7 conversations recorded by `Clare2' (PS6PC) between 12 and 16 October 1993 with 12 interlocutors, totalling 1676 s-units, 9863 words, and over 20 minutes 27 seconds of recordings.

13 speakers recorded by respondent number 207

PS6PC Ag1 f (Clare, age 21, student, London, )
PS6PD Ag2 m (Gary, age 30+, estate agent, London, ) colleague
PS6PE Ag1 f (Catherine, age 24, lettings negotiator, London, ) friend
PS6PF Ag1 m (Mark, age 20, student, London, ) friend
PS6PG Ag4 f (Carole, age 48, housewife, London, ) friend's mother
PS6PH Ag4 m (Dave, age 51, bank inspector, London, ) friend's father
PS6PM Ag2 m (Chris, age 29, carpenter, London, ) friend
PS6PN Ag3 m (Brian, age 40, stockbroker, London, ) colleague
PS6PP Ag4 m (Brian, age 50, banker) colleague
PS6PR Ag4 m (Jeff, age 50, London, ) colleague
PS6TR X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KSRPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KSRPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

7 recordings

  1. Tape 132201 recorded on 1993-10-12. LocationGreater London: Epsom ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 132202 recorded on 1993-10-12. LocationGreater London: Epsom ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 132203 recorded on 1993-10-16. LocationGreater London: Surbiton ( work ) Activity: working
  4. Tape 132204 recorded on 1993-10-16. LocationGreater London: Surbiton ( work ) Activity: working
  5. Tape 132205 recorded on 1993-10-16. LocationGreater London: Surbiton ( work ) Activity: working
  6. Tape 132206 recorded on 1993-10-16. LocationGreater London: Surbiton ( work ) Activity: working
  7. Tape 132301 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 132201)

Clare (PS6PC) [1] And don't talk stupid because it's for a ... it's for a special project.
Gary (PS6PD) [2] What?
Clare (PS6PC) [3] That they're collecting all different types of speech together.
Gary (PS6PD) [4] Oh right.
Clare (PS6PC) [5] So ... I'm allowed to record you.
[6] Okay?
Gary (PS6PD) [7] Yes.
[8] Good.
Clare (PS6PC) [9] Look you're cleaning this ... with erm
Gary (PS6PD) [10] That box.
Clare (PS6PC) [11] This.
Gary (PS6PD) [12] With this.
[13] And this.
Clare (PS6PC) [14] And this.
[15] And this.
Gary (PS6PD) [16] And this.
[17] Whoops!
Clare (PS6PC) [18] Bugger!
[19] All those.
Gary (PS6PD) [20] Let's have a look.
Clare (PS6PC) [21] Now this one, if yo , you can work out how it works, cos I can't work out ... how ... to get that antiperspirant to go on your body.
[22] ... It's a bit stupid.
Gary (PS6PD) [23] Like that.
Clare (PS6PC) [24] What did you do?
Gary (PS6PD) [25] Just push it up the bum.
Clare (PS6PC) [26] Well I couldn't work out how to do that!
[27] Oh oh.
[28] What have you done now?
Gary (PS6PD) [29] I pushed it right out.
[30] Push it, when you want it, just push it ... up there
Clare (PS6PC) [31] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [32] so it comes out.
Clare (PS6PC) [33] And I was trying like, I was going like that for ages.
Gary (PS6PD) [34] Push it like that.
Clare (PS6PC) [35] Oh don't, oh don't waste it.
[36] Look at the state of your hands!
Gary (PS6PD) [37] What's wrong with them?
Clare (PS6PC) [38] Beautiful!
[39] They're beautiful!
Gary (PS6PD) [40] They are beautiful!
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Gary (PS6PD) [41] You could do nail varnish commercials with hands like that, you really could.
Clare (PS6PC) [42] I really need to don't I?
Gary (PS6PD) [laugh]
Clare (PS6PC) [43] Anna works on a farm and in her spare time paints her nails!
Gary (PS6PD) [44] [laugh] ... A shocking red colour.
[45] What's this then, bubble bath?
Clare (PS6PC) [46] Well read the bottle and it'll tell you?
Gary (PS6PD) [47] It doesn't say.
Clare (PS6PC) [48] Oh it's shower gel that one.
[49] It fell off ... when I was in the pool.
Gary (PS6PD) [50] This is ... shower
Clare (PS6PC) [51] Ooh!
Gary (PS6PD) [52] gel.
[53] This is shower gel.
Clare (PS6PC) [54] Oh no, they're both shower gels.
[55] That came with the last lot that I got.
[56] And that one came with this
Gary (PS6PD) [57] It smells nice.
Clare (PS6PC) [58] one.
[59] ... But when ... when erm ... when I unwrapped it, cos it had a bottle a , that big bottle with it as well, that little bot , where's the little bottle?
Gary (PS6PD) [60] Had a what bottle with it?
Clare (PS6PC) [61] It had a big bottle of Georgio with it.
Gary (PS6PD) [62] Oh right.
Clare (PS6PC) [63] And that little bottle was still half empty, and all the tissue paper inside really smelt heavily of perfume like it had leaked already.
Gary (PS6PD) [64] Oh oh.
[65] Well maybe it had gone
Clare (PS6PC) [66] [...] ... [...] .
Gary (PS6PD) [67] Oh dear.
Clare (PS6PC) [68] You never know.
[69] So you never know really.
Gary (PS6PD) [70] Oh.
[71] I was gonna get you a blow up Mr Blobby for [laughing] Christmas []
Clare (PS6PC) [72] Were you?
Gary (PS6PD) [73] as a joke.
[74] Yeah.
Clare (PS6PC) [75] Oh I'd like that.
Gary (PS6PD) [76] Tt.
Clare (PS6PC) [77] I'd find so many uses for it.
Gary (PS6PD) [78] Don't be stupid!
Clare (PS6PC) [79] I would have done.
Gary (PS6PD) [80] Yeah alright then.
Clare (PS6PC) [81] Ha ha ha!
Gary (PS6PD) [82] Will Mark want Christmas from me?
Clare (PS6PC) [83] No.
[84] A bit early to be thinking about Christmas isn't it?
Gary (PS6PD) [85] No it's not , it's only about eight weeks away.
Clare (PS6PC) [86] Yeah, but eight weeks is a long time.
Gary (PS6PD) [87] No it's not.
[88] Not the way my
Clare (PS6PC) [89] Yeah , I don't think yo , you don't have to go round and buy everybody's present out of that catalogue.
Gary (PS6PD) [90] I'm not.
[91] No, they're the only two things I'm getting out of there.
Clare (PS6PC) [92] Is it?
Gary (PS6PD) [93] Yeah.
[94] I'm not getting anything else.
[95] It's all kiddies stuff other than those.
Clare (PS6PC) [96] Oh.
Gary (PS6PD) [97] So I don't know what else to get.
Clare (PS6PC) [98] Erm ... I dunno, let me have a think.
Gary (PS6PD) [99] Yeah, well if you know
Clare (PS6PC) [100] There's probably
Gary (PS6PD) [101] if you know of a tape he wants or anything, then
Clare (PS6PC) [102] Yeah.
[103] I hope
Gary (PS6PD) [104] you can get it and I'll
Clare (PS6PC) [105] Right.
Gary (PS6PD) [106] give you the money for it.
Clare (PS6PC) [107] Okay then.
[108] And then you can borrow money out the bank again.
Gary (PS6PD) [109] Yeah.
[110] Well yeah.
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Gary (PS6PD) [111] Yeah.
[112] Good one.

2 (Tape 132202)

Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [113] It's a bit dubious voting for people that you
Dave (PS6PH) [114] No I can't.
Clare (PS6PC) [115] could be anyone. [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [116] Clare's done my back
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [117] with Clearasil.
Carole (PS6PG) [118] No.
[119] Is it itchy?
Mark (PS6PF) [120] Yeah.
[121] Well look at it.
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [122] [laughing] [...] [] .
Clare (PS6PC) [123] You can't see anything from there Mark, you've got the
Dave (PS6PH) [124] Er Carole, can you sign this loan application, there's a blank
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [125] application form here.
Carole (PS6PG) [126] Mm, it is bad lately.
[127] You wanna put some ... erm
Clare (PS6PC) [128] You wanna make sure you wash it properly.
Carole (PS6PG) [129] Some
Dave (PS6PH) [130] A loofah!
Carole (PS6PG) [131] I've got you a lo , [...]
Clare (PS6PC) [132] You've got a back cleaner here.
Carole (PS6PG) [133] Yeah , I've got you loofah. [phone rings]
Dave (PS6PH) [134] Just do it Carole.
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [135] Is that to take out?
Clare (PS6PC) [136] Oh!
[137] There's your keys.
Mark (PS6PF) [138] Oh great!
[139] Find a, oh.
Carole (PS6PG) [140] [on telephone] Hello.
[141] Oh yes, I meant to ring you last night, but things
Mark (PS6PF) [142] Sorry you're a bit late.
Carole (PS6PG) [143] overtook me really.
[144] Nigel and Doug.
Dave (PS6PH) [145] Broken his arm.
Carole (PS6PG) [146] Oh right.
[147] Yes, [...] . [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [148] I bet you were planning on your twenty [...] .
Clare (PS6PC) [149] No I'm not .
Carole (PS6PG) [150] You won't frighten me with telling me [...]
Mark (PS6PF) [151] Yeah cos, my mates were telling me the other day ... what's Gilly said?
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Carole (PS6PG) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [152] Who?
Carole (PS6PG) [153] Marcus .
Dave (PS6PH) [154] Marcus?
Carole (PS6PG) [155] Yeah.
[156] I know he's
Dave (PS6PH) [157] I'll sort him out!
Carole (PS6PG) [158] [...] my little [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [159] Course he won't!
Carole (PS6PG) [160] Very
Clare (PS6PC) [161] He'll bore them rigid!
Carole (PS6PG) [162] very , very new.
Dave (PS6PH) [163] Yeah, but he'll
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [164] he'll bore them to death.
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [165] He'll actually bore them for me. [laugh]
Clare (PS6PC) [166] [laughing] Hundred million crap jokes [] !
Carole (PS6PG) [167] Yeah, I'll give him a try.
[168] Can he stay there?
Clare (PS6PC) [169] And once you make the joke, and I always tell jokes that make them laugh.
Mark (PS6PF) [170] Where's the delivery?
[171] See, that's a joke [...] .
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Carole (PS6PG) [172] Oh oh.
[173] I presume David's there next week.
Dave (PS6PH) [174] Who's that?
Carole (PS6PG) [175] He goes here there and everywhere.
Dave (PS6PH) [176] Marvellous!
Carole (PS6PG) [177] [laugh] ... Oh well David's not like that, he's ... well Mark's just had a bit of luck he's just [...] .
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Carole (PS6PG) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [178] That's three thousand pounds for a
Carole (PS6PG) [179] I know.
Dave (PS6PH) [180] new suite to be cleaned.
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [181] Just er, I shall spend it.
Carole (PS6PG) [182] Mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [183] You'll do what? [music]
Carole (PS6PG) [184] No I've given up on him.
Clare (PS6PC) [185] You must get, you must hear that new song it's really good.
Dave (PS6PH) [186] He's not had a chance yet.
Clare (PS6PC) [187] No.
[188] David Jensen's playing [laughing] like it's going out of fashion [] !
Carole (PS6PG) [189] Does David want [...] ?
Mark (PS6PF) [190] What's the matter?
Clare (PS6PC) [191] Nothing.
Carole (PS6PG) [192] Oh.
Mark (PS6PF) [...]
Carole (PS6PG) [193] No that's fine.
Clare (PS6PC) [194] What?
Carole (PS6PG) [195] No, no, he's, he's alright.
[196] They got [...] .
Mark (PS6PF) [197] Is the tape running?
Clare (PS6PC) [198] Yeah.
Carole (PS6PG) [199] Sorry?
Mark (PS6PF) [200] Doesn't go very far though does it?
Carole (PS6PG) [201] Oh I hope so [...] .
Clare (PS6PC) [202] No.
Carole (PS6PG) [203] I'm fed up with it. [break in recording]
Clare (PS6PC) [204] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [205] What colour?
Clare (PS6PC) [206] It's a mixture of colours.
[207] Erm ... it's sort of like lines, you have a bit like paint, you know that sort of ... erm ... it's like paint brush stripes.
[208] You know, and there's just short little, like brush marks.
[209] Do you know
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [210] Mm mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [211] you have wallpaper like it sometimes.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [212] Oh well, very trendy?
Clare (PS6PC) [213] It's a bit like, it's the same sort of idea as that sleeping bag you've got, you know, little short dashes of paint
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [214] Mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [215] of colour.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [216] Oh I see.
Clare (PS6PC) [217] And erm ... it's
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [218] [laugh] ... [laughing] We don't have to whisper, they're not listening [] .
Clare (PS6PC) [219] [laugh] ... But it's a bit erm
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [220] Was it expensive?
Clare (PS6PC) [221] About er,ne , nearer two thousand than, than a thousand.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [222] Well these garish things always are.
[223] I mean, for that I could have, do a lovely one for under, a reasonable price, and they're going straight for the cord.
Clare (PS6PC) [224] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [225] Comes with matching pouffe and things like that.
Clare (PS6PC) [226] Never mind.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [227] Mm.
[228] They'll never know.
Clare (PS6PC) [229] Mm.
[230] Have to be careful when you're talking about that cos
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [231] Mm mm. [laugh]
Clare (PS6PC) [232] cos you might say to Mark, oh have a listen to my recording
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [233] I'll tell him!
[234] I'll tell him to his face I think his parent's sofa's not very nice.
Clare (PS6PC) [235] [whispering] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [236] Well they're not gonna hear.
Clare (PS6PC) [237] [whispering] [...] [] ?
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [238] I doubt it.
[239] I don't lie to him especially as we've got a [...] obviously.
Clare (PS6PC) [240] Who's this?
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [241] Peter Sissons, that's it.
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [242] I knew it was something along those lines.
Clare (PS6PC) [243] Ooh!
[244] Can I ask you, could you do some photocopying for me tomorrow?
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [245] Yeah.
Clare (PS6PC) [246] I need these log sheets cos they didn't leave us any log sheets.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [247] Mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [248] Erm

