2 conversations recorded by `Michael2' (PS6RM) [dates unknown] with 4 interlocutors, totalling 494 s-units, 2237 words (duration not recorded).

6 speakers recorded by respondent number 708

PS6RM Ag0 m (Michael, age 13, student)
PS6RN Ag4 f (Christine, age 45, credit controller) mother
PS6RP Ag4 f (Leslie, age 45, unemployed) aunt
PS6RR Ag1 m (Steve, age 21, unemployed) brother
KSUPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KSUPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

2 recordings

  1. Tape 135601 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 135602 recorded on unknown date. LocationUnknown () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 135601)

Leslie (PS6RP) [1] You know Les up the garage?
Christine (PS6RN) [2] Yes.
Leslie (PS6RP) [3] Les.
Christine (PS6RN) [4] Yeah.
Leslie (PS6RP) [5] He got asked out by that Kate.
Michael (PS6RM) [6] Ain't he got big?
[7] Ain't he got
Leslie (PS6RP) [8] You know Kate?
[9] The bleeding fat girl, he got asked out by her.
Christine (PS6RN) [10] It's in there.
Michael (PS6RM) [laugh]
Leslie (PS6RP) [11] She wrote him a letter.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [12] Going out!
Michael (PS6RM) [13] Is it?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [14] Going out.
Christine (PS6RN) [15] Just
Michael (PS6RM) [whistling]
Christine (PS6RN) [16] don't get all mucky.
Michael (PS6RM) [17] Hello.
Leslie (PS6RP) [18] Hello.
Michael (PS6RM) [19] Say hello.
[20] You say hello.
Leslie (PS6RP) [21] Ooh!
[22] You don't wanna lick that. [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [23] No.
Michael (PS6RM) [24] No, go on.
Leslie (PS6RP) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [25] It's like with that [...] .
Michael (PS6RM) [26] Eh?
[27] No.
[28] ... Aargh!
Leslie (PS6RP) [29] Gotta see them next time.
Michael (PS6RM) [30] Back [...] though ain't they?
Christine (PS6RN) [31] It ain't.
Leslie (PS6RP) [32] [...] ... He said no.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [33] No.
Leslie (PS6RP) [34] See, I was a bit shocked, you know, Mike said he went to ... Chessington was it?
Christine (PS6RN) [35] Yeah.
Leslie (PS6RP) [...]
Michael (PS6RM) [36] Ha ha!
[37] I learn everything
Leslie (PS6RP) [38] Why did you [...] when we were here?
Michael (PS6RM) [39] What?
Leslie (PS6RP) [40] Why didn't you do that when we were here?
Michael (PS6RM) [41] When
Leslie (PS6RP) [42] They are massive.
Michael (PS6RM) [43] when we were out where?
Christine (PS6RN) [44] Hold on.
[45] Go on the er
Leslie (PS6RP) [46] He put him on the
Michael (PS6RM) [47] Bat ride.
Leslie (PS6RP) [48] lorry driver
Christine (PS6RN) [49] Bung it in there.
Leslie (PS6RP) [50] or the boat or whatever it is.
Michael (PS6RM) [51] The pirate ship.
[52] [laugh] ... On the back seat, I got him on it. [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [53] Was his face
Leslie (PS6RP) [54] You've seen it on the one that had gone over.
Michael (PS6RM) [55] We ain't been on it yet.
Christine (PS6RN) [56] Oh.
[57] Bloody hell!
[58] I wouldn't go on that.
Leslie (PS6RP) [59] Where you hang upside down in the air and

2 (Tape 135602)

Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [60] Stop bouncing that ball!
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [61] What?
Michael (PS6RM) [62] Stop bouncing that ball!
[63] ... [whistling] ... [sighing] Urgh er [] .
[64] Great [...] .
[65] ... Here are.
[66] Pass the ball.
[67] ... I love that skill.
[68] ... So have you got anything new since I've been away?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [69] Dunno.
Michael (PS6RM) [70] Got any new games for your computer?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [71] No.
[72] It's fucked innit?
[73] You must have fucked it up.
Michael (PS6RM) [74] Why what's the matter with it?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [75] You know the little box that goes into the back of the telly
Michael (PS6RM) [76] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [77] took the wires out.
Michael (PS6RM) [78] Who did?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [79] [...] .
Michael (PS6RM) [80] Why?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [81] He's a prick.
