6 conversations recorded by `Richard4' (PS6SG) [dates unknown] with 5 interlocutors, totalling 1098 s-units, 6020 words (duration not recorded).

7 speakers recorded by respondent number 707

PS6SG Ag0 m (Richard, age 13, student)
PS6SH Ag0 f (Frances, age 13, student) neighbour
PS6SJ Ag0 f (Lisa, age 13, student) neighbour
PS6SK X m (Ben, age unknown) friend
PS6SL X m (Billy, age unknown) friend
KSWPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
KSWPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

6 recordings

  1. Tape 135301 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  2. Tape 135302 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  3. Tape 135303 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  4. Tape 135304 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  5. Tape 135305 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified
  6. Tape 135306 recorded on unknown date. LocationGreater London () Activity: Unspecified

1 (Tape 135301)

Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [1] Right, hello, yeah, we're back.
[2] Erm ... Miss is trying to get rid of us.
[3] Erm ... we're sunbathing ... even though there ain't no sun to sunbathe at.
Frances (PS6SH) [4] Er
Lisa (PS6SJ) [5] And erm ... can you hear me?
Frances (PS6SH) [6] Wait.
[7] Wait Lis, I ain't got the things on.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [8] Hold on.
[9] Hold on then.
Frances (PS6SH) [10] Tell Billy that
Lisa (PS6SJ) [11] Yeah?
Frances (PS6SH) [12] tell Billy that
Lisa (PS6SJ) [13] Hello now ca , can you hear me?
Frances (PS6SH) [14] Yeah.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [15] Alright.
[16] Erm, look
Frances (PS6SH) [17] And
Lisa (PS6SJ) [18] we're gonna go soon cos like we dunno what else to say cos we've crushed you and everything.
[19] We've done, [laughing] we've used now [] .
[20] But don't forget to make another tape alright?
[21] Well you won't be able to use Richard's, but like sort of I dunno
Frances (PS6SH) [22] Yeah.
[23] Richard's taking us back to school Wednesday.
[24] If you got a tape at home or so , right you can record yourself at home.
[25] Send it to that address alright?
[26] That ain't my address.
[27] [laughing] That's Lisa's address [] .
Lisa (PS6SJ) [28] [laugh] ... No, it ain't.
Frances (PS6SH) [29] It's address.
[30] Anyway, erm
Lisa (PS6SJ) [31] It ain't my address, my address, but if anyone else writes me letters then ... then please don't.
Frances (PS6SH) [32] But
Lisa (PS6SJ) [33] But do it first class jammy stingy cunts!
Frances (PS6SH) [34] but er, do they really want to write to you?
[35] [mimicking] I don't think so [] .
[36] [laughing] Oh yeah [] !
[37] And he'll jump at the chance to write to me.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [38] We , can we say goodbye now.
Frances (PS6SH) [39] Anyway, right, we're gonna
Lisa (PS6SJ) [40] Oh no, there's Richard [...] .
Frances (PS6SH) [41] Ah!
[42] Not again you cunts!
Lisa (PS6SJ) [43] Right, hold on.
[44] Right now, we're gonna go now anyway, so it wasn't worth turning over really.
Frances (PS6SH) [45] Gonna get some sun.
[46] We're gonna [...] for seven hours Lisa.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [47] Oh no we ain't gonna
Frances (PS6SH) [48] Ah!
[49] She got, she's got an Arsenal top on.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [50] [singing] The best you know, Arsenal [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [51] I'm going to watch
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [52] Lisa.
Frances (PS6SH) [53] the F A Cup, you know.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [54] Woo ooh!
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [55] Ooh you lied!
[56] You lied!
Lisa (PS6SJ) [57] You lied! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [58] I can sit next to you.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [59] I'm sure.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [...]
Lisa (PS6SJ) [60] Anyway, right ... [sigh] ... we're gonna go now aren't we?
[61] Are we going to go?
Frances (PS6SH) [62] Yeah.
[63] Do you know
Lisa (PS6SJ) [64] Right.
Frances (PS6SH) [65] Lisa, she's got erm ... you know, erm ... Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lisa (PS6SJ) [66] Aargh!
[67] Aargh!
Frances (PS6SH) [68] [laughing] cut his head ... and put Russell's head.
[69] Imagine seeing him [] , no she ain't cut out, she ain't put Russell's head on there.
[70] Russell can you give Lisa a picture of ya?
[71] And Billy, give it, Lisa a picture.
[72] All of yous give her a picture.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [73] Aargh!
[74] [laugh] ... Right erm ... don't believe what she just said cos she's just telling a load of lies right?
[75] And, wait, wait, wait!
Frances (PS6SH) [76] You do want a picture though.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [77] Wait , but listen, but listen, she wants a pic , a picture of Billy and Russell.
[78] Oh and er little Scott.
[79] She thinks he's sweet.
Frances (PS6SH) [80] Alright.
[81] Bye!
Lisa (PS6SJ) [82] We gotta go now.
[83] Bye.
Frances (PS6SH) [84] Yeah, bye right.
[85] We're gonna go.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [86] Bye!
Frances (PS6SH) [87] Bye Russell!
[88] Bye Scott!
[89] Bye cutey Scott.
[90] Bye blow job Billy.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [91] Blow job Billy.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [92] [laughing] Blow job Billy [] .
[93] Right, come on, let's go then.
[94] Right here we go.
[95] [shouting] Blow job Billy [] !
Frances (PS6SH) [96] [shouting] Blow job Billy [] !
Lisa (PS6SJ) [97] See ya later.
Frances (PS6SH) [98] Bye!
Lisa (PS6SJ) [99] [laugh] ... [singing] Oh Carolina [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [100] Don't forget to send a tape back.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [...]
Frances (PS6SH) [101] And a tape
Lisa (PS6SJ) [102] Thumper. [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [103] [laugh] Right.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [104] [laughing] I know, I know, I know [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [105] Right.
[106] Then it
Lisa (PS6SJ) [107] [laugh] ... [laughing] Thumper thump [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [108] Don't forget
Lisa (PS6SJ) [109] [singing] [...] [] .
[110] Oh watch how she [laughing] [...] [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [111] Do you know something?
Lisa (PS6SJ) [112] Carolina, inform a [] .
[113] And, what's the other one.
[114] Aargh!
[115] What's the oth , what's the other one?
Frances (PS6SH) [116] Which one? [...]
Lisa (PS6SJ) [117] [singing] On the rivers of
Frances (PS6SH) [118] I'm sorry.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [119] Ba
Frances (PS6SH) [120] [laughing] Oh no [] .
Lisa (PS6SJ) [121] Now listen ... sorry about that ... sort of concert at the end. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [122] Ah that's alright.
Lisa (PS6SJ) [123] But , we're definitely going now alright?
[124] So ... bye!
Frances (PS6SH) [125] [shouting] Bye [] !
Lisa (PS6SJ) [126] But where is Elisha?
Frances (PS6SH) [127] Right, one, two
Lisa (PS6SJ) [128] What?
Lisa (PS6SJ) [129] Elisha.
[130] Oh sorry about that, I was just
Frances (PS6SH) [131] Where's Elisha?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [132] Jason, Jason's sister.
Frances (PS6SH) [133] Alright, one, two, three, go [shouting] Bye [] !
Lisa (PS6SJ) [134] [shouting] Bye [] !

