2 conversations recorded by `Barry2' (PS6NY) [dates unknown] with 3 interlocutors, totalling 306 s-units, 1427 words, and over 6 minutes 26 seconds of recordings.

5 speakers recorded by respondent number 711

PS6NY Ag0 m (Barry, age 14, student)
PS6P0 Ag0 m (Peter, age 14, student) friend
PS6P1 Ag0 m (Kevin, age 12, student) friend
KSPPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KSPPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

2 recordings

  1. Tape 136101 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London ( Peters house ) Activity: Playing on computer
  2. Tape 136102 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London ( Peters house ) Activity: Playing on computer

1 (Tape 136101)

Unknown speaker (KSPPSUNK) [1] Like, who was it who reckoned there was a corner on a boat?
Barry (PS6NY) [2] Well you reckoned there weren't a corner on a boat.
Peter (PS6P0) [3] There ain't.
Barry (PS6NY) [4] [laughing] There is [] !
Peter (PS6P0) [5] Oh shut up!
Barry (PS6NY) [6] Ach, you do get corners on boats!
Peter (PS6P0) [7] No.
[8] Boats are shaped like a bloody rugby ball shape type
Barry (PS6NY) [9] No they ain't.
[10] One end is and the other one ain't, and it was a yacht ... and a yacht, they got little rooms in or something cos [...] innit?
Peter (PS6P0) [11] Oh that,th the rooms are shaped ni , like to the size of the boat, you nonce! [tut] !
Barry (PS6NY) [12] Let's ask your Mum if there's, if there's any corners on a boat.
Peter (PS6P0) [13] Of course there ain't.
Barry (PS6NY) [14] Just ask your Mum that.
Peter (PS6P0) [15] Yeah.
Barry (PS6NY) [...]
Peter (PS6P0) [16] I bet she'll probably side with you.
[17] But, I, I know for a fact there ain't.
Barry (PS6NY) [18] You don't know.
[19] Fucking hell!
Peter (PS6P0) [20] Bollocks pal!
Barry (PS6NY) [21] [...] ... how many, many corners in a boat?
Peter (PS6P0) [22] They're shaped like rugby balls!
Barry (PS6NY) [...]
Kevin (PS6P1) [23] Shaped like rugby balls.
Peter (PS6P0) [24] Don't start!
Kevin (PS6P1) [25] They ain't shaped like rugby balls.
Barry (PS6NY) [26] Goes round like this and then it goes square at the back.
Peter (PS6P0) [27] They're not square at the back!
Kevin (PS6P1) [28] Do you er, have you got any whatsername there?
Barry (PS6NY) [29] What?
Kevin (PS6P1) [30] Brochures.
Peter (PS6P0) [31] Brochures?
Unknown speaker (KSPPSUNK) [32] No I haven't.
Kevin (PS6P1) [33] Then you see a boat and [...] .
Peter (PS6P0) [34] Oh bollocks brother!
Kevin (PS6P1) [35] There, there are, ships.
Peter (PS6P0) [36] Oh ships, Kev, but I'm talking about boats.
Kevin (PS6P1) [37] Well a boat is, a ship is a boat you prat!
Peter (PS6P0) [38] No it ain't, a ship's a big fucker!
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh]
Peter (PS6P0) [39] And a boat's a little fucker!
Barry (PS6NY) [40] Yeah.
Kevin (PS6P1) [41] That ain't shaped like a rugby ball.
[42] That ain't, that ain't, that ain't
Peter (PS6P0) [43] Kev
Barry (PS6NY) [44] They do
Kevin (PS6P1) [45] that ain't, that ain't, that ain't
Peter (PS6P0) [46] They're all, they're ships Kev.
Kevin (PS6P1) [47] that ain't.
Peter (PS6P0) [48] Kev, they are ships.
Barry (PS6NY) [49] They're ships.
Kevin (PS6P1) [50] [laughing] That's a fucking weird ship [] !
[51] I wouldn't sail in it.
[52] Don't you think it's a fucking [...] ?
Peter (PS6P0) [53] Yeah, you don't, you don't sail in ships anyway.
Kevin (PS6P1) [54] That is not shaped like a rugby ball.
[55] Er, and you don't get seagulls swim er, swimming in the sea.
Peter (PS6P0) [56] Yes you do.
Barry (PS6NY) [57] [laughing] Yes you do, you dill!
[58] Why do you think they're called seagulls Kev [] ?
Peter (PS6P0) [59] Der er!
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh]
Kevin (PS6P1) [60] You don't get seagulls [...]
Peter (PS6P0) [61] Seagulls do swim Kev.
Kevin (PS6P1) [62] They don't swim.
Barry (PS6NY) [63] They do swim.
[64] They they jump into, they dive into the water.
Kevin (PS6P1) [65] Yeah, they fly.
Peter (PS6P0) [66] And they do swim cos they've got the feet for it.
Kevin (PS6P1) [67] They don't
Barry (PS6NY) [68] Yeah right.
Kevin (PS6P1) [69] they don't fly in the water Pete.
Barry (PS6NY) [70] They do.
Kevin (PS6P1) [71] [...] flying in the water.
Barry (PS6NY) [72] No.
Peter (PS6P0) [73] Al , alright Kev.
[74] Yeah.
[75] Flying in the water.
Barry (PS6NY) [76] Alright Mum?
Kevin (PS6P1) [77] Water ... seagulls fly in apparently because erm [...] .
Barry (PS6NY) [78] Yeah.
[79] [laughing] They go in the ship you dick [] !
Peter (PS6P0) [80] Dick arse.
Kevin (PS6P1) [81] They [...] .
Barry (PS6NY) [82] Well why is there
Kevin (PS6P1) [83] Oh, a load of
Barry (PS6NY) [84] alright
Kevin (PS6P1) [85] bollocks.
Barry (PS6NY) [86] alright, so they draw fish on the side of the fucking ships!
