BNC Text KR2

13 conversations recorded by `Terry' (PS5A1) [dates unknown] with 13 interlocutors, totalling 1655 s-units, 7446 words, and over 13 minutes 18 seconds of recordings.

13 speakers recorded by respondent number 722

PS5A1 Ag0 m (Terry, age 14, student, London, )
PS5A2 Ag0 m (Clifton, age 14, student) friend
PS5A3 Ag0 f (Jo, age 14, student) friend
PS5A4 Ag3 f (Mother, age 39, housewife) mother
PS5A5 Ag0 m (Michael, age 1, pre-school) brother
PS5A6 Ag0 m (Nick, age 14, student) friend
PS5A7 Ag1 f (Georgina, age 16, student) sister
PS5A8 Ag1 m (Agi, age 19, student) friend's brother
PS5A9 X m (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS5AA Ag0 m (Damion, age 14, student) friend
PS5AB Ag0 f (Bunnie, age 14, student) friend
PS5AT X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6U4 X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified

13 recordings

  1. Tape 139401 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 139402 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 139403 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 139501 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 139502 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 139503 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 139601 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 139602 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 139603 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 139604 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 139605 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 139606 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 139607 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 139401)

None (PS6U4) [1] Right mom?
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [2] Where's the food?
[3] I'm hungry mom.
[4] Oh would you?
[5] Just for me?
[6] Oh gratitude.
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [7] Picker.
[8] Oh hey Clifton's coming round, gonna play football
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [9] Clifton [...] and we're gonna play football
Mother (PS5A4) [10] What's Clifton
Terry (PS5A1) [11] Clifton
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [12] [...] What's up Michael?
[13] Hello
Michael (PS5A5) [14] Where's the ball?
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Michael (PS5A5) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [15] Where's your ball?
Michael (PS5A5) [16] ball
Terry (PS5A1) [17] Where?
Michael (PS5A5) [18] ball
Terry (PS5A1) [19] Where's the ball?
Michael (PS5A5) [20] here
Terry (PS5A1) [21] Well give it here
Michael (PS5A5) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [22] Where's the ball?
Michael (PS5A5) [23] there
Terry (PS5A1) [24] [...] mhm, it's nice.
[25] Come on Michael eat your dinner [...]

2 (Tape 139402)

Terry (PS5A1) [26] Mom, you have to speak English.
[27] No, I told you yesterday
Mother (PS5A4) [28] I can't hear
Terry (PS5A1) [29] Well you have to speak English
Mother (PS5A4) [30] Why is that?
Terry (PS5A1) [31] Cos thing
Mother (PS5A4) [32] What thing?
Terry (PS5A1) [33] This
Mother (PS5A4) [34] Oh you mean you are taping me
Terry (PS5A1) [35] No, I have to leave it on all the time
Mother (PS5A4) [36] Are you taping me now?
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [37] So everything I say is running
Terry (PS5A1) [38] Yeah
Mother (PS5A4) [39] Who is going to listen to it?
Terry (PS5A1) [40] Some people in Norway
Mother (PS5A4) [41] Norway?
[42] Oh my God
Terry (PS5A1) [43] Oh my God
Michael (PS5A5) [44] Oh God
Terry (PS5A1) [45] Shut up boy
Michael (PS5A5) [46] Oh God
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [47] Yes I can.
[48] Hello?
[49] Yes Terry morning morning.
[50] What?
[51] What's that shit music in the background?
[52] What's that shit mus
Mother (PS5A4) [53] Come and finish your dinner
Terry (PS5A1) [54] Oi [...] listen to this.
[55] You know that taping thing? you know the micro thing you know?
[56] Yeah I'm doing it now.
[57] Yes I am.
[58] It's picking up all that you say you know.
[59] It is ... .
[60] [...] not for me man.
[61] Nick who?
[62] Nick who?
[63] Oh [...] Duane told me something about Nick or Nicky.
[64] Was it?
[65] What's he say?
[66] Oh right.
[67] Oh.
[68] Didn't get what she said man.
[69] Colin, I don't know, he probably won't come.
[70] I asked him.
[71] Is it?
[72] I'll phone Nick and Colin right.
[73] Alright then laters.
[74] Dickhead, dickhead.
[75] Laters.
Michael (PS5A5) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [76] [...] he said some and get your [...] and finish your dinner
Michael (PS5A5) [77] I have to phone Nick
Mother (PS5A4) [78] Forget about Nick
Terry (PS5A1) [79] Shit [whispering] what's Nick's phone number? []
Mother (PS5A4) [80] And stop swearing [...] the tape
Terry (PS5A1) [81] You're allowed to swear.
[82] No.
[83] Fucking hell man.
[84] Oh no. [laugh]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [85] I can swear it I like okay [...] [whispering] [...] [] ... [phone rings]
None (PS6U4) [86] Hello
Terry (PS5A1) [87] Hi Nick
None (PS6U4) [88] Yes
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
None (PS6U4) [89] What're you doing man?
Terry (PS5A1) [90] Oi, I'm taping you you know
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [91] I'm taping you
None (PS6U4) [92] Hello
Terry (PS5A1) [93] Say hello to microphone
None (PS6U4) [94] Hello mister Mike
Terry (PS5A1) [95] Yeah, pucker, hard core [...] yeah, oi coming down park?
None (PS6U4) [96] I dunno
Terry (PS5A1) [97] Come on
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [98] Yeah y he [...]
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [99] Are you coming?
None (PS6U4) [100] I dunno
Terry (PS5A1) [101] D'you wanna come?
None (PS6U4) [102] Not really
Terry (PS5A1) [103] Alright, don't bother coming, right?
None (PS6U4) [104] Alright then
Terry (PS5A1) [105] D'you wanna come?
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [106] What?
[107] Yeah, it's bloody wicked.
[108] I'm I'm going down there at five o'clock yeah
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [109] yeah
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [110] Alright then, if you're not doing nothing right [...] alright then laters, pucker.
[111] Who else can I ring?
None (PS6U4) [112] Mhm?
Terry (PS5A1) [113] I have to get a lot of people
Mother (PS5A4) [114] Don't use my telephone
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Michael (PS5A5) [115] No [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [116] seven five
Mother (PS5A4) [117] hey
Terry (PS5A1) [118] four four nine .
[119] Hello, Colin?
None (PS6U4) [120] Hold on ...
Terry (PS5A1) [121] Colin, yeah [...] yeah, oi, d'you wanna come and play football then?
[122] Yeah, what time do you reckon you'll be there?
[123] Er says he's gonna knock for me about five yeah and we're gonna be there at five yeah.
[124] So what time d' you reckon you can get there by if you leave now?
None (PS6U4) [125] five past five
Terry (PS5A1) [126] What, if you leave now?
None (PS6U4) [127] well after I've had my dinner [...] five past five
Terry (PS5A1) [128] Alright then, you know where we're gonna be?
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [129] Yeah, it's either the fence yeah, you know that white fence, either there or on the other side where those gold things are you know, or if we're not there, go on the other side of the park where the other gold things are.
[130] Know what I mean?
[131] Just f yeah.
[132] Anyway, laters yeah, laters.
Michael (PS5A5) [133] Bye
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Michael (PS5A5) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [134] What you want?
Michael (PS5A5) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [135] Claudette [...]
None (PS6U4) [136] No
Terry (PS5A1) [137] Claudette, come here
None (PS6U4) [138] No
Mother (PS5A4) [139] [...] finish your dinner
Terry (PS5A1) [140] Oh fucking hell
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [141] Go away
Mother (PS5A4) [142] Go on, eat your dinner, there [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [143] Hey, Marco Marco
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [144] Yes?
Terry (PS5A1) [145] Shall I hit him?
Mother (PS5A4) [146] No, leave him
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
None (PS6U4) [147] No
Terry (PS5A1) [148] Mom [...] .
[149] Oi, get out my seat.
[150] Oh shit.
[151] Sit down. [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [152] No, more for me
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [153] so different
Mother (PS5A4) [154] [...] crunchy
Terry (PS5A1) [155] No, they're not
Mother (PS5A4) [156] [...] Nick ?
Terry (PS5A1) [157] Yeah
Mother (PS5A4) [158] Is he coming?
Terry (PS5A1) [159] He might be yeah
Mother (PS5A4) [160] [...] for sure
Terry (PS5A1) [161] Not for sure no
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [162] No we're not coming here
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [163] [...] so shit yeah.
[164] No.
Mother (PS5A4) [165] Do you know when you take this to school your teacher will listen to it
Terry (PS5A1) [166] No they don't listen to it, they said you're allowed to swear as much as you like
Mother (PS5A4) [167] No [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [168] They said you're allow .
[169] Mom.
[170] Y'know when [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [171] [...] they're gonna say God, what kind of a family are there?
Terry (PS5A1) [172] Yeah, just like any other normal family
Mother (PS5A4) [173] No [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [174] [shouting] shut up []
Terry (PS5A1) [175] Listen, you know [...] yeah [...] he went and brought a Pot Noodle cos he didn't want you to cook for him cos your food's really shit.
Mother (PS5A4) [176] It's nice they brought him up [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [177] No [...] call it shit
Michael (PS5A5) [178] Mom [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [179] I don't want no more chips
Mother (PS5A4) [180] Well don't have any [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [181] I'm not [...]

