16 conversations recorded by `June2' (PS6R8) between 2 and 8 April 1992 with 9 interlocutors, totalling 5147 s-units, 34975 words, and over 1 hour 19 minutes 18 seconds of recordings.

10 speakers recorded by respondent number 610

PS6R8 Ag4 f (June, age 53, housewife, North-west Midlands, )
PS6R9 Ag4 m (Arthur, age 45, unemployed, Lancashire, ) husband
PS6RA Ag1 m (Richard, age 21, radar operator, Northern England, ) friend
PS6RB Ag1 f (Angela, age 19, care assistant, Lancashire, ) daughter
PS6RC Ag5 f (Peggy, age 72, salvation army, Lancashire, ) mother-in-law
PS6RD Ag5 m (Ernest, age 75, salvation army, Northern England, ) father-in-law
PS6RE Ag1 f (Karen, age 23, nursery teacher, Northern England, ) daughter-in-law
PS6RF Ag2 m (David, age 27, unemployed, Northern England, ) son
KSSPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KSSPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

16 recordings

  1. Tape 074104 recorded on 1992-04-02. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 074105 recorded on 1992-04-02. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 074106 recorded on 1992-04-02. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 074107 recorded on 1992-04-03. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 074108 recorded on 1992-04-03. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 074201 recorded on 1992-04-04. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 074203 recorded on 1992-04-04. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 074204 recorded on 1992-04-04. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 074205 recorded on 1992-04-04. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 074301 recorded on 1992-04-02. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: having dinner
  11. Tape 074302 recorded on 1992-04-02. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 074303 recorded on 1992-04-02. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  13. Tape 074304 recorded on 1992-04-03. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  14. Tape 074305 recorded on 1992-04-03. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  15. Tape 074306 recorded on 1992-04-03. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  16. Tape 074401 recorded on 1992-04-08. Location: South Shields ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 074104)

Arthur (PS6R9) [1] You've left what where?
June (PS6R8) [2] Water in the sink.
[3] I'm telling Angela.
[4] They're a blight that's all there is I've done all the other dishes and everything.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5] Well who were you talking to anyway about the rain?
Angela (PS6RB) [6] The staff at
Arthur (PS6R9) [7] Oh.
[8] What were you saying to them about [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [9] We were laughing about it.
[10] Cos I was telling them that we were sick of seeing the rain and that.
Arthur (PS6R9) [11] Yes.
Angela (PS6RB) [12] You know cos the rain won't stop all day.
[13] And I said to them I said I watched a film last night called Savage Sea.
[14] And I said all the way through the film practically they were praying for rain.
Arthur (PS6R9) [15] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [16] Right?
[17] And there's us saying that we were sick of the rain.
[18] So I says erm someone turned round and said, Oh should come here you can have some of ours.
[19] And they were laughing.
[20] They were laughing at it.
Arthur (PS6R9) [21] Oh.
Angela (PS6RB) [22] Cos I turned round and said that. ... [tv in background]
June (PS6R8) [23] Oh never seen that before. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [24] Oh.
Angela (PS6RB) [25] What?
June (PS6R8) [26] D'ya want me to erm have this set now for in the morning while?
Angela (PS6RB) [27] No.
June (PS6R8) [28] Be able to set your clock.
[29] Cos you know how to set that don't you?
Angela (PS6RB) [30] Mhm.
[31] ... Nineteen pounds ninety five.
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [32] Although I don't know. [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [33] Twenty one ninety five and they were twenty two pounds [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [34] What's that doing?
[35] ... What's that doing?
Arthur (PS6R9) [36] What's what doing?
Angela (PS6RB) [37] That.
Arthur (PS6R9) [38] It's recording.
Angela (PS6RB) [39] Recording what?
Arthur (PS6R9) [40] You.
Angela (PS6RB) [41] Why?
Arthur (PS6R9) [42] Eh?
Angela (PS6RB) [43] Why is it recording me?
Arthur (PS6R9) [44] Well why not?
[45] Ask your mother.
Angela (PS6RB) [46] Why?
[47] Well my sister recording this.
[48] Where you getting that from?
Arthur (PS6R9) [49] Ask your mother.
Angela (PS6RB) [50] Where is she?
[51] Go and tell her.
Arthur (PS6R9) [52] Where are you?
[53] Where are you?
[54] Your daughter wants you.
[55] ... She's in bathroom.

2 (Tape 074105)

Angela (PS6RB) [56] What's this?
Arthur (PS6R9) [57] She wants to know what that is.
June (PS6R8) [58] It it's a test from now till next Friday all the conversations we have.
Angela (PS6RB) [59] Why?
June (PS6R8) [60] And you know when you have ordinary conversation when we're talking or anything
Angela (PS6RB) [61] Why?
June (PS6R8) [62] on a conversation.
[63] It's for Oxford University to use.
[64] If it's anything that's really personal and you don't want it taping you can erase it and you get a twenty five pound voucher next Friday.
[65] You do it for Marks and Spencers for doing it.
Angela (PS6RB) [66] Oh?
[67] So is that yours?
June (PS6R8) [68] No it belongs to the people Oxford University use the English language.
[69] It's what English language be using now in nineteen ninety.
[70] In the libraries and everything.
Angela (PS6RB) [71] Oh.
[72] So has that just been recording all that I've just all I've just said?
June (PS6R8) [73] Yeah.
[74] But it doesn't matter does it?
[75] I mean you'd have a conversation anyway.
[76] We talk in the house don't we?
[77] Or we had
Arthur (PS6R9) [78] Are you bothered?
Angela (PS6RB) [79] Am I bothered?
Arthur (PS6R9) [80] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [81] She's not saying
Angela (PS6RB) [82] Depends what I'm talking about.
June (PS6R8) [83] Well you've just talked about
Arthur (PS6R9) [84] [...] talking about.
June (PS6R8) [85] the rain.
[86] There's nothing wrong with that.
Angela (PS6RB) [87] Well nothing but d'ya know what I mean it's sort of.
[88] It's like at work erm Mark put two speakers one for listening and one for hearing
Arthur (PS6R9) [89] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [90] right?
[91] You know in case one of the residence needs help or anything
Arthur (PS6R9) [92] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [93] during the night.
[94] So he put one in the living room and he put one in the kitchen.
Arthur (PS6R9) [95] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [96] Now the the girls didn't know it was there and it's a good job that they weren't talking about him or talking about anybody.
Arthur (PS6R9) [97] Why?
Angela (PS6RB) [98] Otherwise we'd have heard what they were saying.
Arthur (PS6R9) [99] Oh would they?
Angela (PS6RB) [100] Now me I think that's sneaky.
[101] D'ya know what I mean?
June (PS6R8) [102] Well that isn't because
Angela (PS6RB) [103] Because
June (PS6R8) [104] if there's anything personal you can erase it.
[105] But the more tapes I do and when I've she's coming for it eleven o'clock next Friday.
[106] Oh when I do it for the week I'm gonna get a twenty five pound voucher for Marks and Spencers.
Angela (PS6RB) [107] Well can we can we rewind that back and listen to it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [108] Yeah if you want yes.
June (PS6R8) [109] Through headphones but you can't the tape's not full yet.
Arthur (PS6R9) [110] But it doesn't matter.
June (PS6R8) [111] I think you'd better switch it off anyway hadn't you?
[112] Cos nobody's gonna be having a conversation.
[113] You're going in the garage now.
Arthur (PS6R9) [114] We're having a conversation now aren't you?
June (PS6R8) [115] I'm going to the bedroom.
Arthur (PS6R9) [116] You're talking now.
June (PS6R8) [117] I'm talking now [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [118] Now that is conversation talking.
Angela (PS6RB) [119] You're also talking posh as well.
June (PS6R8) [120] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [121] I'm not.
Angela (PS6RB) [122] You are.
Arthur (PS6R9) [123] [...] you're not
June (PS6R8) [124] You can erase that now.
Arthur (PS6R9) [125] Why?
June (PS6R8) [126] Cos you can't I don't want that on the tape.
Arthur (PS6R9) [127] You don't want what on the tape?
June (PS6R8) [128] What you two have just said to me.
Angela (PS6RB) [129] What?
June (PS6R8) [130] I want it erased.
Arthur (PS6R9) [131] Why?
June (PS6R8) [132] Cos [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [133] That you're talking posh.
June (PS6R8) [134] I don't need you two [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [135] You're doing it nobody else.
June (PS6R8) [136] I'm not.
Arthur (PS6R9) [137] Of course you are.
June (PS6R8) [138] I'm not.
Arthur (PS6R9) [139] Of course you are.
June (PS6R8) [140] How d'ya press stop?
Arthur (PS6R9) [141] How d'ya press stop.
June (PS6R8) [142] No it's
Arthur (PS6R9) [143] You press the button.
June (PS6R8) [144] Which one?
Arthur (PS6R9) [145] The one that says stop.
June (PS6R8) [146] Can you see?
[147] There that's better light.

3 (Tape 074106)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [148] The army at Leyland and she would have big stuff on you know.
[149] She had a big
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [150] she had a big er a great big cardigan and a fish all way down back.
[151] [clears throat] Well, ha David said, [...] we didn't know.
[152] And er she says er, what did they call her?
Ernest (PS6RD) [153] Who are you talking about?
Peggy (PS6RC) [154] Her with great fish on her.
Ernest (PS6RD) [155] Oh Miss Anderson.
Peggy (PS6RC) [156] Miss Anderson.
Ernest (PS6RD) [157] Aye.
Peggy (PS6RC) [158] Oh you can have that on.
[159] Oh will I sell it.
[160] Is it on?
[161] Aye [laugh] Oh well.
[162] Er she said er er Doris said, Doris , she says er, Oh captain she says er isn't it Anderson coming tonight?
[163] And she [...] said, Yes I suppose so.
[164] So [laughing] she says [] , Oh I hope she doesn't come with that great big cardigan on with that great big fish on the back of her on her back on her cardigan.
Ernest (PS6RD) [165] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [166] She said, She she's big enough she said why do wear that great big fat [...] always have to have heavy clothing.
[167] She said, I'm going to see her she said and if she has it on I'm going to take her on one side and I'm going to say, Miss Anderson will you let me tell you how to dress.
[168] She said you want nice fine things when you're fat to make you slimmer.
[169] Not that great big thing on.
[170] And as she was say [laughing] as she was telling us this the door bell went.
[171] And in she come [] .
[172] And she said and she said thank you she said, Miss Anderson she said she ought to have more sense than come in a thing like that she said to the officers.
[173] And of course Miss Anderson entered the door and she said, Oh she said is that talking about me?
[174] [laugh] And you're dad said, Oh no no.
[175] And we just flipped [...] right quick you see.
[176] And Doris said, Oh thank you she said did I didn't know that we're recording.
[177] Well I said it you said it and it's the truth.
[178] She said, Why should she wear.
[179] It was a great you know er
Ernest (PS6RD) [180] I know I remember it.
Peggy (PS6RC) [181] er big heavy knitted cardigan and this great big fish on the back.
[182] Well it was terrible really.
[183] Well we had such a laugh about it you know.
[184] She said, Oh she said I thought it was talking about me.
[185] So Doris said, Oh well I don't know what's on that she said.
[186] [laugh] Oh dear me.
[187] So you see you never know do you?
[188] [laugh] Oh [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [189] Well I was telling dad that at work Mark's just got like two speaker things.
[190] One's for listening and one's talking into.
[191] He put one in one room and one in the other.
[192] Well they came in a in a parcel the other the other day.
[193] And er he says go and sneak in in the kitchen and put it in the kitchen.
[194] So we were all sitting in the living room.
[195] Well you could hear everything.
[196] And one of the woman one of the woman she came through and she said, I'm sorry, she said, but I'm not happy about that.
[197] And I said to dad I said, It's a good job they weren't talking about one of the other staff or anything or about Mark or anything.
[198] D'ya know what I mean?
[199] I think I think it's sneaky me.
[200] I think it's sneaky having that on
June (PS6R8) [201] Oh they put it out in to to see if anybody's talking about him do they?
Angela (PS6RB) [202] Well not specifically for that.
Ernest (PS6RD) [203] Well what's it in aid of?
Angela (PS6RB) [204] It's for what it is it's if say like Mark or the staff were upstairs
Ernest (PS6RD) [205] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [206] and the residence are downstairs
Ernest (PS6RD) [207] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [208] if somebody needed erm a member of staff
June (PS6R8) [209] Oh it has to be on all the time has it?
Angela (PS6RB) [210] they would hear them.
Ernest (PS6RD) [211] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [212] They would hear that they wanted help or anything.
[213] I mean we've got call buttons.
Ernest (PS6RD) [214] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [215] Yes.
Angela (PS6RB) [216] But what it is it's come in a great big pack package thing these two speakers.
June (PS6R8) [217] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [218] They've come with erm
Ernest (PS6RD) [219] And they're [...] all the time are they?
Angela (PS6RB) [220] Mhm.
June (PS6R8) [221] Well cos they would have to be won't they?
[222] Cos you don't go [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [223] Come erm
June (PS6R8) [224] just going to have to ring.
[225] Couldn't ring.
Angela (PS6RB) [226] with coloured felt tip pens.
Ernest (PS6RD) [227] Mhm.
Angela (PS6RB) [228] And felt tip pens I mean there's about five five lots in different colours.
Ernest (PS6RD) [229] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [230] And erm paper crayons pencils it's like a package
Ernest (PS6RD) [231] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [232] for er mentally handicapped home
Ernest (PS6RD) [233] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [234] and that.
[235] And it came with them.
Peggy (PS6RC) [236] [...] thing is [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [237] Mind [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [238] if I stay in the right place.
[239] Then you're not afraid are you?
Angela (PS6RB) [240] said you know one there's always one that you don't like when you're working in a big group.
[241] Well Molly she was the one that came through and she wasn't happy.
Ernest (PS6RD) [242] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [243] She said it was sneaky the way he did it.
Ernest (PS6RD) [244] Oh.
Angela (PS6RB) [245] If he'd have turned round and said, Look I'm putting this in the kitchen I'm gonna be listening to what you're saying then she wouldn't minded .
Ernest (PS6RD) [246] Oh well wouldn't have been saying anything [laughing] then would they [] ?
Angela (PS6RB) [247] Yeah but she wouldn't have minded.
Peggy (PS6RC) [248] [...] if she's not satisfied with it she should tell him.
[249] It's no
Angela (PS6RB) [250] But
Peggy (PS6RC) [251] good telling everybody else.
Angela (PS6RB) [252] But they could've been talking about something personal and we would've heard everything they said.
Ernest (PS6RD) [253] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [254] D'ya know what I mean?
Peggy (PS6RC) [255] Well no if [...] first
Ernest (PS6RD) [256] [...] in reverse isn't it?
Angela (PS6RB) [257] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [258] Well you don't speak up do you?
Ernest (PS6RD) [259] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [260] If you you think it's gonna be recorded and you don't know.
[261] Well you just
Angela (PS6RB) [262] It is just like a baby alarm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [263] Well any anyway personal you know don't talk in a crowd
Angela (PS6RB) [264] You can hear them but they can't hear you.
Peggy (PS6RC) [265] do you if it's personal
Ernest (PS6RD) [266] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [267] at all personal.
Ernest (PS6RD) [268] No well that's it.
[269] I mean you don't talk personal things
Angela (PS6RB) [270] And there should've been
Ernest (PS6RD) [271] shout across the room to them.
Peggy (PS6RC) [272] Well it's [...] put your own in.
Angela (PS6RB) [273] Mm.
Arthur (PS6R9) [274] I'm going to pinch a leek now.
Peggy (PS6RC) [275] [...] five.
Ernest (PS6RD) [276] [...] five.
[277] How old am I? ...
June (PS6R8) [278] Pardon?
Peggy (PS6RC) [279] Took his er took er my dad's last whisky.
June (PS6R8) [280] [laugh] Last of the orders.
Peggy (PS6RC) [281] Oh dear.
Angela (PS6RB) [282] [...] all the residents today.
Peggy (PS6RC) [283] Have you had them all there?
Angela (PS6RB) [284] I've had them all there yeah.
[285] All seven of them came for dinner.
[286] It was really a success. [banging]
June (PS6R8) [287] Oh.
Angela (PS6RB) [288] [...] I'm breaking them in for a horse.
[289] Erm
Ernest (PS6RD) [290] No you don't need to now.
[291] You don't need to.
June (PS6R8) [292] I'll put that on side [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [293] Erm we just like put a big spread on a big buffet.
[294] We had erm little pork sausage rolls
Ernest (PS6RD) [295] And you didn't invite me?
Arthur (PS6R9) [296] [...] no.
[297] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [298] Get off your bum then.
Angela (PS6RB) [299] Erm we had little pork sausage rolls pork pies cut up erm this is what
June (PS6R8) [300] Oh where's my glasses?
[301] [laughing] Where's my glasses? []
Angela (PS6RB) [302] This is what erm
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [303] this is what all the shopping was for when I got drenched.
[304] Erm sandwiches we got buns from erm you know where the centre is?
Arthur (PS6R9) [305] The [...] will be taking out isn't it?
Angela (PS6RB) [306] Safeway
June (PS6R8) [307] What?
Angela (PS6RB) [308] in the
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [309] erm
Arthur (PS6R9) [310] No it's natural isn't it ?
Angela (PS6RB) [311] salads erm little hot dogs cut up.
[312] We just did a big buffet.
[313] In sat the residents down and then we sort of like hovered.
[314] You know we just sort of like got our own stuff.
[315] We had jelly and cakes biscuits for afterwards.
[316] So it was really nice.
[317] And then afterwards we went into erm went into the room and erm we put some compact discs on some music on and that.
[318] And we got these drawings these these [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [319] Going out anyway.
Angela (PS6RB) [320] people and what have you out.
[321] And erm did some drawings with them and that.
[322] And it was really a nice [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [323] [...] help anyway.

