BNC Text KR0

12 conversations recorded by `Sheila' (PS59B) between 31 January and 4 February 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 2658 s-units, 18900 words, and over 1 hour 22 minutes 19 seconds of recordings.

11 speakers recorded by respondent number 56

KR0PS000 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KR0PS001 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS59B Ag4 f (Sheila, age 52, housewife, North-east England, )
PS59C Ag4 f (Wendy, age 50, housewife, Central Northern England, ) friend
PS59D Ag1 f (Sharon, age 23, housewife, Central Northern England, ) daughter
PS59E Ag4 f (Edna, age 49, housewife, North-east England, ) friend
PS59F Ag1 m (Paul, age 18, serviceman, Central Northern England, ) son
PS59G Ag0 m (Michael, age 5, student, Central Northern England, ) grandson
PS59H Ag0 f (Sammy Jo, age 3, student, Central Northern England, ) granddaughter
KR0PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KR0PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

12 recordings

  1. Tape 059501 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: relaxing and having a cigarette
  2. Tape 059502 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: relaxing and having a cigarette
  3. Tape 059503 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: relaxing and having a cigarette
  4. Tape 059504 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: relaxing and having a cigarette
  5. Tape 059505 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: relaxing and having a cigarette
  6. Tape 059506 recorded on 1992-01-31. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( at home ) Activity: having a cup of coffee and knitting
  7. Tape 059601 recorded on unknown date. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 059602 recorded on unknown date. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 059603 recorded on unknown date. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 059604 recorded on unknown date. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 059701 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home ) Activity: having a coffee break
  12. Tape 059702 recorded on 1992-02-04. LocationSouth Yorkshire: Dunscroft ( home ) Activity: having a coffee break

1 (Tape 059501)

Sheila (PS59B) [1] Oh just how are you?
Edna (PS59E) [2] Alright now.
Sharon (PS59D) [3] Feeling better now?
Edna (PS59E) [4] Yeah ...
Sheila (PS59B) [5] About the time I started me tape
Edna (PS59E) [6] What's it for?
Sheila (PS59B) [7] Dictionary or thing, some come yesterday, anybody disagrees with being taped like I turn it off.
[8] I get twenty five pound for it ...
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [9] No ...
Sharon (PS59D) [10] Who've you had on it then?
Sheila (PS59B) [11] Nobody
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [12] first one I've had, I hope it's recording [...] tape that, it is, well what you got to tell us then?
Sharon (PS59D) [13] Nothing
Sheila (PS59B) [14] Nowt?
[15] Oh, haven't seen you for weeks and you've got nowt
Sharon (PS59D) [16] I've been bad for two weeks
Edna (PS59E) [17] Wendy, housewife, age fifty [laugh] ... er how d'ya stop it?
[18] Er

2 (Tape 059502)

Sheila (PS59B) [19] I get a twenty five pound voucher when she comes back next Friday.
Wendy (PS59C) [20] For what?
Sheila (PS59B) [21] Well just a voucher for twenty five pound to spend
Wendy (PS59C) [22] Where you gonna spend it?
Sheila (PS59B) [23] I dunno, dunno what it's for?
[24] ... Just twenty five pound voucher, so ... which town, village city did you record
Wendy (PS59C) [25] How's Paul?
Sheila (PS59B) [26] Well he's alright like, but er phoned us yesterday, I wrote it down what he told us in the book, in there, cos it's confidential ... between him and the Co-op, but
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [27] so I'll turn this off

3 (Tape 059503)

Sheila (PS59B) [28] He collapsed at Debbie's on Wednesday night, well he fell, bumped his head sort of fall down [...] so the doctor come yesterday, tt, and he had to stop in bed two or three days and go at the doctor's for ten minute appointment and he [...] bloody test and to see why he's lost so much weight ... cos his legs are like that.
[29] I said to [...] well he was never bloody fat to start with ... it, [...] dizzy so
Wendy (PS59C) [30] Mm ...
Sheila (PS59B) [31] he says his daughter's here from South Africa ... with her little'un, she's married to a Paki, but the marriage is like that.
[32] [laugh] [cough] No, what you buying [...] with
Wendy (PS59C) [33] Mm, mm, I don't know, I think one of me tablets, me, for me heart, they give me a different tablet like, it was a same like Heinz Beans or Cross and Blackwell Beans
Sheila (PS59B) [34] Aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [35] and I think that's upset me stomach
Sheila (PS59B) [36] Oh.
Wendy (PS59C) [37] I've had sickness, no I haven't had sickness, I'm telling lies, I've had diarrhoea and then I've been constipated and then violent pains and terrible
Sheila (PS59B) [38] Mm.
Wendy (PS59C) [39] it's bound to be going into spasm or something
Sheila (PS59B) [40] Mm.
Wendy (PS59C) [41] so I don't know whether it is that tablet, it's eased off now
Sheila (PS59B) [42] Mm.
Wendy (PS59C) [43] but it's all in me back
Sheila (PS59B) [44] It's not that flu I don't think, Sam, Sammy Jo started with it, I mean she had the doctor out a week on Saturday, I mean she was ill and Sharon started ... her Sunday dinner, a week on Sunday, she never had her dinner, Sammy Jo never, er why me and Elliott left some, then on Monday she was really bad and Elliott was
Wendy (PS59C) [45] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [46] and I knew started me on me chest, so I had the doctor Tuesday all of us, but they went in before me
Wendy (PS59C) [47] I know, when I was in the [...] Sammy Jo were alright
Sheila (PS59B) [48] Was it
Wendy (PS59C) [49] Oh erm
Sheila (PS59B) [50] last Tuesday?
Wendy (PS59C) [51] yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [52] Well where were you?
Wendy (PS59C) [53] I was in the doctor's
Sheila (PS59B) [54] I never see ya, I was sat
Wendy (PS59C) [55] No it was early, Sammy Jo wasn't there, and I don't know whether they said Grant or Elliott , it was about oh ... twelveish
Sheila (PS59B) [56] No, all went in together we, ten past five our appointment was for all of us
Wendy (PS59C) [57] Yeah I asked Sammy Jo, she said something about the Sunday
Sheila (PS59B) [58] Oh, five to er
Wendy (PS59C) [59] Sharon had altered it or something cos you all went in at five to five or something
Sheila (PS59B) [60] No made appointment
Wendy (PS59C) [61] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [62] Sharon hadn't altered it
Wendy (PS59C) [63] What they'd already made an appointment for Sammy Jo well that's what
Sheila (PS59B) [64] Oh, oh oh that was for her ears
Wendy (PS59C) [65] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [66] yeah, but when come, come on Saturday she looked in her ears cos Sharon said she had to go back with her, she says I wait don't go [...] ears are cleared
Wendy (PS59C) [67] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [68] er and Sharon never alt er cancelled that, well they come out and they said they'd had Chinese flu so when I went into [...] and had me chest done, I says I've got the flu like, she says yeah she said [...] I says I, I know, I said they've got that Chinese flu she's be [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [69] I says have I?
[70] She says no, I says have I bronchitis?
[71] She says no you've just got a very infect on your chest, but, I did have a cold that night, yeah sneeze
Wendy (PS59C) [72] No I haven't had a cold or anything on me chest
Sheila (PS59B) [73] what with them being sick you see Sharon and the babe
Wendy (PS59C) [74] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [75] I dunno if Elliott were, but he was off work about a week ... so
Wendy (PS59C) [76] I have to go back again Tuesday
Sheila (PS59B) [77] Yeah, folk here just never been out since New Year, then she had to work at the hospital Tuesday, well Bradley said if you don't feel fit enough phone up and we'll send a nurse to you [...] I said you're bloody mental, you ask for everything you get, I said instead of phoning the nurse in, ah ... but I think Alison told me they both need a good, good bloody feed ... they do ... [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [78] Did she?
Sheila (PS59B) [79] Ooh I, I mean being in a right mess [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [80] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [81] and I went with her last week, then she had to go again on Monday, but she went Saturday as well, then she had to go back up Monday the last, so she hasn't been [...] haven't seen her since ... I've been gonna go up all week but the weather
Wendy (PS59C) [82] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [83] well I hadn't been out from Monday till yesterday ... Sharon's at the hospital now with the babe [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [84] mm ... did you have a nice birthday then?
Wendy (PS59C) [85] Ah yes and no
Sheila (PS59B) [86] Oh.
Wendy (PS59C) [87] [laugh] yeah it was alright, I think it was me that was being a bit, got a bit het up in case anybody had too much and started you know
Sheila (PS59B) [88] Aye
Wendy (PS59C) [89] but it was alright ...
Sheila (PS59B) [90] I thought that was why you hadn't been round cos I never come
Wendy (PS59C) [91] No
Sheila (PS59B) [92] went to Stella's ... er ... mine last Friday you know?
Wendy (PS59C) [93] Oh was it?
Sheila (PS59B) [94] Mm ...
Wendy (PS59C) [95] Oh ... happy birthday for last Friday Sheila
Sheila (PS59B) [96] Fifty two, aye ... er one date last Friday [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [97] Ours came across with a card
Sheila (PS59B) [98] Aye, ours did.
Wendy (PS59C) [99] and I was busy in the kitchen when she come, oh are you having a party?
[100] ... Yeah, oh dear [...] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [101] I don't know about
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [102] well there you go [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [103] and ours is thirty two pound a year Wendy
Wendy (PS59C) [104] Thirty two pound a year?
Sheila (PS59B) [105] I said I don't know how you dare sit there and say you haven't paid that Alice, she's paid a fiver ... I says I'd be ashamed, I said I wish mine was only that, so she phoned up to make arrangements to pay it a pound a week ... thirty two pound, that's all hers is Wendy, for the year
Wendy (PS59C) [106] And sounds also she's getting that cold weather payment
Sheila (PS59B) [107] She is, yeah ... are ya?
Wendy (PS59C) [108] Can't have it.
Sheila (PS59B) [109] Why?
Wendy (PS59C) [110] Cos I can't, only people
Sheila (PS59B) [111] Why?
Wendy (PS59C) [112] with children under five or on Income Support or
Sheila (PS59B) [113] Disabled.
Wendy (PS59C) [114] disabled, yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [115] Why, you're classed as disabled
Wendy (PS59C) [116] No I'm not ... cos I only receive Invalidity
Sheila (PS59B) [117] Does Phil not class as dis
Wendy (PS59C) [118] No
Sheila (PS59B) [119] Well Kay says it's not on Income Support, it's children under five, over sixty and er disabled
Wendy (PS59C) [120] Yeah, Income Support with an underlying something or other
Sheila (PS59B) [121] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [122] she said
Sheila (PS59B) [123] as, that's the way it is, I said now Joyce is over sixty, she doesn't get it ... our Kate and Sandra don't get it cos they haven't got a bairn under five like you know, Beverley gets it, Alex
Wendy (PS59C) [124] Mm I can't I don't know
Sheila (PS59B) [125] Kay
Wendy (PS59C) [126] yeah I know
Sheila (PS59B) [127] Kate did last time when they got it
Wendy (PS59C) [128] I said well it's funny how a friend of mine gets it, she says well she must be on Income Support with an underlying something like an, a different pension on top of her Income Support, which she is isn't she?
[129] Cos she got that fifteen percent disabled I think
Sheila (PS59B) [130] Yeah disabled yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [131] that's why she gets it
Sheila (PS59B) [132] yeah but she's on Invalidity though
Wendy (PS59C) [133] Mm I know
Sheila (PS59B) [134] still ...
Wendy (PS59C) [135] how I don't know, we can't have any rebate
Sheila (PS59B) [136] No I know, it's all wrong Wendy
Wendy (PS59C) [137] Mm, mm
Sheila (PS59B) [138] it is ... all wrong, cos I says to Stuart we had, we were at him Monday, I says why is it this year I says I get a, a thing to go to court on Monday, I says and yet last year I says I didn't pay mine till end of February ... she says oh well they're getting stricter this year she says, oh you've got a court thing fifteen pound and I says yeah and she says paying that, I said no I'm not paying that ... cos I pay what I owe, I said but I'm not paying the fifteen pound court cost
Wendy (PS59C) [139] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [140] well Kay said you should go and tell 'em I said I'm bloody not, I mean the rates isn't finished until the next month Wendy the fifth
Wendy (PS59C) [141] No no, so everybody should be given it up till then to pay anyway shouldn't they?
Sheila (PS59B) [142] but she said if you haven't paid your first half, they demand the lot, which I know that
Wendy (PS59C) [143] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [144] well I'd only paid me first month you see twenty two thirty
Wendy (PS59C) [145] Mm, not paid any more
Sheila (PS59B) [146] so ... how much is yours?
Wendy (PS59C) [147] A hundred and thirty eight
Sheila (PS59B) [148] A hundred and thirty eight er
Wendy (PS59C) [149] each
Sheila (PS59B) [150] yeah I know, yeah ... but theirs is forty something
Wendy (PS59C) [151] and Steven's is a hundred and thirty eight
Sheila (PS59B) [152] Oh is he working then?
[153] Aye ... oh well he should get another forty for it
Wendy (PS59C) [154] Yeah he did
Sheila (PS59B) [155] Oh
Wendy (PS59C) [156] and it's now a hundred and seventy seven I think
Sheila (PS59B) [157] [laugh] ... Mm ... well her was only thirty two Wendy, I don't know ... so she's only
Wendy (PS59C) [158] Well they just tell lies Sheila that's all
Sheila (PS59B) [159] she was on about it, I mean John hasn't got er, a bill and Tony hasn't like, well he's not down, but David's got a bill and he should be up court on Monday
Wendy (PS59C) [160] Mm, why ain't John got one?
Sheila (PS59B) [161] They haven't sent him one Wendy ... they haven't sent him one, yet he had one the the time before
Wendy (PS59C) [162] Year before
Sheila (PS59B) [163] which I don't think he paid like, so I don't know
Wendy (PS59C) [laugh] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [164] I don't know, I mean even her father's got his bill in the army Wendy
Wendy (PS59C) [165] Mm ...
Sheila (PS59B) [166] so, but she said on the day when she come over and she getting a letter off the Social about what interest we pay on the house she's got, she says they don't pay any, she's, for last two or three years, they haven't paid any, she had to fill his side in and send all his side to Halifax or whatever, she's er
Wendy (PS59C) [167] Have they? ...
Sheila (PS59B) [168] and she says she's still as bad off now as when she went in to get the house, you know ... the five thousand odd, she's would, she's, she's, I had a bit last, I, I wished you had it all, I said don't lie, I said don't tell me you haven't had it I says cos you have, she says yeah, I says what you done with it?
[169] I says you've just wasted it, er tried to say she hadn't had it like, yeah ... I ... I'm not in ... turn it off ... you been hospital?
[170] Eh?
[171] It's a survey I'm doing, record people that come in on conversation and who's talking and
Wendy (PS59C) [172] That's why I've been quiet for two hours [laugh]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [173] Nana what it said
Sheila (PS59B) [174] Ah, ah, don't touch, it's
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [175] What is it?
Sheila (PS59B) [176] You have to sing into that, can you sing?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [177] Yes we've been to the hospital mum and they said er he is at er okay
Sheila (PS59B) [178] Oh are they?
Sharon (PS59D) [179] No not really
Sheila (PS59B) [180] Why?
Sharon (PS59D) [181] The right one's okay but the left one's still got a bit of infection so they don't really know
Sheila (PS59B) [182] Have they
Sharon (PS59D) [183] so she's got to go back in a few weeks' time
Sheila (PS59B) [184] Oh
Sharon (PS59D) [185] to get it checked again, what you not talking for Wendy?
Wendy (PS59C) [laugh]
Sharon (PS59D) [186] Don't you like being on tape?
[187] ... Have you had a drink yet?
[188] Not very good cafe this is it?
Sheila (PS59B) [189] [...] you're not a housewife are you?
[190] Or are ya?
[191] Houseperson ...
Sharon (PS59D) [192] I'm amazed, er what you got to fill in ma?
Sheila (PS59B) [193] Just who it is and age, Yorkshire and what they are, friend, daughter or ... [sigh] if you're English or not or
Sharon (PS59D) [194] Oh have you got to go
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [195] Nana can I have biscuit?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [196] no I take the
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [197] take the shops just I put on my thing and ...
Sharon (PS59D) [198] When have you got it like?
Sheila (PS59B) [199] Next Friday, twenty tapes left, batteries ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [200] it's alright for twenty five pounds
Sharon (PS59D) [201] Hello can you just talk to me
Sheila (PS59B) [laugh]
Sharon (PS59D) [202] talk into me chest
Sheila (PS59B) [203] She left 'em yesterday, nobody's been, just Wendy
Wendy (PS59C) [204] Free to talk here
Sheila (PS59B) [205] I don't think she's on here, we only had
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [206] just say hello Wendy
Sheila (PS59B) [207] I had it pinned on the curtain, I thought well anybody will be able to er record into that will they?
Sharon (PS59D) [208] Has Glen been?
Sheila (PS59B) [209] No ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [210] Nana can I have some pop?
Sheila (PS59B) [211] Yeah, have
Wendy (PS59C) [212] That's a nice
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [213] Coke
Sharon (PS59D) [214] Get up
Sheila (PS59B) [215] You been hospital?
[216] Look in your ears?
[217] And what did they say?
Sharon (PS59D) [218] Her ears, [...] drawn a picture didn't they?
Sheila (PS59B) [219] Did they?
Sharon (PS59D) [220] When they sang, when that bird sang in your ear, it went [singing]
Sheila (PS59B) [221] Bird sang in your ear?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...] ...
Sharon (PS59D) [222] Get off me
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [223] Mum I want some pop
Sharon (PS59D) [224] Just wait a minute then
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [225] Got ya, got ya coat, mum pass me your coat
Sheila (PS59B) [226] Watch me tape ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [227] Oh what's that for?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [228] right see ya bye Wendy
Wendy (PS59C) [229] Enjoy your taping
Sheila (PS59B) [230] Shout bye
Wendy (PS59C) [231] Bye Sheila
Sheila (PS59B) [232] Bye, see you later
Wendy (PS59C) [233] Will ya?
Sheila (PS59B) [234] [laugh] Say bye Wendy ... go on ... say something
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [235] Did they come round with the mike?
Sheila (PS59B) [236] Yes she come yesterday afternoon I sat and ... I says I'll have a go, I says [...] then I had flu didn't I?
[237] I says you gonna talk?
[238] He says
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [239] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [240] he wouldn't talk [laugh] I says no names mentioned, well it is I have to put there and there like, but [sniff] ... Aye twenty tapes, you don't have to use all the tapes, like you know, just, [yawning] for different languages []
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [241] Different what?
Sheila (PS59B) [242] Different languages like dictionary you know and puts here whether you're Geordie or Irish and, that's why you have to put what accent they've got, see what different words you use ... so you've
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [243] never been to school again have ya?
[244] Eh?
[245] Eh?
[246] Aye ... you wanna say hello?
Sharon (PS59D) [cough]

4 (Tape 059504)

