12 conversations recorded by `Margaret2' (PS6RG) between 20 and 27 February 1992 with 7 interlocutors, totalling 5346 s-units, 31800 words, and 2 hours 47 minutes 0 seconds of recordings.

9 speakers recorded by respondent number 120

PS6RG Ag4 f (Margaret, age 50, housewife, Central South-west England, )
PS6TD X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TE X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TF X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TG X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TH X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
PS6TJ X u (No name, age unknown) role unspecified
KSTPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KSTPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

12 recordings

  1. Tape 042201 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 042202 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 042203 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 042204 recorded on 1992-02-20. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 042205 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 042206 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  7. Tape 042207 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  8. Tape 042301 recorded on 1992-02-21. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( Home ) Activity: Unspecified
  9. Tape 042401 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( Grandmothers' house ) Activity: Unspecified
  10. Tape 042601 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  11. Tape 042602 recorded on 1992-02-25. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified
  12. Tape 042701 recorded on 1992-02-27. LocationDorset: Broadstone ( home ) Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 042201)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [1] Well er ... they've got erm ... a hundred places I think.
[2] I think it's a hundred places, and there are about a thousand something sa
None (PS6TD) [3] Oh!
[4] Oh!
[5] Oh!
[6] Oh!
[7] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [8] students went
None (PS6TD) [9] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [10] and erm ... eight hundred have been turned downed already, they've didn't get an interview so the chap said well your ... to get an interview it's good.
None (PS6TD) [11] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [12] But most of them you see, are at a county standard ... in in in er erm ... oh [...] like in
None (PS6TD) [13] Competition like.
Margaret (PS6RG) [14] yeah, it's like in er erm
None (PS6TD) [15] Yes, it's competition Margaret.
Margaret (PS6RG) [16] But Claire said they kept coming up to her and saying what are you erm ... what do you stand as being county for?
[17] And things like this [laughing] you see [] !
None (PS6TD) [18] And when has she done this [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [19] That's what Derek told her.
[20] Well Derek's been telling her for ages you see, to to ... join the
None (PS6TD) [21] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [22] [...] into level to erm
None (PS6TD) [23] And she's gone into the second years, you go there when
Margaret (PS6RG) [24] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [25] you got competition.
Margaret (PS6RG) [26] Well she's an old ... said she's a bit old to be doing this, because you know, I suppose
None (PS6TD) [27] She's not?
Margaret (PS6RG) [28] Well no.
None (PS6TD) [29] I don't think that should bother her.
Margaret (PS6RG) [30] a bit old because erm
None (PS6TD) [31] Oh God!
Margaret (PS6RG) [32] I dunno, something about
None (PS6TD) [33] Oh I thought that was mine.
[34] No it's not.
Margaret (PS6RG) [35] It is yours isn't it?
[36] No.
[37] It's a [...] .
[38] [laughing] Ooh [] !
None (PS6TD) [39] Well ... I suddenly, that's what I thought, thought that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [40] I would have thought it
None (PS6TD) [41] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [42] had done well.
[43] I thought with all this [...] .
None (PS6TD) [44] Oh!
[45] Wha
Margaret (PS6RG) [46] Erm
None (PS6TD) [47] what a shame!
[48] So she's a bit disappointed, course she is!
Margaret (PS6RG) [49] Well sh she's a bit down.
[50] And then she's got the one from Charnd, you know, being rejected again.
None (PS6TD) [51] Oh I'm so sorry!
[52] Of course there is such competition
Margaret (PS6RG) [53] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [54] involved now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [55] And I said it's, that's what Derek said because there aren't any jobs around you see
None (PS6TD) [56] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [57] they're all going to college.
None (PS6TD) [58] [whispering] Shh!
[59] Shh! [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [60] I know.
None (PS6TD) [61] Shame tha , it's not this one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [62] Oh yeah.
[63] She erm
None (PS6TD) [64] Ooh I'm so sorry!
Margaret (PS6RG) [65] She said, what a waste of time!
[66] She said they're absolutely ... absolutely useless!
None (PS6TD) [67] Is that what he said?
[68] But you said that she'd got the interview Margaret
Margaret (PS6RG) [69] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [70] is that right?
Margaret (PS6RG) [71] Yeah.
[72] Bu bu , but I mean ... but they're not expecting to have it on a plate!
None (PS6TD) [73] Think of the positive [...] .
[74] Don't they Margaret?
Margaret (PS6RG) [75] He thinks , and said well no
None (PS6TD) [76] Well no.
Margaret (PS6RG) [77] so, he said that she's feeling a bit down in the dumps and quite moody.
None (PS6TD) [78] [...] ... Well, you see the ... you say they are ... but that doesn't mean anything.
[79] I mean
Margaret (PS6RG) [80] No.
None (PS6TD) [81] it could be, I mean i if she's ... if she's interested in it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [82] Well apparently she said [...] stands her in good stead because

2 (Tape 042202)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [83] They, they left here ... erm ... about half past eight, twenty to nine and they got to about ... half way they hadn't been gone twenty minutes and I thought, oh she's left her photographs, she had to get four passport photographs ... and she'd left them here and I thought we'd send them, send them to her ... and she didn't like them you see, but she'd have them.
[84] So I phoned Derek on the ... car phone ... and erm ... he says oh we'll get some taken elsewhere.
[85] So when they left Bristol they went to ... find a place that takes, [...] , then they took the wrong turning off the
None (PS6TD) [86] Sto , the mo the motorway.
Margaret (PS6RG) [87] [laughing] the motorway [] !
[88] And then, her interview was one o'clock she didn't go in till quarter to three!
None (PS6TD) [89] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [90] And Derek was sat waiting all that time, but they must have panicked then so ... they erm ... we'll have to wait and see.
None (PS6TD) [91] Oh Margaret!
[92] Keep our fingers crossed for the poor kid!
Margaret (PS6RG) [93] I'll think we'll have to wait and see.
None (PS6TD) [94] Keep our fingers crossed for her.
Margaret (PS6RG) [95] How's your bathroom going?
None (PS6TD) [96] Well that just [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [97] Oh dear!
[98] Ah erm
None (PS6TD) [99] Well no, it's sa it's not been to too bad really but ... erm, today there are children there and that front door was open.
Margaret (PS6RG) [100] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [101] And that's the first time
Margaret (PS6RG) [102] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [103] it's happened.
[104] They're not very clean workers.
Margaret (PS6RG) [105] Aren't they?
None (PS6TD) [106] No.
[107] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [108] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [109] But still, erm ... and of course you miss and ta erm ... gotta keep on running up the stairs
Margaret (PS6RG) [110] Yeah!
None (PS6TD) [111] you know.
[112] But I I, I mean really and truly I'm moaning a bit but I, it's not quite so bad being near there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [113] What's it looking like?
None (PS6TD) [114] But do you know what it is?
Margaret (PS6RG) [115] What?
None (PS6TD) [116] the, the far wall.
Margaret (PS6RG) [117] I see.
[118] What's wrong then?
[119] Do you know, I said that, you see, I said be careful!
[120] Said Angie did that didn't I?
None (PS6TD) [121] Well we, really must get one, one today ... [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [122] Well why didn't he put something in
None (PS6TD) [123] Well I didn't know.
[124] You not being [...] .
[125] Pierced it!
[126] Absolutely pierced it was.
Margaret (PS6RG) [127] What do the tiles
None (PS6TD) [128] Mm?
Margaret (PS6RG) [129] what do the tiles look like?
None (PS6TD) [130] Oh not bad!
[131] But I'm
Margaret (PS6RG) [132] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [133] not having an arch, I thought about it and I thought ... I don't think it'll [...] in here.
Margaret (PS6RG) [134] No.
None (PS6TD) [135] And I thought, if he's a bit apprehensive then I'm not having it done.
[136] So I'm have it ... straight across and I've had a border put across there just to make
Margaret (PS6RG) [137] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [138] a bit of a feature of it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [139] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [140] And once again he didn't ... put it as low as I wanted.
Margaret (PS6RG) [141] Oh.
None (PS6TD) [142] And then, well I wanted it one tile lower, but I thought ... he bloody would have done it [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [143] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [144] But I looked at it and I thought well ... I'm being silly here because, it's not keeping that for me, [...] , you see he's given me a bit of [...] and
Margaret (PS6RG) [145] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [146] because if he ... put the bath right in there, I would be standing up at the end of the bath
Margaret (PS6RG) [147] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [148] really, rather than anything else.
[149] I mean, I must ... a , be able to stand up.
[150] And so, you can't really get under the canape ... put up your shower, this is what I wanted, I wanted it to look like a ... cubicle
Margaret (PS6RG) [151] Oh I see.
None (PS6TD) [152] right?
Margaret (PS6RG) [153] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [154] But, can't do that, and I thought well ... it doesn't really matter.
[155] But, you see, you could see the extractor fan, so I said to him look, I asked you, he said, oh I thought you sa , I said, no, I said to you ... I don't like seeing that extractor fan you
Margaret (PS6RG) [156] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [157] see.
Margaret (PS6RG) [158] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [159] Well I said, [...] back there I'll move it across.
Margaret (PS6RG) [160] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [161] So he's moved it
Margaret (PS6RG) [162] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [163] so that you can't see the fan there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [164] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [165] I said, well as long as you can do that I shall stick with the other.
Margaret (PS6RG) [166] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [167] I said, in fact, I think it might look better.
Margaret (PS6RG) [168] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [169] You see, I wanted it on the level with the windowsill
Margaret (PS6RG) [170] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [171] I mean, I mean [...] .
[172] But erm ... erm, I'll [...] just there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [173] Yeah, I remember you don't.
None (PS6TD) [174] No.
[175] And it's half the problem
Margaret (PS6RG) [176] Well I suppose it's [...] the way you wanted.
None (PS6TD) [177] No!
[178] You see I, I feel a bit disa , look at that building that that's
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [179] And you see is Margaret, when Gerry used to do it I could change my mind half way
Margaret (PS6RG) [180] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [181] through.
[182] You see, if that didn't go, I'd say Gerry try it there, not don't do that, try it.
[183] Well you can't ... do that, and he'd do this like that!
Margaret (PS6RG) [184] I know!
[185] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [186] I really
Margaret (PS6RG) [187] Well that's your weakest area [...]
None (PS6TD) [188] But Gerry didn't have confidence you see so he used to ... sort of rely on me ... to tell, but you will come to the conclusion that if I had would have said Gerry's workmanship was absolutely superb!
[189] And he used to sort of be embarrassed about it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [190] Well of course it's superb, he was a perfectionist!
None (PS6TD) [191] He was, it was superb!
[192] I mean, I feel a bit, and he used to sort of denigrate it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [193] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [194] You see, he didn't have the confidence
Margaret (PS6RG) [195] Which is worse isn't it?
None (PS6TD) [196] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [197] I mean he
None (PS6TD) [198] But when I went in, Gerry's workmanship, when I think of those cupboards he put in for me
Margaret (PS6RG) [199] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [200] in ... South Penaton
Margaret (PS6RG) [201] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [202] they were absolutely brilliant!
[203] And the kitchen and bathroom he did for me in ... Teddington ... and [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [204] Yeah, cos that that was Gerry's trouble wasn't it?
None (PS6TD) [205] Yeah.
[206] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [207] He was too much of a
None (PS6TD) [208] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [209] perfectionist, that was his trouble.
None (PS6TD) [210] But he, he used to sort of say, oh don't tell people, you know, he'd think [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [211] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [212] But it was absolutely superb!
[213] And his tiling, Gerry's tiling
Margaret (PS6RG) [214] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [215] and he's tiled all that kitchen!
Margaret (PS6RG) [216] Is there?
None (PS6TD) [217] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [218] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [219] And it was absolutely wonderful!
Margaret (PS6RG) [220] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [221] But mind, it took a long time.
Margaret (PS6RG) [222] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [223] Which is why he was [...] [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [224] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [225] But, no, I wished I had, I wish he'd come back and I, and he could see how ... good, how
Margaret (PS6RG) [226] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [227] really good!
[228] And that patio, do you know there's nothing wrong with it!
[229] Absolutely everything was level and everything.
Margaret (PS6RG) [230] You won't get one shaped like that today.
None (PS6TD) [231] Well , you see ... I'm gradually learning this
Margaret (PS6RG) [232] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [233] Margaret, you see, cos Gerry used to behave as if , his was sub-standard and a professional
Margaret (PS6RG) [234] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [235] would be proud of it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [236] Mhm.
None (PS6TD) [237] I come, I realise now that Gerry's
Margaret (PS6RG) [238] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [239] was perfect, just about perfect.
Margaret (PS6RG) [240] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [241] But erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [242] But he worried too much about this.
None (PS6TD) [243] Yes!
[244] You see, and you see, I used to say but Gerry as long as it's ... up to your usual [...] and it looks alright [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [245] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [246] But you see, [...] .
[247] But anyway, I've come to the conclusion that he, I mean, his work is, it was absolutely superb, but I mustn't expect that.
[248] But having said that, he's doing it quite nicely and so I mean, I'm not denigrating.
Margaret (PS6RG) [249] No.
None (PS6TD) [250] I mean that plastering on that inside of that cupboard is perfect!
Margaret (PS6RG) [251] Who did it?
[252] He he did?
None (PS6TD) [253] No , no the other.
Margaret (PS6RG) [254] Oh the other one plastered it?
[255] What the builder?
None (PS6TD) [256] No.
[257] The plumber.
Margaret (PS6RG) [258] Oh did he?
None (PS6TD) [259] It is ... like silk!
Margaret (PS6RG) [260] Oh!
[261] He's good then?
[262] Oh he's good.
None (PS6TD) [263] Yet, he has [...] .
[264] But he, he's put some shelves in and I don't need those shelves.
[265] You know, in the airing cupboard, stacks
Margaret (PS6RG) [266] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [267] he's put me in two rows like that
Margaret (PS6RG) [268] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [269] and they're, the cupboard is far back enough for me to be able to get to the top, even though there's only a doorway there
Margaret (PS6RG) [270] Oh!
[271] Good!
None (PS6TD) [272] and they, they're gonna put my light in there
Margaret (PS6RG) [273] Oh good!
[274] That's good!
None (PS6TD) [275] I'm gonna get my light in there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [276] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [277] So then, be able to see.
[278] And, he's gonna put me another ... er ... shelf, another thing actually I'm going to put hooks on.
Margaret (PS6RG) [279] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [280] But I'm very, very pleased with that cupboard!
Margaret (PS6RG) [281] I should keep some [...] off the floor, I think it should be in [...]
None (PS6TD) [282] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [283] And also, you don't get dust and dirt, if they're on the floor it seems to gather on the floor
None (PS6TD) [284] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [285] but if you hang them up I think it's better.
None (PS6TD) [286] Yeah.
[287] Well it looks better.
Margaret (PS6RG) [288] But I think you can, you can get them all in the cupboard now
None (PS6TD) [289] Yeah.
[290] Well if you
Margaret (PS6RG) [291] You get th
None (PS6TD) [292] have a good tidy you are aren't you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [293] Yeah.
[294] Then you'll be able to put your ironing board in there.
None (PS6TD) [295] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [296] And then
None (PS6TD) [297] And my , and my erm, and my erm ... er clothes horse.
[298] ... Just gonna get my [...]
None (PS6TD) [299] [...] , yeah it's ever so big!
Margaret (PS6RG) [300] Oh that's good then isn't it?
None (PS6TD) [301] I'll be able to put all my [...] in.
[302] I'll be able to put my ... [...] and the iron in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [303] Are you?
None (PS6TD) [304] Mm?
Margaret (PS6RG) [305] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [306] I'm hoping to anyway.
Margaret (PS6RG) [307] [laughing] This poor shelf gets worse and worse [] !
None (PS6TD) [308] I know!
[309] I'll get myself a new one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [310] Is that the one of mine you borrowed to do the [...]
None (PS6TD) [311] Yeah.
[312] I'll get myself, I know it's past it, but it it does, it does!
Margaret (PS6RG) [313] She said to me how long ago did you have this?
[314] And er, donkey's years!
None (PS6TD) [315] Donkey's years!
Margaret (PS6RG) [316] [...] isn't it?
None (PS6TD) [317] Mm!
[318] But er, when I got ti all tidied up and sorted out I'll get myself a new one, but er ... [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [319] Yeah.
[320] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [321] Yeah you must come.
Margaret (PS6RG) [322] How did you go on at the fox hunt today?
None (PS6TD) [323] Oh yeah!
[324] But it's a mess!
[325] I dunno
Margaret (PS6RG) [326] Well I would say
None (PS6TD) [327] well yo , they
Margaret (PS6RG) [328] What are they doing all for
None (PS6TD) [329] No!
Margaret (PS6RG) [330] No.
[331] Oh well the children are on holiday.
None (PS6TD) [332] Oh is that what it is?
Margaret (PS6RG) [333] Yeah.
[334] They're on half term.
None (PS6TD) [335] Well maybe isn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [336] Yeah.
[337] Well I remember at erm ... a i i
None (PS6TD) [338] Wendy she used to be full time, I mean the shop [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [339] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [340] To give out ... a lecture on fighting and [...] .
[341] So the other girls were there and we were meaning to talk and erm ... when we went to cash up everybody was interfering and bother, I don't know, got
Margaret (PS6RG) [342] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [343] on my nerves, you know!
Margaret (PS6RG) [344] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [345] And er, it took us a little time to do that but ... and it was alright, but, well, but she bought us doughnut in company.
Margaret (PS6RG) [346] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [347] So she ne , never even brought us a doughnut!
Margaret (PS6RG) [348] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [349] It was just dreadful!
[350] That shop [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [351] Oh, that's supposed to be a good shop!
None (PS6TD) [352] Ooh!
[353] Do you know that's ... doughnut then is one of these chewiest ... most uninteresting doughnut, I mean, I've ever eaten!
Margaret (PS6RG) [354] Cos they queue in our bread shop.
None (PS6TD) [355] Well!
[356] I, I was surprised
Margaret (PS6RG) [357] They're queuing there.
None (PS6TD) [358] Absolutely amazed!
Margaret (PS6RG) [359] That is now, I don't think it does so well.
[360] Cos Betty's used to be in Kwicksave.
None (PS6TD) [361] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [362] And they used to do very well in there.
[363] And then when they went over to the other side of the road which ... I don't walk on very often
None (PS6TD) [364] No!
Margaret (PS6RG) [365] erm ... I don't think they do so well.
None (PS6TD) [366] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [367] And in, Claire always says there's th , there's a la , dogs sniff around the back of there all the time
None (PS6TD) [368] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [369] by the, you know the cheese shop that used up above
None (PS6TD) [370] Oh God, yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [371] she said there's always dog in with the cleaners!
None (PS6TD) [372] Shouldn't like that!
Margaret (PS6RG) [373] So she says, she always says to me don't buy erm
None (PS6TD) [374] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [375] things in that
None (PS6TD) [376] Mm,
Margaret (PS6RG) [377] in that shop.
None (PS6TD) [378] Mm.
[379] But I was, very disappointed tonight but I hope it, pay too much notice cos they're quite expensive aren't they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [380] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [381] Have you ever been there actually.
Margaret (PS6RG) [382] Ah!
[383] No.
None (PS6TD) [384] No, so don't like her doughnut, I mean, this was a horrible
Margaret (PS6RG) [385] No.
None (PS6TD) [386] one!
Margaret (PS6RG) [387] Oh I don't anyway.
[388] I looked in the Help the Aged this afterno , it's closed again you know!
None (PS6TD) [389] tt!
[390] Ah is it?
[391] When I've got ... some more time I'm going to offer my services again.
Margaret (PS6RG) [392] Well it was shut on er ... Thursday, Saturday till four o'clock and nobody was in there and that was half past two!
None (PS6TD) [393] I expect, you see, see they can't get the staff.
Margaret (PS6RG) [394] [...] and I think they come
None (PS6TD) [395] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [396] to help out.
None (PS6TD) [397] Well anyway, I I'll definitely go up for half a day a week ... you know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [398] Well I don't think, I, they didn't have much in the window, I couldn't see very much cos there wasn't a light on.
None (PS6TD) [399] It's nice and clean in there!
Margaret (PS6RG) [400] Mm.