4 (Tape 074107)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [324] Cos I said my grandparents were [laughing] Scottish [] .
Angela (PS6RB) [325] One of the staff that I work with
June (PS6R8) [326] Who was that [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [327] It's a stereo microphone on it as well.
Angela (PS6RB) [328] she's erm
Arthur (PS6R9) [329] What you doing you?
Angela (PS6RB) [330] one of the staff
Arthur (PS6R9) [331] Well don't play out with things then [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [332] one of erm one of the staff I work with talks like Richard.
[333] She's from Kent
Peggy (PS6RC) [334] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [335] and she's got Richard's accent.
[336] She speaks very similar accent.
Peggy (PS6RC) [337] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [338] But erm you know when Richard
June (PS6R8) [339] Can you get cigarettes love out of my pocket?
Angela (PS6RB) [340] when Richard says, Don't worry,
Peggy (PS6RC) [341] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [342] she's got the same accent and she's from Kent and Martin
Peggy (PS6RC) [343] Yeah well they're all the same.
Angela (PS6RB) [344] But they're all.
[345] But she was saying [...]
June (PS6R8) [...] [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [346] she was say same thing.
Arthur (PS6R9) [347] Well that's that's partly what they want to find out as well.
[348] Cos I mean if you put Aunty Mary down on there, [...] Yorkshire.
[349] I suppose they'd say that's not a Yorkshire accent she's talking
June (PS6R8) [350] No but
Arthur (PS6R9) [351] But you see this is what they want to find out now the dialect's changed in
Angela (PS6RB) [352] In all
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [353] That's it.
Ernest (PS6RD) [354] last night but there was a request for [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [355] Was there?
Ernest (PS6RD) [356] Yeah.
[357] A request for [...] on Frank
Peggy (PS6RC) [358] Oh [...] oh Arthur a request from [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [359] [...] oh I know yeah [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [360] That were that were flat [...] [laugh]
Ernest (PS6RD) [361] Now what were they the other week from [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [362] I don't [...] yeah.
[363] From [laugh] near
Angela (PS6RB) [364] Yeah granddad I was saying you know when erm you know when Richard was saying it's an insult to be called a cockney when he's not a cockney.
[365] She was saying the exact same thing.
Ernest (PS6RD) [366] Yes well I said it's not cockney.
Angela (PS6RB) [367] It's an insult to be called a cockney.
Ernest (PS6RD) [368] Their accent isn't cockney.
Angela (PS6RB) [369] That's right they're not.
[370] But she was saying the exact same thing cos I was [...] and he acts as my [...] .
[371] Goes mad when you have to call him a cockney .
June (PS6R8) [372] Well one of us today did he say cockney.
[373] Doesn't mean nothing wrong by it
Peggy (PS6RC) [374] No.
June (PS6R8) [375] it just he says well to me London's cockney.
Peggy (PS6RC) [376] Yeah yes.
Angela (PS6RB) [377] But it's not cockney.
June (PS6R8) [378] No a lot of people say that.
Peggy (PS6RC) [379] No but I mean er I don't agree with this I don't agree with this.
[380] Er like er Richard said er you shouldn't say bus.
June (PS6R8) [381] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [382] Well that to me is ignorant.
[383] It's picking you up before you fall.
[384] It is picking you up before you fall.
[385] And I don't agree with that because we're right where's the bus.
[386] There's no bus.
[387] It's bus if you want to say bus.
[388] [...] it's not bus.
[389] Alright if they say that's their their talk.
[390] Vase a vase.
[391] He would say a vase.
[392] Yeah he would say a vase.
[393] Like Aunty Mary does but they say that down there.
[394] Well alright we know what they mean.
[395] But why have they change why have it always picking people up and saying er
Angela (PS6RB) [396] [...] they're just carrying on.
Peggy (PS6RC) [397] it's a bus it's a bus.
Angela (PS6RB) [398] He was just winding her up.
Peggy (PS6RC) [399] Yeah well I mean they shouldn't wind people up I mean she's just.
[400] I mean you if you said a bus I'd said, Oh what's up with our June what's where she what's she who's she trying to.
[401] And then these people that do this they [...] don't they?
June (PS6R8) [402] But that's on there on that tape.
[403] Cos to me I wasn't but they said I was talking posh on the tape.
Peggy (PS6RC) [404] No.
June (PS6R8) [405] D'ya no I'm not just cos I I said it's a waste of tape.
Peggy (PS6RC) [406] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [407] A waste of tape.
Peggy (PS6RC) [408] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [409] A waste of tape.
June (PS6R8) [410] That's not posh.
Peggy (PS6RC) [411] No well you said that a actually as it came.
[412] You didn't study it to say
June (PS6R8) [413] I didn't study no I just
Peggy (PS6RC) [414] Er er you know.
[415] Well it's like er now that sometimes when you've been doing the message you know you might talk a little bit different but I mean he's had elocution lessons.
[416] If I were took I would talk whatever
June (PS6R8) [417] She says I'm doing now she says I'm doing it now she says I'm doing now.
Peggy (PS6RC) [418] I would say to the queen what I say to you.
Angela (PS6RB) [419] You can't hear it yourself but you are.
Peggy (PS6RC) [420] But she's not if it's coming natural.
June (PS6R8) [421] I'm doing it now.
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
June (PS6R8) [422] I always say that.
Peggy (PS6RC) [423] What?
June (PS6R8) [424] I'm doing it now.
Peggy (PS6RC) [425] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [426] That's not posh she says it's posh
Peggy (PS6RC) [427] No it is it comes out you see.
Angela (PS6RB) [428] Yeah it's not she was
Peggy (PS6RC) [429] No
Angela (PS6RB) [430] speaking posh.
Peggy (PS6RC) [431] Ah she's er when you think about it and say, Well I wouldn't talk posh.
[432] I mean as I say if the queen came I would talk how I [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [433] [...] like your nan.
[434] She was nearly afraid of me.
Peggy (PS6RC) [435] [laughing] [...] afraid of you [] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [436] You weren't of afraid of me but the accent that I had at that time.
[437] You see I'd been Oxford.
Peggy (PS6RC) [438] See you said to me, Oh cos I'm ever
Ernest (PS6RD) [439] I I was brought up in Oxford.
Peggy (PS6RC) [440] so pleased to meet you.
June (PS6R8) [441] D'ya know that's how Arthur was when I first met him and and he was [...] .
[442] And when I took him out I'm telling you I was just telling Angela, my dad went ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [443] you know just like that.
Peggy (PS6RC) [444] Mm.
[445] Yeah but you see
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [446] but I mean we weren't broad.
[447] I mean there's dad and his mum and Arthur we weren't we weren't broad.
[448] So [clears throat]
June (PS6R8) [449] Me mother's not broad like me dad.
Peggy (PS6RC) [450] No.
June (PS6R8) [451] Me dad was [...] broad.
Peggy (PS6RC) [452] Mm.
[453] But I would've never I would've never said to your dad well he's saying ah he weren't too broad in my opinion like but he was broader than your mother.
June (PS6R8) [454] He was broad but he knew
Peggy (PS6RC) [455] But er
June (PS6R8) [456] his manners mind you .
Peggy (PS6RC) [457] well of course he did.
[458] Yes I mean that's noth that's that's nothing to do with it.
[459] But er no I don't care how.
[460] We had a lady at Dixon [clears throat] Mrs Brigadier .
[461] And she said to me, she was from Manchester, well she used to talk Manchester Lancashire.
[462] And she said to me she said, Mrs she said, I like to hear to talk because she said you don't put no airs on.
[463] She said you say what you've got to say and people understand you.
[464] She said and that's all that matters.
[465] She said er er now well Doris used to say erm what's this tea
June (PS6R8) [466] [...] Angela says
Ernest (PS6RD) [467] She what's that tea?
June (PS6R8) [468] No.
[469] [...] this tea mum?
[470] Angela says when I'm on the phone she can hear me Stoke on Trent accent.
[471] Well I can't help I don't know when [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [472] No no
Angela (PS6RB) [473] Yeah but when you're talking to somebody official you speak posh.
Peggy (PS6RC) [474] Oh she doesn't she doesn't [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [475] [mimicking] Oh hello.
[476] Oh hello. []
Ernest (PS6RD) [477] Look who's talking.
Peggy (PS6RC) [478] Yes look who's talking.
[479] No
Ernest (PS6RD) [480] Look who's talking.
Angela (PS6RB) [481] No granny
Peggy (PS6RC) [482] well I don't and I think I know
Ernest (PS6RD) [483] So do you.
Angela (PS6RB) [484] I don't.
Ernest (PS6RD) [485] On the telephone you do .
Angela (PS6RB) [486] I do not.
Peggy (PS6RC) [487] Now I will say to you, Come on June what we having for tea?
[488] But if there were somebody posh here I might say, What are we having for our tea?
[489] I might say that.
Ernest (PS6RD) [490] Now in Lancashire there are different accents in Lancashire .
June (PS6R8) [491] [...] says if if there were a tape record on you would say, Now what are we having for tea?
Peggy (PS6RC) [492] What are we having for our tea?
[493] I thought about it.
June (PS6R8) [494] I've got no airs and graces.
Peggy (PS6RC) [495] No neither would I.
Ernest (PS6RD) [496] When we went to Leyland we would say, What we having us tea?
[497] But in Leyland they said, What we having for tea?
June (PS6R8) [498] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [499] Well I say [...]
June (PS6R8) [500] Can you imagine Aunty Emma being on [...] she say, Nay.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [laugh] [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [501] Nay she'd say yeah.
June (PS6R8) [502] D'ya know
Ernest (PS6RD) [503] What I [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [504] What are we having what
Ernest (PS6RD) [505] what are we having for the tea.
Angela (PS6RB) [506] what we having what we what we having for the tea.
Ernest (PS6RD) [507] So that
Angela (PS6RB) [508] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [509] It's just something you're not doing it deliberate.
Peggy (PS6RC) [510] No.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [511] Well I think the daft I say they say they pick us up but why I don't know.
[512] Because when you say, Away man.
June (PS6R8) [513] I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [514] Well you're er [...] goes away.
June (PS6R8) [515] I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [516] Why d'ya except to come to you when they're say away.
[517] Daft isn't it?
June (PS6R8) [518] Yes. [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [519] No
June (PS6R8) [520] David was on that tape
Peggy (PS6RC) [521] Stay away man
June (PS6R8) [522] [...] with laughter
Peggy (PS6RC) [523] Stupid.
June (PS6R8) [524] someone put Stoke on Trent because that's where he's from.
Peggy (PS6RC) [525] Mm yeah.
June (PS6R8) [526] Not from here.
Peggy (PS6RC) [527] No.
[528] I mean it a [...] there are accents where they are .
Angela (PS6RB) [529] [...] speaks Geordie.
Peggy (PS6RC) [530] Well he does.
[531] But it but it's er
June (PS6R8) [532] I don't care but he was [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [533] but I don't know why.
[534] Because it is blunt Geordie's our David's speech.
Angela (PS6RB) [535] Well yeah when Michael's up he starts speaking Stoke.
Peggy (PS6RC) [536] Yes but I mean Michael doesn't speak Geordie.
[537] I mean he's he's proper silly is David.
June (PS6R8) [538] You can hear
Peggy (PS6RC) [539] Why I [...] that's Stoke isn't it?
June (PS6R8) [540] Mind sometimes if it's [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [541] If it's [...]
June (PS6R8) [542] it's not done deliberate.
[543] I've noticed when [...] , mind I do it deliberate sometimes, but ordinary I don't.
[544] It's [...] because I'm with my I'll say duck.
Peggy (PS6RC) [545] Mm.
[546] Well I did [laughing] the other day didn't I [] ?
[547] It just slipped out.
June (PS6R8) [548] Yeah [...] yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [549] I mean er I never say that normally.
Ernest (PS6RD) [550] I mean we've picked words
June (PS6R8) [551] But mum
Ernest (PS6RD) [552] from all over the country.
June (PS6R8) [553] I've more or less lost that sense of being with Arthur.
[554] But on the odd occasion it'll slip out.
Peggy (PS6RC) [555] Yes.
Arthur (PS6R9) [556] See did you hear that ?
June (PS6R8) [557] You can't tell [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [558] Being.
[559] Whereas [...] they'd say bin.
June (PS6R8) [560] I would not.
Peggy (PS6RC) [561] No she wouldn't.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [562] She would.
[563] She'd have said, Since I've bin with Arthur.
[564] But cos that's on she says cos since I've [...] with Arthur.
June (PS6R8) [565] No I [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [566] I think
June (PS6R8) [567] all the time.
Peggy (PS6RC) [568] I think you you talk as it comes.
June (PS6R8) [569] I do yes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [570] Well like I do and if if I say
Angela (PS6RB) [571] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [572] er
Angela (PS6RB) [573] Normally she'd say yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [574] We shall have that, or shall we have that.
[575] Or er
June (PS6R8) [576] You might just think always
Angela (PS6RB) [577] Nan.
[578] You know what she's just said then?
June (PS6R8) [579] picking you up before you fall aren't they?
Peggy (PS6RC) [580] Yes yes .
Angela (PS6RB) [581] Aren't they.
June (PS6R8) [582] Well I do say
Peggy (PS6RC) [583] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [584] that.
Angela (PS6RB) [585] Yes.
[586] You know when she said erm
Arthur (PS6R9) [587] [...] than what you have.
Angela (PS6RB) [588] You know when she said, You do yes.
[589] Normally she'd say, You do yes.
June (PS6R8) [590] Not all the time.
Peggy (PS6RC) [591] They do don't they?
[592] She'd say if you weren't thinking.
[593] No your mother talks your mother doesn't talk posh.
[594] She talks what she's been born to talk .
Angela (PS6RB) [595] She [...] when when the tape's on or
Peggy (PS6RC) [596] No you don't .
Angela (PS6RB) [597] or if she's on the phone.
[598] Mum she nan she don't normal.
June (PS6R8) [599] I don't think so.
Angela (PS6RB) [600] She does cos
Peggy (PS6RC) [601] Cos she'd say [...] .
June (PS6R8) [602] No she wouldn't.
Peggy (PS6RC) [603] She'd say, Blah don't talk to daft June.
[604] Where's your bus.
[605] I mean Aunty Mary, well I don't given up talking to her she'd she says bus and I just let it go.
June (PS6R8) [606] Yeah well Richard does that Richard says it's not bus it's bus.
Peggy (PS6RC) [607] It isn't where do they get the bus and bath.
[608] Bath is [spelling] B A R T H [] .
[609] It's [spelling] B A T H [] it's bath .
June (PS6R8) [610] I know.
[611] It's bath. [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [612] It's Newcastle not Newcastle.
[613] But if they say Newcastle well alright but I wouldn't say anything .
Angela (PS6RB) [614] [...] Newcas Newcastle.
Peggy (PS6RC) [615] I wouldn't say anything because it's ignorant.
[616] Picking people up before they fall.
[617] You know what they mean and that's all that matters.
Angela (PS6RB) [618] And they don't say, I know.
[619] They say, I know I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [620] I know.
Angela (PS6RB) [621] I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [622] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [623] Yeah well if they say that I wouldn't say I wouldn't pick them up.
Angela (PS6RB) [624] I know I know
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [625] It's [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [626] I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [627] picking them up before they fall.
[628] Picking people up before they fall .
Angela (PS6RB) [629] Oh no.
[630] Oh no.
[631] [laugh] My sister says that a lot.
[632] Oh no.
Peggy (PS6RC) [633] She'd just get a bash across the mouth if you kept picking me up.
Arthur (PS6R9) [634] Does she mess about with your [...] as well?
Angela (PS6RB) [635] Well I'll tell you what
Peggy (PS6RC) [636] I should say I've just as much [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [637] When I was down there for the weekend I was speaking their accent.
[638] Dad said.
Peggy (PS6RC) [639] Oh well your dad used to got to Scotland for the day and when he come back he was Scotch.
Angela (PS6RB) [640] I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [641] I mean he didn't need to go anywhere .
Angela (PS6RB) [642] Erm when dad
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [643] When he'd been home for a month.
Peggy (PS6RC) [644] Mm.
June (PS6R8) [645] He was talking an American.
Peggy (PS6RC) [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [646] When dad phoned us when I was down there he says, When you come back you can get rid of that acce [...] you can get back to your own accent .
Arthur (PS6R9) [647] You can drop your acc you can drop that accent.
Peggy (PS6RC) [648] Yeah but Arthur she only takes after you for that.
Angela (PS6RB) [649] I can't help it though.
[650] Wherever I
Peggy (PS6RC) [651] Because you used to to that.
Angela (PS6RB) [652] go I pick up the accent.
[653] It was like when I went down to Liverpool.
[654] I started speaking [...]
June (PS6R8) [655] Oh but [...] Geordie.
Peggy (PS6RC) [656] Does she?
June (PS6R8) [657] Yeah.
[658] Don't she?
Arthur (PS6R9) [659] Oh aye.
Peggy (PS6RC) [660] But er [...] you don't need to say, Oh aye.
[661] You say, Oh yes .
Angela (PS6RB) [662] And they kept on saying I know I know I know I know.
[663] And I kept
Peggy (PS6RC) [664] You was brought up to say, Oh yes.
[665] Not, Oh aye.
[666] Oh aye
Arthur (PS6R9) [667] I don't pass myself to [...] tape recorder
Peggy (PS6RC) [668] No.
[669] I know you don't pass yourself out.
[670] I think you're you're you're not passing yourself you're not speaking as you ought.
[671] Because you would never dream of saying, Oh aye.
Angela (PS6RB) [672] Oh aye.
Arthur (PS6R9) [673] I would.
June (PS6R8) [674] Because Geordies say that don't they ?
Peggy (PS6RC) [675] Now June's father would say, Oh aye.
[676] But it he'd he'd take it and forget it .
Angela (PS6RB) [677] Oh aye the [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [678] No.
[679] And he could he would
June (PS6R8) [680] And he would say he would say waiter for water or water .
Peggy (PS6RC) [681] He would bet it.
Arthur (PS6R9) [682] Who?
June (PS6R8) [683] My dad.
Peggy (PS6RC) [684] But not you.
[685] Because you've not been brought up to speak broad.
Arthur (PS6R9) [686] Oh haven't I?
Peggy (PS6RC) [687] No.
Arthur (PS6R9) [688] Oh.
Angela (PS6RB) [689] Oh haven't I.
June (PS6R8) [690] Why haven't
Peggy (PS6RC) [691] You haven't been you haven't been brought to speak
June (PS6R8) [692] Me dad was broad but me mother wasn't
Angela (PS6RB) [693] Ooh [drawn out]
Peggy (PS6RC) [694] Shh.
[695] But you've been brought you've never had any slang
Angela (PS6RB) [696] Ooh [drawn out]
Peggy (PS6RC) [697] from us.
June (PS6R8) [698] I wasn't brought up mum
Peggy (PS6RC) [699] Granddad didn't use slang because he were Norfolk man.
June (PS6R8) [700] I wasn't brought up having [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [701] Now June June'd say what granddad said, Ask'd June'd say, I asked you I asked her.
[702] Like we would say.
[703] June would say, Ask'd That's a bit of the the Norfolk in her.
[704] [...] down there weren't you?
June (PS6R8) [705] Dorset.
Peggy (PS6RC) [706] Dorset.
[707] And that is a bit of that.
[708] Cos er cos er my my dad used to say that.
Angela (PS6RB) [709] Asked.
Peggy (PS6RC) [710] No not asked.
[711] Ask'd.
Angela (PS6RB) [712] Ask'd
Peggy (PS6RC) [713] There's something else.
[714] There's another way of and An Angela'll say it.
[715] But it's not ask I mean it's it's er er
Angela (PS6RB) [716] What?
Peggy (PS6RC) [717] [...] takes after.
[718] 'Tisn't Lancashire.
Angela (PS6RB) [719] What?
Peggy (PS6RC) [720] Well I can't just remember what the word is now.
[721] But I'll tell you next time I say
Angela (PS6RB) [722] Would?
Peggy (PS6RC) [723] it.
Angela (PS6RB) [724] or, I saw.
Ernest (PS6RD) [725] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [726] Saw her.
Angela (PS6RB) [727] I saw her.
Peggy (PS6RC) [728] Saw her.
[729] Your mother says, I saw her.
Ernest (PS6RD) [730] Well that's Norfolk.
Peggy (PS6RC) [731] Well that's Norfolk.
[732] My dad used to say, I saw her.
[733] He say, I saw her.
June (PS6R8) [734] I've always said that.
Peggy (PS6RC) [735] Yes well it's your er your Dorset in you. [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [736] I've got all sorts in me.
June (PS6R8) [737] I must have all sorts in me.
Peggy (PS6RC) [738] But because you say, I saw her, it isn't it isn't wrong.
[739] We all know what you mean.
June (PS6R8) [740] Actually I should speak some Geordie with having a Geordie mother shouldn't I?
Peggy (PS6RC) [741] We all know what you mean.
[742] Well she were she weren't broad Geordie you see.
June (PS6R8) [743] No she's what you call as as Arthur says, A posh Geordie.
Peggy (PS6RC) [744] Well no.
[745] She she's doesn't talk
Ernest (PS6RD) [746] [...] Allan at Leadgate.
[747] He talks with a Geordie accent but it's a cultured Geordie accent.
June (PS6R8) [748] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [749] Why now what was there somebody on the television [...] Frank was saying
Angela (PS6RB) [750] [...] from Hartlepool.
June (PS6R8) [751] lived next door to us [...] .
[752] Now honestly you could hardly tell what he says can you?
Ernest (PS6RD) [753] Well I says to your mother one time when we'd been downtown and your passing through [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [754] Ooh Roy is awful int he?
June (PS6R8) [755] Terrible.
Arthur (PS6R9) [756] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [757] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [758] I said I said to her, They're talking foreign language.
[759] [...] talking real broad Yorkshire .
Angela (PS6RB) [760] You say, Int he, a well.
June (PS6R8) [761] Well I say that.
Angela (PS6RB) [762] Broad Geordie.
June (PS6R8) [763] Yeah well that's [laughing] probably got that [...] []
Peggy (PS6RC) [764] Yeah well I say, Int he.
[765] But it or if I were to be thinking I'd say, Isn't he.
[766] Or [...] I might say, Isn't he. [...]
June (PS6R8) [767] [...] talking to your dad some things if if er I don't agree on something I'll say, Nay Arthur [laughing] that's Aunty Emma isn't it [] ?
[768] [...] I used to love, ee I used to love going, Nay.
[769] [laughing] You know. []
Peggy (PS6RC) [770] What next.
Arthur (PS6R9) [771] But my language on the platform's entirely different to what I speak [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [772] Yeah but not
June (PS6R8) [773] You're not broad Yorkshire
Peggy (PS6RC) [774] but you're not posh [...] Charlie.
June (PS6R8) [775] Charlie Williams int it that's broad Yorkshire int it?
Peggy (PS6RC) [776] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [777] Charlie Williams.
[778] Cos I said many a times Arthur [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [779] No.
Angela (PS6RB) [780] You say, Thee, though.
June (PS6R8) [781] Well [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [782] There you go. [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [783] No you know what I mean.
[784] Granddad says, Thee .
June (PS6R8) [785] Yeah yeah he does say, Thee.
[786] Cos I've heard him say, Thee.
Peggy (PS6RC) [787] No he doesn't say, Thee, when he might when he's fooling about with you .
Angela (PS6RB) [788] [...] says, Hey thee.
Peggy (PS6RC) [789] No he doesn't.
[790] Not not for normal talk.
[791] No granddad doesn't say, Thee.
Ernest (PS6RD) [792] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [793] Thou aye [...]
June (PS6R8) [794] Who says thee thy though thou isn't
Peggy (PS6RC) [795] [...] Quakers.
Ernest (PS6RD) [796] It's er the [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [797] Know I am with thee always.
[798] Yes he'll say that.
[799] But not not when he's
Ernest (PS6RD) [800] [...] Quakers talk
Peggy (PS6RC) [801] not when he means you.
Arthur (PS6R9) [802] I don't think that comes up much in conversations though does it ?
June (PS6R8) [803] I think it was James that was in a film once
Peggy (PS6RC) [804] What?
Arthur (PS6R9) [805] Thou though I am with three.
Peggy (PS6RC) [806] No but I was saying that, Thou I am with thee always, that it wouldn't say
June (PS6R8) [807] Do you remember that film James was it James was in it wasn't he?
Peggy (PS6RC) [808] [...] when he means you.
[809] He would say, Thee come here.
June (PS6R8) [810] Did you tape that today?
Peggy (PS6RC) [811] Well me dad might have done.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [812] You come here birdie.
Peggy (PS6RC) [813] But er no that's what Arthur used to say, [laughing] Come here birdie.
[814] Never say, Come here.
[815] He say, Come here birdie.
[816] Your dad. []
June (PS6R8) [817] Some of the Geordie accents I can't understand them saying, Away man.
Peggy (PS6RC) [818] No well they say, Away man, and expe expect child to come to them.
June (PS6R8) [819] I say come here .
Peggy (PS6RC) [820] How can you come to [...] you're always saying, Away.
[821] How can he
Angela (PS6RB) [822] But you don't say, Away.
Peggy (PS6RC) [823] You do.
[824] You say, Away man.
June (PS6R8) [825] Away man.
Angela (PS6RB) [826] No you say, Away.
Peggy (PS6RC) [827] Well, Away man .
June (PS6R8) [828] That's stupid.
Peggy (PS6RC) [829] You say away you mean away.
Angela (PS6RB) [830] But you don't not if it's a Geordie child it knows to come there otherwise it gets a clip across the lug.
Peggy (PS6RC) [831] What?
June (PS6R8) [832] If I was talking to my [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [833] You say away when you mean come here. [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [834] and they were behind I'd say, Come here now hurry up.
Peggy (PS6RC) [835] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [836] You know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [837] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [838] You know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [laugh]
Ernest (PS6RD) [839] If you break your leg don't come running here to me.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [840] What?
Peggy (PS6RC) [841] What says.
Angela (PS6RB) [842] You what?
Peggy (PS6RC) [843] If you don't break if you break your leg
Ernest (PS6RD) [844] If you breaks your leg don't come running to me crying.
Peggy (PS6RC) [845] If you break you leg don't come running.
[846] How could you come running if you broke your leg?
Ernest (PS6RD) [847] [...] if you breaks your leg don't come running to me crying.
Angela (PS6RB) [848] If thou breaks the leg
June (PS6R8) [849] Don't come running to me .
Angela (PS6RB) [850] If they breaks the leg.
[851] If they
June (PS6R8) [852] If thou breaks the the leg
Ernest (PS6RD) [853] Don't come running to me.
June (PS6R8) [854] running to me.
Angela (PS6RB) [855] If thou breaks the leg don't come running to me.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [856] No. [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [857] Oh dear.
Ernest (PS6RD) [858] [...] when he was a [...]
June (PS6R8) [859] My dad had a problem saying broken he'd probably say, Broken.
Peggy (PS6RC) [860] Yeah mm well he had a little bit of of er what shall we say slang [...] if that's the word.
[861] But he wasn't he wasn't
June (PS6R8) [862] Wasn't dead rotten [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [863] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [864] No.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [865] But we didn't I mean never Arthur never had any broad [...] broad [...]
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [866] broad Lancashire.
[867] Arthur never heard.
[868] Because me dad didn't talk broad Lancashire.
[869] Me mother didn't because she weren't Lancashire .
June (PS6R8) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [870] Mm?
June (PS6R8) [871] Never er not what you can call swear me dad you know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [872] No.
Arthur (PS6R9) [873] Well where did grandma come from?
Peggy (PS6RC) [874] My mum came from Bacup.
Ernest (PS6RD) [875] Bacup.
June (PS6R8) [876] That's Kent int it?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [877] No.
June (PS6R8) [878] Thought Bacup was in Kent .
Angela (PS6RB) [879] [...] Lancashire?
[880] Lancashire int it?
June (PS6R8) [881] But there is a Bacup in Kent int there?
Ernest (PS6RD) [882] I don't know.
June (PS6R8) [883] [...] Yeah there is.
Peggy (PS6RC) [884] [...] Bacup.
June (PS6R8) [885] Bacup in Kent.
Peggy (PS6RC) [886] Then they came to live at .
Angela (PS6RB) [887] Why d'ya mean [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [888] Why?
June (PS6R8) [889] Where did Aunty Lilly's husband come from?
[890] Did he did he come from [...] ?
Peggy (PS6RC) [891] Yes he was from er [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [892] Yes.
Ernest (PS6RD) [893] So a language all of her own when she's on the phone talking to us.
Peggy (PS6RC) [894] Me dad came to live er me dad from Norfolk he came in shepherd boy
June (PS6R8) [895] [...] [laughing] she had a bit of Geordie [] .
Angela (PS6RB) [896] But the best one out the lot I do Stoke.
Peggy (PS6RC) [897] What is the time please? [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [898] The best accents I do out the lot of them is yours.
Peggy (PS6RC) [899] The best I
June (PS6R8) [900] I don't talk like that any more now because people think I [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [901] You do as your own
June (PS6R8) [902] I've lost me own [...] .
[903] Just the odd word now.
Angela (PS6RB) [904] Just the odd word now.
Peggy (PS6RC) [905] It comes out what you want it to come out [...] has to come out.
June (PS6R8) [906] I've been with your dad that long I just [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [907] I've been with your dad that long.
[908] Been with dad that long.
[909] You you can tell you're from Stoke on Trent.
June (PS6R8) [910] Well how come then people say, What part of Lancashire you from?
Peggy (PS6RC) [911] Yes.
Angela (PS6RB) [912] Because they're ignorant .
June (PS6R8) [913] Or
Peggy (PS6RC) [914] No they're not ignorant.
[915] Not ignorant when they say.
[916] Well they are ignorant cos I would never say which part of [...] .
[917] Fellow said to me the other week you don't live here.
[918] I said, Oh yes I do .
Angela (PS6RB) [919] [...] Stoke on Trent.
June (PS6R8) [920] It isn't.
Angela (PS6RB) [921] It is.
June (PS6R8) [922] That's Lancashire.
Peggy (PS6RC) [923] I would never pick anybody up.
June (PS6R8) [924] Well I think I talk more with a Lancashire accent than I do a Stoke on Trent accent.
Peggy (PS6RC) [925] If you can tell what you say that's all that matters isn't it ?
Angela (PS6RB) [926] You wait till you rewind that tape back and listen to yourself and you'll hear Stoke on Trent.
[927] I know cos [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [928] Stoke on Trent [...] you're saying Stoke.
Angela (PS6RB) [929] Cos mum does.
Peggy (PS6RC) [930] Well it's not Stoke it's Stoke.
Angela (PS6RB) [931] It's Stoke.
Peggy (PS6RC) [932] Stoke.
June (PS6R8) [933] Stoke.
Angela (PS6RB) [934] Stoke on Trent.
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [935] You listen to Michael talking.
[936] You say to Michael
Peggy (PS6RC) [937] You [...] my brother [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [938] If you if you say to Michael, Michael where do you come from?
[939] He say Stoke on Trent.
[940] Stoke.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [941] D'ya know what our Michael says when he he's telling anybody's not there he's coming up here?
[942] Our Michael
Peggy (PS6RC) [...] [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [943] when he's telling anybody in Stoke on Trent that he's coming up here.
[944] He'll say I'm going to Durham.
[945] He doesn't say South Shields.
[946] He says I'm going to Durham.
Angela (PS6RB) [947] I'm going to Durham I'm going to Durham see.
[948] I'm going to Durham.
[949] That is Stoke I'm going to Durham.
Peggy (PS6RC) [950] Yes well it is but
Angela (PS6RB) [951] You alright duck.
Peggy (PS6RC) [952] But she's a right to say that because she is [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [953] You alright duck?
Peggy (PS6RC) [954] She is right to say
Angela (PS6RB) [955] Oh you little duck.
[956] Oh you little duck.
Peggy (PS6RC) [957] [...] but she doesn't say it very often.
June (PS6R8) [958] What's his name Bobby , Oh you little duck. [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [959] Oh you little duck.
[960] I love [...] accent me.
Peggy (PS6RC) [961] She doesn't say
Angela (PS6RB) [962] She's really broad isn't she?
Peggy (PS6RC) [963] Well she's Stoke.
[964] Stoke or whatever you want to say.
June (PS6R8) [965] Blaydon.
[966] I used to live at Blaydon.
Angela (PS6RB) [967] Blaydon.
Peggy (PS6RC) [968] Stoke or whatever you want to say .
June (PS6R8) [969] Well that's what it's called Blaydon.
[970] Actually speaking proper Eng proper English it's Blayton ton.
Angela (PS6RB) [971] Blayton.
June (PS6R8) [972] Not Blaydon.
[973] I say Blaydon.
Angela (PS6RB) [974] Blaydon.
Peggy (PS6RC) [975] [...] make her own dinner aye Arthur?
Ernest (PS6RD) [976] Mm.
Angela (PS6RB) [977] Well it's like Harpenden.
June (PS6R8) [978] Well there's nobody likes [...] talk [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [979] You don't you don't
Peggy (PS6RC) [980] Aye you can.
Angela (PS6RB) [981] Harpenden you say Harpenden.
Peggy (PS6RC) [982] Oh I always think about Mrs .
[983] She I I mean she were brigadier and she'd gone through all her life [...]
June (PS6R8) [984] [laughing] I bet [...] realize she said that. []
Peggy (PS6RC) [985] What?
June (PS6R8) [986] Aye they can.
Peggy (PS6RC) [987] What?
Angela (PS6RB) [988] Aye they can.
June (PS6R8) [989] [laughing] Then she said Arthur say that.
[990] You just said, Aye they can []
Peggy (PS6RC) [991] What?
[992] Can what?
June (PS6R8) [993] I said if nobody like the way I talk they can lump it and you said, Aye they can.
Peggy (PS6RC) [994] Mm.
June (PS6R8) [995] Aye.
Angela (PS6RB) [996] Aye aye you see?
June (PS6R8) [997] [laughing] They're not threatening to [...] []
Angela (PS6RB) [998] Nan says, Aye, a lot.
[999] You say, Aye, a lot you do.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1000] Well
Angela (PS6RB) [1001] I've never heard you [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1002] I am
Angela (PS6RB) [1003] hole in the ground with water water.
June (PS6R8) [1004] Only the odd occasion I've heard your nan say, No.
[1005] But Aunty Annie used to say, Nay, a lot .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1006] I am the great I am. [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [1007] Aunty Lilly used to say, Nay, didn't she ?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1008] [singing] I'm the [...] yes I am. []
[1009] I'll say this if anybody wants to
June (PS6R8) [1010] I say this
Peggy (PS6RC) [1011] pick fault in way I talk well I don't think to hear [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [1012] [mimicking] Well I tell you [...] []
June (PS6R8) [1013] [...] as broad as Aunty Annie.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1014] Pardon?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1015] She is.
June (PS6R8) [1016] To me Aunty Annie didn't
Ernest (PS6RD) [1017] But [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1018] Oh no.
June (PS6R8) [1019] as broad as Aunty Annie .
Ernest (PS6RD) [1020] But if you hear her on a if you hear her on a tape recorder she is.
June (PS6R8) [1021] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1022] We've two or three recordings of Aunty Annie and er
Angela (PS6RB) [1023] You're saying
Ernest (PS6RD) [1024] she is broad on them all.
Angela (PS6RB) [1025] You say about Richard's accent if you hear his sister she's even broader .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1026] No I don't say anything about Richard's accent.
[1027] He lives down there he's Harpenden.
[1028] He's southern.
[1029] Alright.
June (PS6R8) [1030] Well he doesn't live down there now.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1031] Well let me ex he is he's southern.
[1032] So that's their talk.
[1033] I mean I I don't mind
June (PS6R8) [1034] [...] place int it?
Angela (PS6RB) [1035] But you listen to Richard and you listen to his sister and hear the difference and they're both from the same place.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1036] Well I don't know why that is .
Angela (PS6RB) [1037] You hear the difference.
June (PS6R8) [1038] When I hear Richard I can hear Aunty Mary .
Ernest (PS6RD) [1039] [...] You get that in lots of
June (PS6R8) [1040] Richard I can hear Aunty Mary .
Angela (PS6RB) [1041] Well you can when you hear his sister.
June (PS6R8) [1042] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1043] I mean you wouldn't you wouldn't think for one minute that Aunty Mary came from [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1044] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1045] But she was more southern than Vic.
[1046] Weren't you?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1047] Mm.
June (PS6R8) [1048] Although when she stayed with us in Aug
Ernest (PS6RD) [1049] [...] he speaks with a southern accent .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1050] Yes Uncle Billy.
[1051] Well to me it
June (PS6R8) [1052] When she were talking to us Aunty Mary you could hear some Yorkshire accent.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1053] You could hear the Yorkshire coming through.
June (PS6R8) [1054] Yeah couldn't we?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1055] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1056] Cut glass and you could fall through window.
Angela (PS6RB) [1057] Couldn't we?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1058] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [1059] Couldn't we.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1060] If we had Aunty Mary [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1061] Well you don't [...]
June (PS6R8) [1062] You don't.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1063] say what you're saying.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1064] What?
June (PS6R8) [1065] Talks posh Uncle [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1066] Mm.
June (PS6R8) [1067] He pronounces er don't he?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1068] Yeah well if.
[1069] Talking glass cut glass and [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1070] [...] you see first of all it was the fact that she was living amongst [...] and [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1071] Ee well living with Sally and Sally was.
[1072] Sally wouldn't talk that.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1073] But Sally never really went out to work.
[1074] He did.
[1075] And he was
June (PS6R8) [1076] Definitely talks posh.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1077] I mean was a man he was management.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1078] Yeah I know but well why haven't you got?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1079] Because I haven't [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1080] Talking like your fault.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1081] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1082] All over the world you've been.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1083] Well I've got bits of everything .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1084] But you're still
June (PS6R8) [1085] He's not rough.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1086] He's no.
[1087] So why
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1088] Aye?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1089] Be the day that he's ever been.
Angela (PS6RB) [1090] Dad.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1091] I'm not.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1092] [...] you are.
[1093] Yes you are.
Angela (PS6RB) [1094] What?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1095] Yes you are.
[1096] Because turn it off a minute [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1097] [...] turn it off a minute.
June (PS6R8) [1098] Off a minute.
Angela (PS6RB) [1099] Dad.
[1100] D'ya call Stockton people as Geordies?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1101] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1102] No.
June (PS6R8) [1103] But they are aren't

5 (Tape 074108)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [1104] Big rolls of cloth in the mill.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1105] Yeah seen Arthur Arthur .
June (PS6R8) [1106] Yeah.
[1107] Yeah.
[1108] Well our Ar we used to have to carry their own.
[1109] But out Annie she was
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1110] because erm ship you know and our Annie used to have to carry her own.
[1111] Well she used to have to give some give somebody sixpence which were a lot of money in them days.
[1112] Carry it for her.
[1113] Sam would never carry it.
[1114] And he would never let our Emma carry it.
[1115] And all nasty things he did to her.
[1116] And the doctor said, Yes.
[1117] And that's what it's all about.
[1118] It's been so impregnated in the child's mind that she just Well they just couldn't they couldn't fathom it because he used to
Peggy (PS6RC) [1119] [...] did you get on alright?
June (PS6R8) [1120] Well yes in a way.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1121] We didn't have a lot to do with him really .
June (PS6R8) [1122] Well I kept well I I got on alright with him cos he I were a lot younger and he used to give me sixpence to go and get some ice cream so as I [...] them would be on their own a bit you see.
[1123] Well [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1124] [laugh] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1125] I thought you were wonderful giving me money and I'd be right quick and he'd say, [...] be so long getting that.
[1126] Here's another sixpence go for something else.
[1127] And I thought he were wonderful cos he kept giving me money you see.
[1128] And even he had like their their wedding ring was in a little purse.
[1129] Well when that Joe and Annie got married Joe gave me the little purse with a threepenny bit in.
[1130] Well felt a millionaire with threepenny bit.
[1131] And that when our Alice got married Jim gave it me with a threepenny bit in.
[1132] But when Sam got married he's had to have a sixpence in.
[1133] You see he was that always had to be showing off and.
[1134] But er oh he wasn't liked at all.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1135] Aunty Emma children but she miscarried didn't she?
June (PS6R8) [1136] Only one she had that's all.
[1137] But er
Peggy (PS6RC) [1138] [...] two [...]
June (PS6R8) [1139] Oh she he was nasty.
[1140] And er
Peggy (PS6RC) [1141] She were really good to ours one she was.
June (PS6R8) [1142] And she she used to say used to say, Oh he had a watch a gold watch and he'd dangle it in front of her.
[1143] Dangle it for her to play with.
[1144] You know.
[1145] But she just bash it out of it and it'd hit his face and of course he went mad then.
[1146] But he would give her anything then but it were like the doctor said it was too late.
[1147] The damage had been done.
[1148] Cos he said
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1149] What I say.
[1150] Cos she said to the doctor she said, What's the matter with her?
[1151] She not told me she's no pins sticking in her.
[1152] And it she had a right talk to him and he said, Well that's it.
[1153] He said, [...] with one person?
[1154] And she said, Yes.
[1155] She said it's only with him.
[1156] Oh he said, That's it.
[1157] Oh me mother used to she was to have a sofa in front of the window.
[1158] Me mother used to [...] go in and lie down when she'd been to the work .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1159] Was it Aunt Aunty Emma that had it a bit rough?
June (PS6R8) [1160] [...] his mother.
[1161] His mother.
[1162] My mother and dad didn't go to Aunty Emma's wedding.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1163] Did they not?
June (PS6R8) [1164] No.
[1165] Because he he want he wanted to be married at nine o'clock in the morning for a start off.
[1166] Me dad says, Well I can't go then.
[1167] He said I can't go at nine o'clock I can't.
[1168] Well [...] poorly man then and I mean he hadn't come round till dinner.
[1169] He said, No Emma I can't there's no way I can be at a wedding to give you away at nine o'clock.
[1170] And er oh his mother had been every so nasty she said, Before you would get married she'd gas him.
[1171] Sam.
[1172] Oh it's terrible.
[1173] And er so you see on the wedding er card it had on er, Mr and Mrs Shaw request the pleasure of Mrs Abbott at their daughter's wedding.
[1174] So I'm told.
[1175] And when me dad saw it he said, Well that's a lie for a start off.
[1176] He said I don't want to request her pleasure.
[1177] He says, She's caused more bother in this house he said than enough.
[1178] He said, So that's a lie for a start off.
[1179] So of course our Emma got it and tore it up and threw it in the fire.
[1180] And then he said er, Well he said I must [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1181] [...] Aunty Emma didn't she?
[1182] I'm not an Aunty any more.
June (PS6R8) [1183] [...] Well I mean she she hadn't to have one part of the house.
[1184] It wasn't [...] and hers.
[1185] Mother had to have a nose in.
[1186] And there were three
Ernest (PS6RD) [1187] Three names on the
June (PS6R8) [1188] three names
Ernest (PS6RD) [1189] on the [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1190] Oh she was a [...] was his mother.
[1191] She had to go and she had to go and live with them he couldn't get married without.
[1192] He used to [...] mother had to be going living with them.
[1193] And all this you see so [cough] me dad said, I'm not so bothered about him coming either .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1194] [...] house then?
[1195] Aunty Emma's husband.
[1196] [...] together.
June (PS6R8) [1197] The three of them
Ernest (PS6RD) [1198] No three of them
June (PS6R8) [1199] three of them .
[1200] [...] at it.
[1201] And then er so our Emma said, Oh well if you're not [...] don't want [...] don't want these to come she said alright and she said she [...] all the invitations and threw them all on the fire.
[1202] So that's it then she said there'll be nobody come.
[1203] So she said, There'll be there'll be me there'll be Sam Jack Jack
Peggy (PS6RC) [1204] Is that the [...]
June (PS6R8) [1205] No you wouldn't know Jack.
[1206] He'd be dead before you came along.
[1207] And who else?
[1208] Our Annie.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1209] Well wasn't he a that were in [...] army once ?
June (PS6R8) [1210] Well that was the four of them.
[1211] No that weren't that was Fred, [...] brother.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1212] Oh.
June (PS6R8) [1213] So that were four of them.
[1214] Said which we [...] .
[1215] And then she said, Oh well.
[1216] My mother said, Well you're not going Arthur I'm not going that's it.
[1217] And she said, We can't [...] get married at nine o'clock in the morning.
[1218] [...] Oh no he wouldn't have had me in any case.
[1219] [...] we hadn't to go.
[1220] We hadn't to go even.
[1221] Anyway we did get [...] about ten year old [...] we did go.
[1222] But me mother didn't go.
[1223] So she says so he said that she said, Oh what about the breakfast.
[1224] Will you make a wedding breakfast for for the officers there were two officers and Sam and Emma and our Annie and Jack.
[1225] About six of them.
[1226] So my mother said, Oh well yes if that's what you want me to be to be a servant.
[1227] I'll be I'll be I'll do that.
[1228] And then Sam said, Oh well me mother will have to come.
[1229] So mother were coming.
[1230] Then he were having some Aunts come from er his Aunts from er Manchester.
[1231] So they had to come they were la-de-das.
[1232] Then er me mother said, Right [...] .
[1233] Oh well me mother said, If they're all coming right all my family's coming.
[1234] They'll all come to the tea.
[1235] So our Alice and Jim they didn't go to the wedding.
[1236] Our Alice and Jim our Annie were best er were maid of honour so she were there.
[1237] And Joe didn't go that were four.
[1238] Who else?
[1239] There were Sam and Harriet.
[1240] They didn't go.
[1241] Our John and Molly they didn't go so that were eight.
[1242] So my mother had all her family [...] spread for the tea.
[1243] She said, Yes if that's where you want me, she said, I'll be there in the kitchen.
[1244] It was awful.
[1245] Then when they did get married they did get married.
[1246] Then when they went to the photographers half past ten shut.
[1247] So I don't know where they did get their photographs taken at the finish.
[1248] Cos he it well I don't know.
[1249] Nobody told me that bit.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1250] Did Aunty Annie used to wait then?
[1251] She weren't waiting when I knew her .
June (PS6R8) [1252] Yes Aunty oh yes Aunty Emma went to Street.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1253] Oh yeah.
[1254] Must have retired.
June (PS6R8) [1255] Oh dear no.
[1256] Nobody liked him.
[1257] Nobody liked Sam .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1258] Int it funny how our our lads talk about Aunty Emma.
June (PS6R8) [1259] Well then our er see our Sam had
Peggy (PS6RC) [1260] How do they remember him?
June (PS6R8) [1261] pneumonia.
[1262] And er well they all sat up.
[1263] Well I didn't because I weren't old enough like I were only young.
[1264] But they all sat up with him at night and er he said er to our Emma, We're going out on Saturday night going up [...] .
[1265] [...] And she said, No, she said, I can't go tonight she said.
[1266] I always remember like I were only little but I remember these things you know.
[1267] She said oh she said I it mind turn to sat with our Sam.
[1268] So she so he said, Why should you sat with your Sam she says cos he has a mother and father.
[1269] She said, You're not stopping.
[1270] He were boss of her.
[1271] And er she says, Well, she says, If the others have stopped it's my turn.
[1272] He says, No turn about it.
[1273] Tell them you're not stopping.
[1274] But she didn't.
[1275] Whatever he whatever he said was law.
[1276] He was the boss.
[1277] And cos [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1278] Shouldn't be any bosses who should be [...]
June (PS6R8) [1279] No but everybody were all all up against him you see.
[1280] And our Alice, oh our Alice she hated him.
[1281] He was so nasty with her.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1282] Did you get on alright?
June (PS6R8) [1283] And our Sam.
[1284] Well there again you see were only young and she'd be alright with him I suppose.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1285] Loved children though mum didn't she?
June (PS6R8) [1286] Oh our Emma did yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1287] I mean when our lads were missing we always knew where to go.
June (PS6R8) [1288] Of course.
[1289] When she got married in a red wedding dress well oh dear me.
[1290] Married in red you say wish you were dead our Annie says.
[1291] By gum she she had some trouble on him not half.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1292] She were ever so good to the lads though.
June (PS6R8) [1293] You'd [...] and all that.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1294] Do his [...]
June (PS6R8) [1295] And then when he got a bit more money we thought he were too big for his shoes.
[1296] He'd a lot going and.
[1297] And then when he took he wheeled about in a wheelchair he'd say, [mimicking] I want to go to army Emma [] .
[1298] And she'd wheel him from from their house right up to the station.
[1299] You know where station is?
[1300] Right up there and wheel him back and our Annie'd say, Yeah and I'd wheel him as well.
[1301] Wheel him and let him all over her [...] .
[1302] Oh no none of them liked him.
[1303] Sad really.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1304] She always had kettle on [...]
June (PS6R8) [1305] but our Emma were alright.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1306] [laughing] No matter what time you walked in mum, she'd always kettle hadn't she? []
June (PS6R8) [1307] Oh our Emma were alright.
[1308] Ooh aye.
[1309] You see he was a
Peggy (PS6RC) [1310] You were just a baby.
June (PS6R8) [1311] fireman and yet he wouldn't he daren't go to sleep with the light off.
[1312] But brave enough to go and fight fires and [...] but he wouldn't stop in with himself.
[1313] Or he'd he'd have to have light on all the all night.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1314] [...] Aunty Emma wasn't she?
June (PS6R8) [1315] Oh yes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1316] Our David always remembers his teas and everything and that .
June (PS6R8) [1317] I were only saying to a lady this morning about [...] ee aye our Emma used to come to Leyland with a a wad of ten shilling notes new and we'd go to er Southport wouldn't we?
[1318] When they come to their holidays you know.
[1319] She'd bring me dad for his holi [...] holiday.
Angela (PS6RB) [1320] Southport?
June (PS6R8) [1321] Mm.
[1322] And we used to go on Lord Street.
[1323] Yes.
[1324] We used to go on Lord Street and he used to be [...] where they sold luscious cakes.
[1325] And she'd say er
Peggy (PS6RC) [1326] I went there [...]
Ernest (PS6RD)
June (PS6R8) [1327] yeah.
[1328] And she'd say er, Now come on [...] let's go let's go.
[1329] Yeah we all went to Southport as children.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1330] Yeah I remember.
June (PS6R8) [1331] She said, Let's on in she said and er I know [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1332] Where were we then?
[1333] Were we at Newcastle?
June (PS6R8) [1334] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1335] Newcastle under Lyme.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1336] I think you must have been.
June (PS6R8) [1337] Yeah.
[1338] Well we were at hol at holidays at their house.
[1339] And children of course we [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1340] [...] Yeah well that's because
June (PS6R8) [1341] And er she'd say, Now come on never mind pressuring Ernest to do any cakes let's go in .
[1342] And we'd go in and then I'd say to her, Now I'll pay.
[1343] No you're not paying baby.
[1344] I'll pay.
[1345] And she used to love taking a new ten shilling note out of and I've saved this for holiday.
[1346] And of course we never took anything off her like for
Peggy (PS6RC) [1347] She were a kind person.
June (PS6R8) [1348] for keeping because.
[1349] Well we did a little bit because but I said, No I don't want anything Emma.
[1350] She said, Listen I'm giving a little bit Peggy because, she said, I couldn't go away if I couldn't come to you.
[1351] She said, And I'll give you a little bit, she said, you must have it or I won't come.
[1352] So she did give but she would pay for wherever we went in a cafe.
[1353] With this new note you know.
[1354] I am not [...] of that now.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1355] Oh no.
June (PS6R8) [1356] I mean that's all taken away.
[1357] And if you give somebody a pound coin they think your giving you two P.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1358] She were kind though weren't she Aunty Emma?
June (PS6R8) [1359] Oh aye.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1360] I mean we used to go about three times four times didn't we and we oh I bet every time we went she gave him a twenty packet of number ten.
[1361] Me a twenty packet of number ten.
[1362] Cigarettes you know.
June (PS6R8) [1363] She encouraged them to smoke and then she'd say [...] be smoking.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1364] Ee mum if you'd have seen them cigarettes.
[1365] [...] all them cigarettes that were in [...] that Uncle George [...]
June (PS6R8) [1366] Yeah and [...] as well
Peggy (PS6RC) [1367] the stuff I have never seen so much stuff.
[1368] Toothpastes and all sorts.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1369] Don't know what she had toothpastes for cos she'd false teeth.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1370] Well all the cigarettes but they weren't just
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1371] number tens there was Benson and Hedge weren't there and all sorts.
[1372] Of cigarettes piles [...] .
[1373] We went out somewhere and when we come back they were gone.
[1374] They were gone weren't they?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1375] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1376] I says to them
Ernest (PS6RD) [1377] Well what I couldn't understand was [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1378] It's all them cigarettes though.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1379] [...] was there?
June (PS6R8) [1380] [...] Emma.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1381] Oh well I think I smoked at the time.
June (PS6R8) [1382] Well John yeah and our Sam calls John at times
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1383] He smoked Harriet smoked cigarettes.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1384] Aye Harriet smoked cigarettes .
June (PS6R8) [1385] At the time.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1386] Yeah cos they were all in there.
[1387] And when I got I says to here, I'm sick of having to out all them cigarettes.
[1388] I never got [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1389] No.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1390] When we went there were a little carrier bag with only a tiny little carrier bag
June (PS6R8) [1391] It were her give it us.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1392] What it?
[1393] Oh
June (PS6R8) [1394] Course they did.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1395] I thought they left it for us.
June (PS6R8) [1396] Oh they left it that I was to give to to Arthur and June.
[1397] Packet of sugar and and tea and what have you.
[1398] And I said.
[1399] Well we're not taking that home you can have it.
[1400] Didn't I?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1401] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1402] Yeah.
[1403] And she [...] Aunty Alice [...]
June (PS6R8) [1404] Hey d'ya know I never realized till last week
Peggy (PS6RC) [1405] give her some crockery or something.
June (PS6R8) [1406] do you know how much she had personal money?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1407] Who?
June (PS6R8) [1408] Aunty Emma.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1409] No.
June (PS6R8) [1410] How much d'ya think?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1411] I'd have no idea.
June (PS6R8) [1412] Forty pound.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1413] Mm?
June (PS6R8) [1414] I said I never realized she'd only that bit.
[1415] Forty pound it said in her will.
[1416] That's all she had.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1417] Have you heard owt about that [...]
June (PS6R8) [1418] No.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1419] Oh well.
June (PS6R8) [1420] Ee I said I think I'm going to write and say I don't know what you're [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1421] You know what's happened [...]
June (PS6R8) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1422] the Chancellor said [...] I'll deal with it then.
June (PS6R8) [1423] Well I think we're lucky [...] they must be keeping it a bit longer for interest of something to [...] all out .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1424] [...] have you?
June (PS6R8) [1425] No.
[1426] I wouldn't be having
Ernest (PS6RD) [1427] Well not a will for for you know somebody like that.
June (PS6R8) [1428] All all her [...] be spent in two minutes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1429] And yet you say you had a letter didn't you again.
June (PS6R8) [1430] Yes.
[1431] About a month ago .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1432] So it must be coming around.
June (PS6R8) [1433] Well it says everything's being sorted out .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1434] [...] will be through before that will be.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1435] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [1436] Everything is sorted out now it says.
[1437] Just waiting for some tax forms [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [1438] I was saying to your mother this morning I wonder whether Prince Harry will become the Earl.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1439] No there's already been somebody be come.
[1440] There's already somebody come.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1441] Oh is there somebody?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1442] Oh aye.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1443] There's a has he has he a son?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1444] Aye he's a son.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1445] Oh he has a son.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1446] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1447] I thought he'd just a few girls.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1448] No no he must have.
[1449] No he had a son cos he said on teletext that er somebody be come I think it's the twenty eighth Earl of Spencer or twentieth or something like that.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1450] Oh [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1451] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1452] Well after all [...]
June (PS6R8) [1453] Yeah.
[1454] D'ya want to pick a [...] up?
Angela (PS6RB) [1455] No thanks nan.
June (PS6R8) [1456] Sure?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1457] What?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1458] What?
Angela (PS6RB) [1459] I would hate to be in the royal family.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1460] Hate to be in the royal family?
Angela (PS6RB) [1461] Mhm.
[1462] Well they [...] they've got no privacy at all.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1463] Well nobody has privacy who's in public lives .
Angela (PS6RB) [1464] I mean who erm who wants to watch their mum grieving over the dad?
[1465] D'ya know what I mean?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1466] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [1467] It's ridiculous.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1468] Well she must have thought a lot of [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [1469] I mean who wants to get a paper and see on the front of the paper a girl or or Lady Diana crying over her father.
[1470] D'ya know what I mean?
[1471] It's a pity they've got nothing else better to do.
[1472] I was fuming me.
[1473] I was fuming.
[1474] I would tell them all where to go.
[1475] If I had flipping cameras round me all the time I'd tell them where to go.
[1476] Cos I wouldn't I would hate it they've got no privacy .
Ernest (PS6RD) [1477] Well well she did when she was first married didn't she?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1478] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1479] And Charles [...] . ... [conversation in background]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1480] And yet soon as he died they were all there.
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1481] And yet Aunty Julie Aunty Julie tell Mary and she had the audacity [banging] ooh, to say to me she says, What are you doing here?
[1482] I said to her I have every right to be here he's my father.
[1483] And I used to see my dad all the time. ... [conversation in background]
June (PS6R8) [1484] One minute you'd have been saying, Yeah you can have this hand .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1485] It's been like that dad this past fortnight.
June (PS6R8) [1486] You'll be saying to him, D'ya have to have this on.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1487] I never say that.
June (PS6R8) [1488] Yes you do. [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1489] Now they'll feel better.
Angela (PS6RB) [1490] I'm just doing anything I'm just doing a pattern.
[1491] Started off as a flower.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1492] What?
Angela (PS6RB) [1493] It started off as a flower.
[1494] It's just turning into a pattern.
June (PS6R8) [1495] You [...] ... [conversation in background]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1496] [...] when you go back?
Angela (PS6RB) [1497] What will happen when I go back?
[1498] Eight till two.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1499] Eight till two.
[1500] Oh that's not too bad is it?
Angela (PS6RB) [1501] No.

