [24] and leave the classroom.
Robin (PS58K) [25] Oi!
Oliver (PS58P) [26] It's a [...] .
Robin (PS58K) [27] It's not on.
Zoe (PS58M) [28] It's not that bad though.
Robin (PS58K) [29] Oi seriously, do you still fancy Julia?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Zoe (PS58M) [30] Speak then!
Robin (PS58K) [31] Why?
Zoe (PS58M) [32] Turn it on.
Robin (PS58K) [33] I don't wanna turn it on cos I ... no.
Zoe (PS58M) [34] Go on.
[35] Please?
[36] ... It's on innit?
Robin (PS58K) [37] If it was on, I wouldn't be talking like this.
[38] You smell of wee!
Zoe (PS58M) [39] It's on, it's on, it's on.
Robin (PS58K) [40] You don't really.
Zoe (PS58M) [41] And say it [...] other people.
Robin (PS58K) [42] What?
[43] Say that
Zoe (PS58M) [44] What?
Robin (PS58K) [45] again young lady.
Zoe (PS58M) [46] I'm just helping her look tomorrow.
Robin (PS58K) [47] No sh [break in recording]
Robin (PS58K) [48] Ah! ... [...] ever floods to make any gorges.
Ben (PS58N) [49] This thing really stinks I'm not kidding you!
Robin (PS58K) [50] What stinks?
[51] Your mum?
Ben (PS58N) [52] No. [...] .
Oliver (PS58P) [53] Robin.
Zoe (PS58M) [54] Yeah, you know we've met anyone cos I
Robin (PS58K) [55] Yeah.
Zoe (PS58M) [56] Yeah?
Oliver (PS58P) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [57] Well, no.
[58] It's this thing they're doing in Norway.
[59] It's Mr , er Mr ... er ya , I've got a letter and stuff.
[60] What it is is, is all about erm ... they're studying your voice ... and like the way you change it and all what the different ... like
Oliver (PS58P) [61] And how the talking's different from
Robin (PS58K) [62] how you talk, yes.
[63] Exactly right.
[64] Now with you, I dunno how I talk, but with my
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [65] Now he's talking like a swot. [...]
Robin (PS58K) [66] No.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [67] No, er if I was talking
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [68] It's just that I've never met anyone as nice as you talk.
Ben (PS58N) [69] Ah ah!
Robin (PS58K) [70] And I think you're lying quite sillily.
Ben (PS58N) [71] Ah thanks very much.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [72] Say that really loudly Zoe.
Zoe (PS58M) [73] [laughing] Why [] ?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Oliver (PS58P) [74] I still think you'll be sweet talking [...] .
Robin (PS58K) [75] [singing] There's nothing quite like a MacDonalds [] .
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Ben (PS58N) [76] You don't wanna be stuck in here do you?
Robin (PS58K) [77] No.
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [78] Don't mind.
Ben (PS58N) [79] Ha?
Robin (PS58K) [80] No.
[81] I wanna see er, what's he called?
[82] The White Men Can't Jump.
Ben (PS58N) [83] Oh.
[84] Yeah, but how am I gonna get that out?
Robin (PS58K) [85] Well Ben, I look fifteen and I've got it out for someone already.
Ben (PS58N) [86] Have ya?
Robin (PS58K) [87] Yeah.
Ben (PS58N) [88] Did you get it out for yourself?
Robin (PS58K) [89] Is erm, you mo , is there any films out yet?
Ben (PS58N) [90] There's, there's [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Jones (PS58L) [91] [...] please.
Zoe (PS58M) [92] I don't like you.
Ben (PS58N) [93] Well has Gavin had it?
Oliver (PS58P) [94] He got it out too.
Robin (PS58K) [95] And, he also had another video.
Ben (PS58N) [96] Yes I know he had another video.
[97] Don't bug me.
Robin (PS58K) [98] But I've got a better one.
Ben (PS58N) [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [99] And I
Ben (PS58N) [100] Yo , you haven't got it though.
Robin (PS58K) [101] You know what I mean.
Ben (PS58N) [102] I wou
Robin (PS58K) [103] I'll put this in my ... coat.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Robin (PS58K) [104] [singing] And there's a little bit in between.
[105] It won't take long to learn the song, cos there's nothing like, like a MacDonalds [] .
Zoe (PS58M) [106] Do you like that?
[107] Are you sure you don't wanna come?
Robin (PS58K) [108] How did you get that black eye Ollie?
[109] Pardon?
[110] You were playing snooker?
[111] What did you do, did you go ... push!
Zoe (PS58M) [112] Please get to the back of the queue!
Robin (PS58K) [113] [mimicking girl] Sorry [] !
Zoe (PS58M) [114] I'm fed up with [...] !
Robin (PS58K) [115] But I think you're quite lying a lot.
Ben (PS58N) [116] Oh!
Jones (PS58L) [117] Right.
[118] Can you put the chairs up please?
[119] And we
Robin (PS58K) [120] Now what would you do if I was recording this conversation?
Oliver (PS58P) [121] I'm afraid of that Steven .
Ben (PS58N) [laugh]
Zoe (PS58M) [122] You're not.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [123] Aha!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [124] Oh, you are.
Robin (PS58K) [125] [laugh] ... Else you must
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [126] Come on!
Robin (PS58K) [127] be [...] .
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [128] Come on then.
Ben (PS58N) [129] Mm mm mm.
Zoe (PS58M) [130] Oh I told you to [...]
Robin (PS58K) [131] Let it rip.
[132] Was it on eastern worlds and [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Ben (PS58N) [133] Come on, we've gotta get out of here.
Zoe (PS58M) [134] Come on, show us this thing.
Robin (PS58K) [135] I've gotta clear my books though.
Zoe (PS58M) [136] See if you get out practising.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [137] Rob , it's like Rob ,Ro Rob for Cathy.
Robin (PS58K) [138] That's not true.
[139] Cos I didn't fancy Cathy and you lot are silly!
Zoe (PS58M) [140] Could you play it now?
Robin (PS58K) [141] Yes.
[142] I'm gonna play this back to you to my, tonight so
Zoe (PS58M) [143] Say I love you, I love you Cathy.
[144] Talk sensible.
Robin (PS58K) [145] There you go Cath
Zoe (PS58M) [146] No!
Robin (PS58K) [147] I'm playing this back.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [148] You're not!