3 (Tape 042203)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [401] Right, you were going to tell me about Jean now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [402] Yes the ... er ... builder's broken her bath
None (PS6TF) [403] Have they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [404] he dropped a tile in there.
None (PS6TE) [405] That's exactly what Andrew did.
Margaret (PS6RG) [406] Mm.
[407] But he's managed to get another one.
None (PS6TE) [408] What, another bath?
Margaret (PS6RG) [409] Mm.
[410] ... To go round the er, to to match, I suppose it's the same, I don't know.
[411] ... She says she's fed up with having them there.
None (PS6TE) [412] So they had to take the bath completely out
Margaret (PS6RG) [413] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [414] again.
Margaret (PS6RG) [415] It's been ti , it's been tiled as well.
None (PS6TE) [416] Mm.
[417] That's exactly what Andrew did.
Margaret (PS6RG) [418] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [419] That's how fragile they are.
Margaret (PS6RG) [420] Dropped a tile and it pierced it right the way through.
None (PS6TE) [421] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [422] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [423] Well it must have been pretty thin to do that anyway.
Margaret (PS6RG) [424] Well she said it was same bath didn't she?
None (PS6TE) [425] Anyway
Margaret (PS6RG) [426] She wanted me to go and have a look at it with that still in there.
[427] And then she's going home today.
None (PS6TE) [428] I went to these people today
Margaret (PS6RG) [429] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [430] absolutely over the moon ... with this job!
[431] Tha they are just absolutely delighted!
Margaret (PS6RG) [432] Did Julian do it well yesterday?
None (PS6TE) [433] Yeah!
[434] It looks lovely!
Margaret (PS6RG) [435] Does it look nice?
None (PS6TE) [436] Mm.
[437] And erm ... he practically cleared everything out off the property
Margaret (PS6RG) [438] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [439] so when I got there it was just a case of clearing up.
[440] Andrew, can't, can't, can't go
Margaret (PS6RG) [441] Can't go back till he's finished.
None (PS6TE) [442] there until eleven
Margaret (PS6RG) [443] Oh well you'd better tell him then.
None (PS6TE) [444] Well I'll phone Andrew this
Margaret (PS6RG) [445] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [446] evening.
[447] He's got i , a dental appointment.
Margaret (PS6RG) [448] Oh!
[449] Well isn't the lady there?
None (PS6TE) [450] Well ... they don't really know Andrew do they?
[451] So
Margaret (PS6RG) [452] No.
None (PS6TE) [453] I don't think they wanna leave him in the house on his own.
Margaret (PS6RG) [454] Oh I see.
None (PS6TE) [455] Oh he's started this other job
Margaret (PS6RG) [456] Oh he's started it?
None (PS6TE) [457] Well, he he ... he works like the clappers he does!
[458] He was there when I got there ... and erm
None (PS6TF) [cough]
None (PS6TE) [459] the er ... the gravel, the chap delivered the gravel
Margaret (PS6RG) [460] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [461] and er ... when he got there Je , er er erm, Julian and I were loading about a ton of turf into my van ... and I was gonna take it to Caffer Cliss but ... he said ... for fifteen quid I'll take that, I'll take that away for you.
[462] So I said to, and Julian said well he says it's not worth us doing if he, and I said yeah well, fifteen quid that was cheap!
[463] It filled his his truck up ... so he said when he comes back on the next delivery ... he'll take all the turf away for fifteen quid.
Margaret (PS6RG) [464] Mm mm!
None (PS6TE) [465] So we ... that meant, say, that I instead of me being away from the property for about two and a half hours, taking the turf back Caffer Cliss ... we saved all that time.
Margaret (PS6RG) [466] Oh!
[467] ... And where was he gonna take it then?
None (PS6TE) [468] Well I'm not interested where he takes it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [469] No.
None (PS6TE) [470] Anyway, when he, when he came back again ... we had to come back cos see we had another delivery of gravel ... and we ordered three yards and we reckon that ... on the last journey we bought two yards, we've got over a yard too much gravel!
[471] That's almost enough to do our garden path.
Margaret (PS6RG) [472] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [473] Which is a nuisance really because we gotta move it now!
Margaret (PS6RG) [474] Yeah!
[475] What do you mean for the er ... place?
None (PS6TE) [476] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [477] Oh.
None (PS6TE) [478] We had er
Margaret (PS6RG) [479] What do you call it?
[480] Erm
None (PS6TE) [481] we had two people today ... who rushed out on the main road.
[482] One lady thought we were turfing ... and she said could we turf the lawn for her?
[483] And we said, yes.
[484] Gave her the leaflet.
[485] And the , and then another person asked, so what I did I put my leaflets on the wall
Margaret (PS6RG) [486] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [487] and we're right on the main road and I reckon about ... two hundred people walked past the garden today ... watching us.
None (PS6TF) [488] Not taking the leaflets?
None (PS6TE) [489] Julian said a couple of people took the leaflets.
Margaret (PS6RG) [490] Oh.
None (PS6TE) [491] Cos he he really does it, I don't know how he does it really, how he gets it all level like that.
[492] I mean, it's a big area we're doing.
[493] I did all the er ... all the labouring, bringing in the cement ... mixing
Margaret (PS6RG) [494] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [495] it up ready and he, he made the slabs.
Margaret (PS6RG) [496] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [497] It says
None (PS6TE) [498] And
None (PS6TF) [499] here that Sassafras has been ... named potentially unsafe for consumption.
[500] So, don't put any in your mouth.
Margaret (PS6RG) [501] Saxa what?
None (PS6TE) [502] Saxa frall that's a plant!
None (PS6TF) [503] I know it's a plant!
Margaret (PS6RG) [504] Why is it un he erm
None (PS6TF) [505] He's heard
None (PS6TE) [506] I thought you told me Claire that you were delivering a project today.
None (PS6TF) [507] Tomorrow.
None (PS6TE) [508] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [509] What ... what's it for?
None (PS6TF) [510] What?
Margaret (PS6RG) [511] Sa ... sa
None (PS6TF) [512] It just says it's un , unsafe
None (PS6TE) [513] Yeah , but what do you grow in there
Margaret (PS6RG) [514] But what do you take it for?
None (PS6TE) [515] don't have everybody eating Saxafrazz I thought that was a flowering plant!
Margaret (PS6RG) [516] What do you take it for?
None (PS6TF) [517] It says ... these herbs do turn up in some food supplement.
Margaret (PS6RG) [518] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [519] And it says her, dyslexia ... dyslexic people have different sized brains from normal people.
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [520] That's why you got such a big head!
Margaret (PS6RG) [521] What bigger or smaller?
None (PS6TF) [522] Erm ... they have a slightly enlarged left hemisphere ... that's associated with pinky.
Margaret (PS6RG) [523] Oh!
[524] Oh!
[525] Your library fine was twenty P ... and yours was twenty P.
[526] I've put your eighty P out there.
None (PS6TF) [527] Twenty pence!
Margaret (PS6RG) [528] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [529] Couldn't you count?
Margaret (PS6RG) [530] Why? [...] ?
None (PS6TF) [531] It should have been ... twenty ... forty, six, eighty pence.
Margaret (PS6RG) [532] Twenty P she said.
None (PS6TF) [533] Who's did she look at first?
[534] Dad's?
[535] Yeah, well
Margaret (PS6RG) [536] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [537] she obviously took them both for the same thing didn't she?
Margaret (PS6RG) [538] Well I don't know.
[539] She just, twenty P
None (PS6TF) [cough]
Margaret (PS6RG) [540] for both of them!
None (PS6TF) [541] God! [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [542] I said, but they're not mine they're my husband's and my daughter's.
None (PS6TE) [543] So what work have they got on today then?
[544] Anything happen yesterday when you weren't there?
Margaret (PS6RG) [545] No.
None (PS6TE) [546] Well, we were going up to, we were going up to Bristol so we put the car phone in the ... took the car phone with us, right?
[547] We got about ... twenty minutes away from the house and the phone starts ringing
None (PS6TF) [548] Just going past Cheltam Marshall weren't we?
None (PS6TE) [549] Yeah , the phone
Margaret (PS6RG) [550] That was me.
None (PS6TE) [551] No.
[552] So
Margaret (PS6RG) [553] Yes it was, it was me
None (PS6TF) [554] It was mum.
None (PS6TE) [555] No way , it was, it was a house
Margaret (PS6RG) [556] trying to check up
None (PS6TE) [557] call apart from
Margaret (PS6RG) [558] Oh.
None (PS6TE) [559] that
Margaret (PS6RG) [560] By the phone.
None (PS6TE) [561] and this chap said erm ... he said, I'm sorry to trouble you we've sent you an invitation to come to this building thing and I sa
None (PS6TF) [562] I thought it was a funeral thing!
None (PS6TE) [563] fu
None (PS6TF) [564] Funeral!
None (PS6TE) [565] Roofing!
None (PS6TF) [566] Oh I thought you said a funeral
None (PS6TE) [567] It's a roofing , one thing or other.
[568] And erm ... Claire spoke to him first of all, and we decided to pull over ... and talk to this chap ... cos he was going on and on, and I said to her
None (PS6TF) [569] Can you make it?
[570] I know it's short notice.
[571] Are yo , are you sure?
None (PS6TE) [572] Yeah I'm sha , sorry to trouble you, and, we were going on and on and on about it!
[573] You come to this seminar or something or other.
[574] And I said erm ... are you sure you've got the right number?
[575] I said.
[576] I haven't been invited to a seminar.
[577] He said well you're ... something roofing aren't you?
[578] I said, no we're not.
[579] I said what number did you dial?
[580] And he said ... .
Margaret (PS6RG) [581] Oh!
[582] Yours is seven isn't it?
None (PS6TE) [583] Yeah.
[584] And then we got about another ... half an hour and we had another call.
None (PS6TF) [585] And that was Mr Ju somebody.
None (PS6TE) [586] Mr ... wanting to know where his piece of wood is.
Margaret (PS6RG) [587] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [588] I might try and do that, I'll do it tomorrow.
None (PS6TF) [589] Haven't you got it yet?
None (PS6TE) [590] No!
None (PS6TF) [591] Well that's not very good is it?
[592] You said you'd have it to him on Tuesday!
[593] It's Friday tomorrow!
[594] I don't call that very punctual
None (PS6TE) [595] Yes I know, but I
None (PS6TF) [596] service!
None (PS6TE) [597] I know that but I'm only doing this as a favour, and I've gotta really go out of my way to get this piece of wood.
Margaret (PS6RG) [598] There's no profit in it Claire.
None (PS6TE) [599] There's no money in it for me.
[600] And if there's no money in it for me ... I'm not gonna give priority to going picking up a piece of wood for a customer.
None (PS6TF) [cough]
Margaret (PS6RG) [601] That's not a very Christian attitude.
None (PS6TE) [602] Get off!
None (PS6TF) [laugh]
None (PS6TE) [...]
None (PS6TF) [603] [laugh] ... Oh I'm sorry!
Margaret (PS6RG) [604] But it's not is it?
None (PS6TF) [605] No, but dad's not Christian so that's okay then innit?
None (PS6TE) [606] No, but I'm not, I'm not in business to run around picking up pieces of wood
Margaret (PS6RG) [607] Yeah but you should have said you were gonna do it should you?
None (PS6TE) [608] And he's not even a customer!
Margaret (PS6RG) [609] You shouldn't have said you were gonna do it if you don't do it.
None (PS6TE) [610] Yes, but I did it for him fo , I I've already done it for him once, I picked up exactly what he wanted, I delivered it to him ... and now he's changed his mind and ... but I'm not in the business to supply things, I'm not a supp ... shop!
Margaret (PS6RG) [611] Is that bloke with the fence?
None (PS6TE) [612] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [613] Oh is that who it
None (PS6TE) [614] But I will pick it up for him tomorrow.
Margaret (PS6RG) [615] Anyway, Aunty Jean's quite pleased with her bathroom, she says it looks a lot bigger.
None (PS6TE) [616] Yeah it does look bigger.
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [617] And she said the cupboard's good.
None (PS6TF) [618] What time's she coming round tomorrow?
Margaret (PS6RG) [619] And do you know what she did?
[620] She went down ... Wednesday she had to go late because the builder doesn't come very early so she didn't go to ... to B and Q until ... the afternoon, and she was going around, or Do-it-all, one of them, she was going around ... looking around and then [laughing] as soon as she looked out it was half past five [] !
[621] She's on her bike!
None (PS6TF) [622] Oh!
[623] God!
Margaret (PS6RG) [624] She got no light on her bike!
None (PS6TF) [625] She didn't ride back did she?
Margaret (PS6RG) [626] So she had to ride back on the ... she rode back on the
None (PS6TF) [627] Oh!
[628] On the cycle path.
Margaret (PS6RG) [629] she said there are loads of them on the cycle path without lights on!
None (PS6TE) [630] Oh yeah, you don't bother with lights on the cycle path.
Margaret (PS6RG) [631] I said, well don't do that again!
None (PS6TF) [632] That's really dangerous!
Margaret (PS6RG) [633] She said I was having a lovely time looking all round these things!
[634] And she bought things with her erm ... twenty five pound voucher [...] ... said I was having a lovely time and I forgot the time!
None (PS6TE) [635] Well it's like ... it's like Julian, I gotta keep on at him to stop working ... because, he wants to go early anyway, but he he
Margaret (PS6RG) [636] What time did he go tonight then
None (PS6TF) [637] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [638] late?
None (PS6TE) [639] I said , [clears throat] , no ... I said, what time do you wanna, are you gonna go today?
[640] He said well I've gotta leave at five today.
[641] So I said, well, we'll have to start packing up at half past four because we got cement mixer to clean and all the
Margaret (PS6RG) [642] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [643] tools to clean.
[644] He still hadn't finished at quarter to five.
Margaret (PS6RG) [645] Where was he going then?
[646] ... Why did he want go to finish
None (PS6TE) [647] He had to go and pick somebody up.
Margaret (PS6RG) [648] Oh.
[649] Have I got all the what done?
None (PS6TF) [650] The freezer done?
Margaret (PS6RG) [651] No I haven't got the freezer done yet?
None (PS6TF) [652] Why haven't you got freezer done?
Margaret (PS6RG) [653] Because I haven't got round to doing it yet.
None (PS6TF) [654] It's just an excuse!
[655] Get on the phone and phone them up!
Margaret (PS6RG) [656] Right Claire, I will.
None (PS6TF) [657] Your turn now!
Margaret (PS6RG) [658] Go on!
[659] You say it as well.
None (PS6TE) [660] What?
None (PS6TF) [661] About the freezer lid
Margaret (PS6RG) [662] She said is the freezer done?
None (PS6TF) [663] it's been going on for
None (PS6TE) [664] Oh yeah!
None (PS6TF) [665] months!
[666] Who have you phoned?
Margaret (PS6RG) [667] Erm, something Electrics in Ashley Road and [...] .
None (PS6TF) [668] Get on the phone and phone up Currys and say I've got this model freezer
Margaret (PS6RG) [669] No , just phone up anyone.
None (PS6TF) [670] Anybody!
Margaret (PS6RG) [671] I can't find the model.
None (PS6TF) [672] [shouting] Well [...] me and I'll
None (PS6TE) [673] No, you don't need to do that, they'll
None (PS6TF) [674] do it [] !
None (PS6TE) [675] I told them to phone up but
Margaret (PS6RG) [676] Why phoning up and saying that
None (PS6TE) [677] Well do it then.
Margaret (PS6RG) [678] saying that
None (PS6TE) [679] You don't need a bo , you don't need, you just wanna be friendly and ask people for advice.
None (PS6TF) [680] But don't walk in there
None (PS6TE) [681] We've got a fre
None (PS6TF) [682] for?
None (PS6TE) [683] we got a freezer where the
Margaret (PS6RG) [684] Eight [...]
None (PS6TE) [685] seal is gone, can you help me?
Margaret (PS6RG) [686] Yeah, that's alright.
[687] I'll do it tomorrow.
None (PS6TF) [688] Do you know how much of electricity you're losing because you've got no seal on the freezer?
Margaret (PS6RG) [689] Alright aunty Jean!
None (PS6TF) [690] Well!
[691] You've gotta li be like it with [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [692] You're a fine one to talk!
None (PS6TF) [693] What i , what's wrong with me then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [694] Mm?
[695] You never do anything.
None (PS6TF) [696] Well no, not what's [laughing] wrong with me [] !
[697] What's wrong with that, my [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [698] You never ever do anything you say you're going to do!
None (PS6TF) [699] Well if I had a broken freezer I'd mend it.
[700] A and yesterday guess what we found?
[701] Something that we've been looking for for months and months!
Margaret (PS6RG) [702] What to do with me?
None (PS6TE) [703] Oh yeah!
[704] No, to do with
None (PS6TF) [705] Do with us.
None (PS6TE) [706] do with us in the house.
Margaret (PS6RG) [707] Oh I don't know.
None (PS6TF) [708] Go on.
[709] Just think, what have we been looking for?
None (PS6TE) [710] And yo , and who's got the blame?
None (PS6TF) [711] And you've been blaming me!
None (PS6TE) [712] Who's got the blame?
None (PS6TF) [713] Blaming me!
[714] Saying I'd lost it!
None (PS6TE) [715] To do with office work.
None (PS6TF) [716] I've wiped my bottom with it!
[717] Lu
None (PS6TE) [718] Well are you gonna tell mum what it is then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [719] What is it then?
None (PS6TF) [720] No, go on, guess.
None (PS6TE) [721] To do with office.
[722] To do with
None (PS6TF) [723] And I've been getting all the
None (PS6TE) [724] office
Margaret (PS6RG) [725] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [726] blame!
Margaret (PS6RG) [727] Amanda's ... pa typewriter
None (PS6TE) [728] In the
Margaret (PS6RG) [729] bit.
None (PS6TE) [730] In the car!
None (PS6TF) [731] In the car!
Margaret (PS6RG) [732] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [733] Who on earth put it in the car certainly weren't me.
Margaret (PS6RG) [734] Well she must have done.
[735] She's had our car.
None (PS6TE) [736] And i and it says that you've got the wrong ribbon.
None (PS6TF) [737] Ribbon.
Margaret (PS6RG) [738] Yeah, I guessed that didn't I?
None (PS6TF) [739] [...] .
[740] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [741] Yeah.
[742] I said that, I ... it said if they, if ... that light doesn't
None (PS6TF) [743] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [744] stop flashing yo ... it is something wrong with the ribbon or erm ... what was it, I said, he said [...] ... clutch and ribbon, or just the ribbon?
None (PS6TE) [745] One.
[746] A mismatch
None (PS6TF) [747] The ribbon or the lid's not put down
None (PS6TE) [748] it says.
None (PS6TF) [749] properly.
Margaret (PS6RG) [750] Oh well I, well she said, that's the one she's put on before!
None (PS6TF) [751] Mm.
[752] Well it didn't do it until
Margaret (PS6RG) [753] We better have a
None (PS6TF) [754] I took it out, so
Margaret (PS6RG) [755] No, it didn't do it until Claire took it out.
None (PS6TE) [756] See, the thing to do is go and buy a Smith's Corona
Margaret (PS6RG) [757] Yeah, I sa
None (PS6TF) [758] Yeah, or a
Margaret (PS6RG) [759] when I go into to Poole, cos I'm gonna go in and get your erm
None (PS6TE) [760] Where do you me , well wha , who sells, Boots.
None (PS6TF) [761] Yeah, they did do I'm not sure.
Margaret (PS6RG) [762] Well Smiths do as well.
None (PS6TE) [763] Smiths , Boots anywhere like that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [764] Yeah, I'll go.
[765] How much are they?
None (PS6TF) [766] About five pound.
Margaret (PS6RG) [767] Oh are they?
[768] Oh, they're no more?
[769] Because when we take, it's best to have one here and then Claire will be taking it away with her when you go.
None (PS6TF) [770] Ha!
Margaret (PS6RG) [771] Wherever you go.
[772] Whenever you do go.
None (PS6TF) [773] If I go.
[774] If I could be bothered to go!
Margaret (PS6RG) [775] Yes, you see!
[776] You're gonna get this attitude now aren't you?
None (PS6TF) [777] I am, I'm gonna have an attitude problem now for the rest of my life!
Margaret (PS6RG) [778] Well they're not very tasty.
None (PS6TE) [779] Look, there's hundreds of
Margaret (PS6RG) [780] Yeah!
None (PS6TE) [781] people get rejected, reject notes ... from colleges [clears throat] .
None (PS6TF) [782] But not every college they apply to dad!
[783] There's a subtle difference!
Margaret (PS6RG) [784] You didn't have, from everyone you applied to!
None (PS6TF) [785] All!
None (PS6TE) [clears throat]
Margaret (PS6RG) [786] Well you only did four!
None (PS6TF) [787] Four!
Margaret (PS6RG) [788] You were supposed to do six and you only did four!
None (PS6TE) [789] In fact, erm
None (PS6TF) [790] I'm not supposed to do any number!
Margaret (PS6RG) [791] Oh I thought you were supposed to do six.
None (PS6TF) [792] You do what you like!
Margaret (PS6RG) [793] Oh I thought you did six.
None (PS6TE) [794] What was that boy I had working for me, I've forgotten his name?
None (PS6TF) [795] [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [796] Duncan.
None (PS6TE) [797] Er , [clears throat] , Duncan told me
None (PS6TF) [798] Tt!
None (PS6TE) [799] that he had ... loads of rejects.
Margaret (PS6RG) [800] Well he would do if he didn't have marks.
None (PS6TE) [801] Oh!
[802] But
Margaret (PS6RG) [803] You're not gonna stop doing your biology are you?
None (PS6TF) [804] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [805] Nor your maths.
None (PS6TF) [806] I'm not stopping doing maths, no way!
[807] I'm good at maths.
None (PS6TE) [808] But you just gotta keep on and on haven't you?
None (PS6TF) [809] Mm.
[810] Yes, but what do I do now?
Margaret (PS6RG) [811] It's a bit disheartening isn't it, really?
None (PS6TE) [812] Well
Margaret (PS6RG) [813] It's a bit down!
None (PS6TE) [814] it's disheartening , it's disheartening but do exactly what Amanda says, wait until September when all the colleges are in the paper, the colleges have got to be filled up, they get budgets and they got to fill them up, the colleges up with
None (PS6TF) [815] I'm not gonna do sport.
None (PS6TE) [816] pupils.
Margaret (PS6RG) [817] You're not
None (PS6TE) [818] Students.
Margaret (PS6RG) [819] gonna do sports?
[820] What are you gonna do then?
None (PS6TF) [821] Dunno.
None (PS6TE) [822] Do something else.
None (PS6TF) [823] Do something else.
Margaret (PS6RG) [824] Well she can't do speech therapy cos she needs
None (PS6TF) [825] I'm not qualif , qualified in it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [826] What do you need ,chemi
None (PS6TF) [827] Chemistry A level.
Margaret (PS6RG) [828] Chemistry in A level.
[829] You can't do that.
None (PS6TE) [830] Do, do speech therapy?
Margaret (PS6RG) [831] Yeah.
[832] What about physiotherapy
None (PS6TE) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [833] to have to
None (PS6TF) [834] No.
[835] The , they'll be thousands of applicants to do physiotherapy this year because it's the in thing
Margaret (PS6RG) [836] Oh is it?
None (PS6TF) [837] to do.
Margaret (PS6RG) [838] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [839] I was listening to a programme on the radio about ... the speech ... and erm ... it said that all languages have got forty films or ... something or other.
Margaret (PS6RG) [840] Why don't you do something with your deaf, your sign language again?
None (PS6TF) [841] Oh well, you do, I mean it's all very well saying
Margaret (PS6RG) [842] Well no!
[843] Tt!
None (PS6TF) [844] ooh that'll be nice!
[845] But there's nothing going, a degree though is there?
Margaret (PS6RG) [846] You don't wanna do the leisure management erm
None (PS6TF) [847] Dunno.
Margaret (PS6RG) [848] You know this course you're taking
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [849] in June
None (PS6TF) [850] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [851] what does that do for you?
None (PS6TF) [852] Gives you an R S A.
Margaret (PS6RG) [853] And what does that
None (PS6TF) [854] It's Royal Society of Arts.
[855] Like
Margaret (PS6RG) [856] So you can
None (PS6TF) [857] an R S A in typing.
Margaret (PS6RG) [858] yeah, so you
None (PS6TF) [859] But a recognised
Margaret (PS6RG) [860] can do something
None (PS6TF) [861] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [862] with that?
None (PS6TF) [863] But then you'd have to become self employed and teach ... aerobics.
[864] And how many aerobic teachers are there
Margaret (PS6RG) [865] And there's loads of them doing that.
None (PS6TF) [866] in Dors
Margaret (PS6RG) [867] Yeah.
None (PS6TF) [868] Dorset?
[869] Hundreds!
Margaret (PS6RG) [870] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [871] Well, would you do it
None (PS6TF) [872] You'd just be another one.
None (PS6TE) [873] [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [874] [mimicking daughter] Hundreds!
[875] There's hundreds [] !
None (PS6TF) [876] For my self-esteem!
None (PS6TE) [877] But not to use it then?
None (PS6TF) [878] Oh yeah!
None (PS6TE) [879] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [880] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [881] Oh yeah.
None (PS6TF) [882] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [883] Wasn't there a course on dance movement or something?
None (PS6TF) [884] Yeah.
[885] But you have to give a practical performance.
Margaret (PS6RG) [886] Yeah.
[887] [laughing] You could be dance [...] [] !
None (PS6TF) [888] What?
None (PS6TE) [889] I would go on a course which is gonna give you the qualifications that are gonna pay you a good sa salary.
None (PS6TF) [890] I'm gonna do what dad said.
[891] You wanna gonna go on a course where everybody's at the beginning.
None (PS6TE) [892] Yeah.
None (PS6TF) [893] Nobody knows any more than the next person.
Margaret (PS6RG) [894] You wanna go to courses
None (PS6TE) [895] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [896] here?
None (PS6TE) [897] Well the
None (PS6TF) [898] Well like Mand
None (PS6TE) [899] most of them
None (PS6TF) [900] I mean, alright Mand was
None (PS6TE) [901] most of them
None (PS6TF) [902] interested in English ... nobody,sh ... didn't know any more than the girl next door did she?
[903] And they're all in the same position.
Margaret (PS6RG) [904] Well, we all know the basics in English.
None (PS6TE) [905] No, no, if you go, if you went on a philosophy ... you wanted to take a degree in English and philosophy ... you don't know any more o than the next person about
None (PS6TF) [906] No.
None (PS6TE) [907] philosophy do you?
None (PS6TF) [908] No.
[909] Gotta be a certain level, O sev , A
None (PS6TE) [910] So you're all starting at the same
None (PS6TF) [911] level standard.
None (PS6TE) [912] you all start at exactly the same level ... whereas ... where Claire went I mean, it's ridiculous to say you should be county standard sports!
None (PS6TF) [913] I said Nick erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [914] What did she say there?
None (PS6TF) [915] she says erm, um, she's gonna ring me tonight.
Margaret (PS6RG) [916] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [917] She said erm, how did you get on?
[918] Oh, not very well at all!
[919] And she said erm ... oh I'll have another cup please, thank you.
[920] [cough] ... She said that, I said they said, you had to be
Margaret (PS6RG) [921] Do you want more?
None (PS6TF) [922] at county level, I said, I'm sorry, county what?
[923] [cough] ... So erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [924] Oh that pleased her did it?
[925] How many cups have you had?
None (PS6TF) [926] Well I haven't long got up
Margaret (PS6RG) [927] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [928] have I?
Margaret (PS6RG) [929] I don't think this teapot holds as much
None (PS6TE) [930] Well it doesn't.
Margaret (PS6RG) [931] as you think it does
None (PS6TE) [932] It doesn't
Margaret (PS6RG) [933] does it?
None (PS6TF) [934] [cough] ... I'll got and put the kettle on.
[935] What does everybody want then?
None (PS6TE) [936] Nothing.
[937] That's enough Claire.
None (PS6TF) [938] Want anything mum?
None (PS6TE) [939] That's enough tea.
None (PS6TF) [940] Yeah, well I'm having something to eat cos that was hardly anything
None (PS6TE) [941] Oh.
None (PS6TF) [942] what I had [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [943] Please
None (PS6TF) [944] I thought you said you wanted some ice-cream?
Margaret (PS6RG) [945] Yeah, but I don't expect [...] .
None (PS6TE) [946] I
None (PS6TF) [947] What do you want?
Margaret (PS6RG) [948] I don't know.
[949] I want
None (PS6TE) [950] Amanda agrees with this as well that Claire goes o
None (PS6TF) [951] What do you want mum?
Margaret (PS6RG) [952] I don't think I want anything else, no.
None (PS6TE) [953] er goes on a course
None (PS6TF) [954] Pineapple?
None (PS6TE) [clears throat]
Margaret (PS6RG) [955] Yes alright, yeah.
None (PS6TE) [956] and goes on a course where everybody starts
None (PS6TF) [957] Yes, [...]
None (PS6TE) [958] at the same time and that's it.
[959] ... Which is what most courses aren't they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [960] Yeah, but she's a bit despondent now isn't she, really?
[961] ... Amanda said I've got to sto , she's not to stop going to night school.
[962] I said, well you co , if Claire wants to stop nothing'll make us go will it?
[963] I don't know. [...]
None (PS6TF) [964] When we went to that the interview yesterday it was ever so funny because ... we're all sat in a row and this girl next door to me was from Cornwall, and this other girl said, where are you from?
[965] And she says, from Cornwall.
[966] She said, do you know Sarah so and so?
None (PS6TE) [967] She didn't!
Margaret (PS6RG) [968] Did she?
None (PS6TF) [969] She did!
[970] And she was serious!
[971] And we went
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TE) [972] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [973] How big does she think Cornwall
None (PS6TE) [974] Well she might , she might be a county standard athlete
Margaret (PS6RG) [975] Yeah!
None (PS6TE) [976] but she's thick!
None (PS6TF) [977] No brain!
Margaret (PS6RG) [978] How big does she think
None (PS6TF) [979] Actually, I thought
None (PS6TE) [980] It's like on Delboy last night,i he he said er ... he's he's in hospital with a nurse watching him all day and the thick one at the bar, did you see it?
[981] The thick one at the bar said ... cor!
[982] Fancy having someone staring at you all day!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TE) [983] Erm ... what was I gonna say?
[984] I thought ... she's just the type of person which everybody would avoid to speak to, this girl!
[985] You know, the one that gets on your nerves!
Margaret (PS6RG) [986] Not very nice!
None (PS6TE) [987] Well
None (PS6TF) [988] Well she was!
[989] Not worth beating around the bush is there?
Margaret (PS6RG) [990] Well are there single rooms there or
None (PS6TE) [991] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [992] they're single, the accommodation is single then is it?
None (PS6TE) [993] Yes it is.
None (PS6TF) [994] Well you can stay on with your boyfriend if you want to!
None (PS6TE) [995] Well, if they got, they got men and women in the same dormitory!
None (PS6TF) [996] With the same showers [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [997] They share the same rooms do they?
None (PS6TE) [998] Yeah, they got the me , men and women in the same
Margaret (PS6RG) [999] Course they have pools with a girl!
None (PS6TE) [1000] Yeah, but I mean what
Margaret (PS6RG) [1001] At [...] !
None (PS6TE) [1002] yeah, but why do you think, what do you think the reason for that is then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1003] [laugh] ... Well
None (PS6TE) [1004] No,we why do you think, what we er we er, if if you said ... if you were looking round a place an , and and a mother said, I'm surprised that you haven't segregated the men from the women in the dorm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1005] Well they'd get in there anyway!
None (PS6TE) [1006] No but wha , why, what do you think
Margaret (PS6RG) [1007] I don't know why!
None (PS6TE) [1008] well she said because it's good security for the, for the girls.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1009] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [1010] Because ... this
Margaret (PS6RG) [1011] Well some of them are [...] aren't they?
None (PS6TE) [1012] No, no!
[1013] It's this, er the campus is very exposed to
None (PS6TF) [1014] They get down and then
None (PS6TE) [1015] people walking in
Margaret (PS6RG) [1016] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [1017] and
None (PS6TF) [1018] because it's an open college and erm
None (PS6TE) [1019] you know how nurses
Margaret (PS6RG) [1020] Look what happened at erm
None (PS6TE) [1021] you know what nurses' accommodation
Margaret (PS6RG) [1022] the camp
None (PS6TE) [1023] is always had weirdos
Margaret (PS6RG) [1024] look at the erm
None (PS6TE) [1025] looking into windows and whatnot!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1026] accommodation at Manda's, they had a ... chap go in there a rape one of the girls in there didn't they?
None (PS6TE) [1027] They'll be weirdos looking into windows there and they'll looking a big beefy rugby player!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1028] [laugh] ... Well that's Paul at Cambridge had erm, a girl on the same floor as him.
None (PS6TF) [1029] Yeah, but he said ... you share a bathroom and
None (PS6TE) [1030] Yeah, and the
None (PS6TF) [1031] showers.
None (PS6TE) [1032] and the rooms
Margaret (PS6RG) [1033] Really?
None (PS6TE) [1034] you know, there's a, a chap in that room there in the next room
Margaret (PS6RG) [1035] Yeah, that's what Paul had in Cambridge.
None (PS6TE) [1036] Yeah.
[1037] But I, I wa , I must admit, I was surprised!
None (PS6TF) [1038] He shared a kitchen there though
None (PS6TE) [1039] Yeah.
[1040] In the paper the other day they had
None (PS6TF) [1041] Well they must see wo , men and women in the same
None (PS6TE) [1042] stu students at Oxford University were ... parading, were demonstrating that
None (PS6TF) [1043] Mm!
None (PS6TE) [1044] they wanted
None (PS6TF) [1045] Gonna have a bit more of that.
None (PS6TE) [1046] men excluded from ... wo , some part or other because it was causing so many problems.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1047] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [1048] Mm!
[1049] I think it's erm, I think it's good, yeah?
None (PS6TE) [1050] And that they they
None (PS6TF) [1051] but
None (PS6TE) [1052] and they were, felt under a a lot of the pressure
None (PS6TF) [1053] Oh don't let me finish dad, you know!
None (PS6TE) [1054] Yeah.
[1055] Go on.
None (PS6TF) [1056] Erm ... but ... their bathrooms and their showers ... there's three showers and a bath ... and you share that with the bloke next door!
[1057] I think that's a bit ... and toilets, you share the toilets as well.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1058] Yeah.
[1059] No I dunno about the toilet.
None (PS6TF) [1060] No I
Margaret (PS6RG) [1061] I don't think I'd like to share a bathroom
None (PS6TE) [1062] No, I was surprised but
Margaret (PS6RG) [1063] and a toilet with them.
None (PS6TE) [1064] I must admit, I was
Margaret (PS6RG) [1065] I
None (PS6TE) [1066] surprised.
None (PS6TF) [1067] I would have thought they should have the girls ... cloakroom and a gents cloakroom separately.
None (PS6TE) [1068] A cloakroom?
None (PS6TF) [1069] Well ... bathroom.
None (PS6TE) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [1070] Bath, well they are cloakrooms!
[1071] Bathrooms.
None (PS6TF) [1072] a and then

