BNC Text KR1

6 conversations recorded by `Skonev' (PS59U) [dates unknown] with 7 interlocutors, totalling 728 s-units, 5091 words, and over 8 minutes 56 seconds of recordings.

8 speakers recorded by respondent number 721

PS59U Ag0 m (Skonev, age 12, student, Home Counties, )
PS59V Ag0 m (Blake, age 13, student) friend
PS59W Ag0 m (Antony, age 13, student) friend
PS59X Ag4 m (Roland, age 45, lecturer) father
PS59Y Ag0 f (Caelia, age 10, student) sister
PS5A0 Ag0 m (Patrick, age 13, student) friend
KR1PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KR1PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

6 recordings

  1. Tape 139201 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 139301 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 139302 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 139303 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 139304 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 139305 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 139201)

Skonev (PS59U) [1] and I thought, right, this bloke's a wanker
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [2] You move down please
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [3] And you said no
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [4] because there's no room and Sonia goes [shouting] shut up, where d'you want us to go?
[5] [...] [] . Right, the block shuts up right [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [6] old Army General, line up and get in a single line
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [7] we can maximise the [...] space if you get in that leg room of about one millimetre or lie down on people's laps and then we can build or may be even lie down on [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [8] The worst thing is right is old women trying to get on the train
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [9] We can't, there's no room [...] .
[10] I was just asking
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [11] Old women [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [12] Oh look, there's a fucking camera out there
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [13] walking sticks and they've got like Parkinsons Disease [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [14] [...] knocking everyone out the way
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [15] [...] camera
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [16] these two ladies and this old biddy, she's right, she always gets on the train first and all the businessmen and all the kids hat her
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [17] that that one with the black hat?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [18] No, she gets on, she's always there in the morning.
[19] She gets her friend and they sort of lock arms and sort of do a rugby scrum and they knock everybody out the way.
[20] And one day and this businessman goes, do you mind, stupid cow, cos she always they just erm run
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [21] and no matter and one day we we did a rugby scrum and we rammed them out the way and they went flying.
[22] It was really funny and we got
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [23] The worst is
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [24] the worst is when you're on a carriage which is packed with J F S kids cos they're like, they're just lying down [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [25] and they dragged two of them in and there's about ten people in the other side of the carriage in about this much space and there's like two J F S kids lying on the floor in the middle of the carriage
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [26] [...] we get on the train at [...] , most of them get on at Elstree [...] luckily so what we do is we open the doors and they're always crowding up the bit where the door is and they say excuse me may I get on please?
[27] And th and then they let all their friends get on first [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [28] There's one at Kentish Town, a businessman who smokes big fat cigars like this and he's half finished them and he throws them on the train and when the doors open no-one clears out the way and he steps on [...] and he's such as bastard
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [29] they go, bloody kids, pushing, all the
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [30] but they're the ones who always
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [31] they think they think they like
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [32] And the things is, they always laugh, they're always laughing when they get on the train
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [33] D'you know what I hate
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [34] crowd all the seats yeah and you can hear them
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [35] and they're like so loud and high-pitched and then when they laugh
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [36] and this woman's like saying, I've saved you bloody cow and they're always shouting.
[37] D'you remember that time that that fat boy said, save your seat you bloody cow, sit in it.
[38] She said no and they start having a fight.
[39] Stupid.
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [40] slob right in front of the doors
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [41] and like you're trying to get off the train, d'you mind
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [42] yeah, the doors come apart, the doors come apart, and they're still stuck there
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [43] [...] and like there's a puddle of spit [...] and you just sort of push past them and the bloke goes [...] don't care [...] and I hate businessmen
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [44] and he's carrying his briefcase and he decides he wants to get a paper right and he's absolutely massive
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [45] really hate is when you're on a crowded train and you're all getting on the train and someone else who's getting off lights up a cigarette and [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [46] They all s they stand there at the door going [...] lighter as if it matters they have to get off the train with a cigarette in their mouth or they're uncool, some shit like this
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [47] The worst paper [...] is The Times
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [48] No,n or The Financial Times.
[49] They go
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [50] and they're holding it up here
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [51] and I got, I got a bit
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [52] and he goes
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [53] and also him and this lady they sit there and they start murmuring about you
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [54] such a bloody annoying bastard and if you talk they stare at you like this
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [55] she never smiles.
[56] I've seen her laugh but I think she's taking the piss.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [57] [...] what d'you wanna do after school like that [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [58] and you step on their foot by mistake and they
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [59] [...] the trombone and they think the trombone shouldn't be there and this man says, look, picks up the trombone and puts it outside the train.
[60] He said look you don't need to take that to school, it's just taking up space which I could stand in.
[61] Fuck you you old bugger.
[62] He's such a tosser.
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [63] he thinks that he can buy [...] I could buy this standing space because I'm a businessman and I've got lots of money.