3 (Tape 132203)

Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [249] [phonecall starts] And Sarah ... sounds like a ship doesn't it?
[250] [laugh] ... And we're sailing on, we're sailing on the Sarah Bell.
[251] [laugh] ... Alright?
[252] Okay?
[253] So erm ... just mention obviously our connection
Clare (PS6PC) [254] Okay.
Gary (PS6PD) [255] you know.
Clare (PS6PC) [256] You can have that back now.
Gary (PS6PD) [257] Right.
Catherine (PS6PE) [258] Thank you.
Clare (PS6PC) [259] Er erm
Catherine (PS6PE) [260] Er erm, what have you used
Gary (PS6PD) [261] Did you get the piece on [...] ?
Catherine (PS6PE) [262] [...] as well?
Clare (PS6PC) [263] I wouldn't bother with that one.
[264] Right.
[265] These three just be
Gary (PS6PD) [266] Okay?
Clare (PS6PC) [267] really off.
Gary (PS6PD) [268] I'll erm
Catherine (PS6PE) [269] Okay.
Gary (PS6PD) [clears throat]
Clare (PS6PC) [270] Just do that one.
[271] And ... yeah, do that one
Gary (PS6PD) [272] Oh right.
Clare (PS6PC) [273] and also
Catherine (PS6PE) [274] Mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [275] I think they were out all day today actually.
Gary (PS6PD) [276] Yeah.
Clare (PS6PC) [277] Who's it for?
Gary (PS6PD) [278] Yeah.
Catherine (PS6PE) [279] This guy, Oliver .?
Clare (PS6PC) [280] He's er
Catherine (PS6PE) [281] Oh yeah , he's the one we sent a list to the other day.
Clare (PS6PC) [282] Yeah.
[283] And erm, he's very, he's got a house with, er somewhere with Lords but he doesn't really wanna take ... it's a little bit complicated
Gary (PS6PD) [284] Where?
Clare (PS6PC) [285] he's got his deposit tied up with Lords at the moment
Gary (PS6PD) [286] Mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [287] and they've got all the rest of it sorted out so it's quite easy to
Gary (PS6PD) [288] I have already, I, I , obviously as you know, I've got the new towns.
Clare (PS6PC) [289] move in quickly ... if we can agre , agree with Lords
Gary (PS6PD) [290] Mm mm mm
Catherine (PS6PE) [291] Shall I have that one?
Gary (PS6PD) [292] Possibly.
Catherine (PS6PE) [293] See if they're there?
Clare (PS6PC) [294] Yep.
Catherine (PS6PE) [295] Erm
Gary (PS6PD) [296] Yeah.
[297] No, no, no, no, I don't think it ... she's a bit of shrewd old pigeon isn't she?
[298] I think we're gonna have to watch her?
[299] I'm gonna, I'm gonna phone them now anyway and see if they can at least come into you.
[300] Okay?
[301] Cos I mean, I've got a couple of people who wanna view it already.
[302] You got anybody else round?
[303] [clears throat] ... Okay.
[304] I'll, I'll give her a bell anyway and when this geezer's coming into you.
[305] Yeah.
[306] The money yesterday, it's alright rub it in!
[307] Go on!
[308] It's my, it's my birthday Monday and I'm [...] just, my wife's taking me ... really?
[309] Was it?
[310] Oh thanks for telling us!
Clare (PS6PC) [311] Yeah I'd rather do it Monday.
Gary (PS6PD) [312] Perhaps you'd have let me know we could have gone for a beer.
Clare (PS6PC) [313] So
Catherine (PS6PE) [314] Yeah.
[315] I mean, well
Clare (PS6PC) [316] Well we didn't get any better
Gary (PS6PD) [317] Yes we are.
[318] Yes.
Clare (PS6PC) [319] [...] be in over the weekend.
Gary (PS6PD) [320] Alright.
[321] [laughing] Okay [] .
[322] I'll speak to you soon.
[323] Right.
[324] Bye []
Clare (PS6PC) [325] But is it a similar design to this one Catherine?
Catherine (PS6PE) [326] No, they're two totally different properties.
Clare (PS6PC) [327] Have you, got, not got ... written details?
Catherine (PS6PE) [328] One of , the things that [...]
Clare (PS6PC) [329] Yeah.
Catherine (PS6PE) [330] that I've done.
Clare (PS6PC) [331] Right.
Gary (PS6PD) [332] [clears throat] ... [phonecall starts] Hello Mr ?
[333] Hello from Alberford.
[334] Hello to you.
[335] Erm, any luck with those keys yet?
[336] ... Were you, sure.
[337] Right okay.
[338] If you mind that anyway, cos I may have a couple of people er ... that may want a few of them to, spoken to Dav , David , he's got one or two as well.
Clare (PS6PC) [339] [phonecall starts] Hello is that Cyndy ?
Gary (PS6PD) [340] Alright well yo , okay.
[341] If that's okay with you?
[342] That's fine.
[343] We'll leave it like that.
Clare (PS6PC) [344] Hi, it's Clare from [...] Prudential.
Gary (PS6PD) [345] Alright.
Clare (PS6PC) [346] Hello.
[347] Erm ... I've had a gentleman on the phone this morning we have on our listings, I'm quite interested for him to have a look at the
Gary (PS6PD) [348] Er, yes possible.
[349] I mean out of the three that he saw and prefer, I must admit he did prefer forty four.
[350] Erm
Clare (PS6PC) [351] property sometime today.
Gary (PS6PD) [352] he's going away to think about it.
[353] I mean, obviously,whe whether or not he was absolutely
Clare (PS6PC) [354] Er, I wondered if that was possible.
Gary (PS6PD) [355] one hundred and ten percent serious.
[356] Erm ... yeah.
Clare (PS6PC) [357] Really?
[358] Oh that is great!
Gary (PS6PD) [359] Yeah but certainly the three he saw
Clare (PS6PC) [360] I mean I know he's going to be out sometime this afternoon, so I think any time after about six o'clock
Gary (PS6PD) [361] erm, he saw two before forty four and preferred forty four for the size of the [...] .
Clare (PS6PC) [362] would be suitable for
Gary (PS6PD) [363] Right?
Clare (PS6PC) [364] him.
Gary (PS6PD) [365] I'll let you know as soon as I know.
[366] Alright Mr ?
[367] Thanks.
[368] Bye [] .
Clare (PS6PC) [369] Okay.
Gary (PS6PD) [clears throat]
Clare (PS6PC) [370] Hello.
[371] Right.
[372] So if we said erm ... sort of seven o'clock?
[373] Would that be okay?
[374] Yep.
[375] Okay.
[376] His name is Oliver ... .
[377] Okay?
[378] And I'll send him along at seven then?
[379] That's lovely.
[380] Thank you.
[381] Bye-bye [] .
Gary (PS6PD) [382] [phonecall starts] David,
Clare (PS6PC) [383] [phonecall starts] Hello
Gary (PS6PD) [384] Gary.
[385] Hello.
Clare (PS6PC) [386] Would it be possible to speak to Oliver ?
Gary (PS6PD) [387] Right I've just spoken .
[388] Erm ... it's not [...]
Clare (PS6PC) [389] It's Clare from the Prudential.
[390] Thank you.
Gary (PS6PD) [391] Oh.
[392] Well I know.
[393] Just thought I'd call you.
[394] Alright?
[395] So ... you could, yeah, you've got his telephone number anyway, so you can also phone him at the same time.
[396] I just said, look, you know, silly really, cos I mean, he knew I had a couple of people, erm, you know, Monday and Tuesday, before Monday and Tuesday and er ... you know, you got erm ... you need a couple of people as well, so ... if you don't mind coming over from [...] , it's entirely up to you.
Clare (PS6PC) [397] Hello.
[398] Yeah, erm, if you could ask him to give me a call
Gary (PS6PD) [399] Yeah, fair enough.
[400] I mean it's the best way to do it anyway, anyway, we shouldn't have.
[401] Alright?
[402] Cheers.
[403] Bye [] .
Clare (PS6PC) [404] on ?
[405] I've managed to make him an appointment for one of the properties we were discussing earlier.
Catherine (PS6PE) [406] Er er
Clare (PS6PC)
Catherine (PS6PE) [...]
Clare (PS6PC) [407] Yeah.
[408] And my name's Clare.
[409] Okay, thank you.
[410] Bye- bye [] .
Catherine (PS6PE) [...]

4 (Tape 132204)

Clare (PS6PC) [411] I went to see Sleepless in Seattle last night.
[412] It was lovely!
Gary (PS6PD) [413] Oh oh!
[414] Cath wants to take me to see it?
[415] What was it like?
Clare (PS6PC) [416] Well, it depends whether you li , it's a bit of a sort of ... old-fashioned weepy but it was really good.
Gary (PS6PD) [417] In other words Cath wants to see me crying.
Clare (PS6PC) [418] It was , [laugh] ... it was really sweet.
Catherine (PS6PE) [...]
Gary (PS6PD) [419] Ah? [talking from other room]
Catherine (PS6PE) [...]
Gary (PS6PD) [420] Mm mm.
Catherine (PS6PE) [...]
Gary (PS6PD) [421] Mm. [phone bleeps]
Catherine (PS6PE) [422] That's that [...]
Clare (PS6PC) [423] [on telephone] Good morning [...] Prudential can I help you?
[424] Certainly.
[425] Who's calling?
Gary (PS6PD) [426] Yeah.
Catherine (PS6PE) [...]
Clare (PS6PC) [427] Right, hold on a moment please ... Sarah for you.
Gary (PS6PD) [428] For me?
Clare (PS6PC) [429] Yes.
Gary (PS6PD) [430] [clears throat] ... [on telephone] Good morning, Gary speaking, can I help you?
[431] ... Oh right.
[432] Right.
[433] Thank you for telling us.
[434] So, your property's still available?
[435] Right.
[436] Right.
[437] Okay.
[438] You both seem with the situation in hand [] .