2 (Tape 135302)

Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [135] stop ha having all those and [...] over ... you know who.
Frances (PS6SH) [136] I ca , oh my tape!
[137] I've only just noticed.
Richard (PS6SG) [138] It's recording ... on
Frances (PS6SH) [139] Well I ca
Richard (PS6SG) [140] fifteen.
Frances (PS6SH) [141] What?
Richard (PS6SG) [142] It's alright.
[143] Forget it.
Frances (PS6SH) [144] Mm mm.
[145] Ow!
Richard (PS6SG) [146] Ben you gonna get, when you getting your new trainers anyway?
Ben (PS6SK) [147] Dunno.
[148] Cos it ... it takes ages.
Richard (PS6SG) [149] Takes ages?
[150] For what?
Ben (PS6SK) [151] Yeah well well for
Richard (PS6SG) [152] For what?
Ben (PS6SK) [153] Because I, I've gotta get the sprays.
Frances (PS6SH) [154] Oh yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [155] Well, well you buy them yourself?
[156] Yo ain't your Dad can't yo da Dad fork out for something like that, something like fifty quid.
Ben (PS6SK) [157] Mm.
[158] It depends [...] .
Richard (PS6SG) [159] Trainers.
Ben (PS6SK) [160] Oh trainers!
[161] Yeah, I'm gonna have some soon.
Richard (PS6SG) [162] Can't you, what's this?
Ben (PS6SK) [163] I couldn't afford it.
Richard (PS6SG) [164] I was calling the white bag.
[165] I was going, woo ooh!
[166] ... Come on man.
[167] Wouldn't it be good, wouldn't it be good.
Ben (PS6SK) [168] Super orgasms!
Frances (PS6SH) [169] Ha ah.
[170] Ben ... stop telling him what you, what you dream of with
Ben (PS6SK) [171] Oh fuck off!
Richard (PS6SG) [172] Where does it say to your
Ben (PS6SK) [laugh]
Richard (PS6SG) [173] he wa , he wants to ... erm
Frances (PS6SH) [174] Wherever you say that means to your Mum.
Richard (PS6SG) [175] [laugh] ... Yeah alright then.
[176] He wants to do
Frances (PS6SH) [177] That's to ... Mum's, you talking about me?
Richard (PS6SG) [178] [laughing] No I ain't [] .
[179] I'm talking about
Ben (PS6SK) [laugh]
Richard (PS6SG) [...]
Frances (PS6SH) [180] Oh really?
[181] That's funny.
Richard (PS6SG) [182] He wa , he he wants [laughing] to do her [] .
Ben (PS6SK) [183] No I do not.
Richard (PS6SG) [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [184] What the train in the ... big hole?
Richard (PS6SG) [185] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[186] He wants to ... ride in a Mercedes.
[187] No he's a
Frances (PS6SH) [188] Skoda.
Richard (PS6SG) [189] Beetle ... he's a ... Mini. [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [190] Mini Skoda.
Richard (PS6SG) [191] [laughing] And his Skoda's [...] [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [192] He wants his little tunnel.
Richard (PS6SG) [193] When?
Frances (PS6SH) [194] That was about Ben really.

3 (Tape 135303)

Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [195] [laughing] third base [] .
[196] Third base he don't know nothing man!
[197] What about the home run?
Ben (PS6SK) [198] Well that took ages!
Richard (PS6SG) [199] You, you don't even know what it is do ya?
[200] You don't, you don't even know what we're talking about do ya?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [201] [laughing] Home run and all that [] ?
Ben (PS6SK) [202] Yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [203] Who told ya?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [204] Me.
Ben (PS6SK) [205] [laughing] And me [] .
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [206] No.
Richard (PS6SG) [207] I don't think it was.
Ben (PS6SK) [208] Chunky.
[209] Chunky.
Richard (PS6SG) [210] But how did she know?
[211] How did she know?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [212] Chunky told us.
Ben (PS6SK) [213] [singing] They call me Chunky [] !
Richard (PS6SG) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [214] Billy!
Richard (PS6SG) [215] Oi!
[216] Have you ever been to fourth base?
[217] Like have you been hu , have you ever had a home run.
[218] Who with?
[219] Who with?
[220] Who with?
[221] Te , tell me the gossip!
Frances (PS6SH) [222] [laugh] ... I know Chunky.
[223] He's chunky!
[224] I was
Richard (PS6SG) [225] Oh er whatsername?
Frances (PS6SH) [226] chunky!
Richard (PS6SG) [227] I kno know who.
Ben (PS6SK) [228] May I tell you?
[229] Oh right, Sam right.
Frances (PS6SH) [230] [laughing] It's Sam you fool [] !
Richard (PS6SG) [231] Natalie!
[232] Natalie.
Frances (PS6SH) [233] Natalie Natalie.
Richard (PS6SG) [234] Alright.
[235] Imagine going a home run with someone you know.
Richard (PS6SG) [236] Kel, what's the matter?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [237] [crying] I want Mummy [] !
Richard (PS6SG) [238] She'll be here in a minute.
Ben (PS6SK) [239] Why does she want Mummy?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [crying]
Ben (PS6SK) [240] Oh yeah, she knows why.
Richard (PS6SG) [241] Oh yeah.
[242] No, as anyone, do you reckon anyone would ever go a home run?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [243] [crying] I want mummy []
Richard (PS6SG) [244] Nah!
Ben (PS6SK) [245] Well ... Yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [246] Only wa , only wa , yeah?
[247] Er, here?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [248] At our age?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [scream]
Richard (PS6SG) [249] No
Ben (PS6SK) [250] No.
Richard (PS6SG) [251] one would.
[252] No one would.
Frances (PS6SH) [253] [laughing] Especially not him [] .
Richard (PS6SG) [254] Alright, he wo , he wouldn't wa know what to do. [laugh]
Ben (PS6SK) [255] I wouldn't think so.
Richard (PS6SG) [256] He'll go [laughing] what's this [] ?
[257] Where's that go?
[258] Ah.
[259] He goes
Ben (PS6SK) [260] He goes
Richard (PS6SG) [261] what's, what's this meant to do?
[262] And he goes
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [263] I I I
Richard (PS6SG) [264] he's got his [laughing] [...] cock [] .
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [265] [laugh] ... Rich, Rich ... what's this?
Richard (PS6SG) [266] Okay, he's got a magnifying glass.
Ben (PS6SK) [267] A microscope.
Richard (PS6SG) [laugh]
Ben (PS6SK) [268] Vis , only visible, not visible to the naked eye.
Richard (PS6SG) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [269] Look at this.
Ben (PS6SK) [270] Eyes undressed.
Richard (PS6SG) [...]
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [crying]
Richard (PS6SG) [271] What's the matter Kel?
Ben (PS6SK) [272] I wonder what that looks like.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [273] [crying] I want my Mummy [] !
Richard (PS6SG) [274] Mummy be home in about twenty minutes.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [275] [crying] Mummy [] !
Ben (PS6SK) [276] Mum'll be back.
Richard (PS6SG) [277] A a ... a home run, imagine doing that, a home run you know.
[278] That means ... you know, it means getting married
Ben (PS6SK) [279] Yeah, [...] putting in.
Richard (PS6SG) [280] and all that.
[281] Home run.
[282] Ah me , no one would get married at the age of fourteen
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [crying]
Richard (PS6SG) [283] They are a load of prats!
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [284] Have you seen Rocky?
Richard (PS6SG) [285] [laughing] Rocky [] ?
[286] What did he do the home run?
Ben (PS6SK) [287] Yeah , I've seen Rocky.
[288] There's Rocky over there.
Richard (PS6SG) [289] Rocky!
[290] [singing] Rocky [] !
[291] They call him boss is, of the home run.
Ben (PS6SK) [...]
Richard (PS6SG) [292] We do, do, what's the, what's third base?
[293] That was er
Ben (PS6SK) [294] Nah.
[295] It was er
Richard (PS6SG) [296] That was sleeping weren't it?
Ben (PS6SK) [297] Yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [298] That's , er, that was sleeping with ... someone.
[299] Second base was ju , you know, just er thingy.
Ben (PS6SK) [300] Yeah. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [301] [laughing] Her thingy [] .
Richard (PS6SG) [302] Third base was just like sta , asking them out and like kissing them and what have you.
Ben (PS6SK) [303] First, second, third ... what's fourth?
Richard (PS6SG) [304] Fa , fourth man, that was home run.
[305] That was the home run.
Ben (PS6SK) [306] Oh yeah!
[307] Home run.
Richard (PS6SG) [308] Home run was like, married, baby and all that.
Ben (PS6SK) [309] Carl would you ever would you ever do a home run?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [310] No.
Richard (PS6SG) [311] Er don't, don't you play rounders?
Ben (PS6SK) [312] A mummy's little boy.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [crying]
Ben (PS6SK) [laugh]
Richard (PS6SG) [313] Do you like doing home , do you ge , do you get a home run?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [crying]
Ben (PS6SK) [314] That's a home
Richard (PS6SG) [315] Yes!
Ben (PS6SK) [316] run.
Richard (PS6SG) [317] Are you the home run?
[318] Who with?
[319] Who for?
[320] Who for?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [321] [crying] I want my Mummy [] !
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS6SG) [322] Shh shh, are you ... get a
Ben (PS6SK) [323] Shush.
Richard (PS6SG) [324] home run?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [325] Is it recording?
Richard (PS6SG) [326] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [327] [crying] I want my Mummy [] !
Ben (PS6SK) [328] Yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [329] What?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [...]
Richard (PS6SG) [330] Don't cry.
[331] Who's that?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [332] And get , [...] right near down my throat.
Richard (PS6SG) [333] Shush!
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [334] Say Say
Frances (PS6SH) [335] [laughing] No I'm not [] !
Lisa (PS6SJ) [336] [laugh] Alright.
[337] I'll go
Frances (PS6SH) [338] [laughing] No cos you said had a home run with []
Richard (PS6SG) [339] D'ya know, d'ya know , d'ya know the home run and all that?
[340] Home run, Home run, like married and baby and all that, that's a home run?
Frances (PS6SH) [341] [laughing] Yeah [] .
Richard (PS6SG) [342] He goes to, he goes with
Lisa (PS6SJ) [343] Right, can take it to me?
Richard (PS6SG) [344] Why?
Lisa (PS6SJ) [345] Just take it to me.
Richard (PS6SG) [346] Well where do you wanna take it?
Lisa (PS6SJ) [347] We can hear it while we're taping it.
[348] Wind it as you, cos I wanna, I want it.
[349] I want it.
[350] I wanna nick this thing.
[351] Right.
Frances (PS6SH) [352] Oh , you can't tape it in there.