[64] Fucking tosser.
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]

2 (Tape 139302)

Skonev (PS59U) [65] Mom, mom ... [...] [sigh] reasonably [...] hold on a second, just gotta put this on
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [66] [whispering] really nasty [] [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [67] I hate this subject, especially with a [...] teacher who doesn't know anything about it.
[68] [...] every time is just compare sources which bores me stupid.
[69] Bastard teacher ... he's the one that reacts and freaks and pisses you off ... [humming] [...] don't know.
[70] What's that under my foot? [whispering] the accused []
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [71] Okay ...
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [72] Maybe.
[73] No no no shut up.
[74] Cos I don't want to, it's boring ... [...] .
[75] Mom? [...] a nice time after school cleaning the desks.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [76] Mhm?
Skonev (PS59U) [77] Rupert's having a nice time after school cleaning the desks.
[78] No.
[79] Being sarcastic mother, you know what a [...] he is.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [80] Yeah, well teachers are all dicks so [sigh] they don't know how to discipline anyone.
[81] They're all thick.
[82] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [83] [...] Barbara
Skonev (PS59U) [84] Oh, Barbara, silly cow.
[85] Bertie Wooster
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [86] and the resourceful Jeeves Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry find themselves back in New York in the first new episode of the new and final series of Jeeves and Wooster beginning on I T V this week.
[87] What time, what day is it on?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [88] Writer Clive [...] has created the plot lines by interviewing
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [89] What?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [90] Boring as hell
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [91] I mean, it's not a boring programme but you'd find it boring, believe me.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [92] What kind of computer does he want?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [93] He wants an expensive computer
Skonev (PS59U) [94] What's it called?
[95] The B B C shit?
[96] I mean [sigh] bollocks shit or something
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [97] He just wants a better one than they've got now but a very basic [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [98] No he wants a decent computer.
[99] He doesn't want a P C bollocks
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [100] I said that's what he's got [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [101] I bet he wants a bollocks P C.
[102] Bollocks. [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [103] Well why doesn't she buy him a computer?
[104] Well bollocks [...] .
[105] Look, if she can send him to Westminster or Eton she's got money.
[106] Yeah, well, then I don't see why he his father can't pay for it.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [107] Well why can't his father pay for a computer? [humming]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [humming]
Skonev (PS59U) [108] I'm not doing as much homework but bloody hard at school which Roland won't appreciate, which really pisses me off cos I don't
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [109] Well, sometimes, I mean, yes at the moment but we're working very hard at s
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [110] Well cos we're working much harder in school at the moment and also the exams are coming up
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [111] Bollocks.
[112] [...] one, Arsenal three, Arsenal two, Leeds United two, Leeds United two, Arsenal three, Arsenal three, Nottingham Forest nil, Ipswich two, Arsenal four, Arsenal one, Tottenham Hotspur nil.
[113] Fuck you.
[114] Got t [...] I'm keeping it.
[115] I just wanna cut the picture of Kim Basinger off the front page.
[116] Well, just a couple f pages out of it.
[117] [humming] . Mom you know the quality of this sound recording thing well it's not very good.
[118] I don't know how they expect to get anything out of it.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [119] It's very bad ... [whistling] [...] I'm reading.
[120] No [...] Wh why don't you just go out?
[121] You'll feel better.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [122] Believe me, I feel like that every morning and I'm never sick.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [123] Yeah, well I do, believe me, I feel very s Mom, I gag on the way t
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [124] Who's Laura [...] ?
[125] Have you heard of someone called Laura [...] ?
[126] She's a Hollywood gossip.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [127] [...] what?
[128] This one.
[129] Sh what this one?
[130] No, it's not made up, I've seen her before on T V
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [131] in a minute.
[132] [...] that's the life [whistling] [humming] .
[133] Ever seen the film called A Man For All Seasons? ...
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [134] Is it good?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [135] Is it any good?
[136] Sir Thomas Moore
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [137] [...] [humming] [whistling] Look mom, the pick of satellite films mom, I mean three of them only get two stars.
[138] Shows you what a load of crap they have on satellite.
[139] Yes, one second.
[140] One, sorry I wanna read this, I'll be b I promise I'll be there in a minute.
[141] I'll just quickly read what I want to [whistling] ... Okay [humming] .
[142] I said I would I'm g
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [143] No, taking it just from him just cos he's an [...] old sod ... [...] come too often.
[144] Here.
[145] Is [...] coming?
[146] Who?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [147] I'll be back after [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [148] [...] set the table?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [149] Well, I didn't know he'd gone [...] did I? [...] [whistling] [singing] [...] mother fucking right and my fucking [...] []

3 (Tape 139303)

Skonev (PS59U) [150] London, Europe, England, the world is a complete prat he he he.
