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pb (PS6KR) [2] Yes, hello, good evening, welcome to Talking Sport, and tonight's headlines: Oxford United lose four two at Spurs in the F A Cup, but are by no means disgraced.
[3] There are two goals for Martin Foyle, but Spurs' Paul Gascoigne also scores twice and he proves to be their match winner.
[4] Elsewhere, there are wins for Thame, Abingdon Town and Milton; Oxford City's long unbeaten run disappears, Witney draw, as do Banbury and Carterton, and the game between Wantage and Bicester ends as a draw, but there are defeats for Abingdon United, Headington and Didcot.
[5] In rugby, Bicester are through to the semi-finals of the Provincial Insurance Cup.
[6] Well there'll be more on all these games in a moment, first the local classified football results: F A Cup fourth round; Spurs four, Oxford United two.
[7] The Beezer Homes League Southern division: Witney one, Canterbury one.
[8] The Vauxhall League, division two south; Bracknell one, Abingdon Town two.
[9] The South Midland League premier division; Pyrton one, Thame four.
[10] The South Midland League Trophy; Shenley and Lowton five, Oxford City two.
[11] The Hellenic League; Abingdon United nil, Rayners Lane three; Banbury nil, Almondsbury nil; Carterton two, Swindon Athletic two; Fairford two, Headington Amateurs nil; Shortwood one, Didcot nil; Wantage two, Bicester two.
[12] And the Berks and Bucks Intermediate Cup; Fairmile Hospital one, Milton three.
[13] Now for a look at the national classified results, here's Hedley Feast.
hf (PS6KS) [14] The F A Cup fourth round; Cambridge United two, Middlesbrough nil; Coventry City one, Southampton one; Crew Alexandra one, Rotherham United nil; Liverpool two, Brighton and Hove Albion two; Luton Town one, West Ham United one; Manchester United one, Bolton Wanderers nil, Milwall four, Sheffield Wednesday four; Norwich City three, Swindon Town one; Notts County two, Oldham Athletic nil; Port Vale one, Manchester City two; Portsmouth five, Bournemouth one; Shrewsbury Town one, Wimbledon nil; Tottenham Hotspur four, Oxford United two.
[15] Barclay's League division one; Sheffield United one, Derby County nil; division two; Bristol Rovers three, Bristol City two; Leicester City one, Blackburn Rovers three; division three; Bradford City nil, Grimsby Town two; Brentford two, Swansea City nil; Bury nil, Birmingham City one; Exeter City two, Mansfield Town nil; Huddersfield Town one, Fulham nil; Leyton Orient one, Chester City nil; Preston Northend two, Southend United one; division four; Burnley three, Stockport County two; Carlisle United nil, Hereford United one; Chesterfield one, Torquay United one; Halifax Town nil, Darlington nil; Northampton Town two, Aldershot one; Scunthorpe United two, Maidstone United two; Walsall nil, Peterborough United one; Wrexham nil, Blackpool one; York City nil, Hartlepool United nil; the Scottish F A Cup third round; Aberdeen nil, Motherwell one; Airdrionians two, Heart of Midlothian one; Clydebank nil, Ayr one; Dundee one, Brechin nil; Forfar nil, Celtic two; Kilmarnock three, Arbroath two; Partick Thistle nil, Falkirk nil; Wraith Rovers nil, Hamilton Academical one; St Johnstone nil, Berwick Rangers nil; Stirling Albion nil, Morton one; Stranraer one, St Mirren five; the Scottish B and Q League division two; Stenhouse Muir two, Albion Rovers nil; G M Conference; Altrincham three, Kettering two; Barnet two, Bath nil; Boston four, Yeovil nil; Cheltenham one, Runcorn three; Merthyr one, Welling nil; Northwich one, Kidderminster one; Stafford nil, Gateshead one; Sutton nil, Colchester one; Telford three, Fisher one; Wyckham two, Barrow one; the H F S Loans League; Bishop Auckland three, Bangor nil; Frickley three, Ghoul two; Horwich nil, Marine nil; Leek one, Hyde one; Matlock one, Fleetwood one; Morcambe two, Witton nil; Mossley one, Shepshed nil; South Liverpool three, Droylsdon four; Southport one, Gainbsborough nil; Staleybridge two, Chorley one; the Beezer Homes League; Atherston nil, Rugby one; Bromsgrove two, Cambridge City two; Chelmsford nil, Worcester nil; Dorchester nil, Rushton nil; Farnborough five, Gravesend nil; Moregreen three, Burton six; Poole one, Gloucester two; Wealdstone one, Hales Owen two; and finally Weymouth nil, Dover one. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [16] Headley Feast with the national classified, one result to change of the local footballs in the Beezer Homes League, southern division, I'm afraid it was a defeat for Witney; Witney one, Canterbury two, that's in the Beezer Homes League southern division; Witney one, Canterbury two.
[17] Well our big match today was the F A Cup fourth round up at White Hart Lane; it finished Spurs four, Oxford United two.
[18] Reporting on the match, here's Nick Harris:
nh (PS6KT) [19] Well the difference between these two sides was a Newcastle born mid-fielder, by the name of Paul Gascoigne; not only did he score two second half goals for the first division club, but he dominated proceedings in mid-field.
[20] Not that United disgraced themselves in any way at all, they matched Spurs ball for ball and played some delightful football and an awful lot of courage; they were two nil down when they pulled it back to two one, they were three one down when they pulled it back to three two.
[21] They got off to a great start when they almost scored after just two and a half minutes, when Jim Magilton fed Lee Nogan, and his left foot shot was brilliantly saved by Eric Torsvale, tipping the ball all round the post for a corner.
[22] But back came Spurs and in the eighth minute, they took the all important lead.
a (PS6KU) [23] So seven minutes of the game gone and a mistake by Andy Melville letting in Gary Lineker, but Spurs take a short corner.
[24] Still no goals, it's play to Gascoigne, Gascoigne now still going forward, Gascoigne on the edge of the penalty, looking for the one two, he gets the one two, great tackle there by Les Robinson, there's still a chance to Spurs Steve Foster , chance now — and it's a goal to Spurs.
[25] He put it away, a bit of hesitation there in the Oxford United defence, and it's a goal to Spurs scored by Gary Mafford, in fact he's put the ball in the net; mistake from Andy Melville gave Spurs a corner, the ball wasn't cleared, Gascoigne played a one two, was blocked by United, it came out to Mafford in the end and the goal's in so Spurs take the lead after eight minutes.
nh (PS6KT) [26] So Spurs getting the lead they so dearly wanted after all their upsets of recent weeks, but back came United in the eighteenth minute, Les Phillips sent Nogan free over the halfway line and Eric Torsville had to race from his line to hack the ball into the stand.
[27] But a minute later, Spurs were two nil up, some sloppy play in mid-field, the ball looped over the United defence to Gary Lineker, he ran on and hammered a tremendous shot into the roof of the net for his fourteenth goal of the season.
[28] But still United pushed forward, Simpson a free kick went over the cross bar in the twenty third minute and then, just as I was giving a flash to Radio Oxford listeners, United pulled one back on the half hour.
a (PS6KU) [29] As I speak, a chance now for Martin Foyle; Foyle has scored for Oxford, he's done it, Oxford have pulled one back, tremendous through ball for Martin Foyle, he cheeked his way round the goalkeeper, put it in with the side of his foot so you've come at exactly the right time, thirty one minutes gone, Spurs two, Oxford United one and the goal coming from Martin Foyle.
nh (PS6KT) [30] In fact it was Les Phillips who threaded the ball through to Martin Foyle, and he had a marvellous game for United in the heart of their engine room, and just five minutes later, United almost equalised.
[31] Martin Foyle sent over the perfect cross, Lee Nogan got above the Spurs defence, he got his ball ... head to the ball, but it went over the cross bar and the chance had gone.
[32] And Spurs piled then forward, towards the end of the first half, trying to get that all important third goal, but United, to their credit, held firm.
[33] Well the second half started with United in tremendous form; they pushed more and more men forward, they won two consecutive corners, they really started to get on top, but then, with forty minutes of the second half gone, Spurs scored that all important third goal.
a (PS6KU) [34] Spurs trying to build slowly and purposely with Nayim .
[35] Nayim now forward to Paul Stewart, sorry to Paul Allen, Allen lays it wide now to Fenwick, Fenwick to Gascoigne, Gascoigne cuts inside, this is where he's his most dangerous, Gascoigne going forward looking for the one two to Walsh, to Gascoigne, Gascoigne's on his way through, Gascoigne shoots — tremendous tackle — oh what a goal by Paul Gascoigne.
[36] A wonderful one two with Paul [...] Gascoigne runs under the ball, he obeys the tackle of Steve Foster, he gets round Ken Basey, what a goal, you can't do ... ..
nh (PS6KT) [37] So Paul Gascoigne making it three one as I say, having a marvellous match, but United once again came back into things.
[38] Les Phillips running the show in mid-field, Steve Foster defending stoutly at the back and the front runners always giving Spurs problems especially when the ball was played over the top.
[39] United took off Lee Nogan and brought on Mark Stein and just when the game seemed to be slipping from their grasp, they pulled back a vital goal through Martin Foyle.
a (PS6KU) [40] So eleven minutes remaining plus a little bit of injury time, it's still Spurs three, Oxford United one, United go forward, a chip forward there by Simpson.
[41] There's a chance now for Martin Foyle; Martin Foyle — and he's scored, oh a great chip forward by Simpson, it's laid back there to Martin Foyle, he takes the ball on his chest and Martin Foyle has done it.
[42] Eleven minutes of this tie remaining, it's far from dead, Martin Foyle ... ..
nh (PS6KT) [43] And guess who was the man involved heading the ball from the chip; Les Phillips once again laying the ball back to Martin Foyle.
[44] United then began to pile men forward as they had to, Simpson causing problems down the left, Phillips again in mid-field winning a lot of ball, but of course United leaving a few gaps at the back, and just before the finish, four minutes before the finish, that man Gascoigne put the game beyond United's reach, giving Spurs a four two victory.
a (PS6KU) [45] But Gascoigne wins it back, but Stein beats Gascoigne to the ball, lays it forward now to Simpson, Simpson — bad ball by Simpson, it's Spurs in possession down the right side, it's Paul Allen faced by Gary [...] again, in fact it's Paul Stewart, Stewart gets inside, will he get in the shooting chance, he's trying to — chance now for Gascoigne, Gascoignes get in his shot and he's scored.
[46] He's put the game beyond Oxford United, the ball played into Paul Gascoigne, he shoots hard and high, above Ken Basey, into the roof of the net.
nh (PS6KT) [47] And that was that.
[48] A marvellous fourth round Cup Tie, a pulsating game up here at White Hart Lane, watched by a very big crowd, and those five thousand or so Oxford United fans now making their way home down the M twenty five and the M forty, can be justly proud of their side.
[49] Final score line up here at White Hart Lane; Tottenham Hotspur four, Oxford United two.
[50] Mpb Nick Harris reporting on a pulsating game up at Tottenham this afternoon.
[51] You're listening to B B C Radio Oxford and Talking Sport, seventeen minutes past five is the score, and hopefully we'll be going back to White Hart Lane shortly and catching up with some of the players.
[52] But now some reports on a couple of the other games this afternoon; in the South Midland League Trophy; Shenley and Lowton five, Oxford City two; so the end of a long unbeaten run for Oxford City; our reporter, John Shepherd.
js (PS6KV) [53] City's unbeaten run went crashing down today when Shenley and Leyton put paid to their chances of further progress in the South Midland League's Challenge Trophy.
[54] It looked from the start that they would preserve their record when they scored after five minutes from the kick off.
[55] From a free kick on the right, Chris Williams sent over the accurate ball for Steve Hodges to meet unchallenged and score at the far corner with his head.
[56] Hudson might have added a second, but taken by surprise to find the ball at his feet, it bounced into the arms of the keeper.
[57] City were competing well in mid-field and keeping their opponents at full stretch, but after twenty four minutes, Shenley pulled level as Paul Armitage crossed into goalkeeper Steve Roberts, but he lost possession as he collided with Andy King and allowed Rob Blackmore to get a touch and send it over the line.
[58] Chris Williams put Frankie Machavellio clear but he was unable to lose his mark and the chance was gone.
[59] Shenley went in front in the thirty fifth minute as City failed to get clear Mark Turrell's corner kick, as the ball crossed the goal line.
[60] With four minutes of the first half left, disaster struck for City within the space of two minutes as they suddenly found themselves four one down with two penalties in quick succession.
[61] The first came as Steve Brown handled, sorry as Steve Brown tackled [...] in the area, that saw Armitage score off the underside of the cross bar, and from the second, Armitage centre struck Andy King on the hand, and a penalty was put away by Bernie McConnell.
[62] Three minutes after the break, City know it was not going to be their day, they themselves were awarded a penalty when Frankie Machavellio was brought down in the area.
[63] City's leaders caused Steve Hudsbeth whose tally of goals kept pace with their beaten run, stepped up to take the kick, only to see his effort go outside.
[64] On sixty eight minutes, City fell further behind when [...] long cross from the far side reached Bernie McConnell who sent a looping header over Roberts for his second goal of the game.
[65] City tried hard to get back into it but their task was always going to be maintenance, although Paul Hackett struck a good goal in a move involving several players, to reduce the area on seventy four minutes.
[66] So not a good day for City, but they shouldn't lose heart, as the score line [...] the home side, and on another day might well be reversed as they were not that much difference in the goals.
[67] Final score; Shenley and Lowton five, Oxford City two.
pb (PS6KR) [68] John Shepherd reporting.
[69] Well, so Oxford City lose their unbeaten run, but Abingdon Town keep going, that's in the Vauxhall League division two South, the score this afternoon down at Bracknell; Bracknell one, Abingdon Town two, our reporter Nick Quayle.
nq (PS6KW) [70] Abingdon Town struggled to record a two one win against hosts Bracknell Town here today, and will certainly need to improve their finishing if they are to maintain their challenge at the top of the Vauxhall League, division two south.
[71] It should have been a relatively easy game as Bracknell were without many first team regulars, but their youngsters were a credit as they hustled Abingdon all the way.
[72] Town started very positively against the makeshift Bracknell team, and right from the kick off, Abingdon asserted their authority on the game.
[73] Bracknell's youth team keeper, Dean Simmons was soon under pressure and as early as the ninth minute, Abingdon took the lead; having forced a corner, Keith Appleton swung the ball into the area, Steve Aries won it well in the air, and knocked it down to Liam Herbert who crashed his shot past Simmons to make it one nil.
[74] Town's top scorer, Paul Bradbury was also not missing out on the action and came close on three or four occasions, but Simmons was playing excellently to deny him.
[75] They looked to be all one way traffic as Abingdon's mid-field dominated the game, setting up chances for the front runners, but the final touch was always missing.
[76] Simmons seemed ... saved shots from Herbert and Aries and did well to turn away a goalbound shot from Appleton.
[77] Town went two nil up straight after the restart, when Bradbury had a good run on the left wing, centred for Aries who nodded the ball back to a waiting Kevin Connelly and he made no mistake with a low shot.
[78] Aries was denied again by keeper Simmons when a goal seemed certain, but it appeared that Abingdon could not turn possession into goals as chance after chance went begging.
[79] Minutes before the end, Bracknell got their just rewards for their hard effort from almost their first chance of the game; they forced two quick corners and following a scramble in the Town area, John Smith managed to turn the ball home.
[80] So final score here; Bracknell Town one, Abingdon Town two.
pb (PS6KR) [81] So another victory for Abingdon Town.
[82] Let's move down now to the Hellenic League premier division; Wantage at home to Bicester, that game finished two goals apiece, our reporter Andy Wells.
aw (PS6KX) [83] A superbly worked goal by Wantage when John Cully headed home a pin point cross by Stewart Bradbury with five minutes remaining, looked to have won this match for three vitally needed points in the Hellenic League premier division.
[84] However, for the third time this season, Wantage could not hold on to a lead given them in the last five minutes, and allowed Andy Martin to shoot home for the equaliser for Bicester.
[85] Earlier, Mark Hartline, recently selected for the England Youth Squad, should have given Bicester the lead when he was through twice on the keeper, but put the ball wide.
[86] Play was end to end in the first half, but catching Bicester cold after a player had been down injured for some time, Wantage took the lead on thirty five minutes, when Andy Cooper brilliantly volleyed home a touch on from Jamie Alexander for a one nil half time lead.
[87] Just before half time, Kevin Leach made a terrific save from another Cooper volley, just tipping over to prevent them going down two nil.
[88] In the second half, Alexander made two good chances for himself, but it was Bicester who deservedly equalised after a sustained spell of pressure when Mark Butler stabbed home a loose ball from a corner.
[89] Play began to get scrappy, but chances went at both ends until Cully and Martin provided the late excitement; Wantage Town two, Bicester Town two.
pb (PS6KR) [90] Andy Wells reporting.
[91] And staying in the Hellenic League the premier division; Abingdon United nil, Rayners Lane three; our reporter, Ray Barlow.
rb (PS6KY) [92] Abingdon United came back down to earth with a bang this afternoon when they were defeated at home by three goals to nil by lowly Rayners Lane.
[93] The game started disastrously for United when after a mistake by Martin Shepherd, Kenny Langston ran on to beat the advancing Richardson with a low shot into the corner of United's goal in the fourth minute.
[94] This set back spurred United into action and they penned Rayners Lane into their own half for long periods, forcing eight corners in the first forty minutes of the game.
[95] But the nearest they came to scoring was in the forty third minute; Neil Keller in the Rayners Lane goal saving brilliantly from a fifteen yard volley from Martin Shepherd.
[96] He again saved his side from the fiftieth minute when he flew across his goal to fingertip a [...] around his near post.
[97] This save proved the turning point of the game because United pushed forward and the pace of Kenny Langston proved to be the undoing of United's square defence.
[98] In the sixtieth minute he burst between Shepherd and Webb before drawing Shepherd ... before drawing Richardson from his goal to square the ball across the penalty area for Neil Owen to shoot into the empty net.
[99] Then in the seventieth minute he left Martin Smythe for dead wide out on the right before finishing [...] the ball across Richardson into the far corner of United's goal.
[100] United to continued to prove ... to press forward but found their moves breaking down in the visitor's penalty area.
[101] The final whistle came with Rayners Lane holding on to win by three goals to nil.
pb (PS6KR) [102] That's our reporter Ray Barlow.
[103] Now I think we can go back to White Hart Lane; Oxford United losing this afternoon by four goals to two away to Spurs in the F A Cup fourth round, and I believe that Nick Harris is with manager Brian Horton.
nh (PS6KT) [104] Thank you and welcome back to White Hart Lane Peter; I've got with me United manager Brian Horton.
[105] Beaten Brian, but surely very pleased with the performance of the lads.
bh (PS6L0) [106] Yes, I mean I've got to say to that, I thought they kept going; two nothing down you know [...] and I've played in games where your playing top opposition and you can go under a little bit can't you.
[107] Credit to them, they came back, got a great goal, Les Phillips had a great game, made the first one I think, no the second one he made didn't he? erm But he played tremendous, Les; he got the passing going and I thought they did very well as a team, we kept our composure.
[108] The second goal disappointed me because we talked about Lineker getting behind it.
pb (PS6KR) [109] And we seemed to have lost erm Nick Harris and manager Brian Horton, but hopefully we'll be going back to that, so let's move to the Berks and Bucks Intermediate Cup; Fairmile Hospital against Milton, this match finished Fairmile Hospital one, Milton three; waiting to report, David Taylor.
dt (PS6L1) [110] Yes, there was to be no Cup upset this afternoon as Hellenic League leaders Milton United overcame their Reading Senior League opponents at Fairmile in the Berks and Bucks Intermediate Cup fourth round.
[111] Two goals from Milton's leading scorer Nigel Mott and one from Neil Allen put this game beyond doubt, the opening encounter was fast and furious with bone jarring tackles from both sets of players, and referee, Mr Merchant from Newbury did well to keep it from boiling over.
[112] After fourteen minutes, Paul Biddle went close for Milton as his corner went just over the bar.
[113] Ian Humphreys and Duncan Mitchell were making space down the right wing for Milton as the visitors started to click into gear, searching and probing for a way past the Fairmile defence.
[114] And on twenty five minutes, Nigel Mott got that opening goal as an excellent through ball from Paul Biddle found him in space and he placed the ball wide of the Fairmile goalkeeper Mark Carrigan; Fairmile were not to be perturbed by this as on their half an hour Wayne Glossop went close for the home side.
[115] On thirty seven minutes though, Paul Biddle should have made it two nil as he found himself with just the Fairmile goalkeeper to beat, but stupidly played it wide for Brian Marland, but his final pass was poor and Fairmile's Kevin Shepherd was able to clear the ball from the danger area.
[116] But three minutes before half time, Milton grabbed the second goal as Neil Allen fired home direct from a free kick some twenty yards out after Paul Biddle had been fouled.
[117] The second half was only six minutes old as Fairmile's Kevin Shepherd's close range snapshot sent Milton's goalkeeper Paul Whittington diving to his left save, and one minute later Clive Minor's shot was kicked off the line by Milton's Paul Storey, as Fairmile tried to reduce the deficit.
[118] But on fifty nine minutes Milton put the game beyond doubt as Nigel Mott grabbed his second goal of the game despite howls of protest from the Fairmile players for offside, he ran through and stroked the ball home with ease.
[119] Paul Biddle squandered another chance for Milton on seventy one minutes as he put the ball wide from close range and then with ten minutes remaining, Fairmile offered themselves a glimmer of hope as Wayne Glossop fired home through a ruck of players.
[120] And then Danny McCann could have scored a second for Fairmile in the dying moments, but he shot over from a good position.
[121] Despite the heavy tackles, only one player was booked; Ricky Cox of Fairmile for a tackle on Ian Humphreys.
[122] The final score here; Fairmile hospital one, Milton United three.
pb (PS6KR) [123] Back to the Hellenic League and the Premier Division; Banbury nil, Almondsbury nil, our reporter Barry Worsley.
bw (PS6L2) [124] Well a very close fought encounter at the stadium; we had to wait for quarter of an hour for the first actual goal chance when Dave Bristow hit the ball from twenty five yards, which just cleared the bar.
[125] Almondsbury were always a problem to Banbury, both teams playing very good football and the mid-field were very dominant on both sides, therefore the amount of chances weren't that great.
[126] Sixteenth minute, Kerry [...] probably the best move of the game, played the ball to Dave Brooker who slotted the ball through to Wayne McDowell.
[127] His ball to brother Gary McDowell was touched on to Neil Sibble who's first tie shot was cannoned off the bar, that was the nearest that Banbury really got to scoring.
[128] The goalkeeper was well beaten, but as the ball cannoned over for a goal kick and the chance went.
[129] Again it see-sawed to and fro throughout the half erm last couple of minutes Banbury went twice when Peter Smith fired in a shot from twenty yards which Ricky Harding in the Almondsbury goal held very comfortably, and erm Dave Bristow again went close.
[130] erm The second half started as the first half finished, with a ... again a very erm entertaining game erm in the fiftieth minute, on a break, Almondsbury's Alex Stocker was nearest to scoring for them when he floated a long ball forward which Mark Sibble was very glad to tip over the bar.
[131] A few minutes later Wayne McDowell, he played the ball out to brother Gary again, whose hard low cross was scrambled clear by the Almondsbury defence to ... back to Wayne McDowell whose lob shot ended up resting in the top of the netting.
[132] Again erm the game was to and fro, see-sawing one way and then the other, erm quite an exciting game to the uncommitted considering there were no goals scored erm in about the seventieth minute, Neil Sibble, he took the ball from the half way line on an individual run, but after beating two defenders his shot was well saved by Harding.
[133] Almondsbury came more into it as the last twenty minutes came and erm forced a few corners; Banbury had probably the more chances of getting the elusive winner erm but the game could have gone either way and I think after all is considered erm the final result was a fair result.
[134] In a fortnight's time the fixture is reversed with Banbury making the trip to Almondsbury, but the result of this game was Banbury United nil, Almondsbury Pixons nil.
pb (PS6KR) [135] Barry Worsley reporting.
[136] Let's move now up to the Beezer Homes League Southern Division; Witney one, Canterbury two, our reporter, Adrian Burcher.
ab (PS6L3) [137] A bad mistake by the linesman cost Witney the three points in today's [...] battle against fellow strugglers Canterbury City at Marriots Close.
[138] Things seemed to be going fairly well for Town; Dave Warner made a tremendous one handed save from Sammy Spence on thirteen minutes, whilst up the other end, Steve Jenkins, Kenny Clarke and Jimmy Austin all saw efforts cleared in a goalmouth melee.
[139] But on twenty eight minutes disaster struck; Canterbury striker Sammy Spence was making his way back up field and was clearly ten yards offside.
[140] David Gear hit the ball over the defence and Spence immediately changed direction and chased; for some unknown reason, no flag appeared, allowing Spence to slot home past the helpless Warner to the annoyance of the home players.
[141] From this point, Witney took the bit between their teeth and fought back in search of an equaliser.
[142] On sixty one minutes, Steve Jenkins ran through on to Gary Murphy's through ball only to be died by the cross bar.
[143] More bad luck was to follow a minute later; Steve Jenkins hit a cross shot which Spencer Creedon parried across the six yard box, Kenny Clark followed up and desperately slid in but was denied by the post, and in doing so, dislocated his finger, but was luckily allowed back into the action within minutes following treatment.
[144] On sixty six minutes, Clark again saw another effort run just wide, but three minutes later, Witney got their reward; Brian Flannery headed David Scott's clearance down to Julio Berazi.
[145] Berazi carried the ball down to the edge of the box, then slipped a delightful ball through to Clark who made no mistake crashing home his eighteenth goal of the season.
[146] At this point, Witney looked like they might snatch all three points, but Canterbury's Neil Scott had other ideas.
[147] Billy Ploose's up and under fell behind Town defence bouncing kindly for Scott who kept his head and finished coolly.
[148] The score once again for Marriotts Close; Witney Town one, Canterbury City two.
pb (PS6KR) [149] So Witney's little run comes to an end.
[150] Right let's catch up with Headley Feast and the details of all the national football today.
hf (PS6KS) [151] Yes, the first goal in the fourth round of the F A Cup was scored at Millwall when Stevenson put the home side in front after just one minute of their tie with Sheffield Wednesday; Ron Atkinson's side hit back to equalise after twelve minutes.
[152] On the half hour, Francis put Wednesday two one up but five minutes from the break, Ray netted to equalise for Millwall.
[153] Sheffield Wednesday regained the lead through Pearson in the fifty ninth minute, but Millwall came back and Sherringham made it three three after sixty three minutes.
[154] Palmer put Sheffield Wednesday back into the lead with four minutes left and on the stroke of time, Sherringham made it four four.
[155] Crewe Alexander were also quick off the mark, Hignett giving them a tenth minute lead at home to Rotherham, and the only goal of the game puts Crewe into round five.
[156] Manchester City's Quinn netted in the eleventh minute in their match away to Port Vale, but the home side drew level with ace marksman Beckford after thirty six minutes.
[157] Manchester City were back in front after seventy one minutes through Allen, and that's how the game finished; Port Vale one, Manchester City two.
[158] Shrewsbury at home to first division Wimbledon took the lead through Shaw after thirty nine minutes, and Shrewsbury, now managed by John Bond, go through to the fifth round.
[159] Cambridge United and Middlesbrough were unable to break the deadlock in the first half of their match, but Taylor gave Cambridge the lead after sixty seven minutes and it was Taylor who made it two nil fifteen minutes from time to give Cambridge a memorable victory.
[160] Norwich City and Swindon's tie at Carrow Road was also without goals in the first half, but Swindon's Lorenzo was given his marching orders.
[161] Five minutes after the break, White put Swindon in front but Norwich City pulled level after sixty five minutes through Gordon.
[162] Mid way through the second half, Gittins was the second Swindon player to be sent off and against nine man Swindon, Norwich's Mortenson gave them lead.