4 (Tape 042204)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [1073] it's the finding things!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1074] Yeah!
[1075] And I, all the
None (PS6TD) [1076] I don't care, I take ages!
[1077] I mean I'm
Margaret (PS6RG) [1078] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1079] still looking for a ... table for the hall.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1080] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1081] I know when I see it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1082] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1083] I'm not , I don't want it until I can see it.
[1084] You know
Margaret (PS6RG) [1085] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1086] I think I've I ... er Sandy came yesterday and
Margaret (PS6RG) [1087] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1088] she's just bought an oak table and chairs for one thousand
Margaret (PS6RG) [1089] Ah ah!
None (PS6TD) [1090] three hundred I think.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1091] Well that's incredible!
None (PS6TD) [1092] But she's got a nice house and I think if you, if you do ... want a lot
Margaret (PS6RG) [1093] Yes, but how can she afford it?
[1094] They're still
None (PS6TD) [1095] I don't know.
[1096] Sh she wants to put it there so erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [1097] Gosh!
None (PS6TD) [1098] Well, I suppose ours is worth some, I don't know I take it
Margaret (PS6RG) [1099] Yeah, but you did yours gradually, I mean she wants everything
None (PS6TD) [1100] well I only should, yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [1101] all at once doesn't
None (PS6TD) [1102] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1103] she?
None (PS6TD) [1104] Yeah.
[1105] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1106] I mean, and then then she always doing like that, I don't know what she does!
[1107] She's always
None (PS6TD) [1108] Yeah I know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1109] going away, going, she wants to buy that [...] don't she?
None (PS6TD) [1110] Yeah.
[1111] But she
Margaret (PS6RG) [1112] God!
None (PS6TD) [1113] erm ... said it's oak I think she said.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1114] Well I bet it's nice!
None (PS6TD) [1115] Yeah.
[1116] I don't know what, I said what
Margaret (PS6RG) [1117] I bet it's nice!
None (PS6TD) [1118] date is it?
[1119] She didn't
Margaret (PS6RG) [1120] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1121] know what date it were.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1122] No I'll , I'll bet it's lovely!
[1123] Because our table's Victorian.
[1124] I don't
None (PS6TD) [1125] I know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1126] know what our chairs are but
None (PS6TD) [1127] But your, your suite does [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [1128] Our cha , our chairs are not Victorian, they're older than Victorian.
None (PS6TD) [1129] They're very nice!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1130] [...] , I don't know what er
None (PS6TD) [1131] They're very nice Margaret!
[1132] I mean, it it
Margaret (PS6RG) [1133] what er
None (PS6TD) [1134] such quality [...] doesn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1135] I don't know what ... the chairs are, they're
None (PS6TD) [1136] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1137] something or the other, I don't know.
None (PS6TD) [1138] It's such quality and there's no doubt about, it's nice to have nice things but ... the trouble with them is she wants everything doesn't she?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1139] Mm mm.
[1140] Mm.
[1141] Well there you are.
[1142] Is that too
None (PS6TD) [1143] There we are.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1144] strong?
None (PS6TD) [1145] No, that's better.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1146] Right.
None (PS6TD) [1147] I left them some tea bags there today.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1148] Did you?
None (PS6TD) [1149] Well when I get [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1150] Ooh I've painted the door today.
[1151] I volunteered it so ... Tetley ... do freeze dried tea or something.
None (PS6TD) [1152] Oh you wanna try that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1153] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1154] Mm!
[1155] They're always talking about it aren't
Margaret (PS6RG) [1156] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1157] they?
[1158] But, I expect you've got one in your door anyway.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1159] Yeah , on magazines, something like that.
None (PS6TD) [1160] I never have these offers down there!
[1161] You know you, you sometimes have things like that?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1162] Yeah.
[1163] Oh don't they go up that way then?
None (PS6TD) [1164] No.
[1165] Can't do.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1166] Well they should, shouldn't they?
None (PS6TD) [1167] Mm!
[1168] I never get sent any, yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1169] Well I haven't had anything for ages.
[1170] That's the
None (PS6TD) [1171] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1172] first thing I've had for a long time is er that.
[1173] But, yeah.
[1174] I don't know.
None (PS6TD) [1175] But I went down er yesterday, and I got, ooh I might get, they didn't have, do you know I was gonna buy a [...] actually [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1176] Oh yeah!
None (PS6TD) [1177] they're not getting their new stock in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1178] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [1179] I don't mind, I get it cheap enough
Margaret (PS6RG) [1180] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1181] from Argos.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1182] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1183] But erm, so why not, what am I gonna spend it on?
[1184] So I bought
Margaret (PS6RG) [1185] Did you have to spend it by a certain time or
None (PS6TD) [1186] I've still got five pounds left.
[1187] I
Margaret (PS6RG) [1188] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [1189] have to do by the twenty eighth of February so
Margaret (PS6RG) [1190] You better get a move on!
None (PS6TD) [1191] Yeah I know.
[1192] Well I thought well I'll, just think about what I want with the last five pounds.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1193] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1194] So I bought ... a tin, a five litre of ... white silk emulsion, brilliant white emulsion, erm ... a two litre ... drum, a thing of white spirit ... a pack of ... erm ... wool, steel wool, cos I'm taking off the varnish off the doors, they're coming up quite nicely!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1195] So how's it all going?
None (PS6TD) [1196] Mm mm.
[1197] Erm yes, [...] job and I thought if I get steel wool
Margaret (PS6RG) [1198] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1199] it'll probably needs, do it
Margaret (PS6RG) [1200] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1201] quicker.
[1202] Erm ... get that there.
[1203] And what else did I get?
[1204] Ooh!
[1205] Battery for radio, it's just gone, cos they
Margaret (PS6RG) [1206] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [1207] er they sell batteries in there, so I got a battery.
[1208] And ... two plugs ... thirteen amp
Margaret (PS6RG) [1209] Aha.
None (PS6TD) [1210] ah ah ... a tin o , er a thing of Superglue, I've always wanted some Superglue.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1211] [laughing] Oh yes [] !
None (PS6TD) [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1212] And you're gonna come out and find yourself stuck to the wall! [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [1213] So I, I bought some Superglue.
[1214] I'm not gonna use it really, I just want some
Margaret (PS6RG) [1215] [laughing] Imagine [] !
None (PS6TD) [1216] Superglue!
[1217] And erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [1218] You'll be going round glueing everything [laughing] now [] !
None (PS6TD) [1219] Yeah.
[1220] Ooh!
[1221] And a tin of, ah,o a a small tin of erm ... [...] of brilliant white gloss cos I want to do the gates outside, you know that fence outside.
[1222] Erm ... and I'm having that delivered.
[1223] So I'm having the steel wool, the emulsion, the, I thought cheeky monkey!
[1224] Even though
Margaret (PS6RG) [1225] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1226] I didn't know about, spent nine pounds
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [1227] to deliver it for me!
[1228] I come on the bike and I can't have it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1229] Mm.
[1230] Mm!
None (PS6TD) [1231] Er, so the steel wo , well that's [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1232] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1233] that's only gone for me.
[1234] I'm having that delivered but the little items I bought myself.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1235] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1236] And then I thought, now what am I gonna get for my five pounds?
[1237] I thought ... course it'll be, by this time it's getting dark!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1238] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1239] I didn't go until ... why didn't I go?
[1240] You wasn't there?
[1241] Now what happened?
[1242] I was a bit annoyed actually cos I even had to wait for him
Margaret (PS6RG) [1243] Mm mm.
None (PS6TD) [1244] in the mornings!
[1245] And I can't think what it was.
[1246] I don't think he ... he had to go out or something happened, and I thought, oh blow this for being
Margaret (PS6RG) [1247] Ah oh!
None (PS6TD) [1248] with cowboys!
[1249] Anyway, I had an early lunch and I went out, but of course I'd forgotten
Margaret (PS6RG) [1250] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1251] it gets dark!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1252] It's dark.
None (PS6TD) [1253] And I looked out and I was having a lovely little wander round
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [1254] and I thought ... oh God!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [1255] And I was like a young [...] by the time I got home.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1256] Haven't got lights on your bike!
None (PS6TD) [1257] Oh well that's alright ended up on the cycle path, you know.
[1258] But I thought blimey!
[1259] But I knew, it makes me laugh because when Joe used to go to these do-it-yourself places I used to say, oh come on Joey!
[1260] I'm as bad as he is now!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [1261] I'm looking at the ... all the tools, I thought ... ooh that sander's quite nice!
[1262] I thought, fifty five pounds, oh that's too dear I'll
Margaret (PS6RG) [1263] Ha!
None (PS6TD) [1264] do it by hand.
[1265] And I was looking at the drills, and
Margaret (PS6RG) [cough]
None (PS6TD) [1266] then I was looking at all the garden stuff, and ... and I thought well, start by the, and I thought I'm doing a Joey!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1267] [laughing] Yeah [] !
None (PS6TD) [1268] Looking at all the paints I'm
Margaret (PS6RG) [1269] I bet
None (PS6TD) [1270] gonna get [...] !
[1271] And I thought, oh poor Joey I wish he was back
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [1272] he could wander rou , if only Joey had let me do more
Margaret (PS6RG) [1273] Yeah.
[1274] He didn't let you do enough did
None (PS6TD) [1275] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1276] he?
[1277] No.
None (PS6TD) [1278] I could be really interested!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1279] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1280] I find I'm interested in it
Margaret (PS6RG) [1281] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1282] Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1283] Yeah, but he wanted you for slave work!
None (PS6TD) [1284] Yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1285] Didn't he?
None (PS6TD) [1286] You see how anything could
Margaret (PS6RG) [1287] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1288] and as for painting, he would no more let me touch a painting brush!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1289] No.
None (PS6TD) [1290] And,a all these things I thought were so difficult!
[1291] Blimey Marg!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1292] Mm!
None (PS6TD) [1293] I mean, painting the ceilings
Margaret (PS6RG) [1294] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1295] And I,an and quite honestly you don't, I thought ooh that's gonna drip everywhere!
[1296] I doesn't!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1297] No.
None (PS6TD) [1298] The
Margaret (PS6RG) [1299] Yes.
None (PS6TD) [1300] one I got, what else did I get?
[1301] Ooh no, I was gonna get some of that erm ... Ronseal stuff, not the creosote
Margaret (PS6RG) [1302] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1303] and I thought oh the creosote's good!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1304] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1305] [whispering] I'll get that creosote [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [1306] Mm.
[1307] Have you done your shelf?
None (PS6TD) [1308] No, not time.
[1309] I haven't had time.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1310] No.
[1311] No.
[1312] No.
None (PS6TD) [1313] And you see, when men move out there Marg, I find out
Margaret (PS6RG) [1314] Oh it's difficult!
None (PS6TD) [1315] it's difficult
Margaret (PS6RG) [1316] No I don't like to people in the house yo you don't know what to do do you?
None (PS6TD) [1317] Whe
Margaret (PS6RG) [1318] No.
None (PS6TD) [1319] wherever you are, I mean today when I was trying to get ready to go ... wherever I was there were ladders there, or there was
Margaret (PS6RG) [1320] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1321] this there, or they were there
Margaret (PS6RG) [1322] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1323] and ... I try to keep out of the way.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1324] Well you should come round here, I told you.
None (PS6TD) [1325] Well I know, it's
Margaret (PS6RG) [1326] You should have come round here, I mean
None (PS6TD) [1327] And we've still got to collect all the
Margaret (PS6RG) [1328] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1329] stuff up Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1330] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1331] But I might, I haven't bothered about the food so much, I thought ... cos once I mean I used to go behind the, and I thought ... I'm having my sa ... lunch time and I'm going to enjoy it and I am not going to sit in corners!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1332] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1333] So I either have it in the kitchen or I go [...] and I say to them ... do you want a cup of tea?
[1334] I'm going to have my lunch now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1335] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1336] And I thought, blow it!
[1337] I'm
Margaret (PS6RG) [1338] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1339] not gonna ... hide and
Margaret (PS6RG) [1340] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1341] juggle my lunch!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1342] Well I don't think they expect you to anyway.
None (PS6TD) [1343] Course they don't.
[1344] It's in
Margaret (PS6RG) [1345] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1346] you.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1347] Yeah.
[1348] It is.
[1349] I don't like it when er ... cos I've got the boiler man coming on Tuesday
None (PS6TD) [1350] And
Margaret (PS6RG) [1351] to take that out.
None (PS6TD) [1352] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1353] And he won't be here five minutes.
None (PS6TD) [1354] No.
[1355] I don't, you know, you can't call your house your own.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1356] No.
None (PS6TD) [1357] But you see once I get this over Marg, the worst'll be over.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1358] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1359] I've had everything done.
[1360] Now when it's done
Margaret (PS6RG) [1361] You got your en suite to do.
None (PS6TD) [1362] Ah, yeah!
[1363] But that'll mostly be outside.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1364] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1365] The only thing I'll have
Margaret (PS6RG) [1366] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1367] them in for that is when they cut the door open.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1368] When they put that in.
[1369] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1370] Now that's the only time I shall have that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1371] How many years , it's only three isn't it before you have to have ... planning
None (PS6TD) [1372] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1373] permission again.
None (PS6TD) [1374] Oh!
[1375] I can build a ... I've only been there, I haven't been there three years.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1376] Oh no.
[1377] Two is it?
None (PS6TD) [1378] Coming up to two.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1379] Two.
[1380] Anyway, as I say, you must be careful because it will run out.
None (PS6TD) [1381] Yeah.
[1382] But I definitely going, if it's re , if erm, I want Derek to have a look at it, see
Margaret (PS6RG) [1383] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1384] what he thinks
Margaret (PS6RG) [1385] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1386] about it
Margaret (PS6RG) [1387] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1388] and if he thinks the work's alright
Margaret (PS6RG) [1389] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1390] then I'll
Margaret (PS6RG) [1391] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1392] erm ... get him to do
Margaret (PS6RG) [1393] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1394] that if the price is, price is right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1395] Yeah.
[1396] Do think it will be alright if he did this or not?
[1397] I think it would don't you?
[1398] And I think if we go and have something in ... down by the sea and see what we've got there I think it'll be alright.
None (PS6TD) [1399] Er, probably Paul's had it for the night.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1400] Did i , did you
None (PS6TD) [1401] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1402] did he say he show you any work that he's done or anything?
None (PS6TD) [1403] Who?
[1404] Mr ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1405] Yeah, he did say you could see ... some of it
None (PS6TD) [1406] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1407] you know, I mean it
None (PS6TD) [1408] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1409] wouldn't er
None (PS6TD) [1410] No.
[1411] You see, but he didn't have a Federation of Buil , Master Builders, but whether, I mean this chap must have quite a few, he didn't say it, but
Margaret (PS6RG) [1412] No.
None (PS6TD) [1413] er
Margaret (PS6RG) [1414] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1415] he's a bit, they're a bit lucky with their erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [1416] Yeah.
[1417] Mind ,
None (PS6TD) [1418] You see th
Margaret (PS6RG) [1419] builders are cos I mean
None (PS6TD) [1420] Are they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1421] at times I I, er, yeah they're awful!
None (PS6TD) [1422] Oh!
[1423] But the front I mean
Margaret (PS6RG) [1424] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1425] you know I like to keep my front
Margaret (PS6RG) [1426] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1427] the muck that, I just don't look.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1428] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1429] But it's muck and the wood they leave there, the tools they leave at night!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1430] What when they go home?
None (PS6TD) [1431] And all the wood!
[1432] And I think ... Oh!
[1433] I I can't bear to look at it
Margaret (PS6RG) [1434] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1435] I just ... co close my eyes at it
Margaret (PS6RG) [1436] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1437] you know.
[1438] And before they come in the mornings I ... tidy up, I, well after they've gone at night
Margaret (PS6RG) [1439] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1440] too, but ... I make sure that the hall's dusted and
Margaret (PS6RG) [1441] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1442] it's all sort of swept
Margaret (PS6RG) [1443] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1444] nicely, and then in two minutes flat
Margaret (PS6RG) [1445] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1446] it's
Margaret (PS6RG) [1447] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1448] well I know they can't help that
Margaret (PS6RG) [1449] No.
None (PS6TD) [1450] but ... I still think they could be, I mean, he doesn't sort of strip out the bathroom every time or anything like that.
[1451] Sweep into a corner or something
Margaret (PS6RG) [1452] No.
None (PS6TD) [1453] like this, you know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [1454] No, yeah.
[1455] But, mind, Mr isn't.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1456] No.
None (PS6TD) [1457] Mr would
Margaret (PS6RG) [1458] Derek said, and he's there on his own?
None (PS6TD) [1459] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [1460] And he said the, the electrician's good.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1461] What ... co er
None (PS6TD) [1462] He didn't used to leave any mess.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1463] No.
None (PS6TD) [1464] No mess!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1465] No.
None (PS6TD) [1466] And Paul ... whatever he did, it was all tidied up.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1467] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1468] See tha ,i if this chap's got a fault, it's that he's a bit of mucky worker.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1469] Mm mm.
[1470] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1471] But lots of ... er, builders are I think.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1472] Yeah.
[1473] Derek always clears up when he goes
None (PS6TD) [1474] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1475] and when he, he doesn't leave it untidy, he cleans.
None (PS6TD) [1476] But then, you see, I think to myself sometimes, oh you're being too fussy!
[1477] You see, now nothing works again with Joey ... Joey never ever left any muck.
[1478] I say, if it was midnight Joey went round with that, I didn't even have to.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1479] No.
None (PS6TD) [1480] Joe went round with that hoover and it was all clean
Margaret (PS6RG) [1481] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1482] and tidy.
[1483] Perfectly
Margaret (PS6RG) [1484] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1485] left!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1486] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1487] See I've been spoilt really
Margaret (PS6RG) [1488] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1489] Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1490] You won't get that with workmen
None (PS6TD) [1491] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1492] I can say!
None (PS6TD) [1493] Been spoilt.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1494] No you're right.
None (PS6TD) [1495] I realise this see,sh
Margaret (PS6RG) [1496] No.
None (PS6TD) [1497] I'm basing it all on past experience.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1498] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1499] You see when we had those men in Chesham and Joey he did his nut when we
Margaret (PS6RG) [1500] Oh yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1501] went up to our bedroom while we're having an en suite done and the plumber had left all, all along ply boards.
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [1502] He nearly went mad!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1503] Yeah.
[1504] Yeah but Joey was over the top if anything wasn't he?
None (PS6TD) [1505] Yeah I know that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1506] That's the trouble.
None (PS6TD) [1507] I know.
[1508] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1509] He was over the top with some of it.
[1510] So er
None (PS6TD) [1511] But the trouble is he's got me into the way of thinking
Margaret (PS6RG) [1512] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1513] you know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1514] Yeah.
[1515] See Derek's not that fussy.
None (PS6TD) [1516] Mm.
[1517] Joey was.
[1518] He would ... he was i , he always is and I know that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1519] Mm mm.
[1520] Mm mm.
None (PS6TD) [1521] I know that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1522] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1523] But once you've seen it, you know, and er
Margaret (PS6RG) [1524] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1525] but having said he, having said all this though Marg I know I'm going to be pleased with it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1526] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1527] I know I am.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1528] Yeah.
[1529] What time do they work till?
None (PS6TD) [1530] Half past five.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1531] Oh do they?
[1532] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [1533] He'd gone when I got home [laughing] from Texas, about quarter to six and they'd gone [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [1534] Well you were on your bike! [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1535] I hadn't reali
None (PS6TD) [1536] Oh mind, it was quite light, it wasn't ... and I saddled on the path and I didn't, I don't take chances.
[1537] But, it wasn't really dark.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1538] Yeah, that's right.
[1539] Policeman come up to you.
None (PS6TD) [1540] Well they were screaming, and I thought you stupid [...] !
[1541] But it's a funny thing how many cyclists go up along that path
Margaret (PS6RG) [1542] Yeah, oh yeah without
None (PS6TD) [1543] without lights!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1544] Oh yeah!
None (PS6TD) [1545] But it wasn't all that dark.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1546] No.
None (PS6TD) [1547] Well it wasn't dark.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1548] Expect lots of them do, but
None (PS6TD) [1549] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1550] erm ... if you had to go on the road it would have been different.
None (PS6TD) [1551] Well I wouldn't go on the road, that's all.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1552] No , erm
None (PS6TD) [1553] There I am laughing to myself, I thought you stu , and I was lost, you know!
[1554] Ooh then I went to the B and Q to see if I could get a blind to match, but ... I spent [...] , so I
Margaret (PS6RG) [1555] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1556] I'll have to go into Poole
Margaret (PS6RG) [1557] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1558] and take my leaflets out
Margaret (PS6RG) [1559] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1560] with me ... and see if I can something
Margaret (PS6RG) [1561] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1562] that'll match.
[1563] I don't
Margaret (PS6RG) [1564] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1565] want to spoil it now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1566] No.
[1567] No.
None (PS6TD) [1568] Must not
Margaret (PS6RG) [1569] No.
None (PS6TD) [1570] spoil it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1571] I don't know where there's a ... where is there erm
None (PS6TD) [1572] Oh there's two or three!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1573] Are there?
None (PS6TD) [1574] There's erm ... well that shop on the left hand, right hand side as you go down, they sell curtains and they're a bit thin
Margaret (PS6RG) [1575] Oh yeah!
None (PS6TD) [1576] but they've got
Margaret (PS6RG) [1577] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1578] come quite nice ones in there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1579] Oh have they?
[1580] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1581] Yeah.
[1582] Only I've got to erm ... Ashley Road, I mean, I can go
Margaret (PS6RG) [1583] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1584] into all those places
Margaret (PS6RG) [1585] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1586] in Ashley Road, I'll get something.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1587] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1588] But I'm not going to spoil it, I want to get something which will, ooh!
[1589] And when I went into Do-it-all ... they had a wallpaper and ... bed linen, and it was ... just what I wanted!
[1590] It had, but they don't damn well do blinds!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1591] Tt!
[1592] Oh no!
None (PS6TD) [1593] Well it would have been easier but I would have, I wouldn't find
Margaret (PS6RG) [1594] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1595] it was,ju exactly the colour I wanted!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1596] Ah!
[1597] Ah!
[1598] Ah!
[1599] Ah!
None (PS6TD) [1600] And the wallpaper, I looked at the wallpaper I thought, God if I can get a blind like that!
[1601] They don't
Margaret (PS6RG) [1602] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1603] blooming well do them!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1604] What a shame!
None (PS6TD) [1605] Oh I was thinking the colour of it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1606] Yeah.
[1607] I know sa ... so if you get mine what, I told you about the blind as they go, don't ... pull them up when they're wet.
None (PS6TD) [1608] No.
[1609] No.
[1610] Well, I'm hoping that er erm, the extractor fan, but under the shower, said
Margaret (PS6RG) [1611] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1612] I can't be bothered any more!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1613] No.
None (PS6TD) [1614] so, that will take all the afternoon
Margaret (PS6RG) [1615] Mm mm mm.
None (PS6TD) [1616] and then I
Margaret (PS6RG) [1617] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1618] and that's, that's alright.
[1619] So I, I will get a bit.
[1620] But you see we've had U ... er P V C before.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1621] I didn't have any, oh no, I didn't have in the bathroom at all cos
None (PS6TD) [1622] But the other of mine had
Margaret (PS6RG) [1623] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1624] U P V C ones ... and erm ... but you see, in the kitchen they don't go with
Margaret (PS6RG) [1625] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1626] you see.
[1627] Er ... but erm ... actually, I I, in erm ... erm ... sorry, er, but of course that was a bathroom, but we didn't have a blind up.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1628] Did we have a blind up?
None (PS6TD) [1629] No.
[1630] I didn't put a blind up there cos we were so far away ... I don't like them looking at your window
Margaret (PS6RG) [1631] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [1632] I don't think we used to have a blind up there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1633] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [1634] I don't remember
Margaret (PS6RG) [1635] Ooh!
None (PS6TD) [1636] it.
[1637] We had a blind in the bathroom, that was a U, er P V C one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1638] That was nice your blind in there.
None (PS6TD) [1639] Well you see erm ... what do you call it?
[1640] Some ... M F I ... and Clayton Mills used to do the ... P V C ones, but they don't seem to do them now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1641] No, I think they've stopped doing it now, I dunno.
None (PS6TD) [1642] It's a shame because everybody, what?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1643] Definitely worth it.
[1644] Because bathrooms you need something don't you?
None (PS6TD) [1645] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1646] That you can wipe off really.
None (PS6TD) [1647] Yeah!
[1648] And the one in the kitchen outside the cupboard used to only, had to wipe that over.
[1649] And, I thought it was lovely pattern on there!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1650] Mm!
None (PS6TD) [1651] The green with the ferns
Margaret (PS6RG) [1652] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1653] on it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1654] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [1655] And it was lovely!
[1656] But

5 (Tape 042205)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [1657] Couple of weeks?
None (PS6TF) [1658] Oh!
[1659] Then it'll be over?
[1660] There won't be any more work?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1661] Mm mm.
None (PS6TF) [1662] Or there won't be only, might be more [...] at
Margaret (PS6RG) [1663] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [1664] Oh that's good then.
[1665] Perhaps Sophie will be back soon.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1666] Sarah hasn't been in has she?
None (PS6TF) [1667] Ah?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1668] Not gonna come is she?
None (PS6TF) [1669] Well phone her up.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1670] Well I didn't realise she had another job, I thought she was still looking.
[1671] ... That, those lettuces, those iceberg lettuces are seventy eight P!
[1672] I ain't paying that!
None (PS6TF) [1673] Well it's cheaper than Tescos.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1674] What were they in Tescos?
None (PS6TF) [1675] What were they?
[1676] Ninety four!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1677] Yeah , well I'm not really paying that!
[1678] I'm not paying that for, yet I feel they're better.
[1679] See you haven't got any taste.
None (PS6TF) [1680] Can possibly do [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1681] Don't matter [...] .
None (PS6TF) [1682] [...] .
[1683] That don't matter does it. [very loud background noise]
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TF) [1684] We do have [...] then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1685] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [1686] They're like refreshing.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1687] Are they?
None (PS6TF) [1688] How come I've got [...] a yoghurt left then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1689] We've all got one?
None (PS6TF) [1690] Oh we did it right [...] then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1691] We di , no I did it right.
[1692] ... You can't count! ... [...]
None (PS6TF) [1693] What?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1694] The petrol.
None (PS6TF) [1695] What for?
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [1696] Oh!
[1697] I don't know.
[1698] ... Mind you, it looks quite strange doesn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1699] Depends though, I mean you might be going to work.
None (PS6TF) [1700] She's asked me how I got on.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1701] Oh.
None (PS6TF) [1702] Normally I have a little conflab do you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1703] What?
None (PS6TF) [1704] Did you smell it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1705] Can you smell it?
None (PS6TF) [1706] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1707] So did Ian going to yo erm ... something men?
None (PS6TF) [1708] Eh?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1709] And I said it was man and, what was it?
None (PS6TF) [1710] J F K?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1711] Yeah.
[1712] Did he go and see it?
None (PS6TF) [1713] Mm.
[1714] ... I dunno.
[1715] I think it's a different one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1716] Someone , someone told me it's on for three and a half hours!
None (PS6TF) [1717] That was me!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1718] Oh was it?
[1719] [laugh] ... When did you tell me that?
None (PS6TF) [1720] Last night.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1721] No, I knew before then.
[1722] I was in a car with Amanda.
None (PS6TF) [1723] You must be stupid coming out my her hat on!
[1724] Just a scratch.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1725] Where's it scratched?
None (PS6TF) [1726] It is actually leaking water, mum.
[1727] Believe it or not!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1728] I know it, I looked in there and that was [...] ... cos they've gotta stay here now haven't they?
None (PS6TF) [1729] Oh I, I dunno but
Margaret (PS6RG) [1730] I don't wanna [...] like that dear, I want the squat time.
None (PS6TF) [1731] The ordinary type.
[1732] ... Will you be working late tonight? ... [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1733] Dunno.
[1734] Ten o'clock?
None (PS6TF) [1735] How late?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1736] Ten o'clock.
None (PS6TF) [1737] You got something to eat before we go out!
[1738] ... Mum, I said, I said what are you working?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1739] I can feel it?
[1740] I suggest you
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1741] peel a
None (PS6TF) [1742] Oh I'm not [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [1743] Cheen a pink! [laugh] ... peel and peach and lose a friend.
None (PS6TF) [1744] I haven't got any friends so that's alright then innit?
[1745] My only friend's my cat!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1746] Peel us a ... [...] said it's something about ... if you peel a pinch, peach you lose a friend.
None (PS6TF) [1747] [laughing] What's this pinch business [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [1748] And if you keep the peel on a pear you lo , it's an enemy or something.
[1749] That's what she said the other day.
None (PS6TF) [1750] She talks rubbish [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [1751] No she doesn't, it's things that she's known for years.
[1752] All the sayings.
[1753] ... Oh is it horrible?
[1754] Don't eat it then love.
[1755] I thought perhaps it's over-ripe, is it?
[1756] Yeah.
None (PS6TF) [1757] Urgh!
[1758] Urgh!
[1759] Brurgh brurgh urgh urgh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1760] Er, try that one.
None (PS6TF) [1761] No thanks.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1762] Yeah but just try that one cos I told you that
None (PS6TF) [1763] No th thanks , no.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1764] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [1765] Oh there's a [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1766] What a shame.
None (PS6TF) [1767] Oh that is nothing new that!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1768] Yeah, but tho , that one's gotta be cut open!
None (PS6TF) [1769] No I won't eat it.
[1770] Cut that one open.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1771] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [1772] It's the same.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1773] There's half a banana there.
None (PS6TF) [1774] Wow!
[1775] Thanks!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1776] Or there's a chocolate Hob Nob there.
None (PS6TF) [1777] How many calories are there in one of them?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1778] Oh!
[1779] You're gonna eat them please!
None (PS6TF) [1780] Oh, only a hundred and thirty four.
[1781] That's not bad is it?
[1782] I think I'll have five
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TF) [1783] of them then!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1784] They didn't have any Kit-Kats.
None (PS6TF) [1785] [...] ... I like that [...] it's the smell of them!
[1786] The smell!
[1787] Urgh! [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1788] Ah!
None (PS6TF) [1789] Oh look he's done it wrong!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1790] Can't you eat eclair ones?
None (PS6TF) [1791] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1792] Oh!
[1793] Sorry!
None (PS6TF) [1794] Disgusting!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1795] Well I just picked, I didn't have my glasses on.
[1796] ... I was looking for Kit-Kat but they didn't have any.
None (PS6TF) [1797] All the ones [...] are in here?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1798] [...] ?
None (PS6TF) [1799] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1800] Dad's not going, I know so , cos he's going to Holland the weekend after.
None (PS6TF) [1801] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1802] That's eight, cos when is it the sixteenth ... oh it's the twenty first!
None (PS6TF) [1803] Ah it must be Father's Day then.
[1804] Cos it's usually on Father's Day isn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1805] Mm.
[1806] ... [...] I know.
[1807] ... How many calories is that Claire?
None (PS6TF) [1808] About hundred and fourteen.
[1809] A hundred and eleven.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1810] Oh is that lower than this
None (PS6TF) [1811] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1812] then?
None (PS6TF) [1813] No.
[1814] What's yours?
[1815] Your peach one?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1816] Hundred and fifty.
None (PS6TF) [1817] Hum!
[1818] Yeah but what, erm, is is the ... them ones I brought, they're only forty five aren't they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1819] Oh well, perhaps this is dried and horrible!
[1820] ... We could make, we could put it in something couldn't we?
None (PS6TF) [1821] In the bin?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1822] [laugh] ... No!
[1823] We could make a peach flan or something.
[1824] I bought some cooking apples do you want erm ... apple ... crumble this weekend?
None (PS6TF) [1825] Mm mm!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1826] You don't like apple pie do you?
[1827] What's
None (PS6TF) [1828] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1829] that recipe, the vegetarian one now?
None (PS6TF) [1830] Dunno.
[1831] Manda's got it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1832] Cos Paul said you brought it home didn't you?
None (PS6TF) [1833] No.
[1834] It was the last one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1835] Oh!
[1836] Has she tried it then?
None (PS6TF) [1837] I don't think so.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1838] Well has she tried any of those recipes she took home?
None (PS6TF) [1839] Dunno.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1840] Oh!
[1841] Did you actually speak to her?
None (PS6TF) [1842] Dunno.
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1843] Cat got your tongue?
None (PS6TF) [1844] No.
[1845] ... Yes well!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [cough]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1846] I love toast with erm ...
None (PS6TF) [1847] Ba!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1848] Mm mm!
[1849] ... A bit, tastes sort of erm ... you know that drink dad brought at Christmas?
None (PS6TF) [1850] Which
Margaret (PS6RG) [1851] Those
None (PS6TF) [1852] one?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1853] those ... cakes?
None (PS6TF) [1854] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1855] That's what it tastes of isn't it?
None (PS6TF) [1856] Mm mm!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1857] A scented sort of taste.
[1858] Oh no!
[1859] Not buying peaches any more at [...] .
[1860] What a waste of money!
[1861] ... Do you think any of them are bad Claire?
[1862] ... I know dad, dad put that little fox or something, has he been putting stuff out for the
None (PS6TF) [1863] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1864] He hasn't?
[1865] What did he put out there?
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1866] And he goes fo , down there you know.
[1867] If he touches fox mounds they'll be trouble!
[1868] ... Well that's a messy int doing that.
[1869] ... Those tha , twins were alright the other day weren't they?
None (PS6TF) [1870] Mm.
[1871] Can you pass my [...] please.
[1872] I owe you twenty five P.
[1873] You give me
Margaret (PS6RG) [1874] Alright.
None (PS6TF) [1875] seventy P.
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TF) [1876] I've got a tenner I think.
[1877] It is Tracey.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1878] Ooh God!
None (PS6TF) [1879] Dave and Tracey.
[1880] Dunno why Dave has to go [...] ! ...
[1881] They went to the Isle of Wight.
[1882] Did I tell you they were going to this hotel last week.
None (PS6TF) [1883] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1884] And ... last Saturday I was speaking to her and Gary ... and the hotel phoned up and said pipes had burst.
None (PS6TF) [1885] Ooh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1886] Yeah.
[1887] So I said so yo , is your mum and dad coming down from Bristol this weekend?
[1888] She said no.
[1889] My friends coming down.
[1890] And I said well ... did you manage to do anything last Saturday?
[1891] She said we went to the Isle of Wight.
None (PS6TF) [1892] How exciting!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1893] Mm!
[1894] Well ... if you're working hard all day long Claire.
[1895] ... Don't know when she does any work, do you?
[1896] She's in the shop all the time!
[1897] ... Don't eat an apple [laughing] will you [] ? [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [1898] Is that one that the chap sends then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1899] [...] ?
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1900] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [1901] No.
[1902] I got the [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1903] No, I thought he was [...] ?
None (PS6TF) [1904] Oh!
[1905] They're all getting married in turn.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1906] You do , oh is there?
None (PS6TF) [1907] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1908] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [1909] What are they like then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1910] Eh?
None (PS6TF) [1911] What are they like?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1912] Oh ... [...]
None (PS6TF) [1913] We haven't got a tart left have we?
Margaret (PS6RG) [1914] A tart?
[1915] A ta-ta!
None (PS6TF) [1916] Tart.
[1917] Got lemon curd there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1918] Don't know, have a look.
None (PS6TF) [1919] I don't think so.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1920] Well I haven't given any to dad.
None (PS6TF) [1921] Erm ... dunno.
[1922] [singing] Who made you love me [...] .
[1923] ... The way that you feel ... [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [1924] No?
[1925] Ah!
None (PS6TF) [1926] [...] must be empty the cupboard was bare!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1927] You haven't, have you eaten much?
None (PS6TF) [1928] Cor!
[1929] I've not eaten much but chocolate!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1930] Chocolate?
None (PS6TF) [1931] [singing] One day da da da da da [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [1932] I'll come next week.
[1933] You're meant to have this.
None (PS6TF) [1934] Yeah, you say that you were waiting a year!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1935] No I mean it.
None (PS6TF) [1936] [...] ... Aha! [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1937] Did Amanda have any food or anything for you when you got there?
None (PS6TF) [1938] Yeah she did.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1939] Oh yeah?
None (PS6TF) [1940] Mm.
[1941] She had Twix.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1942] Oh!
[1943] Bet that was nice.
None (PS6TF) [1944] I eat the Twix and dad had a piece of toast.
[1945] Then I had a piece of toast.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1946] Yeah.
None (PS6TF) [1947] Then we went off to [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [1948] Why were you late?
None (PS6TF) [1949] Because we got lost.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1950] Oh!
[1951] So you didn't take those photographs.
[1952] Bet you stopped didn't you?
None (PS6TF) [1953] The bloke that I was sat next didn't take any either.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1954] Oh didn't he?
[1955] Why not?
None (PS6TF) [1956] We forgot.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1957] Oh.
[1958] ... Why do they need them?
None (PS6TF) [1959] I don't know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1960] Perhaps they're starting up a fountain.
None (PS6TF) [1961] [laugh] ... Mm mm, mm mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1962] I'll have to get your bike sorted out then.
None (PS6TF) [1963] Yeah , I must get it done.
[1964] Quite, actually enjoying myself up there!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1965] Mm!
[1966] Yeah you had a great time!
[1967] ... Except you shouldn't have been on the pavement.
None (PS6TF) [1968] It's hard going these things on your own.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1969] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [1970] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1971] Well ... if unfortunately you don't go where you'll have Manda to join, you know, if you want to, if there's things you wanna go to.
None (PS6TF) [1972] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1973] That's if she gets part-time here.
[1974] ... How she's gonna do another twenty thousand words before June?
[1975] She's only done ten ... since September!
[1976] You know what you're diving into do you?
None (PS6TF) [1977] Mm mm.
[1978] Mhm mhm mhm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1979] There's an apple there if you want one love.
None (PS6TF) [1980] No I've had one this morning thanks.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1981] Where from?
None (PS6TF) [1982] Here.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1983] Oh did you take one?
None (PS6TF) [1984] Mm. [cough]
Margaret (PS6RG) [1985] [sighing] Oh dear [] .
[1986] ... I said to aunty Jean, you won't be having that chap round to do your en suite will you?
[1987] She thought, I'll have him to do the building but not the ... rest of it.
None (PS6TF) [1988] One more.
[1989] Take them away mum!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1990] Do want a ... half of that?
None (PS6TF) [1991] No, just take them away!
Margaret (PS6RG) [1992] Take them away.
[1993] Alright then.
[1994] ... If you can't, [cough] ... if you can't get home if you have to go the ... that play, give me ring.
[1995] ... I'm sure [...] has.
[1996] ... Where are the tennis girls gonna sleep then?
None (PS6TF) [1997] With them.
Margaret (PS6RG) [1998] Oh yes!
[1999] Has she still got them [...] ?
[2000] ... She had them years ago.
None (PS6TF) [2001] No, nothing.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2002] Oh that's alright.
[2003] ... Not, he's not actually an architect though is he?
None (PS6TF) [2004] Who?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2005] Phillip.
None (PS6TF) [2006] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2007] What, what's, what's he called then?
None (PS6TF) [2008] I suppose he's just a technician.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2009] Oh is that they call it.
[2010] ... Mm.
[2011] ... Shame!
[2012] He's not gonna, he don't get any better either do you?
None (PS6TF) [2013] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2014] No.
None (PS6TF) [2015] Not for a while yet.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2016] Mm?
None (PS6TF) [2017] Not for a while yet.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2018] No?
None (PS6TF) [2019] Where shall I put these?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2020] In, in
None (PS6TF) [2021] I'll just put them in there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2022] Anywhere I can't reach them.
None (PS6TF) [2023] Well I'll just put them in there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2024] Oh!
[2025] Looks quite interesting that book!
None (PS6TF) [2026] Oh yeah.
[2027] Hello!
[2028] Is it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2029] Yeah it was quite good.
None (PS6TF) [2030] Where did it come from?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2031] I don't know.
[2032] Oh! [...]
None (PS6TF) [2033] Did you have to pay for it or what?
[2034] Or was it to do
Margaret (PS6RG) [2035] I don't think so
None (PS6TF) [2036] with the erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [2037] Well it's not the Moultons
None (PS6TF) [2038] Not the Moultons
Margaret (PS6RG) [2039] No.
[2040] It's not to do with the
None (PS6TF) [2041] Yeah. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2042] erm ... oh what's the other one dad had?
None (PS6TF) [2043] These flowers have lasted me a long time cos Ruth gave them to me on my birthday last month.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2044] Yeah.
None (PS6TF) [2045] [singing] Give it all [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2046] They're ever so pretty!
None (PS6TF) [2047] baby.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2048] Don't think I'll go in that
None (PS6TF) [2049] [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2050] vegetable shop that sells those flowers
None (PS6TF) [humming]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2051] cos they're too expensive next to Dave's.
None (PS6TF) [2052] I've never seen Dave's flowers.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2053] Oh he's got some quite nice ones.
[2054] I'm gonna get some and take some down to grandma's grave so ... I fe , I feel really guilty we've not been there since Christmas eve!
None (PS6TF) [2055] [singing] Stay with me!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2056] Was it Christmas eve we went?
None (PS6TF) [2057] Me ee ee!
[2058] Stay with me [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2059] Mind, I don't I think I'm gonna speak to dad , since he went there last year.
None (PS6TF) [2060] [singing] And I hope and pray that you wake one day in
Margaret (PS6RG) [2061] Not that two rights, not right, two wrongs make a right.
None (PS6TF) [2062] your own world [] .
[2063] I said to dad we should have gone on Tues , Wednesday.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2064] Gone where?
None (PS6TF) [2065] To nan's grave.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2066] Yeah.
[2067] What did dad say, no?
None (PS6TF) [2068] No, he said yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2069] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [2070] But it was so late when we were driving back
Margaret (PS6RG) [2071] Yeah.
None (PS6TF) [2072] It was dark when we, went past
Margaret (PS6RG) [2073] Oh.
None (PS6TF) [2074] there.
[2075] It was about ... what was it, half past five, six ... half past six?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2076] I bet nobody's been there at all.
[2077] ... Unless Michael put some, a holly wreath on at Christmas, he may have done.
None (PS6TF) [2078] [singing] Stay with me ee ee!
[2079] You better hope and pray
Margaret (PS6RG) [2080] I would have thought aunty Cath would have phoned Wednesday night when you came back from Cargill
None (PS6TF) [2081] that you [...] in your own world [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2082] Come on then!
None (PS6TF) [2083] Look!
[2084] Mum!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2085] [laugh] ... Is that, is that
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2086] sign on that car is that from a television programme?
None (PS6TF) [2087] I don't know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2088] Smeg head!
None (PS6TF) [2089] Tt!
[2090] [whispering] Smeg head [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2091] [laugh] ... Well what's it mean?
None (PS6TF) [2092] It's like a ... smeggy man!
[2093] Just describe the ... [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2094] No it's not, it's erm
None (PS6TF) [2095] It's [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2096] Yeah.
[2097] That's young people for you.
None (PS6TF) [2098] [singing] Stay
Margaret (PS6RG) [2099] That's a lot, it was silly that programme last
None (PS6TF) [2100] with me ee ee [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2101] night!
None (PS6TF) [2102] What programme?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2103] That programme it came from.
[2104] Red Dwarf or whatever, yeah?
None (PS6TF) [2105] Yeah.
[2106] It is quite, quite stupid!
[2107] Dad started telling me, Vic Reeves on now I notice.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2108] Ah!
[2109] That's cos you like it.
None (PS6TF) [2110] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2111] Not, cos I don't like it.
[2112] I went out the room!
None (PS6TF) [2113] Well why was he watching it then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2114] Don't know.
None (PS6TF) [2115] And smirking rather a lot.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2116] Yes, but pretends he's not watching and he looks over the top of his paper.
None (PS6TF) [2117] And grins!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2118] Oh it's stupid!
[2119] I mean if anybody else just got up on the stage like he does ... and kicks his leg, kick like their leg like er like that they'd boo him off!
None (PS6TF) [2120] It's quite funny though ... when he kicks his legs and he went [...] he goes ... ooh wah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2121] What's funny about it?
None (PS6TF) [2122] Well that's funny!
[2123] You're not expecting him to do that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2124] Well you didn't think it was funny when we went to see [...]
None (PS6TF) [2125] Yeah, but I , I only think that's probably cos there was eighty million, trillion, thousand
Margaret (PS6RG) [2126] A
None (PS6TF) [2127] young people!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2128] Amanda laughed at them didn't
None (PS6TF) [2129] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2130] she?
None (PS6TF) [2131] She did, well, there was a quite a few funny bits in it.
[2132] And when they were doing that male modele thing, when, when they were going ... and God is nowhere! [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2133] What did he do that wig on his head for?
None (PS6TF) [2134] Cos he was judge, whatever his name is.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2135] Judge who?
[2136] Pickles?
None (PS6TF) [2137] No, I've forgotten what
Margaret (PS6RG) [2138] Oh.
None (PS6TF) [2139] his real name is now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2140] Judge who?
None (PS6TF) [2141] And they say erm ... [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [2142] he says, spinning the wheel of justice.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2143] Oh.
None (PS6TF) [2144] [singing] Swing, swing, swing the wheel of
Margaret (PS6RG) [2145] [laughing] Has that been on before [] ?
None (PS6TF) [2146] justice!
[2147] He has twice the [...] to fly [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2148] What was that ... in there?
[2149] [laugh] ... You're a little devil you are!
None (PS6TF) [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2150] Where did that come from?
None (PS6TF) [2151] [laughing] Oh your [...] [] !
[2152] What?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2153] That thing.
None (PS6TF) [2154] Look.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2155] Oh!
[2156] No you gotta butter it again now.
None (PS6TF) [2157] Tt!
[2158] Mum, I am twenty one believe it or not!
[2159] I'm, I'm going grey.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2160] [clears throat] How, how can you call that talent when he's ... just, does that with his leg and then kicks
None (PS6TF) [2161] It's not talent really is it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2162] his foot around?
[2163] What's talent in that?
None (PS6TF) [2164] Well he thought of it didn't he?
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TF) [2165] What time is tonight?
[2166] Half past eight?
[2167] If I go [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2168] Well eight o'clock it starts.
[2169] But we'll go out, oh look at that little bird!
[2170] He's gonna go down on those nuts now.
None (PS6TF) [2171] [singing] And you will [...] when you wake one day
Margaret (PS6RG) [2172] And we'll go out and pick up aunty Jean about twenty to eight.
None (PS6TF) [2173] in your own world [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2174] Oh I don't know if it'll be very good, but it [sneeze] , what's it called?
[2175] Sex and
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2176] No sex or something?
[2177] I don't think dad'll like it, I don't know why he's going.
None (PS6TF) [2178] Seen him ... [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2179] Well you didn't like the last one we went to did you?
None (PS6TF) [2180] That's probably because I'm being stared at by some bloody bla ... ginger haired git in the back row!
[2181] [clears throat] ... [singing] Stand by me ee ee
Margaret (PS6RG) [2182] Well why couldn't you say
None (PS6TF) [2183] ee ee [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2184] It's probably because I was getting looked at by erm ... a ginger haired boy
None (PS6TF) [2185] Git in the back row!
[2186] A git!
[2187] [singing] You'd better hope and pray that you will make it one day back to your own world [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2188] Dad said erm ... that [...] play was ever so awful!
None (PS6TF) [2189] Ooh!
[2190] Ah!
[2191] There you are.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2192] Yeah.
[2193] When I asked him, he said, oh it was nothing different.
None (PS6TF) [2194] [singing] [...] ... Caught up in your wishing well your hopes inside
Margaret (PS6RG) [2195] Well she never said if she [...] did she?
None (PS6TF) [2196] it, take your love []
Margaret (PS6RG) [2197] When's she [...] ?
None (PS6TF) [2198] December I think.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2199] No she's going in December.
None (PS6TF) [2200] [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2201] That's if se that girl wanted to go.
None (PS6TF) [2202] Come on let's just [...] . [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2203] Well there's tre , oh they've got signs outside ... or not?
None (PS6TF) [2204] I dunno.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2205] [...] ,da is it golf or
None (PS6TF) [2206] I mean the ... taxi driver and his wife [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2207] Is that one going?
None (PS6TF) [2208] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2209] They didn't stay there long did they?
None (PS6TF) [2210] [...] live round here anyway isn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2211] Yeah, erm, yeah.
[2212] They might have [...] or
None (PS6TF) [2213] Perhaps they're in financial difficulty.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2214] Mm.
[2215] Well it could be.
None (PS6TF) [2216] We , what has she done?
[2217] I thought smelt then.
[2218] I thought erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [2219] Urgh!
[2220] Claire!
None (PS6TF) [2221] you'd be all pooey!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2222] Take him off your clothes!
None (PS6TF) [2223] He doesn't. [...] haven't you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2224] Urgh!
[2225] ... I took her outside this morning and she is the typical scaredy cat she is!
None (PS6TF) [2226] Oh!
[2227] But she's
Margaret (PS6RG) [2228] The the
None (PS6TF) [2229] lovely she is!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2230] that's right ... when that big ginger tom was there and I, you should have seen her!
[2231] She's peeping round the corner of the stones, that step down there!
None (PS6TF) [2232] Well she's frightened!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2233] Well she's su such a scaredy cat!
None (PS6TF) [2234] When you're a mummy [...] like that are you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2235] I think she needs erm
None (PS6TF) [2236] No!
[2237] Kitty, kitty, kitty, [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2238] fleeing er Claire because she keeps scratching all the time.
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2239] Claire.
None (PS6TF) [2240] Right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2241] You got the flea powder?
None (PS6TF) [2242] Yeah.
[2243] Flea powder out!
[2244] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2245] Well , [...]
None (PS6TF) [2246] [singing] Caught up in a wishing well
Margaret (PS6RG) [2247] And she don't like Whiskas!
[2248] That's the most expensive cat food!
None (PS6TF) [2249] your hopes inside it [] .
[2250] I know.
[2251] She got ... cat food!
[2252] Come on then!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2253] Oh she don't know whether to come and have food or go upstairs with you.
None (PS6TF) [2254] I've lost my [...] . [singing] [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2255] I wish I could get this horrible pest that's doing my ironing!
[2256] Look!
None (PS6TF) [2257] [singing] [...] ... [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2258] There's all like little black things!
None (PS6TF) [humming]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2259] Claire.
None (PS6TF) [2260] Mhm.
[2261] ... Oh [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2262] Look at this!
[2263] Look!
[2264] Two colours!
[2265] Well look at it!
None (PS6TF) [2266] It's not a different plant is it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2267] Well I think it must be.
[2268] Well it's bound to be isn't it?
None (PS6TF) [2269] Yeah, looks like it doesn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2270] Yeah, but I know he didn't mean to do that.
None (PS6TF) [2271] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2272] A yellow and a pink one up in the same plant.
None (PS6TF) [2273] [singing] [...] little [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2274] That's their colour.
None (PS6TF) [2275] Oh baby.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2276] I'll have to get something to erm
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2277] get rid of it, the black spider things , I don't know what they are.
None (PS6TF) [2278] I'm taking my car back.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2279] Oh are you?
[2280] Well take mine cos I don't
None (PS6TF) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2281] want it.
None (PS6TF) [2282] No, it's alright.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2283] I don't, I'm not using it.
[2284] I'm
None (PS6TF) [2285] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2286] just waiting for aunty Jean.
None (PS6TF) [2287] I'll see you later then.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2288] Alright then.
[2289] Bye!
None (PS6TF) [2290] I'll give you a ring.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2291] So don't be too late
None (PS6TF) [2292] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2293] because erm
None (PS6TF) [2294] Ooh, I'll give you a ring if I'm gonna ... be in for tea.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2295] You'll give me a ring if you're gonna be in for tea?
None (PS6TF) [2296] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2297] Yep.