[151] I recorded that Caelia [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [152] Be quiet
Skonev (PS59U) [153] That was her
Roland (PS59X) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [154] shut up
Skonev (PS59U) [155] I wasn't recording, I paused it
Caelia (PS59Y) [156] hairy legs
Roland (PS59X) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [157] I wasn't practising, I was on a perfectly [...]
Roland (PS59X) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Roland (PS59X) [158] [...] perched up on the roof surrounded by [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [159] No [...] the garden
Skonev (PS59U) [160] Dad, dad, the crews will be sweeping down that side passage and then coming over and then past my window again.
[161] No, they really are, they've got the dive bombers on us next week mom, or is it this week?
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [162] Oh shit.
[163] Shut up shut up.
[164] Yes.
[165] Yeah.
[166] Yes.
Roland (PS59X) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [167] Don't pick your toe nails [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [168] I wasn't.
[169] I was at her but I wasn't [...] Yes.
[170] [...] Yeah well shut up
Caelia (PS59Y) [171] shut up
Skonev (PS59U) [172] shut up
Caelia (PS59Y) [173] Oh look it's [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [174] shut up.
[175] Mom, they've got the Dambusters.
[176] Dad, is the Dambusters a good film?
Roland (PS59X) [177] It certainly is [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [178] Is Dambusters a good film?
[179] It's on next week.
[180] Saturday.
[181] It's on Saturday.
Roland (PS59X) [182] Well we'll video it [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [183] No, no, we're not videoing the Dambusters cos there's got the cup final on tomorrow.
Roland (PS59X) [184] We might already have [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [185] We don't, we don't
Roland (PS59X) [186] Are you sure
Skonev (PS59U) [187] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [188] Yeah but we can't record it cos we'll either record the cup final and I wanna record the cup final
Roland (PS59X) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [189] [shouting] yes I do []
Roland (PS59X) [190] Alright, I don't mind
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [191] We'll stay in and watch the cup final
Skonev (PS59U) [192] Yeah well granddad better let me.
[193] I'm not [...] I'm watching the cup final
Roland (PS59X) [194] [...] so don't worry
Skonev (PS59U) [195] There is.
[196] I'm pretty sure there 's
Roland (PS59X) [197] [...] are over now
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [198] Better let me watch it, I'm gonna watch that [whispering] [...] [] [...] .
[199] Yeah, they were swooping, they were [...] up on you know across there, you know across erm er opposite [...] there's that house where th that has the garden at the bottom of ours.
[200] Well, they were perching on the erm chimneys of that one and then they've been coming they're gonna be swooping round up not actually low but above it, about fly to the bathroom then spread up, turning a circle, coming down and going past my window and land
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [201] they were big crows
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [202] they must have seen it land or something like that.
[203] Yeah well th cos they've been waiting up there on the thing and they've [...] land or they've just been circ
Caelia (PS59Y) [204] moving moving
Skonev (PS59U) [205] No it's not
Caelia (PS59Y) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [206] No, it's not, it just wakes them up
Caelia (PS59Y) [207] and it just moved a bit and I went in again, I looked at the window [...] and they moved again
Skonev (PS59U) [208] Well of course it's gonna move, if she says your face she might be sick [...] cos it sees Caelia's face [...] punishment [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [209] She's Caelia, that's Caelia of course
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [210] there should be boiling water [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [211] [singing] here comes the man [...] []
Caelia (PS59Y) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [212] I don't know.
[213] Oh God, I forgot.
[214] I set the table but I forgot about the water.
[215] Oh shut up.
[216] I set the table.
[217] Oi, shut it.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [218] [...] Dad?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [219] Now don't shout [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [belch]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [220] cauliflower won't take very long
Skonev (PS59U) [221] Sorry, I did forget mom, I swear.
Caelia (PS59Y) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [222] [...] really nice [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [223] I'm sorry for it
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [224] gonna dive bomb, bird shit at the ready [...] [whispering] [...] [] No I won't.
[225] Caelia go away, Patrick go away.
[226] Don't, you're so sad, get lost.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [227] [...] d'you wanna come up?
[228] Yeah.
[229] Yeah okay, bring it, leave it in here.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [230] there's a heron in our garden
Patrick (PS5A0) [231] a heron? where?
Skonev (PS59U) [232] just round the side
Patrick (PS5A0) [233] Is it dead?
Skonev (PS59U) [234] No, it got attacked by some crows, they bit it
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [235] Yeah, it's just not working right.
[236] It don't work right.
[237] It's an old one, very old [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [238] Yeah, pull the trigger [...] my dad, my dad goes [...] I went like this, he said don't worry it's not loaded [...] fired, just past my dad's head
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [239] what, a bullet?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [240] [...] gun powder in it?
Skonev (PS59U) [241] It's a bit blocked up at the moment but yeah it would
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [242] I'm getting an automatic next time I go in there.
[243] The man said he'd save me one,un unclipped
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [244] they won't let me get [...] .