Robin (PS58K) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [149] You're not!
Jones (PS58L) [150] Erm
Robin (PS58K) [151] Ollie can you go away.
[152] ... Sir, what am I gonna do about my bag?
Jones (PS58L) [153] You'll have to go and see Mrs .
Robin (PS58K) [154] I have.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [classroom chatter]
Zoe (PS58M) [155] I don't know if he's back.
Robin (PS58K) [156] I'll go tomorrow.
[157] It's not even worth it.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [158] You're such a square Robin, I don't know why.
Jones (PS58L) [159] Erm
Oliver (PS58P) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [160] Alright then.
[161] ... Sir, do you want these back?
Ben (PS58N) [162] No.
[163] You can keep them.
Jones (PS58L) [164] Well, alright, now that's enough.
Robin (PS58K) [165] Can you put them in your stuff.
Ben (PS58N) [166] No you keep them.
Robin (PS58K) [167] Eh?
[168] ... Mm mm mm.
Jones (PS58L) [169] Er, quiet when you leave then.
Robin (PS58K) [170] Sir, can you sign my book please?
Jones (PS58L) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [171] I can't.
Zoe (PS58M) [172] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [173] Can I back to you?
Robin (PS58K) [174] Yes , I'm sure.
Zoe (PS58M) [175] Can you buy me crisps?
Robin (PS58K) [176] I haven't got any money.
Zoe (PS58M) [177] Oh.
Robin (PS58K) [178] Oh.
Jones (PS58L) [179] Right.
Robin (PS58K) [180] Er er ... can you sign up there sir please?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [181] They're supposed to be all right.
Robin (PS58K) [182] So th
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [183] Ah ha!
Zoe (PS58M) [184] Thanks so much!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [185] I don't care about that.
Robin (PS58K) [186] I've recorded that.
Oliver (PS58P) [187] Wait for them down there.
Ben (PS58N) [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [188] Didn't you realize that was on then?
Zoe (PS58M) [189] Yeah.
[190] Mm mm.
Ben (PS58N) [191] [raspberry] ... You started to listen.
Oliver (PS58P) [192] No, we didn't ask.
Ben (PS58N) [193] Robin.
Oliver (PS58P) [194] [...] ... Gotta get you as well.
Zoe (PS58M) [195] Beat me up. [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [196] [laugh] ... I recorded that.
[197] [laugh] ... [laughing] I'm gonna say every time [] .
[198] Ollie!
Zoe (PS58M) [199] You're going to, to ... say that every time.
[200] Yes please.
Robin (PS58K) [201] Oh no!
[202] [singing] It don't take long to learn our song.
[203] There's nothing quite like a MacDonalds [] .
Ben (PS58N) [204] Ronald.
Robin (PS58K) [laugh]
Oliver (PS58P) [205] Ah.
[206] Did you do your homework?
Robin (PS58K) [207] [singing] Macdonalds [] .
Oliver (PS58P) [208] Yes or no?
Robin (PS58K) [209] What?
Oliver (PS58P) [210] The homework
Robin (PS58K) [211] What for?
Oliver (PS58P) [212] we got.
Robin (PS58K) [213] When for?
Oliver (PS58P) [214] Anything?
Robin (PS58K) [215] Didn't, well, I didn't ... have any homework for anything.
Oliver (PS58P) [216] I got mine.
Zoe (PS58M) [217] You have got two pounds.
Robin (PS58K) [218] No I haven't.
Zoe (PS58M) [219] There must be somebody.
Robin (PS58K) [220] I haven't.
[221] Spent!
Zoe (PS58M) [222] You have.
Robin (PS58K) [223] It's been spent my friend.
Jones (PS58L) [224] We well, leave please.
Robin (PS58K) [225] Tt!
[226] Oh no!
[227] This is a ... ho
Ben (PS58N) [228] Sir
Robin (PS58K) [229] hey Jimmy!
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [230] Twenty four.
Robin (PS58K) [231] Sir, did you ever consider being an English teacher?
Zoe (PS58M) [232] Twenty four.
Jones (PS58L) [233] I, [...]
Robin (PS58K) [234] Is it?
Jones (PS58L) [235] Yes I have.
[236] [...] the
Zoe (PS58M) [237] Well, that's fair enough.
Jones (PS58L) [238] people to do it.
Zoe (PS58M) [239] Ah ha
Robin (PS58K) [240] Yeah?
Oliver (PS58P) [whispering] [...]
Robin (PS58K) [241] Yeah.
Oliver (PS58P) [242] [...] [] .
Robin (PS58K) [243] It can pick up whispering.
Ben (PS58N) [244] Well my mum went
Robin (PS58K) [245] Yes I am seeing Jessie tonight Ollie yo , I don't know why you want to know that.
Oliver (PS58P) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [246] [laughing] No [] .
[247] Probably, no, actually I probably won't see her tonight come to think of it. [laugh]
Oliver (PS58P) [248] Going gym tonight?
Robin (PS58K) [249] Most probably.
[250] Are you?
[251] Why?
Oliver (PS58P) [252] No.
[253] I don't want to.
Robin (PS58K) [254] You don't really go do you?
Oliver (PS58P) [255] Hopefully
Robin (PS58K) [256] You're lying.
Oliver (PS58P) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [257] Okay.
[258] Just to check.
[259] When you walk in what's on the wall?
[260] The far wall?
Oliver (PS58P) [261] On the wall?
[262] Where?
Robin (PS58K) [263] Far wall.
Oliver (PS58P) [264] I
Robin (PS58K) [265] Eh you don't go!
Oliver (PS58P) [266] I do go.
Robin (PS58K) [267] Alright then.
Oliver (PS58P) [268] I have been before.
Robin (PS58K) [269] What's the picture ... where the bo , you know where the boxing bag is ... punching bag?
Oliver (PS58P) [270] No.
Robin (PS58K) [271] Punch bag, they do have a punch bag.
Oliver (PS58P) [272] No.
Ben (PS58N) [273] Eh, d'ya go then?
Oliver (PS58P) [274] Well it's just those clip things, isn't it?
[275] And then
Ben (PS58N) [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [276] You're lying!
[277] Ollie you know where the step, you know the step machine ... have you ever had a go on it?
Oliver (PS58P) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [278] Doesn't matter.