3 (Tape 139403)

Terry (PS5A1) [182] Mom, right, listen yeah.
[183] I [...] always looks after him
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [184] Oh bloody hell mom
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [185] [...] take girls.
[186] They're gonna be there mom
Mother (PS5A4) [187] How many of you [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [188] About eleven of us
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [189] Yeah right Nick lives in Southgate [...] right next to me, [...] lives in, where's he live?
[190] He lives right you know and
Mother (PS5A4) [191] Yes
Terry (PS5A1) [192] Yeah, he lives there
Mother (PS5A4) [193] [...] leave at half past ten
Terry (PS5A1) [194] We leave at eleven
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [195] Alright, we'll leave at half past ten
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [196] What?
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [197] Who's got to take a bus?
[198] It's not far mom. [...]
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [199] I dunno.
Michael (PS5A5) [200] Mommy?
Terry (PS5A1) [201] you keep quiet you
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [202] I think it's a party
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [203] I think it's a party
Michael (PS5A5) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [204] It's not a birthday party.
[205] Ac I do, actually I know it's a party actually
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [206] No, us, well, right to get in it's two pound, two pound fifty.
[207] What're you doing?
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [208] [...] well wicked.
[209] [singing] love you too much to ever stop love, Rastafarian now []

4 (Tape 139501)

None (PS6U4) [210] Right.
Georgina (PS5A7) [211] No go away, who's it for ?
Terry (PS5A1) [212] No it's for right [...] in school
Georgina (PS5A7) [213] Yeah?
Terry (PS5A1) [214] Yeah?
Georgina (PS5A7) [215] Are you taping now?
Terry (PS5A1) [216] No.
Georgina (PS5A7) [217] Okay [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [218] Right in school yeah, erm after they gave us these yeah and they like wanna see like how we talk and all that.
[219] You know
Georgina (PS5A7) [220] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [221] rastafarian style and all [...]
Georgina (PS5A7) [222] Who wants who wants to see how you talk?
Terry (PS5A1) [223] Er it's whatsit it's some some er Norwegian thing and
Georgina (PS5A7) [224] Are you taping?
Terry (PS5A1) [225] No it's rewinding.
Georgina (PS5A7) [226] Oh okay.
Terry (PS5A1) [227] Yeah and I say something
Georgina (PS5A7) [228] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [229] Say homeboys.
Georgina (PS5A7) [230] I don't want to say that, I don't s talk like that.
Terry (PS5A1) [231] Alright just say, just speak.
Georgina (PS5A7) [232] Terry I want you to piss off because I have an exam tomorrow.
Terry (PS5A1) [233] But I don't care.
[234] ... She don't know what to say.
[235] [laugh] . [...] fuck off, you're allowed to swear as much as you like.
Georgina (PS5A7) [236] Are you.
Terry (PS5A1) [237] Yeah.
Georgina (PS5A7) [238] Fuck fuck fuck fuck [laughing] [...] I'm gonna fail []
Terry (PS5A1) [239] You're gonna fail is it?
[240] What's that you're gonna fail and you're gonna cheat for your G C S Es ?
Georgina (PS5A7) [241] [...] said that how am I gonna [...] how am I gonna cheat
Terry (PS5A1) [242] You're gonna cheat.
[243] You've got the answer sheet for the G C S Es exam [...]
Georgina (PS5A7) [244] [...] Terry go away.
Terry (PS5A1) [245] Okay I'm going I'm going.
Georgina (PS5A7) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [246] That is my very ungrateful sister who's a fat tart. [recording ends]

5 (Tape 139502)

None (PS6U4) [247] Mum, where's my tea?
Mother (PS5A4) [248] It's in here.
Terry (PS5A1) [249] Wicked.
Mother (PS5A4) [250] You know what I found, you know you walk all the way round with your friends down the village and you come home.
Terry (PS5A1) [251] Yeah?
Mother (PS5A4) [252] When you [...] the other side [...] telephone and I'll come and pick you up .
Terry (PS5A1) [253] What where the park is?
Mother (PS5A4) [254] Not where the park [...] the village on the way down.
Terry (PS5A1) [255] Yeah but I'm gonna walk with Richie and Andrew up to bloody down there.
[256] [...] with Richie and Andrew innit?
Mother (PS5A4) [257] Yeah and I give you a lift up to here [...] .
[258] When you get the other side of the park
Terry (PS5A1) [259] Yeah.
Mother (PS5A4) [260] You know in the village there's a park where there's [...] flowers.
Terry (PS5A1) [261] No.
Mother (PS5A4) [262] You know where [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [263] Yeah but everyone's gonna be walking there you don't mum.
Mother (PS5A4) [264] Yeah but then you're gonna separate.
Terry (PS5A1) [265] No we don't we separate right at the bottom of this hill.
Mother (PS5A4) [266] All ten eleven of you, here? [...] live round here.
Terry (PS5A1) [267] Most of them live in .
Mother (PS5A4) [268] [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [269] Yes they're gonna walk to .
[270] ... Do you want some tea?
[271] It's hot you know .
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [272] Put a lot of milk in it.
Mother (PS5A4) [273] [...] . ...
Terry (PS5A1) [274] Ah. [...] .
Mother (PS5A4) [275] [...] ... [...] . ...
Terry (PS5A1) [276] Oi don't do that.
Mother (PS5A4) [277] Do you want some more tea?
Terry (PS5A1) [278] I'm full.
Mother (PS5A4) [...] [recording ends]

6 (Tape 139503)

None (PS6U4) [279] Morning.
[280] It's on.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [281] Yeah.
Nick (PS5A6) [282] [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [283] Your the [...] .
[284] Seeing that it's your brother's birthday.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [285] [...] .
[286] God you take enough time.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [287] Mhm.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [288] Take so long.
[289] ... [...] I know how it goes. [singing]
Nick (PS5A6) [290] No it's not.
Terry (PS5A1) [291] [singing] [...] [] Nice walkman. ... [...]
Nick (PS5A6) [292] Mm?
Terry (PS5A1) [293] Cornwall.
Nick (PS5A6) [294] [...] innit?
Terry (PS5A1) [295] Huh?
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [296] I put an ad for the Cafe on this.
[297] ... Shall I say shout.
[298] Here's a shout going out to College, the Boys.
Nick (PS5A6) [299] [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [300] Yes.
Nick (PS5A6) [301] Don't do that.
Terry (PS5A1) [302] I have to leave it on all the time though.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [303] Here's another shout going to in College, Boy.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [304] I hate Norwegian people.
[305] [laugh] I hate Norwegian people.
[306] Oh I asked Steve [...] he said he'll come.
[307] Steve said he'll come.
Nick (PS5A6) [308] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [309] Luckily.
Nick (PS5A6) [310] Huh?
Terry (PS5A1) [311] Luckily.
Nick (PS5A6) [312] Luckily.
Terry (PS5A1) [313] Who told your brother [...] to have a birthday on bloody Saturday?
[314] Couldn't he have it something like next month or something.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [315] I bought some tapes to listen to.
[316] I got Megahits Thirteen, and ... [...] oh yeah [...] C D.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [317] Cos I'm gonna tape it again cos my thing's clapped up and all. [...] .
Nick (PS5A6) [318] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [319] The tape like I keep on doing it wrong.
[320] Cos I done it with my old hi-fi yeah
Nick (PS5A6) [321] And it conked out.
Terry (PS5A1) [322] It well it does tapes yeah but it's like the bass keeps on going down then it goes high then the main bit's like [...] You know what I mean it all gets crapped up so i'll tape it again. ...
Nick (PS5A6) [323] [...] do you like it?
Terry (PS5A1) [324] What?
Nick (PS5A6) [325] That C D.
Terry (PS5A1) [326] [...] I love that C D.
[327] My rastafarian [...] .
[328] So do you like Norwegians?
[329] Norwegians.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [330] No like I hate them.
[331] They're cunts.
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [332] Cunts [laugh] .
Nick (PS5A6) [singing] [...] [] [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [333] My sister goes That's right?
[334] I goes yeah.
[335] She goes, Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck really loud yeah she goes fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Nick (PS5A6) [336] Who's that?
Terry (PS5A1) [337] My sister.
[338] She's got a bloody erm French G C S E today.
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [339] The main G S G C S E yeah for French, a whole big thing [...] big [...] .
[340] She's leaving in a couple of weeks.
[341] She's going College.
[342] How long's your brother going [...] going there?
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [343] My sister's gonna go to College.
[344] Maybe she might be.
[345] It's either , or sixth form.
Nick (PS5A6) [346] Going to the sixth form?
Terry (PS5A1) [347] Maybe.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [348] What is?
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [349] Is it?
[350] You p you should have played football yesterday you know.
[351] I saw Mustapha down there, he played [...] went with his erm father.
[352] Played football.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [353] Huh?
Nick (PS5A6) [354] Who came.
Terry (PS5A1) [355] Some boys.
[356] No one like everyone from our school you know what I mean, no one that you don't know.
[357] I mean you know everyone.
Nick (PS5A6) [358] What all the people from our school.
Terry (PS5A1) [359] Everyone not a
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [360] just people in our class you know what I mean.
[361] James , Micky ,
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [362] Clifton, me, Colin I don't know why Colin came.
[363] He's got holes in his jeans.
[364] What a fashion statement man.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [365] [...] bloody things innit?
[366] Whatsit?
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [367] [...] .
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [368] I knew what it was.
[369] I knew what it was.
[370] It was nothing [...] .
[371] On the other page yeah it had a picture of like this chart yeah and it had the picture of a grapefruit in all this sharing, you had to just draw that.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [372] My drawing's enough crap cos I I was buzzed when I was doing that.
Nick (PS5A6) [373] [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [374] Transformers, robots in disguise.
Nick (PS5A6) [375] [...] listen to this now?
Terry (PS5A1) [376] Who?
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [377] Yeah.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [378] Yeah and teachers from our school are gonna listen to it.
[379] Mr is a wanker.
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [380] [laugh] It don't matter.
[381] They can't give me detention for this.
Nick (PS5A6) [382] [...] Yeah man.
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [383] Huh?
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [384] Yeah man. [...] . ...
Agi (PS5A8) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [385] Morning.
[386] [...] on the tape.
[387] [...] . Say something say something.
Agi (PS5A8) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [388] Yeah just say something.
[389] Give out a shout to someone.
[390] ... Go on.
Agi (PS5A8) [391] Why are you taping.
Terry (PS5A1) [392] Yeah.
[393] ... Who don't you like?
Agi (PS5A8) [394] You.
Terry (PS5A1) [395] Besides me.
Agi (PS5A8) [396] Nick.
Terry (PS5A1) [397] Besides Nick.
Agi (PS5A8) [398] Everyone.
Terry (PS5A1) [399] Everyone oh.
[400] ... Oi Nick, ... Nick I done this bad burp [...]
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [401] And I put it on my ghetto blaster yeah, me and Nicky listened to it yeah, and it comes out wicked [...] .
Nick (PS5A6) [402] [...] put that on.
Terry (PS5A1) [403] No it's not on this tape, it's on the other tape.
Nick (PS5A6) [404] Mm.
Terry (PS5A1) [405] Cos I I've done one tape.
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [406] I sleep.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [407] [...] .
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
(PS001) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [408] That gave me a good idea actually.
Nick (PS5A6) [409] [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [410] Yeah, I done a burp.
[411] Had a haircut?
Nick (PS5A6) [412] No.
Terry (PS5A1) [413] [...] It looks different, you had it round the shi sides.
Nick (PS5A6) [414] Mhm.
Terry (PS5A1) [415] Mhm.
Nick (PS5A6) [416] Mhm.
Terry (PS5A1) [417] Mhm.
[418] ... Guess who asked out Nick.
Nick (PS5A6) [419] Mm.
Terry (PS5A1) [420] Guess who asked out,
Nick (PS5A6) [421] Who?
Terry (PS5A1) [422] Derek.
Nick (PS5A6) [423] Mhm he's a dickhead isn't he.
Terry (PS5A1) [424] Innit?
Nick (PS5A6) [425] [...] . ...
Terry (PS5A1) [426] [...] yoghurt. [laugh]
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh] [...] ...
None (PS5A9) [427] Hiya Terry.
Terry (PS5A1) [428] Morning.
None (PS5A9) [429] Morning Nick.
Nick (PS5A6) [430] Morning.
None (PS5A9) [431] Morning. [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [432] [laugh] [...] didn't I?
Nick (PS5A6) [433] Did you?
Terry (PS5A1) [434] Yeah, last Easter.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [435] It had a big egg in it.
[436] Don't you remember?
[437] You gave me a kit-kat one.
Nick (PS5A6) [438] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [439] I got two kit-kat things. ...
Nick (PS5A6) [440] [...] where you going.
Agi (PS5A8) [441] [...] car?
Nick (PS5A6) [442] Yeah yeah [...] . ...
Terry (PS5A1) [443] [...] . ... [...] .
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [444] [...] Nick, you're a bad boy?
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [445] Or are you a bad girl?
Nick (PS5A6) [446] You're a poofter.
Terry (PS5A1) [...] [laugh]
Nick (PS5A6) [447] Is it still taping?
Terry (PS5A1) [448] Yeah, leave it on.
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [laugh]
(PS001) [...]
Nick (PS5A6) [449] Get one big gruesome [...] [raspberry]
Terry (PS5A1) [450] Just do a real one mate. [laugh]
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [451] Oi [...] .
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [452] [...] execution thing.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [453] Yeah.
[454] It's gonna be bad.
[455] [...] you motherfucker.
[456] Oh wicked, I can pick up the revs.
[457] Innit, pick up the revs. [laugh] [...] ... [...] those fingerprints?
Nick (PS5A6) [458] Me.
Terry (PS5A1) [459] You?
Nick (PS5A6) [460] No.
[461] It wasn't ... What time is it Tel?
Terry (PS5A1) [462] It's erm five to.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
None (PS5A9) [463] Yeah.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
None (PS5A9) [464] Yeah.
Nick (PS5A6) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [465] Me?
None (PS5A9) [466] [...] . ...
Terry (PS5A1) [467] You've put new alloys on?
(PS001) [...] [recording ends]