Michael (PS6RM) [82] He's a prick?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [83] Mm.
Michael (PS6RM) [84] Yeah.
[85] [laugh] ... [sniff] ... [tut] Yeah.
[86] Come upstairs and listen to this tape?
[87] Blinding tape!
[88] Do you wanna hear it?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [89] I can't be bothered.
Michael (PS6RM) [90] Come on Chris, listen.
[91] It's funny man I te
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [92] Bring it down here.
Michael (PS6RM) [93] Nah.
[94] It's better you got them speakers.
[95] ... It's enough funny man I'm telling ya!
[96] Come upstairs, play on the hi-fi.
[97] I I ... bet you any money you laugh. ... [sniff] ... [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [98] Hello.
Michael (PS6RM) [99] Did you train him to wee on the thingie now?
Christine (PS6RN) [100] Yep.
[101] Found that
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [102] Gets up the stairs now.
Michael (PS6RM) [103] Gets up the [laughing] stairs now [] ?
Christine (PS6RN) [104] Yeah he , even when he go upstairs he can't get down though.
Michael (PS6RM) [105] [laugh] ... [laughing] Can't get do , get up but can't get down [] .
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [106] Shall I show Michael Mum?
Christine (PS6RN) [107] Yes.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [108] [shouting] Steve [] !
Christine (PS6RN) [109] No don't take him up there Chris.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [110] Ah go on.
[111] I just want
Christine (PS6RN) [112] No I said it's just
Michael (PS6RM) [113] Just
Christine (PS6RN) [114] started to make him not well again.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [115] Just ... up the
Christine (PS6RN) [116] I said
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [117] stairs?
Christine (PS6RN) [118] no.
Leslie (PS6RP) [119] No. [music]
Michael (PS6RM) [120] Ah.
[121] Ain't he nice.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [122] [laugh] ... Can we get one Mum?
Leslie (PS6RP) [123] What?
Michael (PS6RM) [124] One of these dogs?
[125] ... I want one.
[126] ... [whistling] ... Yeah, hang on.
[127] Just gotta stop it.
Christine (PS6RN) [128] Stop bouncing that fucking ball!
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [129] Chris, stop bouncing that ball. [...]
Christine (PS6RN) [130] You haven't taped that have ya?
Michael (PS6RM) [131] What?
Christine (PS6RN) [132] The ball?
Michael (PS6RM) [133] [laugh] ... No.
Christine (PS6RN) [134] I dunno what they'd say if you did.
[135] Leave him there.
[136] Leave him Chrissy.
[137] He's sick if you help pick him up.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [138] Yeah?
Christine (PS6RN) [139] Yeah.
[140] Well that's why Mark still won't pick him up. [microphone interference]
Leslie (PS6RP) [...]
Michael (PS6RM) [141] What are you doing here?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [142] What a nice pleasant lot.
Leslie (PS6RP) [143] I know. ... [...]
Christine (PS6RN) [144] Eh?
Leslie (PS6RP) [145] You could be a [...] .
Michael (PS6RM) [146] Who?
Leslie (PS6RP) [147] You.
Michael (PS6RM) [148] Why?
Leslie (PS6RP) [149] Well it has just not come through.
Michael (PS6RM) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [150] Just leave it on.
Michael (PS6RM) [151] Where's he gone then?
[152] ... Chris!
[153] What you doing?
[154] Come here. [tv on]
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [...]
Michael (PS6RM) [155] You don't wanna be?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [156] What shall we do?
Michael (PS6RM) [157] It's boring. [microphone too far away]
Leslie (PS6RP) [...]
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [158] Two days, two hours, and twenty seven minutes.
Michael (PS6RM) [159] What?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [160] That's how long it's taking you to do on the paper.
[161] Apparently so.
[162] [laugh] ... Oh yeah, and ... twenty two seconds.
Christine (PS6RN) [163] That thing's really good innit?
Leslie (PS6RP) [164] Well apparently it's [...] .
Christine (PS6RN) [165] Mm mm.
[166] I think I got it in a shop [...] on the ... where did I get it?
[167] I got in this chemist in the shops there didn't I?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [168] Yeah, down Basildon, or Pitsea weren't it?
Steve (PS6RR) [169] Mm.
[170] That's where I got bike from
Christine (PS6RN) [171] Did you go in, go in that little
Michael (PS6RM) [172] Sorry, you got your
Christine (PS6RN) [173] pet shop?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [174] Did you see a tiny little pet shop?