[279] Have you, have you had a go on the ro , erm, on the punch bag?
Oliver (PS58P) [280] No, I haven't.
Robin (PS58K) [281] Why?
Ben (PS58N) [282] Yes.
Robin (PS58K) [283] Yes?
Ben (PS58N) [284] Mm.
Robin (PS58K) [285] So?
[286] It's hard!
Ben (PS58N) [287] [laugh] ... He's trying to [...]
Jones (PS58L) [288] Come here Robin [...]
Robin (PS58K) [289] Yeah.
Jones (PS58L) [290] up-to-date
Robin (PS58K) [291] Mm.
Jones (PS58L) [292] by next lesson.
Robin (PS58K) [293] What's worrying sir, that is if I haven't found my bag ... Well sir, you haven't really said too much.
Jones (PS58L) [294] You're chasing someone now?
Robin (PS58K) [295] Yeah?
[296] Is there one good point in that sir at all?
Jones (PS58L) [297] Er
Robin (PS58K) [298] [laughing] No.
[299] I bet he's gonna say no [] .
Jones (PS58L) [300] You have used the word good once.
Robin (PS58K) [301] What?
[302] Yeah, it's good riddance ... probably.
[303] Or som
Jones (PS58L) [304] Yeah.
[305] Well I said good didn't I?
[306] And you said to the children, good idea. [...] [...]
Robin (PS58K) [307] You should record for the English ... No, and everyone elses, everyone else kept coming over to me.
Zoe (PS58M) [308] You didn't stop me trying.
[309] ... I'm going.
[310] Come on let's go.
Jones (PS58L) [311] Right then.
[312] Alright.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [313] Ah shut up!

2 (Tape 139703)

Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [314] I went to see the Romeo and Juliet thing yesterday.
Ben (PS58N) [315] You, you didn't?
Robin (PS58K) [316] I did.
[317] I got in.
[318] I lo , I might even be Romeo. [laugh]
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [319] No.
[320] That was lucky.
Ben (PS58N) [321] No.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [322] Cos you gotta get off again.
Robin (PS58K) [323] [shouting] No [] !
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [324] Yeah, but I didn't really think about it like that.
Ben (PS58N) [325] Yes you did. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [326] Bleeding not!
Ben (PS58N) [327] Boring! [tv on]
Robin (PS58K) [328] Do you want anything round the corner?
[329] Have you been crying?
[330] What happened?
[331] What happened?
Ben (PS58N) [332] Talk to my microphone dear.
[333] Let it all out!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [334] Check ... this ... out!
Robin (PS58K) [335] No your mum should check it out.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [336] Yes.
[337] Magic!
Robin (PS58K) [338] Oh this is what's it called?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [339] Music. [music]
Robin (PS58K) [340] Mum.
[341] ... Could I have two pounds please?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [342] Certainly Robin.
[343] Of course Robin.
Robin (PS58K) [344] Ah ah see this.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [345] Immediately darling.
Robin (PS58K) [346] Look I'm recording you.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [347] Good.
[348] May
Robin (PS58K) [349] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [350] you record.
Robin (PS58K) [351] [laughing] She go re [] ... seriously erm, I'm, you know that thing?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [352] What thing?
Robin (PS58K) [353] You know the thing you went in for, [...] , you said I could go in for ... recording?
[354] Well, I was the only one that didn't get picked right?
[355] And there was seven people that went for it and ... only six could do it ... and, I wasn't gonna do it and what happened right, my name doesn't, wasn't picked out ... and er, there was this one boy, right ... that ... right, this boy called Gavin ... and he wasn't there today.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [356] Gavin who?
Robin (PS58K) [357] Gavin , he wasn't there.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [358] Oh.
Robin (PS58K) [359] That's why I did it.
[360] And he can't do it now.
[361] So
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [362] Why?
Robin (PS58K) [363] [...] .
[364] Can I have another one penny?
[365] These are nice and shiny and gold, I like them!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [366] Can you get me erm ... chewing
Robin (PS58K) [367] I
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [368] gum please?
Robin (PS58K) [369] I got it yesterday didn't I?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [370] Yeah, I need another one.
Robin (PS58K) [371] See I'm a nice bloke aren't I?
[372] She doesn't answer.
[373] [singing] When er when er wow [] !
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [374] Will you get me some please? [...]
Robin (PS58K) [375] No, I will get it for you!
[376] Will you give me your money woman!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [377] Shut up!
[378] Can you imagine you talking to your mother like that?
Robin (PS58K) [379] Shut up woman!
[380] I'm listening!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [381] Ah!
[382] Hit me!
[383] Hit me harder!
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [384] [singing] When er when ow, when er when ow
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [385] diddle er er, diddle er er ... weeow [] .
[386] ... [...] er ... what was it called?
[387] Do I have a hint?
Ben (PS58N) [388] I think you are.
Robin (PS58K) [389] That's a wicked idea I just got.
[390] Pretty
Ben (PS58N) [391] What?
Robin (PS58K) [392] good isn't it?
[393] That's wicked! [laugh]
Ben (PS58N) [394] Holding it recording?
Robin (PS58K) [395] Yeah.
[396] It's
Ben (PS58N) [397] Yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [398] been recording all this time.
Ben (PS58N) [399] Suppose so.
Robin (PS58K) [400] Don't you reckon that's a good idea?
[401] I'm wired up.
Ben (PS58N) [402] Well like, like Will because he's got his bag like that on that
Robin (PS58K) [403] Yeah.
[404] Yeah.
[405] Yeah.
[406] Have you seen Will?
Ben (PS58N) [407] Oh no.
Robin (PS58K) [408] Yeah, and it's like such a long thing.
[409] He's got a long plug hasn't he?
Ben (PS58N) [410] No!
Robin (PS58K) [411] Oh.
Ben (PS58N) [412] It's wired.
Robin (PS58K) [413] Oh!
[414] I know.
Ben (PS58N) [415] He's been wired.
[416] And, he's put this in his type of thing and it's like he's got his arm stretched out right to his mouth ... and he's got a ... cigarette in his ... in his hand and it's that [...] ... like [...] .
Robin (PS58K) [417] If you put that inside si , [...] .
Ben (PS58N) [418] Yes probably.
[419] What?
Robin (PS58K) [420] Cos you're so far away.
[421] Your mum's dead!