6 (Tape 074201)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [1502] We've got bread in.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1503] Aye that's true .
June (PS6R8) [1504] [...] so all's we really need is cigarettes [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1505] Yes.
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1506] In fact there's a on Lane.
[1507] We just [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1508] Yeah there is.
June (PS6R8) [1509] to your mother's really that's all.
[1510] You only need to carry the fags and milk.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1511] Aha.
June (PS6R8) [1512] You what Angela?
Angela (PS6RB) [1513] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1514] What's she saying?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1515] Your remote control?
Angela (PS6RB) [1516] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1517] I don't know, where's he put it.
Angela (PS6RB) [1518] [...] . ...
June (PS6R8) [1519] What remote control?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1520] Where've you put it?
June (PS6R8) [1521] You mean your video one?
[1522] ... It's there.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1523] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1524] There.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1525] Where?
[1526] ... [...] . [...] . Yeah.

7 (Tape 074203)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [1527] What's funny?
[1528] ... What you doing?
Richard (PS6RA) [1529] I'm not doing a thing.
[1530] You're doing it.
Angela (PS6RB) [1531] What you laughing at then?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1532] [...] . [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [1533] You're waiting for what?
[1534] What you waiting for ?
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1535] Why don't you put a deck chair out there ?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1536] [...] [laugh] .
Richard (PS6RA) [1537] Ooh [laugh] .
Angela (PS6RB) [1538] What?
Richard (PS6RA) [1539] You nearly got that all down your back.
June (PS6R8) [1540] Why don't you put a deck chair there?
Richard (PS6RA) [1541] No.
June (PS6R8) [1542] Better than sitting on the [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [1543] No I'm okay.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1544] You nearly ripped me head off earlier.
[1545] [...] penknife.
Angela (PS6RB) [1546] [shouting] Ow. []
Richard (PS6RA) [1547] [...] sorry.
[1548] I thought it was a loose one.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1549] I forgot to leave me penknife [...] so she ripped me head off.
Angela (PS6RB) [1550] Will you stop it .
Richard (PS6RA) [1551] Ah. ...
June (PS6R8) [1552] [...] ?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1553] You what?
June (PS6R8) [1554] [...] chairs.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1555] Oh I don't know now.
June (PS6R8) [1556] [...] that [...] there.
Angela (PS6RB) [1557] [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [1558] No it's not.
Angela (PS6RB) [1559] It is.
[1560] Will you stop it.
[1561] ... Eh?
[1562] ... Will you put it away.
Richard (PS6RA) [1563] What? ...
Angela (PS6RB) [1564] Don't pull that.
Richard (PS6RA) [1565] Why not will your head fall off?
Angela (PS6RB) [1566] It might. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [1567] Hello [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1568] Mm.
[1569] Mind you I ain't [...] .
[1570] ... Well actually I was sorely tempted to put [...] back.
[1571] [...] it only happens since we put clocks forward.
Richard (PS6RA) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1572] The day we put the clocks forward it's done nowt but rained.
Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [1573] Yeah. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [1574] [...] come back where they come from [...] . ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [1575] You can't lie on that, that's granddad's coat.
Angela (PS6RB) [1576] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1577] It is now.
Richard (PS6RA) [1578] [laugh] . ...
Angela (PS6RB) [1579] It's alright, I don't smell.
[1580] ... I don't smell you know. ...
Richard (PS6RA) [...] ... [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1581] Mm [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [laugh] ...
Richard (PS6RA) [1582] Okay? [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [1583] Get lost.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1584] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1585] What are you doing? [...] . ...
Richard (PS6RA) [1586] [...] .
[1587] ... [...] rip the heads off the daffodils.
Angela (PS6RB) [1588] [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [1589] She had a go at me for pulling out a You know you Just er the other week we walked from where was it? [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [1590] What?
Richard (PS6RA) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [1591] [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [1592] and we were walking along [...] and there's all these daffodils so I went and picked one and I give it to her.
[1593] ... Thing to do you know .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1594] Yeah.
Richard (PS6RA) [1595] And she says, I don't want that.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1596] That was a romantic gesture.
Richard (PS6RA) [1597] Thank you.
[1598] So I chucked it in the Tyne.
[1599] And then we walked on a little bit further and there was big clumps of them everywhere they was.
[1600] So I just went up, big handful, pulled 'em out, give them to her.
[1601] She says, You rotten sod [laughing] they were living [] they were.
[1602] She said, how would you like it if I come along and ripped your head off.
[1603] Mm. ...
June (PS6R8) [1604] What you doing with granddad's mac?
Angela (PS6RB) [1605] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1606] Ee.
Richard (PS6RA) [1607] [...] .
[1608] ... [...] up there a few times with [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1609] Oh aye. [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [1610] I don't think they're every twelve minutes there hasn't gone an eighteen up yet .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1611] [...] ... One day when we get that shed away [...] in the back of there. ...
Richard (PS6RA) [1612] Mum will you sit down for five minutes.
June (PS6R8) [1613] Aye?
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [1614] [...] walking around.
June (PS6R8) [1615] [...] I'm always like thi
Richard (PS6RA) [1616] Get a chair and sit down.
June (PS6R8) [1617] Aren't I love?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1618] Enjoying a healthy [...] . ...
Richard (PS6RA) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1619] I'm looking o [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1620] [...] . ...
June (PS6R8) [1621] You're [...] your job Richard? [...] mower cut the grass.
[1622] [laugh] ... Cut the grass Angela.
[1623] ... No.
Angela (PS6RB) [1624] [laugh] Get off.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1625] No what?
June (PS6R8) [1626] No.
[1627] It's empty.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1628] Empty?
June (PS6R8) [1629] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1630] Oh.
Angela (PS6RB) [1631] [...] on it?
June (PS6R8) [1632] No.
[1633] Probably come on the eighteen. ... [whispering] [...] . [] ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [1634] There's an eighteen coming up anyway.
June (PS6R8) [1635] By 'eck you've gone quiet.
Richard (PS6RA) [1636] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [1637] You've gone quiet.
Richard (PS6RA) [1638] Who?
June (PS6R8) [1639] You.
Angela (PS6RB) [1640] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1641] That's an eighteen. ...
June (PS6R8) [1642] No just a woman on with a white hat.
[1643] ... No.
[1644] Just a woman on with a white hat.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1645] Oh.
June (PS6R8) [1646] Can I [...] Road.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1647] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [1648] They could be down Road.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1649] No they said they were going down town for some Krona.
[1650] To . ...
June (PS6R8) [1651] [...] ... [...] that er ... [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1652] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [1653] Is that [...] wood or is it [...] ?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1654] Where?
June (PS6R8) [1655] There.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1656] That there?
June (PS6R8) [1657] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1658] Dad's it's off that [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1659] Oh [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1660] that erm [...]
June (PS6R8) [1661] two big plants are coming on aren't they?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1662] Yeah. ...
June (PS6R8) [1663] Well there won't be another bus up yet will there?
[1664] ... Did you see the eighteen across there?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1665] Where?
June (PS6R8) [1666] In them houses.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1667] No.
[1668] No I heard it.
June (PS6R8) [1669] Oh.
[1670] They must've missed that one.
[1671] They're usually in by now. ...
Angela (PS6RB) [1672] [laugh] . ... [laugh] ...
June (PS6R8) [1673] You said get one of them chairs.
[1674] ... Where does grandma keep the chairs now, in the outside cupboard?
Angela (PS6RB) [1675] [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [1676] Dunno [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1677] It's gonna rain in a minute.
Angela (PS6RB) [1678] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1679] [...] table here love.
[1680] Look.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1681] Eh? [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1682] [...] table.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1683] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [1684] Ow ow.
[1685] ... Mum.
June (PS6R8) [1686] [...] if you break her arm.
Angela (PS6RB) [1687] He's hurting me.
Richard (PS6RA) [1688] I'm not.
June (PS6R8) [1689] [...] all week.
Angela (PS6RB) [1690] Get off.
Richard (PS6RA) [1691] [...] . ...
June (PS6R8) [1692] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [1693] Eh?
[1694] Dad?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1695] What?
Angela (PS6RB) [1696] Can I?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1697] No.
[1698] [laugh] . You started it.
Angela (PS6RB) [1699] I didn't, he did.
[1700] Will you let go. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [1701] Don't start something you're not prepared to take back.
Angela (PS6RB) [1702] [laughing] No.
[1703] No no. []
Arthur (PS6R9) [1704] You hurt her didn't you.
Angela (PS6RB) [1705] [laughing] No. []
Richard (PS6RA) [1706] Mm?
Angela (PS6RB) [1707] [laughing] [...] have a stitch.
[1708] No.
[1709] [shouting+laughing] Mum help.
[1710] No.
[1711] Help mum.
[1712] Mum help. []
[1713] [laugh] [shouting+laughing] [...] Richard. []
[1714] Ow. [...] . ...
Richard (PS6RA) [1715] She dared me. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [1716] [...] for yourself now.
Richard (PS6RA) [1717] Who?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1718] I'm saying she can sit there and feel silly for herself now.
June (PS6R8) [1719] Who's side are you on.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1720] [laugh] . ...
June (PS6R8) [1721] Mm do you know, we're gonna get wet.
[1722] [laughing] Oh don't be awful. [] ...
Angela (PS6RB) [laugh]
Richard (PS6RA) [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [1723] Mum tell 'em.
[1724] ... They're all ganging up on us. ...
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Angela (PS6RB) [1725] All ganging up on us.
June (PS6R8) [1726] [...] . ...
Angela (PS6RB) [1727] You're picking on me.
June (PS6R8) [1728] Ah.
[1729] Have you got that body spray on?
Angela (PS6RB) [1730] Yeah.
Richard (PS6RA) [1731] Smelly.
June (PS6R8) [1732] Mm [...] it's awful.
Angela (PS6RB) [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [1733] Ooh.
[1734] [...] oh quick. [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [1735] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1736] Hey pick that cup up.
Angela (PS6RB) [1737] [laugh] No. [laugh]

8 (Tape 074204)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [1738] Five fifty from Avenue down at bottom.
[1739] Or five eighteen.
June (PS6R8) [1740] Well the five eighteen goes to a side street [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1741] [...] Angela?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1742] [...] five eighteen [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1743] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1744] Oh well.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1745] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [1746] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1747] Eh?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1748] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1749] Just this morning.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1750] [...] . [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1751] [...] [...] .
[1752] I don't know whether it's this weekend [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1753] No I got some other [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1754] One eighty four for the two payments.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1755] Angela.
Angela (PS6RB) [1756] What now?
[1757] No you're alright, they give you bags.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1758] Are you sure?
Angela (PS6RB) [1759] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1760] Cos I want five pounds.
Angela (PS6RB) [1761] Yes they give you bags.
June (PS6R8) [1762] Oh it doesn't matter.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1763] Angela?
Angela (PS6RB) [1764] What you want?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1765] You.
June (PS6R8) [1766] Oh I see [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1767] What do we want special salad for? [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [1768] [shouting] Oh. []
Peggy (PS6RC) [1769] What what er
June (PS6R8) [1770] Angela hang on a minute.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1771] [...] to mind them on Wednesday [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1772] How much is how much is [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1773] How much do you how much do you want?
June (PS6R8) [1774] Well normally I get five pounds.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1775] Well how much is ten pounds.
June (PS6R8) [1776] So five pound a pound at forty six at ninety two a pound
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1777] So that's
Peggy (PS6RC) [1778] A pound a pound.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1779] Well say a pound a pound.
June (PS6R8) [1780] A pound a pound.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1781] So that's ten pounds, well you'll have enough money there won't you?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1782] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [1783] Yeah. [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1784] You'll have to [...] carry a basket darling .
June (PS6R8) [1785] Yeah you'll have some change.
[1786] You'll have some change cos it's
Angela (PS6RB) [1787] Will erm
Peggy (PS6RC) [1788] Now your mother wants hers as well so you'll have to get a basket.
[1789] You give your lass the money.
[1790] You want ten pounds [...] your mother wants some [...]
June (PS6R8) [1791] It's four sixty mum for five pound.
Angela (PS6RB) [1792] Oh ten pound'll [...] then [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1793] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1794] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [1795] Right.
[1796] Er
June (PS6R8) [1797] That's nine pound twenty.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1798] That that'll be enough will a pound bus fare won't it?
June (PS6R8) [1799] Yeah.
[1800] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1801] Cos I haven't got a lot of cash.
June (PS6R8) [1802] Eighty P it's not more than eighty P your bus fare is it?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1803] [...] two buses or summat I don't know [...]
June (PS6R8) [1804] You don't need two buses.
[1805] Who says two buses, it's not two buses.
Angela (PS6RB) [1806] It's nowt to walk down [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1807] No well I'm saying I don't know .
Richard (PS6RA) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1808] Have you broke that sink?
Angela (PS6RB) [1809] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1810] Have you broke that [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1811] What about my bus.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1812] It's bus B U S, where's your bu where's your bus.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [1813] [...] she said bus.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1814] Well [...] . [...]
June (PS6R8) [1815] That's his, smack him.
[1816] Smack him mum.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...] [...]
June (PS6R8) [1817] He's picking me up on my bus again.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1818] Speak proper as I do.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1819] Anyway go on.
[1820] Aye you've got your money haven't you.
Richard (PS6RA) [1821] Mhm.
June (PS6R8) [1822] You better [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1823] You've got your money safe have you?
[1824] Come on.
Richard (PS6RA) [1825] I was brought up po proper I was.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1826] Yeah well so was he.
June (PS6R8) [1827] So was I.
Angela (PS6RB) [1828] Go on hit him.
June (PS6R8) [1829] Ow.
Angela (PS6RB) [1830] Go on hit him mum.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1831] No Metro running.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1832] No Metro trains running.
June (PS6R8) [1833] Oh heck well you'll have to go on bus.
Richard (PS6RA) [1834] On bus yeah. [...] [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [1835] Don't be picking me up.
Richard (PS6RA) [1836] On the bus.
Angela (PS6RB) [1837] Yes [...] walk.
Richard (PS6RA) [1838] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [1839] Trains are running from Newcastle anyway.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1840] But they aren't from here.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1841] Cos it said they were off between the airport and where was it, Central
Angela (PS6RB) [1842] Told you [...] but would you listen?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1843] That was this morning.
Angela (PS6RB) [1844] No you wouldn't.
June (PS6R8) [1845] Well [...] .