Kevin (PS6P1) [87] If you say draw it wrong, who cares?
[88] If there weren't [...] then just go home.
Peter (PS6P0) [89] [laughing] Go home [] .
[90] Do you think so?
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh]
Kevin (PS6P1) [91] Erm, now I am home so ... sod off!
Barry (PS6NY) [mimics crying]
Peter (PS6P0) [92] Go to bed then!
Kevin (PS6P1) [93] [laughing] I don't wanna go to bed [] . [laugh]
Peter (PS6P0) [94] Ask Silko.
Barry (PS6NY) [95] Yeah.
[96] He's only a fucking newsreader.
Peter (PS6P0) [97] [laughing] That's Trevor MacDonald [] .
Kevin (PS6P1) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSPPSUNK) [98] Excuse me.
Barry (PS6NY) [99] [laughing] This ain't [...] [] .
Peter (PS6P0) [100] A bunny.
Barry (PS6NY) [101] He's black though.
Peter (PS6P0) [102] I know.
[103] [laugh] ... No, d'ya know what he says after his news speech?
Barry (PS6NY) [104] Yeah.
[105] Let's get a coffee
Peter (PS6P0) [106] D'ya
Barry (PS6NY) [107] now.
Peter (PS6P0) [108] Nah.
[109] Do you wanna ... erm
Kevin (PS6P1) [110] Go for a quick one before it closes.
Peter (PS6P0) [111] Yeah.
[112] Before it closes.
Barry (PS6NY) [113] How do you know?
Peter (PS6P0) [114] They said it.
[115] They faxed it, I T N faxed it ... just to the Big Breakfast.
[116] They said it.
Barry (PS6NY) [117] [singing] Did you never know ... about your mind [...] [] .
Peter (PS6P0) [118] You are.
[119] What you doing?
[120] What are you doing now?
Kevin (PS6P1) [121] Well you said I could keep it.
Peter (PS6P0) [122] [tut] .
Barry (PS6NY) [123] Stop messing around.
Kevin (PS6P1) [124] Shut up Bamber!
Peter (PS6P0) [125] Shut up Kevin.
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh]
Kevin (PS6P1) [126] No I won't shut up!
Barry (PS6NY) [127] [singing] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [] !
Peter (PS6P0) [128] What you doing?
Unknown speaker (KSPPSUNK) [129] Oh you're not doing that silly thing?
Kevin (PS6P1) [130] Told me to turn it down.
Peter (PS6P0) [131] Oh what about [bad background noise - computer game or sport on tv]
Barry (PS6NY) [132] Looks like Arthur's scoring in one and I think his brother scored another.
[133] And hi , his brother could score again.
[134] And he does.
Peter (PS6P0) [...]
Barry (PS6NY) [135] Turn it up a little bit more.
Peter (PS6P0) [...]
Barry (PS6NY) [136] Seagulls don't swim.
[137] It's like saying puffins don't swim.
Kevin (PS6P1) [138] It's like thinking fish don't swim.
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh] [very loud tv - speech barely audible]
Barry (PS6NY) [139] [...] ... a superb effort!
[140] He does a little dummy
Kevin (PS6P1) [141] [singing] [...] [] .
[142] Flies in the water.
Peter (PS6P0) [143] Penguins don't.
Kevin (PS6P1) [144] They do fly in the water.
[145] It does fly in the water.
Barry (PS6NY) [146] It ain't got a [...] to fly in the water.
Kevin (PS6P1) [147] It has.
Barry (PS6NY) [148] It ain't got them under the water.
[149] It's just got a picture of water, and they're next to it.
Kevin (PS6P1) [150] So why is the water right behind them then?
Barry (PS6NY) [151] If there was really be water on top of them.
Kevin (PS6P1) [152] [...] , no shut up!
[153] Shut up!
Barry (PS6NY) [154] Biggest fucking thing.
Peter (PS6P0) [155] Let's have a look at it Kev.
Kevin (PS6P1) [156] Alright.
Peter (PS6P0) [...]
Barry (PS6NY) [157] [singing] Da, da da da da da da da da ah ah ah ah [] !
Peter (PS6P0) [158] Oh!
[159] What's this little fella.
[160] Gonna be scared now. [computer game]
Barry (PS6NY) [161] Ah!
Peter (PS6P0) [162] A C Milan!
Barry (PS6NY) [163] He's the Turkish Champion [...] . [computer game]
Peter (PS6P0) [164] What happens if they went one nil up?
Barry (PS6NY) [165] They, they drew it.
[166] Take a, take a shot now.
Peter (PS6P0) [167] [...] !
Barry (PS6NY) [168] On penalties.
[169] Penalties!
Kevin (PS6P1) [170] This is in Turkey.
Peter (PS6P0) [171] I reckon if me and you [...] , get the team playing each other get both, get two away goals, whatever, take it into extra time ... right, we both get a goal each ... and go, imagine going to penalties or something.
Kevin (PS6P1) [172] It's a Argentina match or something.
[173] Get one put in together.
Peter (PS6P0) [174] No le , make it, don't make him score in extra time just
Barry (PS6NY) [175] Yeah, make, also make
Peter (PS6P0) [176] leave it.
Barry (PS6NY) [177] one put them in together.
[178] Yeah, shall we try that?
Peter (PS6P0) [179] Yeah.
Kevin (PS6P1) [180] [singing] Don't you wanna know your child [] . [cheering on computer game]
Peter (PS6P0) [181] So here he comes, looks as if we're [...] .
Barry (PS6NY) [182] I just thought of something, what happens
Peter (PS6P0) [...]
Barry (PS6NY) [183] I don't re , I don't think so.
[184] Cos when you're [...] .
Peter (PS6P0) [185] Oh that's ... my microphone.