[422] [singing] Diddle ee doo, diddle ee ooh, doo [] .
[423] ... It's only a muffled sort of thing.
Ben (PS58N) [424] Oh yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [425] I reckon that, that was a good id , I bet no one else has thought of that idea you know.
Ben (PS58N) [426] Why should you though?
Robin (PS58K) [427] Yeah but like ... if wanna catch someone out, like you go ... say you were talking to Scott and I wanted to find out something ... and like I go ... Scott, and like I'll be going up close to him, I'm literally doing this, I'm going Scott?
Ben (PS58N) [428] I don't give a toss [...]
Robin (PS58K) [429] get some stuff by someone, and he wouldn't notice.
Ben (PS58N) [430] I know.
Robin (PS58K) [431] And he'd be a complete gullible arsehole!
[432] But you go, er Scott, now be honest, I felt like, put my arm on his shoulder like this
Ben (PS58N) [433] Scott.
Robin (PS58K) [434] and he's not catching on and I'll just
Ben (PS58N) [435] But why?
Robin (PS58K) [436] be
Ben (PS58N) [437] But why?
Robin (PS58K) [438] and I'm just thinking ... [laughing] like that, exactly [] .
Ben (PS58N) [439] Oh yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [440] Come on.
[441] And it'd be funny wouldn't it?
[442] Yes it will.
[443] So, ha!
Ben (PS58N) [444] [singing] Da ba da ba da ba da, ba da ba ba da ba da, ba bo [] .
[445] ... Are they open?
Robin (PS58K) [446] Ah!
[447] No don't say this is shut?
[448] Ah good!
[449] Good.
[450] [...] said they hadn't shut. [in shop]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [451] Hello.
Robin (PS58K) [452] Hello.
[453] Erm ... I need one of these erm, yeah you got one?
[454] These ... audio what's it called?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [455] Which one?
Robin (PS58K) [456] These.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [457] Ah yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [458] Yeah, not those, erm, no, these.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [459] These are reducers.
Ben (PS58N) [460] So you want the big one?
Robin (PS58K) [461] Yeah, the reducers, that's the ones.
[462] Ga , no I need the small one [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [463] You want the one going from the big to the small, or the small to the big?
Robin (PS58K) [464] Big to small.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [465] Big to small.
[466] Stereo or mono?
Robin (PS58K) [467] Er, oh ... stereo please.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [468] There you are then.
Robin (PS58K) [469] There's a, what's the difference between them?
[470] I mean, what
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [471] Well one's stereo and one's mono really.
Robin (PS58K) [472] Yeah I , [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [473] One's got two channels on it.
Robin (PS58K) [474] Oh!
[475] What the stereo one has two?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [476] The stereo's got two channels, yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [477] That's wicked.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [478] Yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [479] Okay.
[480] Do you do, I'm just asking, I'm not sure, do you do them where ... you've got ... erm ... so you got this,th the big one
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [481] Mhm.
Robin (PS58K) [482] and then you got a wire going and then it reduces to small, it's like an extension lead on these?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [483] No.
[484] We can make you one up if you know, you want one.
Robin (PS58K) [485] How much do you ... reckon that'll cost?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [486] About two, about two, two pounds, two pounds er fifty.
Robin (PS58K) [487] Two pounds fifty?
[488] Could you make one up?
[489] I mean, I wanna buy this but
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [490] You better come in tomorrow, I'm closing now you see.
Robin (PS58K) [491] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [492] I can make you one up tomorrow.
Robin (PS58K) [493] Yeah I know I'm ... when, are you, when are you open?
[494] You open, you're not open on Saturday are you?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [495] No we're closed Saturday.
[496] We're open Sunday morning.
Robin (PS58K) [497] Yeah.
[498] I'll come in the Sunday morning and
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [499] Okay.
Robin (PS58K) [500] collect it.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [501] Okay.
Robin (PS58K) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [502] It's one forty nine.
Robin (PS58K) [503] Thanks.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [504] Thank you.
Robin (PS58K) [505] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [506] Thank you.
Ben (PS58N) [507] Thanks.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [508] Bye-bye.
Robin (PS58K) [509] Bye.
Ben (PS58N) [510] Ah, [...] .
Robin (PS58K) [511] Wicked! [interference in mic from wind - inaudible]
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [512] [singing] [...] [] .
[513] Hello.
[514] Hi Ian.
[515] Hello.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [516] [...] ?
Robin (PS58K) [517] No.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [518] Oh.
Robin (PS58K) [519] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [520] Too bad.
Robin (PS58K) [521] Well, put it this way ... your sudden appearance has not made one bit of difference to my day.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [522] No, I was gonna say I feel fine.
Robin (PS58K) [523] Oh!
[524] Please!
Ben (PS58N) [525] Don't do that please.
[526] It doesn't hurt.
Robin (PS58K) [527] [laughing] Yes it does hurt.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [528] I was right [] .
Ben (PS58N) [529] Alright.
Robin (PS58K) [530] I [...] you.
[531] Like Penny did to me in my room today.
Ben (PS58N) [532] Yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [533] That hurt.
[534] She went wham!
Ben (PS58N) [535] Did she do it on purpose?
Robin (PS58K) [536] Something got lost and I dunno what?
Ben (PS58N) [537] Did she do it on purpose d'ya know?
Robin (PS58K) [538] Ian, my friend, it is being sorted out in fact.
Ben (PS58N) [539] Which one does your Mum get?
Robin (PS58K) [540] Stimerol.
Ben (PS58N) [541] Original.
Robin (PS58K) [542] Stimerol.
Ben (PS58N) [543] Original.
Robin (PS58K) [544] Ian.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [545] Mm mm?
Robin (PS58K) [546] What would you do
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [547] Mhm?
Robin (PS58K) [548] if I was recording you at this precise moment?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [549] Mm?
[550] You what?
Robin (PS58K) [551] Whe whe ... if I was recording you?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [552] Mm.
Robin (PS58K) [553] Oh.
[554] I'm not.
[555] I mean
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [556] I couldn't care less about it.
Robin (PS58K) [557] Oh.
[558] ... Hello Gareth, nice to meet you.
[559] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [560] Hello.
[561] I'm fine.
Robin (PS58K) [562] You're the one in my way!
[563] ... Ben.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [564] What's that?
Robin (PS58K) [565] Ice cream Twix?