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [245] No, he'll get it for fifty.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [246] Next time you go [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [247] Uncapped.
[248] It's uncapped [...] you know the thing you put in [...] banging of the guns under a hundred years, it hasn't got that in it.
[249] It's wicked.
[250] It comes with three cartridges.
[251] You know those ones you click on and then you put bullets
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [252] buying an air gun
Patrick (PS5A0) [253] Is that air gun good?
Skonev (PS59U) [254] Yeah, very good
Patrick (PS5A0) [255] What's it like? [...] is it? have you seen it?
Skonev (PS59U) [256] Yep [...] yeah
Patrick (PS5A0) [257] [...] sure?
Skonev (PS59U) [258] fifteen pounds
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [259] metal ball bearings yeah
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [260] I would
Skonev (PS59U) [261] Could've done, probably shoot myself
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [262] Joe's got one
Skonev (PS59U) [263] shoot a cat's tail off, it can shoot a cat's tail off [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [264] Joe shot a pigeon
Skonev (PS59U) [265] I know, his head blew off
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [266] exploded, his head exploded
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [267] it didn't, his head went like [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [268] picked it up, dropped it in the bin
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [269] his head exploded
Skonev (PS59U) [270] Sick, I wouldn't do that
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [271] I'd do that, I'd do it to a dog [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [272] I'd never shoot a dog
Skonev (PS59U) [273] I like dogs
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [274] the biggest thing I'd shoot would be a little bird
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [275] I'd only shoot a little bird if it was dead, if it was like half dead, like if Joe had shot it al
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [276] Mom it's Sally
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [277] did you [...] to America or
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [278] I bet I've been to more schools than [...] Australia, I've been to four schools in Australia
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [279] what those things there?
[280] Shoes [...] my schools shoes
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [281] the other school blazer's a hundred pounds
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [282] [...] might as well just give you a blazer and [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [283] it's cheaper now, it's forty pounds.
[284] Yeah?
[285] You'll have to go s Yeah, I know Pa dad, call me [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [286] I ain't got any
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [287] when we us the last two and that one exploded on me I had this [...] and it goes [...] and exploded all over me and went over [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [288] Some things are different
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [289] [...] a silly old git isn't he? a turkey
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [290] [...] yeah, see what I do, shit.
[291] I do the opposite [...] too hard.
[292] What do you do in America?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [293] No, cos you have examinations to [...] you have to be
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [294] Yeah, but you had to pass an examination, didn't you?
Skonev (PS59U) [295] Yeah, I passed.
[296] I find it I don't find it very hard bu well not all of it some of it hard, it is hard though.
[297] I don't know where it is now [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [298] [...] do you now, do you know Max?
Skonev (PS59U) [299] Max , yeah I know him.
[300] He's thick.
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [301] He's intelligent but he's a dick head
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [302] Why, what does he do?
Skonev (PS59U) [303] He's just thick he.
[304] Oh fuck.
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [305] I gotta go.
[306] You gotta go now Pat.
[307] [...] down the pub?
[308] I'll be down in about twenty minutes, okay?
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [309] Pat, come over here in about twenty five minutes, okay?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [310] Do you know Adam?
Skonev (PS59U) [311] Adam Adam ?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [312] Adam
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [313] Do you know his name though?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [314] what does he look like?
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [315] Bye Pat, come back in about twenty five minutes.
[316] [sigh] . That boy went to the same primary school as
Roland (PS59X) [317] I'll take your word for that
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [318] That's about all I want, okay, I'm not very hungry.
[319] That's about all I want mom cos I'm not very hungry today.
[320] [...] rush out, it's just that I'm not very hungry.
Roland (PS59X) [321] Caelia [...] use your fork use your fork.
[322] Okay, one more, one more.
[323] Come on, take a piece.
Skonev (PS59U) [324] Shall I stop this while we're eating?
Roland (PS59X) [325] No no [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [326] Well, I'll take the microphone off cos [...] I'll put it like this, down here like this [...] No Caelia, no just leave it alone.
[327] This side's nearly finished so
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [328] erm, bit less than Caelia
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [329] same amount
Skonev (PS59U) [330] I'm not very hungry [...] I'm just not hungry
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [331] didn't I?
Roland (PS59X) [332] careful, careful [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [333] [...] that's hot
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [334] shut up [...]

4 (Tape 139304)

Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [335] d'you want erm any more
Blake (PS59V) [336] what stage are you on?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Blake (PS59V) [337] you just switch it on again
Skonev (PS59U) [338] Alexander, d'you want some more
Blake (PS59V) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [339] Alexander
Blake (PS59V) [340] What?
Skonev (PS59U) [341] D'you want some more?
Skonev (PS59U) [342] Ah, yes please.
[343] [...] don't you know it?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [344] No?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [345] No
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [346] Wow
Skonev (PS59U) [347] Which one are you playing?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [348] How far have you got yourself?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [349] Which level have you got to?