5 (Tape 132205)

Clare (PS6PC) [439] So is Adam just off for a week or is it a fortnight?
Gary (PS6PD) [440] No, just off for a week. [clears throat]
Clare (PS6PC) [441] Oh
Gary (PS6PD) [442] He wasn't gonna take any.
[443] I said to him, you need it, you know just go.
[444] It's, it's okay I mean ... when he's away ... [clears throat] ... things go, actually things go a lot smoother.
Clare (PS6PC) [445] Sorry?
Gary (PS6PD) [446] Things go a lot smoother when he's not here.
Clare (PS6PC) [447] Mm mm.
[448] ... It's a shame, what yo , I think you could really do with is somebody sort of part-time ... who is kind of flexible on, on when they're part-time so they could fit in with the ... with the sort of fluctuation
Gary (PS6PD) [clears throat]
Clare (PS6PC) [449] that the, the busyness goes in.
Gary (PS6PD) [450] Well I was hoping, yeah exactly.
[451] I mean, you obviously know what I want here, but I mean ... I was hoping that Yvonne would come across and work maybe two stroke three days ... a week for me ... even when
Clare (PS6PC) [452] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [453] I needed to.
[454] But, her husband's just sta , or the boyfriend, the boyfriend's just started up a new company
Clare (PS6PC) [455] Mm.
Gary (PS6PD) [456] and that erm, that ain't gonna be possible unfortunately.
Clare (PS6PC) [457] Oh dear.
Gary (PS6PD) [clears throat]
Clare (PS6PC) [458] Was erm ... is it Lorraine doing some work, is she doing some work for you?
[459] Is it Lorraine?
Gary (PS6PD) [460] Julie?
Clare (PS6PC) [461] I forget which, yeah, whichever one [laughing] of Graham's sister's has got all those children [] . [laugh]
Gary (PS6PD) [462] Oh ... Julie, yeah.
[463] You know, cracks in the walls.
Clare (PS6PC) [laugh]
Gary (PS6PD) [464] Erm, yeah she is, but she's doing, you know these calls I've been receiving.
[465] She's been doing the canvass one, canvass two, and canvass three.
Clare (PS6PC) [466] Oh right.
Gary (PS6PD) [467] Erm ... I got, I mean, er er, she's, she's like part-time canvassing for me at the moment.
[468] You know, everything I've got in my bottom drawer ... she does [...] anyway.
Clare (PS6PC) [469] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [470] [clears throat] ... Or all the ones that need sold, you know, got nice ... photographs of all the sold boards, and what I want her to do now is go and ... literally go and traipse the streets
Clare (PS6PC) [471] Mm mm.
Gary (PS6PD) [472] [clears throat] ... whereby we've sold a ... sold a property in those roads and erm ... deliver leaflets either side
Clare (PS6PC) [473] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [474] and six doors up, six doors down from the one we've sold and get a coloured photograph so ... that's the next campaign going out.
[475] Yeah.
[476] She works for me in that side.
[477] Erm ... erm, she's not really, not really a typist.
Clare (PS6PC) [478] No.
Gary (PS6PD) [479] Er er ... so it's difficult.
[480] I mean, when, when Yvonne comes in, blimey!
[481] I mean,sh , talk about work her socks off!
[482] Erm, she's in at ten o'clock and she just does not stop ... until four o'clock.
Clare (PS6PC) [483] Mm mm.
Gary (PS6PD) [484] She did ... she did nine ... nine instructions for me ... last week.
[485] The week before that it must have been ... eleven, twelve.
[486] [clears throat] ... Have you seen the top drawer?
Clare (PS6PC) [487] No.
[488] God! [laugh]
Gary (PS6PD) [489] [clears throat] ... Twenty thousand pounds worth of sales in the bottom drawer now.
Clare (PS6PC) [490] Oh that's brilliant!
Gary (PS6PD) [491] And there's six thousand pounds worth of financial services.
Clare (PS6PC) [492] That's excellent!
Gary (PS6PD) [493] So ... just over half way in a year.
[494] ... No, I love it to bits, but I just wish there was some assistance in the office.
Clare (PS6PC) [495] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [clears throat]
Clare (PS6PC) [496] It's difficult, cos I know Adam doesn't like the idea of employing secretaries ... he likes the idea to sort of to, to maximize ... by having somebody that does both.
[497] But I think there is a case for
Gary (PS6PD) [498] Well it's blatantly taking the piss, let's be honest, I mean, I can't muck around, I mean it's blatantly taking the piss isn't it?
Clare (PS6PC) [499] Yeah.
[500] I mean
Gary (PS6PD) [501] You know
Clare (PS6PC) [502] I think there is a case, especially, and not so much with the letters because there is a minimal amount of, of secretarial work, but with something like that ... I think you would really do with somebody who's just there basically to type ... and
Gary (PS6PD) [503] Mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [504] answer the phone
Gary (PS6PD) [505] Mm.
[506] Mm.
Clare (PS6PC) [507] and not have to keep stopping and starting and
Gary (PS6PD) [508] [clears throat] That's right.
[509] But I mean, it's getting to the stage now where it's gonna become counter-productive, well, for me cos it's got to such a point now where ... I've got exchanges going through, I've got erm ... sales going through, details to be typed, canvassing going out, instructions, appointments to make, the outcomes
Clare (PS6PC) [510] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [511] a ... therefore, like Catherine's in a situation herself and she'll obviously vouch for it, I cannot get my applicants.
Clare (PS6PC) [512] No.
Gary (PS6PD) [513] If I could get my applicant, you see if, let's say we pay somebody, I dunno ... fifty, sixty quid a week, fifty quid a week to come and ... for, two mornings, three mornings, or whatever ... that'll then give me enough time to contact the applicants and then ma , maybe ... maybe two stroke three sales extra ... per month.
Clare (PS6PC) [514] Mm.
Gary (PS6PD) [515] Half a sale would pay
Clare (PS6PC) [516] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [517] the annual salary for this so-called
Clare (PS6PC) [518] Yeah.
Gary (PS6PD) [519] part-timer.
[520] ... But I've got to the stage now where ... I, I cannot erm ... I cannot do any more.
Clare (PS6PC) [521] No.
Gary (PS6PD) [522] [clears throat] ... I was even, you know, obviously you can worry about sending the stuff, this canvass three out ... purely because the ... the amount of instructions I had to do last week.
Clare (PS6PC) [523] Mm mm.
Gary (PS6PD) [524] I'm, I'm glad they're coming on, we seem to be taking on more than ... hopefully the old, the old wages at the moment, which is encouraging.
[525] [...] ... It's the erm ... [...] . [clears throat]

6 (Tape 132206)

Clare (PS6PC) [526] [phonecall starts] Right.
[527] Now it's actually at the midla down in Yule, which is the far side of erm ... Tulworth. ...
[528] Yep.
[529] Mhm.
[530] Is that gonna be suitable for you really?
[531] ... Okay then.
[532] Well not to worry, I'll cancel that one.
[533] Erm ... I'm afraid that property's now gone.
[534] Yeah.
[535] Tt.
[536] I don't have anything else that I could show you at the moment I'm afraid.
[537] That's about it.
[538] ... Mhm.
[539] ... What's your upper price limit?
[540] ... Eight hundred.
[541] ... Eight fifty.
[542] ... Mhm.
[543] ... Okay then.
[544] Well if anything comes up I'll call you.
[545] Yup.
[546] ... Yeah.
[547] I would be very surprised if a property on at nine fifty would be dropped much below nine hundred ... because, obviously they have a, they have a certain that they need to get and ... I I'd be surprised if they'd go sort of much below fifty pounds less a month than they've advertised it for. [phonecall ends]

7 (Tape 132301)

Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [548] And if anybody wants a drink or anything er er, there's Coke behind, if anybody wants a coffee or ... you know, just shout.
Chris (PS6PM) [549] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [550] I'll get the slave outside to do that one.
[551] I can say that now
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [552] cos she can't hear.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [553] Lucky.
Brian (PS6PN) [554] What's this then?
Dave (PS6PH) [555] Right.
[556] Are we gonna make a move then?
[557] I mean
Chris (PS6PM) [558] Erm , yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [559] I'm frightened to
Chris (PS6PM) [560] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [561] without, without
Brian (PS6PN) [562] The tape is on.
Mark (PS6PF) [563] It's going.
Dave (PS6PH) [564] It's on?
Brian (PS6PN) [565] Yes, yes.
Dave (PS6PH) [566] Oh so we've already been had.
Brian (PS6PN) [567] What yes.
Dave (PS6PH) [568] That is one month's
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [569] Alright.
[570] Yes, yes.
Dave (PS6PH) [571] Yeah.
[572] But before the
Brian (PS6PP) [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [573] meeting can I just
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [574] I'd like to give something to Chris actually.
Chris (PS6PM) [575] Oh dear!
Dave (PS6PH) [576] And I have an apology to make.
Chris (PS6PM) [577] This is the reason for this is it?
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [578] [laughing] That is right [] !
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [579] Nearly a year too late. [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [580] I found them in my room.
[581] I must say that.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [582] Ah ah ah, that's it.
Chris (PS6PM) [583] And if you have with Carole
Dave (PS6PH) [584] So it was you all the time.
Chris (PS6PM) [585] it's surprising he's found them this
Brian (PS6PN) [586] He will but
Chris (PS6PM) [587] it could have been three years time before that surfaced.
Dave (PS6PH) [588] You're a right plonker Mark!
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [589] Agree with that.
Chris (PS6PM) [590] Alright.
[591] Thank you.
[592] Yes, you go in by [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [593] Yeah .
Mark (PS6PF) [594] You can say to the secretary.
Dave (PS6PH) [595] Right.
[596] Better make a start then.
[597] Apologies for absence for Sir who is in Fiji.
[598] Erm
Chris (PS6PM) [599] urgh urgh urgh!
Brian (PS6PP) [600] But not yet
Dave (PS6PH) [...]
Brian (PS6PP) [601] he's not.
Chris (PS6PM) [602] Wurgh urgh urgh!
Dave (PS6PH) [603] Well he's on his way to Fiji via Melbourne
Brian (PS6PP) [604] He's nearly there.
Dave (PS6PH) [605] and er, Auckland is he?
Brian (PS6PP) [606] Au , [...]
Jeff (PS6PR) [607] Why?
Brian (PS6PN) [608] Oh that's when I was there.
Dave (PS6PH) [609] Er, it's the only way you can get there apparently.
Brian (PS6PN) [610] So you fly to the
Brian (PS6PP) [611] This, this
Jeff (PS6PR) [612] No, but why's he going?
Dave (PS6PH) [613] Erm
Mark (PS6PF) [614] To visit his brother.
Dave (PS6PH) [615] because his brother who likes listening to erm, erm air traf , sounds
Brian (PS6PN) [616] Oh part of the air waves , yes.
Dave (PS6PH) [617] erm finds that the Fiji air controls are the most fascinating in the world.
Jeff (PS6PR) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [618] And his brother's out there at the moment listening to the erm ... you know, the aircraft co
Chris (PS6PM) [619] Oh that's very nice.
Dave (PS6PH) [620] No he's on a round the world ticket, it's cost him eleven pound.
Mark (PS6PF) [621] And fly into New Zealand I would have thought on the
Dave (PS6PH) [622] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [623] Was that the bloke who played soft ball with us last year?
Dave (PS6PH) [624] Er er
Brian (PS6PN) [625] Yes it was.
Dave (PS6PH) [626] yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [627] Yeah.
[628] Oh yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [629] He came to watch Wimbledon Y S A once [...]
Brian (PS6PP) [630] How much is that costing him, a round the world ticket?
Dave (PS6PH) [631] Well it's only costing Eddie's brother a hundred erm ... one thousand one hundred pounds.
Mark (PS6PF) [632] Only!
Dave (PS6PH) [633] But it's costing Eddie about nine hundred pound, and the only way he can get there is this kind of ticket which goes with, like I say Hong Kong
Brian (PS6PN) [634] We , we'll [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [635] erm
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [636] Very nice too!
[637] How long for?
[638] How long is that?
Dave (PS6PH) [639] He's only , he's only going for a couple of weeks
Brian (PS6PP) [640] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [641] and then he's back, he's back.
[642] Erm
Brian (PS6PP) [643] Oh well.
Mark (PS6PF) [644] No he's going for over two weeks.
Dave (PS6PH) [645] Yeah?
Chris (PS6PM) [646] He'll be knackered by the time he, when he gets back.
Brian (PS6PN) [647] I thought he was going for three weeks.
[648] Oh.
Dave (PS6PH) [649] Oh he might be away for thre , cos I know he had golf at the Belfry this week, and then when he comes back he's being picked up by a car to take him to the Belfry again, cos we're entertaining there for a weekend's golf.
Mark (PS6PF) [650] But you can't, you can't play golf.
Dave (PS6PH) [651] [laugh] ... Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [652] Tough life!
Dave (PS6PH) [653] It is.
Jeff (PS6PR) [654] It is innit?
[655] Eh?
Dave (PS6PH) [656] I dunno whether, how he's gonna get on.
Brian (PS6PP) [657] At the back
Mark (PS6PF) [658] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [659] whole
Chris (PS6PM) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [660] hardly
Brian (PS6PN) [661] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [662] still usable though.
Chris (PS6PM) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [663] Yeah.
[664] Better have, have two [...]
Jeff (PS6PR) [665] We are gonna get new ones?
Chris (PS6PM) [666] Well, I dunno, can't afford it.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [667] You can fill that in can't ya?
Chris (PS6PM) [668] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [669] Let's face it, don't want get to the table anyway.
Brian (PS6PN) [670] The head was in the way anyway. [...]
Chris (PS6PM) [671] I think he'll select his course
Brian (PS6PP) [672] But he won't
Dave (PS6PH) [673] It probably, probably cracking now.
[674] So, make a start then.
[675] Right.
[676] First to obviously confirm that the A G M is for the er ... eleventh of er November.
[677] You've paid the money haven't you Mark?
Mark (PS6PF) [678] Yes.
[679] Yes I have.
Dave (PS6PH) [680] Cos every time you pay the money.
Mark (PS6PF) [681] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [682] Right.
[683] Erm ... so it'll be upstairs in the Green
Jeff (PS6PR) [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [684] Green Man is
Mark (PS6PF) [685] The deposit for the Green Man ... I paid it.
[686] A very
Dave (PS6PH) [687] Right.
Mark (PS6PF) [688] nice young lady behind the bar.
Dave (PS6PH) [689] Erm
Mark (PS6PF) [690] Sorry Claire.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [691] Erm, first thing I ne
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [692] [laughing] Oh, oh yeah [] !
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [693] fir , first thing I need to know is I have
Mark (PS6PF) [694] [sighing] Cor [] !
Dave (PS6PH) [695] I've not booked up erm Cricket next, yet ... erm because I wanted to come to the meeting and ask erm ... you know what night, and also what period?
[696] I mean, last year we went back to Wednesday nights and we booked up erm ... I think it was five er weeks ... er th , the five Wednesdays of March.
Brian (PS6PN) [697] Did we have two nets on?
Dave (PS6PH) [698] We had two nets
Brian (PS6PN) [699] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [700] er, we had five weeks.
Brian (PS6PN) [701] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [702] Erm ... as Eddie's sent this thing here, this minus seventy pound nett, that is the nett difference that is the cost ... erm ... of what it cost us to actually hire the nets less the one pound fifty er ... per person, er per session that was paid, so that is the nett ... difference because we come there.
[703] So it's a case of asking what nights.
[704] The reason say that is that I mean, Wednesday ... erm nights is, if you like, football nights.
[705] I know it wasn't too bad last year ... erm ... I think it's either at a Wednesday or Thursday.
[706] I know Steve asked if we could go back to Thursdays cos he can't make a Wednesday night.
Mark (PS6PF) [707] [laughing] And er, and that's the main thing isn't it [] ?
Jeff (PS6PR) [708] That's right, you
Dave (PS6PH) [709] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [710] know.
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [711] Well it's, it's not that I mean I'm just trying to see
Brian (PS6PN) [712] I see, you know.
Mark (PS6PF) [713] Well
Dave (PS6PH) [714] Cos I was thinking
Brian (PS6PN) [715] What?
Dave (PS6PH) [716] I'm thinking of you guys like with your Palace, I mean, you're gonna have some Wednesday nights coming up for promotion.
Mark (PS6PF) [717] Mm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [718] Erm
Chris (PS6PM) [719] No, we'd have
Dave (PS6PH) [720] and jus
Chris (PS6PM) [721] already got it by then.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [722] Well, then you'd probably wanna go and see if they can
Brian (PS6PN) [clears throat]
Dave (PS6PH) [723] you know
Brian (PS6PP) [724] No, actually Palace, to be fair Palace very rarely play on a Wednesday.
[725] They usually play
Dave (PS6PH) [726] Don't they?
Brian (PS6PP) [727] on a Tuesday.
Mark (PS6PF) [728] Yeah.
[729] For the time being.
Dave (PS6PH) [730] Right.
[731] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [732] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [733] Tomorrow night, I know.
[734] Yeah, I'm working this week.
Dave (PS6PH) [735] Oh.
Chris (PS6PM) [736] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [737] Anyway, so that's the first thing, what erm ... you know, which, what do you wanna keep it Wednesdays and do the same as
Mark (PS6PF) [738] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [739] last year or do you wanna go to Thursdays or
Mark (PS6PF) [740] Keep it to Wednesday.
Jeff (PS6PR) [741] I think Thursdays is fine.
Dave (PS6PH) [742] Get Steve
Chris (PS6PM) [743] Can't be Wednesdays [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [744] Are they
Brian (PS6PN) [745] Well
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [746] Get Steve down there and
Chris (PS6PM) [747] Does it matter?
Jeff (PS6PR) [748] Do you wanna fight about it?
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [749] Jus th , the ... it didn't seem to alter too much the, the people
Chris (PS6PM) [750] No.
Brian (PS6PP) [751] who attended last year.
[752] Apart from Steve , I don't think there appeared to be anyone who turned round and said look they couldn't do it.
[753] So therefore, if we go back to Thursdays Steve
Dave (PS6PH) [754] Mm.
Brian (PS6PP) [755] can come down.
[756] And to be fair to Steve, he was absolutely crap cricketer
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [757] and er is now
Dave (PS6PH) [758] Still is.
Brian (PS6PP) [759] now got ... a bit better.
[760] His batting
Mark (PS6PF) [761] For not getting it in the nets.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [762] Cos he didn't go to [...] that's why!
Chris (PS6PM) [763] Well I think old Steve, he thoroughly enjoys himself
Mark (PS6PF) [764] Oh yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [765] er , and he, he's
Jeff (PS6PR) [766] He's on an abseiling weekend [...] though.
Chris (PS6PM) [767] absolutely useless in the field and we want [laughing] to, oh well []
Dave (PS6PH) [768] Mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [769] bring him out of
Dave (PS6PH) [770] Well that's why I delayed it cos I mean he is actually keen to come, and he was very disappointed last year but obviously he pu
Mark (PS6PF) [771] Mm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [772] puts the band before us, but er ... so I'll go to Thursdays then on, on er
Brian (PS6PN) [773] I would think so, yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [774] and keep five, five erm, well, you know the Thursdays of March and two nets?
Brian (PS6PN) [775] Yep.
Dave (PS6PH) [776] Okay.
Mark (PS6PF) [777] We could even le
Brian (PS6PP) [778] We certainly need more than one ... net.
Dave (PS6PH) [779] Yeah, I don't know ... how well they'd get offended if we