Wendy (PS59C) [247] She said to me [...] you can go and get it out, honestly, you know the other day he could hardly s well y you could see but not nearly as good as this
Sheila (PS59B) [248] Er
Wendy (PS59C) [249] when was it Wednesday?
Sheila (PS59B) [250] er
Wendy (PS59C) [251] Really thick
Sheila (PS59B) [252] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [253] so I said erm ... cos I've been in [...] so I says to her [...] cos you want some fags
Sheila (PS59B) [254] Mm.
Wendy (PS59C) [255] well I'll get the car and you can go out, I says you're not getting the car out and I'll not go ... I said you can go
Sheila (PS59B) [256] Mm.
Wendy (PS59C) [257] anyway he walked, he was only away about twenty minutes you know [...] he wanted to get the car and for me to drive I thought well er
Sheila (PS59B) [258] Not in this weather.
Wendy (PS59C) [259] I mean er, it wasn't necessary
Sheila (PS59B) [260] No.
Wendy (PS59C) [261] I mean today I'm not gonna open me shopping on the bus but I mean it's not nearly as bad as it has been
Sheila (PS59B) [262] No it's not
Wendy (PS59C) [263] I mean
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [264] going in and coming out
Wendy (PS59C) [265] It's, it's bad enough but
Sheila (PS59B) [266] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [267] you can drive you can see it anyway
Sheila (PS59B) [268] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [269] but Wednesday you could hardly, I said I'm not
Sheila (PS59B) [270] No
Wendy (PS59C) [271] I said you can go
Sheila (PS59B) [272] cos I washed er Wednesday, cos Tuesday I was going out, go out to see the mother then drop off at your house, but
Wendy (PS59C) [273] Oh we couldn't
Sheila (PS59B) [274] cos Kenneth come up early on, he says it's like this night he says I'm not [...] properly, ah right, I says I might [...] I says were that like, I says, I says what time?
[275] I says oh I dunno, I said oh Sharon'll fetch dad over, so we sat waiting for her and then they come
Wendy (PS59C) [276] Well it doesn't start till nine anyway, so you could er if, I mean if he wasn't here by
Sheila (PS59B) [277] I thought you wanna be there
Wendy (PS59C) [278] quarter nine
Sheila (PS59B) [279] you, you weren't there were you?
Wendy (PS59C) [280] No
Sheila (PS59B) [281] No
Wendy (PS59C) [282] not
Sheila (PS59B) [283] I thought you wouldn't be
Wendy (PS59C) [284] I can't afford it to, apart from that I mean and it was
Sheila (PS59B) [285] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [286] still on edge
Sheila (PS59B) [287] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [288] but I mean ...
Sheila (PS59B) [289] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [290] so I dunno, if I want to go out in it, he's gonna have to go and get somebody else, I've got time off, I mean I've gotta go out tonight, I'm on me raffle, monthly raffle
Sheila (PS59B) [291] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [292] tonight and then I'm on me raffle next week, but after next, I mean I can stop in the next, I mean I was, I've never been out since a week on Tuesday ... cos I wasn't on the raffle Friday
Sheila (PS59B) [293] No
Wendy (PS59C) [294] I never went out Sunday, I haven't been out Tuesday ... I just thought you know good [...] ... still find the money for it still it's amazing how you do
Sheila (PS59B) [295] No ...
Wendy (PS59C) [296] Did Sharon finish that cardigan that she was knitting?
Sheila (PS59B) [297] Aye
Wendy (PS59C) [298] Did she
Sheila (PS59B) [299] tried it on
Wendy (PS59C) [300] was that Jackie?
Sheila (PS59B) [301] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [302] Right
Sheila (PS59B) [303] Aye she, just, she got some more pink wool Monday when we went to town, er like ... like an
Wendy (PS59C) [304] Do you [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [305] yeah like angora stuff
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [306] no
Wendy (PS59C) [307] Cos Harry wasn't in again [...] on Sunday
Sheila (PS59B) [308] Yeah he was ... yeah Harry was erm
Wendy (PS59C) [309] probably fell out with me
Sheila (PS59B) [310] She got this pink wool like angora twenty five pence a ball, so she started that, then she come on er, no Tuesday, with that she bought some needles cos if she'd of had some more needles I could of done this one for er, now she's got the back and er sleeve done I think, half a sleeve done I think
Wendy (PS59C) [311] So she's right [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [312] It's green, it's alright, the only thing is ... the band where you know you leave your loops on then, where it's joined at the back
Wendy (PS59C) [313] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [314] where that one I haven't put on I just do the bands
Wendy (PS59C) [315] Oh yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [316] just the same [...] oh she bought a new pattern, but she says you can have that, it's only plain ... so
Wendy (PS59C) [317] Ah is the band not joined on?
Sheila (PS59B) [318] Yeah, yeah it is
Wendy (PS59C) [319] Is it?
Sheila (PS59B) [320] but I'm not doing it that way, cos you have to join it at the back
Wendy (PS59C) [321] No, is the band not knitted on?
[322] On there
Sheila (PS59B) [323] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [324] Why aren't you doing it that way then?
Sheila (PS59B) [325] Well you have to join 'em at the back
Wendy (PS59C) [326] Where?
Sheila (PS59B) [327] What's
Wendy (PS59C) [328] You'll still have to join it at the back
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [329] how's that?
Sheila (PS59B) [330] I'll just make a full band, stitch it on
Wendy (PS59C) [331] Join it in
Sheila (PS59B) [332] stitch it on through the bottom round
Wendy (PS59C) [333] Ah, well you'll have to take it up there then, you'd be better off joining it at the back if you're gonna join it
Sheila (PS59B) [334] Well you can see where it's stitched up the back, you can on Sharon's
Wendy (PS59C) [335] Er not if you stitch it properly, get it through the loops, don't, just cast off slack and stitch them together, you not, you not be able to tell
Sheila (PS59B) [336] Ah just er how I used to do years ago
Wendy (PS59C) [337] I like it when the band's joined on ...
Sheila (PS59B) [338] Yeah but you only knit on the welt, then you put the needles on it spare pin, on a pin
Wendy (PS59C) [339] No
Sheila (PS59B) [340] You do
Wendy (PS59C) [341] I'm talking about the ones, the ones what I like knitting er where you knit the band on all the time
Sheila (PS59B) [342] Oh no they're not
Wendy (PS59C) [343] Ah, that's what I'm saying
Sheila (PS59B) [344] Oh I've never had one of them
Wendy (PS59C) [345] them, baby cardigans I used to knit
Sheila (PS59B) [346] Oh
Wendy (PS59C) [347] you used to just, it was just knit
Sheila (PS59B) [348] Aye, aye
Wendy (PS59C) [349] er like not rib, a band where it's just
Sheila (PS59B) [350] just lines aye
Wendy (PS59C) [351] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [352] where you knit all the time
Wendy (PS59C) [353] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [354] no they're ... you put your needles off your welt, you iron on er, er
Wendy (PS59C) [355] Is this for Sammy Jo or not?
Sheila (PS59B) [356] Yeah, aye ...
Wendy (PS59C) [357] Well I showed, [...] Sandra thought she couldn't knit didn't she?
Sheila (PS59B) [358] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [359] Look what she's knitting, do [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [360] Aye she's put, she's knitted a jacket for herself
Wendy (PS59C) [361] Oh has she? ...
Sheila (PS59B) [362] and ... knit a jumper for Michael an'all, when Michael's in she knits him a jumper, the jumper [...] ...
Wendy (PS59C) [363] Best that way then you don't get sick
Sheila (PS59B) [364] Eh?
Wendy (PS59C) [365] It'll be better that way if you, like you're knitting with two different colours
Sheila (PS59B) [366] Aye
Wendy (PS59C) [367] won't it?
Sheila (PS59B) [368] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [369] Then you won't get so sick
Sheila (PS59B) [370] Yeah ... yeah ... so ha
Wendy (PS59C) [371] Oh dear, dear, I've just felt [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [372] Aye, I've not been outside, so, Alison didn't go last night [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [373] Did you go over last night though?
Sheila (PS59B) [374] Yes [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [375] Tony's bad so I, she stopped in, oh well, he would stop in if she were bad wouldn't he?
[376] Eh?
[377] [laugh] [laughing] Oh yeah, are you recording this [] ?
Sheila (PS59B) [378] When he come, when his first one [...] on, said she bet [...] nobody, why Alice come last night at six o'clock but I didn't put them on, I was only at the, I take to the shops you know ... you do, you have to put the name who you're talking to on
Wendy (PS59C) [379] What's it for then?
Sheila (PS59B) [380] It's all about languages for dictionary you know like
Wendy (PS59C) [381] Oh you'll get some language off us, good job it's [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [382] difference like Yorkshire, Geordie, Welsh or owt like that
Wendy (PS59C) [383] Could of been using me French [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [384] and I says I have [...] one not to swear, so it gets rubbed out if it's too bad, you know ... she comes back, she comes back next Friday, she left twenty tapes and batteries
Wendy (PS59C) [385] Twenty
Sheila (PS59B) [386] I needn't use 'em I mean
Wendy (PS59C) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [387] they're all marked and er
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [388] No he went out last night
Wendy (PS59C) [389] I thought you wouldn't
Sheila (PS59B) [390] Er you get twenty five pound voucher
Wendy (PS59C) [391] [laughing] What to do with it [] oh getting [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [392] [laugh] I went where yest was it yesterday?
[393] No the day before, a parcel come, I thought oh good ... what was it?
[394] It was Timmy's shoes and on, on the thing it's got, items so and so out of stock [laughing] [...] []
Sheila (PS59B) [395] I ordered some things yesterday, they sent us another catalogue then, two skirts and two blouses
Wendy (PS59C) [396] [laugh] You can't wear what you've got
Sheila (PS59B) [397] Aye well the blouses last, round buttons, down so I
Wendy (PS59C) [398] Like that
Sheila (PS59B) [399] skirts is elasticated, yes
Wendy (PS59C) [400] that erm really colourful one I got with elastic
Sheila (PS59B) [401] Aye, a purpley and
Wendy (PS59C) [402] I'm never comfortable cos it comes up here
Sheila (PS59B) [403] Aye well one of mine is
Wendy (PS59C) [404] I
Sheila (PS59B) [405] that bluey one is, right, [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [406] half of them I think, I think it's a bit tight the elastic, it don't sit on your hips, aye it too
Sheila (PS59B) [407] and it twists, my blue one and that
Wendy (PS59C) [408] Oh it doesn't twist, but it
Sheila (PS59B) [409] No that one doesn't
Wendy (PS59C) [410] don't, uncomfortable
Sheila (PS59B) [411] Yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [412] If I didn't have a tummy it'll be alright, you know they're
Sheila (PS59B) [413] Aye
Wendy (PS59C) [414] of course it would, but it's not long enough to bag
Sheila (PS59B) [415] Yeah, aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [416] Oh I wish I hadn't to go out tonight
Sheila (PS59B) [417] So I ordered them sixty odd quid I ordered a green, a jade skirt
Wendy (PS59C) [418] So it's nine o'clock
Sheila (PS59B) [419] half elastic and it's like pleats at the back and er blue, nearly blue pleating [...] and these two blouses, er I try, if they're not any good I'll send the buggers back
Wendy (PS59C) [420] Oh aye ...
Sheila (PS59B) [421] I went to change me poll tax and er ... I says to her, I says, I should be court to Monday oh she says you've got a fifteen pound court thing, I says aye, she says oh well that's fifteen pound, I says it's not cos I'm not paying it ... I says I'm not paying the fifteen pound to the court, I says, I says how come last year I didn't pay right round to February last year ... I said and yet I, your last payment's next month, you know, she said oh well they're stricter this year she says, she, if you'd pay the half year you'd of been alright
Wendy (PS59C) [422] Mhm
Sheila (PS59B) [423] you know, if you don't pay half year they come and demand the lot which I can't make that
Wendy (PS59C) [424] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [425] it's all [...] I said no it's not I said I paid me first er payment I said wrote it down on one of those papers
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [426] no
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [427] it was a hundred and seventy eight pound odd
Wendy (PS59C) [428] That'll be for the issue of the summons that, fifteen pound
Sheila (PS59B) [429] They're not getting that [...] well [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [430] You're gonna have to sit talking cos I've taped that
Wendy (PS59C) [431] Oh I'm gonna talk to myself
Sheila (PS59B) [432] Oh [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [433] Is that John's van there out the front?
Sheila (PS59B) [434] Aye that white thing is years old
Wendy (PS59C) [435] I thought, cos there's a car up road with it, must of been stood there like all the bad weather
Sheila (PS59B) [436] Oh
Wendy (PS59C) [437] ee and you want to see the colour of it ...
Sheila (PS59B) [438] Sorry about that
Wendy (PS59C) [439] Has he? ...
Sheila (PS59B) [440] Pa phoned yesterday
Wendy (PS59C) [441] Still in bother?
Sheila (PS59B) [442] No he's, he's being moved to troop fifteen
Wendy (PS59C) [443] To where?
Sheila (PS59B) [444] Troop fifteen
Wendy (PS59C) [445] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [446] it's still a but it's a different camp, but I wrote this time because what he tells us I forget, I don't know if you'll be able to read it or not ... so ...

5 (Tape 059505)

Sheila (PS59B) [447] I said, well the, the kids we love it with George cos he's got a smashing sense of humour
Wendy (PS59C) [448] Oh aye, yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [449] he's a great kid and he's madly in love now
Wendy (PS59C) [450] Oh is he?
Sheila (PS59B) [451] Oh lovely lass, Erica really nice, been married before, but she had a terrible life [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [452] Mm
Sheila (PS59B) [453] no offence like, which was, they [...] our George I think
Wendy (PS59C) [454] Mm
Sheila (PS59B) [455] but er he's really happy [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [456] Oh well
Sheila (PS59B) [457] I says do you think you'll be setting up home together next, he said I don't know, maybe, it's a big step isn't it?
[458] Like to lay a few pounds like
Wendy (PS59C) [459] Mm [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [460] you know, cos I mean he is
Wendy (PS59C) [461] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [462] [...] lad
Wendy (PS59C) [463] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [464] our George
Wendy (PS59C) [465] Mm
Sheila (PS59B) [466] I said well don't go out till you're ready, as simple as that, if you don't think you're ready stop the way you are
Wendy (PS59C) [467] Mm
Sheila (PS59B) [468] that's important ...
Wendy (PS59C) [469] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [470] but he loves what he's doing, absolutely loves it ... cos there's nowt for them here is there?
Wendy (PS59C) [471] No
Sheila (PS59B) [472] And that ... nothing at all for them ... no [...] ...
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [473] er ... forty nine
Wendy (PS59C) [474] Not yet [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [475] No
Wendy (PS59C) [476] forty nine [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [477] A Geordie
Wendy (PS59C) [478] A Wearsider
Sheila (PS59B) [479] Oh
Wendy (PS59C) [480] I'm not a Geordie
Sheila (PS59B) [481] Well you're down as a Geordie
Wendy (PS59C) [482] Did you see her on Take A Break ... the snooker game she was from Sunderland
Sheila (PS59B) [483] He says are you called a Geordie she says no I'm a Mackem [laughing] he says what's a Mackem [] ?
[484] She says Mackem and Tackem I dunno but that's what people say
Wendy (PS59C) [485] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [486] [laugh] I forgot where she lived ... red light murders
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [487] Aye, outside the Blue Monkey Nightclub in the town centre
Wendy (PS59C) [488] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [489] twenty three, somebody was it [...] he's [...] stabbed ...
Wendy (PS59C) [490] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [491] there were a lad on here today from Dunscroft, oh you'd have the telly on
Wendy (PS59C) [492] I'd have the telly on,
Sheila (PS59B) [493] er some competition [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [494] sitting in from Dunscri Dunscroft, he was on [...] he won summat [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [495] Oh ... [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [496] [...] last week
Sheila (PS59B) [497] Oh
Wendy (PS59C) [498] had the key
Sheila (PS59B) [499] Oh ...
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [500] [...] was as drunk as the lord last night
Wendy (PS59C) [501] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [502] this lad was, now he was, coming in the bar, he sat just as you come in the door and then he moved to that long thing where we sit, well I go at the bar and Jackie was sat there [...] Jackie, I said time to be social, no I [...] cos I laugh, I were laughing me head off me and he's jabbering away move like that, his arms moving you know, then he sets off to sing, well, [singing] la, la [] and Johnny said [shouting] shut up [] I know Johnny put his glass of beer on the next table to ours ... and sets off to see Mickey, then he stands up this lad [...] [shouting] sit down [] you, [...] must have thought for his beer, I think he was like, I says to Jack I says er you want to put [...] his trousers is all undone, you know sat and his trousers what and his jumper, so our Johnny went he said get that covered up and, but he pulled it down like that, and now he took 'em out he walked through the door and his trousers [laughing] were falling down [] but
Wendy (PS59C) [503] What is he very old?
Sheila (PS59B) [504] No, only about I'd say late twenties Ed, you know, do know what it was though, he never had a drink he just sat there talking to himself, having a good chat to somebody [laugh] , aye ...
Wendy (PS59C) [505] How is the mother have you head?
Sheila (PS59B) [506] Oh ... er Sandra went to see [...] see Jason or anybody [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [507] Jane uses the car then on Friday didn't she when she's been hairdressers?
Sheila (PS59B) [508] Yeah, unless I dunno if she's gone up home she's getting a lift off erm thingummy ...
Wendy (PS59C) [509] Doris
Sheila (PS59B) [510] Doris and somebody weren't one of her lads getting engaged, I dunno if it was
Wendy (PS59C) [511] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [512] like this weekend or, or what or what
Wendy (PS59C) [513] Er little Ronnie's had a baby girl
Sheila (PS59B) [514] Ah has she?
Wendy (PS59C) [515] three pound something
Sheila (PS59B) [516] Ah bloody hell
Wendy (PS59C) [517] calling her Rachel
Sheila (PS59B) [518] Oh
Wendy (PS59C) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [519] oh she's got her lass ain't she?
Wendy (PS59C) [520] Aye, I'd love to of had [...] a lass
Sheila (PS59B) [521] Aye
Wendy (PS59C) [522] Aye, but [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [523] three pound odd
Wendy (PS59C) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [524] bloody hell
Wendy (PS59C) [525] Aye, I don't know how many ounces it was, three pound something she was, yeah ...
Sheila (PS59B) [526] I dunno if it's ... tape's finished or what
Wendy (PS59C) [527] Well stop it and open it

6 (Tape 059506)