[566] You haven't got enough money for it.
Ben (PS58N) [567] I have.
[568] I'm gonna get one anyway.
[569] I got to , I got about a pound on me.
Robin (PS58K) [570] [tut] ! [tut] !
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [571] Did you just call me a fu , I think I just recorded that?
Ben (PS58N) [572] So?
Robin (PS58K) [573] Every time a [...] you get a punch.
Ben (PS58N) [574] [laughing] Oh, oh very funny [] .
Robin (PS58K) [575] Funny?
Ben (PS58N) [576] You can buy me a big Coke bottle.
[577] Buy me a big Coke bottle.
Robin (PS58K) [578] Where?
Ben (PS58N) [579] Over there.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [580] Forty nine.
Robin (PS58K) [581] Yeah I know.
[582] But I need it.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [583] There.
[584] Over there.
Robin (PS58K) [585] No it's a stereo [...] .
Ben (PS58N) [586] You got a big Coke bottle.
Robin (PS58K) [587] I really needed
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [588] it though.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [589] He's lying.
[590] He's lying.
[591] I wouldn't trust him.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [592] How are you?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [593] Jolly good.
Robin (PS58K) [594] [tut] .
[595] Sa ah
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [596] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [597] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [598] Have you got a bag?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [599] Mm?
Robin (PS58K) [600] No!
[601] No! [tut] . [sigh]
Ben (PS58N) [602] Two carriers, five P for that.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [603] I'm not going to do anything.
Robin (PS58K) [604] Ah!
[605] You are ... [tut] ... you are a softie you know.
[606] ... Ian.
[607] Ian!
[608] ... How is your shop going?
[609] Wicked!
[610] And you've made a profit.
[611] Ah ha ha.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [612] We actually run out of chicken yesterday.
[613] Believe it or not?
Robin (PS58K) [614] Oh my God!
[615] How much chicken do you buy?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [616] [clears throat] ... It comes to ready-cut in great big trays.
[617] We got about erm ... on the first day we got about forty case.
Robin (PS58K) [618] Is it nice chicken or
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [619] Mm mm.
[620] Beautiful.
Robin (PS58K) [621] The ,the , they've opened a ... a like a Kentucky Fried Chicken sort of place
Ben (PS58N) [622] Where's this?
Robin (PS58K) [623] Er, Harrow.
[624] Is it Harrow?
[625] Harrow.
[626] What's it called?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [627] Very good price.
Robin (PS58K) [628] Oh and what's th , what's the catch line, I, I like this.
[629] What's the catch line?
[630] You got, you've like made a catch line up ... at the bu bottom.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [631] Oh yeah.
[632] Ah ah
Robin (PS58K) [633] Oh it sounds really good.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [634] I can't remember it.
Robin (PS58K) [635] It's your shop.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [636] [laugh] ... [laughing] Well that's good [] . [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [637] Erm, [...]
Robin (PS58K) [638] Oh right, it sa , it sounds good, it's like ... chicken that, oh it's er, oh it's it's funny though.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [639] Well it went.
[640] Mind you, Monday, and yesterday we, of course, the first two days ... two pieces of chicken and fries ... one fifty.
[641] And ... it went a bomb!
Ben (PS58N) [642] Obviously, I mean
Robin (PS58K) [643] And as well, don't forget, people wanna try you as well .
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [644] Oh yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [645] Definitely.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [646] Some people ,pe , people who went Monday
Robin (PS58K) [647] Mm.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [648] came back Tuesday, they came back yesterday.
Robin (PS58K) [649] That's decent.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [650] It was good.
Robin (PS58K) [651] D'ya get a lot of kids in there?
[652] ... Well I wish you luck.
[653] ... This please.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [654] Alright.
Robin (PS58K) [655] Go this way. ... [...]
Ben (PS58N) [cough]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [656] Next door to us ... is a Pizza Hut.
Robin (PS58K) [657] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [658] Next door to us
Robin (PS58K) [659] I would have thought they would have gone faster.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [660] is a Pizza Hut.
[661] They've got seven bikes that ... that don't stop!
[662] ... All day long.
Robin (PS58K) [663] No I'm not.
[664] And
Ben (PS58N) [665] I wanna get a drink.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [666] Mm mm.
[667] And now we've got customers ... always from Pizza Hut. [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [668] Probably sick of pizza.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [669] Yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [670] I'm gonna get a drink, so ... and I wanna have a look at their cards ... for my Dad.
[671] I tell you, I just remembered it's my Dad's birthday ... on, on Wednesday, on Wednesday.
[672] Yeah, I've got the dentist as well, so
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [673] I Couldn't decide which to card to go, oh yeah that's it.
[674] Do you want one?
[675] ... I think this a quite a good one.
[676] [reading birthday card] Dad, I couldn't decide which card to give you for your birthday.
[677] Do you want [...] or Visa, or American Express [] ?
Ben (PS58N) [678] No that one.
Robin (PS58K) [679] Ha?
[680] Not that good.
[681] I want a funny one.
[682] Ben, help me.
[683] I need a funny one.
[684] ... I need, I need a card.
[685] Come on!
[686] Help me!
[687] I need a card.
[688] Ah.
Ben (PS58N) [689] Why should I choose for you?
Robin (PS58K) [690] [singing] Da da da, da da da da [] ... [sniff] ... [tut] .
[691] ... Poodles, [...] !
[692] Trying to think what card to get.
[693] [sighing] I don't think that's very appropriate, dear husband [] .
Ben (PS58N) [694] No.
[695] No.
[696] Maybe not.
Robin (PS58K) [697] [tut] !
[698] Oh hurry up!
[699] Look at a card, must see a card. [...]
Ben (PS58N) [700] Oh!
Robin (PS58K) [701] Come on I'm gonna get a drink in here.
Ben (PS58N) [702] What?
Robin (PS58K) [703] Ach!
[704] I'll look tomorrow.
[705] Actually, no, I'll look on Tuesday morning, or Wednesday morning.
[706] [singing] Oh oh oh oh!
[707] Oh oh ah ah!
[708] Oh oh ah ah.
Ben (PS58N) [709] [...] can.
Robin (PS58K) [710] Oh oh oh oh, ah ah.
[711] ... Somebody to be with me [] .
[712] ... Hello!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [713] I see.