Jeff (PS6PR) [780] Yeah it was alright.
[781] There were quite, there were quite of times
Mark (PS6PF) [782] I like nets, I think nets is excellent.
[783] I think
Dave (PS6PH) [784] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [785] we could have more, the more nets the better.
Brian (PS6PN) [786] It's, it's no extra
Brian (PS6PP) [787] We could go about having a quarter of an hour batting
Mark (PS6PF) [788] Carrying it out [...]
Brian (PS6PP) [789] if you can have a quarter of an hour's batting each
Jeff (PS6PR) [790] We can bowl from the side.
Mark (PS6PF) [791] We need them high up.
Dave (PS6PH) [792] Mm.
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [793] But we, there were too many people for two nets last year to have
Dave (PS6PH) [794] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [795] quarter of an hour.
Dave (PS6PH) [796] Well yes.
Chris (PS6PM) [797] Sometimes we were struggling to get ten minutes each.
[798] Though the nets were well attended.
Jeff (PS6PR) [799] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [800] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [801] Cos even John and George was ... sort of coming from end to another.
Chris (PS6PM) [802] Well yeah, that's right.
Dave (PS6PH) [803] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [804] Tony came round to bat for us didn't he?
Brian (PS6PP) [805] And Andrew 'll come this year.
Dave (PS6PH) [806] Yeah, I mean, obviously erm ... [...] , I think we originally moved back from Thursdays to Wednesdays because on Thursdays I think erm
Mark (PS6PF) [807] EastEnders.
Dave (PS6PH) [808] there was a lot of people who couldn't make it.
[809] I think Steve was going to a ... first aider or something, and there was quite a few different people.
[810] On that subject, obviously next year, er bearing in mind that we've agreed as a committee to go for twelve matches on Sundays
Brian (PS6PN) [811] Aha.
Dave (PS6PH) [812] erm, we gotta bear in mind that a lot of these er ... younger players are now gonna be away at erm ... college, university whatever.
[813] Erm ... and that
Mark (PS6PF) [814] Yeah , that's true up to a point, but you've gotta remember though that that ... only affects the first half, or first bit of season.
[815] Cos they're all still here until the end of the season ... cos they don't go back ... [...] .
Dave (PS6PH) [816] Yeah.
[817] Yeah, that's true.
[818] But obviously with twelve matches I'm not gonna be able to ... spread it like I did ... last year.
Mark (PS6PF) [819] Well no , you've got more at the end ... as opposed to the
Brian (PS6PN) [820] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [821] beginning.
Dave (PS6PH) [822] But then er
Chris (PS6PM) [823] But then they're back for it.
Dave (PS6PH) [824] but then it clashes with
Brian (PS6PN) [825] Yes they are aren't they?
Dave (PS6PH) [826] that clashes with the erm ... with the football which we're trying to avoid.
Brian (PS6PP) [827] Well, we
Dave (PS6PH) [828] erm
Brian (PS6PP) [829] could can't we?
Chris (PS6PM) [830] There's not too much on the football front
Mark (PS6PF) [831] I don't think it does really.
Chris (PS6PM) [832] on Sundays in Septembers.
Mark (PS6PF) [833] No.
Dave (PS6PH) [834] Yeah.
[835] I'm gonna have to spread them out anyway and erm ... it could be a problem.
Jeff (PS6PR) [836] I don't think there's many of them that go to football anyway is there? [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [837] Well it's not
Brian (PS6PP) [838] I mean
Brian (PS6PN) [839] it's not necessarily going
Mark (PS6PF) [840] It's not [...] is it?
Chris (PS6PM) [841] And it's not so much
Brian (PS6PP) [842] And i if you got
Chris (PS6PM) [843] people it's actually using the pitches.
Brian (PS6PP) [844] some of the taking exams as we had this year, they, they
Jeff (PS6PR) [845] Oh, I see what you mean.
Brian (PS6PP) [846] the fact
Dave (PS6PH) [847] Well that's
Brian (PS6PP) [848] they couldn't play.
Dave (PS6PH) [849] Yeah.
[850] That's right.
Jeff (PS6PR) [851] It was half of
Brian (PS6PP) [852] That was in.
Jeff (PS6PR) [853] the season because apparently
Dave (PS6PH) [854] Exams.
Jeff (PS6PR) [855] they do it more and more this year.
Dave (PS6PH) [856] Yeah.
[857] And we're gonna have, obviously have to avoid the two Sundays from the tour.
Chris (PS6PM) [858] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [859] And it does, with twelve you are ... and obviously I'm depending upon ... another team to
Brian (PS6PP) [860] Are we
Dave (PS6PH) [861] come play us this year.
Brian (PS6PP) [862] decided who we're gonna play with the twelve fixtures against you?
Mark (PS6PF) [863] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [864] Erm ... well
Mark (PS6PF) [865] gonna play them all against ... Sutton Partisans.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [866] [laughing] That's right, yeah [] !
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [867] Erm
Jeff (PS6PR) [868] They out-rank us.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [869] Yeah, I I do
Mark (PS6PF) [870] Well I see nothing wrong with that at all.
Dave (PS6PH) [871] I got a rough idea of who erm ... we're kind of er ... playing ... contact.
Chris (PS6PM) [872] Course.
Brian (PS6PN) [873] Cos the ... the bloke from the B B C doesn't want to play us now cos we're too good, I mean
Dave (PS6PH) [874] Well I mean, I don't
Mark (PS6PF) [875] Really?
Chris (PS6PM) [876] Is that right?
Dave (PS6PH) [877] want a ga
Chris (PS6PM) [878] Is that right?
Brian (PS6PN) [879] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [880] Mm.
[881] I was gonna go
Brian (PS6PN) [882] This was the same youngsters that were playing two years ago.
Brian (PS6PP) [883] So you're gonna go one with them?
[884] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [885] I was only gonna
Brian (PS6PN) [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [886] go one with them anyway.
[887] If erm
Chris (PS6PM) [888] I think you might be able to swing one.
[889] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [890] Yeah, I mean I was gonna go, one Sutton Partisans, one for the
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [cough]
Dave (PS6PH) [891] B B C
Mark (PS6PF) [892] Oh I think Sutton Partisans we could go two.
Jeff (PS6PR) [893] Yeah, but a cracking place to go and play for
Dave (PS6PH) [894] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [895] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [896] only one.
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [897] that, that that
Mark (PS6PF) [898] We're looking four.
Jeff (PS6PR) [899] This is the thing.
Dave (PS6PH) [900] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [901] But they're a really nice bunch
Brian (PS6PP) [...]
Jeff (PS6PR) [902] of blokes.
Mark (PS6PF) [903] I know but
Dave (PS6PH) [904] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [905] really it
Dave (PS6PH) [906] er we erm
Mark (PS6PF) [907] and they'll probably get two pitches [laughing] or something [] .
Chris (PS6PM) [908] [laughing] Pay your money for it [] .
Mark (PS6PF) [909] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [910] Yeah.
[911] The er Wi Witham second eleven I'm still gonna, gonna keep that one in.
[912] Erm ... got a fixture ... just off the press
Mark (PS6PF) [913] Cos we played them twice Witham didn't we?
Jeff (PS6PR) [914] Yeah, not if ... not if we're going to that pub.
Dave (PS6PH) [915] No.
[916] They
Chris (PS6PM) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [917] th , that could be decided, but Walton Heath Sports.
Brian (PS6PP) [918] What is wrong with the Robin Hood?
Brian (PS6PN) [919] Walton Heath Sports?
Dave (PS6PH) [920] Yeah, we played them once before.
Chris (PS6PM) [921] Who's that then?
Mark (PS6PF) [922] I dunno.
Dave (PS6PH) [923] Erm, in fact that's where Andy got his top score
Brian (PS6PN) [924] You've not been there before.
Dave (PS6PH) [925] against, Andy's top score's against Walton Heath Sports.
[926] But that's erm, that's be an away match, that's at Walton Heath near where the golf course is there.
[927] That's the guy who I work with.
[928] Erm, that is very much medium ... er er ... week, and probably more medium that medium week.
[929] Erm ... obviously keep the score figure,fig , figure if we can.
Jeff (PS6PR) [930] That's alright, bring them on.
[931] Bring them up. [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [932] I ke , I was keeping the two with Strenewe cos that's a nice venue
Brian (PS6PP) [933] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [934] and erm
Brian (PS6PN) [935] That we , about the best.
Brian (PS6PP) [936] Well yeah, about the best
Mark (PS6PF) [937] I like playing Strenewe.
Brian (PS6PP) [938] games we play actually on a Sunday.
Dave (PS6PH) [939] Yeah.
[940] We want erm ... Tony wanted to play us, the Sunday side twice ... erm
Chris (PS6PM) [941] The Shamrocks.
Dave (PS6PH) [942] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [943] Great.
Dave (PS6PH) [944] which is again, er I dun , one of the guys at work, another guy at work come ... which is quite a, well it's near Guildford, Primchet, which is quite a good ... quite a good
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [clears throat]
Dave (PS6PH) [945] side.
[946] But he knows actually what we're trying to do on a Sunday, and they either like to play us, er er once or twice ... and they got a reasonable ground.
[947] And I was trying to, gonna move the ... was gonna discuss with you first, but Croydon ... see, so they're actually not Croydon Rank, they're Croydon, but anyway
Mark (PS6PF) [948] Mm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [949] you know what I mean, erm ... to play them on a Sunday ... which
Chris (PS6PM) [950] Mm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [951] I know, I'm saying we're trying to improve the strength but we still have
Mark (PS6PF) [952] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [953] the Partisans who may be a little bit weaker, and certainly Croydon Rank is on a Sunday ... erm rather than Saturday.
[954] Cos
Brian (PS6PN) [955] Maybe they want to come here.
Dave (PS6PH) [956] the Saturday
Jeff (PS6PR) [957] Yeah, we want somebody, you gotta remember, it's the only side that is ... ever so slightly ... weaker ... than the Saturday side.
Dave (PS6PH) [958] Yeah, I mean
Brian (PS6PP) [959] Er
Dave (PS6PH) [960] it was a waste of time on a Saturday really, I mean, I think the, I mean Andy said we could have
Chris (PS6PM) [961] That was alright.
Dave (PS6PH) [962] we could have had it all over by three o'clock.
Jeff (PS6PR) [963] Well we're ... that's
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [964] They're further.
Jeff (PS6PR) [965] but it's all, it was all down to the captain
Brian (PS6PN) [966] It was on the other side.
Jeff (PS6PR) [967] though really, I thought, that day.
Chris (PS6PM) [968] Definitely.
Dave (PS6PH) [969] Mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [970] Definitely.
Jeff (PS6PR) [971] The captain was superb that day.
Brian (PS6PP) [972] Go cra , er the er
Dave (PS6PH) [973] What the captain?
Brian (PS6PP) [974] No.
[975] The ca
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [976] the captain on the day ... was batting and batting and batting himself until he got to seventy
Mark (PS6PF) [977] [laughing] Yeah I know [] !
Brian (PS6PP) [978] and then he declared.
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [979] Tell me all about it.
Dave (PS6PH) [980] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [981] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [982] Like the balls
Jeff (PS6PR) [983] It was raining at the time. [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [984] so erm
Chris (PS6PM) [985] Did we win though?
[986] Cos I mean our, did we win?
Dave (PS6PH) [987] Say no,ju , if th if this is
Brian (PS6PP) [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [988] right this will improve the er ... improve the strength.
[989] Now see I'm looking at this here, right, just for fitting in twelve games ... I mean, I'm gonna have to start the first of May.
[990] Erm ... so that'll include September the fourth which is my last Sunday one, September the fourth.
[991] Er, because also yo ... you really don't wanna play like three consecutive Sundays, but ... on some of you these yo we may even have to.
[992] It is difficult.
Mark (PS6PF) [993] Hang on, the play I was gonna
Chris (PS6PM) [994] May I, can I ask you a question Brian?
Dave (PS6PH) [995] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [996] Why do you write on such small pieces of paper? [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [997] Er, this is not
Chris (PS6PM) [998] I mean, just wondered really.
Dave (PS6PH) [999] I haven't got the things yet, I mean I have to
Brian (PS6PN) [1000] First of May , if we get rid of the youngsters, first of May might be a bit of problem cos there's