4 (Tape 135304)

Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [353] Right now Lisa
Ben (PS6SK) [354] What is it recording?
Frances (PS6SH) [355] Off you go Lisa.
[356] She thinks Russell's a sod.
[357] Don't tell Russ , I mean, oh Russell's gonna li , are you gonna let listen, Russell listen?
Ben (PS6SK) [358] Most probably, yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [359] Let him listen.
[360] Cos enough bad things
Ben (PS6SK) [361] Yeah, but, yeah but
Frances (PS6SH) [362] things about
Ben (PS6SK) [363] Lisa , Lisa, Lisa thinks everyone's a sort.
Frances (PS6SH) [364] No but Lisa says enough bad things about me and about Billy so I want Billy to hear, so hear er ah.
[365] That way enough
Ben (PS6SK) [366] No.
Frances (PS6SH) [367] Billy.
[368] Don't, don't say nuffink to Lisa though right that you heard it.
[369] Okay?
[370] Are you
Billy (PS6SL) [371] Okay?
Frances (PS6SH) [372] listening?
[373] I said okay!
Billy (PS6SL) [374] Yes!
[375] Okay!
Frances (PS6SH) [376] O and K.
[377] Okay?
[378] Right ready.
Ben (PS6SK) [379] We were pointing at you
Frances (PS6SH) [380] Right.
Ben (PS6SK) [...]
Frances (PS6SH) [381] Lisa thinks Russell's a sort.
[382] Emma don't know what he looks like.
[383] And we, we told her that he was nice ... and all that.
Billy (PS6SL) [384] Oh.
Frances (PS6SH) [385] That I, I ain't saying
Ben (PS6SK) [386] Emma would go out with anyone wouldn't she?
Frances (PS6SH) [387] Yeah she does.
Billy (PS6SL) [388] Mm mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [389] She asked E , she asked Billy out you know?
[390] Had a
Ben (PS6SK) [391] Did she?
Frances (PS6SH) [392] shock didn't ya?
Billy (PS6SL) [393] Yeah.
Ben (PS6SK) [394] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [395] She was gonna, she's going to James party she's gonna go [...] .
Ben (PS6SK) [396] Go out with him.
Frances (PS6SH) [397] Go with him.
Ben (PS6SK) [398] Go with him?
Frances (PS6SH) [399] Yeah.
[400] Not all the way.
Billy (PS6SL) [401] You remember when
Frances (PS6SH) [402] She's going, you know go
Billy (PS6SL) [403] remember when someone kissed Emma.
Frances (PS6SH) [404] When?
Billy (PS6SL) [405] It was ages ago.
Frances (PS6SH) [406] No.
Ben (PS6SK) [407] Did they?
Billy (PS6SL) [408] Yeah!
Frances (PS6SH) [409] Oh I heard, I heard yeah
Billy (PS6SL) [410] [...] and then kissed her
Frances (PS6SH) [...]
Billy (PS6SL) [411] on the cheek or something.
Ben (PS6SK) [412] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [413] Yeah.
[414] Leigh and me.
Ben (PS6SK) [415] Why?
Frances (PS6SH) [416] He's gorgeous.
[417] He is gorgeous!
Ben (PS6SK) [418] Who's he?
Frances (PS6SH) [419] , Leigh he works in the chip shop.
[420] He is gorgeous!
[421] Gave everyone a kiss.
Ben (PS6SK) [422] Chip shop?
Frances (PS6SH) [423] Cos we bo , cos we bought him a birthday present right.
Billy (PS6SL) [424] Where?
[425] Where?
Frances (PS6SH) [426] From the house.
Billy (PS6SL) [427] Wha what geezer?
Frances (PS6SH) [428] Chip shop down there, right.
Billy (PS6SL) [429] And how old is he?
Frances (PS6SH) [430] He's erm
Billy (PS6SL) [431] Mm?
Frances (PS6SH) [432] dunno how old he is.
[433] About fifteen.
[434] Right, and erm ... and ... he goes to us, can I give you a kiss?
[435] And we goes, later, later cos Lisa we , and Emma weren't here like and he was going, give me a kiss.
[436] I thought, no, I don't think so.
[437] Not while Emma's not here.
[438] You know Emma
Billy (PS6SL) [439] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [440] she's , she was walking with Lisa and I weren't there and her Mum sh jus , like she muc , she mucks about a lot and she told Leigh that if he don't serve her he's gonna die, she's gonna punch him right!
[441] Cos she's quite big, you know.
[442] And he goes, God!
[443] [...] I goes, I'm gonna tell Sue tonight.
[444] Okay I won't.
[445] And he goes, no don't she's squashing me!
[446] Someone had told her.
[447] Anyway, she pulls, she's dragged , I tell you she dragged her, she dragged, she dragged
Billy (PS6SL) [448] Who are they?
[449] Who are they?
Frances (PS6SH) [450] Emma ... right up here, she grabbed Emma in there and
Ben (PS6SK) [451] Hey.
Frances (PS6SH) [452] then, she dragged
Ben (PS6SK) [453] Did you walk?
Frances (PS6SH) [454] she dragged Emma in there ... she dragged Emma in there and made her kiss him, made him kiss her.
[455] And when I came in there it is he [...] .
Ben (PS6SK) [456] Yeah, cos they went out.
Billy (PS6SL) [457] Who, who is it?
Frances (PS6SH) [458] Right.
[459] Billy ... Russell, did not hang about with them.
[460] doesn't hang about with right
Ben (PS6SK) [461] So wa , why?
Frances (PS6SH) [462] Cos they were on about Emma.
Billy (PS6SL) [463] Don't you want that?
Ben (PS6SK) [464] Did they go about her?
Frances (PS6SH) [465] I don't know if they went about with her.
[466] ... Amy don't hang about with us, okay?
[467] Stop asking us please.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [468] [whispering] Fuck off [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [469] Fuck off Debbie.
Ben (PS6SK) [470] Who's that?
Frances (PS6SH) [471] Debbie.
Billy (PS6SL) [472] Who's that girl?
Ben (PS6SK) [...]
Billy (PS6SL) [473] Is she recording?
Ben (PS6SK) [474] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [475] Yeah.
[476] ... Yeah.
[477] thinks a sort
Ben (PS6SK) [478] Mhm.
Billy (PS6SL) [479] She ain't seen him.
Frances (PS6SH) [480] Well what, what's he like?
Ben (PS6SK) [481] Did you go out with ... Knuckles?
Frances (PS6SH) [482] Should that [...] ?
Ben (PS6SK) [483] No!
[484] Not
Billy (PS6SL) [485] What?
Ben (PS6SK) [486] Billy.
[487] But if ... Billy said yeah would you really ... are you free?
Frances (PS6SH) [488] Shh!
[489] Yeah!
[490] Badly!
[491] She wants to go out with him badly I tell you that.
Ben (PS6SK) [492] Real?
Frances (PS6SH) [493] Badly.
Billy (PS6SL) [494] Knuckles.
[495] Who wants a game of knuckles?
Ben (PS6SK) [496] [tut] !
Frances (PS6SH) [497] I goes, erm, Emma do [...] ?
[498] She goes erm ... well erm, yeah.
[499] They were all saying, they're all saying, right, everyone in school knows about it now.
[500] Don't know how it got round cos it's all over Emma's books and Lisa's right ... and they're going, who's Billy then?
[501] My mate Hayley wants a [...] .
[502] She was going he ain't really nice.
[503] She was going, Emma goes ... well he ain't ugly, he's quite nice actually.
[504] In other words, she's trying to say he's nice looking.
[505] Sort of like came out like that, alright Billy, she thinks you're gorgeous.
Billy (PS6SL) [506] I think she's gorgeous.
Frances (PS6SH) [507] Mm.
Billy (PS6SL) [508] You know I'm still recording.
Ben (PS6SK) [509] So?
Frances (PS6SH) [510] Yeah I know.
Ben (PS6SK) [511] Good.
Billy (PS6SL) [512] Good.
Frances (PS6SH) [513] I bet you're thinking [...] . [...]
Billy (PS6SL) [514] I can't now.
Frances (PS6SH) [515] Oi right erm
Ben (PS6SK) [516] I'm gonna start sanding my bike tomorrow.
Frances (PS6SH) [517] Oh.
Billy (PS6SL) [518] Oh oh.
Ben (PS6SK) [519] And then I get
Frances (PS6SH) [520] Be easy for Chunky.
[521] [...] if you say things.
[522] [laughing] No I say [] ... oh that's right.
[523] Don't tell her.
[524] Well Lisa is fat actually.
Ben (PS6SK) [525] Yeah she's ... she's ... not medium.
[526] I haven't seen her with all her clothes off you know.
[527] She's got, probably got about ten tops on.
Billy (PS6SL) [...]
Frances (PS6SH) [528] You know Amy?
Ben (PS6SK) [529] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [530] Do you reckon that er is, her sister?
[531] Her brother I mean?
Ben (PS6SK) [532] Amy?
[533] [...] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [534] Oh!
[535] Now I've written on the pencil case.
[536] I wrote Emma, I goes can I write Emma for Billy for you?
[537] She goes, yeah alright then.
[538] She does [...] .
[539] And then she goes, it don't come off now, I wrote Emma for Billy ... and Russell, and Richard.
[540] [laughing] Well she never realized till today [] .
Billy (PS6SL) [541] Ooh sorry, what she do?
Frances (PS6SH) [542] Frances , she goes ... ooh Frances what's this?
[543] She goes, it won't come off now.
[544] Going oh God!
Billy (PS6SL) [545] Well er, she er, she only
Frances (PS6SH) [546] She was trying to rub it off!
Billy (PS6SL) [547] Jenny wants my, mine and Russell's name on her, and mine, just mine.