Sheila (PS59B) [528] Right don't everybody stop talking now cos I've put it on
Paul (PS59F) [529] Michael, Michael give us a song, sing, sing a song, sing
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [530] do you want one?
Michael (PS59G) [531] Yeah, I've got these
Sheila (PS59B) [532] What you got there?
[533] See ... five P, ten P
Michael (PS59G) [534] There's no more left these plastic
Paul (PS59F) [535] What's the other one look, there's a black beard on in there
Michael (PS59G) [536] That's Sammy Jo's
Sheila (PS59B) [537] You can spend that you know
Michael (PS59G) [538] What?
Sheila (PS59B) [539] That's real money, old one, you try and spend others or, five P, now watch that ashtray
Paul (PS59F) [540] Whose tickets, whose [...] , whose class is it Nicola, yours or Michael's?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [541] What me mam's got
Paul (PS59F) [542] Here are then, can have that one, don't lose that it's worth a lot of money
Sheila (PS59B) [543] Don't take that to school
Paul (PS59F) [544] She can take it Princess Diana
Sheila (PS59B) [545] Oh
Paul (PS59F) [546] there's one for you same as Nicky ... I've got, here are, there's another one, different one to that, there's Nicola's, leave 'em there ... I haven't got a Diana, the Queen Mother and the Queen left ... [singing] talking about my girl, my girl [] ...
Michael (PS59G) [547] Oh what's this?
Paul (PS59F) [548] Sing, Michael sing
Michael (PS59G) [549] No
Paul (PS59F) [550] [singing] baa, baa black sheep have you any []
Michael (PS59G) [551] no, no
Paul (PS59F) [552] sing, sing
Michael (PS59G) [553] No
Paul (PS59F) [554] that's er
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [555] Brown
Sheila (PS59B) [556] Kenneth
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [557] he can't, cats and dogs
Michael (PS59G) [558] Oh look a number one
Paul (PS59F) [559] Two R, what's two R?
Michael (PS59G) [560] A number one
Paul (PS59F) [561] That must be foreign
Michael (PS59G) [562] it's a number one
Paul (PS59F) [563] That's our penny, yeah there's two R I dunno what it is but it's full
Sheila (PS59B) [564] Take me freezer bags
Paul (PS59F) [565] Give us a song Nicola
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [566] no ...
Paul (PS59F) [567] [singing] I close my eyes
Sheila (PS59B) [568] I think she must've gone to town
Paul (PS59F) [569] drew back the curtains ah, ah
Sheila (PS59B) [570] I've done the back, sleeve half a side
Paul (PS59F) [571] to see for certain
Sheila (PS59B) [572] Sharon's done hers, she's done the green one, she's on to the pink one
Paul (PS59F) [573] Professional microphones innit?
[574] Stick on the collar
Sheila (PS59B) [575] I found a pattern of hers, jacket in white in that bag what for a cardigan I wanted to do for school
Paul (PS59F) [576] No it's five pence
Sheila (PS59B) [577] No I know, well [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [578] have, what you doing?
[579] Don't lose them, no you don't need them
Michael (PS59G) [580] What?
Paul (PS59F) [581] You don't need them
Michael (PS59G) [582] Well I do
Paul (PS59F) [583] you need them, you don't need none of them, don't lose them two big ones ... cos I'll be after ya
Michael (PS59G) [584] No you won't ... put this in, in that
Sheila (PS59B) [585] [singing] I close my eyes []
Michael (PS59G) [586] Oh no, these are big ones
Paul (PS59F) [587] No leave those big ones, they're mine ...
Michael (PS59G) [588] I put my
Paul (PS59F) [589] Quick tip them all out, tip them all out
Michael (PS59G) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [590] Nana where did you get that?
Sheila (PS59B) [591] Er a lady fetched it er ... for us to do and she comes back next week for it, just to put it on when anybody's in, just a conversation, for new words for a dictionary or something
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [592] Oh ...
Sheila (PS59B) [593] I just have to put it on when we're talking and it goes on the tape you see
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [594] Then you can put it back, it will go any time won't it cos my mummy's got one but hers has got a radio
Sheila (PS59B) [595] I have to turn it on
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [596] Oh ... he knows twinkle, twinkle ... you don't know twinkle
Michael (PS59G) [597] Yes I do
Paul (PS59F) [598] [singing] twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder
Michael (PS59G) [599] twinkle, twinkle little star how I, star
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [600] twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder ... [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [601] twenty nine
Sheila (PS59B) [602] Mm, yeah, [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [603] Accent, Yorkshire ... Yorkshire, Yorkshire
Paul (PS59F) [604] [singing] Talking about my girl []
Sheila (PS59B) [605] Your mum's a Geordie
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [606] [laugh] A Geordie what am I a Yorkshire?
Sheila (PS59B) [607] Mm, mm
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [608] And Paul is
Sheila (PS59B) [609] that's right
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [610] you wanna play wrestling
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [611] grandson
Paul (PS59F) [612] wrestling ... submit ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [613] Who is that, that lady?
Sheila (PS59B) [614] submit, submit yeah [...]
Paul (PS59F) [615] give in
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [616] what whoever's gonna speak
Sheila (PS59B) [617] Mm ...
Paul (PS59F) [618] submit
Michael (PS59G) [619] no
Paul (PS59F) [620] ah, you
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [621] ow ...
Paul (PS59F) [622] sub submit
Michael (PS59G) [623] No
Sheila (PS59B) [624] When you doing the shop like, next week?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [625] I don't know, when we get some more money, loads of money and some things for 'em, I, I forgot what you call, newsagent
Paul (PS59F) [626] bull fighters
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [627] something like that what we make it into er
Sheila (PS59B) [628] Er
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [629] where you get brochures and things to go on holiday, what?
Sheila (PS59B) [630] don't know what you mean oh like er, like where you go to book your holidays?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [631] Yeah, like on a trip to Marks and Spencers
Sheila (PS59B) [632] Er pil give up
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [633] when we went to Marks and Spencers on our trip we went there an'all
Sheila (PS59B) [634] Did ya?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [635] er ... what they call them places where you go and book your holiday?
Paul (PS59F) [636] Travel agents
Sheila (PS59B) [637] Travel agents
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [638] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [639] right ...
Paul (PS59F) [640] You're a loser you are
Sheila (PS59B) [641] I know I am ... trying to think
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Michael (PS59G) [642] I want it, it's my biscuit
Paul (PS59F) [643] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [644] Aye, if there's any
Paul (PS59F) [645] did you shop yesterday mam? ...
Sheila (PS59B) [646] No I went tomorrow ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [647] When did pa come back?
Sheila (PS59B) [648] Last night
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [649] Mm ...
Paul (PS59F) [650] Have them
Sheila (PS59B) [651] I suppose so ... mm ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [652] Shall I put this back
Sheila (PS59B) [653] Give us that cracker thing I put this, where's this, where your dad put the screws?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [654] I don't know
Sheila (PS59B) [655] On top of the thing there, look
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [656] Where?
Sheila (PS59B) [657] I mean the
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...] ... [...] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [658] true [sigh] ...
Paul (PS59F) [659] [singing] Insy Winsy Spider [] go on
Michael (PS59G) [660] No [...] [singing] insy winsy spider climbing up the spout, in [] [cough]
Paul (PS59F) [661] [singing] down came the rain drops and washed the spider out []
Michael (PS59G) [662] No
Paul (PS59F) [663] sing Miss Polly
Michael (PS59G) [664] [singing] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, so he phoned for the doctor, quick, quick, quick [] you sing it
Paul (PS59F) [665] [singing] Miss Polly had a dolly that was sick, sick, sick
Michael (PS59G) [666] No he don't
Paul (PS59F) [667] so they phoned for the doctor very quick, quick, quick []
Michael (PS59G) [668] [singing] Quick, quick, quick
Sheila (PS59B) [669] [singing] Said Miss Polly send her straight to bed
Michael (PS59G) [670] and he wrote on the label for a pill
Sheila (PS59B) [671] he says I'll be back in the morning []
Michael (PS59G) [672] with my bill, bill, bill ... he knocked at the door with a rat a tat []
Paul (PS59F) [673] [singing] with a rat a tat, tat [] ... what else you know?
Michael (PS59G) [674] [singing] insy winsy spider climbing up the spout again
Paul (PS59F) [675] What else, what else do you know?
Michael (PS59G) [676] insy winsy spider climbing up the spout [] ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [677] no [singing] one, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, then I let him go again
Michael (PS59G) [678] [singing] again []
Paul (PS59F) [679] why did you let it go because I caught my fingers so
Michael (PS59G) [680] That one
Paul (PS59F) [681] which finger did it bite, this little finger on my right []
Michael (PS59G) [682] Right
Paul (PS59F) [683] You sing it ... sing it
Michael (PS59G) [684] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick?
Paul (PS59F) [685] Yeah, that one
Michael (PS59G) [686] Singed it
Paul (PS59F) [687] Sing it again
Michael (PS59G) [688] Na
Paul (PS59F) [689] Na sing one
Michael (PS59G) [690] [singing] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, so he phoned for the doctor be quick, quick ... []
Paul (PS59F) [691] What else? [singing] said Miss Polly to the doctor []
Michael (PS59G) [692] No
Paul (PS59F) [693] What is it then?
Michael (PS59G) [694] [singing] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick so he phoned for the doctor to be quick, quick, he phoned for the doctor to be quick []
Sheila (PS59B) [695] [singing] he knocked on the door with a []
Michael (PS59G) [696] [singing] with a rat a tat, he phoned for the doctor []
Paul (PS59F) [697] Yeah, then what happens?
Sheila (PS59B) [698] [singing] he knocked on the []
Paul (PS59F) [699] [singing] he knocked on the door with a rat a tat tat []
Michael (PS59G) [700] [singing] he knocked on the door with a rat a tat tat ...
Sheila (PS59B) [701] [singing] said Miss Polly put her straight to bed
Michael (PS59G) [702] to bed he wrote on a paper a bill, bill, bill
Sheila (PS59B) [703] I'll be back in the morning with my []
Michael (PS59G) [704] in the morning with my pill, pill, he knocked on the door with a rat a tat tat []
Sheila (PS59B) [705] What's that other one?
Michael (PS59G) [706] Insy spider ...
Sheila (PS59B) [707] [singing] climbing up the spout []
Michael (PS59G) [708] We do it like that
Paul (PS59F) [709] Come on, you do it
Michael (PS59G) [710] [singing] Insy winsy spider climbing up spout, came the rain and [...] [] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [711] Is that right?
Paul (PS59F) [712] [singing] Insy winsy spider climbing up the spout, down []
Michael (PS59G) [713] That's enough
Sheila (PS59B) [714] What's the other one?
Michael (PS59G) [715] [...] fish like?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [716] Five little ducks went swimming one day
Paul (PS59F) [717] Yeah [singing] five little ducks went swimming one day
Michael (PS59G) [718] [singing] one day over the
Paul (PS59F) [719] hills and far away
Michael (PS59G) [720] far, far away mother duck says quack, quack
Paul (PS59F) [721] four little ducks came swimming back
Sheila (PS59B) [722] [singing] came back []
Paul (PS59F) [723] four little ducks went swimming one day over the hills and far away
Michael (PS59G) [724] over the hills and far away []
Paul (PS59F) [725] then the little duck said quack, quack
Michael (PS59G) [726] [singing] quack, quack []
Sheila (PS59B) [727] What you saying here, what is it?
Paul (PS59F) [728] three little ducks came swimming back [...] three little ducks went swimming one [] you sing it [singing] one day over the hills
Michael (PS59G) [729] [singing] over the hills and far away [] that's enough
Paul (PS59F) [730] one little duck went
Michael (PS59G) [731] one
Paul (PS59F) [732] said quack, quack []
Michael (PS59G) [733] four
Paul (PS59F) [734] no [singing] one little duck said quack, quack, two little ducks came swimming back
Michael (PS59G) [735] I've got a race
Paul (PS59F) [736] two little ducks went swimming one day over the hills and far away
Michael (PS59G) [737] [singing] went swimming one day over the hills and far away []
Paul (PS59F) [738] one little duck went
Michael (PS59G) [739] tickle your ear
Paul (PS59F) [740] quack, quack []
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [741] [singing] the one little duck said quack, quack, quack and all the little ducks came swimming back []
Paul (PS59F) [742] I'm not on that one yet
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [743] That's what it is
Paul (PS59F) [744] That's last one
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [745] Yeah I know
Paul (PS59F) [746] I'm on number two [singing] quack, quack, one little duck came swimming back, one little duck went swimming one day over the hills and far away one duck said quack
Michael (PS59G) [747] [singing] far away one duck said []
Paul (PS59F) [748] quack, quack, quack, quack all the ducks came swimming back []
Michael (PS59G) [749] I got it
Sheila (PS59B) [750] So you make a better door than a window?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [751] No
Michael (PS59G) [752] [singing] caught a fish like []
Paul (PS59F) [753] [singing] why
Sheila (PS59B) [754] [singing] Why did you let it go?
Paul (PS59F) [755] because it bite my finger so
Michael (PS59G) [756] [singing] my finger so
Paul (PS59F) [757] which
Sheila (PS59B) [758] which []
Michael (PS59G) [759] finger
Sheila (PS59B) [760] oh I, I can't hear ya
Paul (PS59F) [761] this little finger on my right []
Sheila (PS59B) [762] What they gonna do to him then ?
Michael (PS59G) [763] right []
Sheila (PS59B) [764] They gonna kill him?
Paul (PS59F) [765] Watch it
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [766] Watch it
Sheila (PS59B) [767] I hope they kill him, say I've never seen
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [768] ah it's boring innit?
[769] I think he should slice his face up very small
Paul (PS59F) [770] What other one?
Michael (PS59G) [771] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick again
Paul (PS59F) [772] [singing] Miss Polly had a dolly that was sick, sick, sick
Michael (PS59G) [773] [singing] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick so he phoned for the doctor to be quick, quick, quick
Paul (PS59F) [774] phoned for the doctor to be quick, quick, quick []
Michael (PS59G) [775] he said Miss Polly put her straight to bed, he knocked on the door with a rat a tat tat [] ... you do it like that
Paul (PS59F) [776] Oh do you? sing then
Michael (PS59G) [777] not like that you do it like that
Paul (PS59F) [778] Like that?
Michael (PS59G) [779] Yeah
Paul (PS59F) [780] Okay, sing it then
Michael (PS59G) [781] [singing] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick []
Paul (PS59F) [782] Now you sing it loud
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS59G) [783] no
Sheila (PS59B) [784] Do it like that
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [785] Like what?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [786] ah, will you do it properly?
Sheila (PS59B) [787] Yes I said
Paul (PS59F) [788] Have a job staying here
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [789] you've gotta go with daddy in a minute
Michael (PS59G) [790] No ... no
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [791] Why?
Michael (PS59G) [792] on me own ...
Paul (PS59F) [793] On your own ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [794] Stay there
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [795] that milk and I'll get you another one
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS59G) [796] I wanna do all of them on me own ... [singing] so he phoned for the doctor to be quick, quick, quick, said Miss Polly put her straight to bed he wrote on a paper for a pill, pill, pill ...
Sheila (PS59B) [797] [singing] I'll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill []
Michael (PS59G) [798] morning with my bill, bill [] sing
Paul (PS59F) [799] I don't know it
Michael (PS59G) [800] Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick
Paul (PS59F) [801] no
Michael (PS59G) [802] sick
Paul (PS59F) [803] [singing] There was an owl whose names was Blanche perch bravely on a narrow branch ... when she asked if she could fly, the others said into the sky high, high, high, so one fine day they came out ... and stood on a branch all big and stout, she jumped, she thought that she could fly []
Michael (PS59G) [804] Ow ... animal is a bit a finger ...
Paul (PS59F) [805] Just leave it there
Michael (PS59G) [806] It don't go there
Paul (PS59F) [807] It does
Michael (PS59G) [808] It don't
Paul (PS59F) [809] What is it?
Michael (PS59G) [810] What is it?
Paul (PS59F) [811] Well
Michael (PS59G) [812] Nana what is it?
Sheila (PS59B) [813] What is it?
Michael (PS59G) [814] What is it?
Sheila (PS59B) [815] Microphone
Paul (PS59F) [816] It's nana's lipstick, put some lipstick on
Sheila (PS59B) [laugh]
Paul (PS59F) [817] you put some lipstick on, you've got to sing when you, when you put it on though, sing a song and put some lipstick on
Michael (PS59G) [818] No
Paul (PS59F) [819] [singing] I close my eyes, drew back [] you sing, you put some on
Michael (PS59G) [820] No
Paul (PS59F) [821] Oh, put it back like that then
Michael (PS59G) [822] Is that, is the lipstick at back?
Paul (PS59F) [823] Yeah, but you've got to sing when you put it on
Sheila (PS59B) [824] What did he do to him? ...
Michael (PS59G) [825] Try it on then
Paul (PS59F) [826] put it on you?
Michael (PS59G) [827] No, turn it on
Paul (PS59F) [828] It's on look, it's that colour lipstick
Michael (PS59G) [829] Turn that on what's in there
Paul (PS59F) [830] What? ...
Michael (PS59G) [831] that owt [...] in there
Paul (PS59F) [832] No leave it switched off
Michael (PS59G) [833] It's not off?
Paul (PS59F) [834] It is switched off
Michael (PS59G) [835] Where?
[836] That thing
Paul (PS59F) [837] Yes leave it off
Michael (PS59G) [838] It's not off
Paul (PS59F) [839] It is off
Michael (PS59G) [840] It int like that
Paul (PS59F) [841] It is
Michael (PS59G) [842] It int ... look at it, not like your face ...
Paul (PS59F) [843] Boom
Michael (PS59G) [844] Boom [laugh] boom ... do it boom, boom [laugh] I break your neck off
Paul (PS59F) [845] Er
Michael (PS59G) [846] I'll break your neck off
Paul (PS59F) [847] Ow
Michael (PS59G) [848] I'll break your finger off
Paul (PS59F) [849] ow, oh, ow, ow, ow
Michael (PS59G) [850] [laugh] do it again
Paul (PS59F) [851] No it hurts
Michael (PS59G) [852] Done, it didn't hurt me ... didn't hurt me, did it hurt you?
Paul (PS59F) [853] Ow, ow, ow, ow
Michael (PS59G) [854] Tell Becky to wear them break your fin ... your little finger
Paul (PS59F) [855] No ... I break your finger off
Michael (PS59G) [856] no, no it hurts ... [laugh] I've turned thing round, I put it there
Paul (PS59F) [857] No leave it on top
Michael (PS59G) [858] I can put on it
Paul (PS59F) [859] it's too hot
Michael (PS59G) [860] it's too hot you, it's too hot, it's too hot
Paul (PS59F) [861] Right say ta, ta, say goodbye, say goodbye
Michael (PS59G) [862] Goodbye
Paul (PS59F) [863] Louder
Michael (PS59G) [864] No
Paul (PS59F) [865] Now say goodbye to it
Michael (PS59G) [866] No
Paul (PS59F) [867] Say goodbye
Michael (PS59G) [868] No
Paul (PS59F) [869] Goodbye
Michael (PS59G) [870] No
Paul (PS59F) [871] Quick
Michael (PS59G) [872] No
Paul (PS59F) [873] Say goodbye ...
Michael (PS59G) [874] No

7 (Tape 059601)

Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [875] [singing] My palace ... if I were a king it's more than a palace it's my everything.
[876] As a Queen waiting there with the silvery hair.
[877] In a shanty, in old Shanty Town. []
Sheila (PS59B) [878] [singing] a king it's more than a palace it's my everything.
[879] As a Queen waiting there with the silvery hair.
[880] In a shanty, in old Shanty Town.
[881] Yes sir! []

8 (Tape 059602)

Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [882] It's alright, it's a survey I'm doing.
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [883] Aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [884] Got to get all these voices on it.
Sheila (PS59B) [885] Just for languages for the dictionary.
Sharon (PS59D) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [886] Oh dear.
Sheila (PS59B) [887] But not swearing.
Sharon (PS59D) [888] They want some fresh language.
[889] Fresh new words for the dictionary.
Sheila (PS59B) [890] You can talk Charlie.
[891] Just talk normally, you know it doesn't
Wendy (PS59C) [892] Aye, I know, I
Sheila (PS59B) [893] matter if there's any swearing on
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [894] they'll cut it out.
Wendy (PS59C) [895] Oh they, oh well [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [896] He'll cut it out, yeah, yeah
Wendy (PS59C) [897] Aye, aye.
Sharon (PS59D) [898] Aye, put a bleeper on it.
Wendy (PS59C) [899] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [900] I just have to have all your names down and your ages and what
Wendy (PS59C) [901] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [902] Yorkshire.
[903] Are you Yorkshire?
Sharon (PS59D) [904] Lincolnshire are you?
Wendy (PS59C) [905] Where are we?
Sheila (PS59B) [906] Just, just [...] I'm Yorkshire
Sharon (PS59D) [907] You are borders, aren't you?
Sheila (PS59B) [908] But er [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [909] Yorkshire.
Sheila (PS59B) [910] well, yeah [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [911] Yeah, but your accent
Sheila (PS59B) [912] Humberside, isn't it like.
Sheila (PS59B) [913] is Yorkshire.
Sheila (PS59B) [914] Used to be Lincolnshire.
Edna (PS59E) [915] Well I, I thought we were all in the Yorkshire region.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [916] Aye, I always thought it was to with Yorkshire.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [917] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [918] Cos, aren't they, they're on about [...] again, you know.
Edna (PS59E) [919] Aye, they are.
Paul (PS59F) [920] [...] it's, it's Nottinghamshire.
Edna (PS59E) [921] Aye, up there.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [922] I used to go in Taylor's, Taylor's [...] you can be in three different counties in his yard.
[923] Three different counties [...]
Paul (PS59F) [924] Cos South Yorkshire comes so far do down Doncaster Road, don't it?
Edna (PS59E) [925] Aye, it does, then it says welcome to Humberside.
Paul (PS59F) [926] New, the new one is it?
Sharon (PS59D) [927] You can tell [...] it gets very rough.
Edna (PS59E) [928] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Paul (PS59F) [929] Aye, the forgotten land [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [930] Steady down.
Paul (PS59F) [931] innit?
Sharon (PS59D) [932] Steady down.
Edna (PS59E) [933] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [934] Well, you know, if, if [...] they come like the bloody clappers there!
Edna (PS59E) [935] Oh.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [936] Int there er, int there a gravestone or summat on that side [...]
Edna (PS59E) [937] Aye, with a pony and trap run away .
Sheila (PS59B) [938] Many years ago he were coming home [...]
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [939] Oh yeah.
[940] What, with an horse and cart like?
Sheila (PS59B) [941] Yeah, that's where he got, he got struck by lightning.
Edna (PS59E) [942] He what?
Sheila (PS59B) [943] Got struck by lightning.
Wendy (PS59C) [944] Did he?
Sheila (PS59B) [945] Yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [946] I thought [...] pony run away.
Edna (PS59E) [947] I heard [...]
Paul (PS59F) [948] Into that big dyke.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [949] Into the stone or something?
Wendy (PS59C) [950] Yes, it's still there!
[951] I remember it when I were a lad.
[952] Still there.
Paul (PS59F) [953] Still some people go and stop and have a look at it like.
Wendy (PS59C) [954] Oh aye, it's still there.
Paul (PS59F) [955] Is it, is the writing and that on it?
Wendy (PS59C) [956] Yes!
Edna (PS59E) [957] I mean years ago you didn't have barriers up.
[958] I mean
Sheila (PS59B) [959] It must've laid down [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [960] No it's still stuck up.
Sheila (PS59B) [961] Is it?
Wendy (PS59C) [962] Yeah.
[963] I've got some cyclists up at Haystock [...] but years ago I mean when they coming up there, it's a long road from Doncaster Market an an an deep old ditches [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [964] Well you used to have some good effective carts there.
[965] They was six, they was six or seven foot high when you were sat in them, weren't they?
Wendy (PS59C) [966] Oh aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [967] Come on Tom.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [968] Didn't there used to be a cottage on that roadside where them big tanks is, didn't there used to be some cottages.
Wendy (PS59C) [969] Used be a barn there.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [970] Weren't some erm farm cottages there as well.
Sharon (PS59D) [971] Aye, well, they, they, were only, they, they, they, were put up later them.
Paul (PS59F) [972] Like prefab things?
Sharon (PS59D) [973] Aye.
Paul (PS59F) [974] Aye.
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [975] Crossroads and then you keep going [...]
Paul (PS59F) [976] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [977] and then it's all flat [...]
Paul (PS59F) [978] Aye. [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [979] Them on Doncaster road's been knocked down, haven't they?
Sheila (PS59B) [980] All knocked down and then, and then you go to Jackson's place, don't you. ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [981] That were a poultry farm.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [982] That's right, aye, aye, I've seen his [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [983] [...] ... and the [...] sells [...]
Paul (PS59F) [984] That's right, yeah, yeah.
[985] ... How are you feeling [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [986] Not very well.
Paul (PS59F) [987] No, look at the weather.
Edna (PS59E) [988] [...] to get up here, I'll tell you.
Paul (PS59F) [989] Oh dear.
Edna (PS59E) [990] Bloody headwind and ... [...] and all that bloody air about and I can't get any. [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [991] You need a gas mask.
Edna (PS59E) [992] Aye. ...
Wendy (PS59C) [993] He suffers from what you've got, you know [...] in Doncaster infirmary again with oxygen and he always carries one of them things, you know,
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [994] Aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [995] but he's been in again.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [996] You want one of them and you want to use it ... just when you've got to use it.
[997] Don't use, don't make a habit on it.
[998] ... I used to, I used to be like that you know [...] ... terrible.
[999] I've an idea what they're idea what they're going through.
Wendy (PS59C) [1000] There's a fellow [...] he was a deputy at [...] [...] and he, and he died of that.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1001] Are you on tablets for Angina.
Edna (PS59E) [1002] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1003] Aye.
Edna (PS59E) [1004] I'm on tablets, yeah, yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1005] When you can't breathe right, that's putting a strain on it, on your
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1006] Our mother-in-law [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1007] Get a bit of pain [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [1008] You want to get some of them [...] ... you give two or three squirts [...] ...
Wendy (PS59C) [1009] I ain't been to no doctor's, well I'm lying [...] I had to go again, I had to like because I've been getting these here bloody [...] , I must've had them ten or fifteen year or more and, cos I'm on these here tablets now for the old stomach like, and that like. [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1010] come and see me before you get any more tablets.
[1011] I've had two or three of them buggers but I think I'd better go this time as I can't get no more.
Sharon (PS59D) [1012] Is that why you drink brown ale?
Wendy (PS59C) [1013] Aye, I'm gonna drink bloody brown ale, yeah ... oh aye, oh I couldn't drink that bugger.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1014] I couldn't at one time.
Wendy (PS59C) [1015] [...] ... Although since I've been on these tablets I can eat
Paul (PS59F) [1016] A lot of acid in them
Wendy (PS59C) [1017] onion, owt like and apple pie owt like, I never had none for [...] living memory? [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [1018] I used to drink mild once, that Warwick [...] was marvellous years ago. [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1019] It used to be best, it used to be best bloody ale, weren't it?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1020] It were [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1021] Mild.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1022] Warwick, years ago.
Wendy (PS59C) [1023] Mild and bitter.
Sheila (PS59B) [1024] I was thinking it was [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1025] What?
Sheila (PS59B) [1026] Bloody mild!
Wendy (PS59C) [1027] Mild and bitter [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1028] [...] you'd never mix that you'd be, you'd be sick first!
Wendy (PS59C) [1029] I was usually sick and all like, well that was [...] your stomach.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1030] I'd put on me [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [...] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1031] Not us, Doug!
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1032] [...] bog there then!
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1033] It was only last week were my birthday, Charlie, last Friday.
Wendy (PS59C) [1034] I know, I, I had that promise on.
Sheila (PS59B) [1035] Oh ho! ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1036] [...] take her to the club [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1037] Bye! [...] bloody filthy!.
[1038] Bye!
Sheila (PS59B) [1039] [...] beard?
Wendy (PS59C) [1040] Aye, you know, er, you know, er [...] if I go through there I feel bloody filthy I do! ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1041] [...] if you're on a ship but that's different.
Wendy (PS59C) [1042] Oh aye, aye, aye, aye, aye,
Sheila (PS59B) [1043] You know, it's bloody rocking about and you're on a ship and
Paul (PS59F) [1044] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1045] Well I should say sea, sea air an all [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1046] I've, I've got to get a shave every day
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1047] I have an all [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1048] I am, it's cos I've been in the [...] drinking.
Wendy (PS59C) [1049] Aye.
[1050] ... I had [...] in last night.
Sheila (PS59B) [1051] In where?
[1052] Ah
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1053] well he must've wanted to [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1054] I said to her, I asked her cos she went down.
Sheila (PS59B) [1055] Aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [1056] She thought she'd bailed him out but she hadn't and er ... she said she went down [...] she said aye [...] like, you know, [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1057] Soon after we left?
Wendy (PS59C) [1058] Yeah. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1059] Well Julie's man's in there now.
Wendy (PS59C) [1060] You what, love?
Sheila (PS59B) [1061] You with Julie's husband.
Wendy (PS59C) [1062] Oh [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1063] Been fighting, falling out
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1064] I always said can you go back?
Sheila (PS59B) [1065] Yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1066] I did, I always said he would go back in time. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1067] I've still got same razor ... [...] ...
Edna (PS59E) [1068] Lathered up, started to shave [...] ... when I come to clean it there weren't a bloody blade in the bastards had pinched it.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1069] Pinched bloody razor blade?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1070] You know old [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1071] Aye, aye [...] aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1072] Jimmy used to be a pal of mine, used to go in there regular and he'd got one of these new electric razors
Wendy (PS59C) [1073] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1074] and he's going like this ... he says they're no bloody good these.
Wendy (PS59C) [1075] I says you haven't [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1076] [...] and he er and he had all his bloody civvies pinched.
[1077] He says, he says I went, he says I had to go out there stuck in me bloody army stuff.
[1078] He said I went up to the pub he says, here's this bloody mate of mine playing piano, he says he's got all my gear on!
[1079] Aye.
[1080] [...] pinching it.
Wendy (PS59C) [1081] I was home on leave one weekend and er ... I went up to er Scarborough [...] a fellow a car, it weren't my car I was home on leave.
[1082] And I took wife with me and [...] there was er [...] old fellow [...] I took him and all.
[1083] [...] So we're going to Scarborough in this big yank's car and the fellow said if we don't, if want it I'll give you a fiver, for petrol like and that [...] it was quite a bit of money then.
[1084] So, got there, didn't want bloody car.
[1085] Coming back and a hell of a storm, coming onto York, York road, Flax, Flaxton
Paul (PS59F) [1086] Aye, yes.
Wendy (PS59C) [1087] road it were, always remember and all lights went out ... so we pulled into this ... the guest house but couldn't get in and next door was a pub [...] so cos an Army camp near some soldiers come in and says [...] in morning I says aye, [...] he said what time are you going, I said [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [1088] Hey, love, there's a bob down here!
Wendy (PS59C) [1089] half-past six or seven o'clock
Sharon (PS59D) [1090] I reckon there's a shilling down there, I don't know!
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1091] So [laugh] when I got up in the morning this bloody landlord was here, full side of beef, oh, I said, I don't want that bugger [...] going home in that and getting stopped [...] Full side of beef!
[1092] I, I daren't have it.
[1093] Bloody full side, half of
Sharon (PS59D) [1094] Well how much was that gonna cost you?
Wendy (PS59C) [1095] Oh it wouldn't have cost nothing, it would cost me something if I got caught in them days [...] bloody ration.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...] ...
Wendy (PS59C) [1096] Pick it up then, Les, she's not gonna pick it up.
[1097] ... Can't hear.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1098] No. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1099] Going to the loo.
Paul (PS59F) [1100] Your next door neighbour were in last night.
Edna (PS59E) [1101] Yes, er Charlie said so.
Paul (PS59F) [1102] Thought he might come tonight.
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1103] I'll have to go to the loo.
[1104] [...] there Charlie.
Wendy (PS59C) [1105] What?
Sheila (PS59B) [1106] [...] just leave it there cos I'm going to the loo.
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1107] No!
[1108] ... It's only battery.
[1109] ... No swearing!
Wendy (PS59C) [1110] I don't [...] bloody gimmick!
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1111] Let's get on about [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1112] Whistle [...] Charlie.
Wendy (PS59C) [1113] Whistle, I can't bloody whistle now! ...
Paul (PS59F) [1114] Can't even hear now, Charlie, can you?
Wendy (PS59C) [1115] I can't, I bloody can't! ...
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1116] Be bloody careful cos you don't know what the hell's [laughing] going on this bloody, [] this bloody wheel's still going round, Doug. [laugh]
Paul (PS59F) [1117] [...] used to have them in the pub and then to play it back and people didn't realise it was there voice you know. ...
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1118] Didn't realise it was there voice. ...
Wendy (PS59C) [1119] Oh dear. ...
Paul (PS59F) [1120] There's many a time wished I'd had one of them buggers when I've gone to these meetings, union meetings and that.
Wendy (PS59C) [1121] Aye, aye.
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1122] That's right, yeah.
Edna (PS59E) [1123] I'll tell you what ... two years since I were working at [...] collieries.
[1124] [...] he said be very careful what you say [...] have you down in evidence then.
Paul (PS59F) [1125] Yeah, yeah.
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1126] Some bugger's, a young [...] got away with that money, hadn't?
Wendy (PS59C) [1127] Eh?
Paul (PS59F) [1128] He's been crafty.
Wendy (PS59C) [1129] Wh wh what bloody police doing?
Paul (PS59F) [1130] Well he's
Wendy (PS59C) [1131] Well why didn't they get a mile away from where they put that money they could've, they could've been planned it away, a mile away all [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1132] There were a thousand men out, Charlie!
Wendy (PS59C) [1133] Eh?
Paul (PS59F) [1134] There was a thousand men on that!
Wendy (PS59C) [1135] Ah, ere get on this bugger and [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1136] Ah, but he went up a railway track, didn't he?
Paul (PS59F) [1137] Yeah, but if they'd have, if they'd have said look, we're onto erm a job now which would've been a big job and it looks like it finishing up in Yorkshire, finishing up in Lancashire, be ready if we give a call out.
Wendy (PS59C) [1138] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1139] You know, right you, we're in Yorkshire.
Edna (PS59E) [1140] [...] surround them [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1141] Well that's what I said why didn't they surround it a mile away.
[1142] They didn't want to surround him just there and then where he could see them.
[1143] Get, get well away and he, and he had to go back [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1144] But he's, he's had all the answers, hasn't he, he's
Sheila (PS59B) [1145] He's known the area.
Paul (PS59F) [1146] Yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1147] Eh?
Sheila (PS59B) [1148] He must know the area.
Paul (PS59F) [1149] Got all the answers.
Wendy (PS59C) [1150] Oh, aye!
[1151] Well he got up that railway track, I mean, bloody hell, they might've thought well that's one way he's gonna go.
Paul (PS59F) [1152] It's only a mile away where that er red bloody pickle thing was.
Wendy (PS59C) [1153] Aye it is, it is, yeah, yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1154] I reckon somebody who knew the area very well.
Wendy (PS59C) [1155] Yeah, he does.
Paul (PS59F) [1156] Nice big plan that [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1157] Lassies today, they're getting them,th they're asking them to do too much.
[1158] I mean going round selling stuff and that sort of thing, they're asking them, they're doing a man's job [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [1159] They shouldn't around by themselves.
Sheila (PS59B) [1160] No, they shouldn't.
[1161] They were warned when that Susan Lamplaugh or whatever
Wendy (PS59C) [1162] Ah, there was, there was
Sheila (PS59B) [1163] went missing.
Sharon (PS59D) [1164] [...] was there?
Sheila (PS59B) [1165] No.
Wendy (PS59C) [1166] No.
Sheila (PS59B) [1167] They were warned then not to let the woman go theirselves.
Wendy (PS59C) [1168] Yeah.
Sharon (PS59D) [1169] Bloody ridiculous.
[1170] ... Yeah. ...
Paul (PS59F) [1171] Same as that er, what do they call him, Panther, wasn't he
Sharon (PS59D) [1172] Aye [...] weren't he?
Wendy (PS59C) [1173] Mm.
Sharon (PS59D) [1174] Hear no more about him, do you?
Paul (PS59F) [1175] He got, what, were it five, five life sentences?
Sharon (PS59D) [1176] Summat like that [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1177] But why
Sharon (PS59D) [1178] [...] int it?
Paul (PS59F) [1179] Yeah.
[1180] Why [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1181] Why look at that bloody Sutcliffe how many did he do?
Sheila (PS59B) [1182] More than thirteen, him.
Wendy (PS59C) [1183] Aye, thirteen, weren't it that bugger.
Paul (PS59F) [1184] Is that Sutcliffe?
Wendy (PS59C) [1185] Aye, thirteen.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1186] [...] he gets sixty-three years, you know, I mean what's the use of keeping a bugger like that for sixty-three years, it's bloody ridiculous, innit? ... [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1187] Oh, bloody hell!
Paul (PS59F) [1188] I mean some of those old age pensioners bloody [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1189] Oh, Muirlins, that's Muirlins, Muirlins, Lindorm's er different. ...
Wendy (PS59C) [1190] Well Bernie [...] oh maybe twelve months, maybe six months, I don't know, and er he, he made that big football pitch
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1191] I know, you told me, aye
Wendy (PS59C) [1192] for them and he said there ain't a bugger in England that's good!
[1193] He said we daren't do [...] dead level with spirit level, bloody turf!
[1194] I don't know how much turf they [...] to put on this here for a pris for a prisoner to kick a ruddy football on.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1195] You know it's not right this
Paul (PS59F) [1196] Well it's, I mean it's letting them know what's going off at other prisons.
Edna (PS59E) [1197] There's half, half these ... people come out of jail and they, and they've come out [...] and they're back in!
Sharon (PS59D) [1198] Yeah.
Edna (PS59E) [1199] Cos they know the [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1200] Yeah.
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1201] Yeah.
Edna (PS59E) [1202] Get grub for nothing.
Sheila (PS59B) [1203] Three square meals a day, ain't there?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1204] That jury lad that come here,
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1205] well that jury lad that come here telling us, he said, do you know, they've a better bloody [...] than what I had!
[1206] [...] Their own room, television, bed the bloody lot he said.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1207] They're in for punishment not nourishment.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1208] What they should've done, instead of having all them machines on that moors they should've had damn bugger stripped to waist digging it out.
Sheila (PS59B) [1209] Yeah, yeah, yeah, they should like they do in America, give them some work.
Paul (PS59F) [1210] That's it and let them, let them get on with it in the middle of bloody summer with a pint of water and say, look, that pint of water has to last you the day.