Mark (PS6PF) [1001] Mm.
Brian (PS6PN) [1002] probably a cup final and they're still playing ... football ... on the first of May.
Dave (PS6PH) [1003] Mm mm.
Brian (PS6PN) [1004] It's the week after that that they really start playing.
Dave (PS6PH) [1005] Yeah I know, I've got that pencilled in for something.
Brian (PS6PP) [1006] I mean that, that early fixture we struggle on a Saturday sometimes don't we?
[1007] Down at erm
Brian (PS6PN) [1008] Yes.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1009] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [1010] erm where are they?
Mark (PS6PF) [1011] Kinsbury.
Brian (PS6PP) [1012] Kingsbury.
Chris (PS6PM) [1013] Is that the erm, bank holiday?
[1014] It will be.
Dave (PS6PH) [1015] It will be.
Mark (PS6PF) [1016] Er
Chris (PS6PM) [1017] It will be weren't it?
Dave (PS6PH) [1018] It's always the first Monday of the er
Jeff (PS6PR) [1019] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1020] I've got a feeling that bank holiday won't, probably not the world's greatest
Dave (PS6PH) [1021] Mm mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [1022] time to start.
Mark (PS6PF) [1023] I don't see any reason this year why you shouldn't go ... get another fixture on th , the Sunday in September.
Brian (PS6PP) [1024] Yeah, mid-September.
Mark (PS6PF) [1025] Yeah.
[1026] Either the eleventh or the eight, eighteenth.
Brian (PS6PP) [1027] After the fourth, you've got the eleventh.
Dave (PS6PH) [1028] On the eleventh.
Chris (PS6PM) [1029] And if , only if we're guided by football, they're playing in the morning, they'll finish, they'll, they don't play in the, in the
Dave (PS6PH) [1030] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1031] afternoon.
Dave (PS6PH) [1032] Okay.
[1033] Well we'll, I'll put that in.
Chris (PS6PM) [1034] And ah
Dave (PS6PH) [1035] See I haven't got the games around there.
Chris (PS6PM) [1036] I think Andy's , what time, when do your lot play?
[1037] I think they start on the eighteenth
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [1038] [...] dunnit?
[1039] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1040] usually.
[1041] Er, if you did the eleventh, the fourth or the eleventh
Mark (PS6PF) [1042] Yeah, it might be.
Chris (PS6PM) [1043] should be alright.
Dave (PS6PH) [1044] Mm.
Brian (PS6PN) [1045] And take away the one at the beginning of May
Dave (PS6PH) [...]
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1046] I would have thought.
Dave (PS6PH) [1047] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1048] What time is it?
Dave (PS6PH) [1049] Oh well, I just say, I mean a lot depends on when other teams can play us.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1050] Cos I wanna get
Mark (PS6PF) [1051] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1052] we wanna get decent away matches and not to er ... have to have too many ... home games.
[1053] Er right, okay.
Chris (PS6PM) [1054] I might let out tonight actually.
Brian (PS6PN) [1055] Yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1056] That's right.
Dave (PS6PH) [1057] Anyway, the poi , the other thing is erm ... then obviously this re , concerns really ... you know, you two at the moment, but, players for next year, I mean ... bearing in mind we are gonna lose a few.
[1058] Erm
Jeff (PS6PR) [clears throat]
Dave (PS6PH) [1059] George for example, erm
Mark (PS6PF) [1060] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1061] certainly is going.
Brian (PS6PP) [1062] Mhm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1063] Erm, and what I said about the erm
Mark (PS6PF) [1064] We had a player who [...] ... Ha?
Dave (PS6PH) [1065] what I said about the er
Chris (PS6PM) [1066] George didn't play a lot really.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1067] He didn't play an awful lot this year, no.
Dave (PS6PH) [1068] No he didn't.
[1069] Erm, but on the other hand we had early season, you know, from Stuart and he seemed to interest in away but I don't know why he didn't play much at the end of the season.
Mark (PS6PF) [1070] Oh he was er, playing fa football ... for Eagle Star.
Brian (PS6PP) [1071] Fa football?
Mark (PS6PF) [1072] And five-a- side stuff.
Dave (PS6PH) [1073] Mm mm.
[1074] Well erm
Mark (PS6PF) [1075] And he got the hots for a girl as well which didn't help.
Chris (PS6PM) [1076] Oh well.
Dave (PS6PH) [1077] Ah well, yeah, okay.
[1078] Well what I was thinking is, I mean
Jeff (PS6PR) [1079] That'll [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [1080] I don't know if you Wallington Cottages are gonna
Mark (PS6PF) [1081] [laughing] That's what we're talking about now I think [] .
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1082] if Wallington Cottages are gonna break up.
[1083] But if they're not gonna break up, I mean, there are some pretty disillusioned players there.
Brian (PS6PP) [1084] I think they
Dave (PS6PH) [1085] Erm
Brian (PS6PP) [1086] will stay together.
[1087] Cos I was talking to Brian
Dave (PS6PH) [1088] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [1089] We'll grab them!
Brian (PS6PP) [1090] cos I think he's gonna be Captain next year.
Dave (PS6PH) [1091] Is he?
Brian (PS6PP) [1092] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1093] Oh, well I se
Jeff (PS6PR) [1094] We'll miss their pitch ... for sure.
Brian (PS6PP) [1095] [laughing] He's erm, he's after the []
Chris (PS6PM) [1096] It's a damn nice pitch that! [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [1097] he's after, he's been after trying to Captain the side
Chris (PS6PM) [1098] Oh.
Brian (PS6PP) [1099] next year.
Chris (PS6PM) [1100] Shocker!
Dave (PS6PH) [1101] Oh that's shame cos I ... what about, I mean I was thinking of erm, John sa , John , you know Andrew's brother?
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1102] Cos he's a really ... you know nice guy and
Brian (PS6PN) [1103] Yes, as long as you keep the ball.
[1104] [laughing] He's [...] in the side. []
Chris (PS6PM) [1105] Yeah I was gonna say
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [1106] No I think you ought to take him because then I don't have to place [laughing] a man [] .
Jeff (PS6PR) [1107] He can't
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Jeff (PS6PR) [1108] er I mean ... he can't
Dave (PS6PH) [1109] What is it?
Jeff (PS6PR) [1110] do anything else other than keep wicket.
Dave (PS6PH) [1111] Mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [1112] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [1113] And talk the hind legs off a donkey.
Chris (PS6PM) [1114] Er well no we've got a ni , there's no need Brian.
Dave (PS6PH) [1115] Eh?
Mark (PS6PF) [1116] He talks the hind legs off a donkey.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1117] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1118] But he's boring
Jeff (PS6PR) [1119] But he's go , he's
Brian (PS6PN) [1120] as well dead boring.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1121] but he's a good
Brian (PS6PP) [1122] Well yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1123] Like Marcus is in [...]
Jeff (PS6PR) [1124] He, he's, he's a, he's, he's
Dave (PS6PH) [1125] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1126] He's a
Chris (PS6PM) [1127] No, no, no.
[1128] He's worse than Marcus.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [1129] Marcus is, you can have a bit of a laugh with Marcus, but I mean er
Jeff (PS6PR) [1130] John is a bit more serious isn't he?
Chris (PS6PM) [1131] John's serious, you can't he is dead serious all the time and it is a
Dave (PS6PH) [...]
Chris (PS6PM) [1132] sometimes a great effort [laughing] to get away from him [] !
Mark (PS6PF) [1133] I thought he might be good also from the erm, you know, trying to get a decent pitch and things like that.
[1134] You know, I mean I know ... he said that the best thing, decision we ever made was not to go to erm ... Raynes Park because the wicket really has deteriorated on that, but he has a lot of contacts and things.
[1135] And I didn't think he was that happy with Cottages, and in fact, I thought he was gonna leave anyway.
Brian (PS6PP) [1136] He has left, really.
Dave (PS6PH) [1137] He has left
Mark (PS6PF) [1138] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1139] now yeah.
[1140] After that game.
Brian (PS6PP) [1141] He is left.
Mark (PS6PF) [1142] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1143] Cos he came round the next week ... and talked to me, he had a quick chat with me for about three hours!
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1144] I mean, apart from keep wicket, I mean does he bat?
[1145] I mean er
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [1146] No.
Dave (PS6PH) [1147] In fact he doesn't does he?
Mark (PS6PF) [1148] I got him out first ball.
[1149] I, I just thought
Brian (PS6PP) [1150] Well er
Mark (PS6PF) [1151] I'd add that in.
Brian (PS6PP) [1152] depends on how they're playing I guess.
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1153] Be , I used to bloody give them not-out by the umpire.
Brian (PS6PP) [1154] Oh!
[1155] Was that you?
Brian (PS6PN) [1156] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [1157] But he walked.
Brian (PS6PN) [1158] But he walked.
[1159] And he said hello to you.
Mark (PS6PF) [1160] That's what I mean, he's a nice gu
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Jeff (PS6PR) [1161] I mean there's that many [...] .
Chris (PS6PM) [1162] No, no there's no room.
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [...]
Mark (PS6PF) [1163] I mean, do we want these kind of people in our team?
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1164] Well I du , I mean I dunno but I just
Brian (PS6PP) [sigh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1165] I mean Brian I know yo , you know you ... but, I just feel that we might
Brian (PS6PN) [1166] Next question please?
Dave (PS6PH) [1167] struggle next year.
[1168] I know I say this every year but I, I, I just thought we might
Mark (PS6PF) [1169] You just wanna be a pessimist Brian, you know.
Brian (PS6PN) [1170] Yes well
Dave (PS6PH) [1171] well I do feel we might struggle for players.
[1172] But bearing in mind we're playing
Brian (PS6PN) [1173] I mean it might
Dave (PS6PH) [1174] more matches.
Brian (PS6PN) [1175] yeah, it might affect us if we're gonna play that mu more matches on a Sunday as well because I don't know how many people will be ... prepared to turn out on both days.
Brian (PS6PP) [1176] That's true.
Brian (PS6PN) [1177] If we need some of the youngsters for Saturday, then are
Brian (PS6PP) [1178] Mm mm.
Brian (PS6PN) [1179] they gonna wanna turn out Sunday you know, or vice versa?
Mark (PS6PF) [1180] Well the youngsters are much more
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [clears throat]
Mark (PS6PF) [1181] flexible and much more willing to turn out both days than older folk.
Brian (PS6PN) [1182] I'm not saying they're not willing, but they've got other drags on them.
[1183] If they're at school and they're studying for exams they may not be a la , you know, possible for them to play both days.
Chris (PS6PM) [1184] That's a fair comment.
[1185] I mean Nick [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [1186] We'll send the boys round and nobble them. [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [1187] Saturdays innit?
Jeff (PS6PR) [1188] Mm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1189] Mm.
Brian (PS6PN) [1190] But erm ... I dunno.
Brian (PS6PP) [1191] Let's go for a recruitment drive.
Brian (PS6PN) [1192] I mean who have lost at the
Mark (PS6PF) [1193] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1194] moment?
[1195] Talking about George
Dave (PS6PH) [1196] Yeah , how many
Brian (PS6PN) [1197] is there anybody else?
Chris (PS6PM) [1198] How many did I say we were actually talking about Brian?
Dave (PS6PH) [1199] How many, well, I mean, and i if you like, I mean we've lot, I mean we've lost, I mean he didn't play at all last year, but as Chris said
Mark (PS6PF) [1200] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1201] one of the reasons which we lacked last year was er, was a, was a fast, you know, opening bowler.
[1202] We lost on er, what's his name?
Brian (PS6PP) [1203] Mm.
[1204] John .
Mark (PS6PF) [1205] Oh yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1206] Erm
Jeff (PS6PR) [1207] Well
Brian (PS6PP) [1208] Well he didn't do very much.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1209] we hired him so many times
Chris (PS6PM) [1210] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1211] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1212] He didn't really play a match when we played
Brian (PS6PN) [1213] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1214] it.
Brian (PS6PN) [1215] Erm ... I doubt, you know he'll come