[350] First?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [351] Yeah.
[352] I can get to erm fourth level
Skonev (PS59U) [353] Which one have you got to Alexander?
Blake (PS59V) [354] Twenty two, but that's only cos use the keys
Skonev (PS59U) [355] Did that go on the floor?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [356] Yeah
Blake (PS59V) [357] that's only cos I use the keys
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [358] have your wits about you [laugh] .
[359] No.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [360] [...] or [...] this morning, I can't think if I remembered
Blake (PS59V) [361] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [362] I did
Blake (PS59V) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Blake (PS59V) [363] tape should be ready in a minute.
[364] Should be ready after we've finished our [...] ...
Skonev (PS59U) [365] Are you rewinding something on the video?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [366] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [367] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [368] I wondered what that noise was?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [369] Shortly after you've finished that, I really ought to take you back Jake
Blake (PS59V) [370] after we've finished the video
Skonev (PS59U) [371] Well, how long will it take?
Blake (PS59V) [372] Not finis, just see a little bit
Skonev (PS59U) [373] Is it, is the new one then?
Blake (PS59V) [374] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [375] The beginning?
Blake (PS59V) [376] [...] right not
Skonev (PS59U) [377] Well he can come another day and look at it darling because I don't want you to be too late tonight, you've got all that Lego to clear up
Blake (PS59V) [378] Just that, just that video [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [379] We have to be early tomorrow because of going up to London you see.
Blake (PS59V) [380] I know.
[381] Mommy?
Skonev (PS59U) [382] Have you seen [...] square inch
Blake (PS59V) [383] Mommy, please can we just do him? please?
Skonev (PS59U) [384] Goldfinger?
Blake (PS59V) [385] Just watch Goldfinger [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [386] It takes about two hours to watch it
Blake (PS59V) [387] Not all of it.
[388] Not two hours for all of it.
Skonev (PS59U) [389] Well then you'll say you don't want to stop.
[390] You can watch it until quarter past six and no longer, right?
Blake (PS59V) [391] Well
Skonev (PS59U) [392] Yes, absolutely, because I said I'd have Jake back about six at home
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [393] No I did not
Blake (PS59V) [394] I'm sure you did
Skonev (PS59U) [395] Because I want to give you time to clear up
Blake (PS59V) [396] Did you got to pick him up or did
Skonev (PS59U) [397] No, his mother brought him
Blake (PS59V) [398] I didn't see his mother
Skonev (PS59U) [399] remember [...] it's upstairs, isn't it?
[400] No cos you weren't even dressed [...]
Blake (PS59V) [401] [...] cos that's [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [402] Is that beef cooked enough?
Blake (PS59V) [403] Mhm, yeah [...] they're home made
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Blake (PS59V) [404] [...] absolutely disgusting
Skonev (PS59U) [405] That's not very nice
Blake (PS59V) [406] [...] absolutely disgusting
Skonev (PS59U) [407] [laugh] is it?
[408] Well
Blake (PS59V) [409] Alex?
Skonev (PS59U) [410] Yes, remember to close the tree house door when we go out.
[411] Just in case it rains
Blake (PS59V) [412] Alex?
Antony (PS59W) [413] Yeah?
Blake (PS59V) [414] You know those rice krispy things at school for pudding.
Antony (PS59W) [415] Yeah
Blake (PS59V) [416] Do you know how to make it?
Antony (PS59W) [417] No
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Blake (PS59V) [418] I do
Skonev (PS59U) [419] Yes you do know how to make it
Blake (PS59V) [420] What?
Skonev (PS59U) [421] Those chocolate rice krispies
Blake (PS59V) [422] [...] chocolate ones
Skonev (PS59U) [423] [...] golden syrup
Blake (PS59V) [424] Mhm.
[425] Yeah.
[426] It's butter [...] and syrup then you put condensed milk in
Skonev (PS59U) [427] condensed milk do they have in them?
Blake (PS59V) [428] Mhm
Skonev (PS59U) [429] I've never made them with condensed milk.
[430] Are they yummy?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [431] Mhm
Skonev (PS59U) [432] Is that how they make them at school darling?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [433] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [434] Do you eat them?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [435] Mhm
Skonev (PS59U) [436] Actually that's what affects your eczema because condensed milk [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [437] What is condensed milk?
Skonev (PS59U) [438] It's that stuff that comes out of a tin that's very rich
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [439] ugh [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [440] You probably don't have it [...] you've probably never had it.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [441] I've probably had it
Skonev (PS59U) [442] I used to make it for the girls when they were little
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [443] Why?
Skonev (PS59U) [444] For puddings very occasionally
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [445] Pudding?
[446] Condensed milk, wow
Skonev (PS59U) [447] Jake, do you want the other half? [...]