Wendy (PS59C) [1211] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1212] Their bloody tongues they'd have been, they'd have been as thick as these tables by end of day.
Wendy (PS59C) [1213] They would.
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1214] Oh yeah, aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1215] Oh aye, yeah.
Sharon (PS59D) [1216] Now he's gonna get long sentence or summat [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1217] He's gonna get a longer sentence?
Sharon (PS59D) [1218] Aye, he's gonna get a longer sentence [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1219] I should think he is an all.
Sheila (PS59B) [1220] Yeah.
Sharon (PS59D) [1221] Bloody ridiculous!
Paul (PS59F) [1222] Three year, three year he got, didn't he?
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1223] Yeah, three years
Paul (PS59F) [1224] Killed two, killed two people there!
Wendy (PS59C) [1225] What in a car?
Sheila (PS59B) [1226] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1227] And he were gonna get three year!
Wendy (PS59C) [1228] Oh!
Sheila (PS59B) [1229] Cos the father and son shouted in the court.
[1230] He jailed them for the weekend, the judge.
Paul (PS59F) [1231] There's them,
Sheila (PS59B) [1232] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1233] there's them Kray bloody brothers.
[1234] Well, I don't agree what they did, but they were only killing their own, their own kind, weren't they?
Wendy (PS59C) [1235] Aye, they were.
Paul (PS59F) [1236] And they , and they got thirty-odd year!
Sheila (PS59B) [1237] When we went to Portugal ... there was er a lass, we'd saved some money and I said, I said don't spend it all [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1238] Well who were that big film star that were mixed up with them.
Paul (PS59F) [1239] Oh, er Windsor, was it, Barbra?
Sheila (PS59B) [1240] Oh, Barbra Windsor.
Wendy (PS59C) [1241] Aye
Paul (PS59F) [1242] [...] and all them they're all
Wendy (PS59C) [1243] Aye, they were all mixed up with them weren't they?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1244] No, no, not that one, Doug, this were a big woman, weren't she?
[1245] And I believed she died, didn't she?
[1246] Didn't [...] come to her funeral?
[1247] ... Or did one of Krays die?
[1248] A big blonde woman she was.
Paul (PS59F) [1249] Oh, Diana Dors.
Sheila (PS59B) [1250] Ah, Ronnie, Ronnie Knight.
[1251] Aye, Ronnie Knight.
[1252] Diana Dors's husband.
Wendy (PS59C) [1253] Oh that little bugger you were on about, aye he killed some bugger, didn't he, in, in a cafe and pissed off abroad.
[1254] ... They can't get him.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1255] All right, [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1256] Aye, the bugger's still ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1257] Right, go on.
[1258] ... But what, what are them er
Edna (PS59E) [1259] When I get home I'll have a cheese sandwich or summat [...] [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1260] I will have one of them Krays, you know that young lad whose,
Sheila (PS59B) [1261] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1262] he's erm made one of the Krays his dad, have you read it?
[1263] Well his stepdad.
[1264] He's, he's from our village him, he writes to him and he goes and visits him.
Sheila (PS59B) [1265] Aye!
Sheila (PS59B) [1266] One of the Krays.
Wendy (PS59C) [1267] Hold on Doug, I'll get them.
Paul (PS59F) [1268] Aye, he's only eleven years old, int he?
Sheila (PS59B) [1269] Yeah.
[1270] ... He calls him dad now. ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1271] I don't know how he smokes at all!
Sheila (PS59B) [1272] No [...]
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1273] Your mam used to be like that but she had [...] she had a cylinder of oxygen in the house as well.
[1274] ... You want to run round the block, Les! ...
Paul (PS59F) [1275] [...] maybe ... better get doctor's advice on owt like that.
Sheila (PS59B) [1276] [...] Les.
Paul (PS59F) [1277] That's what I saying, but it's better seeing doctor, it's no good somebody, me coming in [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1278] Oh no, but I,
Paul (PS59F) [1279] You know
Sheila (PS59B) [1280] he should be on them now though. ...
Wendy (PS59C) [1281] You wanna, you wanna get, you wanna,
Sheila (PS59B) [1282] [...] got them tablets, or the tablets for your breathing.
Wendy (PS59C) [1283] You try and get one of them buggers what blows you up, Les. [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1284] What, a blow-up doll?
Wendy (PS59C) [1285] Aye, them, them bloody oxygen things.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1286] A bitter shandy.
Paul (PS59F) [1287] Bitter shandy.
Wendy (PS59C) [1288] [...] at any rate, for one.
Paul (PS59F) [1289] Mm?
Wendy (PS59C) [1290] [...] tonight.
Paul (PS59F) [1291] Is that lager?
Wendy (PS59C) [1292] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1293] Yeah. ...
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1294] Squeeze it. [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1295] [...] you wanna see [...] when he gets busy [...] it gets lower than that.
Sheila (PS59B) [...] [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1296] You reckon them three buggers up there it's a good half way down a bloody pint, innit?
[1297] Eh?
[1298] Them three pints nearly half way down [...] innit.
Paul (PS59F) [1299] Oh there's tricks in every trade.
Wendy (PS59C) [1300] Oh aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1301] [...] but it looks horrible when it's right up.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1302] I've been to London.
[1303] It's bloody terrible is a pint in London.
Sheila (PS59B) [1304] [...] I like a collar on.
Wendy (PS59C) [1305] Yeah, yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1306] Cos it's not appetizing if it's er
Sheila (PS59B) [1307] I remember ... I remember years ago used to be,
Wendy (PS59C) [1308] I like to see tipping the bugger in like that.
Sheila (PS59B) [1309] used to be er, you know as you're going down to infirmary down from [...] you turn right on the [...] road don't you?
[1310] There used to be a doctor, called Doctor Bessie lived there [...] You know where I mean, don't you?
Paul (PS59F) [1311] Where pub is now on opposite side?
Sheila (PS59B) [1312] No, before you get to Cumberland.
Paul (PS59F) [1313] Oh yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1314] First turning.
[1315] There's a house there and Doctor Bessie used to live there, a woman doctor, and everybody started work at er ... [...] what they call it?
Paul (PS59F) [1316] I C I er
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1317] International, International
Sheila (PS59B) [1318] Well she had exa had to examine everybody.
[1319] Course there's er a big, big nigger come one day for a job and she says get stripped off.
[1320] ... She says, what's a matter with your toes?
[1321] He says, I developed toesillitis.
[1322] She says tonsillitis
Paul (PS59F) [1323] Toesa
Sheila (PS59B) [1324] she said me tonsillitis
Paul (PS59F) [1325] Oh, tonsillitis.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1326] She said [...] well he said after that I got it off pneumonia.
[1327] She said, she said there's one thing you won't get diphtheria!
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1328] I knew what was coming!
[1329] I knew there was summat bloody coming here.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1330] I knew there were a bugger coming then.
Sheila (PS59B) [1331] Like the five legs last week.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1332] I never got head nor tail of that.
[1333] ... Five legs.
[1334] ... Oh dear. [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1335] [...] bloody if you bring some without any tails on?
Sharon (PS59D) [1336] I'll bring them Wednesday! ...
Wendy (PS59C) [1337] I I'll put them in fridge.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1338] Aye, I'll, I'll bring them down Friday night.
Edna (PS59E) [1339] They're beau they're beautiful, they are.
Wendy (PS59C) [1340] Eh?
Edna (PS59E) [1341] They're about that big
Wendy (PS59C) [1342] [...] he ain't paid me that bugger, that reminded me!
[1343] I'll send him a bloody letter next, tomorrow, I'll send him a bloody letter.
Sheila (PS59B) [1344] Solicitor's letter.
Wendy (PS59C) [1345] Aye, I'll send him a solicitor's letter that bloody [...] ...
Paul (PS59F) [1346] I haven't seen him in here [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1347] Aye, he were in last night.
Sheila (PS59B) [1348] Ducks without tails?
Wendy (PS59C) [1349] He asked me how much
Edna (PS59E) [1350] Pardon?
Sheila (PS59B) [1351] Ducks without tails did you say?
Paul (PS59F) [1352] Without [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1353] [...] [...] but this is an old shop at [...] and they're about that big by that aren't they?
Wendy (PS59C) [1354] Aye, they are, Tom.
Edna (PS59E) [1355] [...] look bloody fabulous!
Sheila (PS59B) [1356] Oh.
Wendy (PS59C) [1357] They hadn't that veil on them like they used [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1358] They are really marvellous!
Sheila (PS59B) [1359] I've never tried them, like, I dunno.
Paul (PS59F) [1360] They make them in bloody big batches now [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1361] Ah, but this is er a real old
Wendy (PS59C) [1362] Aye, they will do, Ken.
Edna (PS59E) [1363] shop and even the [...] you know.
Paul (PS59F) [1364] Aye.
Edna (PS59E) [1365] It's a fabulous shop. ... [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1366] [...] Tom, innit?
Edna (PS59E) [1367] Oh, everything. [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1368] Aye.
Edna (PS59E) [1369] You know and it's not fat, not all that fat, you know, but ... [...] ...
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1370] [...] when, when I were a lad [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Edna (PS59E) [1371] Well I mean [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1372] That's how I like belly pork.
Sheila (PS59B) [1373] Oh I like belly pork.
Wendy (PS59C) [1374] Aye
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1375] I like the crackling, you know.
Wendy (PS59C) [1376] You do?
Sheila (PS59B) [1377] Oh aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [1378] Well he brought me some without that on it [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1379] Oh aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [1380] Bye god, it's bloody good that.
Sheila (PS59B) [1381] Oh I like it.
Wendy (PS59C) [1382] It were about ... one pound thirty or summat [...] about that width
Sheila (PS59B) [1383] Yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1384] and about that length.
Sheila (PS59B) [1385] I like the crackling on it.
Edna (PS59E) [1386] And the steak and kidney pies, they're one sixty-five [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1387] Pound of, pound of meat in them, Tom, there must be, there must be.
Edna (PS59E) [1388] [...] you know, and they're about that big all in, in this er silver foil.
Sheila (PS59B) [1389] Aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [1390] Aye.
Edna (PS59E) [1391] They're cooked, but I mean they [...] just warm up [...] out of this world!
Wendy (PS59C) [1392] Well isn't a pork pie thirty bob?
Paul (PS59F) [1393] I think they were thirty bob.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1394] I'd better have a word with him.
[1395] If you see him, tell him!
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Paul (PS59F) [1396] You know these curd cheesecakes?
Sheila (PS59B) [1397] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1398] [...] I love a curd cheesecake
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1399] oh, they're so lemony.
[1400] You're know them copper curds?
Sheila (PS59B) [1401] Yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1402] Aye
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1403] Mm, like old-fashioned [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1404] [...] good curd cheesecake.
Sheila (PS59B) [1405] Mm.
Paul (PS59F) [1406] I can see them making your mouth water! [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1407] Aye!
Wendy (PS59C) [1408] What did you bring old Bernard last week? ...
Edna (PS59E) [1409] No, that was the Stilton cheese.
Paul (PS59F) [1410] Cheese.
Wendy (PS59C) [1411] Oh aye.
Edna (PS59E) [1412] No, I, I was there an and they were selling [...] cheeses so, I have them every year really, and I'm just finishing one and I got one ... I got five.
[1413] I bought five ... kept another one for my sen and let Bernard have one ... let er woman opposite us have one.
[1414] You know she's [...] she's a councillor isn't she?
[1415] She's chef here.
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1416] No, she's cooked here!
Sheila (PS59B) [1417] The chef, with a [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1418] Oh!
[1419] Aye, aye, I know her.
[1420] Aye
Edna (PS59E) [1421] Carol and er ... Len, Len had one.
Wendy (PS59C) [1422] Aye.
Edna (PS59E) [1423] Three fifty a piece.
Wendy (PS59C) [1424] How much?
Edna (PS59E) [1425] Three pound fifty.
[1426] Just over two pound.
[1427] Two pound forty-nine in Tesco it were, a pound.
Sheila (PS59B) [1428] Mm.
Edna (PS59E) [1429] Stilton.
[1430] ... [...] That size, thirty bob a piece.
[1431] One pound six.
[1432] ... [...] bit of Guinness in her bitter.
Wendy (PS59C) [1433] Do you swallow that bloody smoke from them buggers.
Sheila (PS59B) [1434] Aye, can you stand them?
Wendy (PS59C) [1435] No, but I thought you seemed to be a long while getting the bugger out.
[1436] Ah Christ!
[1437] I don't know how you can swallow that bugger!
Edna (PS59E) [1438] I never swallow smoke.
Wendy (PS59C) [1439] I don't know how he can swallow them there
Edna (PS59E) [1440] I swallow enough bloody smokes [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Paul (PS59F) [1441] Aye, when I first come in, I, I grabbed it, I grabbed that pipe bacca.
Wendy (PS59C) [1442] Aye.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1443] It's only, it's only when you come out [...]
Wendy (PS59C) [1444] Aye, aye.
Paul (PS59F) [1445] It's not bothering me now.
Wendy (PS59C) [1446] No.
Paul (PS59F) [1447] Just when ... when you [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1448] [...] you wouldn't come, would you?
Paul (PS59F) [1449] Eh?
Sheila (PS59B) [1450] You wouldn't come if it bothered you.
Paul (PS59F) [1451] Ah!
Wendy (PS59C) [1452] I tell you what I can't stand sme er smoke in a bedroom.
[1453] Cigarette smoke.
[1454] Bye god it's bloody terrible!
Sheila (PS59B) [1455] [...] better?
Wendy (PS59C) [1456] No!
[1457] I know and I
Edna (PS59E) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1458] Would you?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1459] Well I'm glad I didn't come for my promise, Charlie, cos I smoke in bed.
Wendy (PS59C) [1460] Oh, well I'll excuse you that night.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1461] Just the one night I would've excused you.
Paul (PS59F) [1462] You'd have been smouldering next morning, wouldn't she Charlie?
Wendy (PS59C) [1463] Aye I would.
[1464] I would.
Sheila (PS59B) [1465] You can smell, you can, you can smell it
Wendy (PS59C) [1466] Bye god, [...] in a bedroom.
Sheila (PS59B) [1467] [...] we live ... above front room like?
Paul (PS59F) [1468] Yeah.
Edna (PS59E) [1469] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1470] Our Julie comes, I mean I smoke cigars in house
Edna (PS59E) [1471] You can smell them.
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1472] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1473] and I can tell when our Julie's in.
Sheila (PS59B) [1474] Yeah.
[1475] Oh yeah, you can smell it.
[1476] You can in mine, yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1477] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1478] and it, it gets up there!
Sheila (PS59B) [1479] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1480] You can bloody smell it, can't you?
Sheila (PS59B) [1481] Yeah, it does.
[1482] It drifts up.
[1483] Yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1484] Maybe you can smell the cigarette smoke and yet you're smoking them buggers.
Sheila (PS59B) [1485] Yeah, different, different smell, you see.
[1486] Different smell you see.
Sheila (PS59B) [1487] Aye, aye, aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [1488] Oh aye, aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1489] Different smell!
Wendy (PS59C) [1490] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1491] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1492] [...] that's different, different bloody different scent,
Wendy (PS59C) [1493] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1494] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1495] smell.
[1496] See li li things like beer.
[1497] If you've been drinking beer you can ... you can't smell beer on anybody else, can you?
Sheila (PS59B) [1498] No.
Edna (PS59E) [1499] No.
[1500] No.
Sheila (PS59B) [1501] No.
Sheila (PS59B) [1502] If even you've only had half [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1503] When I go to bed I go up with a cig.
Wendy (PS59C) [1504] You do?
Sheila (PS59B) [1505] And when I wake up, I light one and go down, yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1506] I used to do that but
Sheila (PS59B) [1507] I don't like smoke all night in bed
Wendy (PS59C) [1508] No, no.
Sheila (PS59B) [1509] but I, I have them with us, you know.
Wendy (PS59C) [1510] Year and year since I used to get up ... make fire for Alice in the mornings, this is, must be ten or twelve year since, and light a cig up.
[1511] Well I must've passed out one morning.
Sheila (PS59B) [1512] Aye.
Wendy (PS59C) [1513] And now I've never smoked a bugger since before breakfast, never [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1514] No, I do.
Wendy (PS59C) [1515] before breakfast, no.
Sheila (PS59B) [1516] I do.
[1517] I always go upstairs with a cig.
[1518] I don't light it then [...] and I light one in there.
Wendy (PS59C) [1519] Do you?
Sheila (PS59B) [1520] Yeah.
[1521] Then when I wake up I light up.
Wendy (PS59C) [1522] Oh, no.
Sheila (PS59B) [1523] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1524] You, know if anybody been ea smelling, eating onion and you, you blow on him ... [...] bugger off [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1525] [...] be away from you then.
[1526] See it's come to me maybe ... eleven o'clock, half-past eleven in the morning. [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1527] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1528] You know, you
Wendy (PS59C) [1529] Aye.
Paul (PS59F) [1530] Smell it.
Sheila (PS59B) [1531] Yeah. ... [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1532] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1533] [...] your breakfast and your lunch and
Paul (PS59F) [1534] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1535] you could still smell [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1536] Yeah. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1537] Bloody garlic's same.
[1538] Oh garlic
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1539] must be terrible that.
Edna (PS59E) [1540] I mean, I mean [...] garlic [...] and chew the bugger [...] I think it does you good.
Paul (PS59F) [1541] It is good, it is good for you.
Edna (PS59E) [1542] [...] doesn't half stink does that.
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1543] We were working [...] colliery [...] Oh Jesus!
[1544] Stink!
[1545] He used, he used to bring a gar he was at work everyday, little bugger and you know
Sheila (PS59B) [1546] Garlic.
Sheila (PS59B) [1547] eating.
Sheila (PS59B) [1548] Mm.
Wendy (PS59C) [1549] But you don't know what
Edna (PS59E) [1550] If you'd, if you'd had a little bit yourself you wouldn't, you wouldn't have smelt it.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1551] No.
Wendy (PS59C) [1552] You don't, you don't know what's in that bloody stuff though, do you?
Edna (PS59E) [1553] What garlic?
Wendy (PS59C) [1554] You don't.
Sheila (PS59B) [1555] It's all right, Charlie.
Wendy (PS59C) [1556] Is it?
Paul (PS59F) [1557] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1558] Well
Paul (PS59F) [1559] It's good for you.
Sheila (PS59B) [1560] I've got some chi er cheese with garlic,
Wendy (PS59C) [1561] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1562] garlic in.
Wendy (PS59C) [1563] Oh that with that green
Sheila (PS59B) [1564] Spread cheese.
Wendy (PS59C) [1565] in it?
Sheila (PS59B) [1566] Spread cheese,
Wendy (PS59C) [1567] Oh.
Sheila (PS59B) [1568] The other week and I'd never had it before but er I liked it. ...
Wendy (PS59C) [1569] Oh Margaret had some the other day, she said do you want a bit of this cheese, it's green, it's some, it's some green, I said I don't want any of that [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1570] Chives are, yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1571] bloody stuff.
Sheila (PS59B) [1572] Chives, yeah.
Wendy (PS59C) [1573] I don't want none of that bugger [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1574] [...] you wanna try it.
[1575] You might,
Sheila (PS59B) [1576] Nice, Charlie.
Edna (PS59E) [1577] You might, you might take to it.
Wendy (PS59C) [1578] I might do but I don't [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1579] Good, good for your stomach.
Wendy (PS59C) [1580] I don't [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1581] It's good for your sex life!
Paul (PS59F) [laugh]
Edna (PS59E) [1582] Where can you get it from?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1583] Parsnips is as well, Charlie.
[1584] Eat parsnips. [laugh]
Wendy (PS59C) [1585] Aye, but I've been chewing them buggers this last six months but it hasn't worked for me [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1586] I like parsnips though.
Paul (PS59F) [1587] Yeah, I do.
Sheila (PS59B) [1588] [...] [laugh] Don't like them.
Wendy (PS59C) [1589] Aye.
Paul (PS59F) [1590] [...] roasted round beef, aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1591] They're too sweet, Les, I don't like them.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1592] I don't like them.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1593] I've eat them, like but I've ...
Edna (PS59E) [1594] There's not much, much I don't like.
Sheila (PS59B) [1595] No, I'm not, no.
Edna (PS59E) [1596] I've, I've tried er, er ... er sugarbeet before now.
Wendy (PS59C) [1597] Aye, I've tried that.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1598] Sugarbeet, aye.
[1599] Well they don't hurt you or owt like that.
Edna (PS59E) [1600] No!
Wendy (PS59C) [1601] Well, I should say they not
Paul (PS59F) [1602] Same as mangoes.
[1603] They make jam with bloody mangoes, don't they?
Wendy (PS59C) [1604] Aye.
[1605] I should say sugarbeet ain't far off from a bloody parsnip.
Paul (PS59F) [1606] No, no.
Edna (PS59E) [1607] They take mangoes [...] I used to take these here loads [...] you know the little er ... seeds,
Wendy (PS59C) [1608] Yeah.
Edna (PS59E) [1609] jam seeds?
Wendy (PS59C) [1610] [...] they're not going in seeds, they're all going to make [...] pieces of wood.
Wendy (PS59C) [...]
Edna (PS59E) [1611] No, make seeds out of, out of , out of wood.
[1612] They mix it up and put it in that!
Paul (PS59F) [1613] Aye.