7 (Tape 139601)

Terry (PS5A1) [468] Going to the park today.
[469] Okay?
Mother (PS5A4) [470] Are you taking the baby?
Terry (PS5A1) [471] No.
[472] Take ... all that hassle.
[473] [singing] Oh Carolina is a girl she buck up in the [...]
None (PS5AT) [scream]
Terry (PS5A1) [474] and rock your body just like you move, some come girlie, girlie, da da, da da da da [] .
[475] [radio on] ... Go away Michael!
[476] Go, go to mummy.
[477] Go to mum.
[478] Go away!
[479] Piss off!
[480] Go away! [tut] !
[481] Faggot! ... [music] [phone rings]
Terry (PS5A1) [482] [phonecall starts] Hello.
[483] Yeah.
[484] Er erm ... possibly, yeah.
[485] ... You coming then?
[486] Ah meet you up the park then?
Michael (PS5A5) [487] You got a , yeah, yeah!
[488] Yeah, yeah!
[489] Mm mm!
[490] My dada!
Terry (PS5A1) [491] Why don't you go if I'm not going?
Michael (PS5A5) [492] You're horrible!
[493] Boo ooh!
Terry (PS5A1) [494] Yeah.
[495] If I go, yeah?
[496] I'll be down the park.
[497] I mean ... alright.
[498] Is it th , everybody's gonna be down the park, yeah?
[499] I dunno.
[500] What down the park now?
[501] No.
[502] What?
[503] Oh Micky Mars Bars been knocking for me, Clinton's supposed to be knocking for me, Jay don't know what the fuck's he's, he's supposed to be doing!
[504] Oh.
[505] Colin dunno know what he's gonna do.
[506] Colin.
[507] Well come down here then.
[508] Yeah cos then,th they're not gonna be down the park are they?
[509] Come down here yeah?
[510] Alright, latest.
[511] I was taping this by the way.
[512] I don't mind!
[513] I dunno, it's up to you, you know.
[514] I'm not going to control your whole your life.
[515] [laugh] ... Look, if you wanna ride up, ride up, if you don't, don't.
[516] Alright, give me a call.
[517] Don't tal , I don't wanna talk to you Nick.
[518] ... No I don't want to talk to Nick.
[519] Nick ... I don't wanna talk to you.
[520] Look I don't wanna talk, I wanna talk to Paul.
[521] ... Paul.
[522] Word up.
[523] Give me Nick.
[524] [laugh] ... Hello.
[525] You coming then?
[526] Right.
[527] Latest.
[528] Bye [phonecall ends] .
[529] [music] ... I need a Coke.
Mother (PS5A4) [530] No, eh eh, [shouting] [...] , eh [] !
Terry (PS5A1) [531] Then you'll have to buy some more.
Mother (PS5A4) [532] No!
[533] But I, I think that
Terry (PS5A1) [534] What d'ya think I'm gonna drink down the park?
[535] I'm gonna be bloody thirsty aren't I?
Mother (PS5A4) [536] You're not gonna learn anything down there.
Terry (PS5A1) [537] No.
Michael (PS5A5) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [538] Have you got a small bo , have you got an empty one of these?
Mother (PS5A4) [539] I just put in the dustbin, it just gone.
Terry (PS5A1) [540] Well done!
Mother (PS5A4) [541] It's, you wanna get it out?
[542] It's
Terry (PS5A1) [543] I don't want it!
Michael (PS5A5) [544] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [545] It's a bottle.
[546] It's all gone.
[547] Yeah mate!
Mother (PS5A4) [548] But the Lucozade [...] .
Michael (PS5A5) [549] A bottle!
Terry (PS5A1) [550] Me.
[551] It was me.
Michael (PS5A5) [552] A bottle.
Terry (PS5A1) [553] Mate.
Michael (PS5A5) [554] A bottle!
Mother (PS5A4) [555] No!
Terry (PS5A1) [556] [laugh] ... Here are. [laugh]
Mother (PS5A4) [557] I don't think we should have one.
Terry (PS5A1) [558] [laugh] ... Hey!
[559] Oi!
[560] Oi!
[561] Oi you fool!
Michael (PS5A5) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [562] You're a fool!
Michael (PS5A5) [563] [laughing] I'm a fool [] !
Terry (PS5A1) [564] You're a fool!
Michael (PS5A5) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [565] Now piss off [...] !
Michael (PS5A5) [566] Yes we are. [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [567] Where's er, where's the er, what do I want?
[568] I want ... you're so clever going and throwing the bottle away, you're so daft!
Mother (PS5A4) [569] Never mind that.
[570] You want me to go and get it for ya?
Michael (PS5A5) [571] The bottle.
Terry (PS5A1) [572] Yeah, but you have to clean it?
Mother (PS5A4) [573] It's already clean.
Terry (PS5A1) [574] Well then go and get it now.
[575] Have you got any ice?
Mother (PS5A4) [576] What did you phone him for just now?
Terry (PS5A1) [577] Nick phoned me.
Mother (PS5A4) [578] What for?
Terry (PS5A1) [579] He wanted to know if I was going park. [music]
Mother (PS5A4) [580] And I'll rinse it.
[581] It's clean [...] .
Michael (PS5A5) [582] Yeah you got [...] .
Mother (PS5A4) [583] But I can only do few animals, but that's all.
Terry (PS5A1) [584] Oh keys.
Mother (PS5A4) [585] I can't find the keys.
Terry (PS5A1) [586] Right.
Mother (PS5A4) [587] [shouting] Michael [] !
[588] ... Don't wanna hear us.
Terry (PS5A1) [whistling]
Mother (PS5A4) [589] Well anyway, if you were to give well I'd give anything [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [590] Would you give me two hundred pound?
Mother (PS5A4) [591] If I was rich enough I'd give you.
Terry (PS5A1) [592] Yeah but you ain't got it have you?
Mother (PS5A4) [593] No.
Terry (PS5A1) [594] Well you're dumb!
Mother (PS5A4) [595] What a sob story!
Terry (PS5A1) [596] [singing] I wanna to take you to outer space ... outer space [] .
[597] ... Reggae Hits, thirteen.
[598] ... [sigh] ... How long will it be mum?
Mother (PS5A4) [599] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [600] How lo , how long are you gonna be?
Mother (PS5A4) [601] Up the park, er for dinner?
Terry (PS5A1) [602] Yeah.
Mother (PS5A4) [603] I don't know.
Terry (PS5A1) [604] Ha?
Mother (PS5A4) [605] Not till we go out.
Terry (PS5A1) [606] Where are you going?
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [607] I might go alright? [music]
Mother (PS5A4) [608] [...] ... Come on Michael, my sweetheart.
Terry (PS5A1) [609] Fo fo fool!
[610] Come on fool!
Michael (PS5A5) [611] Yeah?
Terry (PS5A1) [612] Fool and a ball.
[613] Come on.
Michael (PS5A5) [614] There.
[615] It's there.
Terry (PS5A1) [616] [singing] Yeah.
[617] Thinking of you [] .
Mother (PS5A4) [618] Can you keep an eye on him while I'm doing this dinner please?
Terry (PS5A1) [619] No.
Mother (PS5A4) [620] Please?
Terry (PS5A1) [621] Mum.
[622] [laughing] No [] !
Mother (PS5A4) [623] Well
Terry (PS5A1) [624] I don't want to look a ... he's a pain in the arse!
Mother (PS5A4) [625] Jus , just take him down [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [626] What if I go?
[627] Ha?
Mother (PS5A4) [628] You going to go?
Terry (PS5A1) [629] I might.
Mother (PS5A4) [630] Oh oh.
[631] Is it so urgent?
Michael (PS5A5) [632] Ee ee, ee ee, ee ee.
Terry (PS5A1) [633] What
Mother (PS5A4) [634] Why
Terry (PS5A1) [635] if I go?
Mother (PS5A4) [636] why don't you like him?
[637] He's a pain in the a , he's a pain the arse?
Terry (PS5A1) [638] No Michael!
[639] You fish!
[640] ... [singing] Is real [] ... Oh Michael! ... [singing] [...] ... kiss a [...] , long, long [] .
[641] God man!
[642] I can't even wait until I'm older so I can go to the discos like Georgina.
Mother (PS5A4) [643] And how much is it to
Terry (PS5A1) [644] Do some dancing.
Mother (PS5A4) [645] go to disco.
[646] You can go to [...] and go to disco?
Terry (PS5A1) [647] Is it?
[648] How much are they?
Mother (PS5A4) [649] Maybe five pounds, eight pounds to get in and then you have
Terry (PS5A1) [650] To get in?
Mother (PS5A4) [651] buy, a drink of water ... you have to pay eight pound.
Terry (PS5A1) [652] Eight pounds?
Mother (PS5A4) [653] Four pounds just for the Coke.
Terry (PS5A1) [654] Yeah, right.
[655] Sure right.
[656] Great one mum.
[657] ... Word up.
[658] Alright.
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [659] Oh.
[660] What?
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [661] What?
None (PS6U4) [662] Forget it!
Terry (PS5A1) [663] Oi, nice t-shirt man!
[664] It's nice.
None (PS6U4) [665] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [666] Wicked!
[667] Oi!
[668] Nick has to come first.
[669] Come [...] with us.
[670] So I have to wait for him, come on.
[671] Er a, er ... bring it round.
[672] Yeah.
[673] Bring it round.
[674] Yeah.
[675] You know what, that thing I got
None (PS6U4) [676] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [677] Yeah.
[678] ... [singing] Kiss around [] .
Mother (PS5A4) [679] [...] please?
Terry (PS5A1) [680] No, wait up.
Mother (PS5A4) [681] Where's the [...] ?
Terry (PS5A1) [682] Dunno.
[683] ... Morning.
[684] Phone Nicky
None (PS6U4) [685] Ha ah?
Terry (PS5A1) [686] he's, Nicky is coming.
[687] Jay is coming.
None (PS6U4) [688] [...] , I've already asked if he's coming
Terry (PS5A1) [689] Just shout, what's [...] coming for?
[690] He don't like football does he?
None (PS6U4) [691] It's just that he wanted to see Jenny in front of everyone else.
Terry (PS5A1) [692] Oh right.
[693] Anyway, eh Shaun.
None (PS6U4) [694] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [695] Shaun, shall I put it on in the garage.
[696] It's like, cos if people look through the door, yeah they'll see it
None (PS6U4) [697] Oh yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [698] and they will, cor!
[699] What a nice bike.
[700] My bike's narf shitted up!
[701] ... I'm going, I'm going, oi, you should down your bike down thingy yeah?
[702] They erm, service your bike, twenty pounds for just a service.
None (PS6U4) [703] Well, where?
Terry (PS5A1) [704] Down, I dunno.
[705] My friend told me, yeah?
[706] He says it's twenty pounds for a service, yeah?
None (PS6U4) [707] [...] on a machine man.
Terry (PS5A1) [708] No, no I'm gonna give to thingie to service it.
[709] I don't have, you know, waste my time.
[710] But, I mean like ... it's twenty pound, yeah?
[711] Service, yeah?
[712] And they like buy stuff as well, yeah?
[713] If you need it, yeah?
[714] But that's like little stuff that costs about a quid or something like that, yeah?
[715] Like it's thi , they buy all that stuff, yeah, but if they're stuff like, it costs about ten pounds or more
None (PS6U4) [716] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [717] erm, you have to pay.
[718] But that's still good cos they know what's good for your bike.
[719] Know what I mean?
None (PS6U4) [720] Shut the door?
Terry (PS5A1) [721] Ha?
[722] Yeah, shut the door.
Mother (PS5A4) [723] Whoops!
Terry (PS5A1) [724] Remind me when we go yeah
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
None (PS6U4) [725] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [726] I got er water ... in the fridge.
[727] Suppose I better pu , put it in the freezer.
Mother (PS5A4) [728] Are you only good enough [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [729] Freezer.
[730] I don't think so.
Mother (PS5A4) [731] You can put it in that one.
None (PS6U4) [732] It will though.
Terry (PS5A1) [733] Eh?
Michael (PS5A5) [734] Mum!
None (PS6U4) [735] It will though.
Mother (PS5A4) [736] Yes!
Terry (PS5A1) [737] I'm only gonna put it there for a couple of minutes.
Michael (PS5A5) [738] [shouting] Mum [] !
Mother (PS5A4) [739] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [740] Come on then.
Michael (PS5A5) [741] Fire. [music]
Terry (PS5A1) [742] [singing] [...] [] .
None (PS6U4) [743] Is this is then?
Terry (PS5A1) [744] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [745] This it?
Terry (PS5A1) [746] That looks decent as it goes.
[747] It's sma , it's small innit?
None (PS6U4) [748] Mm.
Terry (PS5A1) [749] It's dec , I like that there.
[750] ... [singing] Yeah [] .
[751] Do you like this song?
None (PS6U4) [...] [break in recording]
Terry (PS5A1) [752] coming up?
Clifton (PS5A2) [753] I dunno when she's coming up?
Terry (PS5A1) [754] Ye [break in recording]
Terry (PS5A1) [755] Wicked!
[756] It's working.