9 (Tape 074205)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [1846] I think I'll write to Krona and say will you send a [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1847] Huh?
June (PS6R8) [1848] I say I think I'll write to Krona.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1849] Saying what.
June (PS6R8) [1850] And ask 'em to send a [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1851] [...] they won't do that.
June (PS6R8) [1852] They will you know.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1853] Oh no. [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1854] You what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1855] You've got to buy it through their recommended outlets.
June (PS6R8) [1856] Well if they don't sell 'em what can you can't buy 'em can you. [...] . ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [1857] Perhaps they've stopped selling [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1858] [...] but why?
Richard (PS6RA) [1859] They had er Krona low fat.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1860] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [1861] I don't know I don't like that do you?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1862] No. [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1863] [...] today's date [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1864] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [1865] Don't forget today's date.
Richard (PS6RA) [1866] No.
June (PS6R8) [1867] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [1868] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1869] Would have been.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1870] They've been chasing Richard all round the [laughing] grass, all round the lawn [] . [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1871] I've noticed [...] I've no money [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1872] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1873] Seventy eight today.
[1874] ... Cor seventy eight.
[1875] He must've been dead eighteen years.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1876] Was he was he [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1877] No we buried him didn't we on August the eleventh.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1878] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1879] [...] .
[1880] But eighteen years, so Auntie [...] 's been dead how long?
June (PS6R8) [1881] Nineteen years. [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [1882] Well I wonder if they're gonna be on tomorrow?
June (PS6R8) [1883] Oh 'eck you better find out hadn't you.
[1884] He's gotta be back on board his ship on Monday.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1885] Well they're running buses .
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1886] He's got the times six o'clock
Richard (PS6RA) [1887] Is it a replacement service.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1888] [...] bus re bus replacement.
Richard (PS6RA) [1889] Oh well that'll be alright.
June (PS6R8) [1890] Six o'clock it leaves central station his train.
Richard (PS6RA) [1891] Mm
June (PS6R8) [1892] He's mad isn't he.
[1893] All that money to come back again.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1894] Yes well it's alright [...] They're mad if they want to do a thing .
June (PS6R8) [1895] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [1896] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1897] [...] no money.
June (PS6R8) [1898] [...] eh he says, then I were transferred to another one, then from another one, to another one.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1899] It's surely money for right things.
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1900] It just annoys me when they're always fagging.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1901] I've had a thought.
[1902] [...] together.
[1903] When he's coming back
June (PS6R8) [1904] [...] only because you said, speaking hypothetical.
[1905] S say it's January the tenth you've to put [...] that were funny because, January the tenth, April the tenth.
[1906] And Angela said to me and I [...] your grandad said that, just speaking hypothetically.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1907] Well that was only a [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1908] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1909] As an example.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1910] Yes but is he coming home at tenth or is he gonna be
Ernest (PS6RD) [1911] It is it is still next year isn't it .
Angela (PS6RB) [1912] He'll be on the [...] tenth
Richard (PS6RA) [1913] Yeah.
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1914] The tenth next year, not this year .
June (PS6R8) [...] [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [1915] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1916] On a Saturday.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1917] Cos they could they could do it this year you know.
June (PS6R8) [1918] On a Saturday.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1919] Well ask him.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1920] [laugh] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1921] We does he mean this year or next ?
June (PS6R8) [1922] No no next year.
[1923] April the tenth.
[1924] He who did he get it off?
[1925] The wh he said in fact it's just come in for the programme or something hasn't it.
[1926] They've just come in for ninety three.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1927] Er when he comes back, from this far eastern tour,
Richard (PS6RA) [1928] Yeah?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1929] would he like to use our address?
[1930] For registering.
June (PS6R8) [1931] Oh I don't know? [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1932] [...] did you like that tuna Arthur?
June (PS6R8) [1933] [...] I did
Arthur (PS6R9) [1934] Eh?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1935] Did you like that tuna?
June (PS6R8) [1936] I did tell him how much it was I said sixteen pound [...] sixteen pound for Angela .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1937] What tuna?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1938] I gave you a [...] of tuna and [...]
June (PS6R8) [1939] And thirty pound for the registrar .
Arthur (PS6R9) [1940] Oh yeah, yes ta.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1941] Now whether it will be thirty two pound if they go together [...] maybe only be sixteen.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1942] Ah.
June (PS6R8) [1943] No.
[1944] We'll see what [...] says.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1945] See what he says [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1946] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1947] [...] coming to him and saying to her [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1948] No yeah no [...]
June (PS6R8) [1949] Do you know what you're doing, have you a bag?
[1950] Yeah right, oh thanks, for you.
Arthur (PS6R9) [1951] For me.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1952] Well it's not for him personally [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [1953] Oh I see [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1954] [...] .
[1955] That's something I don't eat.
[1956] [...] . I'd rather have salmon me.
June (PS6R8) [1957] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [1958] He's loves it that much it's been there [...] heaven knows how long.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1959] Well because you're not fond of it.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1960] Well of course
June (PS6R8) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1961] You see she'll eat it but
June (PS6R8) [1962] We got er you know the tall tins of pink salmon mum?
[1963] We haven't had one for a couple have we?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1964] Oh [...]
June (PS6R8) [1965] One twenty nine it was wasn't it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [1966] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [1967] No I don't like them [...] anything like that I can't eat.
[1968] Pilchards, tuna
Peggy (PS6RC) [1969] Yeah well, [...] them salads just taste [...] the same.
[1970] [...] get [...]
June (PS6R8) [1971] I love salmon.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1972] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [1973] Do you know dad's salad.
[1974] I I could live at it.
[1975] You [...] for that mum aren't you, salad.
[1976] I can live of a salad.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1977] Now then.
June (PS6R8) [1978] I eat a lot of salad.
[1979] I put [...] on it you know.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1980] Oh I don't know you've changed your mind.
[1981] Where's where's that butter is that [...] know whether it's butter or not.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1982] I've put it in the fridge.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1983] I mean the things is [...]
June (PS6R8) [1984] You mind that being on do you?
Ernest (PS6RD) [1985] Eh?
Peggy (PS6RC) [1986] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [1987] You don't mind that being on, if you've got something to say [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [1988] No.
June (PS6R8) [1989] I'll switch it off.
Ernest (PS6RD) [1990] No. [...]
June (PS6R8) [1991] [...] me tape.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1992] What [...] say that's personal.
June (PS6R8) [1993] Well it was the way that you said if there's anything [...] you can just [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [1994] [...] .
[1995] Well we'll try that.
[1996] I think you've to try it and not know.
June (PS6R8) [1997] Well.
Peggy (PS6RC) [1998] That's what I think.
June (PS6R8) [1999] Yeah leave it for me.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2000] When was that Krona at first, I said to dad [...] .
[2001] He said, [...] it's alright.
[2002] So I said, well, put it on me bread and don't tell me.
June (PS6R8) [2003] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2004] And he did.
[2005] And then we liked it so that was for ever more.
[2006] [...] Now this it says, I can't believe it's not butter.
[2007] But what it is, heaven only knows.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2008] Well [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2009] Well we'll try it [...] We'll try it and see what it is.
June (PS6R8) [2010] Strange isn't it.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2011] Oh I don't like to try that.
[2012] Then we'll see what it is.
June (PS6R8) [2013] Aye.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2014] like it now.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2015] Mm, yeah good, I like it.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2016] I'd rather have it on bread I said.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2017] Well you'll get it on bread.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2018] Hey don't you shout at me.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2019] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2020] Yeah [...] mind your eyes'll pop out.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2021] [...] . [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2022] That's alright love.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2023] Yes [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2024] [...] put it on a biscuit. ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [2025] I wish you'd keep the fridge door closed.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2026] Well I'm gonna [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2027] No you're not, you have to close the door.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2028] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [2029] [...] where does butter melt.
Richard (PS6RA) [2030] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2031] [laugh] look at his face.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2032] I don't like that what [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2033] Well we'll have to see on the bread.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2034] I'll have a biscuit as well.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2035] Well.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2036] [...] we have to try won't we Arthur [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2037] Well she bought that in case that wasn't so nice.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2038] Pardon.
June (PS6R8) [2039] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2040] I can't remember last time I had best butter .
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2041] Lurpak seventy nine.
June (PS6R8) [2042] Must be a long time ago love isn't it since we had best butter.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2043] they they make you sick do people.
[2044] Oh I must have best butter.
[2045] Well
June (PS6R8) [2046] Krona tastes just [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2047] [...] they can't tell the difference I mean there's nothing In fact if I can't get Krona at Presto and I can't get it at Co-op, I shall write to Kr to Pre to Krona and say I'll have a I'll have a box .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2048] Aye you wrote to e you wrote to 'em once before didn't you.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2049] So send it me the there's nowhere where you can get it here.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2050] She said [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2051] I mean we've been very
June (PS6R8) [2052] Er I think they've got it at Presto on .
[2053] Krona.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2054] Ah but they're dear [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2055] Well I'm not bothered about that if you can get it .
June (PS6R8) [2056] It can't be much dearer than forty six can it.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2057] Oh yes it can be fifty [...]
June (PS6R8) [2058] But I know when we went in Co-op the other day, last week were it [...] there was a load
Peggy (PS6RC) [2059] So long as we can get it, that's all I'm bothered about.
June (PS6R8) [2060] of Krona in because
Ernest (PS6RD) [2061] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [2062] we put some up.
[2063] In fact we got another [...] didn't we and we used it all [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2064] [...] I'll get a box of Krona. [laugh] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2065] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2066] [...] Arthur?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2067] No one of them [...] one of them [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2068] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [2069] No them things that's open on there.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2070] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [2071] [...] I don't know [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2072] [...] you don't have butter on them.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2073] You do.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2074] Do you eck.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2075] I do. [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2076] Oh no You can't tell which
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2077] Here silly.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2078] No.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2079] Look.
[2080] Oh aye you put butter on them.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2081] Oh no love.
[2082] Cheese biscuits, no do you eck.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2083] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2084] Oh no.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2085] No.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2086] It's only a little bit, you don't bowl it on.
[2087] Well erm well
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2088] Well you do with Krona but not with that [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2089] Did you ring [...] this morning?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2090] No.
June (PS6R8) [2091] Somebody rang mum at half past nine.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [2092] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2093] [...] at that time. [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2094] Somebody rang at half past nine, he was [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2095] [...] half past nine this morning.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2096] He was [...] .
[2097] And I was [...] half and half and by the time I you know, to come down to answer it mum, they'd gone.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2098] I haven't.
June (PS6R8) [2099] I can't think who it was.
[2100] It wasn't Angela's boss .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2101] [...] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2102] It wasn't Angela's boss cos she asked h she went down for you this mor er half past twelve [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2103] Flipping 'eck.
[2104] She had to ring Darlington.
[2105] Darlington give her phone number of [...] .
[2106] She had to ring [...] , Yorkshire, they give her the phone number to .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2107] Well why didn't she [...]
June (PS6R8) [2108] [...] Cos she wanted to ring before going [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2109] Doesn't she know 's number?
June (PS6R8) [2110] She does now
Ernest (PS6RD) [2111] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [2112] cos she's got it, but when she rang he wasn't in.
[2113] And then he said try it again and she rang and she asked, she said had the cheques come.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2114] Well why do they [...]
June (PS6R8) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2115] Mm.
June (PS6R8) [2116] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2117] I thought you said she'd to cash it at Barclay.
June (PS6R8) [2118] No I said it's to stay in the bank.
[2119] Three days. [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2120] Well that shouldn't be when it's his [...] cheque should it. [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2121] No [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2122] It's crossed.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2123] No.
June (PS6R8) [2124] Cos it's crossed.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2125] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [2126] But it doesn't matter anyway cos I've give her some money and I'll give her her other money [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2127] Mm.
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2128] I'll give her other money on Wednesday and then I'll leave that in the bank .
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2129] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2130] No it's it's it's not nice er it's you know it's it's bland.
[2131] It wo it's it's like [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2132] Well put some salt on it [...] .
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2133] No for me [...] salt.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2134] Alright.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2135] Hey has he got [...] ?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2136] They're not going to pay poll tax?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2137] Yes they are. [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2138] Mm.
[2139] Do they?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2140] Yes.
Richard (PS6RA) [2141] Really. [...] .
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2142] [...] when [...] Angela's form, I mentioned that and the woman says if you're in any kind of forces, you are exempt.
[2143] When I went in with Angela's form [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2144] Well they were because don't you remember [...] one of the
June (PS6R8) [2145] [...] and forces.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2146] [...] armies er one of the regiments er
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2147] they took them to court.
June (PS6R8) [2148] Aren't they?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2149] for not paying.
Richard (PS6RA) [2150] I remember summat about it, yes.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [...] [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2151] If if they're land based [...] if you're land based.
June (PS6R8) [2152] He's not land based you see all the time I think it's if you're land based.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [2153] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2154] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2155] [...] that lad pays it.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2156] He pays it.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2157] He does.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2158] [...] British Marine.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2159] Yes he pays poll tax.
June (PS6R8) [2160] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2161] Yeah.
[2162] [...] to me.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2163] [...] butter for tea.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2164] Er what am I doing, yes I want [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2165] Well you want a cup of tea coming [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [2166] [...] now what you doing? ... [...] to that corner.
[2167] [...] have you er have you er [...]
June (PS6R8) [2168] [...] that's what she said.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2169] [...] yet.
Richard (PS6RA) [2170] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2171] Well [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2172] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2173] [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2174] Well you can.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2175] Well you don't know darling, you might [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2176] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2177] Well you wouldn't have thought [...]
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2178] [...] comes out the Navy he will have to pay then.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2179] Oh yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2180] You'll have to go and see about it then.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2181] Whatever happens er poll tax is abolished after [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2182] We've got to go in Monday about our rent.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2183] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2184] Yeah it says you have been assessed twenty two forty seven
Ernest (PS6RD) [2185] Mm.
June (PS6R8) [2186] And they've got eighteen fourteen.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2187] [...] go off now.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2188] I don't know how they can make mistakes like that [...] they send you a letter one minute and then on your rent book's different.
Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [...] ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [2189] [...] see what that's like.
June (PS6R8) [2190] We've got one of them.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2191] What?
[2192] Oh yeah?
June (PS6R8) [2193] Good aren't they?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2194] Yes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2195] What.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2196] Separator and beater.
June (PS6R8) [2197] Separator and beater [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2198] Oh [...] donkeys years.
[2199] [...] use it [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2200] Blackpool.
June (PS6R8) [2201] Eh?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2202] [...] at Blackpool.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2203] [...] got this as well
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2204] Did you get a
June (PS6R8) [2205] Thirty pounds.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2206] Did you get erm ... one of them?
June (PS6R8) [2207] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2208] What was it like what's yours like then?
June (PS6R8) [2209] With a lid on.
[2210] Wh with a lid on.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2211] Oh ours hasn't got a lid on.
June (PS6R8) [2212] Er it's er I don't [...] I microwave [...] goes on the the
Peggy (PS6RC) [2213] Oh no this is for microwave.
June (PS6R8) [2214] Oh no it's for the [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2215] Oh yeah [...] microwave.
June (PS6R8) [2216] And it's a three one.
[2217] And it's plastic but it cleans ever so easy [...] other one.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2218] [...] microwave.
June (PS6R8) [2219] I don't use t'other one now.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2220] Haven't you got one for
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2221] haven't you got one for the [...]
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2222] gonna give it you for microwaving if you wanted it.
[2223] I d
June (PS6R8) [2224] Oh yeah I'll have one.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2225] Well do you want that one there [...] cos there's only two of you, we've a two one.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2226] [...] microwave.
Richard (PS6RA) [2227] What's that.
June (PS6R8) [2228] [...] mam doesn't use that.
[2229] [...] microwave.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2230] No.
June (PS6R8) [2231] You'll use it won't you, cos he uses the microwave a lot.
Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2232] He uses the microwave practically for everything.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2233] [...] in water.
June (PS6R8) [2234] Eh?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2235] you're got to stand it in a dish in water.
June (PS6R8) [2236] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2237] And you've got to prick your eggs.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2238] Aye prick your eggs [...]
June (PS6R8) [2239] You've got to prick your eggs and you've got to stand it in a dish of water. [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [2240] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2241] Eh?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2242] He says he'll have it mum.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2243] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2244] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [2245] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2246] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [2247] How much water have you to use?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2248] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [2249] How much water he says have you to use?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2250] What did you say?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2251] How much water have you have you to use?
June (PS6R8) [2252] Cos we have these pyrex dishes, you can put it in one of them.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2253] Well you just you know [...] .
[2254] Put it in water
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2255] Hey that thing you did the other day, did you did you put it [break in recording]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2256] What?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2257] When you did it in the microwave the other day?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2258] No I did them in er We did them in the
Peggy (PS6RC) [2259] Wait a minute.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2260] glass.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2261] Yeah but without water?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2262] No [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2263] You can't prick your egg though till it's all cooked can you?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2264] No oh yes.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2265] Boom stuff flies all over.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2266] Did you not put any water in at all?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2267] No there was no water in at all.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2268] You just stood it Well you could stand it like it it is then.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2269] Yes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2270] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2271] He says how long do you leave it dad?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2272] Er no more than three er a maximum of three minutes.
[2273] You've to [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2274] You've to watch it for a maximum of three minutes you dad says.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2275] [...] four of us. ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [2276] Now then, you see, all these things in this carrier, they've no business to be in.
[2277] You always say [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2278] Eh?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2279] All them things in there that's no business to be in that carrier.
[2280] And they always say I'm nattering.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2281] I don't car who's money it is.
[2282] ... There's no reason [...] never be without any money.
June (PS6R8) [2283] [...] but we're not are we love [...] . [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2284] [...] all the same.
[2285] Any fool can spend money [...] .
[2286] I don't mind I told Arthur [...] tell us.
[2287] And we'll lend you some but I'm never without money.
[2288] You cannot be without money.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2289] [...] post office this morning
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2290] you know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2291] [...] silly.
June (PS6R8) [2292] Cos e the other day I left her forty pound dad.
[2293] That was like for her ticket as well.
[2294] See he ticket was twenty four pounds.
[2295] And then with her not getting any money, you know.
[2296] They haven't stopped her any national insurance stamp.
[2297] ... Dad they haven't stopped her any national insurance stamp.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2298] No not this time.
Angela (PS6RB) [2299] How much did you say it was gonna be mum?
June (PS6R8) [2300] Nine pound twenty.
[2301] Is that right.
Richard (PS6RA) [2302] Eight pound twenty [...]
June (PS6R8) [2303] It's gone down then.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2304] Well that's alright [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2305] They dropped it down again to forty one.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2306] What?
June (PS6R8) [2307] Look.
[2308] Forty six on mine, dropped it down.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2309] Oh well that's better still.
June (PS6R8) [2310] Yeah that's better still. ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [2311] You see, you'll have to get that bus darling to get down there.
June (PS6R8) [2312] [...] forty one.
[2313] Ee and last week when he were 'ere we paid forty six a packet didn't we ?
Angela (PS6RB) [2314] One pound eighty change.
June (PS6R8) [2315] I'll have to get some more on Wednesday if it's forty one.
Richard (PS6RA) [2316] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2317] That's eighty two.
Angela (PS6RB) [2318] You know what I did though don't you?
Richard (PS6RA) [2319] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [2320] Left my bus pass in me jacket pocket.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2321] [...] them's careless things [...] you'll always want your bus packet.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2322] [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2323] I don't know what you put it in somebody else's pocket for, you've got pockets of your own.
June (PS6R8) [2324] Four pound twenty.
Angela (PS6RB) [2325] Cos them pockets in that.
Richard (PS6RA) [2326] I mean what would happened [...] train to London.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2327] Aye.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2328] Aye.
Angela (PS6RB) [2329] Oh yes.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2330] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [2331] Oh they've moved it up aye.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2332] You know the one outside [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2333] Ask him now he's here.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2334] Yes [...] .
[2335] Dad and I have been talking.
Richard (PS6RA) [2336] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2337] And say no if you don't want.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2338] You're sure about your poll tax aren't you.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2339] [...] yeah because he's land based.
June (PS6R8) [2340] Ah that's it.
[2341] That's what he said.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2342] [...] the marines definitely do pay.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2343] We're not interfering Richard with anything you do.
[2344] It's only [...] and suggestions.
[2345] We're not interfering, we don't care what you do, you do what you want, but we think of things where very often you wouldn't.
[2346] So that's all we we do and and [...] interfering cos we're not.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2347] Right now when you come back from this far east trip, would you like to have this as your address?
Richard (PS6RA) [2348] What as in ... I'm not with you.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2349] Well [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2350] [...] yet.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2351] No I will tell you this first
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2352] [...] Er when you put the banns in, you've to put yours in
Angela (PS6RB) [2353] Oh I've told him.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2354] You've told him about this
Angela (PS6RB) [2355] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2356] have you.
Angela (PS6RB) [2357] Nearest to his home address.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2358] You mean [...] because they live in a different county. [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2359] What [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2360] [...] Hertfordshire.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2361] Hertfordshire is it, oh right well [...] .
[2362] Er ... well we thought that [break in recording]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2363] You're going to have to go down there aren't you?
[2364] And you're going to have to be there during the week.
[2365] Because they won't open on Saturdays.
[2366] So what we thought was, if you use this as your address, you can go together [...] South Shields.
Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2367] Yeah [...] together and I'm wondering whether we could put them in together if we wanted a sixteen [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2368] But er think about er and er make your mind up.
[2369] Because er
Peggy (PS6RC) [2370] In other words he can give this as his address.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2371] He can give this as his address .
June (PS6R8) [2372] Yes.
Richard (PS6RA) [2373] Er but would would I have to be r actually registered here?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2374] Er
Peggy (PS6RC) [2375] Well you would be registered here then wouldn't you.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2376] This i this will be your [...] This will be your address and you'll officially be married from this address.
[2377] [...] . Doesn't make any difference.
[2378] This will be the address that they'll [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2379] I mean what I what I'm saying is, when you go in to put your banns in,
Ernest (PS6RD) [2380] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2381] Erm do you have to be registered say with the council at that address?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2382] Oh no.
[2383] No.
[2384] Erm ... no you don't have to be registered with the council.
[2385] Er but we shall er ... we shall say, this is your home address because we shall have to tell the council, but er you're not here, you're at Steve's.
Richard (PS6RA) [2386] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2387] [...] .
[2388] It won't make any difference to our er rebate.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2389] You see it's like when [...] .
[2390] You see when when [...] mother died, before we were married.
[2391] Well [...] no home you see, so I got [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2392] Well you used my address didn't you?
Peggy (PS6RC) [2393] No you used our address.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2394] I yes I did the same thing [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2395] [...] .
[2396] Well we didn't think about [...] now.
[2397] We said [...] using their address, it wouldn't look very nice, both of you.
Richard (PS6RA) [2398] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2399] [...] the same address.
[2400] [...] bother about things like that but they do.
[2401] But [...] we didn't think about it because it was so Well I was so excited [...] .
[2402] So we had to put our address.
[2403] You see.
[2404] So we never thought about [...]
June (PS6R8) [2405] [...] [...] even though it wasn't there mind.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2406] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2407] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2408] Yes I know
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2409] I used me mam and dad's [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [2410] Aye yeah that's right [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2411] But as as I say there's no reason why
Ernest (PS6RD) [2412] Anyhow, think about it but you know, I mean, plenty of time.
[2413] Er er you don't [...]
June (PS6R8) [2414] That's summat else we've had to think about not being nasty are we or anything, but as soon as you get married, your marriage certificate'll have to go for housing.
[2415] Because [...] say you're living with us, that does affect us.
Richard (PS6RA) [2416] Yeah it will.
June (PS6R8) [2417] Because it did remember when Michael was at [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2418] Well no No only if you turn round and say that we're giving you board.
[2419] That is the only way it'll affect you.
June (PS6R8) [2420] Yeah.
Richard (PS6RA) [2421] If you turn round and say, well you know you're just putting us up until they get a place
June (PS6R8) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2422] but they're not giving us any money, they c they won't take anything off you.
June (PS6R8) [2423] Yeah but they do.
[2424] They did did it with Michael.
Angela (PS6RB) [2425] They did did did it with Michael.
June (PS6R8) [2426] Did it with Michael.
[2427] The rent went up to thirty pounds a week.
Richard (PS6RA) [2428] You see [...] family.
June (PS6R8) [2429] You see we were on income support you see .
Arthur (PS6R9) [2430] But she's family as well you see, so she becomes an independent, once she's married, she becomes an independent then they're e they expect you to when you're on income support.
June (PS6R8) [2431] I mean we're not being nasty
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [2432] But we can until we get a house, we can we can live with you can't we?
June (PS6R8) [2433] Oh yes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2434] Because I mean
June (PS6R8) [2435] Although they might ask where you're living mightn't they.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2436] Yes but [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2437] It's alright [...] [...]
June (PS6R8) [2438] No.
Richard (PS6RA) [2439] It won't make any difference.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2440] Yeah but I mean, even then they're not going to live with you [...] be nothing
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2441] You can't help that.
[2442] Naturally it goes up.
June (PS6R8) [2443] If the [...] changing forms and
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2444] It's like Angela, by time they sort it out [...] being on income support, [...] the Poll Tax [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [2445] [...] married [...] .
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2446] [...] Cos I mean to say, even if it is [...] your father [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [2447] No [...] been a lot easier last time.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2448] [...] .
Angela (PS6RB) [2449] I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2450] Well you don't
Ernest (PS6RD) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2451] [...] already agreed and there were two beds there.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2452] Oh you've knocked me off now.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2453] and when they're married they're married
Ernest (PS6RD) [2454] I'm going.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2455] [...] .
[2456] Well they [...] you won't be paying it.
[2457] So it doesn't make any difference.
[2458] Naturally they're not gonna come and [...] .
[2459] When we got married we didn't go in another house.
[2460] But I used to pay a half to every bill.
[2461] Because there was there was dad and me and there was my mother and dad.
[2462] So we used to pay half to everything.
[2463] And now [...] er you're [...] like getting more than me so I so I want er I want so much more [...] rent and we used to pay half.
[2464] And I used to pay half of the gas bills, half of the electric bill.
[2465] And half to everything.
[2466] And [...] .
[2467] Just half to all the bills.
[2468] I paid.
[2469] Then when Arthur came along, I said to me mother now there's a baby now, what now.
[2470] Then [...] .
[2471] And even when me mother died, me dad still paid his half.
[2472] So that you have your [...] they're not so daft as to know that two people who are going to come and live even if Richard's away half the time.
[2473] You you you still [...] .
[2474] And then listen [...] .
[2475] When you've the the night you're mar the night You're gonna [...] you're gonna be married, you can stay here.
[2476] Because [...] about going to that place wherever you've decided to have it.
[2477] [...] . If Richard's here he can go with you.
Angela (PS6RB) [2478] [...] we're gonna be getting all his marbles [...] getting ready for going to the church.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2479] [...] .
[2480] [...] . Wherever he is wherever he is.
[2481] Well who's gonna take it then Angela, your grandad can't take it.
[2482] You've got to go.
Richard (PS6RA) [2483] There'll be plenty of people here who can get it. [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2484] You can't [...] you can't rely on anybody.
[2485] There'd be a blooming puncture.
[2486] We're gonna have a we're gonna have a a thing that takes us to wherever you're having [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [2487] [...] call a taxi.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2488] On our ... we'll ring our own taxi up if there's a problem with the [...] and we'll get that there.
[2489] So that it's done.
[2490] Cos grandad'll be all worked up and and [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2491] [...] and he's gonna be the best man anyway.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2492] Well there you are, you can't go on like and have folk coming might not decide they're not coming.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2493] [...] it doesn't matter who's there and who isn't there.
[2494] As long as you and Angela's there and her dad's there and grandad's there.
[2495] And it doesn't matter about anybody else, because the wedding'll take place and [...] grandad has to sign the register, dad has to sign the register and the mother can sign and that's all that matters [...] .
[2496] [...] you can't even re re rely on anybody.
[2497] [...] you'd have been relying on [...] to come and and collect you [...] Newcastle yesterday, and he ain't got a car.
[2498] No you can't rely on anybody
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2499] Well he hasn't got one then.
June (PS6R8) [2500] He's using it.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2501] Well he hasn't [...]
June (PS6R8) [2502] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2503] And if the lad said he couldn't borrow it.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2504] I wouldn't want to [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2505] No and I wouldn't wa I wouldn't depend on it.
[2506] If you depend on erm people or taxis, if they had a breakdown, well they'd send another one.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2507] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2508] Don't they.
June (PS6R8) [2509] I know [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2510] [...] the Metro's running.
[2511] Well they was they were running this morning weren't they.
Angela (PS6RB) [2512] Aye they were.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2513] Yeah well they gave it out when we were passing bus when we went down to [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [2514] You know when we went downtown
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2515] We were running late.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2516] There'll be a bus on though.
Richard (PS6RA) [2517] There's a replacement service on.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2518] [...] the buses [...] Newcastle in a bus.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2519] Well it'll take 'em to the station.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2520] [...] replacement service.
June (PS6R8) [2521] Ere, which one goes to Newcastle ?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2522] Erm [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2523] But you don't know what time the
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2524] Metro replacement is?
Ernest (PS6RD) [2525] What time is the Metro.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2526] It'll run the same time as the Metro.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2527] You see that thing [...] on business to
Arthur (PS6R9) [2528] Cos it goes direct from station
Peggy (PS6RC) [2529] Newcastle one time
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2530] Ten past six.
June (PS6R8) [2531] Ten past six.
[2532] [...] ten past six [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2533] [...] cake
June (PS6R8) [2534] So if I was you Richard I wouldn't leave it till last minute, I [...] a bit sooner in case the buses are not running [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [2535] We're taking the cake.
[2536] We'll ring our own taxi firm and we'll ask for a [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2537] [...] she [...] well then you'll have to carry the mattress downstairs.
[2538] You've slept on a mattress before today, you've slept on a couch before today.
[2539] So th I mean, I [...] , when you were here, Street, there were David and Michael in the living room weren't there.
[2540] David and Michael in the living room, we were in our [...]
June (PS6R8) [2541] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2542] in our living room.
[2543] In the living room.
[2544] And
June (PS6R8) [...] [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2545] and Ike was in the our bedroom.
[2546] We were in our bed-set our bed- settee in the sitting room.
[2547] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [2548] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2549] You were in that little bedroom, you went up them steps .
Ernest (PS6RD) [2550] Oh you were in that little office [...]
June (PS6R8) [2551] Oh yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2552] You were in there.
[2553] You in there.
[2554] Barbara, dad, me and Angela were in the sitting room.
[2555] The children And that weren't for a day, for a night, it were for weeks and weeks on end.
[2556] So we had our [...] in the morning.
[2557] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [2558] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2559] Course you are [...] .
[2560] You were three.
Ernest (PS6RD) [2561] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2562] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2563] Eighteen months Angela.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2564] [...] .
[2565] And she were in that bedroom with us,the there were t there were dad, me, Barbara and Angela.
[2566] In in the sitting room.
[2567] And there were you in the next bedroom, you and Arthur.
[2568] And [...] was Uncle Ike, in our bedroom.
[2569] And then in the in the living room where we ate and everything
June (PS6R8) [2570] Oh on the camp-bed [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2571] were er were [...] er and and and there were three on [...] .
[2572] Well we got by [...] you're not gonna tell me we can't get by w [...] .
[2573] Goodness me [...] getting by if we want to.
[2574] [...] sleep and as I say, I [...] Auntie Mary coming.
[2575] [...] that's up to her.
[2576] And if she says no, well then there's there's two beds upstairs.
June (PS6R8) [2577] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2578] [...] you've got to know these things [...] no good [...] well they might [...] .
[2579] They've got to be asked.
[2580] And as far as we're concerned [...] the boy can come and stay.
June (PS6R8) [2581] Well I asked Richard about [...] and he said, No problem.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2582] Well it is absolutely
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2583] ridiculous for her to come and bring all that on a train when [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2584] Yes it's absolutely ridiculous for you to bring, but you're not running the car.
[2585] And they might not want to do it.
[2586] They might not want to do it .
Richard (PS6RA) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2587] You can't rely on people.
Richard (PS6RA) [2588] I can't see Auntie saying no, but I don't think [...] .
[2589] So ... [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2590] I mean it's alright
June (PS6R8) [2591] I mean she'd have to [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2592] we've gone through it, we've had a car and we know.
[2593] And if you take every chance of
June (PS6R8) [2594] Right.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2595] putting somebody else out, you don't like to [...] .
[2596] It'll take all the [...] for them to come from where they're coming from .
June (PS6R8) [2597] Yeah but he'll have to bring somebody ov else over [...] they're all coming to [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2598] There you are [...] .
[2599] I know it's only a quarter of an
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2600] hour away but if you have a breakdown, and Auntie Mary [...] and she'll get all worked up.
[2601] They'll get all worked up because they're supposed to be fetching her.
[2602] There's all [...] not somebody else.
June (PS6R8) [2603] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2604] I mean I know [...] we've had a car and we know.
[2605] And [...] we've been all over the place haven't we Arthur [...] .
[2606] And then when it's been our turn to come, we broke down.
[2607] I I won't forget [...] .
[2608] I gave them [...] the afternoon and she said, Oh that was lovely Mrs .
[2609] And then she came to me and she said, [...] take four of us away and I just said, No I'm sorry he won't.
[2610] And she said, Oh.
[2611] Well weeks went by and then a a a few weeks after she came to me and she said, [...] .
Richard (PS6RA) [2612] He [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [2613] [...] spoke lovely and what we he said was true.
[2614] And [...] kind that she said, I was very disgusted, she said, with you, afterwards.
[2615] And I said, Why what have I done.
[2616] She said, well, she said, I asked you to take four people home and you said, No I'm sorry.
[2617] She said, and I didn't expect you to say that.
[2618] So I said, well [...] did you stop to kn know we are fourteen miles.
[2619] We've to go back fourteen miles, we've come fourteen and we've to go back fourteen miles.
[2620] And it took [...] all this time to get here.
[2621] And we got here safe and we was thankful for that.
[2622] And then we wer found out instead of sitting and listening we had to do the service.
[2623] So I said, we done all that, and then we'd to go back fourteen miles.
[2624] [...] isn't always er moaning, doesn't mean to say there's nothing wrong with him.
[2625] I said, I was thankful that he got here safe and I can't drive.
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2626] And I was thankful that he was coming back alright.
[2627] See.
[2628] Wait a minute while I finish.
[2629] And I said er but I'm not unkind at all.
[2630] I said, it hurt the captain because we've been used to you know, ferrying everybody about, and I said, don't d say that people are unkind because they they're not taking you and carrying you about.
[2631] Oh she says, well I'm sorry Mr , I never thought about it like that, you see.
[2632] It's the easiest thing in the world you see as she says
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [2633] Well I just to well he'd done it before [...] And I said to them, Oh captain'll take you.
[2634] And then she said, when you said, well you wo they won't, I said, everyone knows because she said, by the time we has taken those people home, it would have been dark.
[2635] I said and and captain can't drive in the dark.
[2636] So what we would have been [...] I mean it weren't just at the bottom of the street.
[2637] And she said, oh well I am sorry Mrs , she said, I never thought about that.
[2638] She said, it is the easiest thing in the world, she said, to just say, Oh well they'll take you.
[2639] And when you think about it, it is.
[2640] Because you're using Well your dad wouldn't mind.
[2641] Bertie might, he might say, Well [...]
Richard (PS6RA) [2642] Yeah I mean I I did say I'm not sure.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2643] No.
Richard (PS6RA) [2644] You know it's I I will ask.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2645] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [2646] Well you know what they say, you don't get anywhere unless you ask.
Peggy (PS6RC) [2647] Well I know that but on the other hand, we've never been ones for relying on other people.

10 (Tape 074301)

Arthur (PS6R9) [2648] Like what
June (PS6R8) [2649] Well they
Arthur (PS6R9) [2650] eh?
June (PS6R8) [2651] these the stuff not coming
Arthur (PS6R9) [2652] I know, it's a damn nuisance ...
June (PS6R8) [2653] though, there's quite a low in't it?,
[2654] I mean how long did it take that washer a week, if that ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [2655] was under ...
June (PS6R8) [2656] and that bit in there ... from the album is exactly the same equipment
Arthur (PS6R9) [2657] yeah I know, actually if it'd been different equipment I would have cancelled it and said oh sod it, but it's not, it's same equipment, so you might as well wait for it
June (PS6R8) [2658] yeah, but if it hasn't come by next Tuesday Arthur you're not re-ordering, forget about it love
Arthur (PS6R9) [2659] well I'm not bothered love
June (PS6R8) [2660] because we'll have the cash, we'll go and buy ... he said all you need is your amplifier and that didn't he? ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [cough] ...

11 (Tape 074302)

June (PS6R8) [2661] I don't think your equipments gonna come anyway
Arthur (PS6R9) [2662] No, but she said like, she said it could come today ... cos she says they deliver [...] I says is there no way I said you can give me a number I said that I could get in contact, she said no, she said were're not allowed to do that
June (PS6R8) [2663] no I don't want one Arthur , you going down there aren't you, no harm in
Arthur (PS6R9) [2664] down where?
June (PS6R8) [2665] there weren't no more wrappers, [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2666] oh aye, no she says I'm sorry she says we're not allowed to do that ...
June (PS6R8) [2667] I need to pop that in
Arthur (PS6R9) [2668] she says er oh she says don't wait in, I says it's alright don't wait in, but I said if there's nobody in I said they don't get in
June (PS6R8) [2669] did you say we're in a commune door?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2670] mm ... she said but isn't there a letter box outside
June (PS6R8) [2671] no
Arthur (PS6R9) [2672] just for somebody to drop a card
June (PS6R8) [2673] no
Arthur (PS6R9) [2674] you know, I said no, oh she said that's strange
June (PS6R8) [2675] you couldn't do that everybody else would be picking your mail, if there was a letter box there, mail box
Arthur (PS6R9) [2676] no each individual box
June (PS6R8) [2677] well there isn't
Arthur (PS6R9) [2678] each individual flat should have a box outside
June (PS6R8) [2679] I've I've said this before
Arthur (PS6R9) [2680] mm
June (PS6R8) [2681] but there isn't ... and then again Arthur they get vandalized
Arthur (PS6R9) [2682] mm
June (PS6R8) [2683] you could have a [...] filling that mail or, or, or something, and, and it, it'd just get vandalized around here won't it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2684] mm
June (PS6R8) [2685] I wouldn't trust anybody ... [sigh] I was talking to that lady, paper shop ... you know where you used to wait for Les
Arthur (PS6R9) [2686] mm
June (PS6R8) [2687] you know when Les, oh she says there's been about half a dozen people at that paint shop, sends [...] chops and changes she said ... she said, she said I haven't lived there for three and a half years
Arthur (PS6R9) [2688] has she not?
June (PS6R8) [2689] no, she says er I'm in a bungalow now
Arthur (PS6R9) [2690] mm
June (PS6R8) [2691] she says you move from up here, didn't ya?, she says I see you up here, but, I said yeah at the time [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2692] what she doing up there?
June (PS6R8) [2693] she's got a bungalow up there
Arthur (PS6R9) [2694] oh
June (PS6R8) [2695] she says, I'm on about the lady with the dark hair
Arthur (PS6R9) [2696] yeah, I know who you mean
June (PS6R8) [2697] little
Arthur (PS6R9) [2698] mm
June (PS6R8) [2699] and she do, she said she decided that, you know it was a bit, well I never change me post office, said I've had it for all these years ... but she said it was a lovely bungalow ... and she says er what [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2700] did she not take you to have a look?
June (PS6R8) [2701] no [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2702] fair enough
June (PS6R8) [2703] [...] and er ... I only have to mention the time though, oh dear
Arthur (PS6R9) [2704] oh all
June (PS6R8) [2705] should seen her face
Arthur (PS6R9) [2706] mm, I can imagine
June (PS6R8) [2707] mm
Arthur (PS6R9) [2708] oh faces do as soon as you mention this place
June (PS6R8) [2709] she says she's got a beautiful place I said yeah, but look how many stairs, I said I just couldn't climb the stairs, she said oh that's it, she says, but er, she says knowing you like I've always well she says and your husband, she even described you, she says I, I'd thought you'd move into a better area than that.
Arthur (PS6R9) [2710] Aye, well, there you are
June (PS6R8) [2711] Oh dear, I told them at one point why we did, and I've had it
Arthur (PS6R9) [2712] oh you've got [...]
June (PS6R8) [2713] I have had it mentioned to me like, she says,, she said they're alright you know
Arthur (PS6R9) [2714] to what?
June (PS6R8) [2715] these bungalows, okay she said they're not massive
Arthur (PS6R9) [2716] did she have one of them [...]
June (PS6R8) [2717] yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [2718] oh
June (PS6R8) [2719] she said they're not massive
Arthur (PS6R9) [2720] well no not massive
June (PS6R8) [2721] she said but how many of you, she said you've a daughter ain't ya or summat, I said at the minute, she gets married next April, by heck she said doesn't time fly she says, I remember her coming and [...] and from the paper shop
Arthur (PS6R9) [2722] aye, well she used to have a paper round
June (PS6R8) [2723] I says well yeah, I says well she's twenty now, she says oh she's that old now, I said yes, gets married next April, and you know what she said
Arthur (PS6R9) [2724] what?
June (PS6R8) [2725] she said you want to think about it ... she says okay they're not massive she says, but they're cosy and comfortable. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [2726] I suppose one of them on [...] would be alright really
June (PS6R8) [2727] mm, you can't get on, in, a bungalow can ya?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2728] well you don't know it just depends what they offer ya
June (PS6R8) [2729] don't know whether they'd give you one , huh accordingly to that woman
Arthur (PS6R9) [2730] well you don't have to go where you give you one
June (PS6R8) [2731] if you're under sixty accordingly to that woman
Arthur (PS6R9) [2732] no
June (PS6R8) [2733] it's the [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2734] oh no ...
June (PS6R8) [2735] and your mother's
Arthur (PS6R9) [2736] I mean just cos I want I, just, just cos you want out of here, I'm not gonna accept any old place
June (PS6R8) [2737] why, didn't say you were bored, your mother told you to think again didn't she?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2738] what about a bungalow?
June (PS6R8) [2739] yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [2740] yeah ... [sniff]
June (PS6R8) [2741] can you have a satellite dish on a bungalow, are you allowed by Council?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2742] yeah, of course you can , can have satellite dishes with bungalows on, or bungalows with satellite dishes on
June (PS6R8) [2743] oh I wished I [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2744] which ever way round you want it
June (PS6R8) [2745] I'm fed up with waiting ... but out of town, it's doing me no good all the way round there ... right round here some, there's a home, she'd have to take it
Arthur (PS6R9) [2746] would she? ...
June (PS6R8) [2747] the poll tax one
Arthur (PS6R9) [2748] no it's not
June (PS6R8) [2749] yes it is
Arthur (PS6R9) [2750] that's the menu for the
June (PS6R8) [2751] I mean
Arthur (PS6R9) [2752] orderly [...]
June (PS6R8) [2753] yes, but the old tax ones underneath
Arthur (PS6R9) [2754] oh well it's underneath your book, that's why she forgot to take it, she wouldn't see it ...
June (PS6R8) [2755] so that's on Saturday at three?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2756] yeah ...
June (PS6R8) [2757] it's gorgeous out there, do you know it's Easter weekend, next weekend, the first, [...] the papers up, cos I didn't really know when it was, it's Easter Sunday, a week this Sunday
Arthur (PS6R9) [2758] yeah I know Bank Holiday Monday on Monday
June (PS6R8) [2759] yeah so if your
Arthur (PS6R9) [belch]
June (PS6R8) [2760] stuff doesn't come next week
Arthur (PS6R9) [sniff]
June (PS6R8) [2761] you certainly won't be getting it on the following Monday
Arthur (PS6R9) [2762] no, but I could get it on the Tuesday, she said if you hadn't got it by the Tuesday, to let us know on the Wednesday
June (PS6R8) [2763] aye, next week
Arthur (PS6R9) [2764] mm
June (PS6R8) [2765] but I'm on about the Tuesday after, the Monday after is Easter Monday
Arthur (PS6R9) [2766] no, this coming Monday is Easter Monday
June (PS6R8) [2767] it's not
Arthur (PS6R9) [2768] yes it is
June (PS6R8) [2769] it's not, it's the o
Arthur (PS6R9) [2770] seventeenth
June (PS6R8) [2771] no, and er, it's not the seventeenth this Monday coming
Arthur (PS6R9) [2772] well what is it this Monday coming?
June (PS6R8) [2773] thirteenth
Arthur (PS6R9) [2774] well then it's Easter Monday
June (PS6R8) [2775] it's not Easter Monday until the twentieth, it's on the windows
Arthur (PS6R9) [2776] I dunno
June (PS6R8) [2777] Easter Sunday's on the nineteenth
Arthur (PS6R9) [2778] oh well they'll know then ...
June (PS6R8) [2779] Easter Sunday's on the nineteenth I'm quite sure
Arthur (PS6R9) [2780] so if it didn't come on the Monday it could come on the Tuesday, by next week ...
June (PS6R8) [2781] have you rang the bank?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2782] no ... no I'm not bothering
June (PS6R8) [2783] well if you can just put me mind at rest now and if they'd say no I wouldn't worry so much then
Arthur (PS6R9) [2784] you don't need to worry ... well she ain't bothered you [...] bothering you
June (PS6R8) [2785] well you ain't gotta go out your way [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2786] I don't need to go out me way
June (PS6R8) [2787] he says if you just say has the money gone in, he'll tell you, yeah, and she gives you your bank account number
Arthur (PS6R9) [2788] I'm not really bothered
June (PS6R8) [2789] it's Wednesday now, when, when did we go up Monday?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2790] mm
June (PS6R8) [2791] well it's Wednesday now look, just even to know if I've got something there ...