[163] One minute from time, Flex scored Norwich's third to make it a miserable afternoon for Swindon.
[164] Portsmouth took the lead in their match at Fratton Park against Bournemouth through Clark, right on the stroke of half time.
[165] Wittingham made it two nil on the hour and then followed two further goals from Wittingham with Faraday replying for Bournemouth, but Wittingham struck again his fourth to make the final score; Portsmouth five, Bournemouth one.
[166] Coventry City were in front one minute before half time in their home tie with Southampton: Kilkline the scorer.
[167] Shearer equalised for Southampton with a penalty in the fifty second minute, and the replay at Southampton midweek.
[168] Notts County at home to Oldham went into a forty second minute lead through Turner, and this all second division clash saw Notts County go further ahead through Short after sixty five minutes; two nil the final score.
[169] West Ham doing so well in the second division went to first division Luton, and by half time they were in front, a Pariss goal after forty three minutes, but Luton hit back in the seventieth minute through Black, and these two sides must replay.
[170] Liverpool and Brighton had a goal-less first half, but Ian Rush put Liverpool in front three minutes into the second half, and two minutes later the same goal scorer netted number two.
[171] However, Brighton were not overawed and they came back with a penalty through Small after seventy three minutes.
[172] Burne netted number two for Brighton and these two sides go to the south coast in the week.
[173] Manchester United at home to Bolton were held to a goal-less first half ... first forty five minutes, and they had to wait until the seventy seventh minute before taking the lead through Hughes, and United go through with a one nil win. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [174] Headley Feast with today's round up of the national football.
[175] Now I think we can go back to White Hart Lane and Nick Harris talking to Oxford United manager, Brian Horton.
nh (PS6KT) [176] Well, welcome back to White Hart Lane Peter, I've got with me United manager Brian Horton.
[177] Beaten Brian, but surely very pleased with the performance of the lads?
bh (PS6L0) [178] Yes, I mean I've got to say that, I thought they kept going at two nothing down you know sides , and I've played in games where you're playing top opposition and you can go under a little bit can't you?
[179] Credit to them, they came back, got a great goal, Les Phillips had a great game; made the first one I think, no the second one he made didn't he? erm But he played tremendous, Les, got the passing going, and I thought we did very well as a team, we kept our composure.
[180] The second goal disappointed me because we'd talked about Lineker getting behind us, let Gary Lineker have the ball in front and then he's not so dangerous obviously; that's his strength, over the top, bump it in the net.
[181] That disappointed me, because we'd talked about it and done that yesterday in training.
[182] And when things happen like that, it disappoints me.
[183] You can't stop Gascoigne's goal, I mean that's tremendous play, great play.
[184] All the talk after the game is about Gascoigne, but he really had had a marvellous match hadn't he?
[185] I had to make the decision, do I put Mickey Lewis on him, leave Martin Foyle out and stick Mickey Lewis on Gascoigne?
[186] I think I've made the right decision because Foyly scored two goals, and I don't think you stop a player of his quality, I mean they tried it with George Best, they've tried it with, you know Manfred Mann and they always do something special don't they?
[187] He did things ... he did special things against Chelsea tonight and they lost three nothing.
[188] You can't stop that, I mean that's what I've said to the Press, you don't want him to go abroad because I think everybody's going to miss that, because there are aren't too many that can do things like he does.
[189] Little Les Phillips just said in the dressing room, you can't get near him, he's so explosive over five, ten yards, you know he played the one two bumpers into the ... ah, it's a fantastic goal.
[190] But you know, let's not talk him all the time because I think some of our players gave good performances today.
nh (PS6KT) [191] Absolutely, you didn't come here and kick and rush, you didn't come here and defend, you played some delightful football, football I know you always like to play, that must have pleased you the way the game was played.
bh (PS6L0) [192] It does please me but the thing sometimes is, you don't get results, I mean I just said to him at half time ‘come on we've got to be a bit stronger,’ you know I thought we were playing quite well, but I thought we were letting them dominate us a little bit.
[193] You know you've got to get your foot in and ... you know if you've got erm people in tackles, come on, they aren't any different to anybody else and maybe I thought we could have done that a little bit better.
[194] But the passing, the finishing was good, Lee Nogan hit a good shot, first couple of men in so you know that goes in, it's a different game.
[195] We just couldn't get quite at them could we, like you know, two one, they go three one, three two, they go four two, you know, like you think ‘oh if you just could have’, you know.
[196] Maybe we just had a little bit of pressure, but that's good players, they punish you don't they, top players?
nh (PS6KT) [197] Martin Foyle what, out of the side for so long — bit of a gamble to bring him back in; he did you proud.
bh (PS6L0) [198] Yes he ... Foyly, he's got a heart as big as a lion and he'll always do that, Foyly, whether he's been injured or not, for you, and I'm pleased he got the goals.
[199] erm People who get the goals get the headlines don't they erm so I'm pleased for him erm John Durning now is missing for two games erm he misses erm Oldham and Swindon, so that's pleasing to have Foyly back.
[200] erm We'll just have to see what goes now this week, but erm I'm pleased with Foyly.
[201] I'm pleased we've gone away probably, you know, we've made a few friends because everbody's just said to me how well we've played and you know, it was a great game and all that kind of stuff, so that pleases me, I just don't like losing.
nh (PS6KT) [202] Finally, we've got to bring the players back to earth a bit, but two absolute cracking games to look forward to in the next couple of weeks; Oldham next week, probably the best footballing side in the second division, and away to Swindon the week after, so still a lot to look forward to although disappointment at going out of the Cup.
bh (PS6L0) [203] There's always things to look forward to football isn't there?
[204] You know, it is a pressure job and Terry must have been under pressure today because if we'd have beaten them, then you know their season would have crumbled.
[205] But erm there's always things to look forward to in football and yes Oldham's going to be a good game for us, but we need to win; then Swindon, our old rivals that we can't beat for years.
[206] It might be our turn mightn't it?
[207] If we play like that we're going to beat sides aren't we.
[208] It's if we go back in and think we're good players again like we did at West Brom and don't compete.
[209] I think we competed today but erm maybe one or two areas where I thought we might have got stuck in a little bit more you know, and we're going to have to do that against Oldham I tell you because they'll pass and have players that can do tricks erm good side aren't they?
[210] So, you know we've got a week now to maybe watch the T V tonight, watch the goals again tomorrow, enjoy what we've just done, but erm some hard work ahead of it in the next few weeks.
nh (PS6KT) [211] Brian, thank you very much.
bh (PS6L0) [212] Thank you.
pb (PS6KR) [213] Nick Harris talking to Oxford United manager, Brian Horton.
[214] Well, while United have been playing at White Hart Lane, it's rather overshadowed Bicester Rugby Cup at Hucklecote Old Boys in the Provincial Insurance Cup.
[215] Well, they won by twelve points to seven, they move through to the semi-finals, just one match away from a performance at Twickenham; reporting on the game this afternoon, Graham Cook.
gc (PS6L4) [216] Bicester Rugby Club were in the semi-finals of the Provincial Insurance Cup following an excellent hard four weeks, to go to Gloucester opponents, Hucklecote Old Boys at [...] this afternoon.
[217] Bicester had to withstand incessant Old Boys pressure in the final quarter of an hour, finally were outright winners by twelve points to seven.
[218] Hucklecote made most of the early running and took the lead on six minutes, Steve Barslow converting a penalty, and they increased that lead after a quarter of an hour when Mark Halkins went over for a try following good work from Steve Hamslow.
[219] This was the first real chance of a score [...] a couple of minutes earlier, Neil Smith attempting a drop goal.
[220] The visitors reduced the arrears with a try on twenty minutes scored by Colin Vynal and converted by Neil Smith, and right on the interval took the lead with another try, this time from skipper, Simon Grater erm again converted by Neil Smith following a mistake in the Old Boys' defence.
[221] After the interval, chances were few and far between and most of the early play took place in mid-field, but towards the end Hucklecote applied severe pressure, but the visitor's defence superbly mastered by outside half, Neil Smith held out for a fine hard-earned victory.
[222] The final score; Hucklecote Old Boys seven, Bicester twelve.
pb (PS6KR) [223] So congratulations to Bicester, after the game I managed to catch up with Colin Vynal who scored one of the goals, rather poor quality I'm afraid, he was on a mobile phone erm a bit of celebration going on, but here's Colin Vynal of the Bicester Rugby Club.
cv (PS6L5) [224] Oh yes, most of the lads here are really erm over the moon about it, it was a tough game, we erm outplayed them for the first probably three quarters of an hour really [...] .
[225] They put erm tremendous pressure on our line but we seemed to repel every attack and erm held firm.
pb (PS6KR) [226] No score in the second half to you or to Hucklecote; was it hard work?
cv (PS6L5) [227] It was very hard work yes, we created one chance when [...] went begging with a forward pass, but it's just one of them things.
[228] And then as I say, it was defend, defend, defend for the last quarter of an hour.
pb (PS6KR) [229] So what now Colin?
cv (PS6L5) [230] The semi-finals.
pb (PS6KR) [231] Isn't it, yes.
cv (PS6L5) [232] That's right, yes, the draw's on T V tomorrow, we're looking forward to that.
[233] I don't know who's got through from the other games, but we'll take anyone on really I think.
pb (PS6KR) [234] You're getting closer and closer to that magic place Twickenham.
cv (PS6L5) [235] That's true yes, I've never even been there at all, let alone played there.
pb (PS6KR) [236] Was it a game today that went how you thought it might do?
cv (PS6L5) [237] Well, oh gosh, the team seemed to play in one way like, nine man rugby scrum, scrum and scrum half and that's about it isn't it, probably was how we planned it.
[238] But as I say, it was hard work [laugh] , it wasn't an easy game.
pb (PS6KR) [239] Right, I believe you've got some of the other players next door to if you'd like to put somebody on.
cv (PS6L5) [240] [...] Simon Greater the other try scorer, I'll hand you over to him now.
sg (PS6L6) [241] I've got to stick my finger in my ear as well?
cv (PS6L5) [242] I don't know.
sg (PS6L6) [243] Hello?
pb (PS6KR) [244] Hello Simon, well you can stick your finger anywhere you like, you can stick it up in the air, because you're victorious today.
sg (PS6L6) [245] That's right [laugh] that's right. [people laughing]
pb (PS6KR) [246] And a try
sg (PS6L6) [247] Marvellous victory.
pb (PS6KR) [248] And a try for you today, that must have sealed it for you
sg (PS6L6) [249] Yes, thirty four and a try as well.
pb (PS6KR) [250] Now, you've been having problems with a shoulder injury in recent weeks, did you have any problem today?
sg (PS6L6) [251] No, not at all, no I ... if there'd been any doubt then I wouldn't have played, but erm no doubt at all .
[252] It was erm a marvellous victory, erm still erm still soaking in really.
pb (PS6KR) [253] You seem to specialise in these narrow victories; you went away in the last round, up to Greenwich and also had a narrow one there.
sg (PS6L6) [254] That's right yes, well as I've always said erm from the last erm eight, last sixteen, erm it's always going to be tight matches, cut rugby one score in it really erm it's cut rugby really.
[255] There's going to be no walkovers now [laugh] , I mean we're eighty minutes away from Twickenham.
pb (PS6KR) [256] Well you want one walkover don't you, then you'll be walking round at Twickenham.
sg (PS6L6) [257] Well that would be nice, that would be nice, yes.
pb (PS6KR) [258] Great support for you today from the local Bicester people?
sg (PS6L6) [259] [...] tremendous support, yes, it was great.
[260] I think we outnumbered their support here, it was ... it gave the players a great lift, it was tremendous erm all credit to them erm we will drag even more along to the next game.
pb (PS6KR) [261] Well, congratulations to you; enjoy tonight, I think you will do.
sg (PS6L6) [262] I think I will and I think the rest of the team might have a few erm sherbets tonight, I don't know.
pb (PS6KR) [263] And that's Simon Greater and before him, Colin Vynal from the Bicester Rugby Club who were triumphant at Hucklecote Old Boys today, and the draw for the next round of course, the semi-finals, on television tomorrow.
[264] Some other rugby results today; in the Unicyst merit table; Oxford twelve, Askians twenty one; and in club matches; Kings Burians thirty, Oxford Old Boys seven; Chinnor three, Windsor forty three; Littlemore sixteen, Chilton twenty two; Oxford Marathons twenty four, Old Abbotsonians nil; Abingdon forty seven, Chesham seven; Didcot sixteen, High Wycombe three; and Witney nil, Saintbridge nineteen.
[265] A reminder you're listening to B B C Radio Oxford and Talking Sport, just coming up to thirteen minutes to six.
[266] I think we can go back just for a final to White Hart Lane, and join up with Nick Harris — got his breath back now Nick, I think a tremendous afternoon though for you.
nh (PS6KT) [267] Ah, fabulous Peter, tremendous Cup Tie, great display by Oxford United and the showing of a world class footballer for everybody to see.
[268] Really you couldn't ask for much more, of course we wanted United to win, but as people will see on the television tonight, they contributed so much to this game, they played so much good football and to watch Paul Gascoigne in this sort of form is worth anybody's admission money.
[269] Yes, a marvellous afternoon.
pb (PS6KR) [270] You seemed to pick out two players or perhaps three; Les Phillips got a lot of mention, Steve Foster and Martin Foyle for his goals.
nh (PS6KT) [271] Absolutely, I would think they're the three heroes erm Les Phillips in midfield was back to the Les Phillips we knew when he first came to Oxford from Birmingham when we were in the first division.
[272] He had a marvellous game, didn't waste a pass, won all his tackles, laid on both Martin Foyle's goals, obviously Martin Foyle back in the side, took his goals so well; really put himself about and Steve Foster at the back really held things together when erm things could have gone really calamitously.
[273] You just feel United what, were two nil down after fourteen minutes erm things really could have gone so badly for them, but they held firm, they got back into the game and full credit to all of them.
pb (PS6KR) [274] So back to the nitty gritty next Saturday; Oldham at the Manor, and we need a win there?
nh (PS6KT) [275] That's the trouble isn't it Peter, that's so often the trouble with United as well, they've done so well this afternoon, but such an important game against Oldham, again I'm a great Oldham fan, I think Oldham play some delightful football.
[276] erm If United can play as well as they did this afternoon and Oldham perform as well as we know they can, we're in for a really tremendous game of football.
pb (PS6KR) [277] Let's hope so, Nick Harris thank you very much; that's Nick Harris up at White Hart Lane helped this afternoon by United mid-fielder, Steve McClaren.
[278] Well, looking ahead to this evening, the Woofers the greyhounds at the Oxford Stadium, with his tips for us in Radio Oxford yankee, here's Mick Weeble.
mw (PS6L7) [279] Alright here we go then; the first race tonight is seven thirty erm it's a twelve ways programme, but the first erm selection's in the second race which is the seven forty five, and this is a name two grade, four fifty metres erm which is five hundred yards.
[280] Anyway we're going to go for trap two, Smoky Amber here, now she's a bitch that is really, I think's going to be something special over a longer trip, erm you know a longer distance, but she is only a March eighty nine so she's not two yet.
[281] But erm she's coming along the right way so it's trap two, Smoky Amber for me there; dangers I think will be Barefoot Champion six and Marla Gain in five.
[282] The second leg of our yankee is the eight forty five, well this is a sprint race; two fifty metres, only erm only go round two bends, and therefore you have to have some erm early pace sort of erm greyhounds, and I'm going to go for a trap one here, Chair Boy's Blue, he's already won plenty over this erm shorter trip.
[283] erm Has a nice looking draw tonight, trap one, Chair Boy's Blue then, dangers I think will be Glenkaveckia in trap three and Silky Blue in trap two.
[284] And then for the third leg of our erm Radio Oxford yankee, we go over in the tenth race, the nine forty eight.
[285] Well this is a four fifty metre, an A three grade and I'm going to go for trap five, Hippy.
[286] erm She's having her first race tonight erm under her latest [...] a newish trainer, Bernie Doyle, he's doing ever so well, his kennel's really in form erm so I'm going to go for trap five, Hippy to win erm first time erm at the track tonight, that's the third leg.
[287] erm And then the twelfth race, the ten twenty, there was just the top erm standard distance event, an A one grade, four fifty metres and I'm going to go for trap one again, Ambridge Power, trained by Paul Garland, another nice erm nice dog, he's running really well.
[288] He's going to have to improve a little bit on his last win, but I think he can do that, so that's the fourth leg of a yankee, trap one, Ambridge Power.
pb (PS6KR) [289] So four winners you've given us, any news about the track, to tell everybody for the next week?
mw (PS6L7) [290] Yes erm now on erm Tuesday as I say we've got five open races actually Peter, five open races on Tuesday, but erm one of the best erm things that happened to us is that the Pall Mall which is the biggest event erm in erm March, erm that's being sponsored now by one of the track bookmakers called Max Thomas and the best thing about it is that erm he is erm putting in so much prize money with the major ... the supporting opens on our gala night, that erm there's not a race worth ... in the open race, there's not worth less than two hundred and erm there's three races worth five hundred pounds each to the winner and the big race is worth five thousand so that's an early erm plug for ... to keep in your diary, like the Pall Mall which is March the twenty third.
[291] And just finally, on Friday we are in to the ... we've been invited into a bags competition, you know, that's after the bags ... actually means bookmakers afternoon greyhound services, and we race that every Friday as you know erm anyway we've been invited to erm a national championship involving the other bags tracks that erm involved in this erm and so we stage our two heats on Friday.
[292] So, you know, we're looking forward to getting a little way in that competition.
pb (PS6KR) [293] And that's Mick Weeble the racing manager at the Oxford Stadium.
[294] Now back to football and today's local results: F A Cup fourth round; Spurs four, Oxford United two, the Beezer Homes League southern division; Witney one, Canterbury two; Vauxhall League division two south; Bracknell one, Abingdon Town two; the South Midland League premier division; Pyrton one, Thame four; the South Midland League Trophy; Shenley and Lulton five, Oxford City two; the premier division of the Hellenic League; Abingdon United nil, Rayners Lane three; Banbury nil, Almondsbury Pixons nil; Bishops Cleve nil, Kingbury Rangers two; Carterton two, Swindon Athletic two; Fairford two, Headington Amateurs nil; Moreton one, Hounslow nil; Shortwood one, Didcot nil; Wantage two, Bicester two; division one Cup, first round replay; Wallingford Town two, Pyrton nil; division one; Cheltenham Saracens nil, Wootton Bassett one; Sinderford five, Chipping Norton nil; Cirencester one, Supmarine nil; Clanfield one, Cirencester United one; Easington Sports six, Lambourn Sports nil; Highworth Town two, Kidlington nil; Northleigh nil, Viking Sports two; the reserve League Cup; Kingsbury Rangers two, Swindon Athletic one; the reserve division east; Bicester Town one, Wallingford Town two; Didcot two, Abingdon United one; Headington one, Wantage one; Rayners Lane three, Easington Sports one; Viking Sports two, Northleigh nil; the reserve division west; Almondsbury Pixons one, Carterton one; Chipping Norton two, Cirencester Town two; Cirencester United three, Highworth nil; Supmarine nil, Fairford three; the Berks and Bucks Intermediate Cup fourth round; Fairmile Hospital one, Milton three; the Berks and Bucks Junior Cup fourth round; Embrooks Sports one, Milton United reserves three; and the Herefordshire Senior Cup third round; Ledbury two, Pegasus Juniors one after extra time.
b (PS6L8) [295] The Oxfordshire Senior League premier division; Blackbird Leys three, Worcester College Old Boys three; Bletchingdon three, Woodstock Town one; Garsington four, Eynsham one; Old Woodstock nil, A P Sports nil; Oxford University Press four, Marlborough nil; division one; Kennington United Reserves nil, Old Woodstock Reserves one; Launton Sports nil, Pressed Steel Fisher nil; Long Crendon nine, John Radcliffe nil; Oxford Stadium nine, Marston Saints nil; Quarry Nomad Reserves six, Charlbury Town one; Woodstock Town Reserves one, Bicester Civil Service four; division two; A P Sports Reserves one, Long Crendon Reserves three; Ardley United Reserves seven, Charlton United Reserves one; Charlbury Town Reserves nil, Bletchingdon Reserves two; Eynsham Reserves three, Launton Sports Reserves two; Marlborough Reserves four, Oakley United Reserves one; Selesians Reserves nil, Watlington Reserves two.
pb (PS6KR) [296] The Oxford City Football Association, C J L Cup; North Oxfordshire Reserves three, Beckley Sports four; Marston three, North Oxford five; Tetsworth nil, County Dairies two; Great Milton three, Wheatley five; In the League; Northway four, Portmahan two; The Oxfordshire Charity Cup; Watlington one, Ardley two; Brize Norton nil, Quarry Nomads four; Eynstone Sports five, Selesians nil; and Spartan Rangers one, Yarnton nil.
b (PS6L8) [297] The Lord Jersey Football Association, Mid-Oxon Cup; Heyford United six, Red Line Marauders one; K E A United eight, Stanton St John one; Heath one, Arncott nil; division one; Bardwell two, Marsh Gibbon two; The Arthur Crawford Cup; Marauders Reserves three, Bardwell Reserves four; Middle Barton three, Piddington one; Fritwell four, K E A United Reserves one; division two; Marsh Gibbon Reserves one, Kirtlington nil; the Supplementary Cup; Merton one, Heyford United Reserves three; Arncott Reserves four, Heyford Athletic Reserves three; Crusaders nil, Weston nine; Wise Alderman twelve, Wootton Reserves nil; Steeple Aston four, Fritwell Reserves one.
pb (PS6KR) [298] The Witney and District F A, premier division; Ducklington four, Hanborough three; Chadlington one, West Witney five; Hayley one, Stonesfield five; division one; Bampton Town nil, Alsvcott nil; F C Mills three, Chadlington Reserves nil; Hanborough Reserves one, Carterton Eagles two; Tackley one, Spartan Reserves one; West Witney Reserves nil, Minster Lovell one; division two; Addlestrop one, F C Mills Reserves two; Bladon one, Cassington one; Burford two, North Kidlington nil; Stonesfield Reserves three, Kingham five; division three; Alsvcott Reserves one, Crusaders three; Aston four, Hayley Reserves two; Carterton B ten, Hanborough A two; Newland one, Filkins two; division four; Allendale three, Chipping Norton two; Kingham Reserves two, F C Mills A one; Minster Lovell Reserves one, West Witney A four; Witney Royals three, Burford Reserves one; and division five; Askett United two, Charlbury A nil; Cassington Reserves three, Witney Royals Reserves two; Field Town Reserves three, Bampton Reserves one; Freeland Reserves six, Alsvcott A nil; Swinbrook Reserves seven, Chipping Norton Reserves two.
b (PS6L8) [299] The Banbury and District Football League Benevolent Cup first round proper; Hook Norton two, Bishops Hitchington nil; the Benevolent Cup first round proper replay; Milcombe one, Ruscombe Sports two; Benevolent Cup second round proper; Barford United against Kings Sutton, result not yet in; Hornton one, Bodicote Sports five; the Angel Shield second round; Bloxham Athletic Reserves nil, Hook Norton Reserves two; Ruscote Sports Reserves nil, Middleton Cheney Reserves one; Sinclair United Reserves three, Shipston Excelsior Reserves nil; Wroxham Sports Reserves against Bodicote Reserves postponed; the League premier division; Adderbury one, Sinclair United six; Shipston Excelsior two, Middleton Cheney two; division one; Broughton and North Newington three, Banbury Town two; Fenney Compton two, Bloxham Athletic one; division two; Alcan against Oasthouse postponed; Charlton two, Wardington two; Cropredy two, Oasthouse four; division three; Bishops Hitchington Reserves eight, Brayles United Reserves one; Bloxham Athletic A one, Fenney Compton Reserves one; Deddington Town Reserves one, Milcombe Reserves eight; Kings Sutton Reserves six, Cropredy Reserves nil; Middleton Cheney A two, Hornton Reserves six; the Banbury Guardian Cup; Bodicote Sports Reserves five, Chipping Warden one; and the Supplementary Cup; Wroxham Reserves seven, Alcan nil.
pb (PS6KR) [300] And that's the full round up of all the local football this afternoon.
[301] You're listening to B B C Radio Oxford and Talking Sport, just a minute away from six, hope you've enjoyed the programme this afternoon.
[302] Congratulations to Bicester Rugby Club, and make sure you're listening to the television tomorrow afternoon when they make the draw for the semi-finals of the Provincial Insurance Cup.
[303] Next Saturday of course, Oxford United are at home to Oldham.
[304] Well, coming up is the six o'clock news, we'll leave you with two of the highlights this afternoon from United's F A Cup game, away at Spurs.
c (PS6L9) [305] As I speak a chance now for Martin Foyle — Foyle has scored for Oxford — he's done it, Oxford have pulled one back, tremendous through ball for Martin Foyle.
[306] He cheeked his way round the goalkeeper, put it in with the side of his foot, so you've come at exactly the right time, thirty one minutes gone, Spurs two, Oxford United one.
d (PS6LA) [307] So eleven minutes remaining plus a little bit of injury time, it's still Spurs three, Oxford United one; United go forward, a chip forward there by Simpson, there's a chance for Martin Foyle, Martin Foyle — and he's scored.
[308] Oh a great chip forward by Simpson, it's laid back there to Martin Foyle and he takes the ball on his chest and Martin Foyle has done it.
[309] Eleven minutes of this tie remaining, it's far from dead, Martin Foyle's second goal of the game, Steve McLaren ... .. [recorded jingle]


[recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [312] Yes welcome to Talking Sport, good evening, tonight's headlines; a disappointing result at the Manor as Oxford United outplay Charlton, especially in the first half, but concede a goal late on to finish as a one all draw, and they drop to eighteenth in the table.
[313] Elsewhere, several games are called off, but in those that were played there are wins for Abingdon Town, Bicester, Milton, Headington United beat Thame and Peppard beat Malborough; there's a draw for Witney and defeat for Abingdon United.
[314] All major rugby matches locally were called off today.
[315] More on all those football games in a moment, first the classified results, starting on the local scene.
[316] League division two; Oxford United one, Charlton one; the Beezer Homes League southern division; Witney two, Yate Town two; the Vauxhall League division two south; Abingdon Town three, Horsham nil; the Hellenic League premier division; Bishops Cleve nil, Milton one; Bicester six, Swindon Athletic one; Didcot against Almondsbury, match postponed; Wantage against Shortwood, match postponed; in the Oxfordshire senior cup third round; Easington Sports against Watlington, match postponed; Headington two, Thame nil; Northleigh against Ardley and Oxford City against Carterton, matches postponed; Peppard five, Malborough one; and in the Berks and Bucks Senior Cup second round; Abingdon United nil, Chesham three.