6 (Tape 042206)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [2298] Oh I'm alright I suppose.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2299] Yeah?
[2300] How's Pam, alright?
[2301] Fed up?
None (PS6TG) [2302] Yeah, fed up.
[2303] Can't blame her really can you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2304] No.
[2305] No.
[2306] It's a bit annoying.
[2307] I think they should have tried to the bathroom myself.
None (PS6TG) [2308] Yeah, but they
Margaret (PS6RG) [2309] Should have done
None (PS6TG) [2310] they're gonna [...] stop soon now they've got a house.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2311] Are they?
None (PS6TG) [2312] Yeah.
[2313] Then they do the bathroom ... and toilet they'll
Margaret (PS6RG) [2314] I didn't know why they haven't done it before.
[2315] Why have they
None (PS6TG) [2316] Well it's it's, it's difficult.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2317] Why is it difficult?
[2318] Cos it's money involved.
None (PS6TG) [2319] Well it takes all th , no it's all tied in with the plumbing you see, it's there ... and everything.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2320] Yeah, well I think they could have done it a bit quicker don't you?
[2321] ... I think they could have done.
[2322] I think er, and Pam says there's a sort of post sticking up in the ceiling or something?
None (PS6TG) [2323] Yeah, well she doesn't really understand it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2324] I think Derek says he's sa , it's a, it's a erm ... tt, temporary thing.
[2325] But she says she's made a
None (PS6TG) [2326] Ah that's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2327] hole in this, this the, they've put it in
None (PS6TG) [2328] Yeah, but it's all gonna be inside it, it's gonna be boxed in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2329] Well she said she don't want it going up the middle there.
None (PS6TG) [2330] There ain't much choice really!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2331] Why not?
None (PS6TG) [2332] Well because the drains run right underneath the house there you see.
[2333] The drains run right ... under the house.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2334] But did she know that before?
None (PS6TG) [2335] Yeah.
[2336] It's on
Margaret (PS6RG) [2337] Well
None (PS6TG) [2338] the plans to that to go on
Margaret (PS6RG) [2339] Oh right.
None (PS6TG) [2340] the inside.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2341] Oh!
[2342] You'd think they'd [...] like that.
None (PS6TG) [2343] It's not gonna be right in the middle of the bathroom or anything like that, it's more
Margaret (PS6RG) [2344] No.
None (PS6TG) [2345] for show.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2346] Oh.
[2347] Well I think, I would have thought they could have done it a bit quicker, the bathroom, if they wanted to.
[2348] And it's a bit difficult for her isn't it?
[2349] Especially
None (PS6TG) [2350] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2351] with your mother.
None (PS6TG) [2352] Yeah that's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2353] It's a bit difficult I think.
None (PS6TG) [2354] Oh it is difficult.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2355] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2356] Anyway, that should, should have the bathroom in operation.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2357] Are they gonna do it?
None (PS6TG) [2358] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2359] Are they, what are they going to have today, plasterers?
None (PS6TG) [2360] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2361] No, Monday they're coming aren't they?
None (PS6TG) [2362] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2363] They were supposed to be here last week.
None (PS6TG) [2364] And they got the order of [...] .
[2365] But they, they couldn't have
Margaret (PS6RG) [2366] I was
None (PS6TG) [2367] done anything cos, you know, it weren't ready.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2368] Oh!
None (PS6TG) [2369] Weren't ready.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2370] Well they're a bit over the, their stated time aren't they?
[2371] Stipulated
None (PS6TG) [2372] Yes.
[2373] I don't, er well
Margaret (PS6RG) [2374] You won't have to pay them anything soon, [laughing] cos you wo ... you keep knocking it off you won't have to pay anybody will you [] ?
None (PS6TG) [2375] I know.
[2376] Yeah, I mean that's ... six blokes there working there and they're falling over theirselves really, in that
Margaret (PS6RG) [2377] Yeah.
[2378] Too
None (PS6TG) [2379] space.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2380] many.
[2381] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2382] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2383] Yeah.
[2384] Well then Pam made me laugh cos the tiler he, she said he's go up on the [laughing] roof ... and he's there for hours [] !
[2385] Mm.
[2386] Sort of, and then once he comes down he's hardly done anything has he?
None (PS6TG) [2387] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2388] Just sits up there
None (PS6TG) [2389] He's made a good job of it though.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2390] Has he?
None (PS6TG) [2391] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2392] You can see it from the bottom of our garden
None (PS6TG) [2393] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2394] you know, you can see your ... new roof coming out [...] .
None (PS6TG) [2395] Yeah he's made, he's made a very good job
Margaret (PS6RG) [2396] Has he?
None (PS6TG) [2397] of it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2398] Oh!
[2399] That's alright then.
None (PS6TG) [2400] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2401] Suppose it's a bit, I should think ... I think last night she was absolutely fed up Pam was!
None (PS6TG) [2402] Yeah she was.
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TG) [2403] Take it out on me!
[2404] I said no good you moaning at me
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TG) [2405] er I can't do anything about it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2406] No, but you're just ... you're handy [laughing] aren't you [] ?
None (PS6TG) [2407] Yeah that's right!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2408] [laugh] ... She's gotta have a go at something hasn't she?
None (PS6TG) [2409] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2410] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2411] I gotta have all of it!
[2412] There's no, oh the buck stops here and I can't [laughing] pass it any further [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2413] Yeah.
[2414] I ... but don't forget she's got your mother as well and I think you can't
None (PS6TG) [2415] Yes I know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2416] you can't be normal can you really
None (PS6TG) [2417] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2418] when erm
None (PS6TG) [2419] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2420] erm I couldn't have looked after my mum.
[2421] I mean, I did it for four months and then I couldn't do any more, I just think ... I mean, I know Amanda and Claire were a lot younger then and I think it's difficult when they are ... they're younger.
[2422] But I mean, she's a dear old soul but I haven't got her round me all the time.
[2423] And I think i it's her not being able to hear you as well, it's awful isn't it?
None (PS6TG) [2424] That's hard work innit?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2425] It is hard work isn't it?
None (PS6TG) [2426] Yeah that's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2427] And Cla , Claire was laughing at me yesterday, she said, you don't have to shout at her!
[2428] I said, well if I don't talk loudly she doesn't hear what you're saying.
None (PS6TG) [2429] I don't know whether it's deafness or whether it doesn't register that's what I mean, you see.
[2430] I sometimes go, wurgh urgh urgh urgh!
[2431] And she says what?
[2432] And then I say it properly and she's got it then you see?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2433] Has she?
[2434] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2435] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2436] She ... I think you can see on her face though sometimes John, that she hasn't understood
None (PS6TG) [2437] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2438] what you've said.
None (PS6TG) [2439] Yeah that's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2440] It sort of registers on her face.
[2441] But then I think if you get one side of her she hears you better.
None (PS6TG) [2442] Maybe, yeah well perhaps we've gotta get a hearing aid or something.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2443] I dunno.
[2444] But she says that she's ... years ago she used to put an onion in her ear or something.
[2445] When she's
None (PS6TG) [2446] Yeah, that's right.
[2447] Cos she reckoned that cured it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2448] She hasn't still [laughing] got it in her ear has she?
[2449] Hasn't got it []
None (PS6TG) [2450] No , you know whe , when she put an onion, you know when yo , the centre, core of it
Margaret (PS6RG) [2451] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2452] and she used to
Margaret (PS6RG) [2453] She says it's stuck.
None (PS6TG) [2454] plug it in like an earphone.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2455] Yeah.
[2456] Oh what's that supposed
None (PS6TG) [2457] clears the catarrh.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2458] Does it?
None (PS6TG) [2459] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2460] Truly?
[2461] Or is just a
None (PS6TG) [2462] I'm sure it works, I'm pretty sure that works.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2463] Are you?
None (PS6TG) [2464] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2465] Oh.
[2466] But she said I, sort of, she said puts, puts something in here ear it
None (PS6TG) [2467] You know sometimes when you you, you put your
Margaret (PS6RG) [2468] Your pop the , yeah, you can
None (PS6TG) [2469] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2470] pop your ears can't you?
[2471] Oh!
[2472] Oh well.
[2473] Anyway, you've had a week off.
None (PS6TG) [2474] Yeah, that's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2475] Resting.
None (PS6TG) [2476] Rest?
[2477] I haven't rested!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2478] What did you
None (PS6TG) [2479] I haven't had a chance to rest!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2480] what did you do then?
None (PS6TG) [sneeze]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2481] You got your greenhouse Pam said.
None (PS6TG) [2482] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2483] Where you gonna put it?
None (PS6TG) [2484] Down the bottom of the garden.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2485] It's down where the rest of [...] goes down int it?
None (PS6TG) [2486] Yeah, I dunno what to do with that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2487] Plants , not [...] , I keep calling it [...] .
None (PS6TG) [2488] I might use some of that polythene, that thick polythene ... sheet that Derek gave me and do that round the bottom sheet.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2489] I said to him, they got enough junk up there now and you have to go and
None (PS6TG) [2490] I'll could use that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2491] add to it!
None (PS6TG) [2492] I reckon I'll cut that up perhaps and
Margaret (PS6RG) [2493] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2494] And put the bottom actually
Margaret (PS6RG) [2495] It came from erm
None (PS6TG) [2496] it's gonna fit.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2497] a flat
None (PS6TG) [2498] It's plastic.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2499] Yeah, they had erm ... a balcony and er, so then they didn't want it there any more so he took it off.
None (PS6TG) [2500] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2501] And I said, well they've got enough stuff up there!
[2502] Amanda says oh well John wanted it!
None (PS6TG) [2503] And I reckon I'll, I reckon I can use that instead of glass.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2504] And won't he hit his head hard if he gets into it.
None (PS6TG) [2505] No.
[2506] Well it won't crack
Margaret (PS6RG) [2507] But it's stuck in
None (PS6TG) [2508] it will it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2509] Yeah but it's stuck in [...] .
None (PS6TG) [2510] Yeah, but they have all sorts of ideas don't they?
[2511] Nobody else knows about it yet. [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2512] Because I think ... I would have thought he'd stop doing that now, but Pam said he still runs down the bottom of the garden.
None (PS6TG) [2513] Yes, he's quicker than he thinks.
[2514] He, he's got ... [...] now, he just cuts from [...] and he's ... just missed the tree.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2515] Said he wobbles ... doesn't he?
None (PS6TG) [2516] Oh yes!
[2517] Yeah, he catches himself on all sorts of things.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2518] Do you think he'll be any better?
[2519] Tha than he is now?
None (PS6TG) [2520] Maybe.
[2521] Yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [2522] But
None (PS6TG) [2523] I think he gets a little better.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2524] Cos he wobbles doesn't he?
[2525] And he sort of I dunno he si ... [laughing] when he picks his paw up sometimes [] it's all ... erm, limp isn't it?
None (PS6TG) [2526] Oh yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2527] Where he can't
None (PS6TG) [2528] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2529] Will he get any feeling back in those do you think?
None (PS6TG) [2530] Oh no.
[2531] But he int too bad [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2532] No, I didn't think he'd get that better.
[2533] I thought you'd have to have him put down.
[2534] I didn't honestly think he'd get any better.
[2535] Especially when I first saw him sort of, crawling on his tummy and ... not wanting any food and ... I thought, ah!
[2536] I don't think he's gonna get any better.
[2537] He surprised me actually.
None (PS6TG) [2538] He's a real character dog
Margaret (PS6RG) [2539] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2540] thought isn't he?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2541] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2542] He's a
Margaret (PS6RG) [2543] Really surprised me!
None (PS6TG) [2544] I dunno, I've never had a dog with such character as that one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2545] Because ... I didn't think he'd have the erm ... what's the word I want?
[2546] To get up and go again, I think he sort of, I thought he was just gonna lay there.
None (PS6TG) [2547] No, he's tough!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2548] Yeah.
[2549] Yeah, but he's, he's, he can't keep doing that can he?
None (PS6TG) [2550] No.
[2551] Well not once he gets older.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2552] Cos I mean if he keeps rushing down there and you got the greenhouse there he's gonna go through that!
None (PS6TG) [2553] Well he don't go right down
Margaret (PS6RG) [2554] [laughing] You can't go through [...] [] !
None (PS6TG) [2555] he don't go right down.
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TG) [2556] He don't rush that way.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2557] [laugh] ... [laughing] He won't be er [] , but she was so ... she said you're gonna chop the tree down, that tree whe , that he bumped [laughing] into [] !
[2558] But I think he won't do that again.
[2559] Will he?
None (PS6TG) [2560] Well he will go into something else.
[2561] You know, he he could do.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2562] He's excitable isn't he?
[2563] He's sort of
None (PS6TG) [2564] He's determined.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2565] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2566] Nothing matters, only where he's going.
[2567] He walks
Margaret (PS6RG) [2568] Yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2569] if there's a cat, he goes straight through the bushes and he'll go straight through!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2570] That's what I mean, you see.
[2571] It's a bit like a boxer dog because ... Derek's sis sister had a boxer dog and he used to ... we used to walk along country lanes and then he'd pi , he used to see something he used to go straight through the hedge!
[2572] No one 's
None (PS6TG) [2573] That's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2574] in the way!
None (PS6TG) [2575] Oh Bramble [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2576] [...] and all sorts!
None (PS6TG) [2577] Yeah , that's right.
[2578] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2579] I thought stupid animal!
None (PS6TG) [2580] Yeah, this one's just the same, yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2581] Yeah.
[2582] Daft!
None (PS6TG) [2583] Oh he'll get hold of a hedgehog and shake it and with that he'll come out with prickles all on the end
Margaret (PS6RG) [2584] Oh!
None (PS6TG) [2585] of his nose!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2586] He'll have all fleas all over him!
None (PS6TG) [2587] You know, but ... he does, I can tell you, he does anything!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2588] Yeah.
[2589] Da , have you seen the fox in your garden?
None (PS6TG) [2590] Oh!
[2591] All over the place.
[2592] They
Margaret (PS6RG) [2593] They
None (PS6TG) [2594] stink the place out!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2595] they, yeah we've got one, we've ... one going through our garden, he's limping now I don't know what's wrong with him.
[2596] He's so got something wrong with his back paws or something like that.
None (PS6TG) [2597] In the day time?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2598] Yeah!
[2599] He sits down here and he sunbathes!
[2600] On the bottom down there.
[2601] He walks through there and he gets up on that shed at the bottom of the garden ... next door but one.
None (PS6TG) [2602] Does he?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2603] Yeah.
[2604] Gets up on the, on the ... shed.
[2605] Yeah!
[2606] I don't like him in the garden, but Derek keeps encouraging this thing.
[2607] I said if our cat gets out all over the
None (PS6TG) [2608] Put all the , all the scraps out.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2609] That's what he keeps doing for them.
[2610] I don't want him to do it!
[2611] So if he does it again, he's had it!
None (PS6TG) [2612] [...] dogs as well.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2613] Yeah!
[2614] That's what he does.
[2615] And yo you see our cat's always roaming around now, I said he'll get that stuck on his ears that ... rats has.
[2616] I don't want him having that on.
None (PS6TG) [2617] Fox [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2618] Yeah!
[2619] Do cats get it?
None (PS6TG) [2620] Dunno.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2621] Most of our garden'll be finished one day!
None (PS6TG) [2622] Gonna concrete that all round is he?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2623] Yeah, he was gonna have a path all the way round.
[2624] And he's terracing the garden [...] .
[2625] Dunno where, mind, but it erm, and he's gotta finished painting outside yet.
[2626] And ... then he's terracing the gar ,th sh , he's gonna bring the shed out, because it's rotten, it's behind that hedge you see.
[2627] ... Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2628] But I don't know if I want it brought out.
[2629] I don't particularly look at the shed but there you are.
[2630] But you leave it there it rots.
[2631] It was my mum's shed actually, he bought it down after she died.
[2632] That's his mum's ... picnic table, we got all [laughing] dead people's stuff [] !
[2633] That's his mother's ... plastic table she bought just before she died.
[2634] Looking at all the, at the stuff but the trouble is you've gotta find somewhere to put it all haven't you?
[2635] And our garden's not very big.
[2636] And it's alright for, your garden's bare!
None (PS6TG) [2637] Got so much rubbish, it's not true!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2638] What did you do?
None (PS6TG) [2639] I put it, put it aside cos I will use it one day.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2640] That's what Derek says.
[2641] You see we got th ... er collects things down here he keeps chucking rubb , he said well I need it.
[2642] I said, but when?
[2643] Oh!
[2644] Oh!
[2645] I'll need it!
[2646] We did actually, cos he used to for all going down there.
[2647] But I suppose it'll get finished one day.
[2648] I don't know how you manages your garden.
[2649] Too big!
[2650] Isn't it?
None (PS6TG) [2651] Don't worry about this, I think, you don't have to worry about it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2652] Yeah, but men don't, but wo wo women at home looking out the window they do don't they?
None (PS6TG) [2653] I've gotta re-lay all the grass now cos we run out of
Margaret (PS6RG) [2654] Oh yeah.
None (PS6TG) [2655] I've got that tree stump down.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2656] Yes.
[2657] Pam said you did that.
[2658] That was good wasn't it?
None (PS6TG) [2659] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2660] Oh it were your mam, I think your mam told me that you'd got it out.
[2661] I bet that's made it a bit lighter hasn't it, with that tree gone?
None (PS6TG) [2662] Oh yes!
[2663] Next door especially.
[2664] More light.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2665] Well you got one of their trees in there and they'll cut that down and they don't do anything about them.
[2666] The sun goes behind there.
None (PS6TG) [2667] I don't know the pe , people's name next door.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2668] What here?
None (PS6TG) [2669] Yeah.