12 (Tape 074303)

Arthur (PS6R9) [2792] That's what I want
June (PS6R8) [2793] So you can't go to your mum's then till they've rang
Arthur (PS6R9) [2794] no, not really ...
June (PS6R8) [2795] Hello, should you have finish at two o'clock?
Karen (PS6RE) [2796] Yes, weren't suppose to, suppose to finish till three
Arthur (PS6R9) [2797] hello there, where you been?
Karen (PS6RE) [2798] work
Arthur (PS6R9) [2799] [...] been to work looking like that
June (PS6R8) [2800] stop winding her up, ooh
Karen (PS6RE) [cough]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2801] have you been working hard?
Karen (PS6RE) [2802] no
Arthur (PS6R9) [2803] no
June (PS6R8) [2804] are the residents in yet?
Karen (PS6RE) [2805] no, tomorrow
Arthur (PS6R9) [2806] why not?
June (PS6R8) [2807] ah ...
Karen (PS6RE) [2808] cos basically they've nothing to do
Arthur (PS6R9) [2809] oh ...
Karen (PS6RE) [2810] and you say
June (PS6R8) [2811] oh why grumble when you get paid for it
Karen (PS6RE) [2812] and you say take that tape recorder to work, huh, I wouldn't dare
June (PS6R8) [2813] you've er
Arthur (PS6R9) [2814] why is the language being blue
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Karen (PS6RE) [2815] it's not much the language it's the conversations
Arthur (PS6R9) [2816] oh
June (PS6R8) [2817] you forgot to take that poll tax form to your boss
Karen (PS6RE) [2818] I know
June (PS6R8) [2819] you'll have to take it tomorrow
Karen (PS6RE) [2820] he's not there
David (PS6RF) [2821] It's a right nice sunny day and now you say have your cocoa
June (PS6R8) [2822] well I've had mine now
David (PS6RF) [2823] it's as warm as house out there
Arthur (PS6R9) [2824] you wanna see this one with location ski jacket on, I'm expecting snow any minute
June (PS6R8) [2825] I don't care, your the only with an inside pocket is that [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2826] yeah I put them out [...] I dunno where I put me cigarettes and that, some of me shell suits have got new zips on
Arthur (PS6R9) [2827] have you had your dinner?
June (PS6R8) [2828] oh out me padded jacket
Karen (PS6RE) [2829] yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [2830] oh
Karen (PS6RE) [2831] looks [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
June (PS6R8) [2832] don't you feed yourself in your flat?
Karen (PS6RE) [2833] no
Arthur (PS6R9) [2834] put yourself pan of stew on, then you can dip in it now and then
June (PS6R8) [2835] and don't take all that loaf cos that's all that
Arthur (PS6R9) [2836] ooh, my stomachs speaking
June (PS6R8) [2837] I told you before to get some mince and put potatoes in and that, see [...]
David (PS6RF) [2838] afford, can't afford at the minute, I was just saying to dad ... Bri's gonna get us some shopping on his cheque book, I tell you, did I tell you about his embarrassing moment?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2839] no, what were that?
June (PS6R8) [2840] yeah yeah he did at the Co-Op
David (PS6RF) [2841] at the Co-Op
Arthur (PS6R9) [2842] oh yeah, aye
David (PS6RF) [2843] tell you did I?, oh, he went round the Co-Op right
Arthur (PS6R9) [2844] yeah
David (PS6RF) [2845] did all his shopping, bags and bags of shopping
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
David (PS6RF) [2846] only had sixty odd quid, used his credit card to put it through, well now it all comes up, all the stuff comes up onto on display now about the credit, it goes straight through to their account see if there's money there
Arthur (PS6R9) [2847] yeah
David (PS6RF) [2848] and it refused it, and it should, the woman didn't obviously didn't know what to do, she was as embarrassed as [...] had to get the manager [...] so by this time Brian has packed all his bags up
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
David (PS6RF) [2849] the manager came along and says oh I don't know about it, it seems er some reason
June (PS6R8) [2850] I'm glad I weren't there
David (PS6RF) [2851] some reason it hasn't accepted it and Brian says it's probably cos me wages haven't gone in yet, the bank they can't be empty, so he's hoping to get that by the time they took it out he's money at the end, it's embarrassing enough, so, he's telling me, so they had to take the stuff off him
June (PS6R8) [2852] ee, I would of died me
David (PS6RF) [2853] cos it was all fresh cos he was gonna get meat tomorrow and the following day, so I says to him I says well why didn't you use your cheque book?, he says oh I never thought of that he says, cos it takes a few days to get it, he don't know with a cheque book
Arthur (PS6R9) [2854] yeah
David (PS6RF) [2855] so he went back on the night time, got the bags [...] how embarrassing, he did it
June (PS6R8) [2856] you went in
David (PS6RF) [2857] no
June (PS6R8) [2858] oh I'd of died if I was in there
David (PS6RF) [2859] so he was gonna do the same for me, do a bit of shopping well I said you'll get it like ... give you the money, so he says well [...] I was gonna do the same but I said the only thing is when we go to the cash desk er, I said I'm gonna leave you, I said I'm not standing there [...] [clears throat] ...
June (PS6R8) [2860] don't you get paid this week?
David (PS6RF) [2861] erm, I wished I did mum I tell ya, get paid next week and it's Easter
Karen (PS6RE) [2862] I thought you were going up nan
June (PS6R8) [2863] I can't can I, I'm waiting for a phone
Arthur (PS6R9) [2864] can't
June (PS6R8) [2865] call
Arthur (PS6R9) [2866] waiting for a phone call
June (PS6R8) [2867] cos me money hasn't gone in the bank
Arthur (PS6R9) [2868] chasing money around
June (PS6R8) [2869] that's more important [laugh] [...] we're not getting it till end of month
David (PS6RF) [2870] I never paid my bills for the last month
Arthur (PS6R9) [2871] not paying it till black one comes ...
June (PS6R8) [2872] it depends, just paid electric and gas
David (PS6RF) [2873] had got a deal [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2874] oh aye
David (PS6RF) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2875] I'm telling you and I'm telling you, not him, he's having now't say or so be tea on him, you want to stand up for yourself you, it's time you opened your mouth to our Michael, don't be afraid of him
David (PS6RF) [2876] what, I never see him
June (PS6R8) [2877] when he, if he does come
Arthur (PS6R9) [2878] see, he don't see him
June (PS6R8) [2879] it's about time you opened your mouth
David (PS6RF) [2880] it's better be calm I don't care
June (PS6R8) [2881] all this [...] I mean he's, he's [...] got nothing now, he's right down to nothing ...
David (PS6RF) [2882] oh
June (PS6R8) [2883] I mean all the time he's been back down there and not telling me he hasn't had any cars
Arthur (PS6R9) [2884] aye of course he would of had cars
David (PS6RF) [2885] why [...] has got money
Karen (PS6RE) [2886] huh
June (PS6R8) [2887] [...] , I've had enough with [...]
David (PS6RF) [2888] would of mind if he'd left that mini could of drove round in the mini
Arthur (PS6R9) [2889] mm
David (PS6RF) [2890] rather than I tell ya cos this thing, this thing we're in now what's it like?
June (PS6R8) [2891] I mean really [...]
David (PS6RF) [2892] honestly it jerks er that's all it does
Arthur (PS6R9) [2893] I noticed it the other day when you were round then
June (PS6R8) [2894] I mean he came for a flying visit and he went back didn't he? he came for a flying visit and went back
David (PS6RF) [2895] when I visit him a second time he didn't turn up at all
Arthur (PS6R9) [2896] send one of his lackeys
June (PS6R8) [2897] popped up in the week [...]
David (PS6RF) [2898] [...] he says, look er, he says, cos I [...] for somebody [...] he said if I could, if he knew somebody that could take me down he says I would leave the mini for ya
Arthur (PS6R9) [2899] mm, mm
David (PS6RF) [2900] I, I said I know I would of had the mini for nothing
June (PS6R8) [2901] well that was an old banger weren't it?, she always, she always gives me the little bags on the carpet, aye bags
Arthur (PS6R9) [2902] what'd ya mean there's no money she's got money
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2903] all them bills we've just paid
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2904] God television license is due end of month
Arthur (PS6R9) [2905] oh well
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2906] you [...] Karen?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2907] television eighty pounds, it's gone up as well
Karen (PS6RE) [2908] what's all your rings on the table for mum?
June (PS6R8) [2909] cos I took them off to peel some potatoes ... [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2910] one of them is what you and Karen bought
David (PS6RF) [2911] oh it's me [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2912] shh
June (PS6R8) [2913] you're the one I bought off, that other ones the one I bought off Michael that [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2914] says, she say you told him what
Karen (PS6RE) [2915] buying the ring
David (PS6RF) [2916] ring, oh yeah I know
June (PS6R8) [2917] yeah he took it off her finger ...
David (PS6RF) [2918] yeah Karen I need some money
Karen (PS6RE) [laugh]
David (PS6RF) [2919] she got loads, here mother [laugh] they wouldn't would they?, they'd have to have gold [...] to yours [laugh] aye [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [2920] I know twenty seven and grey hairs
Arthur (PS6R9) [2921] I'm not surprised
David (PS6RF) [2922] ma [...]
June (PS6R8) [2923] told ya years ago to get something in the bank, years ago, have to listen to me when you get on your feet ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2924] you can't beat having a bob or two in the bank can ya?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2925] if, is the word you're looking for, not when ...
June (PS6R8) [2926] I mean you, you even get interest just, if you've only a bit in at least ten haven't ya?
David (PS6RF) [2927] well er I've got a tenner in the bank that counts
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2928] you'll get interest on that, if it stay there, stay there, no
David (PS6RF) [2929] I'll have about ten pound, one pence now
Karen (PS6RE) [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [2930] two years ago we, we were gonna put more in weren't we?, nearly two years ago
Arthur (PS6R9) [2931] mm it will be
David (PS6RF) [2932] I refuse to take it out because it just closes it down again and I thought I'm not touching it
June (PS6R8) [2933] when did we put it in eighty nine?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2934] mm, something like that
Karen (PS6RE) [2935] that's three years this year for a start
June (PS6R8) [2936] we put fifteen pound in our post office in an investment account and forgot all about it
Arthur (PS6R9) [2937] it's still there
June (PS6R8) [2938] and it's still there, that were three years ago, should be a little bit of interest on that
Karen (PS6RE) [2939] must be ... I put fiver in, that must be four year ago
David (PS6RF) [2940] oh yeah, I put seven quid in
June (PS6R8) [2941] do you not save any money?
Karen (PS6RE) [2942] no, I [...]
David (PS6RF) [2943] she keeps it er, she stashes it in a hiding place in our room
Arthur (PS6R9) [2944] under the mattress [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [2945] yeah, but what if it's in the bank you see you get interest
David (PS6RF) [2946] she's daft well be honest she's always into it, either somebody wants to borrow it, her mam will borrow some
Karen (PS6RE) [2947] [...] to you [laugh]
David (PS6RF) [2948] no, er, er, it hasn't actually [...]
June (PS6R8) [2949] he's borrowed off Karen [laugh]
David (PS6RF) [2950] I owe her now't, well
Karen (PS6RE) [2951] well
David (PS6RF) [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [2952] you owe me twenty five quid
David (PS6RF) [2953] alright, alright
Karen (PS6RE) [2954] no, sorry, thirty five quid
David (PS6RF) [2955] you keep adding it up
Karen (PS6RE) [2956] no I don't
David (PS6RF) [2957] I tell you
Karen (PS6RE) [2958] it's interest
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [2959] it keeps going up
Karen (PS6RE) [2960] charging interest for you, for you ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2961] I've been round to bin place and back
David (PS6RF) [2962] well who took the
June (PS6R8) [2963] me
David (PS6RF) [2964] oh
Arthur (PS6R9) [2965] oh aye
Karen (PS6RE) [2966] it's summer out there, it's nice and warm
June (PS6R8) [2967] go and get me money, go and pay me bills , got now't left, eighty quid for just gas and electric
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [2968] [...] this morning
David (PS6RF) [2969] cold
June (PS6R8) [2970] oh aye I wear my padded jacket [...] to me I don't care
David (PS6RF) [2971] red hot out there, it was
June (PS6R8) [2972] this is the only one for [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2973] [...] [cough] just fancy taking Penny in the west park for a while, I don't
Karen (PS6RE) [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [2974] did you take them types back?
Arthur (PS6R9) [2975] no not yet ... [...] not that good
June (PS6R8) [2976] it's in thingy, I didn't want [...] I was just checking and the [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [2977] I thought it was good
June (PS6R8) [2978] yeah
David (PS6RF) [2979] Oscar, oh it's a comedy you know
Arthur (PS6R9) [2980] yeah
June (PS6R8) [2981] I know
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [2982] aye that's exactly what he was on about, getting interviewed on that, I mean I've see the trailer on it, they were showing them scenes, he's sick of being typecasted as a hard macho man in films, he wants to do something different family films
June (PS6R8) [2983] not but to me it was, it was boring
Karen (PS6RE) [2984] aye
David (PS6RF) [2985] that was cos you're used to seeing [...]
June (PS6R8) [2986] no, I mean I like a man [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [2987] yeah cos he's a hard guy, he's a hard guy
Arthur (PS6R9) [2988] he still a hard man in [...]
David (PS6RF) [2989] he's still, I said it's a serious
June (PS6R8) [2990] you didn't watch it [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [2991] I didn't watch it [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [2992] I thought it was good me, I enjoyed it, I thought it was funny
David (PS6RF) [2993] you've gotta, you know what I mean?
June (PS6R8) [2994] have you watched it?
David (PS6RF) [2995] no, not yet, I've seen the beginning where he set up the [...] and that
Karen (PS6RE) [2996] oh
David (PS6RF) [2997] did you watch all the [...] ?
June (PS6R8) [2998] no I haven't watched [...] I've just [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [2999] eh?
David (PS6RF) [3000] what made you watch Oscar?
June (PS6R8) [3001] cos time was going on and I thought well just watch that, I knew you wanted it taped and I thought time were going on [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3002] Maria and [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3003] we never finished watching that did we?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3004] that was a good film that
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [3005] I mean I can't stand Rik ... what's his surname Maio?
David (PS6RF) [3006] Rik Maio
Karen (PS6RE) [3007] Rik Maio, I can't stand him like, I enjoyed it, I thought it was a good film
June (PS6R8) [3008] I haven't watched it yet still on the [...]
David (PS6RF) [3009] probably not your cup of tea mum, it's daft humour, he's funny
David (PS6RF) [3010] He's smashing the fridge [...] ah! the fridge! the dragon lady! the three headed dragon
June (PS6R8) [3011] he's waiting for that [...]
David (PS6RF) [3012] he's got twenty four [...] he has
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3013] I thought he was in fifties I did
David (PS6RF) [3014] twenty four [...]
June (PS6R8) [3015] when I first saw him I thought he was in his fifties
David (PS6RF) [3016] thirty eight in the paper
June (PS6R8) [3017] thirty eight
David (PS6RF) [3018] I know it was in the paper
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3019] twenty four and a half inch, has it, have you got a tape measure?
June (PS6R8) [3020] no
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3021] well that's two foot in it? ...
David (PS6RF) [3022] that's on the slack out, I mean when he's got it all pumped up you know it must be [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3023] [...] just standing there and his arms out here
June (PS6R8) [3024] suburban commander and he's supposed to be from another planet or something or other
David (PS6RF) [3025] yeah, summat like that
June (PS6R8) [3026] I saw a trailer of it when I came, I thought he must of come
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3027] your dad likes it cos he likes him [...] he watched that
David (PS6RF) [3028] a few good films advertised on one of those tapes, can't remember what tape it was, I'm not sure if it was
June (PS6R8) [3029] time scape or something or other
David (PS6RF) [3030] no it wasn't that one, there was a few
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ... [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [3031] I can stomach anything except that
June (PS6R8) [3032] oh, er, Lost In Time
David (PS6RF) [3033] that's it
June (PS6R8) [3034] Rhinestone
David (PS6RF) [3035] aye, that looks good now I must say
June (PS6R8) [3036] sometimes they come back [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3037] yeah some are timid, some are frightening eh?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3038] I'll have to
June (PS6R8) [3039] seen that
Arthur (PS6R9) [3040] Lost In, Lost In Time ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [humming]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [3041] and then after last night [...] I completely forgot
David (PS6RF) [3042] last night?
Karen (PS6RE) [3043] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Karen (PS6RE) [laugh] [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3044] been drinking on Tuesday
Karen (PS6RE) [3045] drunk
David (PS6RF) [3046] humming
June (PS6R8) [3047] waste of money
Karen (PS6RE) [3048] drunk
David (PS6RF) [3049] oh I tell ya, I got there, I buy a couple, Sally buys 'em because I, I give 'em tapes, I don't ask him, but he's one of these blokes unless he buys you one he'll take a funny
Karen (PS6RE) [3050] oh get offended
David (PS6RF) [3051] yes, gets dead offended, dead funny, dead nice bloke and he will buy you one whether you like it or not
June (PS6R8) [3052] He wanted me to spell your name
David (PS6RF) [3053] oh I know love it
Karen (PS6RE) [3054] what?
David (PS6RF) [3055] on a
Karen (PS6RE) [laugh]
David (PS6RF) [3056] wrote down on his book it wasn't him
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Angela (PS6RB) [3057] get off
David (PS6RF) [3058] I've got a confession mother
Angela (PS6RB) [3059] do you have
David (PS6RF) [3060] we're having a double wedding
Angela (PS6RB) [3061] oh God
David (PS6RF) [3062] Aren't we spotty?
June (PS6R8) [3063] are you, are you twenty three this year?
David (PS6RF) [3064] no I wish, twenty four
June (PS6R8) [3065] ee, I make you a year younger
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3066] I was saying to dad in bed last night Karen's twenty three this year
David (PS6RF) [3067] no twenty four
June (PS6R8) [3068] making her a year younger
David (PS6RF) [3069] oh do you know what it is?,
[3070] I always take our numbers, do the number on my age on the [...] it never wins, so I've started taking another one ...
June (PS6R8) [3071] twenty four and, and your dads, and your dads birthday twenty four, no [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3072] twenty four
Arthur (PS6R9) [3073] well my birthdays on the twenty sixth [...] twenty seven, last year I was on the twenty six, I was twenty six
Karen (PS6RE) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3074] do you know about that Karen, do you know about that?
Karen (PS6RE) [3075] what?
June (PS6R8) [3076] [...] not turning up ... [...] not turning up [...]
David (PS6RF) [3077] er, did I not tell ya?,
[3078] I forgot oh God
Karen (PS6RE) [3079] no
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3080] and you you keep saying she was seventeen, she was sixteen wasn't she Angela?
Angela (PS6RB) [3081] yes
David (PS6RF) [3082] I don't know
June (PS6R8) [3083] you didn't believe me same age as Mike
Angela (PS6RB) [3084] she's sixteen
June (PS6R8) [3085] so she was fifteen [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3086] ah I'm being recorded, ah I'm being recorded, testing one, two, three, testing
June (PS6R8) [3087] it's like the, the language, like the English language of nineteen ninety up to date, you know the er tape the weirds and everything
Karen (PS6RE) [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [3088] and it takes these batteries and everything and she says I'll pick them up eleven cock, o'clock on Friday
Karen (PS6RE) [3089] eleven o'clock
June (PS6R8) [3090] and you'll get twenty five pound voucher
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3091] twenty five pound voucher for Marks and Spencers
Karen (PS6RE) [3092] oh
June (PS6R8) [3093] I mean you'd have all the conversation anyway in there, so [...] oh it's
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3094] eight now aren't we?
Karen (PS6RE) [3095] oh dear me
June (PS6R8) [3096] April the tenth
Angela (PS6RB) [3097] aye, tenth of April ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] [...]
David (PS6RF) [humming]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3098] more like, more like it'll be [humming]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3099] [...] it's the same everywhere you go in't it?, yeah it is, it's the same everywhere you go
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3100] it's erm
David (PS6RF) [3101] testing, testing, one, two, three ...
June (PS6R8) [3102] what you doing love?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3103] eh? ... mm [...] she's been on the phone, they've rang Blackpool now, gonna get back to
David (PS6RF) [3104] tell Brian last night
June (PS6R8) [3105] what a carry on
David (PS6RF) [3106] I says probably Monday so I thought well I give it time any way in case you get in to
June (PS6R8) [3107] he's not in
David (PS6RF) [3108] no I not he's not
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3109] end of month, there's now't you can do about it ... [...] insurance thing
David (PS6RF) [3110] what's that?
June (PS6R8) [3111] eh?
David (PS6RF) [3112] insurance payment
June (PS6R8) [3113] yeah, those insurance we take it out
David (PS6RF) [3114] oh
June (PS6R8) [3115] I haven't a thing in till her money goes in end of month ... she only gets paid end of month
David (PS6RF) [3116] so how much are you expecting anyway?
June (PS6R8) [3117] eh?
David (PS6RF) [3118] how much you expecting to get?
June (PS6R8) [3119] four hundred, you see I'll have to take some of that
David (PS6RF) [3120] oh
June (PS6R8) [3121] the licensing they sent a reminder this morning, I said they didn't need do that, I know it's last day of April, it's gone up
Arthur (PS6R9) [3122] aye, I know
June (PS6R8) [3123] eighty pound ... if it's not one thing you know it's [...] fortnight ago [...] from Co-Op it's forty one P a packet, went last week it was forty six P a packet, so Richard and Angela went the other day for nan and they got me some at same time, she leant me the money, yeah, cos I was absolutely broke, gone back down again to forty one ...
David (PS6RF) [3124] oh, I don't know what they do though like ... [...]
June (PS6R8) [3125] can't do anything about it David we're getting in touch with Blackpool, summat's gone wrong somewhere along the line, that's what he's waiting for a call
David (PS6RF) [3126] oh
June (PS6R8) [3127] ain't it
David (PS6RF) [sigh]
June (PS6R8) [3128] [...] the call
Arthur (PS6R9) [3129] what? ...
June (PS6R8) [3130] I said this [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3131] what?
June (PS6R8) [3132] you're waiting for a call
Arthur (PS6R9) [3133] yeah, that's what I said
June (PS6R8) [3134] that's why he's had the paper out, must of cost us a fortune in phone calls
David (PS6RF) [3135] make you sick, first they tell you you've got money and then you found out you haven't, it's still in transit somewhere
June (PS6R8) [3136] yeah he said we should of got it, it should of gone in the bank the day we got that letter
Arthur (PS6R9) [3137] should of gone in the bank the same day as that the date of that letter
June (PS6R8) [3138] there at the bank as you know one minute nothing
Arthur (PS6R9) [3139] rung up this morning still not there
June (PS6R8) [3140] rang bank up this morning, summat wrong somewhere and it's supposed to be done by a computer, I don't trust computers I don't, I says the first [...] I don't know about having it back I should of said send it home ... send it to me [laughing] address []
David (PS6RF) [3141] mm
June (PS6R8) [3142] that way you're sure and then you put your own in bank, you know it's there ...
David (PS6RF) [3143] you have to wait a few days for it to clear don't ya?
June (PS6R8) [3144] what?
David (PS6RF) [3145] the cheque
June (PS6R8) [3146] I don't know David
David (PS6RF) [3147] cos er, you have to wait three days for it, and then cheque's gotta clear in the bank, it's like our Mark he had a cheque put in his, he had to wait three days before it cleared ... went in on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, don't count Saturday, Sunday, Monday, cleared by Tuesday dinner time
June (PS6R8) [3148] yeah, I wouldn't of touched it straight away anyway
David (PS6RF) [3149] aye
June (PS6R8) [3150] ready [...] on by a computer, do you have to wait three days?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3151] what
David (PS6RF) [3152] for the cheque you're gonna have to wait three days to clear in it? in your bank
Arthur (PS6R9) [3153] what?, what?
June (PS6R8) [3154] this money is it a cheque or
Arthur (PS6R9) [3155] it's computer, computer transaction
June (PS6R8) [3156] computer
David (PS6RF) [3157] oh
June (PS6R8) [3158] computer transaction
David (PS6RF) [3159] oh they just type it though it's in your account already
June (PS6R8) [3160] yeah, but it goes from computer to computer, but summat's gone wrong ain't it?, somewhere along the line, they've rang the bank themselves ... maybe he didn't believe your dad or not I don't know, she got back to him, she says, we've rang your bank and they were very helpful, they saw it [...] so what you have to do is ring Blackpool, she says as so as soon as Blackpool ring back, she'll ring
David (PS6RF) [3161] yeah it's not an actual cash transaction
June (PS6R8) [3162] oh
David (PS6RF) [3163] all they do is diddle some keys and it goes off to T S B and then it goes into your account, that's the way it's supposed to work
June (PS6R8) [3164] they have been excited for a bit of money and end up with nowt, sending you letters
David (PS6RF) [3165] that's it [humming]
June (PS6R8) [3166] look's like that an all, I want to know if it's going in weekly or monthly
David (PS6RF) [3167] [yawning] oh God []
June (PS6R8) [3168] because that's only supposed to be up to this week ... three more weeks in April ... what she doing?
David (PS6RF) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3169] she'll have to push that back right now
David (PS6RF) [3170] hello puddy cat, hello
Arthur (PS6R9) [3171] oh you've just had something to eat ain't ya?, without throw you about
June (PS6R8) [3172] oh aye I'll be sick
Arthur (PS6R9) [3173] puking it up all over carpet ...
June (PS6R8) [3174] be still, that's a good boy, let your food go down
Arthur (PS6R9) [3175] he's a bugger, he gollops all his food and then he throws it back
David (PS6RF) [3176] really [...]
June (PS6R8) [3177] that's good Monty
Arthur (PS6R9) [3178] was Timmy always sick?
David (PS6RF) [3179] er [cough] full of fluff balls
Arthur (PS6R9) [3180] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3181] why he's had his, his [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3182] oh, that stuff [...] went in that stuff
June (PS6R8) [3183] I dunno, he's alright, happy now
Arthur (PS6R9) [3184] [...] turning over, I can't be bothered why don't we just carry on
David (PS6RF) [sigh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3185] just as fast to eat some of his tea ...
David (PS6RF) [3186] I had to do some custard in the microwave last night, cos it might of, came out like slut
Arthur (PS6R9) [3187] ee [laugh]
David (PS6RF) [3188] water, blinking shambles, I ended up chucking it away ...
June (PS6R8) [3189] I don't do mine in microwave I do it in a saucepan what, put my [...]
David (PS6RF) [3190] I just fancied I know, [...] but I just fancied some custard [...]
June (PS6R8) [3191] you're suppose to be going up your mothers, what you doing mince for tea for?
David (PS6RF) [humming]
June (PS6R8) [3192] be on at Kays an all haven't ya?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3193] in case me number one son comes round starving again, I'll have a pan of stew for him to dip into, plus he left half inch in bottom so he wouldn't have to wash pan
David (PS6RF) [3194] I didn't have much of that, I didn't like the look of it
June (PS6R8) [3195] it wants washing that pan anyway
Arthur (PS6R9) [3196] it doesn't ... it's washed ...
June (PS6R8) [3197] I tell you what you'll give 'em till next Tuesday and if it don't come by then you still, you can just cancel it save up
David (PS6RF) [3198] is that all the [...] is that all they do?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3199] mm
June (PS6R8) [3200] save up and buy it, it won't cost
David (PS6RF) [3201] [...] I know, I mean when you think about it, what is it you'll have, a tape deck, amplifier, oh you have to [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3202] mm
David (PS6RF) [3203] tape deck, amplifier and your [...] you're not bothered about the tuner
Arthur (PS6R9) [3204] no
June (PS6R8) [3205] no
Arthur (PS6R9) [3206] I never use that one, so
David (PS6RF) [3207] so three amp, amplifier I can get for about
Arthur (PS6R9) [3208] there it is
David (PS6RF) [3209] a hundred and fifty
Arthur (PS6R9) [3210] how much?
Angela (PS6RB) [3211] what [...]
David (PS6RF) [3212] amplifier, Pioneer
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3213] yeah a hundred and fifty
Arthur (PS6R9) [3214] this is a hundred and fifty pounds
David (PS6RF) [3215] equalizer you can get one for a hundred and thirty, that's two seventy
Arthur (PS6R9) [3216] eighty nine was the equalizer
June (PS6R8) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3217] yeah, but you're talking Pioneer here
Arthur (PS6R9) [3218] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3219] tape deck, well it varies, you can get one, a double one for a hundred and fifty
Arthur (PS6R9) [3220] more, or a hundred and twenty nine
David (PS6RF) [3221] so your total was ... about four thir about four fifty roughly [cough]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3222] what we've got in here is Goodmans, Crown, Akai and Sharp
David (PS6RF) [3223] but only one Sharp
Arthur (PS6R9) [3224] Sharp is a midi compact disc player ... them's are
David (PS6RF) [3225] aye ...
June (PS6R8) [3226] said they'll call me
Karen (PS6RE) [3227] mm
June (PS6R8) [3228] granddad's doing it ... Angela said you're using your mum and dads address so we can put the banns in here with it
David (PS6RF) [3229] yeah I know
June (PS6R8) [3230] only your mother wasn't sure ... she asked me on the phone
David (PS6RF) [3231] oh
June (PS6R8) [3232] said yeah, Richard is using your address to put the banns in here with Angela
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3233] a month now, used
Arthur (PS6R9) [3234] aye
June (PS6R8) [3235] to be three weeks, gotta putta your banns in for a month ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [3236] you can put them in two days before but you need a special licence, which is seventy eight pounds, it's a bit of useless information really ...
David (PS6RF) [3237] what are them like? banns [...] banns
Arthur (PS6R9) [3238] multiplication
June (PS6R8) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3239] who to?
June (PS6R8) [3240] the registrar office
Arthur (PS6R9) [3241] they go in a glass case at the registrar office in a you know a display, a notice board
June (PS6R8) [3242] fella, fella's don't have to do it
David (PS6RF) [3243] aye
Arthur (PS6R9) [3244] and that's put on and if, we say for argument sake that er she was married, we know she's not, but she could be and her banns are in and her husband gets wind that she's getting married again, you know, so he goes into the registrar office has a look, and [...] she's already married to me and this is what it's for
June (PS6R8) [3245] this is what it's [...]
David (PS6RF) [3246] oh I didn't know about that.
[3247] ... I'm surprised dad you hadn't bought the pioneer system
Arthur (PS6R9) [3248] It's too expensive
David (PS6RF) [3249] I dunno you're paying that much out, four hundred quid near or something aren't ya?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3250] three hundred and summat
June (PS6R8) [3251] three hundred and seventy
Arthur (PS6R9) [3252] three hundred and seventy two I think it is
June (PS6R8) [3253] three hundred and seventy nine
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3254] it's that, I don't want the full system anyway, I only want
June (PS6R8) [3255] are them separate?
David (PS6RF) [3256] er mini hifi's
June (PS6R8) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3257] I don't know whether they're separate or er
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
June (PS6R8) [3258] you like your separates don't ya?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3259] your talking seven hundred and odd quid
David (PS6RF) [3260] four, nine, nine
Arthur (PS6R9) [3261] no, with a C D I think it's seven hundred and odd quid in it?
David (PS6RF) [3262] dunno, I'm just trying to find out what you want here ...
June (PS6R8) [3263] was it the [...] you rang up?
David (PS6RF) [3264] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3265] God it's ridiculous in it?
David (PS6RF) [3266] nine fifty a head
Arthur (PS6R9) [3267] four, nine, nine, nine, nine
June (PS6R8) [3268] nine pound fifty a head
Arthur (PS6R9) [3269] I mean you can get a dearer one a multiple
David (PS6RF) [3270] yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3271] compact seven, seven or
June (PS6R8) [3272] nine pound fifty a head
Arthur (PS6R9) [3273] twin compact disc seven, two, eight and there's a twin compact disc as well
David (PS6RF) [3274] that's all inclusive
Arthur (PS6R9) [3275] that's everything
David (PS6RF) [3276] that is your, [...] play semi automatic record deck
Arthur (PS6R9) [3277] which I don't want
David (PS6RF) [3278] well it's part of it really
Arthur (PS6R9) [3279] yeah
David (PS6RF) [3280] I mean that comes off it, I can see that much, I just thought it was good anyway
Arthur (PS6R9) [3281] yeah ...
David (PS6RF) [3282] sell it to Richard couldn't you?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3283] huh
David (PS6RF) [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3284] [...] twins er set decks, tape to tape record, high speed dubbing and up two hours continuous playing
David (PS6RF) [3285] that's high speed dubbing, twin auto tape [...] cassette decks, got one and [...] to play back
Arthur (PS6R9) [3286] she says
David (PS6RF) [3287] long medium, F M stereo waveband, digital tuner,thi , thirty six pre stations
Arthur (PS6R9) [3288] yeah, which I don't want anyway
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
David (PS6RF) [3289] five band stereo graphic deviser with spectrum analyzer
June (PS6R8) [3290] it's a lovely little lady
David (PS6RF) [3291] also a multi synchrony editing system from recording from compact disc, twin compact disc player with twenty four tracks from random memory, three way speaker system, headphones and auxil , auxiliary [...] full functional remote control
Arthur (PS6R9) [3292] mm
David (PS6RF) [3293] except turn table
Arthur (PS6R9) [3294] he said oh don't want speakers cos I've got them there
David (PS6RF) [3295] no I know, but I mean [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3296] I don't want a turntable, I'm not bothered about it
David (PS6RF) [3297] yeah, but five hundred quid, a couple of hundred more
Arthur (PS6R9) [3298] yeah I know
David (PS6RF) [3299] one seventy more and you get a twin play compact disc player from it
Arthur (PS6R9) [3300] oh aye I know what you're saying
David (PS6RF) [3301] you get the tuner, you get the equaliser and you get the, okay you don't want the record deck, but you could always sell the record deck to buy new speakers
Arthur (PS6R9) [3302] oh yeah, I suppose, I suppose
David (PS6RF) [3303] so Richard he couldn't, he'll probably buy the Pioneer speakers
Arthur (PS6R9) [3304] mm
David (PS6RF) [3305] and the deck, so you make what say, a hundred quid there, cos brand new speakers and a brand new record deck ... so you'd only be paying four hundred quid for it
Arthur (PS6R9) [3306] mm
David (PS6RF) [3307] which is only about, how much?
Angela (PS6RB) [3308] dad Karen say, she's still got her
June (PS6R8) [3309] she's asked Karen to be a bridesmaid
Angela (PS6RB) [3310] a bridesmaid she said she's still got her bridesmaid, bridesmaid dress
June (PS6R8) [3311] at least she'll come smart [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3312] has she?, oh well, there you are then
Angela (PS6RB) [3313] that she wore for her mum's, it's peach
Arthur (PS6R9) [3314] you don't want it peach anyway
June (PS6R8) [3315] it doesn't matter you can have peach can't she?
Angela (PS6RB) [3316] everyone has peach
Arthur (PS6R9) [3317] so
David (PS6RF) [3318] one sixty, one sixty ... two fifty say
June (PS6R8) [3319] she's only a little doll
Angela (PS6RB) [3320] aye
David (PS6RF) [3321] three eighty possibly for them
Arthur (PS6R9) [3322] mm
David (PS6RF) [3323] you might as well say three eighty, it's a hundred and twenty quid more and you could sell the speakers and the deck
Arthur (PS6R9) [3324] mm
David (PS6RF) [3325] I'd rather have that then I tell you
June (PS6R8) [3326] is Richard's sister wearing a bridesmaid dress?
Angela (PS6RB) [3327] yeah, of course she
June (PS6R8) [3328] I thought you said they can't