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [714] Right well ... that's erm
Ben (PS58N) [715] Hey be don't too long.
Robin (PS58K) [716] Because it has.
Ben (PS58N) [717] Get in there!
Robin (PS58K) [718] [singing] [...] [] .
[719] I'm gonna buy it anyhow.
[720] Ah ah!
[721] My God!
Ben (PS58N) [722] Well you, if you you're gonna buy it anyhow
Robin (PS58K) [723] Oh yeah, I might as well buy it, er er
Ben (PS58N) [724] you might as well buy it and leave it at home.
Robin (PS58K) [725] Er er
Ben (PS58N) [726] Are you gonna buy that N F L, or that?
Robin (PS58K) [727] [...] ... Hell!
[728] I didn't want that.
Ben (PS58N) [729] [singing] [...] [] .
[730] I've got it.
Robin (PS58K) [731] Ian ... do me a favour?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [cough] ... [cough]
Robin (PS58K) [732] Can you take this off my money?
[733] Please?
[734] [singing] Cos I haven't got enough [] .
[735] Sixty five pence.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [736] Right.
Robin (PS58K) [737] Thank you.
[738] Thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [739] It's quite alright.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [740] [mimicking Italian accent] Alright, alright [] .
Ben (PS58N) [741] Come on then.
Robin (PS58K) [742] No I wanna get a drink, I told you!
Ben (PS58N) [743] I saw some drinks ... I saw, what did I see?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [744] Oh that's alright.
Ben (PS58N) [745] Sorry I didn't mean to say it again.
Robin (PS58K) [cough]
Ben (PS58N) [746] [...] though.
Robin (PS58K) [747] [sigh] ... I just felt like a drink. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [748] Alright.
Robin (PS58K) [749] A ... a Fanta actually.
Ben (PS58N) [750] Rio.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [751] Where is the, where are the sweets?
Robin (PS58K) [752] Ri Riva, Rio, that's what I wanted.
Ben (PS58N) [753] Rio Riva.
Robin (PS58K) [754] Ian.
[755] ... Where's Rio Riva?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [756] At the back.
Robin (PS58K) [757] Can I get one?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [758] Yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [759] Thanks. ... [cough]
Ben (PS58N) [760] Which one?
Robin (PS58K) [761] Ooh ooh!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [762] Thanks.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [763] Thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [764] Alright then?
Robin (PS58K) [765] Yeah, I just can't get it out.
Ben (PS58N) [766] Use your teeth.
[767] Here.
Robin (PS58K) [768] [sigh] ... Aargh!
[769] ... Thank you.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [770] It's alright.
Robin (PS58K) [771] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [772] It's quite alright.
Robin (PS58K) [773] I know!
[774] ... Mm.
Ben (PS58N) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [775] Oh.
[776] Not very hard.
[777] Just get rid of this.
Ben (PS58N) [778] I'm not supposed to tell ya.
Robin (PS58K) [779] Shut up!
Ben (PS58N) [780] Nearly finished.
[781] Hurry up!
Robin (PS58K) [782] Don't worry.
[783] There's no king-size Mars.
[784] ... and I need one for my father.
Ben (PS58N) [785] Where are you going?
[786] ... [laugh] ... Act like it.
Robin (PS58K) [787] Ian you haven't got any king-size Mars's have you?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [788] Yeah.
Robin (PS58K) [789] You have?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [790] Oh.
Robin (PS58K) [791] I think it was here.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [792] Oh that's three ninety five.
Ben (PS58N) [793] Are they at the back?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [794] Three pounds, thirty thirty, four pounds eighteen.
Robin (PS58K) [795] Oh they're round here.
[796] You got king-size Snickers which I didn't want.
[797] [singing] You haven't got any [] !
Ben (PS58N) [798] Ha ha!
[799] Hint, hint, hint.
Robin (PS58K) [800] No.
Ben (PS58N) [801] Urgh, urgh! ... [sigh]
Robin (PS58K) [802] Unless you want to.
[803] I'm not bothered.
Ben (PS58N) [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [laugh]
Ben (PS58N) [804] Only, hint, hint, hint.
Robin (PS58K) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [805] One twenty one.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [806] Thank you very much indeed.
[807] Thank
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [808] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [809] you.
[810] Bye.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [811] You haven't been to look for them.
Robin (PS58K) [812] No cos you didn't
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [813] What are you waiting for?
Robin (PS58K) [814] ask me to!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [815] Cor blimey! [...] !
Robin (PS58K) [816] Well I don't know where they are.
[817] And I get them er, I thought they were on the ... seat but they're not.
[818] See, now would I know where to look?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [819] Well you could have looked.
[820] Would not have done you have harm.
Robin (PS58K) [821] Ian, Ian, Ian, Ian
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [822] Very nice.
Robin (PS58K) [823] Ian, Ian!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [824] Very nice.
[825] Look, look, look.
Robin (PS58K) [826] I bet that's all for you.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [827] Who else?
[828] Of course!
[829] Who else would they be
Robin (PS58K) [830] Do you keep them in here?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [831] who else would they be ... for?
Ben (PS58N) [832] What's in there?
[833] There's a box in there.
Robin (PS58K) [834] How much is that?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [835] Right.
[836] That's thirty nine, sixty one, one pound and one penny.
Robin (PS58K) [837] Right.
[838] One pound, one penny.
[839] Seventy,eight , oh can you take it off my round as well.
Jenny (PS5AV) [840] Oh God blimey!
Robin (PS58K) [841] I can't be bothered to
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [842] Oh just pay it!
Robin (PS58K) [843] I've got money and I can't be bothered.
[844] ... Now this is going in my pocket till it's nice and melting.
Ben (PS58N) [845] Lovely!
[846] Good shop.
[847] You finished your round?
Robin (PS58K) [848] No.
[849] Just want to get

3 (Tape 139801)

Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [850] So you re you reckon you can beat up them? ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [851] Your mum was.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [852] [...] my mum was talking to Robin [...]
Robin (PS58K) [853] No I didn't say that, I said your mum was talking to you.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [854] She's not.
[855] You lying little shit.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [856] He beat you up.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [857] You weren't even there Robin.
Robin (PS58K) [858] Ollie I looked at your eye and I told you he has beaten you up.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [859] Well you weren't there, I was there and he didn't beat him up.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [860] No I was just, I was just saying [...]