9 (Tape 059603)

None (KR0PS000) [1614] He gave me a lift.
Paul (PS59F) [1615] Did he? ... [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1616] No, I worked late.
[1617] I normally catch quarter-past-five bus and I get in about ten-past-six, but he wanted me to work late and I says, well how late?
[1618] He says, it will not be that late and I'll take you home anyway.
[1619] ... So I didn't put me coat on, had me coat over me legs.
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1620] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [1621] Are you? ...
None (KR0PS000) [1622] What's up with you?
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1623] Weird you are.
Paul (PS59F) [1624] [...] I'm in the house all day.
None (KR0PS000) [1625] Oh.
Paul (PS59F) [1626] You should've phoned me up.
None (KR0PS000) [1627] Well, I went to the town earlier on with Debbie.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1628] I've not got your number.
Paul (PS59F) [1629] And you?
None (KR0PS000) [1630] Is it?
Paul (PS59F) [1631] And yours
None (KR0PS000)
Paul (PS59F) [1632] Aye.
None (KR0PS000) [1633] I always go there as well
Sheila (PS59B) [...] ...
None (KR0PS000) [1634] [...] is that what she said?
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1635] They depress me watching these programmes.
Paul (PS59F) [1636] Why?
None (KR0PS000) [1637] Cos I could with a bit.
[1638] Looking at all package deals today Tenerife, erm eighteen nights, hundred and five or summat but you had to go sixth February.
Sheila (PS59B) [1639] Mm.
None (KR0PS000) [1640] Really cheap package deals.
Paul (PS59F) [...] [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1641] I said to John last night ... he's going to London on fifteenth, oh well, the fourteenth if we're back on Sunday.
[1642] I says, you're definitely going then?
[1643] He says, yeah, he says, why?
[1644] Oh, cos I'm going out with Paul that weekend, I says, I just wanna make sure I can definitely arrange it all and he went ... are you?
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1645] About half-six.
Paul (PS59F) [1646] Yeah, cos I thought you were working afternoon [...] borrowed his bike
None (KR0PS000) [1647] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1648] and used the other bike.
None (KR0PS000) [1649] Yeah. ...
Paul (PS59F) [1650] I watched football and then went out [...] ...
None (KR0PS000) [1651] I went there about ... one o'clock. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1652] We went to [...]
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1653] [...] is that what you're on about?
Paul (PS59F) [1654] Yeah.
None (KR0PS000) [1655] Oh.
[1656] ... Cos he went to football instead, spent morning playing football
Paul (PS59F) [1657] Shit!
None (KR0PS000) [1658] cos he come about one o'clock.
Paul (PS59F) [1659] [...] shall take that one out?
None (KR0PS000) [1660] Never go out in the week.
[1661] We don't go out at all now, do we?
[1662] Been out for ages.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1663] [...] turned back cos of fog.
Michael (PS59G) [1664] He had to turn back cos of fog.
Paul (PS59F) [1665] I've seen, I've seen Spud [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1666] Yeah, Spud still went out.
None (KR0PS000) [1667] They, we, when Spud went out we thought that they weren't still coming.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1668] No, they rang Chelle's to get my phone number
Paul (PS59F) [1669] Yeah.
None (KR0PS000) [1670] but when they were ringing I were on phone to John's mum because there were someone hanging about house, so I talked to John's mum for ages on phone and then Debbie rang, didn't she?
Michael (PS59G) [1671] Mm.
None (KR0PS000) [1672] so as he'd been trying to get through it was always engaged.
[1673] In the middle of nowhere at this phone box.
[1674] So they travelled home, about time they got home it were too late to be ringing. ...
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1675] I said that, didn't I?
Michael (PS59G) [1676] Mm.
None (KR0PS000) [1677] I said if I'd known they aren't, they, they weren't coming I'd have gone out. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1678] No, not yet.
[1679] I think I'm going back to college in September, take a nursing course. ...
Michael (PS59G) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1680] Is your mum going with them?
Michael (PS59G) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1681] No, I didn't think she would.
[1682] ... I was thinking about her
Michael (PS59G) [1683] [...] [...] yet our [...] finishes at school at quarter-past-three she could go and pick him up but no they want me to do it.
[1684] ... My Auntie [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1685] Is she?
Michael (PS59G) [1686] Mm.
None (KR0PS000) [1687] So who's going then [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1688] [...] but my Auntie Jean's not going in cos it'll upset her an all.
[1689] She's just gonna sign papers an that.
[1690] Me mum don't think she'll settle.
[1691] ... She wanted to come home and see the dog.
[1692] You know what she's like with the dog [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1693] What are they doing with the dog?
Michael (PS59G) [1694] an all.
None (KR0PS000) [1695] Have they?
Paul (PS59F) [1696] Sure you don't want a drink?
None (KR0PS000) [1697] Go on then, Paul.
Paul (PS59F) [1698] Coffee?
None (KR0PS000) [1699] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [1700] Er have you got a cold drink?
None (KR0PS000) [1701] Water.
Paul (PS59F) [1702] [...] milk?
Michael (PS59G) [1703] Milk.
Sheila (PS59B) [1704] Some wine?
None (KR0PS000) [1705] Oh no. [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1706] [...] tastes of alcohol in that [...] ... What is the Windthorpe for then?
[1707] Is Windthorpe just for when they got old.
Sheila (PS59B) [1708] Aye.
[1709] ... It's incontinent, you know.
Michael (PS59G) [1710] Well my Nanny, you know me Nana, don't you?
[1711] Was always tottering up and down with glasses on?
Sheila (PS59B) [1712] Aye, yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [1713] She's erm, ta, she's got Alzheimer's and she's getting really bad, she's getting a danger to herself and she's got to go away to [...] tomorrow.
Sheila (PS59B) [1714] Has she? ... [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1715] She doesn't know what she's talking about half the time, she doesn't know who anybody is.
Sheila (PS59B) [1716] [...] she used to talk to me, well in the summer an that, you know, on about ... she's, I don't know [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1717] Oh, she thinks she's just come home from [...] [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1718] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought that, you know.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [1719] You have it with sugar, don't you?
Sheila (PS59B) [1720] No, I don't have any now.
[1721] And on about [...] you know.
Michael (PS59G) [1722] Yeah, she thinks erm her Mum and Dad's still alive [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1723] That were [...] what she said to her that day and she says to you, if you carry on I'm gonna have you put in that orphan's home.
Michael (PS59G) [1724] Yeah, she's gonna have me put in an orphan's home [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1725] Well that's how, [...] you know, she's going back ... years ago.
Michael (PS59G) [1726] Well that's what it is.
[1727] This disease, it like, it destroys all the brain cells, you know
Sheila (PS59B) [1728] Yeah, mm.
Michael (PS59G) [1729] all the memory cells and it destroys recent ones so she can't remember things from recent but she can remember things from years and years and years ago, it's really funny.
Sheila (PS59B) [1730] Cos if any of our family went up some she would know ... some she would like, Michael and, and er Rob live away, she says they're not her sons
Michael (PS59G) [1731] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1732] You know.
[1733] You know, but, she knew who I was, like.
[1734] Then our Sandra went last Saturday ... and she didn't know who she was.
Michael (PS59G) [1735] Yeah.
[1736] She always knows me Auntie Jean because me Auntie Jean what favourite from being young
Sheila (PS59B) [1737] Aye.
Michael (PS59G) [1738] and like me Auntie Jean has to go down three and four times a day sometimes.
[1739] But she thinks me Mum's one of the nieces whose a tart and an [laughing] alcoholic. []
None (KR0PS000) [1740] That's what she's always saying to your mum, ain't she?
Sheila (PS59B) [1741] It's a shame [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1742] But like now she's a da a real danger to herself.
[1743] Sh she floods kitchen and
None (KR0PS000) [1744] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1745] Does she?
Michael (PS59G) [1746] Yeah, she flooded kitchen the other week, didn't she?
Sheila (PS59B) [1747] I know she was always on about she's frightened in there on her own [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1748] Mm.
Michael (PS59G) [1749] Well kids stay all the time but they've been using it as a doss house, you know,
Sheila (PS59B) [1750] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [1751] got friends to go in messing about all the time and they've,al everything that she had that were decent they've ruined it all.
Sheila (PS59B) [1752] Yeah.
[1753] ... Oh. ...
None (KR0PS000) [1754] Yeah [laugh] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1755] That's what I [...] ...
Michael (PS59G) [1756] Thought it were one he fetched down.
Sheila (PS59B) [1757] No, [...] ...
None (KR0PS000) [1758] I never realised [...] Chris owed me a fiver for me wage ... and I says to him I had to pay me bill for me food for week and it was like six quid.
[1759] And I says to him, have you got a fiver?
[1760] And he went, you what?
[1761] Looked at me like that.
[1762] That fiver you owe me out of me wage.
[1763] Oh yeah, sorry.
[1764] He would've tried to get away with it.
[1765] ... I weren't having none of it though.
Paul (PS59F) [1766] How much do you get there a week?
None (KR0PS000) [1767] Not enough.
Paul (PS59F) [1768] How much?
None (KR0PS000) [1769] Erm me basic should be forty-three, but I get fifty-five to sixty plus if he's [...] I get commission depending on if I work late.
[1770] Well that's not very often this time of year.
[1771] Before Christmas I were getting ... seventy some weeks, weren't I?
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1772] Building up to Christmas it were like, in between sixty to seventy, but this time of year I'm just on me rock bottom.
[1773] It would, which is like fifty, fifty five.
Sheila (PS59B) [1774] Have you done all your training?
[1775] Have you got your paper an that.
None (KR0PS000) [1776] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1777] Aye. ... [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1778] Yeah it will be, won't it?
Sheila (PS59B) [1779] She's getting a bit fed up
None (KR0PS000) [1780] Is she in college full-time then?
Paul (PS59F) [1781] No.
None (KR0PS000) [clears throat]
Paul (PS59F) [1782] Were you?
None (KR0PS000) [1783] No.
Paul (PS59F) [1784] Were you part-time?
None (KR0PS000) [1785] I used to go in one, one day a week.
Sheila (PS59B) [1786] Bar Friday she goes into hairdressers [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1787] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1788] [...] ... Bus stop, the ... [...] you know where [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1789] Oh yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1790] Duke Street.
None (KR0PS000) [1791] Yeah and
Sheila (PS59B) [1792] There's a hairdressers up, upstairs.
None (KR0PS000) [1793] stairs, yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1794] No, there's a Co-op one on one side, one above Co-op and then on other side erm ... is it called Jean's, or something like that?
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1795] I'll tell you the one
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1796] Yeah, is it just a little door that leads up to it?
Sheila (PS59B) [1797] I think so, I'm not sure.
None (KR0PS000) [1798] Oh!
[1799] Hair by someone it is.
Michael (PS59G) [1800] Deborah works there erm, she used to work at Debbie's shop, summat
Sheila (PS59B) [1801] Jane.
None (KR0PS000)
Sheila (PS59B) [1802] Jane.
None (KR0PS000) [1803] Jane
Sheila (PS59B) [1804] Oh.
None (KR0PS000) [1805] No, no Jane
Sheila (PS59B)
None (KR0PS000) [1806] Jane is it the same one as that?
Sheila (PS59B) [1807] Jane she works there yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [1808] Yeah it's just a woman's name or [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1809] [...] cos it's next door to paper shop so
Sheila (PS59B) [1810] Jackie's or Tracy or summat like that.
None (KR0PS000) [1811] Summat like that, yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1812] Yeah.
[1813] ... I, I liked it at college but I'm glad I went just one day a week because
Sheila (PS59B) [1814] It's moved now though, you know, it's not
None (KR0PS000) [1815] Yeah, it's in Church View int it?
Sheila (PS59B) [1816] Yeah.
None (KR0PS000) [1817] Because I think you find that when you go all time, when you come to go into a salon I think you find you're slower, do you know what I mean, because you're not used to
Sheila (PS59B) [1818] Yeah.
None (KR0PS000) [1819] salon routine.
[1820] But in saying that, I, I wouldn't of minded if I had to go to college full-time cos I enjoyed it. ...
Michael (PS59G) [1821] Can't see her! [laugh] ...
Paul (PS59F) [1822] Got a phone call this morning off, you know magic?
None (KR0PS000) [1823] Who?
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1824] What did they say?
Paul (PS59F) [1825] Said they wanted a poster.
Sheila (PS59B) [1826] I answered.
[1827] ... She asked for Mr so I says who is it?
[1828] She says [...] something about [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1829] And did you for something?
Paul (PS59F) [1830] Yeah, well ... erm, see I advertised it all round cafe as well that I'd sent for it as well.
[1831] [...] it might've been someone from cafe phoning up [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1832] I says he's in the Army.
[1833] She says yeah, I know, but he give his home number.
[1834] I says, oh well, I say I don't know.
[1835] Just see if he wanted a poster.
[1836] She said, oh, he'll probably get in touch with us.
[1837] I said yeah.
[1838] I didn't dare say he was in cos
None (KR0PS000) [1839] No.
Sheila (PS59B) [1840] it was somebody
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1841] I've only got [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1842] Have you?
Paul (PS59F) [1843] Yeah.
[1844] I've got a brochure as well.
[1845] ... It's supposed to be
Sheila (PS59B) [1846] [...] woman phoning from [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1847] [...] waiting list weren't they? ... [...] waiting list.
Sheila (PS59B) [1848] Have you told her?
Paul (PS59F) [1849] No.
Sheila (PS59B) [1850] Oh.
Paul (PS59F) [1851] They're on holiday.
[1852] ... Take what?
Sheila (PS59B) [1853] [...] for a holiday?
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1854] Wouldn't surprise me though, really.
Michael (PS59G) [1855] I don't think it's [...]
None (KR0PS001) [1856] Don't know.
Michael (PS59G) [1857] I'd like to go, I think it would, but I'd like to go to America cos that's where it ori originated.
[1858] I don't class it as, as Disney World.
[1859] I class
None (KR0PS001) [1860] No, it's not Disney World, no.
Michael (PS59G) [1861] Yeah but I class like
None (KR0PS001) [1862] Mickey Mouse [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1863] That one there.
None (KR0PS001) [...] ...
Michael (PS59G) [1864] Yeah.
None (KR0PS001) [...]
Michael (PS59G) [1865] No.
None (KR0PS001) [1866] Did you?
None (KR0PS000) [1867] No, I bottled out at last minute.
Michael (PS59G) [...] [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1868] Me Mum and Dad split up didn't they just before
Michael (PS59G) [1869] [...] [laugh] I remember that.
None (KR0PS000) [1870] Me erm me Mum and Dad split up just before didn't they and couldn't afford it.
None (KR0PS001) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1871] She's down to her target weight now.
[1872] She's gotta do another two weeks at er, at er at er same weight
Michael (PS59G) [1873] At the same weight , innit?
None (KR0PS000) [1874] and then she's life-long member.
[1875] And then they allow her got a stone and a half over before she has to start paying again.
[1876] But I don't think she ever will now.
Michael (PS59G) [1877] She's really good, int she?
None (KR0PS000) [1878] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [1879] Don't you think Sam's slim?
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [1880] I, I think, eh?
Paul (PS59F) [1881] Don't you think Sam's slim?
Sheila (PS59B) [1882] Well [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1883] [...] Sam.
None (KR0PS000) [1884] You didn't when you come home last time and you were [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1885] Oh yeah [...]
None (KR0PS000) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1886] I think they look after them when they've lost a lot of weight, you know.
Paul (PS59F) [1887] Aye.
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1888] Some of the look poorly , don't they?
Sheila (PS59B) [1889] I mean, she looked after, to me they, they do.
[1890] When you see them
None (KR0PS000) [1891] Me, me, I think me Mum [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1892] And Beryl, Beryl er ...
None (KR0PS000)
Sheila (PS59B)
None (KR0PS000) [1893] Yeah, she does, doesn't she?
Michael (PS59G) [1894] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1895] [...] she says, did you join Sheila?
[1896] I says join what?
[1897] She says Weight, I says I didn't say I was.
[1898] I says er ... I wouldn't spend money on to lose weight.
[1899] I says [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1900] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1901] She says what if you're desperate?
[1902] I says I still wouldn't
None (KR0PS000) [1903] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1904] pay three pound odd a week.
None (KR0PS000) [1905] It, it worked out, my mum at first thought it weren't too bad cos she got in with one of these special offer things.
Sheila (PS59B) [1906] Aye, yeah.
None (KR0PS000) [1907] But towards end when she only, she only had a pound to lose and she paid about six week on run to go to get weighed to tell her she was exactly same weight.
Michael (PS59G) [1908] And that's all she were doing going and getting weighed like.
None (KR0PS000) [1909] So, she said, up to Christmas she says I'm gonna give it two more week and if I ain't last it I'm jacking it in.
Sheila (PS59B) [1910] Mm.
None (KR0PS000) [1911] And everyone was saying well it was a shame you've got this far.
[1912] She said yeah, but it's a lot of money when you think
Sheila (PS59B) [1913] Well I, it is.
None (KR0PS000) [1914] oh she's going to get weighed an that.
Sheila (PS59B) [1915] I mean Edna joined, you know me mate Edna?
None (KR0PS000) [1916] Pardon?
Sheila (PS59B) [1917] You know me mate Edna?
None (KR0PS000) [1918] Er
Sheila (PS59B) [1919] I think you've seen her, gingery hair.
None (KR0PS000) [1920] I probably will do.
Sheila (PS59B) [1921] Sh she said when [...] joined she said, oh I wouldn't join, pay money.
None (KR0PS000) [1922] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [1923] But she joined like.
None (KR0PS000) [1924] It's like me Mum said.
[1925] At first it were good because it were incentive for her to keep going because she'd, you know, paid so much but toward the end, she said, it were getting ridiculous.