7 (Tape 042207)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [2670] Erm
None (PS6TE) [2671] I thought you were definitely gonna
Margaret (PS6RG) [2672] Thought you said you were in a rush this morning?
None (PS6TE) [2673] I thought you were definitely gonna show me ... up today and say, how the hell am I supposed to get into the garage?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2674] Yeah.
[2675] I didn't realise you'd taken it.
[2676] ... I haven't forgotten to go [...] shopping up.
[2677] That's why.
None (PS6TE) [2678] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2679] If I'd have got my clothes on to get
None (PS6TE) [2680] Yeah, but I thought perhaps you wanted to get into the freezer
Margaret (PS6RG) [2681] No.
[2682] If I'd have wanted to go
None (PS6TE) [2683] And you'd have been onto me saying
Margaret (PS6RG) [2684] Oh, if I'd have wanted to erm
None (PS6TE) [2685] I, I thought it was quite fu erm, funny because ... I got back to erm ... the flats this afternoon
Margaret (PS6RG) [2686] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [2687] and erm ... Mrs S came running out ... oh!
[2688] Mr she says
Margaret (PS6RG) [2689] Mrs S
None (PS6TE) [2690] Oh Mr
Margaret (PS6RG) [2691] Oh.
None (PS6TE) [2692] she said what are we going to do if these people buy the bungalow?
[2693] They'll be running all over the garden!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2694] What, ah, have they got some people then?
None (PS6TE) [2695] And John and I have been thinking of the worst possible situation that they could have.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2696] [laugh] ... Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [2697] Like if it's a family with about forty kids by the place!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2698] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [2699] Little snotty nosed kids running around everywhere!
[2700] Pardon?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2701] Have they got anybody to look in there?
None (PS6TE) [2702] Yeah, people are wondering into the property
Margaret (PS6RG) [2703] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [2704] erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [2705] That's not very good then is it?
[2706] If they're wandering in and out.
None (PS6TE) [2707] No, I think they're gonna have to be a bit careful.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2708] Mm!
None (PS6TE) [2709] But I asked them to photograph those documents ... which we found and they don't want to do it, so that's up to them.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2710] Oh well, [...] isn't it?
[2711] ... You go and have your shower then and then you can have some tea.
None (PS6TE) [2712] Yeah, I'm going to have a shower.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2713] I don't think Claire's phoned.
[2714] She's gonna have to work until you go out.
None (PS6TE) [2715] She's coming though isn't she?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2716] Yeah, but she's
None (PS6TE) [2717] Well she didn't sound all that keen to me.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2718] Well she was one who wanted to go.
None (PS6TE) [2719] Well, she should come and have a break from work really.
[2720] This book looks good doesn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2721] What one's that?
None (PS6TE) [2722] Did this come in the post this morning?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2723] Yeah, Claire was looking through it ... [...]
None (PS6TE) [2724] Biter Bounce
Margaret (PS6RG) [2725] lunchtime.
[2726] How come
None (PS6TE) [2727] Well we had two copies sent to us because ... Amanda sent away for some
Margaret (PS6RG) [2728] Ah!
None (PS6TE) [2729] at one time so they sent us
Margaret (PS6RG) [2730] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [2731] two copies so it'll be something to do by the time we get back.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2732] Oh.
None (PS6TE) [2733] There's a new magazine out now as well, which I expect erm ... Stephen would like to have ... it's to do with racing cycling ... it's called
Margaret (PS6RG) [2734] Oh.
None (PS6TE) [2735] Cycling Plus. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2736] Oh well tell tell him.
None (PS6TE) [2737] I'm going up the garage anyway, alright?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2738] Alright then.
None (PS6TE) [2739] That was very interesting, Mr phoned me today [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2740] Yeah.
[2741] And
None (PS6TE) [2742] Erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [2743] and he reckons he's on a
None (PS6TE) [2744] I was in the car park, hit the brakes and
Margaret (PS6RG) [2745] Are there are messages on the
None (PS6TE) [2746] I was in the car park.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2747] answer phone?
None (PS6TE) [2748] No.
[2749] I was in the car park and er, I got back into the car and, with Mrs , the phone rang and it was erm ... Mr , he was going out at half past three.
[2750] I said well I can get back there by ten, ten past three.
[2751] Andrew's been in, done the job.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2752] Has he?
None (PS6TE) [2753] Yep!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2754] Oh good!
None (PS6TE) [2755] All finished.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2756] Good!
None (PS6TE) [2757] So er
Margaret (PS6RG) [2758] Is he dealing with the payment of that one?
None (PS6TE) [2759] Who?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2760] Andrew.
None (PS6TE) [2761] No, I will.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2762] Oh you will too?
None (PS6TE) [2763] So , in fact er ... about the middle of next week ... a
Margaret (PS6RG) [2764] Yeah , well go and have shower!
None (PS6TE) [2765] Yeah.
[2766] Alright.
[2767] I'll go and have a shower now.
[2768] See you in a minute.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2769] Mm.
[2770] ... You said I'll phone you if I'm coming in for tea!
None (PS6TF) [2771] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [2772] What's happening?
None (PS6TF) [2773] Nowt.
None (PS6TE) [2774] You don't look very pleased.
None (PS6TF) [2775] I thought I wasn't gonna get home till twelve o'clock!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2776] Sorry?
None (PS6TF) [2777] Decided not to take it out tonight.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2778] Have you gotta go in tomorrow?
None (PS6TF) [2779] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2780] All day tomorrow?
None (PS6TE) [2781] Oh that's good!
None (PS6TF) [2782] No.
[2783] John said to me er
None (PS6TE) [2784] You ready love?
None (PS6TF) [2785] Look , everybody should have a complete break for the weekend.
None (PS6TE) [2786] Ah!
[2787] Does
Margaret (PS6RG) [2788] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [2789] mean to say he wants a break does it?
None (PS6TF) [2790] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2791] Yeah!
None (PS6TF) [2792] He's not even gonna let Steve come in which is er
Margaret (PS6RG) [2793] I don't want them.
None (PS6TE) [2794] Or maybe he can't afford the wages?
None (PS6TF) [2795] Yeah.
[2796] Might
Margaret (PS6RG) [2797] [singing] Well
None (PS6TF) [2798] be.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2799] you move forward to love!
[2800] But this world [...] !
None (PS6TF) [2801] What time did daddy get home?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2802] [...] [] .
None (PS6TE) [2803] I just have, I've just come, I'm just home.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2804] Ooh! [...]
None (PS6TE) [2805] Alright.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2806] Blooming shower!
None (PS6TF) [2807] He sat there looking very [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2808] Yeah. [...]
None (PS6TF) [2809] [yawning] Oh [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [2810] No wonder this house i is full of dirt!
None (PS6TF) [2811] Hello then Wiggy!
[2812] Oop!
[2813] Sorry!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2814] How on earth did she get out?
[2815] I think
None (PS6TF) [2816] I don't know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2817] She must have thrown herself down the stairs!
[2818] She's a strange sort of cat!
None (PS6TF) [2819] [singing] With this world, la la, la la la la la la [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2820] I was surprised to see a cat out there.
[2821] How did she get that?
None (PS6TF) [2822] [laugh] ... [singing] What, with [...] [] .
[2823] [humming] ... [singing] With this world [] .
[2824] Yes sweetie!
[2825] I know you're hungry! [cat noise]
None (PS6TF) [2826] What?
[2827] ... What?
[2828] [laugh] ... Up you go!
[2829] Come on!
[2830] Up!
[2831] ... I'll not [...] if you like.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2832] She's a little bugger int she?
None (PS6TF) [2833] Yeah.
[2834] Come on then!
[2835] ... Little bit?
[2836] Come on then! [...] at your food!
[2837] ... John said to me, what are your arrangements for tonight Claire?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2838] Mm.
None (PS6TF) [2839] I said I'm going out.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2840] Oh yeah.
None (PS6TF) [2841] Oh, good for you he said.
[2842] Good for you!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2843] Why was he gonna ... ask you to work?
None (PS6TF) [2844] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2845] Oh well.
[2846] Who's working tonight then?
None (PS6TF) [2847] Steve worked until three o'clock this morning!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2848] Did he?
None (PS6TF) [2849] Yeah.
[2850] Oh yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [2851] I've never known a place like it!
None (PS6TF) [2852] I've never known a bloke like it!
[2853] I'm sure you haven't.
[2854] What's that?
[2855] Not much there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2856] Well there's not much of them, I haven't done my shopping have I?
None (PS6TF) [2857] [singing] [...] [...] ... with this world [...] , yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
[2858] Love this world [...] . ... [...] [] . ... [singing] [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2859] I said I'd keep the beans for [...]
None (PS6TF) [2860] Yeah!
[2861] [singing] And I can [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2862] How many pieces of toast do you want?
None (PS6TF) [2863] Two please.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2864] Put four, er three.
None (PS6TF) [2865] I didn't know you said about twenty past.
[2866] But I was coming home.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2867] Oh!
None (PS6TF) [2868] Need to exactly find out before I knew I'd got ... mucked up the whole thing and can't send there back either.
Margaret (PS6RG) [2869] Oh.
None (PS6TF) [2870] The P word was getting on my nerves an awful lot this afternoon! [singing] [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [2871] Dad took Peter to work today said I thought he was gonna [...] to John when I came home, he took the whole front of
None (PS6TF) [2872] Oh!

8 (Tape 042301)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [2873] Have you closed the closed the front door?
None (PS6TF) [2874] Mum, dad heard a burglar alarm going off didn't you?
None (PS6TE) [2875] I could hear this burglar and she said have you closed the front door?
[2876] ... I said yeah, I said er wait a minute and when I came down, the conservatory door was open and the front door was on the latch
Margaret (PS6RG) [2877] Oh, god
None (PS6TF) [2878] you have to watch him ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [2879] good job I said something because it would of erm
None (PS6TE) [2880] no, I don't know where that tool is I was given for Christmas ... its gone
Margaret (PS6RG) [2881] so where did you put it?
None (PS6TE) [2882] unless its in the side of my motor bike
Margaret (PS6RG) [2883] in your bag, yeah
None (PS6TE) [2884] I'll have a look on my motor
Margaret (PS6RG) [2885] well I thought you had it, I thought you took it out with you one day, when you went out
None (PS6TE) [2886] perhaps its
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [2887] its a lovely day again today
Margaret (PS6RG) [2888] yes its night outside yeah
None (PS6TE) [2889] absolutely gorgeous
Margaret (PS6RG) [2890] those chain cleaners are good aren't they?
None (PS6TE) [2891] yeah I've seen those before like a
Margaret (PS6RG) [2892] yeah
None (PS6TE) [2893] sealed in
Margaret (PS6RG) [2894] mm ... those what?, its a chain cleaner, dad, how much are they?
None (PS6TF) [2895] fifteen pound
Margaret (PS6RG) [2896] fifteen?
None (PS6TF) [2897] mm
Margaret (PS6RG) [2898] mm, are they a necessary piece of equipment? ...
None (PS6TE) [2899] no, not really
Margaret (PS6RG) [2900] only if your a professional biker
None (PS6TE) [2901] does, does Steven know there's a new cycling magazine out?
None (PS6TF) [2902] I don't know dad
None (PS6TE) [2903] a racing cyclist
None (PS6TF) [2904] Steven and I do not converse, we just
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [2905] so what's happened in work today Clare, there must be something happen love
None (PS6TF) [2906] not really, quite boring actually ...
None (PS6TE) [2907] perhaps he don't want you in now maybe business is bad ...
None (PS6TF) [2908] it don't feel like Friday today probably cos I've had a day off
Margaret (PS6RG) [2909] no its weird in it?
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2910] I've opened some 'em
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TF) [2911] yeah, I've seen it [sniff] I must get my bike back together dad I might
None (PS6TE) [2912] yeah
None (PS6TF) [2913] go and buy some wheels tomorrow
None (PS6TE) [2914] yeah, cos you've got the money there
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [2915] oh I thought you were buying a new one with that money
None (PS6TF) [2916] I've got enough money to make together, er, yeah
None (PS6TE) [2917] yeah, but she's got enough money for two bikes
Margaret (PS6RG) [2918] oh has she?
None (PS6TE) [2919] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [2920] oh ... are you gonna put different bits, bits on 'em
None (PS6TE) [2921] I know, I know what I would do Clare actually, I would buy another second hand mountain bike
None (PS6TF) [2922] would you?
None (PS6TE) [2923] cos I don't think your gonna be, your gonna be satisfied with having a ... you know the er, if you get a dropped handled bar bike you, you won't like it, I'm telling you
None (PS6TF) [2924] [sniff] mm, perhaps I ought to have a go at Nicks
None (PS6TE) [2925] and there not all so heavy as, as that I can tell you that
None (PS6TF) [2926] no
None (PS6TE) [2927] I tell you what, if you get one of the earlier mountain bikes there made of five three one tubing which is lighter than what you've got, there's loads of them in the paper for sale and there so cheap
None (PS6TF) [2928] yeah, they are cheap ...
None (PS6TE) [2929] and what you can do is to keep that one for best
None (PS6TF) [2930] yeah, but its not best is it really, the frame's so heavy you can hardly ride it [sniff] I don't know whether its worth
None (PS6TE) [2931] well the alternative is to, to put it in the paper and advertise it to sell it, say the, the wheels have been stolen ...
None (PS6TF) [2932] mm, any body who picks up that frame dad on its own, is gonna think bloody hell that's
None (PS6TE) [2933] no
None (PS6TF) [2934] heavy
None (PS6TE) [2935] no they won't because
None (PS6TF) [2936] well I would
None (PS6TE) [2937] at the college Margaret where Clare went to the other day they had a notice saying about bicycle theft's from the college
Margaret (PS6RG) [2938] did they?
None (PS6TE) [2939] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [2940] what's it say? ...
None (PS6TF) [2941] I wished I'd of stayed a bit longer now and had another look around
None (PS6TE) [2942] why I, I wanted to go around with you, but ... I wanted you, what I was thinking of when I was sat in the car that you, when you come back you could take me round when you've been round
None (PS6TF) [2943] mm
None (PS6TE) [2944] and a lot of people take the front wheel off the bicycle and take the front wheel into college with them
None (PS6TF) [2945] yeah ...
None (PS6TE) [2946] I would of liked to of looked around actually
None (PS6TF) [2947] yeah I was such in a
None (PS6TE) [2948] and I thought
None (PS6TF) [2949] haste to get away I think
None (PS6TE) [2950] I thought I saw some students go across the road, they went out of the main entrance and walked
None (PS6TF) [2951] that's the university that is
None (PS6TE) [2952] where's that then?
None (PS6TF) [2953] down the hill
None (PS6TE) [2954] well why did they go down there then?
None (PS6TF) [2955] well perhaps they applied to university as well
None (PS6TE) [2956] or perhaps the sports grounds down there
None (PS6TF) [2957] its the university hall ... she didn't say any thing about using the university facilities
None (PS6TE) [2958] why they must do because I saw some of the groups of them going
None (PS6TF) [2959] no
None (PS6TE) [2960] or if they were going to the university they wouldn't of gone there for the interview
None (PS6TF) [2961] no, what I'm say is they might of had an interview for the university as well
None (PS6TE) [2962] no I don't think they did ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [2963] what's erm interviewees or students already there?
None (PS6TE) [2964] no, people coming for
Margaret (PS6RG) [2965] oh
None (PS6TE) [2966] interviews were taken on tours and I saw some of them go down the hill
Margaret (PS6RG) [2967] oh
None (PS6TF) [2968] oh
None (PS6TE) [2969] I suppose it depends on the, on the
None (PS6TF) [2970] it was ever such a big erm accommodation camp, because we went behind the college down the hill
None (PS6TE) [2971] I know and there's another
None (PS6TF) [2972] Queen Hill and there's this first, second and third year old
None (PS6TE) [2973] where the club is where the social club was, yeah
None (PS6TF) [2974] yeah, where the social club, where you went in that building
None (PS6TE) [2975] mm, mm
None (PS6TF) [2976] yeah ...
None (PS6TE) [2977] and actually there's another entrance down there because cars were coming in there
None (PS6TF) [2978] yeah they were coming in there and we nearly got knock got knocked over about five times ... actually there was another student car park at the back as well
None (PS6TE) [2979] the students are allowed to park their cars outside their rooms
None (PS6TF) [2980] are they?
None (PS6TE) [2981] mm
None (PS6TF) [2982] that's good in it? ...
None (PS6TE) [2983] and I saw two or three
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [2984] rising tyres and park and jump out and go into their rooms
Margaret (PS6RG) [2985] oh so they have cars then some students
None (PS6TF) [2986] not very, I didn't think there was very many cars there, most of them were beat up cars weren't they?, like mini's and things ...
None (PS6TE) [2987] I reckon this is is this spi , is this a spicy?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2988] what she mean beat up cars?, yeah I think it said spicy yeah, is it nice?
None (PS6TE) [2989] mm, nice and hot yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [2990] mm ... How longs the book the erm, a waiting list now for Mrs ...
None (PS6TE) [2991] four weeks
Margaret (PS6RG) [2992] oh about four weeks oh
None (PS6TE) [2993] I got her there, she said she was in a hurry because she was afraid to leave Keith too long ... I said well I'm in a hurry as well so I got her there as quick as I could and erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [2994] don't she leave her mother then?
None (PS6TE) [2995] mm?
Margaret (PS6RG) [2996] doesn't she leave her mother?
None (PS6TE) [2997] she doesn't like, well he had erm a bit of an attack last night, palpitations
Margaret (PS6RG) [2998] oh did he? ...
None (PS6TE) [2999] and that's dangerous for him because
Margaret (PS6RG) [3000] mm
None (PS6TE) [3001] of, he's got a severe heart condition
Margaret (PS6RG) [3002] how did her husband die did you say? ...
None (PS6TE) [3003] he spent erm, two years in the services I think dur during the war, two or three years and ... went through a bit of action and then, I think she said he was a policeman when he came out he, he joined the police force and he was cycling home one day and erm, I don't know, he fell off the bicycle, hit his head and he died
Margaret (PS6RG) [3004] ooh
None (PS6TE) [3005] thirty five ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [3006] so her sons then not
None (PS6TE) [3007] and then she married, she
Margaret (PS6RG) [3008] her sons not the name of her then
None (PS6TE) [3009] she married again and her second husband died
Margaret (PS6RG) [3010] what when he was young as well?
None (PS6TE) [3011] no it was some years before she re-married again
Margaret (PS6RG) [3012] oh ...
None (PS6TE) [3013] she said she wish'd had gotten re-married earlier than when she did, so I'm not quite sure how long it was
Margaret (PS6RG) [3014] oh ...
None (PS6TE) [3015] and er ... I said to her do you miss London?, and she said well she does for the theatre and that because they were only a short tube ride away from the West from the West End theatre's and she said there's more on in Poole here than there is in Bournemouth in terms of plays and
Margaret (PS6RG) [3016] mm
None (PS6TE) [3017] theatre, in which there is
Margaret (PS6RG) [3018] mm ...
None (PS6TE) [3019] erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3020] does she [...] and that
None (PS6TE) [3021] and I, I showed her around some I, on the way back I said I'll take you to Branston Park on the way back and I'll show you where John's working and I took her on to the, into the car park and I said look there he is up, huh, cutting the lawn, he was up cutting that, the big lawn ... she said one massive place ... I mean I took her all the way through Branston Park back to erm ...
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [3022] she said do you wanna come in ... and look at the kitchen now and I said no I won't stop now I'll work
None (PS6TF) [3023] bring it up with my
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3024] yes ... I'll have a biscuit I said
None (PS6TF) [3025] that's quite good erm magazine that
None (PS6TE) [3026] I'm gonna have a look at that
None (PS6TF) [3027] its quite interesting
None (PS6TE) [3028] tonight
None (PS6TF) [3029] have a what?
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3030] have a biscuit
None (PS6TF) [3031] don't you want that?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3032] no thank you
None (PS6TF) [3033] what do you want a Hob Nob?
None (PS6TE) [3034] I said I'll work something out for you and erm I'll be in touch with you next week
Margaret (PS6RG) [3035] see you've given her the
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TF) [3036] food, food
None (PS6TE) [3037] yeah but its all altered because she's altered the
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3038] ah, will there be more
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3039] down there?
None (PS6TE) [3040] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3041] oh ...
None (PS6TE) [3042] now she's changed her mind, the trouble is when you go and look at all these lovely kitchens
Margaret (PS6RG) [3043] yeah see, soon change don't ya?
None (PS6TE) [3044] you change your mind don't ya?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3045] yeah ...
None (PS6TE) [3046] I think she would of liked it er if her son was with her, she would really of liked him to be with her so that, cos she said he, he owns half the house
Margaret (PS6RG) [3047] mm, mm
None (PS6TE) [3048] they've got it in joint names
Margaret (PS6RG) [3049] mm ...
None (PS6TE) [3050] she said that wished she'd er, he'd been able to come, I think, I don't, I think she worries about him too much, too much
Margaret (PS6RG) [3051] well he could of done if he'd of taken her in the car would , couldn't she?
None (PS6TE) [3052] well I don't think he would of done, he's too shy
Margaret (PS6RG) [3053] oh is he?
None (PS6TE) [3054] mm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3055] thank you Clare, erm ...
None (PS6TE) [3056] myself, I think that if any thing happens to Keith ... which is obviously he's not gonna live a long life ... if any thing happens to him I, I myself I reckon she'll go back to London, because she's got absolutely nothing here ... she's got a cousin [cough] although, I don't think she'd move in, in with her cousin
Margaret (PS6RG) [3057] has she got relatives in London?
None (PS6TE) [3058] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3059] oh
None (PS6TE) [3060] her bo , not very many there, because her mother had her very late in life
Margaret (PS6RG) [3061] oh
None (PS6TE) [3062] like your mother
Margaret (PS6RG) [3063] oh
None (PS6TE) [3064] and erm, her brother is eighty one, her, her brother
Margaret (PS6RG) [3065] mm
None (PS6TE) [3066] and er, she said he's a bit a ... she said he's suffering from Alzheimer's disease
Margaret (PS6RG) [3067] mm
None (PS6TE) [3068] and half way through a composition he can't remember who he's talking to and things like that
Margaret (PS6RG) [3069] mm
None (PS6TE) [3070] so how erm, but he's eighty seven he is, her brother
Margaret (PS6RG) [3071] no he's eighty one
None (PS6TE) [3072] no he's eighty seven I've just remembered it, he's eight seven ... erm ... I reckon she'll go back to London myself ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [3073] well why did she come and live down here in the first place?
None (PS6TE) [3074] well she came down for Keith's sake, she came down to Bournemouth for holidays and erm ... like it so much she brought the company.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3075] oh ...
None (PS6TE) [3076] Julian was telling me that erm [cough] he's house on a Friday night is like a mad house because his daughter does a bit of hair dressing on the side, and she's having people come to have their hair done
Margaret (PS6RG) [3077] oh, she's got her own flat
None (PS6TE) [3078] no she comes to Julian's house cos
Margaret (PS6RG) [3079] oh
None (PS6TE) [3080] to have her hair done, she brings her boy friend with her and, another neighbour always drops in to have a chat with his wife on a Friday evening, she stops about an hour, then his son brings his girl friend, so he said its like a mad house
Margaret (PS6RG) [3081] mm ...
None (PS6TE) [3082] I think his back was aching a bit actually
Margaret (PS6RG) [3083] was it?
None (PS6TE) [3084] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3085] does he get a back problem?
None (PS6TE) [3086] well no but I mean its, it was er really hard work
Margaret (PS6RG) [3087] he'll regret he ever met you
None (PS6TE) [3088] laying a hundred and thirty slabs ... mixing up four tonnes of cement, pretty hard work
Margaret (PS6RG) [3089] well you helped him didn't you?
None (PS6TE) [3090] yeah I know, but its still very hard work, and I'm ten years older than he is ... I, I just did as much as I could for him really, I mean ... I did more mixing than he did, I did nearly all the mixing ...
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [3091] he erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3092] mm
None (PS6TE) [3093] you know Mr ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3094] show me that
None (PS6TF) [3095] I haven't read it though
Margaret (PS6RG) [3096] no
None (PS6TF) [3097] how much do you want dad?
None (PS6TE) [3098] erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3099] oh
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [3100] yeah
None (PS6TF) [3101] after I've sloshed it every where
Margaret (PS6RG) [3102] mm, mm
None (PS6TE) [3103] that's enough for me Clare the one on the right I'll have, the slightly smaller one ...
None (PS6TF) [3104] this one here?
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [3105] to sit down for five minutes after the tea, no the other one was, is that the biggest one?, thanks, there you are ...
None (PS6TF) [3106] oh that's it
None (PS6TE) [3107] we had the electricity bill in today Margaret reminder, got us paying
None (PS6TF) [3108] have I got a sweet?
None (PS6TE) [3109] have I brought the er second one down there yet?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3110] mm?
None (PS6TE) [3111] did I bring you the second of that stupid one down?
None (PS6TF) [3112] what from the office?
None (PS6TE) [3113] yeah
None (PS6TF) [3114] not the, there's a spoon there
None (PS6TE) [3115] yeah, I don't use that to put in the sugar
None (PS6TF) [3116] oh , April ninety two
Margaret (PS6RG) [3117] I've paid it
None (PS6TE) [3118] the second one
Margaret (PS6RG) [3119] mm
None (PS6TE) [3120] yeah ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [3121] cos you were there when they called weren't you and they revised it?
None (PS6TE) [3122] mm and you paid the revised one which is about half the price isn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3123] mm
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3124] ain't I?,
[3125] I've got loads really but I can't find them any where ...
None (PS6TE) [3126] was it a good job Clare?
None (PS6TF) [3127] mm, April
Margaret (PS6RG) [3128] I mean there
None (PS6TE) [3129] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3130] not doing September's yet you see erm
None (PS6TE) [3131] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3132] Simon told me that a school
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3133] along the road by Pardah's bakery
None (PS6TF) [3134] well I don't know where Pardah's
Margaret (PS6RG) [3135] well on the main
None (PS6TE) [3136] nor do I
Margaret (PS6RG) [3137] by Warer Road
None (PS6TE) [3138] what, but, before the church or after the church, before the Co-Op or after the Co-Op?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3139] well which way your going?
None (PS6TE) [3140] erm ... Springfield Road way
Margaret (PS6RG) [3141] before the Co-Op ...
None (PS6TE) [3142] and the shops behind the trees isn't it bushes?, you can't see it from the road can you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3143] you can a bit its sort of it, you know the pub on the other side
None (PS6TE) [3144] mm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3145] its a bit passed the pub, that's where she thinks it is any way
None (PS6TE) [3146] oh
Margaret (PS6RG) [3147] and I think its to replace Rushcome school, cos Rushcome school's down there isn't it?
None (PS6TF) [3148] its to take the pressure of it
Margaret (PS6RG) [3149] yeah so they won't, oh so its not closing Rushcome school
None (PS6TF) [3150] no, no
Margaret (PS6RG) [3151] oh
None (PS6TE) [3152] what was that school in there Clare was that the
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TF) [3153] yeah
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TF) [3154] that would of been lovely ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [3155] could of rented Mrs house ...
None (PS6TE) [3156] that's only two months before she finishes
Margaret (PS6RG) [3157] yeah but that's the autumn term er there not advertising the autumn terms yet ...
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...] ...
None (PS6TE) [3158] So I've got time to sit down for five minutes before we go out ain't I?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3159] mm ...
None (PS6TF) [3160] What's a stump jumper dad?
None (PS6TE) [3161] Its a mountain bike, just what they call it a stump jumper
None (PS6TF) [3162] mm ...
None (PS6TE) [3163] in the mountain bike
None (PS6TF) [sniff]
None (PS6TE) [3164] in the mountain bike competitions ... they, they show them going over rocks and they have to jump them, the only way over it is to jump them
None (PS6TF) [3165] sort of like bunny hoping
None (PS6TE) [3166] bunny well its like on, well no its like on er
None (PS6TF) [sniff]
None (PS6TE) [3167] a po a pogo stick
Margaret (PS6RG) [3168] oh dear Clare
None (PS6TE) [3169] a pogo stick
None (PS6TF) [3170] so its like bunny hoping B M X that, they, there, yeah
None (PS6TE) [3171] well yeah, that's right, yeah
None (PS6TF) [3172] I know what you mean
None (PS6TE) [3173] is there a stump jumper on the other side
None (PS6TF) [3174] yeah
None (PS6TE) [3175] is there?
None (PS6TF) [3176] four hundred or near offer
None (PS6TE) [3177] that's ridiculous isn't it?, good start for a second hand bike
None (PS6TF) [3178] mountain bike Peugeot a hundred and thirty, solo San Solo racer ...
None (PS6TE) [3179] there's always plenty of erm
None (PS6TF) [3180] gents mountain bike, eighty five pounds
None (PS6TE) [3181] what make is it?
None (PS6TF) [3182] erm
None (PS6TE) [3183] and if you buy
None (PS6TF) [3184] Golf, Saracen
None (PS6TE) [3185] ooh that's a good make Clare
None (PS6TF) [3186] red, alloy wheels [sniff]
None (PS6TE) [3187] that's a good make
Margaret (PS6RG) [3188] Clare stop sniffing
None (PS6TF) [3189] oh my nose is running
None (PS6TE) [3190] and also you want proof of ownership
Margaret (PS6RG) [3191] go and get a tissue
None (PS6TE) [3192] that you buy any bikes
None (PS6TF) [3193] yeah that's quite a good idea
None (PS6TE) [3194] cos it could be nicked
None (PS6TF) [3195] nicked and stolen
None (PS6TE) [3196] Saracen is what we looked at in Horsfall
None (PS6TF) [3197] Saracen were those yellow one's weren't they?
None (PS6TE) [3198] no they were orangey red
None (PS6TF) [3199] yeah and there was yellow one's cos there, there was a lot
None (PS6TE) [3200] yeah it was Saracen that we looked at
None (PS6TF) [3201] [sniff] ... eighty five pounds not bad is it?
None (PS6TE) [3202] I was listening to this island disc this morning and erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3203] Benny Hill is it?
None (PS6TE) [3204] Roger Bannister
Margaret (PS6RG) [3205] it must be Benny Hill next week then
None (PS6TE) [3206] and er
Margaret (PS6RG) [3207] oh he's gone into hospital hasn't he again?
None (PS6TE) [3208] and he said do you do any running and he said no, but he said his son's bought him a mountain bike, so he
Margaret (PS6RG) [3209] yeah
None (PS6TE) [3210] does a bit of cycling he said which keeps him fit
Margaret (PS6RG) [3211] oh he was the first four minute miler wasn't he?
None (PS6TE) [3212] mm
None (PS6TF) [3213] doesn't he do any running any more?
None (PS6TE) [3214] well he's
Margaret (PS6RG) [3215] too old don't be daft
None (PS6TE) [3216] don't be daft , he's about sixty five
None (PS6TF) [3217] oh there's loads of veteran runners of that age running around still
Margaret (PS6RG) [3218] yeah and dropping dead
None (PS6TE) [3219] I think it, oh is he as old as that? he was, well
Margaret (PS6RG) [3220] no, he's, he's a bit older than that, I should know.
None (PS6TE) [3221] he said something about when I was fifty three I did this or something
Margaret (PS6RG) [3222] oh
None (PS6TE) [3223] like that ... he's a neu neurology, neurologist
Margaret (PS6RG) [3224] yeah
None (PS6TE) [3225] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3226] mm ...
None (PS6TF) [3227] [singing] I don't want a [] [reading] A reg Citron two C V, eight fifty or near offer [] , god there going cheap aren't they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3228] mm
None (PS6TF) [3229] nobody wants them
Margaret (PS6RG) [3230] I shall keep it for a bit longer Clare
None (PS6TF) [3231] yeah, its just in the wet weather its a pain
Margaret (PS6RG) [3232] yeah it goes in the dry weather doesn't it straight away?
None (PS6TF) [3233] yeah starts straight away
Margaret (PS6RG) [3234] mm
None (PS6TF) [3235] its a shame
Margaret (PS6RG) [3236] does, yeah
None (PS6TF) [3237] that there's wet weather most of the year
Margaret (PS6RG) [3238] yeah
None (PS6TF) [3239] isn't it really?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3240] and did I tell you I bumped into Jean [cough] when I went down
None (PS6TE) [3241] yeah, I tell you what
Margaret (PS6RG) [3242] she's on her way to erm, she showed me her tiles in the bathroom there quite pretty, erm, she erm ... isn't very pleased with the way the tiling's been done
None (PS6TE) [3243] no
Margaret (PS6RG) [3244] and she had they were
None (PS6TE) [3245] why, I did notice something else, but I thought its not, I'm not saying any thing to Jean though
Margaret (PS6RG) [3246] they were er a what she wants you to look at it and see
None (PS6TE) [3247] cos its not fair, but I noticed that ... they'd put plywood at the back of the bath
Margaret (PS6RG) [3248] mm
None (PS6TE) [3249] where the shower fittings were coming through
Margaret (PS6RG) [3250] mm
None (PS6TE) [3251] and in my opinion they should of clad the plywood with plasterboard before they put the tiles on
Margaret (PS6RG) [3252] oh I don't know
None (PS6TE) [3253] and I bet you they haven't
Margaret (PS6RG) [3254] any way she said its nothing like the tiles she had done in the kitchen
None (PS6TE) [3255] no
Margaret (PS6RG) [3256] so she, she, if it weren't, if she has him to build her own suite, she's gonna get erm Lee, what was his name Clare?
[3257] Lee
None (PS6TF)
Margaret (PS6RG) [3258] dad cos he did a really good job ... to do the, the tiling and you see she had seconds tiles
None (PS6TE) [3259] well
Margaret (PS6RG) [3260] from Pilkingtons and there's little, she said you wouldn't notice it but there's little like, little things on and when he did the grouting yesterday she said that she said it was awful, she didn't like it at all so she told him this morning
None (PS6TE) [3261] what she didn't, what she didn't like the tiles or she didn't like the grout
Margaret (PS6RG) [3262] no didn't like how he grouted it because she said there, things like a little nick in the tile, if he'd gone in with the grouting it wouldn't of shown any and he didn't
None (PS6TE) [3263] yeah, but why should he have to bother to go and nick in seconds tiles
Margaret (PS6RG) [3264] I don't know
None (PS6TE) [3265] she shouldn't of dam well bought seconds tiles should she? ... well I mean if you buy ... what do you expect?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3266] and she said she, its cos she said, she said of course if its because she's so used to Joe he would of, I said yeah but he went over the top didn't he, cos he always did every thing to perfection, I said you can't have Joe doing it
None (PS6TE) [3267] fancy let [...] to go in and mix with the grouting, its a bit of a cheek in it? ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [3268] well he got the tiles she didn't
None (PS6TE) [3269] yeah, but she selected them and she got
Margaret (PS6RG) [3270] yeah, but she they didn't get the one's that, she couldn't get the one's that she wanted cos they didn't have enough
None (PS6TE) [3271] no, but if you'll buy if you buy seconds tiles Margaret then you have to
Margaret (PS6RG) [3272] well he went with her
None (PS6TE) [3273] yeah, well that's not his bus ... that's her fault isn't it you'd buy seconds
Margaret (PS6RG) [3274] she said Joe would of got them all at the top where you couldn't see them and things like that, I said well you won't get builders doing that
None (PS6TE) [3275] no of course you won't I'd er, I mean why should a buil
Margaret (PS6RG) [3276] haven't got time to do that
None (PS6TE) [3277] why should a builder, because she's bought second tiles, take time to sort out the duff one's
Margaret (PS6RG) [3278] I said to her you'll just looking for fault all the time you are I said that's
None (PS6TE) [3279] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3280] what your doing, your just, she said I know I am ... she says I'm nick picking, I'm just looking for faults, I told you that today
None (PS6TE) [3281] that's why you wouldn't [cough] when we do things sometimes, we won't fiddle about er, erm with poody things its just not worth it
Margaret (PS6RG) [3282] no ... but she said it look's much bigger, she's got a very big broom cupboard
None (PS6TF) [3283] Cor their naff death, young death's in here tonight
Margaret (PS6RG) [3284] who's died then?
None (PS6TF) [3285] twenty four, seventeen
Margaret (PS6RG) [3286] what they die off?
None (PS6TF) [3287] tragic death both tragic death's
None (PS6TE) [3288] well that's those
Margaret (PS6RG) [3289] well that's that car crash
None (PS6TE) [3290] yeah that's those two girls
Margaret (PS6RG) [3291] its that car crash
None (PS6TF) [3292] is it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3293] yeah, well one of seventeen years
None (PS6TE) [3294] it crashed
None (PS6TF) [3295] no, one's a bloke
None (PS6TE) [3296] no
Margaret (PS6RG) [3297] yeah well er twenty four?
None (PS6TF) [3298] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3299] he was the other driver wasn't he?
None (PS6TE) [3300] no, but he wasn't killed
None (PS6TF) [3301] it was two girls
Margaret (PS6RG) [3302] oh
None (PS6TE) [3303] two seventeen year old girls
None (PS6TF) [3304] one of them seventeen yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3305] mm ... inexperienced aren't they, they just need, they don't know how to get up the top, they must of only just learnt to drive look, seventeen, mustn't they? ... that's a fast road that isn't it across there?
None (PS6TF) [3306] in it awful seventeen years
Margaret (PS6RG) [3307] mm
None (PS6TF) [3308] and then your gone
Margaret (PS6RG) [3309] fast moving road I think that is
None (PS6TF) [3310] ah ...
Margaret (PS6RG) [3311] that frog's
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3312] still on top of the pond
None (PS6TE) [3313] when its got air in it, it won't sink
Margaret (PS6RG) [3314] no, but I thought perhaps it was frozen so it won't fertilize
None (PS6TE) [3315] yeah, but it , what do you mean its already fertilized
Margaret (PS6RG) [3316] yeah, but I thought the frost would of killed the, the ...
None (PS6TE) [3317] well it might
None (PS6TF) [3318] its gonna stay there until it rots
Margaret (PS6RG) [3319] no I thought the frost would of killed of the
None (PS6TE) [3320] well I don't know if, if the eggs can withstand frost
None (PS6TF) [3321] its too cold, there dead now
None (PS6TE) [3322] now, I'm not sure
Margaret (PS6RG) [3323] that's what I mean there dead aren't they
None (PS6TF) [3324] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3325] cos it the frost it was like a lump of ice the other day
None (PS6TE) [3326] I know, but
None (PS6TF) [3327] you might as well throw it away
Margaret (PS6RG) [3328] yeah I think you might as well throw it
None (PS6TF) [3329] go and [...]
None (PS6TE) [3330] yeah, but there's a big lump underneath the water as well
Margaret (PS6RG) [3331] they haven't been
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3332] since its too cold
None (PS6TE) [3333] no
None (PS6TF) [3334] at a time they had, they had a lot from
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3335] yes, is there really?
None (PS6TF) [sniff]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3336] I, I don't think warm, so why they early?
None (PS6TE) [3337] well they do it is, they get a bit of sun on the water don't forget that water's not very deep
Margaret (PS6RG) [3338] yeah
None (PS6TE) [3339] especially
Margaret (PS6RG) [3340] no
None (PS6TE) [3341] the shallow end, any way I'm gonna clear off now, clear up
None (PS6TF) [3342] what time we going out?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3343] well I said we'd pick up aunty Jean at twenty too eight
None (PS6TE) [3344] I want to sit down before I go a rush this morning
None (PS6TF) [3345] I have to put the tape on
Margaret (PS6RG) [3346] oh yeah, you'll be slapped
None (PS6TE) [3347] mm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3348] that's cos I said to him round the other way
None (PS6TE) [3349] turn round the other way she said and ran straight back this way
Margaret (PS6RG) [3350] [laugh] .
[3351] I was talking to Mrs the other day, down the road, she's had, she had er back problem and she gets terrible trouble at night, sleeping
None (PS6TF) [3352] I saw her daughter about half past seven taking that yappy thing out
Margaret (PS6RG) [3353] did you?
None (PS6TF) [3354] yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3355] it yaps a lot that do don't it?
None (PS6TF) [3356] she was walking up the lane like this
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [...]
None (PS6TE) [3357] erm, John was talking about his erm
None (PS6TF) [3358] his son
None (PS6TE) [3359] his son today and he said he didn't pay his insurance, his car insurance up, I said well he's working in he?, he said yeah I said what
Margaret (PS6RG) [3360] he hasn't got a job has he?
None (PS6TE) [3361] yeah he is working he's a computer
Margaret (PS6RG) [3362] oh where's he?
None (PS6TE) [3363] specialist or something or, or training to do, and I says well what, what do you pay his car insurance for then if his working?, oh well he doesn't earn enough ...
None (PS6TF) [3364] why's he got a car then?
None (PS6TE) [3365] and I thought well why's he gotta car for then?, and what's happening his father's doing the car, spent about
None (PS6TF) [3366] dad, your hard
None (PS6TE) [3367] a year
None (PS6TF) [3368] your a hard father
None (PS6TE) [3369] I'm not, if you want a car you, you blasted run it, I didn't have a car when I was young
Margaret (PS6RG) [3370] I didn't have a bicycle