8 (Tape 139602)

None (PS6U4) [757] I use these three ... then I'll put my thingies in ... cos I can't be bothered to erm ... change.
[758] ... Word.
[759] Word up.
[760] You not coming.
None (PS6U4) [761] No, I'm not well. [music]
None (PS6U4) [762] I'm not well.
Terry (PS5A1) [763] Ah?
None (PS6U4) [764] I'm not well.
Terry (PS5A1) [765] Mystery disease, yeah?
[766] Right, right, right.
[767] Lee said he's coming now, yeah?
[768] He's ... fucking [...] .
None (PS6U4) [769] Well perhaps he's
None (PS6U4) [770] I like this.
Terry (PS5A1) [771] Ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah.
None (PS6U4) [772] You fixed it yet?
Terry (PS5A1) [773] Ah this is [...] .
[774] ... Erm ... Mr .
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [775] Why?
Mother (PS5A4) [776] It's when you never fully expect it.
Terry (PS5A1) [777] Oh.
[778] ... So you're not taking no one to school?
Mother (PS5A4) [779] No.
Terry (PS5A1) [780] So you don't mind giving me a lift to, up to Nick's house?
Mother (PS5A4) [781] Er, yes now, I'll, I can't be bothered to put clothes o.
Terry (PS5A1) [782] It's good now cos Nick's brother takes us to school.
Mother (PS5A4) [783] What by car?
Terry (PS5A1) [784] Yeah.
Mother (PS5A4) [785] Oh you mean you don't walk?
Terry (PS5A1) [786] Nah.
Mother (PS5A4) [787] So you're all agreed that I want you to pack up [...] at half past ten?
Terry (PS5A1) [788] Yep.
Mother (PS5A4) [789] And you all agree half past ten when I be there ... er from where you gonna walk?
Terry (PS5A1) [790] Ha?
Mother (PS5A4) [791] Well where is this place?
Terry (PS5A1) [792] Yes, it isn't Saracens.
Mother (PS5A4) [793] Well then, where where?
Terry (PS5A1) [794] It's not Saracens, it's another one in the village cos Saracen's i in the village,i , right?
[795] So this is where
Mother (PS5A4) [796] Yeah, you'll and then cos you
Terry (PS5A1) [797] tell you
Mother (PS5A4) [798] otherwise [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [799] Yeah, really.
[800] Right.
Mother (PS5A4) [801] Alright.
Terry (PS5A1) [802] If you , it's alright, I'll tell you where Saracens is, yeah?
[803] You go up Nick's hill ... you ke
Mother (PS5A4) [804] Nicky's?
Terry (PS5A1) [805] Yeah, this is where Saracens is, er it ain't at Saracens, yeah?
[806] You go up Nick's hill
Mother (PS5A4) [807] You under that and then you ... go up and go up
Terry (PS5A1) [808] Oh.
[809] You know there's that right, say you go up, yeah?
Mother (PS5A4) [810] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [811] Right?
[812] That side's Southgate, yeah?
Mother (PS5A4) [813] Mhm.
Terry (PS5A1) [814] Yeah?
[815] This side is Saracen, you go all the way up that side
Mother (PS5A4) [816] And that isn't [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [817] to Saracen.
[818] Yeah.
Mother (PS5A4) [819] [sneeze] ... Because where like ... [sneeze] it's down the village?
Terry (PS5A1) [820] I'll go home.
Mother (PS5A4) [821] I bet you he's at home.
Terry (PS5A1) [822] Yeah.
[823] No, he told us it's the rugby club.
Mother (PS5A4) [824] Ah!
[825] It's a rugby club?
Terry (PS5A1) [826] It's a rugby club.
Mother (PS5A4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [827] I dunno.
Mother (PS5A4) [828] It is too far.
Terry (PS5A1) [829] Oh.
Mother (PS5A4) [830] It's a rugby club.