[317] Now for the national classified results, here's Headley Feast.
hf (PS6KS) [318] The F A Cup fourth round, third replay; Leeds United one, Arsenal two; the F A Cup fifth round; Cambridge United four, Sheffield Wednesday nil; Notts County one, Manchester City nil; Portsmouth one, Tottenham Hotspur two; West Ham United one, Crewe Alexandra nil; Barclays League division one; Chelsea nil, Wimbledon nil; Crystal Palace nil, Queens Park Rangers nil; Sunderland one, Nottingham Forest nil; division two; Barnsley against Newcastle United, match postponed; Blackburn Rovers nil, West Bromwich Albion three; Bristol Rovers three, Watford one; Hull City one, Bristol City two; Milwall four, Plymouth Argyll one; Oldham Athletic two, Port Vale nil; Oxford United one, Charlton Athletic one; Wolverhampton Wanderers against Leicester City, score draw; division three; Bolton Wanderers nil, Grimsby Town nil; Bournemouth one, Birmingham City two; Brentford one, Exeter City nil; Chester City against Swansea City, home win; Huddersfield Town one, Preston Northend nil; Leyton Orient against Wigan Athletic, home win; and Mansfield Town versus Rotherham United, no score draw; Stoke City two, Bury two; Tranmere Rovers one, Fulham one; division four; Blackpool two, Doncaster Rovers nil; Carlisle United one, Rochdale one; Darlington against Lincoln City, score draw; Halifax Town against Burnley, late result; Maidstone United against Aldershot, away win; Peterborough United versus Hereford United, home win; Scarborough two, Hartlepool United nil; Scunthorpe United against Wrexham, home win; Walsall three, Chesterfield nil; the Scottish B and Q League premier division; Dunfermline Athletic against Hibernian, no score draw; Heart of Midlothian two, Dundee United one; Rangers two, Motherwell nil; St Mirren against Celtic, match postponed; division one; Breckon City one, Airdrionians one; Clyde against Clydebank, no score draw; Dundee versus Ayr United, score draw; Falkirk nil, Wraith Rovers two; Hamilton Academical against Forfar Athletic, home win; Kilmarnock one, Partick Thistle nil; Morton one, Meadowbank Thistle one; division two; Alloa versus Stenhouse Muir, away win; Berwick Rangers versus Queen of the South, home win; Dumbarton nil, Albion Rovers two; East Fife two, Stirling Albion two; Montrose one, Cowden Beath nil; Queens Park nil, Arbroath nil; Stranraer two, East Stirlingshire nil; the G M Vauxhall Conference; Altringham nine, Merthyr Tydfil two; Barrow four, Barnet two; Cheltenham two, Kettering Town two; Colchester against Runcorn, home win; Fisher versus Kidderminster, no score draw; Slough versus Gateshead, away win; Stafford versus Welling, home win; and Sutton United versus Bath, home win; Telford one, Boston nil, Wycombe Wanderers nil, Macclesfield nil; Yeovil one, Northwich one; the Vauxhall League premier division; St Albans against Carshalton, away win; Wivenhoe versus Harrow, home win; Woking one, Dagenham nil; and Wokingham nil, Enfield two. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [319] Headley Feast with today's classified football results.
[320] Well, disappointment for Oxford United; Charlton were there for the taking, United let them off the hook.
[321] It had looked too easy at first, but the goals wouldn't come, and in the end the match finished one goal apiece; our reporter at the game, Nick Harris.
nh (PS6KT) [322] A disappointing result for United who totally dominated the first half and really after seeing that first forty five minutes, it was so difficult to see how they could not win three points, and this encounter against the Charlton side drew on the same number of points as them in the second division table.
[323] In that first half, they totally dominated the proceedings with the mid-field trio of Jim Magilton, Les Phillips and Mickey Lewis running the show.
[324] But they only had one goal to show for all that effort, that came on the half an hour from top goal scorer Martin Foyle.
[325] Really it was goalkeeper Bob Bolder and central defender Alan Kernigan against United.
[326] The second half turned into a very different story as Charlton packed the mid-field, although United had their chances to put the game well beyond their reach until the eighty first minute when the impressive Robert Lee slipped the ball past Ken Vasey to give Charlton a point they really didn't deserve.
[327] United started off like express trains despite that too ... weak lay off, in the second minute, Martin Foyle broke clear into the box on the left side, and from a tight angle goalkeeper Bob Bolder blocked the ball with his feet; a minute later, Les Phillips' shot was diverted over the crossbar by the foot of Alan Kernigan.
[328] Kernigan on loan from Middlesbrugh to Charlton at the moment after his display especially under the siege in the first half, surely they'll want to sign him.
[329] From the resulting corner, Paul Simpson's corner, Andy Melville flicked the ball on at the near post, Martin Foyle's header hit the under side of the bar and bounced away.
[330] Two minutes later, Kernigan again, when he kicked Simpson's cross over his own crossbar.
[331] United still piling men forward winning everything in mid-field, and in the sixteenth minute Les Phillips clearing the box, he tried to square the ball back, but a great scramble ensued in the Charlton goalmouth, goalkeeper Bolder was injured, he recovered and the ball was eventually hacked away.
[332] Four minutes later United's best move of the half involving four players; eventually the ball laid out to Simpson down the left, the cross came in, it fell to Lee Nogan off Jim Magilton, but from some five yards out, somehow Bolder got his hands to Nogan's shot and the chance had gone.
[333] Seven minutes later Simpson's free kick hit the post, it went over the Charlton wall, hit the post with Bolder beaten, and again the chance had gone, but at last on the half an hour United took the lead; yet another corner, again from the right side.
[334] Goalkeeper Bolder off his line, punched away only to Andy Melville on the edge of the penalty area; Melville ran forward after picking up the loose ball, hammered it forward, Martin Foyle getting the last touch of the ball into the corner of the net, and United now seemingly pushing forward towards three points.
[335] It was Bolder again before half time, making a tremendous save to deny a Simpson shot and then three minutes before half time, his best save of the game; somehow he kicked ... kneed Nogan's shot away from five yards after more good work by United down the left side.
[336] Well Charlton had to improve in the second half, and they did; they got more men into mid-field, and United began to run out of a little bit of steam.
[337] Five minutes into the half, Charlton's [...] corner of the game and Robert Lee volleyed the ball high over the crossbar.
[338] Four minutes later Carl Leven's header went over the bar with a cross coming in from the left, Charlton going in confidence, although United had the chances to put the game well beyond their reach.
[339] In the fifty ninth minute Martin Foyle was clear on the edge of the penalty area after Kernigan slipped, but his lob was comfortably held by Bolder.
[340] Seven minutes later, Foyle clear again, this time down the right, he squared the ball back but no United players could get to the ball and Charlton cleared.
[341] In the seventy seventh minute another great save by Bolder; Magilton took a free kick from the left, Steve Foster got his head to the ball, it appeared to be heading to the far corner of the net, but Bolder somehow dived away to his left and forced the ball away.
[342] And as so often happens in these situations, with United on top for so, so long, it was Charlton on the breakaway who scored that vital equaliser with just nine minutes remaining.
[343] The ball was slipped through to Robert Lee, he held off the challenge of goalkeeper Ken Vasey, and from seven yards, hammered the ball into the net.
[344] United had one more chance six minutes before the end when Martin Foyle did well to turn on the ball; in the edge of the penalty area he hit a shot low and hard towards the corner of the net but it just drifted wide of the far post and United's chance had gone.
[345] As I said, at half time, you couldn't believe Oxford United weren't going to get three points out of this game, but they didn't, and now they have to fight on.
[346] A disappointing result then up at the Manor; Oxford United one, Charlton Athletic one.
pb (PS6KR) [347] Nick Harris reporting, and of course we'll be going back to the Manor ground shortly and catching up hopefully with Nick Harris and some of Oxford United players.
[348] Well that's moved United one place down the table, they do get an extra point of course for today, they move on to thirty two points.
[349] But West Brom had a very good win this afternoon, they went to Blackburn and won three nil, so West Brom have leap frogged over both Oxford and Charlton; they're now in sixteenth place and Charlton drop to seventeenth, Oxford United to eighteenth with thirty two points.
[350] In fact bottom clubs didn't do too well at all this afternoon, let's look at them; Hull were at the bottom, they lost, Watford also lost, Portsmouth didn't play, Plymouth lost, Leicester didn't play and Blackburn lost, so of the bottom six teams, not a single side won.
[351] So, it's thirty three points, Port Vale and West Brom, thirty two points, Charlton and Oxford, thirty points, Blackburn and Leicester, twenty nine, Plymouth and Portsmouth, twenty five Watford and twenty five Hull.
[352] Well we're still waiting to go back to the Manor Ground and catch up with Nick Harris.
[353] Just look at some of the details of other matches that were played today; Oxford United ... Abingdon United, I'm sorry, Abingdon United nil, Chesham three; that's in the Berks and Bucks Senior Cup second round; goals for Chesham after eight minutes, that was Mickey Bampton, twenty five minutes Mark Dauber and eighty minutes Byron Walton scoring for Chesham; so Abingdon United nil, Chesham three.
[354] And in the Oxon Senior Cup third round; Peppard five, Malborough one — Peppard's goals; after ten minutes, Sid Grover, fifteen minutes, Chris Maxted, twenty five minutes, Dave Smith, seventy five minutes, Dave Smith getting a second goal, eighty minutes, Kevin Watkins and Malborough's only goal coming in the second half through Darrell Simpson; so Peppard who do so well in the Oxford Senior Cup, Peppard five, Malborough one.
[355] Well we did have one good result locally; nice to see Abingdon Town back on the winning trail again; Vauxhall League division two south that was, Abingdon Town three, Horsham nil, our reporter, Nick Quayle.
nq (PS6KW) [356] After two successive League defeats, Abingdon Town made it third time lucky today with an emphatic three nil win over Horsham here at the Culham Road.
[357] Two excellent goals from Steve Aries added to an early strike from Liam Herbert to put Town back on the winning trail.
[358] Horsham soon found themselves a goal behind as Abingdon made a tremendous start; Town won a corner on the left wing in the second minute and Keith Appleton killed the ball into the area.
[359] Liam Herbert, one of the shortest players on the pitch, rose above the defenders and placed a fine header past keeper Duncan Green to make it one nil.
[360] The visitors might have replied almost immediately when Mark Stepney rounded the defence but put his shot wide.
[361] As the game settled down, both sides struggled to get out of mid-field on a very heavy pitch, and clear chances were few and far between.
[362] Worse was to come though for Horsham as following a fifty fifty challenge on the edge of the Abingdon area, striker Paul Walker injured himself and had to be stretchered off.
[363] In the twenty seventh minute, Abingdon scored their second when Darren Hickey played an excellent ball through to Aries and Aries lobbed it over the advancing keeper into the back of the net with Kevin Connelly following up to make certain.
[364] Horsham were unable to find a way past the Town defence however much they tried and really looked out of their depth against a slick professional erm Town side.
[365] After the break, Abingdon continued to force Horsham back, although now the pitch was beginning to make an impression on some tired legs; there were mistakes from both sides and also some heavy tackles which resulted in long delays whilst players received attention.
[366] Connelly deserved more reward for his efforts as he ceaselessly pushed forward and played some excellent one twos with the front runners, but it was not until the seventy ninth minute that Abingdon sealed the result; Herbert crossed from the right wing and Aries won a challenge in the air to get a glancing header which Green turned on to the post, but the ball rebounded over the line to make it three nil.
[367] So another three points which keeps Town on the top of division two south and helps to maintain the pressure on the clubs below them; final score, Abingdon Town three, Horsham nil.
pb (PS6KR) [368] Nick Quayle reporting and nice to see Abingdon Town back in good form; Town three, Horsham nil, that's in the division two south of the Vauxhall League.
[369] Back to the Manor Ground, we'll join Nick Harris I think talking to Paul Simpson.
nh (PS6KT) [370] That's right Peter, Paul Simpson with us; man of the match, got his bottle of champagne, but erm not too many celebrations really tonight Paul?
ps (PS6LB) [371] No I don't think so, everybody's disappointed, especially after the way we played in the first half, but erm on our second half performance, I suppose we can just count ourselves lucky we come away with a point.
nh (PS6KT) [372] I mean looking at the game you just couldn't believe United would only get a point out of it erm when you went in at half time only one nil up, you so dominated the game I don't think Charlton had a chance did they?
ps (PS6LB) [373] That's right, I don't think they did have a chance first half and we created maybe eight or nine chances, you know, really good clear chances and really we need to be putting more that one away and we need to kill the game off first half when we're so superior in that sort of performance, you know.
[374] But erm we went into half time, and we were very pleased with the way things had gone, and it was just a case of trying to keep it going erm we stopped them from playing erm and then we came off the second half and everything just seemed to go wrong for us.
[375] We couldn't get it forward properly, we couldn't pass to each other and they had ... I think they still only had one chance second half and managed to squeeze it in to get a point.
nh (PS6KT) [376] The keeper had an inspired first half didn't he, Bob Bolder, and I thought the number six, Kernigan as well, I believe he's on loan from Middlesbrough; the two of them, really between you and a really big defeat.
ps (PS6LB) [377] That's right, yes I mean, the goalkeeper was fantastic first half, and really we only had one chance second half, and he made a great save from Fossey. erm First half, it was a case of just throwing himself into the right area and the ball was hitting his body and you know, he was just a good example of how to be a good goalkeeper.
nh (PS6KT) [378] And of course the woodwork's what saved them twice; erm Martin Foyle's header hit the underside of the bar then your free kick, when he was actually beaten, of course hit the post.
ps (PS6LB) [379] Well my free kick, he actually got a touch on that as well, he tipped it onto the post for the free kick yes, but I mean even when he bounced out to Mickey Lewis, one of their defenders got a great block from about two yards out to send it out for the corner, which luckily we scored from the corner, so that we got away with it then.
nh (PS6KT) [380] We sit up here and we watch a game like that and we can see the game probably just drifting away from United a little bit; you can feel that things are changing out there.
[381] Does it feel like that down on the field, do you really start to feel frustrated?
ps (PS6LB) [382] erm Oh definitely yes, I mean when we're trying to play passes over the top of their defence and they're getting cut or they're going straight through to the goalkeeper, it's very frustrating for us, but really it's just a case of plugging away and trying to get things to come right.
[383] And unfortunately second half it didn't come right but as I say we've got a point out of it so we still you know, kept ourselves unbeaten for a game or two, so we've just got to try keep it going and take it from there.
nh (PS6KT) [384] And as you said, really some of the football played in the first half was quite delightful wasn't it?
ps (PS6LB) [385] That's right, we defended very well, we ... what we tried to do continued from the Oldham game was stop their back four playing.
[386] And we did it first half, and when we were in possession, we were winning it in their sort of last third of the field, and that was giving us a great chance to create scoring chances and that's what we've done again today which has worked very well.
nh (PS6KT) [387] And finally, a lot of games coming up, a lot of midweek games, so plenty of chance for United to erm continue to climb the table, although three points against the side on equal points really would have been a great bonus wouldn't it?
ps (PS6LB) [388] Oh yes, we definitely needed the three points today, you know, before the game we were looking to get three points erm to get one out of it we are disappointed, but as I say, the way we've played second half, we've just got to take a bit of heart from the fact that we didn't get beat.
nh (PS6KT) [389] Paul, thanks very much, enjoy the champagne and let's hope erm back to winning ways, what, against Bristol next Saturday?
ps (PS6LB) [390] Yes hopefully yes, we need to get three points, and we've got to get ourselves up a little bit further up the table and you know, get the pressure off us a bit.
nh (PS6KT) [391] Paul, thanks very much.
ps (PS6LB) [392] Okay, thank you.
pb (PS6KR) [393] That's Nick Harris talking to Paul Simpson.
[394] Remarkably United haven't lost to Charlton in their last eleven meetings; today's draw means they've drawn six of them and won five of them, but for eleven meetings, United have not lost to Charlton.
[395] How they could have done with a win this afternoon.
[396] Well, a side which did win and won well; Bicester against Swindon Athletic in the Hellenic League premier division; Bicester six, Swindon Athletic one, to tell us about it, Charlie Rawling.
cr (PS6LC) [397] Swindon having been beaten in the League Cup recently by Bicester, erm looked as though they were going to make a real match of it today when they scored in the eleventh minute.
[398] erm But they were disappointed when John Thorn equalised after another five minutes and he put them ahead at half time by two one.
[399] In the second half, the play was very even erm Barry Cooper away on the left, he slipped the ball to Jason Allen who scored number three, Leach had to save a high shot from Nigel Chambers who then conceded a corner doing so, the nearest as they came to scoring, and looked down just at that stage.
[400] Mark Edrich should have scored when they put through by Cooper, and Cooper made it four one a minute later.
[401] And another individual goal; in the sixty fifth minute, he also made an opening for erm Jason Allen erm and Mark Hurtling to score the fifth and Mark Hurtling came along with the sixth.
[402] And it was Bicester Town six, their highest score of the season, as far as their home matches are concerned, and Swindon Athletic one.
pb (PS6KR) [403] There we are, there's Charlie Rawlings on a good win for Bicester; Bicester six, Swindon Athletic one.
[404] A good fight back for Witney today in the southern division of the Beezer Homes League; they were two goals down at home to Yate Town, but the match finished Witney two, Yate Town two, our reporter, Adrian Burcher.
ab (PS6L3) [405] Witney Town turned in an excellent performance to come back from a two goal deficit to snatch a point against mid-table Yate.
[406] On a difficult pitch Witney played some very attractive football, and with a little more luck could have finished the game off in the first half.
[407] On sixteen minutes, Liam Cowell hit a good ball with the outside of the foot down the line to Steve Jenkins, Jenkins crossed and his cross was met by Julio Berazi, but Terry Stevenson made a great one-handed save to push his effort on to the bar, Kenny Clark followed up but was inches wide with his shot.
[408] Four minutes later Darren Tilly wasted a good effort for Yate when he shot weakly at Warner after evading five tackles.
[409] On thirty one minutes, Dave Warner made a fine one-handed save to tip over Richard Thompson's point blank header following Martin Tilley's corner.
[410] Warner was in action again four minutes later; Terry Stevenson's big drop kick was picked up by Kevin Thaws, he shook off the attentions of Mark Walton, but Warner spread himself superbly at his feet to block on the edge of the box.
[411] Five minutes before the interval, Witney wasted a glorious chance to go in front.
[412] The ball was worked out wide on the left to Mark Walton who hit in a point blank cross to the head of Steve Jenkins, only for the striker to direct his header against the post with a goal gaping.
[413] The second half continued in the same exciting pattern as the first, but for all Witney's pressure, it was Yate who took the lead.
[414] With the second half only four minutes old, Darren Tilly wriggled into the box and squared for Thaws who hit a low drive past Warner.
[415] Eleven minutes later, Yate had added a second; Darren Tilly's corner was headed clear but only back to the same player who returned the ball to the far post and Danny Iddles headed home.
[416] From this point, Witney knuckled down in search of the equaliser and began to get back on top of the game, and eventually on sixty nine minutes reduced the arrears.
[417] Steve Jenkins pushed the ball past Steve Winters, then chipped exquisitely to the unmarked Julio Berazi who coolly controlled the ball and drilled home.
[418] All Witney's hard work was rewarded six minutes from time; Mark Walton done brilliantly to keep the ball in play the slipped the ball back to Paul Lewis who crossed first time, and there was Steve Jenkins to head home and snatch a well-deserved point.
[419] The score once again from Marriot's Close; Witney Town two, Yate Town two.
pb (PS6KR) [420] Adrian Burcher our reporter.
[421] Moving down to the Hellenic League the premier division, another win for Milton; Bishops Cleve nil, Milton one, our reporter, David Taylor.
dt (PS6L1) [422] Yes, Milton manager, Keith Stock celebrated yet another birthday yesterday, and his team gave him something to celebrate with three points at Basement Club, Bishops Cleve this afternoon to see United extend their unbeaten record which stretches back to last October.
[423] But it wasn't easy in this top against bottom clash as the home side fought for every ball on the rather energy sapping surface which was only made playable some forty eight hours beforehand.
[424] In fact, Milton's skipper, Paul Storey hacked the ball off his own line in twelve minutes as Bishops looked for an early goal.
[425] After twenty five minutes Milton's centre half, Wayne Morton took a bad knock which left him with a chest injury, and this resulted in him being substituted late in the second half.
[426] Milton's top goal scorer, Nigel Mott was now settling down and causing the lanky Bob Styman problems at the back for Bishops Cleve with his probing runs down the right.
[427] But it was Bishops Cleve who went close to scoring on the half an hour as Cliff Powell on his debut ran through, his shot was parried by Paul Whittington in the Milton goal, and the Milton defence cleared the ball from the danger area as Mark Gill was on hand for Bishops to pounce on any mistakes made.
[428] But on forty one minutes it was Milton who took the lead as new signee from A E R Harwell, Robbie Munn, was on hand to slide the ball home from close range as Matt Utteridge in the Bishops' goal could only palm away Nigel Mott's probing cross to send Milton in at the interval leading by a goal to nil.
[429] Two minutes into the second half, Nigel Mott repeated his move and his cross shot which brought a goal in the first half, but the ball ran just wide.
[430] Bishops then turned up the pressure in a search for an equaliser, and it nearly came on seventy minutes as yet another debut man, Tommy Callanan blasted the ball against the underside of the ball from literally yards out when it was easier to score.
[431] The ball cannoned away to safety for Milton.
[432] Six minutes later Cliff Powell also went close but Paul Whittington did well to tip the ball over.
[433] The final twenty minutes saw play confined to the middle third of the pitch as both linesmen became rather flag happy with a succession of offside decisions which infuriated players and crowd alike.
[434] And with seven and a half minutes of injury time Milton hung on to their slender lead; final score here at Bishops Cleve was Bishops Cleve nil, Milton United one.
pb (PS6KR) [435] David Taylor reporting.
[436] You're listening to B B C Radio Oxford and Talking Sport, twenty six minutes past five it is; we're going to change sports now and have a little chat about speedway, because one or two things have happened nationally and locally on the speedway scene.
[437] Joining us on the phones is the Oxford Cheetah's promoter, Bernard Crapper.
[438] Bernard, you've been to a lot of meetings since we last talked to you, what's been happening in the speedway world?
bc (PS6LD) [439] Well of course there's been the erm joining of the two Leagues back to where they should have been, you know this silly split that was erm ... arose over the last couple of years has been put to bed now and sorted out.
[440] And we've increased the old British League by four, and equalled the two Leagues out, so we should see erm quite some interesting speedway this year.
pb (PS6KR) [441] And I think the Cheetahs are very much in favour of all this aren't they?
bc (PS6LD) [442] Yes, we weren't too happy with the point situation because we considered it went too low, but having said that, now that it's been democratically voted in, we are one hundred per cent in obeyance with it and we are going to go along with it.
pb (PS6KR) [443] As always Bernard, at the end of each season or at the beginning of a new season, one or two clubs go by the by; we've lost a couple this year haven't we?
bc (PS6LD) [444] Well we have yes, but some of those that have gone seem to be clawing their way back at the last minute erm Longeaton look to be saved again at very last knockings erm so of course Eastbourne has gone.
[445] Stoke's been saved so erm hopefully everything's sort of a lot better than it was sort of ten days ago.
pb (PS6KR) [446] So Longeaton has been saved, I thought that one had gone.
bc (PS6LD) [447] Well, it did go erm but Tony Mould who in actual fact is the promoter at erm Wolverhampton with Chris van Stratten, has gone into Longeaton. erm So we can only hope that he can do the job and keep them there.
[448] But he has agreed in principle to take the club over.
pb (PS6KR) [449] Well let's talk about the Cheetahs for a moment.
[450] You've got six of your riders now, the seventh one will be a two point reserve; your latest one is Tony Primmer, tell us about Tony.
bc (PS6LD) [451] Well Tony Primmer's an Australian and has been riding at Eastbourne and we were looking at him prior to this erm sort of amalgamation that came in because erm with our friendship with Bob Dugard, and looking for younger riders, he was sort of earmarked to come here at some stage.
[452] But not this year, but because we found ourselves in a very embarrassing situation with the forty point limit and the fact that we've got Hans Nielson on ten point three two which you know, is good in one respect, but it erm makes very difficult situations down the bottom end.
[453] erm We had to look for some lower riders and erm Tony Primmer of course comes in at four, which helps us immensely.
pb (PS6KR) [454] It means you've got three Australians in the side doesn't it?
[455] It's the Oxford Cheetahs Australian Select Team now.
bc (PS6LD) [456] [laugh] I've always tried to keep too clear of foreign riders as you well know, but erm there aren't the riders around that you can slip in erm of the sort that we would want to put in.
[457] And as I've said before, you know, we've talked a lot about Primmer with Bob Dugard erm so we went for him.
pb (PS6KR) [458] Bernard I must tell you, listening to you at the moment is Simon Wigg on one of our other lines erm just a word about Simon before I bring him in.
[459] You're obviously sad to lose him but really, he's one of these people riding all round the country who's suffered because of the forty point limit.
bc (PS6LD) [460] Absolutely, you see the sad thing is that Simon has a seven point five five average erm we sort of balance that out, you know, erm Simon to go and bring in a six point National League boy — it's not a clever situation at all in my book, but then the rules are the rules and we have to go along with it.
[461] What a lot of the people don't realise, our League winning side of nineteen eighty six, up until we sold Cox a week ago, the whole team was on the table for sale or to borrow, the complete team.
[462] That's how, you know, stupid it is that we've got all these talented riders and we can't use any of them.
pb (PS6KR) [463] What about Simon — erm will he go, on sale or on loan, or what, or don't you mind?
bc (PS6LD) [464] Well that depends on the club that he goes to, I mean if the club can afford to buy him erm I always think it's better on the long term policy, that a rider actually rides for a club is owned by that club.
[465] I don't think any rider, with hand on heart, is happy about a loan situation, he likes to feel part of the set up.
[466] If a club comes along and offers us the right money for Simon, then so be it, but at the end of the day erm we'd like Simon on our books.
pb (PS6KR) [467] Well don't go away Bernard, let's bring in Simon.
[468] Simon, you've heard what Bernard said — any news on where you're going to ride this year?
sw (PS6LE) [469] erm Afternoon Peter erm hello Bernard.
[470] erm Nothing at all really at the moment, erm obviously it's early days yet as far as erm speedway goes, I mean you'd imagine it sort of getting a bit late in the day really, to get things organised.
[471] But it seems to sort of get later and later every year, so there's no big panic, I mean it's still erm you know, a month and a half away or a month from the start of the season so erm you know, there's plenty of time yet.
pb (PS6KR) [472] Do you think teams are waiting for you to prove your fitness?
sw (PS6LE) [473] ... No, I think it's just that ... [laugh] it just seems to be like this every year now Peter, that everybody tends to erm wait until the last minute.
[474] Maybe they think they can get the riders a bit cheaper or, you know, some of the boys might be panicking about a team spot somewhere but erm you know, I think it's just the way that erm the way the world's going at the moment and erm you know, I'm certainly not erm too worried about erm you know, things at the moment really.
pb (PS6KR) [475] I think you had a little bit of a soft spot for Poole didn't you, and you'd have quite liked to have gone there and a little bit perhaps disappointed when you heard that they'd picked up Marvin Cox?
sw (PS6LE) [476] Well not disappointed that they'd picked up Marvin Cox because obviously they're going to need a very strong side if they're going to win anything so erm you know, with guys like Marvin around, then it's got to be a good idea, you know, they've obviously made a big jump there to grab someone they think's going to make a difference.
[477] erm What I've ... I've had a look at their team on paper, and erm they're not strong enough and erm you know, they need more than Marvin at the moment; they need two or three good blokes, they're a bit too sort of erm balanced really, you know, they haven't got any big fire power, so erm you know, I think they're in a bit of a spot down there, even though they probably think they're not.
pb (PS6KR) [478] Just a word about your fitness Simon, last time we saw you, your neck was hanging off virtually, is it all back together again, you're rebuilt?
sw (PS6LE) [479] All back together again yes, I've got to go into hospital on erm well, tomorrow actually for erm another operation erm that's to have a plate taken out of erm the collar bone which I broke in the middle of last season.
[480] But erm the doctors have told me really I can do whatever I want to straight away virtually you know, and erm I'll just give it another week or two weeks before I start practising erm and you know, I'm very fit now.
[481] I've actually never been as fit in my life before, I've been erm you know, down the gym training erm every day and erm really sort of putting some hard work in and erm you know, I'm in great shape.
[482] So erm I'm looking forward to this season much more than I have for a long time, so I can't wait, wherever I end up, we'll have to see, but erm I'm looking forward to it anyway.
pb (PS6KR) [483] Yes, as you say, wherever you end up, whatever happens, I presume your long track will go ahead as usual?
sw (PS6LE) [484] Oh crikey yes?
[485] Obviously you know, I'd love to erm try and win that erm ... win that again erm and also the grass track racing which is extremely important to me, but erm being world speedway champion is erm for me the number one now you know, I've really erm the long track scene virtually can look after itself without having to worry too much about the planning and everything.
[486] We've got a very good set up erm my mechanic Mick Day is coming back again tomorrow; I'm picking him up from the airport, so that'll be three years with him and erm I can rely on him to sort of get things ready and erm you know, we've got a great set up and really I can just concentrate on trying to be erm world speedway champion this year.