9 (Tape 042401)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [3371] Anyway, I'll I'll put in the note anyway, because that's the, thank you ... because I, I feel I've got to get a few prices to find out
None (PS6TE) [3372] Yes.
None (PS6TD) [3373] what the sort
None (PS6TE) [3374] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3375] sort of erm, the market's like.
[3376] But no, I've made up my mind now, I'm going to get it all done.
[3377] I'm going to gradually
None (PS6TE) [3378] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3379] I I've, finished
None (PS6TE) [3380] Get the work, yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3381] [...] now and
None (PS6TE) [3382] Well you've done very well, I think.
None (PS6TD) [3383] And
None (PS6TE) [3384] I mean that kitchen was a major job
None (PS6TD) [3385] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [3386] weren't it?
[3387] All done now.
None (PS6TD) [3388] That kitchen was ... yes!
[3389] But didn't it go on for such a long time!
None (PS6TE) [3390] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3391] But mind, I will say this about this chappie ... he does stick to it.
[3392] I mean, he's
None (PS6TE) [3393] Oh.
None (PS6TD) [3394] gonna stick there today ... and I
None (PS6TE) [3395] Well to work at the weekend as well
None (PS6TD) [3396] Yes!
None (PS6TE) [3397] he must be ... maybe he's looking out for more work, I admire
None (PS6TD) [3398] Yes!
None (PS6TE) [3399] people like that.
None (PS6TD) [3400] And, not only that, he's got one of his men in with him!
[3401] You see he's got, bought a chappie in with him.
[3402] So ... I I ... I've said to Margaret, he's a, I think he must doing something with the extractor fan because he's cut a hole in the er ... barge pole so, on the board so obviously
None (PS6TE) [3403] Up there.
None (PS6TD) [3404] doing something up there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3405] Well I said to Derek, look at our tiles, you see, and he said that's unfair because he said these aren't, what?
None (PS6TE) [3406] They they never
Margaret (PS6RG) [3407] Your tiles are
None (PS6TE) [3408] these, these, your tiles are the same as ours in the bathroom ... have got slight raise on the edge
None (PS6TD) [3409] Yes , they have.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3410] But then you don't do that.
None (PS6TE) [3411] to make a good square so you
None (PS6TD) [3412] Ah!
None (PS6TE) [3413] have to big spaces in these
None (PS6TD) [3414] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [3415] that's why there's a lot of
None (PS6TD) [3416] Mm.
None (PS6TE) [3417] grouting.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3418] So you don't do that
None (PS6TE) [3419] Even with a big old bathroom.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3420] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3421] But mind, since you
None (PS6TE) [3422] No , not down here.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3423] Ah!
[3424] Upstairs.
None (PS6TE) [3425] Upstairs.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3426] Ah!
None (PS6TD) [3427] But since you've, since you've said it's not too bad, I looked at it again, I thought, no, perhaps it's not too bad.
None (PS6TE) [3428] No it's not.
None (PS6TD) [3429] I think I was being over-critical.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3430] I think you weren't [...] .
None (PS6TD) [3431] Yes, well, I wanted to fill in those bits though.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3432] Oh!
[3433] Ah!
None (PS6TD) [3434] But I think perhaps I'm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3435] And in some places
None (PS6TD) [3436] I'm inclined to yeah
Margaret (PS6RG) [3437] it was , it was
None (PS6TD) [3438] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3439] quite
None (PS6TD) [3440] But, if I ever have it done again I'm going to buy those brass things, and, it only costs about five pounds more.
[3441] Whereabouts did you get them?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3442] I've seen them with the tiles [...] .
None (PS6TE) [3443] I don't think , I don't think you had them with those tiles
Margaret (PS6RG) [3444] Well we did them
None (PS6TE) [3445] when
Margaret (PS6RG) [3446] in the kitchen!
None (PS6TD) [3447] Yes!
[3448] You had it, I [...] with the [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [3449] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [3450] Yeah, but maybe he done it cos you space there, see.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3451] Well, that's it.
None (PS6TE) [3452] Well ... do you know the tiny little [...] [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3453] Didn't he?
None (PS6TE) [3454] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3455] So there's that, all that [...]
None (PS6TE) [3456] Cos half of [...] tiles don't need spacing.
None (PS6TD) [3457] Oh!
None (PS6TE) [3458] You sure it hasn't got two blips along the se , one rung at a time.
None (PS6TD) [3459] No, I don't think it has.
[3460] No I don't think it has.
None (PS6TE) [3461] But it's ,i I saw him down at [...] , what he did ... he moved the bottom [...] ... which
Margaret (PS6RG) [3462] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [3463] gives him his level ... then you put the stuff on the wall then you [...] .
None (PS6TD) [3464] Amazing isn't it?
[3465] But it's marvellous to see a good expert at
None (PS6TE) [3466] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3467] work!
None (PS6TE) [3468] No spaces.
None (PS6TD) [3469] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3470] So th , no spaces in them?
None (PS6TE) [3471] No!
[3472] Exactly the same as yours.
[3473] Er,th , a lot of the modern tiles don't have spaces.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3474] So you'll be doing it
None (PS6TE) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3475] by eye?
None (PS6TE) [3476] No, you don't need to do it by eye.
[3477] Once you put the bottom run in and that's
None (PS6TD) [3478] Oh I see!
[3479] Oh pardon me!
[3480] I'm thinking that's the bottom run.
[3481] I'm with you!
[3482] That means
None (PS6TE) [3483] Once it gets coated, once everything is level
None (PS6TD) [3484] That's
None (PS6TE) [3485] on one run
None (PS6TD) [3486] I see what you mean.
[3487] It's got to be
None (PS6TE) [3488] Yeah.
[3489] So that you don't
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TE) [3490] you don't really need
None (PS6TD) [3491] No.
None (PS6TE) [3492] to leave spaces
None (PS6TD) [3493] [...] [laughing] used to leave spaces [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [3494] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [3495] I tell you, I would leave spaces
None (PS6TD) [3496] [laughing] Yeah []
None (PS6TE) [3497] I'd have one slightly out and
None (PS6TD) [3498] Yeah.
None (PS6TE) [3499] and [...] .
None (PS6TD) [3500] And, you could imagine what Joey would have
None (PS6TE) [3501] Yeah!
None (PS6TD) [3502] done. [laugh]
None (PS6TE) [...]
None (PS6TD) [3503] You'd see a [...]
None (PS6TE) [3504] Just like, like that he was.
None (PS6TD) [3505] Oh!
[3506] Ha!
[3507] Well I should imagine my [...] would be insulted now when I gave him all those things [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [3508] Well perhaps he didn't use them.
None (PS6TE) [3509] Well no, it's a lot of the modern tiles don't have spaces.
None (PS6TD) [3510] Yes, but he'd be in [...] .
None (PS6TE) [3511] Anyway , I've gotta go look!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3512] Alright.
[3513] Derek's
None (PS6TE) [3514] Erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3515] gotta go.
None (PS6TD) [3516] What time are you gonna pick me
None (PS6TE) [3517] I've gotta pick up
None (PS6TD) [3518] today?
None (PS6TE) [3519] I've gotta pick up this grout at ... don't wait for me
Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [3520] Can Jean look round up there?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3521] Yeah. [...]
None (PS6TE) [3522] Don't wait for me for lunch.
[3523] Margaret!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3524] Don't wait for you for lunch?
None (PS6TE) [3525] Because, I I shall be back probably about, and just ... I mo , I'm, I've got the car phone in the car as well.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3526] Oh allright.
None (PS6TE) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3527] Oh alright then.
None (PS6TD) [3528] Do you know it was ju , I've been scrubbing, and scrubbing, and scrubbing my hands!
[3529] And look at my nails Marg!
[3530] I cannot
Margaret (PS6RG) [3531] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3532] get over the dirt!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3533] Well I should wait till it's ... actually Jean, I don't think there's any, it's only that bit anyway, to be honest with you.
None (PS6TD) [3534] Yes.
[3535] No, I I I can remember what it's like actually.
[3536] I
Margaret (PS6RG) [3537] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3538] I couldn't [...] , I think what I do now, when I, I don't look at anything and suddenly ... almost ready to ... have something done myself.
[3539] Erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3540] I think that
None (PS6TD) [3541] I've found looking at it
Margaret (PS6RG) [3542] I don't think that's right if you go there.
None (PS6TD) [3543] You don't think so?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3544] No.
None (PS6TD) [3545] I think I'll go round looking now
Margaret (PS6RG) [3546] Have a look what every [...] has got.
None (PS6TD) [3547] Yes I will.
[3548] I will.
[3549] I'll go round looking and see
Margaret (PS6RG) [3550] So which would you prefer?
None (PS6TD) [3551] Well the [...] fine.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3552] Fine?
None (PS6TD) [3553] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3554] You've got them crossed now haven't you?
None (PS6TD) [3555] I think I have, yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3556] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3557] Oh yes!
[3558] I've got them crossed.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3559] Got them crossed.
None (PS6TD) [3560] You've got a good eye Margaret!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3561] Yeah.
[3562] Got them crossed.
None (PS6TD) [3563] I'd forgotten that!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3564] Mm.
[3565] Well
None (PS6TD) [3566] I wonder if that would be better?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3567] Well I don't know, I think that's quite nice across.
[3568] But I
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3569] think probably it's because it needs painting cos it's a horrible colour isn't it?
None (PS6TD) [3570] Oh yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3571] What is it?
[3572] Er er [...]
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3573] A creamy colour isn't it?
None (PS6TD) [3574] I'm painting that with white.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3575] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3576] I'm gonna have all white.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3577] Are you?
None (PS6TD) [3578] And if I want any col , I'm going have towel hanging
Margaret (PS6RG) [3579] It's not at all.
None (PS6TD) [3580] I'm going to have towel hanging where the cedarwood is now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3581] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3582] And if I want any colour I'm going to get some black taps in the bath.
[3583] And I'm gonna paint that er
Margaret (PS6RG) [3584] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3585] seat black.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3586] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3587] So get the dark, very dark
Margaret (PS6RG) [3588] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3589] black.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3590] I was fuming when I came home!
[3591] And she's gonna get it when she comes home!
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3592] Well I ca came home, I had Derek's overalls in the ... the sink, they need washing on their own, and I said to Cla , so I had to go shopping this morning because ... Claire only worked all day yesterday so she
None (PS6TD) [3593] Oh yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3594] couldn't take me so I
None (PS6TD) [3595] Mm, yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3596] can't do it.
None (PS6TD) [3597] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3598] Because it hurts my back.
[3599] And erm ... I said to her, dad's overall's in the machine so when they're finished you hand them on the line.
[3600] Yes, okay, she said yeah.
[3601] Now ... in here Jean was her washing bowl full of washing soap in and her bits and pieces like tights and that.
[3602] Now, if you take something out of the machine in th , what would you do with that there?
None (PS6TD) [3603] Well ... dry it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3604] It was just left!
None (PS6TD) [3605] Oh no!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3606] I can't do it now!
[3607] So she's gonna get it when she comes in!
None (PS6TD) [3608] Oh that's naughty Marg!
[3609] And all you've gotta do is put
Margaret (PS6RG) [3610] Is just put it in!
None (PS6TD) [3611] Yeah.
[3612] So put some [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [3613] Yes, put some soap powder in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3614] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3615] That's naughty!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3616] See [...] machine has gone off.
None (PS6TD) [3617] That really is naughty.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3618] I mostly do now is hers.
None (PS6TD) [3619] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3620] But I was really mad!
None (PS6TD) [3621] They just don't think!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3622] I was shattered today when I came home!
None (PS6TD) [3623] They just don't think do they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3624] And then Derek home and Manda said he was shopping, and I said ... oh come on!
[3625] I said, it takes hours going shopping with you!
[3626] He said oh!
[3627] He said, we're not in a rush.
[3628] I said, mind they don't eat [...] .
[3629] That's what we were saying [...] used to say [...] we do.
None (PS6TD) [3630] Well I'm afraid I'm a bit like Derek, I take my time.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3631] Oh! [...]
None (PS6TD) [3632] Oh I love it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3633] Go shopping, go and come back!
None (PS6TD) [3634] Oh I love it!
[3635] I, I, I love poking, but it's so funny what you see, now if I hadn't been poking, know that little bonsai tree?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3636] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3637] Now if I hadn't been poking around that shop and in an
Margaret (PS6RG) [3638] Mm mm.
None (PS6TD) [3639] I would never have seen that [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3640] Yeah , but that's different to food shopping.
[3641] I hate food shopping!
None (PS6TD) [3642] Ooh no!
[3643] They've got, do ... do you know when I go into Sainsburys, mind you, sometimes I go into Sainsburys and I don't really want anything, I just like to look round in there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3644] I bet you buy something though?
None (PS6TD) [3645] No!
[3646] I don't
Margaret (PS6RG) [3647] Don't you [...] ?
None (PS6TD) [3648] No.
[3649] No.
[3650] If I don't want anything I, I just go in there and I think ... well I'll just go and see I may see something which catches my eye.
[3651] And I go in there and I have lov , I can be in there an hour!
[3652] Just wandering around
Margaret (PS6RG) [3653] We do our [...] in an hour!
None (PS6TD) [3654] I know, I've seen you.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3655] We'd be in there three minutes!
[3656] And that's too long!
None (PS6TD) [3657] Ooh no!
[3658] Yes but you don't see what they've got!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3659] [...] in an hour, they must think you're weird!
None (PS6TD) [3660] No they don't.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3661] Well, well what do you do?
None (PS6TD) [3662] I just look [...] , I just look at the shelves and ... I look to see what they've got and
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [3663] look around.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3664] But ... they look
None (PS6TD) [3665] Yes, I, if you don't [...] see what they've got.
[3666] You might be missing something.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3667] Well I don't think anybody's see how much the
None (PS6TD) [3668] Oh I know [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3669] [...] erm
None (PS6TD) [3670] I really love to!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3671] I mean
None (PS6TD) [3672] And, and it's surprising what I've found when I've bought erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3673] Yes, but when you, you have to shop ... for us lot it can, and loads and loads and loads
None (PS6TD) [3674] Ooh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3675] it gets a bit
None (PS6TD) [3676] I used to shop in Sainsburys [...] .
[3677] I mean
Margaret (PS6RG) [3678] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [3679] it's exactly the same thing.
[3680] I used to look, I used to look for bargains [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [3681] Yeah, but you've always liked shopping anyway.
None (PS6TD) [3682] Oh yes!
[3683] I love poking around Marg.
[3684] I really do like shopping for
Margaret (PS6RG) [3685] Joey used to say to me
None (PS6TD) [3686] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3687] don't go shopping with Jean!
None (PS6TD) [3688] I it's a, sort of entertainment for me! [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3689] I'm just gonna see how much the sultanas were at Tesco [...]
None (PS6TD) [3690] [...] they're fifty five in Quicksave.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3691] Is that how much?
[3692] I have to buy that.
[3693] It's a whole week, mind we don't go out and erm ... when I came home ... just, the last evening, you know, after the play
None (PS6TD) [3694] Mm.
[3695] I enjoyed it really Marg!
[3696] But I know it was a bit hot!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3697] It was too hot!
None (PS6TD) [3698] Yes it was too hot.
[3699] But I enjoyed it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3700] Mind you, I thought it was nice.
None (PS6TD) [3701] Yeah.
[3702] I enjoyed it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3703] Oh yeah, seventy five, they've gone up.
None (PS6TD) [3704] Ooh!
[3705] They're fifty, only fifty something
Margaret (PS6RG) [3706] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3707] You
Margaret (PS6RG) [3708] I'll buy some in Quicksave.
None (PS6TD) [3709] Yeah.
[3710] They've got ... sulta , they've got raisins, fifty five!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3711] I only buy sultanas.
None (PS6TD) [3712] Mm?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3713] I only buy sultanas.
None (PS6TD) [3714] Well they go sultanas in there.
[3715] Well raisins wouldn't hurt you.
[3716] They're lovely!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3717] Yeah I have bought raisins, but normally they're, but they're not expensive are they?
None (PS6TD) [3718] Well no!
[3719] No!
[3720] They're only fifty five!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3721] Oh!
[3722] I'll change.
None (PS6TD) [3723] But they aren't the ... they aren't the ... Californian ones where they're sort of big, fat and juicy
Margaret (PS6RG) [3724] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3725] and sticky.
[3726] These are, but they've still got the flavour of raisins
Margaret (PS6RG) [3727] Oh.
None (PS6TD) [3728] mind.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3729] I'm, I don't like currants
None (PS6TD) [3730] It's funny int it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3731] much, I think they're something and nothing, currants.
None (PS6TD) [3732] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3733] I got some currants that are left over
None (PS6TD) [3734] Have you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3735] from Christmas and
None (PS6TD) [3736] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3737] I don't usa , I mean, I can't be bothered with them.
None (PS6TD) [3738] Well I tell you why I haven't been buying currants lately ... cos they've been so blooming expensive!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3739] Oh!
[3740] Are they?
[3741] I think ... if I make a cake today I I'd rather put ... sultanas in.
None (PS6TD) [3742] Mm.
[3743] Derek, doesn't he like er candy peel either?
[3744] Because
Margaret (PS6RG) [3745] Well
None (PS6TD) [3746] mixed fruits is ... that's only fifty five now!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3747] Yes.
[3748] I might get some mixed fruits.
[3749] He's
None (PS6TD) [3750] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3751] he's tasted your marmalade.
None (PS6TD) [3752] Oh what does he think of it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3753] I, I had a little taste.
[3754] I'm not very keen on marmalade.
None (PS6TD) [3755] Aren't you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3756] No.
None (PS6TD) [3757] Well what did you think of it then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3758] Well I think it was nice.
[3759] But I just don't like bits.
None (PS6TD) [3760] Oh I ... erm, no you don't?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3761] No, I don't.
None (PS6TD) [3762] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3763] And marmalade's
None (PS6TD) [3764] I love bits!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3765] too strong for me.
None (PS6TD) [3766] But I'll make, I've got to make the other half of it, so when I make the other half of it he can probably have, er have a couple of jam ones
Margaret (PS6RG) [3767] No.
[3768] He's got enough there.
None (PS6TD) [3769] Oh Lord!
[3770] Never mind he can ... I mean, I had to, I want you to have it all anyway.
[3771] I like baking it for him!
[3772] He, he enjoys it!
[3773] I like doing it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3774] Derek says to me something, he said [...] all condensation in Jean's kitchen!
None (PS6TD) [3775] Yes there was.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3776] I said, well I'll ask her what
None (PS6TD) [3777] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3778] that was.
None (PS6TD) [3779] Yes, and I, and I wiped down one side
Margaret (PS6RG) [3780] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3781] And then I forgot to wipe the other side
Margaret (PS6RG) [3782] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3783] And then I forgot to wipe the other side
Margaret (PS6RG) [3784] Couldn't see it.
None (PS6TD) [3785] No it's by, I noticed it particularly by the ... tray.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3786] Ah!
None (PS6TD) [3787] I I think I was interrupted.
[3788] I think the builder called me
Margaret (PS6RG) [3789] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [3790] And then, I forgot.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3791] Right.
[3792] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3793] And, er, and I noticed there was lines there and I thought oh, I must wipe that
Margaret (PS6RG) [3794] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3795] and then I forgot all about it.
[3796] But no, I'm going to get an extractor now though Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3797] Actually in erm ... our bathroom ... and when we have a bath and a shower it always runs all down
None (PS6TD) [3798] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3799] the tiles, so I don't think you can do anything about it now.
None (PS6TD) [3800] No.
[3801] And I think, all those windows I've got in that kitchen.
[3802] You see, you've got the cold air coming in because you got so many, even with double glazing you got
Margaret (PS6RG) [3803] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3804] cold coming in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3805] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3806] And, and you see I've got no confa , I've got no erm ... ventilation in the ... erm [...] .
[3807] I can't understand that!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3808] Well why doesn't, can't he do something about that or does he
None (PS6TD) [3809] Yes.
[3810] Well, when I get the bath [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3811] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3812] I can do.
[3813] Cos
Margaret (PS6RG) [3814] Ca
None (PS6TD) [3815] I said to them ... er, I've got no ventilation there, I said, I'd need something.
[3816] He said, oh that's easily done.
[3817] Well erm ... erm ... the chappie who did my door said, oh, there's no problem there you can easily put ventilation
Margaret (PS6RG) [3818] Ah well.
None (PS6TD) [3819] in there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3820] Oh.
None (PS6TD) [3821] But it does need it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3822] I don't know
None (PS6TD) [3823] And the only thing that erm ... worries me
Margaret (PS6RG) [3824] See we've got air bricks up around ours.
None (PS6TD) [3825] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3826] We got two.
None (PS6TD) [3827] Yeah.
[3828] You got [...] .
[3829] I can't understand how they managed to get [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3830] Well don't they put air bricks in places?
None (PS6TD) [3831] Well they should do, I would have thought.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3832] Mm mm.
[3833] I thought they should do.
None (PS6TD) [3834] Yes!
[3835] I mean when yo , always up there, I think it's the electrician when he was doing the ... he said to me ... you know, you've got a lot of condensation in your loft.
[3836] I said, well I'm not surprised cos there's no ventilation.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3837] No.
None (PS6TD) [3838] And he said no, he said no [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [3839] Oh I should get that done because it might do something.
[3840] I dunno.
None (PS6TD) [3841] Well it's for , I, I I can't understand why erm ... i i it's not been do , sort of not done ba by now because, oh yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3842] Perhaps they didn't bother.
[3843] Perhaps they didn't ever go up in the loft.
None (PS6TD) [3844] Well isn't it strange!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3845] Wonder you can get up [laughing] into []
None (PS6TD) [3846] Yes.
[3847] I got all up there and I can't
Margaret (PS6RG) [3848] [laughing] You know []
None (PS6TD) [3849] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3850] You live up in your loft don't you?
None (PS6TD) [3851] Well no.
[3852] I said to the builder I've got more up there than I've got downstairs!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [3853] He laughed!
[3854] I just ... walk over things ... I
Margaret (PS6RG) [3855] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3856] tread over things
Margaret (PS6RG) [3857] Well ours is sort of, well Derek ... I told you, new ye , new year on the Sunday he went up and just threw some of ours out.
[3858] And I
None (PS6TD) [3859] Well
Margaret (PS6RG) [3860] don't know the ... I don't think he's left much space
None (PS6TD) [3861] Mm.
[3862] I'm going to, well, oh I keep on saying this, but when I've got all this off my back ... I'm going to be quite ruthless!
[3863] I'm going to
Margaret (PS6RG) [3864] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [3865] get rid of that.
[3866] [laughing] Well for me [] !
[3867] Quite ruthless for me.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3868] Oh dear!
None (PS6TD) [3869] Erm ... but erm ... there's lots of stuff I can get rid off.
[3870] Well I'm going to start selling some of it Marg.
[3871] Now, that waffle maker ... now I, use that waffle maker about twice
Margaret (PS6RG) [3872] Ah!
None (PS6TD) [3873] I'm going to sell that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3874] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3875] Get rid of that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3876] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3877] I'll put an advert up in the er, er Quicksave and er
Margaret (PS6RG) [3878] Yeah.
[3879] That was a, er do , do people make them now?
None (PS6TD) [3880] I think you can buy
Margaret (PS6RG) [3881] It was a rage wasn't it?
None (PS6TD) [3882] You can buy them
Margaret (PS6RG) [3883] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3884] in shops, so I
Margaret (PS6RG) [3885] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3886] mean, you can't buy them, the actual waffle makers now.
[3887] You can't
Margaret (PS6RG) [3888] Can't you?
None (PS6TD) [3889] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3890] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [3891] So I think, possibly,somebod , and I got all the recipe books
Margaret (PS6RG) [3892] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3893] and everything there you see, so ... they're not working in the
Margaret (PS6RG) [3894] Dining room.
None (PS6TD) [3895] I always keep my instructions, always.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3896] Yeah.
[3897] Yeah.
[3898] I think they'd sell.
None (PS6TD) [3899] And I think, my recipe books.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3900] I've erm ... [clears throat] ... when Amanda and Claire were younger I bought a ... milk shake ... thing from
None (PS6TD) [3901] Oh yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3902] the milkman and that was, that's stuck in the cupboard.
None (PS6TD) [3903] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3904] I said to Amanda when you get your own home you can, she loves milk shake!
None (PS6TD) [3905] Does she?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3906] So I said
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3907] you can, and then I thought ... well if I ever do get grandchildren, no, I'll keep it.
None (PS6TD) [3908] You can keep it.
[3909] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [3910] That'll be lovely!
[3911] Go round to grandma and have a milk shake.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3912] [laugh] ... And I've got a wok up there that I've never used.
[3913] Have you got a wok?
None (PS6TD) [3914] Oh no!
[3915] I never waste your time on it Marg!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3916] I didn't know what to do with it!
None (PS6TD) [3917] Sell it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3918] No, I'm gonna give it to Amanda and Claire because they'll use it.
None (PS6TD) [3919] Oh will they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3920] They only have vegetarian food but they'll use it.
[3921] And I did use it once and I got in such a temper!
None (PS6TD) [3922] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3923] Cos you have to have it so ... the gas so high, it must be really boiling hot ... and you just stir fry the vegetables all round this
None (PS6TD) [3924] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3925] er thing, and I thought I might as well use a frying a pan!
None (PS6TD) [3926] Yes!
[3927] [...] ... But that's what I, all these gadgets, when you have these gadgets Marg ... it's more fuss taking out the gadget and washing
Margaret (PS6RG) [3928] Ooh yes!
None (PS6TD) [3929] it up afterwards, than it is by
Margaret (PS6RG) [3930] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3931] doing it by hand!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3932] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3933] I find that with my erm ... erm ... what do yo ,mi food mixer.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3934] Yeah.
[3935] I don't use it sometimes.
[3936] Only
None (PS6TD) [3937] Er
Margaret (PS6RG) [3938] thing I don't like u ... doing with the hands, pastry, so I'll use my food mixer, cos I
None (PS6TD) [3939] Oh I don't like
Margaret (PS6RG) [3940] don't like mixing pastry.
None (PS6TD) [3941] No, I never mix pastry.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3942] It gets all, urgh!
None (PS6TD) [3943] Well I fix up, cos I make a lot of erm ... those er ... dribbled scones on the top
Margaret (PS6RG) [3944] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [3945] I do it with a knife.
[3946] I don't
Margaret (PS6RG) [3947] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3948] put much fat in them.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3949] No.
None (PS6TD) [3950] And I've made those a lot!
Margaret (PS6RG) [3951] Have you?
[3952] I'm waiting for you to make those things in your erm
None (PS6TD) [3953] What in my sandwich maker?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3954] Sandwich maker?
None (PS6TD) [3955] Oh I, I looked in the library today!
[3956] I'm going to get erm ... a book, I think they do erm ... cookery books on erm, sandwich makers, so
Margaret (PS6RG) [3957] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3958] I'll go in there, I'll get a
Margaret (PS6RG) [3959] Ah yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3960] book, and I'll get a ... few recipes
Margaret (PS6RG) [3961] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [3962] out of there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3963] Well I like to have a toasted sandwich for dinner.
[3964] I forget about it.
[3965] Yeah, but I can't have much.
[3966] I mean, I can only have ... fo ... lunchtime with Claire, like, I've been having tomatoes on toast and some [...] .
[3967] Horrible aren't they?
None (PS6TD) [3968] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3969] And they've gone all, you see I haven't been eating them so they've been in the fridge and they've gone all soft.
[3970] And I thought, well that's not very interesting!
[3971] So I sprinkle about three strands of cheese.
None (PS6TD) [3972] Have you got any marmite?
[3973] Now marmite's [...] .
[3974] And what I'm going to do today, I've got erm ... ah ... I I've got a button on these things ... I got some mashed potato
Margaret (PS6RG) [3975] Yo [...] [...] ?
None (PS6TD) [3976] No I won't.
[3977] I I've got some mashed potato and carrot there ... I'm going to put some onion on top of that ... I'm going put
Margaret (PS6RG) [3978] What , cut up or rings?
None (PS6TD) [3979] No, I'm just gonna put ... so , erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [3980] No the onion.
None (PS6TD) [3981] er, chopped up finely.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3982] Chopped up?
[3983] Ah, not rings?
None (PS6TD) [3984] No.
[3985] Put that on the top ... and I'm going to put ... marmite on the ... the base
Margaret (PS6RG) [3986] Doesn't it bulge out the bread?
None (PS6TD) [3987] Well I don't, I'm ... [...] bread ... and I might some of it on the top. [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [3988] Well don't you put weight on?
None (PS6TD) [3989] No.
[3990] I had, I've had cheese, I've ... I got I ... [...] lot of erm, on erm piccalilli and erm ... sweet pickle.
Margaret (PS6RG) [3991] Claire's got to have pi pic piccalilli.
[3992] She has Branston ... sandwich ... she likes, not the ordinary pic , have you seen the ... sandwich pickle?
[3993] It's been chopped up much smaller.
None (PS6TD) [3994] Oh has it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [3995] Either that or [...] , they like this.
[3996] [...] ... They like this cos it's smaller.
None (PS6TD) [3997] Oh yes!
[3998] Oh I like the chunks
Margaret (PS6RG) [3999] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4000] in it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4001] But she likes the lumps in er, I was gonna buy some pickled onions today, till I saw the price!
[4002] I thought blow that!
None (PS6TD) [4003] Why do why don't you make some?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4004] Oh yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4005] Ne next year I'm gonna pickle some onions.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4006] Well you can pickle some for me [...] .
[4007] I erm
None (PS6TD) [4008] But last time I did them I didn't put enough salt in them
Margaret (PS6RG) [4009] No.
None (PS6TD) [4010] They were a bit plain this
Margaret (PS6RG) [4011] Oh.
None (PS6TD) [4012] So I I, next time I'm gonna put lots
Margaret (PS6RG) [4013] Well don't put too much salt in!
None (PS6TD) [4014] Well you've got to.
[4015] But it does [...] away.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4016] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4017] [...] so I threw them away again.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4018] Oh did you?
None (PS6TD) [4019] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4020] Oh!
[4021] I don't eat
None (PS6TD) [4022] Just a [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4023] many and I've stopped eating them at Christmas when I brought them and I started eating them again.
[4024] I I just li like
None (PS6TD) [4025] Oh I see.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4026] Yeah, but they didn't have salt on these.
[4027] So I tho , I thought, you don't [...] do you?
None (PS6TD) [4028] Ooh I, yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4029] Have you?
None (PS6TD) [4030] Yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4031] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [4032] Because erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [4033] Not the big one do you?
None (PS6TD) [4034] Well, I I
Margaret (PS6RG) [4035] Big one?
None (PS6TD) [4036] Are you short of them?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4037] Well I wear pop socks.
[4038] Alright I'll wash them out and I'll
None (PS6TD) [4039] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4040] let you have them.
None (PS6TD) [4041] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4042] I was gonna take, I thought perhaps you didn't want anymore.
None (PS6TD) [4043] Oh yes I want some.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4044] Well I'll erm ... wash them out, let you have those.
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4045] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4046] If you wash those tops thoroughly
Margaret (PS6RG) [4047] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4048] put them back on, it [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4049] Yeah, well I'll let
None (PS6TD) [4050] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4051] you have those.
[4052] Could have the lot, I mean, I know, but erm
None (PS6TD) [4053] Much better.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4054] I did have a load of that tops and I took them all down the ... [...] .
[4055] So I got fed up, fed up with, a lot of [...] , it's always full up!
None (PS6TD) [4056] It'll be murder!
[4057] Yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4058] Well why doesn't he
None (PS6TD) [4059] Yeah Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4060] empty them!
None (PS6TD) [4061] Yeah.
[4062] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4063] And I think you see people are basically green minded Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4064] Yeah I certainly am.
[4065] Went down there with all the wine bottles ... from Christmas [...] don't do but ... and then it's completely ruined!
[4066] People were just leaving boxes of them on the ... in the car park.
[4067] I ... [cough] , I thought the
None (PS6TD) [4068] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4069] the lads could come aco , along there and smash them!
None (PS6TD) [4070] Yeah.
[4071] They should clear it!
[4072] And I, and not only that, I mean, if they're selling it to help with the poll tax, I mean all that money's
Margaret (PS6RG) [4073] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4074] going isn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4075] [laughing] Ooh I know [] !
[4076] ... Yeah.
[4077] I don't know, I'm not sure which ones yo , I just notice what says recyclable on them.
[4078] I don't think you can put them all in now.
[4079] I thought they had to say recyclable [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4080] I thought you put any of them in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4081] I dunno.
None (PS6TD) [4082] I don't know.
[4083] I think you could do.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4084] And in this last bottle bank, it used to say up there ... green, clear, brown and other you see.
[4085] Well, they o , they haven't bothered up there, so I think people, I mean I was doing it, I was ... [...] , she sort of shoved them in this thingie and I looked up and it said, green! [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4086] Well what [...] ... well [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4087] Well they've got a green bottle and they, they melt it down, it's gonna look green isn't it?
None (PS6TD) [4088] And ha , you see all the bottles are going to look, multi- coloured bottles [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4089] So I thought well, we've, we've, but I didn't see that.
[4090] I said to Claire, I said, I'm sticking them in the wrong one.
[4091] She said well it's too late now, the ... the clear one's full ... so we just ... anyway, went I went down the next day there's a new one or, next time, there's a new one down there [...] ... [...] so they, they must obviously think, well ... put them all in together.
None (PS6TD) [4092] Yes.
[4093] Well
Margaret (PS6RG) [4094] I do , don't know if you're supposed to pi , take the labels off are you?
[4095] You ta , you're supposed to take the tops off.
[4096] They don't like you putting the tops in there.
None (PS6TD) [4097] Well I should think you're supposed to take the labels off.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4098] Well I notice some people do don't they?
[4099] Well I always take the labels off.
None (PS6TD) [4100] Yes.
[4101] I normally take them off.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4102] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4103] A jam jar, now we take
Margaret (PS6RG) [4104] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4105] the things off.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4106] I didn't ... well I, and I took the labels off the plastic bottles as well, but I notice people don't.
None (PS6TD) [4107] Erm ... with them,i they don't need tins do they?
[4108] Ordinary tins?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4109] No, it's Coke isn't it?
[4110] Erm
None (PS6TD) [4111] Mm.
[4112] Aluminium cans
Margaret (PS6RG) [4113] Yes.
None (PS6TD) [4114] they want.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4115] Like Coke.
[4116] Yeah.
[4117] Well I was thinking if you do this it helps with [...] doesn't it?
None (PS6TD) [4118] Well, not only that Marg, it help ... I mean, all that waste, it helps with the environment
Margaret (PS6RG) [4119] Yes.
None (PS6TD) [4120] anyway.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4121] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4122] Erm, and I think ... this [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4123] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4124] I mean, that's why ... a lot of people have gone over to recycled erm ... toilet rolls ... because ... fancy cutting down trees just for that!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4125] And tissues.
None (PS6TD) [4126] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4127] Recyclable tissues as well.
None (PS6TD) [4128] And it's awful when you think all of those trees you can cut down
Margaret (PS6RG) [4129] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [4130] in a park.
[4131] And I'd rather use newspaper now rather than use use erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [4132] Just us doing it won't, won't stop it.
None (PS6TD) [4133] Pe lot's of people will do.
[4134] And I think lots of people
Margaret (PS6RG) [4135] Erm, I don't know.
[4136] I look in peoples' ... erm ... shopping trolleys at Tesco and they er ... don't seem to er
None (PS6TD) [4137] Don't they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4138] No.
None (PS6TD) [4139] And, nothing may [...] me ... to buy it now unless it's recycled.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4140] No.
[4141] I don't always do that.
[4142] I try to get recycled erm ... notepaper and
None (PS6TD) [4143] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [4144] Yes I wo , and ... it's no more expensive Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4145] You can get birthday cards a on recycled paper.
None (PS6TD) [4146] Mm.
[4147] And I
Margaret (PS6RG) [4148] Mind , they're a bit more expensive.
[4149] And I know the Post Office prices have gone up with er ... cards.
None (PS6TD) [4150] Post Office are very good!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4151] Well they didn't use to be
None (PS6TD) [4152] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4153] on cards.
None (PS6TD) [4154] Oh!
[4155] I thought you meant you were [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4156] They used to do birthday cards in there, in the Post Office.
[4157] They used to be from tha , and they still are in there.
None (PS6TD) [4158] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4159] See, the others, they're all about ninety nine
None (PS6TD) [4160] Ah!
[4161] That's terrible!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4162] for blank birthday cards, but in there they're ... forty, fifty for cards.
[4163] They're a lot cheaper.
None (PS6TD) [4164] Mm.
[4165] But I refuse er, spend that on.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4166] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4167] They'll think, ah it's only ... it's the thought that counts anyway isn't it?
[4168] Er, the only thing I don't like about cards is now they've got these [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4169] No, I don't like them.
None (PS6TD) [4170] No, I don't like them either.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4171] I don't even buy them for Derek.
None (PS6TD) [4172] No I, I can't spend that.
[4173] No I don't like them.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4174] I just like it when you open it it says happy birthday.
None (PS6TD) [4175] Well, yeah.
[4176] That's right. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4177] Or best wishes or some
None (PS6TD) [4178] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4179] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4180] Some something simple
Margaret (PS6RG) [4181] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4182] yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4183] Well it's not meant anyway.
None (PS6TD) [4184] Well it's [...] such strong stuff.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4185] That's right.
[4186] It's not meant.
None (PS6TD) [4187] [...] is. [...] sentimental isn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4188] Yeah.
[4189] And I think and perhaps when I was younger I used to buy it for Derek, but I wouldn't go there now, no.
None (PS6TD) [4190] He does?
[4191] Does he?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4192] He doesn't really does he?
[4193] Just looks a card and buys it.
[4194] I bet he doesn't he even read what was in [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4195] That'll do for her!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4196] But some of
Margaret (PS6RG) [4197] Well
None (PS6TD) [4198] them
Margaret (PS6RG) [4199] really!
None (PS6TD) [4200] you pick a funny thing, ooh isn't that funny!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4201] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4202] It'll just do for someone.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4203] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4204] Mind you, it's not the same as those stupid
Margaret (PS6RG) [4205] Yeah.
[4206] Card
None (PS6TD) [4207] erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [4208] things, yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4209] verse inside inside!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4210] Mm.
[4211] I bought Amanda a card yesterday cos she was a bit down so I thought, oh I'll send her one ... a card, and I got one from [...] .
[4212] It's an old fashioned mangle, like mum used to have [...] in the picture.
[4213] When I phoned up she said what a lovely card!
[4214] I said no!
None (PS6TD) [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4215] Cos that was forty nine I said.
None (PS6TD) [4216] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4217] Oh, she said, I'm gonna frame that one mum.
None (PS6TD) [4218] That's nice!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4219] Really , really nice it was!
None (PS6TD) [4220] Yes.
[4221] That was nice.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4222] Thought she was a bit down so I thought well I'll er ... send her a card.
[4223] They had a good job in the paper ... erm ... [...] , part of the school.
[4224] But it was only for year.
[4225] But it's actually temporary that's what I'm, and erm ... it wan , it was starting in April so that was no good!
None (PS6TD) [4226] Ah!
[4227] Ah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4228] [...] temp, you know.
[4229] They can keep the names in the school.
[4230] That's what they do, they have a year off ... er totally, then they go back again.
None (PS6TD) [4231] Well you can't [...] got a mortgage
Margaret (PS6RG) [4232] Oh no!
None (PS6TD) [4233] and what have you.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4234] No.
None (PS6TD) [4235] But I think that won't be a problem.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4236] No.
None (PS6TD) [4237] But I don't, not only that Marg, I mean, it's become like a [...] , but the only thing I do object to is these people marching about, and they don't want to help pay for their children's [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4238] No.
[4239] No.
None (PS6TD) [4240] and they want the funds, the the pennies there don't they?
[4241] And nobody to ... erm, pay the costs of it.
[4242] [...] , but ... you can't expect it all!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4243] No, I wish erm ... you worked that as well.
[4244] Cos I was telling the children [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4245] Yeah.
[4246] [...] cos people who get their noses in there [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4247] So I was ... trying not to talk [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4248] But I still don't think it hurts children to [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4249] Some it does.
[4250] Some it does.
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4251] Some it erm, I mean, I'll go ... Claire'll say, clean up the house!
[4252] Clear up this mess! [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4253] Well, as a family we overreact.
[4254] I'm saying that but I , went on holiday with Mary ... and I was three years older than Mary and mum said to me ... ooh look after her Mary!
[4255] And it wasn't
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4256] I've never felt so embarrassed in my entire life Marg!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4257] No, but I think it's very difficult for a mum.
[4258] Because what is done, I mean ... when I was in hospital his mum used to that ... try and pick up
None (PS6TD) [4259] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4260] your stuff.
[4261] Yeah, but there's a , I can see how she does it because ... you've done it al , you know, for ... sixteen, seventeen years
None (PS6TD) [4262] Can't get out of it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4263] can't get out of the habit.
None (PS6TD) [4264] No.
[4265] But I don't mind getting in ... in the family [...] , but [laughing] you [] ... I always remember, when David was growing up, he was about seventeen or eighteen, his friends came round, they were going out somewhere and grandma was there ... and she said to, er to us in front of erm David's friends ... oh isn't he a pretty boy!
[4266] I
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4267] never, the look on everybodys' faces!
[4268] I mean, imagine what his friends thought!
[4269] And David's [...] ... and his face coloured down
Margaret (PS6RG) [4270] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [4271] you know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4272] Ah but you never [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4273] Well, oh isn't he, I can see [...] when she looking at him was looking at him, that's what [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4274] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4275] Oh!
[4276] And he, and he
Margaret (PS6RG) [4277] Mind you, [...] .
[4278] You know, [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4279] No!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4280] Yeah, but you do forget sometimes, you sa , you still think they're ... [...] . [laugh] ... [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4281] [laughing] Yeah [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4282] You know and ... what do you think I am?
[4283] An and, and things like that, and yo ... it's automatic.
None (PS6TD) [4284] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4285] And if want to check quickly in a car and I'm driving I automatically put the hand
None (PS6TD) [4286] Now you know
Margaret (PS6RG) [4287] I've done that to Pam and she couldn't stop laughing!
[4288] Going along driving [...] .
None (PS6TD) [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4289] I said, I'm sorry Pam, I keep thinking your Ma Amanda [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4290] Now it hadn't occurred to me to do that because I never had kiddiwinks.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4291] No, you see, I automatically ... do it you see.
None (PS6TD) [4292] Yeah. [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4293] [...] driver! [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4294] It is funny!
None (PS6TD) [4295] But then, I suppose, really ... erm, you never think when you're forty like, you never think of them
Margaret (PS6RG) [4296] I don't think so.
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4297] I don't think that now.
[4298] I know, now, you could [...] but, but Derek's reading that prospectus in the car today and it's, it's in Cardiff and he said ... they write in there and say that ... you know, they want mature students and, and, and this that and the other, and er, they give them erm, priority and ... well that's rubbish!
None (PS6TD) [4299] [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4300] Well they, they sort of near enough said she wouldn't
None (PS6TD) [4301] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4302] And yet, in the prospectus it does, yeah
None (PS6TD) [4303] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4304] so I mean really they say, they're all going [...] in there and perhaps she's not mature enough.
[4305] And I said, what do they call mature?
[4306] And he said over twenty ones.
[4307] I said [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4308] Well well well, she's mature enough.
[4309] But erm ... will she be very disappointed?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4310] Yeah.
[4311] [...] last night.
[4312] When they say oh, [...] , well they won't.
[4313] I said well what if they do?
[4314] I said they won't!
None (PS6TD) [4315] Oh deary me!
[4316] She's quite upset then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4317] Mm.
[4318] She doesn't want to work today.
None (PS6TD) [4319] Yeah well she has to.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4320] No.
[4321] You can't force her.
[4322] Just says, I don't wanna talk about it!
None (PS6TD) [4323] But she can't!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4324] Well that's what she does you see.
[4325] She's talks about you ... if she doesn't want to talk about it, she won't, she'll just walk out the room.
None (PS6TD) [4326] Yeah.
[4327] You see, the trouble with Claire is, she runs away from it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4328] Mm.
[4329] But I did, I thought how unlike Claire.
[4330] And I thought [...] those two girls on Friday, that play.
[4331] Derek said, bored to tears!
None (PS6TD) [4332] But er ... i it was hot in there which made me feel sicky, but I enjoyed it Marg!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4333] Now if that was Amanda there, like at the pantomime
None (PS6TD) [4334] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4335] you see
None (PS6TD) [4336] And you don't get
Margaret (PS6RG) [4337] you sit , that's why I don't like going to the theatre with Derek, he, he doesn't clap or anything!
None (PS6TD) [4338] No!
[4339] Well a waste of time [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4340] Well I mean ,th the thing is those poor people have got up there and
None (PS6TD) [4341] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4342] he says they're doing the re , rehearsing for what?
[4343] Eight weeks did he say?
None (PS6TD) [4344] A long time.
[4345] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4346] Every night I expect.
None (PS6TD) [4347] But I thought they were good.
[4348] Er, the only one I didn't like was erm ... but she looked quite so ... Claire would call [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4349] Oh I thought the blonde girl was a
None (PS6TD) [4350] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4351] bit wooden.
None (PS6TD) [4352] Well, she wasn't as wooden as the other one.
[4353] I mean, she was quite credible, but the other one wasn't even credible.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4354] Yes.
[4355] Yeah I didn't look like it was her.
None (PS6TD) [4356] Ooh she was very [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4357] Yeah.
[4358] Well I
None (PS6TD) [4359] And that that [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4360] I did see cos she was er
None (PS6TD) [4361] Aunty Mary?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4362] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4363] But I, I liked the ... the first outfit she came on with that sash wrapped round her
Margaret (PS6RG) [4364] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4365] skirt and [...] blouse and then
Margaret (PS6RG) [4366] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4367] She did look nice!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4368] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4369] And so simple
Margaret (PS6RG) [4370] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4371] but so nice wasn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4372] Yeah.
[4373] But I thought the other girl was good.
[4374] Er ... well I thought it was good how they did the se se scenes, they were
None (PS6TD) [4375] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4376] [...] .
[4377] So that was good
None (PS6TD) [4378] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4379] wasn't it?
None (PS6TD) [4380] But, didn't one girl look crumpled?
[4381] She ought to have an iron on er, the backstage.
[4382] She [...] ... Well I thought she was good though.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4383] No, I thought she were, I thought goodness knows [...] !
None (PS6TD) [4384] Yes, but then she was [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4385] Derek said they'd been having sex! [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4386] Oh I
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4387] She was [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4388] I said, he says th no, they'd have that other girl, but she was quite ... roly-poly.
[4389] Remember that ... one we went to see her, and sh she undressed?
None (PS6TD) [4390] Oh yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4391] She [...]
None (PS6TD) [4392] She was a real [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4393] Yes!
None (PS6TD) [4394] There's plenty to warm up there!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4395] Yeah!
[4396] But then the other girl was like stick wasn't she?
None (PS6TD) [4397] Oh!
[4398] I know.
[4399] ... But I thought it was quite good!
[4400] And I thought
Margaret (PS6RG) [4401] Derek said Jean won't want to go again.
None (PS6TD) [4402] Ooh I will!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4403] Yes she will.
[4404] I think she was just a bit hot.
None (PS6TD) [4405] Ooh I will!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4406] I said, in fact, when she's got herself sorted out we'll go down to ... Poole Art Centre and see
None (PS6TD) [4407] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4408] some plays down there.
None (PS6TD) [4409] I'd like to.
[4410] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4411] We'll get ... the ... he's not coming!
None (PS6TD) [4412] No!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4413] Ge , if Amanda's, well Amanda loves it so when
None (PS6TD) [4414] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4415] she comes down, she'd
None (PS6TD) [4416] Yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4417] really love going!
None (PS6TD) [4418] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4419] Erm
None (PS6TD) [4420] I like it.
[4421] But no, I I enjoyed it, other than the fact that ... it was so hot in there!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4422] Well, you did have your gloves on.
[4423] You did have your fur boots on.
None (PS6TD) [4424] No, they're fur.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4425] Derek said he'd [...] ... no but Derek said he felt
None (PS6TD) [4426] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4427] too hot!
None (PS6TD) [4428] Well, you see, the trouble is Marg I go out on my bike and I think, ooh it's cold I'll ... and then I forget going in the
Margaret (PS6RG) [4429] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4430] coach.
[4431] She, I said, I didn't have any gloves
Margaret (PS6RG) [4432] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4433] and I did miss them.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4434] Yeah.
[4435] It was hot in, I mean everybody was very red faced
None (PS6TD) [4436] Ooh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4437] weren't they?
None (PS6TD) [4438] I, I don't think [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4439] Yeah, but it's [laughing] your hot flushes [] !
None (PS6TD) [4440] Oh I know!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4441] [...] , yeah.
[4442] But, you know
None (PS6TD) [4443] [whispering] [...] [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4444] Yeah.
[4445] Yeah.
[4446] But then Claire came home with me.
[4447] Cos we missed Coronation Street didn't we last night?
None (PS6TD) [4448] Oh yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4449] And I didn't record it because we wanted to record something ... but actually, I don't, I think Coronation Street [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4450] Well I ... had once.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4451] Did you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4452] Yes, I mean I, some episodes are better than others I suppose. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [4453] Oh well you can pick it up again.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4454] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4455] [...] ... But I tell you one person who's getting on my nerves is that good looking son at McDonalds.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4456] Yeah?
[4457] Her?
None (PS6TD) [4458] And he's so hammy!
[4459] The other one is good.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4460] Mm.
None (PS6TD) [4461] But this one's so hammy!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4462] Mm mm.
[4463] A nice looking boy though.
None (PS6TD) [4464] But that, the trouble is, he's knows it!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4465] Mm.
[4466] But I don't know how they can have them as twins do you?
None (PS6TD) [4467] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4468] Mind, not all twins are identical are they?
None (PS6TD) [4469] But I still prefer the other one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4470] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4471] I think he's a nice boy that one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4472] Yeah,bu bu bu perhaps the other one will be nice when he
None (PS6TD) [4473] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4474] gets older.
[4475] And I thought, you know, Tracey's getting to him.
[4476] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4477] Oh!
[4478] She's a lovely person!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4479] Yeah.
[4480] Yeah, but she [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4481] Yes! [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4482] You know, she came home ... and she was watching television and I bought some ... Bourbon biscuits round and then I thought I'll have one with my cup of tea and now there's three left!
[4483] I said, do you realise you've eaten the whole packet!
[4484] She doesn't know what she's doing!
[4485] See, well, she just puts her hand in, eats it, hand in, eat, that's, she doesn't even know what she's doing!
None (PS6TD) [4486] Oh she didn't!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4487] I said you're gonna get a
None (PS6TD) [4488] Just take a couple and put them on a plate!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4489] I said you're gonna put weight on, if
None (PS6TD) [4490] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4491] you're not careful!
[4492] Especially Bourbon biscuits.
[4493] I said but er ... [...]
None (PS6TD) [4494] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4495] it was only a little bit.
None (PS6TD) [4496] Yeah, but you, so, think of all calories!
Margaret (PS6RG) [...]
None (PS6TD) [4497] Have you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4498] Oh years ago!
[4499] Yes. [...] ... [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4500] I tell you what I like , I used to like er ... [...] er ... Digestive.
[4501] [whispering] I mean, [...] I think it's ... and they really are nice [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4502] Yeah I know.
[4503] They say
None (PS6TD) [4504] Yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4505] you should eat Digestive biscuits cos they're [...] .
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4506] I don't know [...] .
None (PS6TD) [4507] Well they've got [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4508] Oh yeah!
[4509] Did they get your [...] toilets or not?
None (PS6TD) [4510] No!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4511] Oh they didn't have one?
[4512] No, it's a ... portable bit er
None (PS6TD) [4513] No!
[4514] He couldn't get it.
[4515] Yo , I'll have to make sure he takes that off the bill too!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4516] Yeah!
None (PS6TD) [4517] No.
[4518] He said you could have one but I, it's like a tent.
[4519] I said oh I don't mind.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4520] Oh no!
None (PS6TD) [4521] Mind, I
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4522] it, you know, but when I do the slightly, yes I have to cross my legs between time!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4523] [laugh] ... Oh dear!
None (PS6TD) [4524] Twenty pounds a night [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4525] Can you hear that stupid noise again?
[4526] Listen.
None (PS6TD) [4527] What is it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4528] That's the water pressure.
None (PS6TD) [4529] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4530] Why don't you wash your hands in the bathroom?
None (PS6TD) [4531] No it's ... [...] isn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4532] Oh well
None (PS6TD) [4533] Erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [4534] goodness me Jean!
[4535] If they haven't thought about that!
None (PS6TD) [4536] Erm ... i then all of sudden ... [...] the tiles they got in there are they?
[4537] And I said that
Margaret (PS6RG) [4538] Where, in there?
None (PS6TD) [4539] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4540] Yeah, well they were tiled nicely.
None (PS6TD) [4541] Yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4542] It's the ones upstairs Derek said about.
None (PS6TD) [4543] I want like you, you've got some [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4544] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4545] aren't you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4546] Yeah but Derek made those himself.
None (PS6TD) [4547] Did he?
[4548] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4549] He didn't tile them but he
None (PS6TD) [4550] No , it's very nice!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4551] make them himself.
None (PS6TD) [4552] But I'm quite pleased though Marg, with my
Margaret (PS6RG) [4553] I'm, I'm cold!
None (PS6TD) [4554] square bit.
[4555] It's not bad is it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4556] Well I think it looks nice!
[4557] I I, I said to Derek, I don't know why Jean's so
None (PS6TD) [4558] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4559] she was a ... disappointed!
None (PS6TD) [4560] I think a ... a bit over-fussy about it I think.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4561] Yeah, but that's cos of Joe.
None (PS6TD) [4562] Yes I know!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4563] Oh well I haven't had anybody so fussy.
None (PS6TD) [4564] No.
[4565] He would have erm, if, he'd seen the erm ... those two ... bi bits in that door, or ... there's some o of a sort of slightly ... wider than other a little bit, he'd have gone [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4566] Yeah.
[4567] They all seem a bit wide, I must admit.
None (PS6TD) [4568] I , I noticed too, that he hasn't got it straight like over the [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4569] Oh hasn't he?
[4570] No?
None (PS6TD) [4571] Well , one or two of them are a bit sort of
Margaret (PS6RG) [4572] Yeah , but er, some of them are a bit out of true cos they're seconds do you think?
None (PS6TD) [4573] Could be.
[4574] I don't know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4575] They may have been so ... er the
None (PS6TD) [4576] But erm ... yes, but Joey would have gone nuts!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4577] Yeah.
[4578] Actually, that's why Derek's never done tiling, cos he's not very good at it.
None (PS6TD) [4579] Mm.
[4580] Well Joey, mind you, it used to take Joey such a long time.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4581] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4582] And, it used to take Joey such a long time that erm ... but still, I I must try and get out of that, but the trouble is it's in me now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4583] Yeah.
[4584] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4585] I don't think er ... but I want it done properly, see what I mean?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4586] Well I thought it looked, I thought it looked all right.
None (PS6TD) [4587] Yeah.
[4588] Well I, when I went in this morning ... after you'd seen it, and I thought oh!
[4589] Perhaps it's not so bad after
Margaret (PS6RG) [4590] No.
None (PS6TD) [4591] all.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4592] It's the ... I not , I mean he should have grouted that little bit ... and he shouldn't have put
None (PS6TD) [4593] Yes he should.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4594] that tile there actually.
[4595] But then, Derek said they haven't got the time to
None (PS6TD) [4596] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4597] fiddle he said.
[4598] Now, with Joey, he would have
None (PS6TD) [4599] He would of
Margaret (PS6RG) [4600] had all day.
None (PS6TD) [4601] gone over once with
Margaret (PS6RG) [4602] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4603] with [...] , he'd have put them on one side and said
Margaret (PS6RG) [4604] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4605] we'll put those at the top you see.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4606] Yeah, but you see, they haven't got the time to do
None (PS6TD) [4607] No.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4608] that.
[4609] You don't want them there any longer do you?
None (PS6TD) [4610] No he ... he works hard when he's
Margaret (PS6RG) [4611] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4612] there.
[4613] He works hard.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4614] I I didn't think he was that untidy, but Derek thought that was awful leaving all that outside!
None (PS6TD) [4615] Ooh ooh!
[4616] Do you know Margaret I go back and it looks so dirty!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4617] But they know you're not like that don't they, round and about?
[4618] They know you've got builders there.
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4619] You wanna see Pam's house!
None (PS6TD) [4620] I bought all that white stuff in, all that sawdust!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4621] Yeah could have
None (PS6TD) [4622] I was gonna tidy that and I thought, no I'm not!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4623] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4624] I, do the inside ... and he should
Margaret (PS6RG) [4625] Well he shouldn't have left tiles outside somebody could have taken those!
None (PS6TD) [4626] He's left [...] !
[4627] And I thought, don't look in there!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4628] No.
None (PS6TD) [4629] Just don't look!
[4630] So
Margaret (PS6RG) [4631] No.
None (PS6TD) [4632] I just try and close my eyes to it
Margaret (PS6RG) [4633] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4634] and I walk indoors.
[4635] But ooh Marg, it makes ... puts years on me!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4636] When are you erm
None (PS6TD) [4637] Put years on me!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4638] What are you doing this afternoon?
None (PS6TD) [4639] Well, if he's there I might go out.
[4640] I might erm ... oh cos I, I might do ... bit a, do a bit of creosoting.
[4641] I might ... I don't know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4642] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4643] I don't know.
[4644] It depends on how it goes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4645] Bit cold out I thought today.
None (PS6TD) [4646] Yes it is a bit cold.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4647] I feel cold in
None (PS6TD) [4648] It's raw.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4649] here.
[4650] Yeah.
[4651] Oh!
None (PS6TD) [4652] It's raw.
[4653] I got the central heating on again.
[4654] I said do you want me
Margaret (PS6RG) [4655] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4656] to keep the central heating on?
[4657] He said, yes please.
[4658] So, I thought ... well I'll I'll turn off all the radiators
Margaret (PS6RG) [4659] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4660] and in the bathroom.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4661] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4662] I think, I can't get the hall one off.
[4663] It's
Margaret (PS6RG) [4664] No.
None (PS6TD) [4665] the hall one that matters cos I [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4666] Yeah.
[4667] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4668] Erm ... he seems
Margaret (PS6RG) [4669] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4670] Still it's only for another day.
None (PS6TD) [4671] That's it.
[4672] I can put up
Margaret (PS6RG) [4673] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4674] with.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4675] Yeah.
[4676] It's only another day.
None (PS6TD) [4677] I can't [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4678] No.
None (PS6TD) [4679] That's what I thought.
[4680] I thought, maybe you are [...] but at the same time
Margaret (PS6RG) [4681] Yeah, really going.
None (PS6TD) [4682] I don't, when I go ... I hate to see my front door open.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4683] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4684] It looks cold.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4685] You wanna be married to Ron then.
None (PS6TD) [4686] Ooh I can't bear him Marg!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4687] [laughing] He leaves ... he leaves all [] ... I thought Kath would have phoned me because I wrote her a letter and normally when I write her a letter she sort of, phones about the next day but she
None (PS6TD) [4688] Does she?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4689] I was wondering about Ron.
None (PS6TD) [4690] Oh she would let us know!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4691] Well I think she would have told us wouldn't she?
None (PS6TD) [4692] But she wo ,i i , I mean, if she'd told Doris, Doris would have phoned
Margaret (PS6RG) [4693] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4694] someone.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4695] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4696] No news
Margaret (PS6RG) [4697] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4698] is good news
Margaret (PS6RG) [4699] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4700] though.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4701] But I didn't like the sound of it much when she said it didn't, it was still weeping.
None (PS6TD) [4702] Yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4703] That's how it was with Elise.
[4704] But there you are, I mean, he
None (PS6TD) [4705] Still it might be, I don't know
Margaret (PS6RG) [4706] but she said that happened with him when he had the erm ... what did he have an operation for?
[4707] Was it, was it haemorrhoids?
[4708] No!
[4709] I
None (PS6TD) [4710] Ooh yes!
[4711] Yes!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4712] something didn't heal
None (PS6TD) [4713] Yeah I know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4714] then.
None (PS6TD) [4715] Didn't he have that
Margaret (PS6RG) [4716] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4717] No.
None (PS6TD) [4718] then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4719] No.
None (PS6TD) [4720] See, some people haven't got
Margaret (PS6RG) [4721] No.
None (PS6TD) [4722] I said frankly, we've got healing
Margaret (PS6RG) [4723] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4724] skin.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4725] Yeah, see that bone in that
None (PS6TD) [4726] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4727] I mean, although there's
None (PS6TD) [4728] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4729] there it healed up quite quickly.
None (PS6TD) [4730] That's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4731] I can rub it now, it's alright.
None (PS6TD) [4732] All of us are the same.
[4733] And we
Margaret (PS6RG) [4734] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4735] well none of us sort ... take a long
Margaret (PS6RG) [4736] No.
None (PS6TD) [4737] time to heal.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4738] Except on a lump, you know, I've still got sa a lump there.
None (PS6TD) [4739] You must be very, very, [...] .
[4740] Just as well you had that injection Marg!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4741] A real hard lump!
[4742] And when I go and have my erm, smear test ... which I keep putting off.
[4743] Erm
None (PS6TD) [4744] Go and have it done Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4745] Well , I'll go and have
None (PS6TD) [4746] Okay?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4747] it done.
[4748] Erm ... I'm gonna, if it's still there I'm gonna ask Doctor and ask him why
None (PS6TD) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4749] the lump's still there.
[4750] Cos that's a month now, is a month.
None (PS6TD) [4751] But it should have gone by now!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4752] Unless it was, Derek, Derek said she really jabbed in the
None (PS6TD) [4753] If it, no
Margaret (PS6RG) [4754] in the ne , oh the needle there.
None (PS6TD) [4755] If it's a woman, they're spiteful!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4756] I I
Margaret (PS6RG) [4757] Ah no, she was nice.
None (PS6TD) [4758] I think women are damn spiteful!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4759] [...] is tha is that the friendly one?
[4760] I mean, and she was nice!
None (PS6TD) [4761] Oh!
[4762] Ooh!
[4763] Did you try the jumper?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4764] Yes.
[4765] It's ni , oh I forgot to say thanks.
[4766] Yep.
[4767] And I've got a navy blue and white striped
None (PS6TD) [4768] Does it ... does it fit?
[4769] Cos the
Margaret (PS6RG) [4770] Oh yeah!
None (PS6TD) [4771] sleeves are long.
[4772] Are the sleeves long?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4773] Yeah.
[4774] Yeah.
[4775] It's big on me, so I don't know what it's like
None (PS6TD) [4776] Well yeah!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4777] on you!
None (PS6TD) [4778] Imagine, I put it on Marg [laughing] and I [...] [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4779] I thought good gracious!
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4780] Cor!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4781] No, this ... Derek's talking about ... your man being [...]
None (PS6TD) [4782] Yeah.
[4783] It's marvellous compared with mine Marg!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4784] Well what i , what is it?
None (PS6TD) [4785] Well he's only put it on one side.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4786] Oh yeah.
[4787] Just put it on one side.
None (PS6TD) [4788] I say,yo you better stop feeding your pus , er your fox on whatever he's feeding there's a
Margaret (PS6RG) [4789] I'm not feeding it!
None (PS6TD) [4790] they're getting a bit active [laughing] I would think [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4791] We don't feed it.
None (PS6TD) [4792] Oh that's very nice with all your erm ... bits and bobs in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4793] Yes.
None (PS6TD) [4794] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4795] I want to get a bit of
None (PS6TD) [4796] Ooh that's nice!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4797] Yes.
[4798] It's looking as though it's a bit dead that.
[4799] Ooh looks it's gone a funny colour!
[4800] It should be quite warm and now it's not.
[4801] These, these have lasted a long time haven't
None (PS6TD) [4802] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4803] they?
[4804] Those
None (PS6TD) [4805] I like that pot!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4806] That was Mrs 's.
[4807] I thought well nobody's taken it
None (PS6TD) [4808] Oh isn't that super!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4809] I'll get it.
[4810] ... It's got like erm
None (PS6TD) [4811] Ooh I like that one!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4812] mm, I thought well it's go with the plant doesn't it?
None (PS6TD) [4813] Yes!
[4814] Did anybody want it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4815] Well they didn't take it.
[4816] It's down there, nobody wan ... I wanted to put something in, in that window.
None (PS6TD) [4817] Yes.
[4818] What can you put there?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4819] I was thinking of dried flowers and then I, and then I thought no, I think I'll
None (PS6TD) [4820] A statue or, no not a statue, can't, perhaps an ornament Marg?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4821] Well it'd have to big wouldn't it?
None (PS6TD) [4822] Well,co , isn't that a good place for you sa , your lamp?
[4823] Your
Margaret (PS6RG) [4824] No it wouldn't go in there, it's not wide
None (PS6TD) [4825] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4826] enough.
None (PS6TD) [4827] Where are you gonna put the lamp?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4828] Just gonna have to go on the little table in the corner right between
None (PS6TD) [4829] Oh I see.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4830] the chairs, you see.
[4831] There, so
None (PS6TD) [4832] Well what are you gonna put there then?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4833] Well I thought about putting some, at the moment buy some erm ... daffodils or something.
[4834] But I don't think they're
None (PS6TD) [4835] Oh yes, that'll be nice!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4836] gonna be in now ... this
None (PS6TD) [4837] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4838] time of year.
None (PS6TD) [4839] You know the carpet in your ... erm ... shower room?
[4840] I think that's the colour carpet I want in my erm
Margaret (PS6RG) [4841] Well he , down here?
None (PS6TD) [4842] Yeah.
[4843] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4844] They're tiles.
[4845] Horrible they are!
None (PS6TD) [4846] Oh are they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4847] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4848] But I think that's the colour I shall need.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4849] Oh yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4850] I I was tr trying that sagey, that mint against it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4851] Yeah well don't get too light a
None (PS6TD) [4852] I was
Margaret (PS6RG) [4853] colour
None (PS6TD) [4854] it looks alright, but it still doesn't look quite right.
[4855] And I tried it toge
Margaret (PS6RG) [4856] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4857] together like that.
[4858] And even though that colour isn't really in the tile it looks better.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4859] And you're gonna have mahogany ... or was
None (PS6TD) [4860] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4861] thinking of having mahogany
None (PS6TD) [4862] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4863] so it'll be better to have a
None (PS6TD) [4864] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4865] different ... but you see that one's, you know what I'm like with Domestos and
None (PS6TD) [4866] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4867] stuff, if you look on the tiles you'll see a line ... where I've dropped, [laugh]
None (PS6TD) [4868] You're a menace!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4869] [laughing] where I've dropped it for [] , well then, it's the toilet brush you see, I've been going like this with the [laughing] toilet []
None (PS6TD) [4870] What does Derek say when he sees all this?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4871] Doesn't say a lot.
None (PS6TD) [4872] But I'm going like this with the toilet, you see, it shot [laughing] over the top [] !
None (PS6TD) [4873] You, you're ... aren't you ever going to repair one [...] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4874] Oh dear!
[4875] I've got my special clothes with the trademark [laughing] all the way thr []
None (PS6TD) [4876] [laugh] ... I don't use all that much.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4877] I must come out.
[4878] You can tell I haven't been out in the garden lately I need, it needs to ci , it's been too cold!
None (PS6TD) [4879] [whispering] Well I've discovered these marvellous [...] [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [4880] Mine,th they're, they're taking ages to come up, I mean
None (PS6TD) [4881] Mine are nearly in ... erm, bud.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4882] Mm!
[4883] Bud?
None (PS6TD) [4884] Yeah!
[4885] Near the top.
[4886] By the er
Margaret (PS6RG) [4887] See the ones that are growing there's nothing there look.
None (PS6TD) [4888] No!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4889] They're not gonna, they're gonna be blind aren't they?
None (PS6TD) [4890] Ah but ... di , when did you put them in?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4891] Late.
None (PS6TD) [4892] Now what did I read once?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4893] Tulips can go in late.
None (PS6TD) [4894] Do you put them in too deep, or do you put them too shallow.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4895] No, you've got to put them too deep.
[4896] You've gotta put them deep.
[4897] If you put them to shallow they come up
None (PS6TD) [4898] Ah!
[4899] Shallow they come up
Margaret (PS6RG) [4900] blind.
None (PS6TD) [4901] Yes.
[4902] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4903] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4904] Anyway, here we are then Marg.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4905] Well I'll see you then.
[4906] Yes.
None (PS6TD) [4907] Yeah.
[4908] Yeah, let's go home and erm ... er well, well it won't be much longer now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4909] He says today he'll finish?
None (PS6TD) [4910] Yeah.
[4911] Well
Margaret (PS6RG) [4912] Yeah.
None (PS6TD) [4913] I mean if he has to come on Monday it won't be too bad.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4914] No, won't be so bad.
[4915] I'll see you then.
None (PS6TD) [4916] Won't be too bad.
[4917] Bye!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4918] Bye!
[4919] See you!
[4920] [sniff] Ooh!