9 (Tape 139603)

None (PS6U4) [831] I've, I've only met one ... bus driver which is nice.
[832] Right, and that's it.
[833] Jus , just the one.
Nick (PS5A6) [834] That's Paul's dad. [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [835] No, two bus drivers which are nice then.
[836] Paul's dad, but I've never been in a bus with Paul's dad.
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [837] And, but he's nice anyway.
[838] And er ... this geezer yeah?
[839] Which I held my hand out, yeah?
[840] No bus stop or nothing cos I just missed a bus, and he stopped for me.
[841] I goes thirty P, thirty please?
[842] And he gave me thirty ... gave me a ticket ... right?
[843] And ... that's it, and like, he was really nice.
[844] Not like, oh what do you ... blurgh urgh urgh!
[845] Like that.
Nick (PS5A6) [846] [laugh] ... They just [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [847] Le , I mean do they ever stop?
[848] D'ya know what they do usually?
[849] You're running up to the thing, yeah?
[850] As soon as you get there, yeah?
[851] They just close the doors and go.
[852] Just like when Mike ... and Steve were here ... and er ... they were going fucking wanker!
[853] Fucking wanker!
[854] You cunt!
[855] You cunt!
Nick (PS5A6) [856] I just don't, I was mu
Terry (PS5A1) [857] [singing] da na da [] .
Nick (PS5A6) [858] bloody fucking bus!
[859] You wanker!
[860] The best one was Andy. [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [861] [singing] Da da, da da da ... da [] .
[862] Richard hit the ball on the car.
Nick (PS5A6) [863] What car?
Terry (PS5A1) [864] The car that was going past.
Nick (PS5A6) [865] What ball?
Terry (PS5A1) [866] James 's football.
[867] You know my road?
Nick (PS5A6) [868] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [869] Some car's going past, yeah, and I'm going ... Nicky chip it up, yeah?
[870] And it hi hit the car.
[871] Damn fool can't chip the ball.
[872] ... Well he chips it properly up in the air, but it's like no power there so it just hit the roof ... and ... like Nicky just put it forward.
[873] ... And you're sad Nick, yeah?
Nick (PS5A6) [874] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [875] You're bad, yeah?
[876] I know four people who are going to the party and that's it.
[877] And they're not gonna stay with me, yeah?
[878] Just gonna go off.
[879] Yeah?
[880] With the girls, yeah?
[881] And I'll be all alone.
Nick (PS5A6) [882] Well don't go then!
[883] Fuck you!
Terry (PS5A1) [884] Yeah but I wanna go.
Nick (PS5A6) [885] Well go!
[886] Stop moaning!
Terry (PS5A1) [887] Yeah but, you're bad.
[888] ... You're a cunt!
[889] ... Tt.
[890] Why's your brother's birthday have to be today?
Nick (PS5A6) [...] [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [891] Today.
[892] Ha?
Nick (PS5A6) [893] Tomorrow.
Terry (PS5A1) [894] It's your granddad?
Nick (PS5A6) [895] Mm?
Terry (PS5A1) [896] It's your granddad?
Nick (PS5A6) [897] Where?
Terry (PS5A1) [898] Over there.
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [899] Then it's your Mum.
Nick (PS5A6) [900] Ha ha!
[901] It's tomorrow.
Terry (PS5A1) [902] Oh it's tomorrow.
[903] Well what's your brother's birthday have to be tomorrow for?
[904] Fish.
Nick (PS5A6) [905] There's your Mum.
Terry (PS5A1) [906] There's your granddad.
Nick (PS5A6) [907] There's your girl.
Terry (PS5A1) [908] Oh it's your family.
Nick (PS5A6) [909] [laugh] ... Ooh you cunt!
Terry (PS5A1) [910] It's your
Nick (PS5A6) [911] There's Desmond.
Terry (PS5A1) [912] that's your indicator.
Nick (PS5A6) [913] There's Desmond.
Terry (PS5A1) [914] Desmond Tutu!
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [laugh]
Nick (PS5A6) [915] Desmond.
[916] I see him on the bus one day round here.
Terry (PS5A1) [917] [singing] Da, da da da, da, da da da da da, da da da, da, da da da da, da da da da, da da da da da da
Nick (PS5A6) [918] I've had enough of that at the moment.
Terry (PS5A1) [919] da da da, da na na na
Nick (PS5A6) [920] After yesterday.
Terry (PS5A1) [921] na na [] .
[922] What d'ya do yesterday?
[923] Oh yeah, you were playing football.
Nick (PS5A6) [924] My legs are killing me.
Terry (PS5A1) [925] From now to yesterday, they're still killing you?
Nick (PS5A6) [926] Aching.
Terry (PS5A1) [927] Oh.
[928] ... I play you ... as well.
Nick (PS5A6) [929] [...] ... What's happened to the fucking bus man!
Terry (PS5A1) [930] Innit taking a time?
[931] [singing] Good tonight, you ... shut your door [] .
[932] Yeah cos, good taste of music.
[933] ... It's nine o'clock.
Nick (PS5A6) [934] And it's raining?
Terry (PS5A1) [935] Ha?
Nick (PS5A6) [936] Raining, I think.
[937] We'll just take a short cut.
[938] Ah ah!
[939] My legs!
[940] Cos I'm an, what d'ya call it?
Terry (PS5A1) [941] Fuck off!
Nick (PS5A6) [942] [laugh] ... A dead
Terry (PS5A1) [943] Ho ho ho!
Nick (PS5A6) [944] gandy giant.
Terry (PS5A1) [945] Gandy fat ... giant.
Nick (PS5A6) [946] Mabalub
Terry (PS5A1) [947] Ha?
Nick (PS5A6) [948] Mabalub.
Terry (PS5A1) [949] Popalub.
Nick (PS5A6) [950] Popalub.
[951] Lub, lub lub
Terry (PS5A1) [952] Lub, lub.
Nick (PS5A6) [953] lub lub la.
Terry (PS5A1) [954] That's the thing.
[955] Ah!
[956] ... That red no go, that red nose goes with the car.
Nick (PS5A6) [957] I'm [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [958] Ha?
Nick (PS5A6) [959] I'm busting at the legs man.
Terry (PS5A1) [960] Come on then.
Nick (PS5A6) [961] [...] ... Shit!
[962] Did you do your test [...] ?
Terry (PS5A1) [963] Yep.
[964] Well my Mum done it for me.
Nick (PS5A6) [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [965] I got much more homework than you Nick, because like, I have to do the tape thing as well.
Nick (PS5A6) [966] Well that's

10 (Tape 139604)