Antony (PS59W) [448] Erm, I'll have a bit of it please
Blake (PS59V) [449] I'll have the other bit
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [450] I'll have a tiny bit
Skonev (PS59U) [451] Come and tell me how much you'd like.
[452] Bring your plates ... like that, or do you want like that?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [453] Erm, no that will be enough
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [454] Yes please
Skonev (PS59U) [455] Does mommy make peaches [...] , I expect she does
Antony (PS59W) [456] No, my nanny does
Skonev (PS59U) [457] Your nanny?
[458] Oh, you've got a nanny at the moment, have you?
Antony (PS59W) [459] Yes [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [460] Nice, is she?
Antony (PS59W) [461] Yes [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [462] Where does she come from?
[463] Is she
Antony (PS59W) [464] Erm she comes
Skonev (PS59U) [465] Local?
[466] Does she live in or just come daily?
Antony (PS59W) [467] She comes daily
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [468] Alright?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [469] [...] cheese or mozzarella? [...] tomato base
Blake (PS59V) [470] Everybody at school says mozzarella cheese is disgusting ... I take no notice of them
Skonev (PS59U) [471] Well I should think that's quite right.
[472] They probably, they probably get it given to you on your school pizzas [...]
Antony (PS59W) [473] What cheese is disgusting?
Skonev (PS59U) [474] Mozzarella, the one you're eating
Antony (PS59W) [475] It's nice
Blake (PS59V) [476] I know, that's what pe people say is disgusting
Skonev (PS59U) [477] For some reason or another I've found a pizza that doesn't affect his skin
Blake (PS59V) [478] That cheese.
[479] You took these didn't you?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [480] [...] got a bit crisp.
[481] Have you finished with that, shall I give it to the birds?
[482] Alexander?
[483] Shall I give it to the birds?
Blake (PS59V) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [484] Yes thank you mommy
Blake (PS59V) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [485] No, Alexander.
[486] Just behave nicely.
[487] I should pick it up and bite it with your teeth if it's getting too difficult.
[488] Don't worry.
[489] It's possibly the best way of getting it.
[490] Is it too hot?
[491] Is it still very hot?
[492] Is it really? [...] on the top there ... D d cos I suppose Amber has to go to school on Saturdays, doesn't she?
Antony (PS59W) [493] Mhm
Skonev (PS59U) [494] But not your other sister?
[495] Not the little one?
Antony (PS59W) [496] No
Skonev (PS59U) [...]
Blake (PS59V) [497] Mozzarella cheese
Skonev (PS59U) [498] So is Amber going to board when she comes to [...]
Antony (PS59W) [499] I'm not sure.
[500] I think she is.
Skonev (PS59U) [501] Weekly board I suppose, like you.
[502] Do you know where the girls are going to sleep yet?
Antony (PS59W) [503] Oh, some of them are gonna sleep in the surgery
Skonev (PS59U) [504] In the surgery?
Antony (PS59W) [505] Yep.
[506] Dad's gonna change it into a girls dormitory.
Skonev (PS59U) [507] And where are they then gonna have the surgeries?
Antony (PS59W) [508] Don't know
Blake (PS59V) [509] In the sand
Antony (PS59W) [510] That's gonna be difficult
Skonev (PS59U) [511] Where's the sand then?
Blake (PS59V) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [512] Which is where?
[513] Is that where the big ones have the sand with the television?
[514] ... I should have thought they might have had them in a separate house really but I suppose there won't be enough of them to begin with
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [515] House?
Skonev (PS59U) [516] Do you know how many girls Amber's going to have in her form?
[517] There are three in your form.
[518] Might be only two or three ... Jake, do you want some fruit or anything now?
[519] Have some fruit, have a banana or a tangerine or something.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [520] [...] cheers
Skonev (PS59U) [521] Jake, what would you like?
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [522] Apple?
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [523] It's like Swiss cheese, swiss cheese is like that.
[524] Would you like a banana?
Antony (PS59W) [525] Yes please
Skonev (PS59U) [526] Do you want to give me your plate [...] have it on a little one.
[527] Do you want any more cakes or anything?
Blake (PS59V) [528] We've got fifteen minutes to watch James Bond
Antony (PS59W) [...]
Blake (PS59V) [529] Alex, look at the time

5 (Tape 139305)

Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [530] I didn't like it first, when I bought it I thought it was a bit crap
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [531] Yeah, I first heard it
Patrick (PS5A0) [532] Did you hear jump around?
Skonev (PS59U) [533] Yeah, I heard jump around.
[534] Have you heard the remix of jump around.
Patrick (PS5A0) [535] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [536] It's real funny innit?
Patrick (PS5A0) [537] strange
Skonev (PS59U) [538] jump around, jump around
Patrick (PS5A0) [539] Did you think it was any good?
Skonev (PS59U) [540] Pardon?
Patrick (PS5A0) [541] What did you think? what did you think?