10 (Tape 042601)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [4921] Good morning!
None (PS6TH) [4922] Hello there!
[4923] How are
Margaret (PS6RG) [4924] Alright?
None (PS6TH) [4925] you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4926] Not too bad thank you.
None (PS6TH) [4927] Alright thanks.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4928] Not very nice morning is it?
None (PS6TH) [4929] No!
[4930] Very murky!
Margaret (PS6RG) [4931] Was it foggy where you came from?
None (PS6TH) [4932] Yes!
[4933] Very foggy
Margaret (PS6RG) [4934] Was it?
None (PS6TH) [4935] right down.
[4936] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4937] Oh!
[4938] I was surprised cos yesterday Claire came in and she said, ooh, it's really foggy tonight mum!
[4939] And I thought
None (PS6TH) [4940] [sighing] Ah [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4941] it can't be foggy, it was a nice
None (PS6TH) [4942] I thought we've just have some from [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4943] I thought it was a nice sunny day yesterday, how can it be foggy?
None (PS6TH) [4944] [sighing] Yeah [] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4945] Anyway, I've turned it off so it's colder for you
None (PS6TH) [4946] Yeah.
[4947] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4948] not , not boiling hot.
None (PS6TH) [4949] Everything alright?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4950] Yes thank you.
None (PS6TH) [4951] Good!
[4952] Is your
Margaret (PS6RG) [4953] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [4954] back better now?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4955] Well, it's a lot better than when you saw me last [laughing] time [] !
[4956] Well it's not ... it's not a hundred percent but ... this is how I'm gonna be I think.
None (PS6TH) [4957] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4958] I think I get a few, [cough] , excuse me ... [cough] [...] things but ... it's not too bad.
[4959] I know it's there all the time.
None (PS6TH) [4960] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4961] Do you want a cup of tea or a cup of coffee?
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4962] Coffee?
[4963] Tea?
None (PS6TH) [4964] Yes please.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4965] Coffee?
[4966] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [4967] Coffee please, thanks.
[4968] White with two please, thanks.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4969] Pardon?
None (PS6TH) [4970] White with two please.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4971] White [laughing] with two [] . ... [cough]