Frances (PS6SH) [548] She won't, she won't want Russell's name up, no.
[549] I don't know [...] .
[550] She does want Billy's name up that for sure cos it's all over
Billy (PS6SL) [551] Yeah I know that.
Frances (PS6SH) [552] her book.
Ben (PS6SK) [553] She wants Russell's name off.
Billy (PS6SL) [554] And mine.
Frances (PS6SH) [555] Oh I, you should see her books.
Ben (PS6SK) [556] And mine.
Frances (PS6SH) [557] Her books, and she's, she's a right boffin right ... her books are really clean, she don't never write on them, and she moans at me writing them, you know I always write Frances was here or something, like that, like you do.
Billy (PS6SL) [558] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [559] Her books are splattered in ... Billy!
[560] In Tippex, even worse.
[561] She gets in trouble by the teachers.
[562] She writes all over the table and all.
[563] Mr goes to her in English then, don't you ever stop writing Billy on your books?
[564] Teacher got her showed up [...] .
[565] Just shows she fa , she fancies him.
[566] Mr went, oh Emma!
[567] It was really embarrassing, Emma's
Billy (PS6SL) [568] Who's E
Frances (PS6SH) [569] sitting down
Ben (PS6SK) [570] who's Emma been out with?
Frances (PS6SH) [571] hold up, Emma was sitting down and Mr , Emma!
[572] Do you ever stop writing Billy all over your books?
[573] She goes, what sir?
[574] [...] ... He, he goes, do you ever stop writing Billy all over your book?
[575] And she started laughing.
[576] She was really embarrassed.
[577] Everyone started going, Emma!
[578] And then [...] .
[579] Emma's been out with ... erm ... about ten people.
[580] Leigh ... at the caravans, Leigh ... and
Ben (PS6SK) [581] [laughing] They're all Leighs [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [582] Yeah she likes Leigh , Leigh , Leigh ... erm who was that one?
[583] All that ... Leigh .
[584] [...] . [laugh] ... There's Tony.
Ben (PS6SK) [585] Where?
Frances (PS6SH) [586] That ain't Tony.
[587] Yeah right, erm ... what shall I say?
Ben (PS6SK) [588] No.
Frances (PS6SH) [589] Billy told me about ... what school does Billy go?
Ben (PS6SK) [590] Eastleigh.
Frances (PS6SH) [591] Oh!
[592] He told me he'd been to [...] .
Ben (PS6SK) [593] No.
Frances (PS6SH) [594] But surely he goes, he said mine will go in there.
Ben (PS6SK) [595] Why would he tell you?
[596] Why would
Frances (PS6SH) [597] My tea , my science teacher ... my science teacher, she said to me, [...] , he used say well ... they bunk off out of their lessons, they hit the teachers, she goes, cos she worked in there,
Ben (PS6SK) [598] They do.
[599] They go, they go and, they er break into shops.
[600] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [601] She said, cos she said
Ben (PS6SK) [602] [...] Cos they learn how to in the shops.
[603] When th they feel, they just rush in one shop and nick it.
Frances (PS6SH) [604] She don't know none of their names though.
[605] I thought I'd mentioned the names but she said no.
Ben (PS6SK) [606] Look, she'll probably go back ... oh yeah, you know th , this er Emma what goes arou , goes out with all the Leighs, she, she'll be ... Billy, Bill Leigh.
Frances (PS6SH) [607] Oh yeah.
[608] Bill Leigh.
[609] Leigh.
[610] Yeah, that's right that.
[611] She likes boys called Leigh, named Leigh, Leigh ,, Leigh ... Bill Leigh , B J.
Ben (PS6SK) [612] B J.
Frances (PS6SH) [613] She, she's writing a note
Ben (PS6SK) [614] B J?
Frances (PS6SH) [615] you know Ash, B J
Ben (PS6SK) [616] What?
Frances (PS6SH) [617] B J.
Ben (PS6SK) [618] Don't mean nothing.
Frances (PS6SH) [619] You know B J, it stands for blow job right.
Ben (PS6SK) [620] [laughing] You fu , [...] [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [621] [laughing] Oh B [] .
Ben (PS6SK) [622] Jane .
Frances (PS6SH) [623] Oh no, well, Billy's name's
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [624] B J.
[625] B J.
Frances (PS6SH) [626] Well Billy's name's Billy and you know we was writing it on the floor just after we found that out ... his second name, and, and they said ... B J!
[627] And someone shouted out, I shout out Billy
Ben (PS6SK) [628] Blow job.
Frances (PS6SH) [629] do you recognize anything from your initials?
[630] He goes, what?
[631] I had to say it about three times for the boy to understand.
[632] And he goes, and I goes, blow job!
[633] And then when he came down he goes that weren't that wa , that weren't me who thought that, it was Emma's dirty mind.
Ben (PS6SK) [634] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [635] And then we started shouting out, [singing] blow job Billy [] .
[636] Someone's in Darren's house.
[637] I want to watch
Ben (PS6SK) [638] Ah alright?
Frances (PS6SH) [639] we was watching him go and change before.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [640] Not change, only from the waste upwards.
Frances (PS6SH) [641] Then we told him.
[642] He goes to me, [mimicking boy] Francais I like your shoes [] .
[643] I goes, I like your long bushy hair.
[644] His hair's down to here now innit?
Ben (PS6SK) [645] Mm mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [646] I hate him!
[647] Such a greaseball.
[648] Do you think, do you think he's got a good home?
[649] We co , we, we was phoning erm Billy, couldn't get through right, and erm
Ben (PS6SK) [650] I just bought myself [...] .
Frances (PS6SH) [651] erm ... Daryll
Ben (PS6SK) [652] Right.
Frances (PS6SH) [653] and I was gonna say Daryll, let us borrow your phone?
Ben (PS6SK) [654] Daryll's got a portable phone?
Frances (PS6SH) [655] Yeah.
[656] So I said Daryll let us borrow your phone?
[657] One of my mates went and put all my money in the phone you know to phone Billy.
Ben (PS6SK) [658] Who's that?
Frances (PS6SH) [659] She was moaning ... and then she moaned.
[660] Do you know how much we put in at night ... to phone Billy?
Ben (PS6SK) [661] How much?
Frances (PS6SH) [662] Ma , we all put about three pound in.
[663] Not each, just three pound that's all.
[664] How much is it before we said?
[665] Who was it?
[666] And we was going ... what's her name now?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [667] Get off that phone!
Frances (PS6SH) [668] Lisa's on the phone.
[669] Who is she phoning?
Ben (PS6SK) [humming]
Frances (PS6SH) [670] I think it was before we spent ten pound on the phone.
[671] Dunno who he's speaking to, Lisa or me.
[672] Nine pound something like that.
[673] I don't know.
[674] We was phoning any old one.
[675] ... Oh Billy told me to say ... Billy told me to say ... something and he rang us.
[676] He told me to say something and I said no
Ben (PS6SK) [677] What today?
Frances (PS6SH) [678] but , I forgot.
[679] Nah.
[680] This is ... this, not ... today, it was yesterday.
Ben (PS6SK) [681] When go , when did he say he was coming down?
Frances (PS6SH) [682] He said to tomorrow he's coming down.
Ben (PS6SK) [683] What for?
Frances (PS6SH) [684] I ee, I ain't here right ... when he comes down.
Ben (PS6SK) [685] [tut] .
Frances (PS6SH) [686] I'm down the Roman
Ben (PS6SK) [687] Cos she's indoors.
Frances (PS6SH) [688] Don't worry about it.
[689] Now he knows I ain't here don't he?
[690] Now you know I'm not here.
Ben (PS6SK) [691] [mimicking Jamaican accent] Bash in my windows [] !
Frances (PS6SH) [692] Cos when he come round ... I ain't looking at him.
[693] Cos Lisa will really show me up.
Ben (PS6SK) [694] Wait, are you still recording?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [695] I wish we found some, you know.
Frances (PS6SH) [696] Lisa when , and you can tell er Lisa that so I can start laughing at her.
[697] Now if she starts laughing at Billy and Russell, you know ... she don't wanna
Ben (PS6SK) [698] No, ever, everything we say she laughs at.
Frances (PS6SH) [699] Who Emma?
Ben (PS6SK) [700] Oh yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [701] Oh!
[702] Lisa.
Ben (PS6SK) [703] Lisa.
[704] If we say something to her watch her laugh.
Frances (PS6SH) [705] Oh Lisa says she don't wanna come [...]
Richard (PS6SG) [706] She's shy.
Frances (PS6SH) [707] Rich, [laughing] thanks for asking her [] .
Ben (PS6SK) [708] She's shy.
Frances (PS6SH) [laugh]
Richard (PS6SG) [709] I have asked no one!
Frances (PS6SH) [laugh]
Ben (PS6SK) [710] What?
Richard (PS6SG) [711] Oh well [...] .