Christine (PS6RN) [175] Where did you park?
Michael (PS6RM) [176] No, must have been ... in a car park.
Christine (PS6RN) [177] Wha
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [178] What one?
[179] Tesco's one?
Michael (PS6RM) [180] Yeah, must have been.
Christine (PS6RN) [181] Well you know the one through there on the left the little one.
Leslie (PS6RP) [182] Yeah I know where you mean.
Christine (PS6RN) [183] Yeah, we used to go
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [184] Steve.
Christine (PS6RN) [185] there.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [186] Yeah I've seen him
Christine (PS6RN) [187] That's all I buy.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [188] go in.
Christine (PS6RN) [189] [...] my mascara.
[190] Well, oh bloody hell 85 135
Leslie (PS6RP) [191] I don't see yours though.
Christine (PS6RN) [192] Mi , mine isn't bad
Christine (PS6RN) [193] I mean that one out there is, like the same as the one I had but it's E F five which is ... fuel efficient, you know, like it's got the extra fuel efficient, and it really is ... it's good on petrol.
[194] ... Unless Steve
Leslie (PS6RP) [195] That is
Christine (PS6RN) [196] lo , used to eat it.
[197] Stevie left the car outside the house with over a quarter of petrol.
Leslie (PS6RP) [198] Must be there's something wrong somewhere.
Christine (PS6RN) [199] Ooh!
[200] Terrible.
[201] He's ... come out and it's nearly on the red.
Leslie (PS6RP) [202] I said well how do you think
Christine (PS6RN) [203] I reckon there's something wrong with it.
[204] I mean you don't put a fiver in to go ... and then, then have to put more in to go to bleeding ... erm ... Wickham and back.
Leslie (PS6RP) [205] No.
Christine (PS6RN) [206] I mean, that, Christ!
[207] It ain't that far.
Leslie (PS6RP) [208] Oh I'll have to go now, gotta do some shopping.
Christine (PS6RN) [209] Only just fucking got here!
Leslie (PS6RP) [210] No!
[211] Been here ages.
Christine (PS6RN) [212] Have not.
[213] You're like the old man you are, go somewhere, stay five minutes and then go.
Leslie (PS6RP) [214] Yeah.
[215] So are you.
Christine (PS6RN) [216] Excuse me?
Leslie (PS6RP) [217] Yeah.
[218] You ain't much different.
Christine (PS6RN) [219] Who?
Leslie (PS6RP) [220] You.
Christine (PS6RN) [221] Stayed with you for
Leslie (PS6RP) [222] Yeah, cos I made you a sandwich and you sat in the garden chair.
Christine (PS6RN) [223] Don't make no difference.
Leslie (PS6RP) [tut]
Christine (PS6RN) [224] Had one of my plants out there that has bloody gone now!
[225] Told him not to do the garden [...] until I've finished.
Leslie (PS6RP) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [226] Buds are that big, every time he went to thing he snapped it off.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [227] In the pot thing.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [228] Who Dad did, snapped it off?
Christine (PS6RN) [229] Oh I had to
Leslie (PS6RP) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [230] wall onto him.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [231] Well I had to climb over the wall and fucking jump there.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [laugh]
Leslie (PS6RP) [232] Are you gonna watch the rest of that.
[233] I ain't got no cash. [tut]
Michael (PS6RM) [sigh]
Leslie (PS6RP) [234] Well I better be, bloody go.
Christine (PS6RN) [235] Alright.
Leslie (PS6RP) [236] I'm off.
Christine (PS6RN) [237] And make sure you got the steak.
Leslie (PS6RP) [238] Yeah I still got the steak.
[239] It's no
Christine (PS6RN) [240] But it
Leslie (PS6RP) [241] it is nice.
Christine (PS6RN) [242] Yeah.
Leslie (PS6RP) [243] Told ya.
[244] Yeah we had that didn't we?
[245] Saves you leaving all them taters.
Christine (PS6RN) [246] Mm.
Leslie (PS6RP) [247] Peas and
Christine (PS6RN) [248] It don't
Leslie (PS6RP) [249] Two hours.
Christine (PS6RN) [250] take that much does it?
Leslie (PS6RP) [251] No it was lovely.
Michael (PS6RM) [252] Mm.