None (PS6U4) [967] Wicked!
[968] I'm taping.
[969] It's working, I dunno why.
Nick (PS5A6) [970] Hey!
Jo (PS5A3) [971] Weren't it working before?
Terry (PS5A1) [972] No.
Jo (PS5A3) [973] Well, you could do something now. [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [974] Cheek!
[975] Say, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Jo (PS5A3) [laugh]
Bunnie (PS5AB) [976] Is it?
Terry (PS5A1) [977] Yeah, it's working.
Bunnie (PS5AB) [978] Yeah!
[979] It's working!
[980] Hooray!
Terry (PS5A1) [981] Just wait until it stops.
Nick (PS5A6) [982] Hello, my name's Nick .
Jo (PS5A3) [983] You should do a bit of practise.
Terry (PS5A1) [984] What?
Jo (PS5A3) [985] All go go [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [986] Yeah le , [break in recording]
Nick (PS5A6) [987] It works don't it?
Terry (PS5A1) [988] Right look.
Jo (PS5A3) [989] [...] again?
[990] Try the
Terry (PS5A1) [991] Yeah.
Jo (PS5A3) [992] Batteries.
[993] Are the batteries low?
Terry (PS5A1) [994] No I just put ne [break in recording]
Mother (PS5A4) [995] That's not to say that I'll come back.
None (PS6U4) [996] No.
Mother (PS5A4) [997] Is it coming out?
None (PS6U4) [998] No.
Bunnie (PS5AB) [999] Ah ah!
[1000] Ooh ooh!
[1001] I'm not saying anything.
Mother (PS5A4) [1002] Well I don't listen when I go stop!
[1003] Stop!
[1004] What's that mummy, mummy?
Terry (PS5A1) [1005] Is that right?
Mother (PS5A4) [1006] It's Brian's, it's not ours.
Terry (PS5A1) [1007] Come on then.
[1008] Pooh!
Mother (PS5A4) [1009] And bring it home so I can ask your daddy what he thinks.
Terry (PS5A1) [1010] Game. [break in recording]
Terry (PS5A1) [1011] Oh it's working now.
[1012] Brilliant!
[1013] [shouting] Alright Mum [] !
[1014] ... Go and play football.
[1015] ... I'll ring Ooshi.
Mother (PS5A4) [1016] Oh yeah.
Terry (PS5A1)
Mother (PS5A4) [1017] Ooh!
Terry (PS5A1) [1018] [phonecall starts] Hi Ooshi?
None (PS6U4) [1019] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [1020] Do you wanna play football?
None (PS6U4) [1021] When?
Terry (PS5A1) [1022] Now.
None (PS6U4) [1023] No give me, about twenty minutes [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1024] Alright then.
[1025] I'll knock for you, yeah?
None (PS6U4) [1026] Alright then?
[1027] Can I come?
Terry (PS5A1) [1028] Alright.
None (PS6U4) [1029] How's it going?
Terry (PS5A1) [1030] Er er ... nothing much.
None (PS6U4) [1031] Alright?
Terry (PS5A1) [1032] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [1033] Okay.
Terry (PS5A1) [1034] Alright then.
[1035] Come here.
None (PS6U4) [1036] What now?
Terry (PS5A1) [1037] Yeah, I'll pick you up.
[1038] [laugh] ... Oi!
None (PS6U4) [1039] What now?
Terry (PS5A1) [1040] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [1041] Richie left with a [...] bird yesterday.
[1042] And just came up to chat you up.
Terry (PS5A1) [1043] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1044] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [1045] What's her name?
Terry (PS5A1) [1046] Dunno.
None (PS6U4) [1047] Where did you, where d'ya see him?
Terry (PS5A1) [1048] Where did I see who?
None (PS6U4) [1049] So you went to the party as well?
Terry (PS5A1) [1050] Yeah.
[1051] Richie's a cunt, yeah!
None (PS6U4) [1052] Yeah. [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1053] Innit?
[1054] I, I reckon I should, I should kick, I'm gonna kick Richie's arse when I see him.
None (PS6U4) [1055] Aha.
Terry (PS5A1) [1056] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [1057] Do you remember that ... ain't she ugly?
Terry (PS5A1) [1058] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [1059] What's her name?
Terry (PS5A1) [1060] [laughing] Dunno [] .
None (PS6U4) [1061] [laugh] ... We you okay mate?
Terry (PS5A1) [1062] [laughing] I don't think I was [] .
None (PS6U4) [1063] You must have been drunk.
Terry (PS5A1) [1064] [laughing] I know, I was [] .
None (PS6U4) [1065] Alright [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
None (PS6U4) [1066] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
None (PS6U4) [1067] Did you get off with her?
Terry (PS5A1) [1068] No.
None (PS6U4) [1069] Why?
Terry (PS5A1) [laugh]
None (PS6U4) [1070] Are you going next Friday? [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1071] [laughing] No, I'm not [] .
None (PS6U4) [1072] Why not? [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1073] Sure.
[1074] Sure.
[1075] Sure.
None (PS6U4) [1076] Right.
Terry (PS5A1) [1077] Right.
[1078] Oi!
None (PS6U4) [1079] Getting ready now.
Terry (PS5A1) [1080] Half an hour right?
None (PS6U4) [1081] Right.
Terry (PS5A1) [1082] Half an hour.
None (PS6U4) [1083] Right.
Terry (PS5A1) [1084] Latest [phonecall ends] .
[1085] ... [sigh] ... [singing] Oh oh she comes.
[1086] Da na na na na na.
[1087] Doo da da, oh oh here she comes, da da da, da da, oh yeah.
[1088] Oh oh here she comes.
[1089] Ha ha [] .
[1090] [music] ... [shouting] Mum [] !
[1091] ... [singing] Wind it up [] .
Mother (PS5A4) [1092] What did you want?
Terry (PS5A1) [1093] Alright?
Mother (PS5A4) [1094] Yes.
Michael (PS5A5) [1095] This is a, that's our ball.
[1096] You get the
Terry (PS5A1) [1097] Watch.
Michael (PS5A5) [1098] ball.
Mother (PS5A4) [1099] What? [speaking a foreign language] [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1100] No.
Mother (PS5A4) [speaking a foreign language] [...]
Michael (PS5A5) [1101] [...] !
Mother (PS5A4) [1102] [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1103] [speaking a foreign language] [...] .
[1104] Ooh!
[1105] ... Come on kick one.
Mother (PS5A4) [1106] [...] ... always.
[1107] ... I don't think he's back yet.
[1108] Why d'ya leave your music on?
Terry (PS5A1) [1109] Is it?
[1110] Turn it off then.
[1111] Press the
Mother (PS5A4) [1112] No!
[1113] I don't know how.
Terry (PS5A1) [1114] There's a big
Mother (PS5A4) [1115] No, I don't know.
Terry (PS5A1) [1116] It says power.
[1117] It's a, the power.
[1118] ... [laugh] ... Come on Michael, inside. ... [whistling]
Michael (PS5A5) [1119] Hey!
Terry (PS5A1) [1120] Come on Michael.
Mother (PS5A4) [1121] Here.
Terry (PS5A1) [1122] Choo, pa cha cha.
[1123] Oh Michael, come here!
Michael (PS5A5) [1124] No!
Terry (PS5A1) [1125] Come in.
[1126] Mum, go outside and play with the baby.
Mother (PS5A4) [1127] I am not going outside.
Terry (PS5A1) [1128] Play with him.
[1129] Play with him mum.
Mother (PS5A4) [1130] Why?
Terry (PS5A1) [1131] [singing] Choo, doo, da doo doo doo doo, da da da da da da [] .
[1132] Who is it?
Jo (PS5A3) [1133] Go away Terry.
Terry (PS5A1) [1134] Who is it?
Jo (PS5A3) [1135] Go away Terry!
Terry (PS5A1) [1136] Who is it?
Jo (PS5A3) [1137] Effy.
Terry (PS5A1) [1138] Hello.
Jo (PS5A3) [1139] [phonecall starts] Ah ah!
[1140] Do you know how angry, I wish you didn't know it yet.
[1141] Okay, my mum
Terry (PS5A1) [1142] You did not know it yet?
Jo (PS5A3) [1143] was supposed to pick me up from work, okay?
[1144] She didn't have her car so she goes, [laughing] to Bunnie, you can take her home, yeah [] ? [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [laugh]
Jo (PS5A3) [1145] [laughing] It's all [...] [] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1146] Big earthquake!
Jo (PS5A3) [laugh]
None (PS6U4) [1147] Ah!
[1148] It wasn't me.
(PS001) [laugh]
Jo (PS5A3) [1149] [laughing] So I was ... I was on my knees [] !
None (PS6U4) [laugh]
Jo (PS5A3) [1150] Ah!
[1151] [laughing] [...] [] . Ah ah! [laugh]
Terry (PS5A1) [1152] God Jo, you're such a fool!
Jo (PS5A3) [1153] [laughing] [...] [] .
[1154] ... This'll crack my knees.
Terry (PS5A1) [1155] [laugh] ... Innit?
Jo (PS5A3) [1156] [laughing] Anyway, yeah, and so [] , right I go to Bunnie and I, can you take me home yes, cos I'm supposed to be going to a pizza to have pizza round my friend's house, he goes, mm, they're going, oh we're starving, you have to go round to somebody's house, I said ... he goes well I'll take you stra , I'll take you as soon as we've had something to eat.
[1157] I goes, what's the point of me eating twice, you know?
[1158] I won't be able to have my pizza.
[1159] He goes, oh don't be so silly, yeah?
[1160] And took me over there and my, I had to have argument with my mum.
Terry (PS5A1) [1161] Can you get a bus home?
Jo (PS5A3) [1162] Oh yeah!
[1163] From my [...] house.
[1164] They were talking, and talking, and they decided to watch T V, I'm sitting there like, like, and I'm showing that I'm bored, you know, I'm falling asleep and then everything, and, there's like smoke coming out of my nose!
[1165] I'm like really vexed out!
[1166] [sigh] ... It's so unfair!
[1167] I was there till ten o'clock!
[1168] Ten o'clock!
Terry (PS5A1) [1169] Ten?
[1170] Ten?
Jo (PS5A3) [1171] Yeah, when I got back.
Terry (PS5A1) [1172] And what about the thingie?
Jo (PS5A3) [1173] Shut.
[1174] When I got back, erm my dad was with some Greek guy from Cyprus like ... [sigh] ... bloody hell!
[1175] ... Yeah, but I wanted to go, you know.
[1176] I know it sounds stupid, [laughing] but I wanted to go.
[1177] It's not fair [] !
[1178] Yeah.
[1179] So how you getting to thingybob?
[1180] Yeah, my, mum taking me, Chris, and Vicky, they're going from round here, yeah?
[1181] Well why don't you co , [laughing] as if , put us in the car, but we'll take you.
[1182] Yeah okay.
[1183] ... Shit!
[1184] I dunno, cos my dad's gonna dro , I told her my dad's gonna be dropping us off.
[1185] Probably outside to a park.
[1186] What time are you going?
[1187] Well I'm waiting for ti , Chris to come home.
[1188] I haven't, er ... well she said she's leaving her house now.
[1189] Er, er, I haven't done my hair.
[1190] Gotta wash it.
[1191] Erm ... I went to ca , you know I went to the ... Levi to get my jacket, really horrible quality.
[1192] Really thin.
[1193] Really rubbish!
[1194] So, I'm just gonna go tomorrow to Camden town.
None (PS6U4) [1195] Did you go today?
Jo (PS5A3) [1196] Yeah.
[1197] I me
None (PS6U4) [1198] Who with?
Jo (PS5A3) [1199] I mean I got a sh , and we just go got the bus me and my brother.
None (PS6U4) [1200] Oh.
None (PS6U4) [1201] There's no market tomorrow Jo.
Jo (PS5A3) [1202] There's no market [phonecall ends] .
[1203] It's not a market dad?
[1204] [phonecall starts] I might just go to Camden town tomorrow and get it, cos, I mean, it's seventy, yeah?
[1205] But it's really good qua , it's really thick.
[1206] Isn't it?
[1207] Oh I'll go and choose it after school or something.
Terry (PS5A1) [1208] Mm.
[1209] Come here.
Jo (PS5A3) [1210] It's really [phonecall ends] Terry, what are you doing?
Terry (PS5A1) [1211] Putting the mic , microphone to the thing.
Jo (PS5A3) [1212] Just go away!
[1213] Why are sitting right beside me on the phone?
Terry (PS5A1) [1214] Cos I have to do
Jo (PS5A3) [1215] Dad ... tell him.
Terry (PS5A1) [1216] a tape.
Jo (PS5A3) [1217] [phonecall starts] No he wants to tape us on some sort of tape [telephone conversation ends] .
[1218] Are you taping now Terry?
Terry (PS5A1) [1219] Yes!
Jo (PS5A3) [1220] Oh brilliant!
[1221] [phonecall starts] He's taping our conversations.
[1222] So erm ... what time does it finish [phonecall ends] ?

11 (Tape 139605)