[1926] You know, for one pound she were paying like three quid a week or whatever.
Sheila (PS59B) [1927] Yeah, I know.
None (KR0PS000) [1928] Plus they had these raffles where you take
Sheila (PS59B) [1929] Aye.
None (KR0PS000) [1930] something.
Sheila (PS59B) [1931] [...] I mean I
None (KR0PS000) [1932] You might as well get your
Sheila (PS59B) [1933] I lost mine when I was [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1934] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1935] It's what erm
None (KR0PS001) [1936] It's all beer.
None (KR0PS000) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS001) [1937] Six pints
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS001) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1938] Well, better than getting half every time, innit? [...]
None (KR0PS000) [laugh]
None (KR0PS001) [1939] Aye. ...
None (KR0PS000) [1940] I think that's what my excuse, I've got a beer belly.
Michael (PS59G) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1941] [...] if I never drink nor smoke what else would I have?
None (KR0PS000) [1942] That's what me mum always said.
[1943] ... It's only bloody luxury I've got in life, smoking.
Sheila (PS59B) [1944] [...] ... it's all in life.
[1945] ... Keith said I'm gonna change me but
None (KR0PS000) [1946] [laugh] ... That's what I'm gonna do.
[1947] Go on a cruise liner.
Michael (PS59G) [1948] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [1949] Aye.
None (KR0PS000) [1950] That's where your money is.
[1951] Actually someone were telling me
Michael (PS59G) [1952] You don't get a lot of money.
None (KR0PS000) [1953] Yeah, you don't get much at all.
Michael (PS59G) [1954] No.
None (KR0PS000) [1955] Cos [...] board and everything's free.
Sheila (PS59B) [1956] Ah, but you don't want a lot after that, will you [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1957] Well you don't because you get, if you think,
Michael (PS59G) [1958] [...] gym instructor.
None (KR0PS000) [1959] if you think you're going on a cruise liner it's obviously gonna be, you know, fairly well off people.
Michael (PS59G) [1960] Mm.
None (KR0PS000) [1961] So, I mean, they tip you so they don't pay you as much. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [1962] Not really [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1963] [...] Jamaica.
Michael (PS59G) [1964] I'm still coming.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1965] On your what?
Paul (PS59F) [1966] [...] last week, that's all.
Sheila (PS59B) [1967] That's right. [...]
Paul (PS59F) [1968] As soon as I get out of the Army.
[1969] ... Get married.
[1970] ... [...] they kick you out and buy you a caravan. [laugh]
None (KR0PS000) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [laugh]
Michael (PS59G) [laugh]
Paul (PS59F) [1971] Two hundred and fifty
Michael (PS59G) [1972] Three days.
Paul (PS59F) [1973] Three days.
None (KR0PS000) [1974] [...] right, Archie, he's erm, on his own, own he's er, think his wife died years ago, he saved and saved and he went on a big cruise, do you know what I mean?
[1975] I think he were going for a, a month, a month and a half summat like that, and he said it were out of this world.
[1976] He said he felt like a king. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1977] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [...] ...
None (KR0PS001) [1978] Who's she?
[1979] She's put
Sheila (PS59B) [1980] [...] ... Judith Chalmers.
None (KR0PS001) [1981] She's put, she's got wrinkles now hasn't she.
[1982] She used to have [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [1983] Well, when you get old you get them. ...
None (KR0PS000) [1984] So you're gonna have to, one day, Paul, you'll look over the breakfast table and see wrinkles on me face and you'll think, Oh, did I marry that? ...
Paul (PS59F) [...] ...
None (KR0PS000) [1985] I bet John's dad in bar now.
Sheila (PS59B) [1986] Where's he gone?
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [1987] Tenerife.
Michael (PS59G) [1988] It'll not be that hot
Paul (PS59F) [1989] For a holiday?
None (KR0PS000) [1990] there now, will it?
Paul (PS59F) [1991] On his own?
None (KR0PS000) [1992] Yeah, fairly.
Michael (PS59G) [1993] Yeah, but not that hot.
None (KR0PS000) [1994] His mate, Tommy.
Sheila (PS59B) [1995] Where's your lad living?
None (KR0PS000) [1996] He's not my lad [laughing] [...] []
Paul (PS59F) [1997] The lad lives at
Sheila (PS59B) [1998] How many girlfriends have you got?
Paul (PS59F) [1999] Just Sam.
Sheila (PS59B) [2000] Oh, is that all?
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2001] Where?
Paul (PS59F) [2002] Supposed to be going down on weekend of fifteenth but when she phones on Thursday I'm going to tell her to come during the week.
None (KR0PS000) [2003] [...] we'll all go out. ...
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2004] Why?
Paul (PS59F) [2005] Cos I don't.
None (KR0PS000) [laugh]
Paul (PS59F) [2006] No.
[2007] ... [...] ... She's funny.
None (KR0PS000) [2008] What she look like?
Sheila (PS59B) [2009] You've asked me if you could, if she could come [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2010] [laugh] I wanna say, where's she staying, Paul?
Michael (PS59G) [2011] She's staying in that caravan he's got in field there.
Paul (PS59F) [2012] Aye.
[2013] She's, what she look like?
None (KR0PS000) [2014] Bet she's double of me.
Paul (PS59F) [2015] She is.
[2016] But she's got ginger hair.
Sheila (PS59B) [2017] Oh! [...]
None (KR0PS000) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2018] ginger hair!
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [laugh]
Paul (PS59F) [2019] It's red!
None (KR0PS000) [2020] No.
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2021] Bad tempered.
Sheila (PS59B) [2022] Ooh! [...]
None (KR0PS000) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2023] I hate ginger hair.
[2024] ... My first boyfriend had ginger hair. ...
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2025] No.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2026] Well Craig were more blonde when I first [laugh]
Michael (PS59G) [2027] Aye, Craig did used to look quite blonde, didn't he?
None (KR0PS000) [2028] He were, yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [2029] Wendy's just got Sky, hasn't she?
Sheila (PS59B) [2030] Eh?
Paul (PS59F) [2031] Wendy's got Sky in today.
[2032] I went round, I got the lecture.
Sheila (PS59B) [2033] Wendy got Sky?
Paul (PS59F) [2034] Yeah, today.
[2035] I got the lecture.
Sheila (PS59B) [2036] Oh.
Paul (PS59F) [2037] Yeah.
[2038] Thought I would. [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2039] Who's Wendy?
Sheila (PS59B) [2040] [...] Wendy.
None (KR0PS000) [2041] Oh, right!
[2042] What's she saying to you?
Paul (PS59F) [2043] You're stupid, you're bloody stupid!
[2044] ... She was going it must be that bad if you want [...] you want to run off again. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [sigh]
Michael (PS59G) [2045] I like Minnie Mouse cos I've got some shoes like her.
[2046] Got me Minnie Mouse shoes on, ain't I?
Paul (PS59F) [2047] Thought you had to bring shoes into conversation [...]
Michael (PS59G) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2048] More bother to me since he went in the Army.
[2049] ... More worry. ...
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2050] Miss what?
Paul (PS59F) [2051] [...] seen them both today.
Sheila (PS59B) [...] ...
Paul (PS59F) [2052] [...] remember him?
None (KR0PS000) [2053] Yeah.
[2054] Well I don't know his name was [...]
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [...]
Paul (PS59F) [2055] That's what I remembered.
None (KR0PS000) [2056] Can't remember it now.
[2057] Can't remember any of it.
Paul (PS59F) [...]
None (KR0PS000) [2058] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [2059] She jumped
None (KR0PS000) [2060] She, and could, found she could not fly and laid there looking at the sky.
Paul (PS59F) [2061] Sky, I, I, I, I.
None (KR0PS000) [2062] That's correct.
Paul (PS59F) [cough] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2063] When's your nana going in shelter?
[2064] Is it tomorrow you were saying?
Michael (PS59G) [2065] Yeah, she's going to Rossington, somewhere in Rossington.
[2066] It's like, I say, it's got a, special for alzheimers.
[2067] But she's got a dog and like with that being with her constantly it's, so it's been what she's always remembered,
Sheila (PS59B) [2068] Aye.
Michael (PS59G) [2069] so like after a few days I can her saying, oh, I'm gonna have to go, I'm gonna have to feed dog and they're having it put down, they're having it put down.
None (KR0PS000) [2070] When they having it put down?
Michael (PS59G) [2071] All, all family, you know, [...] before like, we felt whatever happens to her we'll have it.
[2072] Now it's come down to it, they're all assholes in our family, to put it politely.
Paul (PS59F) [2073] [...] this is a
Michael (PS59G) [2074] Well it's
Paul (PS59F) [2075] no swearing house.
Michael (PS59G) [2076] With me Nana it's like ... I think, I don't think it'd live without her.
Sheila (PS59B) [2077] No, cos they fret like
Michael (PS59G) [2078] [...] I think it'd, it'd fret but it wouldn't have hurt one of them to take it on.
[2079] Like me Uncle Mick's not got a dog, me Nana's not got a dog, me Auntie Frances not got a dog.
[2080] We've got one any way so we couldn't have it, but they're, they're gonna have it put down. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2081] Jack Russell [...] ...
Michael (PS59G) [2082] It's only when it bites Sam's feet, [laughing] innit? []
None (KR0PS000) [2083] Yeah it always goes for me, don't it?
[2084] Without fail I walk in the house and it goes for me ankles.
[2085] And you're sat there and you're like kicking it away and it goes worse.
[2086] And she'll say, won't she, don't don't kick me dog, even if it's going for your ankles!
Paul (PS59F) [2087] [...] down the road?
Michael (PS59G) [2088] Yeah.
Paul (PS59F) [2089] Mm. ...
None (KR0PS000) [2090] I dread it when she walks in house cos I always think she's gonna start having a go at me, but she's never said owt to me yet, has she?
[2091] She just lo she always looks at me and laughs.
Michael (PS59G) [2092] [...] you see.
Sheila (PS59B) [2093] How old is she?
Michael (PS59G) [2094] Erm, she'll about seventy-six, seventy-seven.
Paul (PS59F) [2095] What's that?
[2096] Eighty-one, eighty two?
Sheila (PS59B) [2097] Get you.
[2098] ... [...] Aye, it's dreadful.
Michael (PS59G) [2099] Eventually she'll forget how to feed herself, how to go toilet [...] bedridden.
Sheila (PS59B) [2100] [...] she won't be herself. [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2101] Mm.
[2102] She said to, yeah , she said [...] like round house.
Sheila (PS59B) [2103] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2104] But they don't know whether it's her or kids cos like me Uncle Mick's kids, they're dirty scruffs.
Sheila (PS59B) [2105] Mm.
Michael (PS59G) [2106] Mm.
[2107] You never know what they'll be doing.
Sheila (PS59B) [2108] Well, [...] asked them to do it, you know,
Michael (PS59G) [2109] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [2110] even when Sandra was doing it she'd still [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2111] Yeah.
[2112] Well me Auntie Jean and me Mum got passed once, like they'd been going down and scrubbing it from side at bath and everything.
Sheila (PS59B) [2113] Yeah.
[2114] ... That's what was happening to
Michael (PS59G) [2115] Upstairs in pillow cases as well.
Sheila (PS59B) [2116] Mm.
Michael (PS59G) [2117] And I, I think that will be kids, that.
[2118] ... She said [...] when you, you remember your Jean down, int she, and she says to your mum, do you have sugar?
[2119] And your mum says yeah, two.
[2120] She fetched the drinks and there were two tea bags in there, weren't there, instead of sugar. ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2121] Aye, she would get meals-on-wheels for her dinner and then one of the lasses would leave her summat for tea, sandwich
Michael (PS59G) [2122] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [2123] or summat, you know.
[2124] Put it in the fridge and it was still there the next day, you know,
Michael (PS59G) [2125] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [2126] she'd forgotten it.
Michael (PS59G) [2127] She, she would, [...] meals-on-wheels didn't sh , weren't she but we stopped them cos she were
None (KR0PS000) [2128] She were giving it to dog!
Michael (PS59G) [2129] And she weren't paying either, was she?
None (KR0PS000) [2130] Well, no, they were, me Mum an that paid any way.
Michael (PS59G) [2131] No, I thought she were giving them a pound and then taking change off them, she were getting change off them or summat weren't she.
None (KR0PS000) [2132] Oh, I [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2133] I remember your Jean saying.
Sheila (PS59B) [2134] And she was ordering stuff for Nana, you know, fruits, sweets, crisps all sorts of things, upstairs and downstairs and chocolates in, you know, she'd just go up the shops and buy them.
Michael (PS59G) [2135] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [2136] The bananas ... I mean last, last year ... er Michael come from [...] and they were [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2137] Well, it's funny cos like, she'd, me Mum an that's been taking her shopping down and she's been buying it herself and like me Auntie Jean, she goes down three or four times a day sometimes and then she goes down again and it's all missing!
Sheila (PS59B) [2138] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2139] And they say that they think she's hiding it but there's no where to be hiding it.
[2140] But like I said, I think kids an that are taking it so
Sheila (PS59B) [2141] Yeah, it's a shame when they get like that though, then to be put in a home.
Michael (PS59G) [2142] Well me Mum were really upset cos she said it's like losing her twice, cos I've lost her once not knowing any of us who we are,
Sheila (PS59B) [2143] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2144] and then when she goes.
Sheila (PS59B) [2145] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2146] I think me Auntie Jean's, she'll go off her rocker because she is ... like I say, me Auntie Jean's only one that she ever remembers cos like me Auntie Jean takes the meal, like every meal down for her and
Sheila (PS59B) [2147] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2148] money for light and they've been having to keep her pension and like giving her so much at a time because it's been going missing with all the money!
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2149] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [2150] Just left her so much?
Michael (PS59G) [2151] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [2152] You know.
[2153] ... A shame that. [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2154] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [2155] You know we went up new year, after new year to see her er, it were, a lovely, nice Christmas tree in the foyer.
[2156] Oh it was lovely.
[2157] Lovely bedrooms they were but she'd keep saying she wanted to go out like, you know. ...
Michael (PS59G) [2158] But they've asked her, haven't they?
[2159] They've said wouldn't you like to be somewhere where there's ... people you can talk to an that and she said yeah, didn't she?
None (KR0PS000) [2160] Mm.
Michael (PS59G) [2161] But it's
Sheila (PS59B) [2162] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2163] like, when she gets there she's gonna be panicking about one thing and another int she, I think.
[2164] Well they sort of said that what, hopefully, she'll like be there for a couple of days and she'll never think she's been anywhere else, she'll think she's been there all the time.
[2165] But I don't think she will.
[2166] I'll tell you
Sheila (PS59B) [2167] But they don't wanna tell her the truth [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2168] No, they're not.
Paul (PS59F) [2169] Shall I put that on your bit of paper?
Sheila (PS59B) [...] ...
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2170] Is it tape two then?
[2171] ... Not that one.
[2172] Where you write
Paul (PS59F) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2173] on other side where your fingers are.
Paul (PS59F) [2174] Tape two, side A.
[2175] So I want that one, don't I?
Sheila (PS59B) [2176] Aye, you'll want side A then, yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2177] That, they went to look at some in
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Michael (PS59G) [2178] they went to look at some homes in Thorne, didn't they?
[2179] And one of them they says, well when we get new arrivals in we sedate them!
None (KR0PS000) [2180] Mm.
Michael (PS59G) [2181] For first week or so, didn't they?
[2182] They'd been and looked at a few and there,
None (KR0PS000) [2183] They said they were disgusting, didn't they?
Michael (PS59G) [2184] there, were one of them where they were walking round we with wet pants, you know,ol old people an that.
Sheila (PS59B) [2185] Have they to pay for her?
Michael (PS59G) [2186] Pardon?
Sheila (PS59B) [2187] Have they to pay?
[2188] Have they to pay for her to be there?
Michael (PS59G) [2189] Erm, I don't think they have, have
None (KR0PS000) [2190] No.
Michael (PS59G) [2191] I think it's er
Sheila (PS59B) [2192] Dunno.
Michael (PS59G) [2193] I think she's erm they like take so much out of her pension but she's not gonna need owt any way and then erm ... I think government or whatever put rest.
Sheila (PS59B) [2194] Yeah, they put so much
Michael (PS59G) [2195] Yeah.
Sheila (PS59B) [2196] Yeah.
Michael (PS59G) [2197] No, I don't, I don't think none of the family's got to er pay up.
[2198] Sh they're like all clubbing together and giving her some money to go in with cos she's got to have some money to go in with.
Sheila (PS59B) [2199] Yeah.
[2200] Aye, they get so much a week.
[2201] Pocket money like.
Michael (PS59G) [2202] Mm.
Sheila (PS59B) [2203] Like there's nowt to buy really. ...
Michael (PS59G) [2204] This one erm it's really good cos they've like, got nice little rooms and tellies in room and like, if like, they come and they're trying to like clean up, the cleaners'll like, give them a cloth so they'll think they're helping an that.
[2205] So it shouldn't be that bad.
Sheila (PS59B) [2206] Aye she should be all right. ...
Paul (PS59F) [2207] When's your birthday, Chelle?
None (KR0PS000) [2208] Mine's gone.
[2209] You've missed mine.
Paul (PS59F) [2210] Are you nineteen now?
None (KR0PS000) [2211] Twentieth January.
Sheila (PS59B) [2212] Is it?
[2213] Oh, thought it was the twenty-fourth.
None (KR0PS000) [2214] Mm.
[2215] ... Beginning with mine, mine twentieth, it were your Michael's twenty-sixth, weren't it?
[2216] It were me boyfriend's thirty-first.
[2217] Got our Lindsay's Thursday
Michael (PS59G) [2218] Remind me to get a card on Wednesday.
None (KR0PS000) [2219] Then it's yours.
Michael (PS59G) [2220] When's yours, Paul?
None (KR0PS000) [2221] Thirteenth.
Michael (PS59G) [2222] Thirteenth?
Paul (PS59F) [2223] Day before ...
None (KR0PS000) [...] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2224] I hear you're courting, Shelley, then?
Sharon (PS59D) [2225] Yeah erm, he's coloured like, he lives in Huddersfield.
Sheila (PS59B) [2226] Oh.
None (KR0PS000) [2227] Oh what did your Mum say to you tonight?
Sharon (PS59D) [2228] Are you going with our black Mister. [laugh]
None (KR0PS000) [2229] [laugh] [...] he says, cos me boyfriend were supposed to be coming down and I were telling our Michael he says, oh, he's black.
[2230] And he rang you up, didn't he?
[2231] I were on phone to her and Michael took the phone off and he went Shelley, she said what?
[2232] Your boyfriend's got black on his face hasn't he?
Sharon (PS59D) [2233] [...] he lives in Huddersfield, though.