5 (Tape 135305)

Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [712] Her Mum give, her Mum gave her thirty pounds one Saturday, for nuffink right.
[713] She don't spend no money.
[714] Her Mum gives her enough money.
[715] Cos her Mum won a lot of money.
[716] You know these scratch and win cards, well her Mum got a lot of money anyway.
[717] She gives
Ben (PS6SK) [718] How much , how much she got?
Frances (PS6SH) [719] She got, she only won ten thousand, but like ... I mean, not ten thousand, [tut] ... yeah ten thousand, yeah ten thousand but like ... she's got a lot of money anyway like.
Ben (PS6SK) [720] How much?
Frances (PS6SH) [721] Erm she got
Ben (PS6SK) [722] Roughly.
Frances (PS6SH) [723] Don't know.
[724] Like she's got enough.
[725] You don't show it but like ... she don't go out and buy new posh clothes and everything.
Ben (PS6SK) [726] How much d'ya reckon she's got?
Frances (PS6SH) [727] Dunno.
[728] Dunno how much she's got.
[729] Her Mum's got a lot of money cos ev you know Lisa sh , her Mum goes, her Mum's gone ... can you hold this tin of paint and they're in Sport [...] , you know the trainer shop?
Ben (PS6SK) [730] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [731] And she's dropped a tin of paint all over her trainers.
Ben (PS6SK) [732] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [733] The next day she goes in the [...] .
[734] [...] . And she gets, and she's always getting new clothes and new shoes.
[735] Every time she asks she gets it.
Billy (PS6SL) [736] Ben.
[737] [laughing] We wanna go over there!

6 (Tape 135306)

Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [738] Emma wants to say hello to Billy. [...]
Ben (PS6SK) [739] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [740] What in?
Ben (PS6SK) [741] Don't you think that's silly right that she wants ... Emma's body. [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [742] [laugh] ... He'll have to pay. [laugh]
Ben (PS6SK) [743] [laugh] ... Come on Billy!
[744] Billy!
[745] Come on Billy!
[746] That's it.
[747] Oh God! [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [laugh]
Ben (PS6SK) [748] Urgh, urgh, urgh, urgh!
Frances (PS6SH) [749] I wanna get an Arsenal t-shirt.
Ben (PS6SK) [750] I wanna get a Millwall.
Frances (PS6SH) [751] I don't , I don't wanna get the Arsenal kit cos I ain't wearing shorts, I tell ya.
[752] And the long socks do nothing for my legs.
Ben (PS6SK) [753] I'll get
Frances (PS6SH) [754] Never mind.
Ben (PS6SK) [755] the top.
Frances (PS6SH) [756] Yeah, Lisa erm
Ben (PS6SK) [757] I'm getting the top.
Frances (PS6SH) [758] Lisa, her Mum gives her about ... every Saturday she gives her a tenner, but if she's going out she gets a lot of money right.
Ben (PS6SK) [759] Yeah.
[760] How much?
Frances (PS6SH) [761] I don't ... I don't know.
[762] Alright, she gets a lot of money.
[763] If she don't ... mind you, she don't buy a lot of stuff.
[764] She's really good like [...] .
[765] Erm, like if you get the money, spend it, I always spend my money on loads of shit and I end up with nothing at the end of the day.
Ben (PS6SK) [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [766] But her ... she don't spend her money ... because she don't get nuffink at the end of the day.
[767] She's always got money leftover.
[768] I've got shitty [...] .
Ben (PS6SK) [769] What do you get?
Frances (PS6SH) [770] Well nuffink ... at the end of my day.
[771] I just normally buy like ... water bombs, things like that.
Ben (PS6SK) [772] [laugh] ... No I have to buy
Frances (PS6SH) [773] Now I could buy
Ben (PS6SK) [774] sprays and
Frances (PS6SH) [775] No!
[776] Listen.
[777] You told me Stevie was coming round once before so I got all these water bombs, water bombs ready for them ... and they came round ... they weren't there.
[778] Wasted our water bombs.
[779] Loads of them.
[780] We was gonna throw them at you.
Ben (PS6SK) [781] Mhm.
Frances (PS6SH) [782] You Billy and Russell ... water fight.
Ben (PS6SK) [783] [laughing] Are you weren't throw over there, in the corner there [] .
Billy (PS6SL) [784] No , that's
Frances (PS6SH) [785] What?
Billy (PS6SL) [786] over there Ben.
Frances (PS6SH) [787] Yeah, over there.
Billy (PS6SL) [788] We went over there.
Frances (PS6SH) [789] Yeah.
Ben (PS6SK) [790] Yeah well that's, that's where they poured the fucking water over them.
Frances (PS6SH) [791] Lisa , Lisa, Lisa, buys all the balloons, let them blow the balloons up, she goes alright who buys the balloons?
[792] And every time she never pays for them no one.
[793] You know Jan across the road right.
Billy (PS6SL) [794] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [795] You know the big balloon
Ben (PS6SK) [796] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [797] it's like party balloons, she's got like water balloons ... I mean, [laughing] with water [] ... and, they was, I had them in this box mucking about, I was trying take something out, and then like ... we dropped a water balloon in their bathroom and erm, we started having water fight, and that [...] they filled them up and go into the balloons and then you go and tie it up
Ben (PS6SK) [798] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [799] they was pouring over us.
[800] Emma ... was soaked.
[801] It was socked everywhere!
[802] I mean everywhere!
[803] It was [...] on the mat.
Ben (PS6SK) [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [804] It lo like covered one of us.
Ben (PS6SK) [805] [laughing] In the corner [] .
Billy (PS6SL) [806] Then they, then they weren't looking.
Frances (PS6SH) [laugh]
Ben (PS6SK) [807] [laugh] You!
Frances (PS6SH) [808] She should have got in trouble by her Mum.
[809] Lisa found water bombs in the , in that box they was getting soaked.
[810] In fact, they were allowed to let them out last night.
Ben (PS6SK) [811] Oh.
[812] Go and tell her Mum.
Billy (PS6SL) [813] You si , you you remember, remember that Tania?
Frances (PS6SH) [814] Yeah, we remember when you shouted here she comes.
Billy (PS6SL) [815] Yeah, only cos it hurt
Frances (PS6SH) [816] And you hit with it.
[817] Now you stopped me, you fucking started it.
Billy (PS6SL) [818] You, you both su ... some of it, you soaked ours on the roof.
Frances (PS6SH) [819] No I di , after we've come up here
Billy (PS6SL) [820] Oh go on [...] then.
[821] Shh shh shh shh.
Frances (PS6SH) [822] No!
[823] I was sitting on the roof trying to get my gun.
Ben (PS6SK) [824] That fucking water.
Frances (PS6SH) [825] [laugh] Oh oh oh!
[826] Wait
Ben (PS6SK) [827] No!
Frances (PS6SH) [828] wait, wait, you know you told us to use the rest of them ... and we didn't even get a ... I think ... she asked me
Ben (PS6SK) [829] Oh she would.
Frances (PS6SH) [830] the address.
Ben (PS6SK) [831] She's a mong!
Frances (PS6SH) [832] Yeah , but she kept saying what's saying what's the address right?
[833] I'm going I don't know.
[834] I can't remember what Richard said.
[835] And then, and then she goes, she goes can't you just ask him?
[836] I goes no, you knock at his door.
[837] Cos it, cos it sounds like I wanna know it.
[838] I dunno.
Ben (PS6SK) [839] Emma's still got [...] .
Frances (PS6SH) [840] She was the one, she was the one who wanted Billy's phone number as well.
Ben (PS6SK) [841] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [842] She made me go and ask your Mum for it.
[843] And she goes, you know what's, I goes Val ... have got Billy's phone number?
[844] She goes, Billy?
[845] And then she went and wrote it down, she goes, here are.
[846] The next day she's in my house in the front of my Mum and everyone, she goes, did you phone Billy up?
[847] My Mum when d'ya phone Billy up for?
[848] It's not, that like horribly, but mucking about, trying to say you know
Ben (PS6SK) [849] Er ever since Billy come round it's always been
Frances (PS6SH) [850] what?
Ben (PS6SK) [851] about Billy innit? [laugh]
Frances (PS6SH) [852] Mm?
Ben (PS6SK) [853] Every time Billy come around it's always been about Billy? [banging on railings]