2 (Tape 136102)

Unknown speaker (KSPPSUNK) [186] Who was it who first said that they'd witnessed something?
Barry (PS6NY) [187] Yeah.
[188] What?
Kevin (PS6P1) [189] Well you not, you liked the [...] but erm
Barry (PS6NY) [190] No I never.
Kevin (PS6P1) [191] You did.
Barry (PS6NY) [192] No I never.
Kevin (PS6P1) [193] It was you or Peter.
Peter (PS6P0) [194] Who was this?
Barry (PS6NY) [195] No it wasn't.
Kevin (PS6P1) [196] It weren't me.
[197] It was either you or Peter.
Barry (PS6NY) [198] It weren't me.
Kevin (PS6P1) [199] You then.
Peter (PS6P0) [200] No it weren't me.
Barry (PS6NY) [201] [laughing] It weren't me, I never played [] .
Peter (PS6P0) [202] Do , don't get , don't get me into this.
Kevin (PS6P1) [203] Oh! [interference from computer game - crowd cheering]
Barry (PS6NY) [204] I dunno where he is.
Kevin (PS6P1) [205] It weren't me.
[206] Can you place a shot?
[207] Turn that up!
Barry (PS6NY) [208] Yes.
Kevin (PS6P1) [209] Please!
Peter (PS6P0) [210] Probably go back stop.
Kevin (PS6P1) [211] [laugh] ... I can score your point now.
Peter (PS6P0) [212] No, no, that's that thing called [...] .
[213] Bull boy back stop.
Kevin (PS6P1) [214] You're playing this.
Peter (PS6P0) [215] Bollocks!
Kevin (PS6P1) [laugh]
Peter (PS6P0) [216] You're a blue oyster ... in disguise.
Kevin (PS6P1) [217] [...] ... You're a blue boy ... [...]
Barry (PS6NY) [218] It's meant to be a tenner.
Kevin (PS6P1) [219] Oh.
Peter (PS6P0) [220] Nine two on aggregate.
Kevin (PS6P1) [221] Ah!
Barry (PS6NY) [222] What a tenner between ya?
Kevin (PS6P1) [223] No, tenner for each.
Barry (PS6NY) [224] Yeah.
Peter (PS6P0) [scream]
Kevin (PS6P1) [laugh]
Peter (PS6P0) [225] It's the [...] spirit!
Kevin (PS6P1) [laugh]
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh]
Peter (PS6P0) [226] No, if you only you had a fart coming. [interference from computer game]
Peter (PS6P0) [227] He just went ... or it sounds like.
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh]
Peter (PS6P0) [228] Pa.
[229] It sounded, a little breather.
Barry (PS6NY) [laugh]
Peter (PS6P0) [230] Pa.
Kevin (PS6P1) [231] Okay, you was all quiet until you went [scream]
Peter (PS6P0) [232] No, Kev, no.
[233] I didn't go raargh aargh!
Kevin (PS6P1) [234] Well I don't think I did so
Peter (PS6P0) [235] Yes you did.
Kevin (PS6P1) [236] No I never.
Peter (PS6P0) [237] Yes you did.
Kevin (PS6P1) [238] No I never.
Peter (PS6P0) [239] You did.
Kevin (PS6P1) [240] No.
Peter (PS6P0) [241] You did.
Kevin (PS6P1) [242] No.
Peter (PS6P0) [243] You did.
Kevin (PS6P1) [244] No.
Peter (PS6P0) [245] You did.
Kevin (PS6P1) [246] No.
Peter (PS6P0) [247] You did.
Kevin (PS6P1) [248] No.