[487] That's obviously the main important thing for me and erm you know, that's what all the effort's going to be going in to.
pb (PS6KR) [488] Well we wish you luck obviously Simon in all your efforts this year, we hope to see you at the Oxford Stadium at some stage, and hope it goes well for you.
sw (PS6LE) [489] Thanks very much Pete — bye then.
pb (PS6KR) [490] That's Simon Wigg.
[491] I'll just let Bernard have the last word, because I want to talk to you Bernard just about who's going to win the British League this year.
bc (PS6LD) [492] =
pb (PS6KR) [493] Or League ... division number one I ought to say.
bc (PS6LD) [494] Division one.
pb (PS6KR) [495] Division one.
pb (PS6KR) [496] Yes, well obviously we erm we hope that we've put the team together that's going to do the job, but having said that, there's some handy looking teams around, I think the League is going to be pretty evened out erm at the end of the day, I don't think erm you're going to see too many people sort of struggling at the bottom end.
[497] erm I go along with what erm Simon said about Paul, I'm ... I thought at one time that they would go for Cox and him, to be perfectly honest, he's absolutely right on what he said, and I'm sure they're relying on the fact that I believe Paul is going to be a home track and they're going to pick a lot points up at home.
[498] I honestly believe that because they're certainly not strong enough erm to be up with the top boys, well they're not going to disgrace themselves having said that, as I said before, the League's pretty well evened out, but I think they'll be at the lower part rather than the top part.
pb (PS6KR) [499] Right so we can have a few trophies at Oxford this season anyway Bernard.
bc (PS6LD) [500] Well I hope so.
pb (PS6KR) [501] Right and how many times, I must ask you finally, how many times will you be fined by the referees this year, you claimed a nil sheet last year, remarkably
bc (PS6LD) [502] Absolutely a nil sheet yes, I have no trouble with the referees, in fact at our conference erm when they talked about referees, I put forward that erm there should be a vote of thanks for the referees, because at long last some of them are listening.
[503] And I don't mean I'm bending them, but there were some, as I've said many times, a lot of silly people refereeing in speedway, and thank goodness now, ninety nine per cent of them are being sensible and we're seeing some good refereeing.
[504] I mean you'll always erm get some controversy somewhere, but having said that, the referees were much much better this last year.
pb (PS6KR) [505] Bernard Crapper thank you very much.
[506] I'll put my money that you will get fined at least once this year.
bc (PS6LD) [507] Bet I don't.
pb (PS6KR) [508] Bernard Crapper who's the co-promoter of the Oxford Cheetahs.
[509] Right let's catch up with what's been happening nationally on the football scene, and join Headley Feast.
hf (PS6KS) [510] Yes in the F A Cup fourth round third replay between Leeds United and Arsenal at Elland Road, it was the visitors who took a two goal lead in the first half.
[511] Arsenal needed just seventeen minutes for Merson to break the deadlock, two minutes before the break, Dixon made it two nil.
[512] In the second half Leeds came roaring back, possibly looking for another replay because Chapman scored for the Yorkshire side after sixty nine minutes, but Arsenal held firm and they visit Shrewsbury in round five.
[513] Ron Atkinson's Sheffield Wednesday received a nasty shock away to Cambridge United in their fifth round tie, United going in front after eighteen minutes through Dublin, and Wednesday were to receive another rude shock seven minutes after the break when Philpot made it two nil.
[514] To add insult to injury, Taylor scored a third for Cambridge twelve minutes from time and then seconds from the final whistle Dublin scored a fourth for Cambridge United.
[515] Tottenham Hotspur who put Oxford United out of the F A Cup in the fourth round, found life difficult at Fratton Park where Portsmouth forgot their disappointing League form and led Spurs by a Chamberlain goal after forty one minutes, but Gascoigne who tormented Oxford in the last round, equalised for Spurs in the sixty second minutes, and seven minutes from time, that man Gascoigne popped up with a winner.
[516] Third division Crew Alexandra held high flying West Ham of the second to a goal-less first half at Upton Park, but after seventy one minutes the Hammers took the lead through Quinn and although Crewe fought well, their long F A Cup adventure was over.
[517] Notts County and Manchester City failed to make a vital breakthrough during the first half of their tie, it was not until the ninetieth minute that Notts County of the second beat Manchester City with a goal from Lund.
[518] In the first division, Sunderland took a thirty ninth minute lead at home to Nottingham Forest; Gabbiadini the scorer, and Gabbiadini's first goal in three months was enough to send the Roker fans away in a happy mood to celebrate their third successive home win.
[519] Chelsea entertained Wimbledon at Stamford Bridge, but neither side managed to find the net, and they finished with a point apiece.
[520] Chelsea looked the better side, but generally it was a miserable affair.
[521] And finally the other ... all London game between Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers ended without goals and with very few chances to either side.
pb (PS6KR) [522] Headley Feast reporting.
[523] And we're staying with football now, we've got one more match report to give you; the Oxfordshire Senior Cup third round, most of those matches were called off, but one which did survive was Headington against Thame, and a good result for Headington; they won by two goals to nil.
[524] Here's Steve Giles.
sg (PS6L6) [525] Headington Amateurs were good value for their two nil victory over Thame at Barton, which now sets up a quarter final tie at Witney.
[526] Amateurs adapted to the muddy conditions better than the visitors and dominated the game from the start.
[527] In the thirtieth minute, Gary Weaving scored what looked like a perfectly good goal, only for the linesman to rule it out for offside, to everyone's dismay.
[528] Some Headington defending by Thame then let Declan Cuddy in, but his shot hit the crossbar with Mayhew beaten.
[529] In the second half, Thame came more in to the game and created a couple of chances, however in the sixty fifth minute, Sean Liden won the ball on the halfway line, his long ball found Gary Weaving who turned and placed a low shot past Mayhew to make it one nil.
[530] Five minutes later, Thame centre half, Edwards, was dismissed from the field for aiming a punch at Tony Penge; this made Thame's task even harder especially when Penge scored two minutes later from close range to make it two nil.
[531] Thame's Russell was then dismissed for dissent taking them down to nine men, from which there was no way back and Headington ran out comfortable winners.
[532] That's Headington Amateurs two, Thame United nil.
pb (PS6KR) [533] So, it's Headington Amateurs who go into the next round of the Oxfordshire Senior Cup, that's the fourth round.
[534] Well we've talked football, we've talked speedway, we're now going to talk rugby, because if you've been following the exploits of the Bicester Rugby Club, you'll know they got through to the semi-finals of a big national competition, and they play that semi-final this coming Saturday.
[535] They're playing down at Marlow and skippering Bicester I hope will be Simon Greater, welcome Simon.
sg (PS6L6) [536] Good evening.
pb (PS6KR) [537] Are you fit again because I know you've had a little bit of shoulder trouble I think isn't it?
sg (PS6L6) [538] Oh yes, that's erm long gone, yes, no problem with the shoulder.
pb (PS6KR) [539] Now you've got through to the semi-final, I always forget the title of it — it's the Provincial Insurance Cup?
sg (PS6L6) [540] That's right yes.
pb (PS6KR) [541] And who are you playing in the semis?
sg (PS6L6) [542] A team called Old Redonians from Surrey.
pb (PS6KR) [543] Have you done your homework on them?
sg (PS6L6) [544] Well, unfortunately erm we were trying to erm get down to see them, but of course erm with the weather, how it's been, it's erm been virtually impossible to see any games, let alone erm go and see them.
pb (PS6KR) [545] Do you know anything about them at all, their form and what sort of leagues they play in?
sg (PS6L6) [546] erm We know they play in erm I think it's Surrey three, or Surrey two, erm I'm not sure which one it is actually, because they've just revamped their leagues.
[547] erm Don't really know much about them at all erm they are an old boys side erm but erm we really don't know too much about them.
[548] erm And I think erm we've got to obviously give them as much respect as possible, because for them to reach the semi-final, the same as us erm they obviously erm have got some useful players.
pb (PS6KR) [549] That's been very much the case hasn't it, in previous rounds is you haven't known very much about any of the opposition so far?
sg (PS6L6) [550] That's right, especially the later rounds because erm you get to play sides that you would never normally you know, even erm hear of, erm let alone play.
[551] So, yes, it's a little bit sort of shots in the dark really when you come to play them, but erm it's fifteen men against fifteen other men and erm hopefully, erm we can erm pull it off next week and get to Twickenham.
pb (PS6KR) [552] We'll just have a talk about the Bicester side, are you going to be at full strength?
sg (PS6L6) [553] Yes, yes, we will be at full strength.
[554] Selection erm hasn't been erm finalised yet, but erm we will probably do that erm tomorrow, or latest, Monday.
pb (PS6KR) [555] Well presumably you haven't played at all in the last couple of weeks, so it's ... so you're feeling perhaps a little bit rusty about it all?
sg (PS6L6) [556] erm Rusty in the fact that erm we haven't been able to sort of erm get out on the field with a ball in our hand, erm but erm our coach erm Ian McMillan has taken the opportunity to drag us into the gym and give us quite erm hard fitness sessions, so the fitness is still erm quite high on our side, but erm handling the ball will be a little bit rusty, but hopefully this week, now all the snow's gone, we'll be able to get out and erm move the ball about at training.
pb (PS6KR) [557] There was a slight match at Twickenham this afternoon; England against Scotland
sg (PS6L6) [558] Oh was there, oh I did see that yes
pb (PS6KR) [559] Were you watching it and wishing?
sg (PS6L6) [560] I certainly was, I was watching that and thinking ‘well, don't cut it up too much lads, because hopefully we'll be there.
[561] erm But yes, that was not a bad victory for England.
pb (PS6KR) [562] It's remarkable because we've been talking about Twickenham to you ever since I think about the second round, and in those days it just seemed a little bit of a dream, but that dream is now just eighty minutes away isn't it?
sg (PS6L6) [563] Yes, so people keep telling me [laugh] .
[564] erm It's eighty minutes, it's ... that eighty minutes is a very hard game obviously erm and they will be thinking exactly the same.
[565] erm But it is ... the dream has become ... it's very close to becoming reality now.
pb (PS6KR) [566] Now, next week; Old Redonians it is — down at Marlow?
sg (PS6L6) [567] Yes.
pb (PS6KR) [568] Two thirty kick off?
sg (PS6L6) [569] erm It's a two thirty kick off yes, erm we've been informed that erm that the ... it will cost people two pound to enter erm where that two pound is going to go, I don't know.
[570] erm But erm hopefully we'll be taking three coach loads down erm we've booked three coaches and erm a lot of cars and a lot of supporters, not only from the club but erm from around the county.
pb (PS6KR) [571] Well we wish you luck, I'm sure the whole of Bicester will emigrate down to Marlow next Saturday.
[572] Good luck Simon and I hope you make it to tread on the hallowed turf.
sg (PS6L6) [573] Sorry?
pb (PS6KR) [574] I hope you make it to tread on the hallowed turf.
sg (PS6L6) [575] Thank you very much
pb (PS6KR) [576] Simon
sg (PS6L6) [577] I hope we do.
pb (PS6KR) [578] Good luck to you.
[579] Simon Greater, the captain of the Bicester team, going to play Old Redonians next Saturday.
[580] Well let's catch up with the latest from the Manor ground, I think Nick Harris is back in the press box now.
[581] Nick — you've only managed to talk to Paul Simpson, I think everybody's gone and hidden themselves.
nh (PS6KT) [582] [laugh] yes and everybody not too happy as you can probably imagine erm Peter erm while we were talking to Paul Simpson, in fact Brian Horton was holding his press conference and I think he said the same as everybody else; ‘Bolder the opposition goalkeeper had an inspired game, but really United had the chances and the possession, and really everything to kill Charlton off long before half time and really put no pressure on themselves in the second half.’
[583] So erm yes I think everybody's very very disappointed as I think we probably heard with Paul Simpson because United certainly in my books, played some of the best football I've seen them play since they've been back in the second division in the erm first half, but really did let things slip away a little bit in the second.
pb (PS6KR) [584] They used up all their goals against Oldham didn't they, two weeks ago when they didn't force any corners at all in the match; scored five goals nevertheless.
[585] Today, had lots of corners, scored actually from a corner, or after a corner but couldn't make their possession tell.
nh (PS6KT) [586] That's right erm and of course and they didn't have that little bit of luck perhaps.
[587] I wouldn't say they were lucky against Oldham, but everything ran for them today, the underside of the crossbar and the post saved Charlton on a couple of occasions and as Simpson said I think ‘Bolder on a couple of occasions really knew nothing about the saves he'd made, they were point blank, and he just happened to be there.’
[588] But that's the way the game goes and erm I think as we said ‘as the game went on, you always had the feeling that in fact Charlton, although they had very little pressure, would sneak a goal,’ and of course that's exactly what they did.
pb (PS6KR) [589] Just a word about the Oxford goal; I saw that, I saw erm Andy Melville score it, I was most surprised to hear it overruled at half time.
[590] The word came from the dressing room that it was Martin Foyle; I saw Andy Melville kick it into the net — what didn't I see?
nh (PS6KT) [591] Alright, what you didn't see, and I've talked to the man who made the video, and he tells me that in fact — as played in slow motion, it does definitely show that Martin Foyle as the ball was going goalward, got the final touch to the ball and did put it into the net, no doubt that in fact it was Foyle's goal.
pb (PS6KR) [592] So Foyle retains the number four shirt for next week?
nh (PS6KT) [593] That's right, playing at number four and scoring every week, he must be erm very happy indeed.
pb (PS6KR) [594] Nick that does mean two draws now with Charlton this season; three all away, one all here at the Manor this afternoon, and really not much between the two teams is there?
nh (PS6KT) [595] I wouldn't say there was much between the two teams apart from the first half here this afternoon when United, I haven't seen United dominate a side so much for a very long time, and really, I mean you were here Peter, three or four nil at half time would not have been a bad reflection on United's performance in any way at all.
[596] To think two weeks ago they were three nil up at half time against Oldham and they're only one nil up against Charlton and they totally dominated the game.
[597] Ken Vasey didn't have to make a save in the first half, didn't really have to ... didn't give Charlton a chance, and even in the second half when Charlton came forward more and more, they didn't really have any chances erm one that Lee volleyed over the bar, one that was headed over the crossbar, and the chance that went in the net, so they still didn't have many [laugh] chances, but erm United somehow erm construed to drop two points, and erm yes, dreadfully disappointing.
pb (PS6KR) [598] And just a word about the goal scorers; Martin Foyle got the goal today, that makes him ... well he was leading goal scorer, he goes slightly further ahead.
[599] But none of the Oxford goal scorers are actually in the national charts, but we were saying it's because so many of them are scoring, Foyle, Magilton, Nogan, Simpson and Stein — all have scored seven or more.
nh (PS6KT) [600] That's right, and I think that's very important with a side, and of course John Durning now, finished his suspension, so he'll be raring to get back in the side.
[601] No, I mean, today okay only one goal against Charlton, tremendous performance by Bolder, the post and the bar, but Oxford United do score goals and they took great chances to score goals erm it's difficult today isn't it.
[602] erm They gave away one goal, but erm that so often happens in that sort of situation, but no, people can score goals erm from anywhere from Oxford United and Jim Magilton was singled out in particular, I mean he's been with the side since October and scored nine goals from mid-field, that really is a tremendous performance.
pb (PS6KR) [603] Well Nick I think you did enjoy the game but it was two points lost rather than one point gained.
nh (PS6KT) [604] Oh, now doubt about that at all Peter yes, and with the sides equal on points, I'm particularly disappointed for United who obviously would have liked to have climbed above Charlton in the table.
pb (PS6KR) [605] And in fact they've gone one place down the table, they've moved down to eighteenth with West Brom having a good win away at Blackburn.
nh (PS6KT) [606] Yes so lots of games for United to play at the moment with the postponements, a lot of mid-week games, a lot of games up here at the Manor, but erm as so often happens with United, after a good performance or a little a good run, they never quite do it at home do they, they never quite kill sides off and they draw in games that they've played very well as they have done today.
[607] They tend perhaps just to lack that real killer instinct and erm it's such a great shame because people might laugh and joke looking at the league table, in fact United, since Christmas, have played some very good football indeed.
pb (PS6KR) [608] Nick Harris, thank you very much
nh (PS6KT) [609] Thank you
pb (PS6KR) [610] And just to remind you that Oxford have gone down to eighteenth in the table, they've got thirty two points.
[611] Below them, it's Blackburn and Leicester with thirty, Portsmouth and Plymouth with twenty nine and really the two teams who are looking the favourites for relegation, a reminder of just two go down, Watford and Hull both have twenty five points.
[612] Well for now let's go to another Charlton, soccer legend, Bobby Charlton, you heard him on Richard Rielly's programme this afternoon, he's coming to the area next Wednesday for the press launch of the Bobby Charlton Sports Day, which will be held at the Blackbird Ley's leisure centre on the twenty fourth of April.
[613] Richard Rielly asked him for his views on Graham Kelly's plea for clubs to share grounds if England are to stand a chance of hosting the nineteen ninety eight World Cup finals.
bc (PS6LD) [614] I agree with that, erm I think that the big city clubs will have to eventually start sharing.
[615] It becomes so expensive erm and if we are going to get new facilities erm we can't just keep upgrading what we've got now, we have to build new.
[616] erm And if we are going to compete in world sport then erm ... and if we have to apply like Manchester, who's applying for the Olympic Games, we have to have the appropriate stadia.
[617] We're not going to get it by resurrecting the stadia that we've got at the moment; new ones have to be built, and if they're going to be built in the high population areas, you know, then I think it's realistic for the clubs in that particular area to share.
[618] So I think that's a thing of the future, but I hope it's not too far in the future.
rr (PS6LF) [619] One of the problems of course that erm a lot of clubs face is that the grounds were built many years ago
bc (PS6LD) [620] Yes
rr (PS6LF) [621] Without the motor car in mind, I mean for instance, we had Oxford, Reading and Swindon it was suggested a few years ago, that they got together and formed the Thames Valley United.
bc (PS6LD) [622] mhm
rr (PS6LF) [623] But that didn't happen
bc (PS6LD) [624] No
rr (PS6LF) [625] But the danger of course is that big business takes over, the supermarket chains and the leisure chains and
bc (PS6LD) [626] mhm
rr (PS6LF) [627] After all it's only a game, football isn't it?
bc (PS6LD) [628] Yes, that's right.
[629] erm At the moment, well I would have thought that that was really unrealistic you know, the three teams joining together because geographically, they're not really that close.
[630] But erm where the big city teams have good communications, you know, good bus and rail services, you know, then that's ... it's realistic to ask them to do it.
[631] erm Unfortunately when you're short of money, you know, you have to try and get it from wherever you can and of course, in lots of cases, the supermarket chains have actually bailed out some football clubs, you know, by buying pieces of the car park etc.
[632] And it's one way that they ... that the clubs can get planning permission to expand a little, so I don't knock big business, I think that sponsorship in one form or another is very very important and vital.
[633] We can't just keep asking the people that actually pay to come to the matches to do it all the time, they have to be supplemented from industry anyway.
[634] I mean in Italy for example, you know some of the bigger clubs, you know they're literally run by your Fiats etc., big ... very very big companies, and I would say eventually, I'm not saying in the near future, but certainly eventually, that that might happen here.
[635] Big industry will have to take a bigger share of the professional clubs.
rr (PS6LF) [636] Now Bobby, you're coming to join us here in Oxford next week for the press launch for something that's happening in April — tell us about that.
bc (PS6LD) [637] Well British Gas are our main sponsors and we go round the country and we do erm courses, free courses for two hundred youngsters in various parts of mainland Britain, and erm we're coming to Oxford.
[638] erm And I'm very much looking forward to that, on Wednesday I'm coming and we're having a promotions day when we'll let everyone know what we're doing; when it's going to be, where it's going to be held, and erm give two hundred youngsters the opportunity to try erm the various sports, we don't just do football now either, we do lots of other sports.
[639] And British Gas have asked us in the particular area to utilise the facilities that are in the area erm to the best, and give two hundred youngsters the opportunity that they might never have had.
[640] Only one day, but nevertheless it's something that they will always remember and hopefully it will be just a spur for them to go on and do better things.
rr (PS6LF) [641] Now two hundred youngsters, I'm sure a lot of those will be listening this afternoon, the actual day happens on Wednesday April the twenty fourth.
[642] How are you going to select the two hundred out of I'm sure, the many thousand that will apply for a place?
bc (PS6LD) [643] Well I don't select them, I leave that to British Gas.
[644] They do it through the Social Services, erm they do it through the various schools erm they will probably give some places to the media so that they can run competitions which would encompass all the youngsters.
[645] You might not be able to come but at least you can ... you may at least have had the opportunity, so erm that's how they're being decided.
[646] Football obviously is the big one, so out of the two hundred you'll probably get something like eighty footballers and then out of the other five sports that we're going to host erm we will split them accordingly.
[647] But football generally speaking has to be the biggest, simply because it is the most popular still.
rr (PS6LF) [648] Well Bobby we look forward to welcoming you to Oxford erm not only next week for the press launch but for the actual day in April.
bc (PS6LD) [649] I look forward to that.
rr (PS6LF) [650] Just finally looking back over a career that spans now five decades, is there anything you'd have done differently over the years?
bc (PS6LD) [651] erm No, no I don't think so, I've erm been a successful ... I've been more successful that most and I ... it would appear greedy if I erm said that there was something that I think I would have done differently.
[652] No, I would have done it exactly the same, I would have just hoped that I would have been as lucky as I have been.
pb (PS6KR) [653] And that's Bobby Charlton talking to Richard Rielly earlier this afternoon.
[654] You're listening to B B C Radio Oxford and Talking Sport, seven minutes to six, time to wrap up.
[655] Coming up in a little while we'll be talking greyhounds, but for now we'll go back to football and deal with the local classified results with all the local leagues.
[656] League division two; Oxford United one, Charlton one; Beezer Homes League southern division; Witney two, Yate two; the Vauxhall League division two south; Abingdon Town three, Horsham nil; the Oxfordshire Senior Cup third round; Headington two, Thame nil; Peppard five, Malborough one; the Berks and Bucks Senior Cup second round; Abingdon United nil, Chesham three; the Hellenic League premier division; Bishop's Cleve nil, Milton United one; Bicester six, Swindon Athletic one; in division one; Cheltenham Saracens two, Cirencester United nil; Sinderford three, Clanfield one; Cirencester Town nil, Wallingford three; Highworth Town one, Supmarine one; Kidlington one, Wootton Bassett one; the reserve division east; Milton United two, Wantage three; the reserve division west; Swindon Athletic two, Fairford three; and the Gloucestershire Senior Cup south second round; Locklees one, Almondsbury Pixon Reserves two; the Oxon Senior League the Clarendon Cup third round; Yarnton Reserves nil, Garsington Reserves one, after extra time; premier division; Bletchingdon one, Kennington United one; Eynsham five, Oakley United three; Oxford University Press one, A P Sports one; division one; Kennington United Reserves two, A F C Cowley two; division two; Charlton United Reserves one, Oxford Stadium Reserves three; Long Crendon Reserves one, Ardley United Reserves eight; the Oxford City F A Premier Cup semi-final; Northway four, Wheatley nil; the League; Beckley nil, Tetsworth five; the Lord Jersey Football Association, the Jersey Cup second round replay; Akers Athletic one, Middle Barton three; the Derek Allen Cup first round; Heyford United two, Marsh Gibbon one; the mid-Oxon Cup; Bardwell nil, Heyford Athletic two; division two of the League; Marauders Reserves one, Fritwell eleven; and the Supplementary Cup; Crusaders nil, Wootton Reserves three.
[657] On to the Witney and District F A, Senior Challenge Cup second round; Carterton Eagles six, Freeland one; Spartan Rangers eleven, Tackley one; Chadlington five, Alsvcott one; Eynstone four, Carterton A nil; Brize Norton two, Stonesfield nil; Hanborough one, Ducklington two; in the Junior Challenge Cup second round; Crusaders Reserves two, F C Mills Reserves one; the Supplementary Cup second round; Bampton Reserves nil, Witney Royals four; Freeland Reserves one, Burford Reserves nil; Askett United one, Charlbury A nil; and one result from division three; Ducklington Reserves nine, Hanborough A nil; the Banbury and District League, the Basil Taylor Cup first round; Cropredy two, Deddington Town one; the League premier division; Bodicote Sports eight, Adderbury two; and division three; Fenny Compton Reserves nil, Kings Sutton Reserves three; the Chiltonian Football League premier division; Holmer Green four, Finchampstead two; Stocklake three, Wraysbury Coopers nil; the Senior Cup second round; Binfield nil, Letcombe one; division one; Slough Y C O B three, Kodak two; and Reserve division one; Wraysbury Coopers four, Woburn Athletic nil.
[658] And of course all the other matches today in the local leagues were postponed.
[659] Just time to have a little chat about greyhounds with our greyhound man, Mick Weeble; I think you gave us one winner last week didn't you Mick?
mw (PS6L7) [660] Just one Peter yes, but we'll put that down to the going I think, we'll have to put it down to something, so we'll put it down to the going.
pb (PS6KR) [661] What's the going going to be like tonight because all the snow's disappeared and in fact you've been running through the snow anyway.
mw (PS6L7) [662] Yes, the going will be slow tonight but erm not as slow as it has been in the past erm so it should be good.
[663] It's a good card tonight anyway and people may want to get out from the snow and have night out at the stadium.
pb (PS6KR) [664] Are there some dogs who specialise in the slow going as it were, the heavy going?
mw (PS6L7) [665] Yes, there is actually, I mean some of these wide runners who do tend to feel the ground erm when it's top of the ground.
[666] They'd probably be better off on the erm soft going tonight, but erm in the past few results erm it's been evenly balanced Peter, you know, but every trap's won in the last two or three meetings.
[667] So they've got no real advantage, only those that really prefer the underfoot conditions to be soft.
pb (PS6KR) [668] Now I came to watch the greyhound racing, I think it was Tuesday last week with all the snow around.
[669] They're really faithful your greyhound followers aren't they, all your punters as you call them, they come snow, rain, hail, thunder, it doesn't matter.
mw (PS6L7) [670] Well they're some of the best in the land, greyhound punters, I mean they'll come ... they like their greyhound racing, real erm diehard people and erm they'll come in any weather, I mean, the other Thursday when we really had a load of snow down, I mean no-one would come, you wouldn't even get off your couch for that, but erm we still had three hundred people attend which was erm ... even though as I say, we lost money on the erm meeting.
[671] It's a policy of the stadium, if they come then we'll make the effort to put the racing on for them.
pb (PS6KR) [672] Well you've got the racing on tonight, give us your four winners please.
mw (PS6L7) [673] Right, here we go then.
[674] In the second race which is a sprint race, that's a two bend race, I'm going to go for trap one, Brook Mead Flash trained by Paul Garland. erm Ideal draw trap one, Brook Mead Flash there for me, dangerous Flashing Sabre in five and Super Zoom in trap two.
[675] And then we come to the sixth race which is the eight forty five, well I'm going to go for Angie Baby here in trap three, she's erm a little bit of a kidder but she might have the legs of these, as long as something leads her, she'll come and erm try and do them on the line, so it's Angie Baby for me there, erm Ruby Blue in trap six is a danger.
[676] And then we come to race nine, the third leg of our yankee tonight, Radio Oxford's yankee, that's in the nine thirty two erm here I'm going to go for Kerry Limb Gold in trap six erm this one does like the underfoot conditions to be soft, so he's got it tonight — Kerry Limb Gold then as the third leg of the yankee, nine thirty two.
[677] And in the twelfth race, the six forty five erm West Mead Ricky erm adversely drawn in trap four, but nevertheless I think he's a little bit better class, so that's the fourth leg of our Radio Oxford yankee erm West Mead Ricky, that's the ten twenty.