13 (Tape 074304)

Arthur (PS6R9) [3329] Yeah, travel line, and I says to her I said I'm looking at this V F M bus timetable I says the five two, one I said it goes down ?
[3330] Street, I said is that, is that alright, you know sort of thing I said would I, she said yes she said it does, she said it, it runs the same route as the five, two, seven, but it runs early then it becomes five, two, seven, the five, two, ones still on, like a two seven and a two one, two seven, two one and there were
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3331] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3332] That's side B now and then it'll be full ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [3333] yes that's side B, it's not going any where
June (PS6R8) [3334] on three I pressed it in
Arthur (PS6R9) [3335] aye it is, yes ...
June (PS6R8) [3336] oh dear ... I suppose really if you want to eat something I'll get it in
Ernest (PS6RD) [3337] Oh yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3338] don't have any question about that
June (PS6R8) [3339] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3340] but erm
June (PS6R8) [3341] I'm the same with Arthur
Ernest (PS6RD) [3342] Sunday night we listen to the er Messiah, I was going to tape it and I thought no I don't, I doubt if this tape would [...] this machine
Arthur (PS6R9) [3343] what on this?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3344] on this
Arthur (PS6R9) [3345] aye
Ernest (PS6RD) [3346] so I erm, we watched it, anyhow Monday I went into er Smiths and asked them if it was on tape
Arthur (PS6R9) [3347] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3348] she said no it's not, not, I doubt it, by now she said I don't know whether it will take it, whether the, the, you know the [...] or not
June (PS6R8) [3349] what's that?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3350] Messiah
June (PS6R8) [3351] Handels Messiah?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3352] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3353] it's on record in't it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3354] oh aye
Ernest (PS6RD) [3355] oh it's on ta it's on video, yeah it's on video
June (PS6R8) [3356] is he?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3357] but not that, because that's
Arthur (PS6R9) [3358] no
Ernest (PS6RD) [3359] [...] it's on the [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3360] oh
Ernest (PS6RD) [3361] er, now she said the only one we had, in fact she said the only one that's listing is the one that was done in the Abbey, Westminster Abbey, with the Westminster choir and the London Philharmonic in nineteen eighty two
Arthur (PS6R9) [3362] oh
Ernest (PS6RD) [3363] she said and that's the only one that listed
June (PS6R8) [3364] our Angela's after that song in the South in't she?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3365] aye
June (PS6R8) [3366] is that on video?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3367] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3368] it was good, [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3369] when were that?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3370] er ... two
Arthur (PS6R9) [3371] B B C two
Ernest (PS6RD) [3372] B B C two
Arthur (PS6R9) [3373] aye ... I thought we watched on Sunday, what did we watch on Sunday?
June (PS6R8) [3374] dunno
Arthur (PS6R9) [3375] oh me wrestle mania was on
June (PS6R8) [3376] me and Angela watched films
Arthur (PS6R9) [3377] I watch me wrestler mania from ten o'clock till one ...
June (PS6R8) [3378] how many more different strokes have you to do for your map?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3379] oh there's only two on there
June (PS6R8) [3380] no, but where's the other one?,
[3381] I thought there was one on last night
Arthur (PS6R9) [3382] they're on every night Friday, er, erm, er Monday to Friday five o'clock
June (PS6R8) [3383] how come you forgot?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3384] I forgot to set it, I forget, did forget about 'em
Ernest (PS6RD) [3385] you see sometimes before that, a [...] today and they were perfect
Arthur (PS6R9) [3386] oh aye
Ernest (PS6RD) [3387] not a flaw on them
Arthur (PS6R9) [3388] lend you the tapes
Ernest (PS6RD) [3389] well I'm wondering whether it's one or two of the tapes, I just can't sort out which they are somehow
June (PS6R8) [3390] what tapes are they?, what's that one? ... what make?, it's gotta name on it
Ernest (PS6RD) [3391] what the machine?
June (PS6R8) [3392] no the tape
Arthur (PS6R9) [3393] no the tape
Ernest (PS6RD) [3394] er, I tell you what we seem to be having difficulties with
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3395] yes, those are the ones that seems to be the
June (PS6R8) [3396] I bought some new tapes four hours off the market, two fifty each, and one of them's dead faulty in't it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3397] oh aye yeah
June (PS6R8) [3398] well I says I'm
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3399] not getting no more
Ernest (PS6RD) [3400] well that's true
Arthur (PS6R9) [3401] it'll go so far and then it just switches off
Ernest (PS6RD) [3402] mm
Arthur (PS6R9) [3403] I can't really see that being the tape itself
June (PS6R8) [3404] mm, makes you wonder that if you shouldn't pay the dearer price and get the proper decent tapes
Ernest (PS6RD) [3405] get decent tapes, yeah
June (PS6R8) [3406] don't even, get the cheaper ones, like we had no trouble with the Memorex did we?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3407] no
June (PS6R8) [3408] they were dearer, but we had no trouble with them
Arthur (PS6R9) [3409] but then again we've not [...]
June (PS6R8) [3410] with that them four with have with them four hour
Arthur (PS6R9) [3411] oh them four hour yeah, well they're lousy quality with them
June (PS6R8) [3412] well they were two fifty each
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3413] two fifty each
June (PS6R8) [3414] yeah, I wouldn't call that cheap ... oh there was summat on t'other day, Sunday, and I told him and he forgot about it didn't he?,
[3415] The Bluebird
Ernest (PS6RD) [3416] oh yes
June (PS6R8) [3417] forget didn't he?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3418] got satellite haven't ya?
June (PS6R8) [3419] yeah, anyway I think it's on again on the fifteenth, so I've written it down so I don't forget because he'll forget
Ernest (PS6RD) [3420] oh
June (PS6R8) [3421] I says to him you could of taped that for your mum, I says she'll like that, he says I forgot, ee I says you tell me I'm going senile ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3422] but it always seems to be something we want special, either a silly little comedy and things like that they were perfect, but anything we really want, it always seems to stop
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
June (PS6R8) [3423] as I've taped something
Ernest (PS6RD) [3424] mm
June (PS6R8) [3425] as I've taped something, cos it's spat out ain't it?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3426] yes I well er [...]
June (PS6R8) [3427] I tell you what it was, it was Samsung, if you've a little bit of tape and you end at beginning and you want it, well say you wanted to tape to test a little bit say off telly or [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [cough]
June (PS6R8) [3428] right, you did that much and then you re-wound it back to the beginning then, it's stubborn that [...] it won't do it, it will not re-wind
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3429] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3430] at what?
June (PS6R8) [3431] at the beginning I mean
Ernest (PS6RD) [3432] at the beginning?
June (PS6R8) [3433] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3434] well that's the same
June (PS6R8) [3435] now if I tape for about an hour and a half or an hour and then rewind it, it'll go
Ernest (PS6RD) [3436] mm
June (PS6R8) [3437] but it will not do a little bit
Ernest (PS6RD) [3438] no, er
June (PS6R8) [3439] ooh it's annoying
Ernest (PS6RD) [3440] now that tape that's in now, tt, there's a little bit at the front of that and it's been on, oh it must of been on a fortnight and it doesn't matter what you record
June (PS6R8) [3441] it's still there
Ernest (PS6RD) [3442] it's still there ...
June (PS6R8) [3443] it's same with a Samsung, I end up sometimes putting it in the Toshiba one, to re-wind it back, but I've had some funny tapes I have just lately, it's the tape that won't re-wind, because how I've noticed been the tape like, cos I've put it in the Toshiba and re-wound, but it wouldn't even re-wind in the Toshiba, so Arthur says well he says that's the tapes
Ernest (PS6RD) [3444] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3445] I think I'm gonna go back to Memorex tapes again that I had, had er, never [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3446] oh, we've had no trouble with the Hitachi
Ernest (PS6RD) [3447] no, no we haven't had much, no, no we haven't had trouble with the Hitachi, just the machine itself actually
Peggy (PS6RC) [3448] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3449] and er, then we had a bit, but er everything in the bottom drawer there, those are all playing alright
Peggy (PS6RC) [3450] yes
Ernest (PS6RD) [3451] we're just, we're just running on five tapes I think, well only four because one of them are [...] ... oh well, let's go upstairs again
Peggy (PS6RC) [3452] oh that's where I'm going [...] shall I nip up before you?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3453] er be quick
Peggy (PS6RC) [3454] can you manage to get up?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3455] oh yes I think I can pull myself up [...] ...

14 (Tape 074305)