Leslie (PS6RP) [253] Cooked it slow and long.
Christine (PS6RN) [254] Mm mm.
Leslie (PS6RP) [255] It was nice. [music]
Christine (PS6RN) [256] Chops.
[257] Did I give you them?
Leslie (PS6RP) [258] Yes, and I loved them.
[259] Oh you asked me
Christine (PS6RN) [260] Mincemeat, will that
Leslie (PS6RP) [261] Very nice.
Christine (PS6RN) [262] do ya?
Leslie (PS6RP) [263] Haven't used the mince.
Christine (PS6RN) [264] Braising steak.
Leslie (PS6RP) [265] Haven't used that.
Christine (PS6RN) [266] That was it.
Leslie (PS6RP) [267] No there was more than that.
Christine (PS6RN) [268] Oh.
[269] ... And bacon?
Leslie (PS6RP) [270] Spare ribs though.
Christine (PS6RN) [271] Yeah?
[272] What about [...] ?
Leslie (PS6RP) [273] I don't buy things like that cos it never gets eaten in my house.
Christine (PS6RN) [274] Mm mm.
Leslie (PS6RP) [275] It's a waste of fucking money.
Christine (PS6RN) [276] That weren't bad really, I mean, you bought all that meat.
Leslie (PS6RP) [277] Will he have chickens and that up there now?
Christine (PS6RN) [278] Dunno.
Leslie (PS6RP) [279] Shall we go on up there?
Christine (PS6RN) [280] If you want.
Leslie (PS6RP) [281] Are we going, yeah?
[282] Got a bad back?
Michael (PS6RM) [283] Ah Mum, it's killing me!
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [284] No I'll come.
Christine (PS6RN) [285] Oh stay here with the dog, alright?
[286] And then you can shut all the doors and everything. [...]
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [287] He int gonna climb out of windows is he?
Christine (PS6RN) [288] You wanna walk him, not go in the car.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [289] [tut] !
[290] Ah man!
[291] Ah man!
Michael (PS6RM) [292] Come on then.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [293] You gotta ... go at least a hundred
Christine (PS6RN) [294] Come on then.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [295] yards!
Christine (PS6RN) [296] Come on then.
Michael (PS6RM) [297] Go away!
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [298] Get off! [...] ... hoo hoo hoo.
Christine (PS6RN) [299] You've been
Michael (PS6RM) [300] Been sick.
Christine (PS6RN) [301] here nearly every weekend for over four weeks now.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [302] Oh I don't know.
Christine (PS6RN) [303] Your father wonders what's happening, I reckon he thinks I'm trying to pinch you don't he?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [304] Mm!
Christine (PS6RN) [305] Yeah, well I think I'm down this weekend cos I don't know what I'm doing this weekend.
[306] Dunno.
[307] I might be on shift work.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [308] Yeah.
Christine (PS6RN) [309] If I get any work.
[310] But you can always come down, cos you got a key ain't you?
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [311] Yes.
Christine (PS6RN) [312] I mean Dad'll pi , if I'm working don't bother.
[313] But I mean, if I'm only doing shifts ... night shifts then you can come down and get yourself in, right?
[314] I'll let you know anyway what I'm doing.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [315] Alright then.
Christine (PS6RN) [316] But, we'll take it that I'll see you, not next week, but the week after.
[317] Alright then.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [318] Yes.
[319] ... So what are we going down there?
[320] What are we having for dinner tonight?
Christine (PS6RN) [321] Dunno.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [322] That braising steak.
Christine (PS6RN) [323] Might actually.
[324] We could have done that.
[325] Oh yeah.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [326] Kentucky Fried Chicken.
[327] [laugh] ... And an hour down the golf range. [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [328] Live the high life.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [329] What?
Christine (PS6RN) [330] You're getting a bit beyond.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [331] You what?
Christine (PS6RN) [332] Live the high life.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [333] Oh.
[334] [laugh] ... What happened to your doors on the kitchen?
Christine (PS6RN) [335] Erm, we had to get [...] .
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [336] Oh.
[337] Why, what's wrong with them?
Christine (PS6RN) [338] Hanging the back.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [339] Mm.
[340] [...] , what happened to the doors?
Leslie (PS6RP) [341] Oh they just come off.
Christine (PS6RN) [342] Where d'ya get them doors?
[343] Them ones?
[344] The black ones?
Leslie (PS6RP) [345] You know the shop, erm ... [...]