Robin (PS58K) [861] Well I'm telling you for a fact that St
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [862] I'll tell you for a fact that Steven won't go for Ollie tonight, it's Paul that's gonna go for him. ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [863] It's all his fault cos Steven's a giant [...]
Robin (PS58K) [864] Zoe
Zoe (PS58M) [865] What?
Robin (PS58K) [866] Steven's not gonna beat him up.
Zoe (PS58M) [867] What, why did he make those threats then?
Jenny (PS5AV) [868] I wouldn't believe everything [...]
Robin (PS58K) [869] He's not talking about him beating him up.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [870] Well why's he getting Scott and erm ... Jamie and Craig to beat him up then?
Robin (PS58K) [871] What?
[872] ... He's not er he, he will not.
Zoe (PS58M) [873] He said he would, he told me.
Robin (PS58K) [874] Only if Ollie brought some friends.
Zoe (PS58M) [875] [...] Neil said.
Oliver (PS58P) [876] I'm not allowed to bring my [...]
Robin (PS58K) [877] And Neil knows.
Zoe (PS58M) [878] Neil said that
Robin (PS58K) [879] What's Neil talking about now?
[880] What did you say Neil?
Zoe (PS58M) [881] he said, listen Robin ... listen Robin listen to me
Oliver (PS58P) [882] I can bring my friends if I want.
Robin (PS58K) [883] Yeah.
Zoe (PS58M) [884] he goes if he comes [...] he goes or if he brings a load of friends
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [...]
Robin (PS58K) [885] No Steven won't.
[886] Paul will.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [887] You weren't there, you didn't hear, Robin.
Robin (PS58K) [888] I'm telling you for a fact that Steven won't touch you.
Oliver (PS58P) [889] [...] telling me for a fact Steven won't touch me?
Robin (PS58K) [890] Yes.
Zoe (PS58M) [891] Well Steven won't but he'll get everyone else to.
Oliver (PS58P) [892] I'm bringing my friends [...]
Robin (PS58K) [893] No he won't I bet Paul will start, and that's my
Oliver (PS58P) [894] I bet Paul starts.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Oliver (PS58P) [895] Oh no, course not.
Zoe (PS58M) [896] Yeah Paul won't start Oliver [...]
Oliver (PS58P) [897] Course not.
[898] Bet you he does.
Zoe (PS58M) [899] Paul won't.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Oliver (PS58P) [900] [...] I'll start I think as well.
Zoe (PS58M) [901] Ollie don't start. ...
Oliver (PS58P) [902] Oh shut up! [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Oliver (PS58P) [903] so nosy.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [904] Well if you start you're gonna get killed.
Oliver (PS58P) [905] Oh yeah.
Zoe (PS58M) [906] Yes you are [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [907] Ollie has to fight for his pride.
Robin (PS58K) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [908] Ollie has to die in his fights.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [909] No.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [910] Why bother though?
[911] What's the point in fights?
Oliver (PS58P) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [912] Fighting.
Zoe (PS58M) [913] No but what's the point in having a fight.
[914] ... I mean you don't have to have one.
Oliver (PS58P) [915] Shut up [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [916] [...] gonna kill you with their massive great big swords [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [917] [laughing] Yeah definitely [] .
Oliver (PS58P) [918] But if he's gonna fight me I'll fight him. ...
Zoe (PS58M) [919] Oh my God!
[920] It's stupid.
[921] ... You're just so thick! ...
Oliver (PS58P) [922] And I'm bringing my friends.
Zoe (PS58M) [923] Like who? ...
Oliver (PS58P) [924] Not telling you cos you'll [...] to Steven.
Zoe (PS58M) [925] There isn't anyone, your family don't have any friends.
[926] ... [...] Michael.
Oliver (PS58P) [927] Oh I'm not bringing Michael.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [928] Ollie.
[929] Ollie do you like Michael?
Oliver (PS58P) [930] What?
Zoe (PS58M) [931] Do you like Michael?
Oliver (PS58P) [932] Yes I do actually.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [933] Why?
Oliver (PS58P) [934] Cos you don't.
Zoe (PS58M) [935] I like him, he's alright.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [936] He shows off too much [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [937] [...] too chicken.
Robin (PS58K) [sigh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [938] I don't understand why he doesn't do it himself.
Robin (PS58K) [939] He is going to do it himself.
[940] I've got money on it, he'll beat you up tonight.
Oliver (PS58P) [941] [...] cos Steven thought [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [942] [...] trying to get out of getting beaten up. ...
Zoe (PS58M) [943] Then why would Steven admit that as well?
Oliver (PS58P) [944] Cos he wants not to get Paul beaten up.
Zoe (PS58M) [945] Oh yeah!
Robin (PS58K) [946] And who's gonna beat Paul up?
Oliver (PS58P) [947] Oh you don't like him, you don't know [...]
Zoe (PS58M) [948] [...] what is the [...]
Robin (PS58K) [949] So you have to get, Ollie you're, the point is that you're getting friends to beat him up then.
Oliver (PS58P) [950] I haven't got friends to beat him up though have I?
Robin (PS58K) [951] [laughing] I thought he was gonna say I haven't got friends [] .
Zoe (PS58M) [952] [laugh] He did say.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [953] Oh shut up.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [954] You kissed him yesterday though.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [955] I know.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [956] Yeah cos you gave him a big juicy kiss [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [957] [...] don't tell him.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [958] Exactly.
[959] Just don't say it then.
Robin (PS58K) [960] [...] last night.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [961] Well I kissed Oliver, oh my God!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [962] [...] have you ever had your head read? ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [963] I have actually
Robin (PS58K) [964] What?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [965] I have
Robin (PS58K) [966] What?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [967] you on your own [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [968] When?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [969] At bed time, when you're asleep. [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [laugh]
Robin (PS58K) [970] [laughing] Ollie [] .
[971] [laugh] ... Oh with a cat, come on!
Oliver (PS58P) [972] You did, you always said I'd get off with a cat.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [973] Ollie remember that time when we beat up Paul in [...] ?
Oliver (PS58P) [974] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [975] Yeah, that was good.
Robin (PS58K) [976] Yeah!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [977] [...] it was great fun.
Oliver (PS58P) [978] We've just been talking about [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [979] Were they good Robin?
Robin (PS58K) [980] I was being sarcastic.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [981] Oh do you remember when [...] nicked his mum's pearl earrings? ...