[678] And erm if anyone's listening Peter, we do need an announcer, you know what we were speaking about on Tuesday, so erm if anybody's interested like, preferably it would suit a female better I think erm they want to contact John Blake on Monday.
pb (PS6KR) [679] Right, Mick Weeble, thank you very much.
mw (PS6L7) [680] Thank you Peter.
mw (PS6L7) [681] Mick Weeble from the greyhound stadium.
[682] Just time to tell you that Ken Clarke won Guess the Scores from Headington; he said it would finish one all at the Manor, and he said that Martin Foyle would get the goal.
[683] We'll be in touch with you Ken.
[684] Thanks for listening to us on Talking Sport this afternoon, we'll all be back again next Saturday, same time, same place. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [685] Coming up next, the news at six.


[recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [687] Yes hello, good evening welcome to Talking Sport.
[688] Tonight's local headlines: a last minute goal gives Oxford United a well deserved one nil win over Portsmouth at the Manor.
[689] The game was set for the second goal-less draw at the ground in four days, when Andy Melville scored following a free kick.
[690] United move three places up the table to fifteenth, and they're now ten points clear of the two relegation positions.
[691] Elsewhere there are wins for Witney, Thame, Didcot and Oxford United Youth team; Carterton beat Banbury; Bicester beat Milton; there's a draw for Abingdon Town; defeats for Oxford United Reserves, Oxford City, Wantage and Headington Amateurs.
[692] Well full details of most of these games coming up over the next hour here on Talking Sport, now though the leading local results: League division two; Oxford United one, Portsmouth nil; the Beezer Homes League southern division; Witney one, Erith and Belvedere nil; the Vauxhall League division two south; Harefield two, Abingdon Town two; the South Midland League premier division; Langford one, Thame two; the O'Brien Trophy; Tring three, Oxford City one; the Hellenic League premier cup; Banbury one, Carterton two; Bicester two, Milton nil; Didcot one, Almondsbury nil; Wantage nil, Bishops Cleve one; the premier division; Hounslow three, Headington Amateurs one; Swindon Athletic one, Abingdon United nil; the Combination League; Portsmouth Reserves four, Oxford United Reserves two; and the south-east Counties League; Oxford United one, Swindon nil; now for the classified football results, here's Headley Feast.
hf (PS6KS) [693] Barclays League division one; Coventry City three, Crystal Palace one; Derby County three, Sunderland three; Luton Town one, Nottingham Forest nil; Manchester United nil, Everton two; Queens Park Rangers one, Manchester City nil; Sheffield United two, Aston Villa one; Southampton two, Leeds United nil; Tottenham Hotspur one, Chelsea one; Wimbledon nil, Norwich City nil; division two; Barnsley two, Watford one; Blackburn Rovers two, Swindon Town one; Brighton and Hove Albion one, Oldham Athletic two; Bristol Rovers one, Milwall nil; Charlton Athletic two, Bristol City one; Hull City nil, Middlesbrough nil; Ipswich Town nil, Wolverhampton Wanderers nil; Newcastle United two, Leicester City one; Oxford United one, Portsmouth nil; Plymouth Argyll two, Port Vale nil; West Bromwich Albion nil, West Ham United nil; division three; Birmingham City two, Swansea City nil; Bournemouth one, Chester City nil; Bury two, Wigan Athletic two; Fulham one, Reading one; Mansfield Town one, Grimsby Town one; Shrewsbury Town nil, Preston Northend one; Stoke City two, Exeter City one; division four; Aldershot one, Doncaster Rovers one; Blackpool three, Hereford United nil; Carlisle United two, Wrexham nil; Darlington one, Stockport County nil; Gillingham nil, Chesterfield one; Halifax Town five, Walsall two; Hartlepool United nil, Torquay United nil; Peterborough United two, Maidstone United nil; Scarborough three, Lincoln City nil; Scunthorpe United two, York City one; the Scottish B and Q League premier division; Aberdeen one, Rangers nil; Celtic three, St Johnstone nil; Dundee United one, Dunfermline Athletic nil; Hibernian four, St Mirren three; Motherwell one, Heart of Midlothian three; the first division; Airdrionians nil, Dundee one; Ayr United five, Wraith Rovers three; Breckin City two, Hamilton Academicals two; Falkirk one, Clyde nil; Partick Thistle two, Forfar Athletic nil; the second division; Alloa one, Montrose nil; Arbroath nil, Stirling Albion one; Cowden Beath two, Albion Rovers two; Dunbarton two, East Fyfe one; Queens Park three, Queen of the South nil; Stenhouse Muir nil, East Stirlingshire nil; and the Tenants Cup fourth round; Morton three, Meadowbank nil. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [694] Headley Feast with today's classified football results.
[695] So, a victory for Oxford United; it came after a few of the supporters had left the ground, it came in injury time — Oxford United one, Portsmouth nil, reporting on the match, a very happy Nick Harris.
nh (PS6KT) [696] Oxford United were heading for their second successive nil all game, when in the first minute of injury time, central defender, Andy Melville popped up in the penalty area to score a vital goal, and to give United three vital points in their fight against relegation.
[697] Before then, despite a number of chances, this game had nil all written all over it; United did have their chances, they hit the post, Steve Foster and Martin Foyle both went close but the ball never appeared to be going into the back of the net.
[698] And full credit to the visitors Portsmouth, they pushed more and more men forward as the game progressed and they almost snatched it towards the end.
[699] Well, United started in fine style as early as the twentieth second; Martin Foyle was brought down on the edge of the penalty area and Paul Simpson's free kick was headed away for a corner.
[700] Back came Portsmouth and Colin Clark's header well held by Ken Vasey at the other end while two minutes later, Jim Magilton turned well on the edge of the Portsmouth penalty area, but his dipping shot was well held by the visitor's goal keeper, Andy Gosney.
[701] United were on top but it was a scrappy game, full of fouls as both sides tried to gain some sort of control; one touch football as I say, a lot of misplaced passes and a lot of fouls, although United had a chance in the fifteenth minute when Martin Foyle almost headed home Paul Simpson's cross from the right at the near post.
[702] Mike Ford then shot over the bar from thirty yards, and in the thirtieth minute, Graham Hogg was booked for a challenge on Lee Nogan; Hogg who'd performed so well at the heart of the Portsmouth defence.
[703] United's best chance of the half came just a minute later; Martin Foyle ran on to the perfect Paul Simpson through ball, he actually got past goal keeper Andy Gosney but he was forced just a little bit wide.
[704] He ran into the path of fellow striker, Lee Nogan, and as both hesitated who was going to put the ball into the empty net, the chance had gone and the ball was hacked away.
[705] Three minutes later Simpson ran on to a back pass, he got his foot to the ball just before Gosney, he collided with the goal keeper, but full marks the goal keeper, he grabbed the ball at the second attempt, and once again, the chance had gone.
[706] Portsmouth then had a good spell, they forced two successive corners but the half ended with United so almost scoring.
[707] In the forty third minute, Foyle volleyed wide from fifteen yards when really he should have been on target after receiving from Magilton, and as referee Taylor was looking at his whistle to blow it for half time, United skipper, Steve Foster drove forward from the edge of the penalty area, shrugged off a couple of challenges, hit a good low shot, seemingly under the body of Gosney, but Gosney's body just halted the flow of the ball.
[708] It still ran away from him but he grabbed it again at the second attempt before it went over the line and the chance had gone.
[709] The second half followed very much the same pattern, a minute in to the half, a delightful United move involving Magilton, Phillips, Nogan and Philips, but Phillips' final cross to Nogan was just a little bit too long.
[710] Portsmouth then lost Warren Aspell with an ankle injury and he was replaced by Sean Murray.
[711] United then forced two successive corners and in the sixty second minute, another good build-up by United, it ended with Magilton almost getting through but his shot was blocked by Gosney who was injured making the save and Nogan volleyed the cross inches wide.
[712] Portsmouth's best chance came in the sixty fourth minute, a great breakaway down the left, the cross coming in, seventeen goal man Guy Whittingham getting his head to the ball, but it wasn't going to be his eighteenth goal of the season, because Ken Vasey dived to his right, just got his finger tips to the ball and held on to it and the chance had gone.
[713] United then brought on John Durning for Mickey Lewis, Magilton had the best chance of the game in the seventy third minute when he was cleared through, he shot from ten yards, he beat Gosney, hit the post and bounced away.
[714] It all then got rather frustrating and a little worrying as Portsmouth looked more and more dangerous; in the seventy seventh minute Les Robertson was booked for a foul on Russell and a minute later John Beresford booked for a foul on Nogan.
[715] As time ran out, Martin Cool right on the stroke of full time got in a great volley, it was well held by Ken Vasey.
[716] But then United broke to the other end and won a free kick a minute into injury time.
a (PS6KU) [717] Twelve yards outside the Portsmouth penalty area, left side to be taken by number eleven, Paul Simpson surely their last chance in this game.
[718] Simpson raises his hands in the air, United have got Andy Melville and Steve Foster at the far post, Simpson still delays taking the kick, now it comes in, he knocks it in to the far post, looking for Paul, Paul heads it back over the top — and they've scored.
[719] Oxford United has scored, it's Andy Melville that has put the ball into the net, into injury time, the cross came in, Martin Foyle headed it back across the face of the goal and it's Andy Melville that has surely clinched three vital points for Oxford United; into injury time, Oxford United one, Portsmouth nil.
nh (PS6KT) [720] And that was that.
[721] Almost immediately referee, Paul Taylor blew his whistle, the poor Portsmouth fans made their sad way home to the south coast, the players with heads drooped, left the field and many of the United fans were already leaving the ground in the crowd of five hundred ... five thousand, two hundred and twenty six when Andy Melville scored that vital goal which gave United three very important League points.
[722] Final scoreline up here at the Manor; Oxford United one, Portsmouth nil.
pb (PS6KR) [723] A very delighted Nick Harris bringing us the good news about Oxford United getting through and winning today against Portsmouth by a goal to nil.
[724] And that's moved them no less than three places up the second division table, they're higher than I think they've been for many a long day.
[725] Their up to fifteenth in the table, they leap frog over Portvale, West Bromwich Albion and Charlton; I've got that wrong, in fact they move over Portvale, Portsmouth and West Brom, Charlton of course winning today and going up, and Plymouth.
[726] But United are now fifteenth with thirty six points and although it's very close behind them; Port Vale have thirty six, West Brom thirty five, Charlton thirty five, Plymouth thirty five, Portsmouth thirty five, Blackburn and Leicester both have thirty three.
[727] The important thing is, they've moved well away from the relegation area; poor old Watford and Hull, things looking very bleak for them, they're trailed seven points behind Leicester, ten points behind Oxford, both Watford and Hull have twenty six points.
[728] Well, I think we can go back to the Manor ground.
nh (PS6KT) [729] Well welcome back to the Manor ground, I've got with me a delighted United goal keeper, Ken Vasey; mighty close Ken.
kv (PS6LG) [730] Yes it was yes, last sort of quarter of an hour they was pressing forward and you know, it always looks like you know, they're going to nick it but, we held out.
[731] It's two clean sheets on the chart and erm you know, a great goal by Andy.
nh (PS6KT) [732] Very frustrating time I think for everybody that last sort of quarter of an hour, nothing really flowing properly, you coming under increasing pressure — difficult time for a goal keeper then?
kv (PS6LG) [733] Yes, it's very hard because you get to that stage where you know you can only really push forward for so long, then when it ... you know, the whistle looms near, you try and you know, you're just going to go for the result really, and keep it you know, a clean sheet and just get a point out of the game.
nh (PS6KT) [734] Did you see much of the goal, or as it was a free kick floated in and Martin Foyle headed it back across the face of goal and erm your partner in crime really at the back put it in.
kv (PS6LG) [735] Yes it erm you know, Martin's done well, he's got up and just nodded it down for Andy and erm he's took it well; a little touch and he's just finished it very well, so you know, I'm pleased for him.
nh (PS6KT) [736] But he's making a bit of a habit isn't he, Notts County I think it was, very much the same situation; three two then for a three all draw, he scored right at the end then.
kv (PS6LG) [737] Yes, he seems to pop up and get the important goals when they're needed and you know, none was more important than today really.
nh (PS6KT) [738] Now we talk about the second successive clean sheet, the first for United what, Wednesday night against Milwall since October the twentieth, so what's happened to stop the goals going in?
kv (PS6LG) [739] Oh there are no, you know with the gaff this time, a lot of work like during the week and that and we've tightened up quite a bit and tried to you know, get ourselves organised.
[740] And hopefully you know, hopefully get another one Wednesday, or Tuesday night as you say.
nh (PS6KT) [741] Couple of good saves today you must be pleased with; Wittingham got in one very good header didn't he.
[742] He looked a dangerous striker and got in a good header which I think you got to the right and got your hand to?
kv (PS6LG) [743] Yes, you're always wary of erm people like that you know, their reputation goes before them, and erm you don't really see the ball till late, he just flicked it down, I just done enough to get down and erm you know, get my right hand to it and like, Steve Foster was following up well and that and you know, that's the things that we've got the run with us now.
nh (PS6KT) [744] And right on the ... almost on the final whistle just before United scored in injury time, I think mid-fielder Martin Cool got in a very good volley didn't he from some distance, but it really was whistling toward goal?
kv (PS6LG) [745] Yes, he took a deflection off erm Andy Melville, I think he was going for his second, and erm I just managed to you know, just get down to my left and just keep it there, and it just sort of stuck so I was pleased with that.
nh (PS6KT) [746] How about yourself, you've settled well at United, though strangely when you were on loan everything seemed to be going so well didn't it, there were some good results coming.
[747] Since you signed it's been a little bit up and down, some goals conceded, not necessarily down to you, so you must be pleased that things have settled down a bit?
kv (PS6LG) [748] Yes it goes like that, like you say, you know, it's come in and I didn't have nothing to lose and things were going well, then there's been a bit of a lull and erm like I say, we've worked hard and we've like ... with [...] following in on this save earlier on.
[749] Before there would have been a striker in there to finish it, so that's the way to do it, you know the roles are reversed and we've ... getting a bit of luck.
nh (PS6KT) [750] A very important time coming up for the club, some very important games, no more important to people in this area than the game at Swindon on Tuesday night, But then away to Middlesborough, home to West Ham, still something to play for for Oxford United this season if the results keep going their way?
kv (PS6LG) [751] Well it's always going to be hard because we're, you know, near the bottom and that and it's very tight, you know just a win or a loss like, it puts you either three places up or right near the bottom.
[752] So obviously there's a few tough games ahead, but you know, with erm ... if we set our [...] out right and keep working hard, then hopefully we can get a few points and maybe push ourselves further up the table.
nh (PS6KT) [753] And finally, Tuesday night — probably to you, what, a Londoner and playing down in Torquay, the game against Swindon, never taken so much significance, but a very very important game for Oxford United and their followers.
kv (PS6LG) [754] Oh yes, you only had to listen to this afternoon like, with the crowds and that, obviously it means a lot to them and there's a lot of you know, stick I suppose goes around between the two clubs, so I just want to go out there, hopefully have a good game and keep a clean sheet.
nh (PS6KT) [755] Ken thanks for coming to talk to us.
kv (PS6LG) [756] Lovely, thanks a lot.
pb (PS6KR) [757] And that's Nick Harris talking to Ken Vasey up at the Manor ground and we hope to return to the Manor in a few moments time and see who else Nick has got to talk to us.
[758] Still waiting for a lot of the reports to come in, but we did have one winner on Guess the Scores this afternoon.
[759] Only one person remarkably said that Oxford United would win by one goal to nil, I think loads of people go for the three ones or the four ones or things like that.
[760] And our one person was Terry Phipps from Abingdon, he's on the line at the moment, Terry well, you felt it was going to be one nil did you or?
tp (PS6LH) [761] Yes, just a hunch feeling, they just kept a clean sheet in the last game, and I thought perhaps they might keep another one, but erm and scramble a goal — it was very late wasn't it?
pb (PS6KR) [762] But you went for Paul Simpson I think to score?
tp (PS6LH) [763] I did indeed yes.
pb (PS6KR) [764] Have you been in for this Guess the Scores, have you won anything before?
tp (PS6LH) [765] No, first time, well first time on Guess the Scores, just the odd quiz that I've won before; horse racing.
pb (PS6KR) [766] Right, well there is a horse racing quiz coming up later in the programme, so keep listening
tp (PS6LH) [767] Keep listening
pb (PS6KR) [768] There's a superb prize to that, well congratulations, you'll receive a small Radio Oxford pen and mug, because you didn't get the goal scorer right.
tp (PS6LH) [769] That's right.
pb (PS6KR) [770] But congratulations, well done.
tp (PS6LH) [771] Okay Peter.
pb (PS6KR) [772] And we'll take your name and address and that'll be in the post to you, congratulations to you.
tp (PS6LH) [773] Thanks a lot.
pb (PS6KR) [774] That's Terry Phipps from Abingdon who gets the Radio Oxford Guess the Scores prize this week, but he doesn't get the full prize because he didn't get the goal scorer right.
[775] Waiting to tell us about a victory for Bicester over Milton in the Hellenic League premier cup; Bicester two, they're going so well at the moment, Milton nil; Charlie Rawling.
cr (PS6LC) [776] This was a very even match with both goals coming under pressure during the first half.
[777] The first real chance fell to Ron Munn for Milton when he was put clear, but Leach dived at his feet to block his shot.
[778] Mark Edwards for Bicester should have scored after good work by John Thorne and Barry Cooper, but he only half hit his shot and keeper Whittington saved.
[779] Despite gaining a second corner during the half, Milton failed to penetrate the home defence and at half time neither side had scored.
[780] Both sides forced early corners in the second half, and from one back pass by Stewart Peak to keeper Leach, had the keeper diving full length to save.
[781] In the sixty fifth minute after recovering from some heavy pressure, Bicester broke away for Mark Edwards to open the score with a low shot from twenty five yards, Whittington helping the ball over the line when he dived to save.
[782] Milton forced Bicester back again on defensive and many more corners came their way, but the defence coupled with a save from Leach held firm.
[783] With six minutes of the game to go Bicester gained a free kick; Walton placed the ball to the far post where Barry Cooper receiving the ball on his chest, turned quickly to score in to the top of the net.
[784] Also erm they went near again erm and Thorn put one over the bar.
[785] Milton tried hard in those last few minutes and forced Bicester on the defensive, but they failed to break down and Bicester won two nil in this very very entertaining cup match.
pb (PS6KR) [786] Thank you very much Charlie Rawling, that's the Hellenic League premier cup; Bicester two, Milton nil, back to the Manor ground and let's join Nick Harris.
nh (PS6KT) [787] Well thank you Peter, yes I've got the man of the moment with me — Andy Melville, absolutely delighted erm oh, it was a frustrating old time wasn't it, what an important goal.
am (PS6LJ) [788] Yes, I think it's most probably one of the most important goals I've ever scored in my life, especially when it was last minute, now because we soaked a lot of pressure up and as I say, it's the best time to score.
nh (PS6KT) [789] What actually happened?
[790] We saw the free kick come in from Paul Simpson, it appeared that Martin Foyle headed the ball back across the face of the goal, then it was all a little blurred, and you appeared with the ball in the net.
am (PS6LJ) [791] Yes it is a set piece that we practice in training.
[792] It's ... I normally go first and then Foster comes behind me, but I think erm Simpson over hit and [...] was far post, he knocked it back, I had a touch and then just erm slotted her home, which is erm quite erm good.
nh (PS6KT) [793] Fair amount of arguing, I don't know if that's part of the ploy with the free kick, just before it came over I think you were getting frustrated that the free kick wasn't coming over quick enough, a lot of arms being raised, is that a ploy or was it actually real frustration?
am (PS6LJ) [794] No that's not frustration, that is a ploy, I just stick my hands up and show everybody that erm we messed a free kick up and then Paul erm slots it through.
nh (PS6KT) [795] You're making a habit of this of course, Notts County not so many weeks ago, three two the game was, and then you popped up with the equaliser right in the dying seconds.
am (PS6LJ) [796] Yes, what it was, early in the season when I was playing left back erm I had to stay back, but recently because I'm playing centre half, I get up to get the set pieces, so it's nice for me as well.
nh (PS6KT) [797] Must be pleased, as was Ken Vasey we spoke to earlier, that you didn't concede a goal for the second game in succession, and the defence does look a lot tighter doesn't it?
am (PS6LJ) [798] Yes, I think we defended quite well, obviously Ken erm is going to have a few saves each game anyway which I thought he done very well today.
[799] But I think we soaked a lot of pressure up and in the end, I think we deserved the points.
nh (PS6KT) [800] They've got two strikers that can cause problems haven't they, Colin Clarke, he's been about a fair bit, and Guy Whittington had one really good chance where Ken Vasey made a very good save?
am (PS6LJ) [801] That's right, the record erm [...] first half, you've got Whittington who scored erm I think nearly on twenty goals and Clarke who's played for Norther Ireland several times.
[802] So we done well to keep them out.
nh (PS6KT) [803] And how about yourself, you obviously weren't that happy playing at left back for Oxford United, and you've slotted into the central defence, playing a lot happier and of course, driving forward when you can for these goals?
am (PS6LJ) [804] That's right yes, as I say I've been left back and I won very comfortable, but in the middle I'm a lot more comfortable.
[805] Obviously we had a few injuries at the start of the season, so hopefully we can go from strength to strength now.
nh (PS6KT) [806] And of course resurrected your international career which I am sure you're delighted about.
am (PS6LJ) [807] Well I hope so anyway because I'm not going to play erm international football at left back, I'm going to play it at centre half, so hopefully erm Terry [...] scouts will be watching me.
nh (PS6KT) [808] Very important time coming up for United — really can resurrect a fair bit of the season with what, the game at Swindon on Tuesday, Middlesborough away, West Ham at home; good results in those games really could put a bit of a gloss on the season?
am (PS6LJ) [809] Yes I think so, I think erm if you look at the gap between erm the bottom clubs and the play off places, it's not that very big.
[810] I think if you get four, five results together, I think you might be in with a shout.
nh (PS6KT) [811] Finally, the big game Tuesday night — I don't think you'd mind popping up, what, in injury time scoring the winner down there?
am (PS6LJ) [812] Oh it would be really nice you know, especially for the supporters that's been behind us all season, so hopefully we can do it for them.
nh (PS6KT) [813] Andy thanks for coming to talk to us.
am (PS6LJ) [814] Okay, cheers, thank you.
pb (PS6KR) [815] Nick Harris talking to the goal scorer, the hero of the moment, Andy Melville.
[816] Well, so United won one nil, so did Witney, that was in the Beezer Homes League southern division.
[817] And an important win it was over Erith and Belvedere, both teams struggling at the bottom of the southern division; to tell us all about it, Adrian Burcher.
ab (PS6L3) [818] A goal from Julio Berazi after five minutes was enough to settle this relegation battle against Erith and Belvedere at Marriots Close this afternoon.
[819] Throughout the game, neither side managed to take control in a typical basement battle, although the majority of the chances fell to the home side.
[820] Witney's winner came courtesy of a set piece; Town were awarded a free kick which Dave Watson swung to the edge of the six yard box.
[821] Kenny Clark flung himself forward at the ball, only to see his efforts strike the foot of the post, but Julio Berazi was on hand to stab home and collect his fourth goal of the season.
[822] Five minutes before the interval, Berazi nearly added a second when Dave Watson swung a corner to the far post and Berazi followed inches wide.
[823] The second half continued to see both teams fighting for supremacy.
[824] On fifty minutes, Andy Leach made a good saving tackle on the edge of the six yard box as Hugh Mann prepared to unleash a shot, and Dave Warner parried Graham Daniels follow up wide.
[825] A minute later, Dave Watson had a goal-bound effort blocked.
[826] Steve Jenkins knocked the ball back to Gary Murphy, who fired a testing cross into the area.
[827] Mickey Orme punched clear under pressure from Clark, but only as far as Watson who returned a thunderous volley which was blocked by Angoll .
[828] On sixty one minutes, Steve Jenkins turned well in the centre circle and sprayed the ball wide to Mark Walton, who in turn pushed the ball up the line to Berazi.
[829] Berazi turned inside angle, then crossed low to the near post, where Orme just managed to scramble the ball away.
[830] As the game entered the closing stages, both sides had good chances to score; the first fell to Steve Jenkins who was evaded by inches from Mickey Wiggins' cross, whilst up the other end, Warner had to be on his toes when he held a point blank header from John Parry.
[831] Eight minutes from time, Witney lost the services of the lively Julio Berazi, who left the field with an injury, but by this time, Witney had done enough to seal the three most valuable points.
[832] The score once again from Marriotts Close; Witney Town one, Erith and Belvedere nil.
pb (PS6KR) [833] So a very good result there for Witney in the Beezer Homes League.
[834] A good result too for Abingdon Town, I expect they'll be quite happy with a draw, away to Harefield.
[835] They are the leaders of the Vauxhall League division two south, so I suppose you could say they dropped two points today; Harefield two, Abingdon Town two, our reporter, Nick Quayle.
nq (PS6KW) [836] Four goals, one sending off and one booking was the story of this match as Abingdon Town drew two two with Harefield United.
[837] But there have not been many games with such drama as we saw here today.
[838] Abingdon started the game with five defenders once again, leaving Liam Herbert and Steve Aries up front .
[839] But the two strikers looked unable to make an impact early on against the big Harefield back four, and it was Harefield who appeared most dangerous in the opening period, putting Town keeper, Mickey Cummings under a lot of pressure.
[840] It was the home side who took the lead in the twenty sixth minute when Doug Taylor beat Brian House on the right wing, put in a low cross and Pedro Herbert crept in behind the defence to score.
[841] Town rallied and had a good effort from Kenny Campbell, well saved by keeper, Andy Hopping, after Roger Charles had found him with a great cross, but Harefield went in at half time with a deserved one nil lead.
[842] After the break, Town began to assert themselves and came close several times through Charles and Liam Herbert, but it was not until the fifty sixth minute that they equalised.
[843] Town won a corner on the left, there was cross to Campbell, who hit a superb volley against the far upright, and Steve Aries took the rebound well to score.
[844] A minute later, Harefield's Paul Swayles was lucky to stay on the field, after a deliberate elbow in the face of Aries, which left the Town striker writhing in agony.
[845] But referee Hart did not even award a free kick.
[846] In the sixty fourth minute, Pedro Herbert restored the home side's lead when he picked up the ball on the break and side footed it past keeper Cummings, to make it two one to Harefield.
[847] The home side now began to look much the better side and Cummings kept Town in it with a fine selection of acrobatic saves.
[848] In the seventy fifth minute, Swayles repeated his elbow in Aries' face, and received only a booking this time.
[849] As tempers began to fray, the game deteriorated and Kevin Connelly, when disputing a decision with referee Hart, got his marching orders, reducing Town to ten men.
[850] But the drama did not end there; just as Harefield were looking comfortable, John Harvey Lynch put the back four under pressure, and Harefield's erm Gary Downs headed a superb own-goal past his keeper who was off balance, to make it two two in the eighty sixth minute.
[851] Town's Roger Charles was carried off the field following a crunch and tackle just following this, but the score remained at two each, so the final result; Harefield United two, Abingdon Town two.
pb (PS6KR) [852] And Nick, just before you go, I said before you came on ‘Abingdon Town clear at the top, but they do have ... they have played a few more games in their chases’, but I gather the results elsewhere went your way today.
nq (PS6KW) [853] That's right, there's been some very good results I hear.
[854] Apparently Malvern Vale and Egham, who are both erm looking dangerous just below Abingdon Town, they both lost today, at home, so some very good news there.
pb (PS6KR) [855] One excellent point for Town then today.
[856] Thank you very much Nick Quayle, our reporter on that match, so a draw for Abingdon Town.
[857] Defeat though for Oxford City, that was in the O'Brien Trophy of the South Midland League.
[858] They went to Tring Athletic; Tring three, Oxford City one, John Shepherd.
js (PS6KV) [859] City gave another disappointing display as they made their second Cup exit of the week, when in their replay in the O'Brien Trophy game, they went by the ... went down by three goals to one.