None (PS6U4) [1223] Say
Damion (PS5AA) [1224] Are you coming on, er next Friday?
Terry (PS5A1) [1225] Where?
Damion (PS5AA) [1226] The party.
[1227] No?
Terry (PS5A1) [1228] No.
[1229] I tell you
Damion (PS5AA) [1230] She won't come.
Terry (PS5A1) [1231] she won't talk about you or anything.
Damion (PS5AA) [1232] She won't come if you don't come.
Terry (PS5A1) [1233] Alright then.
[1234] ... So how's the
Damion (PS5AA) [1235] Right.
Terry (PS5A1) [1236] it's kind of a disco man.
Damion (PS5AA) [1237] Ah?
Terry (PS5A1) [1238] Disco.
Damion (PS5AA) [1239] I asked her right and she said er
Terry (PS5A1) [1240] What did you ask her?
Damion (PS5AA) [1241] No I, I asked the one, that other there
Terry (PS5A1) [1242] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1243] and she said
Terry (PS5A1) [1244] That's her friend innit?
Damion (PS5AA) [1245] Yeah.
[1246] And she goes, oh I might come, I don't know where it is.
[1247] So I told her where it was ... and she goes, erm, are you going?
[1248] And I go, yeah.
[1249] And she said I'll probably come.
[1250] And she goes is Terry going?
[1251] And I go, yeah.
[1252] And she goes, does erm your friend, does Terry really like ... my friend?
[1253] I goes, I dunno, but he was by himself so I set him up.
[1254] And she goes erm
Terry (PS5A1) [...]
Damion (PS5AA) [1255] if he doesn't like her then I'll tell my friend not to come.
[1256] Alright?
[1257] And I'll pass subtle hints about it and I go ... I'm just passing a subtle hint right.
[1258] She won't want
Terry (PS5A1) [1259] You
Damion (PS5AA) [1260] anything.
Terry (PS5A1) [1261] No, she's just gonna say and blare it out, yeah.
[1262] He hates you!
[1263] Cow!
Damion (PS5AA) [1264] Oi!
Terry (PS5A1) [1265] What?
Damion (PS5AA) [1266] Come out here.
[1267] ... Watch.
Terry (PS5A1) [1268] Relaxed.
[1269] Those your new ones or your old ones?
Damion (PS5AA) [1270] My old ones.
[1271] Are they dry?
[1272] You know I was taking my jeans back?
Terry (PS5A1) [1273] What jeans?
Damion (PS5AA) [1274] You know those ones I bought on Saturday?
Terry (PS5A1) [1275] Why d'ya take them back?
Damion (PS5AA) [1276] Cos all the letters have come off man. [tut] !
Terry (PS5A1) [1277] What d'ya mean letters?
Damion (PS5AA) [1278] You know the letters
Terry (PS5A1) [1279] I mean
Damion (PS5AA) [1280] on the back of the pocket.
Terry (PS5A1) [1281] No, the letters on the back of po pocket is plastic.
Damion (PS5AA) [1282] Yeah, they've come off.
Terry (PS5A1) [1283] How can they come off, it's a
Damion (PS5AA) [1284] Stuck on.
Terry (PS5A1) [1285] Is it?
Damion (PS5AA) [1286] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [1287] Ah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1288] Do you think I should wear them tonight?
Terry (PS5A1) [1289] Yeah, wear them.
[1290] ... [singing] Da da da da da da da [] .
Damion (PS5AA) [1291] I've ironed them.
Terry (PS5A1) [1292] You go , is she going to get the same pair?
Damion (PS5AA) [1293] Yeah.
[1294] If it's open man.
[1295] Cos I rang up there
Terry (PS5A1) [1296] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1297] this morning, no one picking the fucking phone up!
[1298] I hope they're open.
Terry (PS5A1) [1299] Oi what day is it today?
[1300] What day is it?
Damion (PS5AA) [1301] Well , it's a bank holiday
Terry (PS5A1) [1302] It's a bank ho
Damion (PS5AA) [1303] yeah, but some might open.
Terry (PS5A1) [1304] Yeah but they might , yeah, they might be open.
Damion (PS5AA) [1305] Yeah.
[1306] Like and see, but er ... I was gonna say
Terry (PS5A1) [1307] Ta I dunno, but what
Damion (PS5AA) [1308] Yeah but I'm going on a trip tomorrow and I need them back?
Terry (PS5A1) [1309] Oh yeah, you got [...]
Damion (PS5AA) [1310] Will you wait for me while I iron my ... clothes?
Terry (PS5A1) [1311] Alright then.
Damion (PS5AA) [1312] There's loads of videos there.
Terry (PS5A1) [1313] I'll put it on.
[1314] There's er, there's uncle [...] .
Damion (PS5AA) [1315] I'm getting that single today.
Terry (PS5A1) [1316] What single?
Damion (PS5AA) [1317] [singing] Ah la la la lo [] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1318] I got that.
Damion (PS5AA) [1319] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [1320] I've got it.
Damion (PS5AA) [1321] On a single?
Terry (PS5A1) [1322] No, I've got the ... I've got it on C D.
Damion (PS5AA) [1323] You haven't?
Terry (PS5A1) [1324] Yeah!
Damion (PS5AA) [1325] I have [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1326] I bought the Sonic System C D.
Damion (PS5AA) [1327] No, I don't mind.
Terry (PS5A1) [1328] It's [...] .
Damion (PS5AA) [1329] It's just in in the chart, number six.
Terry (PS5A1) [1330] Is it?
[1331] That's well hard!
Damion (PS5AA) [1332] Straight in.
Terry (PS5A1) [1333] Jesus!
[1334] That's enough old man.
Damion (PS5AA) [1335] I haven't heard it before.
[1336] The first night I heard was the party.
Terry (PS5A1) [1337] Di , I'll lend it to you.
Damion (PS5AA) [1338] Nah.
Terry (PS5A1) [1339] [tut] !
[1340] Ah God!
[1341] Well that's well hard!
Damion (PS5AA) [1342] It is a wicked song you know.

12 (Tape 139606)

None (PS6U4) [1343] Did you find out what school she went to?
Terry (PS5A1) [1344] No.
[1345] Don't wanna know what school she went to.
[1346] I don't wanna know what school she went to.
Damion (PS5AA) [1347] You ain't got it?
Terry (PS5A1) [1348] I don't want to know what school she went to.
[1349] And I don't know.
Damion (PS5AA) [1350] Did you find out anything about her?
Terry (PS5A1) [1351] No.
[1352] nothing at at all.
Damion (PS5AA) [1353] That's worth it.
Terry (PS5A1) [1354] What about her?
[1355] [laughing] Why d'ya ask whether I know anything about her [] ?
Damion (PS5AA) [1356] I know she has trouble with her getting [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1357] Who?
Damion (PS5AA) [1358] Her.
Terry (PS5A1) [1359] Innit?
Damion (PS5AA) [1360] If you wanna say no, fuck off!
[1361] You were turning your head away weren't you?
Terry (PS5A1) [1362] Yeah.
[1363] But I couldn't, like I was pissed anyway, know what I mean?
Damion (PS5AA) [1364] No you weren't.
[1365] Bollocks!
[1366] It's not important
Terry (PS5A1) [1367] This one
Damion (PS5AA) [1368] to what they're [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1369] Yeah I but think he gave me all his drink.
Damion (PS5AA) [1370] Who?
Terry (PS5A1) [1371] Sam.
Damion (PS5AA) [1372] He gave it to you?
Terry (PS5A1) [1373] No, no, I was [laughing] drinking all his drinks [] .
Damion (PS5AA) [1374] Which Sam?
Terry (PS5A1) [1375] Sam, Sam, the one
Damion (PS5AA) [1376] The one
Terry (PS5A1) [1377] who was totally pissed.
Damion (PS5AA) [1378] Oh or the other one?
Terry (PS5A1) [1379] No have you got, don't you know the other one?
Damion (PS5AA) [1380] No there's two we know.
Terry (PS5A1) [1381] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1382] The one with Kevin
Terry (PS5A1) [1383] The one with the longish
Damion (PS5AA) [1384] or the other one.
Terry (PS5A1) [1385] it's the other one.
Damion (PS5AA) [1386] Oh right.
Terry (PS5A1) [1387] The one with the long, [laughing] he was funny man [] !
[1388] He's a, he was
Damion (PS5AA) [1389] And he
Terry (PS5A1) [1390] going
Damion (PS5AA) [1391] was totally out of it ... weren't he?
Terry (PS5A1) [1392] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1393] And we were at MacDonalds and I was talking to her, anyway, he even got really jealous cos I was talking to her.
[1394] He started beating me up.
Terry (PS5A1) [laugh]
Damion (PS5AA) [1395] It was really funny.
Terry (PS5A1) [1396] [laugh] ... How old is he?
Damion (PS5AA) [1397] Dunno is he nineteen?
[1398] Nineteen I think.
Terry (PS5A1) [1399] Is he?
Damion (PS5AA) [1400] Yeah.
[1401] He's a good bloke.
Terry (PS5A1) [1402] He is alright he is.
Damion (PS5AA) [1403] Yeah I know.
[1404] Everyone's alright.
[1405] He sort of like everyone, as soon as I got there ... you know like that, that school or whatever [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1406] Oh yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1407] Right.
[1408] You know this weekend like, everyone'll know you'll come.
Terry (PS5A1) [1409] Yeah.
[1410] Anyway, I, we should have a party, you know ... down er
Damion (PS5AA) [1411] Get some more beer.
Terry (PS5A1) [1412] down what's it called?
[1413] Down
Damion (PS5AA) [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1414] Southgate thing.
Damion (PS5AA) [1415] No.
[1416] Southgate hall's alright.
[1417] It's like [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1418] Ah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1419] For my school and for
Terry (PS5A1) [1420] Yeah, but er if we do have a party, yeah?
[1421] It's up me, you, you and Andrew, yeah?
[1422] I'm gonna go and get from my school [...] .
Damion (PS5AA) [1423] Yeah and my school, and my school are best mates.
Terry (PS5A1) [1424] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1425] Some of my friends right, as soon as they come started bundling right?
Terry (PS5A1) [1426] Right.
Damion (PS5AA) [1427] Fuck off!
[1428] And just run away.
[1429] Really.
[1430] It's alright for me cos like I know everyone.
[1431] Andrew's school and my school.
[1432] Right?
Terry (PS5A1) [1433] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1434] But like Andrew when he gets real pissed [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1435] I know some people now.
Damion (PS5AA) [1436] I know.
Terry (PS5A1) [1437] Right, I know the one's in this year.
[1438] Erm ... ah fuck! [walking along road - traffic noise]
Damion (PS5AA) [1439] You know Matt ?
Terry (PS5A1) [1440] Who's that?
Damion (PS5AA) [1441] The one in the grey t-shirt.
Terry (PS5A1) [1442] Oh yeah, him, yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1443] Yeah.
[1444] And he's really funny.
Terry (PS5A1) [1445] And
Damion (PS5AA) [1446] Him and [...] Andy got pissed right, and he could say oh there's a fire Andy!
[1447] There's a fire Andy!
[1448] And got blown away right.
Terry (PS5A1) [laugh]
Damion (PS5AA) [1449] Andy'll say ... oh oh oh oh! [...]
Terry (PS5A1) [1450] No, I know this other geezer, yeah?
[1451] Right.
[1452] I was dancing with Kate, yeah?
[1453] And, you know, in the thing, yeah?
[1454] And er, he can't, he can't take it, and he, sort of her took off me, yeah?
[1455] And I was dancing round with her, yeah?
[1456] And like ... and like afterward he goes oh I'll [...] .
[1457] Erm ... like tal , talking and everything, yeah?
[1458] You know Lee, I can't remember his name, but I know him, yeah?
[1459] Like, cos I was talking to him in the party, yeah?
[1460] I know ... what's his, that other Sam, and both Sams.
[1461] I know Nick.
Damion (PS5AA) [1462] That Chris.
Terry (PS5A1) [1463] I know , who's Chris?
Damion (PS5AA) [1464] The one in the green, er ... hacker's jacket.
Terry (PS5A1) [1465] No.
Damion (PS5AA) [1466] Tall, massive [...] .
[1467] Er er ... got the [...] .
Terry (PS5A1) [1468] Oh oh!
Damion (PS5AA) [1469] Yeah him.
Terry (PS5A1) [1470] The one who said th , that he liked that party?
Damion (PS5AA) [1471] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [1472] Him, that's Chris?
[1473] Let's do it to him!
Damion (PS5AA) [1474] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [1475] Let's do it to him!
Damion (PS5AA) [1476] He's a fucking [...] !
[1477] He'll absolutely
Terry (PS5A1) [1478] Who is he?
Damion (PS5AA) [1479] You'll see him as we ... he's so funny!
[1480] Just ghastly man!
[1481] Fucking hell!
[1482] Stay away from him man!
Terry (PS5A1) [1483] Ah but you know in Finchley, yeah?
Damion (PS5AA) [1484] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [1485] Didn't he come with erm, Nick?
Damion (PS5AA) [1486] Nah.
[1487] He wasn't there.
[1488] It's like, that's where I fucking met him!
[1489] Did I tell you
Terry (PS5A1) [1490] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1491] when we were in MacDonalds, I go ... it may
Terry (PS5A1) [1492] No.
Damion (PS5AA) [1493] be your fucking 's fault!
[1494] And it was
Terry (PS5A1) [1495] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1496] cos he fucking didn't turn up on time!
Terry (PS5A1) [1497] Yeah, what did he, what did he do?
Damion (PS5AA) [1498] Ah?
Terry (PS5A1) [1499] What did he do?
Damion (PS5AA) [1500] He didn't turn up.
[1501] They was waiting for him.
Terry (PS5A1) [1502] Mm.
[1503] Ah.
[1504] There they are.