Dave (PS6PH) [...]
Chris (PS6PM) [1216] It's Steve what's his name as well, he never played.
[1217] Well he must have once.
Brian (PS6PN) [1218] Steve ?
Chris (PS6PM) [1219] .
Dave (PS6PH) [1220] Yeah I mean he's, he's given up
Brian (PS6PP) [1221] He's given up now.
Dave (PS6PH) [1222] he's given up er
Mark (PS6PF) [1223] He works anyway I think
Brian (PS6PN) [1224] Mm.
Mark (PS6PF) [1225] so I mean
Brian (PS6PN) [1226] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1227] He's basically kind of given up erm cricket.
[1228] I dunno what the situation with Andrew is, cos I mean I heard the rumours that he was gonna for Cheam.
Brian (PS6PP) [1229] .
Dave (PS6PH) [1230] .
Chris (PS6PM)
Brian (PS6PN) [1231] Oh!
Chris (PS6PM) [1232] plays for Spurs.
Dave (PS6PH) [1233] .
[1234] Spurs, yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1235] Erm
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1236] ,
Brian (PS6PN) [1237] Was he ... erm
Jeff (PS6PR) [1238] Whatever his name is!
Dave (PS6PH) [1239] Whatever his name is.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1240] [laughing] He plays football [] .
Dave (PS6PH) [1241] I mean the rumours were that he was gonna go to Cheam, he was supposed to be Saturdays for Cheam.
[1242] And how he can afford match fees or anything, cos he's never paid us a penny, I dunno, but
Brian (PS6PN) [1243] No don't want
Dave (PS6PH) [1244] Er
Brian (PS6PN) [1245] [laughing] him back [] .
Mark (PS6PF) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [1246] Yes I mean, isn't he still at school?
Unknown speaker (KSRPSUNK) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [1247] He's gonna play snooker in a minute.
Brian (PS6PN) [1248] He is still at school.
Mark (PS6PF) [1249] No he's at college, no he's at college
Brian (PS6PN) [1250] Oh no he's at college that's right.
Mark (PS6PF) [1251] He's, he's at Epsom Art College.
Brian (PS6PN) [1252] That's right, he is at
Dave (PS6PH) [1253] Oh right.
Brian (PS6PN) [1254] art college.
[1255] Yes he is.
Dave (PS6PH) [1256] So I mean I don't know if they
Mark (PS6PF) [1257] He's at art college [laughing] football [] .
Dave (PS6PH) [1258] I dunno if they've got a cricket team or whatever.
Brian (PS6PN) [1259] Blimey!
Dave (PS6PH) [1260] So I'm saying that, you know, it's gotta be a doubt.
[1261] Er Dominic who, you know ... again ... is the ideal person
Brian (PS6PP) [1262] But it's not convenient.
Dave (PS6PH) [1263] if he was a , always available but ... see you got a lot of, you got a players like Dominic
Brian (PS6PN) [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [1264] Stuart, Andrew who ... is everyone was available we wouldn't have a problem, but
Brian (PS6PN) [1265] No.
Dave (PS6PH) [1266] at the end of their they're only gonna
Jeff (PS6PR) [1267] It's always right innit?
Dave (PS6PH) [1268] if they play half the matches.
[1269] I mean, Dominic played eleven.
Mark (PS6PF) [1270] Well, Dominic would have played more but he couldn't get in the blooming team!
[1271] Which was surprising.
[1272] Cos some games, he ge , he did get dropped.
Brian (PS6PN) [1273] Well
Dave (PS6PH) [1274] I don't think he was available was he?
[1275] Brian
Brian (PS6PP) [1276] No.
Dave (PS6PH) [1277] says.
Brian (PS6PN) [1278] Cos he's not available regularly
Brian (PS6PP) [1279] He was not available.
Brian (PS6PN) [1280] is he?
Brian (PS6PP) [1281] No, I can only think, I think there was one game where he was available, but, he was a sort of a ... late availability and by that time we already had
Mark (PS6PF) [1282] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [1283] eleven people.
Dave (PS6PH) [1284] Mm.
Mark (PS6PF) [1285] But there was only, there was ... two or three times in all the time.
Brian (PS6PP) [1286] Well I got it from when he had the
Jeff (PS6PR) [1287] Yeah, he, he, he
Brian (PS6PN) [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [1288] Ca , Cameron's, Cameron's gone to ... to, to University now.
Mark (PS6PF) [1289] Aha.
Brian (PS6PN) [1290] Erm Mike, Mike didn't play a lot.
Dave (PS6PH) [1291] Well he did, Michael's left the game.
Mark (PS6PF) [1292] He didn't play.
[1293] And he's, you know
Dave (PS6PH) [1294] Erm, anyway, I mean that's a
Jeff (PS6PR) [1295] Where's Paul ?
Dave (PS6PH) [1296] it's just a
Jeff (PS6PR) [1297] Paul will be
Mark (PS6PF) [1298] Paul .
Dave (PS6PH) [1299] Yeah, yeah I mean there's another
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1300] great cricketer who only played a couple of times last season, was Dave .
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1301] [laugh] ... Okay.
[1302] Fair enough.
Brian (PS6PN) [1303] But you've not , you've not had people yet, why can't you er
Dave (PS6PH) [1304] Dave ?
Brian (PS6PN) [1305] you could encourage, what's his name?
[1306] Neil .
Dave (PS6PH) [1307] Neil, and Gary.
[1308] And Jason.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1309] Do they play cricket do they?
Brian (PS6PN) [1310] There was Jason, are you gonna try and
Dave (PS6PH) [1311] Jason?
Brian (PS6PN) [1312] encourage these guys?
Dave (PS6PH) [1313] ?
Brian (PS6PP) [1314] Jason .
Brian (PS6PN) [1315] And Jason , we've gotta try and encourage him.
[1316] I, I mean he got ... bags of possibility there.
Mark (PS6PF) [1317] I could get the whole of [...] to play with us.
Brian (PS6PP) [1318] After playing at Colman's Hatch I think.
[1319] [laughing] Now, [...] [] .
Brian (PS6PN) [1320] Yeah, see I mean
Brian (PS6PP) [1321] Oh yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1322] I think Jas
Chris (PS6PM) [1323] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1324] Jason's always been a winner and
Jeff (PS6PR) [1325] Er , er er
Mark (PS6PF) [1326] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1327] I don't think he'd, he'd
Dave (PS6PH) [1328] And you saying my team of losers Brian?
Mark (PS6PF) [1329] It's not that.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [1330] I ain't playing after that at all.
Brian (PS6PN) [1331] Nah , but he, he do , what I mean is some people ... enjoy
Dave (PS6PH) [1332] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1333] it even when we're
Dave (PS6PH) [1334] That's right.
Brian (PS6PN) [1335] yeah, but I always get the impression with Jason that he wouldn't enjoy anything unless he
Dave (PS6PH) [1336] No.
Mark (PS6PF) [1337] He won it.
Brian (PS6PN) [1338] unless he won it.
Dave (PS6PH) [1339] That's right.
Brian (PS6PN) [1340] No.
[1341] Well, that's only my opinion but
Dave (PS6PH) [1342] No I agree with you.
Brian (PS6PN) [1343] er erm
Jeff (PS6PR) [1344] Well he had a good start didn't he?
Chris (PS6PM) [1345] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Jeff (PS6PR) [1346] And er ... Colman's Hatch is
Chris (PS6PM) [1347] Did indeed, yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1348] slightly different.
Dave (PS6PH) [1349] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1350] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1351] Anyway, just things to bear in mind, right, is that we're having more fixtures next year against a higher standard of opposition, overall ... erm
Brian (PS6PP) [1352] Really?
Dave (PS6PH) [1353] and er, and we've probably got less players.
[1354] Er, I just
Brian (PS6PN) [1355] No , er, it's a fair comment.
[1356] Perhaps we should advertise again in the paper.
[1357] That's, d'ya remember we got Andy last time we did.
Brian (PS6PP) [1358] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [1359] Fat bowlers, d'ya remember that?
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [1360] An inspired piece of [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [1361] Remember [...]
Mark (PS6PF) [1362] that was.
Dave (PS6PH) [1363] You can actually spell game.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1364] I put on there what he's,do , what he done ... his er bowling.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1365] [laughing] Yeah he,bo , [] bowl over for twenty seven last
Dave (PS6PH) [1366] Yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1367] time I think.
Mark (PS6PF) [1368] Twenty eight.
Dave (PS6PH) [1369] Yeah.
[1370] First ever game.
Chris (PS6PM) [1371] First ever game.
Dave (PS6PH) [1372] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1373] Some of the things
Brian (PS6PP) [1374] What in the game?
Chris (PS6PM) [1375] to come I thought.
[1376] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [1377] The , then he bo bowled
Jeff (PS6PR) [1378] Well that's right.
Brian (PS6PP) [1379] against
Brian (PS6PN) [1380] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1381] What was that over he
Dave (PS6PH) [1382] Actually he
Chris (PS6PM) [1383] bowled against?
Brian (PS6PN) [1384] B B C.
Chris (PS6PM) [1385] B B C?
[1386] God!
[1387] Strewth!
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1388] But he hadn't bowled them though
Brian (PS6PN) [1389] [...] He did bowl quite few actually there.
Chris (PS6PM) [1390] Talk about under , underground
Dave (PS6PH) [1391] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1392] bowling.
Brian (PS6PP) [1393] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Chris (PS6PM) [1394] [...] pathetic!
Dave (PS6PH) [1395] It was an all-rounder that first year wasn't he?
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [1396] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1397] Mm mm.
[1398] Terrible!
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1399] God, we had a bad team!
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1400] Mm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1401] Shocking! [phone rings]
Dave (PS6PH) [1402] Hello!
Brian (PS6PP) [1403] Oh don't worry about that.
Dave (PS6PH) [1404] Right anyway ,th er next, next thing
Mark (PS6PF) [1405] That's Andy.
Dave (PS6PH) [1406] in my notes is that, as I said, the A G M is on the eleventh of er, of November.
[1407] Now one of the criticisms that I've had er from the people who prefer to be nameless but always come to me afterwards and say oh it was a waste of time coming.
[1408] The committee meetings are the la , er, [tut] , committee meetings!
[1409] The A G M, the last two years people have said well there's not a great deal of point in coming along other than for a drink because ... er the committee's got it all sorted out, you know, beforehand as regards who's doing what.
Brian (PS6PN) [1410] Quite right too.
Dave (PS6PH) [1411] Erm ... and er, they say, you know, therefore they don't feel that they've got a voice.
[1412] Erm ... cos
Brian (PS6PN) [1413] They can disagree if they like.
Mark (PS6PF) [1414] Well er
Jeff (PS6PR) [1415] If this is the case, how come they go on so blooming long!
Brian (PS6PP) [1416] Yeah!
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Jeff (PS6PR) [1417] Eh?
Mark (PS6PF) [1418] I find that extremely difficult
Jeff (PS6PR) [1419] [laughing] I soon find that []
Chris (PS6PM) [1420] Goodness me!
Jeff (PS6PR) [1421] [laughing] hard to believe [] .
[1422] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1423] Everybody, everybody, has their say
Jeff (PS6PR) [1424] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PN) [1425] and then we do what we want.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [1426] Well, to be fair, the A G M's I've been to, they do influence some of
Dave (PS6PH) [1427] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1428] decisions
Dave (PS6PH) [1429] They have
Chris (PS6PM) [1430] not all of them
Dave (PS6PH) [1431] Yeah.
[1432] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1433] but they
Mark (PS6PF) [1434] Mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [1435] er they do influence some of them.
[1436] So I'd like to think that er whoever said that is er ... I think they're wrong.
Dave (PS6PH) [1437] No it wasn't mine it was, it was er ... dunno how to say
Brian (PS6PP) [1438] So what really are they asking?
Mark (PS6PF) [1439] Admitting it.
[1440] Admitting it!
Brian (PS6PN) [1441] Now come on, look [...]
Mark (PS6PF) [1442] Admitting it!
Brian (PS6PN) [1443] mention no name names!
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1444] Well admittedly the fierce, the most fierce cricketer of all
Mark (PS6PF) [1445] Paul
Dave (PS6PH) [1446] who er
Chris (PS6PM) [1447] Who's that?
Dave (PS6PH) [1448] who didn't
Chris (PS6PM) [1449] Oops!
Dave (PS6PH) [1450] speak to me for er, for a day afterwards, at least one day, and just said
Mark (PS6PF) [1451] Nobody.
Dave (PS6PH) [1452] oh it was a complete waste
Chris (PS6PM) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1453] of time, er was Alan .
Chris (PS6PM) [1454] Oh.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [1455] And what a great night that was!
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [1456] Just have to get over it.
Dave (PS6PH) [1457] But he said the whole thing
Brian (PS6PP) [1458] That's right.