Skonev (PS59U) [542] I thought it was crap at first.
[543] I listened to it again and I thought it was good.
[544] The first time, right, I thought this can't be house of [...] .
[545] Put it on again, thought, hey it's sweet.
[546] Didn't like it first time [sigh] .
[547] I've read more pages.
[548] I've read pa I've read I'll show you how much I've read [...] .
[549] I read from there, fifty six, to there, that much.
Patrick (PS5A0) [550] Shit, that'd take me a week.
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...] [music]
Skonev (PS59U) [551] This is the remix.
[552] No, put on the real one.
[553] Turn it over.
[554] It's go it's you can hear the words better on that one.
Patrick (PS5A0) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [555] It's got wicked words.
Patrick (PS5A0) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [556] Right, that one.
[557] Yeah, you're right.
[558] They do make out they're black.
[559] I'm glad cos they're all black and overweight.
[560] Bastards.
[561] Specially Iced Tea, he's a monk.
[562] [yawning] got my history homework []
Patrick (PS5A0) [563] My gran and granddad are coming round.
Skonev (PS59U) [564] When's that?
Patrick (PS5A0) [565] Pardon?
Skonev (PS59U) [566] When?
Patrick (PS5A0) [567] Coming round tonight, that's why I've gotta record some of this.
[568] I'm supposed to have six tapes.
[569] I've only done one.
[570] This is my second one ... . [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [571] Mhm
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Patrick (PS5A0) [572] When you first heard this, what did you think?
Skonev (PS59U) [573] I thought it was shit then I thought it was good.
[574] I look that bit actually where they go [...]
Patrick (PS5A0) [575] What?
Skonev (PS59U) [576] [...] ... [music] It's a good bit that actually [...] pick it up, pick it up.
[577] [...] right, is that the same size as your book?
Patrick (PS5A0) [578] What?
Skonev (PS59U) [579] Pick up a book.
[580] Is that writing the same size or is yours smaller?
Patrick (PS5A0) [581] Mine's a wee bit smaller.
Skonev (PS59U) [582] It's probably about one size ... [music]
Skonev (PS59U) [583] What're you doing for Humanities?
Patrick (PS5A0) [584] Erm, roots
Skonev (PS59U) [585] roots?
Patrick (PS5A0) [586] roots
Skonev (PS59U) [587] About the film?
Patrick (PS5A0) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [588] It's good [...]
Patrick (PS5A0) [589] I've watch it already.
[590] We're just doing about blacks [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [591] Have you seen a f have you heard of a film called The Unborn?
Patrick (PS5A0) [592] I've heard it I haven't seen it
Skonev (PS59U) [593] Another one I wanna see is called erm, I can't remember what it's called.
[594] It's like this people th they're deep sea divers and they discover, they're stuck in the crevice, a big erm nuclear submarine and what it's for is an experiment that's gone wrong and it it's to make [...] and instead they make an abomination you know, incredibly powerful and intelligent but really nasty you know, murderous and killer and so they take they take him to these people.
[595] They they come down there but they haven't got enough oxygen to get up and so they gotta stay on this thing with this creature.
[596] It's a bit like Alien ex and it kills them off one by one.
[597] The nastiest one I've seen is called, have you heard of a film called Brain Dead?
[598] Sick isn't it?
[599] That man with [...]
Patrick (PS5A0) [600] Shit reviews though man
Skonev (PS59U) [601] It's horrible isn't it?
Patrick (PS5A0) [602] The reviews it got
Skonev (PS59U) [603] Real sick though isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [604] Is i that's the one with the picture of a man on the front isn't it? with his head in that metal thing
Patrick (PS5A0) [605] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [606] It looks really disgusting.
Patrick (PS5A0) [607] I wanna see it
Skonev (PS59U) [608] Do you?
[609] I don't wanna see it [...] be sick
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [610] No, I can't cos I've gotta do this.
[611] I can do some but.
[612] Oh shit fuck
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [613] Here Pat ssh [...]
Patrick (PS5A0) [614] Let's do a record.
[615] What do you have to record?
[616] Do you like [...] ?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [617] Bollocks
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [618] [...] conversation
Skonev (PS59U) [619] yes, talk normally, just talk normally, right come on
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [620] what, are you doing it now?
Skonev (PS59U) [621] Yes, just shut up [...] just talk normally okay
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [622] Patrick goes out with [...] sparrow legs.
[623] Patrick is an English book who goes to school.
[624] He lives at
Skonev (PS59U) [625] London, England, the world
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [626] it comes out at the beginning.
[627] It goes [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [628] by the time [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [629] and you're going, you asked for it you guys, you asked for it
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [630] [...] so sad cos [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [631] Have you seen The Running Man?
Caelia (PS59Y) [632] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [633] It's good isn't it?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [634] It's quite good though isn't it
Caelia (PS59Y) [635] It's not bad
Skonev (PS59U) [636] Do you know what it is?