Christine (PS6RN) [346] I was watching the fire engines.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [347] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (KSUPSUNK) [348] Is the great Bill on?
Leslie (PS6RP) [349] Oh!
[350] Here he goes again with his ball.
Christine (PS6RN) [351] Oh stop bouncing please.
[352] Is dad here?
Steve (PS6RR) [353] Yes.
Michael (PS6RM) [354] Oh hold on.
Leslie (PS6RP) [355] I might get some meat and that for tomorrow.
Steve (PS6RR) [...]
Christine (PS6RN) [356] Alright then.
Michael (PS6RM) [357] Bloody hell!
[358] ... Think I shall stop this now.
Steve (PS6RR) [359] You had it on?
Michael (PS6RM) [360] Yeah. [break in recording] [tv on very loud]
Christine (PS6RN) [361] Did he win?
Michael (PS6RM) [362] Yeah.
Steve (PS6RR) [363] Yeah.
Michael (PS6RM) [364] Knocked them out in the tenth round.
Steve (PS6RR) [365] You know Lennox Lewis wants his next fight.
[366] That means ... there'll be two ... British, England's, for Great Britain heavyweight boxers fighting for World title.
[367] And Lennox Lewis is a heavyweight world title.
[368] And the only English person to win that will back is somebody ... [...] . [...]
Leslie (PS6RP) [369] Oh.
Steve (PS6RR) [...]
Leslie (PS6RP) [370] Well no one can see ya.
Steve (PS6RR) [371] Well, [...] .
Leslie (PS6RP) [372] You alright on that settee?
Steve (PS6RR) [373] Yeah why?
[374] It's quite comfy to lay on it. [...] .
Leslie (PS6RP) [375] Don't get too lippy boy!
Steve (PS6RR) [376] Grapes please.
Michael (PS6RM) [laugh]
Leslie (PS6RP) [377] Go and make me a nice cup of tea Mike?
Michael (PS6RM) [378] I'll always make you a nice cup of tea.
Steve (PS6RR) [379] [...] ... Mum never makes a cup of tea does she?
Leslie (PS6RP) [380] I always make the tea.
Michael (PS6RM) [...]
Christine (PS6RN) [381] I made you one just a second ago.
Steve (PS6RR) [...]
Leslie (PS6RP) [382] Michael had one didn't ya?
Steve (PS6RR) [383] It's not the point.
Leslie (PS6RP) [384] I know he don't.
Steve (PS6RR) [385] Well I offered though.
Leslie (PS6RP) [386] Go on.
Steve (PS6RR) [387] You make me one.
[388] Come round for dinner [...] .
Michael (PS6RM) [laugh]
Christine (PS6RN) [389] What have you been up to?
Steve (PS6RR) [390] Nothing.
Michael (PS6RM) [391] Eating.
Leslie (PS6RP) [392] Any phone calls?
Steve (PS6RR) [393] Nah.
Michael (PS6RM) [394] Why are they all ... [...] ? [tv on very interfering]
Michael (PS6RM) [395] At least I ain't washing your car tomorrow.
Steve (PS6RR) [396] Ah ah!
[397] Diddums!
[398] Yeah.
Michael (PS6RM) [399] [tut] Oh!
Steve (PS6RR) [400] What's the matter with you?
[401] What's your life revolve round washing people's cars?
Christine (PS6RN) [clears throat]
Michael (PS6RM) [...]
Christine (PS6RN) [402] Yeah it does Steve.
Steve (PS6RR) [403] You won't get a [...] car now anyhow.
Michael (PS6RM) [404] I know.
Steve (PS6RR) [405] Old X reg.
Michael (PS6RM) [laugh]
Steve (PS6RR) [406] And a white one, fucking hell!
Michael (PS6RM) [laugh]
Steve (PS6RR) [407] [...] ... Send it back again.
[408] ... With a seam of [...] .
Michael (PS6RM) [...]
Steve (PS6RR) [409] He's got a ... er erm ... [tut] ... H reg ain't he George?
Michael (PS6RM) [410] Mm.
Steve (PS6RR) [411] [sigh] Got a K reg. [...]
Michael (PS6RM) [412] When we went to see that one with er this
Steve (PS6RR) [413] What it's his car?
[414] Tell you what, it's in better bloody nick than what my old E reg was.
Michael (PS6RM) [415] What?