Robin (PS58K) [982] No.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [983] He did.
Robin (PS58K) [984] Really?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [985] No I don't actually.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [986] I remember when er [...] go and let down er somebody's tyre.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [987] So?
[988] ... So?
[989] I don't care.
Robin (PS58K) [990] Which was completely out of order.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [991] So?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [992] That's pretty good fun actually.
Robin (PS58K) [993] Yeah that's great fun, let's go and take someone's tyres down!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [994] Don't want to tell you.
[995] ... What's the time? ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [996] Do you feel ill?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [997] Twenty five to [...]
Robin (PS58K) [998] I would tell Miss if I was you because I do not like to see [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [999] [...] don't chuck up on me.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1000] Can you tell Miss please?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1001] Oh I'll tell Miss. ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1002] [...] Ollie.
Robin (PS58K) [1003] I did.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1004] Oh sorry.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1005] I can see why Steven's started on you. ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1006] He's been like that all his life, why bother now?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1007] [...] think about it Robin.
Robin (PS58K) [1008] Yeah but he's starting to do it ... like he's starting to annoy ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1009] Yeah Philip has always annoyed people.
Robin (PS58K) [1010] Who?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1011] Shut up Zoe [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1012] Feeling better now Mehmet? ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1013] [...] bacon crisp burp.
Robin (PS58K) [1014] Oh that is disgusting.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1015] Ricky can I see yours a sec?
[1016] Turn, turn it round to your blue bit.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1017] It's better than your [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1018] I know but looks good and I don't like it because it looks good. ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1019] Paint all the colours and then paint over them all white [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1020] Who's Simon?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1021] The one who she fancies.
[1022] ... No Melanie [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1023] Then she hates him.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1024] Where did she get that from?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1025] Laura, she was there when it [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1026] Doesn't she stop ...
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1027] Pete ... if I don't get, if I can't come to your house ... will you bring the tapes in?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1028] Just the bag, just bring the bag with er with all
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1029] I am because I'm being kept in here and I might wanna stay
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1030] yeah but I might wanna stay to finish, I dunno.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1031] Where, underneath the stairs?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1032] No we can go and look at the [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1033] Oh no, I was told that
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1034] Yeah but if you look underneath the stairs
Robin (PS58K) [1035] You said that was in it.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1036] Yeah but you don't know what [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1037] Did you look under the stairs?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1038] Ah?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1039] Did you look underneath the stairs?
Robin (PS58K) [1040] Yeah, I what you mean the ones behind Miss er
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1041] the ones next to our stairs.
Robin (PS58K) [1042] You mean the ones er outside Miss
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1043] Miss 's room.
Robin (PS58K) [1044] yes, not there.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1045] What are you complaining about now?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1046] Yes, I thought so too.
[1047] Are you feeling alright?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1048] Do you feel blurgh blurgh blurgh?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1049] I'm starving but, yes.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Oliver (PS58P) [1050] Oh yeah my [...] not this week, it's next week.
Robin (PS58K) [1051] I know it's on the eighth.
[1052] ... I'll have to get Cassie a ticket.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1053] She's er fifteen in May.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]

4 (Tape 139802)

Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1054] Five nil?
[1055] How much did they lose Robin?
Robin (PS58K) [1056] Five nil.
Zoe (PS58M) [1057] [...] a good team.
Robin (PS58K) [1058] They are except for they played the wr they played the sweep system.
Zoe (PS58M) [1059] Played the what?
Robin (PS58K) [1060] Sweep system.
Zoe (PS58M) [1061] What's that mean?
Robin (PS58K) [1062] They played the wrong system, they should've played erm their back four, play the back four.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1063] Did you see Ally McCoist's header?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1064] No.
Robin (PS58K) [1065] My God I've never seen someone put so much power into a header!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1066] Who, Allie McCoist?
Robin (PS58K) [1067] Mm.
[1068] Do you know who my favourite Arsenal player is now?
[1069] Paul Merson.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1070] He's a butterfingers.
[1071] He drops every one.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1072] [...] git.
[1073] I hate him.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1074] What you talking about!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1075] What, the one that fell?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1076] No the one that dropped it.
Robin (PS58K) [1077] Tony Adams dropped him.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1078] And I'll beat up Tony Adams after.
Robin (PS58K) [1079] [tut] what you talking about!
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1080] That's what happened to [...] when he broke his arm.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1081] You want a thin and a thick did you say, yeah?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1082] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1083] Yeah and that put him out of his career.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1084] Now they've broken his leg.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1085] They didn't break it, he broke it.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1086] No, they [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1087] Who broke it?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1088] The person from Crystal Palace [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1089] Mm
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1090] Are you?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1091] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1092] I wanted to go but she didn't have eno any more tickets.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1093] Danielle how comes you're erm going to Manchester?
[1094] Are you going to see some family or what?
[1095] Or are you just going for the match?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1096] [...] [...] they've got good taste.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1097] I like going to Wimbledon ... and getting beaten up.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1098] By Vinnie Jones.
Robin (PS58K) [1099] His girlfriend had a heart transplant.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1100] I know I read that.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1101] Did you see that thing on [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1102] You shouldn't believe that though.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1103] Who's Vinnie Jones?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1104] Cos that's a stupid rubbish [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...] [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1105] What time's it on?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1106] What?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1107] Who?
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1108] You like Vinnie Jones don't you?
Robin (PS58K) [1109] No.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1110] Yes you do.
Robin (PS58K) [1111] [laughing] Vinnie Jones, he's such a hard bloke [] .
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1112] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1113] It's really funny, that man [...]
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1114] I reckon he er well, [...] probably could.
[1115] ... [...] don't, I don't reckon Eric Cantona could
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [cough]
Robin (PS58K) [1116] er
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1117] Don't reckon Cantona could what?
Robin (PS58K) [1118] I don't reckon Cantona could beat him up.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1119] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1120] Nor do I.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]
Robin (PS58K) [1121] [...] couldn't but Mark Hughes might.
[1122] But I don't know why we're talking about this.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1123] Has anyone got the time?
Robin (PS58K) [1124] Sorry I don't.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [1125] Twenty to nine, hang your knickers on the line.
Robin (PS58K) [1126] Quarter to.
Unknown speaker (KPXPSUNK) [...]