10 (Tape 059604)

Sharon (PS59D) [2234] I'll get you it, your Mum's got no money.
Sheila (PS59B) [2235] Well they'll lift further up when you've got your [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2236] What do you want?
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2237] Oh no.
[2238] Well measure from your pole to your skirting board.
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2239] No, I want one.
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2240] [...] curtain.
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2241] So what do you need for curtains?
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Sharon (PS59D) [2242] He's at work again.
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2243] Higher.
Sharon (PS59D) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2244] [shouting] Higher! []
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2245] What do you need for curtains?
Sharon (PS59D) [2246] Some hooks.
[2247] Curtain hooks.

11 (Tape 059701)

Sheila (PS59B) [2248] And when she heard it yesterday, we played it back on there, she was going all shy you know?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2249] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2250] She didn't like the ... have to put down er what relation they are to us you know
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2251] oh aye , aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2252] and their ages
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2253] aye when when we did that one in our garden our Danielle she only eighteen months
Sheila (PS59B) [2254] Mm
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2255] she's chuntering on to her granddad ... and she's pointing to the brussel sprouts you know in the garden
Sheila (PS59B) [2256] Yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2257] the, the stalks, there's only the stalk left, cos it, it was between Christmas and New Year so
Sheila (PS59B) [2258] Yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2259] Arthur wasn't in the garden like
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2260] mm
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2261] and er ... she's chuntering on to on to her granddad and he pulled a stalk out like that he said brussel sprouts, she says brussel sprouts granddad
Sheila (PS59B) [laugh]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2262] Aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2263] Oh they were worse at [...] it like how he did it, you know
Sheila (PS59B) [2264] Yeah ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2265] when I used to go up you know for a pint of snowball he say [mimicking] pint of snowball [] , some of the, what they call 'em [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2266] Mm, what's them [...] she was on about or something?
[2267] That's [...] I said to her, I said I dunno, what are they fruit?
Sheila (PS59B) [2268] No they're feeding, the cattle feed, stock feed
Sheila (PS59B) [2269] Oh, the same what [...] I says I don't know what they're on about, they're on about garlic, well I know about garlic ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2270] Every morning
Sheila (PS59B) [2271] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2272] If I go to my baker [...] I'll er, I'll fetch one back and I'll show ya, they, they used to grow a lot during war to make jam on ... to subsidize folk to make jam and stuff like that you know
Sheila (PS59B) [2273] Mm, mm
Sheila (PS59B) [2274] they're er they're not like a turnip
Sheila (PS59B) [2275] mango, mangoes
Sheila (PS59B) [2276] Yes, yes
Sheila (PS59B) [2277] Oh I've heard of mangoes
Sheila (PS59B) [2278] Yes ...
Sheila (PS59B) [...] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2279] Oh well I'd better go and get me pork pies, they'll be ready now
Sheila (PS59B) [2280] Oh were they not made ... what's that flashing for? ... that's when I like them when they're juicy made
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2281] when you going back to school?
Sheila (PS59B) [2282] To pick young, to pick young lasses up
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2283] he wouldn't go, he wouldn't go to school when er [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2284] now there, there's youths that's hung round that, hung round school gates they ought to be prosecuted
Sheila (PS59B) [2285] He did go to school
Sheila (PS59B) [2286] Only when you made him
Sheila (PS59B) [2287] Did he hell
Sheila (PS59B) [2288] he didn't go voluntary
Sheila (PS59B) [2289] He bloody did
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2290] I did I used to like school
Sheila (PS59B) [2291] Did ya?
Sheila (PS59B) [2292] He did, he went to school all of mine go to school
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2293] Did they like school though?
Sheila (PS59B) [2294] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2295] Yeah I loved it
Sheila (PS59B) [2296] I thought, I thought he er didn't like it ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2297] I'm best out of lot, [...] lot
Sheila (PS59B) [2298] How
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2299] Were you breast fed?
[2300] Breast fed babies are the brainiest
Sheila (PS59B) [2301] No none of them were breast fed
Sheila (PS59B) [2302] It's a load of bunk that is
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2303] it was only you I had breast fed all the
Sheila (PS59B) [2304] I ought
Sheila (PS59B) [2305] others had the bloody bottle there's no
Sheila (PS59B) [2306] I ought to I ought to've been the bloody brainiest in country me
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2307] He went in through the ... school gates when he were five
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2308] Er Willy
Sheila (PS59B) [2309] be
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2310] I used to, I used to go to school gate, me mum used to hang it through
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2311] in between railings
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2312] [laugh] Willy used to come from school and she used to come up me mum's house with a, so could have a suck of the tit [...] he would've come from school and you'd expect him the night at me mam's house
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2313] there were a, an old woman
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2314] in village, not far up us and er I were getting round me mum and pulling on her skirts and [...] and this old woman says, get him fed Frances, he wants a bit of pap, get him, get him picked up and give him a bit of pap and that'll shut him up [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2315] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2316] but er we used to
Sheila (PS59B) [2317] aye it were
Sheila (PS59B) [2318] get on this village you know
Sheila (PS59B) [2319] You're on here with the pap you know
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2320] [laugh] You do realize don't ya?
Sheila (PS59B) [2321] [cough] Ooh, my head [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2322] What is it?
Sheila (PS59B) [2323] It's fuzzy
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2324] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [2325] me head ... lack of fresh air I think
Sheila (PS59B) [2326] Did you get them brassieres for Reggie?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2327] Aye, I've not [...] I've got them here, I left them
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2328] I hope the buggers is convenient
Sheila (PS59B) [2329] He wants some
Sheila (PS59B) [2330] Big'uns
Sheila (PS59B) [2331] long
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2332] Long-line
Sheila (PS59B) [2333] he's gonna be Wishy-Washy is he?
Sheila (PS59B) [2334] Na, na, in a play
Sheila (PS59B) [2335] Play
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2336] Who is it er
Sheila (PS59B) [2337] Reg [...] the duke
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2338] Oh aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2339] and he wants some long-line, well I did have some, but I don't know if I've still got them
Sheila (PS59B) [2340] I nearly said, I nearly said when you were er
Sheila (PS59B) [2341] He wants big'uns, you know
Sheila (PS59B) [2342] I nearly said when you wanted er, when he were on about when I were saying your lass is big enough cos she is well built int she?
Sheila (PS59B) [2343] Aye but she hasn't, she might of he wants a long-line
Sheila (PS59B) [2344] Well them ones in factory as like
Sheila (PS59B) [2345] You know long-line, what you used to keep your spare tyre in
Sheila (PS59B) [2346] Oh yeah aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2347] Yeah I had, I used to have one
Sheila (PS59B) [2348] I did
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2349] I dunno if it's still in the drawer
Sheila (PS59B) [2350] I dunno if I've still got it
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2351] I had I, I always wore them you know
Sheila (PS59B) [2352] Aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2353] I went to hospital once for me, I had me veins done, the doctor came round and
Sheila (PS59B) [2354] Yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2355] no, no him that use the anaesthetic
Sheila (PS59B) [2356] The anaesthetist, aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2357] I had it on under me nightie just, pulled the bottom of it, he said what's this?
Sheila (PS59B) [2358] Yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2359] I said it's for, oh what do you think it is?
[2360] We had a good laugh then
Sheila (PS59B) [2361] Mm, used to keep your spare tyre in you see
Sheila (PS59B) [2362] Oh
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2363] I went with out with them like
Sheila (PS59B) [2364] Yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2365] I did have one in the drawer though, I don't know if it's still there
Sheila (PS59B) [2366] Oh you ought to have a big'un then ... keep your spare tyre in [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2367] Don't wear them now
Sheila (PS59B) [laugh] ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2368] Aye ... it's all you want, nobody else's ... oh she's on again ... [...] paint the house ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2369] she's spoiling it ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sheila (PS59B) [2370] breaks all the conversation up, televisions, no good ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2371] Be lost without mine I think
Sheila (PS59B) [2372] I wouldn't get fed up, no
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2373] see if [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2374] [...] an'all
Sheila (PS59B) [2375] got fed up
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2376] Well once through the week
Sheila (PS59B) [2377] has he got some money?
[2378] Aye I'll go if you've got some money
Sheila (PS59B) [2379] Don't
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2380] Aye, I don't know where there's nowt on
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2381] no
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2382] They're due on
Sheila (PS59B) [2383] I don't know
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2384] at seven, seventh of November our last one was [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2385] Yes well I'll go up, go
Sheila (PS59B) [2386] Oh the others are due now aren't they?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2387] Oh, aye Sheila
Sheila (PS59B) [2388] Okay, say like

12 (Tape 059702)

Sheila (PS59B) [2389] The mess on that carpet wants cleaning
Sharon (PS59D) [2390] Go and get some water go and get the cloth quickly
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2391] never heard of er
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2392] Sheila have you?
Sheila (PS59B) [2393] go and get a cloth
Sharon (PS59D) [2394] Go and get the cloth please
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2395] I don't want to
Sharon (PS59D) [2396] Hurry up so I can clear your gravy up, go on ... go on
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2397] don't want to
Sheila (PS59B) [2398] Go and get the cloth
Sharon (PS59D) [2399] get the cloth
Sheila (PS59B) [2400] floor cloth
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2401] No
Sharon (PS59D) [2402] Right then you're going home, come on get your cardy on ... one, two ... come on
Sheila (PS59B) [2403] Under the sink ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2404] oh
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2405] the stack system what you left
Sheila (PS59B) [2406] Oh [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2407] keeps fine for you love
Sheila (PS59B) [2408] yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2409] [...] er I thought your chain was loose there [laugh] the way it was hanging
Sheila (PS59B) [2410] No it's ... come on wipe that
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2411] Well I dunno what right is, and that's definitely right
Sheila (PS59B) [2412] Put Luke in
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2413] well [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2414] Eh David's got a dog kennel ain't he?
[2415] What he had his dog in
Sheila (PS59B) [2416] Who?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2417] David what he had at top of the garden, he put his dog in there
Sheila (PS59B) [2418] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2419] supposed to make me one
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2420] eh, oh, elm, oak
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2421] Oak, ash
Sheila (PS59B) [2422] oak
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2423] elm, oak, ash they're the only ones I know are free
Sheila (PS59B) [2424] It is [...] though innit?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2425] I think so aye ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2426] Must be
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2427] yes [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2428] they might have it [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2429] Mummy
Sheila (PS59B) [2430] Put your cardy on then
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2431] Let's see your cardy on [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2432] what about your pink one?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2433] Oh aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2434] Have you finished your pink one?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2435] then it'll have to be dripped-dried
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2436] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [2437] Have you finished your pink one or wha no
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2438] No been [...] on it, like it's got all any, all numbers down side what you use for which [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2439] Has Nicola got one of these what you knit her one?
Sheila (PS59B) [2440] No, I haven't knit her one, I knit you
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2441] Apparently like all numbers I used to only use B three and A one
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2442] Can you knit a new one?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2443] I thought that's all the programme
Sheila (PS59B) [2444] Me?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2445] had on it, but it's got about eight on it
Sheila (PS59B) [2446] Who says?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2447] but none of them work
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [laugh]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2448] Aye
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2449] only
Sheila (PS59B) [2450] What colour?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2451] work but only one works now
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2452] This colour
Sheila (PS59B) [2453] That colour?
[2454] Oh ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2455] Eh, posh ain't ya come here love, let's, let's have a look at it?
[2456] Come here
Sheila (PS59B) [2457] Can't turn [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2458] now which way you've got it on?
Sheila (PS59B) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2459] You want to put it right on her shoulders, cos she's not got it on properly
Sharon (PS59D) [2460] She pulls it down anyway more than that
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2461] Let your mum put it on properly so it looks nice, yeah, lovely that
Sharon (PS59D) [2462] Look nice with a polo neck or a T-shirt
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2463] Does it?
Sharon (PS59D) [2464] No I couldn't be bothered to do mine last night
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2465] Then you wanna get some of that, we were on about it yesterday
Sheila (PS59B) [2466] Aye it's Britannia
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2467] Britannia and you'll get a jumper and a cardigan out of it and it's beautiful, it's only about three ninety nine in the window, the big balls
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2468] Come on then
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2469] it's inside
Sheila (PS59B) [2470] You know where Jenny gets her knitting machine
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2471] but it's super in, no ... no not them
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2472] oh, aye and I
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2473] they're just big balls
Sheila (PS59B) [2474] Yeah I know what you mean now yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2475] They're just like er a hundred [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2476] Yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2477] and they've got a lovely beigey mixture, like aran-type wool
Sheila (PS59B) [2478] Mm
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2479] lovely int it?
[2480] Be nice
Sharon (PS59D) [2481] I'll have a look
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2482] say [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2483] Expect [...] innit
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2484] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [2485] expensive
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2486] beautiful wool and they've got the plain type
Sharon (PS59D) [2487] The pink's horrible isn't it though?
Sheila (PS59B) [2488] Mind them on the Corns will be alright as well
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2489] It's thin though Sheila
Sheila (PS59B) [2490] Oh aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2491] it wants double knitting you see
Sheila (PS59B) [2492] well you can get double knit
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2493] Not on the Corns I don't think, I've never seen it not in that
Sheila (PS59B) [2494] Well you can [...] double knit on your knitting machine
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2495] Not on ours you can't
Sheila (PS59B) [2496] Oh you can on mine
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2497] Eh?
[2498] Can you?
Sheila (PS59B) [2499] Yeah ... in that pattern book, yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2500] No I don't think you can on mine well I've never come across
Sharon (PS59D) [2501] Come on then Sammy Jo ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2502] You ain't got the book like, have you got the book with it?
[2503] Have ya?
[2504] No
Sharon (PS59D) [2505] Right, go toilet first
Sheila (PS59B) [2506] no you can on mine like
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2507] Ah ...
Sharon (PS59D) [2508] I'm taking me pram to Alice's
Sheila (PS59B) [2509] Your pram, it's no good, not taking your pram [...] I don't think so ... it's no good ... [humming] Got a nice piece of pork in [...] ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2510] I've finished my coffee again, it must be that cup [...] in it,w is yours still hot? ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2511] No ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [yawn]
Sheila (PS59B) [2512] Yeah, Stuart's card ... did you get a card off [...] ?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2513] No ...
Sheila (PS59B) [2514] They must've forgot
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2515] Yeah, why it's not a [...]
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2516] Eh?
Sheila (PS59B) [2517] Talking to Sharon out there
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2518] Oh, thought she'd gone
Sheila (PS59B) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2519] Yeah ... it's about three weeks
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2520] Mm
Sheila (PS59B) [2521] when I won that pork ... er she gives us it
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2522] Ah
Sheila (PS59B) [2523] and she says I'll keep it till the week after
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2524] to eat to buy the meat, I'm thinking meat cod
Sheila (PS59B) [2525] No she buys the meat one week then the veg
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2526] That's right
Sheila (PS59B) [2527] then the week after I, I won the beef ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2528] Aye so that
Sheila (PS59B) [2529] you see
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2530] Aye ... so it's Sharon's turn to buy it, can, Elliott cannot get cheap stuff from the, where Ian works?
Sheila (PS59B) [2531] No, no
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2532] That's odd isn't it cos the chicken factories do don't they?
Sheila (PS59B) [2533] Yeah , no, cannae get owt, don't know why ... er ... [humming]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2534] Well I've got one chair, ha, stripped and washed on the line [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2535] Oh, these, oh
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2536] really are scruffy
Sheila (PS59B) [2537] yeah I went in for me fags and that lass she stood, she said I'm waiting to see what you saying ... I says forty, I says I get forty every day and by Friday
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2538] Is it her with the glasses?
Sheila (PS59B) [2539] No
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2540] Oh
Sheila (PS59B) [2541] Friday [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2542] I [...] I never come over there did I?
Sheila (PS59B) [2543] No, and I were filling me thing out ... she says oh fill that one out an'all, so got thirty pence off
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2544] Oh good
Sheila (PS59B) [2545] but she never give us another one
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2546] Why didn't you ask?
Sheila (PS59B) [2547] I know but it
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2548] I mean it doesn't matter to them does it?
Sheila (PS59B) [2549] No ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2550] Oh there was a bloody mine I don't know if they [...] ninety nine [...] were they?
Sheila (PS59B) [2551] I dunno, aye it was in the paper weren't it?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2552] Aye we were gonna chuck it, cut it out yesterday it was about twenty five pence or thirty pence wasn't it?
Sheila (PS59B) [2553] Save your [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2554] Cos some of them
Sheila (PS59B) [2555] Oh aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2556] take your coupons here
Sheila (PS59B) [2557] I know
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2558] [...] the product aye [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2559] and I keep forgetting mine on the back windowsill
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2560] Yeah
Sheila (PS59B) [2561] Oh I bent the [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2562] and that [...] with the glasses, has she packed in
Sheila (PS59B) [2563] there's nine ...
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2564] you know the little one with the glasses she's [...] about fortyish
Sheila (PS59B) [2565] Oh fortyish
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2566] Well I'm not very good at the ages like I mean she could be older
Sheila (PS59B) [2567] Molly?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2568] No
Sheila (PS59B) [2569] No ... glasses
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2570] only a little'un thinnish
Sheila (PS59B) [2571] short hair?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2572] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2573] Oh she's not forty, she's only a young lass, she's pregnant mind
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2574] Oh no
Sheila (PS59B) [2575] if it's the one I think
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2576] oh no
Sheila (PS59B) [2577] No?
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2578] No
Sheila (PS59B) [2579] There's one little ... fairish, fairish hair, short I think she's [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2580] Aye, oh no I dunno she were pregnant no, I dunno
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2581] This one's got glasses on mind, we always have a laugh with her, there's her and Ann [...] on the till ... and er [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2582] Sue Sue's gone
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2583] Who's Sue?
Sheila (PS59B) [2584] Er ... short hair, grey thin
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2585] Might be her gr glasses?
Sheila (PS59B) [2586] Aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2587] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2588] Aye might be her right
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2589] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2590] Aye she's gone
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2591] she's Connie int she?
Sheila (PS59B) [2592] Yeah Sue, er Julie one of the supervisors ... curly hair dark curly hair
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2593] Black
Sheila (PS59B) [2594] Aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2595] thin?
Sheila (PS59B) [2596] I think she was
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2597] Very thin
Sheila (PS59B) [2598] [cough] she was in the office, for, she's gone
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2599] Did she come and find the price for your ... wool?
[2600] Er went to find the price for your wool, the red jacket thing on
Sheila (PS59B) [2601] Oh I dunno if it's er
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2602] black hair?
Sheila (PS59B) [2603] No
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2604] Not that old
Sheila (PS59B) [2605] Aye he's got black hair, she's got black hair ... come and wait [...]
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2606] bad
Sheila (PS59B) [2607] yeah, his throat, aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2608] Aye, went to get the price for your wool then
Sheila (PS59B) [2609] Aye might of been her then, she's only a young lass
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2610] Aye
Sheila (PS59B) [2611] Aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2612] thin, wore the red
Sheila (PS59B) [2613] Aye probably her then, er
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2614] and Chris that's three
Sheila (PS59B) [2615] Chris
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2616] Ah
Sheila (PS59B) [2617] Sharon, I think she said Sharon, I will see another day
Sammy Jo (PS59H)
Sheila (PS59B) [2618] Aye Pat
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2619] What about that lass that lost all that weight?
Sheila (PS59B) [2620] Well she was ... she served me the other day, Dawn
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2621] Mm
Sheila (PS59B) [2622] Tuesday must of been Tuesday if it was the other day
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2623] Oh, mind some of them could be working a week's notice, but Chris didn't, he finished that week
Sheila (PS59B) [2624] I don't think any of 'em have had
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2625] ah they're not
Sheila (PS59B) [2626] oh no, cos Val was telling us er
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [cough]
Sheila (PS59B) [2627] he er, well yester was when Val served us, she says there's nine
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2628] well she says for what
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2629] not been there a long time
Sheila (PS59B) [2630] Aye, she says what they're getting Sheila, she said I've just cut me hours down they, they were working thirty nine and they've cut me down to thirty two, just like part-time thing, like you know
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2631] Mm
Sheila (PS59B) [2632] so
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2633] oh well, they must've worked it out and find out she's gotta be better off keeping her job
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2634] mm, well Ann's still there and her other oldish woman
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2635] Is Molly there then?
Sheila (PS59B) [2636] I dunno Molly works
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2637] Molly wasn't in yesterday was she?
Sheila (PS59B) [2638] I haven't seen her ... I haven't seen her, have you been to Kwik Save lately?
[2639] Have you seen Molly?
[2640] You know Molly big fat Molly?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2641] Molly's on tills I think
Sheila (PS59B) [2642] Have you seen, have you seen her this week?
[2643] Have you been in?
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2644] I think mam said she were in on Tuesday
Sheila (PS59B) [2645] Oh
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2646] Monday or Tuesday
Sheila (PS59B) [2647] I say I've not seen her
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2648] cos she's [...]
Sheila (PS59B) [2649] Oh, aye ...
Unknown speaker (KR0PSUNK) [2650] she used to have bank counter job though didn't she?
Sheila (PS59B) [2651] Mm
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2652] Aye she used to be at the bank
Sheila (PS59B) [2653] Aye, but there's nine been made redundant ... Chris, Val says there's, there's nobody in and they have
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2654] And all have er, a cut three hundred working hours
Sheila (PS59B) [2655] Aye
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2656] so ... they've done it with nine then eh?
Sheila (PS59B) [2657] Yeah
Sammy Jo (PS59H) [2658] All the full-timers then, eh?
Sheila (PS59B) [2659] Mm ... I'll turn that off now