[637] Do you know the story [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [638] Yeah, I know like [...] kind of thing
Skonev (PS59U) [639] Yeah [...] [whispering] jump up jump up get down []
Caelia (PS59Y) [640] Are you recording?
Skonev (PS59U) [641] Jump around, jump up g recording what?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
Caelia (PS59Y) [642] king of the crew [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [643] [...] I am a [...] and my name is Tom people say to me your head looks like a condom.
[644] I am a punk and a [...] and he goes and he [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [645] Oh shit
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [646] and he goes erm I am a con my head looks like a condom.
Skonev (PS59U) [647] My name is [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [648] [...] I can't help it, it's not my fault [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [649] funny it's like [...] cos they had the keyboard and that sort of rap beat it's like, [...] and all my kebabs are [...] in salad cream, rap it on, stack it on, that's my scene, [...] gimme some kebab kebab gimme [...] ages, wicked tune, I mean all these words
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [650] I sang a song about [...] and he goes shut up okay shut up
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [651] After this [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [652] [...] was the best because he got wicked [...] .
[653] I'm gonna get Howard.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [654] [...] when he walked through the bushes
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [655] Yeah
Skonev (PS59U) [656] Yeah I did.
[657] He came through the bushes so I [...] in his head.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [658] He thought it was me
Skonev (PS59U) [659] I thought it was you and I ran off, it was you, and th and I saw you come from the bush with Howard.
[660] Oh fuck. [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KR1PSUGP) [...]
Caelia (PS59Y) [661] fuck
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [662] quite hard
Skonev (PS59U) [663] that's what they do on the front, that's what they do on the front of [...] invasion.
[664] It's got a man smashing his head in and killing his dad.
[665] It's Ice Tea coming in killing the boy's dad.
[666] The boy [...] ear phones has his dad being killed and his mom being raped.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [667] That's him killing his dad [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [668] No it's not, it's not him, it's Ice Tea doing it
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [669] I know cos that's wh you sh you have to listen to words carefully
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [670] What's it saying?
Skonev (PS59U) [671] Well it's saying I'm gonna rape your mom and
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [672] Yeah, I know I heard that
Skonev (PS59U) [673] I can't remember but anyway it
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [674] Can I take [...] cos I wanna listen to it
Skonev (PS59U) [675] No you can't, sorry Pat, I can't let you.
[676] You can ta you can borrow [...] .
[677] I was gonna buy it but I thought no, it ain't worth it
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [678] What [...] ?
Skonev (PS59U) [679] Yeah
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [680] jump up jump and get down.
[681] Hey, I'm glad they're English cos all the bloody groups are black.
[682] I'm gonna show it to my dad.
[683] Hey Pat, come and show it to my dad
Patrick (PS5A0) [684] What?
Skonev (PS59U) [685] House of pain.
[686] I wanna show him the cover [...] the true Irish people.
[687] Where's the cover?
[688] Where did you put the cover?
[689] Jump up jump up and get ... [...] .
[690] Pat, you dr you know when you dropped the tapes on the floor, you dropped your one down there.
Patrick (PS5A0) [691] What?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [692] Here comes the one you dig, the one's you don't [...] .
[693] Dad look, I just wanna show you the tape I bought.
[694] House of Pain.
[695] Irish.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [696] It's an Irish rap group.
[697] Parental advisory there are explicit lyrics.
[698] Ha, that's on all my taps.
[699] I ain't got any tapes which doesn't say that on them.
[700] They all have parental advisory.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [701] What about [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [laugh]
Skonev (PS59U) [702] [...] I haven't done my history yet
Roland (PS59X) [703] You haven't done it?
Skonev (PS59U) [704] No
Roland (PS59X) [705] What have you been doing?
Skonev (PS59U) [706] I've been recording for this
Roland (PS59X) [707] [...] that gotta be in tomorrow?
Skonev (PS59U) [708] Yeah, there's not that much of it left to do
Roland (PS59X) [709] Well, I think Patrick [...] stay much longer than half an hour
Skonev (PS59U) [710] Okay, half an hour.
[711] Come on, let's go upstairs Pat [...]
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [712] Why?
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [713] Basketball.
[714] Yeah, might as well.
[715] Okay [...] .
[716] You got the one's you dig, the one you want.
[717] House of pain [...] .
[718] You said yesterday you were going along with the Irish
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [719] Did you think I was serious?
Skonev (PS59U) [720] No [...] I wish I was Irish, I wish I wasn't English.
Unknown speaker (KR1PSUNK) [...]
Skonev (PS59U) [721] Here we go, here we go.
[722] Oh, here we go.
[723] I'll come, wait a second I'm coming.
[724] Transfer.
[725] Okay.
[726] Okay, got the thing?
[727] Where did you put it? [...] from the bath, that's good.
[728] If my mom sees you you're dead Pat.