June (PS6R8) [3456] Well fetch it in here, that's it
Arthur (PS6R9) [3457] What, just there?
June (PS6R8) [3458] pardon?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3459] your man said [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3460] aye
June (PS6R8) [3461] we've got nothing to hide have we mum?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3462] what
June (PS6R8) [3463] about that other business
Arthur (PS6R9) [3464] put it down there
June (PS6R8) [3465] and it, and it doesn't go anywhere anyway cos they'd of
Peggy (PS6RC) [3466] no, but that stops anybody else
Arthur (PS6R9) [3467] it's alright there
Peggy (PS6RC) [3468] who won't be getting
June (PS6R8) [3469] it's sliding
Peggy (PS6RC) [3470] what they're getting
Arthur (PS6R9) [3471] no, no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3472] they don't tell you what they're getting do they?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3473] oh no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3474] what I'm saying to you now is, I was saying to Arthur, the, the petrol money that we used to put in for petrol, it cost us five pound a week in the winter, but in the summer it cost us eight pound a week sometimes ten
June (PS6R8) [3475] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3476] but five pound on putting that away definitely, every week, as it's all paid petrol money, so now I've got eighty pound, eighty pound is in me, me, one of me purses and that is, it has on, there again, I mean everything, not a lot, [...] if you'd to go in you'd see, it'd have a, it'd have erm petrol money, it's eighty pound, now I'm saving that so by the time aunty Mary comes I shall have probably a hundred pounds in that
June (PS6R8) [3477] so she is coming
Peggy (PS6RC) [3478] well she said she, she wants to come and she'd like to come, but it'll be end of June, because she's going to some er Methodist day out somewhere, I don't
June (PS6R8) [3479] mm, mm
Peggy (PS6RC) [3480] know where they've planned owt to go, and er, so she said it'll get end of June or even July
June (PS6R8) [3481] is she , is she coming by train?, cos she told us it was better by train
Peggy (PS6RC) [3482] well I suppose she will, I don't
June (PS6R8) [3483] oh
Peggy (PS6RC) [3484] know nothing after that, but anyway I said it will, I'm putting this away so I'll have a hundred pound then and if she doesn't come I says I'll have a hundred pound for [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3485] yeah, yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3486] now if I want to go down to the sea front well I'll shall get a taxi and, and shan't be worrying where me next meals coming from because I've saved it, so, so that's, that's no worry, I was saying to Arthur if we went to Butlins well it would take all we had, because it, we couldn't go to Butlins under three hundred pounds for two of us, we couldn't go anywhere else, if we go to Blackpool, our, our [...] said to, to, to dad, I, I would like to pop to, er I don't think we will do because, er, the hassle for your dad, but er, I'd like to go and see aunty Annie, but I don't want to go to Nelson to do it
Ernest (PS6RD) [3487] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3488] because it'd mean I'd have to go to bank of [...] and, and this borough and [...]
June (PS6R8) [3489] well I said I wouldn't mind spending a week at aunty Mary's me for a week
Peggy (PS6RC) [3490] and we couldn't do that well you're alright because she gi
June (PS6R8) [3491] but we're not we can't go, Angela can't get herself up, if she come here, who's gonna look after Sparkie? see what I mean
Peggy (PS6RC) [3492] that's no excuse I mean Sparkie I'd come here, all the time, well Iris has a [...] I mean
June (PS6R8) [3493] well don't you think your mum I'd have it?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3494] why do you think that?
June (PS6R8) [3495] I don't know him [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3496] oh don't be so daft, I had him er over a year
June (PS6R8) [3497] he's a little, aye I know but he's , yeah I know but it wasn't for a week was it?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3498] he's, it wasn't a minute struggle, you, you kept harping on all week he's in, in the [...]
June (PS6R8) [3499] he jumps in the window mum and
Peggy (PS6RC) [3500] well you get Shane he's a badden
June (PS6R8) [3501] [laughing] he jumps in the window []
Peggy (PS6RC) [3502] is he
Arthur (PS6R9) [3503] he's on his best behaviour [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3504] he's, he's awful but, er never made [...] more bother with, some kids down there by the [...] erm
June (PS6R8) [3505] so honestly mum if we I mean if we
Peggy (PS6RC) [3506] but [...]
June (PS6R8) [3507] wanted a week somewhere would you have him for us with Angela?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3508] of course we would wouldn't we [...] ?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3509] who?
June (PS6R8) [3510] we'd give you the money for his food and that little Sparkie
Peggy (PS6RC) [3511] Angela and er Angela and I'll tell you what she can come anytime she wants
June (PS6R8) [3512] little Sparkie
Ernest (PS6RD) [3513] yeah, of course
Peggy (PS6RC) [3514] and I mean you can get about when you, when you go but we can't so it's no good, if we put a bed in our spare room [...]
June (PS6R8) [3515] I said I'd like a break, spend a week with aunty Mary or summat in that flat, driving me
Ernest (PS6RD) [3516] I know
Peggy (PS6RC) [3517] I mean I could say well like Elsie I could say ooh well I mean she comes, she leaves him I mean nine o'clock in the morning
June (PS6R8) [3518] [...] to sign on
Peggy (PS6RC) [3519] and she doesn't get home until half past, six [...] it's
Ernest (PS6RD) [3520] I know
Peggy (PS6RC) [3521] all day by yourself, well I couldn't do that with your dad
Ernest (PS6RD) [3522] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3523] well, like I'd say I'd go down to post office, I say no I'll go with ya, it was raining last Thursday, I said no I'll go with ya, so I said I'll wait and see if it'll, it'll be fine, but he's not like that he's an old, I wouldn't, well
June (PS6R8) [3524] well we were only talking about
Peggy (PS6RC) [3525] I wouldn't dare leave him by himself I wouldn't think of leaving your dad by himself, going out gadding about
June (PS6R8) [3526] we were only thinking about it this morning and I says I wouldn't mind a break, you know, like, cos, I mean aunty Mary's always inviting us, and, and we were talking about the cat
Peggy (PS6RC) [3527] I mean there's, there's nowt no harm if, if, if you went to aunty Mary's and she definitely gave a date, a date to come, it would be nice if you went and come back
Arthur (PS6R9) [3528] fetch her back, mm
June (PS6R8) [3529] come back with her, come back with her
Peggy (PS6RC) [3530] yeah, yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3531] oh
Peggy (PS6RC) [3532] I mean er
June (PS6R8) [3533] you know, so to go before hand and fetch her here back with us
Peggy (PS6RC) [3534] what I'm saying is with Arthur says get yourself four hundred pound [...] go to aunty Mary's, but you don't want to go to aunty Mary's do ya?, you'd rather her come here
Ernest (PS6RD) [3535] I'd rather she come here
Arthur (PS6R9) [3536] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3537] I've got
Peggy (PS6RC) [3538] I mean
Ernest (PS6RD) [3539] to the stage now where I don't want to run about
Arthur (PS6R9) [3540] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3541] I mean if, he, it's alright your dad doesn't moan
June (PS6R8) [3542] mm
Peggy (PS6RC) [3543] and you know that, I mean your dad
June (PS6R8) [3544] well I says
Ernest (PS6RD) [3545] plenty of [...]
June (PS6R8) [3546] to Arthur I want a change from that flat I'm sick of looking at four walls
Arthur (PS6R9) [3547] the what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3548] I like the new [...] single decker
Peggy (PS6RC) [3549] well when you're only young I mean [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3550] I like them
June (PS6R8) [3551] that's it
Ernest (PS6RD) [3552] they are comfortable
Arthur (PS6R9) [3553] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3554] you're only young people
Arthur (PS6R9) [3555] I'm forty eight, oh dear
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3556] and it's like I said mum it's not because I don't trust Angela
Arthur (PS6R9) [3557] you mean the blue ones
June (PS6R8) [3558] I'm worried
Ernest (PS6RD) [3559] aye, yes that's right
June (PS6R8) [3560] she cannae get herself up in the morning if there's nobody there, can she?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3561] well I don't know, she got herself up this morning
June (PS6R8) [3562] yeah, I know, but, you, you know what she's like
Peggy (PS6RC) [3563] [...] there's no need for her to be on her own, I mean there's a bus stop right at door
June (PS6R8) [3564] that's what I said
Arthur (PS6R9) [3565] that's what we said
June (PS6R8) [3566] I says if she went up to your mum and dad, I said the eighteen drops her right, you know, the stop
Arthur (PS6R9) [3567] mm ... we'll have to see anyway
June (PS6R8) [3568] plus, plus Sparkie I'll be alright with Angela
Ernest (PS6RD) [3569] have you talked about this with her?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3570] I'd give it a good hiding if it didn't behave
Arthur (PS6R9) [3571] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3572] have you talked about this with her before?
June (PS6R8) [3573] what?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3574] what?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3575] what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3576] what you're talking about now
June (PS6R8) [3577] no
Arthur (PS6R9) [3578] no
Ernest (PS6RD) [3579] oh, it's funny, but yesterday, cos you know [...]
June (PS6R8) [3580] oh yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3581] he said ... [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3582] I don't know you were in here and I were in there, in your sitting room, she were happy to make tea, she were right working
Ernest (PS6RD) [3583] she were, she were helping to make tea and, I don't know how she, how it came, but she said ... granddad, I thought oh something's coming now [laugh] I says what?, she said if I came to stay with you, she said after Richard's you know sale, if I came to stay with you for ... at the weekend ... shall I have to go in that
Peggy (PS6RC) [laugh]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3584] shall I have to go in that spare room?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3585] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3586] well I said that's up to you, but I said if you want a bed back in our room, you'll have to fetch it I'm not [laugh] and yet she sleeps on her own at your house doesn't she?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3587] mm
June (PS6R8) [3588] yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3589] she doesn't like it though
Ernest (PS6RD) [3590] no, she doesn't like
Arthur (PS6R9) [3591] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3592] yeah, well, er, as you say Arthur
Arthur (PS6R9) [3593] quite when er
June (PS6R8) [3594] she'll have to get used to it
Arthur (PS6R9) [3595] when Richard was staying she went in middle of us and she was, she were a lot more comfortable, than what she is when she's in her own room
Peggy (PS6RC) [3596] [...] the thing with them, a bed with them, she'll not come in now, and never come, no reason why not, cos I know she smokes so what does she do that we haven't to know, so I says oh I says this bed isn't gonna keep being here and no An no Angela in it
June (PS6R8) [3597] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3598] so I says it's going, now as far as the, er, what they call it that fella that come to did that job
Ernest (PS6RD) [3599] do [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3600] mm?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3601] as far as I [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3602] I wouldn't say it was any better, I don't know whether it is or not, but I've just done one good thing, it's got the bed shifted
June (PS6R8) [3603] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3604] because he couldn't get to there you see so I said well it'll have to go now, well we've got it shifted and it's thrown away and, and that's the end of that, so I says now when she does decide to come and she wants to be in here, well I said she'll just have to carry a mattress in, and that'll be alright just for her to sleep on
Arthur (PS6R9) [3605] aye, yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3606] only there won't be a bed, but I said if she does, then she'll have to remember when she goes back home to put it back, cos I'm not lugging beds about
June (PS6R8) [3607] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3608] she'll have to get somebody to help her to carry it back, that's all I said
Ernest (PS6RD) [3609] [...] no I said we don't do that
Arthur (PS6R9) [3610] no
Ernest (PS6RD) [3611] because we've condensation
Arthur (PS6R9) [3612] oh
Ernest (PS6RD) [3613] so he said this one I'll have to be done
Arthur (PS6R9) [3614] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3615] anyhow he looked all around and, very nice lad, er and then he came, he said I had to [...] for you [...]
June (PS6R8) [3616] by the way if we ever did do that stay with aunty Mary, right, then she came back with us
Arthur (PS6R9) [3617] yeah ...
June (PS6R8) [3618] and Angela happens to be sleeping over as she does at her job
Arthur (PS6R9) [3619] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3620] where would she get the five, two, one from?,
[3621] I mean she couldn't get a, on a Sunday, she'll have to have a taxi won't she?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3622] what?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3623] how'd ya mean if she's, she's sleeping over? if she was sleeping over
June (PS6R8) [3624] if she was sleeping up here and she was sleeping over in home, you know how she'll, at weekends, what she calls sleeping over
Arthur (PS6R9) [3625] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3626] oh she could do that
Arthur (PS6R9) [3627] she'll be there
June (PS6R8) [3628] but if she wasn't sleeping over she had, say she had to
Arthur (PS6R9) [3629] as dad said she'd had
June (PS6R8) [3630] go from your mum and dad's on the Sunday morning, where would she catch a bus for the Sunday morning?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3631] er, probably the five fifty from down, on Perth Avenue
Ernest (PS6RD) [3632] is it running?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3633] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3634] but I thought you said there was only the five, two, one
Arthur (PS6R9) [3635] no, no no, no, five fifty goes to [...] and she doesn't go to [...] [unclear place name]
June (PS6R8) [3636] well it doesn't time
Ernest (PS6RD) [3637] oh that was the one we looked at
Arthur (PS6R9) [3638] yeah yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3639] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3640] but she'll have to walk from [...] wouldn't she?, right up Dean road and down Westow
Ernest (PS6RD) [3641] [...] yeah, aye
June (PS6R8) [3642] yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3643] it's about
Peggy (PS6RC) [3644] it doesn't matter
Ernest (PS6RD) [3645] it's about nine minutes to seven I think isn't it something like that
Arthur (PS6R9) [3646] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3647] from there
June (PS6R8) [3648] I should think she'd be earning enough money to pay a taxi
Arthur (PS6R9) [3649] I should think she will
June (PS6R8) [3650] on the Sunday
Peggy (PS6RC) [3651] well
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3652] I think she should, she might not be able, they'll be, they'll be I should think, I mean you'd have to, you'd have to see when aunty Mary were coming on what [...] whenever
June (PS6R8) [3653] you've had to find er out for this Sunday haven't ya?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3654] oh if you want
Arthur (PS6R9) [3655] alright
June (PS6R8) [3656] cos she's working this Sunday mum
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3657] mm?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3658] [...] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3659] mum
Peggy (PS6RC) [3660] what?
June (PS6R8) [3661] she's working this Sunday
Ernest (PS6RD) [3662] yes
June (PS6R8) [3663] that's why you'd have to find out
Ernest (PS6RD) [3664] aye, we were, we were looking for one that, yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3665] tell her we kept looking [...] Angela, you'll have to tell you can't get [...]
June (PS6R8) [3666] you found it on the bus didn't ya?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3667] where'd you put it? where'd you put it [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3668] oh I didn't find it, it were in, in thing
June (PS6R8) [3669] in thing, yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3670] the [...] by drivers seat, and I just picked it up by chance really, er normally I don't bother with it, I look after 'em and I leave 'em, but I thought no I'll have one, [...] to say
June (PS6R8) [3671] I tell you what I'm not happy with that lettuce, I shall look round again for an iceberg
Arthur (PS6R9) [3672] what lettuce?
June (PS6R8) [3673] that lettuce we got
Arthur (PS6R9) [3674] what's that got to do with buses
June (PS6R8) [3675] that special salad , I'm just saying
Arthur (PS6R9) [3676] oh, no [...]
June (PS6R8) [3677] special salad , there were no iceberg, he didn't have an iceberg in the shop ... I like me iceberg because you can eat it all can't you?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3678] aye, er I don't like the round lettuce at all
Peggy (PS6RC) [3679] no
June (PS6R8) [3680] and ooh aren't they dirty dad?, there're
Ernest (PS6RD) [3681] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3682] real filthy ... have to do that three times that one I've got
Arthur (PS6R9) [3683] [...] special salads they soon will be getting rid off
June (PS6R8) [3684] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3685] aye it's like
June (PS6R8) [3686] and the tomatoes
Ernest (PS6RD) [3687] [...] aren't they?
June (PS6R8) [3688] yeah, and the tomatoes weren't bright, can't get no more of them nectarines, when he says keep 'em for two days cos they were hard, gets after two days
Peggy (PS6RC) [3689] not on the table chuck
June (PS6R8) [3690] when, when I bake one, it was like it was bad inside
Ernest (PS6RD) [3691] mind, what you want?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3692] erm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3693] somebody's drink going cold
June (PS6R8) [3694] eh?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3695] fag
Peggy (PS6RC) [3696] somebody's drinks going
June (PS6R8) [3697] mine
Peggy (PS6RC) [3698] cold on the table
Arthur (PS6R9) [3699] oh she likes cold tea
Peggy (PS6RC) [3700] now I know why
June (PS6R8) [3701] well I don't but erm, I can't do
Arthur (PS6R9) [3702] guess who liked cold tea [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3703] do you want it?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3704] not yet
Ernest (PS6RD) [3705] not yet
Peggy (PS6RC) [3706] of course I do
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
June (PS6R8) [3707] I tell you what mum if you're spending money at Co-Op, you can't see what you get can you?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3708] pardon?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3709] you can't anywhere
June (PS6R8) [3710] you're spending money can't see what you get
Peggy (PS6RC) [3711] eh we had some er fresh stuff
June (PS6R8) [3712] have the, stuff
Peggy (PS6RC) [3713] and I wish I'd remember that fella I'd had, I'd tell him off
June (PS6R8)
Peggy (PS6RC) [3714] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3715] yeah yeah
June (PS6R8) [3716] what price is he?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3717] forty five
Peggy (PS6RC) [3718] forty five
June (PS6R8) [3719] yeah, but Co-Op's dropped back down ain't it, to forty one
Peggy (PS6RC) [3720] yeah, but I've, but I mean he hasn't said he [...]
June (PS6R8) [3721] yeah, yeah I know
Ernest (PS6RD) [3722] the milks milks gone back up though hasn't it?
June (PS6R8) [3723] eh, oh I don't know
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3724] er, having got one er yesterday
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3725] what you having?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3726] I'll just have a sandwich [...]
June (PS6R8) [3727] one, five, dad
Ernest (PS6RD) [3728] eh?
June (PS6R8) [3729] one pound, five P
Ernest (PS6RD) [3730] one pound, five P, it's one sixteen down here
June (PS6R8) [3731] is it?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3732] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3733] oh it's gone, it's gone from ninety seven to one five cos he got me one yesterday, he went to get that stuff yesterday, cos I spent what twenty pound eighteen pence yesterday
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3734] and honestly I couldn't see what I got
Peggy (PS6RC) [3735] well I should say the like er
June (PS6R8) [3736] he says the toilet rolls the soft ones have dropped down, cos I get the soft Kleenex ones, everybody's complaining about [...] and he said they'd dropped them three pound, is it twenty nine?, to two eighty nine now
Ernest (PS6RD) [3737] mm
June (PS6R8) [3738] and there's nine
Peggy (PS6RC) [3739] oh do you get, have you get
June (PS6R8) [3740] eighty nine
Peggy (PS6RC) [3741] some er Bovril?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3742] aye I've done your Bovril [...]
June (PS6R8) [3743] er I can't remember where I got them from, but they weren't in two dozen packets they were in dozens
Ernest (PS6RD) [3744] dozens aye
Peggy (PS6RC) [3745] aye it was a lot more weren't they?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3746] but we haven't seen that at all
June (PS6R8) [3747] I know but mum I haven't seen any two dozen boxes
Arthur (PS6R9) [3748] no we haven't seen any anywhere
June (PS6R8) [3749] so what I did I just got four packets of their dozens, cos he won't have anything else except Bovril
Ernest (PS6RD) [3750] no, well I don't like anything else
June (PS6R8) [3751] well actually me jars going right there and I can't remember, whether I did get that from Co-Op, I think I did Co-Op, but they were in dozens, and I think Presto had some
Ernest (PS6RD) [3752] oh well the Co-Op down here have them in dozens, but they
June (PS6R8) [3753] yeah Presto had some
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3754] in, and they were in dozens
Ernest (PS6RD) [3755] hundred and odd, there, but you know for two packets
June (PS6R8) [3756] yeah they're dearer aren't they, the
Peggy (PS6RC) [3757] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3758] I can't remember how much ... I can't remember how much ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [3759] have you got
June (PS6R8) [3760] can't remember if it was forty nine or fifty nine for a dozen
Ernest (PS6RD) [3761] yeah summat like that
June (PS6R8) [3762] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3763] yeah they're very dear
June (PS6R8) [3764] I think it were forty nine for a dozen
Ernest (PS6RD) [3765] yes I think it was summat like that June
June (PS6R8) [3766] ninety eight, I think it was for two dozen, what happen we didn't have much choice you couldn't get the two dozen boxes
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3767] Arthur where did we get the Bovrils from?
Arthur (PS6R9) [sigh]
June (PS6R8) [3768] they were only in dozen boxes weren't they?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3769] er, I think it were Denmark Centre
June (PS6R8) [3770] Denmark Centre
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3771] Denmark Centre
Arthur (PS6R9) [3772] think so
June (PS6R8) [3773] where do they have the two dozens, when we last got the two dozen box?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3774] eh?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3775] Asda
June (PS6R8) [3776] Asda
Arthur (PS6R9) [3777] and Co-Op a long time ago
June (PS6R8) [3778] but Asda there was the last place to have, we got er two dozen box from
Arthur (PS6R9) [3779] but that was sold out until the day when I went in for milk
June (PS6R8) [3780] er dad says it's one sixteen now
Peggy (PS6RC) [3781] well will you have that Arthur?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3782] yes
Peggy (PS6RC) [3783] that enough tomato?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3784] aye, can I have some lettuce is there?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3785] yes there is some lettuce I didn't know you wanted it
Arthur (PS6R9) [3786] I, well then, I I don't want no cucumber though
Peggy (PS6RC) [3787] eh?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3788] don't want no cucumber
Peggy (PS6RC) [3789] you don't want no cucumber
Arthur (PS6R9) [3790] no I don't want none, erm, a hundred a five
June (PS6R8) [3791] the ordinary the thing I was just telling you dad
Arthur (PS6R9) [3792] it was, but the
Peggy (PS6RC) [3793] there's no, there's no lettuce
Arthur (PS6R9) [3794] oh it don't matter then, does it
June (PS6R8) [3795] do you want a bit of mine?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3796] there's skimmed and their semi skimmed was ninety eight, but the fresh stuff was a hundred and five ... and last time I get some it was ninety seven
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3797] oh you could of had egg Arthur
Arthur (PS6R9) [3798] aye, go on then
Peggy (PS6RC) [3799] I'll boil one, but I didn't know Arthur wanted a salad, cos he reckons he doesn't like
Arthur (PS6R9) [3800] I'll have a salad, I'm not bothered, I'm saying I'm not that hungry so a salad would go down nicely. ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3801] Where there're [...] at least er a hundred and sixteen down here
Arthur (PS6R9) [3802] a hundred and sixteen that's
June (PS6R8) [3803] did you get any headache tablets mum?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3804] no, I forgot ... well see I forgotten and I'd been down to Boots an all ... I, aunty Mary had them once, one time and said [...]
June (PS6R8) [3805] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3806] what d'ya take if you've a bad head?, huh
Arthur (PS6R9) [3807] it gets a bit of a chore with different
Peggy (PS6RC) [3808] I grin and bear it
June (PS6R8) [3809] oh
Arthur (PS6R9) [3810] prices all over shop
June (PS6R8) [3811] my nose starts pouring of blood
Peggy (PS6RC) [3812] oh so does mine [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3813] well you didn't say you wanted a salad darling
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3814] I could of done that
Arthur (PS6R9) [3815] I said I'll have a owt
Peggy (PS6RC) [3816] for ya, well we could, you'll have to wait a minute now
Arthur (PS6R9) [3817] oh I will then ...
June (PS6R8) [3818] er, [...] here
Arthur (PS6R9) [3819] oh it's [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3820] what?
June (PS6R8) [3821] [...] eggs are ya?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3822] how'd they get there?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3823] well I take them away when I've finished with them
Peggy (PS6RC) [3824] do you want a knife and fork?
June (PS6R8) [3825] just a, wait a minute, no [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [3826] Ee, now where did I see them?, seventy two pence on Shanks on Baldwin Lane ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3827] seventy two pence?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3828] yeah, is that good?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3829] mm?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3830] seventy two pence
June (PS6R8) [3831] here
Ernest (PS6RD) [3832] oh they're cheaper at er
June (PS6R8) [3833] what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3834] just [...]
June (PS6R8) [3835] dad are you coming to table or
Peggy (PS6RC) [3836] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3837] aye, I shall do even eventually, er ... the other end days
Arthur (PS6R9) [3838] days, oh aye, yeah
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3839] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3840] nineteen pence a pound in there
Arthur (PS6R9) [3841] oh, oh
Peggy (PS6RC) [3842] aren't you love?
June (PS6R8) [3843] what?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3844] what?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3845] seems with
Arthur (PS6R9) [3846] what a shame
Peggy (PS6RC) [3847] you can sit on the [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3848] there shanks usually weigh about two and a half pound
Arthur (PS6R9) [3849] oh, well that's cheaper then there
Ernest (PS6RD) [3850] that's cheaper yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3851] oh ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3852] ee I'll tell you whose [...] here er Presto
Arthur (PS6R9) [3853] er
Ernest (PS6RD) [3854] seventy two a pound
Arthur (PS6R9) [3855] oh
Ernest (PS6RD) [3856] for, you know a, just a little Oxo
Arthur (PS6R9) [3857] yeah, yeah, I didn't know what they were like at seventy two it just said on window on one of them shops on Baldwin Lane
Ernest (PS6RD) [3858] er, we got two of those last week didn't we?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3859] mm?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3860] where have they been?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3861] what?, what you talking about?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3862] those er shanks, that er, er nineteen a pound [...] on Baldwin Lane
Arthur (PS6R9) [3863] probably been to Lambeth House I think
Peggy (PS6RC) [3864] well that were a long time ago, they've got some from down here, Edinburgh Road, you got one from Edinburgh Road
Ernest (PS6RD) [3865] aye I got one from Edinburgh Road, but I don't know how much there up there are, there's no price on them
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3866] well ya, you know, you go round and fry this, makes your dinner [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3867] oh well now that's summat else we don't do now, we don't, there's some at sixpence and some at tuppence we don't go round in a who
Arthur (PS6R9) [3868] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3869] knows where to get into tuppence since when we've had the car
Ernest (PS6RD) [3870] we don't double back on our
Peggy (PS6RC) [3871] we just
Arthur (PS6R9) [3872] no well you can't I mean
Peggy (PS6RC) [3873] we just er get it now
June (PS6R8) [3874] anybody, anybody
Arthur (PS6R9) [3875] that's daft
June (PS6R8) [3876] have you got the er
Ernest (PS6RD) [3877] I tell you what we like
Peggy (PS6RC) [3878] we're not wasteful right, but, oh we can do it now because you're not thinking er, a tyres gonna want bursting can ya?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3879] no
June (PS6R8) [3880] oh I don't do that anymore
Arthur (PS6R9) [3881] you put that in
Ernest (PS6RD) [3882] aye
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3883] well I mean your well
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3884] I mean if you're thinking of tyres gonna go, you've got to have your money in your purse like
June (PS6R8) [3885] oh yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3886] you know there isn't gonna one go now
Arthur (PS6R9) [3887] eh, you put 'em in?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3888] yeah I would
Arthur (PS6R9) [3889] well you need them in your hand so what have you done with them?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3890] I don't know ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3891] er [...] mushy peas
Arthur (PS6R9) [3892] aye
Ernest (PS6RD) [3893] ooh they're lovely
Arthur (PS6R9) [3894] are they?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3895] only twenty four for a packet
June (PS6R8) [3896] is that the [...] down town?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3897] down town, yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3898] oh I'll have to have look down there then, cos we buy 'em, now where do we get 'em from now?, er Co-Op we got 'em from last time didn't we?
June (PS6R8) [3899] what love?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3900] them mushy peas, well marrow fat
June (PS6R8) [3901] marrow fat yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3902] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3903] but, yeah because by the time you've paid your bus fare to [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3904] well that's it aye
June (PS6R8) [3905] er
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3906] yeah ...
June (PS6R8) [3907] shall I sit down to mine or shall I wait?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3908] no stand up
June (PS6R8) [3909] I mean shall I eat or not
Peggy (PS6RC) [3910] no you can wait because er you can wait because it's not going to be that long
June (PS6R8) [3911] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [3912] you can wait because er it'd, it'd be time, she'll have eaten up and then she'll say ooh I'll have another round I haven't had any
Arthur (PS6R9) [3913] mushy peas
June (PS6R8) [3914] oh yeah, oh, I don't know what you do with 'em you know me [laughing] I don't []
Peggy (PS6RC) [3915] put on the cooker, cook 'em
Arthur (PS6R9) [3916] you just put 'em in
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [3917] don't act gormless, you don't know what to do with them at fifty two ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [3918] fifty three
Peggy (PS6RC) [3919] fifty three, well [...] ...
June (PS6R8) [3920] do you soak them or something?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3921] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [3922] no
June (PS6R8) [3923] oh er, what you do, you just put them in a saucepan?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3924] just put them in a pan and cook 'em
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3925] with water in 'em?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3926] oh yes you want some water with them otherwise they'll burn
Peggy (PS6RC) [3927] ooh listen her, she's acting as if she's [...] now
Arthur (PS6R9) [3928] there er, she's half brain it'll be lonely ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3929] no they take about twenty minutes with salt ... a little bit of salt, give them plenty of water so that
June (PS6R8) [3930] so that's [...] down town?
Ernest (PS6RD) [3931] down town, aye
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3932] there's a nice Iceflow
Arthur (PS6R9) [3933] aye there is
Ernest (PS6RD) [3934] oh is there?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3935] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3936] oh I didn't know
Peggy (PS6RC) [3937] is there?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3938] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3939] yeah, near where we go for the [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3940] Iceflow no it's Iceland is that, [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3941] Iceland?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3942] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3943] where it, no I thought the only Iceland [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3944] yeah, no, near that butchers
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] [...]
June (PS6R8) [3945] you know the butchers where the vets
Peggy (PS6RC) [3946] much further down
June (PS6R8) [3947] you know the vets?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3948] oh no
Ernest (PS6RD) [3949] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3950] where you take the animals, you come out right, and there's a butchers in't there?, cross over road, big shops on corner, it's on that block
Ernest (PS6RD) [3951] mm
June (PS6R8) [3952] corner where I use to turn to work [...] Street, where you used to live
Ernest (PS6RD) [3953] yeah
June (PS6R8) [3954] on that block
Ernest (PS6RD) [3955] on that block
June (PS6R8) [3956] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [3957] from where about, where the butchers used to be
Arthur (PS6R9) [3958] yeah, aye, it's round about there, it's either Iceflow or Iceland I'm not sure which one it is
June (PS6R8) [3959] I'm sure it was Iceland ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [3960] but that in King Street is Iceflow in't it?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3961] what [...]
June (PS6R8) [3962] me mum says I have to wait
Arthur (PS6R9) [3963] oh yeah ... poor thing, it won't go cold
June (PS6R8) [3964] [laugh] if I have to wait for you I'll wait forever cos your eggs are not done
Arthur (PS6R9) [3965] oh they will be in a minute
Peggy (PS6RC) [3966] oh it won't be long ...
June (PS6R8) [3967] mm ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
June (PS6R8) [3968] [clears throat] oh
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [3969] I've just nipped it off the top of that one, that's not growing any more
June (PS6R8) [3970] oh it's beautiful that, it's pink in't it?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3971] yes, but you're alright aren't you pet, [...] the race horses
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3972] them daffodils are gorgeous
Arthur (PS6R9) [3973] they're standing up again have you noticed
Peggy (PS6RC) [3974] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [3975] yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [3976] they were lying down the other day
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3977] don't you ever put 'em in a vase mum?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3978] no, they die so quick
Arthur (PS6R9) [3979] they die in vases
Peggy (PS6RC) [3980] I had me others in a vase
June (PS6R8) [3981] eh, me flowers are still lasting
Peggy (PS6RC) [3982] yeah, they are, huh ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [3983] got some more mince this week shan't we?
Peggy (PS6RC) [3984] yes
June (PS6R8) [3985] oh them steaks we [...] were beautiful
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [3986] aye over the lane ninety nine pence
Ernest (PS6RD) [3987] ninety nine
Arthur (PS6R9) [3988] ninety nine
Peggy (PS6RC) [3989] eh?
June (PS6R8) [3990] yeah, but she charges five pound cos there must of been some little bits over
Arthur (PS6R9) [3991] yeah well that was five pound
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [3992] unclear
Arthur (PS6R9) [3993] five pound for five pound [...]
June (PS6R8) [3994] mind it's nice in it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [3995] five pound a pound, it's nice mince, yeah
June (PS6R8) [3996] oh we just happened to be down town
Arthur (PS6R9) [3997] yeah they were nice were them steak puddings, I enjoyed them
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [3998] [...] they were beautiful
Arthur (PS6R9) [3999] no I were gonna do, I got them for the days
Peggy (PS6RC) [4000] he says they were lovely
Arthur (PS6R9) [4001] there were four pound
June (PS6R8) [4002] it's not Daves love
Arthur (PS6R9) [4003] yes it is, it's Daves butchers yes
June (PS6R8) [4004] the one on the left?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4005] the one on the corner
June (PS6R8) [4006] where we do the stew frying?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4007] the one on the corner , you know where the fish shop used to be
June (PS6R8) [4008] oh no, I thought you said you got 'em from butchers
Arthur (PS6R9) [4009] what were they four for ninety nine pence?
June (PS6R8) [4010] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [4011] what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4012] aye
June (PS6R8) [4013] mince pies
Arthur (PS6R9) [4014] mince pies
Peggy (PS6RC) [4015] oh
Arthur (PS6R9) [4016] well you make your own, I know you do, but they were nice
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4017] I tell you who makes a nice mince pie, er Muriel
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4018] from er
Arthur (PS6R9) [4019] who?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4020] who'd?, what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4021] Edinburgh Road Muriel
Peggy (PS6RC) [4022] who were?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4023] aye
Peggy (PS6RC) [4024] down Edinburgh Road you said to [...] down Edinburgh Road we've never gone in this place, it's a cook meat shop
Arthur (PS6R9) [4025] mm
Peggy (PS6RC) [4026] I haven't been in it since we've been here and I said ooh there, they're packed out and they had some beautiful stuff
Arthur (PS6R9) [4027] mm
Peggy (PS6RC) [4028] looks nice, no burnt or anything, and I says ee it's lovely is it, I said alright, would been down for this morning like and I says ooh come on then don't bother when you get home starting making anything I says just say, let's ask for steak pies, so I says er can we have er two steak and kidney pies please?, she said I'm sorry we don't, there isn't any kidney an all, I'm glad there isn't I didn't want, well I'd of eaten 'em like but I'd rather have them without
June (PS6R8) [4029] yeah
Peggy (PS6RC) [4030] she said right, and they were forty, forty seven, well where ever you go they're fifty or fifty three for steak and kidney, steak pies and they were really nice weren't they?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4031] yeah, they were
Peggy (PS6RC) [4032] we really enjoyed them, but you see if we'd of got four they wouldn't of been so nice
Arthur (PS6R9) [4033] no
Peggy (PS6RC) [4034] but er, but tomorrow I might go down and get some again you see, cos they were really nice
June (PS6R8) [4035] well you got them four for ninety nine and you enjoyed them didn't you?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4036] of them, I've had 'em before so I know they're nice
June (PS6R8) [4037] Angela liked 'em didn't she?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4038] yeah
Arthur (PS6R9) [4039] yeah
June (PS6R8) [4040] normally she's a pain
Peggy (PS6RC) [4041] I mean you're better to get stuff that you ... well if you get 'em it just so happens that
June (PS6R8) [4042] how many packets of them mushy peas did you get?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4043] I just got the one
Peggy (PS6RC) [4044] just got the one
June (PS6R8) [4045] oh I was gonna say
Peggy (PS6RC) [4046] cos I had one [...] mushy peas but, they were really nice with them weren't they? we enjoyed them because
Ernest (PS6RD) [4047] aye, it was
Peggy (PS6RC) [4048] it, they were from tins, but
June (PS6R8) [4049] yeah, because when I
Peggy (PS6RC) [4050] they're not as [...]
June (PS6R8) [4051] well when I open me tin of marrow fat and then I drain and I put butter in and mash, to mushy any way
Peggy (PS6RC) [4052] yeah
June (PS6R8) [4053] I don't like the other peas, I love the marrow fat peas, the others are sweet though, I'm not struck on them ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [4054] no we got [...]
June (PS6R8) [4055] and I can't do, I can't do potatoes and mince and carrots and stuff like that because this one ere just likes potatoes and mince
Arthur (PS6R9) [4056] no I don't
June (PS6R8) [4057] and the other one won't eat carrots, we end up getting
Ernest (PS6RD) [4058] oh I love carrots
June (PS6R8) [4059] no, and mean end up doing separate stew mum I am for myself ... it's not fair that because I can't eat
Arthur (PS6R9) [4060] no well you shouldn't put carrots in, you should put 'em in a separate pan
June (PS6R8) [4061] no Arthur that's how we made it where I come from
Arthur (PS6R9) [4062] yeah, but I don't like it like that, I like mince and potatoes
June (PS6R8) [4063] stew where I come from is carrots, er turnips, potatoes and meat, I tell you what I haven't had, I think I'll have a change, I think I'll have some instead of mince for a change
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4064] stewing beef
Arthur (PS6R9) [4065] oh no
June (PS6R8) [4066] oh yes, look mum it doesn't mean does it cos he doesn't like it I can't have some stewing beef
Peggy (PS6RC) [4067] stewing beef, you like stewing beef
Arthur (PS6R9) [4068] you've got to sacrifice it before it's tender
June (PS6R8) [4069] no you haven't, not in the pressure cooker, no, not, no you haven't, well do without, you don't need to have any, make your own self
Arthur (PS6R9) [4070] I will
June (PS6R8) [4071] I haven't had any stewing beef for ages
Arthur (PS6R9) [4072] what do you keep looking at that for?
June (PS6R8) [4073] see where it switches off
Arthur (PS6R9) [4074] well it'll switch off when it's done
June (PS6R8) [4075] well I just fancy some stewing beef, you have what you like love don't you?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4076] stewing beef, you don't like stewing beef
Arthur (PS6R9) [4077] I do, but you've got to sacrifice it so, until it's tender
Peggy (PS6RC) [4078] aye, ney
June (PS6R8) [4079] not in pressure cooker you haven't
Arthur (PS6R9) [4080] otherwise it ends up like bullets
June (PS6R8) [4081] well you don't have to have any ... but I don't see why I should do without because you don't want any
Arthur (PS6R9) [4082] [...] and chewing it and chewing it
Peggy (PS6RC) [4083] normally tender
Arthur (PS6R9) [4084] and chewing it and chewing it and chewing it and chewing it
June (PS6R8) [4085] I'm gonna get myself some
Arthur (PS6R9) [4086] it's not going anywhere
June (PS6R8) [4087] there's many a time I don't buy stuff mum for myself
Ernest (PS6RD) [4088] these are nice
June (PS6R8) [4089] because these two are funny
Arthur (PS6R9) [4090] what are them?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4091] oh I don't buy [...] I only buy what them likes, but as you say
Arthur (PS6R9) [4092] aye, steam steak in gravy, mm, yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [4093] I just [...]
June (PS6R8) [4094] I just fancy a bit of stewing beef
Arthur (PS6R9) [4095] yeah well we get it through job lot
Peggy (PS6RC) [4096] [...] all the time
Arthur (PS6R9) [4097] in, the yellow label
Peggy (PS6RC) [4098] oh I like [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4099] or a shepherds pie filling, that's it
Peggy (PS6RC) [4100] I think you can get fed up with mince all the time can't you?, can you you know every night
Arthur (PS6R9) [4101] there's Angela, Angela never gets tired of mince
June (PS6R8) [4102] no I know
Ernest (PS6RD) [4103] no I don't
Arthur (PS6R9) [4104] I like me mince
June (PS6R8) [4105] he loves mince
Arthur (PS6R9) [4106] mince or steak
Peggy (PS6RC) [4107] right, I don't think mine are [...] er a slice of bread please
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4108] a slice of bread please, mm
Arthur (PS6R9) [4109] well that's her fault
Peggy (PS6RC) [4110] eh?
June (PS6R8) [4111] I know
Peggy (PS6RC) [4112] what?
June (PS6R8) [4113] I says two of them, now I'm being [...] she already had a dinner
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4114] and she went out about four o'clock for western spirit
Peggy (PS6RC) [4115] oh, it's her fault
Arthur (PS6R9) [4116] well that's what I said it's her fault, there's plenty of food in
June (PS6R8) [4117] watch ya, I'm starving, when she comes in
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4118] I bet she buys summat [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4119] she'll take herself to [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4120] mm
Arthur (PS6R9) [4121] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [4122] when she came up yesterday I said, we've had our dinner, I said do you want, want some dinner? of course I put it in the oven for her
Arthur (PS6R9) [4123] yeah
Ernest (PS6RD) [4124] [...] no she said I'm alright now I've had a sandwich, so, anyhow ... she left it, so I left it, I said well it's there if you want, she said I'll eat it later then granddad, anyhow making the tea she said put the microwave on [...] and we, we were having salmon
June (PS6R8) [4125] we haven't had any salmon for ages have we?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4126] oh she set to work and she cleared the ... she had, what did she have?, meat, er chicken, potatoes, cauliflower, Yorkshire pudding
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4127] aye, she said she had some chicken
Ernest (PS6RD) [4128] yeah she had, eh?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4129] [...] having one of these eggs
Ernest (PS6RD) [4130] I don't know, you put 'em in
Peggy (PS6RC) [4131] are you having one?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4132] I'm not bothered
Peggy (PS6RC) [4133] no, not bothered, no
Ernest (PS6RD) [4134] well er no then if you want it
Peggy (PS6RC) [4135] I don't want it, I've got what I want here, oh I'm alright
Ernest (PS6RD) [4136] er, tt, she says is there a salmon left granddad?,
[4137] I said yes of course there is [...]
June (PS6R8) [4138] mm and when she starts eating she can eat
Ernest (PS6RD) [4139] yeah
June (PS6R8) [4140] can't she?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4141] oh aye
June (PS6R8) [4142] ain't ya? ah, well I think she's going off er, either that or she's lazy, I think she's going off bacon
Peggy (PS6RC) [4143] that's mine
Ernest (PS6RD) [4144] of what?
June (PS6R8) [4145] bacon
Ernest (PS6RD) [4146] bacon
June (PS6R8) [4147] put bacon in and there's still some bacon in, it's usually all gone ...
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4148] I were thinking, oh it were the day you came up with them and then you went off to, er
June (PS6R8) [4149] Newcastle
Ernest (PS6RD) [4150] Newcastle, well I put, I thought you were staying to tea so I put six eggs on
Arthur (PS6R9) [4151] oh aye, yeah, alright
Peggy (PS6RC) [4152] you put what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4153] put six eggs on didn't I?, anyhow, I'm putting, I'm putting two on
Arthur (PS6R9) [4154] mm
Ernest (PS6RD) [4155] on his salad and he eat it, [...] I says there's an egg here Richard do you want it?, yes I'll eat it
Arthur (PS6R9) [4156] oh aye, he's [...] yeah here is
Peggy (PS6RC) [4157] he's a big eater an all in he?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4158] mm, aye, he's got a good job to
Peggy (PS6RC) [4159] I always thought our lads were big eaters, till I come across him, flipping heck
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [4160] cos I don't mind what they have so long as they eat it
Arthur (PS6R9) [4161] well that's it
June (PS6R8) [4162] yeah, oh I tell you dad what David said today when he come, tt, about the custard [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4163] oh aye he says, I fancied, I fancied some custard last night
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4164] so he said I did, I tried to make some in microwave and he says it turned out like sludge
June (PS6R8) [4165] he said I'd er
Arthur (PS6R9) [4166] cement
June (PS6R8) [4167] like cement he says I had to throw it all away
Arthur (PS6R9) [4168] throw it all away
June (PS6R8) [4169] of course he had no recipe, although I don't make custard in micro I wouldn't know how to do it in microwave
Ernest (PS6RD) [4170] I always I always make it in microwave
June (PS6R8) [4171] well I'll have to have the thingy of, of you dad
Arthur (PS6R9) [4172] we've got it in book
June (PS6R8) [4173] give it to David
Arthur (PS6R9) [4174] you got it in book
Peggy (PS6RC) [4175] what you doing now?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4176] you said you wanted some
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4177] I always er
Peggy (PS6RC) [4178] have you got er, have you got your knife and fork June?
June (PS6R8) [4179] yes, yes
Peggy (PS6RC) [4180] has Arthur got one?
June (PS6R8) [4181] yes, dad hasn't, you haven't
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...] ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [4182] could use knifes and forks
June (PS6R8) [4183] take that back in now?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4184] no switch it off
June (PS6R8) [4185] no, it's nearly to the end
Ernest (PS6RD) [humming]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4186] well take it in then
June (PS6R8) [4187] it's going on the end mum, on the stool
Peggy (PS6RC) [4188] right
June (PS6R8) [4189] look at my mother pinching my meat to put on yours [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4190] oh, I'll take it back
June (PS6R8) [laugh] [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4191] there we are ... look at that
Arthur (PS6R9) [4192] that's it, you have it ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4193] she doesn't like to get stuff pinched off her does she [...] Arthur?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4194] aye
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4195] what's that?
June (PS6R8) [4196] oh that's good in't it?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4197] rhubarb
June (PS6R8) [4198] that's good
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4199] what?
June (PS6R8) [4200] plenty thanks very much
Arthur (PS6R9) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4201] what?
June (PS6R8) [4202] what he's just said
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4203] didn't say what he said though
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4204] no, what'd ya say Arthur what's this?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4205] aye?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4206] rhubarb
Arthur (PS6R9) [4207] oh, oh look [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4208] that's [...] cake [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4209] why, why'd you call it [...] cake
Peggy (PS6RC) [4210] I dunno
Arthur (PS6R9) [4211] perhaps it knows it's gonna get eat
Peggy (PS6RC) [4212] yes, that's right
Arthur (PS6R9) [4213] well that's easy
Peggy (PS6RC) [4214] it is ... [...] ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [humming]
June (PS6R8) [sneeze]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4215] that's it, you'd better hurry, she want one off you, so there's a bus stop for Andrew [...]
June (PS6R8) [4216] well the next time I get something, she'll probably have her own place [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]

15 (Tape 074306)

June (PS6R8) [4217] But mum I haven't ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4218] You like a [...] don't ya?
June (PS6R8) [4219] yes please mum ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4220] right, er

16 (Tape 074401)

Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [4221] That's in the right way [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4222] Mm. ...
June (PS6R8) [4223] Don't like that red onion much.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4224] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [4225] That red onion [...] special salad.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4226] [...] special salad [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4227] Mm [...] .
[4228] I took the onion out the middle.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4229] I'm surprised the about it actually.
June (PS6R8) [4230] It was it was horrible.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4231] Well [...] .
[4232] [...] to get rid of.
June (PS6R8) [4233] [...] special salad, sixty nine pence. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [4234] It's a red onion .
June (PS6R8) [4235] [...] .
[4236] Mm yeah a red onion.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4237] A raw onion.
June (PS6R8) [4238] Only a red one.
[4239] ... I know it won't be enough for me and Angela cos you're not a salad [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4240] How much is there? ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4241] Now then can I sit down now.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4242] [...] mum.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4243] [...] .
[4244] ... What's she doing Andr Arthur [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4245] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4246] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4247] [...] salad
June (PS6R8) [4248] I do.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4249] [...] just er
June (PS6R8) [4250] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4251] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4252] Oh.
June (PS6R8) [4253] [...] .
[4254] [...] Road in here.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4255] Stoke on Trent.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4256] [...] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4257] [laugh] .
[4258] ... Eh the lad that came, he said, [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4259] He was a nice lad wasn't he?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4260] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4261] Came in, wanted to check over it.
[4262] So I said yes.
[4263] So he said er, Oh eh, wait a minute he said, where do you come from? [...] where's that accent?
[4264] I said, what do you mean, that accent.
[4265] Well he says, you talk just like my mother.
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4266] I says, Oh do I, he says yes.
[4267] He said, she's she's from Manchester.
[4268] Well I said Manchester's Lancashire [...] .
[4269] Oh he says, ee yes, he says, my you do.
June (PS6R8) [4270] [laugh] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4271] [...] .
[4272] And then he was saying different things like he said er [...] you know say, [...] well w we were in [...] .
[4273] I said and and the lady said, ooh you're [...] round here, I says, [...] .
[4274] And then I said he says he said, Ah, he says, you were [...] Lancashire.
[4275] I said and there's Yorkshire.
[4276] Oh, he said, we've been to Yorkshire for our honeymoon.
[4277] So [...] oh aye have you, where.
[4278] Oh she says, you wouldn't know where it was, she said, it's only a little place she said, [...] Skipton.
[4279] So she said, yes, she said, but you wouldn't know where this place was.
[4280] So I said, well I don't know, I said, where was it?
[4281] She said it was, oh well it were a place called erm [...] , she says.
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4282] So [...] oh [...] .
[4283] And I don't know it?
[4284] No she said, you wouldn't know it.
[4285] [...] . [...] where did you stay in [...] ?
[4286] She said, ooh, she said,
Ernest (PS6RD) [4287] Terrace.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4288] Terrace.
[4289] Oh I said, well, I said, shall I tell you something.
[4290] She said yeah.
[4291] Well I said, I was born in and I was also born in Terrace.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4292] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4293] Oh, she said, well well I stopped at number two.
[4294] So your dad said, well I was the boy next door but one.
[4295] Ee, she says, my goodness [...] a small world you know.
[4296] And she was [...] you wonder where it is, it's just a little village, she said.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4297] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4298] Huh.
[4299] [...] that lad came [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4300] When was this all?
[4301] Oh Oh [...] .
[4302] Huh.
June (PS6R8) [4303] And you know [...] people in the garage you know in Lincoln and down that way, nobody seems to have heard much of .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4304] Oh no it's only a tiny village.
June (PS6R8) [4305] Yeah, they know the big places and you know like Halifax and [...] [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4306] Yeah but you say , where's that ?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4307] Ju just recently I met somebody.
[4308] And [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4309] He said, you're from Yorkshire aren't you, I said yes.
[4310] He said, er where from. [...] . [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4311] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4312] Well he said, there's Craven, he said, [...] , [...] or .
[4313] And I said it's .
[4314] He said, I knew it was from round there somewhere .
June (PS6R8) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4315] And he said I think he said it was his uncle lived in [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4316] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4317] And he said, I don't [...] retired now, but he said, for years he worked for Rolls Royce.
[4318] And I said, yes [...] .
[4319] It's amazing how you come across people.
June (PS6R8) [4320] Well quite honestly dad, when folk talk to me, they never get my right accent.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4321] Cos you're a foreigner.
June (PS6R8) [4322] [...] .
[4323] They turn round and say to me, they never say Stoke on Trent, they turn round and say to me, what part of Yorkshire are you from?
[4324] What part of Lancashire are you from?
[4325] What part of Birmingham are you from.
[4326] How come they can't get the right one?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4327] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4328] [...] my mum he's been here forty year and she's never lost never lost her accent .
June (PS6R8) [4329] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4330] I don't think [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4331] No I [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4332] You've [...] and said that.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4333] [...] north of Birmingham. ...
June (PS6R8) [4334] [...] from Birmingham.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4335] [...] . ...
June (PS6R8) [4336] [...] .
[4337] ... But most of the time it's what part of Yorkshire?
[4338] What part of Lancashire?
[4339] Do you think do you not think sometimes dad that some of the Stoke on [...] the broad Stoke on Trent accent is a bit like Lancashire or Yorkshire.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4340] Mm Yeah.
[4341] ... Yes and er
Arthur (PS6R9) [4342] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4343] What do you call them?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4344] .
June (PS6R8) [4345] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4346] No not [...] the er
June (PS6R8) [4347] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4348] No at er Newcastle [...] . [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4349] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4350] [...] he was er ... very near to the Lancashire accent.
June (PS6R8) [4351] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4352] But me brother wasn't.
[4353] Me brother was a real ... er Stoke on Trent.
June (PS6R8) [4354] Yeah. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [4355] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4356] [...] Alan Alan is a [...]
June (PS6R8) [4357] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4358] A real cultured Geordie .
June (PS6R8) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4359] Mm?
June (PS6R8) [4360] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4361] [...] .
[4362] Where does he get that from?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4363] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4364] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4365] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4366] No.
June (PS6R8) [4367] [...] . ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [4368] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4369] [...] come back tomorrow.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4370] Mm.
[4371] [...] right away weren't he.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4372] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4373] Hey them flowers are not doing so bad are they?
June (PS6R8) [4374] No.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4375] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4376] [cough] . ... [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4377] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4378] Eh?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4379] [...] give me a twenty five pound voucher.
June (PS6R8) [4380] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4381] [...] want it for somewhere different from Marks and Spencers.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4382] [...] you won't get so much for twenty five pound in Marks and Spencers .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4383] Well it's not that, what do they sell that you want.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4384] Well there's the food place isn't there.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4385] Ee I dunno.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4386] [...] food market I'd have thought.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4387] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4388] [...] awful now, it's going to boot, Marks and Spencers.
[4389] They used to have some nice nighties and [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4390] Ah but they still [...] Newcastle.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4391] Mm.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4392] They've got 'em but they're in Newcastle. [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4393] [...] South Shields [...]
June (PS6R8) [4394] She didn't say I had to go to South Shields.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4395] No.
[4396] [...] Shi South Shields is
Peggy (PS6RC) [4397] No [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4398] a good store .
Ernest (PS6RD) [...] [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4399] [...] Newcastle.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4400] No.
[4401] [...] only cost thirty pence.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4402] [...] come back, can't stop there forever.
June (PS6R8) [4403] [...] . ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [4404] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4405] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4406] [...] . ...
June (PS6R8) [4407] I'm not stopping eating Arthur, just because I've got this weight on me.
[4408] It's not my [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4409] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4410] Crikey, I could understand it if I ate four meals a day.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4411] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4412] I mean dad I don't eat four meals a day.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4413] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4414] No it doesn't cos your mother and dad don't believe
Peggy (PS6RC) [4415] No but that's it you see [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4416] Yeah.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4417] I haven't done so bad [...] since I went [...] have I.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4418] No.
June (PS6R8) [4419] I had that bit [...] today [...] .
[4420] I could live off that.
[4421] If somebody put salad in front of me all the time, I'd just it wouldn't bother me
Peggy (PS6RC) [4422] [...] like about salads is there [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4423] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4424] Well normally he says a salad makes him hungry. ...
June (PS6R8) [4425] [...] have that salad, and do you know, ten minutes, fifteen minutes after say he was hungry.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4426] Oh aye I know.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4427] Who?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4428] Richard.
[4429] [...] salad he had here because it's three eggs.
[4430] On it. [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4431] throw it out because [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4432] I'm gonna let your dad or your mam put my rhubarb an cos I'll end up dropping it.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4433] [...] . ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [4434] [...] .
[4435] ... [...] like that.
[4436] ... I mean once there's a space [...] well you're alright.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4437] Yes, once you've got the first one [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4438] [...] ... [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4439] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4440] It's only a little bit. ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [4441] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4442] [laugh] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4443] Flaming dustbin.
June (PS6R8) [4444] I'm not.
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4445] Our dad says he doesn't mind what people eat, as long as they eat it all .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4446] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4447] Don't you dad.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4448] Say when.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4449] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [4450] Right.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4451] I'd better eat that.
June (PS6R8) [4452] Well eat it.
[4453] I don't turn my nose up at anything.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4454] That's true. [laugh] .
June (PS6R8) [4455] The man can't say I'm a fad can he mum.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4456] No.
June (PS6R8) [4457] Not like some folk.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4458] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4459] Did he tell you w he'd been to Hill Hotel.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4460] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4461] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [4462] Ground floor.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4463] Nice?
June (PS6R8) [4464] I haven't seen it but Arthur says it's nice.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4465] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4466] [...] that'll suit me.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4467] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4468] No just outside York [laugh] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4469] [...] York [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4470] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4471] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4472] He can have a taxi.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4473] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4474] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4475] Eh?
June (PS6R8) [4476] [...] ?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4477] Have I what?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4478] [...] round here.
June (PS6R8) [4479] Careful mother.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4480] [...] thank you.
June (PS6R8) [4481] Hey?
[4482] ... Are you fetching your your clothes with you?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4483] Are we heck.
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4484] [...] you think we were gonna change it. [...] . ...
Arthur (PS6R9) [4485] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4486] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4487] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4488] [...] think we're gonna go
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4489] think we're gonna go [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4490] Oh dear.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4491] Don't be daft.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4492] [...] go all the way out.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4493] Well of course they do [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4494] [...] Bride and groom's [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4495] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4496] Well.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4497] Well [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4498] [...] by bus.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4499] Plenty of money.
[4500] Use it for what it should be used for.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4501] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4502] Yeah no we aren't.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4503] Put 'em on bus we'll never see 'em [...] couple of hours.
[4504] Ee Sunday [...]
June (PS6R8) [4505] What they gonna do though, tell taxi go away or [...] wait outside.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4506] What
Ernest (PS6RD) [4507] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4508] Where?
[4509] No go to have your reception and he comes back at a a certain time.
[4510] And they've got to be ready.
[4511] [...] long it takes [...] If it [...] well they say, come on, time we'll have to go. ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [4512] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4513] No you'll be you'll have to get [...] and get it written down because [...] doesn't know what a a groomsman is.
[4514] Mm.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4515] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4516] What?
June (PS6R8) [4517] Well I'm not doing it for her, she can do it herself.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4518] Oh aye.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4519] What?
June (PS6R8) [4520] I says [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4521] She'd decided now she's having Carmen as bridesmaid, not [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4522] Cos Carmen's on [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4523] Which is what she should have done in first place.
June (PS6R8) [4524] Yeah but I mean, she's here to be [...] isn't she ?
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4525] Well you see, at the minute Karen has her own dress.
[4526] So yo She talked to you Angela didn't she and you said, I don't see why you can't have pink.
[4527] Karen went to a wedding and er ... somebody's wedding [...] and she still has a dress.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4528] Marilyn's Marilyn's.
June (PS6R8) [4529] Marilyn's it it's not right down to the ankles but it's reasonable you know and it's peach.
[4530] [...] try it on see if it still fits her.
[4531] I mean she's only a little doll isn't she. [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4532] [...] said she weren't wearing [...] why are you bothering .
June (PS6R8) [4533] Size ten.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4534] Mm?
June (PS6R8) [4535] Size ten [...] Karen.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4536] Mm I suppose she will be. ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4537] Karen said she w [...] buying her own so why bother?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4538] Ah well [...] not be able to buy her own.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4539] Eh?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4540] [...] .
[4541] Eh?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4542] Well [...] well she should have had it by then.
[4543] [...] kindergarten.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4544] No no.
June (PS6R8) [4545] The point is she's not on the doorstep mum is she, she's two hundred and fifty miles away.
[4546] And that woman where we got Angela's dress from, if er Karen's peach dress does fit her, well at least Karen's there to be able to go where we got Angela's dress from.
[4547] She's gonna have to come two hundred and fifty mile [...] . ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4548] No where you going?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4549] I'm going in the kitchen.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4550] Well wait till folks have had their tea.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4551] I [...] finished.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4552] Well we'd have finished if we sat down when you did.
[4553] ... [...] walk away I tell you, you can't walk out in middle of sermon.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4554] [...] . ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4555] I said to Angela, eh, I said, [...] if you go for that job [...] you can't stop in middle of ceremony and say I have to go out granddad.
June (PS6R8) [4556] You're not going straight after the reception are you dad?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4557] It just depends how dad is.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4558] It depends.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4559] And if we do [...] we might come back when we've changed.
[4560] If [...] we haven't decided have we whether [...]
June (PS6R8) [4561] Mm?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4562] [...] after tea.
June (PS6R8) [4563] Yeah.
[4564] Mm.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4565] [...] honeymoon.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4566] [...] with him.
June (PS6R8) [4567] [...] she's wrong.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4568] Mm?
June (PS6R8) [4569] I'm sure Richard said Isle of Man.
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4570] She keeps saying, Isle of Wight Isle of Wight. [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4571] Well you can't go to Isle of Wight at that time of day.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4572] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4573] [...] I don't know what they're doing.
[4574] ... [...] all that money, good Lord.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4575] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4576] [...] five hundred pound Arthur.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4577] [...] . [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4578] They cannot just boot off somewhere without booking.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4579] [...] .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4580] Yeah well aye, he's gonna find out different isn't he.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4581] He'll find out he can't [...] he'll have to go near somewhere.
June (PS6R8) [4582] He doesn't know it all. ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4583] What is there at Isle of Wight that there isn't here?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4584] Palm trees.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4585] Mm?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4586] Palm trees.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4587] Oh.
June (PS6R8) [4588] There's no palm trees in Isle of Wight.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4589] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4590] Pardon?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4591] [...] after I'd got back.
June (PS6R8) [4592] There's no palm trees in the Isle of Wight.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4593] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4594] [...] there are.
June (PS6R8) [4595] Where doe where do they think they're going to, the Canary Islands or something?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4596] [...] palm trees at Torquay aren't there.
June (PS6R8) [4597] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4598] All down the front at Torquay.
June (PS6R8) [4599] Yeah but you know what I mean dad, it's only a seaside thing isn't it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4600] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4601] No but I mean it's it's no better than the seaside I mean .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4602] [...] cheaper.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4603] Well no but I do I shouldn't say [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4604] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4605] certainly not at this time of the year.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4606] If they want to be on their own, they could go book a chalet down on [...] beach.
June (PS6R8) [4607] Yeah that's an idea [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4608] But I mean, the Isle of Wight if they went straight after the reception they wouldn't they wouldn't get there till Sunday .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4609] [...] You can't [...] think about they don't want to be on a station [...] come here in Newcastle.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4610] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4611] [...] but they have to be told.
[4612] [...] say, alright but
June (PS6R8) [4613] [...] just say yes or no.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4614] [...] they don't er be having her fainting and taking her to into Wig er Isle of M Isle of Wight hospital.
June (PS6R8) [4615] It's gonna cost him enough what for cars and the wedding and what have you.
[4616] And he'll find he's not so much
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4617] change will he dad?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4618] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4619] [...] don't come cheap.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4620] And I said you want a I said you want an usher.
[4621] And he looked at me gormless
June (PS6R8) [4622] I know.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4623] and Angela said, an usher's to tell people where to sit.
[4624] And I said you want a groomsman.
June (PS6R8) [4625] And that hasn't been talked about yet.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4626] What's a groomsman.
[4627] I d well he didn't tell, what's a groomsman, but his face did.
[4628] Cos he didn't know.
[4629] I said, [...] people that knock at the door and say, the taxi's ready [...] the taxi man doesn't come and do it.
[4630] Ooh.
[4631] I said, Richard we're not pushing and nosing but we want [...] doing right.
[4632] We don't [...]
June (PS6R8) [4633] I thought you'd mentioned that to him Arthur.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4634] Oh I have.
[4635] No problem.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4636] [...] to keep the children quiet.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4637] Well if there's no usher, I shall do it meself.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4638] Yeah you could do that mum couldn't you.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4639] [...] I can't be doing groomsman.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4640] Oh no.
[4641] You might have to take over [...] last minute.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4642] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4643] Well no it can't [...] Angela ask him somebody ask him, he can't just arrive and start doing things.
[4644] It's all got to be done methodically and [...]
June (PS6R8) [4645] [...] be too nervous [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4646] Mm?
June (PS6R8) [4647] He'll be too nervous.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4648] There's nowt nervous on knocking on somebody's door and saying I Are you ready?
[4649] Where's the nervo er well [...] . [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4650] Oh no [...] he knows and that he's still shy mum.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4651] Well there's nowt there's nowt to be shy [...] ringing somebody's bell and all he'll be ringing, he'll be ringing here.
[4652] And where else will he be ringing?
[4653] Wh to fetch in s [...] his folks are coming in their car which he says they are.
[4654] Anyway I'm not bothered about their
June (PS6R8) [4655] But what if it's a taxi?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4656] folks so long as Angela and Arthur get there and
June (PS6R8) [4657] What if it's a taxi [...] taxi man [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4658] Does he heck.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4659] No no.
[4660] No he has a
Peggy (PS6RC) [4661] [...] have you been married?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4662] [...] no I mean if he's booked for the day.
[4663] [...] for the wedding.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4664] Does he heck.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4665] No no er no the groomsman
Peggy (PS6RC) [4666] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4667] No I don't remember much mum cos I was probably with me dad [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4668] [...] remember much [...] about it either.
June (PS6R8) [4669] Well [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4670] No it's the t the taxi driver never gets out [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4671] Does he heck. [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4672] Well tell you what [...] Richard's gonna find out how many taxis there needs to be doesn't he.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4673] Of course he does.
June (PS6R8) [4674] [...] whichever.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4675] He'll have to know who's coming but as I say, I'm not bothered so long as Arthur and Angela's there and and dad .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4676] Usually usually what they do, they have one taxi for the bridegroom's people and one for the bride's people.
June (PS6R8) [4677] Right.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4678] That's all it and [...]
June (PS6R8) [4679] Right, so many journeys.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4680] And er y you sort of make your list of who has to go and where they've to come from, take it into the office, and they organize it.
[4681] So that it works like clockwork.
June (PS6R8) [4682] Well they should [...] Angela should be doing that lot shouldn't she.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4683] Well you don't know who's coming yet so they're can't do it can they ?
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4684] Oh yes, they've got them all written down [...] Well you can't can you
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4685] till they reply.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4686] If you don't know, you can't do anything.
June (PS6R8) [4687] So it's best if they go off January and then they've got time to send them back haven't they.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4688] Oh yes, January at the latest.
June (PS6R8) [4689] And they can all come down.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4690] [...] got to be done properly.
[4691] [...] could knock at somebody's door and say, Commander are you ready?
June (PS6R8) [4692] Well [...] gonna have to [...] . ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4693] [...] they don't know [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4694] They're on about erm ... perhaps she's got a new outfit. [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4695] For her own for her own daughter's wedding .
June (PS6R8) [4696] Erm Angela's on about nipping from the army across into West Berk.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4697] If it's a nice day, it'll be much better.
June (PS6R8) [4698] Mm.
[4699] [...] what's if it's pouring down with rain?
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4700] [...] running taxi and it'll take her to reception.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4701] [...] at the reception.
[4702] [...] there.
[4703] He's a professional isn't he?
June (PS6R8) [4704] Who?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4705] The photographer.
June (PS6R8) [4706] 's supposed to be yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4707] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4708] She said he was a professional didn't she Arthur?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4709] What's that?
June (PS6R8) [4710] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4711] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [4712] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4713] [...] doing er layout photographs.
June (PS6R8) [4714] He's doing it as a wedding present.
[4715] He's not er charging them anything like.
Unknown speaker (KSSPSUNK) [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4716] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4717] That's a [...] I says, What can we give them as a wedding present? he says, I'm giving me daughter, that's a wedding present.
[4718] Ee.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4719] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4720] What?
June (PS6R8) [4721] You'll have to give him a present [...] .
[4722] Wedding present.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4723] No no [...]
June (PS6R8) [4724] Great.
[4725] I mean you're doing the cake for a wedding present.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4726] You're not [...] for a wedding present or are you giving here a present?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4727] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4728] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4729] What?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4730] Didn't she?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4731] What [...] the we the cake as a wedding present or are you giving her a present besides.
June (PS6R8) [4732] [...] I've told her dad to sit [...] because people might get the same thing.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4733] I was asking her if they had a a stand for a cake, she said yes .
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4734] Eh?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4735] A stand.
June (PS6R8) [4736] We haven't
Ernest (PS6RD) [4737] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4738] A what?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4739] No you.
June (PS6R8) [4740] No us .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4741] No the ... the hotel?
June (PS6R8) [4742] Ah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4743] Have they?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4744] I should think they will have.
June (PS6R8) [4745] Well you'll have to find that out [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4746] Yes they usually have.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4747] Well if they haven't we'll just have [...] We didn't
Ernest (PS6RD) [4748] Well if it they haven't it doesn't matter I'll I'll just stand it on table.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4749] have a stand when we were married.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4750] I know we didn't.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4751] They didn't have a stand when they were married.
[4752] It w you used your [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4753] No but if they if they had one it er it serves [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4754] [...] It was.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4755] No it weren't [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4756] No it weren't [...]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4757] No it was on thick board.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4758] Oh yes.
June (PS6R8) [4759] Oh it was lovely wasn't it.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4760] And
June (PS6R8) [4761] Three tier and the basket.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4762] Have you still got your pillars.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4763] Oh I've still got me pillars yes.
[4764] I've got the ones that [...] tried to eat as well.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4765] Aha.
June (PS6R8) [4766] [laugh] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4767] Thought it were icing.
June (PS6R8) [4768] It were lovely that cake.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4769] I'm saying I have, where are they, do you know [...] ?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4770] I don't know where they were.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4771] I know where they were.
[4772] Perhaps Nicodemus has helped hisself to 'em.
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4773] They were in that top cupboard weren't they?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4774] They were in the top cupboard at one time yes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4775] [...] there. [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4776] I wonder it'd cost to buy those today.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4777] [...] . ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4778] It won't be worth [...] get cake from you.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4779] Seven and six they were.
June (PS6R8) [4780] Aye.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4781] I say I don't know where she's gonna get cake done yet [...] you can't ice a i ice a cake if you haven't got one .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4782] Have you seen [...] mum, [...] .
[4783] [...] cake stand, it's at the back, it's on a poster.
[4784] It's a big three tier cake.
June (PS6R8) [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4785] And t'other week I were up there and I I was just asking woman [...] just as a matter of interest love, I said, how much [...] .
[4786] You said, you're talking above a hundred pound there.
[4787] Well over a hundred pounds.
[4788] Yeah .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4789] Yes they are. [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4790] Yeah.
[4791] Well [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4792] She says in fact, you're talking nearly two hundred pound.
June (PS6R8) [4793] One cake, two hundred pounds.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4794] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4795] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [4796] Oh.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4797] Well we worked it out roughly, at about sixty pounds.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4798] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4799] To make it.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4800] To make it, yes.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4801] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4802] That's without decorate and icings and what have you [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4803] Oh no that's the that's cake complete
Arthur (PS6R9) [4804] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4805] apart from the ornaments.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4806] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [4807] Yeah but [...] you're her grandparents aren't you?
[4808] I mean she wouldn't get it for that cheap would she.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4809] Oh would she heck .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4810] [...] that one outside.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4811] When what do you call 'em were here, had to pay three [...] three sixes are eighteen, that's a hundred and eighty pound, two hundred pound .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4812] A hundred and eigh A hundred and eighty pounds.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4813] It's be.
[4814] And and and if er [...]
June (PS6R8) [4815] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4816] well he did one for Yes.
[4817] They did one for somebody
June (PS6R8) [4818] Even less.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4819] and they were to charged them two hundred pounds .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4820] [...] she charged them two hundred pound yeah .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4821] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4822] And that were only a one tier.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4823] That cake that was in the paper, there was a cake in the paper, a big square one.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4824] Yes.
June (PS6R8) [4825] Hang on and it was three hundred pound.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4826] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4827] You know, square.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4828] I'm telling you, that one that's in Co-op where cakes are, where you get your cakes from.
June (PS6R8) [4829] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4830] There's a picture of one there, I was asking woman t'other week, how much are they, she says nearly two hundred pounds.
June (PS6R8) [4831] Ee.
Ernest (PS6RD) [cough]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4832] But to me it's a waste of money, nobody wants any.
[4833] [...] I've told your dad, I says, [...] make some concoction somehow or another, a wood a wood thing and ice it, that's all you want, just the icing to look [...] beautiful.
June (PS6R8) [4834] Well I know one person as'll eat it.
[4835] He loves it.
[4836] Don't he.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4837] Who?
June (PS6R8) [4838] Well who loves it?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4839] [...] three tiers for three tier wedding cake for him .
June (PS6R8) [4840] No but who loves it?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4841] I don't know.
June (PS6R8) [4842] David.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4843] Oh aye.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4844] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4845] He loves it. ...
Peggy (PS6RC) [4846] [...] like they used to be, I don't know what to do.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4847] You're not paying two hundred pound [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4848] [...] that's a certainty but I don't know what whether to make one or not.
[4849] I don't know what to do. [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4850] I know one thing I'll [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4851] Well I've told you what it is darling.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4852] Mm?
Ernest (PS6RD) [4853] You're using [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4854] I know one thing I'll not be eating at the buffet.
[4855] That quiche stuff whatever it is. [...] quiche but I don't like it.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4856] You'll have to cut down on your eggs.
[4857] [...] . I think that's the problem.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4858] [...] I don't mind doing one in there [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4859] Anyhow we'll we shall have to experiment [...] before we start doing it.
[4860] To get the recipe just right.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4861] Mm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4862] See the fruit's dropping at the moment.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4863] Aha.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4864] But in a [...] when you harden it, you do it upside down.
[4865] And then you'd be alright. ...
Ernest (PS6RD) [4866] [...] upside down.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4867] But I don't know what to do because as I say, you don't want any, I don't want any, your dad doesn't want any.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4868] No but all the other guests might like it .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4869] June reckons she doesn't li June doesn't like it.
[4870] You've can't make a a wedding cake with no cherries in.
[4871] Well that's one, two, three, that's four of us d [...] didn't, that's five, Richard doesn't that's six.
[4872] So why bother?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4873] Doesn't he like it either?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4874] No.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4875] Oh.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4876] Well [...] piece of 'em but if you're only gonna be eating a piece it's not gonna be big [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4877] What's that [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4878] Sixty sixty pounds for a cake.
June (PS6R8) [4879] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4880] [...] Educate this daughter, what's a vol au vent?
June (PS6R8) [4881] I am not thick
Ernest (PS6RD) [4882] A vol au vent?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4883] Well you know what vol au vents are.
June (PS6R8) [4884] I don't mum.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4885] Well it means wind in the sail.
[4886] But it's a little
Peggy (PS6RC) [4887] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4888] It's a little er
June (PS6R8) [4889] Just by somebody talking [...] I don't know.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4890] pastry.
[4891] It's puff pastry [...] round puff pastry .
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4892] And you scoop the middle out and you fill it with whatever [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4893] Prawns or
June (PS6R8) [4894] Oh well
Ernest (PS6RD) [4895] Salad or
June (PS6R8) [4896] Well.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4897] Some people put jam on them.
June (PS6R8) [4898] [...] if somebody said that to me like dad's just explained, I'd know.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4899] Well you know, you've seen them .
June (PS6R8) [4900] [...] posh names .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4901] [...] in a lot of [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4902] No [...] . [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [4903] forgotten I think.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4904] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [4905] Can I borrow this.
[4906] I borrowed this one last time.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4907] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4908] [...] .
[4909] ... Vol au vents are like pastry [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4910] [...] like little cases aren't they.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4911] Mm.
[4912] Little cases yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4913] Yeah.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4914] You can buy them ready made.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4915] But I'm saying, you don't want any cake, I don't want any, Arthur doesn't want any, dad doesn't want any, Angela doesn't.
[4916] Oh er what else, who else is there .
June (PS6R8) [4917] I like wedding cake.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4918] But do you heck, you don't like you said you don't like it.
June (PS6R8) [4919] I do like wedding cake but the only thing I don't like in some cakes is ch
Peggy (PS6RC) [4920] But you don't like them cherries.
June (PS6R8) [4921] the peel.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4922] No you don't put peel in but you say you don't like cherries [...]
June (PS6R8) [4923] Oh I don't like glace [pronounced glaice] cherries no.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4924] Well you can't make a wedding cake without glace cherries.
June (PS6R8) [4925] No but you can pull them out can't you .
Peggy (PS6RC) [4926] Oh yes I'm gonna [...] eighty pound for a cake for folk to put cherries out.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4927] [...] say make a wood'un and ice it.
[4928] And then they'll all have a shock when they don't get a piece.
[4929] Or have a plain one.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4930] No you can't ice a plain one.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4931] You can't ice a plain sponge mum no can you.
[4932] I mean that er
Peggy (PS6RC) [4933] A big one [...] .
[4934] [...] at [...] thing that was alright.
[4935] It was firm.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4936] There were a recipe in for Queen's for Queen Mother's birthday cake.
[4937] But it was plain .
Ernest (PS6RD) [4938] Oh the Queen Queen Mother's birthday cake.
[4939] Aye that was a plain one, she must
Peggy (PS6RC) [4940] And you could put some
Ernest (PS6RD) [4941] she mustn't like fruit.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4942] And there again, she doesn't like butter-cream so w
Ernest (PS6RD) [4943] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4944] what do you Well it'd be unique not to have a wedding cake wouldn't it.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4945] But you can't er
Peggy (PS6RC) [4946] I'd rather have the money. [laugh]
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4947] You can't er [...] fresh cream.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4948] There's really a lot of people who don't bother about wedding cakes.
[4949] It's all a farce.
[4950] [...] there to see,
Arthur (PS6R9) [4951] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4952] done on a wood wood piece, they wouldn't bother whether they got any or not.
June (PS6R8) [4953] No she seems to be looking forward to [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [4954] Well she wa she's not looking forward to cake, she's she's looking forward to the beauty of seeing it isn't she ?
Arthur (PS6R9) [4955] Yeah.
June (PS6R8) [4956] Yeah.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4957] Because er while [...] I've had wedding cake from people and and they give you a little bit and I've said to you haven't I, well I wouldn't have bothered giving anybody this.
[4958] But by when I've just had a little crumb I've said they can have the rest back.
[4959] It's horrible isn't it.
June (PS6R8) [4960] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4961] [...] .
[4962] It's like sawdust.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4963] [...] yesterday I haven't [...] for four for five years.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4964] Oh.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4965] They're getting married next year but they're not having any children for three years.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4966] Oh no.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4967] They won't have any at all if if they're sensible.
[4968] But she doesn't want to say that she's not having any for five year.
[4969] Cos she'll look silly if she's having one in nine months.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4970] Has she told you about Mandy?
Peggy (PS6RC) [4971] Yeah.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4972] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [4973] [...] like M like Molly [...] John's wife, she weren't having any and then she had one and she [...] she weren't having a any more and then another [...]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4974] Aye last night [...] Well I'm gonna tell you.
[4975] Last night I j well David come round in afternoon and he l he'd got some tapes [...] .
[4976] So he says will you go and pick 'em up dad.
[4977] So I says, aye I mean fair enough.
[4978] So this one, wait at bus, she says.
[4979] Well I'd just got there, it was just between quarter past and ten past and twelve were there.
[4980] Well I missed it.
[4981] So I'm stood standing it were twenty five to to seven before I m before I left Dock.
[4982] I got five hundred, gets up to top of 's stepped off, who should be at bus stop, our Angela.
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Arthur (PS6R9) [4983] What you doing here?
[4984] Oh there's no meeting, I'm going up to Mandy's.
[4985] Oh I says, right fair enough.
June (PS6R8) [4986] No they [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [4987] and walked off.
[4988] Anyway she's shouting away, Dad dad dad.
[4989] So I says, what?
[4990] She says, hang on, I said why?
[4991] I'll come with you, I said, I thought you were away to Mandy's.
[4992] No I'll come with you, so she wents into town with me.
[4993] And this were what would it be, about twenty to seven.
Ernest (PS6RD) [4994] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
Ernest (PS6RD) [4995] Yes it would be something like that.
Arthur (PS6R9) [4996] Yeah, so I said, I thought you were going to Mandy's.
[4997] I said, anyway I said, I thought you'd fallen out with Mandy.
[4998] Oh yeah, she says, but erm w w
June (PS6R8) [4999] I've no sympathy.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5000] we're back friends.
[5001] I says, Aye, I says, well you needn't bother fetching her to our house.
[5002] [...] to do with you.
[5003] Aye, she says [...]
June (PS6R8) [5004] [...] she were doing.
[5005] Well she can't be much cop if she'd open her legs to a first date to a Dutch s sailor.
[5006] That's all I've got to say.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5007] So anyway she er she got in the house and she never went out again [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5008] Did she not go then?
Arthur (PS6R9) [5009] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5010] Oh well I said to her [...]
June (PS6R8) [5011] She said she'll see you tonight at .
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5012] I said to her, Angela I said, don't you pushing your nose in [...] asking you to adopt it.
[5013] And you'll be saying yeah.
[5014] No I mean she knows right from wrong she's no business to [...] have one there has she.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5015] Well I knew where she were heading that night that day she came to our house .
Peggy (PS6RC) [5016] I mean she's only seventeen.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5017] And she were on her about [...] and sailors and what have you and I thought, aye, I'll know where you'll end up lady and she has.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5018] I've no sympathy.
June (PS6R8) [5019] no.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5020] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5021] No sympathy for anybody like that, they know what they're doing.
[5022] They're not much cop when they can open their legs like that.
[5023] And I really got angry with our Angela.
[5024] I said, I don't know what you're bothering for.
[5025] I said by heck you've some good friends you have.
[5026] I lost me rag didn't I.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5027] Well I says to her, the way she slagged you off, I said, [...] nowt to do with you.
[5028] Ah well she says, I'm not like that dad, I can't do that to her.
[5029] Well please yourself [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5030] [...] that's vicarious that's it is
Ernest (PS6RD) [5031] Yeah [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [5032] But you see, as I I said to her I said, no Angela it's alright is that I said, but I said
Ernest (PS6RD) [5033] No we tried to talk her out of.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5034] she had no business to do it, she knew what she were doing and they had no business to do it.
[5035] It's like abortion.
[5036] Nobody [...] saying oh what have I to do if I want an abortion.
[5037] You don't have to have an abortion, there shouldn't be one there to have an abortion for should there.
June (PS6R8) [5038] No.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5039] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5040] Anyway.
Ernest (PS6RD) [5041] [...] get on her high horse over abortion.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5042] Oh aye.
Ernest (PS6RD) [laugh]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5043] I mean be thankful she's not like that.
June (PS6R8) [5044] I don't like abortions but to me it depends ... on the circumstances.
[5045] Like an ordinary married woman or something like that, if it's a matter of life and death.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5046] No [...]
June (PS6R8) [5047] Cos there are cases aren't there where a
Peggy (PS6RC) [5048] [...] like that [...] and the think they're being clever.
[5049] Well let them get on with it.
[5050] But if there weren't any money for 'em [...] .
[5051] One parent families, there shouldn't be any one parent families. ...
June (PS6R8) [5052] [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [5053] Yes.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5054] [...] .
June (PS6R8) [5055] No.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5056] Well alright then. ...
June (PS6R8) [5057] It won' be long before it finishes it's only [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5058] [...] Ee I tell you what [...] [...]
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5059] Get a get a paper and write what you say most.
[5060] I said [...] what [...] would be.
[5061] First thing in the morning you say, Ooh, don't you?
[5062] When you're getting slowly getting out of bed.
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5063] Ooh and then you say, Oh dear oh dear.
[5064] [laugh] Ooh oh dearie me.
June (PS6R8) [5065] And then I stand by his bed [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [...]
June (PS6R8) [5066] trying to crack me ankles you know I'm going
Peggy (PS6RC) [5067] Oh dear.
June (PS6R8) [5068] on the wall with [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [5069] She knows.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [5070] And then I'm hobbling along into the bathroom.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5071] oh [...] oh dear.
[5072] [...] [laugh] [...] oh yes.
[5073] Aye [...] yet.
June (PS6R8) [5074] [...] I should get a cup of tea now shouldn't I.
[5075] It's usually me that does it.
[5076] [...] now.
Ernest (PS6RD) [5077] Aye. [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5078] You get your [...] Arthur first before you start
Ernest (PS6RD) [5079] cup of tea every morning.
June (PS6R8) [5080] He does.
[5081] Don't you.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5082] No.
June (PS6R8) [5083] Yes you do.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [5084] how he can sit there and say no.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5085] Get your teas made [...]
June (PS6R8) [5086] he doesn't get tea he gets coffee he likes coffee [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [5087] Well you can put coffee in.
June (PS6R8) [5088] And then er
Peggy (PS6RC) [5089] Just the same.
June (PS6R8) [5090] I give him coffee.
[5091] And then [...] .
Arthur (PS6R9) [5092] Oh it got kicked into touch did that cos it [...] too loud.
June (PS6R8) [5093] Well.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5094] [...] .
[5095] That goblin.
Ernest (PS6RD) [5096] The goblin
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5097] when it's ready.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5098] No it buzzes while it's on.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5099] Does it heck.
[5100] Well not till it starts to do.
Arthur (PS6R9) [5101] [...] going round when its [...] going round.
[5102] [...] getting rid of this thing I'm not having this. [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5103] Does it heck.
[5104] [...] wrong with it then.
June (PS6R8) [5105] I gave it to Angela.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5106] Well there's something wrong with it them
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5107] till it's running out.
Ernest (PS6RD) [5108] And then it switches off.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
June (PS6R8) [5109] She says it's a start she say, our teasmade and our other coffee maker with the mug.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5110] Mm.
[5111] Well [...] .
[5112] And she's a she's a
Ernest (PS6RD) [5113] Jug kettle.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5114] jug kettle.
June (PS6R8) [5115] Aye, she thought she hadn't got it, I says Angela I'm sure it's
Arthur (PS6R9) [...]
June (PS6R8) [5116] I'm sure your nan's got a kettle for you.
Ernest (PS6RD) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5117] Of course she has. [...]
June (PS6R8) [5118] And er and she's still got that crystal dish.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5119] Aye [...] and Auntie Auntie Elsie's got er
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5120] She said [...] she gave me three mugs
Arthur (PS6R9) [5121] Mm.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5122] and four.
[5123] So she says, er one's for Angela and one's for you.
[5124] So I I said, right.
[5125] Oh this [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [5126] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [5127] [...] .
Ernest (PS6RD) [5128] [...] .
Peggy (PS6RC) [5129] And er well she gave us some towels [...] .
[5130] And she gave us these [...] so I said, well [...] I've given her towels, wait and give it her for next [...] .
[5131] Whatever comes on.
[5132] [...] . So she says, Right well do as you like, she says, er ... but [...] there's a four and there's a three, I couldn't get two fours, so I said right.
[5133] So I thought, well if they get three, that's better than none, but I'll keep the four cos there's always somebody coming here you know.
[5134] And er but then I thought, no I'll give her the four [...] .
[5135] But I I'd said to Angela there were some a while back but I'd not sh shown them her.
[5136] So I says, oh I says, [...] saying what they were and she said, oh, she said, and I've got [...] some mugs Auntie Elsie bought you and a bit after [...] and she said, [...] she said, there's them four mugs for Angela.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5137] as if I was stealing a mug you know.
[5138] [laughing] I could have cracked her. []
[5139] But oh she's as excited as anybody isn't she.
[5140] She says she has a carrier like a [...] like a a Christmas parcel won't it .
June (PS6R8) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5141] She's getting a a carrier and putting things in for her.
June (PS6R8) [laugh]
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5142] [...] you don't think you want a dishcloth and you don't think you want a pan scrubber, you don't think you want which you don't
June (PS6R8) [5143] [...] I told her to get [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5144] But she said
June (PS6R8) [5145] set of saucepans.
Group of unknown speakers (KSSPSUGP) [...]
Peggy (PS6RC) [5146] I mean er what else is there, oh [...] don't just think about she says .
June (PS6R8) [5147] [...] [...] .
[5148] You're always afraid that somebody buys the same presents.
Peggy (PS6RC) [5149] Well what's it matter, they don't eat anything.
Ernest (PS6RD) [5150] Well [...] we told her yesterday