[416] That isn't hard is it?
Steve (PS6RR) [417] That car ... better condition than what my o , my one was.
Michael (PS6RM) [418] And what is it, six years older?
Steve (PS6RR) [419] Yeah.
Michael (PS6RM) [420] But has he had it since new?
Steve (PS6RR) [421] Other than the ... wheels I think.
Michael (PS6RM) [422] [...] ... the one with the, like [...] ?
Steve (PS6RR) [423] Mm.
Michael (PS6RM) [...]
Steve (PS6RR) [424] Aha.
[425] You, not the
Michael (PS6RM) [426] Oh what the ones with the R S turbo sign on them?
Steve (PS6RR) [427] What?
Michael (PS6RM) [428] What is it then?
[429] I don't know.
Steve (PS6RR) [430] Not really a car person are you?
[431] Not really in with it are you?
[432] Let's face it, you're not really one of the boys are ya?
Michael (PS6RM) [433] Well see you're eight years older than me.
Steve (PS6RR) [434] Not really.
[435] I knew about them when I was bloody ... ten!
[436] I knew the ins and outs of one of them.
Michael (PS6RM) [437] Mm.
Steve (PS6RR) [438] I even knew how much smoke fumes come out from nought to sixty.
[439] You know why?
Michael (PS6RM) [440] They ain't got them though
Steve (PS6RR) [441] [laugh] ... Still ain't got one.
Michael (PS6RM) [442] Little Fiesta Festival.
Steve (PS6RR) [443] Ain't even mine.
[444] ... Is there any petrol in there?
Leslie (PS6RP) [445] Mind you, it's so dark I can't see it.
[446] I pu , I just put a fiver in and takes, takes, turn the battery and it's [...] .
[447] [clears throat] ... I didn't know it was that high.
Steve (PS6RR) [448] What?
Leslie (PS6RP) [449] I wouldn't rate it that high.
Steve (PS6RR) [450] It's only worth about hundred pound. [laugh]
Leslie (PS6RP) [451] She'll have to pay me hundred to fucking take it.
[452] ... [sigh] Make us a cup of tea boy.
Michael (PS6RM) [453] No! [break in recording] [tv on loud: wrestling/boxing]
Leslie (PS6RP) [454] Are you ever gonna leave home though?
Michael (PS6RM) [455] Oh don't start!
Leslie (PS6RP) [456] [tut] !
Steve (PS6RR) [457] Well don't you enjoy him being here ... making you laugh?
[458] And costing you millions?
Leslie (PS6RP) [459] Yeah, he's costing me fucking money!
[460] I'd rather be working.
Michael (PS6RM) [461] Ah ah!
Steve (PS6RR) [462] Oh God!
[463] You don't really mean it?
Leslie (PS6RP) [464] Mm.
[465] ... Drunk your tea?
Michael (PS6RM) [466] He won it.
[467] ... Keep smiling.
[468] Er er, er er, urgh.
Leslie (PS6RP) [laugh] ... [laugh]
Steve (PS6RR) [469] He shot him.
[470] Yow!
Leslie (PS6RP) [471] Did you tell your dad you went on a bike ride?
Michael (PS6RM) [472] Yeah.
Leslie (PS6RP) [473] Oh.
[474] I was telling Christine.
Michael (PS6RM) [475] He don't know Christine does he?
Steve (PS6RR) [476] What?
Michael (PS6RM) [477] Well he's seen her but
Leslie (PS6RP) [478] Mm.
Michael (PS6RM) [479] [sighing] Oh my God [] !
[480] ... So what are you doing tomorrow?
Leslie (PS6RP) [481] Nothing just sitting down.
Michael (PS6RM) [482] Are you going out tomorrow?
Steve (PS6RR) [483] Ha?
Leslie (PS6RP) [484] If you're going up to London after dinner let us know.
[485] I want some [...] .
Michael (PS6RM) [486] [tut] !
[487] Oh Mum I ain't gonna go up there in the [...] .
Leslie (PS6RP) [488] Did they have a lot?
Steve (PS6RR) [...]
Michael (PS6RM) [489] It'll cost you about three hundred pound to go up there and back.
Leslie (PS6RP) [490] What you going in then?
Michael (PS6RM) [491] Going in yours.
Steve (PS6RR) [492] I'll get the train.
[493] I will.
[494] I think I'll get done better as well.
Michael (PS6RM) [laugh]