Dave (PS6PH) [1459] was a complete, you know
Jeff (PS6PR) [1460] Yeah but why though?
Chris (PS6PM) [1461] Well I think that
Brian (PS6PP) [1462] That's right.
Chris (PS6PM) [1463] probably er
Mark (PS6PF) [1464] But why?
[1465] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1466] it su it summarizes the particular, by the bloke.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1467] That's right.
Brian (PS6PN) [1468] Aha.
[1469] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1470] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [1471] Who else?
[1472] Come on!
Jeff (PS6PR) [1473] Still we know he's know your mate Brian so we won't say anything nasty
Dave (PS6PH) [clears throat]
Jeff (PS6PR) [1474] about him.
Chris (PS6PM) [1475] No I haven't said anything nasty.
Brian (PS6PN) [1476] No it doesn't matter
Brian (PS6PP) [1477] So what do they
Brian (PS6PN) [1478] I don't, I don't work with him any more.
Brian (PS6PP) [1479] you know
Dave (PS6PH) [1480] Erm
Chris (PS6PM) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1481] I don't know who they are.
[1482] But I ju , I
Brian (PS6PP) [1483] So what is it, what is it
Mark (PS6PF) [1484] I'd just like to know.
Brian (PS6PP) [1485] what is it they actually want then?
Dave (PS6PH) [1486] Well I think they would like to feel that, you know, when we say right ... erm
Chris (PS6PM) [1487] So they want, nominations for category ,
Dave (PS6PH) [1488] we all, eh,no no nominate Captain, Secretary whatever, that
Brian (PS6PP) [1489] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1490] erm
Jeff (PS6PR) [1491] Like on those [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [1492] they'd like, like them to come from the floor and not from another ... from a committee member says, yeah I sponsor Billy , and another committee member says I [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [1493] Yeah, but the thing is, yeah okay, yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [1494] but ... yeah, but the thing is you're gonna get someone saying ... Mickey, Mickey Mouse or whoever it is,so , you know someone who doesn't wanna stand ... someone who hasn't been asked.
[1495] And we've got this
Mark (PS6PF) [1496] I don't see a
Brian (PS6PN) [1497] embarrassment
Mark (PS6PF) [1498] I mean
Brian (PS6PN) [1499] of having a vote and so and so gets no
Mark (PS6PF) [1500] first of all we decided to do this
Brian (PS6PN) [1501] and they think well blimey
Jeff (PS6PR) [1502] Well put them in the the black box.
Brian (PS6PN) [1503] nobody likes me, no votes for Captain.
Brian (PS6PP) [1504] There's nothing to stop them.
[1505] Our Jeff goes around and says any more nominations
Brian (PS6PN) [1506] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [1507] there's nothing to stop them putting
Brian (PS6PN) [1508] No, you still have
Chris (PS6PM) [1509] No course there isn't
Brian (PS6PP) [1510] anybody in there.
Brian (PS6PN) [1511] to do that anyway don't you?
Chris (PS6PM) [1512] Yeah.
[1513] Course there is.
Dave (PS6PH) [1514] Yeah.
[1515] But I
Chris (PS6PM) [1516] You know
Dave (PS6PH) [1517] think th ,yo , I mean they said, they they feel that it's no point anyway, it's already been decided.
Mark (PS6PF) [1518] Well, I think they're wrong really.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1519] To a degree they're probably right.
Chris (PS6PM) [1520] Well I think they are, yeah.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1521] To a degree I mean, I think they're right.
Dave (PS6PH) [1522] I think they're wrong.
[1523] But and th , and the committee has to guide ... th , otherwise you'd still be there!
[1524] [laugh] ... If, if there was no guidance coming through from the committee.
Mark (PS6PF) [1525] Well they vote the committee to er help vote run, to run and make the decisions of the club don't they?
[1526] And if they don't want the committee making
Dave (PS6PH) [1527] No it's not just that.
Mark (PS6PF) [1528] the decisions of the club do they get another committee?
Brian (PS6PP) [1529] Well they can cha change it.
[1530] What are the club rules?
Dave (PS6PH) [1531] Well that's what they're saying , they're not, that the committee they say, is basically is voting ourselves back in.
[1532] And
Chris (PS6PM) [1533] What?
Dave (PS6PH) [1534] I mean, we obviously we
Mark (PS6PF) [1535] No.
[1536] No.
Dave (PS6PH) [1537] obviously we've got to have someone like ... in, in erm, with regards administration, we've gotta have someone like, for example
Mark (PS6PF) [1538] Ooh ooh!
Dave (PS6PH) [1539] I'm se , I'll be secretary if no one else wants to do it.
[1540] I'm just wondering whether we should say, you know
Brian (PS6PN) [1541] Mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1542] nominations for ... secretary or whatever, and see if other people are willing to do it.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1543] Yeah well the committee members doesn't carry
Mark (PS6PF) [1544] I thought that's what we did.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1545] any more vote than anybody else.
Dave (PS6PH) [1546] No, they're not, they're not.
[1547] No.
Brian (PS6PN) [1548] Mm.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1549] It's got one vote, the same as anybody else on the floor.
Brian (PS6PN) [1550] That's right.
Dave (PS6PH) [1551] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [1552] What's our er
Jeff (PS6PR) [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [1553] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [1554] club rules say about all this?
[1555] I haven't got a copy of club rules.
Mark (PS6PF) [1556] Nor have I.
Dave (PS6PH) [1557] Oh!
[1558] You know I have.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [1559] Yeah, no it's
Brian (PS6PN) [1560] Why, why didn't you tell me this?
Brian (PS6PP) [1561] Yeah, Jeff.
Dave (PS6PH) [1562] I've, I'll have a look anyway.
Chris (PS6PM) [1563] Oh is this the flaky's gonna produce it is he?
Mark (PS6PF) [1564] Mr married man's getting Mr flaky now.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [1565] If it's the club rules
Mark (PS6PF) [1566] Don't do it.
Brian (PS6PP) [1567] you know
Mark (PS6PF) [1568] Cos he stands up in public.
Chris (PS6PM) [1569] Er, er, ah , he's got a ca , copy of the club rules. [...]
Brian (PS6PP) [1570] You should have handed them out.
Dave (PS6PH) [1571] That's why I was late.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [1572] The policy Dave
Dave (PS6PH) [1573] I just wondered what it said.
Mark (PS6PF) [1574] [laughing] I haven't got a clue even when it's here [] .
Dave (PS6PH) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PP) [1575] Is it about ... A G M's and ... things does it?
[1576] What does it say?
Dave (PS6PH) [1577] [reading] The off , all officers of the club should be elected at the A G M, which would be held on a [...] . []
[1578] Yeah.
Brian (PS6PP) [1579] What does it say about erm ... pe , erm, mm mm mm mm mm mm mm, er er
Dave (PS6PH) [1580] It's one man, one vote. [laugh]
Mark (PS6PF) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1581] Or one person, one
Brian (PS6PP) [1582] [reading] The persons [...] at A G M should ... members of the committee at the A G M.
[1583] This is a question of []
Dave (PS6PH) [1584] Officers, yeah?
Brian (PS6PP) [1585] [reading] All officers of the club should be elected at the A G M.
[1586] Should be held no later than thirtieth of November each year [] .
Chris (PS6PM) [1587] When's the er, sorry, when's the A G M this ye , year Dave?
Brian (PS6PP) [1588] [...] .
Dave (PS6PH) [1589] Er the eleventh.
Brian (PS6PP) [1590] [reading] One vote for each officer playing a member [] .
Brian (PS6PN) [1591] Cos there's nothing in our rules
Mark (PS6PF) [1592] Is that the book?
Dave (PS6PH) [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [1593] about when the nominations have to be in.
Mark (PS6PF) [1594] No.
Brian (PS6PN) [1595] So they're aren't any nominations.
[1596] There's nothing like ... there's nothing in there to say that the committee resign en-bloc and shall be allowed to ... so
Jeff (PS6PR) [1597] Well
Brian (PS6PN) [1598] all it is, is is if this
Jeff (PS6PR) [1599] unless you get out in a huff.
None (PS6TR) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1600] That's too easy to do.
Dave (PS6PH) [1601] Nominations on that.
Chris (PS6PM) [1602] The whole of the, the whole of the A G M has a say there because ... it's all up for grabs.
Dave (PS6PH) [1603] Yeah.
[1604] No I mean
Mark (PS6PF) [1605] Mm mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [1606] There's no way shouldn't [...]
Dave (PS6PH) [1607] Oh no, they could have a sho , er they have, they agree they've got a say but they just feel that everything is decided so what is the point?
Chris (PS6PM) [1608] Mm mm.
Dave (PS6PH) [1609] Erm, you know,the , it's mainly our younger players.
[1610] I mean, they, they're saying that you know they,i what's the point?
[1611] I mean they, and also a lot of people are shy to ... once ... as erm, someone's put up someone else and it's been seconded by two people on the committee ... they feel there's no point in
Chris (PS6PM) [1612] I think it's a false argument.
[1613] Mm, mm mm.
None (PS6TR) [1614] Mm mm.
[1615] So do I somehow.
Chris (PS6PM) [1616] I really do.
Dave (PS6PH) [1617] Alright.
[1618] Just put a [...] on
Brian (PS6PN) [1619] Well it'll be , I think it'll be very interesting then this year that ... when asked for nominations for captain we say nothing ... and just see what happens.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Jeff (PS6PR) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1620] And just see what happens.
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1621] [laughing] Just sit there and say nothing [] , and just see what happens.
Chris (PS6PM) [1622] Yeah that's right.
[1623] Yeah.
Dave (PS6PH) [1624] Yeah.
Mark (PS6PF) [1625] Yes!
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1626] [laughing] I'll be, I'll be out the room [] .
Chris (PS6PM) [1627] This could be
None (PS6TR) [1628] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Chris (PS6PM) [1629] this could be the person who's moaning about the
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1630] Well it could well be, yeah.
[1631] That's right.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1632] Well it wasn't me.
None (PS6TR) [1633] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Jeff (PS6PR) [1634] Erm, I know
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Chris (PS6PM) [1635] There was nothing in there though so
Mark (PS6PF) [1636] Mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [1637] there's no way that the, the, the committee can influence the club like that.
Dave (PS6PH) [1638] Oh no, no.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1639] Can we, can we do it on something else other than the captain though?
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1640] Vice-captain.
Brian (PS6PP) [laugh]
Brian (PS6PN) [1641] Committee secretary.
Dave (PS6PH) [1642] Yes.
[1643] Mm.
Jeff (PS6PR) [1644] No, really
Mark (PS6PF) [1645] Well
Jeff (PS6PR) [1646] cos all the things [laughing] they've said before [] .
Chris (PS6PM) [1647] No we could, we could do it for all jobs cos
Brian (PS6PP) [1648] No because we wouldn't do that anyway.
Chris (PS6PM) [1649] we could do it for all jobs, and see, that's what I saying, I mean, we've got
Brian (PS6PP) [...]
Chris (PS6PM) [1650] we've got, we'll have somebody i , in,mi , but it's up to, you know, the commi , er to the members anyway who gets all these jobs, so
Jeff (PS6PR) [1651] Anyway , can, onto the next bit.
[1652] Who wants to do what next year?
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1653] Well that's, that's the next thing, I mean who
Group of unknown speakers (KSRPSUGP) [laugh]
Dave (PS6PH) [1654] who's, who's
Brian (PS6PP) [1655] Well it's go , you've got to go to A G M like that.
Brian (PS6PN) [1656] We have.
[1657] Otherwise
Brian (PS6PP) [1658] You've got to.
Brian (PS6PN) [1659] otherwise you could sit there, you'd have no
Dave (PS6PH) [1660] Mm.
Brian (PS6PN) [1661] er captain, no secretar , nothing.
[1662] And not only that you've only gotta
Brian (PS6PP) [1663] You've gotta have people [...]
Brian (PS6PN) [1664] if you haven't got something organized beforehand.
Chris (PS6PM) [1665] Even if
Dave (PS6PH) [1666] Yeah.
Chris (PS6PM) [1667] you don't actually mention it.
[1668] If you, erm, and you as president or whoever's the chairman of the night
Dave (PS6PH) [1669] Mm mm.
Chris (PS6PM) [1670] has got to turn round, has got to know that the, the, the positions are gonna filled.
Brian (PS6PN) [1671] That's right.
[1672] Yes.
Chris (PS6PM) [1673] You only go in with
Mark (PS6PF) [1674] And jus just because
Chris (PS6PM) [1675] a fair idea.
Mark (PS6PF) [1676] just because we've got a fair idea of you mi ,