11 (Tape 042602)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [4972] How's business?
[4973] Is it good, bad?
None (PS6TH) [4974] Yeah it seems to be alright. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4975] Ah so
None (PS6TH) [4976] just to keep going.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4977] Good!
[4978] Not many people are are they at the moment?
None (PS6TH) [4979] No.
[4980] Well they say that, yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4981] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4982] Oh he's very busy!
[4983] Yeah.
[4984] Lots of people that are finding it very difficult aren't they?
None (PS6TH) [4985] I think if you move out [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [4986] Oh I think they do.
[4987] Yeah.
[4988] Derek's are mainly [...] , there's a sort of few new ones but
None (PS6TH) [4989] Yeah, that's right.
Margaret (PS6RG) [4990] Mind, not everybody's got the money to erm ... pay for jobs have they, today, if they've been made redundant they haven't got the money.
None (PS6TH) [4991] No.
[4992] I think it's gonna better though don't you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [4993] Well I think it's gonna get worse before it's gets better actually, I think it's erm ... I don't know.
None (PS6TH) [4994] I'm lucky enough I don't seem to get any out, you know, the times that I've said ... oh I'm not bothering this year.
[4995] I actually got them back
Margaret (PS6RG) [4996] Oh!
None (PS6TH) [4997] [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [4998] Oh I think they ought to have them cleaned every year don't you?
None (PS6TH) [4999] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5000] That one's sort of exploding a bit again, like something I know when it does, [laughing] it needs cleaning [] !
[5001] It all makes a funny noise!
None (PS6TH) [5002] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5003] It's sort of a louder noise than normal this, you know.
None (PS6TH) [5004] Yeah. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5005] Yeah, so I think oh well, it's about time you came.
None (PS6TH) [5006] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5007] Actually, probably, could do with a new boiler thing I should think.
[5008] A bit old isn't it?
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5009] Ain't it?
None (PS6TH) [5010] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5011] Mm.
None (PS6TH) [5012] [...] so you need a new one.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5013] Oh do you?
[5014] Oh!
[5015] ... [clears throat] ... How long did it take you to get down here?
[5016] About three quarters of an hour does it?
None (PS6TH) [5017] Yeah. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5018] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5019] A bit longer today cos of the fog.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5020] Well yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5021] It was bad this morning.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5022] Was it?
[5023] Oh.
[5024] We went for a ... week's holiday at [laughing] Salisbury [] .
None (PS6TH) [5025] Oh did you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5026] [laugh] ... Well, cos of my back last year ... I couldn't go very far so we thought, where can we go for a break?
[5027] And we went, we had a nice time.
[5028] It was great!
None (PS6TH) [5029] Where did you stay?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5030] In erm ... yes, it's the ring road, in a a a listed building.
[5031] What was the road called?
[5032] Do you know as you come in to Salisbury and you have to keep going ... on with the traffic, then it leads up to the ... bridge where the wa , where the river is.
[5033] That ro , what's it called?
[5034] It's got like the back of the supermarket, back of the er Marks and Spencers.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5035] No I don't know what it's [...] .
[5036] No.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5037] Was it?
[5038] Oh!
[5039] Yeah!
None (PS6TH) [5040] [...] throwing people out.
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TH) [5041] There's about
Margaret (PS6RG) [5042] But
None (PS6TH) [5043] five rivers in Salisbury.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5044] Oh are there?
None (PS6TH) [5045] And there's a ... [laughing] [...] [] [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5046] Yeah, they're all listed aren't ... but as we came ... we came in the way we would come, I'm a bit ignorant, so I suppose we were
None (PS6TH) [5047] [...] that's where you got the top, the first thing you come to is
Margaret (PS6RG) [5048] That big
None (PS6TH) [5049] the roundabout er with a petrol garage at the top
Margaret (PS6RG) [5050] Yeah you
None (PS6TH) [5051] then you go down a bit
Margaret (PS6RG) [5052] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5053] to another roundabout [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5054] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5055] and then did you follow the ring road round through the [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5056] Yes, the ring ... ring road round, yes, and then you
None (PS6TH) [5057] College.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5058] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5059] The next thing round is the church [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [5060] Yeah, well i , on the left?
[5061] Or on the ri
None (PS6TH) [5062] Sort of op , nearly opposite [...] ... that's the London Road that is.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5063] Yeah, then I think we went ... is there a road to left?
None (PS6TH) [5064] Yes.
[5065] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5066] Is there?
None (PS6TH) [5067] And road again drops you down into the, you go on the ring road of course, [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5068] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5069] Yeah.
[5070] I can't remember.
[5071] Anyway, it was a lon , there's a little restaurant in the road, and it was back of sort of erm ... Mar , if you wal , you crossed over and if you went through a little slip where it came, you came into this little arcade of shops where o , about [...] in the road ... next to er
None (PS6TH) [5072] I know where it is!
[5073] You just told me it was, yes. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5074] Don't ask me!
[5075] That sounds about [laughing] right [] !
None (PS6TH) [5076] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5077] That's sounds about the name.
None (PS6TH) [5078] New Street?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5079] Yeah.
[5080] I think that's in New Street.
None (PS6TH) [5081] But the hospital [...] ?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5082] It was by the hospital.
[5083] It was in the road of the hospital.
[5084] We were down, we were down much further and the hospital was that ... opposite the park, like, is it the park or something?
None (PS6TH) [5085] Yeah, there is a park.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5086] No, we overlooked erm ... a horrible block of flats!
[5087] That was very nice, the outlook there, but the outlook at the back was ever so, it was beautiful!
[5088] Cos we could see ... the spire of the cathedral.
[5089] I think it was in, it was in the, but it was in the back road of the hospital, not the front road.
[5090] The back kind
None (PS6TH) [5091] [...] .
[5092] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5093] Yeah, that's it.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5094] Yeah, I think so, yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5095] I think there's a park there.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5096] Yeah, that's right.
[5097] Yeah.
[5098] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5099] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5100] Yes, ever so, we enjoyed it.
[5101] But it was very cold.
None (PS6TH) [5102] Was it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5103] Yeah, can't remember where we went.
[5104] My memory's hopeless!
[5105] You know, it was sometime last year and I can't remember if it's early or late.
[5106] But it was quite nice, we had a nice time.
[5107] There's lots of little walks to go on aren't
None (PS6TH) [5108] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5109] there?
[5110] Round er, and they're all ... qui , er nice shops there.
[5111] Oh!
None (PS6TH) [5112] So wa
Margaret (PS6RG) [5113] Enjoyed it!
None (PS6TH) [5114] got to the old mill then did you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5115] Yeah.
[5116] Yeah, it was nice.
[5117] We thoroughly enjoyed it!
None (PS6TH) [5118] [...] I expect can you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5119] What kind is there?
None (PS6TH) [5120] Yo you can see why [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5121] Yeah!
[5122] Yeah!
[5123] Yeah!
[5124] I think it's quite nice.
[5125] The only thing is, I think it's quite a way for you to travel isn't it?
[5126] Erm ... I mean, you don't always come here do you?
None (PS6TH) [5127] Mm mm!
Margaret (PS6RG) [5128] Oh!
[5129] Do you come here every day?
None (PS6TH) [5130] Mm mm!
Margaret (PS6RG) [5131] Oh!
[5132] I don't know if I'd wanna do that every day.
[5133] Is it worse in the summer?
None (PS6TH) [5134] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5135] Yeah.
[5136] I don't know i
None (PS6TH) [5137] But it's always better, it's not, coming in cos then all the tourists are coming back
Margaret (PS6RG) [5138] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5139] to go to bed.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5140] That's right.
[5141] Because when we came home, we came home on a Friday night, I say, and oh, the traffic!
None (PS6TH) [5142] Mm!
Margaret (PS6RG) [5143] I think it took us about an hour and a half to get home!
None (PS6TH) [5144] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5145] Especially coming up,co , just coming up to Salisbury, coming up to all those roundabouts.
None (PS6TH) [5146] Mm!
Margaret (PS6RG) [5147] Cor!
[5148] We thought we wished we'd left earlier now.
None (PS6TH) [5149] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5150] It was, no I mean ... thoroughly enjoyed it!
[5151] We'll try and be a bit more adventurous this year and go a bit further!
[5152] [laugh] ... But I can't sit in the car very long.
[5153] It's terrible!
[5154] It's a problem.
None (PS6TH) [5155] Where do you hope to go?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5156] Well I was thinking of Cambridge but I don't think I, Derek's going to Holland
None (PS6TH) [5157] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5158] for a long weekend to do with ... er, every ten years there's a garden thing in Holland, I don't, forget what they call it.
[5159] Flor Florade or something.
[5160] I can't go.
[5161] I couldn't tra , it's er, on a coach.
[5162] I couldn't do it.
[5163] So he's going to Holland for ... three or four days.
[5164] So I'm er ... I said perhaps, because Steve li , have you been to Cambridge?
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5165] No.
[5166] Steven said it's nice at Cambri , I think we've been through it.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5167] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5168] Yeah, but it's quite, I don't know how to, it's about three hours I should think.
[5169] You know.
[5170] Have to wait and see.
[5171] ... Cos you ... could break the journey up a bit?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5172] Yeah.
[5173] I'd have to do it every hour.
[5174] I can't sit for much longer than an hour.
[5175] It's a pain innit!
[5176] I never thought I'd have back problems!
None (PS6TH) [5177] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5178] Nearly everybody you talk to ... the fact, they have back problems.
[5179] It's a wonder you don't get them lifting boilers and things!
None (PS6TH) [5180] Yeah, well [...] .
Margaret (PS6RG) [5181] Yeah.
[5182] And I said, Derek has to be careful, because you don't know when you
None (PS6TH) [5183] Yes.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5184] And he was doing, and they're humping a lot of ... concrete last week and I think his ... back's aching.
[5185] I said, now you know how I felt!
[5186] ... How are your children?
None (PS6TH) [5187] Alright thanks.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5188] Adults, children?
[5189] How old? [laugh]
None (PS6TH) [5190] Well er , Jimmy's ne er, eighteen
Margaret (PS6RG) [5191] Oh adult.
None (PS6TH) [5192] [...] fourteen.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5193] Oh!
[5194] How she's getting on?
None (PS6TH) [5195] Yeah alright.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5196] Okay?
None (PS6TH) [5197] [...] alright.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5198] She'll be taking her O levels next year won't she?
None (PS6TH) [5199] Yeah.
[5200] Mhm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5201] Mm.
[5202] What does she want to do, does she know?
None (PS6TH) [5203] She wants to joins the Wrens.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5204] Oh does she?
None (PS6TH) [5205] Mhm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5206] My sister was a Wren years ago.
None (PS6TH) [5207] Oh yes?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5208] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5209] Sh She told me er
Margaret (PS6RG) [5210] She might as well be a [...] .
None (PS6TH) [5211] Don't know.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5212] Why?
None (PS6TH) [5213] She doesn't know that yet, but [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5214] Why?
None (PS6TH) [5215] She won't [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5216] Why have you gotta be so nice to be a Wren, I can see a policewoman but not a Wren!
[5217] Yo yo got all [...] to look af
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5218] Wrens to looks after, if you're a Wren.
[5219] Why have you not got [...] ?
[5220] Oh I don't understand that!
[5221] Oh!
None (PS6TH) [5222] Well she says [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5223] Oh!
None (PS6TH) [5224] now [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5225] Oh!
[5226] Oh dear!
[5227] Oh well!
[5228] And what is your son doing, I've forgotten?
None (PS6TH) [5229] He works for a motor accessory shop now.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5230] Mhm!
None (PS6TH) [5231] He weren't doing that when I last called.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5232] No.
[5233] What was he doing?
[5234] I've for
None (PS6TH) [5235] Plastering.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5236] Oh yeah!
[5237] Yeah.
[5238] Didn't he like that or
None (PS6TH) [5239] Yes.
[5240] Work's died down hasn't it?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5241] Oh yeah!
[5242] Cos the building, ah ah ah!
[5243] Does he like this job or not?
None (PS6TH) [5244] Yes , well, it's [laughing] [...] [] !
[5245] Yeah.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5246] I co
None (PS6TH) [...] [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5247] Yeah, I feel sorry for youngsters today, don't you?
None (PS6TH) [5248] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5249] There's not much for them to do at all.
None (PS6TH) [5250] No there's not.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5251] No.
[5252] But
None (PS6TH) [5253] He
Margaret (PS6RG) [5254] Sorry!
[5255] Go on.
None (PS6TH) [5256] I just think two or three years ago they took a ... [...] [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5257] Mm!
None (PS6TH) [5258] kids, and then
Margaret (PS6RG) [5259] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5260] wha , what was gonna happen when they all had to go back to work
Margaret (PS6RG) [5261] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5262] I think ... [clears throat] ... mind, a lot of the problem is because women have gone back to work isn't it?
[5263] Cos I mean, lots of women have to work today don't they?
[5264] For them to make
None (PS6TH) [5265] Pay the mortgage.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5266] No!
[5267] Yeah!
[5268] Yeah!
[5269] Sad really!
[5270] And Amanda didn't like our own school, cos she finishes her teacher training college this year.
None (PS6TH) [5271] Mm.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5272] But it's four years!
[5273] Cor!
[5274] I can't believe it's four years.
None (PS6TH) [5275] But apparently,yo you get wage increases in teaching.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5276] It's just had one haven't they?
[5277] It's going up I think.
None (PS6TH) [5278] But, the longer you stay the more wages you get.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5279] Yeah.
None (PS6TH) [5280] But now what's happening is, they're getting rid of the old ones cos they pay them too much!
Margaret (PS6RG) [5281] Yeah.
[5282] And get ne new ones in.
[5283] I don't think, I feel a bit sorry for her because at the moment they're running a teaching ... profession down so much aren't they?
[5284] Always!
[5285] Feel a bit sorry for her, but she seems to be enjoying it so ... [...] .

12 (Tape 042701)

Unknown speaker (KSTPSUNK) [5286] [laughing] That's the way to do it [] !
[5287] Oh dear!
[5288] ... The frog's have ... laid some more frogspawn out there.
None (PS6TJ) [5289] What?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5290] The frogs.
None (PS6TJ) [5291] Oh!
Margaret (PS6RG) [5292] Put down some more spawn, yeah.
None (PS6TJ) [5293] Have they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5294] Yeah.
None (PS6TJ) [5295] How many have we got in there?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5296] About four.
None (PS6TJ) [5297] Oh!
[5298] ... It's lovely ain't they?
[5299] We used to have them in a ... er ... one of those big barrel things
Margaret (PS6RG) [5300] Did you?
None (PS6TJ) [5301] you put the beer in.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5302] Oh yeah.
[5303] Yeah.
None (PS6TJ) [5304] And then er ... i , well a speckled one like that.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5305] Yeah.
[5306] ... I don't like them.
None (PS6TJ) [5307] Don't you?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5308] No.
[5309] I think they're ugly!
[5310] Don't like frogs.
None (PS6TJ) [5311] Interesting they are
Margaret (PS6RG) [5312] Oh yeah!
None (PS6TJ) [5313] aren't they?
Margaret (PS6RG) [5314] Yeah.
[5315] Yeah.
None (PS6TJ) [5316] So
Margaret (PS6RG) [5317] But I don't like them.
[5318] ... Looks as though it's gonna rain.
[5319] ... Have a biscuit.
[5320] Have a biscuit.
None (PS6TJ) [5321] Thank you.
[5322] Ah ah.
[5323] ... I didn't know you'd poured my tea out.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5324] Didn't you?
None (PS6TJ) [5325] Now, where
Margaret (PS6RG) [5326] Oh!
None (PS6TJ) [5327] was I [laughing] gone [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [laugh]
None (PS6TJ) [laugh]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5328] Gone to sleep.
None (PS6TJ) [5329] This old rough looking fella, he looks delighted.
[5330] ... [...] bring back to there you see. [...]
Margaret (PS6RG) [5331] You say he got a fat tummy as he?
[5332] Perhaps he drinks a lot of beer.
None (PS6TJ) [5333] I said to Dave can I show you ... [laughing] [...] [] !
Margaret (PS6RG) [5334] [laugh] ... Oh dear!
[5335] Perhaps he drinks a lot of beer.
[5336] Perhaps he's got a beer stomach has he?
None (PS6TJ) [5337] Looks like it.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5338] Yeah.
[5339] ... You were down Ursula's this morning weren't you?
[5340] Did you go down Ursula's this morning?
None (PS6TJ) [5341] Mm.
[5342] I took, she took her to
Margaret (PS6RG) [5343] Oh!
[5344] Travers
None (PS6TJ) [5345] to have her nails done.
Margaret (PS6RG) [5346] Oh!