Peter (PS6P0) [249] Look, you've been repeating yourself again.
Kevin (PS6P1) [250] Yeah, so are you.
Peter (PS6P0) [251] No I ain't.
Kevin (PS6P1) [252] Yeah.
Peter (PS6P0) [253] I di , I ain't repeating yourself.
Kevin (PS6P1) [254] Did, you did.
[255] You did!
Peter (PS6P0) [256] I ain't repeating yourself.
[257] So I done alright.
Kevin (PS6P1) [258] Ha ha!
[259] So funny!
Barry (PS6NY) [260] What's he got playing like this.
Kevin (PS6P1) [...]
Peter (PS6P0) [261] Rumbled it.
[262] Seven eight
Kevin (PS6P1) [263] You've done it again [...] .
Peter (PS6P0) [belch]
Barry (PS6NY) [264] Do him you wanker!
Peter (PS6P0) [265] Joe or something.
Barry (PS6NY) [266] I know.
Peter (PS6P0) [267] Half way down.
[268] ... Sam's brother.
Kevin (PS6P1) [269] Sam's there.
Peter (PS6P0) [270] If Sam came up to you ... and you ge your Mil , you had Millwall [...] and Sam right, rips it off right, ripped it to pieces and that, started burning it, and he give you a Wimbledon shirt in return what would you do?
Kevin (PS6P1) [271] Probably ... do the same to his.
[272] Mm.
Peter (PS6P0) [273] What, then you'd give him a Millwall shirt?
Kevin (PS6P1) [274] I'd give it back.
[275] I got a [...] and my Dad was going
Peter (PS6P0) [276] I'd kill him!
[277] [laugh] ... Your Dad'd kill him and all.
Kevin (PS6P1) [278] I know.
[279] I wouldn't.
Peter (PS6P0) [280] Poor old Bobby.
Kevin (PS6P1) [281] He's always had to find a new friend, he don't trust me.
Peter (PS6P0) [282] [...] a good friend, ah!
Barry (PS6NY) [283] Pass!
Peter (PS6P0) [284] I wanna be your friend.
Kevin (PS6P1) [285] He [...] for a lunch.
Peter (PS6P0) [286] Far from a friend.
Kevin (PS6P1) [287] I wanna get you expelled.
Peter (PS6P0) [288] Bollocks!
[289] [...] ... Paul .
[290] Joss ran into the wind.
[291] Oh shot!
[292] Ha!
[293] ... Oh a excellent boot, enough far [...] .
[294] Someone should tell Joey.
Barry (PS6NY) [295] [...] , but someone's already told him. [...] ... [...]
Kevin (PS6P1) [296] Oh sorry, I'm on the [...] .
Peter (PS6P0) [297] Whoever listens to this ... your Mum's like fish and chips, a come slap-up.
[298] ... Good goal. [a lot of interference from computer game - not very clear speech]
Kevin (PS6P1) [299] I reckon those kids are getting [...] ... Hooray! ... [singing] [...] [] .
Barry (PS6NY) [300] Oh it's on there.
Kevin (PS6P1) [301] [singing] [...] [] .
Peter (PS6P0) [302] Oh it's too smelly at Millwall.
Kevin (PS6P1) [303] Hey.
[304] I says at [...] , Arsenal [...] ! [singing] [...] , it's not against fanny and Chelsea [] .
Peter (PS6P0) [305] [laughing] Who's this fanny and Chelsea [] ?
Kevin (PS6P1) [306] [singing] Oh yeah, cos I know it's wonderful [] .