Frances (PS6SH) [854] [...] ... Right, [laughing] and and then alright [] ... and then ... she goes, your Mum came out in front of everyone, she goes ... why, no, no, yeah, she goes did you phone Billy yesterday then?
[855] My Mum goes what have you been phoning Billy for?
[856] I goes ... Emma wants to go out with him.
[857] I said it was Emma wanted the number didn't she?
Ben (PS6SK) [858] Mm.
Richard (PS6SG) [859] So she could even [...] .
[860] She ends up talking about him though in the park.
Ben (PS6SK) [861] Since Billy's come around that's all we've been talking about.
Frances (PS6SH) [862] Mm.
[863] Yeah cos I just wanna grass Emma and she always grasses me back.
[864] Let's grass Emma up.
[865] What's she been saying about Billy Rich?
Richard (PS6SG) [866] I don't know.
Frances (PS6SH) [867] Come on.
[868] You know when we was ... you know when we was playing [...] what was she saying?
Richard (PS6SG) [869] She, she weren't there.
Frances (PS6SH) [870] No she was listening though.
[871] She said she liked him didn't she?
[872] Oh come on, she said something sh she always gets me.
[873] Don't tell her, I'm telling you.
Richard (PS6SG) [874] Yeah you said something about me and Emma!
Ben (PS6SK) [875] Ha!
Frances (PS6SH) [876] No I never.
Ben (PS6SK) [877] Mm.
Richard (PS6SG) [878] It was either you or Amy.
Frances (PS6SH) [879] Amy.
Ben (PS6SK) [880] Amy.
Frances (PS6SH) [881] Don't mention her name please.
Richard (PS6SG) [882] Why?
[883] Don't you like her?
Frances (PS6SH) [884] Yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [885] Oh yeah!
Frances (PS6SH) [886] But she don't hang about me.
Richard (PS6SG) [887] Why?
Frances (PS6SH) [888] She just don't.
[889] They keep calling her a liar cos she hangs about with me.
Ben (PS6SK) [890] Remember ages ago ... when they knocked for you and Billy
Richard (PS6SG) [891] No.
Frances (PS6SH) [892] Ooh.
[893] Ah!
[894] Ben!
[895] We just dropped the subject of Billy and started it up!
Ben (PS6SK) [896] Yeah, you
Frances (PS6SH) [897] You prat!
Ben (PS6SK) [898] you and Billy knocked for me and
Frances (PS6SH) [899] Oh yeah, we was going and Richard was watching us. [laugh]
Ben (PS6SK) [900] Why didn't yous come out?
Frances (PS6SH) [901] Oh cos we was doing something about yous and Billy.
Ben (PS6SK) [902] Oh yeah!
[903] Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Frances (PS6SH) [904] We was.
Richard (PS6SG) [905] What?
[906] What was it then?
Frances (PS6SH) [907] [laugh] ... No we're not.
[908] We were doing something ... me and Billy and Amy.
Richard (PS6SG) [909] Oh te tell me.
[910] I wouldn't tell everyone you
Frances (PS6SH) [911] Billy was gonna do something but it didn't work out.
[912] It worked out, we'd done it all and that but then
Richard (PS6SG) [913] What was it?
[914] What was it meant to be about?
Frances (PS6SH) [915] You went to the marathon and that's why we couldn't do it to ya.
Richard (PS6SG) [916] What was it?
[917] What was it meant to do?
Frances (PS6SH) [918] It was just a joke.
[919] We was gonna put something up a pole and er
Richard (PS6SG) [920] Oh what are you going on about?
[921] Can't be bo couldn't be bothered?
Ben (PS6SK) [922] Put something up the what?
Frances (PS6SH) [923] Oh yeah.
[924] Thanks for asking us to come to the marathon.
[925] That is really, really nice of ya ... like.
Richard (PS6SG) [926] Why, why do I ask you to come to the marathon?
Frances (PS6SH) [927] Because, this is what Emma did right.
[928] She said when, when Mrs said why did you ask Emma she goes, cos we asked you to go the cinema all the time.
[929] Right?
Richard (PS6SG) [930] That's what she said?
Frances (PS6SH) [931] Yes.
[932] And then, hang on
Richard (PS6SG) [933] Woo ooh!
Frances (PS6SH) [934] say, say, saying that we don't hang about in the [...] , he's gone ... say that.
Ben (PS6SK) [935] But we do , we don't always exactly go then wherever you go do we?
Frances (PS6SH) [936] Right, and then she said ... Billy's got the cheek ... cos that's boring around here ... and it's boring
Richard (PS6SG) [937] Well it is.
Frances (PS6SH) [938] cos he don't do nuffink right, and when he does do
Richard (PS6SG) [939] Ah but she wouldn't exactly go down, go down
Frances (PS6SH) [940] right going down there.
Richard (PS6SG) [941] [...] with someone wearing like, [laughing] you know []
Frances (PS6SH) [942] She goes, she goes ... this is what she did, right?
[943] She goes, Billy's got the cheek to say it's boring round here cos he's
Richard (PS6SG) [944] Ben.
Frances (PS6SH) [945] and when he don't come out ... oh and when he does go out he don't ask us to go out, he'll say nah.
Richard (PS6SG) [946] All my, all
Frances (PS6SH) [947] And then I said that they don't hang about with us enough.
[948] She goes yeah, so?
[949] But we still ask them, it wouldn't he , it wouldn't he , saying like it wouldn't help them to ask
Richard (PS6SG) [950] Yeah but when we do come round whe , while, when yous asked us, she doesn't do nuffink.
[951] She goes woo ooh ooh, I've done it.
[952] Ooh ooh, ooh ooh.
Frances (PS6SH) [953] And she said that yous are really out of order not going she said because she wanted to sit in that close with
Ben (PS6SK) [954] Mm.
[955] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [956] [singing] Da, dun na da [] .
Ben (PS6SK) [957] Billy!
Frances (PS6SH) [958] I ain't saying nuffink any more.
Richard (PS6SG) [959] Yeah.
[960] Well she's Billy, even if she wants to, sat down and
Frances (PS6SH) [961] Yeah, but now we've found out, I mean like, like
Richard (PS6SG) [962] It'll hard , it'll hardly
Frances (PS6SH) [963] everyone sits down
Richard (PS6SG) [964] it'll hardly be me or Russell will it?
[965] Or Ben.
Frances (PS6SH) [966] Billy'd have to be, yeah, this is what I'm saying, and then we ... like we'd move up so Emma sit next to him, but she wouldn't knowing her.
Richard (PS6SG) [967] What, she'd sit with ... sitting on her own?
Frances (PS6SH) [968] She said if I could get us chucked outside the cinema, chucked out the cinema cos ... Billy said he'd get us chucked out the cinema for, she goes and we can all pretend [laughing] we don't them [] .
[969] He goes let them
Richard (PS6SG) [970] I
Frances (PS6SH) [971] ge go by theirselves. [laugh]
Richard (PS6SG) [972] I'd, I'd go back in.
[973] I wouldn't [...] .