[860] They had expected to record their fourth victory over home side this season, but on a poor service, the game was a dour affair, as neither side dominated the proceedings.
[861] Two chances were created as the keeper saw little action.
[862] Richard [...] beat the offside track as he collected a through ball from Howard Barber, but Nick Taylor's challenge forced him to put wide.
[863] City came under some pressure from Tring, but the home side never looked down to a sub front.
[864] After a break, the play had more life with it as City stepped up the pressure and encamping their opponent's half for long periods.
[865] Pat Callaghan was just wide with his effort and Chris Copes was forced to kick clear as Steve Hudds beat a header off the line.
[866] Suddenly Tring found themselves in front, with City committed to attack, Tring suddenly broke down the right and Danny Glass saw his strike-on goal pushed away by Taylor, but only into the path of Danny Rook following up, who put home after sixty five minutes.
[867] Three minutes later, City equalised with a simple executed move; [...] set up Stewart Taverner to send a deep cross to the far upright where Hudspeth could pick his spot for his header into the net.
[868] In the seventy fifth minute, City fell behind again as Steve Cowell crossed from the left to the far side, for Weesker to dive and squeeze a header just inside the post.
[869] Peter Foley, who had come on as a substitute struck the upright with a powerful drive, for the ball to rebound clear.
[870] City's miserable week was confirmed when with eighty two minutes gone, Steve Brown brought down Cowell in the area as he made a run for the by-line.
[871] From the penalty spot, Rook drove into the corner for his second of the game and give his side a passage into the next round, a defeat that sees City's interest in Cup games at an end for this season.
[872] Final score; Tring Athletic three, Oxford City one.
pb (PS6KR) [873] So, defeat for Oxford City.
[874] You're listening to B B C Radio Oxford and Talking Sport, the time's just gone five thirty.
[875] Coming up in the next half hour, there'll be a chance to win some superb prizes, that's for horse racing fans, so stay listening for that.
[876] We'll be talking motor racing and talking to the new Eddy Jordan Formula One team.
[877] Now though we're staying with football, moving down to the Hellenic League Premier Cup, and a narrow win for Didcot; just the one goal in it; Didcot one, Almondsbury nil, our reporter, Ken Coles.
kc (PS6LK) [878] Although not looking particularly inspiring, Didcot held a one nil lead over visitors Almondsbury Pixons in this second round of the premier division cup by half time.
[879] It was in fact the visitors who could easily have been in front, but for some brilliant tackling by Jason Miller, who on four occasions, kept out both Terry Patterson and Chris Loud.
[880] Didcot's keeper, Andy Tucker was the first into action, punching away a dangerous looking free kick by Alec Stocker.
[881] The first of Miller's important tackles came after twenty two minutes, as Town's defence was caught wide open, but before Loud could pass to the unmarked Patterson, he dropped him superbly.
[882] Didcot broke the deadlock after twenty eight minutes, he won a few good moves of the match as Rollston Ricketts fouled Paul Spittle and John Ward rewarded his first class pass.
[883] Almondsbury found another gear after the interval and kept Didcot's defence on overtime, but so well did they play, goal keeper Andy Tucker was rarely troubled.
[884] Their man of the match was no doubt Gary Kemp, who was the instigator of so many of their attacks.
[885] Didcot's scorer looked in with a chance of a second, and also taking the pressure off when he was put through, but instead of trying what looked a goal chance, chose to pass after sixty one minutes.
[886] With four minutes of the match remaining, a scramble in the Didcot goal mouth saw Patterson hold his head in disbelief as his shot went literally inches wide, to stop them at least taking the match into extra time, and give a most relieved Didcot a one nil victory to go into the third round.
pb (PS6KR) [887] That's Ken Coles reporting on that victory for Didcot.
[888] Well I think we'll just go back go the Manor ground and have a quick word with Nick Harris.
[889] Nick, you've heard something quite amusing about the goal scorer today, Andy Melville?
nh (PS6KT) [890] That's right.
[891] Well apparently erm Peter, last week at Bristol City, that very disappointing display, Andy Melville was awarded the United man of the match award erm down at Bristol, which I believe, I do stand corrected on this, was probably a bottle of something, and a suit holder, something you carry your suit in.
[892] But Brian Horton kept it in his office and said that he couldn't have it until everybody stepped up the game a little bit, and they stopped conceding goals.
[893] erm Well they had a very good game against erm Milwall on erm Wednesday night, which they drew nil all, an excellent game here today erm scored the vital winning goal and duly Brian Horton handed over the loot after the game today and said ‘there you are, you can take the man of the match award’.
pb (PS6KR) [894] Great, okay Nick, thanks for that, we'll come back to you in just a moment, but I did promise a racing competition.
[895] Now if you're a racing buff, listen out because it's a superb prize, if you consider yourself a little bit of an expert on the turf that is.
[896] Each year the Time Form company up in Yorkshire produce a publication called ‘Racehorses of 1990’ or whatever year is appropriate.
[897] Well the new edition's just come out and it's in the shops shortly, it's priced sixty five pounds, and as usual they've let Radio Oxford have a copy to give away as a prize.
[898] And not only that, there are four runners up prizes as well to be won, and these are a copy of the Time Form's ‘Horses to Follow’.
[899] Now of course, ‘Racehorses of 1990’ is the bible of the racing man, it's over a thousand pages in total, there are pen portraits of all the eight thousand horses that ran on the flat in England in 1990, and lot's more as well .
[900] Well that's going free to the first person to ring us on three double one, one double one with the answers to these three questions, listen carefully.
[901] When Quest for Fame won the Derby and Sanglemore won the French Derby, it provided a first season trainer with a rare double, who was that trainer?
[902] When Quest for Fame won the Derby and Sanglemore won the French Derby, it provided a first season trainer with a rare double, who was the trainer?
[903] Secondly, who rode both those horses to victory and thirdly, who owns both those horses?
[904] Three double one, one double one, get ringing quickly.
[905] I want to know who trained Quest for Fame and Sanglemore, he was a first season trainer, who rode both of them to victory in the respective Derbys and who owned both of them.
[906] So there we are, lines are open, three double one, one double one, I see one or two are ringing already, you'll have to be very quick.
[907] Here's Headley Feast with a run down today of the top football action.
hf (PS6KS) [908] Yes, struggling Coventry City at home to Crystal Palace had a convincing win; Peak gave them the lead after thirty six minutes, and three minutes into the second half, Kilkline made it two nil.
[909] The same player scored number three after sixty seven minutes, Palace scored a consolation goal four minutes from the time through Wright.
[910] Derby County rooted to the foot of the first division, were involved in a goal avalanche at the baseball ground where Sunderland were the visitors.
[911] Armstrong gave Sunderland the lead after twelve minutes and Gabiadini increased their lead five minutes later.
[912] Ball made it three nil after twenty three minutes, then tragedy struck for Sunderland, because Hardiman was carried off injured and Derby came roaring back.
[913] Saunders scored twice after thirty eight and forty five minutes and notched his hat trick with a penalty twelve minutes from time.
[914] Manchester United lost to Sheffield United in the week and at Old Trafford this afternoon they were struggling again when Everton scored twice in the first half through Newell and Everton; Everton the winners by two goals to nil.
[915] Queens Park Rangers at home to Manchester City took the lead after just thirteen minutes through Ferdinand, and to add to Manchester City's misery, they had Pointon sent off.
[916] A slender win for Q P R, but enough to give them three important points.
[917] Sheffield United making a strong bid to escape the jaws of relegation, started well in their match against Aston Villa, a team also in need of points.
[918] Sheffield went ahead in the forty ninth minute through Bryson, and although Mountfield equalised for Villa, seven minutes later, Dean restored the lead for Sheffield after sixty two minutes.
[919] And United continued to haul themselves away from the basement with a two one win.
[920] Southampton playing Leeds United at the Dell went into an early lead with Rideout scoring after ten minutes.
[921] Cockerill made it two nil after seventy three minutes and could have been more as Shearer missed a penalty; the final score; Southampton two, Leeds United nil.
[922] The all-London clash between Spurs and Chelsea at White Hart Lane saw Chelsea take the lead through Dury in the twentieth minute, and five minutes before the break, Lineker equalised for Spurs from the penalty spot; one one, the final score line.
[923] Wimbledon and Norwich met at Plough Lane and the match finished a point apiece, but no goals.
[924] In Rugby Union; Ireland seven, England sixteen; so England claim the triple crown with two late tries after a passionate Ireland side threatened to deny them.
[925] Rory Underwood's try put England ahead for the first time in the match with just seven minutes to go after a spell of relentless pressure on the home side.
[926] Ireland had deservedly taken the lead in the first half through Brian Smith after good loose play swarmed England.
[927] Simon Hodgkinson levelled at his fourth goal attempt, but a late try for Ireland signalled the grandstand finish sealed by a Mike Teague try.
[928] And the other match; France crushed Wales by thirty six points to three.
[929] Serge Blanco sealed an easy victory with a conversion in the final minute of injury time in Paris.
[930] France dominated the second half and the Welsh defence responded well but couldn't contain the onslaught. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [931] And staying with rugby, today's local results in the Uniciss computer's merit table; Sutton and Epsom six, Oxford thirty one; in the Oxfordshire merit table, an easy win for Grove; Grove fifty four, Harwell nil; in club matches; Banbury thirty four, Aylesbury six; Oldwood Giftians fourteen, Oxford Old Boys eighteen; Abingdon twenty eight, Aldermarston nil; Andover sixteen, Cholsey seven; Chipping Norton seven, Smiths nil; Tring thirteen, Gosford All Blacks nil; and Sidcup nine, Henley twenty four.
[932] A reminder you're listening to B B C Radio Oxford and Talking Sport, the time is twenty one minutes to six.
[933] In about ten minutes time we'll be catching up with all the local football league results.
[934] But now motor racing, and earlier this afternoon, if you were listening to Saturday Special with John Briggs, you may have heard Eddy Jordan talking about his career in motor racing, leading up to his entry into Formula One this season with the Eddy Jordan Racing Team.
[935] And the first race is next weekend, that's in America in Phoenix.
[936] For newcomers, the Jordan team has already really caught the eye, and remarkably all the established teams are a little bit frightened of them.
[937] I visited the local Oxfordshire set ups, that's Williams, Benneton and Leyton House in the last couple of weeks, and all of them say ‘Eddy's got a good car, a good chassis, a good engine and he's got good finance’, and they expect him to be right up there with the big names from the start.
[938] Eddy himself lives in Oxford, and this morning he told me that the final piece of his Formula One jigsaw fell into place recently with a major sponsorship deal from soft drink manufacturers, Seven Up.
[939] And that's the backing that should cover nineteen ninety two as well.
ej (PS6LL) [940] I thought I was quite a reasonable driver, I got as far as ... running at the front in World Sports Car Championships erm finished on the podium several times in International Formula Three erm
pb (PS6KR) [941] And I'm sorry we appear to have a little bit of a problem with that tape, we have the wrong tape.
[942] I think we can go back to the Manor ground though and have a quick word with Nick Harris.
[943] You've been sitting listening to things for a while, how are things Nick?
nh (PS6KT) [944] We're at the right speed here Peter, we're okay.
[945] Yes, obviously as you can imagine, everybody very buoyed up, it ... well, it's like any sport, it ... one moment can change everybody's outlook, everybody's evening, everybody's weekend, and that's of course, that's what's happened here.
[946] I think half the crowd were on their way home, down Headington Hill, down Lime Walk, bemoaning United not scoring for the second week in succession, then up steps Andy Melville.
[947] The people had stayed, said what a wonderful game it had been, the players and everybody else are happy and everybody's now thinking about Tuesday night and of course, the short trip down the A four twenty to Swindon.
pb (PS6KR) [948] It was quite a good performance, I ... it looked like being a goal-less draw at the end, but really it was a better performance I thought, than against Milwall.
nh (PS6KT) [949] Very much so Peter I felt as well, and erm really the chances were there weren't they?
[950] Martin Foyle and Lee Nogan, dear oh dear, they got in each other 's way when there was an empty net in front of them.
[951] Steve Foster was desperately unlucky not to score when he'd bludgeoned his way through, right on the stroke of half time.
[952] Jim Magilton I'm sure would score from ten, twelve yards where he plastered against the post any other time.
[953] So the chances were there for United rather than Portsmouth erm but you always had that feeling in the last quarter of an hour, isn't that funny, you've talked to Ken Vasey and we've talked to Andy Melville, and I think they both agreed that erm Portsmouth might just come through and snatch three points.
pb (PS6KR) [954] Well Nick, you haven't got the benefit of seeing the second division table in front of you.
[955] I have, United up to fifteenth, guess who's fourteenth?
nh (PS6KT) [956] Swindon.
pb (PS6KR) [957] Swindon, two points away, so here we go again, to Swindon on Tuesday, if Oxford win, they move above the old enemy, can they do it?
nh (PS6KT) [958] Well Peter, I'd [laugh] I'd love to say yes, as you know, but erm they've gone to Swindon the last two years since United have been back in the second division, and really they've performed dismally.
[959] I think that's the only word for it, and we have seen United away from home at Bristol City and West Bromwich Albion, play so badly.
[960] We've got to see the Oxford United that played at Blackburn, that played at Tottenham and that played at Chelsea, if they're going to get anything out of the game.
[961] It means so much to the supporters in the Oxford area, it means so much to the club, I think you've really got to be up here for a long time to realise just how much it does mean to everybody in this area.
[962] It's a very very important game and if United could do it, well they really could revive a lot of this season.
[963] I'll stick my neck out, come on, we're going to say they're going to do it, for the first time for a long long time.
pb (PS6KR) [964] And just a little final question Nick — you will be going to the game I presume?
nh (PS6KT) [965] I certainly will Peter, and erm looking forward to it.
[966] I haven't enjoyed the last two years down there, but erm as I say, let's stick our necks out and say ‘United are going to win down at the County ground’.
pb (PS6KR) [967] Let's hope they do, that's Nick Harris being optimistic as always.
[968] A reminder that if you are going to the game, of course if is all tickets, so you must get your tickets from Oxford United before setting off on Tuesday evening.
[969] And I think the kick off is at seven forty five, that's down at Swindon.
[970] Well we were talking about the Jordan motor racing team, and talking about the major sponsorship deal from soft drink manufacturers Seven Up.
[971] And Eddy Jordan says his backing, that should cover nineteen ninety two as well.
ej (PS6LL) [972] Barring a calamity erm they will retain their option with us to continue on a two year deal, erm they perhaps, and I have to erm be honest about this, I think they are probably in a marketing sense, the most aggressive erm marketing company that I've ever witnessed in terms of the style, the panache, the charisma that they have from within.
[973] And they are erm a very go ahead company; they're young and they have this maverick style, which they think we can erm come into quite reasonably well.
[974] And erm based on that, erm we would hope that we're able to give them everything that they are looking for, certainly on the results point of view and also in terms of erm the commitment and the on-going situation for the future, that will help them sell more product.
a (PS6KU) [975] It's a fairly basic question — what colour is your car going to be, because that's one thing that people always like to know when watching Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon after the race is over.
[976] So what colour will we be looking for, for Eddy Jordan racing.
ej (PS6LL) [977] Well, I think there's a bit of Irish blood somewhere in me, even though I am very much an Oxford person now erm obviously the car will be green.
[978] And erm that's quite special for me, it's erm my homeland, where I've come from, but I've been twelve years in this vicinity around here, so there is erm if you like, a divided loyalty with the four kids.
[979] Half of them are Morton, half of them are English and the other half are Irish, so erm we have our own little family little battles as to who's supporting who in football matches and stuff like that.
[980] But erm the car represents if you like, the Seven Up colour is very strong green, and it is an environmental issue too which is quite erm nice at this stage.
[981] People are more wary about what is happening into our planet and how we should go about things, and how we should be perceived to be going about things.
[982] erm So therefore, we're embarking on a new area if you like, in so far as not just sponsorship, but erm willingness to participate in a friendly environment, and I would hope that we can be part of that.
a (PS6KU) [983] And a word about your two drivers Eddy — you've got one with a lot of experience, one has had a lot of experience of pre-qualifying, but hasn't really done much Grand Prix racing, is that a good balance?
ej (PS6LL) [984] I have got erm a crazy mixed up erm if you like, combination; erm one who has a precarious reputation for doing some strange things on the track, Andrea, and it's ironical really because erm when at the end of erm my racing days, which seventy eight, seventy nine with the erm Malborough team, erm Andrea was a young kid coming through.
[985] I was retiring and he was coming through at eighteen, nineteen, and erm twelve years later, he's now driving for me in Grand Prix racing.
[986] I mean, we've had him here all week, training up in the St Edwards School with Barry and erm we've put him through his paces, he's incredibly strong.
[987] And what we're trying to do is to give him this family feeling that everybody behind here, the whole team, every single worker is rooting for him and making sure that he has the best.
[988] And we're trying a different approach both mentally and physically, and I believe he can be a new person even after ten years.
[989] But we hope so, but I don't ... I'm not facetious enough to think that I can change a personality in a person, but what we're trying to do is make him feel a loving and a commitment, that we are providing him with the best we can.
a (PS6KU) [990] That's Andrea Chezeris , your other driver of course not a household name
ej (PS6LL) [991] Not a household name, Bertrand Gashow is probably ... he's one of our young management boys erm and I actually believe that he, in time, will be a household name, and quite a famous one.
[992] He has great potential to be a world champion, and he will be the kind of driver we would like to retain his services through the next possible two, three years, so it's a longer term situation with him.
[993] But in the short term, in other words, the instant burst of speed, I hope anyway, can come from both of them, but I can see it coming from Andrea perhaps first.
a (PS6KU) [994] Well wish you the best of luck
ej (PS6LL) [995] Thank you
a (PS6KU) [996] It's Phoenix, you're off on Tuesday.
ej (PS6LL) [997] Tuesday yes.
a (PS6KU) [998] erm What finally, relatively what are you looking for?
ej (PS6LL) [999] Obviously we are particularly keen to finish, we want to pre-qualify, qualify for the race and finish the race, that is important.
[1000] So as we get a platform on a level of erm if you like, performance, where we are compared to the Ferraris, the McClarens etc., and any other ones down the field.
[1001] erm We feel we can do well, I'd be ecstatic if we could come away with a world championship point, I think we possibly can if we're a bit lucky.
[1002] But it's too early to get carried away and we must ... and we always have had our feet on the ground and erm we will do that.
[1003] We just hope in terms of you know, the latest and the newest Oxfordshire team, that we can do something to bring home to the people here.
pb (PS6KR) [1004] And good luck to them, that's the Eddy Jordan racing team.
[1005] Watch out for them in Formula One this season, they are the new boys, but everybody's a little bit windy about them.
[1006] And if you didn't hear earlier, their cars are green and quite easy to spot.
[1007] Well I set you some horse racing questions just now for this wonderful prize ‘Racehorses of nineteen ninety’.
[1008] We've got the winner on the phone now, Nick Roach from Headington.
[1009] Nick, let's put to you the three questions; when Quest for Fame won the Derby and Sanglemore won the French Derby, it provided a first season trainer with a rare double — who was that trainer?
nr (PS6LM) [1010] That was Roger Charlton.
pb (PS6KR) [1011] And have I pronounced it right, was it Sanglemore?
nr (PS6LM) [1012] Sanglemore is how I think they pronounce it.
pb (PS6KR) [1013] Sanglemore, right, so Roger Charlton the trainer.
[1014] Who rode both horses to victory?
nr (PS6LM) [1015] That was Pat Edery.
pb (PS6KR) [1016] Yes, and who owns both horses?
nr (PS6LM) [1017] That's Prince Khaled Abdullah.
pb (PS6KR) [1018] Khaled Abdullah, well you're first in, quickest off the mark, so you win yourself ‘Racehorses of nineteen ninety’.
[1019] Paul Stone from Kidlington, Mick Casey from Abingdon and Andrew Norton from Thame and Ivan Lomas from Carterton, all of them win the runners up prizes, which is Time Form's ‘Horses to Follow’.
[1020] Do you know the prize that you're winning?
nr (PS6LM) [1021] Yes I do erm Peter, it's a smashing book erm very smart indeed and erm it's ... it'll be a really nice thing to have, it'll be very useful this season for checking up some of the two year olds who are now three year olds, coming up in the next few months.
pb (PS6KR) [1022] Have you ever had one before?
nr (PS6LM) [1023] erm Yes, I've got a couple of copies erm from years gone by.
[1024] erm As I said, they're smashing, beautifully bound and beautiful presentation.
[1025] Really Time Form are an excellent organisation, they know what they're talking about, you know, you can trust what they say.
pb (PS6KR) [1026] They don't give you any tips for nineteen ninety one though do they — are you a racehorse backer and punter?
nr (PS6LM) [1027] Yes I am, yes I am, well they do ... they are quite bullish sometimes about some of the two year olds, there in the essays, in the longer essays about some of the better erm fancied horses from last year.
[1028] They will point you in the right direction, they were quite bullish last year about Salsevills chances in the book when it was published, before she went on to win the erm thousand guineas.
[1029] So, erm you know, yes I mean, it's a very useful book and it's a very interesting read as well.
pb (PS6KR) [1030] Right Nick, well congratulations, thanks for entering the competition and watch out for your post in about a week, ten days time.
nr (PS6LM) [1031] Thanks very much indeed, bye bye.
pb (PS6KR) [1032] Bye bye, that's Nick Roach from Headington.
[1033] And just back to football, the South Midland premier division; Thame United retain their lead at the top of the table with a narrow but in the end, comfortable victory at Langford this afternoon.
[1034] They led at the interval by one goal to nil, that was thanks to an Andy Thomas goal, following a cross from Neil Waters.
[1035] Thame increased their lead immediately after the interval, Thomas scoring again after the Langford keeper had dropped the ball.
[1036] Langford pulled a goal back on sixty eight minutes, but Thame held out for another victory and they still top the South Midland League.
[1037] Right, it's ten minutes to six, time for a look at all the local football results, beginning with league division two; Oxford United one, Portsmouth nil; the Beezer Homes League southern division; Witney one, Erith and Belvedere nil; the Vauxhall League division two south; Harefield two, Abingdon Town two, the South Midland League premier division; Langford one, Thame two; the O'Brian Trophy; Tring Athletic three, Oxford City one; the Combination League; Portsmouth Reserves four, Oxford United Reserves two; the South-east Counties League; Oxford United one, Swindon nil; the Hellenic League premier cup second round; Banbury one, Carterton two; Bicester two, Milton nil; Didcot one, Almondsbury Pixons nil; Wantage nil, Bishops Cleve one; the premier division; Hounslow three, Headington Amateurs one; Morton nil, Kidbury Rangers three; Pegasus Juniors nil, Fairford Town two; Rayners Lane one, Shortwood two; Swindon Athletic one, Abingdon United nil; division one cup; Sinderford Town two, Viking Sports three; Cirencester Town three, Northleigh nil; Supmarine three, Cheltenham Saracens two; Wallingford Town three, Wootton Bassett one; division one; Chipping Norton nil, Kidlington four; Cirencester United one, Easington Sports five; Clanfield six, Lambourn Sports one; the Reserve League Cup; Kintbury Rangers one, Wantage Town two; the Reserve division east; Abingdon United one, Rayners Lane nil; Kidlington three, Bicester one; Milton eight, Easington Sports four; Viking Sports nil, Didcot five; the Reserve division west; Almondsbury Pixons four, Highworth one; Carterton one, Supmarine one; Fairford two, Cirencester Town three; and the Oxfordshire Intermediate Cup third round; Northleigh Reserves nil, Headington Amateurs Reserves one.
a (PS6KU) [1038] The Oxfordshire Senior Leagues; the Ben Turner Cup second round replay; Watlington one, Oxford University Press four; the Clarendon Cup semi-final; Malborough Reserves nil, Garsington Reserves one; the Oxfordshire Charity Cup semi-final; Ardley United nil, Quarry Nomads two; the premier division; A P Sports nil, Eynsham three; Blackbird Leys nil, Old Woodstock three; Garsington four, Malborough one; Kennington United two, Oakley United one; Worcester College Old Boys nil, Woodstock Town nil; Yarnton six, Bletchingdon two; division one; A F C Cowley three, Yarnton Reserves one; Charlbury Town against Kennington Reserves postponed; John Radcliffe two, Bicester Civil Service nil; Long Crendon four, Charlton United nil; Old Woodstock Reserves three, Launton Sports five; Quarry Nomads Reserves nil, Oxford Stadium one; Silesians one, Pressed Steel Fisher three; Woodstock Town Reserves one, Marston Saints nine; division two; Bletchingdon Reserves four, Marston Saints Reserves one; Charlton United Reserves one, Watlington Reserves three; Eynsham Reserves one, Charlbury Town Reserves nil; Launton Sports Reserves one, Long Crendon Reserves one; Oakley United Reserves two, A P Sports Reserves nil; Oxford Stadium Reserves two, Ardley United Reserves three; the Oxford City Football Association, the Cooling Cup replay; Northway four, County Dairies two; North Oxford two, Marston one; in the league; Tetsworth four, Port Mahon four; Wheatley six, North Oxford Reserves two; and Beckley five, Ampney Cottage two.
b (PS6L8) [1039] The Lord Jersey League, Derek Allen Cup first round; K A United nil, Heyford Athletic one; Arncott one, Stanton St John nil; Mid-Oxon Cup; Red Lion Marauders two, Marsh Gibbon one; Heath one, Bardwell four; division one; Heyford United one; Soldern two; the Eric Morris Cup first round replay; Kirtlington five, Middle Barton one; the Arthur Crawford Cup; Wootton one, Piddington two; Marsh Gibbon Reserves nil, K A United Reserves three; division two; Bardwell Reserves two, Fritwell fifteen; Akers Athletic ten, Marauders Reserves nil; the Supplementary Cup; Fritwell Reserves three, Wootton Reserves nil; Steeple Aston two, Weston three; division three; Merton three, Heyford United Reserves three; the Mann Cup preliminary round replay; Heyford Athletic Reserves nil, Wise Alderman two.
pb (PS6KR) [1040] The Witney and District F A Senior Challenge Cup third round; Barton Rangers one, Chadlington one; Eynstone five, Milton four; West Witney three, Ducklington nil; Carterton Eagles nil, Brize Norton six; the Junior Challenge Cup second round; Alvscott Reserves five, Stonesfield Reserves three; third round; Northleigh A nil, Filkins nil; Cassington eight, Burford three; the Supplementary Cup third round; Charlbury A nil, Allendale two; West Witney A one, Witney Royals three; on to the league, the premier division; Hanborough three, Hayley six; division one; Carterton A two, Alvscott three; Chadlington Reserves nil, Spartan Reserves seven; Minster Lovell nil, West Witney Reserves two; Tackley four, F C Mills two; division two; Addlestrop one, Swinbrook two; Bladon nil, F C Mills Reserves four; North Kidlington United one, Eynstone Reserves four; division three; Brize Norton Reserves five, Newland one; Ducklington Reserves nil, Aston three; Hayley Reserves nil, Carterton B nil; division four; Burford Reserves one, Minster Lovell Reserves one; F C Mills A five, Chipping Norton United four; and in division five; Askett United eight, Cassington Reserves nil; Bampton Reserves one, Chipping Norton Reserves two.
b (PS6L8) [1041] The Banbury and District Football League, Coronation Cup second round; Sinclair United four, Shipston Excelsior nil; the Allen Hughes Trophy second round; Barford United one, Bishops Hitchington four; the Angel Shield second round; Wroxham Sports Reserves one, Bodicote Sports Reserves four; the Basil Taylor Cup first round; Broughton North Newington three, Brayles United two; Hornton six, Oasthouse nil; in the league premier division; Adderbury three, Middleton Cheney four; Bodicote Sports against Hook Norton postponed; Milcombe two, Wroxham Sports one; Ruscote Sports two, Kings Sutton nil; division one; Fenny Compton nil, Comrades one; Hook Norton Reserves two, Sinclair United Reserves nil; Middleton Cheney Reserves one, Bloxham Athletic three; Shipston Excelsior Reserves five, Banbury Town one; division two; Cropredy six, Bloxham Athletic Reserves nil; Deddington Town nil, Ruscote Sports Reserves six; the Supplementary Benevolent Cup; Bishops Hitchington Reserves two, Cropredy Reserves one; Middleton Cheney A three, Fenny Compton Reserves six; Wardington four, Milcombe Reserves nil; Charlton twelve, Brayles United Reserves one; and Chipping Warden two, Hornton Reserves three.
pb (PS6KR) [1042] The local results in the Chiltonian Football League premier division; Chinnor one, Wraysbury Coopers three; Henley Town two, Finchampstead one; division one; Broomwade two, Brill nil; Ibis three, Stokenchurch four; reserve division one; Finchampstead five, Chinnor nil; Stokenchurch one, Penn and Tylers three; and reserve division two; Brill United two, Henley Town six.