13 (Tape 139607)

None (PS6U4) [1505] Oh who was the
Damion (PS5AA) [1506] He was that
Terry (PS5A1) [1507] one with short black, yeah?
[1508] Cur curly?
Damion (PS5AA) [1509] [...] ?
Terry (PS5A1) [1510] No, nah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1511] Her friend?
Terry (PS5A1) [1512] I er, I think it was Claire.
[1513] Not sure.
Damion (PS5AA) [1514] How short was she?
Terry (PS5A1) [1515] She weren't short.
[1516] I mean short black hair, yeah?
[1517] Curly, yeah?
[1518] Curly
Damion (PS5AA) [1519] I couldn't , I couldn't see anything anyway.
[1520] It's a mile away somewhere.
Terry (PS5A1) [1521] You were fucking going , [laughing] you were going []
Damion (PS5AA) [1522] Hmm!
[1523] You laugh.
Terry (PS5A1) [1524] [laugh] ... you were, you go, ah you cut me, you cut me, you cut, you cut up.
Damion (PS5AA) [1525] You did cut me look!
Terry (PS5A1) [1526] I didn't cut you!
Damion (PS5AA) [1527] You went fucking mad!
Terry (PS5A1) [1528] It was fucking Andrew, you got them?
Damion (PS5AA) [1529] Fuck off!
Terry (PS5A1) [1530] It was Andrew who cut you you know.
Damion (PS5AA) [1531] You sort out a ticket?
Terry (PS5A1) [1532] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1533] Give me it.
Terry (PS5A1) [1534] Why?
Damion (PS5AA) [1535] I want you to show it someone.
Terry (PS5A1) [1536] Who?
Damion (PS5AA) [1537] A girl in my form.
Terry (PS5A1) [1538] Who?
[1539] Why?
Damion (PS5AA) [1540] I'll give it to you later.
Terry (PS5A1) [1541] Why does he want it?
Damion (PS5AA) [1542] I dunno, he needs it for something.
[1543] You got it on you?
Terry (PS5A1) [1544] Yeah, in my wallet.
[1545] ... I got, a got, I go, you know when they er thingy you, ee, you know when the put the thing on, yeah?
[1546] And go to the black one, yeah?
[1547] And th , I ain't got one but I got a ticket, yeah?
[1548] Do you wanna see it?
[1549] He goes no I don't like, just go in, yeah?
[1550] And Daniel wouldn't go in cos he didn't
Damion (PS5AA) [1551] Well Daniel's a poof though isn't he?
Terry (PS5A1) [1552] Alright Jess.
None (PS6U4) [1553] Because I had to pay a [...] then he paid off.
Damion (PS5AA) [1554] Oh fuck off!
Terry (PS5A1) [1555] Innit?
[1556] This is better in
Damion (PS5AA) [1557] I fucking wore my jeans today.
Terry (PS5A1) [1558] D'ya remember in the first when we had curly going everywhere.
Damion (PS5AA) [1559] I was gonna sell my jeans to Andy.
Terry (PS5A1) [1560] Shit!
[1561] I ain't got no money.
Damion (PS5AA) [1562] Gimme it.
[1563] ... Is that
Terry (PS5A1) [1564] [singing] Da []
Damion (PS5AA) [1565] it?
[1566] Yeah.
Terry (PS5A1) [1567] [singing] da da , da [] .
[1568] Why do you wanna show him it?
Damion (PS5AA) [1569] I dunno.
[1570] [...] ... It's not bad in there.
Terry (PS5A1) [1571] Oh!
[1572] [sniff] ... Kieran was narf quiet, quiet after.
Damion (PS5AA) [1573] Who?
Terry (PS5A1) [1574] Kieran.
Damion (PS5AA) [1575] Kieran?
Terry (PS5A1) [1576] Yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1577] That's cos I was annoyed.
Terry (PS5A1) [1578] He weren't pissed.
Damion (PS5AA) [1579] Did you see his love bite?
Terry (PS5A1) [1580] Yeah.
None (PS6U4) [...]
Bunnie (PS5AB) [1581] Oh well.
[1582] Did Nick go?
Terry (PS5A1) [1583] No.
[1584] Fucking chicken!
[1585] He could have wo , gone if he wanted to?
Bunnie (PS5AB) [1586] Well why didn't he?
[1587] But he don't mind you
Terry (PS5A1) [1588] Cos he was scared , he's scared.
Bunnie (PS5AB) [1589] he don't like ... meeting new people does he?
Terry (PS5A1) [1590] Ha?
Bunnie (PS5AB) [1591] He don't like meeting new people.
Terry (PS5A1) [1592] Exactly.
[1593] Don't say nuffing to him though.
Bunnie (PS5AB) [1594] I won't.
Terry (PS5A1) [1595] Oh he wouldn't even go out with Sherry yet, and like ... he wouldn't even talk to her yet and like she's in the fucking same school er er
Bunnie (PS5AB) [1596] I think she [...] .
[1597] Nope.
Damion (PS5AA) [1598] Cos I was sick the next morning actually.
None (PS6U4) [1599] Were you?
Terry (PS5A1) [1600] I didn't.
[1601] I thought I'd have a hangover, I didn't have a hangover.
Damion (PS5AA) [1602] Well I felt sick.
Terry (PS5A1) [sniff]
Damion (PS5AA) [1603] I suppose I had a mixture really.
Terry (PS5A1) [1604] I got up feel rough, er, did you mix it?
Damion (PS5AA) [1605] I mixed ... I had some Malibu.
Terry (PS5A1) [1606] Oh right yeah, yeah.
Damion (PS5AA) [1607] I had Patrick , have that, have this, right?
Terry (PS5A1) [1608] That Malibu man, that's narf nice.
[1609] Malibu.
Damion (PS5AA) [1610] I shouldn't mix drinks and I can't fucking
Terry (PS5A1) [1611] What's that one you had?
[1612] That was well nice!
Damion (PS5AA) [1613] Taboo.
None (PS6U4) [1614] Is it?
Terry (PS5A1) [1615] That is fucking beautiful!
[1616] ... [sniff] ... Elevenses, yeah?
Damion (PS5AA) [1617] Yeah, I'm not gonna mix it again.
Terry (PS5A1) [sniff]
Damion (PS5AA) [1618] I was bloody sick last time!
Terry (PS5A1) [1619] Elevenses.
[1620] Elevenses?
Damion (PS5AA) [1621] Oh ya!
Terry (PS5A1) [1622] Elevenses, [...] .
None (PS6U4) [1623] I'm going home.
Damion (PS5AA) [1624] Have you got a phone card?
Terry (PS5A1) [1625] Where you going James?
None (PS6U4) [1626] I'm gonna home first.
Terry (PS5A1) [1627] Alright then.
Damion (PS5AA) [1628] I've snapped my phone card in half.
None (PS6U4) [1629] First to the ball.
Terry (PS5A1) [1630] Yeah, why d'ya snap it in half?
Damion (PS5AA) [1631] Cos I didn't know I was doing it?
Terry (PS5A1) [1632] [sniff] ... Yeah, cos you're a ... [sniff] ... Elevenses.
[1633] Come on, let's go.
None (PS6U4) [1634] No, sixty seconds.
Damion (PS5AA) [1635] Do you want her phone number?
Terry (PS5A1) [1636] No I don't.
Damion (PS5AA) [1637] I'll get it for ya?
Terry (PS5A1) [1638] I don't want her pho , if I, right ... it's really stupid, yeah?
[1639] If you go to a party, yeah?
[1640] And you got a girl, yeah?
[1641] Cos you can't get off with all, all the, the people you want to.
[1642] Know what I mean?
Damion (PS5AA) [1643] What?
Terry (PS5A1) [1644] It's really stupid if you go to a party, yeah?
[1645] With a girl, right?
[1646] [sniff] ... Right?
[1647] Cos then you can't get off with the people you want to.
[1648] Know what I mean?
Damion (PS5AA) [1649] Someone'd get off with you?
Terry (PS5A1) [1650] What? [sniff]
None (PS6U4) [1651] Are you coming to [...] ?
Terry (PS5A1) [1652] Nah!
[1653] Elevenses.
Damion (PS5AA) [1654] I can count any people ... [...] got off with.
Terry (PS5A1) [1655] [laugh] ... Actually I don't wanna [...] to get erm, hitting his head on a ... with a hammer, I'll say that turns him on.