Frances (PS6SH) [974] Oh yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [975] Of your [...] .
Frances (PS6SH) [976] This is boring!
Richard (PS6SG) [977] Good job Emma's gone on holiday.
[978] She's, then she can't hear all this.
Frances (PS6SH) [979] What Emma's gone on holiday?
Richard (PS6SG) [980] Yeah.
Ben (PS6SK) [981] I, I've
Frances (PS6SH) [982] Oh!
[983] Oi right erm ... don't tell her I told you this but she's doing ... [...] ... the karate!
[984] She's beating me up.
Richard (PS6SG) [985] Women can't do
Ben (PS6SK) [986] I bet she is.
Richard (PS6SG) [987] karate you prat!
Ben (PS6SK) [988] Some women.
Frances (PS6SH) [989] Why not?
[990] No, what she said about, about what she says ... there's me, I haven't been talking about her, don't tell her this.
Ben (PS6SK) [991] Who can't do karate?
Richard (PS6SG) [992] I don't think Paul's done karate.
Ben (PS6SK) [993] He has.
Frances (PS6SH) [laugh]
Richard (PS6SG) [994] Oh has he?
[995] Oh well ... well great!
Frances (PS6SH) [996] Well this is boring, you know.
Ben (PS6SK) [997] I know.
Frances (PS6SH) [laugh] ... [...]
Richard (PS6SG) [998] Er er, no, no, no, no!
Ben (PS6SK) [999] Here she is humping the bed!
Frances (PS6SH) [1000] I wanted , I wanted, I wanted Emma ... to get grassed up.
Richard (PS6SG) [...]
Frances (PS6SH) [1001] Say something to her when she comes back, say erm ... Richard was you supposed to send erm ... did Laura come up to you and sa sa say that you, did she ask you out something like that?
Richard (PS6SG) [1002] No.
[1003] Di da , did I ask ... Ursula.
Frances (PS6SH) [1004] Yeah, Emma that is.
[1005] Yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [1006] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [1007] Well she's ... I had a right go at over that.
[1008] I had a right argument over that.
Richard (PS6SG) [1009] Who did , them two?
Frances (PS6SH) [1010] No, me and Laura did.
Richard (PS6SG) [1011] Why?
Frances (PS6SH) [1012] No, because she said something, she said that I said something didn't she?
[1013] She said
Richard (PS6SG) [1014] No.
Frances (PS6SH) [1015] she said Franšais said.
Richard (PS6SG) [1016] No, she said er ... she said, she goes ... look Rich ... do you like ... [...] ? [banging on railings]
Frances (PS6SH) [1017] No, we got that off Danny .
Richard (PS6SG) [1018] Why?
Ben (PS6SK) [1019] Oh God!
Frances (PS6SH) [1020] Because [...] and then she goes erm all quiet and say something so me and Amy and Emma jump in.
[1021] All one thing, and then er
Richard (PS6SG) [1022] All one
Frances (PS6SH) [1023] Lis , Emma and Amy jumped out and left me in by myself.
[1024] And they, they, we was on the floor and they used to make shit out of her I'm telling ya.
Richard (PS6SG) [1025] [laugh] ... Well, well done.
Frances (PS6SH) [1026] Am , but then, Lisa's Mum goes ... [...] .
[1027] Ah.
[1028] I wouldn't like to fight her.
[1029] No she's alright actually.
Richard (PS6SG) [1030] Laura ... why do , why does, why did Laura come up and ask me ... oh I said well, I said er ... yes alright.
[1031] Who said something?
Frances (PS6SH) [1032] No one.
[1033] That's why, cos she said I'm just gonna know, I was gonna say to Richard that ... I was gonna ask Richard if if Emma, if he wants to go out with Emma?
Richard (PS6SG) [1034] Did ya?
[1035] Did ya?
Frances (PS6SH) [1036] That's what she said.
[1037] No, she said ... that ... she came up and asked you ... if you wanna go out with Emma
Richard (PS6SG) [1038] No.
Frances (PS6SH) [1039] or something like that.
Richard (PS6SG) [1040] she said did you ask
Frances (PS6SH) [1041] And she said
Richard (PS6SG) [1042] Emma out?
Frances (PS6SH) [1043] she said, I said Franšais said ... do, Franšais said do you wanna go out with Emma ... she said.
Richard (PS6SG) [1044] No, she co come and told me ... did you ask Emma out?
Frances (PS6SH) [1045] And we're all going Wimpy tomorrow night again.
Richard (PS6SG) [1046] Are you?
Frances (PS6SH) [1047] Yes.
Richard (PS6SG) [1048] Lucky you.
Frances (PS6SH) [1049] Emma's a right pain in the Wimpy.
[1050] She don't buy nuffink, she, all she has is a hamburger and drink.
[1051] She spilt all the milk shake down her.
[1052] All on the
Ben (PS6SK) [1053] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Frances (PS6SH) [1054] floor, everywhere!
Richard (PS6SG) [1055] [laughing] Did she [] ?
Frances (PS6SH) [1056] And, what's, Amy, Amy's doing burps last Saturday, you know you do them [...] ?
Richard (PS6SG) [1057] Yes.
Frances (PS6SH) [1058] Not little ones.
[1059] Long.
[1060] Amy's mad when she does them.
[1061] Amy does extra long, extra long!
[1062] And th , and the man was laughing at her cos she was putting everyone off their dinner.
[1063] We had all the back seat taken up.
Ben (PS6SK) [1064] Hoo ooh!
Frances (PS6SH) [1065] She does that. [walking away]
Richard (PS6SG) [1066] [mimicking dog] bark [] .
Frances (PS6SH) [1067] We were laughing so much [...] .
Ben (PS6SK) [1068] Who?
Richard (PS6SG) [1069] Richard , he does that anyway.
Frances (PS6SH) [...]
Richard (PS6SG) [1070] Ask if you take [...] ?
Frances (PS6SH) [1071] Yeah she was there.
Ben (PS6SK) [1072] Woo ooh ooh!
[1073] Woo!
Richard (PS6SG) [mimics barking]
Ben (PS6SK) [mimics barking]
Frances (PS6SH) [1074] [...] ... Three thirty five.
[1075] Got enough clothes for a model, you look rich.
[1076] All nice clothes, like.
[1077] When she comes out in nice clothes I say [...] get them for modelling?
[1078] She goes yeah.
[1079] She knows her Mum goes out and buys
Richard (PS6SG) [1080] No, what catalogue's she in?
Frances (PS6SH) [1081] No she's ... from erm
Richard (PS6SG) [1082] She don't do it no more does she?
Frances (PS6SH) [1083] Yeah.
Richard (PS6SG) [1084] Mm.
Frances (PS6SH) [1085] She does that one as well.
[1086] She gave me the modelling [...] ... Erm Avon, she might be doing two mightn't she?
[1087] I don't know.
Ben (PS6SK) [1088] Me, me, me , me, me, me.
Frances (PS6SH) [1089] You going now?
Richard (PS6SG) [1090] Yeah.
[1091] See you later then.
Frances (PS6SH) [1092] Yeah.
Ben (PS6SK) [1093] You getting that
Frances (PS6SH) [1094] That.
Ben (PS6SK) [1095] which ... the red one?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [1096] Yeah.
Frances (PS6SH) [1097] Where you going, to work?
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [1098] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (KSWPSUNK) [whistling]
Frances (PS6SH) [1099] Bye-bye then.