[1043] Now time to have a look at the greyhounds tonight at the Oxford Stadium, with his tips, here's Gary Badon.
gb (PS6LN) [1044] Tonight we hold a twelve race meeting starting at seven thirty pm.
[1045] Tonight's first race provides the Nap, this is trap six, Tyrell .
[1046] After a couple of smart wins, he looks like a good bet here, and the biggest danger is only trap two, West Mead Ricky.
[1047] My second tip tonight is Quiet Song in race four, Quiet Song runs from trap five and the threat lies from Selwood Neil in trap two.
[1048] Tip three tonight is Abbey View Margo in race seven, trap two; well drawn, she can hold off the threats of trap one, Vera May.
[1049] The final selection is race eleven, trap one, Spot the Fox; Spot the Fox is one of the closest railers at Oxford, and the main danger is trap two, Image of Man.
pb (PS6KR) [1050] So there we are, that's the woofers tonight at the Oxford Stadium, and that's it from Talking Sport this Saturday.
[1051] We'll all be back next week, same time, same place — hope you'll join us.
[1052] Coming up next here on Radio Oxford is the six o'clock news, but we'll leave you with the best moment this afternoon here on Radio Oxford.
a (PS6KU) [1053] Twelve yards outside the Portsmouth penalty area, left side to be taken by number eleven Paul Simpson, surely their last chance in this game.
[1054] Simpson raises his hands in the air, United have got Andy Melville and Steve Foster at the far post.
[1055] Simpson still delays taking the kick, now it comes in, he knocks it into the far post, looking for Paul.
[1056] Paul heads it back over the top — and they've scored, Oxford United have scored, it's Andy Melville that has put the ball into the net, into injury time.
[1057] The cross came in, Martin Foyle headed it back across the face of the goal and it's Andy Melville that has surely clinched three vital points for Oxford United.
[1058] Into injury time; Oxford United one, Portsmouth nil. [recorded jingle]


[recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [1060] Yes, good evening, welcome to Talking Sport.
[1061] Tonight's headlines; Oxford United come back in remarkable fashion from Molyneux, trailing by three goals to nil after twenty four minutes and with four minutes remaining to go, United scored twice to equalise.
[1062] There are wins for Witney Town, Abingdon Town, Cuddesdon, Abingdon United, Banbury United, Didcot and Oxford City draw.
[1063] In rugby, there are wins for Banbury, Bicester and Oxford Marathons draw.
[1064] Later in the programme we'll be having a report from Molyneux looking at all the local games in detail.
[1065] We'll be talking with Ray Tapper and Nigel Dudding about today's England France game at Twickenham, and also tomorrow, the final in the Oxfordshire Senior Cup between Henley and Oxford, the match to be played on the Iffley Road ground.
[1066] We'll be previewing the new speedway season, there's a look at the greyhound news and a round up of all the local leagues, so stay with us for the next hour.
[1067] Let's begin with the local results: League division two; Wolves three, Oxford United three; Beezer Homes League; Witney Town five, Bury Town one; the Vauxhall League; Abingdon Town two, Egham one; South Midlands League, the O'Brien Trophy quarter final; Thame United two, Shillington one; division one; Oxford City three, Cranfield United three; South-east Counties League; Southampton four, Oxford United four; the Oxon Senior Cup, quarter final; Carterton three, Henley two; the Hellenic League, premier division; Abingdon United three, Hounslow nil; Banbury United three, Fairford two; Bicester Town two, Kintbury one; Bishops Cleve three, Headington Amateurs three; Didcot Town three, Almondsbury four; Morton nil, Shortwood three; Milton two, Rayners Lane nil.
[1068] And now with the national classified results, here's Jerome Sale.
js (PS6KV) [1069] Belgraves League division one; Aston Villa three, Tottenham Hotspur two; Crystal Palace two, Derby County one; Liverpool two, Sunderland one; Luton Town nil, Norwich City one; Manchester City one, Wimbledon one; Nottingham Forest one, Manchester United one; Queens Park Rangers one, Coventry City nil; Sheffield United one, Chelsea nil; Southampton three, Everton four; division two; Barnsley one, Charlton Athletic one; Brighton and Hove Albion one, Blackburn Rovers nil; Bristol Rovers one, Notts County one; Leicester City four, Middlesbrough three; Milwall one, Swindon Town nil; Newcastle United nil, Bristol City nil; Oldham Athletic two, West Bromwich Albion one; Plymouth Argyll one, Portsmouth one; Port Vale nil, Hull City nil; Watford one, Ipswich Town one; West Ham United one, Sheffield Wednesday three; Wolverhampton Wanderers three, Oxford United three; division three; Bolton Wanderers two, Wigan Athletic one; Bradford City four, Leyton Orient nil; Cambridge United one, Exeter City nil; Crewe Alexandra two, Bury two; Fulham one, Bournemouth one; Grimsby Town two, Brentford nil; Huddersfield Town one, Chester City one; Preston Northend two, Birmingham nil; Reading two, Rotherham United nil; Shrewsbury Town two, Stoke City nil; division four; Burnley two, Carlisle United one; Cardiff City one, Scunthorpe United nil; Chesterfield two, Wrexham one; Darlington one, Doncaster Rovers one; Gillingham nil, York City nil; Hartlepool United one, Blackpool two; Lincoln City two, Maidstone United one; Scarborough two, Aldershot nil; Stockport County four, Hereford United two; Walsall nil, Rochdale one; in the F A Trophy fourth round; Altringham five, Horwich nil; Colchester United two, Witton Albion nil; Kidderminster three, Emley nil; Northwich Victoria two, Wycombe Wanderers three; in the H F S Loans League, premier division; Chorley five, Gainsborough three; Fleetwood four, Hyde one; Mossley two, Goole nil; Shepshed nil, Marine two; South Liverpool nil, Leek one; Staleybridge three, Bangor one; the Beezer Homes League, premier division; Atherston one, Cambridge United one, I'm sorry, Cambridge City one; Moor Green one, Weymouth two; Poole one, Worcester two; Rushton four, Hales Owen three; the Waterlooville versus Chelmsford result is a late kick off; the Vauxhall League, premier division; Basingstoke nil, St Albans four; Bishops Stortford two, Woking nil; Bognor Regis two, Dagenham nil; Kingstonian two, Harrow nil; Leyton Wingate one, Wokingham four; Marlow one, Greys Athletic nil; in the Tennants Scottish Cup quarter finals; Motherwell nil, Morton nil; St Johnston five, Ayr United two; in the Scottish League, premier division; Dunfermline one, Hibernian one; division one; Aidrie two, Kilmarnock nil; Clydebank one, Breckin City nil; Dundee one, Forfar nil; Falkirk three, Hamilton nil; Partick two, Meadowbank four; Wraith Rovers one, Clyde nil; division two; Albion nil, Stenhouse Muir nil; Alloa two, Dunbarton one; Arbroath nil, East Stirling one; Bury two, Queens Park one; Cowden Beath two, Stranraer nil; East Fife two, Montrose two; and finally, Queen of the South nil, Stirling Albion nil. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [1070] Jerome Sale with the classified national results, and some local rugby results from this afternoon in the Oxford Merit table; Littlemore eighteen, Abingdon sixteen; Club matches; Banbury sixteen, Newbold six; Dunstabians thirteen, Oxford Marathons thirteen, and Bicester twenty five, Long Buckby three.
[1071] So, Oxford United, unbeaten since February the twenty third, keep their recent excellent run going.
[1072] They drew three three away to Wolves after trailing by three goals to one with just four minutes remaining, the full story of this exciting game — Nick Harris.
nh (PS6KT) [1073] Four minutes before the end of this game, Oxford United's chances of returning home from Molyneux with any points looked distinctly bleak.
[1074] They trailed by three goals to one, they'd missed a number of chances in the second period, and after Steve Bull had put Wolves three nil up with a hat trick in the opening twenty four minutes.
[1075] But then United suddenly fought back; in the eighty sixth minutes, a great scramble in the Wolves goalmouth and Mark Stein, the substitute who had replaced Martin Foyle, shot home from close range.
[1076] Suddenly Wolves panicked, a minute later, Paul Simpson ran clear, he had done on two previous occasions, and missed good chances.
[1077] This time he didn't miss, he shot past Stowell and United were on level terms, amazingly, they almost snatched the lead a minute later when a brilliant save by Stowell denied Simpson once again.
[1078] And from the resulting corner, Mark Stein got his head to the ball, it flashed across the face of the Wolves goal, bounced off the crossbar and the chance had gone.
[1079] Really, I don't think anybody in the crowd of just over eleven thousand thought United were going to pull anything out of that game.
[1080] They conceded three goals to an England striker, Steve Bull in that opening twenty four minutes.
[1081] In the tenth minute, Bull rose above Steve Foster and headed Paul Crook's long cross into the far corner of the net.
[1082] Five minutes later, United goalkeeper, Ken Vasey was just fought when he missed a long cross from the left, and Bull was there heading into the empty net.
[1083] United fighting back with surprising spirit, but in the twenty fourth minute, really they thought their chances had gone, and there was a mistake by United skipper, Steve Foster.
[1084] He laid the ball back to Vasey, it was far too short, Ballwood latched on to it like a greyhound, drew Vasey, put the ball into the opposite corner and everybody all around was celebrating.
[1085] United building some good moves, but lacking any real penetration in the box; the only chance of the half coming to Paul Simpson when he intercepted a square pass on the edge of the penalty area, but shot at goal keeper, Mike Stowell.
[1086] United started the second half with a little bit more spirit, a Les Phillips header was tipped over the bar by Stowell.
[1087] Phillips a minute later, chipped forward, was just a little bit too far in front of Les Robinson as he broke clear.
[1088] Back came Wolves, Mickey Lewis blocked Mark Burk, shot goalbound shot on the line, but then United scored.
[1089] In the fifty first minute, a delightful move with Magilton setting up a great chance for Paul Simpson, but Stowell blocked his effort.
[1090] But United weren't to be denied, Mike Ford's shot was deflected across the face of the goal and there was Andy Melville to poke the ball into the corner of the net, United to continue to come forward, but continued to waste chances that came their way.
[1091] The fifty fourth minute, Les Phillips' thirty yard shot just went over the crossbar, Wolves fought back and Andy Melville headed Paul Cook's free kick off the line with Vasey beaten.
[1092] Mark Stein then replaced Martin Foyle and United had two good chances; in seventieth minute, a great move involving Magilton and Simpson, set up Durning.
[1093] He cut inside but then shot straight at the goal keeper, and in the seventy second minute, Stein's low shot was pushed for a corner by Stowell.
[1094] Magilton was then booked for a foul on Much but with time running out, United continued to press forward.
[1095] The eighty fifth minute, Paul Simpson was clean through after good work by Stein, but his shot was blocked by Stowell.
[1096] Magilton's header was headed of the line with the goal keeper beaten, a great scramble then ensued in the Wolves' goalmouth and Stein shot home from close range.
[1097] Surely United couldn't do it, and in the eighty seventh minute, Paul Simpson ran clear and he shot home from close range.
[1098] And then we saw that brilliant save by Stowell and the crossbar denying United a famous victory.
[1099] But I'm sure anyone of the United players and the fans that have made the trip up from Oxford this afternoon, would have settled for a one point at half time.
[1100] A great fight back for United, great disappointment all around me from the Wolves fans, because that final scoreline at Molyneux reads Wolverhampton Wanderers three, Oxford United three.
pb (PS6KR) [1101] Nick Harris our reporter at Molyneux; remarkable scoreline for United.
[1102] Just to repeat, with four minutes remaining, United were trailing by three goals to one, the final score; Wolves three, United three.
[1103] And that's the fourth match in which United have finished three three this season.
[1104] Following that erm scoreline, United stay in fourteenth place, they now have forty two points from thirty five games, just one above them is Charlton, they're on forty two points.
[1105] Below United, Port Vale, they have forty one, so still very very tight.
[1106] United's next game is away to Newcastle United on Wednesday, next Saturday they're back at the Manor, where Barnsley are the visitors.
[1107] We hope to rejoin Nick Harris in a few minutes, we hope he's able to speak with manager, Brian Horton or perhaps one or two of the players.
[1108] But let's erm come nearer home, Abingdon Town, they were playing in an Hellenic ... in a Vauxhall League match this afternoon.
[1109] They beat Egham by two goals to one, reporting on this match, Tony Worgan.
tw (PS6LP) [1110] Abingdon Town stormed to an emphatic two one victory in a sparkling match with promotion rivals, Egham Town at the Culham Road this afternoon.
[1111] Despite the wet and slippery conditions, both sides served up a feast of football and Abingdon were good value for the three points.
[1112] Abingdon got off to the best possible start when the live wire, Liam Herbert latched on to a ball in the penalty area, only to be brought down by Egham keeper, Paul Allis in the second minute.
[1113] Keith Appleton converted the resulting penalty.
[1114] Abingdon's joy was short-lived however, and Egham equalised three minutes later.
[1115] Abingdon failed to clear a corner properly and Egham's skipper, Chris Wheatley shot the ball home.
[1116] A header from Abingdon's David Cook rebounded off the bar after fourteen minutes straight into the path of Paul Bradbury who headed wide of an open goal.
[1117] The deciding goal of the game came after thirty two minutes when a Calvin Alexis cross was headed home by David Cook.
[1118] Immediately after the goal, Egham counter-attacked and Abingdon was saved by Darren Hickey who cleared the ball off the line.
[1119] Egham looked dangerous going forward but shaky at the back and didn't create too many real clear cut chances.
[1120] The second half was played at just as frantic pace as the first with both sides looking dangerous on the attack, but Abingdon looking more solid in defence.
[1121] Both David Cook and Roger Charles had shots cleared off the line in quick succession after sixty six minutes, and after seventy four minutes, David Cook headed against the crossbar.
[1122] Egham threw men forward in the dying minutes in the search for an equaliser, and in the last minute, Bobby Roper caused Abingdon's hearts to flutter when he shot narrowly wide.
[1123] Abingdon held on for a deserved victory however, in one of the best games this reporter has seen this season.
[1124] Final score then; Abingdon Town two, Egham one.
pb (PS6KR) [1125] A fine game and also a very vital result for Abingdon Town.
[1126] I think, on the line we have erm the Abingdon boss, Trevor Butler, is that right?
tb (PS6LR) [1127] Yes, good evening.
pb (PS6KR) [1128] Yes, good evening to you Trevor.
[1129] A good result and a very necessary one because I think that helps you to pull away slightly at the top of the table; before this match, Egham were in third place.
tb (PS6LR) [1130] That's correct, it's erm ... the winter day just given us that little bit more of a cushion, and so obviously we're delighted to get the result.
pb (PS6KR) [1131] They were nine points behind you so you've now got a twelve point gap.
[1132] Maidenhead in between, they were just two points behind Trevor, is that right?
tb (PS6LR) [1133] Yes, that's right, and they've won again today.
[1134] They beat Malvern Vale who were another erm of the promotion contenders, three nil today, so Maidenhead and ourselves are in the same relationship as we were before the game.
pb (PS6KR) [1135] So Maidenhead are still pushing hard aren't they?
tb (PS6LR) [1136] That's very true yes.
pb (PS6KR) [1137] And I believe you're playing Maidenhead before long Trevor?
tb (PS6LR) [1138] Yes, we've got Maidenhead to come down here, a home game in a few weeks time, so obviously that will be quite an interesting game.
pb (PS6KR) [1139] Are things developing on the promotion front Trevor, as regard the possibility of going up?
tb (PS6LR) [1140] Well, at this stage of the season I've said in the past that there's lots of football to be played, and there still is.
[1141] But now we're in the top erm position, we've been in the top position for a few weeks now, it obviously erm makes you think that whether it's a possibility.
[1142] And I think we're in the rounds now thinking we've got the chance of going up, but it's not going to be easy and there's lots of football to be played yet.
pb (PS6KR) [1143] The strain isn't beginning to tell on your players?
tb (PS6LR) [1144] I hope not, no I don't think so, erm I think today erm if anybody was here today, they performed terrific today and one of our best performances of the season.
[1145] And erm if there was any strain I didn't see it.
pb (PS6KR) [1146] Trevor, thanks very much for joining us on the programme.
tb (PS6LR) [1147] Thank you.
pb (PS6KR) [1148] Just to repeat that scoreline in the Vauxhall League, division two south; Abingdon Town two, Egham one; and Abingdon doing very well in that League, looking good for promotion.
[1149] I believe we can go to an Hellenic League match now; Milton against Rayners Lane, the scoreline in that match; Milton two, Rayners Lane nil, our reporter, David Taylor.
dt (PS6L1) [1150] Yes, and an astute decision by Milton's manager, Keith Stocks, saw substitute Brian Marlan brought on in the sixty eighth minute and two minutes later he was all smiles as he headed home Nigel Mott's cross to break the deadlock.
[1151] Nigel Mott made sure of the three points two minutes from time, and he could see Milton going back to the top of the table this evening.
[1152] The first half was played in a torrential downpour and both teams did well to keep their feet on a pitch which rapidly became rain sodden and slippery.
[1153] Despite Rayners Lane's lowly position, they were not afraid to come forward in the opening fifteen minutes, but could find no way past a resolute Milton defence.
[1154] In the twentieth minute Milton made a rare forage forward and Wayne Morton headed Neil Allen's free kick just wide of the post.
[1155] One minute later, as Milton were awarded a free kick just outside Lane's penalty area, Nigel Mott of Milton was involved in a silly disagreement with the Rayners Lane keeper, Neil Keller, but the situation was well diffused by the referee.
[1156] Both teams plugged on but neither could find any rhythm to the game in the atrocious conditions.
[1157] Tommy Dempsey went close to the visitors just four minutes before half time, but both teams welcomed the referee's whistle to end the first half.
[1158] Just as the second half got underway, Milton's goal keeper, Paul Whittington received a leg injury and there was some anxious faces before he continued after a lengthy stoppage.
[1159] Rayners Lane continued to press forward and looked the most likely to score as their skipper, Tommy Verney shot wide from fifteen yards after fifty two minutes.
[1160] But at last Milton began to press forward and Neil Allen went close in it as Ian Beechey played a goal ... a ball through from deep.
[1161] And then that substitution in the seventieth minute, Robby Munn played the ball through to Nigel Mott, he chipped the ball across the face of the goal and there was Brian Marlan to head home from close range.
[1162] Now it is only his second touch of the ball, two minutes later it could have been two nil; as Ian Beechey found Nigel Mott in space, he rounded the Rayner's keeper, but Hanger Hines cleared it off the line.
[1163] With ten minutes to go, Paul Whittington did well to tip the ball over the Milton bar on two occasions as Lane pressed for the equaliser.
[1164] But time was running out and with just two minutes remaining, Nigel Mott secured the points as he headed home Paul Biddle's cross to make it two nil.
[1165] Mention must be made of the referee today who had an excellent game, the final score here at the erm High Street Recreation ground; Milton two, Rayners Lane nil.
pb (PS6KR) [1166] Dave, the scoreline again; Milton two, Rayners Lane nil.
[1167] We can go to another Hellenic League match; Abingdon United against Hounslow, the scoreline in this one; Abingdon United three, Hounslow nil, reporting for us, Ray Barlow.
rb (PS6KY) [1168] In a game dominated by the conditions, with the ball skidding off a greasy surface, United won convincingly by three goals to nil, despite playing with ten men for seventy eight minutes of the game.
[1169] This was due to the sending off of Graham Lambourn for foul and abusive language to an opponent.
[1170] This appeared to everyone on the ground to be a very harsh decision, as Lambourn had been [...] to the ground twice in less than five minutes, the second occasion with a fine hard tackle that left him limping badly.
[1171] This decision appeared to inspire United who took the lead in the twenty third minute through Donny Roumain after good work by Ray Green on the left.
[1172] The game was being played at furious pace and it was Richardson who was put to the test when he dived to turn round a long drive from Darlington in the thirty eighth minute.
[1173] The furious pace continued in the second half with play sweeping from end to end without either keeper being tested.
[1174] But in the fifty eighth minute, Donny Roumain dispossessed the Hounslow keeper wide out on the edge of the penalty area.
[1175] He squared the ball into the centre where Kenny [...] completely mis-kicked and he was relieved when the ball wobbled slowly into the empty net to put United two goals up.
[1176] Hounslow then began to play like a team that were third in the table, forcing United's mid-field backwards, only to come against Shepherd and Wilson in the centre of United's defence, neither of whom put a foot wrong all afternoon.
[1177] The nearest Hounslow came to scoring was not until the eightieth minute when Keith Hoad headed narrowly wide from a Mark Francis cross.
[1178] But Hounslow's fate was sealed in the eighty eighth minute when Darren Rogers scored from twelve yards after Wayne Green had left his marker for dead, sweeping by him for twenty yards.
[1179] The final score; Abingdon United three, Hounslow nil.
pb (PS6KR) [1180] Abingdon United three, Hounslow nil.
[1181] I think we go to Bicester now, in the Hellenic League, Bicester Town beat Kintbury by two goals to one.
[1182] I think ... can we join Charlie Rawlings?
[1183] No we can't join Charlie, what about Witney Town in the Beezer Homes League; Witney Town beat Bury Town by five goals to one.
[1184] In fact I'm told we go to Didcot; Didcot Town again in the Hellenic League; Didcot Town three, Almondsbury four, reporting on this game, Ken Coles.
kc (PS6LK) [1185] The visitors opened strongly and after ninety seconds, forced a corner from which centre back, Mike Titcomb headed wide.
[1186] It was six minutes before Didcot attacked the visitors goal as Mark O'Hara shot into a crowded goalmouth.
[1187] Then Tony Price had visiting goalkeeper making the first save of the game.
[1188] In the other goal, Andy Tucker made his first save collecting from Colin Head after twelve minutes.
[1189] After fourteen minutes, Walston Ricketts looked to have set up Wayne Holden, only for the goalkeeper to superbly have the ball spin off him for a corner.
[1190] Didcot took the lead in the twenty fifth minute when a fine ball by Holden sent Trevor Mason through, and as the keeper came up to try and narrow the angle, Mason squeezed it through his legs.
[1191] Immediately the visitors retaliated and Andy Tucker did very well to cross Andy Stocker's overhead kick.
[1192] Almondsbury were back on level terms two minutes after the break when Storey was allowed to centre, and although Tony Price cleared off the line, it was followed up by another player to hammer in.
[1193] After the visiting goal keeper had kept Holden away, Almondsbury got two in a minute through Sharon and Patterson.
[1194] The goals continued as Holden stroked home a [...] in the seventy third minute, but a dreadful back pass by ... gave Bartley an open goal to make it four two.
[1195] Within a minute of coming on, substitute Tony O'Donovan put Didcot right back in to the game and then Paul Spittle was so unlucky not to level the scores as his shot hit the post.
[1196] Although Didcot finished on a high, they in the end, had to give the visitors best in this seven-goal thriller, and will be cursing their luck for the way they made so many errors.
[1197] The final score was Didcot Town three, Almondsbury Pixons four.
pb (PS6KR) [1198] And our reporter Ken Coles, well staying in the Hellenic League, Bicester Town beat Kintbury by two goals to one, reporting on this match, Charlie Rawlings.
cr (PS6LC) [1199] This was a very exciting match; in the first half, all the goals came.
[1200] Edwards scored for Bicester after three minutes, and again he was in action from a Walton pass, the keeper having to save full length.
[1201] Barry Cooper receiving from a log by Mark Butler went round the defender and the keeper to score the second goal after the twelfth minute.
[1202] The visitors were unlucky not to score when Mark Butler headed off the line from a corner in the nineteenth minute, and Ken Mulligan shot over the bar for the visitors, being put away by Hurst.
[1203] And from a corner the visitor's Leach saved full length, and Mark West should have scored when he lobbed it back, but Peak headed behind for a corner, this was all very very hectic indeed.
[1204] And just before half time, the erm visitors got their goal erm when Steven scored from another corner, and the score at half time was two one.
[1205] With the ground getting in terrible condition in the second half, both sides had plenty of chances to score, but the ball either stuck in the mud or the keeper saved.
[1206] Leach, on one occasion had to go full length to save, and also the keeper at the other end too was kept very busy.
[1207] erm Right on the last few minutes with five minutes to go erm the erm ... Steven was again through and Leach had to go full length to save.
[1208] erm Bicester ran out winners in the end by two one, but what a game, particularly in the second half which was very exciting and very hectic with the visitors trying hard to get that equaliser; Bicester Town two, Kintbury Rangers one.
pb (PS6KR) [1209] Reporting on that match, Charlie Rawlings, and I believe we can talk with the Bicester Town boss, Alan Thorn, good evening Alan.
at (PS6LS) [1210] Hello.
pb (PS6KR) [1211] Yes, good evening to you, quite a match at Bicester this afternoon.
at (PS6LS) [1212] Very good, excellent match.
pb (PS6KR) [1213] Sort of match which erm makes the heart beat a little faster, especially if you're manager is it
at (PS6LS) [1214] Well it does, yes, it was very exciting, end to end stuff erm all the way through I think, mainly due to the conditions.
[1215] Like Charlie said ‘it's a mud bath out here’, and erm there wasn't that much controlled football.
[1216] But erm a lot of good ... you know, attacking play.
pb (PS6KR) [1217] How do you feel about the way things are going over at Bicester these days Alan?
at (PS6LS) [1218] Very good, very good; that's our erm tenth game in the league undefeated, and things are really looking up, we've got a good young side here, very good
pb (PS6KR) [1219] Quite a run.
at (PS6LS) [1220] Yes, very good, we're climbing up the league now, week by week.
pb (PS6KR) [1221] And it must be difficult somewhat for you because since you do get a good side together, then perhaps other clubs come along poaching your players.
at (PS6LS) [1222] Well they do, several of our players have erm had seven day notices put on them, but fortunately, only one has left, so erm I think that speaks erm quite a lot for the erm players and for myself and [...] the job we're doing.
pb (PS6KR) [1223] Does this mean you're always relying upon the youngsters who are coming through?
at (PS6LS) [1224] No no, we've got some good experienced players here ... hello?
pb (PS6KR) [1225] Hello Alan — hello?
at (PS6LS) [1226] Hello, sorry about all that noise
pb (PS6KR) [1227] Yes, that's alright [laugh] .
at (PS6LS) [1228] Yes, we've got some good experienced players here and we're not really just relying on the youngsters, but the youngsters who have come through this year have done an excellent job.
pb (PS6KR) [1229] Okay Alan, well thanks very much for joining us on the programme this afternoon
at (PS6LS) [1230] Thank you, thank you.
pb (PS6KR) [1231] And the final score again; Bicester Town two, Kintbury one.
[1232] We can go to West Oxfordshire now because Witney Town beat Bury Town by five goals to one in a Beezer Homes League match over at Marriotts Close, and we can talk with the Witney boss, Malcolm Mackintosh, good evening Malcolm.
mm (PS6LT) [1233] Hello.
pb (PS6KR) [1234] Good win for Town this afternoon?
mm (PS6LT) [1235] Yes, very good, we were pleased with our performance today.
pb (PS6KR) [1236] That was your — was it fifth successive win?
mm (PS6LT) [1237] That's right, yes.
pb (PS6KR) [1238] So you ... really you are pulling away from the dangers there now aren't you?
mm (PS6LT) [1239] Yes, erm I think that puts us about half way now.
pb (PS6KR) [1240] You went ... just after Christmas you went through a very very bad patch didn't you?
mm (PS6LT) [1241] erm Yes, we lost eight games on the trot erm finally winning here against Gosport.
[1242] But things have turned round slightly in the last few weeks and erm the players have got themselves together and erm we've managed to string a few results together.
pb (PS6KR) [1243] To what do you attribute the improved form Malcolm?
mm (PS6LT) [1244] erm Good management [laugh] .
pb (PS6KR) [1245] I thought you might say that, you've also lost Steve Jenkins up front haven't you?
mm (PS6LT) [1246] That's right, he's gone to near neighbours, Buckingham erm we wish him all the best there, he's done a fine job for us over two years.
[1247] But erm the lads have got together and Clarkie scored erm four goals today so, we haven't missed him so much so far.
pb (PS6KR) [1248] So you must feel very encouraged the way things are going at present?
mm (PS6LT) [1249] Yes, I've just heard Alan say that they've got a young side, and we're similar over here, we're playing in a good standard of football.
[1250] And the young lads are listening and learning erm so hopefully, in a couple of years we'll have a good side over here.
pb (PS6KR) [1251] Malcolm, I know it's not necessarily your responsibility, but any latest news on a new ground for Witney Town?
mm (PS6LT) [1252] erm We haven't heard erm anything since erm the erm ground was cancelled last time.
[1253] erm That'll be more down to the chairman than myself, he'll put you more in line with that.
pb (PS6KR) [1254] Well that's rather unsettling for the whole club isn't it?
mm (PS6LT) [1255] It is really because at one time in the season everything was going through, and the players were on a high erm and then we find out that the game erm ... the place has been cancelled and the players go on a low.
[1256] erm But they've got themselves together again and we seem to be picking up.
pb (PS6KR) [1257] Malcolm thanks very much for joining us.
mm (PS6LT) [1258] Okay, pleasure.
pb (PS6KR) [1259] Certainly a good win for Witney Town; Witney Town five, Bury Town one in the Beezer Homes League.
[1260] Now for a round up of the division one matches played this afternoon, and the details of the England France Rugby Union International, here's Jerome Sale.
js (PS6KV) [1261] And we start with rugby.
[1262] There were nervous moments in the grand slam match for England as with two minutes left, they allowed France to pull within two points when Camberaberaux converted a [...] try.
[1263] But the kicking of Simon Hodgkinson brought England their first grand slam since nineteen eighty.
[1264] He kicked four penalties and converted Rory Underwood's try.
[1265] The French managed three tries in all, but still had to settle for second place in the five nations championship; the final score at Twickenham; twenty one, nineteen.
[1266] In the other match, Scotland beat Ireland by twenty eight points to twenty five at Murrayfield.
[1267] In football, there was an early shock for Liverpool at Anfield as the champions tried to get back to the top of the table with Arsenal playing Leeds United at Highbury tomorrow.
[1268] Gordon Armstrong put lowly Sunderland a goal up with a header in the nineteenth minute, but ten minutes later, an Ian Rush header put Liverpool level; his twenty first goal of the season.
[1269] An own goal from Sunderland's Gary Owers, left the Reds two one up at the interval, that's how it stayed and Liverpool are now three points clear at the top, but they have an inferior goal difference to Arsenal.
[1270] Tottenham without Paul Gascoigne were torn apart at Villa Park as the home side went three nil up inside forty six minutes.
[1271] Aston Villa's own mid-field dynamo, David Platt, was in similar mood to Steve Bull as he too bagged an early hat-trick.
[1272] Vinny Samways pulled one back for Spurs in the sixty second minute, Paul Allen's goal on eighty three minutes wasn't enough to rescue a point.
[1273] Manchester United took the lead at the City ground through Clayton Blackmore in the thirty seventh minute, but Nottingham Forest levelled a minute later through Terry Wilson, and that left Cloughie's men at one one.
[1274] Derby County's grief at the foot of the first division continues as they went down two one at Crystal Palace.
[1275] Derby held firm until the seventy fifth minute when Andy Grey's penalty gave Palace the lead.
[1276] Ian Wright extended that lead on eighty one minutes, but Derby did get back into things with an effort from Gary Micklewhite.
[1277] It wasn't enough though, and the two one defeat leaves Derby six points adrift at the bottom, Palace stay third.
[1278] There was an exciting match at the Dell with Everton winning by the odd goal in seven against Southampton.
[1279] Everton's scorers were Dave Watson, Mike Milligan, Tony Carthy and Mike Newell.
[1280] Newell had put through his own goal to put Southampton level at two one in the first half.
[1281] Neil Ruddock and Alan Shearer were the other Saint scorers.
[1282] Sheffield United continue their march up the first division and Ian Bryce in goal five minutes before time was good enough to beat Chelsea.
[1283] That was the Blade's seventh straight league win.
[1284] Luton Town is slipping down the table however; they lost at Coventry in mid-week and went down one nil at home to Norwich this afternoon, Sherwood on target for the Canaries.
[1285] Queen's Park Rangers beat Coventry one nil, thanks to a Les Ferdinand goal.
[1286] Manchester City drew one one at home to Wimbledon.
[1287] In division two, second place West Ham were in trouble again; third place Sheffield Wednesday inflicted the Hammers second defeat in four days; a three one victory for Wednesday with two goals for Paul Williams and one for David Hurst.
[1288] Jimmy Quinn scored for West Ham.
[1289] Oldham the leaders went ahead on twenty one minutes through veteran Roger Palmer, but Tony Ford pulled a goal back for West Bromwich Albion with half time approaching.
[1290] Oldham however stay top, they scored a late winner.
[1291] And finally at Filbert Street, Leicester were also on the comeback trail, they came from two nil down at home to Middlesbrough to eventually win four three. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [1292] Jerome Sale with a round up of this afternoon's headlines.
[1293] And just to mention still in football; the first semi-final of the Oxfordshire Junior Shield takes place on Wednesday; Sinclair United are playing West Witney on the Witney Town ground, kick off, seven fifteen.
[1294] That's on Wednesday, Sinclair United playing West Witney on the Witney Town ground, seven fifteen kick off, the semi-final of the Oxfordshire Junior Shield.
[1295] Well, the speedway season is upon us; tapes go up at the Oxford Stadium on Friday.
[1296] There's been great activity in the closed season, but the Oxford team, the Cheetahs are hungry to reproduce the form of the end of last season straight away, and win the national league.
[1297] Talking with Adam Hollingworth is the Cheetah's co-promoter, Bernard Crapper.
ah (PS6LU) [1298] Welcome to the programme Bernard.
[1299] There have been a lot of personnel changes at Oxford Cheetahs in the closed season.
[1300] I understand there's only three people who are from the same team as last year.
bc (PS6LD) [1301] Yes that's correct.
[1302] Unfortunately we've had to make this change because of the new points limit which was imposed on us which has meant that our higher points riders have had to go.
ah (PS6LU) [1303] So who have you got that's still ... that was there last year?
bc (PS6LD) [1304] Well we've retained Hans Nielson erm Martin Dugard and Dean Barker.
ah (PS6LU) [1305] And who's come into the side then, tell me a bit about erm Tony Primmer.
[1306] We've heard a lot about this Australian lad that's just about to come over.
bc (PS6LD) [1307] Yes, well Tony Primmer's one of the riders from Eastbourne that we managed to pick up because we can get him in on a low point average.
[1308] erm We have now at long last got his work permit, and he appears in this country next Thursday.
ah (PS6LU) [1309] There were a few problems there though weren't there, about the work permit?
bc (PS6LD) [1310] Yes, there was a bit of ... the problem there is that erm under the erm Employment Act that erm you can't put an Englishman out of work, so erm his points limit was too low.
[1311] But he was okay nationally, but when he reverted to the Senior Team, they erm changed his points situation by a calculation and erm said he couldn't come in which was a bit ludicrous.
[1312] Anyway that's all been sorted out and that's what the problem was with all the work permit riders, coming down in you know, in points.
ah (PS6LU) [1313] And you've got a couple of other younger riders coming through haven't you?
bc (PS6LD) [1314] Yes, we've achieved ... erm well at the signing of the season I think [...] erm from Poole, and we're also recalling Mark Carlson who was one of our junior riders out on loan to Stoke.
ah (PS6LU) [1315] So why does such a great amount of personnel change — can you explain about the points system here.
bc (PS6LD) [1316] Well we've brought the two leagues together and amalgamated them and to do this, obviously the old British League was much stronger than the old National League, and we've had to do some evening out.
[1317] And to achieve this, they've brought the old British League points limit for forty six down to forty erm that's made an awful problem for the British League clubs.
[1318] But I think in the long run, although I don't agree with forty, I would rather have gone a forty two, erm it will probably help the sport immensely in the end.
ah (PS6LU) [1319] Before we move on to next season, a word about the people that you've lost, people like erm Simon Wigg, a local lad, a great favourite among the crowds.
bc (PS6LD) [1320] Well that's right you see, but you see Simon finished up on just under an eight point average and there's no way we could fit him in.
[1321] We wanted to bring Marvin Cox back from Bradford because he's so popular at Oxford, and he's over eight you see.
[1322] So we couldn't fit him in either, so we've actually sold Marvin sadly to Poole, which erm ... he'll lead those to a good team I think.
ah (PS6LU) [1323] A couple of other changes over the closed season; firstly the scare over Hans Neilson, I think Oxford erm Oxford Cheetahs fans had their hearts in their mouths for about erm a month or so?
bc (PS6LD) [1324] Yes that's right.
[1325] erm Every year ... it doesn't normally get in the press but we have to do a deal with all the federations abroad, the Swedes, the Danes, everybody and erm the Danes couldn't erm accept what we put to them this year.
[1326] erm But we dug our toes in, and in fact it was sorted out over a week ago.
[1327] What got in the press last week in fact was a few days late, it had all been sorted out.
ah (PS6LU) [1328] So it hasn't affected the way that the Oxford Cheetahs have actually prepared.
bc (PS6LD) [1329] No, no none at all.
ah (PS6LU) [1330] erm How have the preparations gone overall then?
bc (PS6LD) [1331] Well we think we've put a team together, very very hard to do to get into the points limit of forty.
[1332] We've put a team together which we think will achieve the honours that we're looking for.
ah (PS6LU) [1333] Now the new league system has come through as well in the closed season.
[1334] Can you tell me a bit about how it's changed and whether it is a good thing for Oxford Cheetahs.
bc (PS6LD) [1335] Well I think it's a good thing.
[1336] The only bad thing of course, if we were to get relegated but to bring promotion and relegation into speedway is a good thing because you know, if you win the lower league, what have you won it for?
[1337] You're going to stay there.
[1338] Well now with promotion and relegation, they've got something to fight for and those at the bottom of the top league have got something really to fight for to save going down.
ah (PS6LU) [1339] Well a word about next Friday's match then, that's the big one, the one that everyone's waiting for against Kings Lynn.
[1340] erm Tell me about that one first of all.
bc (PS6LD) [1341] Well we're looking forward to that one because Kings Lynn, who've sort of been at the bottom of the league for some time, have really put an interesting looking side together.
[1342] And also, back in their team is erm Michael Lee who's been banned for some years now, and he's raring to go and erm I think they're all coming down to prove a few points.
ah (PS6LU) [1343] Just a word about the whole season now, Oxford last season, were finishing in cracking form.
[1344] Can you continue that form, can you win the league?
bc (PS6LD) [1345] We're looking to win the league obviously.
[1346] erm Sadly it won't be with the same riders we had last year, but the riders we've brought in I'm sure will erm, under the forty points erm give us a good team.
ah (PS6LU) [1347] Thank you very much Bernard Crapper.
pb (PS6KR) [1348] Adam Hollingworth talking with Bernard Crapper, the Oxford Cheetahs co-promoter.
[1349] Well, Oxford United were trailing by three goals to nil at half time, they came back to draw three three.
[1350] Oxford City were winning by three goals to nil and Cranfield United came back to force a draw, the final score; Oxford City three, Cranfield United three, reporting for us, John Shepherd.
js (PS6KV) [1351] Yes, to use an old cliche, it was a game of two halves.
[1352] City were looking to make the effort for a promotion spot when entertaining a side from the bottom half of the table, after being held to a draw last week.
[1353] New signee, Mark Thomas put Chris Williams through early on, but the latter could only strike the keeper as he came out to intercept.
[1354] After eleven minutes, City went one up; Thomas did well on the right to curb a shot on goal, but Kevin O'Shaughnessy could only parry away.
[1355] The loose ball was collected by Stewart Taverner who's show in composure beat the keeper.
[1356] City might well have added to the score minutes later when Ralph Purner struck a shot at goal, but O'Shaughnessy blocked.
[1357] The rebound fell to Williams whose effort scraped the upright as it went outside.
[1358] Cranfield came more into the game as they put pressure on City's defence.
[1359] In the thirty fifth minute, City got their second, when Williams going for goal, was brought down by the keeper.
[1360] With City's regular penalty taker unavailable, it was left to Steve Brown to hit the penalty home.
[1361] Mick [...] did well to hold a cross from Tony McGovern before, with a minute of the first half remaining, City scored their third.
[1362] Paul Creed on the right flank crossed into goal for Stewart Taverner who rushing in, dived at ground level to head powerfully in for his brace of goals.
[1363] The second half was to see a different story, after City's comfortable half time lead.
[1364] Paul Creed under pressure could not reach [...] with his back pass, but Mick Allen wasted a good chance by putting wide.
[1365] Cranfield were to pull a goal back when in the fifty second minute, Tony Williams' free kick found Lionel Franklin, who looped a header over Torres.
[1366] At this stage of the proceedings, City still held the initiative as Thomas went close with a header from Purner's cross.
[1367] Mark Thomas then did well on the left, going past five defenders, but his colleagues were unable to find the net from his cross.
[1368] Cranfield further reduced the arrears after seventy eighth minute.
[1369] Mick Allen played the ball to Tony McGovern who turned it in.
[1370] City still looked as though they could have held on, but with four minutes to go, the roles were reversed as Cranfield's McGovern set up Allen to level the scores.
[1371] City will be kicking themselves for allowing Cranfield to get back into the game, but the visitors must be given credit for a spirited second half performance.
[1372] A result that did little to enhance City's promotion prospects, final score; Oxford City three, Cranfield United three.
pb (PS6KR) [1373] John Shepherd reporting on that match; Oxford City three, Cranfield United three.
[1374] Well on to greyhounds now, we're going to greyhound because Nick Harris always has problems at Molyneux, it's one of those grounds where the reporter has considerable trouble getting back to the erm press box after doing his interviews.
[1375] Nick has been talking with manager Brian Horton and we'll be bringing you that interview as soon as we can.
[1376] So on to greyhounds a little earlier than usual, it's the quarter final of the prestigious Pall Mall at Oxford Stadium tonight, the meeting starts at seven thirty.
[1377] Here's Mick Weeble with his tips.
mw (PS6L7) [1378] The first leg is in the third race, the eight o'clock, this is the first quarter final.
[1379] erm And here, I'm going to go for an outsider really, erm I'm going to go for Ashfield Charlie erm in trap two, Tommy Foster from Wimbledon trained runner this is.
[1380] He run very well last time, showed plenty of early and he's going to be on his toes tonight, but anyway it's Ashfield Charlie in trap two, the selection for the first leg of the yankee.
[1381] erm The second leg of the Radio Oxford yankee is in the sixth race, this is the second quarter final of the Pall Mall, and here I'm going to go erm for Social Circle in trap one erm trained by Linda Mullins at Walthamstow, a perfect trap draw for this erm Edinburgh Cup winner, he's won erm fifteen thousand in prize money.
[1382] He's just come in on the come back trail and he seems to me to be getting better and better.
[1383] So it's Social Circle as the second leg of the yankee in trap one, danger is the defending champion actually, last year's winner of the Pall Mall, Noel's Turbo, so it'll be interesting to see how he goes.
[1384] And then in the third leg of the yankee, the eighth race, this is the nine sixteen, third quarter final erm and here I'm going to have to go for Ned Supreme in trap one, trained by Kenny Linzell at Romford in Essex.
[1385] erm He's been improving all the time erm and I think he could be a live erm candidate for the outright winner, so that's the third leg of the yankee.
[1386] And the fourth and final leg of the erm Radio Oxford yankee erm is in the tenth race which is the nine forty eight, and I'm going to stick with Darra Ash in trap four.
[1387] This one comes from Perrybar up in Birmingham erm coming to form now, so that's the fourth and final leg of our Radio Oxford yankee.
[1388] But I must just emphasise erm next Saturday is the real biggie night here at Oxford erm something not to be missed.
[1389] It's the final of the Pall Mall erm a night out for all the family and erm we usually get such a good crowd that night, it really is erm the time to come, next Saturday night erm for the final.
[1390] erm But see the quarter finals tonight, first race seven thirty tonight.
hf (PS6KS) [1391] Mick Weeble with all the greyhound news.
[1392] Well let's go back to Molyneux, a reminder of that result if you've just joined us here on Talking Sport; Wolves three, Oxford United three.
[1393] Nick Harris has been talking with the Oxford United manager, Brian Horton.
nh (PS6KT) [1394] Welcome to Molyneux, Headley, Brian Horton's with me, the United manager because he was brought up in this part of the world, must be very proud of what you brought up here for the second half Brian, but so disappointed after that first half showing.
bh (PS6L0) [1395] Well when it went three nothing I thought here we go, I've got all my friends and family, you know, come and watch, you tell them what a good side they are, and last few games they looked a good side — three nothing down in fifteen minutes.
[1396] And I thought ‘I'm not going to be able to show my face’, now I can.
[1397] But I can't ... I find it hard to explain why the [...] after such a good performance against West Ham, But you know, it's just all over, [...] be saying that about his side second half now won't he, because they've just put one point about a nine, and they're a good side.
[1398] I thought it was two good attacking sides in a way, if you could put it all together.
[1399] I mean it's fifteen minutes, as Jimmy Magilton just said ‘they blitzed us’.
[1400] We blitzed ourselves a little bit I think you know, back pass we talked about, no back passes, ball gambles and everything, in he goes, two free headers basically.
[1401] You know, it's bad defending, but we looked a different side second half, and not much was said at half time.
[1402] You know, you normally go in and rant and rave, we didn't, we didn't today because we said like, I mean I think everybody sensed that, even at three nothing first half.
[1403] If we score got a chance and we had the chances to score first half, didn't take them obviously and we get the goal, right time, they went a bit nervous, and we went on didn't we — we could have won it.
[1404] Daft as it seems, we could have won it because the kick was produced too quick [...] for Paul Simpson and we hit the ball later on, Mark Stein's a little back header, very unlucky not to win it for us.
nh (PS6KT) [1405] Four minutes to go, even you must have thought though, the chance had gone then.
bh (PS6L0) [1406] Well, you keep playing don't you, it's a ninety minute game, and then, as we've said erm I believe it was two goals in the last four minutes, was it?
[1407] And we hit the bar as well, so it goes to the ninetieth minute doesn't it, that's what it is, a fifteen round fight goes to the last second doesn't it as some boxers have found out.
nh (PS6KT) [1408] Despite the disappointing erm what opening twenty four minutes, you must be pleased with the comeback, and it shows a bit more confidence in that the side can still come back from being three none.
[1409] To be honest, I don't think they'd have done that a year ago Brian.
bh (PS6L0) [1410] [laugh] Possibly, you might be right, I think we've got a bit more character in the side erm I think we've got a better all round side than this time last year, to be honest.
[1411] But it does please me that we fight back, I like that, but it displeases me the way we sort of go under a little bit.
[1412] The season could have really slipped away I think with a defeat today, but erm still keeps the season a little bit bright.
[1413] Well I said to them before the game ‘you know, people are saying can we make the players , can you win ten out of twelve?’.
[1414] Now we've got to win probably ten out of eleven.
[1415] erm It keeps it going that way because you know, six games unbeaten, it's nice, it's nice to be unbeaten, but we just haven't won enough have we?
[1416] You know if we'd defended properly first half we would have won the game today.
[1417] Perhaps we wouldn't but perhaps they wouldn't have been ... if it's the right word for them, a bit sloppy.
[1418] And I think they sat back a little bit, you know, and maybe tried to defend the three nothing lead.
[1419] And I don't think you can do that, I think we've got too many good players which proved second half; the passion was super second half.
[1420] The midfield three got into the game, the two fore backs started pushing and joining with ... joining in, it makes it a different side doesn't it?
nh (PS6KT) [1421] Very much, in fact the chances were coming your way before the goals went in, you could have been on level terms an awful lot earlier.
bh (PS6L0) [1422] I think so, you know, and the lads have just said that, and then we went I think after the first goal, twenty odd minutes, it looked as though three one it was going to end up didn't it.
[1423] It looked as though we'd had our little flurry and that was going to be it.
[1424] But credit to the lads, very very good to keep fighting and plugging away; Andy Melville's popped up with an important one, Steinie's gone and done his job erm that's what subs are there for.
[1425] And then Simo's got the equaliser, and I think Simo's got two in two goals ... two goals in two games now, yes, very pleased with the overall performance and overall at the end of the day, not overall performance if you know what I mean.
[1426] I'm talking a bit Irish here aren't I?
pb (PS6KR) [1427] Nick Harris talking with United boss, Brian Horton, the final score; Wolves three, Oxford United three.
[1428] Well the day's major national story has been the Rugby International at Twickenham, a reminder of the scoreline; England twenty one, France nineteen.
[1429] To reflect on that match and to look forward to the Oxfordshire Cup Final between Henley and Oxford, Adam Hollingworth is joined by Ray Tapper, the Oxford coach, and Nigel Dudding, the Henley club captain.
ah (PS6LU) [1430] First Ray Tapper, a word about that match erm pretty exciting wasn't it?
rt (PS6LV) [1431] The England game, very exciting yes and really to the last minute you didn't know who was going to win it, with France coming back with two late tries erm but England's forward domination told in the end.
ag (PS6LW) [1432] Nigel Dudding, you're speaking to us from the bar at erm Henley Rugby Club, what was the atmosphere there, watching the game?
nd (PS6LX) [1433] Absolutely tremendous, I mean it was like being inside erm ... with a lot of people with us, there was about a hundred, a hundred and fifty people here.
[1434] erm We had a big screen and the atmosphere was absolutely tremendous — right up to the last minute as you said, with three points in it, it was very tense.
ah (PS6LU) [1435] Were people putting their money on England, did they reckon that they were going to survive that last onslaught?
nd (PS6LX) [1436] I think in the end, yes, the money was with England erm and in the end, the amount of possession that they actually had, that erm it sort of told the day in the end.
ah (PS6LU) [1437] Of course, your coach is Clive Woodward and he was in the grand slam winning side of nineteen eighty wasn't he?
[1438] He was at Twickenham today I understand.
nd (PS6LX) [1439] Yes, I'm sure he's a very very happy man tonight, he's been looking forward to this game tremendously for the last couple of weeks.
[1440] erm As he will obviously tomorrow as well, but erm he was a bit tense and a bit nervous before, but erm I'm sure that erm he'll be absolutely delighted with this result.
ah (PS6LU) [1441] Does this victory put his team's achievement into perspective do you think, eleven years on?
nd (PS6LX) [1442] Well erm I think so, I mean they had a great side under Bill Beaumont's leadership and it's been promising for a couple of years with England, and today they actually came through with the goods erm a bit of an anti-climax last year at erm at Murrayfield.
[1443] But today, I think with the confidence and the amount of possession they'd got, they were thoroughly deserved winners.
ah (PS6LU) [1444] Let's turn now to tomorrow's match — Henley versus Oxford.
[1445] Henley I'm told are a team transformed this season, is that down to Clive Woodward?
nd (PS6LX) [1446] erm Yes to a great deal erm extent erm when a new player or a new coach comes into a side, it's very difficult at times to erm settle into a pattern or a way that you want to work with him, and erm I think now erm we're beginning to understand that, the way he wants to play.
[1447] erm When we've last played Oxford erm we didn't do very well and we were still in the sort of infancy if you like, under sort of Clive's leadership.
[1448] Now I think, with erm with a great understanding, we are playing some very very good rugby.
ah (PS6LU) [1449] Oxford as well have traditionally done well in the Cup erm Ray, they beat Henley by thirty points, is there any cause for concern for you?
rt (PS6LV) [1450] Oh, absolutely yes, I mean erm we played Henley in the league just before Christmas and as Nigel said, we put thirty points on them.
[1451] erm We were playing very well at the time, Henley weren't; they've improved out of all proportion since Christmas and we've been up and down, we've played some really good games and one or two not so good.
[1452] So tomorrow could be anybody's game.
ah (PS6LU) [1453] Oxford again are a side with some scalps under their belts, Broughton Park, Solihull, Bury Hill — but you've sometimes erm come a cropper against smaller sides haven't you?
rt (PS6LV) [1454] Yes, we've done ... well we've had a pretty good season really, right throughout the club erm in our non-league games.
[1455] But the games that matter most obviously nowadays are the league games and we've lost three badly ... bad league games to what we would call inferior opposition.
[1456] erm And then we go ... turn around and beat a league division side three side, or a league division four side with no problem whatsoever; it's just inconsistency.
ah (PS6LU) [1457] What sort of a game can we expect to see Nigel?
nd (PS6LX) [1458] Tomorrow?
[1459] Well we like erm obviously to keep the ball alive erm I guess that Oxford may [laugh] , I don't know whether Ray would agree with me, may play the set pieces a little bit.
[1460] We would like to keep the ball alive, we like to keep the ball on the park and erm looking from there, we will be harrying, chasing; we think we've got a very good set of backs.
rt (PS6LV) [1461] Well I agree with you Nigel erm we also have a good set of backs we feel erm unfortunately the weather at the moment — it's pouring outside, and hopefully tomorrow it'll be dry.
[1462] Because I think it could be a real cracker, because both sides like to run the ball, and having said that, if it's wet erm we feel we have the ammunition to play in that sort of condition.
ah (PS6LU) [1463] So who's going to win then — Nigel?
nd (PS6LX) [1464] Well I don't think there's any doubt about it, I mean our improvement over the last erm four or five weeks has been absolutely tremendous.
[1465] We had an excellent result against Sidcup who were top of London one erm a couple of weeks ago, and although we didn't play well at Banbury, we still won.
[1466] And erm I think if you can erm win a game while not playing particularly well, then erm obviously, it's sort of it's a good omen for the future.
ah (PS6LU) [1467] Thank you — Ray?
rt (PS6LV) [1468] Well, yes Nigel's got every reason to be confident.
[1469] No we're fairly confident, we've had a very good build up this week and erm it's a one off, it's on the day.
[1470] I think we can do it.
ah (PS6LU) [1471] And just a reminder for anybody that wants to go along and watch this game, where is it going to be played?
rt (PS6LV) [1472] It's on the Oxford University ground, Iffley Road, two thirty kick off.
ah (PS6LU) [1473] Thank you very much. [recorded jingle]
pb (PS6KR) [1474] Adam Hollingworth talking with Ray Tapper, the Oxford coach and Nigel Dudding, the Henley Club captain.
[1475] Let's hope we have a good game tomorrow.
[1476] And now the local results.
hf (PS6KS) [1477] And that's about it from Talking Sport this evening, the headlines; Oxford United take a point in a dramatic comeback at Molyneux, they were trailing by three goals to one with four minutes left.
[1478] And then two goals from Stein and Simpson brought them level with Wolves, the final score; three three.
[1479] Just a reminder that Steve Bull had given Wolves a three nil lead after just twenty four minutes.
[1480] So that's it from our programme this Saturday evening, thanks to all the reporters and thanks for listening.
[1481] I hope you can join us all at the same time next Saturday; United at home to Barnsley in a division two match.
[1482] Have a good weekend, from me, Headley Feast, a very goodnight to you. [recorded jingle]